Thursday, July 30, 2015
by Mike

Daniel stopped a distraught Nicole from leaving his apartment, insisting he wasn't going to let her just walk out of his life like that. Daniel said he believed Nicole had been completely honest with him about what had almost happened in the crawlspace, and he understood why she hadn't told him the truth sooner.

Nicole started sobbing tears of joy when Daniel added that he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Later, after having sex on the couch, Nicole and Daniel started talking about the amazing life they were going to have together with Parker -- and the mention of the boy made them scramble to get dressed as they suddenly remembered he was due home soon.

Jennifer returned home and found J.J. meeting with Watts in the living room. Watts abruptly excused himself after receiving a phone call. J.J. explained to Jennifer that he had just tried to set up a meeting with Kyle but had been blown off. Jennifer admitted that, while she was proud of J.J., she was also really worried about him. J.J. hugged Jennifer and assured her that he understood the risks and would be okay. Jennifer pointed out that Paige might get upset if she ever learned what J.J. was up to, but he claimed he didn't care. J.J. promised he would keep Jennifer in the loop and would never take drugs into the house.

Paige spotted Eve while on a date with Kyle at the Horton Town Square. Kyle could tell something was wrong, so Paige explained that her mother was nearby -- and they weren't exactly on speaking terms. Kyle excused himself, assuring Paige he would handle the situation for her. Kyle introduced himself to Eve and apologetically informed her that Paige really didn't want to talk to her at that time. Kyle added, however, that Paige probably just needed some time to deal with everything. Kyle warned that, while Eve would always be Paige's mother -- and Paige would eventually need Eve again -- she might just make things worse if she pushed Paige too hard.

Paige was shocked when Eve walked away without saying a word to her. Paige wondered how Kyle had managed that, and he coyly replied that he was just that good. J.J. passed through the town square in time to spot Kyle reaching for Paige's hand. J.J. hid nearby so Paige and Kyle wouldn't see him. Paige declined Kyle's offer to take her to Edge of the Square and hook her up with a fake ID, but she gave him a kiss on the cheek before heading back to her dorm room.

After Paige left, J.J. tucked the envelope of drug money between the pages of a magazine and discreetly delivered it to Kyle, reasoning that it would be silly to wait until the next day when their paths had already crossed. Kyle wondered if J.J. had just seen him with Paige. "Your problem, not mine, man," J.J. dismissively replied, adding that Kyle would soon realize Paige was extremely high-maintenance. Kyle left after suggesting he and J.J. could meet the following day to do some more business together.

Eve ran into Jennifer at Club TBD and bragged that Paige was seeing someone new -- a very charming young man named Kyle. Jennifer wondered if Kyle was a student at Salem University. "Mm-hmm. I think," Eve replied with a shrug, prompting Jennifer to guess Eve didn't really know anything about Kyle at all. "Except that he's not J.J., because that's all you really care about, isn't it?" Jennifer added.

Eve unapologetically confirmed the suspicion. "Right, because it's always about you. It's never about Paige. And any decent parent would put their child first, but, yeah, not you. Never you, Eve," Jennifer mused. Eve countered that Jennifer might want to look in the mirror before calling her a bad mother. "Sanctimonious bitch. I can't let it go. I'm not gonna let it go. I'll find a way. I always do," Eve muttered after Jennifer left.

At the park, Will told Ben he had just seen Abigail -- and she had mentioned that she would be working late that night at the hospital. Meanwhile, Ben received a call from Rafe, who needed someone to cover the Edge of the Square bar for a bit. Will said he was headed to the same place and would see Ben there later.

Derrick went to Club TBD to meet up with Will, Sonny, and Paul, not realizing Edge of the Square was the club Will had been referring to in the text message he had sent Derrick earlier. Sonny was just about to leave, so he invited Derrick to join him. Derrick nervously wondered if the outing was intended to be a casual thing or if it might be a double date instead.

Sonny shrugged and said Derrick's relationship with Paul was none of his business. Derrick agreed but admitted he sometimes got the impression that Paul wasn't over Sonny yet, even though Paul knew nothing was ever going to happen with Sonny. Derrick added that Paul was a great guy, and he didn't want to move too fast if Paul wasn't ready to be more than friends yet. Sonny nodded and awkwardly excused himself so he could finish getting ready.

When Sonny and Derrick arrived at Edge of the Square, Will and Paul were already waiting for them at one of the tables. As the men talked, Derrick revealed that, while he had been born and raised in Salem, he hadn't seen his family in over a year because they had disowned him after he had told them he was gay. "I pretty much don't have a family anymore," Derrick added. "Sure you do," Paul replied, grasping Derrick's hand. Sonny's facial expression suggested -- not for the first time that evening -- that seeing Paul and Derrick together might be making him feel a bit jealous. Meanwhile, two other guys lurked in the background, also observing Paul's gesture.

Later, Sonny complained to Paul and Derrick about how Will kept getting pulled away to say hello to coworkers. Derrick offered to go track Will down and rescue him. Derrick found Will outside and admitted that Will had been right about how Derrick's story about his homophobic parents would resonate with Paul. "This could be your lucky night," Will assured Derrick.

Meanwhile, Sonny and Paul talked about how great Derrick had turned out to be. "So, are you two still just friends, or what?" Sonny asked. Paul shrugged and admitted he wasn't sure what to think yet. Before Paul could say anything else, two guys approached the table -- the two guys who had been watching him earlier. "Never thought I'd see this -- baseball legend Paul Narita, hanging with a bunch of fairies," one man said. "Isn't that what he is -- a fairy?" the other added.

Meanwhile, at the bar, Rafe received a phone call from his FBI contact. "You sure there's nothing new on Weston in the FBI database?" Rafe asked, unaware that Ben was standing right behind him. Seemingly oblivious, Ben interrupted to ask Rafe if it would be okay to leave, since another bartender had just arrived. Rafe nodded and turned his attention back to his phone call, wondering if his contact was absolutely sure there wasn't a connection to be made between Clyde and the prison inmate who had died a few months earlier.

Chad entered Will and Sonny's apartment and thanked Abigail for agreeing to see him. Abigail stressed that she had only agreed because Will had repeatedly asked her to, and she impatiently urged Chad to go ahead and say whatever it was he wanted to say so she could leave. After making it clear that he hadn't mentioned Abigail's name, Chad explained that he had gone to Marlena for advice, and she had told him that if he had feelings for someone, he owed it to that person -- and himself -- to be open and honest about those feelings. "So that's why I'm here. The truth is...I am in love with you, Abigail Deveraux," Chad admitted.

Abigail refused to believe that, but Chad insisted it was the truth. "I love you more than I have ever loved anyone in my entire life, and I am going out of my mind, thinking about how crazy it was that -- how I screwed everything up," Chad added. Abigail angrily countered that no one else had ever treated her the way Chad had -- not even Sami, who had at least had a reason to hate Abigail and be cruel and vindictive toward her. Abigail conceded that Chad might have believed he'd had a reason, too. Chad insisted that wasn't true, prompting Abigail to wonder what was true.

Chad revealed that he had lashed out at Abigail after overhearing her talking to Ben on the phone, telling him how much she loved him. "So you were jealous? That's why you said all of those hateful things to me?" Abigail asked incredulously. Abigail ordered Chad to leave, but he refused to give up his one opportunity to tell her how he felt about her. Abigail tried to leave herself, but Chad blocked her path and stressed that the night they had spent together had been amazing -- for him, at least. Chad said that was when he had realized just how much he loved Abigail.

"[But] before I could act on how I felt, my father came back to town. I got a quick reminder of who I really am, and how my being with you could affect you -- and him," Chad added. Chad said he had been telling himself he wouldn't turn out like the other DiMeras since the day he had discovered he was one of them, but he had started getting more and more like them over time. Chad clarified that he had lashed out at Abigail not because he had been jealous of her relationship with Ben but because he had realized she deserved to be with a good guy who wouldn't hurt her.

"I forced myself to say all of those horrible things to you. They were all lies -- every one of them. But I had to be as cold and cruel as possible to make sure that there would never be another chance between us again," Chad tearfully explained. "Well, you certainly succeeded, didn't you, Chad?" Abigail replied. Abigail wondered what had caused Chad to suddenly change his mind about pushing her away to protect her from Stefano. Chad admitted that, while he had tried to move on and forget about Abigail, he simply couldn't get her out of his head.

Chad reiterated that he had never loved anyone else the way he loved Abigail, and he hoped that, deep down, she felt the same way about him. "What you have with [Ben], Abby -- it's not what we have. No matter how hard we try to deny it...we can't," Chad said as he leaned in closer to Abigail and rested a hand on her neck. Meanwhile, Ben's tracking app led him to Will and Sonny's apartment, and as he stood outside the entrance, he wondered what Abigail was doing inside.

. . .

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