Tuesday, May 26, 2015

While walking through the town square, Kate called Will on the phone and told him about the outfit she had purchased for Arianna. When Will mentioned Sonny, Kate said that she was pleased to hear that Will and Sonny were getting along again. Kate commented that Sonny was probably relieved that Will had returned from Poplar Bluff.

After chatting, Kate hung up the phone and turned to find Hope standing behind her. Hope asked who had visited Poplar Bluff, and Kate explained that Will had gone there to write an article about Clyde. Hope asked Kate if she was comfortable with Will's assignment. Changing the subject, Kate joked that Clyde was her lover like Aiden was Hope's lover. With a chuckle, Hope noted that Kate was avoiding the question.

Kate apologized for disparaging Aiden, and she noted that Clyde was very happy with Aiden's services as his lawyer. With a grin, Kate asked Hope if the two couples could have dinner together. Ignoring the invitation, Hope reiterated her question about Kate's feelings regarding Will's article. Kate said that she was late and that she would talk to Hope soon about dinner.

"Dinner with you and Clyde? I'd rather hold my breath and pass out," Hope muttered under her breath as Kate walked away.

At Will's apartment, Rafe stopped by to drop off a dress from Gabi that she had made for Arianna. While Will went to retrieve Arianna from the bedroom, Rafe noticed there were files on the computer labeled "Poplar Bluff." Will returned to the living room with Arianna, and Rafe asked about the files. Rafe stressed that Clyde was dangerous and that he did not want Will to be involved in Clyde's affairs. Will said that he had planned to drop the story but that Clyde had picked him to write the story and pushed him to go to Poplar Bluff.

When Rafe asked what Will had learned, Will said that everyone had good things to say about Clyde except for one person. Will told Rafe that Rafe had been right about his instinct that Clyde was not a "dumb hick." When Will mentioned that Clyde had stopped by to visit him, Rafe asked for details. Will recapped the conversation and how Clyde had insinuated that Gabi was living in a dangerous place. Will added that Clyde had said that Will should stay safe because he was the only person that Arianna had left.

As Rafe shook his head in frustration, Will commented, "Clyde Weston scares the hell out of me." Will went in to the bedroom with Arianna, and Rafe checked Will's computer files before leaving the apartment.

At Club TBD, Ben informed Clyde that he had changed his name to Ben Weston. Ben noted that he and Abigail had fought about the name change. With a groan, Ben said he had attempted to make amends with Abigail but that he had found her talking with Chad. Ben continued that he had left because he had not wanted to lose his temper. Clyde agreed with Ben's decision.

"I know you're serious about Abigail," Clyde said. "More serious than she is about me," Ben countered sullenly. Clyde counseled Ben to make up with Abigail before Chad swooped in. Clyde advised Ben to hold on to Abigail by any means necessary.

In the park, Abigail apologized to Chad for being judgmental when Chad had lied about his brain tumor. Chad explained that he had lied because he had loved Abigail. Chad added that he had been wrong. Shaking her head, Abigail said that she had behaved as if Chad had lied to hurt her when he had acted instead out of love. Chad said that he had been desperate and that he should have thought of Abigail's happiness.

Abigail warned Chad not to buy in to the DiMera family curse and to remember the person he had been before he had learned that he was a DiMera. Abigail's phone buzzed. As Abigail stared quietly at the caller ID, Chad asked if Ben was calling. Chad suggested that Ben would be a better candidate to cheer up Abigail, and he urged her to take the call. As Chad walked away, Abigail answered her phone. Ben asked Abigail to meet with him.

When Ben arrived at the park, he apologized to Abigail for assuming that she would be happy about his name change. Abigail said that she had been surprised by the news. Nodding, Ben said that he had changed his name as a gesture toward his father since Clyde was working hard to make up for the past. Ben showed Abigail his new driver's license, and she giggled at the photo. Abigail apologized for the fight. Abigail added that she had not reached out to Ben because she had not been sure whether he had wanted to talk to her.

With a grin, Ben said that he had wanted to talk to Abigail too, and that he had looked for her but had found her with Chad. Abigail explained that she had run into Chad right after Chad had learned that his sister had been killed. Taken aback, Ben said that he was sorry to hear the news. Abigail thanked Ben for reaching out to her. The two lovers kissed.

At Will's apartment, Chad talked to Will about his article. Chad informed Will that DiMera Enterprises had purchased Sonix magazine. With a scowl, Will noted that he now worked for Chad. Chad shrugged. When Will asked if Chad had pushed the article about Clyde in order to woo Abigail away from Ben, Chad said he did not understand what Will was implying. Will explained that Chad wanted Will to investigate Clyde and write a negative article about Ben's father.

Chad denied that he had assigned the article to Will. Confused, Will asked Chad why he wanted to talk about the article. Chad said he was interested in the story. Will explained that he had gone to Poplar Bluff and had been unable to find anyone that did not like Clyde. Chad found that revelation suspicious and pushed for details. Will stressed that he wanted to write the article and then move on with his life because he had to think of his family.

"Whoah! What does that mean? Did Weston threaten you?" Chad asked. Will said he was not threatened. Chad told Will to write his article but that he needed Will to send him all his research once the story was finished.

While Hope worked in her office, an officer informed her that Rafe was at the police station to talk to Detective Thompson. Under the guise of showing Rafe a picture that Ciara had drawn, Hope lured Rafe into her office. Hope asked Rafe why he was at the police station. Rafe lied and said that he was there to collect on a bet from Thompson on the Cubs game. Hope accused Rafe of lying, and she asked if Rafe was investigating Clyde.

At Club TBD, Kate met with Clyde for a drink. Worn out, Kate explained that Lucas had been raiding her company. Clyde reminded Kate that her company had been Lucas's company until recently. Kate stressed that her issues with Lucas were just business. Kate asked about Ben. Clyde noted that he had been envious of Kate relationship with Lucas and now his relationship with Ben was in a better place than Kate's relationship with her son. Kate nodded.

Kate blamed Adrienne for her problems with Lucas. With a raised eyebrow, Clyde asked about Adrienne. Kate informed Clyde that Adrienne was a Kiriakis. As Clyde chuckled, Kate asked about Ben. Clyde told Kate about Ben's new license and how happy Clyde was to reconcile with his son. Clyde added that he wanted Will's story to be about Clyde's reconciliation with Ben. With a grin, Clyde said that Stefano would not be satisfied with the article that Will was writing.

In her hospital room, Theresa told Kim that she did not want to leave Salem. Concerned, Kim asked Theresa if she was sure because she was worried that Theresa needed help with the baby. Kim warned Theresa that she could not count on Brady because he was in love with Melanie. Upset, Theresa stressed that she believed she and Brady should raise Tate together.

Kim told Theresa that her probation in Los Angeles was almost over and that she would be clear to return to California if she wanted. Before Theresa could respond, Caroline and Roman walked in to see Theresa. Caroline said she had seen Tate and that he was the best looking baby in the ward. Anne entered and asked to talk to Theresa about her maternity leave. After Kim, Roman, and Caroline left, Theresa thanked Anne for rescuing her from her family. Theresa told Anne about her conversation with Kim.

When Anne reminded Theresa that Brady was in love with Melanie, Theresa argued that she was not staying in Salem to ensnare Brady but because she wanted Tate to know his father. When Anne pointed out that Theresa had options, Theresa smiled and noted that Kim had given her a viable option.

In Daniel's living room, Brady proposed to Melanie. Melanie told Brady that she loved him, and she asked him to put the ring away. Nervous, Brady asked what was wrong. Melanie said that she appreciated the gesture, but that she felt like Brady was proposing as a reaction to their near-death experience. Brady corrected Melanie and said that the situation had clarified to him how much he wanted to be with Melanie. Brady thanked Melanie for helping him find his son.

"I'm never gonna be able to find the words to tell you how much I love you. So I thought that I would use a ring and would put this on your finger and hopefully prove to you and show you that I want to spend every single day for the rest of my life with you," Brady said. Melanie reminded Brady that before the baby, they had been taking their relationship slowly. Melanie said that she wanted Brady wanted to spend time with his son. Melanie assured Brady that she did not need Brady to prove that he loved her.

Brady said that he would put the ring away, but that he did not want to give up on the idea of marrying Melanie. As Melanie grinned at Brady, he asked her to stop giving him space. Melanie asked about Theresa. Brady said he believed that Theresa had matured since learning about her son. After a kiss, Brady left to attend to work.

Melanie walked over to the hospital to talk to Theresa. After Anne left, Theresa told Melanie, "My mother just flew in from LA and she had some news for me and I thought you should know what she said and what it might mean." Confused, Melanie asked Theresa to explain. "So much of what's about to happen depends on you," Theresa said.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kim steeled herself before ringing the doorbell. Henderson greeted Kim, and he invited her in to wait for Brady. While Kim looked at photos of Victor, Brady entered the living room and said hello. Kim asked Brady if he was angry with Theresa. Brady promised that he wanted to work through his issues with Theresa. Nodding, Kim asked Brady if Theresa fit into his life.

. . .

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