Thursday, April 23, 2015
by Mike

At Club TBD, Daniel went to talk to Maggie after apologizing for blabbing about Xander's troubled past. Xander explained that he had gotten into some legal trouble as a youth but had turned his life around after Victor had helped set him on the right path. "Really? Victor knows there's a right path?" Eric asked skeptically.

Maggie told Daniel about letting Serena into his apartment to look for a book. Daniel didn't mind, but when he checked his cell phone and saw that Nicole had sent him a text message earlier to let him know she would meet him at his place, he excused himself, fearing she and Serena might have run into each other there. Victor arrived as Daniel was leaving, and Xander overheard them discussing plans to go golfing together sometime soon.

Eric tensed when Victor joined Maggie and greeted him and Xander. Xander wondered if Victor had set a date for the family dinner they had recently discussed having. Victor said it had slipped his mind, and he promised Xander they'd make it happen eventually -- but probably not until after Brady returned to Salem. Eric wanted to know where Brady had gone, so Victor claimed Brady was taking care of some Titan business overseas.

Victor excused himself after checking the time and realizing it would probably be a good idea to touch base with Brady before it got much later. Victor made a point of saying goodbye to Eric and Maggie but not Xander, who nevertheless offered to walk Victor out. Outside, Xander tried to talk about the business deal he was working on that was going to net Victor a nice profit, but Victor was more interested in checking on Brady right away.

Maggie had noticed how Eric had tensed in Victor's presence, so she told Eric she hoped he would one day be able to forgive Victor for what had happened at Brady and Kristen's second wedding. Maggie assured Eric that Victor was a good man. Eric said he was sure that was true, adding that he had just heard Victor had helped Xander turn his life around.

Serena used her cover story to explain what she was doing in Daniel's apartment, but Nicole suspected there was more to it than that. Nicole grabbed the strap of Serena's purse to stop her from leaving, and in the ensuing struggle, the purse slipped off Serena's shoulder and landed on the couch, and the diamonds spilled onto the cushion. As the women continued fighting, Daniel intervened and demanded to know what was going on.

Nicole started to tell Daniel about how she had caught Serena snooping through his apartment, but Serena clarified that she had simply been looking for a book, and he informed Nicole that Maggie had confirmed that story earlier. Serena excused herself, and as Daniel pulled Nicole aside and started criticizing her behavior, Serena gathered the diamonds and exited the apartment without either of them realizing what was happening.

Daniel thought Serena's reason for being in his apartment was more legitimate than Nicole's, and he wished Nicole had just stuck to their original plan to meet at the Brady Pub for lunch. Nicole couldn't believe Daniel was yelling at her for daring to show up at his apartment, especially since she had sent him a text message to let him know she would be meeting him there. After arguing with Nicole for a while, Daniel tried to drop the matter, suggesting they could just forget about their misunderstanding and proceed with their lunch date. Nicole wasn't sure she was still interested in doing that, so she went to the bathroom to freshen up and think about it.

Serena met with Xander at the Brady Pub to hand over the diamonds. Serena assumed that would conclude her business with Xander, but he pointed out that he still needed to count the diamonds and make sure they were authentic first -- and that could take some time. Serena observed that it seemed like Xander wasn't interested in leaving Salem anytime soon. "Really can't say. Guess we'll see," Xander replied before walking away.

At the Horton Town Square, Jennifer explained to Paige and J.J. that she had been trying to convince Eve to agree to a dinner for the four of them. Paige didn't understand why Jennifer and Eve had been arguing about that, since Eve had recently mentioned the same idea. Eve said she had since decided she wasn't ready for that sort of thing because she was still having a tough time dealing with the idea of Paige and J.J. being together.

Eve suggested it might be time to talk about why she was having trouble dealing with that idea, but before she could say anything else, Paige dragged her a few feet away so they could talk privately. Paige pointed out that Eve had promised to give J.J. another chance, and Eve insisted she had tried to do just that.

Eve wondered why Paige and J.J. weren't in class, so Paige explained that their class didn't start until later that day. Paige added that she and J.J. were going to spend some time together until then. Eve made a sarcastic remark, suspecting she knew how Paige and J.J. planned to pass the time. Paige didn't understand what Eve was getting at, so Eve blurted out that she knew Paige was sleeping with J.J.

After insisting that was none of Eve's business, Paige added that she was on birth control, and she warned that she and Eve would just be at each other's throats all over again unless Eve could find a way to live with the fact that Paige was a grown woman who could make her own decisions about who to be with. Eve watched in stunned silence as Paige rejoined J.J. and Jennifer and told them why Eve was upset.

"She's always had a hard time when it comes to me and boys. She's always talking about how men never treated her right and, you know, used her and walked out on her, and she just doesn't want the same thing to happen to me," Paige explained. Jennifer nodded and encouraged J.J. and Paige to take off, promising to talk things out with Eve after they left. J.J. warned Jennifer not to turn her back on Eve.

Eve wasn't interested in going another round with Jennifer, but Jennifer insisted it was important for them to have a private conversation, so Eve reluctantly followed her back to the Horton house. Eve was shocked to realize Jennifer already knew J.J. and Paige were sleeping together. Jennifer said she could tell Eve was very upset about the development, and Eve countered that if Jennifer were any kind of mother, she'd be upset, too.

"All right, you know what, Eve? I know that you do not think that J.J. is right for Paige, but all of this anger and all of this hostility, it has nothing to do with what you want for Paige; it has everything to do with what you want for yourself, and that is my son," Jennifer insisted. Eve said Jennifer needed to make up her mind, since her previous assertion had always been that Eve was obsessed with her.

Jennifer explained that something Paige had said had made her realize things were a lot more complicated than she had initially suspected. "I know that you did not have the best time growing up, and I know that you were put in terrible situations with men when you were really young. And Eve, by the way you reacted today to J.J. and Paige, I just can't help but wonder [if] what happened in your past [is] affecting you now more than you realize. [You were] forced into prostitution when you were very young, younger than Paige is right now. And anyone would have a very hard time dealing with all of those emotions," Jennifer added.

"Long ago. Long ago and far away," Eve quietly insisted, but Jennifer doubted that because she had seen how Eve related to men, sex, and the situation with J.J. Jennifer advised that Eve could end up destroying her own life as well as Paige's life if she didn't deal with the issue for good. Jennifer tried to put a comforting hand on Eve's arm, but Eve yanked it away and told Jennifer to find someone else to psychoanalyze.

Eve insisted she had dealt with her demons years earlier, and she added that she had no feelings whatsoever for J.J. Eve claimed she had simply kept the coat as a reminder of how awful she and J.J. had been, and she stressed that she had since thrown it away. Jennifer reminded Eve they had once been friends, and she said she had just been trying to help Eve.

Eve warned Jennifer to never take such a walk down memory lane again. Eve also stressed that she didn't want Jennifer to tell Paige about anything they had discussed, and Jennifer promised she never would. "I hate you," Eve quietly muttered, holding back tears. Eve stormed out of the house and slammed the door shut.

Later, Jennifer contacted Daniel and asked to meet with him, explaining that she was at her wit's end and needed someone she could talk through some things with. Daniel agreed, and as he ended the call, Nicole emerged from the bathroom and wondered what was going on. Daniel refused to discuss the matter with Nicole, who stormed off, upset because she always had to explain everything to him.

Eve returned home and slammed her purse down on the desk with a groan of frustration, knocking over a framed photograph of Paige in the process. As Eve knelt to pick up the item, she felt a comforting hand on her shoulder, and when she turned her head to see who it was, J.J. gently assured her everything was going to be okay. Eve closed her eyes, and when she opened them, she found herself alone again.

At the Salem Inn, Paige admitted J.J. had been right to assume Eve would never truly be supportive of their relationship. "Yeah, if she ends up losing it someday, I'll lose you," J.J. muttered. Paige insisted her mother couldn't say or do anything to change her feelings for J.J. Paige kissed J.J. and started to unbutton his shirt, but he pulled away, uncertain about continuing.

J.J. knocked over his backpack in the process of backing away from Paige, and some gift boxes spilled out of it. When Paige asked about the items, J.J. admitted they were for her, and he explained that he had been carrying them around for a while, looking for the right time to give them to her. The first gift box contained a bracelet, and the second contained a music box.

J.J. explained that he had gotten the gifts for her the previous Christmas but had thrown them out after their breakup, so he had recently purchased the same items again because he wanted to pretend all the bad stuff had never happened. J.J. admitted his idea had probably been really stupid, but Paige insisted it had actually been perfect. Paige kissed J.J., and they started having sex. Afterward, J.J. said he never wanted to lose Paige again, and she assured him he never would.

At the DiMera compound in Italy, Kristen feigned ignorance when Brady accused her of stealing his baby, and she incredulously wondered if he had gotten Theresa, of all people, pregnant. Unconvinced, Brady insisted he was positive Kristen had kidnapped his child, and he pointed out that she had done something similar once before. Kristen said it hurt to know Brady could accuse her of such a thing when she had wanted to give him a child more than anything in the world, and it hurt even more to know Theresa had apparently been able to get pregnant without even trying.

Brady maintained that Kristen had stolen his child, and as he started detailing what he believed she had done to pull it off, she mocked the absurdity of it all. "Okay, I have to ask -- are you doing drugs?" Kristen wondered. Brady insisted he was completely sober, and when he asked about Mandrake, Kristen once again feigned ignorance. Kristen wondered how she could have even found out about Theresa's pregnancy in the first place. "Oh, and my next question -- I hate that little bitch. Why would I ever want her baby?" Kristen asked.

Brady pointed out that the child was half his, prompting Kristen to counter that his big ego was preventing him from being able to see just how wrong he really was. Brady suggested Kristen wouldn't mind letting him look around the place in that case, and she agreed. As Kristen led Brady through the compound, Mandrake overheard them from inside the secret room where the baby was being kept. Mandrake grabbed a gun and stood guard near the entrance. Once Kristen and Brady moved on, Mandrake crept out of the secret room and made his way through the secret passage to the living room -- just as the doorbell rang.

Mandrake opened the door and greeted Melanie. Assuming she was the nurse, Mandrake told Melanie to return an hour later. Mandrake shut the door and rushed back to the secret passage after hearing Brady and Kristen approaching. Melanie, who had recognized Mandrake and had been waiting outside, opened the front door and peeked her head inside just in time to see the entrance to the secret passage swinging shut behind Mandrake.

Brady followed Kristen back to the living room, upset that he hadn't found a baby during his search of the compound. Brady admitted defeat as Kristen continued to mock the ridiculousness of his claims, wondering if he would next try to suggest aliens had abducted the supposed child. "I didn't think it was possible, but I think you've destroyed the last tiny part of me that could still love you. Now get out! And don't forget -- you promised me that when you found nothing, you would leave and never come back. Keep that promise," Kristen snapped as she ushered Brady out the door.

Once the coast was clear, Mandrake joined Kristen in the living room and questioned her about what had just happened. Kristen said Brady had put some of the pieces together but didn't have anything concrete yet. Kristen was sure Brady would be keeping an eye on the place, and she expected Victor would probably send spies in eventually, too. Mandrake suggested it would probably be a good idea to call the nurse and let her know there had been a change in plans, since he had only sent her away for an hour when she had visited earlier. Kristen said she had talked to a nurse earlier, too, and she asked Mandrake to describe the one he had seen.

Outside, Brady watched the compound with binoculars as he contacted Victor to offer an update. Brady said he hadn't found what he was looking for yet but was pretty sure he was on the right track. Victor offered to send some people to help out, but Brady declined. After ending the call, Victor contacted someone and told them to put a team in place and be ready to infiltrate a castle on a little mountain road called Via Garibaldi.

Meanwhile, Melanie sneaked into the secret room and found Christopher.

. . .

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