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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

At Club TBD, Abigail met up with Dario to show him the photo she had taken at the police station of the various Kiriakis real estate holdings in town. After calling a contact at Titan, Dario learned that an old acquaintance, Timon, had been assigned to work security at an abandoned Titan warehouse that was on Abigail's list. Abigail asked Dario to do whatever he could to find her husband. With a nod, Dario promised to find Chad and Gabi, but he ordered Abigail to stay at the club.

Dario left and met up with his friend Timon in the park. Furious, Dario confronted Timon and told him that one of the hostages was his sister. Timon apologized and pleaded ignorance of that bit of information. Dario said he believed Timon, and he growled that Timon should take a long break from guarding his hostages. With a nod, Timon walked away. Nearby, Abigail watched from behind a hedge.

At a hotel, Sonny was tied to a chair in a room. While Sonny worked to loosen the ropes around his wrists, a large man stood guard nearby. While the man was distracted with his phone, Sonny broke free of his ropes and attacked his guard. The man was easily twice Sonny's weight, and he beat Sonny unconscious. After retying Sonny to the chair, the man went into the hallway of the hotel to stand guard.

While Sonny fought to open his eyes, he could hear the man outside the room, talking to someone. In the hallway, J.J. confronted the guard about a noise complaint in the hotel room. The man refused to let J.J. into the room without a search warrant. Inside the room, Paul crept in through the window and untied Sonny's ropes. A groggy Sonny realized that Paul was there to rescue him. Out in the hallway, the guard heard a noise from inside the room. The man rushed inside and found that Sonny was gone.

As J.J. asked who the man had been holding, the man rushed at J.J. J.J. pulled out his weapon, but the man disarmed him then pulled out his own gun. In a calm voice, J.J. warned the man that Andre would be displeased if he shot a police detective. Looking around, the man leaned over to close the door to the room. Paul jumped out from behind the door. As the man was taken aback in surprise, Sonny jumped out from behind him and hit him over the head with a pipe. Enraged, Sonny wanted to keep hitting the man with the pipe, but Paul intervened. J.J. handcuffed the man. Seeing the blood on Sonny's face, J.J. ordered Sonny to go to the hospital.

In the town square, Drew called his brother Shane. Although Shane was happy to hear from his brother, his delight turned to worry when Drew cryptically noted that if he turned up dead, the police should arrest Deimos. Drew hung up, worrying Shane. As Drew hurried away, Adrienne and Justin met up on the other side of the square. Adrienne was devastated when Justin said he had no news about Sonny.

Adrienne was livid that the Kiriakis and DiMera families were feuding again. Justin started to argue that Sonny understood what he had been getting into when he had accepted a job with Titan, but Adrienne did not want to hear Justin's argument. Adrienne countered that Sonny would never be safe as long as he worked in the family business. Worried about Adrienne's health, Justin begged her to go home and rest. Adrienne said, "I'm not a cancer patient today. I'm a mother that needs to find her son and bring him home."

At the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos called Nicole's phone and left a voicemail. As Deimos begged Nicole to talk to him, Andre and Eduardo ambled into the living room. Deimos narrowed his eyes. Andre offered a straight trade of family members because he wanted there to be peace between the families. Deimos insisted that Andre and Eduardo return the key first. Eduardo appealed to Deimos to remember that Gabi was an innocent girl. Scoffing, Deimos reminded Eduardo that he had assassinated plenty of innocent people in his life. Eduardo threatened to kill Deimos if he hurt Gabi. Andre quietly calmed Eduardo.

With a sigh, Eduardo argued that he would not risk his daughter if he had the key as leverage. Deimos explained that the key had been stolen from the docks. Andre argued that Deimos had been focused on the wrong suspects. Eduardo walked outside and returned with a struggling Jennifer Horton. Eduardo explained that Jennifer had been on the docks the night that the key had been stolen. Jennifer played dumb. When Deimos pressured Jennifer for answers, she threatened to write an article about the warring families.

Deimos shrugged and said he did not care what Jennifer wrote in her paper. With a scowl, Deimos yelled at Jennifer to return his key. Drew marched through the door, and Deimos smiled. Drew announced to everyone that he was the key. With a smirk, Andre noted that Drew had been the creator of the Orwell device. When Deimos asked why Drew had disappeared, Drew said he had needed time to think.

Deimos retrieved the Orwell drive from the safe and handed it to Drew. Drew sat down at the desk and plugged the device into Deimos' laptop. Deimos gloated about how nice it was to have Eduardo and Andre there to witness his triumph. As Drew started to type, the files on the laptop started to delete. Frantically, Deimos asked Drew what was going on.

"This should have happened years ago," Drew said. Smiling, Drew said he was saving the town and the world by destroying the program. Deimos ordered Drew to recreate the program, but Drew refused. As Deimos glowered at Drew, Roman and two police officers burst into the house. Roman explained that Shane had called him. Drew breathed a sigh of relief. Roman asked Eduardo, Andre, and Deimos to join him at the police station for questioning. When the men were reluctant to agree, Roman asked Eduardo and Andre if they were worried about their loved ones. The men reluctantly followed Roman out of the house.

In the meat locker freezer, a delirious Gabi and Chad huddled half-naked against one another, kissing. Barely coherent, the two kissed until Gabi fell unconscious. Chad quietly urged Gabi to wake up until he passed out on her shoulder.

At the police station, while Roman talked to Jennifer and Drew in the interrogation room, Andre, Eduardo, and Deimos bickered with one another in the bullpen. The three men agreed to say nothing to the police and dispute the existence of the Orwell device. The men also agreed to deny that there was a war between the families.

In the interrogation room, Drew told Roman that he was proud that he had destroyed the Orwell. Roman commended Drew for his actions. Roman informed Drew that the government had made arrangements for Drew to enter witness protection with his wife.

At the warehouse, Abigail opened the door to the freezer and found the scantily clad and unconscious Chad and Gabi wrapped around one another. After checking Gabi, Abigail examined Chad and realized that he had stopped breathing. Abigail pushed Chad onto his back and started CPR. Holding back tears, Abigail begged Chad to fight for his life. After a moment, Chad started to breathe. Dario found the freezer and rushed to his sister's side. Abigail noted that she had felt a weak pulse on Gabi but that Chad had stopped breathing. With a nod, Dario scooped up Gabi to get her out of the freezer.

At the police station, Roman informed Jennifer and Drew that Gabi, Chad, and Sonny had all been located. Drew felt responsible, but Jennifer countered that greed was to blame, not Drew. Roman thanked Drew again for what he had done then he left to question Eduardo, Andre, and Deimos. Drew told Jennifer that he was excited to see his wife, but he wanted to ask Jennifer for a favor before he left town.

In the bullpen, the three men stuck to their shared story and refused to admit any wrongdoing to Roman. After Roman left, Deimos vowed that the fight was not over between him and Eduardo and Andre because they had stolen his fortune. After Deimos left, Andre turned to Eduardo, told Eduardo that he had stolen from Andre's family, and vowed he would bury Eduardo.

In the freezer at the warehouse, Drew looked around to see how secure the space was. When Jennifer asked why Drew wanted to see where Chad and Gabi had been held captive, Drew explained that he needed a secure place to destroy the Orwell for good. Drew explained that even the best virus could leave behind traces of the program on the hard drive. To avoid a forensic reconstruction of the program, Drew explained that he needed to destroy the hardware completely. Drew left the hard drive in the freezer, shut the door, and set off a small explosion. With a grin, Drew said all evidence of the Orwell had been destroyed.

At the hospital, Abigail and Dario waited nervously for news about their loved ones. A doctor emerged from ICU and informed Abigail and Dario that Chad and Gabi's core temperatures had risen and that they both would be okay. Relieved, Abigail asked if she could visit Chad. The doctor said the two would be asleep for a while, but they could have visitors. As Dario eagerly turned to head into his sister's room, Abigail paused. Dario asked Abigail if she was thinking about Chad and Gabi's state of undress.

Shaking her head, Abigail said she understood that Chad and Abigail had undressed to stay warm with skin-to-skin contact, and that action had likely saved their lives. Abigail asked Dario if he thought she was naïve to think there was nothing more to what they had seen. Dario urged Abigail to visit her husband. With a nod, Abigail went into Chad's room.

Chad was still asleep, but Abigail sat by his bed and held his hand. Abigail commented on how cold Chad's hand felt. With a stressed sigh, Abigail admitted that she was mad at Chad because she had almost lost him because of his family. Abigail wondered aloud if the price of being a DiMera was too high.

Next door, Dario visited with Gabi as she slept. Dario apologized for his part in the scheme to steal the Orwell. Shaking his head in frustration, Dario blamed himself for not protecting Gabi. Dario argued that everyone would be better off if the Orwell had disappeared. After pouring out his heart, Dario went next door to check on Abigail. From the doorway to Chad's room, Dario listened as Abigail urged Chad to wake up and return home to Thomas. Abigail said she believed Chad was the only one that could end the war, and she promised to stand by Chad when he did it.

Dario cleared his throat to announce his presence. As Abigail turned to look, Dario explained that he wanted to thank Chad for helping Gabi. Wiping away tears, Abigail left to check on Gabi. After Abigail left, Chad muttered Gabi's name. When Abigail walked into Gabi's room, Gabi muttered Chad's name.

Down the hallway, a doctor checked over Sonny and released him. Adrienne and Justin arrived at the hospital and hugged Sonny tightly with joy. Sonny assured his parents that he was fine. Worried, Adrienne offered to take Sonny home. When Sonny countered that he needed to work, Paul assured Justin and Adrienne that he would take Sonny home. Relieved, Justin and Adrienne left. Sonny reiterated that he had work to do. Confused, Paul asked Sonny what he meant.

Angry, Sonny pointed at his face. Sonny yelled that he was done with Deimos and that he planned to oust Deimos from the company. Setting his jaw with determination, Sonny vowed to get his revenge.

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