Tuesday, July 28, 2015

At the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa and Brady interviewed nannies from the agency. Brady was frustrated because none of the applicants were qualified to nanny for his son. Theresa assured Brady that they were not being too picky. As Theresa left for work, she overheard Maggie and Brady talking about the fruitless search for a nanny. On her way out the door, a smiling Theresa muttered, "Yeah it's really hard. When you've rigged the system."

In the living room, Brady and Maggie talked about the nanny search. Brady told Maggie that Theresa had downloaded a questionnaire from the Internet for the interview process and that no one had made the cut based on the interviews. Brady expressed his worry that the process was taking too long.

When Brady noted that Theresa had found the nanny agency and set up the interviews, Maggie asked if Brady believed that Theresa was "dragging her feet." Brady shook his head. Brady wondered aloud why every applicant had been unqualified, and he swore to track down the head of the nanny agency to discuss the parameters for the nanny position. Maggie advised Brady to think of A.A. and "change the things that you can."

Aiden talked to Ben in his office about the police case in Florida. Confused, Ben asked why the police had reopened the case. Aiden asked Ben if he was withholding any information. Ben swore that he had told Aiden everything about his time in Florida. With a reassuring smile, Aiden said that the issue was probably nothing and that Ben should not worry. Ben smiled nervously and left.

In the park, Clyde made arrangements on the phone with an employee about dealing with a lab technician. After talking to his employee, Clyde called Ben on the phone, and they talked about his summons to Aiden's office. When Clyde asked why the police had reopened the case in Florida, Ben said he had no idea why but that Aiden thought there was nothing to it.

Concerned, Clyde went to Aiden's office to talk. Clyde asked Aiden for information, but Aiden declined on the basis of client confidentiality. When Clyde took issue with Aiden's answer, Aiden countered that he would be equally discreet with Ben if he asked about Clyde's business. Clyde thanked Aiden for his honesty and left. Aiden returned to work and made a few calls. After hanging up the phone, Aiden was startled to see someone standing in the doorway.

In the park, a giggling Theresa thanked Anne for setting her up with her friend, Gloria, at the nanny agency. Anne reminded Theresa that Gloria would expect something in return for sending a bunch of terrible applicants to interview with Theresa and Brady. Theresa assured Anne that she would not forget Gloria. With a sigh, Theresa reminded Anne that she did not love Brady for his money but because of his personality. Theresa was anxious to meet with the nanny, Megan, that Gloria had picked to help gently nudge Brady toward Theresa.

When Megan arrived, Theresa appeared less that impressed with her as she ate a bag of pork rinds. Megan informed Theresa of her past experience as a nanny, and Theresa softened a bit, but Theresa still looked uncomfortable. When Anne noted that Megan loved kids, Theresa scoffed at the notion.

"Come on, Anne, let's be real. What she loves is the salary I'm offering," Theresa said. Theresa stressed that there would be cameras throughout the mansion, watching Megan. Megan assured Theresa that she would be helpful. Theresa asked Megan to frequently mention to everyone in the house that Theresa was a great mother and that Theresa would make a great couple with Brady. Megan shrugged, and she agreed to the terms. Theresa agreed to hire Megan.

Outside the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa told Megan to wait a few minutes before ringing the doorbell. As Megan chomped on gum, Theresa ordered her to spit the gum out. Megan nonchalantly spit the gum onto the sidewalk, disgusting Theresa. Theresa shook off the sight and entered the house. When Theresa entered the living room, she found Brady talking to an elderly woman. "I have found the perfect nanny," Brady announced.

At the hospital, Kayla informed Abigail that she would administer a paternity test, since Abigail was eight weeks along. Kayla said she would use Chad's DNA from his medical file to check the results. When Abigail asked about the ethics of using Chad's medical file, Kayla said the issue was gray and that it was a minor privacy issue because they were only using the information to check for a paternity match.

Abigail remained tense. When Kayla asked what was wrong, Abigail explained that she was worried that people would learn about the pregnancy before her family. Abigail added that she had told Hope about the pregnancy. With a shake of her head, Abigail said she was fearful of her family's reaction if Chad was confirmed as the father of the baby. Kayla reminded Abigail that her family loved her and would love her baby.

"Does anybody in this family love Sydney or Johnny any less because of who their father was?" Kayla asked. Abigail nodded. Kayla urged Abigail to concentrate on the possibility that Ben was the father. When Kayla asked if Ben would be happy with the news, Abigail quietly said that he would. When Kayla asked how Abigail would feel if Ben was the father, she stared silently at her hands. Kayla asked Abigail if she wanted to keep the baby.

Abigail said she had not changed her mind about keeping the baby. Kayla assured Abigail that he hospital technician, Martin Hines, would handle the paternity testing and that Abigail and Chad's names would be kept confidential. Relieved, Abigail hugged Kayla and agreed to meet with her in the morning for the test.

Kayla walked down the hall and talked to the technician, Martin, about the paternity test she needed him to run in the morning. As Kayla talked to Martin, a bearded man eavesdropped from nearby. The bearded man called Clyde on the phone to inform him about Kayla and Martin's conversation, and the man told Clyde that he would follow Martin home. After hanging up on the call, Clyde called someone else on the phone and told them, "It's a go."

As Martin walked home from the hospital through the park, he ran into Clyde. Clyde told Martin that he wanted to talk to him.

At Will and Sonny's apartment, Chad cooed over Arianna while Will thought about his conversation with Abigail about the paternity of Abigail's baby. Will put Arianna down for bedtime, and Chad stared at the family photos in the living room. When Will returned to the living room, he saw the sad look on Chad's face as he stared at the photo on the table. Chad remarked that Grace would have been six if she had lived. Chad lamented that he had not been able to get to know his daughter, and he admitted that Arianna reminded him of Grace.

When Will asked what Chad wanted, Chad said he wanted to talk about Abigail. Chad pleaded with Will to help him get in touch with Abigail. Chad explained that he had seen her at the hospital but that Abigail had been angry with him and sent him away. When Will asked why Chad was so desperate to talk to Abigail, Chad admitted that he had said something horrible to Abigail. Will asked why, and Chad said, "Because I love her."

Chad said that he needed to explain to Abigail why he had hurt her before Ben took his relationship with Abigail to the next level. When Will asked what Chad would do if Abigail was set on Ben, Chad shrugged and said that he would back off of Abigail for good. Shaking his head, Chad said he needed to attempt to talk to Abigail first. Chad begged for Will's help. Will texted Abigail to meet, and Abigail texted back that she would stop by the apartment.

An elated Chad told Will that he would wait in the bedroom while Will talked to Abigail, but Will refused to help Chad ambush her. Will said that if Abigail refused to talk to Chad, then Chad would need to respect her decision. Will ordered Chad to leave, and he agreed to wait in the park for Will to call. Chad thanked Will, and he left.

As Abigail arrived at Will's apartment, the babysitter left with Arianna. Will explained that he was spending the evening with Sonny and that the babysitter was taking Arianna overnight. When Will asked Abigail if she had any news, Abigail informed him that the paternity test had been scheduled for the morning. Will nodded, and he told Abigail that he wanted to talk about Chad. Abigail grew defensive and hurriedly explained her run-in with Chad at the hospital.

Will interrupted to note that he had heard what happened and that Chad had "missed his chance." Will said that Chad had stopped by the apartment to talk. Angry, Abigail demanded to know what Will had said to Chad. Will swore that he had not told Chad anything about Abigail. Abigail said she did not feel she could trust Will if he had talked to Chad behind her back. Raising his voice, Will stressed that Chad had stopped by on his own.

Will said that Chad was desperate to talk to Abigail. Emotional, Abigail refused to talk, and she marched for the door. Will grabbed Abigail's wrist and shouted, "Chad is in love with you!"

In the park, Chad waited nervously, and he hurriedly answered his phone when it rang. Zoe had called to talk to Chad, but he politely made an excuse and hung up. As Chad turned around, he saw Ben staring at him from across the park clearing.

In Eric's apartment, Eric promised Nicole that he would not tell Daniel about their kiss on the night they almost died. When Nicole asked about Eric's feelings, he confirmed he still felt the same way about Nicole and that he did not think that would change. Nicole said she was worried that Eric's feelings would change his mind. With a sigh, Eric explained that he had prayed for a sign, and he had realized that he had wanted to tell Daniel about the kiss because it might give him a chance with Nicole.

"But that's not love. It's selfishness. And if I love you, honestly love you -- and I do -- what I should want is for you to be happy. What makes you happiest and what you deserve, is to be with Daniel," Eric said. Overcome, Nicole hugged Eric and thanked him. "We still have to worry about Serena," Nicole said. Eric assured Nicole that Serena had no evidence of anything. Eric swore he would never tell anyone about their night in the crawlspace.

Eric walked Nicole to the door. As Nicole stood in the hallway, the two agreed that they would always care about one another. Eric kissed Nicole on the cheek as Caroline walked up the hallway. Flustered, Caroline apologized for interrupting and for forgetting that Eric and Nicole were back together. Eric corrected Caroline, and he explained that he had been congratulating Nicole on her engagement to Daniel. After Nicole left, Caroline lamented that Eric was not happy. Eric stressed that he had everything that he needed, and he hugged Caroline tight.

At Daniel's apartment, Serena told Daniel that she needed to talk to him about Eric. Daniel admitted Serena into the apartment but noted that he did not want Serena to talk to him about helping her reconcile with Eric. Serena shook her head and said that she wanted to help Daniel. After Daniel confirmed that Nicole was not home, Serena said she would wait for Nicole to hear what she had to say.

Frustrated, Daniel said he did not want Serena to wait for Nicole to return home. Startled by Daniel's choice of words, Serena asked why Daniel had used the word "home." Daniel explained that Nicole had moved into the apartment and that they were engaged. Serena groaned.

"We need to do this right now. You deserve to know what's going on," Serena said. Daniel warned Serena not to make threats. As Daniel opened the door to show Serena out, a steely Serena asked, "You don't want to know that Eric and Nicole slept together the night they almost died?" Daniel was incensed by the accusation. Serena played the recording.

"I loved her. She loved me. Time was running out. We started to make love," Eric's voice said on the recorder. Serena stopped the recording and explained that Eric had been confessing to his priest. As Serena left, she warned Daniel, "There are liars, there are cheaters, and then there is Nicole." Furious, Daniel slammed the door behind Serena.

In the town square, Eric walked with Caroline, and she asked him not to give up on looking for love again. Eric smiled and told her he was happy with his friends. As Caroline walked away, Eric turned and saw Serena staring at him from across the square.

Maggie called Daniel to talk about the engagement party, but he told her they would talk later. When Maggie asked what was wrong, Daniel said he was fine. Daniel wrote down the possible dates for the engagement party, and he reiterated to Maggie that he was fine. Sniffling, Daniel promised to get back to Maggie and hung up the phone.

As Daniel stared at the dates on the pad of paper, Nicole returned home. Nicole cozied up behind Daniel and hugged him, talking about how perfect life was at home. Daniel turned to face her. Noting the look on Daniel's face, a worried Nicole asked what was wrong.

. . .

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