Tuesday, August 4, 2015

While J.J. and Kyle talked business in Kyle's apartment, Paige knocked on the front door. Paige was startled to see J.J. When J.J. asked why Paige was there, Paige said that Kyle had invited her to breakfast. "Don't let me spoil your party," J.J. said jovially as he left. Upset, Paige told Kyle that she was not amused that he had coordinated a run in with J.J. Kyle swore that he had not known that J.J. was going to stop by. Kyle pleaded with Paige to talk to him.

After agreeing to listen, Paige accompanied Kyle to Club TBD. Kyle promised Paige that he would keep J.J. away from her. With a shake of her head, Paige stressed that she did not have a problem seeing J.J. but that she had been surprised to see J.J. at Kyle's apartment. Kyle apologized.

"Even though you never want to tell me what it is you do, I'm not stupid. I totally get it. And whether it involves J.J. or not I need you to know that I am not okay with it. In fact the more I think about it, the more I hate it," Paige said. Kyle said he was not comfortable with his job either. Kyle told Paige that he wanted to stop dealing drugs but that he did not know how to stop.

"Sometimes I think if I had met a girl like you way back when, I'd be a better guy today instead of a bum. But sitting her telling you all this, Paige, it almost makes it seem like that could still happen," Kyle said. Kyle took Paige's hand and she smiled shyly. Kyle admitted that he did not know how to do anything but deal drugs. Laughing, Kyle told Paige that he had once been fired from his job as a dishwasher. Paige suggested that Kyle look into sales since he technically already worked in sales. With a shrug, Kyle noted that his product sold itself.

In the park, J.J. stared at the key he had swiped from Kyle's apartment. As Rory walked around the corner, he asked J.J. why he was staring at a key. With a shrug, J.J. said he had found the key and was thinking about doing something "stupid." Rory encouraged J.J. to have some fun, but J.J. noted that he had a job and needed to prepare for classes. Rory told J.J that he did not recognize J.J. any more and that Bev had felt the same way. With a guilty shift of his eyes, J.J. asked when Rory had spoken to Bev.

Rory admitted that he had talked to Bev before she had left town. When J.J. asked what Bev and Rory had discussed, Rory noted that Bev had felt that J.J.'s motivation for everything was Paige. J.J. said he no longer wanted to discuss Paige. Rory suggested that he and J.J. go to the lake, but J.J. countered that he needed to go to work and think about his "next move." When J.J. arrived at Club TBD, he saw Paige and Kyle laughing and holding hands. Unnerved, J.J. left.

J.J. beelined to Kyle's apartment and used the stolen key to break in. After checking the safe and finding it locked, J.J. looked around the apartment. J.J. found a stash of burner phones, and he took photos of the serial numbers for the police. While J.J. was still photographing evidence, Kyle returned home with Paige. J.J. dove behind the couch.

In the park, Victor made arrangements on the phone noting, "The best part is, the bastard won't even know what hit him." In Club TBD, Xander spoke to the woman he had met in the park. When Xander attempted to order her breakfast, the waiter informed Xander that his credit card was declined.

Xander met with Victor in the park to talk about why he had not left Salem. Victor said he would not help Xander with the pending criminal charges. Nodding, Xander swore he would clean up his mess. Xander said he would do anything to return to his job working for Victor. Victor advised Xander to check his accounts. When Xander checked his phone, he scowled. Victor informed Xander that there was no longer any money in any of Xander's accounts or with the fake charities that Xander had set up.

"I let you live. Did you think that there wouldn't be a price to pay? Or are you dissatisfied with my generosity?" Victor asked. "No, sir," Xander said, cowed. Victor advised him that he had a plan in mind for Xander to make up for what he had done.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa explained to Brady that she had broken her ankle while she was apartment hunting with Eve. Theresa apologized for the delay in moving out. Brady did not believe that Theresa had injured herself. Theresa offered proof of her injuries, but Brady reminded Theresa that she worked at a hospital and could manufacture the evidence. With a groan, Theresa protested her innocence and noted that as a mother, she had decided that she needed to stop lying and grow up. Theresa urged Brady to call her doctor to corroborate the story.

Brady's phone beeped, reminding him of an appointment at the hospital. With a sigh, Brady asked Theresa if she needed anything. Theresa shook her head no. Brady left, and Theresa smiled to herself. Theresa called Anne and told her that Brady had bought her story. Theresa promised Anne that she would pay Dr. Lee for his story backing up her injury claim. As Theresa hung up the phone, she stared at the bar cart nearby.

In the front hall, Brady grabbed his briefcase and headed to the front door. Brady stopped short and turned to look at the closed doors to the living room. Brady loudly closed the front door, then he tiptoed over to the living room doors and threw them wide open. Brady saw Theresa sitting in the same spot on the couch as when he had left. Theresa inquired about his meeting, and Brady explained that he had placed the wrong meeting time in his calendar. With a smile, Theresa asked Brady if he could fix her a glass of water. Brady obliged.

Emma texted Theresa to inform her that it was time for Theresa's scheduled visit with Tate. As Theresa joked about learning to use the crutches, Brady offered to get Tate and bring him downstairs to Theresa. Theresa gratefully accepted the offer. When Brady returned with Tate, Theresa cooed over her son. As Theresa struggled to reach Tate's bottle on the coffee table, Brady warned her not to put any weight on her ankle and he grabbed the bottle for her.

While feeding Tate, Brady and Theresa talked about their son. Brady proudly informed Theresa that Tate had sat up by himself. Brady showed her the photo, and he joked about how he was annoying everyone with all his photos of Tate. Brady needed to leave for his meeting and he offered to take Tate, but Theresa declined noting that Emma would be home shortly. With a grin, Theresa burped Tate and said goodbye to Brady.

After Brady left, Theresa cuddled her son and told him she loved him. "I love you even more because you're going to make all mommy's dreams come true," Theresa said. Theresa promised that she, Brady and Tate would be a real family.

In the hospital, Eric and Marlena talked about his change of mood. Eric said he was happy. When Marlena asked about Serena, Eric shook his head no. Eric said he was at peace. Happy, Marlena hugged her son. Eric gave Marlena a framed photo of her, John, and Roman. Eric then commented about how much he appreciated that Marlena and Roman had worked to remain civil after their divorce. Eric called Marlena an inspiration to him.

While Marlena walked around the hospital, she ran into Brady. Brady asked Marlena to visit Tate. With a nod, Marlena promised to visit Tate as soon as Theresa had moved out of the mansion. Brady informed Marlena that Theresa had broken her ankle and would be at the mansion a little longer. With a shrug, Brady admitted that when discussing Tate, he and Theresa got along very well.

Chloe and Nicole's conversation in Daniel's apartment took a turn for the worse, and the two women shoved and pushed one another. Daniel returned home and broke up the fight. Daniel demanded to know what had happened. The two women talked over one another until Nicole announced, "If you say one more word I will call off the wedding myself."

"Oh if you really mean that then you just guaranteed that I will never, ever shut up," Chloe shouted. As Nicole paced, Daniel asked Chloe if she had driven down from Chicago just to pick a fight with Nicole. Nicole interjected to comment that Chloe had told her that she believed Nicole would ruin Daniel and Parker's lives. Chloe agreed. As Nicole grew heated, Daniel asked her to take a walk so that he could talk privately with Chloe. Reluctantly, Nicole left.

Daniel reminded Chloe that when he had told her about the engagement on the phone, she had been fine with the news. With a shrug, Chloe noted that she must have been in shock. Chloe stressed that she did not believe that Nicole would be a good stepmother to Parker. Chloe apologized for fighting with Nicole, and she noted that Nicole had pushed her buttons. With a shoulder shrug, Daniel reminded Chloe that Chloe was a noted button-pusher too.

Chloe explained that she wanted to be a good mother to Parker. Daniel countered that Chloe had not seen Nicole with Parker. Daniel said that Nicole was great with Parker. With a grin, Daniel asked Chloe if she believed he would spend his life with someone that was not good with his son. Shrugging, Chloe said she did not understand how Daniel could be so sure that Nicole was the right person.

"Nicole always says, ‘this is it, this time it's gonna work,' and it never does," Chloe said. "So how do you know that she's changed? How do you know that she hasn't just reinvented herself again?" Chloe asked. Daniel said that Nicole had changed. Daniel confided that he had felt the same way about Chloe's boyfriend Brice, but that he had seen how good Brice was with Parker just as Nicole was with Parker.

"I wouldn't marry her if she didn't love our son. I wish you had faith that I would do right by Parker no matter what. Now and in the future. And accept that my future is with Nicole," Daniel said. Daniel asked Chloe to trust him. As Chloe stared at Daniel, contemplating what he had said, Parker returned home with the nanny. Chloe cheerfully informed Parker that she was staying in Salem for a few days.

While Nicole walked through the town square, she ran into Eric who asked why she looked upset. Nicole explained that Chloe had returned to Salem to tell her that she was not a good parent for Parker. As Nicole remarked that she had always wanted to be a mother, Eric nodded quietly. Nicole looked at Eric and her mouth gaped open. Nicole apologized for complaining to Eric about her problems.

Eric told Nicole that he had talked to Brady about what had happened in the crawlspace. When Nicole raised an eyebrow, Eric added that Brady had sworn to keep the information to himself. Nicole told Eric that she had confessed to Daniel about what had happened. "I told him everything," Nicole said. Nicole explained that she had not wanted to repeat her past mistakes.

"It hit me that I would rather lose Daniel than try to keep him that way," Nicole said. Eric wondered whether he should expect a punch from Daniel. Laughing, Nicole said that Daniel understood that Nicole and Eric had been fighting for their lives when they had kissed. Nicole said that Daniel had forgiven her. Eric said that Chloe would not be able to change Daniel's mind about Nicole.

When Nicole returned home, she found Chloe alone in the apartment. Chloe told Nicole that Daniel had taken Parker out so that they could chat alone. Chloe mentioned that she had failed to listen to Nicole's side of things, and she asked Nicole to tell her why she believed things would work with Daniel. Nodding, Nicole said that as Parker's mom, Chloe had a right to ask that question of her. Nicole said she had been defensive because Chloe had seen Nicole's past mistakes.

"You're the mother to one of the greatest kids on the planet and you just want to protect him. I get that. Because that's important to me now. I want to protect him too. I swear on my love for Daniel, who by the way, has made me happier than I ever dreamed possible, that I will work with you to make Parker's childhood the best any kid ever had," Nicole said. Nicole promised to be a good stepmom. Nicole asked Chloe to forgive her for her behavior in the past. Nicole told Chloe that she wanted to be friends again because she missed her.

Wiping tears from her eyes, Chloe said she missed Nicole as well. Chloe apologized for being hard on Nicole. Nicole shook her head, and she hugged Chloe. The two women agreed that they were happy to have the other as a friend. Chloe wished Nicole and Daniel happiness together. "I really think you will," Chloe said. "Me too," Nicole said.

In the town square, Daniel and Parker said hello to Eric. Eric said hello and started to make an excuse to leave, but Daniel asked Eric to stay and talk. As Parker sat down at a nearby table to play a game, Daniel noted that Parker loved the game that Nicole had purchased for him. Eric said he had talked to Nicole and that she had told him that she had told Daniel everything.

"I get it and it's behind us," Daniel said. "Nicole loves you. Only you," Eric said. Daniel told Eric that he wanted him to continue to be a part of their lives.

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