Tuesday, September 29, 2015

In her living room, an overwhelmed Eve sat on the couch and stared at the wall. Theresa helped finalize funeral arrangements. As Theresa gently urged Eve to pick out a dress for Paige's burial, Eve remained motionless on the couch. Theresa picked up a black dress and noted that she remembered when Eve had purchased the dress for Paige. Eve blinked and reached out for the dress. Clutching the dress to her chest, Eve started to sob.

After wiping away her tears, Eve expressed anger over Eduardo's plans to attend Paige's funeral. Eve noted that after Eduardo had left them, Paige had been the one to keep Eve from falling apart. Theresa told Eve to remember the good memories of her daughter, and Eve lashed out at her sister. Reigning in her emotions, Eve apologized. Eve thanked Theresa for her support and hugged her tightly. With a sigh, Eve asked to be alone. After Theresa left, Eve handed the black dress to a courier for the funeral home when he stopped by then she broke down on the floor in tears.

On the porch of the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole pounded on the front door as Kate arrived. Kate and Nicole bickered. Brady interrupted as he returned home, and Nicole told him that Kate was Theresa's silent partner. With a nod, Brady said he was fine with Kate as a partner, and he urged the women to get along. While Brady tended to his son upstairs, Nicole and Kate went into the living room to chat privately.

Nicole threatened to remove Kate with a lawsuit. With a self-satisfied smirk, Kate noted that a lawsuit would bankrupt the company and ruin everything for both of them. Theresa arrived, and she was shocked to see Kate in the living room. Nicole lit into Theresa for partnering with Kate. When Nicole asked why Theresa had been out of touch, Theresa calmly explained that she had been comforting Eve and preparing for Paige's funeral. Nicole apologized.

The three women agreed to get along for the sake of their new company. As they sat down to talk business, Nicole and Kate quickly overpowered Theresa in the conversation. Theresa wanted to talk about a new line of clothing, but Nicole and Kate insisted on talking about the budget. As Nicole and Kate's discussion grew more heated, Brady returned downstairs. Brady noted that he had heard every word upstairs when he had been in his son's room, and he ordered them to keep the noise down.

After Brady returned upstairs, the discussion turned to clothing designs. Theresa eagerly offered some ideas, but Nicole and Kate asked Theresa to fetch some coffee from the kitchen. Theresa reluctantly agreed. From the staircase, Brady overheard the conversation, and he watched Theresa make faces as she trudged into the kitchen.

In the living room, Nicole pitched Eric as a fashion photographer. Kate did not believe that Eric had enough experience to turn in the type of photography they needed to reboot the company. When Kate pleaded her case, Nicole reluctantly agreed with Kate's rationalization for another photographer. Nicole pitched a few designers. As Theresa returned with the coffee, Nicole informed Kate that she would make the calls to the designers. Theresa vehemently objected.

Nicole reminded Theresa that they needed to make sure that their first campaign was successful, and she suggested that Theresa should wait on the sidelines. After Nicole left, Kate told Theresa that no one successful started at the top. Kate assured Theresa that it would be a good opportunity for Theresa to study the work of others and learn from them. "This is the education of a lifetime!" Kate crowed. After Kate left, Theresa threw a tantrum and complained to Brady. Brady cautioned Theresa to remember that success did not happen overnight. Theresa groaned.

"You will make it. You got it. You have the ambition. You have the determination. You have the drive. You have it all, everything you need. And I know Tate is going to be very proud of his mom one day," Brady said. Buoyed by Brady's words, Theresa gently kissed Brady. Brady delicately pushed Theresa away, and he told her that he was disappointed in her reaction to what he had said.

In Marlena's penthouse, she and Eric talked about Chad. Marlena said she was concerned that she had not seen that Chad had been setting her up. When Marlena wondered aloud whether she had not seen anything because Chad had been innocent, Eric shook his head. Marlena changed the subject to Eric. Eric admitted that he felt beaten up and confused. With a smile, Marlena reminded Eric that he had friends and family to support him.

Citing exhaustion, Marlena said she wanted to take a nap. Eric rose to leave, and he opened the front door a crack. As Eric mentioned Marlena's doubts about Chad, Abe arrived in the hallway and heard Eric's comment. Eric turned to leave and greeted Abe. Abe promised he would only visit for a moment, so Eric left.

Abe asked Marlena why she doubted that Chad had attacked her. Marlena clarified that she thought it was strange for a murderer to ask a psychiatrist for help. Abe suggested that Chad had been laying the groundwork for reasonable doubt in a court case. Shaking her head, Marlena noted that it was not logical for a killer to attend multiple appointments with her and then attempt to kill her. Abe blamed Marlena for breaching her ethics in treating Chad, but Marlena countered that Chad had been a person of interest and not a suspect. Abe warned Marlena to call the police if Chad contacted her.

At Club TBD, Will ate breakfast with Lucas. Will confirmed that Sonny had not reached out to him. When Lucas offered to travel to France and talk to Sonny, Will shook his head no. Will said that he had made too many mistakes and needed to give Sonny time. Will asked about Lucas' relationship with Adrienne. When Lucas changed the subject, Will asked Lucas if things were that bad. Lucas admitted that Adrienne had decided to give Justin another chance.

At the hospital, a nervous Adrienne paced, waiting for her test results. When Adrienne confided to Kayla that she felt alone, Kayla reminded Adrienne that the test for the breast cancer gene was a good first step. Kayla noted that if Adrienne tested positive for the gene, it would give her time to weight her options.

At the police station, Justin confided to Abe that he was frustrated with the police work on the strangler case. Abe urged Justin to do whatever it took to arrest the murderer. As Abe walked into his office, the new officer, Lonnie, introduced herself to Abe. Abe asked if they had met before, but a beaming Lonnie said they had not.

In the main room, Justin reviewed photos of Paige from the crime scene. Eve entered the station, and a startled Justin apologized for the photos. Eve demanded justice. Visibly shaken, Eve swore to have justice even if she had to find the killer on her own.

Justin escorted Eve to the town square, and he promised her that he would get justice. Justin confided that his family had worked for justice outside the system before but that it had never been a good thing. Justin urged Eve to be patient. With a sigh, Eve said that she had been blowing off steam and would let the police do their job. Eve thanked Justin for always making her feel better. With a shrug, Justin offered to escort Eve to the funeral. Eve accepted.

Nearby, Adrienne spotted Justin and Eve from across the square. Adrienne looked stricken as she saw Justin comfort Eve. Lucas saw Adrienne's face, and he followed her into the park. When Lucas caught up with Adrienne at the bench, Adrienne babbled that she had to have misread the situation between Justin and Eve. Adrienne stressed that Justin was comforting a grieving mother. Concerned, Lucas asked Adrienne if something else was bothering her.

Adrienne confided in Lucas about the test she had taken for the gene that indicated the high probability of developing breast cancer. Seeing how anxious Adrienne was for her test results, Lucas distracted her with a boat ride. Afterward, they laughed as they walked through the town square. Adrienne thanked Lucas for helping her. Adrienne hugged her ex-lover as Justin watched from nearby.

After Lucas left, Justin approached Adrienne. Adrienne assured Justin that Lucas was only a friend. As Justin furrowed his brow, Adrienne asked Justin to let go of his jealousy. Justin nodded.

Adrienne's phone rang. Kayla called to tell Adrienne that she was still waiting on the test results. Kayla told Adrienne that the test was likely nothing to worry about. After Adrienne hung up the phone, she told Justin that the call had been a friend. Adrienne did not mention the test she had taken.

. . .

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