Thursday, February 26, 2015
by Mike

Clyde ran into Rafe in the town square and took the opportunity to thank him for giving Ben a chance at Edge of the Square, despite the pending criminal charges. Like Aiden, Clyde was confident that Ben would beat the charges because Chad had withdrawn his complaint, but Rafe warned that things might change in light of the fact that Jordan had broken up with Chad the previous night. "Not such good news for Ben, obviously, but it's great news for Jordan. You okay with that? I mean, you do care about her as much as you do him...right?" Rafe pointedly asked before walking away.

At the hospital, Abigail wondered how Jordan was handling the breakup with Chad. Jordan insisted she was fine, pointing out that she had survived worse things in her life. Jordan was more concerned about Ben, whom Chad might once again decide to go after as a way of punishing her. Jordan wanted to track Chad down and plead Ben's case but was worried that doing so might just make things worse.

After agreeing that the situation was tricky, Abigail abruptly excused herself, explaining that she had left some important forms at home. Later, Jordan received a visit from Rafe, who wanted to see how she was doing. Jordan assured Rafe that she was fine, jokingly pointing out that she had been known to take care of herself from time to time. Rafe countered that being resilient wasn't the same as being immune to pain. Despite Jordan's protests, Rafe insisted he owed her an apology, since he had hurt her long before Chad had, and that was the only reason Chad had been able to worm his way into her life in the first place.

Jordan pointed out that she had made her own choices, and Rafe conceded the point but maintained that she had deserved better. Changing the subject, Rafe told Jordan about his earlier encounter with Clyde. Jordan guessed that Rafe shared Clyde's concern that Chad might change his mind about helping Ben. Rafe confirmed the suspicion, admitting he would actually be willing to bet money on the matter.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate braced herself for a fight when Chad joined her in the study, but he assured her that, while he had every right to be, he actually wasn't that angry about what she had done to sabotage his attempt to reconcile with Jordan. Chad complained that his efforts to convince Jordan he wasn't a bad guy had been exhausting, and he admitted that he didn't know why he had bothered in the first place. Chad bragged that he had plenty to be proud of -- money, perks, power -- and didn't need Jordan to make his life complete.

Kate cheerfully pointed out that Chad was free to play the field again, but he said he would probably just put his focus back on work instead. Pointing out that there was a big board meeting looming, Chad predicted that if he and Kate played their cards right, people would stand up and take notice. Kate curiously mused that she was never sure if Chad was being earnest or angling -- or both. Chad assured Kate that he took his career very seriously. "Time will tell," Kate skeptically muttered. Kate left after adding that she was glad she and Chad had cleared the air and wouldn't be letting what had happened interfere with their business partnership.

Chad contacted Stefano as soon as the coast was clear. "Help me destroy Kate," Chad requested. Stefano wasn't surprised that Kate had ratted Chad out, since that sounded like the kind of thing she would do, but he also wasn't particularly upset to learn that her actions had torpedoed Chad's relationship with Jordan for good. "I should drop her a thank-you note for ridding you of that useless distraction," Stefano mused. Annoyed, Chad impatiently demanded to know whether Stefano was going to help him destroy Kate. Stefano replied that it would be his distinct pleasure to do so.

As Chad and Stefano plotted Kate's downfall, Chad started to think Stefano might actually enjoy it more than he would. Stefano chuckled and pointed out that his history with Kate preceded Chad's. Stefano stressed that Chad needed to remember they were playing a long game. Chad confirmed that he understood, and as he ended the call, Abigail entered the study and announced that she needed to talk to him about something important.

Abigail pretended her visit was about checking up on Chad, but he warned that he could see right through her bogus sympathy call. Chad knew Abigail was only worried about Ben, so he told her to stop pretending she cared about him. Abigail stressed that she did care about Chad. Chad suggested that some prison time might do Ben a world of good, arguing that it could be a character-building experience.

Abigail reminded Chad that they weren't playing a game -- they were talking about a person's life. Chad wondered if Abigail expected to share her life with Ben and perhaps even raise a family with him. "High bar you've set for yourself," Chad sarcastically mused. As Abigail was on the verge of tears, Chad inched closer to her and wondered just how far she would be willing to go to keep her boyfriend out of prison.

At the Horton Town Square, Clyde told Kate about Jordan's recent breakup with Chad -- and about how it might affect Ben's pending trial. Feeling guilty, Kate admitted she had been indirectly responsible for the breakup. Kate stressed that she hadn't meant for Jordan to overhear her conversation with Chad, nor had she meant for Ben to get caught in the crossfire, but Clyde didn't believe her.

Pointing out that Kate had always hated Jordan, Clyde complained that he was getting sick of Kate's inability to keep her nose out of other people's business. Kate protested that she didn't appreciate Clyde's tone, but he didn't care, insisting she had finally gone too far. "You'd better pray my son doesn't end up in prison. Pray on that, Kate -- for his sake and for yours," Clyde advised before walking away.

Later, Kate ran into Rafe outside Club TBD. Rafe observed that when Kate wanted to make waves, she didn't settle for anything less than creating tsunamis. Kate admitted she had expected Rafe to be grateful, not upset, when he heard about what she had done to Chad. Kate implied that she had revealed Chad's secret for Rafe's sake, but Rafe guessed that she had probably kept the information to herself until she had found a way to use it to her own advantage. Kate offered to give Rafe the truth, but he said her version of it didn't mean much to him at all.

Clyde tracked Jordan down at the hospital and admitted he couldn't believe Kate had pulled such an underhanded stunt. Jordan reasoned that Clyde was only shocked because he really didn't know Kate at all. Jordan quickly changed the subject, knowing Clyde was really more interested in discussing Ben, anyway. Pointing out that Chad no longer had any reason to refrain from pressing charges, Clyde said he was actually surprised Jordan hadn't started trying to plead Ben's case yet. Jordan explained that she had decided not to get involved because she was pretty sure Abigail was already handling the task.

With a heavy sigh, Clyde insisted that Ben had his whole life in front of him and didn't deserve to have it all taken away because of the volatile temper he had inherited from Clyde. "It's not all talk, is it? You really do love Ben," Jordan observed.

At the hospital, Jennifer bumped into Daniel, who could tell something was bothering her. Jennifer admitted that she couldn't let go of her concerns about what had happened between J.J. and Paige. Confused, Daniel assured Jennifer that the whole thing had been resolved. When Jennifer probed for more information, Daniel hesitated but eventually agreed to tell her what he knew.

Jennifer took Daniel to her office so they could talk privately. Daniel told Jennifer about the smart, mature things J.J. had said during a conversation they'd had the previous night. Although he knew it would be really hard for her to do so, Daniel nevertheless urged Jennifer to try to let J.J. handle the matter himself. Jennifer agreed to take Daniel's advice, but he could tell something was still bothering her. Jennifer declined to confide in Daniel, so he excused himself so he could head over to Salem University to talk to a professor about a lecture he had been asked to give.

Eve tracked Paige down at Salem University, but Paige didn't want to talk to her. Somewhat hurt, Eve wondered if Paige had really forgotten what day it was. "I know it may sound dramatic, but I really feel like you saved my life that day," Eve admitted, recalling that she had been unwilling to get out of bed exactly eight years earlier because Paige's father had just left them the previous night. Paige, on the other hand, had refused to let Eve feel sorry for herself. "I just remember [your] exact words -- I think it was, 'Get your butt out of bed, Mother -- I need you!'" Eve reminded Paige with a laugh. They had ended up spending the day at an amusement park.

"You knew I was dead inside, but you didn't give up -- you didn't give up on me or us," Eve recalled. With a hopeful smile, Eve started to use the moment as an opening to try to repair her relationship with Paige, but Paige got upset when Eve mentioned J.J. Paige insisted she was done with J.J., bitterly adding that Eve had won. Eve didn't feel particularly victorious, fearing that Paige might also be done with her. Paige softened a bit and stressed that she could never be done with Eve, since Eve was her mother. Paige added that, while she might have forgotten about their anniversary, she hadn't forgotten what that day had meant to them.

Eve had to go to the hospital to drop something off for Theresa, but she wanted to meet Paige in the town square later so they could continue their discussion. Paige didn't reject the idea, so Eve excitedly promised to contact her later. After leaving campus, Eve picked up a package and took it to the hospital, where she ran into Jennifer while trying to leave it for Theresa at the nurses' station.

Jennifer couldn't resist the urge to take a few more shots at Eve for lying to Paige about Shane's medical condition a few months earlier. Eve bragged that her scheme had obviously worked because Paige was finally done with J.J. for good. Eve stormed off, accidentally leaving her apartment keys behind. Jennifer quickly noticed the keys but didn't make an attempt to stop or catch up to Eve to return them.

At the Horton house, J.J. caught up with Roxanne, his friend from boarding school, before explaining that he needed help convincing a girl he had moved on with someone else. J.J. pointed out that Roxanne owed him for all the times he had bailed her out of jams in England, and he reasoned that it would be easy for them to make the ruse convincing because they knew each other really well.

Roxanne seemed more interested in J.J. than the plan, which she refused to agree to because she knew he wasn't telling her the whole story. Roxanne started to leave, but J.J. stopped her and clarified that he was trying to make things easier for the girl in question because he hadn't always treated her well during their relationship. Roxanne guessed that there were plenty of girls in Salem who would be willing to help J.J., but he stressed that none of them were like her. J.J. added that Roxanne wasn't like any of the other girls he had ever dated because she had understood him and had never tried to make him into someone he wasn't.

Roxanne reminded J.J. that they had never actually dated. J.J. impatiently wondered why Roxanne was giving him such a hard time about the scheme, which he believed was right up her alley. Roxanne protested that being mean to unsuspecting girls wasn't her thing, but J.J. insisted that the ruse wasn't meant to be mean-spirited at all. "I'm not trying to hurt this girl, Roxanne. I swear to you, I'm not. I've hurt her enough already," J.J. added. Roxanne finally relented and agreed to help J.J., who quickly took her to Salem University to look for Paige.

J.J. had no luck finding Paige on campus, but he did run into Daniel. After J.J. introduced Daniel to Roxanne, she went to buy something from a nearby vending machine. Claiming Roxanne was the girl he had been seeing lately, J.J. explained to Daniel that they were trying to find Paige so he could introduce the girls to each other and make things right with Paige. Roxanne returned after Daniel left, and she observed that he had given her some weird looks earlier, but J.J. told her not to worry about it.

Daniel returned to the hospital and tracked Jennifer down after hearing some nurses talking about her earlier encounter with Eve. "I hate her. I hate her, she hates me, she cannot stop about J.J., and she's going on and on about 'I'm just protecting my daughter' garbage," Jennifer ranted. Daniel optimistically suggested that things might soon start to get easier, since J.J. had finally decided to go public with the new girl he was seeing. When Daniel revealed the new girl's name, Jennifer insisted there was no way J.J. and Roxanne were really seeing each other.

J.J. took Roxanne to the town square, and while she was flirting with him, he suddenly spotted Paige emerging from one of the shops. J.J. greeted Paige and draped his arm around Roxanne's shoulders as he introduced the girls, admitting it had been dumb of him to think they would never meet each other. J.J. explained that he and Roxanne had known each other for a really long time -- since boarding school, in fact -- and had started seeing each other again after Roxanne had moved to Chicago. Roxanne started to point out that Chicago was just a little over an hour away from Salem, but Paige snapped that she knew that already.

Roxanne took a few steps back so J.J. could finish talking to Paige. "See, you said that you knew who I was hooking up with, but don't you see? You were wrong. You don't know her. Obviously --" J.J. started to say, but Paige interrupted and insisted she didn't care anymore, adding that what was obvious was that he was a jerk. "Were you listening to me last night or not? You don't need to run anything by me. You don't have to introduce me to anyone. You don't have to tell me what you want or why you want it. None of it makes a bit of difference to me, okay? You're off the hook," Paige concluded before shoving past J.J. and walking away.

Joking that she hadn't had to do much at all, Roxanne mused that the whole thing had been almost too easy. "Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that's the word -- 'easy,'" J.J. sadly muttered. J.J. apologized for dragging Roxanne down from Chicago for nothing. Roxanne gave J.J. a comforting hug, observing that he was clearly still really into Paige. Nearby, Eve's jaw dropped as she witnessed the embrace.

. . .

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