Thursday, January 22, 2015
by Mike

Theresa declared that hooking up with Brady had been the worst mistake of her entire life. Fed up, Brady took the hint and started to walk away after sarcastically encouraging Theresa to have fun screwing up her life even more than she already had. Meanwhile, a woman crossed through the town square with a baby in her arms, and Theresa started hyperventilating the moment she saw them.

Brady rushed back to Theresa's side to find out what was wrong with her. Meanwhile, Eve arrived and wondered what had happened. Theresa managed to vaguely explain that she had seen something, but Brady wasn't sure what could have caused such a reaction, and she wasn't able to pinpoint the cause, either. Theresa quickly recovered and insisted that she was fine -- or would be once Brady got out of her sight, at least.

After Brady left, Eve tried to get Theresa to tell her what was really going on. Theresa deflected, wondering why Eve cared. "Well, believe it or not, Theresa, I actually do care about you," Eve replied. Theresa insisted that Eve needed to stop worrying about her and instead focus on someone else, such as Paige. Theresa revealed that Paige had tracked her down earlier, and she warned that Paige was definitely still hung up on J.J.

"Okay...what did weird me out?" Theresa wondered after Eve left. Meanwhile, Clint approached and asked if Theresa was okay, explaining that he had just seen her talking to herself. Theresa claimed that she had never been better. While Clint was tempting Theresa into blowing off work so they could spend more time together, Anne arrived and insisted that Theresa needed to get back to work right away. Anne pointed out that Theresa was still on the clock at the hospital, and she warned that someone would eventually catch on and push for Theresa's termination if such antics continued.

Clint tried to tell Anne that Theresa wasn't going back to work that day, but Theresa agreed with Anne and abruptly excused herself after promising to talk to him later. As the women headed back to the hospital, Anne complained that Theresa needed to be checked into a mental hospital for being willing to spend more than two minutes with a goon like Clint, especially after being with men like Brady and Paul.

Theresa insisted that Clint was exactly what she needed because he was fun and liked her for who she was. Theresa added that, more than anything else, she liked the fact that Clint was the exact opposite of Brady. Theresa doubted that Clint could possibly be any worse for her than Brady had been.

Meanwhile, in the town square, Clint was on the phone with someone. "I've been doing more than keeping my eye on the Donovan broad -- I've made contact, if you get what I mean. No, we don't have a thing to worry about -- and if something happens, I know exactly how to handle the situation," Clint promised before ending the call.

Daniel thought Melanie was joking at first, but he quickly realized she was serious about her plan to start dating Brady. "Are you out of your mind?" Daniel asked incredulously. Confused, Melanie pointed out that Brady was a step up from Philip and Chad. Melanie added that she knew all about Kristen and Theresa already, and she argued that she had to be better for Brady than either of those women had been.

Daniel clarified that he wasn't worried about Melanie being good for Brady -- he was worried about Brady being good for Melanie. Daniel admitted that he would probably never think any guy was good enough for Melanie, but he added that it was too soon for Brady -- who had been sober for less than a year -- to dive into another relationship -- especially one that could really hurt him if it didn't work out.

Daniel also expressed concern about the age difference, but Melanie countered that she had at least as much life experience as Brady, since she hadn't exactly had an easy childhood. Daniel didn't like thinking about that, so he abruptly changed the subject, wondering if Melanie loved Brady. Melanie wasn't sure but argued that there was nothing wrong with trying to figure out the answer. Melanie added that she had put her heart in storage for a long time after her breakup with Chad but was finally ready to take a chance again. Daniel reluctantly conceded that Melanie deserved the chance to see where a romantic relationship with Brady might lead.

Later, Daniel went to see Brady at the Kiriakis mansion so they could get a few things straight. Daniel promised not to interfere but warned that he and Brady would have a problem if Brady broke Melanie's heart or did anything to hurt her in any way. Brady stressed that he was just as protective of Melanie as Daniel was, and he assured Daniel that he would never hurt her. Daniel vowed to hold Brady to that promise.

Meanwhile, in Daniel's apartment, Melanie told Maggie about her earlier conversation with Daniel. Echoing Daniel's concerns, Maggie explained that the conventional wisdom was that addicts needed to maintain their sobriety for at least a year before making any serious decisions, including the decision to pursue a romantic relationship with someone.

Melanie joked that Brady deserved time off for good behavior, but Maggie didn't think it would be wise for him to rush things. Melanie respected Maggie's opinion but stressed that she cared about Brady's sobriety just as much as he did -- and that she would never do anything to hurt him because he was one of the most important people in the world to her.

Later, Melanie went to the Kiriakis mansion to see Brady, who told her about Daniel's earlier visit. Brady feared that Daniel wasn't particularly happy with him but admitted that -- for the first time in a very long time -- he was happy, thanks to Melanie. Melanie confirmed that she was also happy, and she and Brady made plans to go on their first official date later that day.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Maggie lounged in his apartment, talking about his concerns. Daniel was worried that he wasn't doing enough to protect Melanie, but Maggie advised that parents eventually had to give kids the freedom to make their own decisions -- and just be there to support them if things turned out badly.

As Jordan and Rafe continued to kiss, Chad quietly walked away and tossed her bouquet of flowers in the first trashcan he found in the hallway. Meanwhile, Jordan pushed Rafe away and made it clear that their relationship was over for good. Rafe admitted that he had crossed a line but warned that Jordan's relationship with Chad was a big mistake. Jordan accused Rafe of disliking Chad simply because of the DiMera surname, but Rafe insisted that he disliked Chad because he knew the guy couldn't be trusted.

Rafe dared Jordan to look him in the eyes and tell him that she trusted Chad, but she rose to the challenge without flinching. Jordan complained that she was sick of Rafe acting like she was too dumb to make the right choices for herself. Rafe clarified that he didn't think Jordan was dumb -- he simply thought she was a good person who was letting a pro con her. Rafe predicted that Jordan would end up getting hurt in the end, but she assured him that she could take care of herself. "And for the record, nothing Chad does could possibly hurt me more than you did," Jordan added before walking away.

At Club TBD, Ben informed Abigail that he'd had to talk T down from the proverbial ledge earlier that morning because T had been worried about the new club stealing Sonny's business and leading to layoffs. Abigail was certain that T wouldn't have to worry about that, since he and Sonny were really close. Abigail was also certain that Ben wouldn't have to worry about getting laid off, not just because Sonny really liked Ben but also because Chad was dating Jordan. Ben didn't think the latter fact would stop Chad from going after him -- especially since Jordan had taken Chad's side over his in the past.

Ben admitted that unemployment would be preferable to having Chad in Jordan's life. Abigail pointed out that the bright side of unemployment was that Ben would be able to commit to being a full-time student in that case. Abigail guessed that Clyde would be happy to cover Ben's expenses, but she understood when Ben insisted that he would rather get a loan than take another penny from Clyde. Abigail started to excuse herself so she could get to work, but Ben stopped her and pulled her in for a kiss first -- just as Chad arrived. Chad watched for a moment before retreating to the back of the club.

Abe and John were sitting at a table, drinking coffee and discussing the recent wave of incidents at the docks, when Abe suddenly wondered if Marlena knew about John's decision to return to the police force yet. John confirmed that Marlena knew -- and that she was actually the person who had encouraged him to seize the opportunity. As the men continued to talk, Chad emerged from the back of the club and approached Ben at the bar. After observing that things still seemed to be going well for Ben and Abigail, Chad added that she was obviously much more experienced than she had been when he had taken her virginity.

Ben flexed his fingers as he warned Chad not to say another word. "I do not get why you're so upset, Benny. ... I was paying Abigail a compliment. I have nothing but good things to say about her -- and Jordan. But, from my experience, Abigail isn't nearly as good as your sister is in bed," Chad continued, prompting Ben to jump over the counter and start pummeling him.

Abe and John soon intervened, and when they demanded to know what was going on, Chad innocently claimed that he had simply been trying to talk to Ben -- and that Ben had started swinging at him in response. Ben insisted that Chad was lying, but Chad continued that Ben had been warned before about needing to learn how to control his temper. Chad advised John to talk to Rafe to learn more about Ben's other outbursts.

Abe escorted Chad to the hospital. Abigail and Jordan soon arrived and demanded to know what had happened. Chad explained that Ben had lost his temper again. Abigail suspected that Chad might have done something to provoke Ben, but Chad innocently maintained that he had simply been trying to start a conversation -- and that it had previously been established that it didn't take much to set Ben off.

Abe reported that, while there was a possibility that Chad might have a concussion, the doctor who had treated the injuries had no reason to believe that was the case yet. Abe added that Chad hadn't suffered any broken ribs. "Looks like I got off easy then, huh?" Chad joked, wincing as he pressed an icepack to his face. Abigail and Jordan tried to convince Chad to just forget about the incident, but he insisted that Ben needed to be taught a lesson, and he left the room after informing Abe that he wished to press charges.

At Club TBD, Rafe confirmed that Ben had a history of getting into fights with Chad. Rafe guessed that Chad had likely said something to provoke Ben, since Chad had used similar tactics with Rafe in the past, but John argued that the difference was that Rafe had known better than to take the bait. "Sorry, kid, but you got a history. You're not leaving me with any choice here. So why don't you stand up, put your hands behind your back -- let's go," John instructed Ben before retrieving a pair of handcuffs.

At Salem University, J.J. managed to punch Cole before Paige intervened and separated them. J.J. demanded to know why Paige was talking to a loser like Cole. Paige insisted that she could talk to anyone she wished to talk to, and she warned J.J. to never again try to tell her what to do. "I -- I just think that --" J.J. stammered, but Paige interrupted and stressed that she no longer cared about his opinion.

Paige shoved J.J. a few times as she insisted that her life was no longer any of his business. J.J. reminded Paige that Cole had once tried to plant drugs on her, but she countered that Bev had put Cole up to that task because Bev had been interested in J.J. -- and J.J. hadn't exactly done much to discourage that interest. Paige added that she at least knew what Cole was all about, which was more than she could say about J.J., who had totally had her fooled. J.J. warned that Cole was a player. "And who are you to talk?" Paige countered.

Paige shoved J.J. a couple more times as she stressed that he needed to leave her alone, adding that if he wanted to talk to someone who cared about his opinion, he would probably have more luck turning to the girl he had hooked up with. J.J. nodded and reluctantly walked away, but he kept Paige and Cole in his line of sight as he placed a call to Eve and insisted that they needed to talk right away -- in person. Eve didn't want to be seen in public with J.J., so he offered to head over to her place, but when she refused to let that happen, he decided that she would just have to meet him at the Horton house instead.

J.J. told Eve to park down the street from the Horton house and enter through the back door so no one would see her. Eve didn't like the idea, but J.J. assured her that they would have the place to themselves for a while -- and if anyone happened to find them together, she could just claim that she had gone there to chastise him for hurting Paige, since people would be able to buy that easily enough. J.J. ended the call and left after taking one last look at Paige and Cole, who were still talking to each other.

Paige apologized to Cole for J.J.'s behavior. Cole stressed that he hadn't intended to cause a fight between Paige and her boyfriend, even though he did hate the guy -- and the feeling was obviously mutual. Paige clarified that J.J. was no longer her boyfriend. Cole guessed that J.J. had hooked up with someone else, prompting Paige to wonder how Cole could have known that. "I didn't, but I know J.J.," Cole explained.

"You were right to dump J.J. I was with Bev when we first met him, and he started coming on to her from day one, even though he wasn't into her that much. Didn't matter to her, though -- pretty soon, she was all about him. You know, he took her away from me just because he could. That's how the guy operates," Cole added. Paige interrupted and protested that she didn't want to hear anything else about J.J. Cole apologized and conceded that talking about J.J. had probably really just been his way of talking about himself.

"Since I got out of rehab, I've been doing this thing where I'm trying to tell the people I hurt when I was using that I'm sorry. It's not a lot of fun. God... My mom... But the point is, what I was trying to say when J.J. came in is that I'm -- I'm sorry I tried to plant drugs on you. All I know is I -- I've gotta find a way to start over again. It's not easy trying to fit in. It's like...there really isn't a place for me anywhere," Cole admitted. Paige sympathized, guessing that it had to be hard for Cole to feel that way, and she advised him to give things some time to get better.

Paige started to excuse herself but first wanted to know if Cole was okay. Cole claimed that he was, and he started to walk away, but he soon changed his mind and admitted that he didn't really have anywhere to go. Cole explained that he couldn't stay at home all the time because he would go nuts if he did that, and he couldn't really hang out with his old friends, either -- especially since most of them no longer liked him, anyway, since he had "narced on" J.J. and Rory the previous year. Paige suggested that Cole could make new friends, but he countered that none of the good kids liked him, either -- and he thought they were stuck-up losers, anyway.

Paige wondered what Cole liked to do for fun. Cole explained that he had an app on his cell phone that turned his lyrics into music. Intrigued, Paige asked for a demonstration, so Cole whipped out his phone, thought of a quick line on the spot -- "I know this girl named Paige; she's way too cool to be my age" -- and handed her the device so she could listen to the results. Cole thought Paige was just pretending to be impressed, but she assured him that she was being genuine. Cole admitted that he and Bev had been completely wrong about Paige. "Weird how you think you can know people, but you don't at all," Cole mused, and Paige agreed.

When Eve sneaked into the Horton house, J.J. complained that it had taken her long enough to get there. Eve ignored the comment and revealed that Paige had recently grilled Theresa in an effort to figure out who J.J. had slept with. "Well, that's not the biggest problem you have to worry about right now. ... I saw Paige [talking] with a guy named Cole. ... She shouldn't be in the same room with that guy. ... You have to stop this before it goes any further!" J.J. insisted.

Eve placed a hand on J.J.'s chest and told him to calm down. After a brief pause, Eve pulled her hand away and started to excuse herself, but J.J. grabbed her arm and insisted that she needed to listen to him. "I know that you think that I'm the scum of the earth, and I probably am, but this guy -- he's much worse, Eve, even if he's not related to my mom. ... For starters, he's a drug dealer, and he's a user. He just got out of rehab; he's clean right now, but that will not last," J.J. warned Eve. Eve mused that J.J. might just be trashing Cole to turn her against the guy out of fear that Cole might actually like Paige.

"Okay, you think I'm bad for her? When he first met her, he tried to plant drugs on her. ... For God's sake, I know you hate me, but you need to hate him more right now. You need to watch out for your daughter, Eve. ... None of this is Paige's fault, but she could be the one that pays the price. She doesn't listen to a word that I say anymore, and I don't blame her, but she still listens to you, so you need to step up, damn it, and be the mother that you say she deserves. You can't let her get hurt again -- and with this guy, it'll be much worse," J.J. maintained.

Eve sighed and swore to J.J. -- at his request -- that she would take care of Cole. J.J. wanted to know what Eve planned to do, but she ignored the question and abruptly excused herself. J.J. grabbed Eve's arm and demanded an answer, insisting that they were looking at a disaster waiting to happen -- and that she was the only person who could stop it. Eve promised that she would be able to handle Cole -- especially if he was anything like J.J. "What, are you gonna have sex with him, too?" J.J. guessed.

Outraged, Eve tried to slap J.J. with her free hand, but he grabbed it and held her tightly in his grip as they locked eyes with each other.

. . .

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