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Thursday, February 16, 2017
by Mike

Sonny stormed into the Kiriakis mansion and asked Justin, who was sitting alone in the living room, to tell him where Deimos was. Justin reported that Deimos was out somewhere with Nicole. He wondered why Sonny wasn't at Steve and Kayla's wedding. Ignoring the question, Sonny told Justin, "You won't believe what [Deimos has] done this time."

Justin was surprised to hear that Deimos had kidnapped Chad and Gabi. He insisted, however, that Sonny needed to let him handle Deimos. Sonny refused to sit around and wait for Justin to resolve the matter himself, pointing out, "In case you've forgotten, Nicole needs you in court this afternoon, and Brady needs to be there, too. This has to be dealt with now, [and] I am the only Kiriakis available."

Scowling, Sonny continued, "Deimos thinks I'm a kid, [but] I am not, [and] he's gonna learn that lesson very soon." Justin warned that Deimos was far more dangerous than Sonny realized. Sonny dismissively insisted, "I am not naïve. I have a decent enough relationship with Deimos that he's not gonna come after me if I want to negotiate." He promised that if he failed to resolve the matter on his own before the end of the day, he would step aside and let Justin handle it. Realizing that it was time to give up on trying to change Sonny's mind, Justin nodded and urged his son to be careful. Sonny assured Justin, "I will."

At the Horton Town Square, Andre was sitting alone at a table, sipping a martini, when Anna approached with the urn containing Tony's ashes and placed it in front of him. Groaning, Andre mused, "As if the day wasn't already bad enough." Anna wondered if Andre was enjoying his martini -- an experience Tony would never have again. "He didn't like them," Andre pointed out. Ignoring Andre's response, Anna continued that Tony would never sit in a café again, nor would he ever see the sun rise or set again. "'Cause he's dead," Andre helpfully concluded.

"Don't be flip with me -- not in his presence!" Anna countered, picking up the urn and cradling it protectively in her arms. Andre dryly noted that Anna had always known how to accessorize. Anna complained, "You are alive! Stefano DiMera is alive! Evil, worthless men are alive, and my Tony is dead!"

"Yes, well, that's already been established," Andre tiredly replied. He stood and pulled out a chair for Anna, urging her to take a seat and calm down. She took his advice, and as he returned to his own chair, she informed him that she had seen Stefano in Prague with her own eyes. She continued that she had even shot at Stefano twice but had missed both times.

"How unusual. You're always so successful at your endeavors," Andre observed. Failing to recognize the sarcasm, Anna nodded in agreement and said she was glad she had at least gotten the chance to tell Stefano off before he had escaped from his jail cell. "You have to hand it to Father -- you can't keep that man down. I do hope I've inherited that trait," Andre mused.

Eyeing the urn, which Anna had returned to the table, Andre guessed that he probably wouldn't be able to convince her to put it away. She observed with a smile of satisfaction that it was clearly making him uncomfortable. "Most people don't think that funeral urns make nice centerpieces," he pointed out, but she argued that he was really just uncomfortable around the urn because it was a harsh reminder that Tony was dead.

Anna wondered how Andre was honoring Tony's memory. "I'm sure that he would be more than happy with the way I've been handling family matters," Andre replied. Anna hoped that was true. Studying Andre's face, she observed that he had always looked like Tony but had never possessed Tony's heart. "Oh, Anna, I'm more than capable of keeping Tony's heart alive. I might not be running around with his ashes in a thermos, but I do keep him with me in my heart -- always," Andre stressed. Anna gave Andre a look of skepticism then picked up the urn and walked away with it.

Later, Andre received a phone call from someone. "So, Sonny Kiriakis is back home? Grab him," Andre instructed the caller.

At the Salem Inn, Jennifer and Adrienne watched tiredly as Drew pressed keys on the Titan laptop while taking frequent sips of soda and jamming to music only he could hear through his headphones. "I cannot believe that Hope is back, Steve and Kayla are getting married, and we are sitting here with Drew," Jennifer complained. Adrienne shared Jennifer's frustration but agreed that they couldn't leave Drew alone because he might get distracted and forget to finish his mission if left to his own devices for too long.

Jennifer urged Adrienne to attend the wedding without her, reasoning that Drew didn't need two babysitters. Adrienne admitted that she would like to preserve her record of perfect attendance at Steve and Kayla's weddings. Meanwhile, Drew, oblivious to the conversation, threw up his arms and triumphantly shouted, "Eureka!" As he removed his headphones, Jennifer rushed to his side and stared over his shoulder at the computer screen, excitedly guessing that he had managed to infect Titan's server with the virus. He clarified that he hadn't yet, but he was fairly confident that when he did, it would work like a charm.

After Adrienne left, Jennifer asked Drew, who was chugging another can of soda, if she could do anything to help him, such as picking up another pack of sodas. Shaking his head, he admitted, as he placed the empty can next to five other empty ones, that Camila had advised him to cut back on them. "Camila," he repeated with a worried sigh. Jennifer assured Drew that Camila was fine. "She just wants you to keep working on everything so you can be together again, okay?" she added. Nodding, he turned his attention back to the computer screen.

Jennifer soon received a text message from Anne, who was on her way over to the Salem Inn to help out. Jennifer decided to seize the opportunity to rush over to Club TBD for a moment to congratulate Steve and Kayla. Before leaving, she received another text message, this time from one of the wedding guests. After reading the message, she excitedly informed Drew that Shane was in town. She suggested enlisting Shane's help, but Drew insisted, "I don't want him to know I screwed up yet again. I'll fix this on my own."

After Jennifer left, Drew sneaked out of the hotel room to buy more cans of soda. As he was sneaking back into the hotel room a short time later, Anna called out to him, "Shane! How was the wedding?" Drew rushed inside without responding and managed to close the hotel room door just before Anna reached it. "Well, that was rude!" she grumbled before walking away.

Stephanie and Joey went to a secluded section of the town square to catch up for a bit before their parents' wedding ceremony. Stephanie recalled how she had reacted when she had learned that Kayla was pregnant with Joey. "It was a really tender moment. I looked at Mom, and I said, 'Gross!'" she told her brother. "Sweet," he sarcastically replied.

Stephanie clarified that her reaction hadn't been about resentment; that had begun later. "It was about [having confirmation that Mom and Dad] still, you know..." she explained. Cringing, Joey insisted that he didn't want to think about that. Stephanie helpfully added, "And that was back then! [Now] here we are, [and] they're getting married again!" Joey groaned, guessing that Steve and Kayla wouldn't decide to keep their latest marriage strictly platonic.

Changing the subject, Stephanie made it clear that she no longer resented Joey. "I'm really sorry about the baby," she added. Nodding, he thanked her for the message she had sent him at the time of the miscarriage. He explained that most people had wanted to avoid talking about it, preferring to act like nothing had happened.

Jade soon approached and wondered why Joey wasn't at Club TBD yet. Recognizing Jade from Facebook photographs, Stephanie introduced herself, stating that she had heard a lot about Jade. "Funny, I haven't heard much about you at all," Jade replied before walking away, urging Joey to follow her.

"She's coming to the wedding?" Stephanie asked Joey. He explained that although he was no longer dating Jade, she was still one of his roommates, and it would have been weird to exclude her from the wedding ceremony when all his other roommates were going to be there. Stephanie thought the weird part was that Jade was one of Joey's roommates despite the fact that they were no longer together.

Joey told Stephanie that Jade hadn't had the good fortune of being born into a family as great as theirs, and he didn't want to turn his back on her, like others in her life had, just because they were no longer having a child together. "Damn, that's pretty mature," Stephanie admitted. Proudly adjusting his tie, Joey replied, "Thanks. You can start calling me Joseph." She insisted that was never going to happen.

Doug and Julie entered Club TBD while everyone was celebrating Hope's arrival. Doug hugged Hope and told her, "You are so grounded, young lady! Don't you ever do that again!" Chuckling, she promised that she wouldn't. Julie wondered where Hope had been hiding since the prison break. Hope explained that a good Samaritan had taken her in because she had been in rough shape at that time. "Well, where is he? I need to thank him -- buy him a car or something!" Doug insisted. Hope vaguely clarified that the good Samaritan wished to remain anonymous.

Hope turned her attention to Shane and thanked him for clearing her name. Shane insisted that it had been Rafe and Steve's operation. Rafe refused to allow such modesty, stressing that the operation would have failed without Shane's help. "Eh, just like the old days, huh? London, Miami, Stockholm," Shane told Hope. "Yeah, and just like the old days, Stefano got away," Rafe added bitterly. Hope said she didn't care about that; in fact, for once, she was actually glad that Stefano was alive and well.

Chuckling, Shane exchanged a knowing glance with Steve. Kayla caught the look and wondered what it was about. "Nothing. I just -- you know, I'm really sick of talking about that creep," Steve claimed, adding that he was eager to get the wedding ceremony started. "You think it's gonna stick this time?" Kayla asked. "Baby, I'm the gum on your shoe," Steve replied.

After Stephanie, Joey, and Jade arrived at Club TBD, Abe began the wedding ceremony. When he prompted Kayla to speak, she told Steve, "When I was coming back from Prague, I thought, 'What an amazing thing that I'm gonna get married again, and I actually know what it really means.' The first time, I -- I thought I knew everything; I thought [that], generally, I knew what was coming. This time, I know I don't know anything, and that life is unpredictable, so I'm gonna focus on what I do know, and that's that I love you. I have always loved you. I never stopped loving you. Thank you [for] not giving up on us. We have been through a lot to get here, but as we stand here with our beautiful children as a family, I know we can get through anything together."

"Wow. Why are you always such a tough act to follow?" Steve asked. Everyone laughed at that, and they laughed even louder when Joey told Steve, "Man up, Dad!" Accepting the challenge, Steve began, "First of all...what she said." After everyone laughed again, he told Kayla, "And I really don't mean that as a joke, because what you said -- that's how I feel, too. When we first met -- the very first time I saw you -- I fell hard for you. You were all sweetness and light, and, uh, I really had to scramble so that I wouldn't show you how I was feeling. And it was all, you know, swagger and bravado, but that was just armor."

Beginning to get emotional, Steve continued, "But you saw me, anyway, and bit by bit, you chipped away at that armor, and you started to show me the best parts of myself -- the parts I never even knew were there. You know, that's what you do, Kayla -- you don't judge people; you heal them. And not just physically -- their hearts, their broken spirits. [For] the way you healed mine, [I] thank you. You have made all my dreams for this life come true. You've given me these beautiful children -- Stephanie, Joe -- and the thing is that the most wonderful gift I could ever have is you -- just you, my life partner, my Sweetness, my love."

Kayla wiped away tears then gave Steve a kiss. When Abe announced that it was time for the couple to exchange rings, Joey removed them from his pocket and handed them to Steve. "No more bullet ring?" Kayla asked. Chuckling, Steve confirmed that he had ditched the bullet ring in favor of the big rock Kayla had always wanted. "Full disclosure: I had to dip into Dr. Brady's bank account to pay for this," he told the guests. "Not true!" she insisted. After Steve and Kayla exchanged rings, Abe made their union official.

Later, Julie told Doug that anytime she found herself among a roomful of people she loved, she couldn't help thinking about the ones who weren't there. "I don't mean it makes me sad; it makes me feel connected. I look over there at Kayla, and I can see [her father], Shawn, and Bo," she continued. "Maybe you need glasses," Doug joked. She dismissively insisted that he couldn't fool her with his cynical attitude because she knew that, deep down, he was just as sentimental as she was.

Julie decided that she was going to call David later. "It is not right that we don't see him, and I am just going to change that...although my son does not make it very easy. That boy marches to his own drum," she grumbled. "Which only proves that the apple does not fall far from the tree," Doug teasingly pointed out.

Ciara watched as Claire gushed over the Valentine's Day gift Theo had given her. When Julie called for everyone to start dancing a short time later, Claire shared a dance with Theo. After ending his dance with Claire, Theo offered to dance with Ciara. Claire slumped down in a nearby chair and rolled her eyes as she watched the pair.

Later, Theo overheard Abe and Valerie talking about Valerie's plan to return to Washington, DC. "Are you leaving because of me?" Theo asked. Valerie assured him that wasn't the case. She expressed confidence that he was going to do well in college, even without her help, and she promised to stay in touch with him and Abe.

Jade approached Ciara, who was sitting alone in a corner of the club, and asked, "Is it, like, wedding etiquette to ask someone to dance, take them across the floor, and then just park them in the corner?" Ciara took that to mean that Jade and Joey hadn't exactly danced the night away. "Feeling like a wallflower?" Ciara guessed, knowing the feeling all too well. "A wallflower who could use a drink," Jade confirmed. Ciara knowingly warned that Jade was going to end up disappointed if she tried to score alcohol at a Brady family function while underage.

Kayla soon decided to toss her bouquet into the crowd. Claire was delighted to be the one to catch it, but she assured Hope that she had no plans to get married anytime soon. Hope suggested that, in that case, it would be nice for Claire to give the bouquet to Doug and Julie. Claire agreed to do so. Steve noticed and seized the opportunity to propose a toast to Doug and Julie, hoping everyone would eventually be able to enjoy the kind of long and happy marriage they'd had.

Stephanie approached Adrienne and told her, "I've been praying for you." Adrienne said she appreciated that. Stephanie expressed disappointment that Sonny wasn't at the wedding, admitting that she had hoped to see him while in town. "I tell you, I'm gonna brain that kid! Where is he?" Adrienne wondered.

Carrie located Austin and reminded him that Anna was out in the wild without supervision. "I'm afraid she might be getting in trouble," Carrie fretted. "Then we'd better collect her and take her home before she does," Austin suggested, pointing Carrie toward the nearest exit.

Theo approached Abe and wondered if he was okay. "Yeah. Yeah," Abe said. Unconvinced, Theo said he was sorry that Valerie was planning to leave Salem. "Just wasn't meant to be," Abe reasoned with a sigh.

Hope took Roman outside and told him confidentially that Eric was the good Samaritan who had nursed her back to health. She assured him that Eric was fine -- and sober. She added, however, that because Eric wanted to stay sober, he didn't want to return to Salem at that time. Roman was hurt to hear that Eric believed that being around family would drive him to drink. Hope urged Roman not to go there, explaining that Salem held horrible memories for Eric. Nodding, Roman said he was doing his best to give Eric space, to the point of keeping Marlena in the dark about Eric's parole. "Just let him go at his own pace, okay?" Hope advised.

Steve took Kayla home after the wedding reception and apologized for not giving her a proper, fancy honeymoon. She assured him that she was satisfied with a wedding night in their bedroom, which he had filled with candles and flowers. He wondered if he had remembered to tell her just how beautiful she looked in her wedding gown. She confirmed that he had. "Can I take it off you now?" he asked. Smiling, she gave him a kiss and told him that she was going to undress him first.

As Paul was passing through the town square with Adrienne, she admitted that she hadn't heard from Sonny recently, and he wasn't answering her calls or responding to her text messages. "I'm sure he's fine," Paul assured Adrienne before abruptly excusing himself, promising to let her know if he heard from Sonny.

Knowing that Sonny had been planning to confront Deimos about Chad and Gabi's kidnapping, Paul headed down to the docks and found Sonny there, in the midst of a losing battle with two other men. He tried to intervene, but one of the men knocked him out. As the other man dragged Sonny away in a chokehold, Sonny stared helplessly at Paul's motionless body.

While Julie was passing through the town square with Doug, she received a phone call from Scotty. She answered the call and listened for a few seconds before crying out, "Oh, my God!"

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Lani and Theo offer Abe their support.

• Kate criticizes Eduardo for his recent actions.

• Chad tells Abigail about what happened in the meat locker.

• Dario comforts Abigail.

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