Thursday, November 19, 2015
by Mike

At the cabin, Ben timed Abigail's contractions and realized that they were getting closer together. Ben assured Abigail that help was on the way, but she protested that she needed a doctor, not a midwife.

Ben reminded Abigail that it had been her idea to give birth the natural way, with just a midwife present. Abigail explained that she had made that decision under the assumption that she would give birth in Salem, with Jennifer at her side and a hospital nearby. Refusing to change his mind, Ben freed Abigail from her bindings and drew a gun as he warned her to act natural when the midwife arrived.

Claiming she was cold, Abigail asked Ben to find her another blanket. Ben knew there was one in the car, but he didn't want to leave Abigail alone and untethered. Abigail argued that Ben had nothing to worry about because she wouldn't be able to get far before suffering another crippling contraction. Ben was suspicious because it didn't seem that cold to him inside the cabin, but he conceded the point and went to fetch the blanket.

After Ben left, Abigail reached under the bed and grabbed her hidden cell phone. Ben returned with the midwife before Abigail could use the device, so she tucked it behind her back, keeping it hidden under the blanket she was already using. The midwife introduced herself as Wendy, and Abigail shared her own full name, as well as Ben's full name and their town of residence, before Ben stopped her from saying anything else. Abigail reminded Ben that he was supposed to be retrieving a blanket for her, but he said that could wait until after Wendy left.

After doing a quick examination, Wendy determined that Abigail was definitely in labor and needed to be taken to a hospital right away. Ben said that wasn't an option, and when Wendy refused to listen, he drew his gun and pointed it at her head. Abigail tried to convince Ben that the baby would die without proper medical attention because it was being born too early, but he insisted that everything was going to be fine -- as long as she and Wendy did exactly what he told them to do.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad explained to Stefano that he had ordered some of the DiMera goons to track down Abigail because he was certain that she was in danger. Andre entered the study and said he hadn't been aware that Chad was authorized to give such orders. "Spare the speech and just send me a bill," Chad snapped, prompting Andre to threaten to call off the search.

Chad backed down and explained that he was really just upset with himself because he couldn't remember why he and Ben had fought, and he believed that if he could just regain his missing memories, he would be able to figure out where Ben had taken Abigail. "What, you think he told you his travel arrangements while he was smashing your head against the floor?" Andre asked, drawing Chad's ire again. Andre warned Chad to take it easy, suggesting that Chad would never remember anything if he remained agitated.

At John and Marlena's townhouse, John told Marlena that, while he was fairly certain that Sami wasn't being held at the DiMera mansion, he still had the place under constant surveillance, just in case. Despite her misgivings about the ISA, Marlena felt desperate enough to suggest that it might be a good idea for John to ask the agency for a favor. John admitted that he hadn't exactly left the ISA on the best of terms -- in fact, he hadn't quit; he had been fired. John explained that he hadn't told Marlena the truth sooner because he hadn't wanted her to blame herself for his dismissal.

John suggested that it was time for him and Marlena to have a face-to-face talk with Andre. "Okay. I will pack up my tire iron," Marlena replied. John liked entertaining that thought but doubted that force would work with Andre. John believed that he and Marlena would need some sort of bargaining chip, so they began searching the townhouse for the information Sami had obtained from the safe deposit box, suspecting that Andre had been right to assume that Sami had hidden the information there. "Try to think like Sami," John advised Marlena. "Oh, God help us," Marlena muttered before heading upstairs to search that part of the townhouse.

Later, as John and Marlena were ending the search -- which had turned up nothing at all -- they received a visit from Chad, who explained that he needed to talk to Marlena. John insisted it wasn't a good time, but Marlena agreed to hear Chad out, so John went to the bank to see if Sami had stored the information there. After apologizing for his poor timing, Chad explained that he needed Marlena to hypnotize him because he was worried about Abigail and believed that accessing his lost memories was the key to finding her. Marlena said she would help Chad if he promised to help her in return.

Under hypnosis, Chad recalled that his most recent fight with Ben had been different than their other fights because Ben's eyes had been scary and dead during it. Chad also remembered that he had vowed to get Abigail as far away from Ben as possible then prove something that would leave Ben rotting in jail for the rest of his life. Chad bolted toward the townhouse door while reliving the most vicious parts of the fight, forcing Marlena to quickly snap him back to reality.

Marlena tried to get Chad to tell her what he had just remembered, but he said the memories had already disappeared again. Marlena reminded Chad that he had said something about watching Ben rot in prison for what Ben had done, but Chad wasn't able to remember what he had meant when he had said that. As Chad recovered from what he had just been through, Marlena explained that she needed his help because she believed that Stefano and Andre had kidnapped Sami. Chad was surprised to hear that but promised to do his best to find out what Stefano and Andre were up to.

When John returned a short time later, he started to snap at Chad but backed off after Marlena explained that Chad was going to help them. After Chad left, Marlena guessed that John was in a bad mood because he hadn't had any luck at the bank. Confirming the suspicion, John admitted that he should have known that Sami would never do something as rational as visiting a bank in the middle of a crisis. "Oh, no, when Sami's in crisis, she... She tends to regress; she tends to be more like a little girl," Marlena agreed before rushing off to another room to check something.

Marlena soon returned with a doll. "Sami [once] had information about Kate, and she put it in here," Marlena explained. Hoping Sami had stayed true to form, John started to inspect the doll -- and soon found a flash drive taped to the back of it, under its clothing. "You know, I have a feeling the information in here is going to finally and completely destroy Stefano," John mused. "I've got a feeling it's finally gonna save Sami," Marlena added.

At the Salem Inn, a text message alert interrupted Steve and Kayla's heated kiss. Steve tried to convince Kayla to ignore the message, but she pointed out that it might be about Bo. After reading the message, Kayla explained that Ciara was throwing a surprise party for Bo at the pub. "This was a mistake," Kayla told Steve before rushing off.

At Bo and Hope's house, Ciara tried to convince Hope to go to the pub. "[It] isn't a party; [it's] the family coming together to show the world that Aiden and those jerks that did that to Dad did not win. We won," Ciara stressed, prompting Hope to observe that Ciara looked just like Bo when fired up.

Hope was still reluctant to attend the gathering, pointing out that she could barely function in her own house. Determined to change Hope's mind, Ciara offered a bribe -- a silver, heart-shaped locket she had purchased for Hope earlier. The locket contained one of Bo and Hope's wedding photographs, and Ciara said that was why Hope needed to be at the pub.

At the Brady Pub, Caroline told Bo that the surprise party had been Ciara's idea. Caroline added that Ciara had gone to get Hope, and they would be arriving soon. Bo appreciated the sentiment but wasn't sure Hope was ready for such a thing. Caroline said she and Ciara had thought of that but had determined that being around the whole family was precisely what Hope needed at that time. "And you know what Ciara called the party? 'The beginning of Happily Ever After,'" Caroline loudly announced with a flourish -- just as Steve and Kayla arrived. Bo forced a smile and hugged Caroline as she added that bad days were behind them.

After the guests bantered with each other for a bit, Victor asked Bo to recount the details of his lengthy adventure, jokingly calling him Odysseus. Promising to share the whole boring story some other time, Bo instead opted to tell the guests how they had each helped him get through his ordeal -- Caroline had urged him to eat even though the food hadn't been up to her standards; Victor had made the guards sound like they were speaking Greek to keep things amusing; Kayla, Roman, and Steve had encouraged him to keep trying to find a way to escape; and his kids had kept him motivated every time he had considered giving up hope.

Bo told Doug he had named Hope well. "I could not give up Hope. All I had to do was, um, picture her smile [and] her eyes, hear her voice... She got me through hell," Bo added, unaware, until Shawn alerted him, that Hope had just arrived with Ciara. Bo hugged Hope and told her she had perfect timing. Later, Julie proposed a toast to Bo, pointing out that many of the guests owed their lives to him. Recalling just one of Bo's heroic acts, Julie started talking about how he had saved people from Ernesto Toscano's cruise ship when a bomb had gone off on it. Shawn added that Bo had once hung from a helicopter to save his life.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable, Bo stood up and protested that enough stories had been told for one day. Bo stumbled as he spoke, and as he braced himself against a nearby table, he assured everyone that there was nothing to worry about, claiming that he had simply stood too quickly after drinking alcohol for the first time in years. Knowing the truth, Steve quietly asked Kayla if she believed it would be best for them to get Bo out of the pub. Fighting back tears, Kayla decided not to spoil what could be the family's last good memory of togetherness with Bo.

While hugging Bo, Caroline had a vision in which Hope was cradling him in her arms, sobbing as snow fell on them. Gasping, Caroline pulled away from Bo, and Victor and Maggie watched with concern as she excused herself to put away the pies, assuring Bo that nothing was wrong. Victor and Maggie followed Caroline and questioned her about what had just happened, guessing she'd had another vision. Caroline reluctantly revealed that she had seen Bo and Hope crying in the park. Maggie suggested that Bo and Hope might have been crying tears of joy, and Caroline immediately latched on to that theory, finding it a relief to believe that nothing was wrong.

Eric could tell that Jennifer was concerned about something, so he tried to talk to her about it, but she dismissively called herself a helicopter mom and cut the conversation short. Jennifer went to say hello to Steve and Kayla, and Eric followed her. When Eric asked, Steve revealed that he was planning to stay in Salem for good, adding that he had promised Kayla and Joey that he would put his vagabond days behind him, and he intended to keep that promise.

Bo stepped outside to contact Chelsea but kept the conversation brief so she wouldn't realize it was making him emotional. When Bo rejoined Hope, Shawn, and Ciara inside, he told them about the phone conversation. Surprised, Hope pointed out that it was probably around four in the morning in Chelsea's part of the world. "Something that couldn't wait," Bo explained. Bo said he loved having Shawn back in Salem but wished Belle and Claire had been able to join him. Shawn joked that Bo was just going to have to settle for having him as a solo act.

Feeling left out, Ciara wondered if Bo was glad she was around, and he reluctantly conceded that he was kind of, sort of happy about that. As Ciara started to protest, Bo gave her a hug and assured her that she had always been -- and always would be -- a huge part of his heart. Bo said he couldn't really take any credit for how smart, understanding, and beautiful Ciara was, since she had gotten all those qualities from Hope, but Ciara argued that she was actually a lot like Bo, too. Ciara cited her ability to make amazing doughnuts and her love of motorcycles and baseball as proof, and Bo smiled as he conceded the point.

Ciara suddenly decided that the gathering would be the perfect time for Bo and Hope to get remarried. Ciara suggested that Abe could officiate the wedding, and she added that it didn't matter if it was legal or not because Bo and Hope could always just go to City Hall later to make it official; the important thing, she reasoned, was that they symbolically acknowledged the fact that they were back together as a family again.

Abe was willing to help out, and Hope seemed okay with the idea, too, but when she asked for Bo's thoughts, he abruptly left the pub, explaining that he needed a minute alone. Hope took that as proof that Bo hadn't really forgiven her for giving up on him, and she refused to listen when Kayla tried to convince her that wasn't true.

Steve followed Bo outside and wondered what was going on. Bo explained that he was suffering another headache. Changing the subject, Bo handed Steve the keys to the motorcycle they had ridden back to Salem, joking that he wouldn't need it where he was headed. Steve said Bo needed to tell Hope what was going on. Bo agreed but was frustrated because he didn't know how much time he had left -- nor how to tell his wife he was dying.

. . .

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