Tuesday, November 18, 2014

In the clearing of the park by the bench, Clyde talked to Jeremiah about his their business. When Jeremiah advised Clyde that profits were up, Clyde ordered him to launder the money through the trucking company and his strip mall in Branson. Noting that Clyde looked respectable, Jeremiah asked Clyde if he had found a woman in Salem.

In the clearing in the park, Nicole threw a football at Daniel when he was not ready for it. When the ball hit Daniel in the face, he was knocked to the ground, unconscious. Daniel woke up, and Nicole gently guided him to a nearby bench. Nicole apologized for hitting Daniel. Annoyed, Daniel asked to end their day out. Nicole refused, arguing that Daniel might have a concussion. Daniel stressed that he did not have a concussion. Daniel argued that Nicole had thrown the ball poorly on purpose because he had not agreed to do yoga with her.

While Daniel and Nicole argued, a little boy, Randy, ran over to them and listened to them debate about how to properly throw a football. Randy interrupted to call Nicole mean for hitting Daniel. As Nicole sighed, Randy ran over to his mother. Nicole grabbed Daniel and stole his car keys out of his pocket. After driving the grumbling doctor home, Nicole made a cup of tea and offered to stay with Daniel to make sure he stayed awake. When Nicole offered to give Daniel a massage, he declined. Nicole ordered Daniel to take of his shirt.

With a groan, Daniel stripped off his shirt and lay down on the couch. Nicole grabbed the two cups of hot tea, tripped on the rug, and managed to spill both cups on Daniel's back. Nicole apologized profusely. As Nicole rushed to get a towel, Daniel begged Nicole to leave before she did permanent damage to him. Nicole cleaned up the tea on the couch.

When Daniel returned to the living room, he advised Nicole not to work so hard to be his friend. Nicole explained that she wanted to make up for lost time. Nicole apologized for going overboard. Laughing, Daniel noted that he knew Nicole did not want to kill him. On her way out the door, Nicole told Daniel that she had had fun and that she had missed Daniel. Daniel agreed. The two hugged goodbye. As they pulled apart, they lingered and stared into one another's eyes.

Daniel's ringing cell phone interrupted the moment. Daniel noted that his son was on the phone. Nicole said goodbye and left. By the elevator, Nicole muttered to herself, "Did not see that coming." In his apartment, Daniel stared at his front door with a puzzled expression.

In the hospital sitting area by the nurses' station, Anne bugged Jordan for details about Paul Narita. When Jordan told Anne that Abigail was talking to Paul, Anne was confused. Jordan explained that the board had rehired Abigail. Anne was angry and argued that nepotism had restored Abigail to her position at the hospital. While Anne spit out colorful insults, Marlena gasped as she overheard. Marlena warned Anne not to slander a member of the staff. When Marlena threatened to file a complaint against Anne, Anne apologized and walked away muttering.

Down the hallway, Abigail talked to the VIP patient Paul in his private room. Abigail thanked Paul again for his donation and said she was sorry that he would not get any recognition for what he had done. With a grin, Abigail apologized for not recognizing Paul as a star baseball player. When Abigail joked that her boyfriend would have known who Paul was, Paul groaned.

"Boyfriend? You just set back my entire recovery," Paul joked. Abigail laughed. Anne barged into the room and interrupted. After Anne assured Paul that Daniel was a genius surgeon, Abigail urged Anne to accompany her into the hall so Paul could rest. Abigail shoved Anne into the hall. Anne pulled her arm away. With a sneer, Anne argued that Chad had forced the board to rehire Abigail, and Anne insinuated that Abigail had offered sex to Chad as payment for his help.

Abigail pulled Anne into the doctor's lounge to argue privately. When Abigail joked that she had slept with Chad to get her job, Anne sighed and thanked Abigail for her honesty. Abigail continued that she had slept with Anne's boss, Seth, and that Anne should be careful. Abigail warned Anne not to pick a fight with her.

Down the hallway, Marlena and Jordan talked. When Marlena asked Jordan if she was okay, Jordan nodded. Marlena reminded Jordan that anything she said to Marlena as a doctor would remain confidential. Across the room, Clyde listened to the conversation. After Marlena walked away, Clyde approached Jordan. When Jordan asked Clyde why he was at the hospital, Clyde told her that she had dropped her hospital badge. Clyde handed her the badge and left.

At Club TBD, Sonny told Ben that Ben would manage the new club location. Ben pushed for details, but a harried Sonny growled that he did not have any more information yet. Unfazed, Ben reminded Sonny that he needed to make school a priority and that it might be a better idea to put T in charge of the new club. Sonny said no. Frustrated, Ben asked Sonny if Chad had pushed to name Ben as the new manager at the other club. Sonny stressed that he was the one that wanted Ben to manage the new club, not Chad.

Outside Club TBD, Adrienne and Lucas talked about his visit to Los Angeles. When Adrienne asked about Will, Lucas admitted that he had not seen much of Will in L.A. Lucas explained that Will was working long hours at the studio. When Adrienne said that Will had gone to L.A. to help Sami with the kids and that it did not sound like he was doing what he had promised, Lucas narrowed his eyes and was defensive.

"You're passing judgment in the form of a question. So why don't we just leave this alone, okay?" Lucas said. With a sigh, Lucas walked into the club. As Lucas greeted Sonny, Adrienne kissed her son hello. Sonny mentioned that he and Will were both so busy that they hardly had time to talk. Adrienne muttered a snipe under her breath, and Lucas called her out. When Sonny asked what was going on between Adrienne and Lucas, Lucas shook his head and said Will missed Sonny.

Lucas handed photos of Arianna to Sonny. As Sonny stared at the photos with a goofy smile, he talked about how much he missed Arianna. When Sonny said he should fly out to L.A., Adrienne noted that Will would not have time for a visit. Lucas firmly stated that Will would make time for Sonny. Lucas said goodbye and headed out. Once Lucas was gone, Sonny pressed Adrienne to tell him what had happened.

Adrienne informed Sonny that Will was working long hours at the studio rather than spending time with Sami or the children. Sonny groaned. Sonny reminded Adrienne that the job was a big opportunity for Will. When Adrienne rolled her eyes, Sonny reminded Adrienne that Justin had been out of town for months. Sonny asked Adrienne why she was judging Will when Justin was doing the exact same thing. Sonny asked Adrienne if things were good with Justin. With a sigh, Adrienne apologized for stirring up trouble. Sonny assured Adrienne that everyone would be fine because they loved one another.

In the DiMera living room, Chad asked Kate to name him as the co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises. When Kate refused, Chad smiled smugly. Chad argued that he had earned the spot after siding with Kate against Stefano. Kate countered that it would be too much change. Chad threatened to spill the beans to Stefano if she did not name him her co-CEO. Kate asked Chad to accept a position as the head of a division so she could promote him later. Chad laughed.

When Chad reminded Kate that she had worked with Sami, Kate yelled that Sami had not been qualified to run the company. Kate argued that she had saved the company. With a serene look on his face, Chad noted that the company was called "DiMera Enterprises" and that a DiMera was not running the company because Kate had weaseled it out from under E.J. and Stefano.

"Do you want the board to be comfortable with you as CEO? You need a DiMera by your side. We've been a great team so far. You can work with this. Trust me. You'll like it a lot better than the alternative," Chad said. Chad argued that he and Kate had used one another. When Kate wondered aloud if Chad would push her out of the company in a few months, Chad countered that he did not have the experience to run the company and that he needed Kate.

When Kate asked Chad if he was ambitious, Chad said that he wanted to learn from Kate. Chad promised that by the time he was ready to take over the company, Kate would be ready to retire. When Chad reiterated his threat to call Stefano, Kate called his bluff. Kate said that if Chad called Stefano, it would hurt Chad as well. Chad argued that he had followed Stefano's plan, and if Kate refused Chad's request, Chad would tell Stefano everything in time for Stefano to stop Kate's counteroffensive.

Cornered, Kate agreed. Chad advised Kate to call Merkel from the board. Grinning, Chad handed Kate the phone. Kate called Merkel and explained her decision to appoint Chad as her co-CEO. Kate stressed that no one could learn about Chad's position until she made a formal announcement. After hanging up the phone, Kate asked Chad to remain quiet about his new position. Kate cautioned Chad to look out for Stefano. With a shrug, Chad said he did not care about Stefano.

Chad walked over to the hospital to talk to Jordan. With a grin, Jordan thanked Chad for his gift. Chad offered to walk Jordan home. Jordan smiled. Chad escorted Jordan to her apartment and asked what had cheered her up during the day. Smiling, Jordan admitted that Chad had brightened her day. The two kissed. Chad promised to call Jordan so that they could make plans.

Abigail visited Ben in his new apartment. Abigail was flustered when Ben answered the door in a towel. As Abigail offered to return later, Ben pulled her into the apartment and dropped his towel. Giggling, Abigail kissed Ben. After the two made love, they talked about his new apartment. Ben said that it felt like he had everything he wanted.

In the town square, Clyde watched Marlena as she walked around. Clyde wondered aloud if he should talk to Marlena.

Lucas visited Kate at the mansion to show her pictures of the kids from California. Smiling, Kate delighted in the pictures. Lucas assured Kate that the children were adjusting well to living in California. With a chuckle, Lucas joked that Sami would only need a couple months to take over Hollywood. Kate admitted that she missed working with Sami. Lucas' jaw dropped open. Kate added that Sami was easy to work with, unlike some people. Suspicious, Lucas asked Kate what she was up to. Kate avoided the question but admitted that she was worried about her control at DiMera Enterprises.

. . .

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