Tuesday, February 9, 2016

In the park, Belle ran into a moody Claire. When Belle asked what had happened at the audition, Claire said she had been cut by the panel. Claire explained that the panel had said that she had promise and should apply the following year. Belle told her daughter to be encouraged by the panel's comments. When Belle asked about Eve, Claire admitted that she had left the audition and gone straight to the airport.

Upset, Belle noted that Eve would be worried. Claire said that she had texted Eve to inform her that she had flown home. With her gaze at her feet, Claire added that she had told Eve that she had bailed on the audition because she had been too embarrassed to say that her audition had gone poorly. Belle told Claire there was no shame in being cut.

At the police station, Shawn and Lani were discussing a case when Fynn interrupted them. Seeking an officer to investigate a break-in at his apartment, Fynn asked Shawn for help. Shawn noted that he was in forensics and that Fynn should talk to Detective Price. Lani raised her hand. Fynn apologized for assuming that Lani was not an officer. With a shrug, Lani asked Fynn what items had been taken. Fynn noted that his camera had sensitive videos of him with women. Nodding, Lani told Fynn to call the women in the photos.

After Lani went into the conference room, Fynn asked Shawn if he had talked to the woman that had hurt him. Shawn said he had spoken to his wife but that it had not gone well. When Fynn asked Shawn if he had told his wife how he felt about her, Shawn nodded and said that it had not made a difference. As Shawn talked about acting cordial, Belle entered the police station and interrupted Shawn and Fynn's conversation. Belle asked Shawn why he was at the station. As Shawn explained that he worked there, Fynn excused himself to meet up with Lani in the conference room. On his way out, Fynn gave Shawn a smile and a thumbs-up.

Shawn told Belle that he had moved back to Salem for good. As Claire's mouth fell open, Shawn asked her if she had a problem with his decision. Belle said she was glad that Shawn was staying in Salem. Encouraged, Shawn said that they had time to figure out their relationship. Belle clarified that she was happy that Shawn was in town for Claire. Belle added that Claire was upset about her Juilliard audition.

"She needs a shoulder to cry on, and she made it very clear she doesn't want it to be mine," Belle said. Shawn started to suggest that Belle should be around more, and Belle scoffed at the idea. Unfazed, Shawn said that Belle should get rid of Philip and focus on her daughter. Belle reminded Shawn that he had filed for divorce. With a sigh, Shawn said he did not want to fight. Lani interrupted to ask for a forensics report. As Belle turned to leave, Shawn told Belle that she should not give up on reaching out to Claire because Claire needed her.

In the conference room, Lani took Fynn's statement about the items taken from his apartment. When Lani asked Fynn if one of his girlfriends could have taken the items, a smiling Fynn asked Lani if she wanted to join him for a drink to talk about her theory. Lani declined.

At the Kiriakis mansion, a worried Victor asked Caroline why her luggage was in the foyer. Caroline explained that she wanted to move back to the pub. Victor objected, but Caroline was adamant that she was healthy. Caroline stressed that she wanted to be back at the pub. Worried, Victor said that it was not safe for Caroline to leave the mansion. Victor said he wanted to learn more about the serum before he let Caroline leave. Victor pleaded with Caroline to stay to help him refine the serum.

As Caroline protested, Maggie entered the living room and asked about Caroline's luggage. Caroline asked Maggie to help her convince Victor that she should move out. Maggie sided with Victor. With a smile, Maggie told Caroline that she was a joy to have around the house. Caroline agreed to stay one more night. After Caroline went upstairs, Victor thanked Maggie for her help. Maggie asked Victor to tell her what was wrong. Victor confided that he was worried about Deimos. Victor explained that Deimos was plotting, and he was not sure what Deimos was planning.

At Club TBD, Kate talked to Philip about the changes at Basic Black. Philip was worried that Kate had partnered with Deimos, but Kate assured her son that she was running the business by herself. Philip said that Deimos was bad news. Suspicious, Kate asked Philip what he knew about Deimos. When Philip mentioned that Deimos had been in prison, Kate nodded and said that Deimos had been innocent. When Kate pushed Philip to open up to her, Philip left for a meeting. Kate wondered aloud what Philip was hiding.

In his hotel room, Deimos left a voicemail warning Philip to call him back. Deimos added that Philip should be more fearful of him than of Victor. When Philip arrived, he asked why Deimos was snooping around Kate. Deimos said he wanted to invest in Basic Black. Philip ordered Deimos to leave Kate and Victor alone. With narrowed eyes, Deimos asked Philip for the documents he requested. Reluctantly, Philip handed a folder to Deimos. Philip explained that the file contained accounts for all of Victor's money. Deimos threw the file in the trash, and he stressed that Philip knew what he really wanted.

Philip yelled that he could not help Deimos obtain the cure for Topits disease. Philip told Deimos all the things he had done to obtain the cure but that he had been unsuccessful in securing the cure. Disgusted, Deimos told Philip that he was no longer any use to him. Deimos said he would not report Philip to the Chicago police because the blackmail had just been a part of his plan.

"Sadly, Victor's own son was willing to betray him to save his own skin," Deimos said. With dawning horror, Philip begged Deimos not to tell Victor. Deimos said he wanted to break Victor's heart.

In the town square, Fynn talked to a photo of Daniel at his memorial. Fynn joked that he was losing his touch with women, since Lani had turned him down. As Fynn turned to leave, he ran into Claire, causing her to drop her bag on the ground. Fynn apologized. As Fynn picked up Claire's bag, he saw the nametag on her luggage, and he asked her if she was Shawn's daughter. Fynn told Claire he was friends with her dad. Seeing the tears on her face, Fynn told Claire that if she was upset, Shawn would want to know. Claire thanked Fynn for the suggestion.

As Fynn turned to leave, Claire asked him if he had known Daniel. Fynn explained that Daniel had been his best friend. Shaking his head, Fynn said life was short. Claire talked to Fynn about her parents. Nearby, Shawn eavesdropped. Fynn's pager beeped. Before leaving, Fynn encouraged Claire to talk to her father. With a smile, Fynn told Claire to "hang in there." As Claire turned, she spotted Shawn.

Furious, Claire asked Shawn if he had told Fynn to talk to her. Shawn said Belle had told him about New York. As Claire groaned, Shawn told Claire that she was talented and that they would find her another school. Feeling better, Claire hugged her dad. Shawn walked Claire to the station and showed her around. Claire told Shawn that she was excited he had decided to move back to Salem.

"I'm thrilled that you're staying here in Salem and so is your mom," Shawn said. As Claire dropped her eyes, Shawn asked Claire to cut Belle some slack. Reluctantly, Claire promised to make an effort with Belle.

At Club TBD, Belle sipped a glass of wine and took her wedding band off. Belle replaced the ring with a gaudy new one. Shawn entered the bar and watched Belle from across the room. As Shawn approached Belle, he asked her if she had a new ring. Belle commented that she had seen the ring in a store and had bought it. Shawn noted that the ring looked expensive. Defensive, Belle said that she could do whatever she wanted with the money. Confused, Shawn asked Belle what money she was talking about.

Across the bar, Kate and Deimos talked over drinks. Deimos noted that Philip was protective of Kate. With a smirk, Kate said that no one told her what to do. When Deimos asked what had changed, Kate explained that she felt their partnership was moving too quickly. Deimos suggested that he and Kate go out on a date. Kate said she was tired of men that did not want to tell her their secrets. With a raised eyebrow, Deimos noted that he had already told Kate about his imprisonment. Kate nodded.

At the Kiriakis mansion, a panicked Philip raced into the house, looking for his father. Philip found him in the living room. "What the hell is this about?" Victor said.

In their apartment, Theresa prepared for Brady and Nicole's financial meeting. When Brady asked if Theresa was staying in the apartment because she was worried about Brady and Nicole's closeness, Theresa smiled sheepishly. Brady told Theresa not to worry. Brady added that as partners in a company, the three of them would need to spend time together. Theresa admitted that she was feeling weird about Brady's dreams and feelings about Nicole.

Brady assured Theresa that he was feeling better and anxious to get back to work. Theresa asked Brady to take it easy. Brady joked that Women's Weekly suggested that he pick up a hobby. As Theresa giggled, Brady retrieved a blue ukulele from the bedroom. Brady noted that he had taken two online classes. With a smile, Brady sang a song to Theresa while he played his ukulele.

Theresa swooned, and she kissed Brady. As the kisses grew more heated, Brady and Theresa started to undress one another. Suddenly, Brady pulled away and grabbed his chest. Worried, Theresa grabbed her phone and called Fynn. When Fynn arrived, he examined Brady and stated that Brady was healthy. Fynn noted that pain was normal. When Fynn added that Brady should avoid exertion, Brady asked what that meant. Fynn looked over at Theresa, who smiled and blushed.

"Whatever you were doing when the pain came on," Fynn said with a grin. Fynn told the couple to wait a little longer before doing anything. Theresa promised that they would take care of Daniel's heart. Theresa urged Brady to nap on the couch, and she postponed his meeting with Nicole. While Theresa tucked a blanket around Brady, he asked her to play his ukulele. Smiling, Theresa played Brady's ukulele and sang the same song back to him. Brady sang along as he drifted off to sleep.

. . .

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