Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Will returned home to his apartment in Salem and was horrified to learn that not only was Paul back in town but that he was babysitting Will's daughter. After Will put Arianna in her room, Paul explained that he was helping because the babysitter had needed to leave for an emergency. When Will asked Paul why he was at the apartment in the first place, Paul explained that he was picking up a shirt that Arianna had stained the previous day.

"So I leave, and the minute I leave, you come right in?" Will asked. Paul stuttered that he had visited the apartment to visit Will and Sonny. Not buying Paul's explanation, Will accused Paul of attempting to steal Will's daughter and his husband. Paul said that he wanted everyone to get along while he was in town, visiting John.

"Looks like you've already learned a few lessons from your father," Will said. Will told Paul about John and how he had pursued Marlena and broken up her marriage to Roman. Will added that John's actions had scarred his mother, Sami, for years. As Paul stared in confusion, Will continued and said that Paul's parents had no problem sleeping around and lying about it. Paul warned Will to stop talking about his mother. Unfazed, Will commented that Tori whored around so much that she could not have been able to keep track of Paul's paternity.

Angry, Paul punched Will just as Sonny returned home. Sonny rushed to Will's side as he lay unconscious on the floor. Paul apologized, but Sonny ordered him to leave. Worried, Paul asked to stay until Will woke up. Will woke up, pointed at Paul, and said that Paul had hit him. Sonny again ordered Paul to leave, and a frustrated Paul walked out. Worried, Sonny assured Will that he would be fine, and he rose to call for an ambulance.

Will assured Sonny that he did not need a doctor. When Sonny asked why, Will said that he was embarrassed that Paul had flattened him in one punch. Sonny countered that Paul was a professional athlete and could have knocked out anyone in one punch. Sonny helped Will onto the couch. After checking that Will could count fingers, Sonny asked him what had happened. Will explained that they had been fighting about Sonny and that Paul had punched him "out of nowhere."

Will asked Sonny why Paul had been at the apartment. Sonny explained that the babysitter had needed to leave for the hospital and that Paul had stopped by the apartment while Sonny had been on his way home. Sonny apologized for not making other arrangements. Unnerved, Will asked Sonny what he would have walked in on if Will had returned home an hour later. Sonny stressed that he had informed Paul that he was working on his marriage to Will and that Will would not have walked in on anything.

"Maybe that was why he was so mad at me," Will said. When Sonny asked if that was why Paul had hit Will, Will said he did not know why. Sonny pushed for details about the fight, but Will argued that Paul was attempting to steal his family. With a nod, Sonny left to check on Arianna. Sonny's phone buzzed on the couch, and Will saw that Paul was calling.

Will answered the phone and asked Paul to leave them alone. Paul apologized for hitting Will. Will asked Paul to stay away from his family then he hung up the phone. Sonny returned to the living room and said that Arianna had slept through the fight. Will commented that he did not want his daughter to be exposed to Paul's violence.

Sonny grabbed an icepack and asked Will more questions about the argument. Will said that he had accused Paul of pursuing Sonny and that it must have angered Paul. Unconvinced, Sonny shook his head in confusion. Will commented that Paul might have lashed out because of frustration over all the recent changes in Paul's life. Sonny nodded.

With a sigh, Will told Sonny that he would appreciate it if Paul did not visit the apartment again. Sonny agreed. Will told Sonny that he had missed him. When Sonny shrugged and said that Will had only been gone a day, Will explained that he meant that he and Sonny had not been intimate since before the stabbing. Will asked Sonny if he had ruined their relationship. Sonny promised that if the relationship were over, he would not have stayed. Taking his husband's hand, Sonny told Will that he still loved him.

When Will told Sonny that he needed him and leaned in for a kiss, Sonny noted that Will had just been unconscious. Will reiterated that he needed Sonny. Will kissed Sonny, and the two leaned back onto the couch.

In his hotel room, Xander was worried because the photo app on his phone pulled up a photo of the elephant statue rather than the most recent photo he had taken. Serena was confused. "It's the most potentially incriminating photo on the phone," Xander exclaimed. When Serena asked if someone had gone through his phone, Xander thought of when Nicole had attempted to take a picture of him with his phone.

When Xander explained what had happened, an incredulous Serena asked Xander why he had left Nicole alone with his unlocked phone. "Do you know what this means? Nicole is onto us!" Serena said. Xander dismissed Serena's accusation, noting that Nicole was a snoop and might have just been looking at his photos. Serena argued that even if Nicole had stumbled onto the elephant photo by accident, it would be a problem. Shaking his head, Xander said that Nicole did not know anything had been smuggled in the statue.

"Why are you panicking about this?" Xander asked. "She knows more than you think. A lot more," Serena said. Serena informed Xander about her interactions with Nicole regarding the statue. Angry, Xander asked Serena why she had not told him about the problem sooner. Serena argued that she had handled the situation but that it had become a problem because Nicole had seen the photo on his phone. As Xander growled, Serena countered that he was the one to blame because he had been so anxious to sleep with Nicole that he had played into her hands.

Before leaving, Serena told Xander that Daniel knew that Nicole had been visiting him in his hotel room. Serena admitted that she had told Daniel by accident. Suspicious, Xander said that Serena was usually not so sloppy. Serena argued that she was not to blame. Serena warned Xander that hurting Daniel by using Nicole was not worth the trouble. As Serena turned to leave, Xander commented that he would have the numbers on the diamonds and that Serena should plan to leave town.

At Club TBD, Nicole thought about when Daniel had slammed the door in her face. Nicole lamented that she had not told Daniel the truth about her interest in Xander. Nicole mumbled to herself that she needed to catch Xander red-handed so that Daniel would understand. Overhearing the tail end of Nicole's comment, Maggie asked Nicole what Daniel would understand. Nicole explained that she had fought with Daniel earlier. Maggie warned Nicole not to hurt Daniel, and Nicole promised that hurting Daniel was the last thing she wanted to do.

As Maggie turned to leave, Nicole asked if Maggie could let her in Daniel's apartment to pick up an item. Maggie yelled no and left. Mumbling to herself again, Nicole said that she needed to look at that statue. Out of options, Nicole called Eric and asked him to meet with her. Eric walked over to the club and met Nicole for a drink.

Nicole told Eric that she wanted to make peace with Serena. With a grin, Eric said that he would be happy if Nicole was sincere. Nicole said that she was sorry she had argued with Serena about the statue and whether there were one or two of them. Chuckling, Nicole then joked, "I can't even remember. Were there two or not? I could have sworn there were two." With an amused smile, Eric said that there had been two statues, but Serena had lost her statue. When Eric commented that Xander had said that they had overpaid for their statues, Nicole asked if Xander had bought one as well. Eric shook his head no.

Suspicious, Eric asked Nicole why she was quizzing him about the statues. Caught, Nicole lied and said that she was planning to track down a replacement elephant as a surprise for Serena. Nicole said that she wanted to make a gesture so that she and Serena would no longer be enemies. Eric told Nicole not to bother because the elephants had been made in a remote village of the Congo. With a raised eyebrow, Nicole noted that the statues were unique. Nicole said she would think of something else to get for Serena, and she asked Eric not to tell Serena about their conversation. Eric nodded and left.

"He's wrong. That elephant is more than just a trinket. And why would Xander have a picture of it on his phone? I need to get a closer look at it, in person," Nicole said. With a gasp, Nicole realized what she needed to do. Nicole called Daniel's superintendent, Lou, and asked him to let her in to Daniel's apartment, since she had lost her key. Lou agreed, and Nicole rushed over to the apartment.

Nicole waited anxiously outside of Daniel's apartment for Lou. As the elevator opened, a cheerful Nicole said, "I'm so glad to see you!" Unfortunately, the person in the elevator was Xander instead of Lou. "Are you?" a dour-faced Xander asked.

After leaving Club TBD, Eric met with Serena in the park. Serena informed Eric that she wanted Eric to be part of her future. When Eric said that he wanted the same thing, Serena told Eric to pack his swimsuit because they were headed for Hawaii. Concerned, Eric said that he thought they had time before the job started. Serena explained that she needed to accept the position right away or she would lose the job. "If you want us to be together, this is the only way," Serena said.

In the Horton living room, Jennifer thought about Daniel's advice to tell Paige the truth. "It's too late for that. Well as long as Eve keeps her word and leaves the two of them alone, we'll be fine," Jennifer said to the empty room. Maggie arrived at the house to help Jennifer prepare for the birthday party. While grabbing a pair of scissors for Jennifer, Maggie saw the letter from San Jose State on the desk. Jennifer explained that J.J. was going to announce at the birthday party that he was moving to California with Paige.

Jennifer was positive about the move. When Maggie noted that the move would keep the couple away from Eve, Jennifer nodded quietly. Jennifer commented that a large part of the problem was Eve's history with Jennifer. Jennifer argued that if she had worked harder to settle things with Eve, then Eve would not have made an effort to lash out at J.J. Maggie warned Jennifer not to blame herself for Eve's issues.

In the park, J.J. took a photo of Eve waiting to meet Cole. Eve grabbed for the camera. J.J. explained that he knew that Eve had ordered Cole to plant the drugs in his house and that he had the texts to prove it. Eve grabbed for the phone again, and the two struggled. Eve obtained the phone, but J.J. explained that he had already backed up the information. J.J. told Eve that he would send the information to the police if she did not meet with him privately. As Eve resisted, J.J. shrugged and walked away. Nervous, Eve chased him.

J.J. and Eve met at her apartment. J.J. warned Eve to leave him alone, or he would send the evidence to the cops. With a smirk, Eve commented that the evidence would not hold up in court. J.J. countered that Cole would sell Eve out for a deal from the police in order to avoid jail. Annoyed, Eve said that she had not ordered Cole to plant drugs. Eve explained that she had wanted J.J. out of Paige's life but that she "would never have ordered him to do something so stupid!" With a shrug, J.J. said that Eve would have to pay for Cole's mistake. Eve promised that she would tell Paige about the affair if J.J. sold her out to the cops.

Though J.J. argued that Eve was bluffing, Eve countered that she would convince Paige that J.J. had seduced her in her vulnerable state after learning about her singing. J.J. argued that Paige would also remember that he had been crazed that same night after his fight with Paige. Shaking her head, Eve said that Paige would believe her story over J.J.'s explanations. J.J. and Eve argued about who had hit on whom the first time.

"I don't know who that guy was, Eve. And I still don't. But I'd do anything to take back that night because it makes me sick to ever think of touching you," J.J. said. "Really? Is that why you kept coming back for more? Again and again and again?" Eve purred. J.J. argued that he had been "out of his mind." Eve asked J.J. if his justifications were enough to lie to Paige every day of the rest of their lives.

"It's mutually assured destruction, J.J., just like it has always been," Eve argued. Eve added that Paige would eventually believe her. J.J. countered that Eve had no proof and that anything Eve said would make her sound desperate to keep J.J. from Paige. With a shrug, J.J. added that Eve would spend years behind bars and would lose Paige. J.J. stressed that Eve would end her grudge with him or he would go to the police, and he asked her to promise that her machinations were over.

Frustrated, Eve promised not to interfere with J.J. and Paige's relationship anymore. Eve added that the reason she would not have instructed Cole to plant the drugs was because she believed J.J. would self-destruct on his own. Eve stressed that Paige would move along once she moved to California. J.J. countered that he was moving to California with Paige. Furious, Eve accused J.J. of ruining Paige's life.

"You're clinging to her when you know that if she were out there in the world with real choices, she would drop your little sorry ass just like that," Eve yelled. J.J. argued that he and Paige were in love. Eve promised that in time, J.J. would ruin the relationship. "Paige is so much better than you are, she is too good for you," Eve said. J.J. said he was more convinced than ever that he was doing the right thing.

When Eve asked J.J. if he wanted to poison her relationship with Paige, J.J. shook his head. J.J. argued that unlike Eve, he accepted that Paige loved her mother and that he would not do anything to undermine that. J.J. said that Eve would not be able to keep him and Paige from being happy together. With a smirk, J.J. left. Alone, Eve poured a drink. "There's nothing I can do now," Eve muttered to herself. As she turned around, she saw Paige staring at her from the doorway.

. . .

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