Tuesday, September 9, 2014

In the storeroom of Club TBD, Ben looked for the olives that T had asked him to take upstairs. Abigail moved the box propping open the door and let it close behind her, locking them inside. Annoyed, Ben asked Abigail what she was doing. Abigail told Ben that she wanted to talk to him and that she wanted him to listen. Ben grudgingly agreed and asked Abigail how E.J. had broken her heart.

Abigail countered that she wanted to talk about her relationship with Ben and not E.J. Shaking his head, Ben said that they were not alone together because E.J. would always be in the room. Abigail said that when she had admitted that she had been thinking of E.J. when she'd been kissing Ben in the storeroom, it hadn't been for the reason that Ben thought. Upset, Ben said he did not want to hear Abigail's explanation because he thought that Abigail had used him as a rebound relationship.

"I knew what everybody thought, but I was sure that they were wrong. That you wanted to be with me, that what we had would be so much better than what you thought you had with him," Ben said. Crying out, Abigail agreed and said that was why she had pushed Ben away. Abigail said that she had wanted to have sex with Ben in the storeroom but that she pulled away because she did not want their first time to be among a row of shelves.

Abigail explained that when she had pulled away from Ben in the storeroom, it had been because she'd felt like she did not deserve Ben. Ben told Abigail that she was crazy. Ben added that he was happy that Abigail wanted to be with him. Shaking her head, Abigail said that she still wanted to be with Ben if he wanted to be with her. Ben grabbed Abigail and kissed her. The moment was interrupted when T opened the door.

When T admitted that he'd been in on the plan with Abigail, Ben thanked him. Grinning, Ben asked T to go away so that he could finish kissing Abigail. When T turned to leave, Abigail stopped him and hugged him to thank him for helping. T asked Ben to help him upstairs with the crowd, and Ben promised he would be up to help. After T left, Ben asked Abigail to meet him after his shift ended.

In the pub, Hope and Ciara ate breakfast. As Hope looked across the room, she saw a man and a woman kissing by the front door. Hope thought about her kiss with Aiden. Ciara urged Hope to hurry up so they could meet with Chase and Aiden before class started. Startled by Ciara's request, Hope reminded Ciara that the first day was a half day, so they did not want to arrive at the school early.

Ciara told Hope that she was excited to audition for the role of Cinderella in the school play. With a grin, Ciara said, "I was born to act." Hope agreed that Ciara had a knack for theatrics. When Ciara asked Hope why she did not like the story of Cinderella, Hope explained that she did not like the message of the story because it urged women to wait around for a prince to rescue them. Ciara smiled and said that the character of Cinderella was boring and that she wanted to audition for the role of one of the wicked stepsisters. Hope laughed.

In the DiMera living room, Sami thanked E.J. for helping to keep Stefano from returning to Salem. E.J. denied that he had done anything to influence Stefano's indictment, but Sami refused to accept his denial. E.J. continued to act surprised as Sami informed him of details of the new evidence. Chuckling, Sami argued that E.J. was the only one that could have found the evidence and that she was pleased that E.J. had handed the information to Rafe to protect her.

With a frown, E.J. noted, "If my father thought for one moment that I had betrayed him, you know what he would do to me and to those people I love. So let me make this very clear. I did not do this. Do you understand me?" Nodding, Sami apologized and said that she and Kate had merely been guessing who could have helped Rafe. E.J. urged Sami to convince Kate that he was not involved. Sami nodded and looked at a photo from her kids.

"He is going to come back, isn't he? Now, later, sometime, he's going to come back. And he's going to come after Kate and me with a vengeance. And you've always known it. Haven't you?" Sami said quietly. E.J. sidled up next to her and gently stroked her hand. E.J. assured Sami that she was safe. With a sigh, Sami chided herself for believing that she could pull one over on Stefano.

"We did it, didn't we? Too well. How did we not realize it was going to end like this? And you know the irony is, I never even cared about Stefano," Sami said. "It was about me. And how much I hurt you. So whatever happens, I take full responsibility for it, Samantha. For all of it," E.J. responded. Sami told E.J. he should not shoulder all the blame because she had gone too far to punish E.J. E.J. said that he understood that he had betrayed Sami and hurt her.

In describing how she had felt when she had first seen the photos of E.J. with Abigail, Sami said, "It made me feel like a piece of my soul had been ripped out of my body, and I would never get it back." E.J. reached out to her and took her hand. "What kind of man am I to hurt a woman who I love so much?" E.J. asked.

"Human. I guess I just got used to thinking of you as something more," Sami said. As Sami said that she understood that she had pushed E.J. away, he interrupted her and stressed that he did not want her to accept any blame. "There is no excuse for what I did," E.J. said.

"And I'm not making excuses for you. But I know that there is more to the story. What you did...what you didn't do today, it reminded me that you are also a man who was willing to sacrifice everything for me and that you and I are not people who see the world in black and white," Sami countered. E.J. swore that he would spend the rest of his life working to make up for the hurt he had caused Sami. E.J. leaned toward Sami and softly kissed her cheek. Overcome, Sami started to cry and hugged E.J.

J.J. and Paige walked to his house. As J.J. unlocked the front door, he asked Paige why she wanted to spend their break at the house. Smiling, Paige whispered that she wanted alone time. When J.J. opened the front door, Jennifer threw confetti in his face and yelled "Surprise!" Confused, J.J. wandered into the living room and found a banner congratulating J.J. on starting college. Jennifer grinned and thanked Paige for helping her surprise J.J.

Jennifer gave J.J. and Paige each a Salem U sweatshirt to commemorate the start of their freshman year. When Jennifer asked about classes, J.J. said things had gone well. Jennifer asked Paige if she had any regrets about Stanford but Paige said no. Paige said her mother was still unhappy but that she had left Paige a note wishing her well on her first day at Salem U.

Marybeth called Paige's cell phone, and Paige slipped into the kitchen to talk to her friend privately. Jennifer asked J.J. about classes, and he said the believed classes would be more interesting than high school. J.J. noticed a note on Jennifer's purse with details for a meeting with Daniel. When J.J. asked about it, Jennifer shrugged and admitted that she and Daniel were going to have coffee together.

Jennifer asked about Marybeth. J.J. explained that Marybeth was an unpleasant friend of Paige that repeatedly urged Paige to break up with him. When Jennifer asked J.J. if he believed Eve was pressuring Paige to break up with him, J.J. shook his head and explained that he was not worried about Eve. J.J. said that he had talked to Eve, and they had even performed a song together in the living room. Jennifer's mouth fell open in surprise.

"When she left, I just felt like she wasn't judging me anymore. You know, not as much, maybe," J.J. said. J.J. suggested that they give the check to Paige, but Jennifer refused, noting that she needed to give the check to Eve personally. When J.J. asked why, Jennifer said that she did not want to use J.J. as a go-between. Jennifer added that she needed to figure out how to be civil with Eve for the sake of J.J. and Paige. J.J. thanked his mother. Paige returned to the living room, and J.J. reminded Paige that they needed to leave to meet their study group.

In the park, Eve sat alone on a bench, looking at her cell phone. Two prostitutes named Jill and Dana walked by and talked about making money. They noticed Eve and kept walking. Intrigued, Eve followed Jill over to Club TBD. While Eve sat at the bar, she watched as a woman left her purse hanging on her chair and left for the restroom. Jill casually walked over to the table and dropped a newspaper on the ground. When Jill squatted down to get the newspaper, she stole the wallet out of the unattended purse. Eve smirked and recorded the theft on her camera phone.

Jill hustled for the exit, but Eve stopped her at the door and asked about the wallet. When Jill played dumb, Eve informed her that she had recorded the theft on her cell phone. Eve reached into Jill's purse and pulled out the stolen wallet. With a sigh, Jill grabbed the wallet and returned it to the owner who had returned to her table. When Jill walked back to the bar, Eve asked to talk privately.

Eve escorted Jill to her apartment, and Eve handed Jill $50. When Jill scoffed at the money, Eve explained that she had followed Jill and had been watching Jill working as a prostitute. Jill was unnerved to hear that Eve had followed her around town. With a grin, Eve told Jill that she believed she could help her. Eve explained that she had been a prostitute once and that she understood that Jill would want to do whatever it took to leave that life. When Eve asked where Jill wanted to go, Jill admitted that she wanted to go to Lexington, Kentucky, to work on a horse farm with her cousin.

With a nod, Eve offered to help Jill go to Kentucky. When Jill asked why, Jennifer knocked on the front door. While Jill hid in the other room, Eve invited Jennifer into the apartment. Jennifer handed the check to Eve. Eve snatched the envelope out of Jennifer's hand and asked her to leave. As Jennifer walked out the door, Eve closed it behind her while Jennifer was still talking.

Jill returned to the living room, and Eve explained that she needed Jill's help in dealing with Jennifer. Eve offered Jill $2,000 to help her or else she would turn over the video to the police. With a nod, Jill asked Eve what she wanted her to do. Eve showed Jill a picture of J.J. and said that she needed Jill's help with him.

Hope dropped Ciara off at St. Luke's Academy and ran into Chase and Aiden. While Chase and Ciara talked about the play, Hope and Aiden eyed one another nervously. The bell rang, and Ciara and Chase headed inside the school. When Hope started to leave, Aiden told her that he had been out of line when he had kissed her. Aiden admitted that he had not been drunk, just tipsy enough to be inappropriate. Aiden apologized, and Hope accepted it.

With a sigh, Aiden apologized for acting on his feelings after promising that he would not. Hope said they were fine, but Aiden was not sure. Aiden urged Hope to talk to him about the kiss and be honest with him. Fumbling over her words, Hope agreed that she did not want to do anything to harm their friendship. Aiden apologized again, and they agreed not to talk about the kiss anymore.

After Aiden left, Hope remembered that she had Ciara's book of fairytales, and she called Ciara's teacher. When the teacher offered to send Ciara outside, Hope sat on the steps and looked at the story of Cinderella. Hope daydreamed that she had lost her shoe on the steps of the church and that Aiden had found it and placed it back on her foot. Ciara called out to her mother and woke her from her fantasy. Laughing, Hope handed the book to Ciara.

In the town square, J.J. and Paige ran into a classmate. When the girl flirted with J.J., Paige raised an eyebrow. After the girl walked away, Paige teased J.J., and he accused her of being jealous. With a smile, Paige and J.J. kissed. Marybeth interrupted to ask Paige about class. J.J. rolled his eyes. Rory then interrupted to ask J.J. if he was going to the big party that night. At the same time, J.J. said yes, and Paige said, "No way."

J.J. took Paige aside and asked her to go to the party. As Paige looked at him stern-faced, J.J. said that he wanted to have fun with Paige. Paige slowly smiled and agreed.

. . .

On the next Days of our Lives...
  • An angry Chad confronts E.J.
  • Brady is furious when Theresa tells him Kristen threatened her
  • Thanks to Eve’s devious plan, things go awry at J.J. and Paige’s first college party
  • Kristen suggests to Daniel that they work together to expose Theresa
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