Tuesday, January 27, 2015

At Sonny and Will's apartment, Sonny talked on the phone to Will, who was at Club TBD. Will wanted to talk, but still upset about the money, Sonny stressed that he did not want to hear a lecture about his bad decisions. Will assured Sonny that he did not want to talk about the money, but Ben knocked on the apartment door. Sonny told Will they would talk later, and he wished Will well with his writing.

Ben apologized to Sonny for hitting Chad. The two men sat on the couch and talked about the incident. Ben said that Jordan and Abigail were not upset with him but that he had acted rashly. Not fooled, Sonny asked Ben what Chad had said to provoke him. Ben refused to repeat Chad's comments, but instead he said that words were no reason to punch anyone.

When Ben mentioned that Chad had not fought back, Sonny surmised that Chad had provoked the attack and deliberately taken the beating to curry favor with Jordan against Ben. Sonny offered to call his father for legal assistance, but Ben explained that Clyde had hired a lawyer for him.

At Club TBD, Kate met with Will to talk about his story about Paul. When Kate noted that Will looked ill, Will admitted that he was stressed. Kate offered to give Will a loan so it would ease the tension between Will and Sonny over the loss of their savings. With a sigh, Will said he did not care about the money but that he felt guilty. Worried, Kate asked Will why he should feel guilty. Will mentioned Hollywood, and he danced around the truth.

Kate assured Will that he and Sonny loved one another and would work it out. Will mumbled that his love had not stopped him from doing what he had done. Suspicious, Kate looked into Will's eyes and inferred that Will had been unfaithful to Sonny. Will admitted the truth and stressed that he had made a mistake that he had no intention of repeating. Kate cautioned Will to focus on Sonny and Arianna.

Paul called Will on the phone, interrupting Will's conversation with Kate. Paul asked Will to meet him at the hotel to talk. Flustered, Will said that it was better for them to meet as his office rather than Paul's hotel. Kate raised her eyebrows as she realized that Paul had been the man that Will had slept with.

"You were right. This is a big article. It's the biggest I've ever written," Will told Kate. With a sigh, Kate commented that she had pushed Will to get Paul's story. Will assured Kate that it was not her fault that he had slept with Paul. Will owned up to his mistake, and he stressed that he had not slept with Paul in order to get a story.

After leaving Will, Kate went to visit Arianna, and she arrived just as Ben was leaving Sonny and Will's apartment. Kate apologized for Chad's behavior. Ben nodded and left. Kate offered Sonny a loan to cover the loss of his savings. Sonny politely declined. Kate assured Sonny that no one was blaming him for the loss of the money, especially Will, whom she had talked to at the club. Nodding, Sonny said that he wanted to handle the mess on his own. Kate advised that a loan was not a handout and that all businesses took out loans.

When Sonny mentioned that Will had been working a lot, Kate reminded Sonny that both he and Will needed to feel loved every day. Kate told Sonny to give Will time and space. Sonny agreed to think about her loan offer. With a grin, Sonny asked Kate to watch Arianna so he could run an errand. As Kate smiled at him, Sonny assured her that it was an errand she would like. After Sonny ran out of the apartment, Kate called Clyde's phone and left a voicemail asking him to meet her.

Will met with Paul at the magazine office. Paul and Will talked about the mistakes Paul had made. Paul lamented that he had given up the only man he had loved for a career that was already over. With a grunt, Paul called himself a coward. Will consoled Paul by telling him that he would have had a legitimate concern about his baseball career if he had told the world about his sexuality sooner. Paul said that he regretted trading away the love of his life for baseball.

When Will asked if Paul had the opportunity to live his life again if he would say yes to the proposal of his former lover, Paul said that he would say yes this time. Will cautioned Paul not to second-guess the decision he had made in his life. Will advised Paul to restart his life and wait to meet the right man. With a sigh, Paul wondered aloud whether he had met the perfect man and had blown his chance at happiness. Will told Paul that it was possible to have a second chance. Outside Will's office, a grinning Sonny stood in the hallway with flowers, about to knock on Sonny's office door.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor thought about when Clyde had told Victor to retire. Abigail arrived at the mansion, shaking Victor from his reverie. Abigail asked Victor if he could help her find a job for Ben at Victor's new club. Abigail reminded Victor that Ben had been earmarked to head up Sonny's second club before it had failed. When Victor raised an eyebrow, Abigail added that Ben had punched Chad and sent him to the hospital.

Grinning from ear to ear, Victor said that anyone that punched a DiMera had a place in his employment. Victor noted that Abigail knew that the fight would not bother him, and he asked her to explain why she was really there to talk to him. Abigail admitted that she was concerned that Victor would object because Clyde was Ben's father. Victor said that he barely knew anything about Clyde. When Abigail mentioned the tension between Clyde and Victor at the club, Victor explained that he had been mad at Kate, not Clyde.

During their conversation, Victor stepped aside to take a call from Damon. Damon informed Victor that the job was "done." Victor thanked Damon for his work then hung up. With a smile, Victor turned back to Abigail and asked her if she wanted him to keep their conversation a secret. Shaking her head, Abigail explained that she would tell Ben the truth because she did not want secrets in her relationship. Abigail promised that Ben would report to Rafe in the morning for an interview.

After Abigail left, Damon returned to the mansion and told Victor that he had shot Clyde in the chest three times and left the body behind. Damon explained that some people had been walking through the park and that he had ben forced to skitter off so that witnesses would not see him. Damon assured Victor that when he had left the scene, the snow from the storm had almost covered Clyde's body. Victor handed his burner phone to Damon so it could be disposed of. In the park, Clyde's body was covered in snow.

In the town square, Ben and Abigail talked about his conversation with Sonny, and she told him about her talk with Victor. Ben was resistant to taking the job. Abigail reminded Ben that he had helped her when she had lost her job at the hospital. Ben smiled. Abigail assured Ben that Victor had no resentment toward Clyde. With a shrug, Abigail remarked that Victor was a curmudgeon with a soft heart.

In Serena's hotel room, Nicole copied the contents of Serena's laptop onto a small thumb drive while Serena was in the other room on a phone call. When Serena returned to the main room, she found Nicole holding her framed photo of Eric. Nicole said that she had not been honest about her feelings for Eric. As Serena's eyes narrowed, Nicole explained that she wanted to move on with her life but that she still cared about Eric and did not want him to get hurt. Nicole warned Serena not to hurt him.

Nicole suggested that she and Serena avoid one another around town, but if they should run into one another, they should think, "What would Eric do?" With a smile, Nicole hugged Serena and said goodbye as she ran out the front door. Serena shook her head in confusion.

In Daniel's office at the hospital, Eric told Daniel that he did not believe that Nicole wanted to "make nice" with Serena as Daniel had suggested. Annoyed, Daniel asked Eric if he believed that Nicole wanted everyone to hate her. Eric asked Daniel if he believed that Nicole had no ulterior motive for making peace with Serena. Daniel assured Eric that Nicole felt no malice toward Serena. When Daniel noted that Eric's strong reaction made it seem like he still had feelings for Nicole, Eric denied the accusation.

Daniel suggested that he and Eric start over. Eric warned Daniel to be careful with Nicole because he had once believed he was happy, and she had destroyed that. Eric stressed that Nicole was incapable of being honest. With a frown, Daniel asked Eric to focus on his own life and not worry about Nicole.

Nicole returned to her office and eagerly placed the thumb drive on her desk. As Nicole removed her coat, Daniel arrived unannounced. Nicole was surprised to see him. Daniel informed Nicole that he had made reservations at the hottest restaurant in town and that he was taking her out. As Daniel nuzzled against Nicole's neck, she looked at the drive on her desk. With a sigh, Nicole said that she could not go out because she had to work on a story for Miles about the newborn tiger cubs at the zoo.

Daniel urged Nicole to blow off her work, but she politely refused. Daniel was annoyed and started to leave. Worried, Nicole stopped Daniel and said that the story could wait until another day because nothing was more important to her than Daniel. As Nicole grabbed her coat, she slyly grabbed that thumb drive off of her desk and pocketed it.

Eric went to Serena's hotel room, and she informed him about her chat with Nicole. Eric told Serena that he had found a box of items from Africa and that he wanted to review the contents with Serena. When Serena asked where the box was, Eric said he had left the box in his bedroom. Serena told Eric that she needed to shut down her computer then she would be happy to accompany him back to his place.

As Serena opened her laptop, she saw that someone had copied all the files from her computer. "That bitch," Serena muttered. Serena yelled that Nicole had stolen the files from her computer. Serena added that Nicole's offer to bury the hatchet was actually an offer to bury the hatchet in her back. As Serena fumed and wondered aloud if Nicole had staged the phone call as a diversion, Eric told Serena that he would handle Nicole. Eric called Nicole's office to track her down.

At Daniel's apartment, Daniel went in to the bedroom to change. Nicole pulled the thumb drive out of her pocket and studied it. Nicole debated to herself about whether she should protect Eric or throw the thumb drive away and let Eric fend for himself. As Nicole stared at the trashcan, Daniel returned to the living room and Nicole slipped the thumb drive back in her pocket. Daniel took Nicole's hand and opened the front door. In the hallway outside were a fuming Serena and Eric. "You lying, stealing bitch," Serena growled.

. . .

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