Tuesday, July 22, 2014

At the pub, Jennifer was horrified to look through the front window and see Daniel and Eve sitting at a table, laughing. Jennifer marched into the pub and confronted Eve and Daniel. Surprised, Daniel asked Jennifer if she knew Eve. With a grunt, Jennifer answered, "I've known her for a long time and far too well."

While Daniel took a phone call in the corner, Eve invited Jennifer to join her and Daniel for coffee. Shaking her head, Jennifer declined the offer and accused Eve of seeking out Daniel after getting details about him from Theresa. Eve said she would leave Jennifer alone with Daniel to talk. After Eve left, Daniel returned to the table and asked Jennifer why she was upset with him. Frustrated, Jennifer walked out of the pub, and Daniel chased after her.

In the park, Paige met with J.J. to talk. J.J. explained that he had planned to tell Paige about what had happened with Theresa but that things had kept getting in the way. J.J. added that he had only lashed out at Theresa in order to stop her from blackmailing him. Paige told J.J. that she was not sure she could trust him. After glancing at her phone, Paige said she needed to go to report for her community service. J.J. begged her to text her supervisor and say she would be late. Upset, Paige left.

Eve walked around the corner and asked J.J. if he had been talking about her with Paige. With a sigh, J.J. noted that not everything was about Eve. Eve nodded and said that she would tell Paige that she did not have any problems with Abigail. Eve said that she understood that Abigail was under pressure and that Eve did not want to fight with J.J.'s family. As J.J. nodded, Eve said that she wanted her daughter's last summer at home to be the best one of Paige's life.

Paige returned to the park and was surprised to see Eve and J.J. talking. With a sheepish look, Paige said that she had texted her supervisor to say she would be late. Eve left Paige and J.J. alone to talk. J.J. said that he did not want their families' fighting to ruin their relationship. Paige agreed, and she wondered aloud if she should listen to J.J. instead of doubting everything. Paige admitted that she was nervous about the future.

Daniel followed Jennifer to her house and into her living room. When Daniel said that he deserved to know why Jennifer was treating him so coldly, Jennifer countered that if Daniel were her friend then he would show her some respect. Confused, Daniel asked Jennifer if her anger was about Eve's sister, Theresa. Jennifer said that Daniel had betrayed her. When Daniel asked why, Jennifer explained that Eve was suing her for all the proceeds to Jack's book. Upset, Jennifer added that Eve wanted to take money from veterans.

Jennifer explained that she and Eve had been rivals for years and that Eve had married Jack at one point. With a puzzled expression, Daniel asked Jennifer how he would have known about the lawsuit. Daniel said that Jennifer should have told him about the lawsuit before jumping down his throat.

"You and I? It ended. Do you really think I'm the kind of guy who is gonna jump from your bed into another?" Daniel asked. Daniel stressed that Jennifer did not use common sense and that he resented that she had basically called him an idiot for not knowing about the lawsuit.

"The next time you don't get why I said we needed a break, you think about this moment because there is the problem," Daniel said. Angry, Daniel stormed out of the house. Jennifer called Aiden and left a voicemail informing him that she refused to settle the case with Eve. As Jennifer sighed, J.J. returned home and asked what was wrong. "War. All out war," Jennifer responded. Jennifer told J.J. that things were going to get ugly with Eve.

As Daniel walked through the town square, Eve cheerfully called out his name. Eve apologized to Daniel for the scene at the pub and said that she'd had had no idea that Daniel knew Jennifer. Daniel said he was suspicious of Eve. When Daniel said that Jennifer had a reason to be angry with Eve, she protested and told Daniel that she wanted to offer her side of the story. Daniel refused to listen. Daniel remarked that he felt used by Eve, and he walked away.

Eve returned home to her apartment and waited for Paige. When Paige returned home, Eve asked her if everything was okay with J.J. Eve stressed that she wanted Paige to be happy. When Paige nodded, Eve's face grew grim. Eve said that she was fine with J.J. and Abigail but that Jennifer was a big problem.

At the hotel, Eric told Nicole that what they had experienced had not been love. Furious, Nicole attempted to slap Eric, and he grabbed her wrist. Close to one another, Eric and Nicole stared into each other's eyes and stopped struggling. Eric pulled away when his phone rang. The bishop called Eric to talk about his case. While Nicole typed on the computer, Eric told Nicole that he needed to leave. Nicole stopped him to show him the news story about John Black. Eric left for the hospital, and Nicole called Brady and left him a voicemail, begging him to call her back.

Out on bail, E.J. returned to the DiMera mansion to talk to Sami. When E.J. attempted to open the living room doors, he realized the doors were locked. Pleading with his wife through the door, E.J. swore that he was not angry about the tax charges or the company takeover because he believed that he deserved his punishment. E.J. begged for a chance. The doors unlocked, and E.J. was dismayed to find Kate on the other side. When E.J. walked into the living room, he was startled to see that Stefano's portrait had been replaced with a magnificent painting of Kate and Sami.

E.J. demanded to see his wife. When Kate declined, E.J. called Mary and was angry when Mary refused to divulge where E.J. could find Sami. E.J. ordered Kate to leave, but she stated that as the mansion was part of the company, she had every right to live there. Kate reminded E.J. that neither he nor Stefano could expose what Kate and Sami had done because it would harm their reputation if people learned that Kate and Sami had bested them. Kate announced that she was leaving to get a restraining order to prevent Stefano and E.J. from entering the house.

At the hospital, Sami stopped by to talk to Marlena. A nurse informed her that Marlena had cancelled all her appointments in order to sit with John. Inside John's hospital room, Roman and Marlena talked about how unlikely it was that Brady had hit John. Sami entered the room, and they told her what had happened to John. While Roman stepped out of the room, Sami comforted her mother. Marlena informed Sami about John's fight with Brady. Shaking her head, Sami marveled at how Marlena had rushed to John's side, even though they had not been speaking to one another.

"You don't run out on somebody you have loved when there's a crisis," Marlena said. Sami reminded Marlena that John had lived through worse situations. Marlena nodded. After Sami left, Eric arrived at the hospital and Roman and Marlena told Eric about what had happened with Brady. With a sad sigh, Eric noted that John had warned him about separating Brady from Theresa and getting Brady into rehabilitation. Eric suggested that they pray and make an effort to accept it if God's will was not what they wanted.

Nicole arrived at the hospital to look for Brady. Roman informed her that Brady was at an A.A. meeting. Roman advised Nicole to stay away from the family, and he refused to give her any details about John's fight with Brady. Nicole saw Daniel walking by, and she pleaded with him to tell her what was going on. Daniel advised Nicole to focus on Brady instead of herself. With a raised eyebrow, Nicole asked Daniel if he was having trouble with a woman. Annoyed, Daniel walked away.

Sami returned home to the DiMera mansion and sat down at the desk to work. E.J. walked down the stairs and overheard Sami give instructions to someone at work over the phone. E.J. told Sami that he agreed with her instructions. When Sami asked why he was home, E.J. explained that he was out on bail with restrictions to stay in the city. E.J. admitted that he had a monitor on his ankle. Sami ordered E.J. to leave, but he refused. When E.J. asked if something was bothering her beside him, Sami seethed. E.J. pushed Sami to open up to him, but Sami stated that she was only upset that E.J. was no longer in jail.

"I don't care what you do to this company, Samantha. The only thing I care about is us. Samantha, please. That's all I think about," E.J. said softly. Sami corrected E.J. and said that there was no longer an "us." E.J. told Sami that they would always be in one another's lives. E.J. asked Sami if she planned to sell the company out from under him, because he would have done the same thing in her situation. E.J. reminded Sami that he had previously given away all his possessions to save her and that he was not afraid to lose everything again because he only wanted to be with Sami.

With a groan, E.J. said that he had made a huge mistake and hated himself for what he had done. E.J. begged for a chance to make things right with Sami, and he promised to spend his life making things right for her. E.J. added that he did not care about jail or the company and that he expected Sami to continue to lash out at him. As Sami appeared to soften at E.J.'s words, she leaned close to him.

"That is exactly what I wanted to hear you say so that I know that when I destroy your breaking, lying little heart," Sami growled. E.J. said that he understood that Sami needed to punish him. Sami disagreed and said that she planned to punish Abigail but that she wanted to annihilate E.J. When E.J. invoked the children, Sami yelled at E.J. not to mention their kids. Caroline barged past Harold into the living room and demanded that Sami stop yelling.

E.J. was angry with Harold for letting Caroline interrupt his conversation with Sami, but Caroline warned E.J. that Harold could not have stopped her. Caroline asked E.J. and Harold to leave her alone with her granddaughter. E.J. took Caroline aside and told her that she was the only family member that understood how much he loved Sami. E.J. added that he wanted a chance to make things right with Sami. With a nod, E.J. left with Harold.

"What did he say?" Sami asked. "You really care?" Caroline retorted. Sami shrugged and noted that if Caroline had dropped by to tell her to be nice to Abigail, Sami did not want to hear it. Sami ranted about how annoying it was that her family members had sided with Abigail and treated her like a victim instead of standing behind Sami. With a sigh, Sami asked Caroline if she had stopped by to say "I told you so" about E.J. Caroline shook her head no. Sami promised that E.J. would pay for what he had done.

With a sad expression, Caroline asked Sami if she only felt anger. When Sami looked bewildered, Caroline asked Sami if, deep down, she still loved E.J.

. . .

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