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Hope and Rafe both consider Abe's job offer
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Thursday, September 21, 2017
by Mike

After learning that Julie and Chloe had purchased Club TBD, Eli went there to talk to Gabi, who was in the process of clearing out Dario's office. "This place was supposed to be his new start," Gabi mused with a sigh. Eli started to apologize to Gabi, but she quickly stopped him, pointing out that it wasn't his fault that Dario had broken the law and had consequently lost the club.

Desperate for something to do, Eli volunteered to help Gabi finish clearing out Dario's office. Eli tried to dodge Gabi's questions about his termination, but when he realized that she wasn't going to drop the matter, he reluctantly admitted that he had lost his job because his boss had disapproved of his decision to fire a gun during a hostage situation involving a civilian. "I cannot believe that you lost your job because of me!" Gabi fretted. Shaking his head, Eli clarified, "I lost my job because of me -- and I can live with that [because] if I had to do it all over again, I would do the same thing."

Gabi wondered what Eli planned to do next. Shrugging, Eli revealed that, according to Abe, a position might be opening up within the Salem Police Department in the near future. Gabi offered to get Rafe to put in a good word for Eli, prompting Eli to point out that Rafe wasn't exactly his biggest fan. "I can change Rafe's mind. I do it every day," Gabi insisted, but Eli wasn't particularly optimistic about her chances of success.

"Truth is, I'm kind of out of options here," Eli admitted. "[So] is that why you came here -- [to] tell me goodbye?" Gabi concluded. Eli assured Gabi that he wanted to stay in Salem; he added, however, that being the Martin mansion's landlord wasn't exactly his dream job. Gabi suggested that Julie might be willing to employ Eli as a bartender at the club, but he insisted that although he loved his grandmother, he had no desire to work for her. "[Then] you just have to think outside of the box [to find the right job], like Julie did when she became a club owner," Gabi advised. Eli said he would keep that in mind.

Changing the subject, Gabi wondered if Eli was still willing to be her date to the double wedding. "Of course! I just wish that you weren't dreading it so much," Eli replied. Nodding, Gabi admitted that the idea of attending the event was getting more daunting with each passing day. Eli couldn't believe that Chad and Abigail had had the audacity to ask Gabi's daughter, of all people, to be their flower girl, but Gabi clarified that Arianna was going to be participating in the double wedding because Sonny had been married to Arianna's father, Will, at the time of his death and was still considered her stepfather. Gabi added that she wanted to attend the event because she thought of each of the four people who were getting married as a friend. "[But that doesn't mean it'll be] easy to watch Chad vow to spend the rest of his life with Abigail," Gabi concluded with a sigh.

Eli told Gabi to let him know if she felt overwhelmed at any point during the double wedding. She thanked him for his kindness then jokingly added that he really didn't have to do anything else for her -- ever -- because he had already saved her life. "Well, you know what they say -- once you save someone's life, you're responsible for that person from [then] on," he pointed out. She thought that rule only applied in ninja adventure shows, but she stressed that, in any case, she had no intention of holding him to it. Smiling, he clarified, "I wasn't complaining."

Chloe went to the Kiriakis mansion to tell Brady about what had happened at the auction. Brady couldn't really picture Chloe and Julie as business partners because they weren't exactly his idea of two peas in a pod, but he was still happy for them. Chloe tried to assure Brady that she would pay off her loan as soon as possible, but he dismissed her offer, stressing that he had been happy to help her out.

Changing the subject, Chloe wondered where Nicole was hiding. Brady reported that Nicole was at the Horton Center, and he insisted, when asked, that he was okay with that. "Eric would never come in between Nicole and me, [and] even if he tried to, she doesn't feel the same way," Brady reasoned, adding that everything was going to work itself out soon enough.

Nicole rushed off to take care of a minor Horton Center crisis before Eric could carry out Brady's orders. When Nicole returned and reminded Eric that he had mentioned earlier that he needed to talk to her about something, he explained with a sigh that there weren't enough funds in the Horton Center's budget for another staff member -- and, in fact, he might even have to terminate someone just to keep the place afloat.

Chloe arrived just as Nicole was about to offer to step down so Eric wouldn't have to fire anyone. After sharing the news about Club TBD, Chloe asked for a minute alone with Eric, prompting him to encourage Nicole to take the rest of the day off. Once the coast was clear, Chloe regretfully informed Eric that she had accidentally revealed his secret to Brady earlier. "[He said he already knew], but I kind of got the feeling that maybe he didn't," Chloe continued. Nodding, Eric muttered, "That explains it."

Chloe was stunned when Eric told her about his earlier encounter with Brady. "It doesn't seem like Brady to be so sneaky," Chloe mused, finding it disturbing that Brady was forcing Nicole out of a job she loved. Eric admitted that it was going to be difficult for him to follow through with his promise to fire Nicole. "[But] Brady went through hell when Theresa walked out on him, [so] he deserves to be happy with Nicole," Eric reasoned. Sighing, Eric added, "[But] no matter what I do, she's going to end up unhappy."

Justin whistled a tune as he joined Brady in the living room of the Kiriakis mansion and began preparing his briefcase for a trip to the DiMera mansion. Eventually, Justin paused to ask Brady if the whistling was getting on his nerves. Brady assured Justin that it wasn't an issue. "Adrienne used to hate it when I whistled in the house, [but] it's funny -- it doesn't bother her anymore," Justin mused.

Knowing that Justin had never stopped loving Adrienne, Brady said he was happy that the couple had reunited. "I feel pretty bad for Lucas, though, ' God, if Nicole ever left me for one of her exes, I...I don't know how I'd get over that," Brady continued. Justin interpreted the admission as an indication that Brady was worried about the future of his relationship with Nicole, but Brady claimed that wasn't the case.

As Justin nodded skeptically, Nicole entered the mansion. "You're home early," Brady observed. "Yeah, Eric let me go," Nicole explained as Justin excused himself. "Oh, my God, Nic, I'm -- I'm -- I'm so sorry [about] Eric firing you. My God! I know how much you love the job. I'm really sorry," Brady continued after Justin left the mansion.

"[Eric just] 'let me go' home early. Why would you think he fired me?" Nicole asked Brady, who claimed that he had simply misunderstood. Nodding, Nicole revealed that Eric had, in fact, mentioned earlier that he might have to let a staff member go due to budget issues. "I think I'll tell him I'll leave," Nicole hesitantly continued, explaining, as she thought about the intense moment she had shared with Eric earlier that day, that although she loved working at the Horton Center, she didn't want to see any of its other employees get laid off. "Well, it's up to you," Brady replied with a shrug. Nicole smiled and thanked Brady for being so understanding.

Changing the subject, Nicole wondered where the kids were hiding. Brady reported that Holly was napping and Tate was at a play date. Eager to take advantage of the free time, Nicole suggestively led Brady upstairs.

Later, Nicole returned to the living room to retrieve her cell phone so she could contact Abe and thank him again for his advice. "I feel better [now]. Things are good between Brady and me, and I don't want to let what happened with Eric screw that up," Nicole told Abe, who wondered if that meant she had decided to quit her job. Nicole said she was hoping she wouldn't have to do that, even though the Horton Center was facing the possibility of having to let a staff member go due to budget issues. "[I mean], listen, I love my work, and I'm a grown-up, right? [So] I can handle seeing Eric every day," Nicole reasoned.

"Don't lie to yourself to avoid a difficult situation," Abe advised Nicole, who conceded with a sigh that he was right, as usual. "I just want you to know [that] having you back in my life means the world to me," Nicole told Abe, unaware that Brady had just joined her in the living room. After Nicole ended the call, Brady greeted her with a kiss and casually asked her, "Who were you talking to?"

Brady was taken aback when Nicole revealed that she had been talking to Abe, whom she'd had a chance encounter with earlier that day. "We had a great talk, so I just wanted to let him know how much I appreciated it," Nicole explained. Still suspicious, Brady teased Nicole for leaving their bed just to have a quick chat with Abe, of all people. "What were you guys talking about?" Brady wondered.

Nicole claimed that she had been talking to Abe about ways for the city to help the Horton Center deal with its budget issues. "Oh! Then -- then you -- you wouldn't have to quit! Well, that -- that would be great!" Brady declared, forcing a smile. After Nicole went to check on Holly, Brady contacted Eric and reiterated that Nicole needed to be fired immediately. "I'll take care of it tomorrow," Eric reluctantly promised.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail explained to Chad that she wanted to wait until their wedding night to be with him again because she thought that would be "really sweet" -- and, after all, it wasn't like it was going to be a long wait, anyway, since the double wedding was just a few days away. Chad couldn't resist trying to change Abigail's mind but only managed to inadvertently remind her that the bed he was trying to get her into was the same one he had recently shared with someone else. "I'm not afraid that you're gonna be thinking about Gabi..." Abigail began. "I wouldn't -- ever," Chad quickly stressed.

Nodding, Abigail explained that she had lingering concerns about her mental health because of everything she had put Chad through since her return to Salem. Chad insisted that he was the only one who had made mistakes since Abigail's return, and he promised that he would never make another one because he didn't want to risk losing her yet again. Chad agreed to wait to be with Abigail again, stressing that her happiness was his main concern. "I don't get any happier than I am now," Abigail replied before giving Chad a kiss. As the couple continued kissing, Justin entered the mansion and cleared his throat to announce his presence.

Abigail happily signed her annulment papers, stressing that she didn't want anything to stop her from being able to spend the rest of her life with the man she loved. After handing the papers back to Justin, Abigail wondered if he was going to be attending the double wedding with Adrienne. Justin gave Abigail a nod of confirmation then carefully asked if Lucas was going to be in attendance. " know, Mom's not real sure what he's gonna do yet," Abigail replied. "Or if he'll be sober," Chad added. "He refuses to go back to rehab," Abigail continued. Sighing, Justin admitted that he actually felt bad for Lucas -- especially since Adrienne's change of heart had been so sudden and unexpected. "It felt to me like it happened in the blink of an eye. I can only imagine what it felt like to Lucas," Justin mused.

At the police station, J.J. and Lani questioned Hope and Rafe about Abe's recent offer, insisting that one of them needed to agree to be the next police commissioner because they were the two most qualified candidates out there. Hope and Rafe dodged the questions, but J.J. and Lani refused to drop the matter. While J.J. continued questioning Rafe during a workout in the on-site weight room, Lani continued questioning Hope at her desk.

"Don't you think it's time for a woman to have a leadership role here?" Lani argued. Hope agreed that it would be nice to see a woman in charge for a change, but she insisted that she wasn't the right woman for the job. "For one thing, I'm engaged to Rafe, [so] it would make me feel very uncomfortable, actually, to be his boss. And I would very much miss being his partner," Hope explained.

Lani countered that Hope couldn't walk away from such a great opportunity just because Rafe might resent having to report to her. "Hold on a second -- don't put words in my mouth," Hope protested, clarifying that Rafe had actually encouraged her to take the job. "Then what is the problem?" Lani asked, adding that it wasn't like Hope couldn't handle a challenge. "Well, I am always up for a challenge..." Hope agreed.

Hope insisted, after a moment of thought, that Abe never should have offered her the job in the first place because she had committed serious crimes in the past. Lani complained that it seemed like Hope, who had been exonerated for those crimes, was just trying to think of reasons to turn down the job, but Hope maintained, "[My record is] something that could be used against me. My mind is made up. Rafe is the better candidate."

Meanwhile, Rafe told J.J., "[Look], I want to marry Hope, not be her boss." J.J. wondered if Rafe was really willing to pass up such a great opportunity just because it might be awkward for him to be Hope's boss. Rafe admitted with a sigh that he would like the chance to make the Salem Police Department the best place it could possibly be; he added, however, that Hope had seniority and was more deserving of the promotion. "I'm just gonna tell [Abe] I'm not interested and clear the way for her," Rafe concluded with a shrug.

After the workout, Rafe went to look for Hope, unaware that she had already left for the day. Rafe was surprised when Lani revealed that Hope wanted him to be the next police commissioner. Meanwhile, J.J. ran into Hope in the Horton Town Square and revealed that Rafe wanted her to be the next police commissioner. Later, Hope and Rafe both contacted Abe to talk to him about his job offer.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Bonnie gets the upper hand.

• Chad and Abigail try to locate Dario.

• Brady learns that Eric has left Salem.

• Marlena questions Eric about his feelings for Nicole.

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