Thursday, October 13, 2016
by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Clyde happily reached for Thomas, but his smile faded when he realized that the baby in the crib wasn't real. As cries continued playing through a speaker that had been hidden under the doll, the door to the panic room slammed shut, trapping Clyde inside.

Meanwhile, in the study, Adrienne impatiently ordered Andre to untie her, complaining that she hadn't expected blood to be part of the plan. Andre freed Adrienne and Lucas from their bindings as he explained that he'd had to make the whole thing look convincing. "You will always be convincing as a psycho killer," Lucas assured Andre.

Chad soon regained consciousness and wondered if the plan had worked. Adrienne helped him to his feet as she assured him that it had. He explained that he had blacked out after he had hit his head while falling to the floor in response to Andre's gunshot. "Oh, it was pure Stanislavski," Andre dismissively guessed. "No, it was pure accident," Chad maintained, wincing in pain as Adrienne checked the back of his head for injuries.

J.J. entered the room a short time later and reported that Clyde was trapped in the panic room. When J.J. asked if everyone was all right, Adrienne revealed that Chad had hit his head and might have a concussion. Chad insisted that he was fine, but paramedics were already en route to the mansion, so J.J. encouraged him to get the injury checked out when they arrived, just to be safe.

After J.J. excused himself and headed outside to wait for backup, Chad, Lucas, and Adrienne gaped at Andre, who eventually wondered if they knew that it wasn't polite to stare. "It's just too strange, you helping out like this," Lucas explained. Nodding in agreement, Chad added that Andre had seemed a bit too happy about getting to shoot him. Andre grinned slyly, innocently reasoning that authenticity had been of utmost importance.

Lucas stepped out of the room to contact John and Marlena and let them know that the plan had worked. While he was gone, J.J. and another cop escorted Clyde into the study. Clyde was disappointed to learn that Chad wasn't really dead. "You best watch your back, son," Clyde warned Chad, guessing that Andre's earlier display of hatred hadn't been part of the ruse. "He's gonna get you one way or another, especially now that he can play the hero. He's gonna sell you out," Clyde predicted.

Impressed, Chad observed that Andre had clearly managed to get under Clyde's skin. "All part of the plan," Andre explained with a shrug. Chad thanked Andre, who reached out to shake Chad's hand but decided to pass when he realized that it was covered with blood. As the brothers smiled at each other, Clyde maintained that Andre would eventually double-cross Chad. "And I'm almost sorry I won't be here to see it play out," he added.

Meanwhile, Gabi emerged from an adjacent room with Thomas. Clyde tried to lunge toward the boy, but J.J. and the other cop held him at bay. "That should be my boy's son! You took him away from [Ben]!" Clyde shouted as the second cop began to drag him out of the study. J.J. followed after saying goodbye to Gabi. Meanwhile, Andre stepped into the hallway and contacted Steve to give him an update.

Andre assured Steve that Adrienne was just fine. "As I am, and I'm so glad you asked," Andre dryly added. He reported that Clyde had bought the whole ruse, prompting Steve to guess that Andre had been convincing as a scorned brother due to years of practice. "You're not the first to make that joke," Andre admitted with a chuckle. Steve conceded that Andre had done a good job and that Kate had been right to suggest getting him involved. "Hmm. Well, I'm gonna leave now, 'cause I can imagine those last two sentences must have challenged your worldview so profoundly that you need a moment," Andre replied before ending the call.

Later, Chad received a phone call from Kayla, who thanked him for helping to catch Clyde. "And tell Andre thanks," she added. Chad teasingly observed that it sounded like the words had gotten stuck in her throat for a moment before escaping her lips. "Well, it's a lot of history to swallow," she explained. Chad assured her that he understood then ended the call after wishing her luck with the part of the plan that Steve was handling.

As Andre popped open a bottle of Champagne, Chad informed him, "Kayla said [to] thank you. She said it, and she meant it." Andre said he had enjoyed playing a small part in the plan to take down Clyde. "Since when are you modest? You found him when no one else could," Chad pointed out.

Andre tried to chalk that up to luck, but Chad suspected there was more to the story. Andre evasively asked Chad to let it be a conversation for another day. "You don't trust me," Chad guessed. "This trust business is -- it's new to me. It's rather disorienting. [But] it's a two-way street. Let's both look in both directions and let it have time to settle," Andre replied. Chad agreed as he accepted a glass of Champagne from Andre, who suggested toasting to brothers -- and to the good guys winning. "Wait, can you do that?" Chad asked teasingly.

At the police station, Hope found a gift box sitting in her desk chair. "Open it," Aiden said as he approached her from behind. She said she was busy, but he dismissively insisted that she deserved a break. "Go on, open it. It's a dress. I wanted you to have something special for our night together," he explained. She stuffed it in a drawer, maintaining that she had work to do.

Aiden wondered why Hope hadn't responded to any of his recent text messages. "And if you say 'work' one more time --" he started to warn. "What? What are you gonna do?" she countered. He told her to calm down, adding that he was sure she was just ignoring his messages because she was still trying to convince Rafe to leave her alone. She maintained that it would be impossible to convince Rafe to do that.

Hope insisted that Aiden couldn't make her fall in love with him, but he countered that it would happen naturally if she would just stop fighting it. "You need to lose this negative attitude," he added, stressing that he really didn't want to have to prosecute her for Stefano's murder. He again asked her to spend her break eating dinner with him in his hotel room, warning, "If you don't, there will be consequences."

Meanwhile, Rafe approached and wondered what was going on. Hope claimed that she and Aiden had just been discussing a case, but Rafe noted that there wasn't any paperwork nearby. As Rafe started to warn Aiden to stop harassing Hope, J.J. and his partner arrived with Clyde. Hope was surprised to hear that Andre had helped out without pulling any tricks or asking for anything in return. "The end must be near," she mused.

While Aiden was in a conference room with Clyde, vowing to arrange for a very long stint in solitary confinement as his way of paying Clyde back for having tried to kill him during Abe's press conference, Rafe attempted to find out what Hope and Aiden had really been talking about earlier. "You want to help me, Rafe? [Then] you need to step back, because every time you get in his face, you make it worse. You make it worse for me. Just stop it. Please. Just let me handle him," Hope insisted before walking away. Aiden emerged from the conference room with a grin of satisfaction, having overheard her outburst.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, John and Steve prepared for the next phase of the plan with the help of a cell phone the police had confiscated from Clyde and had delivered to them for temporary use. Two phone numbers were saved on the device, and when John dialed the first one, Orpheus answered the call and demanded to know where Clyde was. "Clyde can't make it tonight. He's got a previous engagement," John replied.

Orpheus quickly ended the call, but John contacted him again. "I'm not turning myself in," Orpheus insisted. John clarified that he wasn't expecting Orpheus to do that. "Look, pal, I'm the one that you want, so why don't you leave the town out of this? You can have me, you can have the money, [but] let's knock off all the bloodshed," John suggested. He gave Orpheus five seconds to make a decision.

After ending the call, John informed Steve and Marlena that Orpheus had taken the bait. Steve was eager to get started, but when he saw that Marlena was quite worried, he decided to give John a moment alone with her before they headed out. After Steve left the townhouse, Marlena hugged John tightly as he promised that he would be home in time for dinner. "I love you," she quietly told him. "Prove it. Keep my dinner warm," he replied.

Marlena went to the Brady Pub to wait with Kayla for news about Orpheus. Meanwhile, Gabi, whom J.J. had encouraged to stay at the DiMera mansion for the night so he'd know she was safe, accepted a glass of Champagne from Chad in celebration of Clyde's capture. As John and Steve arrived at the docks, where Orpheus had said he'd be waiting, bombs started going off all over Salem.

. . .

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