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Thursday, February 23, 2017
by Mike

Kate stormed into Club TBD and asked Eduardo, "How dare you? Did you really think that I wouldn't figure it out?" Dario, who had been talking to Eduardo about their ongoing war with the DiMera and Kiriakis families, quickly excused himself, not wanting to stick around for the fireworks.

"You pretended that we were working together to figure out our next move against Deimos, and the whole time, you were planning with Andre to kidnap Sonny," Kate angrily continued. Eduardo explained that he had kept her in the dark about the plan because he had known that she wouldn't have approved of it. Kate confirmed, "Well, you're damn right about that, because he's my family, [and] because he could have been killed."

Eduardo insisted that neither he nor Andre had ever had any intention of hurting Sonny. "They beat him to a bloody pulp!" Kate pointed out. Conceding that what had happened to Sonny had been out of line, Eduardo assured Kate that he planned to either punish or dismiss the responsible party in the near future. He said he was sorry Sonny had gotten hurt; he reasoned, however, that everything had worked out in the end because Sonny was safe and sound, as were Gabi and Chad, and no permanent damage had been done to any of them.

"You couldn't be more wrong," Kate replied, shaking her head sadly. She continued, "I knew I was right to keep you at arm's length. I just wish I hadn't started opening my heart to you...again." Eduardo argued that Kate -- who understood, better than anyone else, that some problems didn't have simple solutions -- would have done the same thing if she had been in his shoes. He stressed that he had never meant to disrespect her, and he still firmly believed that they were destined to be together. She shook her head again then stormed out of the club without saying another word to him.

Later, Dario rejoined Eduardo and wondered how things had gone with Kate. "It's not over. It's gonna be a steep climb with her, but...she is so worth it," Eduardo replied. He added that Gabi's well-being was more important than anything else -- and she was going to be okay, thanks to Dario and Abigail. Dario admitted that he wished he had been able to spare Abigail the pain of seeing Chad and Gabi in a compromising position in the meat locker. Eduardo sensed that something might be going on between Dario and Abigail, but Dario uncomfortably insisted, "She's my friend, [and] I don't want to see my friends get hurt. That's it."

At the hospital, Abe approached Valerie and observed that she was still working. She explained that Chad's doctor had asked her to examine Chad for arrhythmia. "After [the] exam, I'll turn in my badge, and my job here in Salem will officially be over," she continued. Abe wished Valerie would change her mind about moving back to Washington, DC; he stressed, however, that he was grateful for the time he had gotten to spend with her, in any case. She assured him that it had meant a lot to her, too. "Abe, you're such a great man. I hope you find someone who appreciates that," she said. "I thought I had," he sadly replied before walking away.

Abigail entered Chad's room and was delighted to see that he was awake. She rushed to his side and gave him a hug, knocking the wind out of him in the process. She apologetically admitted that his kidnapping had given her a better sense of what she had put him through when she had faked her death. She wondered if he could ever forgive her for what she had done. He assured her that he already had.

"[And] the truth is, um...I think I'm the one that needs some forgiveness," Chad began to add. Before he could continue, Valerie entered the room and introduced herself. Chad shook Valerie's hand and stated that his nephew Theo had told him a lot of nice things about her. Chad started to apologetically add that he was in the middle of something with Abigail, but Abigail quickly interrupted, introducing herself to Valerie as Chad's wife. Abigail then excused herself so Valerie could examine Chad.

When Abigail returned a short time later, Valerie assured her that Chad's heart was fine. After Valerie left the room, Chad tried to pick up where he had left off with Abigail. "You know, [Gabi and I] had to do everything we could to stay warm [in the meat locker], so when you came in, and you found us --" he began. She quickly interrupted, assuring him that she understood and just wanted to move on. "Yeah, but I don't think I can move on, um, without telling you that...I kissed her," he admitted, ignoring Abigail's attempt to stop him from finishing his sentence.

Abigail hesitantly revealed that when she had found Chad and Gabi in each other's arms in the meat locker, she had wondered just how far things had progressed before they had lost consciousness. Chad assured Abigail that nothing more than kissing had occurred. Nodding, she told him, "The doctor said that the hypothermia messes with your brain, and it makes you do things that, you know, you wouldn't normally do, so... I know that you're committed to me and to Thomas, so...I'm good, and we're good." She then excused herself so she could check on Thomas.

After leaving the hospital, Abigail passed through the town square and stopped in front of her memorial statue. "'In loving memory.' You did this so that you could move on with Gabi, didn't you, Chad? God, I'm so stupid! I don't know what I was thinking. Why did I ever let you think that I was dead? I just... How could I ever expect you to actually still love me after I was gone? I..." she tearfully mused before letting her voice trail off. Screaming in frustration, she swung her purse at the statue a few times then placed her hands on it and pushed until it fell to the ground. She collapsed next to it and began sobbing uncontrollably.

Dario soon arrived and tried to comfort Abigail, who cried in his arms for a few minutes before beginning to calm down. "I thought that I was okay, and then I saw the statue, and I just --" she began to explain. "It wasn't the statue," he guessed, knowing that it had to have been hard for her to see Chad and Gabi in each other's arms in the meat locker.

Abigail revealed that Chad and Gabi had kissed while they had been trapped together in the meat locker. When she noted that Dario didn't seem particularly surprised to hear that, he admitted, "I heard [Chad] call out Gabi's name in his sleep [at the hospital]." Chuckling mirthlessly, Abigail replied, "Funny, 'cause I heard Gabi call out Chad's."

Dario wondered if Abigail believed that her marriage was in trouble. Shrugging, she admitted that if it was, she had only herself to blame, given what she had put Chad through. Although she didn't want to end her relationship with Chad, she thought that might be the right thing to do, especially if, deep down, he wanted to be with Gabi instead of her. "I can't imagine anyone wanting to leave someone like you. And if he doesn't love you, then, well, he doesn't deserve you," Dario insisted. He added that although he didn't want to see his sister get hurt, he had a strong feeling that Chad was going to forget about her eventually.

Smiling, Abigail said that was exactly what she had needed to hear. She gave Dario a hug and thanked him for being such a good friend. She then excused herself and returned to the hospital, where she found Chad asleep in his room. When she curled up next to him on his bed, he placed a hand on her arm without waking up. Although she failed to notice -- and wouldn't have understood the significance if she had -- his other hand was clutching a lavender stalk he had pulled from a bouquet of flowers on his nightstand before he had fallen asleep.

At the police station, J.J. wondered if Lani was still planning to return to Miami soon. She reminded him that she had only been on loan to the Salem Police Department to help him with the smuggling case, which had officially ended. He casually mentioned that he had heard about a permanent position within the Salem Police Department that was hers for the taking if she wanted it.

Lani confirmed that Roman had offered her the position -- and she had declined. She wondered how J.J. had heard about the opening. "I'm the one who suggested you," he admitted. He explained that he would like her to stay in Salem because they had been working really well together, and he thought it would be nice for her to be near her family. She promised to give the idea some thought. "But that's not a yes," she stressed.

Ciara joined Claire in the kitchen of their apartment and wondered why she wasn't dressed for David's funeral yet. Claire looked up from her tablet computer and pointed out that she had never even met her second cousin. Ciara tiredly snapped, "We're not going for him; we're going for Julie, who's got to be in a lot of hell after losing her son -- not that you'd notice, because you only think about yourself!"

Hurt, Claire wondered why Ciara was being mean to her. Ciara reiterated that Julie's son had just died. She wondered why Claire couldn't understand that they needed to go to the funeral to offer their support. Claire assured Ciara that she was going to attend the funeral. "I was just venting because I think it's really weird that [we're going to someone's funeral, and] we've never even met the guy," Claire continued.

"Funerals aren't about who died, Claire; [they're] about being there for the people that are left behind," Ciara explained. Annoyed, Claire warned Ciara not to lecture her. As Ciara and Claire began shouting at each other, Theo emerged from his bedroom to find out what was going on. "She started it!" Ciara and Claire told him simultaneously.

Ciara and Claire continued arguing with each other as Theo paced around the living room, trying not to get involved. Claire eventually looked to Theo for support, prompting Ciara to wonder why Claire expected Theo to fight her battles for her. "Well, he is my boyfriend!" Claire pointed out. Fed up, Ciara excused herself so she could head over to the Brady Pub to join the rest of her family.

"Oh, my God! Ugh! I'm starting to think living with Ciara wasn't such a good idea," Claire told Theo after Ciara left. He reminded her that friends were supposed to get along with each other. When he asked her to tell him what had happened, she replied, "Whatever happened, it's Ciara's problem, not mine." She then excused herself so she could get ready for the funeral, already looking forward to taking a picture of herself in her outfit.

At the Brady Pub, Julie informed Doug and Maggie that Hope wasn't going to be at the funeral because she wasn't feeling well. "She thinks she has food poisoning," Julie continued. Julie insisted that she wasn't going to be at the funeral, either. "I don't deserve to go," she reasoned, regretfully acknowledging that she had gone years at a time without visiting her son.

"David never put down stakes long enough for anyone to visit. And every time you thought he was settled, he'd write and say he was moving [again]," Maggie pointed out. Julie suggested that David might have moved regularly to prevent her from being able to visit him. She admitted that would be understandable; after all, she had given him up for adoption.

"For God's sake, you were a teenager!" Doug pointed out. "And the baby's father had died," Maggie added. Julie insisted that none of that mattered because the bottom line was that she hadn't been around for the first years of David's life -- the years when a child needed his mother the most -- and, as a result, she had lost out on her only chance to form a meaningful bond with him.

Maggie disagreed, pointing out that she had managed to have an incredible bond with Daniel despite the fact that they had gone most of their lives without knowing about each other. "Maggie, it was different for you and Daniel [than it was] for me and David. I felt that David resented the fact I gave him up for adoption," Julie protested.

Doug reminded Julie that she'd had many happy years with David. She argued that things had never been the same after David had left Salem because she had made Doug the center of her life at that point, believing that she would always have time to reconnect with David later. "Now he's gone. How can I grieve in front of my family [and] friends [when] everybody knows that I let my son down in the worst possible way?" she fretted.

When Ciara arrived a short time later, Maggie informed her that Julie was considering skipping the funeral. Julie explained that she didn't think she had been a very good mother to David. "[Being someone's] mom doesn't mean that you're always gonna [be able to] be there for them," Ciara reasoned. She pointed out that when Hope had been unable to be there for her, Julie had been the one who had stepped in to fill the void.

Claire soon arrived and joined Ciara in trying to convince Julie to attend David's funeral. "It's not like you ever forgot about him. You were always talking about him, and every year, you would put his ornament on the Christmas tree," Claire pointed out. Julie fretted that she should have insisted on having David home for the holidays from time to time. "He knew he was welcome," Ciara argued. When Claire added that she had been counting on Julie to share stories about David at the funeral because she had never met David herself, Julie finally agreed to attend.

At St. Luke's, Valerie approached David's closed casket and placed a hand on it. With no one else around to hear her, she tearfully mused, "We fought so hard to be together. You'd think, after everything we went through -- all the times we swore our love would last, that we'd prevail against everything -- we'd [find a way to] make sure that it did...but we didn't. David, I'm so sorry. I should have told you and Eli the truth."

Abe soon arrived, with Julie, Doug, Maggie, Ciara, Claire, and Theo not far behind him. Julie gave Valerie a hug and thanked her for attending the funeral. "It would've meant the world to David. He loved you so," Julie stressed. Valerie said that she had loved David, too. "If the two of you had just stayed together, how different things might have been," Julie mused with a heavy sigh.

Julie approached David's casket and admitted, "I may not have been much of a mother. I wasn't a mother at all in the beginning. [But] whether you felt it or not then, I did love you, David; I've always loved you, David. I pray [that] somehow, in your heart, you knew that." Doug stood back at first to give Julie some privacy but eventually joined her at the casket. She told him she was glad everyone had encouraged her to attend the funeral.

Ciara thanked Claire for helping her convince Julie to attend the funeral. "Well, why wouldn't I, you know? I care about my family, just like you do," Claire pointed out. Nodding, Ciara apologized for the things she had said earlier about Claire being selfish. Claire admitted that she hadn't exactly been the nicest person earlier that day herself. "Now you guys are talking like friends," Theo observed with a sigh of relief.

When Lani arrived with J.J., Theo gave her a hug and said he was glad to see her. Theo explained that Abe could use all the support he could get that day because Valerie was planning to leave Salem after the funeral. "Too bad she can't have a life here," Lani mused. "She can. All she has to do is say yes," J.J. pointed out, exchanging a look with Lani.

While Maggie was talking to Valerie, she asked to see a picture of Eli. Taken aback, Valerie nervously claimed that she didn't keep pictures on her cell phone. She then excused herself so she could say goodbye to Theo. "Such a lovely woman. It's too bad she has to leave Salem," Maggie told Abe after Valerie walked away. "Yes. Yes, it is," he agreed with a sigh.

Later, as the funeral service was about to begin, someone walked into the church and approached Valerie. "Eli! What are you doing here?" she asked. "I came to bury my father," he replied.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Valerie tries to hide Eli's true identity.

• J.J. asks Lani out on a date.

• Chad vows to do the right thing.

• Chloe delivers surprising news to Brady.

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