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Thursday, January 12, 2017
by Mike

At the police station, Lieutenant Raines assigned J.J. the task of figuring out who was slipping shipments past customs each week at the docks -- and what was really in those shipments. J.J. was surprised to see that Eduardo was at the top of Raines's list of suspects. Without revealing why he was reluctant to investigate Eduardo, J.J. admitted that he had been hoping to help with the search for Hope. Raines insisted that the shipping investigation was where J.J. was most needed. With no real alternative, J.J. accepted the assignment. Raines stressed that the matter needed to be kept confidential.

At Club TBD, Eduardo informed Dario that the microchips and the external hard drive were missing -- and that Kate was the most likely suspect. Dario complained that Eduardo never should have gotten involved with Kate in the first place. "She's as much a DiMera as Chad or Andre, and we stole their most valuable technology!" Dario pointed out, unaware that Gabi had just entered the club.

Dario tried to tell Gabi to forget what she had just heard, but she refused, reminding him that she cared about Chad and Kate. Dario snapped that Gabi needed to start showing loyalty to her real family instead of the DiMeras. Eduardo quickly intervened, asking Dario to leave. Dario insisted that Eduardo needed to talk some sense into Gabi before she made the situation worse than it already was. Dario then stormed off, vowing to clean up the mess on his own.

Eduardo tried to explain to Gabi that he and Dario were working on something that could change all their lives. "By stealing from Chad? By stealing from your girlfriend? Because that's what you're doing. I mean, you told me you wanted to create something that we'd be proud of, something that people would respect. I don't care how huge this would be for us. I'm not proud of this; I'm ashamed!" she countered.

Eduardo stressed that he hadn't planned to do another shady business deal, but an opportunity that had been too good to ignore had simply fallen into his lap. Gabi maintained that stealing other people's property was a crime, not a business tactic. "Then every corporation in the world should be arrested," he countered. She tried to argue that at least one person was attempting to do things differently, but he insisted that Chad was no better than any other businessman, reminding her of the time the DiMera family had taken advantage of an opportunity to steal the Kiriakis family's shipping business.

"I just think that there's a better way, okay? And I -- I want a better life for you than this. Don't you want that?" Gabi wondered. Eduardo confirmed that he did, and he promised that his business would one day be completely legitimate. She expressed skepticism, but he assured her that he would keep his promise because he wanted her to be proud of him -- and proud of the Hernandez family name, as well. "[But] I want to give Arianna what I could never give you [when you were] growing up. This is just the first difficult step in building something truly great," he continued.

After Eduardo left, Gabi received a phone call from J.J., who insisted on seeing her right away. "It's about your family," he explained. A short time later, at the Brady Pub, he assured her that he wasn't trying to win her back, since she had already made her feelings about that idea quite clear to him. "I'm not supposed to be telling you this, but your father and Dario are about to find themselves in a lot of trouble," he quietly revealed.

Gabi tried to get J.J. to elaborate, but he insisted that he couldn't. He advised her to distance herself from Eduardo and Dario for the time being so they wouldn't end up taking her down with them, stressing, "Even if you don't want to be with me, I still care about you, [and] I don't want to see you get hurt." She expressed appreciation for his concern but claimed that she had no idea what he was talking about. "I think you do. I think you know something about your father's business -- and if you do, you need to tell me everything right now, before this blows up in a big way," he warned her.

Dario contacted Andre and demanded to see him right away. A short time later, in a secluded section of the town square, Dario drew a gun on Andre and threatened to pull the trigger unless Andre and Kate returned what they had stolen. Andre wondered if Dario was referring to something that had belonged to the DiMera family first. "Stop stalling! Where is it?" Dario snapped, cocking the gun and pressing it against Andre's chest. "I have no idea," Andre calmly replied. Dario didn't like that answer, but Andre insisted it was the only one Dario was going to get.

Meanwhile, one of Andre's goons revealed himself and aimed a gun of his own at Dario, ordering him to lower his weapon immediately. As Dario reluctantly complied, Andre told him, "I am bored with your questions, Mr. Hernandez, and I'm bored of you. But there is a lesson here for all of us: next time you and your father decide to start wading into deep water, perhaps you should see what is lurking beneath the surface." Andre then chuckled and walked away, his goon close behind him.

A short time later, Andre ran into Kate in the town square. "I did not expect you to work quite so quickly!" he admitted with a grin of approval. Confused, she wondered what he was talking about. He told her about the encounter he'd just had with Dario. She clarified that she wasn't the one who had stolen the microchips and the external hard drive from Eduardo and Dario. "I couldn't do it. I couldn't betray Eduardo," she explained. She quickly guessed that she knew who the real culprit was, and after giving the matter a few seconds of thought, he agreed that she was probably right. "That snake has just been waiting to screw us all," she spat.

While Victor and Maggie were playing Scrabble in the newly furnished living room of the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos and Nicole interrupted to announce that they had gotten engaged earlier that night. "So, you're going to be a Kiriakis -- again," Victor mused as Maggie congratulated Nicole with a hug. Smiling, Nicole replied, "Yes. [But] this time, I'm marrying the right one."

After admiring the engagement ring, Maggie observed that it had been a long time since she had last seen such a big smile on Nicole's face. Nicole was eager to share her news with the staff, and Maggie happily agreed to tag along. After Nicole and Maggie left the living room, Deimos noted that Victor hadn't said much about the engagement. "Well, I was taught that if you have nothing nice to say, keep your mouth shut," Victor explained. "Really? And when was the last time you followed that advice?" Deimos wondered.

Deimos assumed that Victor didn't approve of the engagement. Without confirming or denying the suspicion, Victor asked, "You sure you're not rushing into this? Hasn't been that long since Nicole lost Daniel." Deimos stressed that he was well aware of that fact and would never try to take Daniel's place in Nicole's heart. "In fact, I'm working really hard to ensure that she still has reminders of him in her life," he added. Victor skeptically warned that Deimos was ultimately still a Kiriakis -- and therefore might not always feel so secure about living in the shadow of a dead man.

Deimos dismissively advised Victor to stop being so dramatic. Pointing out that Parker still meant a great deal to Nicole, Victor predicted that if Chloe ever emerged from her coma, she would have no qualms about making Nicole choose between Parker and Deimos. "Well, then, she's gonna be in for the fight of her life, because Nicole is gonna be my wife, and I refuse to let anyone deprive her of what she deserves," Deimos replied.

At the hospital, Nancy found Brady in Chloe's room, firmly insisting that Chloe needed to wake up right away so she could fix the mess she had caused. Nancy wondered why Brady was yelling at Chloe. "I think you know why," he replied. Nancy ordered him to leave Chloe's room immediately. She followed him out to the nurses' station, where he clarified that he hadn't been yelling at Chloe; he had simply been trying to encourage her to wake up. Nancy maintained that he had sounded upset. "Why would I be upset?" he asked. Nancy claimed that she had no idea. "But as of now, you're off the visitation list," she added.

When Brady returned to the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie was in the midst of giving Nicole her blessing to marry Deimos. After Brady made his presence known, Maggie rushed off to the kitchen so he could talk to Nicole privately. He congratulated Nicole with a hug, but she sensed that he wasn't as thrilled about her engagement as she was. "It's just sudden. [But] if you're happy, I'm happy," he claimed.

Deimos soon joined Brady and Nicole in the foyer. Brady looked away when Deimos leaned in to give Nicole a kiss. Catching the reaction, Deimos apologized to Brady for the spontaneous display of affection, explaining that he sometimes found it impossible to resist the urge. Brady forced a smile and dismissed the concern, claiming that it was always nice to see a happy couple together.

Deimos was eager to find more people to share the good news with, but Nicole admitted that there was one person she would like to tell on her own. "You're talking about Chloe," Deimos guessed. Nicole confirmed the suspicion. Conceding that Chloe might not even hear the announcement, Nicole explained that she nevertheless wanted to at least try to make Chloe understand that the engagement truly was a good thing.

After Nicole left, Brady told Deimos about what had happened at the hospital. Brady warned that Nancy was obviously determined to do everything in her power to keep Chloe's secret from being exposed. "[Then] we're just gonna have to move her out of the way," Deimos cryptically replied. Before Brady could probe for more details, Deimos excused himself so he could answer a phone call.

A short time later, Maggie returned to the foyer and noticed that Brady was leaning against a table, clutching his chest. Concerned, she wondered if he was all right. He claimed that he was, adding that the cold air was just bothering his lungs a bit. Satisfied with that answer, she changed the subject, wondering if he was truly okay with the idea of Nicole marrying Deimos. "I think I'm being protective of Daniel, that's [all]," he explained. She assured him that Daniel would have wanted Nicole to move on and find happiness again. She added that she believed that Deimos had changed and would treat Nicole right. "We'll see," Brady replied.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Deimos shared another piece of good news with Victor, revealing that he had stumbled upon something that could be very lucrative for Titan -- and could cause irreparable damage to their competitors. Victor was pleased to hear that Deimos had managed to acquire the technology the Hernandez family had been using the Kiriakis shipping business to smuggle into the country. "I should warn you, though -- Eduardo Hernandez spent years as an assassin. If he finds out you stole from him, he will come after you," Victor predicted. Deimos dismissed the concern, assuring Victor that he wasn't planning to broadcast his involvement to the world.

Later, while Deimos was alone in the living room, Andre stormed in and wondered, "Did you really think you were going to get away with it?" Insisting that he had no idea what that was supposed to mean, Deimos impatiently asked Andre to get to the point, explaining that he was eager to begin celebrating his recent engagement. "Ah. Congratulations on your engagement -- and stealing my property," Andre replied. Revealing that the items Deimos had stolen from the Hernandez family had originally belonged to the DiMera family, Andre warned, "The entire future of my company and my family rests on that technology, so how far do you think I'd go in getting it back?"

Eduardo met with Kate in a secluded section of the town square and wondered if she had convinced herself that he would never figure out the truth or if she simply hadn't cared either way. "I know what you're thinking," she began. "I'm thinking that you need to admit what you did," he replied. She insisted that she had nothing to admit to him. Unconvinced, he accused her of having stolen something that belonged to him. She pointed out that the property he was talking about had originally belonged to the DiMera family. She maintained, however, that she wasn't the one who had stolen it.

"Then who was it who did it, Kate?" Eduardo demanded to know. Kate insisted that it wasn't her place to reveal that information, prompting him to call her cowardly. "How dare you? How dare you say that to me? I was trying to protect you! But, you know, I am done with this; I am done with it, and I am done with you!" she spat before storming off.

As Brady was passing through the town square, he wondered why the news of Nicole's engagement to Deimos was bothering him. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Nicole shared the news with Chloe, explaining, "I know it's a lot to ask for you to be happy for me and Deimos. You don't trust him, and you have your reasons. But he loves me, Chloe, and I love him. And I just hope that that's enough." Nicole begged Chloe to wake up, but Chloe remained unresponsive. Sighing, Nicole gave Chloe a kiss on the forehead then left the room. A few seconds later, Chloe opened her eyes.

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