Tuesday, February 2, 2016

At the police station, Shawn talked to Roman about a job. Shawn explained that he was moving back to Salem. After checking with the Salem CSI, Roman told Shawn that he was hired. Elated, Shawn thanked Roman for his help. Roman stressed that Shawn was hired based on his credentials and not because of nepotism.

After a shopping trip, Claire thanked Eve for all her help in preparing for her Juilliard audition. As Claire hugged Eve in the park, Belle stopped as she walked by and watched her daughter talk to Eve. Eve thanked Claire for letting her be a part of her audition. When Claire asked if Eve could join her in New York for the audition, a thrilled Eve agreed and suggested that they catch a Broadway show while they were there.

After Claire walked away, Belle warned Eve to stop overstepping her boundaries with Claire. Eve explained that she was helping Claire prepare for her audition. Belle countered that she would find a new vocal coach. When Eve argued that it would be difficult to replace her as Claire's vocal coach, Belle scoffed. Belle remarked that Eve was no longer a singer and was of no use to Claire. Eve asked why Belle wanted to separate Claire from her.

Belle accused Eve of using Claire as a surrogate daughter to deal with the loss of Paige. With a sigh, Eve stressed that she did not want to take Claire away from Belle. Eve added that Belle could not blame her if Claire felt neglected by her mother. When Belle growled, Eve said that Claire had said that she had felt neglected. Furious, Belle argued that Eve was not fit to work with teenagers after she had slept with Paige's boyfriend.

"I learned, the hardest way possible, that blaming other people for your failings as a mother will only push your daughter further away from you. And I hope that you never, ever have to have the kind of regrets that I do," Eve said. As Eve walked away, Claire walked into the clearing. Claire asked Belle why she did not want Claire to go to New York with Eve. Belle said that she supported Claire. When Belle suggested that they find a new vocal coach, Claire asked why Belle did not like Eve.

Belle explained that she and Shawn did not believe that Eve should be involved in Claire's personal life. Claire said Eve was not. When Claire noted that Belle and Shawn had agreed on something, Belle shrugged and said that they wanted what was best for Claire. Belle stressed that Claire should not get her hopes up. With a smile, Claire said that Shawn had told her that he regretted filing for divorce and that he wanted to reconcile with Belle. With a sigh, Belle said she was not sure that she wanted to reconcile with Shawn. Claire blamed Belle for tearing apart their family. Furious, Claire stormed off.

In Eduardo's hotel room, Vadim broke in and started to frantically look around the room. As Vadim turned to leave, Eduardo jumped out of hiding and knocked him unconscious. Kate knocked on the hotel door as Eduardo tied up his assailant. When Kate called out to Eduardo, he stuck a gun to the back of Vadim's head as a warning to be quiet. Eduardo asked Kate to give him a second. Eduardo threw on a bathrobe then opened the door to his room a crack so that he could talk to Kate. Kate invited Eduardo to join her for a drink, and he told her he would meet her at Club TBD. Smiling, Kate said she would see him there.

Once Kate left, Eduardo turned his attention to Vadim. Eduardo growled that "the student had become the master." Vadim said that it would be best if Eduardo killed him. Shaking his head, Eduardo suggested that Vadim run away. Eduardo added that if Vadim hurt John or him -- or their families -- Eduardo would kill Vadim. Vadim promised never to return. Eduardo untied Vadim. Reluctantly, Vadim left. Eduardo returned his gun to its case and placed it under the bed. Eduardo then texted John to tell him that the threat against them had been neutralized.

In Theresa's living room, Theresa and Nicole discussed plans for exiting Basic Black. Theresa asked Nicole for flexibility so that she could work from home in order to take care of both Tate and Brady. When Nicole mentioned that Daniel would have agreed, Nicole's voice faltered. Theresa apologized for pushing Nicole to work, but Nicole said she was thankful to be out of her apartment and focusing on something other than Daniel. When Nicole asked if they should talk to Brady about their plans to leave Basic Black, Theresa shot down the suggestion.

Theresa said she was not comfortable asking Brady to bankroll her startup company with Nicole. Theresa explained that she was worried that Brady might never work again and that she did not want to stress Brady out. When Nicole asked for suggestions, Theresa suggested that they use the money from Kate's buyout to form their new company. Theresa added that loans were an option as well. When Theresa said that recent events had shown her that there was a lot to lose, she faltered and looked at Nicole.

"You're worried about Brady. I am too. And it's comforting to know that Daniel's heart is still beating in his chest. And if anything ever happened to him, honestly, I think I would die," Nicole said. As Brady entered the living room, he overheard Nicole. Theresa jumped to her feet to check on Brady. Brady said he felt fine. When Brady noted that they were working, Nicole said she was thankful for the distraction. Nicole told Brady that he looked great. Chuckling, Brady said he was feeling better.

When Brady asked about Kate, the two women grew quiet. Brady asked what was going on. Nicole explained that she and Theresa were hoping to sell their shares of Basic Black to Kate. Worried, Brady asked Theresa if she was willing to give up her dream. Theresa explained that they were going to start their own company. When Theresa mentioned that the new company did not even have a name yet, Nicole suggested that they call their company "DJ Wear." Brady said the name was perfect.

Brady said he was happy to see Theresa and Nicole getting along so well. With a devilish grin, Nicole said that she and Theresa had been having an argument. Nicole explained that she wanted to ask Brady about an investment but that Theresa had disagreed. Brady said he would invest as a partner if a percentage of the proceeds were earmarked for one of Daniel's favorite charities. Nicole happily accepted the condition.

The ladies made a quick phone call to Kate, asking her to meet them for five minutes, and Kate arrived at Theresa's apartment. Nicole said she had no patience to deal with Kate's negativity, and Theresa added that she did not want to design clothes for someone that was not interested. Confused, Kate asked them if they were quitting. Nicole said she wanted Kate to buy out their shares. Nicole handed Kate an offer on a slip of paper. With a nod, Kate agreed to the price and promised to have the money for them soon.

In the town square, an emotional Eve walked past Eduardo. When Eduardo called out to her, Eve gruffly said hello. Sensing that Eve was upset, Eduardo noted that the school was getting positive feedback. Eduardo then asked Eve what was wrong. Overcome, Eve asked Eduardo why he had never been around when they had been married but suddenly he was always checking in on her. When Eduardo asked for details about Eve's troubles, Eve reluctantly opened up. Eve talked about her situation with Claire and Belle. With a sigh, Eve added that Belle was behaving the way Eve had behaved with Paige. Eduardo cautioned Eve not live in the past but to learn from it.

"Even if things don't work out with Claire, you got to remember that you're doing a lot of good. She is not the only kid in the program that you're helping. I mean, Paige would be really proud of you. And she definitely wouldn't want you to give up," Eduardo said. Eve thanked Eduardo. Eve then snuggled close to Eduardo and put her head on his shoulder.

In the park, Shawn saw Belle sitting on the bench and approached her. Belle said she was thinking about Claire's trip to New York. When Shawn reminded Belle of their first trip with Claire to New York, the two smiled over the memory. Shawn reminded Belle that she would always be Claire's mother. With a groan, Belle complained that Eve was closer to Claire than Belle was. Shawn gossiped that Eve would not be at the music school for very long because he had heard from Kim that Eve was difficult to work with.

"We're always the hardest on the people we love the most. It's because we always assume that they're always gonna be there. Always," Shawn said. Emotional, Belle got up to leave, and she lost her balance. Shawn caught Belle. Nervously, Belle looked up into Shawn's eyes. When Shawn leaned in for a kiss, Belle pulled back and said she was not ready. Belle added that she appreciated what Shawn had said, but she was not ready to reconcile.

After Shawn walked away, Belle's phone rang with a call from Philip. Philip asked Belle to meet him for a drink. Belle looked in the direction that Shawn had left then agreed to meet Philip.

In the town square, Claire met up with Eve again. When Claire asked Eve if Belle had given her a hard time, Eve asked what Claire meant. Claire explained that Belle had urged her to get a new vocal coach. As Eve stared in silence, Claire hurriedly assured Eve that she had told her mother no. When Eve asked if Belle was okay with Claire's decision, Claire shrugged and noted that Belle did not have time to be upset.

"You are her only daughter, you are her world. Letting go is so very, very hard," Eve said. When Eve asked if Claire still intended to go to the audition, Claire said she was going to New York no matter what.

At Club TBD, Eduardo met up with Kate. Eduardo noted the Champagne and asked what they were celebrating. Kate explained that she was her own boss again. Kate toasted to herself. With a nod, Eduardo clinked glasses with Kate.

At Theresa's apartment, an excited Theresa suggested a toast then apologized to Nicole for being insensitive. Nicole hushed Theresa and told her that Daniel would want her to celebrate. With a grin, Theresa and Nicole toasted to better days ahead. In his bedroom down the hall, Brady dreamed of Daniel's beach in Malibu. In the dream, a woman with long hair sat on the sand. Brady awoke with a start.

At Steve and Kayla's house, Ava said she did not trust anything Steve said. Nodding, Steve kissed Ava. Steve asked Ava to let Kayla go so that he and Ava could work together to find their son. Ava narrowed her eyes in suspicion. Ava asked Steve if he believed that she was so desperate that she would believe Steve could go from hating her to wanting her. When Ava argued that Steve was only interested in finding Kayla, Steve countered that his son and Ava were family.

"Well then, I should be able to ask for more than one half-assed kiss. That did not earn my trust. There's only one thing you could do now that would," Ava said. When Steve asked what Ava wanted, she ordered Steve to make love to her, and only then would she tell Steve where to find Kayla. After hesitating, Steve agreed but said he would not have sex in a place where Joey could find them. Rolling her eyes, Ava said she would not release Kayla until Steve met her demands. Ava added that after Kayla was freed, she would tell Kayla that she and Steve had made love unless Steve helped her find their son.

Thinking over his options, Steve kissed Ava and the two fell back onto a chair. As Ava started to pull Steve's shirt off, Joey returned home. Joey cried out in surprise. Steve scrambled to his feet while Ava grinned from ear to ear. Disgusted, Joey ran out of the house. Ava told Steve to let Joey go. As Ava pulled Steve back into a kiss, Steve wrapped his hands around her throat and choked her. Steve demanded that Ava tell him where to find Kayla. Gasping, Ava said she was already dead, but if Steve choked her, Kayla would die too. Steve released his grip.

"I can't stand the sight of you!" Steve spat out. Ava said she had a new offer. Ava told Steve to accompany her to Indonesia, and once there, she would call Joey and tell him where to find Kayla.

In a nondescript, barren room, Kayla looked around for escape. Kayla dropped to her knees and worked to unscrew the air duct grate from the wall. With no way out, Kayla screamed for help. Panicked, Kayla hyperventilated and passed out.

. . .

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