Thursday, July 28, 2016
by Mike

Adrienne arrived at the Kiriakis townhouse just as Sonny was about to explain why he had decided to return to Salem. After giving his mother a hug, Sonny apologetically admitted that he had wanted to return home the moment he had heard about what Deimos had done to Victor and Maggie, but he had felt like he couldn't at that time. Victor pointed out that there was nothing Sonny could have done to change things, anyway.

Sonny handed Victor an envelope, explaining that he had found one way to help. Victor was shocked when he opened the envelope and removed the enclosed check. "Where'd you get this kind of money?" Victor wondered. Sonny revealed that he had sold the club he had been running in Paris as well as the building that had housed it. "You put it in my name," Sonny reminded Victor.

"That's been in the family for years. It's right next to the Gare de Lyon. It's prime real estate!" Victor protested. Nodding, Sonny said that was why he had held out on selling it until he had found someone who had been willing to pay his asking price. "But that was supposed to be your inheritance," Maggie pointed out. Sonny begged Victor and Maggie to accept the money, stressing that his only regret was that he couldn't do more to help them, since they had done a lot for him over the years. Victor thanked Sonny with a hug, admitting, "You're the best, Sonny -- the best of all of us."

Later, as Adrienne was trying to find out if Sonny was home for good, Deimos let himself in, taking advantage of the fact that the townhouse door had been left partially ajar. Victor demanded to know what Deimos wanted. "I came here to discuss something with you and Maggie. I had no idea that I'd be walking into a family reunion," Deimos replied.

Turning his attention to Sonny, Deimos guessed, "You must be Jackson, my grandnephew." Sonny clarified that he went by his nickname. Nodding, Deimos told Sonny it was good to finally meet him. "And you must be the beautiful mother I've heard so much about," Deimos said to Adrienne. "Cut the crap," she impatiently replied.

Victor was also getting impatient, so Deimos cut to the chase, explaining that he had some news that he hoped would prove to Victor that he sincerely wanted to make things right between them. "Well, it better be good," Victor skeptically replied. Deimos called in Dr. Hochman, who had been waiting in the hallway outside the townhouse, and announced that the doctor was ready and willing to perform the operation that would get Maggie back on her feet again. Confused, Victor pointed out that Hochman had previously refused to take Maggie's case. "Let's just say that your brother made me see the light," Hochman replied.

"I bet he did. What's the catch?" Victor wondered. Deimos assured Victor that there was no catch, but Victor wasn't convinced. Victor warned Maggie not to trust Deimos and Hochman, but she reasoned that it wasn't like Hochman -- an internationally renowned doctor -- would risk his reputation to perform an operation that would leave her worse off than she already was. Victor reluctantly conceded the point. "[Then] what is the downside? If this is real, and if it can get me to walk again, how can we say no?" Maggie wondered.

Deimos left with Hochman so Victor and Maggie could discuss the matter privately. After Justin, Adrienne, and Sonny stepped into another room, Maggie assured Victor that she understood why he was hesitant to accept Deimos' olive branch. "It isn't ego, Maggie. It's survival instinct," Victor insisted. "Who cares?" Maggie countered. Deimos eavesdropped from the hallway as Maggie pointed out that nothing Victor had previously said about Hochman's sterling reputation and incredible talent had suddenly changed just because Deimos was the one who had managed to convince Hochman to perform the operation.

Justin stepped back into the living room, along with Adrienne and Sonny, and agreed that Victor couldn't refuse Hochman's help just because Deimos had made it possible. Meanwhile, Deimos also rejoined the conversation. Victor reluctantly conceded the point and stood to accept Deimos' offer, admitting that he didn't even want to know how Deimos had gotten Hochman to cooperate; he simply wanted Maggie to be Maggie again. Deimos promised that Victor wouldn't regret his decision.

Sonny pointed out that, while everyone was grateful for what Deimos had done, there was still a lot more he could do to make things right with Victor and Maggie. "Sounds like everything I heard about you is true. And I'll try not to be upset with you for stealing my thunder," Deimos said to Sonny before announcing that he did, in fact, have every intention of doing even more to make things right.

"You want Maggie to be Maggie again; I want you to be you," Deimos told Victor. Deimos offered to return half of Victor's holdings as well as Titan. "My only real interest is Basic Black. I'll hold on to that, [and] half the money, and the house, and we'll call it square," Deimos continued. Victor wondered if he was supposed to find that offer overwhelmingly generous. Smiling, Deimos hoped that Victor would take some time to think about the offer instead of just rejecting it right away.

Deimos knelt beside Maggie and told her he was happy to have found a way to undo the damage that had undeservedly been done to her. Maggie mused that Deimos knew a thing or two about undeserved suffering himself. Deimos stood and told Sonny and Adrienne he was looking forward to getting to know them both better. Deimos then said goodbye to everyone and showed himself out.

Victor guessed that his family expected him to just roll over and accept Deimos' offer. Maggie pointed out that it would be nice to live in peace again, but Victor doubted that Deimos would really let that happen. Adrienne observed that Deimos had seemed sincere, but Justin admitted that he wasn't quite as convinced yet.

Victor tabled the discussion for the time being, preferring to focus on getting Maggie ready for the surgery before deciding whether to accept Deimos' offer. Nodding, Justin offered to take Adrienne and Sonny to Club TBD for drinks to celebrate Sonny's return. Adrienne and Sonny headed outside, but Justin lingered in the doorway of the townhouse for a moment to get Victor's take on what had just happened. Victor admitted that he wasn't sure what to make of it yet. Justin advised that Deimos' offer sounded pretty good -- if it was legitimate. Eyeing Maggie, Justin pointedly added that accepting the offer could mean an end to Victor's recent troubles.

After Justin left, Victor wondered if Maggie had heard the conversation. Maggie claimed that she hadn't listened to the "man talk." Victor guessed that Maggie wanted him to accept Deimos' offer. Maggie said she understood that Victor was a proud man who probably believed that accepting less than one hundred percent of what had been taken from him would be like caving. Maggie assured Victor that she didn't care about the size of their house or their bank account; she simply wanted to live a happy life with him, and that might not be possible if he decided to continue his war with Deimos.

As Sonny followed Justin and Adrienne into Club TBD, he admitted that he liked the subtle changes the Hernandez family had made to the place. Adrienne agreed, adding that Sonny's decision to sell the club to Eduardo had been the right call. The news surprised Justin, prompting Sonny to wonder why Adrienne had never bothered to fill Justin in during their recent conversations. Adrienne admitted that she and Justin hadn't exactly had many recent conversations. Sonny was somewhat disappointed to hear that Justin and Adrienne had no plans to get back together, but he assured them that he understood.

Changing the subject, Adrienne wondered how Sonny had been doing since the last time he had been in Salem. Sonny admitted that he'd had to leave after Will's funeral because he hadn't been able to handle all the reminders of what he had lost. "Will and I -- we were in a bad place, you know, with everything going on with Paul, and then...Will was killed, and I just -- I couldn't take it in, so I really just needed to go away and sort of...let it hit me. And it did. It really did," Sonny continued with a sigh. Sonny added that it finally felt like the right time to return home, especially with everything that Victor and Maggie were going through.

Adrienne wondered if Paul knew that Sonny was back in town. Before Sonny could respond, Deimos interrupted and admitted that he had followed the Kiriakis family inside to see if they might be willing to help convince Victor to accept his earlier offer. Sonny said Victor made his own decisions. "Hmm. Trust me, kid, I know that better than anyone," Deimos replied. Deimos feared that Victor's stubbornness and hatred would keep him from doing what was best for himself as well as Maggie. Deimos looked to Justin for support, but Justin was only willing to confirm that he, too, wanted what was best for Victor and Maggie.

Nodding, Deimos left after assuring the family that his offer was sincere. Confused, Adrienne wondered why Deimos had assumed that Justin would back him up. "I have no idea why Uncle Deimos thinks or does anything," Justin replied. Sonny admitted that he trusted Deimos even less at that moment than he had before meeting the guy. Justin didn't want Sonny to get involved in the matter between Victor and Deimos, but Sonny pointed out that, as a Kiriakis, he was already involved. Justin had to rush off because he had just received an urgent text message from Roman, but he warned that the discussion wasn't over yet.

After Justin left, Sonny wondered how Adrienne's relationship with Lucas was going. Adrienne revealed that she and Lucas had decided to get married. Adrienne added that she was happy -- or, at least as happy as she could be, given the fact that she was closing one chapter of her life and starting another chapter -- and she hoped Sonny would be happy for her. "Well, the way I see it, at least one of us should be happy in our life," Sonny replied with a hint of sadness.

At Black Patch Investigations, the search for Tate continued. Brady admitted that he was starting to panic because Tate had been gone for three days, and there still hadn't been any solid leads in the investigation. Paul suggested that Tate's abductor might have purposely created smokescreens to keep everyone focused on the wrong things in the investigation. Paul continued that the abduction might actually be about making Victor look guilty as a way of punishing him for something. Brady thought Paul's theory was a bit far-fetched, but John soon found proof that the Chopin organization had ties to the Greek mob -- and Deimos.

Before the men could follow up on the lead, Theresa burst into the room and insisted that Summer was the one who had abducted Tate. Explaining that the remaining details of her repressed memory from her hypnosis session had surfaced during a dream earlier that night, Theresa said she was absolutely certain that Summer was the person who had emerged from the hedges and advanced toward her and Tate in the final moments before the abduction. Brady had doubts, guessing that Theresa had subconsciously filled in the blanks with her own theory in a desperate search for answers. Theresa was annoyed at first but eventually conceded the point.

After leaving the office, Theresa went straight to Summer's room and told the guard to take a break. Theresa proceeded to confront Summer, still convinced that the details from her dream had revealed the truth about Tate's abduction. Summer denied Theresa's accusations and started to leave in search of Brady, hoping he would help clear everything up.

Theresa shoved Summer against a wall and refused to let her go anywhere before revealing where Tate was being held. Summer freed herself and insisted that she couldn't provide answers she didn't have. Theresa hurled insults at Summer and vowed to kill her if she didn't reveal Tate's whereabouts right away. Unfazed, Summer countered with insults and a death threat of her own.

Knowing that Summer was actually capable of murder, Theresa bolted toward the door. Summer quickly reached out to try to stop Theresa, who lost her balance and fell to the floor, hitting her head on a table in the process. Summer nervously waited to see if Theresa would get up, staring worriedly at the blood spilling out of Theresa's head wound.

As Sonny was leaving Club TBD, he ran into Paul, who was pleasantly surprised to see him. Paul wondered what Sonny was doing back in Salem. "This is home. It's where I belong," Sonny replied.

When Deimos returned to the Kiriakis mansion, he found John and Brady waiting for him in the living room, ready to question him about the Chopin organization. Meanwhile, at the police station, a cop informed Justin that Roman wanted to talk to him about some evidence that had gone missing a few months earlier.

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