Tuesday, October 28, 2014

In the DiMera mansion, Sami packed for the move to California. Allie frantically ran into the room, saying they could not leave town without her doll, Veronica. Sami counseled Allie to think about where she had left her doll. As Hope arrived with Ciara, Allie remembered that she had left her doll in the garden. Sami urged Allie and Ciara to go out to the garden to find the doll.

Once the girls were outside, Sami explained to Hope that she was moving to California. Sami told Hope that she was working with producers to make a movie about Sami's life. Hope was elated by Sami's news. When Hope asked if Sami was ready to leave town, Sami teared up. Sami explained that she wanted to help the kids get a fresh start and not be reminded of E.J. in every room of the house. Hope hugged Sami goodbye.

With a grin, Sami said that when she had told the children about the move, it had been the first time she had seen the children smile since E.J.'s death. Sami added that Johnny had been having difficulty at school with the other kids because of his family name and that the move would help him. Concerned, Hope asked Sami if she was moving to California just for the kids. Sami admitted that she needed to leave town because she believed that she needed the distraction to help her move on with her life.

Out in the garden, Allie told Ciara that they were moving to California. When Ciara asked why, Allie explained that they were going to make a movie about Sami's life. Allie smiled and told Ciara that she could visit them in California whenever she wanted. Ciara smiled to herself, and followed Allie back into the house after they found the doll. Allie ran upstairs to pack her doll, and Ciara entered the living room and asked Hope to talk.

"Allie really wants me to go to Hollywood with her. Can I?" Ciara asked. Hope said no. Ciara continued to plead with Hope and reminded Sami that Ciara should be a part of the movie because Sami had stolen Ciara's earring. Hope asked Ciara to apologize for what she had said about the earring. Ciara grudgingly obliged. When Hope mentioned that they could visit California, Ciara complained that a weekend was not enough time. Hope asked Ciara to drop the subject. Ciara exclaimed that she was not happy, and she marched upstairs.

Sami apologized for getting Ciara riled up about California. Hope assured Sami that it was not her fault. Hope explained that Ciara wanted to run away from the reality that her parents were divorcing. With a smile, Hope assured Sami that the move would be a good way to restart her life. Sami asked Hope if her divorce was also about starting over. Chuckling, Hope said it was.

Sami and Hope sat down for coffee and talked. With a wistful sigh, Sami admitted that the man that E.J. had been when they had married was nothing like the man he had been when they had met. Hope noted that Sami had been hooked from the start. Playfully resisting agreeing, Sami eventually admitted that she had wanted to see the good in E.J. With tears in her eyes, Sami talked about the look on E.J.'s face the first time he had held Johnny. Hope hugged Sami, and they told one another how much they would miss each other.

In the Horton living room, Jennifer informed Abigail that she needed to leave town to take care of Abigail's grandmother. When Jennifer asked about J.J., Abigail told her that J.J. had left in a hurry to talk to Daniel and that he had looked upset. Jennifer said she was annoyed that J.J. had reached out to someone outside the family. As Abigail reached out to her mother, Jennifer announced that she needed to head the hospital. Abigail thanked Jennifer for helping her work through her emotions after E.J.'s death. Abigail promised Jennifer that J.J. knew that Jennifer was there for him.

At the hospital, J.J. met with Daniel in his office to talk about Paige. J.J. explained that he had been prepared to tell Paige about Kayla's rape, but that Rory had interrupted by reporting that he had spotted Jill in town. J.J. added that Paige had found Jill and that Jill had said many people had been drugged at the party. Upset, J.J. said that Jill's story was that J.J. had pursued Jill at the party.

J.J. said he was concerned that Paige had misinterpreted why he had pulled away from her. With a sigh, J.J. said that Paige was avoiding his phone calls because she did not want to talk about the party. Daniel urged J.J. to find Paige and talk to her before it destroyed J.J.'s relationship. When Daniel asked J.J. if anything else was bothering him, J.J. thought about when he had examined Eve's sore wrist and they had been uncomfortably close. J.J. told Daniel that he was fine.

As J.J. looked out the window, Daniel encouraged J.J. to use the key to Daniel's apartment to meet with Paige. Outside Daniel's office, Jennifer arrived and overheard Daniel tell J.J. to do what he needed to do with Paige at Daniel's apartment. Jennifer's mouth dropped open in shock. Inside the office, J.J. thanked Daniel for the apartment key.

Jennifer walked down the hallway in a daze. When J.J. walked down the hallway and passed her, Jennifer called out to him. Jennifer told J.J. that she needed to leave town to take care of his grandmother. When Jennifer mentioned that she had overheard J.J. and Daniel discussing an apartment key, she reminded J.J. that she had given her key back to Daniel. Shaking his head, J.J. explained that he had his own key for when he babysat for Daniel. J.J. told Jennifer to drive safely and that he would talk to her when she returned to town.

Furious, Jennifer marched back to Daniel's office to confront him. Jennifer ordered Daniel to stop what he was doing with J.J. As Daniel looked up at Jennifer, confused, Jennifer argued that she was livid that Daniel had handed J.J. a key to his apartment and encouraged J.J. to meet with Paige there for sex. Daniel assured Jennifer that he had given the key to J.J. for babysitting and that J.J. had promised that he would not take advantage of the apartment for other reasons.

"This is what you do. You involve yourself in my children's lives and then you keep it from me. You don't tell me anything," Jennifer said. Daniel countered that it was J.J.'s job to inform Jennifer of what was going on his life. Daniel added that he had encouraged J.J. to open up to Jennifer. Daniel advised Jennifer to listen to J.J. Still furious, Jennifer warned Daniel not to give her parenting advice. Daniel told Jennifer she was acting overly sensitive. Jennifer accused Daniel of repeatedly lying to her, including when he had protected Nicole.

With a groan, Daniel reiterated that he had not lied and that he had been waiting for Nicole to tell the truth to Eric. Daniel said that Jennifer had not trusted him to stand up to Nicole. Jennifer accused Daniel of enjoying the rush of power in keeping secrets with J.J. Bewildered, Daniel asked Jennifer what she was talking about.

Jennifer accused Daniel of punishing her for not having enough faith in him. Daniel assured Jennifer that he was not punishing her. Shaking her head, Jennifer said that she felt like Daniel was playing games with her. When Jennifer mentioned Kristen, Daniel growled that Kristen was not Jennifer's concern. Jennifer yelled that she did not know Daniel anymore.

"Honest to God, Jen, when you come in here like that, guns blazing, I don't know who you are either," Daniel said softly. Daniel reiterated that he had believed that Jennifer had trusted him to do the right thing. Jennifer accused Daniel of refusing to work on their relationship. When Daniel asked Jennifer if she wanted to end their relationship, Jennifer wondered aloud if she had been right when she'd had her doubts about him.

"I think the love I had for you is finally, completely gone," Jennifer said through tears. Overcome, Jennifer ran out of Daniel's office. Daniel stared into the distance, shaking his head.

Brady had spent the night at Theresa's apartment. As Brady dressed, he warned Theresa that he did not know where their relationship was headed. With a grin, Theresa kissed Brady and promised him that she would make him forget Kristen. Theresa promised to take things slowly with Brady. As Brady nodded, Theresa said that she hoped they could learn from their past mistakes.

"I think we can take this to a whole new level," Theresa purred. Brady nodded. Brady called the hospital to check on John, and after the call, he informed Theresa that the hospital planned to release John. Excited, Brady said he wanted to go to the hospital to tell John the great news. As Brady and Theresa opened the door to leave, Anne brushed past Theresa and announced that she had big news. Brady urged Theresa to stay, and he left.

Annoyed, Theresa asked what had happened. When Anne mentioned Kristen, Theresa yelled that she did not want to hear about Kristen. Anne persisted and noted that the scholarship program was a big boost to her career. Theresa countered that the scholarship program did not make any sense and that Kristen was scheming to get Brady back. Hurt, Anne said she was disappointed that Theresa did not want to support her after all the times that Anne had supported Theresa.

"All you get are breaks, honey. And you don't show an iota of gratitude. Why? Because everyone, including yours truly, is just an extra in your damn movie. Well I'll tell you, it's getting real old," Anne said. With a dismissive smile, Theresa asked Anne if she was done with her rant. Theresa walked out, leaving Anne to fume in the apartment.

In Kristen's hotel room, she listened to the recording of Theresa confessing to hitting John on the head with the fireplace poker. Grinning like a cat, Kristen made a phone call. When Anne arrived at Kristen's hotel room, she handed the paperwork for the scholarship over to Kristen. Smiling, Kristen announced that she would need to review the materials with Anne in detail.

Anne and Kristen sat down to review the paperwork. Kristen asked Anne to spell her name, and Anne obliged. With a start, Kristen announced that she had forgotten about an appointment. Kristen rushed Anne out the door of her hotel room. Kristen hurriedly returned to her computer and listened to her recording of Anne spelling her name aloud. Kristen then replayed Theresa's confession.

Brady visited John at the hospital to inform him that the hospital would be releasing him. John asked about work and Brady's personal life. Shaking his head, Brady assured John that he was not spending time with Kristen. Brady's phone beeped with a text message from Kristen asking him to meet. Brady read the text with a frown. When John asked if everything was okay, Brady said he needed to take care of something.

As Brady left John's hospital room, Theresa watched him leave but said nothing. Theresa opened John's hospital room door and saw him lying in bed with his eyes closed. As Theresa started to leave, John called out to her and asked to talk. Theresa told John she was happy to hear John would be leaving the hospital. Theresa added that she was pleased that John's memory had returned. Smirking, John noted that Theresa must be brimming with joy that he had remembered what happened the night of his head injury.

"You want to protect Brady, and so do I," Theresa said. John said he wanted to get to know Theresa better. John asked Theresa whether booze and drugs were all she saw in Brady. Theresa frowned and asked John what was wrong. Theresa reminded John that he had confirmed her story but that he seemed to be giving her an attitude. John firmly said that he remembered the details of the night of his injury.

"If I'm not being nice to you, Theresa, I think you know why," John said.

In the town square, Aiden walked past the flower cart. As Aiden sniffed a bouquet of flowers, he thought about his conversation with Ciara. Aiden grabbed two bouquets of flowers and smiled. Aiden walked to the pub and gave the flowers to Hope and Ciara as they ate. Ciara grumbled that the flowers were not enough to make her feel better after Hope had refused to let Ciara go to California. Hope explained to Aiden about Sami's situation. Aiden told Ciara that Salem would be too dull without Ciara and that she was the star of Salem. Ciara smiled.

Sami walked Johnny to the town square to pick up a couple of items. As Sami looked through one of her bags, Johnny spotted Abigail sitting on a bench, and he ran over and hugged her. Johnny told Abigail about the move to California. As Johnny chattered, he noticed his friend near the square. While Johnny went to talk to his friend, Abigail and Sami stood awkwardly next to each other. Abigail said she had thought about sending Sami a note but that she had wondered whether it would have been appropriate. When a steel-faced Sami said it would not have been appropriate, Abigail nodded and started to walk away. Sami sighed and asked Abigail to wait.

Sami told Abigail that she did not hate her and that she needed to let her anger go. Sami wished Abigail well with her life. With a shocked look, Abigail wished Sami the same. As Abigail walked away, Johnny ran into Sami's arms, and they headed back to the mansion. In the corner, Abigail fought back tears.

Brady met with Kristen at her hotel room. When Brady asked Kristen if she was headed to meet with Stefano in Europe, Kristen said that she would leave after she told him some important information. Kristen said that she believed that once Brady heard what she had to say, it could lay the groundwork for forgiveness. Irritated, Brady urged Kristen to get to the point. Kristen asked Brady if he was aware that Eric had told her that he intended to forgive her. Brady did not believe her and stressed that he would confirm the information with Eric.

"He knows the power of forgiveness, and so do I. It's because of my love for you that I was able to forgive your father and save his life. Who knows, life is crazy, maybe I could actually forgive Marlena sometime," Kristen said with a chuckle. Frustrated, Brady complained that Kristen had texted him about leaving town,yet she was talking to him about a possible future. When Brady said that he had other plans, Kristen asked Brady if he meant Theresa.

"Whatever happens between you and me, that is not possible. It's time you knew why," Kristen said as she picked up her tablet computer. Kristen said that she had suspected that Theresa had been lying about John's injury. Kristen played the recording of Anne's voice and argued that Brady would learn the truth. Upset, Brady grabbed Kristen and shook her. When Brady let Kristen go, she played the recording of Theresa admitting what she had done to John. Brady's jaw fell open as he heard Theresa announcing that she had hit John with the poker.

. . .

On the next Days of our Lives...
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  • Marlena gets confused when she finds Theresa and John blaming each other for Brady's situation.
  • Eve criticizes Kayla for defending Jack.
  • Aiden gets upset after an encounter with someone from his past -- someone who also has a connection to Hope.
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