Thursday, April 28, 2016
by Mike

At the police station, Theo informed Abe that Mark had provoked Ciara and the other teens, leading them to retaliate with vandalism. Mark claimed that he had no idea what Theo was talking about. "[But] what else is new? Half the kids in school can't figure this weirdo out," Mark added.

Abe objected to the insult, refusing to let Mark talk about Theo that way. Judge McNair conceded that Abe was right to defend Theo. McNair added, however, that he had no reason to doubt his son's version of events, and he planned to press charges and make sure that everyone who had been involved in the act of vandalism was prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Ciara burst out of the conference room and insisted that her friends needed to be released because she had been solely responsible for what had happened. Hope started to advise Ciara to stop talking, but Claire interrupted, announcing that she was the guilty party. Joey claimed that Ciara and Claire were both lying to protect him, and Henry and Jade followed suit, each trying to take sole responsibility for the crime. Unamused, McNair stressed that all five teens had been caught in the act and would therefore be punished as a group.

Hope suggested that there might be another way to resolve the matter, and Kayla agreed, assuring McNair that she and Hope would be happy to cover the cost of the damage that had been done to his car. "This isn't about financial restitution; it's about criminal behavior. These young men and women are old enough to take responsibility for their own actions," McNair insisted. Ciara countered that Mark needed to likewise take responsibility for his actions, but he maintained his innocence, and McNair continued to side with him. McNair ordered Rafe to proceed with booking Ciara and her friends, who each voiced complaints while being led away.

McNair instructed Mark to wait for him in the car. After Mark left, Belle argued that he obviously bore some level of responsibility for what had happened. McNair disagreed, pointing out that there was no evidence to support Belle's belief. "[But] if it's brought to my attention that he was involved, he will be dealt with, as well," McNair assured Belle. McNair left after vowing that the court was going to give the vandals exactly what they needed: a good, old-fashioned dose of tough love.

Shawn pulled Belle into the conference room so they could talk privately. Meanwhile, Abe tried to get Theo to agree to go home and get some rest. Theo insisted that he wasn't going to leave without Ciara, even if that meant waiting around all night. Kayla wanted to know more about what had happened, so Theo explained that Mark had played a hurtful prank on Ciara as a way of getting back at her for rejecting him.

Abe was sorry to hear about Mark's cruelty but pointed out that it didn't excuse the vandalism. Theo conceded the point but insisted that it wasn't fair for his friends to be the only ones who paid the price for what had happened that night. Abe advised Theo to try to have faith that evidence against Mark would eventually surface. Abe added that he was proud of Theo for choosing not to participate in his friends' revenge scheme. "Don't be. The only reason I didn't go is because Ciara didn't tell me. If I'd have known, I would have been right by her side," Theo clarified before walking away.

Abe pulled Hope aside and hesitantly suggested that it would be best for Theo and Ciara to start seeing each other less often. Abe stressed that it was nothing personal; he was simply trying to prevent his son from getting hurt. Hope argued that keeping Theo from seeing Ciara would be a surefire way of hurting him. Hope added that Ciara was such a good friend to Theo that she had kept him out of the loop that night in order to protect him. Abe maintained that if he didn't set some firm ground rules right away, Theo would be standing at Ciara's side the next time she got into trouble. "I can see that. Ciara, too. Why can't you?" Abe wondered.

Kayla thought about calling Steve to let him know what was going on, but she decided that she wasn't ready to deal with having him involved yet. Kayla headed home after saying goodbye to Hope, who was struggling to focus on work. Rafe soon returned and assured Hope that the teens weren't thrilled about having to spend the night in jail but were otherwise okay. Hope acknowledged that she probably shouldn't be the least bit surprised that Ciara had chosen to seek revenge against someone in such a destructive way, given her own history. "I've gotta find a way to get through to my daughter...before things go from bad to worse," Hope fretted.

Meanwhile, in the conference room, Shawn wondered how Claire had gotten dragged into the vandalism mess. Belle wasn't sure that Claire had been dragged into it; in fact, she could actually see Claire being the mastermind of the whole thing. "[She] has a rebellious streak, in case you haven't noticed, and she's got quite a temper," Belle pointed out.

Shawn couldn't believe that Belle was actually trying to suggest that she knew their daughter better than he did, especially since she had spent a significant amount of time ignoring Claire. "Don't you dare make this about me. Not that I'm surprised -- that is your default M.O., after all," Belle spat. After arguing with Shawn for another minute or two, Belle stormed off, sarcastically explaining that she was going to do something wildly out of character: try to find a way to help Claire and the others get out of jail.

When Shawn emerged from the conference room, Lani invited him to go on a stakeout with her, assuming that he could use the distraction. Lani and Shawn checked into one of the rooms of a sleazy motel so they could do surveillance on a nearby building, but nothing interesting seemed to be happening there. Lani eventually got bored and started to kiss Shawn, but he pulled away, reminding her that they were on duty. Lani clarified that she had actually fabricated the stakeout as an excuse to be alone with Shawn for a while.

As Lani leaned in to kiss Shawn again, two gunshots rang out from an adjacent room. Shawn and Lani burst into the room and found an armed woman standing in the corner, staring at the bodies of a naked couple who were lying in bed together. "My husband. He was cheating on me. S.O.B. said he was bored -- wanted more excitement in bed, more danger -- so I gave him what he wanted," the woman explained through gritted teeth.

Later, after the crime scene had been secured and the woman had been taken to get a psych evaluation, Lani and Shawn returned to their room to pack their things. Lani noted that it was ironic that her fake stakeout had turned into a real murder investigation. "[Is it wrong] for me to kind of be turned on by all of this?" Lani asked. Taken aback, Shawn wondered how Lani could possibly find murder and mental illness sexy. Lani clarified that she meant that being alone with Shawn in a hotel room was a turn-on. Lani gave Shawn a kiss, but he soon pulled away and reminded her that they needed to head back to the police station.

While passing through the town square, Belle contacted Justin and left a voicemail message for him, explaining that she needed some legal advice. Belle then called Philip, who was at the hospital, watching a doctor and nurse tend to a hypoxic Victor. Philip had just received assurance that Victor was going to be okay, so he agreed to meet Belle at his hotel room.

Later, while they were lying in bed together, Belle told Philip about what had happened with Claire earlier that night. Philip assured Belle that, despite Shawn's claims to the contrary, she was a wonderful mother, and Claire was lucky to have her support. Philip advised Belle to give herself a break, guessing that it had to be tough to raise a teenager as a single parent. "Let's get married," Belle impulsively suggested.

At the police station, Claire, Ciara, and Jade were in a holding cell together, with Joey and Henry separated from them in an adjacent cell. Claire assured Ciara that everything was going to be okay, since they would be out on bail the following morning, and their parents would eventually forgive them for what they had done. Ciara wasn't happy that her friends were in jail because of her, but she admitted that their support meant a lot. Ciara guessed that Hope was going to ground her for life as punishment for the vandalism. Claire grumbled that her parents probably wouldn't bother to stop fighting long enough to punish her.

Joey and Jade held hands through the bars of their connected cells, gazing into each other's eyes. "Kind of sexy in a kinky sort of way, huh? Us being locked up together?" Jade mused. "I guess that's one way of looking at it," Joey agreed with a chuckle. Jade wished there weren't bars separating her from Joey, who said he felt the same way. Joey thanked Jade for backing up him and his friends earlier, observing that beneath her tough-girl exterior, she was really just a softy.

Later, Hope arrived to inform the teens that they would have to spend the night in jail because court had already been adjourned for the evening. Hope stressed that she was very upset about what had happened. Claire protested that Hope hadn't been there and didn't know about what Mark had done to Ciara. Hope clarified that she did know. Hope added that, while Mark's prank had been cruel and heartless, it had been wrong of the teens to retaliate in such a destructive way. "Revenge may feel satisfying in the moment, but you always end up paying a very high price," Hope advised.

After Hope left, Claire sang her prom song while the other teens tried to get some sleep -- a process that proved particularly difficult for Joey and Jade, who couldn't stop thinking about their first time together. Jade eventually gave up on trying to get some sleep and instead started asking about Ciara's plans for the future. Ciara said she had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. "And [that's] scaring the hell out of me," Ciara admitted.

Rafe walked Hope home, and after he left, she received a phone call from someone. "I'm very disappointed in you," a distorted voice said when Hope answered the call. Hope impatiently insisted that she was done playing the anonymous caller's games. "This is no game. Someone needs to stop Deimos Kiriakis before he takes another life!" the distorted voice replied.

At the hospital, Victor received a visit from Deimos, who warned that he had no intention of fearing or trusting any woman, including Nicole. Victor wasn't surprised to hear Deimos dismiss Nicole as someone who was no match for him, since he had always been arrogant. Victor guessed, however, that Deimos had another reason for visiting him. "I [wanted] to tell you I forgive you," Deimos explained.

Victor insisted that he didn't need or want Deimos' forgiveness. "You may not have killed Helena, but you're sure as hell responsible for her death. That's why you keep coming back to me. [Somewhere in] that black abyss where your soul should be, you understand that if it weren't for you, Helena would have never been on that cliff, and she would have never fallen. You shouldn't be here, granting forgiveness; you should be begging for it. And even when I see you in hell, I won't grant it," Victor added.

"Why don't you go there right now, you son of a bitch? You can wait for me, and then we'll see!" Deimos spat, ripping out Victor's oxygen tube and pressing a hand over Victor's nose and mouth.

. . .

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