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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

At Salem Hospital, John sat at Brady's bedside. A tired Brady worried aloud about whether Nicole was headed back to Salem with Holly. Unsure, John raised a questioning eyebrow. Brady said that Nicole had called him. John did not appear to believe Brady's story, but he patted his son's hand reassuringly. Marlena arrived with Tate, and Brady visibly brightened.

At the conclusion of the visit, Marlena noticed that Brady's heart monitor stats had improved with the visit from Tate. Marlena scooped up Tate, and she left to talk to the doctors. Brady quietly said he wanted to get better for Tate. Coughing, Brady admitted he was tired and did not think he would improve. John encouraged Brady to fight, but Brady was pessimistic about his prognosis.

At the Athena Café in Greece, Eli and Hope exchanged notes about Deimos and Xander. Eli said that no one had admitted to seeing Xander or Nicole in town. The conversation turned to Gabi, and Eli admitted that he and Gabi had broken up. When Hope asked if the breakup was because of Chad, Eli said he did not want to discuss Gabi. Hope asked about Eli's impressions of the Horton family, and Eli said he was enjoying being part of a big family. Hope confided that Julie was aggressive but acted out of love. With a rueful smirk, Eli noted that Julie would be thrilled to learn that he had broken things off with Gabi.

Sonny and Paul stood on the rooftop across from Deimos' hotel room and watched him. Sonny excitedly said he was looking forward to taking over Titan. Worried, Paul reminded Sonny to "check his motives." Sonny promised he would not end up like Deimos. Sonny said he would not change. Paul reluctantly nodded, but he looked unsure.

On the Titan jet in Greece, Lani and J.J. grilled Deimos' henchman Guy. Lani offered a deal to Guy, and he buckled under the pressure. Guy admitted that he had attempted to steal a cursed amulet for Deimos but had failed. Guy said he had been surprised that Deimos hadn't been angrier. When J.J. asked why, Guy explained that Deimos had been preoccupied with securing a woman and her baby. J.J. and Lani exchanged a look.

Guy said that he had secured a helicopter for Deimos to take to Thaskada Island villa, a place owned by a violent man. J.J. showed Guy a picture of Xander, and Guy confirmed that Xander was the owner of the island. Guy explained that Xander worked for Deimos. Lani called Eli and asked him to return to the Titan jet. J.J. called Sonny and updated him. J.J. and Lani donned their tactical gear, and J.J. gently adjusted Lani's bulletproof vest. Smiling, Lani kissed J.J.

On the rooftop by Deimos' hotel room, Sonny told Paul what he had learned from J.J. Sonny asked Paul to continue to watch Deimos while Sonny joined J.J. on the jet. Paul urged Sonny to be careful. Across the way, Deimos talked to a thug about a plan, and he sent the thug on his way. As Paul watched Deimos through his binoculars, John called his phone. Holding back his emotions, John told Paul that Brady was fading fast. Paul promised to fly home as soon as possible, but John noted that Brady would not last that long. John asked Paul to catch the man that had shot Brady.

As Paul turned his attention back to Deimos' room, Deimos' thug sneaked up behind Paul and knocked him unconscious. With the surveillance taken out, Deimos boarded a helicopter and headed out to "rescue" Nicole from Xander. On the Titan jet, a worried Sonny was unable to reach Paul by phone. Panicked, Sonny rushed back to the rooftop and found Paul as he stirred awake. Paul looked across the way and realized that Deimos has slipped away. Sonny called J.J. and told him that Deimos had escaped.

Back in Salem, Brady held John's hand and said, "It'll be okay, Dad." John asked Brady about the rumor that Brady had fallen in love again. Weakly smiling, Brady said he had fallen in love with Nicole. Brady joked that he had worked hard to convince her that she felt the same way. His smile fading, Brady admitted that the happiest he'd ever been had been when he'd been a family with Nicole and the kids in Canada. Brady cried and said he did not think he would ever feel that way again.

John talked about a childhood memory of when Brady had played baseball. Brady said he was glad that John had encouraged him not to give up playing. Smiling, Brady said he had not quit. "You hang in there, Dad. You hang in there," Brady whispered before he fell unconscious. The monitor alarms started blaring. John called out for help. The doctors managed to restart Brady's heart, but he had lapsed into unconsciousness. Marlena consoled John.

In their bedroom at the villa on Thaskada Island, Nicole and Eric discussed Deimos' motive for kidnapping her. Eric theorized aloud that Deimos wanted to act as Nicole's hero. Frowning, Nicole noted that although she despised Eric, Deimos was much worse. Nicole said that Deimos had likely freed Xander so that he would have him in his debt. With a groan, Nicole worried aloud that Deimos hoped to make her fall in love with him again. When Eric asked Nicole what she intended to do when Deimos arrived to save her, Nicole shrugged and said she would leave with Deimos. Sighing, Nicole lamented that she might never see Brady again.

Eric asked Nicole how she could have fallen for Deimos. Nicole explained that Daniel had made her want to be a better person, but that version of her had died with Daniel. Eric asked Nicole if Deimos had told her that he loved her just as she was. Nicole shrugged sheepishly. Nicole said the better version of her had been reborn with Holly because she knew that a part of Daniel was alive in Holly. Nicole confided her fear that she would lose herself if she lost Holly.

Eric swore that he would not let Nicole lose herself. Smirking, Nicole said that Eric's promise was meaningless. Eric said he had vowed to Brady that he would get Nicole and Holly to safety. Eric asked Nicole to run if she got the opportunity and not wait for him. A man entered with a stick covered in spikes. Nicole informed Eric that the man was taking one of them to the cage. As the man escorted Eric out the bedroom door, Nicole leaped on the man's back. After a struggle, the man threw Nicole onto the bed and left with Eric. Smiling, Nicole opened her hand to reveal a set of keys.

In the living room, Xander talked on the phone with Deimos. Deimos said that Eric was a liability and that he wanted to take care of him personally. Down the hallway, the man locked Eric in the cage. While sitting in the cage, Eric thought about the multiple times that Nicole had confronted him after Daniel's death. Xander entered the room. Xander asked why Eric worried about Nicole when she clearly hated him.

Turning the tables, Eric asked Xander how it felt to be the most worthless man in his family. Narrowing his eyes, Xander told Eric that he did not care about the ramblings of a drunk murderer. Xander raised his gun and pointed it at Eric's head. Eric urged Xander to kill him because he had made peace with God. As Xander steadied his arm, Eric's eyes went wide at the sight of Nicole entering the room behind Xander. Xander joked that Eric would not fool him into turning around. Nicole slammed a vase down on Xander's head, knocking him out. Nicole pulled out the ring of keys and freed Eric.

When Deimos arrived at the villa, he found it dark. Confused by the darkness, Deimos called out to Xander. Deimos walked into the room with the cage and called out to Xander again. Nicole flipped on the lights. Eric pointed Xander's gun at Deimos. "We've been expecting you," Nicole said with a smile.

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