Thursday, July 2, 2015
by Mike

Hope ran into Rafe in the town square and reported that one of the police officers had continued watching Clyde after being told it was no longer necessary to do so -- and had just informed her that Clyde was at the DiMera mansion.

Hope doubted Clyde was working for Stefano, since Victor had never shied away from a battle with Stefano before, and partnering with Stefano didn't seem like Clyde's style, anyway. Rafe suggested the visit might be personal, since Clyde was involved with Kate. "And Stefano takes that very personally, as you know," Hope mused.

Hope wondered why Clyde would go to the DiMera mansion with a target on his back. "He knows Stefano would never kill him in his own house," Rafe guessed, adding that it was a shame there wouldn't be bloodshed at the DiMera mansion, since it would be nice if Clyde and Stefano took each other out. "Not exactly the kind of comment we issue from the Salem P.D.," Hope stressed with a laugh. "Well, not out loud," Rafe agreed.

Hope didn't really care what Stefano and Clyde did to each other but was concerned about the collateral damage to people like Chad, Abigail, and Ben. Rafe revealed that Abigail was set to move in with Ben, meaning she would soon be closer to Clyde. Hope promised to keep an eye on things -- informally, of course. Hope also resolved to casually tell Victor about Stefano and Clyde's meeting.

At the DiMera mansion, Clyde started to introduce himself to Stefano, who interrupted and said he already knew who Clyde was. Clyde was glad to hear that, since it meant he and Stefano could skip the pleasantries. Clyde suggested he and Stefano needed to reach an understanding about their mutual business. Stefano insisted he and Clyde had nothing in common with each other, but Clyde protested that, while they might have different goals, they still shared some of the same ground. Clyde warned that Stefano might not want to dismiss him before asking Victor how well that plan had worked out when he had tried it.

Chuckling, Stefano observed that Clyde was assuming a great deal about him. Ignoring the comment, Clyde suggested it would be mutually advantageous for him, Stefano, and Victor to reach a shared understanding that would ensure that no one's toes got stepped on. As Clyde continued talking, Stefano impatiently reached for his desk phone to call security. Clyde discreetly slipped a listening device under a piece of furniture while Stefano was distracted. Stefano's guard arrived as Clyde offered Stefano a chance to say his piece. "I've learned everything I have to know about you. Get out, now," Stefano replied.

At the hospital, Theo begged Abigail to accompany him and Chad to the lake. When Abigail hesitated, Theo started to get agitated, adamantly insisting that she simply had to join him and Chad. Abigail calmed Theo down and promised she wouldn't miss the outing. After Theo's occupational therapist arrived and led him off to her office, Chad told Abigail she shouldn't have lied to the boy. Abigail clarified that she hadn't lied -- and that Ben would probably like to attend the lake excursion, too. "Well, we'll just be one hell of a quartet, then," Chad dismissively stated.

Abigail shook her head and wondered how Chad was able to be sweet, compassionate, and kind when interacting with Theo but then quickly begin exhibiting cruel behavior instead. "Payback's a bitch," Chad replied with a shrug. Abigail realized Chad really had just been playing one big game with her since the moment he had returned to Salem, using her to get what he had wanted all along. Chad argued that he and Abigail had used each other and had each gotten exactly what they had wanted, but she protested that she hadn't wanted what she had gotten.

"Which time? Come on, Abby; you got one last time with a guy that can actually finish sentences -- and anything else he starts. So now you can go play house with Ben, and I can move on with...other women," Chad replied, although, when questioned, he clarified that he had actually been sticking to one woman lately. "[Zoe] is hot in ways that you will never get. You should see the things that we do in bed," Chad bragged. Abigail walked off after telling Chad he was disgusting.

Later, Chad ran into Marlena in the waiting area, and she seized the opportunity to thank him for what he had done to help her when Stefano had threatened her life. Chad warned Marlena that Stefano had returned to Salem and would be sticking around for good. Marlena wondered how Chad felt about that. "Well, he hasn't threatened to kill me lately, so I guess I'm ahead," Chad joked. Marlena laughed and assured Chad that, while she had a pretty busy schedule, she would make herself available for him if he ever wanted to talk to her confidentially. Chad seemed intrigued when Marlena reassured him that anything he told her would stay between them.

Abigail ran into Clyde while passing through the town square. As a housewarming present, Clyde handed Abigail a gift certificate from a local furniture store, joking that it would give her the opportunity to save Ben from his own taste. After a brief conversation, Clyde excused himself and began walking away. After putting some distance between himself and Abigail, Clyde turned to watch as she headed in the opposite direction. "Just stay away from Chad DiMera, little girl, and everything will be fine," Clyde muttered. Later, Clyde used his surveillance equipment to spy on Stefano, who was complaining about a recipe his cook had botched.

In a secluded section of the town square, Kate informed Lucas that she had a business proposition for him -- one she was sure he wouldn't be able to turn down because she knew he would do anything for Will. Kate stressed that she was giving Lucas a gift -- and was putting her job at risk in the process. Assuming Kate was expecting praise for being noble and decent, Lucas denied her the honor and impatiently demanded to know what she was talking about.

Kate told Lucas about the job offer Justin had forced her to present to Paul. Kate knew Countess Wilhelmina was also working on a men's line of products, because development had begun before she had been removed from the company. Kate argued that Paul would be a better fit for Countess Wilhelmina than for Mad World, since the latter would keep Paul based in Salem, while the former would place him in San Diego instead -- at least for the extent of the campaign, which would give Will and Sonny time to work on their marriage without interference from him.

"No dice," Lucas insisted. Confused, Kate wondered what was wrong with her proposal. "Well, first, you're offering it -- that's what's wrong. And even worse than that, I was actually considering it. For a second -- just for a second there -- I was starting to think just like you," Lucas replied. Kate argued that she and Lucas would simply be helping Will, but Lucas countered that they would be interfering in Will's life. "For his own good," Kate asserted. "Oh, there's my Mom that I know and love! There you are. Nice to see you again, Mom," Lucas replied.

Kate agreed that she was Lucas' mother and cared just as much about Will as she always had about Lucas. Kate argued that parents sometimes had to step up -- like when Lucas had gone to prison to protect Will years earlier. Lucas reminded Kate that Will had been a kid at that time, adding that, as a grown man, Will needed to work on his own marriage without everyone else butting in. Kate said she would be fine with that idea if not for the fact that Justin was butting in, trying to keep Paul in Salem for obvious reasons.

Lucas insisted he wasn't going to start a fight with Justin over their sons. Kate warned that Justin had no such qualms, but Lucas maintained that he wasn't going to waste his time wading in on the matter. "No...except you already waded in on Adrienne, right?" Kate pointed out. Fed up, Lucas complained that Kate always managed to cross the line eventually, and he walked away after wishing her luck with her scheme and hoping Justin wouldn't find out about it.

Adrienne followed Justin back to the Kiriakis mansion and angrily confronted him about the cavalier way in which he had just served her with divorce papers. Justin couldn't believe Adrienne was actually surprised he wanted a divorce, considering she was openly having an affair with Lucas. Adrienne reminded Justin that her actions had been the result of his, but he argued that it wasn't right to compare what he had done with Elsa to what Adrienne was doing with Lucas, since he had been thousands of miles away from family and friends, had been discreet, and had never meant for his affair to be more than that.

Adrienne was stunned, although she admitted Justin's ability to justify his actions made sense because he was a lawyer. Justin insisted he was being truthful and had never intended to humiliate Adrienne or leave her for Elsa. Adrienne reminded Justin that he had headed back to Elsa the second Sonny had been released from the hospital. Justin pointed out that Sonny had gone to Arizona for a while, but Adrienne countered that she had been in Salem the whole time. When Justin argued that Adrienne had been in Salem with Lucas, she clarified that she hadn't been with Lucas at that time.

"He was around; I could smell it. And, more to the point, he is still around. Adrienne, I'm home for good, and look where you are. You did everything but take out an ad in the newspaper. You wanted to punish me; well, you did it! You wanted to humiliate me; you got it! But you only get to do that for so long," Justin added before leaving the room.

Adrienne went to the Salem Inn to see Lucas, who was surprised to see just how upset receiving the divorce papers had made her. Lucas said he had assumed divorce would be a natural step Adrienne would have to take eventually, considering where he thought their relationship was headed. Lucas wondered if Adrienne's devastation meant she didn't really want to be with him, after all. "Oh, God. As foolish as this is gonna sound, I just...I don't know what I want," Adrienne tearfully admitted, breaking down in Lucas' arms.

Hope went to the Kiriakis mansion and told Justin about Stefano and Clyde's earlier meeting, stressing that she had learned the information as part of surveillance being done on Stefano, not Clyde. Justin promised to give Victor the news. Changing the subject, Hope told Justin she was sorry he and Adrienne were having problems. Justin admitted he and Adrienne were likely headed down the same road Hope and Bo had already traveled.

Hope assumed Adrienne had asked Justin for a divorce, but he clarified that he had gotten the ball rolling himself. Justin added, however, that Adrienne would have eventually done the same thing if he hadn't beaten her to it. "Lucas makes her happy now, and I make her miserable," Justin summarized with a shrug. Hope admitted she had always assumed Justin and Adrienne could work their way through anything. "Nobody's talking," Justin explained. Hope advised Justin not to do anything solely out of anger. "Too late for that," Justin replied.

Will received a visit from Marlena and wondered if Sonny was somehow responsible for it. Marlena assured Will that she hadn't talked to Sonny recently. When Marlena asked Will to tell her what was wrong, he admitted he had screwed up and might have lost Sonny for good as a result. Marlena pointed out that she had heard that a lot lately, prompting Will to clarify that his latest screw-up wasn't like the other ones. Will hesitantly told Marlena about the argument he'd had with Sonny earlier -- and about how, during that argument, he had accidentally blurted out something that had made Sonny realize Will had made another mistake while in Los Angeles.

"It was one guy. One time -- one stupid time. The studios, they assigned him to help me with the rewrite. We worked long hours, late nights. One night, we're at his house, and he's making fun of me because I'm already married with a kid, and I let it slip that Sonny's the only guy that I've ever been with. That was it; he was on a mission. He just kept after me. He wouldn't leave it alone," Will explained. Marlena wondered if the guy had forced himself on Will. "No. No, not like that; he just couldn't believe that someone so young and hot and talented was already married. Obviously, he was working me, and I fell for it," Will clarified.

"It was only one time, and I avoided him after that; we just worked through email. The studio fired me right afterwards. I felt so relieved -- like, 'at least this is over; it's buried,'" Will added. Marlena wondered if Will had ever considered telling Sonny about what had happened. "I mean, yeah, but I thought, 'what good would that do?' It only happened once, I regretted it two seconds afterwards, and it wasn't gonna happen again," Will replied.

Marlena pointed out that, contrary to what Will had assured himself at the time, it had happened again. "So, I'm a slut. I can't stay faithful to my husband. That's what you're saying, isn't it?" Will asked. Marlena clarified that she wasn't judging Will; she was simply stating a fact. Marlena advised that Will needed to talk to someone about his pattern of behavior. "It's not a pattern. It was a mistake both times. I know that now," Will insisted.

Paul went to Club TBD to see Sonny so they could talk about something Paul claimed was important. Sonny started to insist he wasn't going to talk to Paul about what was going on with Will, but Paul clarified that he didn't want to talk about that -- at least, not in the way Sonny was expecting. Paul explained that he had realized something after a chance encounter he'd had with Derrick earlier, and he honestly believed his epiphany could help Sonny and Will. Sonny agreed to hear Paul out, and they went outside to continue their conversation.

"[Derrick] asked me, you know, how coming out was for me, and he asked me how it was going, and then he said that he was surprised that you and Will had already settled down together. He said that he could never do that right after coming out. And I realized...he was right. I couldn't, either. And I was so surprised, because...I love you, Sonny, and I want to be with you, but I realize, even if you were free, I couldn't get married -- I mean, not yet. And I started thinking about how focused I'd been on you, and getting you back, and I asked myself why. And it's because it was easier than dealing with coming out, and everything that's about," Paul explained.

"So, you think this is true for Will, too? Like he skipped a step?" Sonny wondered. Paul stressed that he had no doubts about Will's love for Sonny. "Neither do I," Sonny agreed. "It's just, maybe -- when I'd just met Will, he talked about marrying the first guy he'd ever been with, and that sounded great, but maybe...I don't know, um...after today, really realizing how it is for me, um...I guess I kind of get Will -- not the crummy things that he's done to try to keep us apart, but what happened between him and me," Paul explained.

Paul started to add that he wasn't trying to dredge up things Sonny would rather not talk about, but Sonny interrupted and said he understood what Paul was getting at. Sonny abruptly excused himself so he could get back to work. However, as soon as Sonny reentered the club, he told one of his employees he was headed home and didn't want to be disturbed unless some sort of emergency cropped up. The employee wondered if everything was all right. "Not really," Sonny replied, walking past Kate without noticing her.

Kate sent Will a text message -- "Sweetheart, heads-up: Sonny on his way home! HE'S NOT HAPPY!!!" -- and he quickly called her. Kate explained that, after a conversation with Paul that had seemed intense, Sonny had told his staff he was headed home -- and that things weren't okay. Kate abruptly ended the call when Paul entered the club, and he approached her table and said she was just the person he wanted to see. "Really? I thought maybe you were looking for my grandson's husband," Kate replied.

Ignoring the remark, Paul informed Kate that he had decided to accept her job offer. "Oh, goodie," Kate muttered. Paul started to list his terms, and when Kate interrupted to stress that the deal wasn't open to negotiation, he countered that all deals were. Paul added that he and Kate didn't have to like each other; they just had to treat each other with respect. Kate argued that respecting her meant staying away from Will and Sonny, but Paul countered that it would be best for him and Kate to just stick to business discussions.

When Sonny returned home, Will braced himself for a conversation about Paul, explaining that a friend had told him Sonny and Paul had just been engaged in an intimate conversation at the club. Sonny protested that he and Paul hadn't been having an intimate conversation -- and that what he wanted to talk to Will about had nothing to do with Paul, anyway. Will nodded and guessed Sonny instead wanted to talk about what had happened in Los Angeles. Will promised to listen to whatever Sonny had to say. "But first, Sonny, can I please just tell you how much I love you? Even if the things I've been doing make it seem like I don't, Sonny...I love you," Will stressed.

"I believe you. I know that you love me," Sonny assured Will. Will started to point out that one of Sonny's earlier comments had suggested otherwise. "It was a mistake, all right? It was the first thing that popped out of my mouth. And I was thinking -- I mean, you were willing to go to prison for me when you thought I killed Nick. I know that you love me," Sonny replied. Will admitted he had made mistakes, and Sonny agreed, adding that Will could have handled the situation in a lot of different ways that all would have been much better than the ways in which he had actually ended up trying to handle it.

"You're not the only one, because the truth is, there's a lot of things that I could have handled better, too," Sonny added. Will started to insist that Sonny had done nothing wrong and was, in fact, perfect, but he apologized when he realized he was echoing things he had previously said about Sonny in a negative way. "Look, Paul said something to me that landed. I've known about it for a while, but I didn't want to admit it. The truth is, the things that have gone wrong with us -- a lot of it's my fault, not yours," Sonny admitted.

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