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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor was annoyed that Sonny had failed to attend Thanksgiving with him, Maggie, Deimos, and Philip. Philip suggested that Victor preferred to be angry with Sonny rather than think about Brady. Maggie agreed. On cue, Brady walked in with Tate. Brady assured everyone that he was fine. Maggie said they were worried about him. Shaking his head, Brady said that, unlike Theresa, he knew that he had to take care of a child and that he did not plan on falling off the wagon.

After Brady went upstairs with Tate, an angry Maggie warned Victor not to grumble about Brady. Philip suggested that Victor should act sad when he felt sad rather than snap at everyone. When Philip sarcastically wondered aloud where Brady had learned his surly behavior, Maggie smiled at Philip and thanked him for his support. Philip promised Maggie that they would help Brady get through his pain.

Maggie argued that Brady was denying his feelings. Shaking her head in frustration, Maggie added that as an addict, Brady needed to confront his emotions. Unfazed, Maggie said she would not let Brady's unwillingness to talk stop her from reaching out to him.

Upstairs, Brady packed away the remainder of Theresa's stuff into a trash bag. Brady cheerfully told Tate that he would remove all traces of Theresa from the house. Brady added that they did not need Theresa because he and Tate had one another. After putting Tate down for a nap, Brady carried the trash bag of Theresa's things down to the foyer. Maggie encouraged Brady to join her at a meeting, but Brady was not interested. Brady bitterly said his child was enough of a reminder to remain sober.

Overhearing the conversation, Victor walked into the foyer and warned Brady not to condescend to Maggie. Brady argued that the only thing he needed was to throw out the trash. After tossing the bag over to Maggie, Brady walked into the living room and announced to Philip and Deimos that he did not want to talk about Theresa. As Victor and Maggie followed Brady back into the living room, Brady asked Deimos and Philip why they had handled a business account without notifying him.

When Victor attempted to intervene, Brady warned him that he was a retiree and should stay out of the conversation. Philip offered to discuss the business email he had sent, but Brady bristled at the suggestion. Frustrated, Philip called Brady a jerk. Everyone left the room so that Brady and Philip could talk alone.

In the foyer, Victor and Deimos talked about Brady. Deimos hoped aloud that Philip would be able to calm Brady down. With a sigh, Victor noted that Nicole had asked him to keep an eye on Brady for her. Victor added that Brady was a powder keg, ready to blow up.

In the living room, Philip explained to Brady that he and Deimos had agreed on the Titan deal, and it would have overruled Brady even if he had known about the deal and objected to it. Upset, Brady scolded Philip for not asking him about the deal. Philip said that Brady had been dealing with Theresa, and he had not wanted to bother him. As Brady glowered, Philip added that Brady had made some poor decisions at Titan in the past. Brady growled. Philip warned Brady that the family would not let Brady take his anger out on them.

"You are taking what she did to you and Tate out on us. You don't even care that we're on your side. We're here. We are not the ones who walked out on you," Philip said. Brady ordered Philip to tell him the truth about how he felt. Philip said that Brady was better off since his "drug-addicted" girlfriend had left. Furious, Brady punched Philip in the stomach.

Hearing the commotion, Maggie, Deimos, and Victor rushed into the living room. Maggie went to Philip's side as he gasped for air, bent over. Philip argued that Brady needed to take a break from the company, spurring Brady to accuse Philip of pushing him out of Titan. As Philip called Brady paranoid, Victor yelled that both men needed to take a time out. Brady again reminded Victor that he was retired. Annoyed, Deimos yelled that he was not retired, and he agreed with Victor. Deimos ordered Brady and Philip to work together.

"Like hell I will," Brady growled as he stormed out. In the corner, Victor voiced his concern to Maggie that they should expect another Kiriakis Thanksgiving fistfight. Across the room, Deimos told Philip that he had made the situation worse. Scowling, Philip said that Deimos was hard on him because he had helped Chloe lie to Deimos. Deimos reminded Philip that he had lied about a child, and Deimos had forgiven Philip despite that. Deimos ordered Philip to let go of his petty jealousy with Brady. Philip agreed.

After calling Nicole, Deimos returned to the living room. Deimos thanked Maggie for encouraging him to give Nicole a second chance. Maggie smiled. Deimos turned to his brother and joked about their crazy holiday celebration and how he had never imagined it when he had been in prison. With a chuckle, Victor told Deimos to be careful what he wished for in life.

While Victor and Deimos talked in the foyer, Philip sat with Maggie on the living room couch to talk. Philip told Maggie that he had been a jerk, and he apologized for ruining her Thanksgiving. With a chuckle, Maggie said that when she had married into the Kiriakis family, she had understood that it meant she would no longer take part in the Horton traditions. Maggie quipped that the Hortons served eggnog, and the Kiriakis family served arsenic. With a sad smile, Maggie said she knew that Philip was just as concerned as everyone else about Brady.

Maggie asked Philip what else was on his mind. Maggie assured Philip that he could confide in her. Reluctantly, Philip admitted that Chloe had asked him to do something that he did not agree with because it could hurt a lot of people. Philip added that the secret was not his to tell. Maggie agreed. As Philip sighed, Maggie advised Philip to tell Chloe that he loved her. Philip admitted that he would do anything for Chloe.

At St. Luke's, Brady thought about his fight with Philip. Brady heard a noise. He turned and saw Marlena standing nearby. Marlena admitted that Victor had called her. When Brady said he wanted quiet, Marlena nodded and offered an ear to Brady. Brady wondered aloud how he could keep making the same mistakes with women. Marlena assured Brady that it was not his fault that he had not seen any red flags because Theresa had taken steps to hide any clues to her unhappiness.

"We were going to have a big wedding in this church. Now I know she didn't mean it. She didn't want it. I wanted it. She didn't want it. I wanted the family, I wanted the wedding, it was all about me. And if I had taken a step back, maybe thought about what she wanted for a second, she might have been, she might still be here. But she's gone now, and she's not coming back," Brady said.

Brady lamented that he could not hate Theresa because he still loved her. Confused, Brady wondered aloud how Theresa could walk away from her son. Brady said he was sure that Theresa had been keeping a secret. When Marlena asked Brady if he wanted John to look for Theresa, Brady shook his head no. "No. She's gone," Brady said.

At the Martin house, Eduardo stopped by to give Kate a bottle of wine. Kate thanked him for making her day better. Eduardo asked about the wedding, and Kate updated Eduardo on what had happened at the church. Grumbling, Kate said she hoped that Lucas would dump Adrienne and walk away. Suspicious, Eduardo asked Kate if she had interfered with the wedding. With a chuckle, Kate said she had bet on the wedding failing because she knew the odds were not in Lucas' favor. Eduardo asked Kate what the odds were that they would make it as a couple.

"It's like election night. It's too early to call," Kate mused. Eduardo stepped into the foyer to take a phone call from Deimos about his shipment. Eduardo thanked Deimos for his help and looked forward to their continued partnership. When Eduardo returned to Kate, he told her that he had aligned his company with Titan.

"That's not the bed I pictured you in," Kate purred. Eduardo explained that he was using Titan for shipping because it had been too good a deal to pass up. With a shrug, Kate said that although they were adversaries, she preferred to keep business separate from pleasure. Eduardo told Kate that he liked everything about her then he kissed her.

In the Horton living room, Gabi counseled Chad on how to talk to his son at the holidays about Abigail. Jennifer returned to the living room as Chad clasped Gabi's hand and told her that he and Thomas were thankful to have Gabi in their lives. As Gabi stared sweetly back at Chad, Jennifer furrowed her brow in confusion.

Upstairs in the attic, J.J. was shocked to find Abigail alive in his home. The siblings had a tearful reunion. J.J. wanted to tell everyone the good news, but Abigail begged J.J. not to tell anyone. Excited, J.J. said he needed to tell everyone, and he rushed past Abigail out the door.

Downstairs, Jennifer asked Gabi about J.J. Gabi explained that J.J. had gone upstairs to the attic to look for toys for Arianna. Panicked, Jennifer rushed out of the room and ran into J.J. on the stairs as he called out to Chad. Jennifer dragged J.J. outside and warned him not to tell anyone about Abigail. J.J. was furious that Jennifer had not told him about his sister. Confused, J.J. insisted that they needed to tell Chad that Abigail was alive.

Jennifer explained that Abigail was alive but that she was in a fragile mental state. Jennifer worried aloud that Abigail would dissociate if she were pushed too hard. As Jennifer broke down in tears, J.J. hugged his mother and assured her that they would take care of Abigail.

In the living room, Chad and Gabi were puzzled as to why Jennifer had dragged J.J. outside. Gabi suggested that Jennifer and J.J. were still adjusting to spending the holidays without Abigail. Chad told Gabi that he was glad that she was working things out with J.J. Shrugging, Gabi said that people had forgiven her, and she felt the need to do the same for J.J.

When Jennifer and J.J. returned inside, Chad asked them if they were okay. Smiling, J.J. assured Chad and Gabi that they were fine. Jennifer lied and said that she had seen a rat in the attic. Chad offered to help J.J. track down the rat in the attic for Jennifer, but J.J said he would handle the rat while everyone else went to the festival. Chad said he would stay and help J.J., but J.J. changed tactics and firmly stated that he and Jennifer needed time alone. With a nod, Chad said he and Gabi would take the kids to the festival.

In the attic, a worried Abigail packed up her things while J.J. yelled at Jennifer downstairs. Jennifer explained that Abigail had begged her not to tell anyone. As Jennifer turned to go check on Abigail, J.J. rushed past Jennifer up to the attic. When J.J. got to the attic, he found the window open and Abigail gone. J.J. rushed to the window, and Abigail popped up from behind some boxes.

Abigail sheepishly explained that she had hidden in case J.J. had not been alone when he returned to the attic. J.J. promised that he would not tell anyone, but he asked for an explanation of why she did not want to tell Chad. Abigail said that Chad had moved on with Gabi.

In the park, Gabi told Chad that she believed that Jennifer and J.J. were hiding something from them. Switching subjects, Gabi and Chad agreed that they were happy to be friends. Gabi noted that she loved J.J., and Chad nodded.

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