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Thursday, December 18, 2014
by Mike

Paige contacted J.J. from California while waiting outside a doctor's office for news about Shane's condition. Paige said she missed J.J. terribly, and she complained that she couldn't believe they might actually have to spend their first Christmas as a couple apart. J.J. hoped Paige would at least be home in time for New Year's Eve, but she didn't know if she could promise that.

J.J. wanted to talk to Paige for a bit longer, but she wasn't willing to take the risk because she didn't know how much longer her mother and grandmother would be in the doctor's office, and she didn't want her mother to catch her on the phone with him and figure out that they were still together. "I hate to tell you, but I think that bitch already knows," J.J. muttered after Paige ended the call.

Kimberly emerged from the doctor's office a short time later, but Eve stayed behind to ask him a few questions. Kimberly excitedly informed Paige that Dr. Green was pleased with Shane's progress and was certain Shane would make a full recovery. Paige was pleasantly surprised, since Eve had made the situation sound much more dire than it had turned out to be. Kimberly speculated that, since Eve hadn't even known Shane until she had been around Paige's age, it didn't take much to scare Eve into thinking she might lose him again.

Paige thought Eve's troubled past was also what constantly motivated Eve to want to run Paige's life. Paige complained that, while she knew her mother loved her wholeheartedly, she sometimes wished she weren't everything to Eve. "Ah, I can understand that. Hey, I think your Aunt Theresa feels the same way about me. Yeah, there's something about mothers and daughters, huh? We think we can save our little girls from pain because we've already been through what they're facing, and they just wish we'd leave 'em alone and let 'em make their own mistakes," Kimberly mused with a knowing wink.

Meanwhile, Eve flirted with Green, but when he responded with obvious interest, she admonished him and insisted that he had jumped to the wrong conclusion. Eve produced a document that listed J.J.'s myriad offenses, and she explained that she needed the doctor's help to keep her daughter away from the troublemaker. Eve wanted Green to claim that Shane and Kimberly weren't telling Paige the truth about Shane's condition because it was much worse than anyone had initially suspected, and they didn't want to worry Paige. Eve thought that would allow her to keep Paige in Los Angeles for a while longer.

Green refused to lie for Eve, but she warned that if he didn't cooperate, she would find a way to contact his wife and let the woman know he had propositioned a patient's daughter. Green doubted that Eve would really do that, but she assured him that she would do anything to protect her daughter. Green reluctantly agreed to help Eve, and they proceeded to rehearse the story they planned to tell Paige.

When Paige entered the doctor's office a short time later, Eve was dabbing her puffy eyes with a tissue. Confused, Paige pointed out that Kimberly had said Shane was going to be fine. Green explained that he actually had some bad news to share, at Eve's request, with Paige.

After finishing his last exam of the semester, Rory went to the Horton house and excitedly informed J.J. that he was finally on vacation. J.J. wondered how Rory's final had gone. Rory proudly replied that he might have aced it, but J.J. seemed skeptical. "Okay, I definitely got a lock on a D -- maybe even a C-minus," Rory admitted with a laugh.

Rory could tell that his friend was bummed about something, so he wondered what was wrong. "Everything," J.J. replied with a sigh. J.J. explained that he and Paige were still together but wanted everyone to believe they weren't -- especially Eve, who still hated him. Rory reasoned that Eve couldn't keep Paige in Los Angeles forever, since classes would resume soon enough, but J.J. worriedly predicted that Eve would just find some other way to keep them apart once Paige returned to Salem.

"Man, I don't get it. You've been, like, a model citizen, and she hates you more than she used to. What happened?" Rory asked. J.J. explained that his parents had history with Eve that he hadn't even known about until fairly recently. Rory pointed out that kids couldn't choose their parents, and he wondered why Eve seemed determined to punish J.J. for the bad blood between her and J.J.'s parents.

"Did you do anything to her? I mean, she must be just, like, a total bitch, which is a shame, 'cause she's got this whole MILF thing going on, and I can't even look at her without thinking about what she's like in the sack," Rory mused with a suggestive growl. Annoyed, J.J. told Rory to shut up, prompting Rory to wonder what J.J.'s problem was.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor met with Clyde, who gushed that he had been excited to receive a phone call from a man like Victor, whom he had admired since before arriving in Salem. "Well, once you find out what this little meeting is about, you, uh, may not be quite so excited. ... Save your hayseed act for the suckers that buy it. You're trying to use Salem as an outlet for your illicit business activities, and I won't have it. Now, it's time for you to leave town. You've had your fun. If I were you, I'd go back to the Salem Inn, pack your bag, and crawl back under your rock," Victor advised Clyde.

Clyde disappointedly stated that he had been hoping to befriend Victor, since he had expected Victor, of all people, to be able to appreciate the fact that Clyde had started out poor but had eventually managed to make a better life for himself and his family. "You're trying to set yourself up as Horatio Alger when, actually, you're just a two-bit drug dealer, trying to set up shop here in Salem. And the timing is interesting on that, too -- right after E.J. DiMera was shot by a drug addict who overdosed shortly thereafter. You supplied him with the drugs, right? Maybe even the gun that he used to kill off the competition?" Victor knowingly mused.

Clyde innocently claimed that he had barely known E.J., and he pointedly added that Victor, on the other hand, was the head of a family that had been feuding with the DiMeras for decades. Victor assured Clyde that he wasn't nearly as concerned about the past as he was about Clyde's future -- specifically, whether the man planned to leave Salem immediately or spend the next ten to twenty years in a penitentiary.

"Um...well, you see, sir, uh...neither one of those options really appeals to all. But I'll tell you one thing -- if I were to spend the next ten years in prison, um...I'm young enough so that I think I'd be alive when I got out. Could, uh, you say the same thing, Mr. Kiriakis? ... Several of my employees listed you on their résumés, and one of them, in particular, has a very good memory. Shared with me a good many details about activities. So...seems to me, sir, you and I are like a couple of badgers on opposite ends of the same log in the middle of the river. If one of us is to fall off, we'd both be sunk," Clyde mused.

"I'm a very good swimmer," Victor coolly replied. Looking around the living room in admiration, Clyde warned that Victor would need to be, since it would be a shame to leave such a nice place for a nine-by-nine cell. Clyde showed himself out after adding that getting to know Victor had been a pleasure -- and that he hoped his hayseed ways hadn't been too much of a trial for Victor. "Bastard," Victor grumbled after Clyde left.

Kate ran into Jordan in the town square and took the opportunity to congratulate her on snagging Chad, who was a great catch -- and a rich one, too, as Jordan probably knew from reading the Sonix article about him. Jordan insisted that she didn't care about Chad's money. "Right, because you believe in true love that lasts forever, don't you? Like with your storybook romance with Rafe. How's that going, anyway?" Kate mockingly asked.

Jordan stormed off, refusing to talk to Kate about Chad or Rafe, but Kate followed her. "I really don't understand your code of ethics. ... I mean, it's okay for you to tear into me because I'm having a relationship with your stepfather, but I can't mind the fact that you're sleeping with my business partner? ... That's right -- you have no secrets from me. Everything you've done [and] everything you're going to do is fair game. You see, Chad and I have a very important job that involves a lot of risks, and I am not going to let a lying, hillbilly girl like you screw it up for me," Kate warned Jordan.

Jordan argued that her hillbilly stepfather was the king of all liars -- and that Kate wasn't as smart as the businesswoman liked to believe, since she had allowed him to charm his way into her bed. Kate dismissively replied that she was sure Jordan's life had been really hard -- and that she was also sure Jordan had often dreamed of finding a rich man like Chad who would make everything better. "Oh, you see, you're confused, Kate -- you're remembering your own life, when you were Stefano DiMera's favorite hooker," Jordan countered.

Kate shrugged off the insult and predicted that Chad would soon tire of Jordan, just as Rafe had. Jordan clarified that she had broken up with Rafe because he had insisted on defending Kate, but Kate countered that Jordan and Rafe's relationship had ended because Jordan hadn't been able to satisfy his needs in bed the way Kate had. Jordan pointed out that Kate was contradicting herself, suggesting that Jordan was a prude who had been unable to keep Rafe satisfied and a temptress who had seduced Chad. "What you are is out of your league, Tammy Sue. Accept that," Kate advised before walking away.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad received a phone call from Stefano, who congratulated him on bedding Jordan. Chad assumed Stefano was having him followed, but Stefano clarified that he had simply heard that Chad hadn't spent the previous night at the mansion. Chad protested that he didn't want to discuss his sex life with his father.

"A man should revel in his conquests. ... What's with this newfound modesty? ... You had no such inhibitions after you found out that Ms. Ridgeway's brother was sleeping with Abigail Horton, hmm? You were happy to tell me what you had planned for them," Stefano pointed out. Meanwhile, Harold interrupted to announce that Rafe was waiting to see Chad.

Stefano assumed he wasn't the only person who knew where Chad had spent the previous night, but Chad knew Rafe wanted to talk to him about something else, since the detective had visited the mansion once before in recent days. "Since you seem to know everything that goes on in this town, you mind telling me what you did that has Rafe thinking he can put me in jail?" Chad asked.

Stefano wanted to know what Rafe's latest round of empty threats had been about, so Chad explained that they had been business-related. "Hmm. He's tilting at windmills again. Ignore him," Stefano dismissively advised, but Chad remained concerned, since Stefano wasn't able to return to Salem due to pending tax evasion charges, and E.J. would have been facing the same charges if he had not been killed before the case had gone to trial.

Stefano insisted that those were trumped-up charges based on evidence that Sami and Kate had fabricated. Stefano assured Chad that Rafe was simply blowing hot air -- unless, of course, the detective knew that Chad had agreed to help Victor cover up Sami's fraud. "You didn't think I knew about that, did you?" Stefano guessed with a laugh.

Before Chad could respond, Rafe barged into the study and smugly declared that it was time to put a DiMera behind bars. Chad abruptly ended the call and guessed that the detective was just harassing him because he had slept with Jordan the previous night. Ignoring the comment, Rafe retrieved a document from his jacket pocket, and Chad jokingly wondered if it was the detective's fishing license.

Rafe clarified that it was actually a search warrant, and he summoned a forensic specialist into the room to start searching Chad's laptop. Chad wondered what Rafe was looking for, and Rafe replied that he would let Chad know once they found it. "Aw, that's cute -- so you are fishing," Chad concluded.

Harold soon returned to announce the arrival of Mr. Bronson, who explained that he had documents that were relevant to Rafe's search warrant. "To summarize, the actions involving the company formerly known as DiMera Enterprises clearly predate Chad DiMera's appointment as co-CEO, so Chad DiMera's involvement and any statements he made were while he was an individual stockholder of the company. His actions were in no way ordered or sanctioned by Stefano DiMera," Bronson added.

Rafe wasn't surprised to learn that Bronson was an attorney Stefano had retained. Rafe was disappointed when the forensic specialist, who had gone to law school for a few years, confirmed the legitimacy of the documents. Rafe didn't want to leave empty-handed, so he instructed the forensic specialist to seize Chad's laptop, anyway -- just in case.

After Rafe left, Chad contacted Stefano to thank him. "Ha-ha. No need to thank me; I will always, always protect my son," Stefano assured Chad. Meanwhile, Harold escorted a visibly upset Jordan into the study, so Chad abruptly ended the call and asked her to tell him what was wrong. Jordan admitted that she was worried because Rafe was on the warpath. Chad kissed Jordan and assured her that everything was going to be fine.

Kate met Clyde at his hotel room, where he was waiting with dinner and champagne. Kate guessed that Clyde's meeting had gone well. "It was very productive. I always like it when I can bring people around to my way of thinkin' and keep it all nice and civil at the same time," Clyde replied.

While passing through the park, Rafe contacted Victor for an update on the situation with Clyde. Victor admitted that he had tried something, but it hadn't panned out. Victor promised to keep digging, although he warned that it might take some time. Rafe wanted to know why, but Victor told him not to worry about it. "All you need to know is I'm going to find a way to deal with Clyde Weston," Victor vowed before ending the call.

At the hospital, Serena apologized for bumping into Nicole, who dismissed the concern and innocently mused that the woman looked familiar. Serena revealed her first name and asked for Nicole's, but Nicole dodged the question, claiming that her cell phone was vibrating. As Nicole walked away, Maxine approached and greeted Serena, and they talked for a few seconds before parting ways.

After Serena left, Nicole returned to the nurses' station and asked Maxine for a piece of paper. As Nicole started scribing a note for Daniel, she casually informed Maxine that she was thinking of doing a feature on Serena. Maxine disinterestedly assumed that Nicole would be covering Serena's medical research contributions, and Nicole played along, innocently wondering if Maxine could tell her exactly how to spell Serena's last name. "Oh, tough one -- M-A-S-O-N," Maxine sarcastically replied before walking away.

Nicole went to Club TBD and used her tablet computer to research Serena Mason. In addition to a list of Serena's degrees, Nicole also managed to find a list of awards the woman had received for a series of articles written about the civil war in the Congo. Nicole realized she had seen Serena in some of Eric's photographs from his time there. "Oh, my God -- she's the one he was with before he became a priest. And now she's here. Great," Nicole sarcastically muttered.

Nicole started to leave, but when she turned to grab her purse, she saw Eric standing behind her. Nicole tried to casually hide her tablet computer under her arm as Eric acknowledged that he had been a bit abrupt during their last encounter. As Nicole nervously assured Eric that she understood, she moved her arm back a bit too far, knocking over her cup of coffee -- and prompting him to reach for her tablet to prevent it from getting damaged.

"You want to tell me what you're up to?" Eric demanded to know when he saw that Nicole had been reading an article about Serena. Nicole tried to explain that she had simply been researching Serena -- whom she had bumped into earlier -- because she had been unable to figure out why the woman had looked familiar, but Eric suspected there was more to the story.

Conceding that he was probably wasting his time, Eric nevertheless asked Nicole to stay out of his life. "I am staying out of your life, whether you believe it or not. And you know what? Get over yourself!" Nicole countered before storming off, declaring that she was done. "I bet you are," Eric doubtfully muttered.

Later, Eric met with Serena in the town square. Daniel had invited Eric and Serena to have dinner with him and Melanie later, and Serena was eager to get ready so she could hopefully not be late for once in her life. Eric halfheartedly agreed, prompting Serena to wonder what was wrong. Eric claimed that he was fine, but Serena skeptically reminded him that she could tell when he was upset.

"It's how I am a lot of the time these days -- especially after running into Nicole," Eric explained. Eric revealed that he and Nicole had fought about Serena earlier that day. Confused, Serena reminded Eric that Nicole didn't even know her. "You met her today. ... She just made sure you didn't know it," Eric replied.

Nicole went to see Daniel, and as she entered his apartment, she informed him that she had been thinking a lot about their earlier conversation. Nicole stressed that she wanted Daniel to know that whatever happened between them would just be about them -- and that he wasn't her way of getting over Eric. Daniel observed that it seemed like Nicole was riled up about something, but she denied the suspicion -- and proceeded to kiss him.

. . .

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