Tuesday, March 24, 2015

In Aiden's office, Clyde paid his bill and thanked Aiden for his legal services. Aiden mentioned that Ben's case had been easy to get dismissed once he'd learned Chad was being treated as a hostile witness. Curious, Clyde asked Aiden why people "had it in" for the DiMera family. Before Aiden could respond, Hope entered the office, and Aiden introduced her to Clyde. Clyde made small talk and praised Aiden for his help.

As talk turned back to the DiMera family, Hope said she had hope for Chad. Clyde called Chad "shifty." With a chuckle, Hope said Chad was an angel compared to the rest of the DiMera family. Clyde asked Aiden if they could schedule a meeting to discuss the hospital charity then he left.

With a smirk, Hope told Aiden that she did not buy Clyde's act. Switching subjects, Aiden slipped his hands around Hope's waist and reminded her that a year before, Hope had worked overtime to convince Kayla not to date him. When Aiden joked about the situation, Hope kissed Aiden and advised him to stop talking. Aiden said he loved that Hope spoke her mind and that he was likely in love with her from the start.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate packed her bags in preparation for moving out of the house. Chad entered the living room and told Kate that she did not need to move out right away. Talk turned to Stefano's takeover. With a shrug, Chad noted that he would have been screwed over either way.

As Kate raised an eyebrow, Chad said he knew Kate had planned to remove him from the board after the vote. Kate admitted that Chad was correct. With a grin, Chad thanked Kate for her honesty. Chad said the matter was just business. Kate agreed but added that with Stefano, it was also personal. Smiling, Kate said she had no hard feelings toward Chad.

After Chad left, Clyde stopped by to see Kate. Clyde accused Kate of avoiding him because she was upset about what had happened at the board meeting. Kate grumbled that she should have seen Stefano's plan unfolding before it had been too late. When Kate mentioned that even Victor had fallen for Stefano's scheme, Clyde raised an eyebrow in curiosity. Kate explained that Victor had been "off his game" since Sonny had been stabbed.

Kate admitted that she was embarrassed that she had been fooled and had avoided Clyde because she had not wanted to see anyone. Clyde told Kate that he was on her side. When Clyde asked Kate what was next, she responded that her first move was to make Stefano very sorry for what he had done.

In the town square, Hope and Aiden sipped coffee and chatted about Stefano's brief visit to town. Chad approached the table and apologized for Stefano's return to Salem. Hope was annoyed, but Chad stressed that he had been unaware of Stefano's plans to drop into town. Chad expressed his relief that he had been demoted, explaining that he still had a lot to learn about the business. Hope advised Chad not to learn bad behaviors from Stefano.

With a smirk, Chad said that Abe had given him the same advice as Hope. Chad added that he could handle his father. Hope disagreed and reminded Chad that his siblings were either mini-Stefanos or they were dead. Hope warned Chad to be careful. After Chad left, Hope told Aiden she was still hopeful for Chad's future.

When Aiden asked Hope why she cared, Hope explained that she wanted the DiMera heir to be a decent person. Aiden counseled Hope to remember that she could not save everyone. With a smile, Aiden thanked Hope for saving him and his son from a life on the run.

Nurse Maria met with Anne at the pub to discuss what had happened with the board member that had been admitted to the emergency room. Maria apologized and said she had been overwhelmed then had gone home and turned off her phone. After Maria provided Anne with the information she needed, Anne asked who the patient was. Maria said she was sworn to secrecy because the board member wanted to keep the matter private, but Anne threatened to write remarks on Maria's permanent record. Nervous, Maria blurted out that Brady was the patient.

In Eric's kitchen, Serena baked muffins. Eric noted that Serena always baked when she wanted to celebrate. Serena thought about recovering the diamonds, and she smiled at Eric. Serena said she had finished the first draft of her article. Eric's face fell in disappointment. When Eric asked Serena if that meant she was leaving Salem, Serena stressed that she had not made up her mind, but she was leaning toward staying in town.

When Serena asked Eric if he had talked to Nicole about the elephants, Eric countered that Nicole had not mentioned the elephants until he had asked about them. Serena advised Eric not to defend Nicole because Serena would never like her. Worried, Eric asked Serena if she was contemplating leaving Salem because of Nicole. Eric stressed that his romantic relationship with Nicole was over. Serena said she believed Eric, and she apologized for mentioning Nicole.

After the muffins finished baking, Caroline arrived. As Eric and Caroline sat down to drink coffee and eat muffins, Serena excused herself to give them privacy to talk. Eric stopped Serena before she left, and he told her how happy he was that things were going well between them again. After Serena left, Caroline told Eric that she was thrilled that Eric was moving on from Nicole.

At Club TBD, Nicole waited for Daniel to arrive for their coffee date. Daniel called to explain that he was waiting to discharge a patient and was running late. Upset, Nicole asked Daniel if the patient in question was Brady. Nicole told Daniel she was hurt that Daniel was shutting her out and keeping secrets from her. Annoyed, Daniel advised Nicole not to explain to him how he felt. Nicole told Daniel she was leaving in thirty minutes if Daniel did not show up.

Overhearing, Victor approached Nicole's table and gleefully asked if Daniel was dumping Nicole. Nicole said she and Daniel were growing closer. With a self-satisfied grin, Nicole said that Daniel had let her shave him. Laughing, Victor joked that Daniel should not let Nicole near him with a razor. Victor warned Nicole that Daniel would shut her out because he did not want to grow close to Nicole again. When Nicole mentioned that Daniel had not told her about admitting Brady to the hospital, Victor flipped out. Victor was surprised by the news, and he bolted for the exit.

In Brady's hospital room, Brady packed his belongings and kissed Melanie. Melanie expressed a desire to find out who had attacked Brady, and she explained that she had confronted Theresa. As Brady's mouth gaped open, Melanie continued that Theresa had been surprised by the news. Melanie asked Brady if he was proud of her restraint in leaving Theresa's apartment without an incident. Brady nodded with a smirk.

Daniel entered the room and informed Brady and Melanie that the only drug that had been in Brady's system was the tranquilizer that had been administered by the assailant. Daniel apologized to Brady for his suspicions. With a shrug, Brady admitted that his behavior in the past was ample reason to suspect the worst.

When Melanie asked about the puncture wound in Brady's other arm, Daniel explained that Maria had informed the hospital that she had not taken blood from both arms. Though Daniel was not sure, Melanie was convinced that Maria had only used the one arm and that the assailant had taken Brady's blood. Victor arrived in a huff and berated everyone for not telling him that Brady had been attacked. With a scowl, Victor added that he was annoyed he had learned the news from Nicole.

Victor said he was concerned that Brady's attack was connected to Sonny's attack. Daniel warned Victor that if anyone was attacking the family, it was Victor's fault. Melanie intervened as Daniel and Victor bellowed at one another. Melanie reminded the men that the important thing was to discharge Brady from the hospital and get him home for some rest.

At Club TBD, Nicole shook her head and looked at her watch. Nicole mumbled to herself that time was up, and she rose from her seat to leave. As Nicole turned, she ran into a mysterious stranger and spilled her coffee onto him.

Nicole gave the man her card told him she would pay for the cleaning. The man asked Nicole to join him for coffee, and Nicole agreed. With a grin, the man said he did not need Nicole to pay for anything, but he would keep her card because he intended to call her. Surprised, Nicole asked the man if he was asking her on a date. When the man nodded, Nicole said she was "sort of seeing someone." The man complimented Nicole, and she said she wished her man would be as complementary.

As the man told Nicole he hoped to run into her in the future, Daniel entered the club. Daniel watched from the corner as Nicole and the man talked. The man thanked Nicole for spilling the drink on him, and he told her he hoped to see her around town. After the man left, Daniel walked over to Nicole and asked if the man Nicole had been talking to was a source for an article. Nicole explained that she had literally bumped into him and had spilled her coffee on him.

Confused, Daniel asked Nicole why she had given the man her card. Nicole laughed and said it was a long story. Daniel said he had plenty of time to hear the tale. With a raised eyebrow, Nicole asked Daniel if he was jealous. Daniel protested. Annoyed, Nicole said the man had treated her better than Daniel treated her.

While Serena was in her hotel room, there was a knock at the door. Serena opened the door and found the man Nicole had talked with in Club TBD. The man warned Serena that he was tired of waiting for her.

In the Kiriakis living room, Brady and Victor talked about the attack. Victor was sure the attack was related to Sonny. Victor warned Brady that they needed to proceed as if the two attacks were connected. Victor asked Brady to tell him everything that had happened.

In Theresa's living room, Clint called Dr. Mandrake to check in while Theresa slept. Clint promised that he would have Theresa's blood shortly, but he needed to make sure no one suspected a connection between Theresa, Brady, and the attack. In the bedroom, Theresa stirred awake and mumbled, "Brady, make love to me." Theresa woke up, and reality set in. Realizing she was late for work, Theresa hurriedly got dressed and ran into the living room.

Clint spiked Theresa's Bloody Mary with a tranquilizer then urged her to sip the drink and call in sick to work. Theresa was reluctant because she was out of sick days. Theresa added that she needed to know what had happened to Brady. Clint continued to push, and Theresa relented and called Anne to say she was sick.

Anne was annoyed that Theresa was calling in sick. Excited to gossip, Anne told Theresa that Brady had been admitted to the hospital for possible drug use. Theresa did not believe Brady would have taken drugs. Overwhelmed, Theresa said she was sick and would be in bed all day. After Theresa hung up, Anne joked that Theresa was not sick, but Anne believed she would be in bed all day.

In Theresa's apartment, Theresa finished her drink and felt woozy. Clint told Theresa she was exhausted. As Theresa wobbled, Clint scooped her up and carried her to bed. While Clint returned to the living room to get his needle to draw blood, a disoriented Theresa sent a provocative text message to Brady. At the Kiriakis mansion, Melanie saw the text on Brady's phone and deleted it.

After taking a vial of Theresa's blood, Clint packed up his things and scribbled out a note to Theresa. The note thanked Theresa for the fun and ended their relationship. As Clint opened the front door to leave, he ran into Melanie and dropped his bag. The vials of blood for Brady and Theresa clattered to the floor at Melanie's feet.

. . .

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