Tuesday, April 21, 2015

At the Horton house, Ben talked to Abigail about whether she was upset with him about his work in Florida. Abigail said she was surprised about Ben's past, but she was not upset. Abigail added that she understood that Ben had taken the job in Florida in order to save money for school. Shaking his head, Ben said he’d known when he’d taken the job that it had been wrong. Abigail said she did not judge Ben for his actions. Ben said that Clyde was his only hope to get out of his legal problems.

In the park, Clyde anxiously waited for a phone call. When the phone rang, Clyde hurriedly answered the call. The caller confirmed to Clyde that the "job was done," and Clyde ordered the caller to "pay the family."

Hope and Aiden awoke in bed together. With the kids away at a sleepover, Hope and Aiden reveled in their ability to take their time getting ready for the day. Aiden called Ben and informed him that Ben would no longer be required to answer police questions in Florida because Wolensky had been murdered in prison. As Aiden hung up the phone, Hope asked about the phone call. Citing client confidentiality, Aiden declined to comment on the call. When Hope noted the suspiciousness of the timing, Aiden stressed that he needed to keep his professional life separate from Hope.

Clyde went to Ben's apartment to talk to him about the situation in Florida. When Ben informed Clyde that Wolensky had died in prison, Clyde faked surprise at the news. Clyde advised Ben to steer clear of people like Wolensky in the future. Clyde said that Ben had been lucky because if Wolensky had learned that the police wanted to question Ben, then Wolensky would have put a hit on Ben. When Ben noted that Wolensky had to have crossed the wrong guy, Clyde agreed.

At the hospital, Chad talked to Abigail about Ben. When Abigail said that Ben was no longer needed in Florida because Wolensky had died in prison, Chad chuckled. "That worked out well for Ben, didn't it?" Chad joked. Chad remarked that someone had likely paid to kill Wolensky, which ruffled Abigail. Abigail countered that a DiMera would think that way.

When Chad asked Abigail why she was casting aspersions on him, Abigail explained that E.J. had hired a hit man to murder Nick. Chad did not believe Abigail, but Abigail stressed that E.J. had confessed to her what he had done. "I am not my brother. Never forget that," Chad said.

In the park, Paul talked with his grandfather on a bench when John entered the clearing. John told Paul that he refused to let Paul walk out of his life. Though unable to speak English, Paul's grandfather told Paul that he believed John was Paul's father. Paul's grandfather went for a walk so Paul could talk privately with John.

John explained to Paul that he had never actually been a priest. Confused, Paul asked what John meant. John told Paul that all memory of his life before arriving in Salem was gone. John explained that when he had met Tori, he had been on the rebound from another relationship. John stressed that he had not known that Tori had been pregnant.

When John said he was sorry he had lost so many years with Paul over a misunderstanding, Paul shook his head in frustration. John apologized for berating Paul over his relationship with Sonny. John said he had known Will his whole life and had failed to ask enough questions about the situation with Sonny and Paul. Paul accused John of not wanting to learn the truth but instead making a snap judgment about him. Paul said John was like the people on social media who cheered him on the field but were quick to turn on him when he did something they did not like.

Paul's grandfather returned to the clearing. As Paul's grandfather left with Paul, he nodded solemnly at John.

At Club TBD, Chad woke Sonny from his slumber on the office couch. Chad noted that he had seen the texts on Sonny's phone. Sonny was annoyed by the invasion of privacy, but unfazed, Chad urged Sonny to reconcile with Will. Chad reminded Sonny that Sonny and Will still loved one another.

At Will and Sonny's apartment, Zoe stopped by to assign Will a story about Clyde. Will agreed on the condition that Zoe would forward all social media responses about the article about Paul to him. Sonny returned home after Zoe left. After Will confirmed that Arianna was at Kayla's house, Sonny asked Will to talk. Will said the affair was his fault and not Paul's. Will promised to make things right with Sonny. As Sonny smiled sadly, Will said that Marlena had accused Will of acting like Sami.

Will said the words had stung, but Marlena's accusation had convinced him that he needed to see a therapist. Will pleaded with Sonny to go to counseling with him so they could save their marriage. Sonny said he wanted to be with Will. When Will asked if Sonny could forgive him, Sonny said they needed to talk more first.

While Sonny took a shower, Will talked to Zoe on the phone about the feedback on his Paul article. When Zoe asked Will whether he was planning to do another article on Paul, Will admitted that he might. Zoe gave Will the go-ahead on the condition that he would finish his article on Clyde first. Will went to his computer and reviewed the feedback on the Paul article that Zoe had compiled.

At the hospital, Clint talked to Kristen on the phone about Theresa. Clint assured Kristen that he had the "target" in sight. Grinning, Clint looked across the waiting room at Theresa, who was dropping off some ID badges before her work shift. When Theresa turned and saw Clint smiling at her, she was not pleased. Clint told Theresa that he missed her. Theresa was quick to counter that she had not missed Clint at all. Clint apologized, and Theresa ordered him to leave.

When Theresa arrived home, Clint caught up with her at her front door. Clint handed Theresa a bracelet. Clint said he had earned a lot of money. When Theresa pointed out that Clint had never spent any money on her but instead had leeched off of her, Clint countered that he had never had any money until then. Clint explained that he had won two million dollars in the lottery. Theresa doubted Clint's story, but Clint showed her a copy of the check he had received for his winnings.

Clint suggested that Theresa leave Salem with him. When Theresa noted that she was afraid to lose her job because of her legal woes in California, Clint urged Theresa to run away with him and live off his millions. Theresa agreed that she had nothing to lose, and she ran into her bedroom to pack. Alone in the living room, Clint called Kristen and informed her that Theresa was packing for a trip. "Straight to hell. It's going to be the surprise of her life," Kristen joked.

On Brady's private jet flight into Italy, the pilot warned Brady that weather conditions for landing were not good. Brady asked the pilot to do what he could to land the plane so that he did not lose the element of surprise with Kristen. As the pilot worked to land the plane safely, Brady muttered to himself that he would never have taken such a risky chance if Melanie had been on the plane with him. The pilot promised to drop off Brady on the runway and then take off and fly to Greece for refueling.

In the storage closet, Melanie was tossed about by the turbulence. "If we die, we die together. Sort of," Melanie said to herself. As Melanie flailed about, she accidentally inflated the emergency life raft. Pinned to the wall, Melanie struggled to deflate the raft as the plane landed. While Melanie worked on the raft in the closet, Brady got off the plane. As the plane geared up for takeoff, Melanie pulled out a nail file in order to escape before the plane left.

In her Italian villa, Kristen fretted over the health of her son, but she was convinced that the best way to heal her son's illness was to give him a bone marrow transplant directly from Theresa. Kristen cooed at the baby and promised him that she would get "rid of Theresa for good" once the operation was complete.

"How lucky am I that it is Brady's son," Kristen whispered as someone knocked on the door. Kristen opened the door to a stone-faced Brady.

. . .

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