Thursday, August 28, 2014
by Mike

At the park, Hope asked Aiden to leave her alone, but he wasn't willing to do that because he could tell that she was in pain. Aiden took a seat next to Hope and started to massage her leg to soothe the muscle cramp. Hope didn't object, and her leg soon felt much better.

Aiden awkwardly pulled away from Hope and started to leave, but he quickly changed his mind. "You know what? Um...this is crazy, and it has to stop. Hope, we both know how I feel about you. [...] I've been carrying this around for a while, and I feel like it's just time to -- to get it out there -- stop putting on an act," Aiden said. Aiden admitted that, after the gala, he had started developing feelings for Hope -- feelings he hadn't known what to do with because it had been a very long time since he had last felt that way about anyone.

Surprised and flustered, Hope reminded Aiden that she was married, and he said he was thankful for that fact, since he couldn't be with anyone else, anyway. Hope said she understood how it felt to have unwanted feelings for someone. Aiden assured Hope that he still considered her a friend and that he knew she loved her husband. Hope nodded and said she was sorry for Aiden's grief, adding that she could see just how much he missed his wife. "Well, I didn't say that," Aiden replied.

"You know, you've had a good marriage, Hope, but, uh...I did not. Um...see, my wife and I, we, uh -- we fought...a lot. And it was hard, you know? And, uh -- well, we didn't want to put Chase through a divorce, so we stayed together. Maybe that was a mistake -- I don't know. But then she died, and, uh, I was left with Chase, and...regrets that I can never resolve. But most of all, I was left with the knowledge that I, uh -- I wasn't a good husband. I'm not a good person," Aiden admitted. Hope disagreed and pointed out that Aiden had done a lot of good things since arriving in Salem, but he insisted that he wasn't wrong about the matter and that she would just have to take his word on it.

At the hospital, Maggie found Daniel in his office, compiling information for the district attorney to use in the case against Kristen. Maggie was somewhat worried that Kristen might eventually seek revenge against Daniel, but she seemed even more concerned about another woman she wanted him to beware of -- Eve.

"A long time ago, when your sister was young, Eve nearly killed her. It was an accident -- she stole a car, and she ran down Sarah in the road. Now, I know -- look, I know it was an accident, and I know people change, but Eve -- it's clear that she hasn't. See, there's -- there was always one thing or another with her in those days. And so now that this -- well, now that she's settled this lawsuit with Jennifer, she's bound to get restless, and she's looking for trouble to stir up. [...] You are just the type that she sets her sights on," Maggie explained.

Daniel was surprised to hear about Eve's history with Maggie's daughter, but he insisted that Eve wasn't going to get anywhere with him. Maggie seemed satisfied but mused that she still had to worry about J.J., who was dating Eve's daughter. Daniel assured Maggie that Paige and J.J. were terrific for each other and that the fact that Eve was Paige's mother was completely irrelevant.

At the Horton house, J.J. was relieved to learn that Theresa hadn't told Eve about what had happened between him and Paige earlier. "I just know that this is, like, the last place you'd want to be, so I just figured Theresa probably made up some story or something to get you over here," J.J. claimed, hoping to satisfy Eve's curiosity.

Suspecting that Eve was checking up on him and Paige, J.J. explained that Paige was still unloading boxes from the moving truck outside her cousin's apartment. Eve clarified that she was actually just interested in picking up a check that had mistakenly been mailed to the Horton house instead of her place. J.J. didn't know where the check was, but Eve stressed that she needed it right away, so he agreed to look for it.

Meanwhile, Eve spotted J.J.'s guitar and wondered if she had interrupted his practice time. J.J. said he had simply been messing around. "Hmm. Paige says you're a very talented musician. But, uh, if you're just 'messing around,' I'm kind of wondering how good you can be. Paige's opinion is obviously biased, but mine won't be, so...let's hear how good you really are," Eve challenged J.J.

J.J. played something for Eve, and she was impressed when he ended on a suspended fourth chord. Eve recalled that when she had been J.J.'s age, she had saved her money until she had been able to afford to buy her own guitar, and she had played it, with accompanying vocals, until her fingers -- and her listeners' ears -- had bled.

J.J. doubted that Eve's listeners had suffered, since Paige had told him that Eve had a gorgeous voice. Eve sadly confirmed that she'd had a good voice. Eve added that music had always been a passion of hers and that it had been the one thing she had always been able to count on. Eve admitted that music had basically saved her life, and J.J. assured her that he knew the feeling.

As J.J. idly strummed his guitar, Eve recalled that there had been one song she had been particularly driven to learn when she had been younger. Eve doubted that J.J. would recognize the song, but he was up for the challenge, so she cleared her throat and tentatively started to sing the first few notes of "Oh Shenandoah." Eve quickly stopped and sheepishly admitted that she sounded terrible. "Uh, kinda," J.J. agreed.

J.J. encouraged Eve to try again, and she reluctantly agreed. J.J. played the song on his guitar and occasionally sang with Eve, who managed to make it through one whole verse and halfway through another before her voice suddenly cracked. J.J. stopped playing and wondered if Eve was okay. "Do I look okay?" Eve hoarsely replied.

J.J. pointed out that Eve hadn't warmed up before singing, but she snapped that she didn't need him to make excuses for her or feel sorry for her. Eve quickly apologized for lashing out at J.J. Eve explained that, while everyone seemed to believe she was nothing more than a shallow, greedy so-and-so, she had really only wanted the money from Jack's estate for two reasons -- to pay for Paige's college tuition and to pay for vocal cord surgery.

"J.J., singing, for me -- it's the one thing that -- that made me feel grounded, in control, fulfilled...and I miss it -- I miss it terribly," Eve added, struggling to maintain her composure. Realizing that J.J. wasn't going to be able to locate her check, Eve abruptly excused herself after adding that, while things between her and Jennifer would probably never change, there was still a chance that things between her and J.J. could be different.

In Paige's cousin's apartment, Paige refused to believe J.J. was the kind of guy who would dump her right after she slept with him for the first time. "Oh, honey. Of course he is. [...] I'm all for you and J.J., okay? Enjoy it. Just remember that it will. Not. Last," Theresa maintained. Theresa said she was on Paige's side, and she promised that if Paige agreed to hear her out, she would forget about what she had caught Paige and J.J. doing earlier.

Paige reluctantly agreed to accompany Theresa to Club TBD, where Theresa continued to dish out unsolicited advice about life, insisting that Paige would never be able to count on anyone except herself. Paige refused to accept the cynical philosophy, stressing that Eve had always looked out for her. Amused, Theresa argued that Paige was the one who was taking care of Eve.

Theresa explained that Eve was the kind of person who wanted other people to take care of her and fight her battles for her, but Paige insisted that wasn't true. "So...she didn't ask you to use your relationship with J.J. in order to influence her lawsuit with Jennifer?" Theresa knowingly asked. Paige ignored the question, and as Daniel entered the club with Parker, she pointed out that Theresa had previously claimed that she wanted Paige to think of her as a big sister. Paige wondered when Theresa was going to start acting like one.

"Why else would I be doing this, Paige? You know what? I'm trying to help you, and sooner or later, you're gonna realize that this is the best advice of your life. [...] I know J.J. better than...just about anyone. So, you know what? You'd better keep stringing him along, because, yeah, he's a lot of fun -- as long as he thinks there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow," Theresa irritably replied.

Paige said Theresa was kind of disgusting and more than a little sad. "Oh, honey. You're the one who's gonna be soon as you give him what he wants. Because before you know it, he's gonna be hunting for a new pair of panties to nail to his wall," Theresa countered before exiting the club. Daniel approached Paige and told her to forget about anything Theresa had just tried to sell her. Daniel said Theresa was just jealous of Paige, and he urged Paige to trust her instincts about J.J.

J.J. arrived a short time later, and Daniel explained to Parker that J.J. and Paige were going to watch him for a while because his usual babysitter was unavailable. J.J. and Paige went to the bar to order some lattes, and they told each other about their earlier conversations with Eve and Theresa, respectively. Paige admitted that, while she wasn't sure if Theresa would tell Eve about what had happened in the moving truck, she didn't really care, either. Paige insisted that it didn't matter what anyone else thought about J.J. -- it only mattered that she thought he was great.

Theresa went to Eve's place to tell Eve about what had happened with Paige earlier. Eve admitted that she shouldn't have asked Theresa to check up on Paige, but Theresa assured Eve that it had been a wise decision. "I found them on the moving truck together, [and] J.J. was all over Paige, teaching her how to do the horizontal mambo, if you catch my drift. [...] And your daughter is a pretty fast learner, too," Theresa revealed.

Theresa quickly added that Eve couldn't say anything about the matter because she had promised Paige that she wouldn't tell Eve about what had happened, but Eve just misinterpreted that as an indication that Paige had asked Theresa to lie for her. "Okay, you know what, Theresa? That is it -- J.J. is done! He's history!" Eve angrily declared. Theresa warned that ordering Paige to stop seeing J.J. would be a surefire way to lose her. "You know...maybe I won't have to say a word," Eve mischievously mused as she inspected a flier for an off-campus college kickoff party that was just a couple weeks away.

In Club TBD's storage unit, Abigail groaned with frustration as she held her cell phone in the air, trying to find a signal. Ben was glad Abigail was the one who had gotten them locked in, since that meant she couldn't accuse him of purposely doing so in a lame attempt to make a move on her. Abigail laughed and said she hoped Ben had better moves than that.

Abigail apologized for foolishly moving the box that had been keeping the door open, but Ben assured her that it wasn't a big deal. Ben pointed out that the place had an air vent to prevent suffocation, and he added that Sonny and T knew where he was and would eventually decide to find out why it was taking him such a long time to clear out the unit.

To pass the time, Ben and Abigail prepared a picnic, using some of the items in the unit. When it was time for dessert, Ben presented Abigail with a box of almond cookies. Abigail gasped and explained that, while that was her favorite kind of cookie, she rarely got to enjoy them because J.J. hated them. Ben and Abigail agreed that they were glad their siblings weren't trapped with them -- for several reasons.

Ben revealed that Jordan was claustrophobic and would likely go nuts if she ever found herself in such a situation. Abigail mused that Jordan's reaction would probably depend on who she found herself stuck with. Ben agreed and admitted that he hoped Jordan and Rafe would eventually work things out. Ben added that, while Rafe wasn't his favorite person, Jordan really loved the guy, and she deserved a break because she had sacrificed a lot for Ben.

Abigail started to talk about Clyde, but Ben quickly stopped her. "Abigail, don't. Please. This is perfect. Don't ruin it by bringing him up," Ben begged Abigail. Abigail nodded and started to clean up the remnants of the impromptu picnic, but she accidentally knocked some things off a shelf in the process. Ben knelt to help Abigail pick up the scattered items, and as they started to kiss passionately, she was reminded of a similar encounter with E.J.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. informed Sami that he had contacted each board member to assure them that, despite what the TruVista article suggested, there was absolutely nothing to worry about. Ready to fulfill her part of the bargain, Sami suggested that she and E.J. could go out for lunch. E.J. thought Sami just wanted to be seen in public with him to reinforce their claim that everything was fine, but she denied the suspicion.

Later, while E.J. and Sami were having lunch at the Brady Pub -- and trying to ignore the fact that every other customer was staring at them -- Roman arrived and optimistically wondered if they were negotiating the terms of a divorce. Sami pulled Roman aside and vaguely explained that she and E.J. were discussing something important. Sami asked Roman to let her handle the situation herself, and he reluctantly agreed.

After Roman left, E.J. told Sami about an earlier conversation he'd had with a particularly troublesome board member. Sami had apparently made a rather large donation to the man's pet charity, which handled historical renovations in his hometown. E.J. reported that the man had been quite impressed with Sami's knowledge of architecture. E.J. admitted that he was surprised that Sami shared the man's interest.

Sami clarified that it wasn't really accurate to say that she was interested in the subject. Sami explained that when E.J. had once mentioned to her that he had grown up in a Queen Anne home, she had assumed that meant he had grown up in a queen's castle, and she had been embarrassed when she had later realized that it was actually a building style. Sami said that had prompted her to do more research because, at that time, E.J.'s opinion of her had meant everything to her.

As the lunch date progressed, E.J. and Sami showed each other the videos they had received from sleep-away camp from Johnny and Allie, respectively. A short time later, Sami received something shocking on her cell phone.

. . .

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