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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

At the loft, Claire and Theo kissed on the couch. Ciara returned home with her date, Wyatt. Claire eagerly introduced herself to Wyatt, but Theo was less enthused. Claire talked up Ciara to Wyatt while an embarrassed Ciara blushed. Smiling, Wyatt said he was lucky. Claire said that Ciara was lucky to finally find a guy that deserved her. In the kitchen, Theo grunted then went into his room.

After chatting with the girls, Wyatt said he needed to run to the library. Claire hugged Wyatt tightly. On the way out, Ciara kissed Wyatt goodbye and promised to meet up with him at the pub. After the door closed, Claire ran over to Ciara and congratulated her on finding the perfect guy. A sullen Theo returned to the living room. Ciara asked Theo if he liked Wyatt, but Theo's response was tepid. Ciara said she wanted her friends to like Wyatt. Theo nodded then walked over to the couch.

After Ciara left to meet up with Wyatt at the pub, Claire asked Theo why he was acting strangely. Theo said he was worried about an upcoming test. As an uncertain Claire nodded, Theo grabbed his bag and announced he was going to study. After Theo left the loft, Jade entered the living room and said that Theo was jealous. A moody Claire asked Jade not to spy on her. Jade said that she could hear everything in her loft room.

Curious, Claire asked Jade why she believed that Theo was jealous. Jade explained that Theo was overly friendly to everyone except for Wyatt. Jade pointed out that Theo had once had a crush on Ciara. Annoyed, Claire dismissed the issue as ancient history. Jade smiled. When Claire stressed that Theo was into her, Jade asked if Claire believed that because she and Theo were having sex. Claire blushed and ignored Jade.

Claire cried out. When Jade asked what was wrong, Claire pointed to her computer tablet at the subscriber numbers on her social media. Jade looked at the comments on Claire's tablet, and she read off a few of the negative ones. Claire pouted. When Claire lamented that the record producer that had been interested in her had continued to postpone their meeting, Jade joked that Claire could amp up her visibility with a sex tape. Claire's mouth gaped open.

Claire said she would never do anything as desperate as leak a sex tape. With a shrug, Jade said that Claire needed to make a splash online to raise her profile. Jade told Claire that she should tape sex with Theo without his knowledge. Shocked, Claire asked Jade how that would work out. Jade said that she could apologize to Theo, or if Theo broke up with Claire, she could use that to write a breakup song. With an eye roll, Claire noted that it was not a shock that Jade was single. With a shrug, Jade warned Claire that her chances of things working out with the record executive were slim. Incensed, Claire said she believed her career would take off.

In the park, Gabi asked Chad what had happened at his vow renewal ceremony. Chad explained that Abigail had dumped him because she believed that he was still in love with Gabi. Chad told Gabi about the yearbook and that Abigail had felt that he and Gabi had a stronger connection. Upset, Gabi said that Abigail was pushing Chad away because Abigail believed she was giving Chad what he wanted. Gabi added that Chad was not the type of person to give up on his marriage. Gabi urged Chad to go home and salvage his relationship with his wife. "She's the one that you need to be with," Gabi said.

At Abigail's memorial statue, Dario worked to cheer up a crying Abigail. After composing herself, Abigail explained that she had broken things off with Chad. Abigail said she believed she had made the right decision because if Chad had been committed to her, he would not have struggled with his feelings for Gabi.

"I am the kind of girl who wants her husband's undivided affection. I mean, call me crazy -- is that not what marriage is supposed to be? It is for me," Abigail said. Dario asked Abigail if she had given Chad enough time to get over his feelings for Gabi. Surprised, Abigail asked Dario why he was not backing her. Abigail stressed that she wanted to stand on her own and did not want anyone to tell her how to feel. Abigail said she was finally seeing the situation clearly.

Abigail said she did not want to shuttle her son between two homes, but it was a better alternative than a home where Thomas' mother was worried about her husband's heart and Thomas' father was aching for another woman. With a nod, Dario asked Abigail what she planned to do. Abigail announced that she was returning to the mansion to pack and leave. Dario told Abigail to call him if she needed any help. With a relieved sigh, Abigail said she wanted to move on with her life. Dario smiled slyly, and he asked Abigail who she was fooling. Abigail said she hoped it was the beginning of her new life.

In the town square, J.J. spotted Gabi walking toward him, and he asked her if she had seen Abigail. J.J. said that Abigail had stopped the vow renewal ceremony, and he was hoping Abigail had worked out her reservations with Chad. Quietly, Gabi said they had not. Gabi explained that she had talked to Chad. "Yeah. Of course you did," J.J. grumbled.

Gabi explained that she had run into Chad in the park, and they had only spoken briefly. When J.J. asked for details, Gabi said that Chad had sworn to fight for Abigail and that she had encouraged Chad to save his marriage. J.J. apologized for sniping at Gabi. With a nod, Gabi said that she loved Chad, but she refused to interfere in Chad and Abigail's marriage. J.J. commended Gabi on how she had handled the situation, and he offered to talk to Gabi if she needed to bend an ear. Gabi winced, but she thanked J.J. for the offer.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail dragged her suitcase into the foyer as Chad returned home. Abigail said that Thomas was with Jennifer and that she would pick up the rest of her things later. Abigail reiterated that she was leaving so that Chad could move on with his life. Chad bristled at the comment. Chad argued he was losing his family, but Abigail promised that they would share custody of their son. Chad begged Abigail to stay.

"Chad, I'm sorry. I'm not doing this to hurt you," Abigail said. Chad jokingly talked about upcoming plans for dinner and the aquarium, and he asked Abigail to take things one step at a time with him. Abigail disagreed. Chad said he did not plan on pursuing Gabi and that he would wait at home for Abigail to return. Shaking her head, Abigail said she was sorry and left.

In the park, an animated Dario ran into a morose Gabi. Gabi said she had talked to Chad and had told Chad to fight for his marriage. When Dario asked what would happen if Chad could not save his marriage, Gabi stressed that failure was not an option.

At the Brady Pub, Wyatt and Ciara talked about their next date. When Ciara urged Wyatt to pick their next activity, Wyatt looked lost. Ciara stepped aside to take a phone call from her study partner, and Wyatt mumbled to himself about his cheat sheet as he scrolled through the contents on his phone. As Wyatt stared at his list of Ciara-approved activities, Ciara returned to the table, startling Wyatt.

Wyatt said he was looking up the hours for the ice rink. Grinning, Ciara said she loved skating. Wyatt chimed in that he had played hockey for years. As Ciara excitedly chirped about how much she and Wyatt had in common, Wyatt smiled in relief. Wyatt suggested they head over to the rink.

In Canada, a suspicious Brady broke into a Maple Leaf hotel room and found Scooter making out with a blonde in a cheerleader outfit. Brady yelled at the couple. Surprised, Scooter and Hillary broke apart from their kissing. As Brady realized his mistake, he stammered out an apology. Brady said that he had trust issues and had expected to find Bridget in the room. Brady hurried out quickly.

In the hallway, Brady ran into Nicole. They returned to their cabin home, where Brady apologized to Nicole. Nicole asked Brady why he had panicked. Brady explained that after he had found lingerie on the floor, he had worried that Scooter had pressured Nicole into having sex with him at the hotel. Curious, Nicole asked Brady if Scooter and Hillary had looked like they were having a good time. Brady nodded. Brady asked Nicole if she had arranged the rendezvous for their neighbors.

With a shrug, Nicole said that Brady's hunch had been right and that Scooter had attempted to blackmail her with her real identity. Groaning, Brady said he needed to kick Scooter's ass. Nicole urged Brady to remain calm. Nicole explained that Scooter had threatened to go to the police if Brady had attacked him. With a sigh, Nicole said she had planned to give in to Scooter's demands, but she had not been able to go through with it.

Confused, Brady asked how Nicole had involved Hillary in the evening. Nicole said that Hillary had asked Nicole for advice about her sex life with Scooter, and Nicole explained that she had given the costume to Hillary and sent her to the hotel to meet with Scooter. Nicole added that she had told Scooter that Misty was the fantasy, but Hillary was the reality. With a tired smile, Nicole said that Scooter had agreed because he was still in love with his wife.

When Brady commended Nicole for her ingenious plan, Nicole chuckled and admitted that her original plan had been to shoot Scooter and frame Hillary. Fighting tears, Nicole said that Brady had been the reason that she had looked for a different answer. Brady gave Nicole credit for saving a marriage. "I did it for the kids and us and for our life together," Nicole said.

Brady told Nicole that she was amazing. With a sad smile, Nicole asked Brady if he believed she would be a good mother. Brady said he believed that Nicole had turned her life around and had evolved into a better person. As Nicole nodded with relief, Brady added that he would "monitor the Scooter situation." A car door closed outside.

Brady opened the front door and found Scooter. Scooter thanked Nicole for her help. "You were right, Bridget. Nicole. I didn't want you. First of all, you're a lady now. A mom. Not the Misty of a thousand years ago. I didn't mean that in a bad way," Scooter said sheepishly. Brady urged Scooter to get to the point. Scooter apologized to Nicole. Brady interrupted to asked Scooter for his assurance that he would not turn them in. Scooter said he would keep their secret because he was afraid of Brady. Nicole thanked Scooter for his apology, and Scooter again promised to keep their secret.

With a nod, Nicole said she would keep Scooter's secret from Hillary as well. With a smile, Scooter said he and Hillary were leaving town to start couples therapy and return to work. As Brady escorted Scooter to the door, Brady whispered that if Scooter had second thoughts about spilling their secret, Scooter needed to remember that Brady was a Kiriakis. Brady urged Scooter to look up the Kiriakis family on the Internet. Once alone, Nicole thanked Brady for helping her with Scooter and Holly. Nicole said that Brady prevented her from being her own worst enemy most of the time.

"I didn't think I'd miss one part of my old life, but that's not true. I missed you. And here you are again. You are always here for me when I need you. You are my rock, Brady. And maybe I've just been too afraid to say it but the truth is, I'm not just grateful for you. I mean, you're here because it's right, and I understand how much you've sacrificed. You mean a lot to me. My God, I just don't understand why I can't say it," Nicole said. Taking Brady's hand, Nicole told Brady that she loved him.

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