Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Regretful of his behavior with Abigail from the previous evening, Ben went to the Horton house to apologize to Abigail for his comments about E.J. and their affair. Abigail admitted that Ben's comments had hurt her but had been accurate. Abigail explained that E.J. had used her father's book to manipulate her. Abigail added that Chad had gone out of his way to obtain a copy of Jack's book prior to publication so that Abigail could read it, and Chad had done it out of kindness instead of manipulation.

When Ben asked about Abigail's relationship with Chad when Jack's book had been published, Abigail said that her relationship with Chad had been good until he had grown jealous and told a lie in order to torpedo her budding relationship at the time. Ben asked Abigail if she would still be with Chad if he had not lied, and Abigail shrugged. Curious, Ben asked Abigail if Chad was the reason she did not want to move in with him.

Avoiding the question, Abigail said that she had been touched that Chad had found articles about her father's book, but then she had remembered how Chad had hurt her and Jordan. Abigail added that she had then thought of E.J. and how he had hurt her. Ben promised never to hurt Abigail as E.J. and Chad had done. With a sigh, Abigail said that she had not believed that Ben would ever hurt her until he had made those comments about her affair with E.J.

Ben stressed that Abigail was the best thing to ever happen to him. As Abigail fought tears, Ben apologized for moving quickly and told Abigail to forget about his invitation to move in with him. Abigail sniffled and accused Ben of not being able to deal with her past. Ben countered that E.J. was none of his business, but he could not trust Chad because Chad was still interested in Abigail. Abigail assured Ben that regarding Chad, her eyes were wide open. Abigail kissed Ben, and he promised he would not give up on her.

At the student center, J.J. read a text message from Daniel, asking J.J. to call him. Paige sidled up beside J.J. and asked him why Daniel wanted J.J. to call him. Lying, J.J. said that Daniel wanted to talk about Cubs tickets. Paige announced that she was going to visit Eve, and she invited J.J. to join her. With a nervous shrug, J.J. made excuses for why he was not able to join Paige. Seeing Paige's look of disbelief, J.J. admitted that he felt it was too soon to spend time with Eve. Paige reminded J.J. that she had told Eve that J.J. was not going anywhere.

In Eve's apartment, Eve agreed to help Cole break up Paige and J.J. When Cole commented that Eve had to truly hate J.J., Eve grunted. "I don't think that's the word for the way I feel about that boy," Eve said.

Eve left to meet Paige at Club TBD for coffee. When Paige mentioned her date with J.J. from the night before, Eve eagerly asked for details. Smiling, Paige thanked Eve for her positivity about J.J. Eve reminded Paige that she had promised to give J.J. a chance. Eve suggested that Paige invite both J.J. and Jennifer over for dinner. Paige was surprised, but Eve explained that someone had to make the first move to reconcile the two families.

Cole entered the club, and Eve excused herself for a dentist appointment just as Cole said hello to Paige. Paige was cold toward Cole, and she asked him if he planned to call her stupid again. Cole apologized for what he had said. Cole explained that he had been upset that Paige was getting back together with J.J.

As Paige leveled her sour gaze at Cole, Cole noted that he did not have a lot of friends and that he did not want to lose Paige as one of them. Paige softened and agreed to continue being friends with Cole. Cole thanked Paige, and he noted that J.J. would not be happy with their friendship. Citing her need to go to class, Paige left. Cole pulled out his phone and called Eve to tell her about his meeting with Paige.

Nicole stopped by Daniel's apartment at his request. Daniel apologized for his rudeness when Nicole had interrupted his conversation with Jennifer. Daniel asked for forgiveness, and Nicole nodded yes. When Nicole asked to talk about Daniel's situation with Jennifer, Daniel sternly said no. Daniel stressed that his issue with Jennifer was not a threat to his relationship with Nicole and that it was not Nicole's business.

Citing the multiple instances of Daniel keeping secrets from her about people in her life, Nicole said she was upset at Daniel distancing himself from her. As Daniel stared in silence, Nicole sighed. Upset, Nicole threw up her hands and asked Daniel if he would ever believe that she was over Eric. Annoyed, Nicole asked Daniel if he had talked to Serena. Daniel groaned and asked Nicole if she had been fighting with Serena again. Nicole stressed that her fight with Serena had not been about Eric.

When Daniel commented that Nicole had no other issues in common with Serena, Nicole groaned. Nicole pointed out that Daniel had accused her of both working too hard to date Daniel and of obsessing over Eric. Daniel countered that Nicole was working too hard to prove to him that she was over Eric.

"It sounds like you'll never believe that I'm committed to you. To us. And if that's the case, maybe we should call it quits," Nicole whispered. "Well, if you can't give me time to believe in what we have together, then maybe you're right," Daniel said quietly. As tears welled in Nicole's eyes, J.J. knocked on the apartment door.

Daniel answered and told J.J. he was not interrupting anything. As Nicole wiped away tears and walked out of the apartment, she said she was glad for the excuse to leave. Averting Daniel's gaze, Nicole struggled to hold back her tears until the elevator doors closed. As J.J. looked at Daniel, unsure of how to proceed, Daniel invited J.J. into the apartment to talk.

Daniel urged J.J. to tell him the truth about Eve. With a sigh, J.J. admitted that he had slept with Eve. J.J. stressed that he had made the mistake because he had believed that Paige had left Salem forever. J.J. added that he had lied because he had wanted to protect Paige from the truth. When Daniel asked what had changed, J.J. explained that Jennifer had "fixed the situation."

Daniel asked J.J. if he was comfortable keeping the secret from Paige. Shaking his head, J.J. said he felt guilty but that he did not want to lose Paige again. The hospital paged Daniel. Daniel asked J.J. if they could talk later, and he expressed his fear that J.J.'s situation could fall apart. J.J. assured Daniel that Eve would not talk. With a sigh, Daniel warned J.J. that if his plan hinged on Eve's actions, J.J. would regret his decision.

Serena met with Xander in the town square to discuss the diamonds. Serena stressed that she was the only person that knew where to find the diamonds, and it would be in Xander's best interest to give her what she wanted. Xander teased Serena about their affair, and Serena reminded Xander that they had started sleeping together after Eric had left her for the priesthood. Serena lamented that she had listened to Xander when he had asked her to help him smuggle diamonds.

Serena told Xander that not only did she want her cut of the diamonds, but she wanted Xander's assurance that Eric would be left out of the situation and that no harm would be inflicted on Eric. When Xander asked for an assurance from Serena, she shook her head. Serena's phone rang. Citing his rising anger, Xander encouraged Serena to take her phone call. After Serena walked away, Xander slammed his fist down on the table.

Smiling, Nicole approached the table and joked that Xander appeared to be having a similarly bad day. Xander's frown fell away as he saw Nicole, and he invited her to join him. When Xander asked Nicole if her bad day was because of the guy she was dating, Nicole nodded. As Nicole sat at the table, Serena returned and scowled at Nicole. Serena explained that she and Xander had worked together in Africa. Serena gruffly told Xander that they would speak later, and she left.

"If you are friends with Serena, no way in hell you should be friends with me," Nicole growled. Xander countered that he had been seeking assistance from Serena on a pharmaceutical matter. When Nicole raised an eyebrow, Xander asked Nicole for her perspective on Serena. Nicole stressed that she could not be objective about Serena. With a grin, Xander said that he was more interested in talking about his budding relationship with Nicole. "We'll see," said Nicole.

In Will and Sonny's apartment, Will placed the finishing touches on an anniversary breakfast he had prepared for Sonny. Will cooed at Arianna and talked about how excited he was to spend the morning with Sonny. Rafe visited, and he wished Will a happy anniversary. When Will expressed his surprise that Rafe had an anniversary gift, Rafe explained that Gabi had given it to him to present to Will and Sonny. Excited, Will offered to wake up Sonny so they could open the gift. When Will went into the bedroom, Sonny was gone.

At Paul's hotel, Sonny asked Paul why he had not mentioned that he had donated the blood that had saved Sonny's life. Paul explained that when he had donated the blood, he had not known it had been intended for Sonny. Paul told Sonny that Adrienne had told Paul that Sonny had been the recipient. With a shrug, Paul said he did not know if Will knew about the blood donation. Paul explained that he had not told Sonny about the blood donation because he had not wanted Sonny to feel indebted to him.

Tori walked into Paul's room and stopped dead in her tracks. Sonny offered his hand and introduced himself to Paul's mother. Tori stressed that it was inappropriate for Sonny to visit Paul. Sonny explained that he had stopped by in order to thank Paul for donating the blood that had saved his life. Surprised, Tori's mouth fell open. Sonny left, and Tori wheeled on Paul, angry. Tori reminded Paul that Sonny was happily married to Will. Confused, Paul asked Tori if she had met Will.

Sonny returned home, and he was pleased to find the breakfast Will had made for their anniversary. Will and Sonny eagerly opened Gabi's gift and were touched by the collage of photos Gabi had made for their paper anniversary. Sonny sighed and said he missed Gabi. Curious, Will asked Sonny why he had left the apartment so early. Sonny explained that he had gone to talk to Paul.

Will interrupted to say he was fully to blame for what had happened, and he stressed that neither Sonny nor Paul was at fault. Will said he understood if Sonny needed to talk to Paul. Sonny explained that Chad had informed him that Paul had donated the blood that had saved his life, and he had felt an obligation to thank Paul in person. Surprised, Will said he and Sonny both owed a debt of thanks to Paul. Will promised to thank Paul the next time he saw him in town. With a hopeful smile, Sonny thanked Will for understanding.

. . .

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