Tuesday, August 19, 2014

In the Brady Pub, Hope accused Aiden of wanting her to think that he was dating Jennifer. When Hope asked why, Aiden admitted that he had misled Hope because he liked Hope but that he was not interested in starting a relationship. Hope gently grasped Aiden's hand and joked, "And this is your way of letting me down easy?"

"You are a married woman," Aiden said. "And I'm also a grown woman. I don't go off the deep end because of one dance, Mr. Jennings," Hope countered. Hope joked that if anyone had the wrong idea about her relationship with Aiden, it was not her. Aiden stammered that he did not have the wrong idea either. When Aiden remarked that the ruse with Jennifer had been all for nothing, Hope agreed. Aiden made an awkward excuse and left.

In the town square, J.J. lamented to Rory that Eve hated him. Overhearing the conversation, Mary Beth commented that she hoped Paige would change her mind about J.J. Mary Beth argued that J.J. had ruined Paige's chance at Stanford. Angry, J.J. told Mary Beth that Paige had made the decision to defer Stanford and that he had not known about the decision until after it had been made. Mary Beth grunted and left. When Rory noted that J.J. should go to the party without Paige and find another girl, J.J. shook his head. J.J. swore that he had changed and that he was not the guy that he had been when he'd first arrived in Salem.

In their apartment, Eve and Paige argued about J.J. and why Theresa had stopped by the apartment. Bluffing, Eve said she would call Theresa and yell at her for warning Paige not to get involved with J.J. Not fooled, Paige argued that calling Theresa was part of Eve's plan. Paige added that Stanford had called her to inform her that Eve had called and told the admissions office that Paige was reconsidering her deferment. Paige warned Eve not to bother calling admissions again because she had confirmed with them that she wanted to defer for a year. Paige reminded Eve that she had deferred Stanford for her mother, not her boyfriend.

"I want to be here for you while you're dealing with that lawsuit. I want to help you because I love you," Paige said. "Next time, why don't you ask me what I want and why I want it," Paige added then left. Alone, Eve shook her fists in frustration.

At the hospital, Eric informed Jennifer that he needed to reschedule his photo shoot so that he could testify against Kristen. When Eric asked Jennifer about Daniel, Jennifer avoided the subject and noted that Daniel did not want to talk to her. Jennifer apologized to Eric for believing that Kristen had changed and befriending her when she had first returned to Salem. Eric informed Jennifer that the cardinal had offered to reinstate Eric as a priest but that he had turned the church down. She was surprised, but Eric closed the subject by firmly stating that his decision was final.

In the Kiriakis living room, Daniel reunited with Parker. While Daniel and Parker played with toys, Brady entered the room. Brady thanked Daniel for returning Kristen to Salem. Daniel warned Brady to steer clear of Kristen. Nodding, Brady said he had submitted a written statement to the grand jury in order to avoid seeing her. Brady promised Daniel that he would never forgive Kristen.

When Maggie and Victor returned home, they happily hugged Daniel and thanked God for his safe return to Salem. Victor and Brady talked to Parker while a tearful Maggie hugged her son. Maggie and Daniel stepped into the foyer to talk, and Daniel told Maggie what had happened with Kristen. When Maggie asked about Jennifer, Daniel said that he had pushed Jennifer away, but he asked Maggie to help Jennifer with the lawsuit.

In the living room, Victor cheerfully told Brady how wonderful it was to see Kristen in jail. Victor alluded to handling Kristen if the court system did not. Brady warned Victor not to go after Kristen. After Daniel collected Parker and left, Brady promised Victor that he would be okay. Nearby, Maggie smiled. Brady admitted that when he had learned that Kristen was at the police station, he had headed there to see her, but Marlena had stopped him. Brady said that he had instead gone to an A.A. meeting.

Beaming, Maggie told Brady that she was proud of him. Brady swore that Kristen was not worth his sobriety. Smiling, Brady announced that he needed to go to an A.A. meeting. Maggie hugged Brady tightly, and Victor added that he was proud of Brady as well. After Brady left, Victor said that the only good thing about John's injury was that it had woken Brady up from his drinking. Victor asked Maggie about her conversation with Daniel, and Maggie admitted that Daniel had asked her to help Jennifer fight Eve. Maggie said she would handle Daniel's request.

At the park, Daniel set Parker down on the grass as Paige walked by. Paige said hello, and Daniel introduced Paige to Parker. Paige apologized to Daniel for her mother's behavior toward him. Smiling, Daniel told Paige not to apologize. Nervous, Paige explained that she did not want Daniel's opinion of Eve to color his opinion about whether Paige was good for J.J. Daniel assured Paige that he believed she was a perfect fit for J.J., regardless of Eve's behavior.

J.J. spotted Daniel, Parker, and Paige and walked over to say hello. When Daniel said he wanted to do "something normal," J.J. invited Daniel and Parker to hang out with him and Paige. Daniel and J.J. chatted until the hospital paged Daniel. Paige offered to babysit Parker so that Daniel could go to the hospital. J.J. happily agreed. Daniel said goodbye to his son and left. When Paige asked if J.J. minded babysitting, J.J. noted that he would do anything for Daniel and that he owed a debt to Parker.

Paige asked what J.J. meant, and J.J. explained that the last time he had watched Parker, Parker had almost been injured. J.J. said he worried that Paige would not like him if she knew about the type of person he had been. Paige promised J.J. that she would not leave him and encouraged him to continue to be honest with her. With a sigh, J.J. said he did not know what he had done to deserve Paige. With a grin she responded that he was a good man and would someday make a great father.

At her apartment, Eve called Stanford about Paige's deferment, but the admissions official informed Eve that they would only discuss the matter with Paige. Annoyed, Eve switched to the other line to answer another phone call. On the line was Eve's lawyer, and he asked her to meet with him to talk about the lawsuit. Eve bristled at a request for more money, but the lawyer explained that he needed the money to continue researching the case. Worried about losing the lawsuit, Eve promised the lawyer that she would get him his money.

At the precinct, Kristen waited in Hope's office for her attorney but was dismayed to find Nicole enter the office, demanding to talk. Nicole informed Kristen that she had testified for the grand jury already. Nicole added that she had been mistaken when she had allowed Kristen to leave town. Angry, Nicole accused Kristen of ruining Brady's life. With a smirk, Kristen noted that Eric's name could have been cleared if not for Nicole's actions in destroying the evidence.

Incensed, Nicole argued that she had been on Eric's side. Kristen said that Nicole's actions were worse than anything she had ever done because Nicole had loved Eric. Fuming, Nicole leaned toward Kristen as an officer and Kristen's lawyer entered the office. The officer pulled Nicole away from Kristen while Kristen smiled smugly. As Nicole walked out, Kristen yelled that she and Nicole were a lot alike.

Aiden stopped by Jennifer's house to talk. When Jennifer opened the front door, she babbled about Jack's journals that she had found that referred to starting a foundation for the military. Aiden asked Jennifer to talk privately. Once inside the living room, Aiden admitted that he had mistakenly given Hope the impression that he and Jennifer were more than friends. Aiden apologized if he had caused any problems. With a raised eyebrow, Jennifer noted that he could not have caused any problems because Aiden and Hope were just friends.

Stumbling on his words, Aiden agreed that he was just friends with Hope. When Aiden asked to reschedule going to see the play, Jennifer noted that the play had closed. Aiden laughed and promised that he would be better organized in court. As Aiden commented that they needed to talk about the case, the doorbell rang. Jennifer rushed to answer the door, and Aiden sighed with embarrassment and dropped his head in his hand.

Jennifer opened the front door to find Maggie. When Jennifer commented that she was meeting with her lawyer, Maggie walked into the house and announced that she had an offer for Jennifer and Aiden. Maggie informed her that she and Victor had drawn up a plan to split the settlement with Jennifer. Jennifer resisted the offer, noting that she had a strong case, and Aiden reminded Jennifer that the case could be drawn-out. Jennifer asked Aiden to draw up a document as "an insurance policy."

Brady met with Hope at the pub to discuss the grand jury. Hope advised Brady that Kristen had hired a good lawyer and that there was the possibility that Kristen could escape justice. Brady seethed.

In his room, Eric searched through a shoebox for an official photo of him as a priest to provide to the grand jury. After locating the photo, Eric noticed a stack of photos of him and Nicole kissing. Eric imagined that Nicole was seated next to him on the bed, talking about when the photos had been taken. Eric kissed Nicole then awoke from his daydream, alone. Tears in his eyes, Eric put the photos of Nicole back in the box and closed the lid.

After grabbing the photo he needed for the grand jury, Eric went to Club TBD and ran into Daniel, who was fixing a cup of coffee. Daniel asked Eric about the suit he was wearing, and Eric explained that he planned to testify for the grand jury. Eric informed Daniel that the cardinal had cleared Eric and offered him the opportunity to return to the priesthood. When Eric mentioned that he had not accepted the offer, Daniel asked him if he was in love with Nicole. Eric shifted his eyes away. "Love? I hate her, Daniel," Eric said.

Eve answered the door to her apartment and was surprised to find Jennifer and Aiden standing in the hallway. When Jennifer said that she had an offer, Eve invited them into the apartment. Aiden advised Eve to invite her lawyer to review the document. Jennifer told Eve that the document needed to be reviewed and signed that day or else they would go to court. Jennifer reminded Eve that she had regretted rebuffing Jennifer's original offer, and she cautioned Eve to think carefully about whether to sign the document.

At the hospital, Nicole saw Daniel working on paperwork, and she tentatively approached him. Nicole said hello, and Daniel ignored her. Nicole informed Daniel that she had testified to the grand jury and that she hoped her testimony would help put Kristen in prison. When Nicole asked if Daniel was giving her the silent treatment, Daniel asked Nicole what she had done to Eric. Confused, Nicole shook her head in bewilderment.

At the Brady Pub, Brady sat at the bar and ordered a water. The bartender, recognizing Brady, asked him if he also wanted a vodka on the rocks. With a long sigh, Brady stared at the bartender.

In the courthouse hallway, Kristen waited with her lawyer outside the courtroom where the grand jury was hearing testimony. The lawyer explained to Kristen that the grand jury was waiting for a witness and that Kristen could either sit in the courtroom and listen to the witness' testimony, or Kristen could return to the station. Annoyed, Kristen opted to return to the police station. As Kristen rose to leave, she ran into Eric, who was arriving at the courthouse to testify.

. . .

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