Tuesday, December 16, 2014

In a hotel room, Hope pleaded with Aiden to believe that she wanted to be with him. Aiden was unsure. When Hope kissed him, his resolve melted, and he kissed her passionately. Aiden and Hope made love. Afterward, Hope promised Aiden that she would no longer talk to Bree. Hope said she liked to make up her own mind about people and that she did not care what Bree had to say about Aiden. Hope thanked Aiden for not pushing her to talk about her life and her husband.

"I'm not out to replace Bo. What I wanted with you was something fresh, something that is just ours," Aiden said. Smiling, Hope kissed Aiden, and the two made love again. Afterward, Aiden thanked Hope for changing his mind about leaving Salem. Hope told Aiden that she was happy she and Aiden could work through their issues. Hope said goodbye and left. Alone in the room, Aiden's face clouded over with a scowl. Aiden called Bree.

"I know what you did, Bree. So consider this a warning, in fact the only one you're going to get. If you contact Hope again and you talk to her about me, I will come after you. And you know what I am capable of. So think long and hard," Aiden said. Shaken, Bree hung up the phone.

Hope walked to the town square and ran into Roman. When Roman observed that Hope looked happy, Hope fidgeted and mentioned her divorce. Roman assured Hope that as much as he loved his brother Bo, he understood if Hope needed to divorce Bo in order to be happy.

As Sonny was walking through the archway in the park, he called Will at the pub. Sonny told Will that he missed him. When Sonny turned the subject to the south side club, a preoccupied Will told Sonny they would talk later. Will hung up the phone and jumped to his feet to greet his editor, Zoe, and the publisher of Sonix, Hal Price. Hal told Will that he liked the articles Will had written for Sonix. When Hal asked about Hollywood, Will swore that his heart was in journalism.

Zoe changed the subject to a new article. As Zoe placed a confidential manila envelope on the table, a curious Will reached out. Hal stopped Will and announced that there were conditions to taking the new assignment. Zoe stressed that Will could not discuss the article with anyone, including Sonny. When Hal learned that Will was married to a man, Hal looked taken aback. Will asked if his marriage was a problem, and Hal explained that Will would need to keep his personal life out of the article.

When Hal asked Will how he would respond if the subject of the article asked about Will's wedding ring, Will said that he would tell the truth. Hal reminded Will that the subject of the article was a stranger, and Will did not know how the subject would react. Will agreed to remain anonymous and neutral with the article of the subject. Will added that he would not discuss the article with Sonny.

Hal slid the envelope over to Will. When Will looked inside the envelope at the photo of Paul Narita, he appeared puzzled. Zoe explained that they needed "the story" about Paul. When Will asked about the writer of the first article about Paul, Zoe explained that she and Hal thought that Will would be better suited to write about Paul than the other writer. Hal shook Will's hand and asked him to make the magazine proud.

In the park, a disguised Paul saw Sonny, and he called out to him. Paul took off his hat and glasses and sat on the park bench next to Sonny. When Paul asked why Sonny had not called him back the previous night, Sonny explained that something had distracted him. Paul asked Sonny if he needed anything. Shaking his head, Sonny said he was fine and that he regretted that he had called Paul. With a smile, Paul said that he loved that Sonny had called him because it reminded him of how things had been.

"Things are never going to be the way they used to be. Not for us," Sonny said. Paul apologized. Paul clarified that he felt like Sonny no longer hated him. Sonny said that he had not hated Paul; he had only disagreed with Paul's choices. With a sigh, Paul admitted that he had not been happy since Sonny had left him. When Sonny asked for details, Paul explained that he had not connected with anyone since his breakup with Sonny. Sonny argued that Paul was playing games with women, and he urged Paul to be himself.

In Daniel's apartment, Nicole's hands gently grazed Daniel's cheeks as she fixed the scarf around his neck. When Daniel quietly asked how his new scarf looked, Nicole leaned in for a kiss. Daniel stopped her. Nicole and Daniel agreed that they should only be friends for the time being because it was too important to both of them.

"I am not going to be your rebound guy," Daniel said. Daniel said that he did not want a repeat of their last attempt at dating. Nodding, Nicole said she understood. Nicole added that she did not want to be Daniel's rebound girl either. Nicole reminded Daniel that the last time Nicole had wanted to date Daniel, he had fallen for Jennifer and she had run to Eric. Chuckling, Nicole and Daniel joked that they would never discuss rebounding again. As Nicole turned to leave, she gently caressed the scarf on Daniel's neck. Nicole quietly reiterated that she liked his scarf. As Daniel nodded and stared in her eyes, Nicole turned and left.

In Eric's apartment, Eric kissed Serena softly. Smiling, Serena told Eric how happy she was that she had moved to Salem. As Eric smiled, Roman knocked on the apartment door. When Eric greeted his father, an excited Roman told Eric that he had heard that Serena was in Salem. Eric opened the door wider so that Roman could see Serena. Roman hugged Serena and asked her about her life. Serena apologized and noted that she was late for a meeting. As Serena ran for the door, Eric quietly told her that he would text her with details for their date.

Roman smugly joked that Eric had not taken long. Eric smiled and warned Roman not to push. When Roman asked why, Eric reminded Roman that he had broken Serena's heart and had left her. Roman suggested that Serena could be a sign from God.

At the hospital nurses' station, Melanie asked Anne what her next steps were in the application process. Anne told Melanie that she would not hire her as a nurse. Melanie argued that there was a shortage of nurses and that she was qualified for the job. With a shrug, Anne said that Melanie's records were missing. Annoyed, Melanie said that she would get a copy of her records. Anne told Melanie that it was too late because there was a hiring freeze. Theresa walked over and suggested that Melanie apply at another hospital.

When Melanie suggested that Anne and Theresa were up to something, Brady overheard and asked Melanie to tell him what had happened. Theresa piped up and said that Melanie had been unprofessional with Anne. Furious, Melanie took a couple of aggressive steps toward Theresa, and Brady grabbed Melanie and held her back. As Theresa returned to work, Brady asked Anne to stay and talk to him after he consulted with Melanie.

While Anne tapped her foot, Brady took Melanie aside and counseled her to calm down. Brady said that Anne and Theresa had baited Melanie so that she would overreact. Brady urged Melanie not to make Daniel look bad at the hospital. As Melanie frowned, Brady promised to help Melanie if she would back off of Theresa. Melanie reluctantly agreed and left.

After Melanie left, Brady approached Anne. Anne argued that there was no room at the hospital for people with hostile tempers. Brady countered that there was no room at the hospital for people playing games. Nostrils flaring, Anne reminded Brady that she answered to Seth Burns. Brady added that Seth reported to the hospital board. Brady asked Anne about the hiring freeze. When Anne explained that she had the discretion to enforce the hiring freeze before the January 1st start date, Brady asked Anne whether she was using her discretion for personal reasons.

Anne looked across the room at Theresa. Brady pushed Anne to answer his question. When Anne shifted her eyes around the room, Brady threatened to talk to Seth if Anne did not lift the early start to the hiring freeze and consider Melanie for a nursing position. Anne relented. Furious, Theresa slammed down a stack of folders on the desk. Brady watched as Theresa marched away, and he pursued her.

At Club TBD, Melanie met with Serena to chat over coffee. When Serena asked about Melanie's job at the hospital, Melanie changed the subject to Eric. Noting Serena's smile, Melanie asked Serena if she and Eric had been more than friends. Blushing, Serena said that she had been involved with Eric in Africa. Melanie pushed for details. Daniel interrupted to say hello and ask about the hospital. Avoiding the question, Melanie introduced Daniel to Serena.

When Melanie mentioned that Daniel was a good friend of Eric's, Serena's eyes widened in recognition. Serena told Daniel that she thought he was amazing. When Daniel raised his eyebrows, Serena laughed and explained that she had kept in touch with Eric and knew the story about Kristen and what Daniel had done to help Eric. As Melanie pushed Serena for details about her relationship with Eric, Serena's phone chirped. Serena promised to call Melanie, and she left.

In a hospital lounge, Brady demanded to know why Theresa was scheming to stop Melanie from working at the hospital. Theresa refused to take responsibility and started to leave. Brady grabbed Theresa's arm and warned her that if Theresa wanted him to choose between her and Melanie, he would pick Melanie.

Brady growled that if Theresa went after any of his friends or family, he would take it as an attack on him. Leaning in close to Theresa, Brady asked her if she wanted to provoke him. Close to tears, Theresa insisted that she did not care about Melanie. Brady cautioned Theresa to stay away from Melanie.

Frustrated, Theresa sarcastically thanked Brady for letting everyone in the hospital think she had faked her pregnancy. After Brady walked away, Melanie stormed into the lounge and slammed the door. Melanie asked Theresa if she had faked a pregnancy.

In the park, Nicole sat on a park bench and reviewed a file for work. Nicole dropped the file, and as she scrambled to pick up the papers, she found an old flyer for an event at St. Luke's. Nicole sighed and joked that she did not need any signs. Nicole shoved the folder into her purse and thought about her last conversation with Eric at the pub when he had said that he hated her. With a sigh, Nicole muttered that she was not on the rebound.

When Sonny returned to Club TBD, the bartender handed him a note from Will. The note stated that Will would be late because he was working. Sonny sighed in aggravation. In the park, Will called Paul at the hotel. When Will asked about setting up an interview, Paul asked Will to meet him at his hotel room. Paul added that if Will were stopped in the hotel, he should say he was there to meet George Herman. Chuckling, Will noted that George Herman was Babe Ruth's name. Will removed the wedding ring from his finger and left for the hotel.

Serena met with Eric at the pub for dinner. Eric told Serena that he wanted to be honest with her. Eric added that he wanted Serena to know what she could expect from him. Outside the pub, Nicole walked by the window. She looked in and saw Serena at the table. "Who is that woman?" a frustrated Nicole muttered.

. . .

On the next Days of our Lives...
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  • Jennifer extends a friendly invitation to Daniel
  • Doug and Julie arrive in town for the holidays, and Doug is furious with Hope for not telling him about Aiden
  • Will and Sonny take Arianna for a long-overdue visit with Gabi
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