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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

At the Brady Pub, Kayla talked to Joey about his idea to help Jade. Kayla was not thrilled. When Jade showed up at the pub to meet them, she complained about the fact that she had been kicked out of the apartment at which she had been staying. Joey told Jade that he wanted to show her something, and he escorted Jade and Kayla to a loft apartment.

At the apartment, Kayla informed Jade that she would pay the rent for both Jade and Joey. As Jade squealed with delight, Kayla warned the teens that they would need to prove that they were serious about school. Joey swore that he had already looked into school tutors. Jade promised not to let Kayla down.

Ciara walked into the apartment living room from the bedroom, annoying Jade. When Jade asked why Ciara was in her apartment, Ciara said that Jade would be roommates with her, Claire, and Theo as well. Jade made a snide comment, and Ciara verbally lashed out. With a sigh, Jade apologized. When Jade asked about the bedrooms, Ciara explained that Jade would live in the loft while Ciara would share a room with Claire.

While Jade and Joey looked at his room, Kayla took Ciara aside and offered her house as a refuge if Ciara needed to get away from her roommates. With a nod, Ciara thanked Kayla for the offer then she left. Joey returned to the living room and told Kayla that Jade had a bad habit of talking without thinking first. Kayla countered that she understood that Jade had endured a difficult life, but Jade should be understanding of Ciara's situation. As Joey nodded in agreement, Kayla added that she was worried that Joey was sending Jade mixed messages by living with her. Joey stressed that he wanted to help Jade find her footing.

When Jade returned to the living room, she offered to go to the corner deli and get supplies to make lunch for Joey and Kayla. With a strained smile, Kayla thanked Jade for the offer. After Jade left, Kayla told Joey that she was worried that Joey was spending more time thinking about Jade's life than his own. Joey admitted that it was easier to focus on Jade because he did not believe he deserved to be happy. Joey said he still felt guilty about murdering Ava.

Ciara met up with Shawn at the Brady Pub. With no news about Hope, Ciara confessed that she wanted to drop out of school because she did not think she could concentrate on class with her mother still missing. Shawn suggested that the distraction would be good for Ciara. When Ciara disagreed, Shawn reminded Ciara that after Bo had disappeared, Hope had carried on with her life and focused on living. Reluctantly, Ciara agreed to make an effort with school.

In a Prague hotel lobby, an annoyed Steve complained that Austin and Carrie had let Anna escape. Marlena urged Steve to remain calm. Pacing, Steve said he was frustrated that Hope was still missing. Across the lobby, Rafe called Shawn on the phone to check for news on Hope. Shawn urged Rafe to stay in Prague and pursue Stefano. Shawn confided that he was concerned that Hope had not reached out to Ciara since the escape.

In a hotel room upstairs, Carrie frantically called her mother's cell phone, leaving a voicemail begging her to return to the hotel. Austin called the local police, but he did not appear to make any headway. Steve, Marlena, Rafe, and Paul joined Carrie and Austin in their room. Paul informed the group that the man in the cafť had not been Stefano. Steve hoped aloud that Stefano had not been tipped off to their surveillance yet, but Rafe worried that they were walking into a trap.

Steve and Paul left to follow up on a tip about a meeting. Rate stayed behind to assure Austin and Carrie that they would find Anna. Austin and Rafe butted heads until Marlena intervened and reminded the men that they were on the same side. Rafe left to meet up with Steve and Paul at a nearby location where they expected to see Stefano. When Rafe arrived at the alley where the surveillance operation was set up, Paul watched the monitors, looking for Stefano to arrive. Rafe sent Steve to the rooftop to check alternate escape routes.

A fancy limousine pulled up nearby. Paul spotted the limo on the monitor and alerted Rafe and Steve. As the men watched the feed, Steve radioed in that someone was approaching the car. Paul pointed out on the monitor that Anna was running up to the limo. As a gunshot rang out, Rafe and Paul rushed out of the alley to stop Anna.

Back in the hotel, a bleeding Steve stumbled into Carrie and Austin's room. Steve pointed at his arm and noted that Anna had shot him. Close behind, Rafe rushed into the room with Anna in tow. Rafe noted that Paul was downstairs, checking to make sure that the police had not followed them to the hotel. Growling, Rafe explained that they had not caught Stefano because Anna had once again gotten in the way. When Anna explained that her aim had been off because she had been juggling Tony's urn in her other arm, Rafe groaned in frustration.

Marlena took Steve into the bathroom to examine his gunshot wound, and she confirmed that the wound was very minor. Marlena called Kayla to tell her about the shooting. Steve was annoyed, but Marlena refused to back down and insisted that Steve should see a doctor. Steve unequivocally refused.

While Anna babbled in the bedroom, Carrie warned her to stop talking before someone strangled her. Fuming, Rafe left with Steve and Marlena. Anna swore to get revenge for Tony, but Carrie countered that revenge would not resurrect Tony from the dead. When Anna moaned that Stefano was getting away with murder, a furious Austin yelled that Stefano was getting away because Anna had screwed things up.

Downstairs in the lobby, Paul informed Steve, Marlena, and Rafe that the police were not in pursuit of them. Rafe returned to the site of the shooting to examine the scene, and he returned to the hotel lobby with a safe deposit key that he had found on the ground. "Stefano just made his first mistake," Rafe said with a grin.

In an unknown bedroom, a drowsy Hope woke up in a stranger's bed. Nearby, a man soaked a rag in a washbasin and told Hope that she was lucky he had found her. Hope smiled when she recognized the voice of the man as Eric Brady. When Eric asked what had happened, Hope said she had no memory of escaping from prison. Eric explained that he had found her lying in the road. A memory of the chloroforming rushed into Hope's mind. Hope then thought about her confrontation with the man by the Dumpster.

When Hope asked Eric why he had not taken her to the hospital, Eric explained that the hospital would have reported her intake to the police. Hope told Eric that she had not escaped. Hope asked Eric why he had not returned to Salem if he was out of prison. Eric evaded the question, and Hope passed out.

When Hope woke up, Eric informed her that she was bleeding again. Eric fed Hope some aspirin for the pain. While Eric retrieved medical supplies, Hope passed out again. Eric sewed up Hope's reopened stab wound while she was unconscious. When Hope woke up, Eric had finished with the stitches. Eric fetched some food for Hope, and he returned to feed her. As Eric polished an apple, the police knocked on the front door.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Nicole learns the truth about Holly.

• Chad and Gabi share an awkward moment.

• Belle returns to Salem to see Claire.

• Theo, Claire, Ciara, Joey, and Jade begin a new adventure.

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