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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hope went to Rafe's house to meet up with him for a date. After a tender kiss hello, Hope suggested a new Italian restaurant for dinner. Rate countered with an offer to make dinner at home. Rafe and Hope started cooking dinner, and Rafe seductively wrapped his arms around Hope to help her knead the dough for their pasta. After a little flirting, the two had a flour fight then kissed.

Now fully a mess, Rafe drew Hope a bath, poured her some wine, and massaged her shoulders while she soaked in the tub. Raising an inviting eyebrow, Hope encouraged Rafe to join her in the bath. Rafe smiled, and Hope pulled him into the water with her. After making out in the tub, the two retired to the bedroom and made love. Hope thanked Rafe for keeping his promise to not give up on her. With a kiss on Hope's forehead, Rafe promised he would never give up on her.

At the hospital, Steve surprised Kayla with a flower. When Steve waggled an eyebrow at Kayla and asked her to join him in a quiet corner of the hospital for some loving, a giggling Kayla declined, noting that she had too much work to do. Steve and Kayla made plans to meet later.

After Steve left, Kayla went into a room to check on a patient. Kayla was surprised to find Jade's father, Hal Michaels, there. Hal insisted on checking himself out of the hospital, but Kayla refused. Kayla told Hal that he was suffering from a serious condition.

In the loft, Jade was bored of studying, and she asked Joey to take her out for a drink. Joey reminded Jade that his parents were paying their rent so that they could spend their time studying. With a groan, Jade fell back onto the couch. Jade's phone rang. Seeing Kayla on the caller ID, a curious Jade answered the call on speakerphone. Kayla urged Jade to meet her at the hospital because Hal had been admitted.

When Jade arrived at the hospital with Joey, Kayla informed them that Hal had developed cirrhosis of the liver and needed a transplant. Jade asked about her mother, but Kayla noted that Jade's mother had left Hal, and their son was out of the country. As Jade stared dumbfounded, Kayla gently broke the news to Jade that she was the only family that Hal had left. Jade asked Joey for guidance. When Joey nodded at Jade in support, she took a deep breath and entered Hal's hospital room.

Hal explained to Jade that his best chance for a transplant was to find a match with a relative. As Jade stared at her father, Hal asked Jade to get tested and see if she was a match for a transplant. Furious, Jade announced she would not help Hal after what he had done to her, and she marched out of the room. Joey ran after Jade and caught up with her at the nurses' station.

Jade asked Kayla about the procedure, and Kayla told Jade what she could expect if she agreed to get tested. Confused, Jade looked at Joey. Joey reminded Jade that Hal was still her father. When Jade asked Kayla what she should do, Kayla said that Jade would need to make the decision herself. With a nod, Jade agreed to get tested.

After getting tested in the lab, Jade returned to her father's room. A grumpy Hal theorized aloud that Kayla had convinced Jade not to get tested. Defiantly raising her jaw, Jade told Hal that he did not know her very well if he thought anyone could talk her into anything she did not want to do. Jade told Hal that she had agreed to do the test and would donate a piece of her liver if she was a match. As Hal started to thank his daughter, Jade walked out. "You are the best daughter a guy could ever have," Hal finished meekly.

At Club TBD, Sonny met with Victor to talk about Deimos. Victor was dismayed to see the bruises on his grandson's face. Angry, Sonny pointed out that anyone would have expected blowback from a kidnapping, but Deimos had taken Chad and Gabi hostage anyway. Sonny argued that Deimos should no longer run Titan, and he pitched himself as the new head of the company. Victor disagreed.

Changing tactics, Sonny asked if Victor would agree to let Sonny run the company if Deimos screwed up again. Victor nodded yes. Sonny asked for Victor to put the promise in writing. When Victor asked about Justin and Brady, Sonny argued that neither of them was interested in the job. Sonny said that he was frustrated to be so powerless at Titan. Victor agreed to Sonny's request to put the offer in writing.

In the Kiriakis living room, Deimos demanded that Brady tell him whether or not he was in love with Nicole. Brady stressed that he was only friends with Nicole. Jealous, Deimos pointed out that Brady was constantly comforting Nicole. With a sigh, Brady retorted that he would not need to comfort Nicole if Deimos stopped making her miserable. Brady blamed Deimos for destroying Nicole's life and argued that Deimos could not fix things this time. Leaning in close to Deimos, Brady said that Nicole was better off without him then he left.

As Deimos paced the living room, Sonny marched in and confronted him about the kidnappings. Deimos argued that he had caught Chad and Gabi in the house, stealing the Orwell device. Furious, Sonny countered that Deimos had risked the whole company for nothing. Sonny sneered that Deimos was not fit to run Titan. With a shrug, Deimos said he did not care about Sonny's opinion, and Sonny was free to leave the company. Sonny reminded Deimos that he had more experience running Titan than Deimos did. Frustrated, Sonny left.

In the park, Sonny met up with Paul and Steve. Sonny asked the men to monitor Deimos and alert him to any wrongdoing. "That man will pay for his sins," Sonny growled. Steve readily agreed to the work then left to meet Kayla. Paul and Sonny sat on the bench to talk. Paul gave Sonny a book of poetry from a Spanish author as a get-well gift. With a grin, Paul leaned over and kissed Sonny. Paul warned Sonny not to make an enemy of Deimos, but Sonny stated that he needed to take control of Titan from Deimos.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor returned home to warn Deimos that Sonny was angry. Deimos was unconcerned. Deimos explained that Nicole was his priority. Unsure, Victor asked Deimos if Nicole was worth the effort. Deimos argued that he loved Nicole and that she might be his last chance at love. Narrowing his eyes, Deimos said that the only way to win back Nicole was to secure the return of Holly from Chloe. "She will never see me coming," Deimos growled.

At the Salem Inn, a shocked Nicole stared at the restraining order that Chloe had handed her. Nicole was devastated that Chloe felt she needed to protect Holly from her mother. Chloe argued that Nicole was unstable and violent and would return to Deimos in the end. A tearful Nicole argued that she had ended her relationship with Deimos permanently. Unswayed, Chloe asked Nicole to leave and not bother saying goodbye to Holly. As Nicole stared in shock, she started to sob and asked Chloe how she could be so cruel.

Chloe asked Nicole to stop crying. Chloe added that she did not want to hurt Nicole but that Nicole was to blame for the loss because of her connection to Deimos. Nicole pleaded with Chloe to believe her that Deimos was no longer in her life. Chloe said she did not trust Nicole. In tears, Nicole begged Chloe to reconsider because she knew that Chloe loved her because she had been willing to act as a surrogate.

"I wanted a life. A life that came from Daniel and me. And you gave it to me. You gave me everything, Chloe. And you took it away. Do you understand how wrong that is? You gave me everything and then take it away? You took my child away because you decided I might go back to someone that I said I never wanted to see again. Do you understand how cruel that is? Why? Why are you doing this to me? Why are you taking away all my happiness? Please. Please, I'm begging you from one mother to another, please, give me back my baby, please," an emotional Nicole pleaded.

Both Chloe and Nicole cried then wiped their tears away. Chloe reiterated her decision to move to New York and enforce the restraining order. Devastated, Nicole glanced across the room at her sleeping baby. Nicole slowly stumbled out of the room, and Chloe closed the door in her tear-riddled face. In the hallway, Nicole's sobs stopped, and she walked away as if in shock.

In the square, Brady saw Nicole's pale face, and he rushed to her side. Nicole told Brady about her visit with Chloe and the restraining order. Brady reminded Nicole that she would never be alone because she had him. Brady counseled Nicole to live day by day and wait for Chloe to realize that Holly needed to be with Nicole. Shaking her head no, Nicole said she did not believe that Chloe would change her mind. Brady told Nicole that soon, she would be a great mom. With a tired smile, Nicole asked Brady why he was such a good friend to her. Brady said that he would always be Nicole's friend.

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