Tuesday, February 24, 2015

At Will and Sonny's apartment, Will played with Arianna as he waited for the babysitter to arrive. Paul called Will on his cell phone to check on him. When Will mentioned he needed to get back to his daughter, Paul gasped. Will confirmed that he and Sonny shared a daughter. Paul apologized again for talking to Sonny and for the affair.

Marlena stopped by Will's apartment to talk. An upset Will told Marlena that he had made a mess of his life. Will explained that the man in his article that had proposed to Paul was Sonny. Marlena nodded. Will added that Paul had never mentioned his former love by name. With a sob, Will blurted out that in his zeal to get Paul to admit that he was gay, Will had slept with Paul. Will said that Sonny believed Will had chosen Paul on purpose because he was Sonny's ex.

Will stressed that neither he nor Paul had known about their connection to Sonny when they had slept together. With a groan, Will explained that his editor had insisted that Will not wear his wedding ring when he'd been interviewing Paul. Will worried aloud that Sonny would never forgive him. When there was a knock at the door, Will said that he had called a babysitter so he could sit with Sonny at the hospital and wait for him to wake up. Will said he wanted to make Sonny understand what had happened with Paul.

In his hospital room, Sonny had a nightmare that he had been released from the hospital and had returned to his apartment to find Will with Paul and Arianna. When Sonny cried out to Arianna, Will closed the door in Sonny's face. Sonny whimpered in his sleep as Kayla and Kate stood nearby. Kayla updated Sonny's chart as Kate asked about Sonny's health. Kayla assured Kate that Sonny's dreams were due to the medication. Kayla said that Sonny should recover from his wound.

Kate asked Kayla about Will's article, and Kayla smiled. When Kate asked Kayla if Sonny had read the story, Kayla shrugged. Sonny murmured Kate's name. Kate rushed to his side. The hospital paged Kayla for another patient, and she left Kate alone with Sonny. As Sonny stared at Kate, she made small talk about Will's article. With a scowl, Sonny told Kate that he knew about Paul and Will. Sonny told Kate that he remembered he had overheard her advise Will not to tell him something.

"You convinced my husband to lie to me," Sonny growled. Kate was reluctant to admit the truth, but she did. Kate explained that she had advised Will to lie because the affair had meant nothing. Angry, Sonny disagreed, citing the fact that Will had slept with Sonny's ex-boyfriend. Kate sighed in surprise then promised Sonny that Will had not known that Paul was Sonny's ex-boyfriend.

Kate stressed that there was no way Will would deliberately hurt Sonny. Will disagreed as he walked in the room. Kate reminded Will and Sonny to think about their life together and to remember that it was worth more than any mistake. As Will and Sonny stared at one another in silence, Kate slipped out of the room.

"This is all my fault. But none of this would have happened if you would have been open and honest with me," Will said. Sonny narrowed his eyes.

At Club TBD, Paul sat at a table and thought about his conversation with Sonny in the hospital. Paul's mom, Tori, tapped him on the shoulder, surprising Paul. Tori explained that she had seen the article and thought that Paul might need emotional support to deal with the fallout. Tori told Sonny that she was there to escort him home to San Francisco. Paul said that he could not leave because he needed to deal with something first.

While Tori went to the bar to get a cup of tea, Marlena entered the club. Paul happily called out to her, and Marlena walked over to his table. As Tori returned to her son, Paul introduced her to Marlena. Tori looked up at Marlena and dropped her cup of tea when she saw Marlena's face.

In his office, Dr. Mandrake called Kristin DiMera. The doctor assured Kristin that Theresa had no memory of what had happened.

In the town square, Brady chased after Theresa to confront her about why she had slapped his cup of coffee out of his hand in the doctors' lounge. Brady said he knew that his coffee had been spiked, and he asked Theresa why she had saved him. Theresa said she would not say anything to incriminate Anne. Brady assured Theresa that he did not want to place blame. Brady begged Theresa to tell him why she had saved him from drinking the coffee.

"I know you hated me, Brady, but I didn't really realize until this exact minute how little you actually thought of me. How low you think... Do you really not get why I did it?" Theresa asked. Brady explained that he was only surprised that Theresa would see the alcohol as sabotage and not a joke. Fighting tears, Theresa said that it had taken her awhile to understand how out of control Brady's addiction was for him. Theresa said that she was sorry that she had not cared more and sooner about Brady's drug and alcohol use.

With tears in her eyes, Theresa said she was haunted by the night Brady had fought with John and the fact that John had almost died. Theresa said she had been changed. Staring into Brady's eyes, Theresa said she was not a monster and could not stand by and watch him be destroyed. Brady told Theresa he did not think she was a monster, and he knew that she had not meant him any harm. With a smirk, Brady said he had forgotten that Theresa had cared for him because he had been too drunk to notice. Theresa grinned.

Brady and Theresa agreed to a truce. With a hopeful smile, Theresa asked if they could start over. Brady's face faltered, and he stammered that he was with Melanie. Theresa laughed and explained that she meant as friends. Brady smiled. Theresa admitted that she had ended things with Clint. Before Brady could say anything, his phone rang.

In his apartment, Daniel put a sugared-up Parker into bed then returned to the living room to talk to Melanie. Melanie said she was going out for ice cream, and Daniel cocked a confused eyebrow. When Daniel reminded Melanie that she had asked to talk to him alone, Melanie nodded. Melanie asked Daniel if he was done with Nicole. Daniel shrugged. Melanie asked Daniel if he was at least friends with Nicole. Suspicious, Daniel asked Melanie what she was doing.

Melanie explained that Daniel had lost his spark after he had split with Nicole. Citing an old exclamation of Maggie's, Melanie said that Daniel should not throw away people he cared about if he could fix the relationships. Daniel nodded then went to check on Parker. Nicole texted Melanie, so Melanie called Nicole. Nicole explained that she needed to see Melanie, and Melanie agreed to meet Nicole in her office. Melanie grabbed her purse, but she dropped her phone in her hurry to run out of the apartment.

When Daniel returned to the living room with an energetic Parker, Daniel noticed Melanie's phone. Concerned and unable to calm down his hyperactive son, Daniel called Brady to see if Melanie was with him. Daniel explained that Melanie had said that she was going out for ice cream, and Daniel was desperate to find her so she could calm down Parker.

Theresa overheard the conversation. Emotional, Theresa started to rush off. Brady asked Theresa if she was okay, and she said she was fine. Theresa said they should forget that night had ever happened. Theresa walked home to her apartment. Upset, she pulled out her phone and called Clint. The number was disconnected. Theresa chuckled to herself. Theresa started to clean her apartment, and she found a slip of paper with a phone number on it. Noting that the number was in Clint's handwriting, Theresa dialed the number out of curiosity.

"Mandrake here," Dr. Mandrake said on the other end of the line. As Theresa introduced herself, Dr. Mandrake hung up the phone. Theresa thought about when Melanie had asked her about Dr. Mandrake. Annoyed, Theresa scowled and wondered what was going on.

In Eric's apartment, Eric and Serena discussed the elephant statue that he had given away. Serena insisted that Eric retrieve the statue because it held sentimental value for her. Eric was reluctant and suspicious. As Serena reiterated in a more delicate way how much she wanted the statue, Eric's phone rang. Kayla called Eric to inform him that Sister Elaine was in the hospital. Kayla explained that Sister Elaine was dying, and her last wish was to see her old friend Eric. Eric grabbed his coat, and Serena said she would meet him at the hospital.

While Eric checked on the nun in her room, Serena talked to Kayla at the nurses' station. Serena confided that she felt guilty about her behavior over the elephant statute. Serena explained that the statue represented her emotional connection to Eric and that was why it was important to her. Kayla told Serena not to worry then she went back to work. Serena hoped aloud that Kayla would talk to Eric.

After Serena left, Kayla spotted Eric in the hallway. Kayla told Eric that Serena had said she'd felt guilty about her fight with Eric. Eric smiled sadly and nodded. Eric called Daniel, but before he could ask about the elephant statue, Daniel told Eric that Parker had been hopped up on sugar and fighting going to bed. With a chuckle, Daniel informed Eric that the only thing that had calmed Parker enough to get him to sleep was Fred, the elephant statue. Daniel said the elephant was Parker's favorite toy.

After talking to Daniel, Eric called Serena. They apologized to one another for the fight. Eric said he had called the person that had taken the elephant statue. Serena held her breath in anticipation. When Eric said he would not be able to retrieve the statue, Serena's eyes went wide in frustration.

In her office, Nicole logged into the dark net on the computer and researched the finances for Dr. Mandrake. When Melanie arrived, Nicole showed her what she had found. Nicole explained that Dr. Mandrake had disappeared for a year, and when he had resurfaced, his new salary had been provided by shell corporations. Nicole promised to keep digging and to look for more information about Dr. Mandrake's employer.

When Nicole asked Melanie why she was investigating Dr. Mandrake, Melanie said she was not sure. Nicole urged Melanie to talk to Daniel about her suspicions. With a grin, Melanie said she had talked to Daniel about Nicole. Nicole was nervous but eager to know what had happened. Melanie said that Daniel had listened to what Melanie had said. Melanie promised not to give up on talking to her dad about Nicole.

Pessimistic, Nicole said she did not believe Daniel would give her another chance. Melanie refused to give up, noting that everyone deserved another chance. Melanie said she believed that Daniel would change his mind in time. With a thoughtful glance into the distance, Melanie said she had changed her mind. Melanie told Nicole to end the investigation. Curious, Nicole asked who the investigation was really about. Melanie said it was about Theresa.

On her way home, Melanie saw Brady in the park, and she sneaked up on him. Brady noticed the ice cream in the bag that Melanie was carrying, and he laughed. Melanie and Brady kissed.

. . .

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