Thursday, August 14, 2014
by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Abigail was between phone calls to potential employers when Clyde approached and asked to talk to her. Abigail agreed, so Clyde took a seat at her table and acknowledged that things had been a bit tense during his earlier encounter with her and Ben.

"You know, there -- there are some things that have never been right between me and Ben. [...] The truth is, I was, uh -- I was a terrible father to Ben and Jordan. I mean, they left because I drove them away, and that has haunted me since the day they took off. It's no wonder that they don't want anything to do with me. [...] My boy needs -- well, he deserves good people in his life, especially after the childhood I gave him. You make him happy, and I'm -- I'm so grateful for that," Clyde told Abigail.

Clyde added that he had seen how Abigail had reacted when Ben had gotten riled up during their earlier encounter. Clyde stressed that Ben and Jordan each had a right to the anger they were harboring toward him. Clyde admitted that he had started seeing a psychiatrist after Jordan and Ben had fled Poplar Bluff, and he said that psychiatrist had helped him understand that his kids didn't owe him forgiveness.

Clyde said he planned to stay in Salem and hold out hope that Ben and Jordan would eventually be able to find a place in their hearts for him. Clyde thanked Abigail for listening, and he abruptly excused himself. Abigail, who hadn't said much during the conversation, took a deep breath as she watched Clyde walk away.

At Club TBD, Jordan informed Ben that, per her request, Rafe had stayed away from her lately. Ben said Rafe hadn't visited the club recently, either -- which didn't surprise Jordan, since Ben had beaten Rafe to a pulp during their last encounter. Ben admitted that he might have gone a bit overboard, but he unapologetically added that he wasn't going to let anyone get away with hurting his sister.

Ben assured Jordan that things would get better and that she would get over Rafe eventually. " you want Rafe back?" Ben wondered. Jordan noncommittally replied that the jury was still out on that. Ben groaned when Jordan admitted that, earlier that day, she had listened to some of her saved voicemail messages from Rafe. Jordan thought it was pathetic that she was acting like a teenager.

Jordan wished she'd had some adult relationships so she could have been properly prepared to handle such a situation. Ben advised Jordan to talk to a friend about the matter, but she explained that Rafe had been her best friend. Jordan assured Ben that there was nothing to worry about and that she would eventually bounce back from Rafe's betrayal.

Changing the subject, Jordan revealed that she hadn't seen Clyde lately, prompting Ben to report that he hadn't seen the man since before the fight with Rafe. Jordan optimistically suggested that Clyde might have gone back to Poplar Bluff. Meanwhile, Ben turned his attention away from Jordan for a moment so he could prepare a cup of coffee for her, and when he handed it to her, he could tell that she was thinking about something.

Jordan explained that she had been thinking about something Rafe had told her. Ben hoped Rafe hadn't tried to excuse the infidelity, but Jordan assured him that Rafe wasn't that stupid. Jordan revealed that Rafe had felt shut out, and she admitted that she had kept him in the dark about her and Ben's past for a long time. Ben insisted that Jordan couldn't blame herself for Rafe's betrayal, but she didn't share her brother's certainty.

Ben wondered if Jordan was just looking for a reason to take Rafe back. "I just don't get it, okay? After everything that happened, how can I still be in love with him?" Jordan painfully wondered. Ben knowingly predicted that it was going to take time for Jordan to get over Rafe, although he added that he wasn't sure if she really wanted to do that. Ben suggested that it might be best for Jordan to track Rafe down and talk to him so she could see how that felt.

Later, after Jordan left, Abigail arrived and greeted Ben. Before Abigail could say anything about her earlier encounter with Clyde, Ben interrupted and handed her a new list of available jobs in the area. Abigail appreciated the help, since she had just exhausted all the options on her old list. Abigail sighed and explained that everyone wanted a reference, which she wasn't able to provide.

Ben said he had always had to get jobs without references, and he explained that his strategy had involved showing off his bartending skills and making it impossible for the employer to refuse to hire him. Ben was confident that Abigail could impress potential employers in a similar manner. At Abigail's request, Ben showed her how to make a few of the drinks he had won employers over with.

Ben eventually remembered that Abigail had been trying to tell him something earlier, and she explained that she had talked to Clyde earlier. Meanwhile, in a secluded section of Horton Town Square, Clyde met with Jeremiah. Jeremiah reported that his most recent trip from Poplar Bluff had been easy, and he added that the new truck was rigged and was bigger than the one he and Clyde had used in Poplar Bluff.

Clyde was pleased to hear that, reasoning that it was time to step things up because he and Jeremiah were no longer operating out of a small town. Jeremiah reminded Clyde that they were going to need locals. "Yeah, I'm gonna put a crew together. And I know who will lead me to just the right people," Clyde replied.

At the Brady Pub, Kate wondered if Rafe had asked to see her so he could tell her he had worked things out with Jordan. Rafe doubted that was what Kate really wanted to hear, but she innocently assured him that she simply wanted him to be happy. Kate reminded Rafe that she had taken all the blame for their one-night stand, and she maintained that she had been a good friend to him.

"So that's all I was? You took on Stefano DiMera for coming after me -- you risked revenge from Stefano -- for a friend?" Rafe skeptically asked. Kate claimed that she would have done the same thing for any of her other friends, although she admitted that she had probably also been looking for an excuse to go after her ex-husband.

Kate reminded Rafe that she was the one who had ended their relationship in the first place, and she explained that she had done that because, while their relationship had been fun, she had known that it hadn't been headed anywhere and that he had wanted more out of a relationship than that. Kate added that she was glad that Rafe had found happiness with Jordan. Rafe admitted that Jordan had asked him to stay away from her.

"Oh, my God. I -- I wish there was something I could do to make her see that I'm not the problem. It's crazy. I mean, of -- out of everyone, I mean, I'm the last person who's a threat to her. I mean, I don't want to be tied down. I mean, I've been there, done that. I've always been an independent woman. I don't need a man to make me feel relevant. Even my ex-husband didn't get that," Kate mused. Rafe said he had understood that about Kate.

Kate grasped Rafe's hand as she declared that she would never forgive herself if her actions ended up costing him his chance at happiness with Jordan. Rafe insisted that he didn't want Kate to blame herself, but she guessed that he did want her to keep her distance so he could work on repairing his relationship with Jordan. Kate promised to cooperate, and Rafe hugged her and thanked her for understanding.

After Rafe left, Clyde -- who had witnessed the embrace -- approached Kate and observed that it looked like she and Rafe -- the man who was dating Jordan -- were pretty good friends. Kate confirmed the suspicion, and Clyde explained that he hadn't said hello to Rafe because Jordan didn't really want Clyde to be around Rafe yet -- or Jordan, for that matter.

Clyde insisted that, despite Jordan's misgivings, Kate had done a good deed when she had shared Jordan and Ben's whereabouts with Clyde. Clyde promised that Kate would eventually get the credit she deserved for that good deed, but she stressed that she wasn't looking for credit. Clyde assured Kate that he hadn't said anything about her involvement, and he added that he understood that she had simply been looking out for a friend. Clyde cryptically mused that everyone needed friends.

In the park, Jordan considered calling Rafe, but she decided not to. Meanwhile, Rafe thought about Jordan as he jogged through the town square. When Rafe entered the park, he spotted Jordan, and he paused to apologize for the chance encounter. Rafe started to leave, but Jordan stopped him.

In Will and Sonny's apartment, Sonny was pleased to hear that Will's editor had praised Will's story about E.J. and Sami's conflict, calling it compelling and well-written. Will said the article would be published in the near future, prompting Sonny to wonder if Will planned to give Sami a heads-up so she wouldn't be blindsided when she read the article and learned that her son was the author. Will didn't think that was necessary, but Sonny argued that Sami deserved a chance to prepare herself for the publication of the article.

"Oh, a chance? A chance -- a chance like she gave Abigail when she barged into her house and showed Jennifer those pictures of her with E.J.? Or -- or a chance like how she -- she blackmailed Kayla into firing Abigail from the hospital? No. My mom blindsides people with nasty information all the time -- just ask your mom. [...] I doubt she was given any kind of a -- a heads-up when my mom told your mom that your dad was having an affair with Kayla -- which was a total lie," Will countered.

Sonny wasn't particularly happy to learn that Sami had manipulated Adrienne, but he reasoned that Sami might have pulled the stunt to try to get Adrienne to put herself in Sami's shoes. "That is a pathetic excuse, Sonny Kiriakis, and you know it. Which is why I hope that this article serves as a wake-up call. She's gonna be so busy answering for her own outrageous behavior that she'll be forced to leave everyone else alone," Will predicted.

Will opened a bottle of champagne, and Sonny proudly proposed a toast to his husband, the writer. Sonny hoped that Will's family wouldn't go ballistic when they read the article, but Will wasn't worried, since he had weathered worse storms with Sami. Will revealed that his editor had predicted that the story would get picked up nationally, and he admitted that he couldn't believe that the magazine had been willing to give an inexperienced writer a chance. Sonny said the important thing was that Will had taken the chance and had run with it.

Later, while Will and Sonny were lying in bed together after making love, Sonny joked that Will needed to write lots and lots of articles so they would have many more reasons to celebrate. Will agreed and once again mused that it was amazing that he had received such a great opportunity simply because someone had stumbled upon his blog. Will wondered how he had gotten such a lucky break. Sonny forced a smile but remained silent.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami informed E.J. that she still planned to get the restraining order against him enforced in the near future. E.J. insisted that wasn't necessary, but Sami disagreed. "Do you think something's changed? Do you think something's gotten better in the last couple hours? Then, on top of everything else, now you are helping your psychotic sister get away with what she did to my brother? You should pack your bags, dirtball," Sami advised E.J.

Although Sami wasn't particularly interested in listening to anything E.J. had to say, he eventually managed to keep her quiet long enough to explain that he had actually refused to represent Kristen. Sami bitterly mused that it was nice to hear that E.J. was suddenly on her brother's side. E.J. insisted that he had always been on Sami's family's side.

"Look, if I could take back one day in my life, it would be that day. This whole thing started then, with Kristen. I was loyal to a member of my family who did not deserve it. Never again. She is dead to me -- that is what I told her," E.J. added. Sami was reluctant to believe E.J., but he insisted that if she looked in his eyes, she would know he was telling the truth.

"I looked in your eyes for months, and you were lying to me, and I had no idea. So, no, I'm pretty sure I don't even know who you are anymore," Sami countered. Sami added that nothing had changed between her and E.J., even if he really had finally decided to ditch his sister. Sami dismissively asked if E.J. expected a medal for turning his back on a member of his family.

E.J. reminded Sami that the DiMeras took family loyalty very seriously, and he insisted that she had to appreciate the significance of his decision to choose her and their children over his sister. Sami maintained that she was never going to forgive E.J., but he reasoned that, in that case, there wouldn't be any harm in letting him continue to live at the mansion.

E.J. warned Sami that if she kicked him out, the news would quickly reach the board members and investors. Sami thought E.J. was threatening to spread the word himself, but he doubted that he would have to lift a finger. E.J. stressed that, while he didn't want the details of his private life to be made public, discretion was even more critical for Sami.

E.J. somewhat dismissively pointed out that Sami wouldn't be able to complete her plan to send him into financial ruin if the board members and investors panicked and started pulling their money out of the company, which could easily happen if she weren't careful. Sami warned E.J. not to make the mistake of believing that she couldn't hurt him. "You do that every minute -- every time you look away. And you don't need a company to do that, Samantha. But you have one, so I would like to see you win," E.J. replied.

Sami took a deep breath and started to warn E.J. about what would happen if he tried to use their kids against her or to help Kristen in any way, but he interrupted and assured her that he understood that if he committed either of those offenses, he would be thrown out. Sami glared at E.J. for a moment before heading into the living room. E.J. remained in the foyer and silently celebrated his minor victory.

Later, while Sami was on the phone with Shin, he asked about E.J. Sami claimed that E.J. wasn't home at that time, but E.J. -- who was in the living room with her, pouring himself a drink -- spoke up, acting like he had just returned to the mansion. Sami reluctantly handed E.J. the phone, quietly warning him about what would happen if he said the wrong thing.

E.J. kept the conversation friendly and agreed with the compliments Shin showered upon Sami. After E.J. ended the call, Sami stressed that she still didn't trust him and that she certainly wasn't going to forgive and forget based on the result of one phone call. E.J. dismissively changed the subject, advising Sami to pay attention to what he was about to say.

E.J. started to warn Sami that she was playing a very dangerous game, but she interrupted and made it clear that she wasn't interested in hearing his advice. Meanwhile, Sami received a phone call from someone, and she abruptly excused herself after a brief conversation with the caller. E.J. protested that what he had to say was extremely important, but Sami dismissively told him to share his concerns with Kate, who had just returned home.

E.J. warned Kate that she and Sami were walking a tightrope and that they needed to be careful. Kate assured E.J. that he wasn't going to succeed in frightening her, but he clarified that he was actually trying to help her. Kate was skeptical, but she stressed that she knew exactly where she stood on the tightrope. "Do you? Then you need to step up, because I don't think Samantha has any idea of what she has to lose," E.J. mused.

Sami met with Will's editor, Zoe, in the town square, under the assumption that Zoe wanted to interview her for an article about DiMera Enterprises. Zoe clarified that she wasn't interested in interviewing Sami and that the article had already been written. Zoe handed Sami a copy of the article and explained that she simply wanted to give Sami a chance to read and comment on it before it was published.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Marlena told Brady about Kristen's return and subsequent arrest. Brady rushed off to confront Kristen, with Marlena in tow. When Brady and Marlena arrived at the police station, he demanded to see Kristen right away. One of the police officers denied the request and asked Brady to leave, but he refused to do so, and he proceeded to antagonize the police officer. Marlena intervened and pulled Brady aside, warning him that he was giving Kristen exactly what she wanted.

Elsewhere, Kristen placed a phone call to Stefano and asked for his help. "Are you aware of what E.J. did to me? He turned his back on me. He betrayed me. Yes, he betrayed me! And you know what happens to a DiMera when they betray another DiMera -- there is a very, very steep price to pay," Kristen told Stefano. After ending the call, Kristen briefly wondered why Brady hadn't visited her yet, but she quickly reminded herself that she needed to stop worrying about him and instead focus on turning her dire situation around.

When Marlena and Brady returned to the Kiriakis mansion, he assured her that he no longer had any desire to confront Kristen. "Marlena, if I have my way with that woman, she'll rot in hell before she ever sees me again," Brady declared.

Brady said he was going to focus on doing whatever it took to help John recover. Marlena cautiously reminded Brady that, while everyone was hoping that John would recover, the doctors weren't very optimistic. Brady pointed out that the doctors didn't know John the way he and Marlena knew John. Brady refused to give up on John, who had never given up on Brady.

. . .

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  • E.J. rips into Sami for once again going after Abigail
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