Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Adrianne helped Lucas clean the chimney at the Horton house. After getting covered in soot, Lucas changed clothes then returned to the living room to talk to Adrienne. Lucas attempted to wipe soot from Adrienne's cheek. As Lucas leaned closer toward Adrienne's face, the two stared into one another's eyes. Lucas turned away and cleared his throat nervously. Feeling awkward, Adrienne attempted to leave for the hospital.

Lucas stopped Adrienne and asked her to talk to him about what had almost happened. Adrienne shifted uncomfortably and declined to discuss any hypotheticals. With a sigh, Lucas announced that he did not believe he should spend any more time alone with Adrienne. Lucas said he would back off of Adrienne because he did not want her to get hurt.

At the hospital nurses' station, Nicole asked Maxine to give Daniel a gift for her. Maxine was hostile to Nicole, and she refused to help Nicole "sink [her] claws into Daniel." Nicole scoffed at Maxine's accusation, and she told Maxine that she intended to befriend her. Maxine warned Nicole that she could not "play [her]."

While babysitting Parker at Daniel's apartment, Melanie called Serena to talk. Serena sat in Club TBD and thought about her argument with Eric. Serena told Melanie that she was busy but that she would talk to her later. Eric called Serena. Eric informed Serena that his friend had passed away. After offering her condolences, Serena apologized to Eric for their argument. Eric apologized as well. Eric said that he wanted to make things right with Serena, but he asked her never to mention the elephant statue again.

When Eric asked Serena to meet him for lunch, Serena begged off, noting that she had too many things to do. As Serena hung up her phone, Nicole approached the table and asked what was wrong. Serena scowled. With a smirk, Nicole said that she had overheard Serena's conversation. Serena accused Nicole of gloating, but Nicole shrugged and denied the charge. Nicole told Serena that she regretted hurting Eric and Serena's relationship and that she hoped she was not to blame for whatever was wrong. Upset, Serena left.

After grabbing a coffee, Nicole ran into Eric as he entered the club. When Nicole asked Eric if he had been involved in a fight with Serena, Eric shifted uncomfortably. Nicole apologized and stressed that she respected Eric's relationship with Serena. Nicole said that she hoped Eric's fight with Serena was not because of her. With a sad smile, Nicole said she wanted Eric to be happy and that she hoped that Serena was "the one." Eric thanked Nicole for her honesty. Eric started to leave then returned to Nicole and hugged her.

Serena visited Melanie at Daniel's apartment and told her about her run-in with Nicole. With a grunt, Serena said that everything was getting on her nerves and putting her on edge. As Melanie raised a questioning eyebrow, Serena explained that she could not find "something" and that it was annoying her. As Serena talked, she did not see the elephant statue on the couch behind her.

Melanie told Serena about her investigation into Dr. Mandrake. With a shrug, Serena said that there were a lot of "sketchy people" in the medical world. Melanie joked that Serena was one of them. Feeling guilty, Serena behaved defensively then apologized for her lack of humor and started to leave. Melanie laughed and asked Serena to wait so she could show her Parker's new toy. Melanie went to the couch to grab the elephant statue.

In Sonny's hospital room, Paul asked Sonny if Will was right that Sonny had only married Will because he could not have Paul. Will arrived and bristled at the sight of Paul. Sonny noted that he had asked Paul to stop by and tell him the truth. Will was upset, but Sonny said that he needed Paul to corroborate Will's story. Will nodded and started to gather Sonny's belongings. Sonny stopped Will, noting that he was not going home with Will.

Sonny said he needed time to think. Will nervously nodded as Sonny explained that he was going to visit his brother, Alex, in Phoenix. Paul asked Sonny not to leave Salem, and Will growled at Paul to stay out of their lives. Sonny countered that Will had made Paul a part of the situation when he had slept with him. Will mentioned Arianna, and Sonny warned Will that it was not fair to mention their daughter. Sonny added that if he returned home, Arianna would be able to feel the tension between them. Will asked Sonny how long he would be gone, and Sonny noted that his travel plans were open-ended.

Will asked Paul to leave. On Sonny's nod, Paul stepped into the hallway. Will begged Sonny to stay, citing Arianna. Sonny asked Will to trust him and let him leave town. Will asked Sonny to answer his question about whether Sonny had only married Will because Paul had turned him down. Before Sonny could respond, Kayla and Adrienne entered the room with Sonny's release papers. Sonny announced that he was going to visit Alex in Phoenix. When Adrienne asked Will if he was joining Sonny, Will said he hoped so. Will hugged Sonny goodbye.

Will ran down the hall after Paul. Will asked Paul if he was hopeful that Sonny was still interested in him. Will stressed that Paul should give up on Sonny because Will was not ready to lose him. In Sonny's room, Adrienne asked Sonny when he would return to Salem. Sonny said he had not decided.

In Kayla's office, Paige assisted Kayla with some files. When Kayla noted that Paige was the only intern who showed up for work on time, Paige smiled sadly and noted that she had thought she would be late because she had planned to spend time with her mother. Paige added that Eve had failed to show up for their meeting. As Paige stared sadly at a photo of J.J. and Jennifer nearby, Kayla asked Paige if she wanted a different mentor for her internship. Paige declined and noted that she barely thought about J.J. anymore.

"He is not a guy I loved but someone who led me on," Paige said. Smiling, Paige said she was moving on with her life and had a date planned. Paige stressed that she was in control of her life and would never trust love again because it had made a fool of her. With a motherly smile, Kayla told Paige that it was never foolish to love someone. Paige countered that love had made her needy and stupid and that she refused to be either again.

At the Salem Inn, Jennifer noticed the door to Roxanne's hotel room was ajar. Jennifer pushed open the door and saw her son, J.J., having sex with Eve. Jennifer cried out in horror. As J.J. scrambled to pull on some clothes, Jennifer ran across the room and attacked Eve. J.J. pulled his mother off his lover. Furious, Jennifer asked J.J. if he had left Paige because of Eve. Jennifer turned her anger back on Eve, and she asked how Eve could have betrayed her daughter. With fire in her eyes, Jennifer demanded to know if Eve was the woman J.J. had slept with while Paige had been in California. J.J. admitted it was true.

Laughing bitterly, Jennifer quoted some of the statements Eve had made to her about the man that was interested in her. Jennifer accused Eve of taunting her and taking glee in the fact that she was having an affair with Jennifer's son and her daughter's boyfriend. With fury, Jennifer said that Eve had wanted to take revenge on her so badly that she had sacrificed Paige's happiness.

"You are cruel and pathetic that you would have to do this to hurt me one more time," Jennifer spat out. J.J. interrupted and said that he had been just a much a part of the affair as Eve. Jennifer turned her anger back to her son, and she asked him why he had hurt Paige.

"Nothing he says or nothing he thinks he feels for you means anything because it doesn't change who you are or what you are. And I can't even stand to look at your face for another second," Jennifer yelled at Eve as she turned to leave. Eve ran in front of the door and begged Jennifer not to tell Paige about the affair. Eve argued that it would be cruel to tell Paige what had happened. As Eve grabbed Jennifer's arm, Jennifer slapped Eve hard across the face. Jennifer warned Eve never to touch her again. Jennifer stormed out, and J.J. chased after her.

J.J. caught up with Jennifer in the town square. Nearby, Paige overheard them and watched. Frustrated, Jennifer yelled at J.J. and asked him what he had been thinking.

. . .

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