Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ben called Jordan from Club TBD and asked if they could meet later. Jordan would only say, "Maybe," since she was on her way to meet Rafe.

On his phone in the park, Rafe asked Tim, his contact at the FBI, for a favor. Rafe was telling Tim that it was personal, not Salem P.D. business, when Jordan arrived. She stopped and listened as Rafe asked Tim, "You got the profile I just emailed you on him, right? Yeah, well, listen, anything you can red flag on him would be helpful, because I'm coming up with nothing." When Rafe hung up and saw Jordan, she accused him of investigating Ben.

Rafe assured Jordan that his phone call had not been about her brother; it had been about his sister and Nick. Rafe explained that he was worried that Nick, who had hurt Gabi before, was worming his way back into her life. Tim called Rafe back just then. "No record? Nothing?" Rafe asked, puzzled. When he hung up, Rafe told Jordan that he needed to postpone their date. She understood. After apologizing for her reaction before, Jordan urged Rafe to go easy on Gabi.

When Jordan met Ben in the park outside Horton Square, he expressed dismay that she'd gotten involved with a cop. Jordan insisted that despite the intimacy of physical therapy, she had never allowed herself to be intimate either emotionally or romantically with her patients, but she had felt a pull toward Rafe that had been mutual. "This can't end well, Jordan," Ben warned her, although he acknowledged that he'd never seen her happier. He flipped out when Jordan informed him that Rafe had been in the FBI for eight years. "I know. I know! He could end this, and it could all be over," Jordan admitted worriedly.

At Will and Sonny's apartment, Nick informed Gabi that he'd found the perfect lawyer to handle her custody agreement, someone tough with no Brady or Horton relations. Gabi wondered why Nick thought she needed a tough lawyer. Nick pointed out Will and Sonny's marriage made them look like "more substantial" parents than Gabi, at least on paper. Gabi got defensive, so Nick apologized.

Gabi complained that Sami had called her an unfit mother, and she explained that Will had only mentioned the custody agreement when he'd returned from talking to Sami and getting her key back. "She's gonna do everything in her power to take my baby away from me," Gabi fretted. Since Sami hated him and his presence in Gabi's life might only add fuel to the fire, Nick offered to accept one of the jobs in New York and leave Salem.

Gabi refused to let Nick leave town because of what other people thought. She thanked Nick for finding the lawyer for her. Nick guessed that the custody agreement had been Sami's idea and that Will would never do anything like that to hurt Gabi. Gabi marveled that Nick could be so forgiving -- but she hoped Nick would do something to stop Sami if she tried anything.

Nick expressed amazement and gratitude that Gabi had let him back into her life. When Rafe sent Gabi a text to let her know he was on his way over, Nick volunteered to leave. When Gabi suggested that Nick go with her to meet with the lawyer, he was surprised. "Right now, Nick, you're the only person I can trust," Gabi admitted.

Nick went to Club TBD, where Sonny reluctantly served him a ginger ale. Nick cheerfully stated that Gabi had told him about Will's request for a custody agreement -- and Nick thought it was a good idea. Sonny cautioned Nick that neither he nor Will was buying Nick's act. "Look, I know that you don't believe anything that I say, but the truth is that I have changed. I don't really give a damn if you believe me or not," Nick declared. He added that the only person whose opinion of him mattered was Gabi, because she saw him for who he really was -- and everyone was just going to have to get used to the idea that the two of them were together.

When Rafe showed up at the apartment, he questioned Gabi about the company Nick had worked for in New York and whether Nick had gotten in touch with her after he'd left town. Gabi said that she hadn't heard from Nick then, and she'd been just as surprised as everyone else when he'd returned. Gabi asked what Rafe's point was. Rafe explained that he'd had a friend at the FBI do a search on Nick, and the friend hadn't been able to find a shred of evidence that Nick had ever been in New York.

"Obviously, it begs the question: where the hell has he been all this time that he's been gone from Salem?" Rafe mused. Gabi was incredulous -- and furious -- that Rafe had investigated Nick. Rafe pointed out that everyone had been telling him to stop asking questions about Nick, and Rafe was worried that Gabi was in some kind of trouble because of Nick. Gabi asserted that Nick was trying to keep her out of trouble.

Rafe demanded to know what Nick had on Gabi, but Gabi refused to divulge any details because it involved other people. She begged Rafe to let it go -- because she could go to prison, as could the other people she'd mentioned but refused to name. Rafe grudgingly agreed not to press the issue but vowed, "So help me God, if Nick hurts you again, I am going to make him pay."

Liam met a mysterious woman in the park outside Horton Square. "It wasn't easy tracking you down, but I'm glad I did. I'm glad you agreed to meet. So -- let's talk about Daniel Jonas," Liam began. After they discussed the woman's task, Liam produced an envelope full of cash and promised to pay the remainder when she'd finished the job.

Jennifer went to Daniel's apartment prior to his disciplinary hearing to inform him that she couldn't be at the hearing because Anne had thrown her weight around with the board. Anne had also made Seth Burns and Kayla recuse themselves, but she hadn't been able to block Brady since he was on the board. Their moods brightened a little when Parker emerged from the bedroom. After a playful goodbye with the little boy, Jennifer left.

Jennifer was waiting for the elevator when she got a call from the woman Liam had met in the park. "I need to talk to you right away. It's about Daniel Jonas," the woman said. A little while later, the women met at Jennifer's house. Jennifer asked, "Who are you afraid of? Anne Milbauer or Theresa Donovan?" The woman wouldn't say. She produced a document for Jennifer that proved the woman worked for a cleaning service and had been assigned to Dr. Jonas' apartment a few times. Jennifer didn't understand what that had to do with Daniel's case at the hospital.

The woman said that she'd seen a lot while cleaning apartments, because she sometimes cleaned places where other people let dust accumulate. When she'd heard about Dr. Jonas being on drugs during a surgery, she'd decided she couldn't keep quiet about what she'd found in his apartment -- something that was probably still there. "If you're interested, I could tell you exactly where to look," the woman offered.

At the hospital, Anne was eagerly anticipating Daniel's hearing, although she observed that Theresa was not nearly as excited. When Brady arrived, she approached him quietly. Brady warned Theresa that people were eager to accuse her of drugging Daniel. Theresa wanted to know if there were any new evidence as to whether Daniel had taken the drug or not. Brady refused to discuss it with Theresa but promised to talk to her when the hearing was over.

After Brady left, Theresa turned to Anne and asked anxiously, "My name's not gonna come up in that hearing, is it?" Theresa insisted that she hadn't been around when Daniel had been drugged -- but Anne pointed out that Theresa had a key to Daniel's apartment. Theresa lied that she'd forgotten all about the key and she didn't even know where it was. Anne vowed to make sure that everyone believed Daniel had gotten high all on his own and that it cost him his job.

When Daniel arrived, Theresa watched nervously as Anne led him and Brady into the boardroom. "I can't talk to Liam. There has to be someone who can tell me where I stand in this whole thing," Theresa told herself. She got out her phone and sent a text message.

As she sat alone in her office, Nicole had a nightmarish daydream about Liam telling Daniel and Eric that she'd destroyed Chyka's documents. She phoned Eric and told him, "I need to talk to you as soon as possible about Daniel -- about a lot of things." When Eric met Nicole at the Brady Pub, he tried to reassure her that Daniel was innocent and would be cleared.

Unconvinced, Nicole said that she couldn't sit around and watch Daniel's career be destroyed when she could do something to help. Nicole clarified that she only had suspicions, nothing concrete, about who had drugged Daniel, and she suspected that Theresa might not have been involved. "I can't let Daniel get hurt like this. I need to finally get this out!" Nicole declared.

Eric worried that in helping Daniel, Nicole was going to do something to get hurt. He urged her to find another way to help, one that wouldn't risk their future together. Nicole promised she would. Eric got a text message that made him remark, "Looks like somebody else's guilty conscience got to them." As he left, Eric told Nicole, "Knowing how much you sacrificed for Daniel shows me how lucky I am to have such an amazing woman in my life."

A little later, Eric met Theresa in the park. She was freaking out about Daniel's hearing, but Eric interpreted that as guilt about her part in what had happened to Daniel. Eric admitted that he concurred with Daniel and Jennifer's suspicions that Theresa had been involved, but if she told him what she knew, he would do everything he could to help her. "Like I keep saying, I know nothing about what happened to Doctor Jonas or why. Look, someone else did this, and if you think that I'm going to let you or somebody else pin this on me, then you're out of your freaking mind!" Theresa declared before storming off.

Nicole returned to her office and tried to figure out how she could get Chyka's email away from Liam so she could tell Daniel and Eric that she'd seen Liam outside Daniel's apartment. She started by looking up Liam's address on the computer, then found that Liam appeared to have a hard time holding a job for very long. "Maybe a disgruntled employee can enlighten me -- or how about the ex Mrs. Frazer?" Nicole mused. She was curious when she discovered that Liam's divorce records were sealed, so she called Liam's ex-wife and said that wanted to discuss Liam. "I want nothing to do with that crazy bastard!" the woman snapped, hanging up.

When Liam's accomplice met him in private later, he produced the rest of her money and a one-way ticket to Texas. After the woman recounted her meeting with Jennifer, she said that she was sure Jennifer would head straight for Daniel's apartment, where she would find exactly what Liam wanted her to find.

Brady called the hearing to order, explaining that the board would review Dr. Jonas' suspension and make a decision about his employment at the hospital. As Anne handed out the results of Daniel's blood work, she reminded the board that he had been implicated in another incident involving drugs. Brady contended that it was irrelevant because Daniel had been cleared after passing a drug test. "We cannot discount the idea that someone else purposefully caused the appearance of these drugs in his blood work at this time. I think that's clear," Brady stated.

Anne argued that Daniel had knowingly put a patient at risk, but Brady reminded everyone that Daniel had stopped the surgery upon realizing that he hadn't been able to continue. Brady announced that in the absence of further evidence or facts, the board would take a recess and make a decision based on what they knew.

When the board returned a little later, Brady announced that the investigation would continue, but there was no credible evidence that Dr. Jonas had knowingly taken the drugs. He continued that Daniel would be taken out of the surgical rotation for thirty days while submitting to random drug tests, but his non-surgical duties would begin the following day. After the month was up, if there were no further incidents or new evidence, Daniel's privileges would be fully restored.

Jennifer let herself into Daniel's apartment and looked around the place worriedly. She began opening kitchen cabinets until she found a Christmas-themed tin. She opened the tin and discovered a prescription bottle of Dilaudid -- in her name, with Daniel's name listed as the prescribing doctor.

. . .

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