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Thursday, July 13, 2017
by Mike

Dario found Abigail eating breakfast in the dining room of the Martin mansion, along with several other guests. He tried to greet her with a kiss, but she recoiled, prompting him to remind her that they had previously agreed to keep up appearances. "No one's even looking," she pointed out.

Jennifer soon entered the room and greeted Dario tersely. He responded in kind then rushed off for his morning jog. Later, while passing through the Horton Town Square, he paused to take a phone call. "No, I want the full honeymoon package. I'll pay and do whatever it takes to give my bride the very best of everything," he told the caller.

After Dario ended the call, he realized that Brady was standing nearby. Having overheard Dario's end of the phone conversation, Brady asked for the identity of Dario's bride and was shocked to learn that it was Abigail. "Chad's wife?" Brady asked incredulously. "Ex," Dario clarified, adding that Abigail was in love with him. Certain that Dario was playing some sort of sick game, Brady warned, "If anything happens to Jennifer's daughter, you're gonna answer to me." Dario dismissively advised Brady to focus on other matters, like the fact that Titan's CEO had just been arrested for murder.

Meanwhile, back at the Martin mansion, Abigail complained about the cold way that Jennifer had greeted Dario. Jennifer unapologetically insisted that she would never be okay with the fact that Abigail was in a loveless, fraudulent marriage with Dario. "Please reconsider this arrangement with [him] -- before it's too late; before something goes horribly wrong," Jennifer begged Abigail.

Abigail insisted that Dario wasn't his father; in fact, he was a kind, decent man, and she was positive that he would never do anything to hurt her. "Abigail's right," Dario said as he rejoined Abigail and Jennifer at their table. "I'll never do anything to hurt your daughter, Jennifer. That is a promise," Dario continued. "I really hope you mean that," Jennifer skeptically replied before abruptly excusing herself.

After Jennifer left, Dario thanked Abigail for defending him. "[Dario], you've been a very good friend to me -- very caring, very honest -- [and] you've always been very up-front with me about your intentions and your actions," Abigail pointedly stated. Dario promised that he would never betray Abigail's trust or make her regret her decision to help him.

"I hope not," Abigail replied before excusing herself, explaining that she needed to run a few errands. Nodding, Dario started to head upstairs to take a shower. Abigail followed Dario to their room and listened from the hallway as he took a phone call from someone and assured the person, "No, it's all here. And no one's seen it -- only me." After ending the call, Dario slid a duffel bag under the bed then stepped into the bathroom.

Once the coast was clear, Abigail entered the room and retrieved the duffel bag. Inside, she found stacks of cash.

After attending a Narcotics Anonymous meeting together, Brady and Jennifer went to the town square to chat over cups of coffee. When Brady revealed that he had heard about Abigail's sudden marriage to Dario, Jennifer insisted that she didn't want to talk about the matter; she confirmed, however, that she didn't approve of the union.

Changing the subject, Brady guessed that when Jennifer had mentioned during the meeting that she had decided to move on from a relationship she'd been pursuing with someone, she had been talking about Eric. Brady made it clear to Jennifer that Eric was disappointed about the way in which his relationship with her had ended. "Don't you think you might be able to give [him] another chance?" Brady asked. Jennifer appreciated that Brady cared about her and wanted her to have someone special in her life again, but she remained convinced that she simply wasn't meant to be with Eric -- and, perhaps, would never have another serious relationship.

Eric agreed to meet with Jade at the Brady Pub after she explained that talking to him at the Horton Center felt a bit too formal for her taste. Reminding Eric that he had previously advised her to stop trying to make a man the center of her universe, Jade admitted that she had given his words a lot of thought and had realized that he was right. "I'm still in love with Joey, but we've been broken up for months, and I just don't see myself getting out of the friend zone with him, so I've decided it's time to move on," Jade continued. Eric warned that it would be tough for Jade to do that unless she found something else to focus her energy on.

"I actually think I know what that focus [could] be," Jade quickly replied, explaining that her mother had contacted her the previous night to inform her that her grandmother had passed away. "[Nana] was really old, and she had been sick for months, so it wasn't really a surprise. But [she] was a force of nature. I really looked up to her. She never judged me -- or anyone else, for that matter," Jade continued. Adding that her mother had actually invited her to help clean out her grandmother's cottage, Jade mused, "I guess after everything that's happened, she's realizing how important family really is." Eric encouraged Jade to give her mother a chance.

After Jade left, Eric received a phone call from Nicole, who insisted that she needed to see him right away. A short time later, Nicole arrived at the pub and informed Eric that she had remembered something that had happened during the party at the Martin mansion. "[You told me] you did a bad thing," Nicole continued. Eric admitted that the same memory had been haunting him.

"What if the bad thing I did was sticking a knife into Deimos' heart?" Eric worriedly wondered. Hoping to help Eric prove that wasn't the case, Nicole followed him back to his room at the Martin mansion so they could go over everything they remembered about the night of the party. When Nicole recalled that she had kissed Daniel, Eric confirmed Nicole's suspicion that she had actually kissed him. "When I told you I had done something bad, I don't think I was talking about Deimos; I was talking about kissing my brother's girlfriend," Eric concluded.

Nicole didn't want to hide that from Brady because she had been down that road before, back when she had chosen not to tell Daniel about what had happened when Xander had trapped her in a ventilation shaft with Eric while a furnace was running. However, Nicole also didn't want to give Brady a reason to jump to the wrong conclusion about how far things had gone with Eric. Nicole and Eric assured each other that they had only kissed while under the influence of Halo. "[So], are you gonna tell Brady the truth or not?" Eric asked Nicole.

At the hospital, Steve and Kayla surprised Tripp with a pair of MCAT study guides. Tripp understood that the gift wasn't meant to make him feel obligated to take the MCAT if that wasn't what he really wanted to do, but he still didn't feel right about accepting it, admitting that he was no longer convinced that he had what it took to be a good doctor. Kayla assured Tripp that he'd make a great doctor because he was smart, quick-witted, and empathetic. Tripp thought that Kayla was only saying that because he was family, but she insisted that she was being objective. Tripp eventually agreed to look through the study guides and give the matter more thought.

Jade went to Joey's apartment to let him know about her plan to spend the rest of the summer helping her mother clean out her grandmother's cottage. "Joey, the truth is, I would much rather stay here with you -- and I would...if I thought that there was even a sliver of hope for us," Jade stressed. Joey encouraged Jade to leave Salem, making it clear that he would always care about her but had no interest in getting back together with her.

Hurt, Jade started to leave then turned to face Joey again. "You know what, Joey? I have been loyal to you, and I've loved you since day one, and what do I get in return? Dumped on the side of the road like trash! I even overlooked the fact that you killed someone in cold blood! You murdered Tripp's mother, and I kept my mouth shut! Doesn't that count for something? Your brother would have destroyed you by now if he knew the truth! But I kept your dirty little secret. Maybe I was wrong about you; maybe you're the one who's not worth it," Jade spat before exiting the apartment.

Later, Steve arrived to fix the refrigerator's built-in icemaker. Realizing that Joey was preoccupied, Steve wondered if everything was okay. Joey explained that he had gone over his schedule for the fall semester earlier and had realized that he wasn't feeling particularly enthusiastic about finishing his schooling. Steve insisted that Joey had to stay in college because education was important. Joey understood that but was concerned because he didn't know what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. Steve assured Joey that he still had plenty of time to figure that out. "But tons of people my age already know what they want to do -- like Tripp," Joey pointed out.

Steve wondered if Joey was feeling jealous of Tripp. "I guess maybe I am. I'm not confident like Tripp, [and] sometimes I wish I were more like him," Joey admitted. Joey felt like a loser for being jealous of someone -- especially his own brother -- but Steve assured him that jealousy was a completely natural human emotion. "Still, it seems so petty," Joey maintained. Joey stressed that he was truly grateful to have an older brother, and he added that Tripp was cool and easy to talk to and get along with. Steve guessed that Tripp felt the same way about Joey.

Joey pointed out that Tripp could never know everything about him. Steve didn't think Joey's secret had to get in the way of his attempt to build a solid relationship with Tripp, but Joey insisted, "I killed his mom. Of course that gets in the way! Even if he doesn't know, hell, I know!" Realizing that Joey was right, Steve conceded that it had been "stupid" of him to suggest that what Joey had done to Tripp's mother didn't have to matter. "Even if Tripp never knows the truth, I have a feeling I'm not done paying for killing Ava," Joey fretted.

Steve acknowledged that Joey would carry the weight of his crime with him for the rest of his life. "But with time, it will get easier," Steve promised, adding that it was good that Joey was still attending therapy sessions. Nodding, Joey somewhat numbly stated that he was grateful to have two supportive parents to lean on when necessary, prompting Steve to wonder if something else was bothering him.

"It's Jade. She's...leaving," Joey revealed. Steve thought it would be beneficial for Jade to distance herself from Joey for a while, and Joey agreed. "But, uh...I'm gonna miss her," Joey admitted before changing the subject.

At the hospital, Kayla warmly greeted a colleague, Scott Mitchell, and introduced him to Tripp as the chairman of the review board. "Before you go see your patients today, we need to talk," Mitchell grimly informed Kayla, adding that another error had been found during a review of her recent cases. Kayla was stunned to learn that she had apparently prescribed a patient much more than the standard dosage of morphine -- an error that could have contributed to the patient's death. "The review board has launched a full investigation, and, uh, until we have some answers, Seth Burns and I have [no other choice but] to suspend you," Mitchell announced.

Kayla assured Mitchell that she understood and respected his decision. Mitchell informed Kayla that she was on a paid suspension until further notice and would be contacted soon so a formal interview with the review board could be arranged. Nodding, Kayla promised to immediately appoint someone to act as chief of staff in her absence.

"Kayla, I'm -- I'm so sorry," Tripp said after Mitchell walked away. "Yeah. Me, too," Kayla numbly replied before stepping into an unoccupied examination room to contact Steve and let him know what had just happened.

Steve soon arrived to comfort Kayla, who allowed for the possibility that she truly was responsible for the patient's death. Steve refused to believe that, insisting that Kayla was a good, conscientious doctor. "Something's off here. I can feel it. You've been wronged. I don't know how or why, but I'm gonna find out, [and] I'm gonna help you clear your name," Steve assured Kayla.

Jade summoned Tripp to a secluded section of the town square so she could say goodbye to him. Surprised to learn that Jade was planning to leave Salem, Tripp protested, "You're supposed to help me take down Kayla!" Jade apologetically explained that she felt like she needed to make taking care of herself more of a priority for the time being.

"And I kind of get the feeling that you're having second thoughts on taking down Joey's mom -- an attack of conscience," Jade added. Tripp admitted that he did sometimes feel sorry for Kayla. Nodding, Jade suggested that it might be best for Tripp to abandon his plan to destroy Kayla's life. "I mean, I know that you want to get back at her for your mom's death, but the thing is, she's not..." Jade continued before letting her voice trail off.

"What are you not telling me, Jade?" Tripp demanded to know.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Kate clashes with Andre.

• The police close in on Dario.

• J.J. warns Chad not to hurt Abigail.

• Chad and Abigail's feelings for each other return.

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