Tuesday, July 29, 2014

As Sonny cleaned his apartment, E.J. knocked on the door and asked to speak with Sonny and Will together. Upset, Sonny asked E.J. why he should listen to the man that had broken Sami's heart and had also used Abigail in the process. E.J. said that he understood why everyone was angry but that he did not understand why all the good deeds he had done for Will and Sonny were erased by his affair with Abigail.

"I made one stupid mistake. But I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying here and I hope that you and William will give me another chance because my family, this family, means everything to me. That includes you, William, and Arianna," E.J. said. Sonny countered that if E.J. had cared about the family then he would not have cheated on Sami. Sonny asked E.J. to show himself out, and he went to check on the baby.

At the club, Will and Abigail talked over drinks. Abigail said that Sami had every right to be furious and she was worried that the situation would drive a wedge between Will and Sami. Will thought about the fight he'd had with his mother, but he told Abigail all was well. When Will asked Abigail how her relationship with E.J. had started, Abigail said that she had been drawn to E.J. When Abigail noted that E.J. had been having problems with Sami, Will asked if E.J. had pursued Abigail.

"No. No, it was very mutual. He was wrong, and I was wrong. We just didn't stop ourselves," Abigail said. Will reminded Abigail of a conversation they had previously had about her feelings for her secret boyfriend, and Abigail blurted out that she was not in love with E.J. Abigail apologized for snapping. Abigail explained that she did not understand what had happened with E.J. but that it was not love. Abigail reiterated that Sami had every right to be angry.

Will warned Abigail that Sami had threatened her. Abigail reminded Will that E.J. was not the only person that had hurt Sami. Will admitted that he was unhappy about Abigail's affair with E.J. but that he believed Sami might go too far to get back at Abigail. As Abigail's face twisted in confusion and concern, Will cautioned that Sami was known to hold a grudge.

In the Brady Pub, Anne approached Sami and said hello. Sami thanked Anne for meeting her. As Anne smiled, Sami said that she had heard that Anne had a reputation for doing her job no matter who she upset. With a devilish grin, Sami said that Anne was the kind of person she needed. Anne offered to assist Sami with John's care, but Sami dismissed the request. Sami explained that she would be taking over the DiMera seat on the hospital board.

Sami asked Anne to help her understand hospital regulations regarding employee misconduct. Pleased at Sami's interest in her job, Anne pulled out her phone, eager to show Sami the language from the human resources handbook. Sami handed Anne a business card and asked her to send the information to the email address on the card. Anne sent the information via email then she informed Sami that she had ideas for reorganizing the hospital. Sami smiled reluctantly and agreed to listen to Anne's ideas at a later date.

Once Anne was gone, Sami reviewed the hospital regulations on her computer tablet. Kayla arrived at the pub to meet Sami, and she gave Sami an update on John's condition. When Sami asked Kayla about her niece, Kayla assumed Sami was asking about Theresa's role as a witness to John's injury. Sami interrupted and said that she meant Kayla's other niece, Abigail. Kayla said Abigail was doing well at the hospital.

When Kayla offered her condolences for Sami's ruined wedding, Sami smiled and cheerfully said that the wedding had gone as planned. Sami admitted that she had given the incriminating evidence against E.J. to the police. Confused, Kayla asked why Sami had engineered the arrest of the man that she loved. Sami said that she had learned that E.J. had been sleeping with Abigail. Kayla did not believe it. When Sami alluded to the incident with Austin, Kayla said that Abigail's infatuation with Austin was no reason to believe that Abigail had slept with E.J.

Sami remarked that she was surprised that Jennifer had not reached out to Kayla. When Kayla asked Sami if she had talked to Jennifer about her theory, Sami corrected Kayla and said that she had gone to Jennifer with proof. Sami opened her tablet and showed Kayla a photo of Abigail and E.J. kissing in the cabin. Sami added that Abigail had admitted that she had slept with E.J. Nodding, Kayla said that she would talk to Abigail.

With a look of faux concern on her face, Sami leaned forward and asked Kayla to break the news to her niece that Abigail was no longer able to work at the hospital. Kayla quietly informed Sami that she could not fire Abigail. Sami disagreed and pointed out that Kayla was the person that oversaw the committee on which Abigail worked. Kayla refused to help Sami exact revenge.

"You're wrong, Kayla. That is exactly what you are going to do," Sami said. Kayla said that Abigail had made a mistake in her personal life and not at work. Sami read aloud the human resources paragraph regarding immoral conduct then she reminded Kayla that Abigail had slept with a member of the hospital board. When Kayla asked Sami not to go after Abigail, Sami urged Kayla to handle the matter quietly rather than turn the event into a scandal.

Kayla warned Sami that it would not make her feel better for Abigail to lose her job. Kayla refused to take part in Sami's scheme. With a raised eyebrow, Sami reminded Kayla that DiMera Enterprises had a twenty million-dollar donation for the hospital pending. When Kayla argued that the donation was earmarked for the children's ward, Sami leaned forward and said that if Abigail was not barred from working at the hospital, she would pull the donation.

Will returned to his apartment, and Sonny asked about Abigail. Will said that Abigail was surprisingly calm. With a shrug, Sonny said that the same could not be said about E.J., who had visited. Sonny explained that he had sent E.J. away. Will and Sonny talked about the article about Sami that Will had promised to write. Will noted that his mother was out of control and that he needed to neutralize her.

In the town square, E.J. talked to a business associate on the phone and promised the man that he and Stefano had total faith in Kate and Samantha's leadership of the company. Through gritted teeth, E.J. informed the associate that their investment in the company was safe with him. As a frustrated E.J. hung up his phone, he looked up and saw Abigail walking across the square. Abigail stopped dead in her tracks when she saw E.J. After a moment, Abigail scurried away into the park. E.J. followed Abigail and asked to speak with her.

In Theresa's apartment, Eve grilled Theresa about why Theresa was relieved that John was not expected to wake from his coma. When Theresa refused to answer the question, Eve casually threatened to call the police or Theresa's parents. Theresa ignored Eve. With a wide grin, Eve wondered aloud if Theresa was worried that John would wake up and dispute Theresa's account of what had happened between John and Brady.

"Can you keep a secret?" Theresa asked. Eve raised an eyebrow. Theresa said that she did not wish John ill and that her statement to the police was "in her husband's best interest." Theresa elaborated that she did not want to make matters worse for Brady. Not buying Theresa's story, Eve accused Theresa of lying. Eve noted that if Theresa was prepared to return to Los Angeles where she would face jail time, then Theresa was clearly lying to protect herself and not Brady. Cornered, Theresa asked Eve what she wanted.

"I thought you would never ask!" Eve said with a chuckle. Eve explained that she had a problem with her scheduled surgery. Theresa guessed that Eve needed money, but Eve corrected her and said that she needed Theresa to donate blood because they were the same rare blood type. Eve promised not to talk to anyone about John or Brady if Theresa would donate blood for her surgery. With a grimace, Theresa reluctantly agreed.

In John's hospital room, Marlena confided to Roman that she had a terrible feeling that something bad was going to happen. From the doorway, Brady asked if Marlena's fear was that he was going to visit John. When Brady asked how John was doing, Marlena said there was no change. Brady apologized. Marlena asked Brady if he had remembered what had happened and whether Theresa's account of the fight was accurate.

Brady admitted that he had no memory of the fight. When Brady asked how John was doing, Marlena refused to talk to him about John. Brady said he understood because he hated himself for what he had done. Marlena stressed that she did not hate Brady. Upset, Brady recounted that his last memory that night was of drinking.

"I was wrong. I was so, I was so angry at everybody. Eric, just everybody. It was the anger that kept me alive for so long because I felt so dead inside after," Brady said. "After Kristen?" Marlena asked. Brady said John had wanted him to stop drinking and that he had lashed out at John for caring about him. Brady leaned over John and whispered that John had been right.

"We've all made our mistakes with John. I know deep down that he was trying to help. I just couldn't forgive him. So now we just have to tell him and hope he comes back to us," Marlena said. Marlena encouraged Brady to continue to talk to John and help him fight to regain consciousness. Brady thanked Marlena for letting him spend time with John. After Brady left, Marlena held John's hand, and Roman returned to the room.

Brady walked down the hallway and saw Theresa. Theresa said that she was there to check on Brady and his family and to give blood to help her sister Eve. Nodding, Brady said he would get the annulment information to Theresa soon. After Brady walked away, Marlena walked into the hallway and glared at Theresa. Unnerved, Theresa turned around and walked down the hallway. As Marlena started to follow, Eve arrived at the hospital and called out to Marlena.

On Marlena's questioning look, Eve introduced herself. Marlena asked Eve if Theresa had remembered any further details about the night of John's accident. Eve covered for Theresa and said that Theresa had said that the night had been a blur.

In the Kiriakis mansion, Brady looked at the fireplace poker and thought about when Theresa had told him about the fight between John and him. Overcome, Brady fell into a chair and sighed.

In Daniel's hotel room, he woke up to find that he had been bound to a chair and gagged. Confused, Daniel looked up and saw Kristen standing in front of him. Kristen warned Daniel to remain quiet so that she could talk to him. Daniel nodded. When Kristen removed the gag, Daniel screamed out "Help!" and then yelled the room number. The thug with Kristen grabbed Daniel's shoulders, and Kristen slapped Daniel. Stunned, Daniel fell silent.

Kristen ordered the thug out of the room. When Daniel yelled for help again, Kristen asked Daniel if he had wondered why he had been upgraded to a suite. Kristen yelled to prove her point. Kristen said that the room was soundproof.

"What do you want, you crazy bitch?" Daniel asked. Kristen reminded Daniel that they had once been friends. Daniel corrected Kristen and noted that Kristen had fooled him but that they had never really been friends. Angry, Daniel said that Kristen had hurt Eric even after Eric had helped her. Daniel added that Eric had lost his vocation, the support of the town, and his brother. When Daniel mentioned that Kristen had destroyed Brady, she scowled in silence. With a twinkle in his eye, Daniel guessed that Kristen was aware of Brady's troubles.

Kristen admitted that she knew about Brady's fight with John and that Brady had married a gold-digger. Kristen demanded that Daniel tell her everything about Brady. When Daniel asked why, Kristen said that she wanted to help Brady. Daniel refused, and Kristen invited her thug back into the room. Daniel still refused to help. The thug punched Daniel in the stomach and placed the gag over Daniel's mouth.

Daniel's cell phone rang. Kristen picked up the phone and saw that Brady was calling. Curious, Kristen answered the call but did not say a word. Brady asked Daniel if he was there, but there was only silence on Daniel's end of the phone call.

. . .

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