Thursday, October 1, 2015
by Mike

In Ben and Abigail's apartment, Ben was trying to put together a baby swing, but the act of tying one of the straps caused him to recall Serena's strangulation. Abigail emerged from the bathroom in time to catch Ben tossing the baby swing across the room. When Abigail wondered what was wrong, Ben claimed he was just frustrated because he couldn't figure out how to put the baby swing together, and he didn't have much time left before he had to be at Edge of the Square for his shift. Abigail assured Ben that it would be months before they would need the baby swing, and she reminded him that it was also bad luck to fill the apartment with baby items during the early stages of the pregnancy. Ben said he had assumed it would be okay to begin doing so because Abigail had recently started showing, but she told him it was still too soon.

After Ben promised to stop sweating the small stuff, Abigail headed off to meet up with her mother. Ben went to the refrigerator to grab something, and he paused when he saw the sonogram photograph that had been stuck to the door with a magnet. "I'm sorry. And it won't happen again. But I had to keep you safe...from Chad DiMera," Ben muttered, stroking the image with his thumb.

At the Horton house, Jennifer was on the phone with Laura, talking to her about Paige's impending funeral as well as Abigail's impending wedding. "I can't wait for you to meet Ben. Abigail did well; he's a keeper," Jennifer said with a smile. Later, Jennifer helped Abigail try on wedding dresses while talking about how happy she was that Abigail and Ben had decided to stay in Salem. Abigail cited the house Clyde had given her and Ben as one of their reasons for changing their minds about moving.

Gauging Jennifer's reaction, Abigail guessed Jennifer wasn't happy about Clyde's gift. Confirming the suspicion, Jennifer admitted she was worried that there might be strings attached to the gift. Jennifer also pointed out that taking care of a house was expensive. Abigail assured Jennifer that she and Ben would sell the house if it turned out to be too much of a burden.

Anne went to the Kiriakis mansion to invite Theresa to go clubbing with her, since they hadn't seen each other in weeks. Theresa declined the invitation, pointing out that she had a child to take care of. "You have a nanny! I mean, that's the whole point of living here in the house of judgment and slut-shaming, right?" Anne countered.

Theresa protested that she wasn't a slut, nor was she being judged while living at the mansion. "Right. They love you, and everything's swell, and you've really just been truly too busy [to hang out with me]," Anne sarcastically replied. Theresa reminded Anne that she had recently purchased a company, but Anne countered that Theresa wasn't exactly Versace yet, so there was still time for some partying.

Theresa still refused to join Anne, prompting Anne to wonder why Theresa was shutting her out. Theresa denied doing that, explaining that she simply needed to make some changes in her life. "Look, Anne, I love Brady so much, and I'm never gonna get him to fall back in love with me unless I can prove that I'm not a constant train wreck like I was," Theresa added.

"When you worked for me. When you hung out with me. So... So you're ditching me. Is that it? Oh. My. God. You're like a pod. You're like a Theresa pod. Where is Fun Theresa, huh? What have you done with my friend?" Anne demanded to know. Theresa replied that she had grown up -- and perhaps Anne needed to do the same. Theresa added that she simply didn't want to keep self-destructing. "And that means you can't hang out with me?" Anne asked. Theresa pointed out that she had never exactly been the best version of herself around Anne -- and Anne had never exactly been shy about encouraging Theresa's bad behavior.

Anne protested that she wasn't Theresa's mother; she was Theresa's friend. Theresa agreed and admitted that she was grateful to Anne for giving her a job when no one else had been willing to. "Why does this sound like a goodbye note?" Anne wondered. Theresa said it was a goodbye to who she had been before, adding that she could no longer go out, get drunk, and get into trouble all the time.

"Okay. If you want to grovel to people who don't give a damn about you, you go right ahead; be my guest. They don't care about you, and they never will. I have always had your back, girl -- and, yes, especially when you were a mess. So go ahead; good luck with the new you, okay? 'Cause this time, when you trip and fall, nobody will be there to pick you up," Anne replied, her voice wavering a bit as she spoke. Anne stormed off without waiting for a response from Theresa, who seemed to feel a bit bad about hurting Anne's feelings but didn't try to stop her from leaving.

Abigail wasn't satisfied with any of the wedding dresses, so she decided to enlist Theresa's help. Jennifer wasn't happy about the idea at first, but she agreed to go along with it for Abigail's sake, joking that she would just have to hide the silver before Theresa arrived. Abigail pointed out that Jennifer might want to hide the vodka, too, but Jennifer countered that she would just drink that herself.

When Theresa arrived at the Horton house, Jennifer offered her condolences to Theresa, adding that the Deveraux family planned to attend Paige's funeral the following day -- and, hopefully, Eve wouldn't mind that. "I don't think she'll even notice," Theresa replied, adding that Eve had been like a zombie lately, unable to even look at a picture of Paige. Changing the subject, Theresa started to talk to Abigail about wedding dress ideas. Theresa was surprised that Jennifer had agreed to go along with the idea of Theresa creating Abigail's wedding dress, but Jennifer explained that she simply wanted Abigail to be happy.

After Jennifer left, Theresa and Abigail continued talking about wedding dress designs, but Theresa couldn't resist pausing every few minutes to ask Abigail questions about her pregnancy. Theresa explained that she hadn't been able to carry her child to term herself, thanks to Kristen, so she had missed out on the experience and had no idea what it was like to, for instance, slowly start to feel her stomach expanding as the baby grew inside her. Later, at the Horton Town Square, Theresa sketched a wedding dress for Abigail -- and another one for her own wedding with Brady.

At Edge of the Square, Ben wiped down the bar then started wringing the towel, prompting him to recall Paige's strangulation. Meanwhile, Eve took a seat at the bar and ordered a glass of bourbon. After Ben served Eve her drink, Anne arrived and ordered a dirty martini with three olives. Anne started ranting to Eve about Theresa, but Eve interrupted and said she didn't care about Anne's problems because she was about to bury her only child the following day. Feeling a bit guilty, Anne apologized and offered Eve her condolences, admitting that she had forgotten about what had happened. As Eve started to leave, Anne added that Theresa hadn't even bothered to mention Paige's death during their earlier conversation.

Eve returned to her apartment and soon received a visit from someone. Assuming it was Eduardo, Eve told him to go away, but when the visitor kept knocking, she reluctantly rose from her couch and went to answer the door. Jennifer was standing on the other side, and when Eve demanded to know what Jennifer wanted, Jennifer replied that she had simply wanted to check on Eve. "I'm not on parole," Eve muttered. Jennifer said Eve shouldn't be alone, either. "Funny story -- that's exactly what I am -- alone -- and from now on, I will be," Eve countered. Jennifer protested that there were people who had loved Paige and were willing to be there for Eve.

Jennifer added, however, that no one had loved Paige more than Eve. "Except when she turned to you," Eve countered. Jennifer insisted she had never been a substitute for Eve. "You didn't try to replace her selfish, twisted mother?" Eve asked. Jennifer started to assure Eve that, while she had cared about Paige very much, she had never tried to take Eve's place in Paige's heart.

"Just lie to me, Jennifer. Lie to me, please. She died hating me. The only thing worse is if she died thinking that she didn't have anybody that she could count on. So yeah, please lie to me. Tell me she turned to you. Tell me that she would have forgiven me," Eve tearfully requested. Jennifer stressed that she was confident that Paige would have indeed forgiven Eve eventually.

Eve offered Jennifer a glass of wine, but Jennifer declined. "What, is there limits to this little pity visit here, or do you think I've had enough for the both of us?" Eve wondered, wiping a tear from her cheek. Jennifer wondered if Eve had talked to Shane and Kimberly lately. "I don't need a keeper, okay? I don't need a keeper! I need my daughter, is what I need! It's just not fair!" Eve shouted. Jennifer agreed, prompting Eve to sarcastically note that Jennifer could certainly relate.

"You have your daughter, you have your son, you have a grandbaby on the way. Half the people in this town are related to you, and they adore you. You have lost absolutely nothing," Eve argued, but Jennifer insisted that wasn't true, adding that, while it wasn't the same as losing a child, she had lost Jack, who had died saving Abigail.

Eve maintained that she was alone in a way that Jennifer would never understand. Jennifer put a hand on Eve's arm and gently replied that she was there for Eve. Eve seemed touched for a moment but soon yanked her arm away from Jennifer. "Yeah, you are. You are here. You have done your good-Samaritan deed for the day, sweet Jenny. I will be glad to tell everyone that you are a charitable, gracious woman," Eve replied, walking toward the door to show Jennifer out.

Jennifer stressed that she wanted to help Eve. "You can't. Nothing can. Nobody can. You can't help this," Eve insisted. Nodding, Jennifer left, promising that she, J.J., and Abigail would be at Paige's funeral the following day. "Yip-pee. Can't wait," Eve muttered after closing the door behind Jennifer. Catching a glimpse of Paige's funeral announcement, Eve angrily tossed her glass of wine across the room as she began sobbing.

At Edge of the Square, Will took a seat at the bar and asked Ben how Abigail was doing. Ben served Will a drink as he reported that Abigail was doing well. Ben asked if Will had heard from Sonny lately, and Will replied that Sonny called from time to time to check on Arianna and was also happy that Gabi was out of prison. Will admitted that he wasn't sure Sonny would ever return home -- at least not specifically to see Will. When Will added that he had tried to get Sonny to talk to Chad because that was someone Sonny usually listened to, Ben pointed out that Chad was on the run. "And I hope they catch the bastard," Ben added.

"If he's guilty," Will countered. Ben pointed out that Will already knew exactly what Chad was capable of, but Will insisted that, while Chad had made some mistakes in the past, none of those things compared to the act of committing multiple murders. Will conceded, however, that Abigail was much better off with Ben -- and he had told her that himself before. Ben appreciated that, and he asked Will to be his best man at the wedding, explaining that he didn't want to ask Clyde because he wanted to enlist the help of someone who was friends with both him and Abigail. Surprised, Will happily accepted the invitation.

When Abigail arrived, she was pleased to learn that Will had agreed to be Ben's best man. After Will excused himself, Abigail told Ben about her earlier meeting with Theresa. Ben was surprised that Abigail had enlisted Theresa's help, but he stressed that he simply wanted Abigail to be happy. As Ben hugged Abigail, she assured him that she was happy. Meanwhile, Ben recalled Serena and Paige's respective murders. Abigail started to protest that Ben was squeezing her a bit too tightly, so he loosened his grip and apologized. "I guess I just -- I never want to let you go. And I never will," Ben assured Abigail.

At the pier, the homeless guy agreed to help Chad -- in exchange for one hundred thousand dollars. Chad tried to negotiate that down to fifty thousand dollars, but the man refused to budge. Chad sneaked into the DiMera mansion through a secret entrance and began pulling stacks of cash out of the safe in the study. Andre entered the room and startled Chad, making a joke about Chad's disguise. Chad demanded to know who Andre was. "I'm your brother," Andre replied. "Okay, look, why don't you just tell 'our' father that I had to borrow some money. Thanks," Chad skeptically replied.

"Hot date?" Andre guessed. Meanwhile, Stefano entered the room, and Chad explained why he was in need of cash. "You expect to take a vagrant you've paid to the police, and then have them believe that he's your alibi?" Andre asked incredulously. Chad insisted that the police wouldn't know that the guy had been paid to cooperate, but Andre countered that Justin would find out one way or another and would then destroy Chad's witness in court. Chad said it would never get that far; he just needed the police to stop focusing on him so they could find the real killer. "You think that the Salem P.D. is gonna give up on a DiMera and go after an unknown suspect? What, are you new in town, or are you just hopelessly stupid?" Andre wondered.

Andre asked if Chad had any idea who could be framing him for murder. "My money is on the hillbilly, Clyde Weston," Chad replied, explaining that Clyde could want to get him out of the way because he was in love with Abigail, and she was in love with him, too -- but was carrying Clyde's son's baby. Stefano gave Chad permission to take the money, and Andre provided Chad with a burner phone, just in case he ever needed to get in touch with them, or vice versa.

After Chad left, Justin arrived and asked to search the place. Andre wondered if Justin had a warrant. Justin replied that, while it was difficult to find a judge who wasn't in Stefano's pocket, he would eventually manage to do so if necessary. "And if I learn that you've aided and abetted a serial killer, keeping him on the streets, where he can kill again, I will make it my life's work to bury you, Stefano, and everyone in this family," Justin vowed. "As if we haven't heard that for years," Andre replied with a laugh. Justin countered that he was no longer in the dark about where the DiMeras buried their bodies because, while working with E.J. to oust Stefano from DiMera Enterprises, he had seen all the dark corners where the family swept its dirt, and he therefore knew exactly where to look. "You think we'd be stupid enough to leave things the way they were?" Andre asked.

Justin maintained that he knew enough about Stefano's thought process to pose a threat, and he promised to back off of Stefano in exchange for Chad. Stefano insisted that he didn't know where Chad was, and Andre dismissed Justin, warning him not to return without a warrant. On his way out of the study, Justin spotted a fishing lure on the floor, next to the couch. "That's a beauty. Have you been fishing lately?" Justin wondered. "The only one fishing here is you," Andre countered. Assuming that meant the lure didn't belong to Stefano or Andre, Justin offered to get rid of it for them, and he left after wrapping it in a handkerchief.

When Chad returned to the pier, the homeless guy was still there -- but he no longer recognized Chad, and he was babbling about the dangers of riding in blue cars. Chad tried to jog the guy's memory but slowly realized he was wasting his time. Chad sadly watched the guy walk away then returned to the shed, where he soon received a text message -- "Get out of cabin. Police know you are there." Unfortunately, the phone had been set to silent mode, and Chad wasn't looking at it when the message arrived.

At the police station, Justin placed a phone call to someone. "Sonny made this lure for Victor when he was ten years old, and the only place it could have come from is the old lake house. And there's only one way it ended up in Stefano's study. Chad DiMera is hiding on my property. Arrogant bastard. I already sent a unit; meet them there," Justin said before ending the call. Meanwhile, the cops barged into the shed, but it was empty.

At the pier, Chad sent a text message to Stefano and Andre -- "Thanks! Safe. Will be in touch."

. . .

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