Thursday, June 23, 2016
by Mike

As Victor was exiting a women's clothing store in the town square, he ran into Brady, who wondered if there was something they needed to talk about. Unamused, Victor explained that he had just bought something for Maggie. "She's that pissed off at you, huh?" Brady guessed.

Victor insisted that his wife didn't have to use anger to convince him to buy her a gift. "But maybe that's true of Theresa, someone who's all about what you can do for her," Victor added. Smiling at Tate, Victor mused that it was a good thing that the boy took after Brady instead of Theresa. Brady admitted that he was surprised that Victor was even bothering to acknowledge the half-Donovan child.

"By nature, yes. But properly nurtured, he'll be all Kiriakis," Victor promised. Annoyed, Brady insisted that he wasn't going to let Tate grow up to be a carbon copy of Victor. "So you'd rather he grew up in the shadow of that shrew that you're shacked up with? A sloth would be a better mother," Victor countered. Victor started to add that Tate represented the future of the proud Kiriakis dynasty, prompting Brady to sarcastically recall that he was descended from the gods of Mount Olympus.

Unamused, Victor insisted that losing Bo the previous year had made him realize that family was precious. "This coming from the man who disinherited Justin and me...what was it, yesterday?" Brady mused. Victor dismissively clarified that he hadn't been serious about that. Victor added that his point was that Tate needed to be raised in an environment where he could thrive, and Theresa's influence would only serve as a deterrent to that goal. "You know, Granddad, if family is that precious to you, you will let me live the way I want to live my life; otherwise, you're gonna lose both of us," Brady warned before storming off with Tate.

Paul went to see John, who excitedly revealed that Marlena had agreed to marry him. John joked that his strategy had involved leaving town for a while to work on a difficult case, giving Marlena plenty of time to worry about him and realize that she didn't want to lose what she had with him. While on the subject, Paul wondered how Joey was doing. John reported that Joey's prognosis was good but added that he would still have to face criminal charges once he returned to Salem. "I'm telling you, that kid is just like his old man. Guess you never really escape where you come from, do you?" John mused.

Paul admitted that he would like to think he took after John. "You do. Except I'm better looking," John jokingly replied. John found it interesting that Paul shared many of his traits, despite the fact that they hadn't known each other for most of Paul's life. John mused, however, that there was one notable difference: he wasn't exactly the kind of guy who could tolerate a career in modeling.

"Yeah, well, neither am I," Paul revealed, admitting that he ultimately wanted to pursue a more meaningful career path. John wondered what Paul thought he was best at, outside of throwing fastballs, and when Paul replied that he was good at analytics, problem-solving, karate, and reading people, John pointed out that Paul had just described the skills of a private investigator. John offered to train Paul, who eagerly accepted, guessing that Brady and Theresa wouldn't have any trouble finding a replacement model.

As if on cue, Brady arrived with Tate. With John's encouragement, Paul announced that he planned to leave D.J. Wear to join Black Patch Investigations, prompting Brady to snap, "The hell you are!" Outraged that Paul was planning to bail on D.J. Wear right before the company's big launch, Brady complained that he was living in a world in which people couldn't even count on their own family members anymore. "I might as well take Tate and Theresa and leave you guys behind!" Brady added. John suggested that Brady was overreacting, and Brady disagreed at first but eventually conceded that John was right.

Brady apologized to Paul, explaining that he was really just angry with Victor for constantly criticizing Theresa. Brady wanted to vent to John about the matter, but John admitted that he might not be the best person for Brady to turn to, since he still had concerns about Theresa, too. After saying goodbye to Paul, John added that although he had seen signs of change in Theresa lately, appearances were often deceiving. "Some people are just incapable of changing. Once trouble, always trouble," John warned.

At Shady Hills, Ciara tearfully informed Marlena that she wouldn't be able to accept an internship at the facility because Chase was its newest patient. "I can't be in the same room with him without wanting to just... I can't give in to these feelings. I want to be a better person than this," Ciara fretted. Marlena understood, musing that Ciara had clearly been blindsided. Marlena offered to get Ciara an internship at a different location, but Ciara declined, realizing that if she let Chase scare her off, he would win again.

Ciara tracked Chase down and informed him that she had just accepted a summer job at Shady Hills. As Marlena watched nearby, Ciara added that she wasn't going to let Chase force her to change her plans. Stressing that he had no desire to make Ciara's life any harder than it had to be, Chase offered to get his father to transfer him to another facility, but Ciara told him not to bother because her sessions with Marlena had helped her get strong enough to handle being in the same room with him. "I'm gonna [continue to] get better, and you know what, Chase? I'm gonna pray that you do, too -- for everybody's sake, but especially yours," Ciara concluded.

At the police station, Monahan followed Roman and Rafe into one of the conference rooms and started to tell his story, ignoring Roman's attempt to read him his rights. Monahan claimed that one of his employees had burglarized Hope Brady's house a few months earlier, stealing a service revolver in the process. "Word on the street was the DiMeras wanted Hope Brady out of the way, so I took the weapon to Stefano and gave him a brilliant suggestion, if I do say so myself," Monahan added, explaining that he had advised Stefano to use Hope's weapon to murder another DiMera enemy, killing two birds with one stone.

"The old man didn't appreciate my creative solution. He insulted my intellect, my daughter, even my car, for God's sake," Monahan continued, recalling what had driven him to pump three bullets into Stefano's chest with Hope's gun. Monahan admitted that he had been shocked to later learn that Andre had been arrested for the crime instead of Hope. When Rafe wondered what Monahan had done with Stefano's body, Monahan gave an exact description of the site where it had been dumped, and he also mentioned that it had been wrapped in a tarp. "That info sure as hell wasn't on the noon news," Monahan reminded Roman and Rafe.

Rafe guessed that Andre had paid Monahan to confess to the crime, but Monahan insisted that wasn't true, claiming that he had simply decided to take responsibility for his actions because he had realized that the DiMeras might eventually go after his children if he didn't; in fact, the brakes on his daughter's brand-new convertible had mysteriously gone out recently, and while he couldn't be certain that the DiMeras were to blame, he didn't want to take chances any longer. Monahan's lawyer arrived and put a stop to the interview before Roman and Rafe could ask Monahan anything else.

Rafe tried to contact Hope to warn her about what was happening, but she couldn't find her cell phone because Aiden had hidden it while she had been changing her clothes so they could go for a walk around Green Mountain Lodge. As Justin arrived, Roman admitted with a sigh that it would probably be best to release Andre, reasoning that the police department didn't need the negative publicity it would surely receive if the case went to trial and made public the fact that Stefano had been shot with Bo's service revolver.

Rafe insisted that Monahan couldn't be allowed to confess to a crime he hadn't committed, prompting Justin to wonder how Rafe could be certain of that. "The three of us have more motive to kill the son of a bitch than Monahan did," Rafe reasoned. Justin conceded that Monahan's story was flimsy but added that it wouldn't exactly be easy to poke holes in it, especially since Monahan's construction company owned the demolition site where Stefano's body had been dumped. Refusing to try a case he couldn't win, Justin left after ordering Roman and Rafe to arrest Monahan and release Andre.

Frustrated, Rafe demanded to know why Roman was letting Justin give orders. Roman admitted that he didn't really have room to argue with Justin, given the circumstances. Rafe sighed and reluctantly went to see Andre, who had been escorted from the prison to the police station earlier. "Did you bring my walking papers?" Andre asked with a wide grin.

Rafe warned that he knew what Andre had done, prompting Andre to counter that he knew what Rafe and Hope had done. "But I'm in a magnanimous mood, so no hard feelings. I've had nothing but time on my hands these last few months for prayer and reflection, and I got to understand that, well, anger and vengeance is never gonna bring my dear father back," Andre added with a sigh. Andre continued that he simply wanted to move forward. "I understand that's what Hope is doing, as well -- with Aiden Jennings," Andre mused.

Ignoring the taunt, Rafe warned that he planned to keep his eyes on Andre, who conceded that he could use the protection, since there were plenty of people in Salem who wished to harm him. Andre added, however, that Rafe's promise wasn't particularly comforting, given his track record as a cop. "'Shine out, fair sun, till I have bought a glass, that I may see my shadow as I pass.' Shakespeare. Look it up," Andre told Rafe before walking out of the conference room as a free man.

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