Tuesday, September 23, 2014

While pacing her apartment, Eve called Marybeth on the phone to discuss the photos of J.J. from the party. Marybeth said that Paige had not mentioned the photos since the party, and Eve wanted to push the issue and tell Paige that Marybeth had told her about the photos. Worried, Marybeth asked Eve not to say anything, but Eve assured her that Paige would get over her anger quickly.

Eve abruptly hung up the phone when Paige returned home. Noting the look on Eve's face, Paige asked her mother what was wrong. Eve asked Paige what was going on with J.J. When Paige said there was nothing wrong, Eve countered that Marybeth had told Eve about the incident at the party with J.J. and another girl. Paige said that nothing had happened. Frustrated, Eve asked Paige to show her the photos of J.J. and the other girl.

Paige said no because she had deleted the picture. When Eve pleaded with Paige not to trust her cheating boyfriend, Paige defended J.J. citing that the incident had been a joke. After Paige left for the library, Eve wondered how she could make Paige question J.J.'s loyalty. Eve imagined pretending that someone had slipped another photo of J.J. with Jill under their apartment door and showed it to Paige. In Eve's daydream, Paige broke down in tears. Nodding, Eve forwarded the digital copies of her photo to a store in order to print copies.

In the Horton living room, J.J. grilled Rory about Jill. As Rory joked that J.J. wanted to hook up with Jill again because she was a "hot babe," a suspicious Jennifer rounded the corner with Abigail and demanded to know who was a "hot babe." Rory made an awkward excuse and ran out of the house. With a sigh, J.J. told his mother and sister that he had been high at the party and had kissed a random girl. With the tension thick in the air, Abigail left her mother alone with J.J. to talk.

J.J. informed Jennifer that someone at the party had drugged his soda. When Jennifer stared at the floor, J.J. swore that he would not take drugs willingly. Jennifer hugged her son and told him that she believed him. When Jennifer wondered aloud whether J.J. should go to a doctor, J.J. told her that Daniel had examined him. Jennifer was upset that Daniel had not informed her about the treatment, but J.J. assured Jennifer that he had asked Daniel not to speak to her about the incident.

After Jennifer left for a meeting at the hospital, Abigail returned to the living room and asked J.J. what had happened. J.J. updated his sister on the details, and he also told her that that someone had set him up but that he had not told Jennifer that part of the story. J.J. added that he was not sure that someone had intentionally drugged him or not. When Abigail asked J.J. who would want to hurt him, J.J. said his top suspect was Theresa.

At Club TBD, Nicole met with Roman to talk about Kristen. When Nicole argued that John's recovery would wound Eric, Roman assured Nicole that Eric had given his word that he would not testify against Kristen. Nicole argued that Eric should break his promise because Kristen had ruined Eric's life. Nicole begged Roman to talk to Eric about Kristen. With a raised eyebrow, Roman asked Nicole if she wanted him to convince Eric that Kristen was to blame for everything.

Upset, Nicole told Roman that she was paying for her sins, but Kristen was not suffering for Kristen's share of the blame. With a shrug, Roman countered that Nicole had not presented a miracle drug and had only lied to Eric. Through gritted teeth, Nicole said that she did not want Roman to ask Eric to forgive Nicole but instead to convince Eric to help himself. Shaking his head, Roman stressed that Eric would keep his word and not testify against Kristen.

As Brady argued with Kristen in her hotel room, the hospital texted Brady to inform him that John was waking from his coma. Stunned, Brady informed Kristen of the news. Kristen hopped in celebration and said how thankful she was to have helped Brady. When Kristen noted that Brady did not need to thank her, Brady bristled. Brady reminded Kristen that she had used the treatment as leverage to save her own skin.

"I did it for you. Only you. And I saw that look of hope in your eyes when you found out. God, it was so worth it," Kristen whispered. Flustered, Brady walked out of the hotel room. Kristen called Stefano and updated him on John's condition. With a grin, Kristen said that she had her on eye on Theresa because she believed Theresa, not Brady, had injured John. "Thanks to Theresa, Brady is going to have another reason to be thankful. To me," Kristen purred.

In the hospital, a groggy John stared into space as Eric and Marlena sat at John's bedside. As John's eyes slowly closed, Marlena begged him to stay awake. When Brady arrived, John was asleep and non-responsive. Daniel rushed into the room and examined John. After the exam, Daniel escorted Marlena, Brady, and Eric into the hallway. Daniel explained that patients waking from comas did so gradually. With a grin, Daniel assured the group that John was waking from his coma.

Eric stepped aside, called Kristen on his cell phone, and asked her to meet him at Club TBD. At the club, Eric told Kristen that John might not fully recover. With a raised eyebrow, Kristen reminded Eric that the agreement was that John would wake from his coma. When Kristen asked Eric if he was thinking of reneging on the agreement, Nicole interrupted and said that Eric would make Kristen pay for what she had done.

With a crooked smirk, Kristen asked Eric what he wanted. Eric grumbled that he would talk to the district attorney. Nicole chased after Eric and stopped him at the door. Nicole told Eric that though John was waking, Eric did not need to help Kristen. With a sigh, Eric reminded Nicole that his affairs were no longer any of her business. After Eric left, Kristen asked Nicole if she wanted to celebrate John's recovery.

Kristen joked, "I'll rejoice when you go to hell." Undaunted, Kristen teased Nicole about how everyone in town hated Nicole. Kristen noted that Eric hated Nicole more than her. With a smile, Kristen rose to leave. Nicole argued that Kristen was delusional if she believed that Brady would forgive Kristen. After Nicole left, Kristen muttered to herself that she would win Brady back.

Brady and Marlena celebrated John's recovery with a hug, and Brady wondered aloud why Eric was not with them. Brady and Marlena returned to John's bedside. Brady smiled in relief and told Marlena that he was thankful to Eric for his sacrifice.

Outside the Kiriakis mansion, Daniel informed Theresa that John was waking up from his coma. With a smirk, Daniel asked Theresa if she wanted to join him at the hospital. Theresa declined the offer, noting that she needed to find Brady. When Daniel commented that Brady would be at the hospital, Theresa lied and said that she was happy to hear that John was recovering. Suspicious, Daniel shook his head and walked away.

Alone on the Kiriakis porch, Theresa worried aloud about John's recovery. Theresa walked to the park and called Eve. Terrified, Theresa begged Eve to help her. Theresa rushed to the pub and met with Eve. When Eve asked what was wrong, Theresa explained that John's treatment was working and that he was waking from the coma. Eve warned Theresa not to tell her the details of the night of John's injury. Upset, Theresa demanded that Eve help her. Eve counseled Theresa to calm down because she was acting like a guilty person.

When Eve noted that she needed to leave to pick up photos, Theresa's mouth gaped open. Eve cautioned Theresa to research the facts about John's condition and remain calm. Theresa left the pub and walked to the town square. Worried, Theresa called Anne and left her a voicemail, begging Anne to update her on John's status. As Theresa cautioned herself to stay calm, she turned and ran into Abigail. Breathy with guilt, Theresa said that nothing was wrong. Abigail cocked an eyebrow and asked Theresa if she was scared that Abigail knew that Theresa had drugged J.J. at the party.

Confused, Theresa told Abigail that if J.J. were taking drugs again that she had no part in it. Abigail noted that if Theresa had not drugged J.J., she was clearly guilty of something. Defensive, Theresa argued that it was laughable to be lectured by Abigail about morals after Abigail had slept with E.J. When Abigail argued that she had taken responsibility for her mistake, Theresa laughed and countered that Abigail had taken responsibility because she had not had a choice about it. Abigail warned that Theresa would pay for her bad deeds.

Paige met with Marybeth in the town square and yelled at her for telling her mother about J.J. kissing another girl. When Paige worried aloud that Eve would never trust J.J. again, Marybeth shrugged and noted that Eve was right not to like J.J. Paige warned Marybeth not to badmouth J.J. Suspicious, Paige asked if Marybeth knew what had happened at the party. Marybeth said she had not had anything to do with the photos.

Paige recounted that Marybeth had insisted that Paige take her to the hospital and that Daniel had stated that Marybeth's arm had not been injured. Marybeth insisted that her arm had hurt. When Marybeth asked if Paige no longer trusted her, Paige responded that Marybeth had been vocal about her distaste for J.J. When Paige said that she and J.J. were suspicious that someone had set J.J. up, Marybeth stared in stunned silence.

Paige asked Marybeth for her phone. Pouting, Marybeth handed her phone to Paige. When Marybeth asked Paige what she was looking for, Paige explained that whoever had the photos had set up J.J. Marybeth guiltily shifted her gaze. After looking through Marybeth's photos, Paige gave her back the phone and walked away.

At the hospital, Jennifer dropped by Daniel's office to ask him about J.J.'s health. Daniel informed Jennifer that J.J was fine. When Jennifer asked him why he had not told her about J.J., Daniel stressed that he had an oath to protect his patient's confidentiality. Frowning, Jennifer noted that in the past, Daniel would have urged J.J. to talk to her and that she was disappointed that Daniel had not done so this time. Daniel nodded. Daniel reminded Jennifer that they were not together.

"And you're punishing me for that," Jennifer said accusingly. Daniel denied the charge. Jennifer noted that she had repeatedly attempted to reach out to Daniel and that he had shut her down. Jennifer added that Daniel had to have known that it would hurt her if Daniel kept J.J.'s drugging a secret. As Daniel attempted to interrupt, Jennifer talked over him and told Daniel to forget "us." "Which will probably be easy for you, since you already have," Jennifer said as she walked away.

In the park, J.J. met with Paige to discuss their day. Paige informed J.J. that Marybeth had told Eve about the photos. J.J. told Paige that he had talked to his mother and sister. When Paige asked J.J. if he had learned any information about Jill, he shook his head. Paige wondered aloud if they should stop investigating, but J.J. was adamant that they needed to determine who was behind the scheme to break them up. Paige countered that she wanted to have fun with J.J. and let the issue go. J.J. reluctantly agreed.

In her apartment, a giddy Eve looked at the print of the photo of J.J. and Jill that she had ordered. Marybeth knocked on the front door, and Eve ushered her into the living room. With a smile, Eve said that she had something to show Paige. When Marybeth warned Eve that Paige believed someone had set up J.J., Eve's smile fell away. Eve lamented that J.J. could talk Paige into believing anything.

Marybeth stuttered that Paige knew that she had not hurt her arm. Concerned, Eve asked Marybeth if she had told Paige that Eve had convinced Marybeth to pretend that her arm had been injured. Marybeth shook her head. When Marybeth said that Paige had taken her phone to look at the photos on it, Eve blanched. Marybeth explained that Paige believed that anyone that had a copy of the photos was a part of the setup. Eve slid the photo underneath her laptop computer. Eve noted that they needed to convince Paige that J.J. was no good. Marybeth agreed, and she left for class.

"Thank God I did not show Paige those pictures," Eve said to herself. Eve grabbed the photo and ripped it up. As Eve clutched the pieces of the photo, her eyes widened. Eve wondered aloud if it would be a better idea to target J.J. with the photos instead.

Eric returned to the hospital and met with Marlena and Roman in the hallway outside John's room. Eric informed them that he had talked to the district attorney and had informed her that he would not testify against Kristen. As Roman nodded, Eric said that the district attorney intended to drop the case against Kristen. Roman left to talk to the district attorney. With a sad smile, Marlena thanked Eric.

In John's hospital room, a worried Brady sat next to his father, clutching his hand. Overwhelmed with emotion, Brady sighed and rose to leave. As Brady grabbed the door handle, John called out, "son." Brady turned to see John staring at him.

In the town square, Theresa fought back her panic and waited for word about John. Anne texted Theresa and informed her that John was waking from his coma. As Theresa gasped, a smiling Kristen sidled up beside her. "What a difference a day makes," Kristen said cheerily.

. . .

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