Tuesday, July 26, 2016

At the café in the square, Philip talked to Chloe about her recording career. Philip said he wanted to show everyone what he and Chloe were capable of producing. With a raised eyebrow, Chloe asked Philip if he wanted to prove himself to Victor.

In the Salem Pub, Shawn and Belle cheerfully talked about Claire's orientation for college, but Claire announced that she was dropping out of school. Belle asked Claire to think about her future. Shaking her head no, Claire said that college would not help her be a singer. Claire said she would not change her mind, and she walked out of the pub.

Dismayed, Shawn and Belle talked about their daughter's news. Shawn wondered aloud if the rebellion was because they had split up. Shawn suggested that he and Belle should lay out a plan for Claire. With a shrug, Belle said that they should not push Claire. Belle noted that even if they forced Claire to go to school, they could not make her study. Shawn disagreed. Belle firmly warned Shawn not to bully their daughter.

With a furrowed brow, Shawn asked Belle if she was attempting to pick a fight with him. Belle said no. With a shrug, Belle said she was upset by Claire's news and off her game. Shawn and Belle agreed that Claire was not ready to be a singer. Shawn suggested that they convince Claire to go to college and make Claire think it was her idea.

As Claire walked through the square, she saw Philip talking to Chloe. Theo saw Claire, and she told him about her conversation with her parents. Claire looked back over at Philip. Theo asked what was wrong. With a sigh, Claire grumbled that Philip was eager to do anything to help Chloe's career but was avoiding her. Theo encouraged Claire to be patient and get more experience.

When Claire complained that Chloe had everything, Theo disagreed. Theo reminded Claire that Chloe needed material to sing and that Claire was a songwriter. With a smile, Claire said she would ask Philip and Chloe to listen to one of her songs. Claire marched over to the table. Claire explained that she had material for Chloe. Smiling, Chloe thanked Claire. Philip told Claire that she needed to work on her voice instead, and he wanted to obtain material from established songwriters.

"People who have chops, know how to write a hook," Philip said. Claire attempted to play one of her songs, but Philip told her no. Not giving up, Claire asked if she could be Chloe's assistant. Chloe agreed. Thrilled with the job, Claire trotted back over to Theo. Chloe told Philip that she was happy to help Claire as long as Shawn and Belle were on board.

Across the square, Claire told Theo about her conversation with Chloe and Philip. Claire said she planned to impress Chloe and get her foot in the door. Claire thanked Theo for pushing her to talk to Philip and Chloe. When Theo asked Claire about Ciara, Claire noted that she was still fighting with her. Claire explained that Ciara had moved home, and it was likely because Ciara had realized that Chad would always love Abigail. Upset, Theo said he needed to leave.

Claire returned to the café and gave Chloe her contact information. Claire thanked Philip and Chloe for the job. As Philip and Chloe left, Belle and Shawn approached their daughter. Claire said that she was working as Chloe's assistant. Shawn was upset. When Shawn asked Belle to back him up, Belle said she wanted to talk to Philip. Claire begged her mother not to ruin her job opportunity. Belle assured Shawn that they were on the same page then she ran after Philip. Shawn barked at Claire that she was going to college and would not work for Philip.

At Philip's hotel, Chloe dropped Philip off at his room and headed out. After Chloe left, Belle knocked on the door. With a scowl, Belle accused Philip of using Claire to stay close to her. Philip said that Claire had asked for the job, and Chloe had said yes. With a look of curiosity, Philip noted that it was interesting that Belle's first instinct had been to think of him.

Dario escorted Nicole to the shooting range so she could blow off some steam. With a grin, Dario reached over and pulled out the target for their shooting. The target was a photo of Kate. Dario stood closely behind Nicole and coached her on breathing. As Nicole smiled nervously, Dario walked over to the gun and demonstrated how to shoot it. Nicole took her turn shooting. Laughing Nicole said, "This is like revenge without consequences!"

Nicole thanked Dario for helping her relieve stress. With a grin, Dario told Nicole not to try the remedy outside of the range. Nicole looked down at Dario's hand on her hip. With a nervous smile, Nicole told Dario he did not need to hold onto her anymore. Dario nodded. Nicole said she did not want to lead Dario on.

While Dario retrieved the target, Nicole's phone beeped. Dario asked Nicole if the call was from Deimos. Nicole said she was ignoring the call. Smiling, Nicole thanked Dario again. When Dario suggested that they go to Club TBD, Nicole's face fell. Dario stressed that he wanted to get a drink as friends. Nicole happily accepted.

In the park, Victor warned Deimos not to appear anywhere near Maggie because it would upset her. Deimos said he had no choice, since Victor had not taken his calls. As Victor turned to leave, Deimos pleaded with Victor to make peace. Victor did not believe Deimos. Deimos explained that he needed to move on from hating Victor. Growling, Victor reminded Deimos of what he had done to Maggie.

Victor suggested that Deimos devote his life to good deeds anywhere but Salem. Victor needled Deimos until he grew upset. With a groan, Deimos said that he would prove that he fully intended to make peace with Victor. "You can go to hell," Victor growled as he walked away.

When Victor returned to his condo, he was talking to Justin on the phone about Deimos. Victor saw Maggie and stopped talking. Maggie told Victor to retrieve her from the kitchen when he was done with his phone call. After Maggie wheeled out of the room, Victor told Justin that Maggie did not know that Deimos had visited and that he did not want her to know. Victor urged Justin to offer his services to Deimos and flush Deimos out. Justin informed Victor that Roman had initiated an investigation into the missing evidence. Justin asked Victor to forget Deimos, but Victor ordered Justin to help him.

At the Brady house, Ciara read a news story about Rafe and Hope surviving the bomb explosion. When Ciara saw a story about Abigail's disappearance, Ciara thought about when she had played chess with Chad and had kissed his cheek. Ciara started to head upstairs when Theo knocked on the front door. Theo and Ciara talked about Hope. When Theo asked Ciara if she had moved home because of Hope, Ciara nodded yes.

"Look, I shouldn't have told you how I felt because I miss us being friends. And I don't like it being weird when we're together," Theo said. Ciara agreed. Ciara invited Theo inside, and they sat down on the couch to talk.

At Club TBD, Justin met with Deimos to discuss their prior business. Justin confirmed that he had handled Deimos' request. With narrowed eyes, Deimos asked Justin if he had talked to Victor about his offer of a truce. Justin lied and said he had not heard about the truce. When Justin mentioned that Tate had been kidnapped, Deimos was visibly upset. As Deimos noted that kidnappers should burn in hell, Nicole walked into the club and overheard him. Deimos saw Nicole and Dario at the door. Deimos told Justin that he would talk to someone about Tate then he left to talk to Nicole.

Deimos took Nicole aside and asked her if she wanted to run Basic Black. Shaking her head, Nicole said she had not changed her mind about Basic Black. Nicole said she still intended to work with Dario to renovate Club TBD. With a grin, Deimos asked Nicole what she wanted from him to convince her to take the job. Nicole explained that she did not want to take the job at Basic Black because she did not trust Deimos. Deimos offered to keep their personal and professional relationships separate. Nicole countered that she did not want any relationship with Deimos.

As Nicole turned to leave, Deimos stopped her. Deimos said he had heard about Tate, and he told Nicole to ask Victor if there was anything he could do to help retrieve Tate. "I doubt there is," Nicole whispered. After Deimos walked away, Nicole told Dario that she still did not trust Deimos. As Deimos left, Nicole watched him.

At the Kiriakis condo, Justin updated Victor on his conversation with Deimos. Victor urged Justin to stay close to Deimos. When Justin noted that Deimos might not be plotting anything, Victor scowled. Justin clarified that Deimos had appeared to have no interest in working with Justin. When Victor reasoned aloud that Deimos was keeping his distance because he had coordinated Tate's kidnapping, Justin disagreed. Justin said he believed that Deimos had been sincerely surprised by the news about Tate.

"He seemed really upset about it. Something is different about him. I mean I can't put my finger on it, but I think he's changed," Justin said. Maggie wheeled into he room and asked who had changed. Victor explained that Deimos had offered a truce, and Deimos' near-death experience had changed him. Victor said he did not believe Deimos. Maggie looked at Justin, and she noted that Justin believed Deimos. Justin said he was not sure. Annoyed, Victor said he still believed Deimos was involved in the kidnapping. Shaking his head, Justin said he did not believe Deimos had had anything to do with Tate's disappearance.

Maggie urged Victor to consider the truce. There was a knock at the door. As Justin went to answer the knock, Victor asked Justin to punch Deimos in the jaw if he was in the hallway. Justin opened the door and found Sonny. Elated, Justin hugged his son.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos met with a Dr. Hochman. The doctor informed Deimos that he was retired and no longer performed surgery. Deimos said he needed Dr. Hochman's skills. Dr. Hochman intuited that Deimos was referring to Maggie, and he noted that Victor had already offered a "king's ransom" to help Maggie. Dr. Hochman said there was not enough money in the world to convince him to perform the surgery. Deimos leaned in close to the doctor and said, "Did I say anything about using money to convince you, doctor?"

While Dr. Hochman reviewed a folder filled with incriminating information, Deimos threatened to release all the dirty laundry in the file to the public if the doctor did not cooperate. With a sigh, Dr. Hochman said he would do the surgery. Deimos thanked the doctor for his decision.

. . .

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