Tuesday, September 1, 2015

At the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa attempted to strike up a conversation with Brady about Tate. Turning serious, Theresa thanked Brady for helping have Xander arrested. Theresa commented that she believed that Xander had once been a sweet boy but that no one had shown him how to treat women. Brady stared in silence, and Theresa remarked that she had told Tate that his father would show him how to treat women "like royalty."

As Theresa reached out to touch Brady's shoulder, he grabbed her wrist and growled, "You just don't know when to quit, do you?" Brady left in a huff, and Theresa sat nervously on the couch. Maggie entered the room. Maggie offered to listen if Theresa needed to talk. After hesitating, Theresa explained that she had thanked Brady for saving her from Xander, and he had reminded her that he had not helped her because he cared for her.

"He's never going to love me, is he?" Theresa asked quietly. Maggie suggested to Theresa that she learn to love herself first. Theresa was defensive. Unfazed, Maggie told Theresa to be herself. Theresa told Maggie about the time she had saved Brady from drinking a spiked drink, and she had bonded with Brady about her good deed. When Theresa noted that Brady had been dating Melanie at the time, Maggie's face grew dark, and she reminded Theresa that she had returned to scheming then.

Flustered, Theresa apologized for hurting Melanie. Theresa said that she wanted to change her life to honor her son. Maggie wondered aloud if Theresa was afraid of being hurt. With a sigh, Theresa said that her parents had not been around while she had been growing up, and she had learned how to take care of herself. With a nod, Maggie said that one could be strong and vulnerable. When Maggie suggested that Theresa show her vulnerable side, Theresa refused.

"No, I'd rather look like a witch than a pathetic, needy..." Theresa started. Maggie cut her off, and she promised not to offer any more unsolicited advice. With a shrug, Maggie wondered if Brady was talking to John about the sale of Basic Black. Theresa commented that she had missed out on her chance. Suspicious, Maggie asked Theresa to explain. Theresa admitted that she had wanted to be a fashion designer when she'd been a kid, until Kim had discouraged her.

"You don't seem like the type to give up on your dreams that easily," Maggie said. Theresa agreed. Theresa said she wanted to earn Brady's respect. Maggie suggested that Theresa work as an intern, but Theresa wanted something more.

When Brady returned, Theresa asked him about a job at Basic Black. Brady informed her that they were selling the company. Theresa nodded. Brady offered to talk to the new buyer about an entry-level position for Theresa, but she declined. Theresa said she wanted to buy Basic Black. With a raised eyebrow, Brady asked Theresa how she would raise the money. When Theresa suggested that Brady loan her the money, he groaned.

"How much experience did you have before you became a mogul?" Theresa asked Brady. Brady said no. Upset, Theresa said she would prove Brady wrong and raise the money. Theresa walked over to the hospital and talked to Anne. When Theresa asked for help buying Basic Black, Anne wished Theresa good luck. Theresa swore to find an investor.

Daniel visited Nicole at her office to tell her that Serena had been murdered. Nicole was stunned. Nicole said that she felt like Serena's death had been her fault because she had wished her ill. As Daniel counseled Nicole not to take on any blame, Nicole's boss, Miles, entered her office and crassly asked her to interview Eric about Serena's murder. Nicole refused.

Miles persisted. Nicole warned Miles to give the story to another reporter. When Miles threatened Nicole, she countered that he could not fire her because she quit. Daniel grinned. After Miles left, Daniel helped Nicole pack up her office. Nicole said that she had been happiest working at Titan. When Daniel asked what she was thinking, Nicole explained that she had heard that John was selling Basic Black. Smiling, Nicole said she wanted to buy the company.

Nicole called about the sale, and she learned that the asking price for Basic Black was too steep. Daniel offered to talk to Victor about fronting the money that Xander owed Nicole. Thrilled, Nicole thanked Daniel for acting like Basic Black was his dream as well. Daniel countered that his dream was to make Nicole happy. Daniel offered to chip in, but he added that they did not have enough money to buy the company, even if they pooled their money. With a smile, Nicole swore she would figure something out.

In the park, Clyde met up with Kate. Clyde was annoyed that Kate was late for their meeting, and he demanded that things change. Clyde said that he wanted to be the most important thing in Kate's life. Frustrated, Kate asked Clyde if he was going to make her a priority. As Clyde sighed, Kate commented, "What is this, the 1960s? Did I wander onto the set of Mad Men? Is this the Twilight Zone?"

As Kate turned to leave, Clyde grabbed her arm and shook her. "Do you have a problem with me asking for due respect?" Clyde yelled. "I have a problem with you acting like a chauvinistic jerk," Kate countered. Kate warned Clyde to find someone that enjoyed being with a narcissist because it did not interest her. "Just consider yourself dumped," Kate said as she walked away.

In the Edge nightclub, John surprised Marlena with a romantic evening alone. John said he wanted to prove that he would put Marlena first by taking her on a trip down memory lane. With a grin, John asked Marlena about the nearby table setting. Marlena smiled, and she commented that the table reminded her of their first date at Shenanigans.

"Being us against the world was so much easier than..." Marlena started. "Us against us?" John finished. Worried, Marlena wondered why this go-round together would be different between her and John. John said he wanted to show Marlena how things would be different. John uncovered a plate with a yellow rose on it. Marlena thought about when John had left her a yellow rose on her pillow. The two chuckled over the memory.

"You remember what Belle called us that morning?" John asked. "The most married parents she'd ever met," Marlena said. John admitted that he had been running away in the past. John promised to fight for Marlena in the future. When Marlena asked how many memories John planned to talk about, John said, "As many as it takes." Marlena admitted that she was scared.

"The years that we spent together were the happiest years of my life, and they were also some of the most painful. We hadn't even ended our honeymoon before I thought that I had lost you. If I open up my heart to you again, my whole heart, I run the risk of going thorough that pain all over again. But you know what? Now it's even worse because you'll be risking your life every single day with that job," Marlena said through tears.

John peeled a napkin off of another table that held reminders of their time in New Orleans. John told Marlena that he was grateful for his lost memories there because it had saved his life. "I chose New Orleans because our future always starts with our past," John said. As Marlena sighed at the memory, John asked her if their relationship had been worth the pain. Marlena said it had been.

"What I can promise to you is that my commitment to you will be unshakeable," John said. John uncovered one last table display to reveal a bouquet of roses that was a replica of the one she had carried at their first wedding. Marlena and John thought about their wedding vows to one another. Holding back tears, John repeated part of their vows. "I am yours," John said. John handed Marlena an empty journal, and she shrugged in confusion. John looked around the room.

"This was our past, and it's been an amazing ride. This is our future, and I firmly believe the best is yet to be," John said as he gently shook the journal. John said he wanted to fill the pages with Marlena. "I'd like that too," Marlena said as her voice cracked. Marlena commented that she wanted to fill page one, and she kissed John.

Justin met with Abe at the police station to discuss the mayor's resignation. Abe informed Justin that the city council had appointed him to act as mayor. After Justin congratulated Abe, Abe expressed his desire to replace the current district attorney with Justin. Justin was flattered, but he noted that he was inexperienced. Abe disagreed. With a chuckle, Abe said that Justin's name would strike fear into the hearts of criminals.

Shaking Abe's hand to accept the job, Justin said, "I'm looking forward to nailing the bastard who stabbed my son. And getting this killer off the street."

In the town square, Jennifer ran into Eve and accidentally knocked her bag out of her hands. As Jennifer realized that she had run into Eve, she yelled at Eve for what Eve had done to endanger Jennifer's son. When Eve asked what Jennifer meant, Jennifer accused Eve of sending Sonix magazine a tip about J.J. dealing drugs out of the Horton Center. Eve denied the charge. Jennifer argued that Eve had placed a target on J.J.'s back.

"Once an addict, always an addict," Eve said. Furious, Jennifer slapped Eve. Eve slapped Jennifer back. Before the two women could fight more, Justin and Abe intervened. Jennifer stormed off with Abe chasing her. Eve grumpily greeted Justin. When Justin asked if Eve wanted to talk, she said that she wanted a drink first. Justin followed Eve to Club TBD, and he marveled as she knocked back a drink like it was a shot. Eve complained about Jennifer, and she noted that Jennifer would cause everyone trouble.

"Unlike you. Who has never caused anyone any trouble," Justin commented sarcastically. Eve asked Justin about his problems. With a grin, Justin said the he had just been hired as the new district attorney. Eve congratulated Justin. Laughing, Justin said they could be friends if Eve stayed out of trouble. Eve told Justin she was sorry to hear about his marriage, and she added that Adrienne had been a fool to let Justin go. With a shrug, Justin said that he had been the one to mess up the marriage.

Across the room, Daniel and Nicole gazed lovingly into one another's eyes, while Kate had a drink with Roman and complained about men at another nearby table. Kate commented that she needed to take a break from dating. Roman joked that the men of Salem would be relieved. As Kate rolled her eyes, she said that she was bored in her job. Kate said she wanted to shake up her life.

At the other table, Nicole talked to Daniel about finding an investor to help her buy Basic Black. Daniel noted that John would have no difficulty selling Basic Black, just as Kate was leaving the club. Overhearing Daniel's comment at the doorway, Kate stopped dead in her tracks.

At Kyle's apartment, Kyle asked J.J. to sample his new meth delivery to check the quality. Stammering, J.J. said he would sell the product but that he had worked hard to quit drugs and did not want to backslide. Kyle clarified that he needed J.J. to quality check the product, not use all of it. Kyle added that if J.J. refused to check the meth, he would have to rethink whether he could trust J.J.

J.J. argued that Kyle did not want one of his dealers using the product, shorting customers on their deliveries. Kyle countered that J.J. would not steal from customers because he valued his life. Kyle pulled out his gun and noted that he needed to clean it again. As Kyle leveled his gun at J.J., he told J.J. he would find someone else to test the meth and that J.J. could find another job. Crumpling to the pressure, J.J. grabbed the drugs and agreed to test them.

With his lips against the pipe, J.J. hesitated. Kyle urged J.J. to hurry up and smoke the drugs. With a shake of his head, J.J. refused, citing his desire not to get hooked. Kyle pushed his gun into J.J.'s chest, and he patted down J.J. Kyle asked J.J. if he was wearing a wire. "You just failed your first and last test," Kyle said. Kyle called Clyde to tell him there was a problem. Clyde reluctantly agreed to meet with Kyle.

J.J.'s phone rang. When J.J. noted that his mom was calling, Kyle grabbed the phone. Jennifer left a voicemail asking J.J. to call her and tell her that he was fine. Back at Kyle's apartment, Kyle waited nervously while holding J.J. at gunpoint. When Clyde arrived, J.J.'s mouth dropped open in surprise. "Too many drug dealers for one room," Clyde said. Kyle hit J.J. over the head with the butt of his gun, knocking J.J. out.

. . .

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