Tuesday, September 2, 2014

In their apartment, Sonny told Will he was wrong for helping Will get at job at True Vista. Sonny corrected Will's assessment that Sonny had handled his accomplishments on own. Sonny explained that he had received help in his life and that he wanted to do the same thing for Will by helping him get a job interview. Sonny informed Will that Sonny's parents had given him his loan for his business, that a friend had tricked him into rock climbing lessons, and that his mother had made an effort to help Sonny admit his homosexuality.

"If someone wants to give you help to get to the next level, does that mean that you're not good enough? If I made you feel that way, I am so sorry," Sonny said. Will nodded. Sonny opened the laptop and showed Will his earlier unpublished work. As Will nodded, Sonny noted that Will had not published his first stab at writing a blog because it was poor writing. Sonny reminded Will that his later work, the work he had published online, was what had secured Will's job at the magazine.

"You don't have to make it up to me because there is no reason you should. We've both made mistakes," Will said. Will admitted that he understood that Sonny had acted out of love for his husband. Will added that he had lashed out because he was insecure. Will told Sonny that he had been angry but that he had never stopped loving him. Forgiving one another, Sonny and Will kissed. Sonny and Will decided to celebrate getting past their first fight as a married couple by making love.

Nicole walked into Club TBD and bumped into Daniel. As Nicole turned away, she dropped a stack of folders and papers. Daniel reluctantly squatted down to help Nicole pick up her papers and he noticed one paper was a job offer from a news station in Santa Fe. With a raised eyebrow, Daniel asked Nicole when she was moving to New Mexico. Nicole explained that the job offer was a surprise and that she did not plan on taking the job because the pay was poor.

"Daniel, if I did leave, would you miss me?" Nicole asked. "No. I would not miss you if you left," Daniel countered. Daniel added that he did not care what Nicole wanted to do because they were no longer friends. As Nicole sarcastically thanked Daniel, Daniel stopped her. Reconsidering, Daniel said that it might be a good thing for Nicole to remain in Salem because Brady needed all the friends he could get.

"I don't abandon people I care about," Nicole growled, then walked away. Nicole met with Sally from the TV station at a table in the corner. As Nicole stared at Daniel across the room, Sally asked Nicole if she knew him. Nicole explained that she and Daniel were no longer friends. Upset, Nicole cut short her meeting with Sally and ran out of the club.

In her apartment, Theresa napped on the couch and dreamed that the police arrested her for the attempted murder of John Black. Theresa was wakened by Anne who was knocking on the front door. When Theresa let Anne inside, Anne presented Theresa with champagne to celebrate Abigail's resignation. Anne asked Theresa why she had left work early. Theresa admitted that she did not want to be at the hospital when they removed John to the long term care facility.

Suspicious, Anne asked Theresa to tell her the whole truth about John. Before Anne could say any more, a courier knocked at the front door and dropped off an envelope. Curious, Theresa opened the envelope to find a decree of annulment.

"It's official. Brady and I are done," Theresa said as she sniffled. Anne gave Theresa the bottle of champagne. Wiping away tears, Theresa said that she had been on top of the world when she had married Brady. Theresa added that since Las Vegas, everything had gone wrong. Weeping, Theresa admitted that she had liked Brady and she missed his laugh.

As Theresa looked at the papers, she was upset to find that Brady's copy of the annulment had been included in the envelope as well. Anne advised Theresa to calm down before talking to Brady, but a tearful Theresa said that she wanted to drop off the papers and move on with her life.

In John's hospital room, Marlena and Eric watched Kayla examined John. Kayla gently told Marlena that the long term care facility was the best place for John. When Eric asked if Brady was aware that they were transferring John, Marlena muttered that Brady was aware. Concerned, Eric wondered aloud where to find Brady. Kayla said Brady was likely processing the news about John's condition.

Marlena offered to pay for John's continued care at the hospital, but Kayla assured Marlena that John's score on the GCS coma scale was steadily declining. While Kayla tested John's responses, Marlena and Eric stepped into the hallway to talk. Marlena asked Eric to stay in Salem. Eric explained that he needed to leave town and put some distance between him and his memories. As Marlena nodded through tears, Eric offered to stay in town if Marlena needed him.

Crying, Marlena said that she needed Eric to stay with her. Eric agreed. Eric said that he planned to clear his name and uncover all the nasty things that Kristen had done to Marlena and John. Marlena blamed Kristen for John's coma. Eric hugged his mother to comfort her. Marlena looked through the window into John's room and continued to blame Kristen. Marlena left for a walk. Eric turned around and ran into Nicole, knocking the papers she was holding to the ground. Eric scooped up the papers for Nicole and walked away without a word as Nicole said hello to the empty hallway.

Interested in bumping into Eric again, Nicole waited at the nurses' station for Eric to return. When Nicole heard Eric's voice, she turned and dropped her papers on the floor again. Eric picked up the papers and saw the job offer for the Santa Fe station. Nicole cheerily informed Eric about the job. Eric smiled and told Nicole that it was terrific news that she was leaving Salem. Upset, Nicole turned away. Eric explained that he had been thinking about leaving town and that it would be good for him and Nicole to distance themselves from one another.

When Nicole asked about Eric's plans, Eric said he had decided to stay in town to help support his family. Eric thanked Nicole for making an effort to put space between them. Annoyed, Nicole corrected Eric and said that she had not accepted the offer. With a furrowed brow, Eric accused Nicole of planning a run in to manipulate him. Nicole denied the charge, but Eric pointed out that Nicole had dropped her papers twice which showed that she had wanted Eric to see the job offer. Angry, Eric argued that Nicole was incapable of honesty. Eric told Nicole that he wanted her to take the job offer because no one wanted her to stay in town.

Daniel met with Anne in his office to discuss the hospital internship. Daniel handed Paige's application to Anne, and he asked Anne not to hold it against Paige that Daniel had recommended her. Commenting that she would never hold that against an applicant, Anne dropped her pencil, and bent over to pick it up with her butt in Daniel's face. Confused, Daniel shook his head.

Anne reviewed the application and was pleased to see that Paige was Theresa's niece. Suspicious, Anne accused Daniel of attempting to curry favor with Jennifer by helping J.J.'s girlfriend. Daniel warned Anne that he would talk to the board if Anne did not hire Paige. Anne growled that she would look into the application. As Anne left, Kayla walked into Daniel's office and urged him to take a look at some research that someone had sent to her. Daniel and Kayla agreed that if the recommended treatment worked, it could "change everything."

At the hotel, an angry Brady banged on the door to Kristen's room. Kristen answered the door wearing a tiny robe and a smile. Brady ordered Kristen to get dressed. After Kristen threw on a slinky dress, Brady ordered Kristen to never visit John again. Kristen readily agreed. Brady added that if Kristen walked within 100 feet of John that her bail would be revoked. Smiling, Kristen offered Brady a drink of water. Seething, Brady told Kristen that she made his flesh crawl.

"I don't have a word to describe to you how much I hate you. You wrecked my life. Maybe worse than that you wrecked my relationship with my father. You just severed it deliberately and I'm partially to blame for that but do you understand that I'm never going to be able to make that right with him?" Brady asked. Kristen told Brady that he was not responsible for John's coma. Brady was not interested in talking about John.

Kristen mentioned Brady's rebound marriage to Theresa. Upset, Brady poured a glass of water while Kristen said that she had been worried about Brady's drinking and that was why she had contacted Daniel. Brady bristled, and Kristen assured Brady that Daniel's description of their encounter was overly dramatic. Kristen promised Brady that she could help him. Brady told Kristen that if she wanted to help him then she would plead guilty and go to prison.

"You don't make things better. You make them worse and everything you touch, dies. I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. No wait wait, I couldn't have hurt your feelings because you don't have feelings and I learned that a long time ago," Brady yelled. Kristen said she had an idea for how to help Brady. Upset, Brady started to leave. Kristen grabbed his arm and begged him to listen to her. As Brady stared at her, she gently placed her hands on his chest.

Marlena knocked at the door. The spell broken, Brady backed away and opened the door to admit Marlena. When Marlena asked Brady why he was in Kristen's room, Brady said that he had stopped by to warn Kristen that if she attempted to see John that she would go to jail. Marlena assured Brady that she was fine to be alone with Kristen, so Brady left.

In a sarcastic tone, Marlena apologized for interrupting Kristen's visit with John at the hospital. Smiling, Kristen told Marlena that her timing had been perfect. Marlena commented that she hoped that Brady had made it clear that he would never return to Kristen. Kristen chuckled and told Marlena that she was confused. Kristen argued that Marlena had embarrassed Brady at his wedding with the sex tape and that Marlena was the reason that Brady spiraled to of control.

"You know damn well that you are responsible for everything that happened to Brady and thank God he is getting his life back in order," Marlena said. Marlena warned Kristen that she would make her pay for what she had done. Kristen countered that Marlena should have to pay for her part in destroying her Eric's life. Marlena told Kristen that she was selfish and evil and that was why Kristen had lost John and Brady.

Smiling, Kristen admitted that she had hurt Eric in order to hurt Marlena. Kristen said that it made her happy to see Marlena in pain. Narrowing her eyes, Marlena told Kristen that she was excited to watch her go down in flames in court after all she had done to hurt her family and John.

"You know, it's funny you should mention John's name. I mean really, he is the one that started this whole chain of events isn't he? And guess what? He's gonna be the person that ends it," Kristen said. Marlena warned Kristen that if she went near John, Marlena would kill her. Smiling, Kristen said that she was not there to hurt John but to save him.

Brady returned home to the Kiriakis mansion to find Theresa in the foyer writing a note for him. Stammering out an explanation, Theresa said that the lawyers had accidentally sent her Brady's copy of the annulment papers and that she had stopped by to drop off the envelope. As Theresa started to leave, she noticed that Brady was upset. Worried, Theresa placed her hands on Brady's chest, just like Kristen had done in her hotel room. Overwhelmed, Brady grabbed Theresa and kissed her. Brady and Theresa adjourned upstairs and had sex.

. . .

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