Tuesday, April 26, 2016

In her newly renovated house, Hope and Rafe settled in for a movie night. Rafe was pleased to hear Hope laugh again. When Hope paused the DVD to discuss changing the movie, Rafe spotted Hope's yearbook on the coffee table. With a twinkle in his eye, a gleeful Rafe grabbed the yearbook before Hope could stop him. Rafe told Hope that her photo was gorgeous. Hope laughed about her hair.

When Hope grabbed the yearbook away, Rafe bet her that he could guess her high school superlatives. Rafe correctly guessed that she had been voted "Most Beautiful" and had been elected prom queen. Defeated, Hope reluctantly handed the yearbook back to Rafe.

Rafe looked through the yearbook with Hope, and he laughed over a picture of Hope dressed as a Martian for a spirit week skit. Blushing, Hope threatened to go to Rafe's high school and find his yearbook. Rafe said that he was barely in his yearbook and that it would be a wasted trip. With a grin, Hope said she wanted to guess Rafe's superlatives. Rafe noted that he had not been noticed by anyone in high school except for Sister Agnes, who had helped him graduate school. Hope kissed Rafe, and the two grinned at one another.

After switching movies, Hope and Rafe playfully bickered over each other's laughter during the film. Hope commented that she was at the age that she appreciated a little bickering. Rafe agreed. Hope admitted that she had been angry when she had learned that Bo had asked Rafe to take care of her. Hope said that she had become grateful that Bo had talked to Rafe. Grabbing Rafe's hand, Hope said Bo had chosen the right guy. Hope told Rafe that he made her happy. Rafe said he felt the same way. As Hope kissed Rafe, he gently pulled off her sweater and leaned her down onto the couch.

In his room, Joey texted Jade. Missing Joey, Jade invited him over to her house. After checking to make sure her parents were asleep at her house, Jade opened the window and waited for Joey to arrive. When Joey climbed through Jade's window, she giggled. Joey and Jade began to kiss. As the kissing grew more heated, Joey and Jade each admitted that they were both virgins. Nervously, Joey and Jade undressed one another. Joey remembered that he did not have a condom, but smiling, Jade said she had bought protection that afternoon. Thrilled, Joey kissed Jade and the two fell onto the bed.

At the DiMera mansion, Jennifer, Chad, and J.J. talked about Abigail. Chad was emotional. Chad told J.J. and Jennifer what had happened when he had taken Abigail to the clinic. Chad explained that Abigail had asked to go home, and he'd had to encourage her to stay at the clinic. Upset, Abigail had said she had made a mistake and wanted to go home. The nurse had informed Chad and Abigail that the doctor was busy with an emergency. Frustrated, Chad had told the nurse that he was a DiMera, and he had ordered her to get the doctor.

"I never thought I'd have to throw around my last name to lock up the woman I love," Chad told Jennifer. Overwhelmed, Jennifer broke down in tears while J.J. squeezed her shoulder to comfort her. J.J. assured Chad that he had done what had needed to be done. When Jennifer asked if Abigail had checked herself in willingly, Chad sighed. Chad explained that when he had talked to the doctor at the clinic about Abigail's hesitancy, the doctor had told Chad that Marlena could have Abigail committed. When the doctor had said that they might have to sedate Abigail, Chad had returned to Abigail's side.

Abigail had rushed to Chad and asked him if they could go home. Abigail had promised that she would be better. Abigail had attempted to charm Chad into letting her go home, but Chad had ignored her pleas. Crying, Chad told Jennifer and J.J. that he had thought about leaving the clinic with Abigail. Jennifer pleaded with Chad to let Abigail return home. Shaking his head, Chad explained that while he had been waiting with Abigail at the clinic, she had freaked out when she had seen another patient. Abigail had claimed that the man was Ben, but the man was clearly not.

Panicked, Abigail had begged Chad to take her home because she did not want to be locked up in the clinic with Ben. Chad had assured Abigail that Ben was locked up in prison. As Abigail had asked Chad if she had been hallucinating, the doctor had approached them. The doctor had assured Abigail that she had visualized her fears and that the visions would go away over time. When Chad handed Abigail the forms to sign, he asked her to do what she could to get better so that she could go home. Abigail had reluctantly signed the forms as she'd fought tears.

"The only reason I signed that is because I love Thomas," Abigail had stammered. Chad told Jennifer that Abigail had been strong. Chad added that the doctor had said that she had high expectations for Abigail's recovery. When Thomas started to cry, Chad swooped his son up in his arms and swiftly calmed him down. Chad thanked Jennifer and J.J. for watching Thomas while he had been with Abigail. Jennifer offered to take Thomas for the night, but Chad declined the offer, noting that he did not plan on sleeping much until Abigail returned home.

"I know I'm not your mother, but I'm all you got," Chad whispered to his son after Jennifer and J.J. left. Chad thought about when he had said goodbye to Abigail at the clinic. Abigail had said she had not wanted to let go of Chad. Chad had agreed and said that he needed to let Abigail go so that she could get better and return home. Scared, Abigail had begged Chad not to make her stay in the clinic. Slowly, Chad had pushed Abigail away. Chad had kissed his wife goodbye then he had watched as she had been forcefully led away. Once Abigail had walked out of sight, Chad had broken down in tears.

In the mansion, Chad sat in a chair and watched his son smiling in his crib. After a moment, Chad retrieved Thomas from the crib and held him on his lap. Chad wept.

At the clinic, a nervous Abigail sat in bed and covered her ears in an attempt to shut out the moans of a fellow patient down the hall. After the noises stopped, Abigail searched her room. "They took everything," Abigail whispered. Worried, Abigail attempted to open the door to her room and was surprised to find it locked. Abigail knocked on her door and asked for her cell phone so that she could call her husband. When a nurse and an orderly checked on Abigail, the nurse informed her that she would not be able to use the phone. Abigail was indignant.

When the nurse mentioned a sedative, Abigail rescinded her request, but the female nurse was already leaving to get the meds. The male orderly stayed behind and stared at Abigail. When the nurse returned, she sedated Abigail. As Abigail slept, Ben awakened her. Confused, Abigail asked Ben why he was not in jail. Ben said he had convinced his jailers to admit him to the clinic. Terrified, Abigail muttered that Ben was not there. Ben pulled a red tie out of his pocket and told Abigail that she was "a waste of space." Ben called Abigail his final victim.

Abigail woke with a start. Frantically looking about the room, Abigail saw that she was alone. Abigail cried out for help, but no one answered her calls. Overwhelmed, Abigail fell to the floor and muttered that Ben would find her.

. . .

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