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Thursday, March 23, 2017
by Mike

Steve and Kayla stopped at a diner somewhere in Arizona to inquire about Tripp. While waiting to talk to the owner, Steve admitted to Kayla that he was worried about the situation between Joey and Jade. "That poor girl is so needy, I'm afraid she'll do anything to rope him back into her life," Steve continued. Kayla assured Steve that Joey was sharp and would be able to handle the situation.

When the owner emerged from the back of the diner a short time later and learned that Steve and Kayla were looking for Tripp, he told them, "That son of a bitch? Believe me, he doesn't work here anymore." He claimed that Tripp had been providing friends with free food and was also responsible for the black eye he was sporting. "I was gonna call the cops, but, uh, hell, too much trouble, you know? Just glad he's outta here," he added before excusing himself so he could check on a customer.

Steve was disappointed to hear that Tripp had been causing trouble. Kayla assured him that they would figure out what was going on and handle the situation accordingly. Smiling, he declared that he could face anything as long as she was at his side. Meanwhile, the owner began shouting at a young man who had entered the diner through the back door. Sensing trouble, customers quickly began vacating the premises.

The owner warned that he would call the cops if the young man didn't leave immediately. The young man refused to leave without the last week of pay he was owed as well as the tips he had earned. The young man added, "How 'bout we do call the cops? Celia and I will give our statements on what you did to her." The owner told the young man to leave Celia out of the conversation, but the young man continued, "Groping her every chance you got? Knowing she needed the job and wouldn't say anything? [And] don't think I don't know what you were gonna do whenever I pulled you off her."

The owner denied the young man's accusations and again ordered him to leave. Steve quickly intervened, insisting that if the young man was really owed money, it was only right for the owner to settle the debt. The owner shoved Steve and told him to butt out. Kayla winced as Steve punched the uninjured side of the owner's face and advised that he needed to learn how to control his temper. After recovering from the blow, the owner stormed off to call the cops and get them to arrest both the young man and Steve. "Do what you gotta do," Steve calmly replied.

Impressed, the young man said to Steve, "Wow! I didn't see that coming. Not that he didn't deserve it. So...who the hell are you?" Having correctly concluded that the young man was Tripp, Steve replied, "I think I might be your father." Stunned, Tripp admitted that he had been searching for his father. Steve invited Tripp to grab a seat so they could talk about the matter. Tripp didn't think it would be wise to stick around and wait for the cops to show up, but Steve told him not to worry about that.

After introductions were made, Tripp hesitantly asked Kayla, "So, are" She clarified that she wasn't his mother. Still struggling to process what was happening, he revealed that he had actually been on a quest to find his birth parents. "[We] know. You know, Kayla and I, we didn't just show up out of nowhere," Steve replied. Kayla explained to Tripp that Steve had only known about Tripp's existence for a little more than a year. Steve added that he had begun a search at that time but had ultimately been told that the child he'd been looking for had died in infancy -- and he had believed that until recently, when Raymond had contacted him and admitted that there had been a mistake.

Tripp mused with a chuckle of disbelief, "I -- I came here [to try] to get my last paycheck, and I found..." He wondered if Steve and Kayla were sure that he was Steve's child. Kayla admitted that a DNA test would be needed to confirm the suspicion. "So, if [you're] not my mom, then...who is, and where is she?" Tripp asked Kayla. Steve carefully supplied Tripp with a first name for his mother, avoiding speaking of Ava in the past tense. Steve explained that he had been with Ava years earlier, but they had never married, and their relationship had ended badly. "She never told me she was pregnant," Steve added. He admitted that he didn't know why Ava had chosen to keep that information from him, and he stressed that if she had told him the truth, he would have stepped up and done the right thing.

"Well, I can't blame you if you didn't even know, right?" Tripp reasoned with a shrug. He wondered why Ava had given him up for adoption. Steve explained that Ava's father had apparently forced her to do that. "Did she ever try to find me?" Tripp asked. Steve dodged the question, suggesting that it would be best to table the conversation until after the DNA test. Tripp agreed to wait but curiously observed, "I get the feeling you don't like talking about my mom. Why is that?" Steve promised that he would answer every question Tripp had if the DNA test confirmed his suspicion about the young man's true identity.

Sirens soon began blaring in the distance. Tripp told Steve and Kayla to follow him out the back entrance so they could escape via an alley, but they didn't think that was a good idea. "No, I'm serious, okay? I've got a record," Tripp admitted. Steve pulled out his credentials and assured Tripp that he would handle the matter. As Steve exited the diner, Tripp asked Kayla, "Is he some kind of cop?" Kayla clarified that Steve was a private investigator and had also worked for the ISA in the past. Again impressed, Tripp said, "Wow! And he's really my dad?" Kayla urged Tripp to return to Salem with her and Steve so they could get an answer to that question.

After Jade was released from the hospital, Joey took her back to their apartment and helped her get settled on the couch. She mused, "Must be weird. I mean, all of a sudden, you've got a brother you never knew existed. Especially since his mother was..." He insisted that he didn't want to talk about Ava. "I wish I'd never met her," he added with a sigh.

Jade wondered if Joey was still seeing a therapist. Nodding, he admitted that the therapy sessions were helping. "Pretty heavy load, though," he continued. He was a bit shocked when she casually noted that it was a good thing that his therapist had to stay silent about his crime because of doctor-patient confidentiality. She assured him that she would never say anything about it, either.

Later, while Joey was in his bedroom, Jade received a phone call from her mother, who felt guilty about what Jade had gone through in an effort to save Hal's life. "I don't care if you feel guilty, [and] I don't want your stupid money! Just leave me the hell alone," Jade snapped before ending the call. Seconds later, Joey returned with Jade's prescribed medications and started to tell her how and when she was supposed to take each one. When he asked about the phone call, she claimed that the caller had been a reporter who had been hoping to get a statement from her about what her father had done.

Jade insisted that she couldn't sell the story to a gossip site, even though she was so broke that she couldn't even afford to pay rent for the apartment. Joey told her not to worry about that, but she fretted, "I do worry! I have nothing. I'm alone." He protested that she wasn't alone because she had him and three other roommates -- and he was definitely going to take care of her, even if no one else was willing to. "You're the best, Joey," she raved as she hugged him tightly.

Later, Joey made Jade a sandwich so she could take some medication that she wasn't supposed to have on an empty stomach. As she was eating it, he reminded her that she was supposed to drink plenty of water, too. He went over the instructions for each medication again, but she didn't take the lesson very seriously. She predicted that she would forget to take her medication unless he constantly reminded her. "Jade, you have to do this on your own, okay? I'm not always gonna be around," he stressed. He confirmed, however, that he would do what he could to help her.

Jade wondered if she had been prescribed any pain medication. "Pain? You said you were fine at the hospital," Joey pointed out. She said she was simply asking because she was concerned that she might start feeling pain at some point during the healing process. He reluctantly produced a pain medication but stressed that she needed to be careful with it, not just because it was addictive but also because her liver wasn't working at full capacity anymore. She confirmed that she understood, but when he took her dishes to the kitchen, she quickly gulped down a handful of pain pills, quietly reasoning, "He only pays attention when I need him."

Chad gave Abigail half of the antidote then turned to Gabi, who had managed to loosen her bindings, and tugged on his right ear. She nodded to confirm that she understood the signal. Satisfied, he sealed the vial then tossed it to her. She freed her right hand just in time to catch it. She gulped down the remaining half of the antidote just as Deimos finished his countdown.

J.J., Dario, and Paul soon burst into the warehouse, having figured out where to go with the help of an app Paul had used to zoom in on the portion of the surveillance footage that had captured the screen of Chad's cell phone as he had read Deimos' text message earlier that night. The three men helped Chad free Abigail and Gabi and carry them out of the warehouse to wait for the ambulance that was fast approaching. Still connected to the portable speaker in the warehouse, Deimos listened with growing frustration as the whole scene played out.

Sonny stormed into the Kiriakis mansion and slammed the front door shut. "Well, somebody's in a mood," Victor observed. Sonny joined Victor in the living room and stressed, "You need to put a leash on Deimos, and I mean now!" When Sonny revealed what Deimos had done, Victor wondered if there was any proof. "This isn't a court of law, Uncle Vic! He is hurting my family, so if you don't rein that son of a bitch in, I will!" Sonny snapped. Victor calmly maintained, as Sonny continued ranting, that without proof, there was no way to be certain that Deimos was responsible for the disappearances of Chad, Abigail, and Gabi.

Sonny argued, "Look, I know that you think people getting hurt is just part of the game. But we're talking about Gabi. She is the mother to my child. And Abigail is my cousin. I mean, doesn't my family merit protection?" Victor reasoned that if Deimos had launched an attack, protecting the Kiriakis family from huge financial losses had likely been his sole motivation.

"It's not about the money! I'm talking about lives!" Sonny countered. Victor conceded with a sigh that if Sonny's accusations were true, it was possible that Deimos had overstepped. "'s about the business, not about some personal vendetta," Victor maintained. He warned Sonny not to antagonize Deimos, who wasn't always predictable. Sonny promised that he wouldn't do anything stupid; he added, however, that he wasn't going to just sit back and watch as Deimos destroyed people's lives. Victor replied, "I understand. And just so you know, Sonny, I've always thought of you as the best of us. One day, you will lead the Kiriakis family."

"But not today," Sonny guessed. Victor insisted that Sonny simply wasn't ready yet. "What's it gonna take, Uncle Vic? Does someone have to die before you realize that you made a mistake?" Sonny asked.

At the hospital, Chad told Dario about what had happened. Dario admitted that if he had been in Chad's shoes, he probably would have split the antidote between Abigail and Gabi, too. He feared, however, that since neither woman had received a full dose of the antidote, they both might die. Elsewhere, Paul told J.J. that Deimos had probably been careful enough to ensure that there would never be any way to link him to the crimes he had committed that night. J.J. agreed but excused himself anyway, explaining that a police report needed to be filed regardless.

Deimos entered the Kiriakis mansion and went straight to the bar to pour himself a drink. Victor soon joined him in the living room and told him, "You know, if you're gonna move on your enemy, the least you could do is cover your damn tracks." Deimos dismissively insisted that there was no way to tie him to anything that had happened that night. He revealed what he had done to punish Chad -- and how Chad had managed to foil the plan. He admitted that Abigail and Gabi could both die, since neither woman had been given a full dose of the antidote.

"So, you [might have] managed two dead in one night. What happened to that leaf you were turning over?" Victor asked. "Stuff happens," Deimos replied with a shrug. Victor told Deimos to forget about his vendetta against the DiMeras. "It bothers Sonny," Victor explained. Deimos dismissively insisted that he didn't care about Sonny. "You will care!" Victor snapped, shooting Deimos a harsh glare.

Later, Sonny received a phone call from Paul, who told him about what had happened. Sonny started to rush off to the hospital, but as he was leaving the mansion, he ran into Deimos. "You son of a bitch!" Sonny spat. Deimos feigned innocence and started to walk away, dismissively insisting that he wasn't interested in talking to Sonny because he had better things to do with his time.

Blocking Deimos' path, Sonny angrily countered, "No, you know what? You're not walking away from this. You've gone way too far." Sonny looked Deimos straight in the eyes as he continued, "I promise you, you will not be leading this family. You don't think I can make [that] happen? Just watch me." Sonny shoved past Deimos as he exited the mansion.

At the hospital, Dario entered Abigail's room and took a seat at her bedside. Grasping her hand, he told her, "I wish you knew how much I care. You gotta get through this. You got to. 'Cause I...think I'm in love with you." She started to regain consciousness at that exact moment. She called out Chad's name then opened her eyes and realized with obvious surprise that Dario was the one who was at her side. Relieved that she was okay, Dario told her, "You don't know how happy you just made me."

Dario's comment confused Abigail, but as she was starting to question it, Chad entered the room. Dario quickly excused himself so Chad could be with Abigail. When Abigail realized that Gabi had not yet regained consciousness, she insisted that Chad needed to check on Gabi right away.

Chad approached Gabi's room in time to overhear Paul trying to convince Sonny not to blame himself for what had happened. Chad agreed with Paul, insisting that he was responsible for what had happened. After Sonny and Paul went to see Abigail, Chad entered Gabi's room and took a seat at her bedside. He kissed her hand and urged her to fight to stay alive. "I've gotta see [those] beautiful brown eyes again," he stressed.

In Abigail's room, Sonny promised to ensure that Deimos would never hurt anyone again. Abigail insisted that it would be best to just let the war end, but Sonny argued, "Depends on Deimos." Meanwhile, Dario entered Gabi's room and asked Chad, "Shouldn't you be with your wife?" Chad took the hint and left the room, but instead of rejoining Abigail, he took a seat in the waiting area. Deimos watched from a nearby hallway, delighting in Chad's pain.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Jade lands herself in the hospital.

• Tripp receives shocking news.

• Abe reaches out to Eli.

• Chad makes a move against Deimos.

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