Tuesday, June 30, 2015

At the Horton house, J.J. called Bev and made plans to meet at the lake. Jennifer overheard the call, and she advised J.J. not to rebound with someone so soon after Paige. J.J. said he was interested in Bev because she was fun and liked him "as is" without wanting to change him. J.J. said that Bev understood him, which was a relief. Worried, Jennifer asked J.J. if he was comfortable using a girl to get over his feelings for Paige.

"We're kind of using each other," J.J. said quietly. Jennifer was shocked. J.J. refused to talk about his dating life any further. When J.J. yelled that he felt like he was going crazy, Jennifer harshly warned J.J. not to talk about mental problems. J.J. apologized. Jennifer explained that though his grandmother Laura had lived through a mental breakdown, the emotion of that time period still weighed heavily on Jennifer and Laura. Jennifer told J.J. that she was there to support him.

Eve stopped by the hospital to talk to Theresa about her scheme to gaslight Jennifer. Anne confirmed that Theresa had not formally quit her job yet. Marlena interrupted and asked Eve to talk privately. In the corner of the waiting area, Marlena asked Eve why she had missed her appointment. Eve explained that she had lost track of time and that she needed to complete an errand first. Once Marlena left, Eve ordered Anne to tell Theresa to text her.

In the town square, Ben excitedly talked to Abigail about moving in together. As Chad walked by, he saw the two lovers kissing. Ben spotted Chad as Chad walked away, and Ben called out to him. Chad gruffly greeted them. Ben apologized to Chad for yelling at him previously. When Ben held out his hand and asked for a truce, Chad reluctantly shook his hand and asked why Ben was so happy. Beaming, Ben announced that Abigail was moving into his apartment. Abigail kissed Ben goodbye as Chad stared stone-faced into the distance.

"Be good to her," Chad said once Abigail was out of earshot. "I plan to. For the rest of our lives," Ben said. As Chad walked away, Ben thought about the conversation he had overheard between Chad and Abigail about their affair. Shaking off the memory, Ben returned to his apartment.

In the hospital lounge, Abigail met with her mother and reported that she was moving in with Ben. Jennifer said that she understood Abigail's decision. As Abigail stammered in surprise, Jennifer asked why Abigail did not appear to be happy with her decision to move in with her boyfriend. Abigail explained that she was happy but that she had been worried that Jennifer would be unhappy with her decision to move in with Ben. Jennifer assured her daughter that she supported the decision. Jennifer handed Abigail a letter for her from Ireland then Jennifer left.

Abigail sat in a chair in the lounge and read the letter about her friend Bridget. The letter informed Abigail that her friend Bridget from Ireland had taken ill. The writer asked Abigail to pray for Bridget as she had taken a turn for the worse.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa told Brady that she would not return to work. Theresa said that she wanted to be a full-time mother to Tate. Brady disagreed and noted that Theresa would never be a full-time mother because they were splitting custody. Brady warned Theresa not to interfere with his alone time with Tate. Brady urged Theresa to return to work at the hospital, but Theresa countered that her job did not pay enough money to cover her expenses.

"Working parents -- they manage to raise well-adjusted kids all the time," Brady advised Theresa. Brady added that he did not want Theresa to be financially dependent on him. Pouting, Theresa argued that everyone at the hospital hated her. "Why do you think that is?" Brady asked. Brady advised Theresa to find another job but return to the hospital in the meantime.

Brady stressed that Theresa's living situation at the mansion was temporary. As Theresa reclined in a chair, Brady said that the only thing he shared with Theresa was their love for their son. Brady promised to pay for a nanny, but he refused to give any money to Theresa directly. With a small gasp, Theresa asked Brady if he still thought of her as a gold-digger.

"Actually, Theresa, I don't think of you at all," Brady said. The nanny, Haley, interrupted to announce that Tate needed his bottle. As Theresa rushed to volunteer, Brady shut her down and said he would feed Tate. Angry, Theresa stormed out of the house. Brady fed Tate his bottle. When Haley returned to collect Tate, Brady apologized for fighting with Theresa earlier. Haley took Tate upstairs, while Brady answered a phone call from John.

A grumbling Theresa arrived for work at the hospital, and she informed Anne that Brady had refused to let her quit her job. Theresa grumbled about her hardships until Anne interrupted to tell Theresa that Eve needed to speak with her urgently. Theresa shrugged off the request. Annoyed, Anne asked Theresa how two drama queens could be born into the same family.

Eve met with Marlena in Marlena's office. Marlena asked Eve what she had meant when Eve had said she had done something unforgivable to her daughter. Eve admitted that what she had done had also affected Jennifer, and she was uncomfortable discussing the issue with Marlena because of Marlena's connection to the Hortons. When Eve casually asked if Marlena had treated Laura Horton when she had experienced a mental breakdown, Marlena refused to talk about other patients.

Marlena asked Eve to discuss her feelings rather than what had happened. With a nod, Eve said that she wanted her daughter back in her life. While Marlena rattled off a list of other therapists, Eve met each recommendation with an excuse for why she did not think they were a good fit for her. Eve asked Marlena to recommend someone compassionate. Nodding, Marlena offered to email a list of therapists to Eve to review. As Eve asked for Marlena to help her find a therapist right away, Eve's phone beeped with a text message from Theresa.

Citing concern for her daughter, Eve excused herself to take a call in the hallway. Eve rushed out of the office and down the hall to talk to Theresa. Eve asked if Theresa had quit her job. As Theresa grumbled that Brady had not let her quit, Eve waved her hand and said that she had more important things to worry about. Visibly annoyed, Theresa sarcastically commented on how helpful Eve had been to her.

Eve promised to help Theresa with Brady if Theresa would help her obtain a key from Anne's key ring. Worried, Theresa said no because she feared she would be caught. Eve swore to help Theresa if Theresa would help her in her plan to pay back Jennifer for her part in ruining Eve's life. Smiling, Theresa said she would see what she could do to help. Eve whispered that she needed the key for Marlena's office.

Theresa hustled down the hallway and returned with Anne's master set of keys. Theresa informed Eve that Marlena would be at a staff meeting. A grateful Eve said she loved her sister, and she ran down the hallway to Marlena's office. As Theresa typed on the computer, Anne returned to the nurses' station and asked Theresa why Eve had been so anxious to talk. Theresa explained that Eve had wanted something from her.

Frustrated, Anne asked if Theresa was working on the personnel evaluations. When Theresa said she was working on something confidential, Anne shoved Theresa out of the way and grumbled at the fact that Theresa had been looking at designer dresses online. Anne warned Theresa that she would not be able to seduce Brady back into her life. Anne advised Theresa to grow up.

As Theresa returned to work at the nurses' station, she saw a couple in the corner that looked upset. Theresa asked a nurse, Barb, about the couple. Barb told Theresa that the couple was worried about their child, who was getting stitches after a fall. After a briefing from the doctor, the couple smiled and hugged each other with joy. Barb informed Theresa that the couple had been in the hospital previously when their son had been sick, and they had been at one another's throats. As Barb commented that love was strange, Theresa whispered, "I guess a scare like that can really bring you closer."

Marlena was compiling a list of therapists for Eve when Eve returned to Marlena's office. Faking despair, Eve said that no one could help her because she had called her daughter, and her daughter had said that she never wanted to speak to Eve again. Marlena urged Eve to believe that she would reconcile with her daughter. As Eve choked back emotion, Marlena offered to cancel her staff meeting so Eve could talk to her. Eve urged Marlena not to change her plans. Eve asked if she could stay in Marlena's office and collect herself. Marlena nodded then left.

Once Marlena was gone, Eve closed the door, grabbed the master keys, and unlocked Marlena's filing cabinet. With a chuckle, Eve pulled out Laura Horton's medical file. As Eve grabbed her purse and walked to the door to leave, Jennifer entered and ran into Eve, spilling Laura's file onto the floor.

Back at his apartment, Ben made room for Abigail's things, and Clyde stopped by to chat. Ben informed Clyde that Abigail was moving in with him. Clyde wanted to celebrate, but he noted that Ben seemed unhappy.

"I want Abigail, and now she is going to be all mine," Ben said. Suspicious, Clyde pushed Ben to talk to him about what was wrong. Ben explained that he had followed Abigail to the DiMera mansion, and he had overheard Abigail ask Chad to promise never to tell Ben about the night she and Chad had slept together.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano talked on the phone about convincing Abigail to reconcile with Chad. Once Stefano hung up the phone, Chad returned home. Chad asked why Stefano had returned to Salem with such urgency. Stefano said that he wanted to spend time with his only surviving son. Suspicious, Chad asked why Stefano had not felt the same way since E.J. had died. Stefano refused to answer the question again.

"Even though I want to believe you, I can't," Chad said. Chad accused Stefano of returning to Salem to interfere with Chad's relationship with Abigail.

At the lake, J.J. met up with Bev. While the two stripped down to their swimsuits, Kyle ran over to inform Bev that her friend Marta was looking for her. Bev went to talk to her friend while Kyle sat down next to J.J. and asked him about selling him his drug business. J.J. said he had given up his business long before. Nearby, someone watched J.J. from the bushes. Bev returned and noted that Marta had not been looking for her. J.J. told Bev that they should leave.

As J.J. and Bev scurried off, a man in the bushes watched them go. The man in the bushes placed a phone call informing someone that J.J. had met with a drug dealer for the second time. The man asked the person on the phone whether he should continue to follow J.J.

Bev and J.J. walked to the town square and ate lunch at the cafe. J.J. asked Bev about Kyle. With a shrug, Bev said she did not know Kyle beyond the fact that he had sold drugs to everyone. J.J. said he thought Kyle wanted something from him.

In Club TBD, Paige decided to meet with someone from an Internet dating site while Daphne sat nearby to help her if she should run into any trouble. When Paige's Internet date, Mark, arrived, Paige nervously shifted in her seat. Paige said that Mark had not mentioned his age in his profile. As Mark reached out for the chair, Paige asked him not to sit down.

"This isn't going to work out," Paige said. Mark nodded and left. Daphne rushed over to the table to talk about the date. Paige explained that Mark was not who she needed. Paige opened her tablet and logged into the dating site.

Brady entered the club and met with John at the bar. John told Brady about Xander's alibi, infuriating Brady. John changed the subject to Tate, and Brady started to grin. Brady warned John that Theresa was staying at the house with Tate. John joked that Henderson should remove all the fireplace pokers from the mansion. With a chuckle, Brady commented that Maggie had already done it.

Brady explained that he had invited Theresa to stay at the mansion on a temporary basis so he could be closer to his son. Brady promised that he would not let Theresa seduce him after all she had done. Across the room, Paige eyed Brady and said, "That could work." Incredulous, Daphne said, "Brady Black?" Paige said not Brady specifically but someone his age or John's age. Daphne shook her head. With a smirk, Daphne asked Paige if she was dating an older guy to get back at her mother.

Brady returned home and spent time with his son. As Brady cradled Tate, Brady told Tate that he was the most important person in world to him.

. . .

On the next Days of our Lives...
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  • Despite his anger, Eric wants to team up with Serena to get the goods on Xander
  • Paige stirs up trouble for J.J.
  • J.J. is stunned when he learns who's been spying on him

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