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Brady struggles with jealousy
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

In the town square, Doug and Julie dined at the café. Julie talked about how impressed she was by Nicole's work at the center. Julie called Nicole an asset to the center and stated that Nicole had found her calling in life. When Julie mentioned Eric, Doug shifted his eyes away. "I hope it works out. For both of them," Julie said. Doug did not mention his conversation with Eric about Eric's feelings for Nicole.

After polishing off her French toast, Julie looked at the news on her phone, annoying Doug. When Doug called Julie out on her phone use, Julie explained that she was reading a story about the auction of Club TBD. Doug talked about the first time he had seen Julie, and she chimed in that Doug had swept her off her feet.

"You are the only magic I'll ever need," Doug said. The conversation turned to Doug's Place, and though Doug spoke fondly of his old club, he said he believed his days of running a business were behind him. With a nod, Julie announced that she needed to run an errand, and she rushed off.

At the Brady Pub, Abe appealed to Roman to leave retirement and return to the police department as the police commissioner. Citing his need to run the pub, Roman politely declined. With a grin, Roman told Abe to retire and take the job so that Roman could run for mayor. Chuckling, Abe asked Roman if he wanted to be the mayor, and Roman firmly said no before laughing. Abe asked Roman for suggestions about who could run the department.

At the police station, J.J., Lani, Hope, and Rafe discussed the pending caseload. Rafe expressed hope that Abe's plan to talk to Roman about returning as commissioner turned out well. J.J. and Lani asked Rafe and Hope if they had set a wedding date, and Rafe joked that they should talk to Hope. With a tight smile, Hope said they were in no rush. Rafe countered that he was ready to marry Hope anytime she wanted to pop over to the courthouse.

After J.J. and Lani left to investigate a mugging down on the docks, Hope pulled Rafe into the interrogation room to talk to him privately. Hope said she was embarrassed that Rafe had put her on the spot in front of their coworkers. Rafe said he had been teasing Hope, and he added that questions about their engagement were not unexpected. Hope said she had expected that Rafe would answer those questions by saying they were enjoying their engagement for a while. Hope voiced her worry that Rafe was not happy that they were waiting to marry.

Rafe admitted that he was struggling with waiting to wed Hope, and he asked Hope to cut him some slack. Hope apologized for being difficult. Rafe said he was willing to wait if that was what Hope wanted. Rafe then apologized for embarrassing Hope. Smiling, Hope thanked Rafe and kissed him. As the two made out, Doug walked into the room. Doug teased the lovebirds then he asked about Ciara. Hope promised that Ciara would return to Salem for the spring semester. When Doug asked if Hope and Rafe had set a date for their wedding, Rafe glanced at Hope, and he answered that they were enjoying their engagement.

In the park, J.J. and Lani talked about their mugging case. Lani complimented J.J. on his ability to put witnesses at ease when he talked to them. Lani noted that J.J. had a way of assuring people that the cops were the good guys, which would go a long way after Raines had damaged the reputation of the department. Leaning forward for a kiss, Lani told J.J. that he was meant to be a cop.

After canoodling in the park, Lani and J.J. returned to the police station and informed Rafe and Hope what they had learned about the mugging. The group agreed that they would not be able to marshal any resources for their caseload until a new commissioner was chosen. Right on cue, Abe walked in. Abe broke the news that Roman had declined the job offer. With a raised eyebrow, Abe said that Roman had suggested either Hope or Rafe for the job. Hope and Rafe looked at one another.

At the Horton Center, Eric pulled Nicole's nameplate out of his desk drawer and stared at it fondly. Nicole arrived with a vase of flowers and a box of belongings. After noting that the flowers were from Brady, Nicole announced how thrilled she was to be working at the center again. Nicole told Eric that she thought they made a great team. Nicole set out photos of her family on her desk, and she talked about how happy she was with her life.

Nicole and Eric then talked about the adult literacy fundraiser. Eric was worried that their last fundraiser would taint their new fundraiser because Deimos had been murdered at the previous event. When Eric noted that the murderer was still out there, Nicole choked on her coffee. After clearing her throat and cleaning the coffee off of her desk, Nicole said she did not like to hear Deimos' name. Nicole added that she wanted to focus on how her life was at that moment. With a nod, Nicole said she wanted to make a difference in the world by helping people.

With a smile, Eric said that was why he was glad that Nicole was working at the center again. Nicole grabbed her tablet and asked Eric to have a look at her latest grant proposal. Nicole walked over to his desk, handed him the tablet, and leaned over his shoulder. Eric started to sweat. Nicole asked Eric if he was okay, and Eric said he needed water. When Eric offered to get Nicole a water as well, he bumped into a man named Jason in the doorway.

Smiling, Eric said that he remembered Jason from the hospital. Jason beamed and turned toward Nicole to say that Eric had talked him through the worst night of his life. Jason explained that he had been drinking and driving and had almost killed someone in a car accident. Smiling, Jason said that he was a better man because of Eric. Eric said that Jason had changed his life, as well, because their conversation had convinced him to take the job offer to run the center.

When Jason talked about his struggles with finding work since getting out of prison, Nicole chimed in that the center had a job placement program. Jason promised to forward his résumé to Nicole. With a wave, Jason left. Nicole told Eric that she agreed with what Jason had said. "You are an amazing man," Nicole said quietly.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady stared at a text from Nicole telling him that she was at work and missed him. Brady looked over at the liquor decanters. As Brady lifted a glass to his mouth, Chloe walked in and gasped. "So, it is true. You are drinking again," Chloe said. Brady handed the glass to Chloe to show her that it was water. With a sigh of relief, Chloe said she was glad that Lucas had been mistaken.

Chloe handed Brady a gift for Holly. Brady explained that Holly was sleeping because she had been up late. With a chuckle, Chloe noted that Holly had always been a night owl. Chloe recommended Brady sing to Holly to help her go to sleep faster. When Chloe asked about Nicole, Brady explained that Nicole had returned to work at the Horton Center with Eric. Chloe raised her eyebrows in surprise, and Brady added that Julie had asked Nicole to return to work.

Changing the subject, Chloe admitted that she had an ulterior motive for stopping by the mansion. Chloe told Brady that Club TBD was up for auction, and she wanted to buy it so that she would have stability in her life and a place to sing. Chloe asked Brady for a loan. With a wide smile, Brady said he would be happy to help Chloe because it would "be silly not invest" in someone with Chloe's talents.

After Brady wrote a check and handed it to Chloe, he noted that he was happy to help someone. Brady explained that he had attempted to secure a job for Nicole at Titan, but she had turned him down to work at the center. Chloe asked Brady how he felt about Nicole's decision. Brady admitted that he had not been happy about Nicole's choice at first, but he had reached an understanding with Nicole around the situation with Eric. Chloe said she admired that Eric had been honest with Brady about his feelings for Nicole.

Brady's eyes flashed with anger. Covering, Brady said he knew about Eric's feelings, and he was surprised that Chloe knew. Brady stressed that he trusted Nicole. With a sigh, Chloe added that Nicole was crazy in love with Brady and that he did not need to worry. With a hug and a thank you, Chloe headed out to the auction. Once Chloe was gone, Brady cursed and yelled. Brady poured a glass of liquor and yelled that Eric was supposed to be his brother.

After leaving the mansion, Chloe walked over to Club TBD for the auction. Chloe was pleased to find that the club was empty, and she whispered to herself that she might be able to secure the club, after all. Julie walked in and raised an eyebrow. When Chloe asked why Julie was there, Julie said she was there for the auction too.

At the Horton Center, Nicole told Eric that she was impressed with Jason's résumé. Nicole said she was confident that they could find a job for Jason. As Nicole sat on the edge of Eric's desk, he squirmed a little. Nicole told Eric he had done a good thing, inspiring Jason and others, and she called him an angel.

Shaking her head, Nicole told Eric that she had been horrible to him. Nicole thanked Eric for not abandoning her and Holly when they had needed him. Nicole whispered that she would never forget what Eric had done, and she placed her hand on his. Eric rose to his feet and announced that he had forgotten to get their waters. Nicole raised her hand and placed it on Eric's chest. Breathing deep, Eric leaned closer to Nicole as if to kiss her.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Abigail's decision surprises Chad.

• Gabi figures out why Eli lost his job at the FBI.

• Hope and Rafe find themselves in a tricky situation.

• Chloe tries to warn Eric about her slip of the tongue.

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