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Sonny makes a confession to Will
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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

In Chad's room at the Kiriakis mansion, Chad, Gabi, and Arianna laughed together on his bed. Abigail walked in. Awkwardly, Gabi suggested to Arianna that they go downstairs. Arianna told Abigail that Gabi had been in prison. Abigail looked guiltily at Gabi. Abigail told Arianna that Gabi was home for good. With a nod, Gabi ushered Arianna out of the room.

Abigail closed the door and asked Chad what she had walked in on. Chad shifted uncomfortably. Abigail asked Chad if he was starting a new family with Gabi like when he had believed Abigail had been dead. Abigail argued that it was not an absurd notion, since it had happened before. Chad told Abigail how Gabi had talked to Arianna and that Gabi had stayed for the night at Arianna's insistence. Chad swore that Gabi had acted as a friend, but Abigail accused Gabi of pushing for more.

"You're asking me to defend my actions while you are carrying another man's child," Chad said with tears in his eyes. Abigail apologized. When Abigail said that she and Thomas missed Chad, he bristled. Chad warned Abigail not to use their son to manipulate him. Abigail apologized. Abigail said she wanted to talk to Chad because she was also hurting.

"The best thing is for us to try and work through things together. You're not ready for that, and that's okay. I'll wait for you. I love you, and I know you love me, and that is all that matters. And I believe in our love, and I believe you do, too," Abigail said. In the doorway, Gabi cracked open the door to listen in on Chad's conversation with Abigail. As Abigail and Chad leaned toward one another, Gabi opened the door and announced that Arianna had requested Chad's blueberry pancakes.

After Chad left, Abigail closed the door so that she could talk to Gabi privately. Gabi apologized if Abigail had been uncomfortable with what she had walked in on. Gabi argued that she had suggested that Chad stay at the mansion so that he had Sonny's moral support. Abigail raised a suspicious eyebrow. Gabi said she wanted what was best for Chad and Abigail, and she said that she believed they belonged together.

"You really sure you believe that?" Abigail asked. Gabi reacted as if offended. Abigail said she believed Gabi resented her for sending her to prison. Gabi admitted she was angry, but only at Stefan. Gabi added that she understood that Abigail had been sick and did not blame her. Gabi said Arianna knew that Gabi had not abandoned her and that Abigail belonged with Chad. As Gabi hugged Abigail, Gabi flashed a wicked grin to herself.

In the Kiriakis living room, Paul demanded that Sonny tell him what he was up to with Will. Sonny played dumb. Paul pulled out one of Ted's threatening notes, and Paul accused Sonny and Will of lying to him. Paul explained he had found the note in Will's bag. Sonny argued that Paul had been snooping. Shaking his head no, Paul yelled that Sonny had hooked up with Will behind his back. Sonny explained that Paul misunderstood the situation. Sonny stressed that Will had not cheated on Paul.

"If the two of you are not having an affair, what are you lying about?" Paul asked. Paul pleaded with Sonny to confide in him. Sonny told Paul what had happened with Leo. Sonny stressed that he had not believed anyone would believe Leo's death had been an accident and that it would have ruined Sonny's family. When Paul asked for details about the aftermath, Sonny explained that he had convinced Will to help him with the body. Paul reached out and held Sonny's hand to comfort him.

Gabi walked into the room, and she stopped at the sight of Paul and Sonny holding hands. Gabi muttered that she needed Arianna's doll, which she grabbed, and she hurriedly left the room. Sonny confided to Paul that he was worried that Arianna would lose her fathers to prison after Arianna had lost her mother to prison.

Paul and Sonny returned to talking about Will and how upset Will had been recently. Paul asked Sonny why they had not told him the truth. Sonny said he and Will had not wanted to get Paul involved. Sonny added that he had not wanted to involve Will, either.

"Now that I know what happened to Leo, I need you to tell me everything. Starting with who sent you that letter," Paul said. Sonny told Paul about Ted's threats and that Will was asking Kate for money to pay Ted off.

In her house, Jennifer stared at her engagement ring as someone knocked on the front door. It was Eve. Eve congratulated Jennifer on her engagement and handed her a gift. Jennifer rolled her eyes. As Eve grinned, Jennifer asked Eve why she was so happy. Eve remarked that she was happy Jennifer had decided to keep her secret from Brady. Jennifer growled that Eve did not deserve a good man like Brady. Eve smirked at Jennifer. Eve argued that Jennifer would not tell Brady the truth because Eric would dump Jennifer for Nicole. With a grin, Eve told Jennifer that Nicole would always be Eric's true love.

Jennifer complained that Eve had ruined Brady's chances at custody of Tate. Eve was optimistic. Eve said she was convinced that Theresa would do the right thing and share custody with Brady.

"She is so selfish and vindictive. Tate is all she has left. Do you really believe she is going to share him?" Jennifer asked. Eve turned the conversation back to the secret. Eve told Jennifer that she was a mirror image of Eve. Jennifer disagreed. Eve argued that Jennifer wanted to be happy no matter the cost, just like Eve. Eve told Jennifer to keep her mouth shut so that they both could keep the men they loved.

In the square, Brady and Eric chatted over coffee at the café. Brady and Eric talked about their upcoming weddings. Brady joked that he had planned a circus theme with Eve. Eric was optimistic that Jennifer and Eve would learn to get along, but Brady was unsure. Eric told Brady that he was happy for his brother and was pleased that they were back in one another's lives. Smiling, Brady suggested that they have a triple wedding with John and Marlena. Eric looked dubious at the suggestion.

Marlena interrupted to say hello. Brady and Eric smiled at one another. Marlena sat down with Eric and Brady and reviewed wedding details. When Eric asked about Sami, Marlena admitted that Sami had declined to attend the wedding because of what had happened with Rafe. Eric muttered that it did not sound like Sami to shy away from a confrontation.

Curious, Marlena asked Eric and Brady if they knew anything about Sami's behavior. Both Eric and Brady shook their heads no. Eric offered to call Sami, and Marlena eagerly took Eric up on his offer. With a sigh, Eric excused himself to meet up with Jennifer.

Once alone with Brady, Marlena asked him about Tate. Brady admitted he was struggling. Marlena offered to help Brady. With a nod, Brady asked Marlena to focus on John and her wedding. Brady said he would not be able to move on with his life without Eve at his side. Brady complained about Victor's part in the custody case and that Eve had urged him to forgive Victor. Marlena asked Brady if he could forgive Victor. Brady shook his head no. Brady said Victor had cost him his son. Eve approached the table and warned Brady that he needed to forgive Victor, or else their relationship was over.

At the Horton house, Jennifer opened the present that Eve had left her for her engagement. It was a book titled, How a Bad Girl Keeps a Good Man. Jennifer sneered. Eric knocked on the front door. With a pained sigh, Jennifer told Eric that they needed to talk.

In Kate's room, Will was shocked to find a half-naked Ted exiting Kate's bathroom. Will argued that Kate was sleeping with the man that had represented Leo in his case against Sonny. Kate offered to meet Will downstairs, but Will waved her off. Will asked Kate if she had been involved in the court case. Ted warned Kate not to say anything. Kate swore she had not been a part of Leo's lawsuit and had only met Ted after the case had been dismissed.

Shaking his head, Will said he did not understand why Kate could date someone that had represented both Leo and Ben. Kate argued that everyone had a right to counsel. Will countered that Ted had blackmailed him and Sonny. Shaking her head in disbelief, Kate asked Will to explain. Will told Kate that Ted was the reason he was there to ask Kate for help. Kate asked why Ted had blackmailed Will.

"For starters, he murdered my client," Ted said. Ted said he had evidence to implicate Sonny and Will in the murder. Will swore that Leo had attacked him, and Sonny had killed Leo by accident. Furious, Kate asked Will why he had not told the police. Will noted that the situation had looked suspicious. Kate assured Will that she believed him. Kate turned to face Ted and asked him to drop his threats.

"Sorry, Kate. No can do," Ted said dismissively. Kate noted that it was an order, not a request. Ted refused. Will chimed in that Ted had demanded money and had taken pleasure in threatening Will and Sonny with notes. Will argued that Kate did not know who she had been dating. Kate sighed. Will told Ted that what he had done was disgusting.

"I have some serious questions about your intentions with my grandmother," Will said. Will threatened Ted to stay away from Kate. Will growled that what had happened with Leo had been an accident, but he would do whatever it took to get rid of Ted. Kate intervened and urged Will to leave. Kate stressed that she would handle Ted. Reluctantly, Will left.

"I love it when you handle me," Ted said smoothly to Kate. "Save it. I will be cutting no deals with you," Kate growled.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Will gets an unexpected visitor.

• John's bachelor party goes awry.

• Familiar faces crash Marlena's bachelorette party.

• Kayla receives an unsettling prediction from a tarot card reader.

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