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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

At the prison, Aiden visited Andre. Aiden demanded that Andre stop calling him. Barely holding back his nervousness, Aiden said that Hope would not believe whatever Andre planned to tell her about him. With a grin, Andre reminded Aiden that Hope did not fully trust Aiden. Andre added that the only person that Hope trusted 100% was Rafe. Andre ordered Aiden to get him out of jail by the next day. Andre added that in return for Aiden's help, Andre would keep Rafe out of Hope's life forever.

At the Brady Pub, Shawn and Belle met up with Claire for a meal together. When Claire asked her parents if they were back together, they both frowned. Claire assured her parents that she could accept it if things had not worked out. Shawn and Belle broke out into grins. With a groan of relief, Claire said she was thrilled to hear that they were back together. Shawn told Claire that they were moving slowly, so they were not moving in together yet. Inspired by the good news, Claire said she wanted to go home and finish a song she had been working on. Once alone, Shawn stared lovingly at Belle and told her that she was beautiful.

At the DiMera mansion, Ciara sat in front of the chessboard and reviewed the rules that Chad had taught her. Theo walked in and sat in the chair across from Ciara. Theo bluntly stated that he wanted Ciara and not games. Annoyed, Theo asked Ciara why she had been avoiding him. Theo told Ciara that he loved her and needed her in his life. Ciara stressed that she could not be more than friends with Theo. Theo asked if Ciara had fallen for Chad. Seeing the look of guilt on Ciara's face, Theo told her that Chad would break her heart. As Theo walked out, he noted that he might not be there for Ciara if Chad hurt her.

At the penthouse, Claire worked on her new song. As the final chords died out on her guitar, Theo knocked on the door. Claire was pleased to see her friend, and she blushed uncontrollably when Theo told her how great she had sounded from the hallway. When Claire asked Theo why he was visiting, Theo said he was worried that Ciara was making bad choices.

To cheer up her friend, Claire played another song. Smiling, Theo told Claire that she sounded better and better. Bursting with joy, Claire told Theo the good news about her parents' reconciliation. Theo hugged Claire. "True love won out," Claire said. Theo's smile fell away.

At the police station, Rafe and Hope worked in the interrogation room on the Deimos Kiriakis murder case. Roman walked in with a giant vase of flowers and placed them on the table in the space between Rafe and Hope. Roman said that although he did not mind that Rafe and Hope were dating, he preferred that they leave their romantic displays outside the precinct. Hope pulled the card out of the flowers and announced that the gift was from Aiden. Realizing his mistake, Roman stammered out an apology and backed out of the room.

After a few awkward comments about the flowers, Rafe suggested that he and Hope go outside for some air. The two walked to the town square and bought frozen yogurt. As Rafe and Hope sat at a café table, Aiden walked around the corner and saw the ex lovers together. Aiden watched and listened from nearby as Rafe told Hope that he had no regrets about their time together. Rafe told Hope that he would always have her back, and the two agreed that their friendship was important to each of them.

"Not all triangles have to end in a murder," Rafe said as talk turned back to the murder case. Aiden stewed nearby as he watched Rafe and Hope discuss their investigation. When Ciara walked over to the table, Rafe excused himself and left. Ciara asked Hope if she realized that Rafe was not ready to give up on her. As Hope nodded, Ciara added that Rafe looked sad. Hope explained that she and Rafe were friends and that they respected one another. "Why is love so complicated?" Ciara asked.

In the park, Aiden called Andre's phone and left a message that he accepted Andre's offer. Aiden promised to help Andre if Andre removed Aiden's rival for Hope's love. When Aiden returned to the square, he saw Ciara talking to Hope. Ciara told Hope that her therapy with Marlena was going well, and it had inspired her to look into becoming a therapist. With a smile, Hope told Ciara that she would be a good therapist because she was empathetic.

Aiden interrupted to say hello. Ciara started to leave, but Aiden asked to talk to her alone. With a nod, Hope left to make a couple phone calls so that Ciara and Aiden could talk privately. Ciara told Aiden that she was unsure about him, but she wanted her mother to be happy. Aiden apologized to Ciara for being in denial about what Chase had done to her. When Ciara noted that Chase was Aiden's son, Aiden responded that he loved Ciara as much as his son. Ciara thanked Aiden. As Ciara started to leave, she paused and warned Aiden that she would be watching him.

While Ciara walked away, Andre called Aiden's phone. Aiden promised Andre that he would do whatever Andre wanted in exchange for help in securing Hope's love.

At the Hernandez house, Rafe returned home to find that the air conditioner was still broken. A scantily clad and sweaty Blanca walked into the kitchen and found Rafe leaning against the counter. Blanca smiled shyly at Rafe. After small talk about the heat, Blanca offered to make lemonade. As Rafe helped Blanca, Eduardo called Rafe's phone and asked to meet. With a smile, Rafe said goodbye to Blanca and left.

At Club TBD, Lucas met up with Adrienne, newly returned from Paris. Adrienne told Lucas that Sonny had instructed her to sell the club, and she had. After talking about Sonny, a moony-eyed Adrienne told Lucas that she had missed him while she had been in France. Adrienne gave Lucas gifts, including a case of non-alcoholic champagne. The discussion turned to marriage, and Lucas and Adrienne agreed that they felt the same way about one another. Lucas got on one knee and presented a ring to Adrienne.

"Will you be brave with me and give this marriage thing one more try?" Lucas asked. "If I'm going to be a fool, I want to be a fool in love. And I do love you. So, yes. Let's give this our best shot," Adrienne said, fighting tears of joy. Lucas placed the ring on Adrienne's finger, and they celebrated with a glass of French non-alcoholic champagne.

Outside the club, Eduardo told Dario that he had purchased Club TBD. Eduardo asked Dario to help him run the club, since Dario had experience. Dario was angry and accused Eduardo of attempting to purchase his love. Dario added that the purchase meant that Eduardo would never leave Salem. Eduardo said he regretted the mistakes he had made, but he wanted to prove that he had changed. Eduardo argued that the club would be a good investment for the family.

When Rafe arrived, Eduardo updated him about the club. Rafe agreed with Eduardo, and he asked Dario what the downside was to the investment. With a groan, Dario said that Rafe was as delusional as Eduardo. Dario stomped off. Rafe told Eduardo that he thought the investment in the club was a good idea. With a sigh, Eduardo said he did not want to run the club without Dario. Switching subjects, Eduardo told Rafe that he was sorry to hear about Rafe's breakup with Hope. Rafe confided that he did not trust Aiden.

At the Hernandez house, Dario walked into the kitchen and grabbed a beer. As Dario leaned against the refrigerator door, Blanca walked into the kitchen to get a glass of lemonade. Blanca reached across Dario to remove the pitcher from the fridge. While Blanca poured a glass, Dario stared at her body. With a small smile, Blanca told Dario, "It's not polite to stare." "I'm only human," Dario responded with a chuckle.

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