Tuesday, August 25, 2015

In the Kiriakis mansion, Brady walked in on Xander and Theresa struggling on the couch. Brady yanked Xander to his feet and punched him. As Xander lay on the ground, rubbing his jaw, Brady called the police. Xander protested that he was innocent and that Theresa had put the moves on him first. Brady warned Xander that he would go to jail, where he belonged. Growling, Xander said he was not stupid enough to attack Theresa in Victor's living room.

As Brady and Xander warned one another to back off, Victor entered the living room and demanded to know what had happened. Theresa claimed that Xander had attacked her, and Brady chimed in that he had witnessed what had happened. Victor ordered Brady to take Theresa outside so that he could chat with Xander.

In the garden, Theresa sat on a bench, clutching her shirt together. Brady asked Theresa if she wanted to see a doctor, but she refused. Theresa said that she wanted the police to see the evidence of what Xander had done. Theresa thanked Brady for his help. When Theresa wondered aloud if she had caused the problem with Xander, Brady reminded Theresa that she was not to blame for Xander's actions. As Theresa broke down in tears, Brady consoled her. Theresa smiled.

In the living room, Xander argued that he was innocent. "I was hoping that motherhood would improve her character," Victor said. Relieved, Xander asked if Victor would help him. Shaking his head, Victor reminded Xander of the litany of things that Xander had done wrong. Victor commented that he had no reason to help Xander. With a wounded look on his face, Xander countered that he was family. Victor scowled.

"We are not family. You're the castoff son of my worthless brother. You take and you take, and all you've managed to do was disgrace all of us. You were supposed to learn to follow orders, but obviously you learned nothing. You're worthless, like your father," Victor yelled. When Xander countered that Victor was a "smug son-of-a-bitch," Victor agreed. Victor added that he would not help Xander with the settlement. With a chuckle, Victor congratulated Nicole on securing a judgment against Xander. Victor told Xander that he was on his own.

The police arrived and interviewed Theresa about the incident. Xander argued that he was innocent, but Brady corroborated Theresa's story. The police arrested Xander for assault and attempted rape. As the police read Xander his rights, Victor commented that Xander would have to get his legal counsel from a legal aid office.

After Xander was arrested, Theresa and Brady talked on the front porch. Brady promised that he would testify at Xander's trial about what he had witnessed. Theresa thanked Brady for rescuing her, and she invited Brady to dinner as a thank you. With a chuckle, Brady said he had wondered when Theresa would cash in on her attack. Theresa disagreed. Brady warned Theresa that nothing had changed and that he wanted Theresa to keep away from him.

In the Brady Pub, Abigail told Will about the conversation she'd had with Chad and Stefano at the DiMera mansion about the land in Ireland. Abigail was impressed that Chad had defied his father in order to protect her. Nodding, Will agreed that it was brave of Chad to stand up to Stefano. When Abigail mentioned Chad's selflessness, Will smiled. Will encouraged Abigail to be honest with herself and admit that she was in love with Chad. Abigail denied the accusation.

Will suggested that Abigail had been lucky that she had not married Chad because Stefano might have attempted to speed along Abigail's inheritance. Relieved, Abigail nodded. Will and Abigail worried what would happen to Chad since he had defied his father. "It just made me see again how much he really loves me," Abigail said.

"He tries to cover it up, but being a DiMera means a lot to Chad. And he basically gave all that up. For me," Abigail said. Will cautioned Abigail not to let her feelings about Chad cloud her feelings about Ben. Confused, Abigail said she had believed that Will was on Chad's side. Will assured Abigail that he was in her corner and wanted her to be happy. Will added that Ben was somebody that Abigail could count on.

"Chad is, to say the least, complicated. A lot of drama, a lot of baggage, and a father from hell. No, you've got to put Chad completely behind you," Will counseled. With a crack in her voice, Abigail agreed. Abigail changed the subject to the baby. As Will nodded, Abigail asked about Sonny. Will admitted that he had not heard from Sonny. Abigail assured Will that Sonny would clear his head then return to Salem.

"If I hadn't have lied, if I hadn't have waged this guerilla warfare on Paul..." Will said. Abigail reminded Will that she had screwed up many times, but she was engaged and expecting a baby. Will urged Abigail to trust Ben.

In the town square, Nicole asked Serena for her settlement money. Serena grudgingly handed Nicole a check to settle the lawsuit. As Nicole mocked her, Eric hushed Nicole and asked her to stop. Hurt, Nicole reminded Eric that Serena had played a part in their near-death experience. Eric countered that Serena had been wrong but should not be lumped in with Xander. Eric asked Nicole not to ruin Serena's life. Nicole disagreed.

"Now I thought you really changed, but here you stand just vindictive and money-hungry," Eric said to a clearly stunned Nicole. "Go ahead. Think the worst of me like you always do," Nicole muttered before walking away. Serena thanked Eric for sticking up for her. With a shrug, Eric said he had forgiven Serena. Eric noted that he felt it would be best if he and Serena no longer talked. Wiping away tears, Serena said that she understood.

As Chad steadily grew drunk at Club TBD, he stared at a photo of Abigail on his phone. When Chad slammed his phone on the bar, Ben showed up. Ben sarcastically commented that Chad looked like he had endured a rough day. With a smirk, Chad noted that Ben was getting everything he wanted.

"Lucky man. Lucky things didn't turn out just a little bit differently," Chad teased. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Ben asked. Chad said he was feeling philosophical. Chad warned Ben not to take Abigail for granted, and Ben puffed up his chest in annoyance. Clyde arrived and ushered Ben over to a table, defusing the situation. Clyde reminded Ben to steer clear of Chad. Confused, Ben commented that Chad had pushed his buttons but then had backed off of him. Clyde repeated his warning to stay away from Chad.

At the bar, Serena sat down next to Chad and joined him for a drink. Chad introduced himself, and with a clink in toast, Serena introduced herself to Chad. Across the room, Ben made a sarcastic comment about Chad looking broken up about Abigail. Clyde noted that Chad's chumminess with another woman was meaningless. Clyde ordered Ben to marry Abigail right away. Stewing, Ben asked Clyde why he should not worry about Abigail when she had visited Chad at his house earlier. Clyde muttered under his breath.

When Clyde wondered aloud why Abigail would visit Chad, Ben noted that Abigail had lied about the visit. Clyde remarked that Chad was in a terrible mood and drinking alone. With a shrug, Clyde said Abigail's visit had likely not been a friendly one. Clyde encouraged Ben to go home, but Ben was still angry. Ben said that it did not feel like he had won.

At the bar, Chad informed Serena that he was technically a DiMera, but he had been disowned. Serena joked that she had a great relationship with her mother because they were on different continents. Chad and Serena toasted to "not needing parents." As Ben left the club, Serena commented that Chad did not seem to like him.

"No more than he likes me," Chad said. Chad asked about Serena's troubles. With a groan, Serena commented that she had screwed things up with a guy she loved. Chad said he understood how Serena felt. As Chad offered another drink, Serena eagerly accepted. After the first sip, Serena wiped away tears and excused herself to go to the ladies' room. While Chad sipped his drink alone, Clyde sidled up beside him.

Chad asked Clyde to leave. As Clyde stared at Chad, Serena returned and asked what was happening. Clyde commented that he was saying hello to Chad then he walked away. Serena noted that Clyde did not seem to be a friend of Chad's. When Serena remarked that Chad's fists were clenched, Chad said that if Serena "got to know him," she would learn he was not a violent man.

"And am I? Gonna get to know more of you?" Serena asked. Leaning closer, Chad said they should talk over another drink. Serena nodded in agreement.

In the park, Abigail stared at Chad's number on her phone, and she wondered aloud if he was okay. As Abigail contemplated calling Chad, Ben walked into the clearing. Flustered, Abigail said she had been looking for Ben. When Ben commented that Abigail had seemed unnerved when he had last seen her, Abigail swore she was fine. Ben asked Abigail to tell him the truth. Abigail said she was stressed by work, the wedding, and the baby. Ben reminded Abigail that she was not alone. Noting that she needed to shop, Abigail encouraged Ben to head home and said that she would meet up with him later. As Abigail walked away, Ben furrowed his brow.

In the park, Nicole met up with Daniel at the bench. Daniel was anxious to hear Nicole's news, but Chloe texted with a photo of Parker. Smiling over the picture of Parker's sculpture from camp, Nicole noted that Parker would be excited to show her the sculpture in person. Daniel told Nicole that she would be a wonderful stepmother. Daniel added that Nicole had definitely changed.

When Daniel asked about Nicole's news, she hesitated long enough for Daniel's phone to ring. The hospital called to ask about a consult, so Daniel agreed to talk to Nicole about her news later. Nicole walked to the town square and talked to herself about whether she had changed. Nicole saw a flyer for a homeless center and commented as she looked heavenward, "You are about as subtle as I am."

Nicole met up with Daniel at Victor's club, and she informed him that she had won her civil suit against Xander and Serena. Daniel congratulated Nicole. Nicole mentioned that she had collected money from Serena, and she added that Eric had accused her of being vindictive and money-hungry. Daniel assured Nicole that Eric was wrong. With a relieved smile, Nicole thanked Daniel for backing her.

Nicole explained that she had thought about Eric's comment, and she had given away Serena's money to a homeless shelter. Nicole added that Eric had made a good point when he had noted that Serena had not been the one that had attempted to kill her. Nicole added that any money she collected from Xander, she would use on herself. With a smile, Daniel kissed Nicole's hand.

Grinning, Nicole said she wanted to quit journalism and use Xander's money to start her own business. Nicole admitted that she did not know what kind of business. With a smile, Daniel encouraged Nicole to "dream big."

At the police station, Rafe informed Hope that he had submitted his paperwork to be reinstated on the police force. Hope nonchalantly said okay. As Rafe nodded and turned to leave, Hope raised her arms in glee and laughed. Hope jumped to her feet and hugged Rafe. Rafe cautioned Hope to remember that his return was not a sure thing. As Rafe shrugged, he noticed a file on Hope's desk with Clyde Weston's name on it.

Worried, Rafe asked Hope why she had not given up investigating Clyde. Hope reassured Rafe that the folder was destined for the shredder because Aiden had investigated Clyde and had told her that Clyde was clean.

While in his office, Aiden talked to someone on the phone about money he owed. Aiden promised that he would soon be receiving a large amount of money and would pay his debt. After hanging up the phone, Aiden stared at his file on Clyde and muttered, "You get a pass, Weston. But only for now." As Aiden fed his file on Clyde into the shredder, Hope stopped by for a visit. Hope commented on the empty Clyde file, and Aiden admitted that his connection to Clyde was severed.

Aiden pulled Hope close, and they kissed. As they removed one another's clothing, Aiden commented that his secretary had the day off. Hope smiled and removed Aiden's jacket. As Aiden leaned Hope back against his desk, Rafe walked in unannounced. Rafe awkwardly apologized for interrupting. When Rafe mentioned that he had filed his paperwork at the police station, Aiden congratulated him.

With a grunt of remembrance, Aiden fished out a file from the pile on his desk and handed it to Rafe. Aiden informed Rafe that he had secured a hearing for Gabi. While Rafe reviewed the file, he asked about Gabi's chances. Aiden said that it looked good. Aiden mentioned Nick, and Hope tensed up. As Aiden apologized, Hope said that she understood there had been extenuating circumstances leading to his murder. Hope added that Arianna needed her mother. With a smile, Hope told Rafe that Aiden would help Gabi.

After Hope left, Aiden and Rafe talked about his reinstatement on the force. With a smirk, Aiden wondered aloud if Rafe could keep his feelings for Hope to himself if Rafe partnered with Hope again. Surprised, Rafe shook his head in disbelief. Rafe stressed that he cared about Hope but that there was nothing more there.

"I get it, don't worry about it. Hope is an amazing woman. In fact, I don't get why every man on earth isn't in love with her. I just need to know it's not going to be a problem," Aiden said. Rafe assured Aiden that there would not be a problem. With a nod, Aiden confided to Rafe that he planned to ask Hope to marry him.

At the station, Hope was working when an officer approached her desk and asked about Rafe. Hope confirmed that Rafe wanted to return and that she was hoping he would be able to soon. With a smile, the officer commented, "You guys were a heck of a pair. Almost as good as you and Bo." With a nervous shrug, Hope agreed. "I think so too," Hope said quietly.

. . .

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