Tuesday, October 18, 2016
by Mike

At the hospital, Kayla complained to Steve about the administrator's decision to refuse treatment to anyone who was not already inside its walls, leaving her unable to help the many injured people who were waiting outside. Seth Burns overheard her talking about him and countered, "I don't need you to tell me how to run my hospital, Dr. Brady. No one enters or leaves until the siege is over. Understood?" He walked away without waiting for a response.

Meanwhile, Rafe tracked Eduardo down in one of the break rooms after hearing about the explosion near Club TBD. Eduardo reported that Dario had suffered an injury but was going to be okay. Although Rafe was pleased to hear that, he made it clear that he was still upset about the dangerous stunt that Dario had pulled to try to get Eduardo to leave Salem. Eduardo assured Rafe that Dario felt bad about that.

Rafe had expected Eduardo to be furious with Dario, but Eduardo revealed that he and Dario had actually had a civil conversation earlier. He blamed himself for Dario's selfish behavior, believing that Dario had "a troubled heart" as a result of having grown up without a father. Rafe thought that was a lame excuse because he and Gabi hadn't turned into selfish people after Eduardo had abandoned them, but Eduardo argued that they were different people and had been affected in different ways. He hoped they would be able to forgive Dario, just as they had already forgiven him. "We've all done things we're not proud of," he pointed out.

Later, Rafe considered calling Hope but decided not to, guessing that she probably wanted to be left alone. Eduardo wondered if the couple had hit a rough patch. "Something like that," Rafe replied with a mirthless chuckle, explaining that he and Hope were taking a break. "I forgot what it's like to feel like this," he added, leading Eduardo to conclude that Hope was the one who had requested the break. Eduardo wondered if Rafe wanted to talk about what had happened. "Eh, it's complicated. But then again, I guess love always is," Rafe replied. He insisted, however, that things weren't over between him and Hope yet.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad woke up and tried to move his arm without disturbing Gabi, whose head was still resting on his chest. She stirred and sleepily apologized for having used his body as a pillow. He dismissed her concern, assuring her that he hadn't minded at all. She gave him a hug to thank him for providing her and Arianna with a safe place to stay while the town was under siege. J.J. arrived in time to witness the embrace, and he lingered in the doorway and watched for a moment before announcing his presence with a knock on the open study door.

Gabi stood and excitedly greeted J.J. with a hug and a kiss, declaring that she had missed him. As J.J. returned the sentiment, Chad asked, "How's everything going out there?" J.J. reported that the town was in a state of chaos, and things were getting worse with each passing minute. He offered to take Gabi and Arianna over to the Horton house so they could stay with Jennifer, Doug, and Julie, but Gabi refused, insisting that she didn't want to be around Julie at that time. J.J. tried to assure Gabi that Julie was growing to like her, but Gabi thought he was just imagining that, and she maintained that she would rather stay with Chad.

Chad had no objections, reasoning that it would be pointless to move Arianna because she seemed to be having a good time at the mansion. J.J. conceded the point and gave up on trying to change Gabi's mind. She thanked him for understanding then excused herself so she could get Arianna settled in the guest room. J.J. stayed behind and stepped over to Thomas' crib to watch him as he slept. Chad assured J.J. that Thomas had slept through most of the chaos.

J.J. thanked Chad for letting Gabi and Arianna stay at the mansion, although there was a slight edge behind his words. Chad said it was the least he could do, and he promised that they would be safe with him. J.J. nodded as he silently studied Chad. Meanwhile, a cell phone started ringing. When J.J. didn't react right away, Chad pointed out that the sound wasn't originating from his cell phone. J.J. turned away from Chad and answered the call then started to rush off after a brief conversation. Concerned, Chad wondered what was going on. "Orpheus planted a bomb at the Brady Pub. My mom's inside!" J.J. quickly explained.

John and Hope carefully turned the bomb-rigged table onto its side so they could get a better look at the explosive device. John told Hope to call the bomb squad and get everyone ready to evacuate the pub. As Jennifer rushed upstairs to get Caroline, John explained to Marlena that Orpheus had promised to detonate the bomb the moment anyone tried to flee the building. Marlena thought there had to be some way to reason with Orpheus, but John said he had already tried to do that during their earlier phone conversation. "Try harder," she worriedly advised.

"You're right. This has gone on long enough. It's time to give him what he wants," John agreed. Marlena didn't like the sound of that, but as she started to protest, Hope returned and reported that the bomb squad was stretched too thin and wouldn't be able to make it to the pub in time to defuse the bomb. "Damn. He planned this out so perfectly," John mused with a sigh.

John soon received another phone call from Orpheus, who revealed himself to be standing right outside the pub, holding a detonator. John begged Orpheus to spare everyone else and just take him instead. "I was hoping you'd say that," Orpheus admitted. He told John to get Hope to end the call she was on. John did that then waited for further instructions. Orpheus refused to let anyone go until John was in his custody. "All right. Just --" John started to respond, but Orpheus interrupted and made it clear that he wasn't willing to negotiate. "You try to get clever, and I blow this place and everyone in it to hell," he added.

John ended the call and relayed the terms to Marlena and Hope. He assured Marlena that he would find a way to get himself out of the predicament once everyone else was safe, but she feared that he might not be able to do that, and she could tell that he shared her concern. Nevertheless, he maintained that he would find his way back to her, just as he always had before.

Meanwhile, Orpheus entered the pub, refusing to wait any longer for John to say his goodbyes. John insisted that he wasn't going to turn himself over to Orpheus until the bomb was deactivated. Orpheus said he would comply only after John and Hope handed over the magazines for their respective guns. They did as they were told, and Orpheus tucked the magazines in one of his pockets before retrieving his own gun, which he kept aimed at them while deactivating the bomb's timer. He then tossed Hope a rope and ordered her to tie John's hands behind his back.

After Hope finished her task, she and Marlena watched helplessly as Orpheus took John and backed out of the pub with him, keeping the gun aimed at them the whole time. As Hope started to assure Marlena that John was going to be fine, Jennifer returned with a bomb strapped to her chest, set to go off in less than ten minutes. As Jennifer tearfully explained to Marlena that one of Orpheus' associates had gotten in through the fire escape and had cornered her when she had gone upstairs to get Caroline, Hope stepped aside and contacted the bomb squad to see how much longer it would take them to get to the pub.

After Hope ended the call, Marlena wanted to relay Jennifer's story to her. Hope quietly revealed that the bomb squad wouldn't be able to make it to the pub in time to defuse the bomb because they were juggling about a million other things at the moment. Hope urged Marlena to flee the pub, and although Marlena was reluctant to do so at first, she eventually agreed after Hope insisted that her help was needed more elsewhere.

Hope tried to assure Jennifer that the bomb squad would be arriving shortly, but Jennifer guessed that Hope was just telling her what she wanted to hear. Jennifer urged Hope to follow Marlena out of the pub, but Hope refused to leave without Jennifer. With less than six minutes left on the bomb's timer, Hope vowed that if the bomb squad didn't arrive in time to defuse it, she'd find a way to do so herself.

At the hospital, Steve tracked Kayla down and informed her that he had just overheard a police officer mentioning something about John being Orpheus' new hostage. Steve insisted that he had to save John. He expected Kayla to protest, but she agreed and offered to help him find a way out of the hospital. After examining a map of the place, she pinpointed an exit that she was almost certain no one would be guarding, and she advised him to take that exit then use the nearby fire escape to get to the ground level.

Elsewhere, Rafe received a phone call from Hope, who quickly explained the situation and asked him to help her defuse the bomb. "Hope, I am not the one to call when you want to defuse a bomb," he insisted, reminding her of what had happened the last time they had tried to accomplish that feat. "But I do know someone who is. I'm gonna call you right back," he added before ending the call.

Rafe tracked Eduardo down then initiated a videoconference with Hope so Eduardo could examine the bomb and coach her on how to defuse it. He was relieved to see that the bomb's wiring seemed straightforward enough, but as he was trying to tell her which wire to detach first, her cell phone lost its signal. He quickly started another videoconference with her and picked up where he had left off. Following his instructions, she managed to detach the first wire, and although her cell phone threatened to lose its signal again, the videoconference continued without interruption.

Eduardo told Hope which wire to detach next, but as she was about to do so, he suddenly changed his mind, realizing that the solution seemed a bit too obvious. He instructed her to detach a different wire instead, and after she did that, he turned her attention to another wire, still ignoring the one that had aroused his suspicions. When she pulled the third wire as instructed, the timer stopped -- with just four seconds left on it.

Relieved, Hope carefully helped Jennifer out of the vest that the bomb was strapped to. As she set it aside on the bar, Rafe called her and wondered how she and Jennifer were doing. Hope reported that Jennifer was much better than she had been a minute earlier, and she jokingly added that she was thinking of joining the bomb squad. She asked Rafe to thank Eduardo for helping out. "Listen, Rafe --" she started to add, but he interrupted and blurted out that he loved her. "I love you, too," she replied before excusing herself, promising to talk to him again soon.

As Marlena was passing through the town square on her way to the hospital, she found J.J. on the ground, bleeding from a gunshot wound in his abdomen. She rushed to his side and retrieved some gauze from her medical bag, pressing it against his wound as she urged him to stay calm and conserve his strength. She tried to call for an ambulance, but no one answered.

Meanwhile, Gabi arrived with Chad and rushed to J.J.'s side, having been on the phone with him at the time of the gunshot. Marlena instructed her to keep firm pressure applied to J.J.'s wound. When Marlena mentioned that she hadn't been able to reach anyone at the hospital, Chad explained that the place was still on lockdown. She insisted that she needed an ambulance immediately. "On it," Chad said before rushing off.

Marlena wondered if Gabi knew who had shot J.J. Gabi said she wasn't sure, explaining that she had just heard the gunshot and the sound of J.J.'s cell phone dropping to the ground. Meanwhile, Chad returned and reported that no one was around to help. He added that he couldn't drive J.J. to the hospital himself because his car was out of gas; in fact, he and Gabi had been forced to abandon it on their way to the town square. Marlena tried to keep J.J. from looking at the wound, but he guessed, "It's bad, isn't it?" Blood sputtered out of his mouth as he spoke.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, John transferred twenty million dollars to an offshore bank account as Orpheus held him at gunpoint. He urged Orpheus to take the money and leave Salem before anyone else got hurt. Orpheus somewhat curiously observed that John seemed to genuinely care about everyone's safety, recalling that he had really upset John when he had shot the cop who had gotten in their way. He insisted, however, that he couldn't just leave Salem without first killing John. "You've known from the beginning that that's what this is all about," he continued.

John asked Orpheus to at least promise that he'd leave Salem afterward -- without hurting anyone else in the process. "What do you want me to do, pinky-swear?" Orpheus mockingly replied. He added that it was a bit late for such a promise, since he had rigged the Brady Pub with more than one explosive device. Complaining that he and Orpheus had struck a deal that he, unlike Orpheus, had upheld, John demanded the immediate deactivation of the second bomb. "John, are you getting this? You're in no position to give me orders," Orpheus pointed out.

John wondered how many innocent people would have to die to satisfy Orpheus' sick need for revenge. "Well, I hadn't thought of an exact number," Orpheus admitted. He refused to deactivate the second bomb, adding that his only regret was that he hadn't been able to think of a way to lure Roman to the pub. "But, at this point, I really can't be greedy, can I?" he conceded with a shrug.

John tried to reason with Orpheus, pointing out that twenty million dollars was more than enough to allow him to flee the country and start a whole new life for himself. Orpheus conceded the point but insisted that the taste of retribution was much more enticing to him. "[I want to] subject you -- and everyone [else] who caused me pain -- to as much hurt as I've felt," he explained.

Orpheus complained that losing Rebecca had been bad enough, but facing the rejection of his kids -- his only remaining links to her -- had been unbearable. "And even when I had a chance to reconcile with them, they would have nothing to do with me, their father. Why? Why, John? Because you and those hypocritical slags at the ISA painted me as some kind of irredeemable monster," he continued. John dismissively insisted that Orpheus' kids were better off without him. "As yours will be without you," Orpheus countered, ordering John to get on his knees.

"Tell me, John Black...are you prepared to die?" Orpheus asked as he pointed the gun at John's head, circling around to John's backside. John asked Orpheus to at least have the courage to face him while pulling the trigger, but Orpheus guessed that John was just trying to buy himself some more time. "You can't stop this, John," Orpheus insisted. "But I can," Steve said as he entered the townhouse and cocked his own gun.

. . .

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