Tuesday, May 24, 2016

At the Horton house, Jennifer paced the foyer, groaning in pain. Looking in the mirror, she saw that she was disheveled. Jennifer started to cry. "It hurts so bad," she muttered. Jennifer grabbed her purse and started to leave, clad only in her pajamas. As she opened the front door, Lucas stopped her in the doorway. Lucas asked Jennifer if she wanted help. Breaking down into tears, Jennifer hugged Lucas and thanked him for not giving up on her.

Lucas walked Jennifer back inside the house and noticed that the living room was trashed. With a shrug, Jennifer commented that she did not know what she had broken in her search for her stash of drugs. Lucas noted that the hiding was an instinct to exert control over her addiction. Jennifer admitted she had thrown out her pills but had been overwhelmed after J.J. had been quarantined at the hospital. Crying, Jennifer told Lucas that Abigail had refused to see her family anymore.

As Jennifer cried out in pain, Lucas rushed to her side and helped her stand up. Jennifer said that she had offered to take Thomas for the night to relieve Chad and that Chad had said no because he believed that Jennifer was a danger to Thomas because of her addiction. Lucas commiserated that news like that would make him want to drink. Jennifer said she had rooted out all the pills in her house and flushed them down the toilet instead.

Jennifer told Lucas how she had attempted to get more painkillers from the pharmacy after cleaning out the house, but she had failed. When Lucas chuckled, Jennifer smiled in embarrassment. Lucas noted that pharmacists knew all the tricks of addicts. With a sigh, Jennifer admitted that she had torn the house apart, looking for pills. In the midst of her frantic search that evening, Jennifer had called Lucas and begged him for help.

"You've done enough for tonight. You've done the hardest thing. You've said no to the pills, mostly. You called me over to help you, and I promise I'll help you. You'll never, you know, deal with this alone again," Lucas said. Lucas looked down at a photo of him with Jennifer, and the frame was broken. Frowning, Jennifer picked up the shattered item.

"I thought I could handle this. I did," Jennifer whispered. "We all think that," Lucas countered. "Who is we? Junkies?" Jennifer asked. Lucas asked Jennifer if that was how she saw him. Jennifer apologized for the meanness of her comment. With a nod, Lucas agreed and added that Jennifer should not think poorly of herself either. Lucas reminded Jennifer that addiction was a disease and that she should think of it like any other disease. Collapsing into a chair, Jennifer said she was tired. Lucas advised Jennifer that she would sleep better without the pills.

Jennifer reminded Lucas that she was in pain and needed the pills. Lucas noted that the pills had served a purpose but that Jennifer's use of the pills had mutated into something else. Jennifer wondered aloud if she needed to stop taking the pills fully or if she could instead manage her dosage better. Shaking his head, Lucas suggested that they talk to Maggie, who had been dealing with pain since her fall. Lucas urged Jennifer to go to a meeting with him. Jennifer resisted but eventually agreed.

Lucas promised to never let Jennifer go through her addiction alone again. Taking Jennifer's hand, Lucas stared into Jennifer's eyes until she nodded yes. Jennifer said she felt weak and ashamed. When Lucas asked about Jennifer's past, Jennifer said she had never had any indication of addiction in her past. Lucas noted that anyone could develop an addiction under the right circumstances.

Jennifer recalled Carly's past struggles with painkillers, and she noted that she had never judged Carly for her addiction. Lucas advised Jennifer to treat herself the same way. Lucas urged Jennifer to get some sleep, and he promised to stay nearby. While Jennifer slept on the couch, Lucas cleaned up the mess.

Jennifer dreamed that Abigail returned home and asked about Thomas. When Jennifer looked in the playpen, Thomas was gone. Abigail said that she had found Thomas alone in the driveway, crawling around, while Jennifer had been asleep inside the house. Upset, Abigail told Jennifer that she did not want her around.

"I needed you! Where were you? You of all people, you should understand what I was going through! You should've understood what was happening to me. Where were you?" Abigail cried out. Abigail grabbed an empty pill bottle and told Jennifer that she knew about the pills. Abigail blamed Jennifer for J.J.'s situation. When Jennifer asked what had happened to J.J., Abigail shook her head in disgust. Abigail walked out.

In her dream, Jennifer went to the jail to visit J.J. On a nearby table was a bottle of pills. Jennifer grabbed them and took one. J.J. entered the room in an inmate jumpsuit and asked Jennifer if she was going to share the pills. J.J. said he had been jailed for possession of drugs with intent to distribute. J.J. asked Jennifer to share the pills with him. Fighting tears, Jennifer asked J.J. not to throw his life away over drugs.

"So you're the only one that gets to do that?" J.J. asked. J.J. blamed Jennifer for his trouble. When an officer put a hand on Jennifer's shoulder, Jennifer realized that J.J. was gone. The officer told Jennifer that it was time for her to return to her cell. Jennifer spun around and saw that Jack was the police officer. Jailer Jack asked Jennifer if she was sure was not locked in jail herself.

"When is the last time you laughed? You really laughed? You ran a good scam working a source for a story? When is the last time you rode in a fire truck against your will? And played a little shipboard truth or dare? Have you forgotten?" Jack asked. Jennifer thought about when Jack had proposed to her when they had been shipwrecked on the island. "Where's the girl that grabbed all the fun to be had?" jailer Jack asked with a smile.

"She stayed here and raised a family because you ran off. That girl died when you died, and you took her with you," Jennifer said angrily. With a grin, Jack reminded Jennifer that he had not planned to die, but he had returned home before he had passed on. Jennifer said that the fun girl she had been had died because she had needed to grow up and raise the children. With a smile, Jennifer said she had believed that she would have a happy ending with Jack.

"I loved you completely. I kept nothing back. Didn't you feel that?" Jack asked. "Yeah, I did, and then you were gone," Jennifer said, fighting back tears. Jennifer said that she was glad for the time that she and Jack had had together. Tired, Jennifer fell back into her chair. Jack slid into the chair across from her. Jennifer admitted that the house was quiet and empty. With a sad smile, Jennifer said that her children no longer needed her.

"Now they're gone. And you're gone. So I feel like I'm gone," Jennifer said sadly. Jennifer admitted that she felt alone. With a grin, Jack said that everyone was alone. Shaking her head, Jennifer said it was different. Jack told Jennifer that she was in good company. Jack gently pushed Jennifer's hand off the pill bottle. When Jennifer asked Jack why he was there, Jack whispered that he remembered the Jennifer deep inside. Jack advised Jennifer to explore the possibilities by looking at herself as a story.

Overwhelmed, Jennifer reached for the pill bottle again. Jack told Jennifer that she did not need the pills because they would make her more tired. Jack encouraged Jennifer to look around her for help. With a smile, Jack said all of her family, living or dead, would be there for her. Jennifer woke from her dream with a start.

Julie rushed to Jennifer's side and told her that everything was fine. Jennifer started to sob into the couch cushion. Standing at the foot of the couch were Doug, Julie, and Lucas. Julie gently stroked Jennifer's head. When Jennifer said she was embarrassed, Doug waved his hand dismissively and told Jennifer not to be embarrassed. While waiting for the 6:00 a.m. A.A. meeting, Jennifer sat wincing on the couch while Doug, Julie, and Lucas talked in the foyer. Doug and Julie said they would move back into the house until Jennifer was doing better.

Jennifer stumbled into the foyer and announced that she was going to rest upstairs. Julie escorted Jennifer upstairs and tucked her into bed. Sleepy, Jennifer thanked Julie and told her to get some sleep. With a smile, Julie said she would be there for Jennifer. Julie sat in the rocking chair. Once it appeared that Jennifer was asleep, Julie went back downstairs. Lucas thanked Doug and Julie for their help.

Upstairs, Jennifer groaned in pain. Jennifer looked over at the chair and saw that Julie was gone. Jennifer slid out of bed. When Jennifer dropped her phone on the floor, she saw an errant pill bottle under the bed. As Jennifer eagerly took a pill out of the bottle, Julie returned to the room. Jennifer mumbled that she had fallen, but Julie did not buy her excuse. Julie asked Jennifer if she had found a stash of pills. Crying, Jennifer begged for one pill. Julie demanded that Jennifer hand over the bottle.

As Jennifer turned and started to pop the pill in her mouth, Julie grabbed Jennifer's wrist to stop her. Jennifer lashed out and smacked Julie across the face. Horrified, Jennifer apologized. Jennifer hugged Julie tightly. Julie stoked Jennifer's hair and told her that everything would be all right. While Jennifer slept in her bed again, Julie fell asleep in the chair. When Julie awoke, she was upset to see that Jennifer was gone. Julie rushed downstairs and found Doug helping Jennifer into her coat.

"We're not going to let you fall. Not today, not this morning," Lucas said. "Not ever," Doug added. Doug, Julie, and Lucas collectively hugged Jennifer. When the group arrived at the hospital for the A.A. meeting, they saw Maggie and Brady. Jennifer said she did not believe Maggie and Brady normally attended the 6:00 a.m. meeting. With a sheepish shrug, Lucas admitted that he had called them. Jennifer thanked Lucas for his support.

Jennifer sat behind Maggie and Brady, and they turned around to smile at her. Maggie spoke first at the meeting, then Lucas. When Jennifer rose to speak, Maggie grabbed Brady's hand and squeezed it. Jennifer announced her name. As Jennifer started to cry, she looked across the room to the corner and saw a vision of Jack smiling through his tears at her. Struggling to say the words, Jennifer smiled at Jack. Jennifer sniffled then said, "And I am an addict."

. . .

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