Thursday, March 26, 2015
by Mike

Eric was surprised to find Xander -- an old friend from the Congo -- in Serena's hotel room. Eric wondered what Xander was doing in Salem. Xander said he'd let Serena answer that question, but she deflected, insisting he could give a much better explanation than she could.

Eric guessed Xander was doing some fundraising, but Xander clarified that those days were over. Xander claimed he was running a small pharmaceutical company -- Randor-Lewis -- and wanted to hire Serena to write an article about one of its latest drugs. After promising to think about Xander's offer, Serena asked him to leave, and he complied after making dinner plans with Eric.

After Xander left, Eric observed that Serena seemed kind of unsettled. Serena admitted she had never really liked Xander as much as Eric had. Serena complained that Xander could be pushy at times, prompting Eric to remind her Xander had once been a fundraiser. Eric hoped Xander's job offer would keep Serena in Salem a while longer. Serena assured Eric it was looking less likely she would have to leave Salem, anyway.

Changing the subject, Eric told Serena about his earlier conversation with Nicole. Serena maintained that Nicole was wrong about the second elephant statue. Serena complained that she might need to file a restraining order because Nicole seemed determined to cause trouble, but Eric thought it would be best for them to try to keep things civil.

"No, damn it! Eric, I don't want you listening to her -- about anything. She's a liar!" Serena insisted. Serena quickly apologized for her outburst and explained that Nicole just had a way of driving her crazy. Eric suggested he and Serena could just forget about Nicole and the business with the elephant statues. Relieved, Serena hugged Eric and assured him she was already feeling better about everything.

Before Nicole could begin investigating Serena online, Marlena entered Club TBD and wondered if Nicole really thought it would be a good idea to go through with the search. Nicole admitted nothing but did suggest that, contrary to popular belief, Serena wasn't actually a saint. For the sake of argument, Marlena allowed for that possibility but reasoned it would be best for Nicole to let Eric discover the truth about Serena on his own.

Marlena had heard Nicole was moving on with Daniel but decided that had to be misinformation because Nicole was clearly still stuck on Eric. Marlena advised Nicole to let Eric go, insisting that doing so would be best for him, best for Daniel, and, most of all, best for Nicole. "Now I know why Eric is hung up on Serena -- she's just like his mother, sugary on the outside and poison on the inside," Nicole muttered after Marlena left. Nicole considered picking up where she had left off before the interruption but realized, to her surprise, that Marlena might have actually given her some good advice.

At Salem University, Eve grabbed J.J.'s arm and snapped that she wanted him to stay away from Paige. As J.J. stood and started to loudly insist that wasn't going to happen, Jennifer intervened and told Eve to take her hands off him immediately. J.J. rushed off after grabbing his notes from Jennifer. Jennifer reminded Eve they'd had a deal. Jennifer warned that if the deal were off, she would call Paige right away and reveal the truth.

Eve was defiant at first but grudgingly admitted defeat when Jennifer started to contact Paige. Jennifer warned that she wouldn't just threaten to call Paige the next time -- she'd just go ahead and do it. Eve promised there wouldn't be a next time, assuring Jennifer she'd never spend time alone with J.J. again. Eve turned to leave just as J.J. returned, and she glared at him in silence for a moment before sidestepping him and walking away.

J.J. explained to Jennifer that his class had been canceled. Jennifer wanted to know exactly what Eve had said to J.J. earlier, so he told her. J.J. feared Eve could blurt out the truth at any moment, but Jennifer assured him that would never happen because Eve had finally realized just what was at stake. Jennifer encouraged J.J. to track Paige down and have some fun with her for the rest of the day.

Jennifer returned to the Horton house and sighed as she picked up a framed photograph of Tom and Alice. Jennifer wished Alice were still around to dish out advice. Jennifer feared she might be doing the wrong thing, and she thought Alice would know exactly how to handle the situation. Meanwhile, Eve returned to her apartment and started trying to formulate a new plan -- a very subtle, foolproof plan -- to get J.J. out of Paige's life without incurring Jennifer's wrath.

In Daniel's apartment, Paige observed that Daniel seemed upset about something. Daniel claimed he was just thinking about a patient. Paige was relieved to hear that, since she had assumed Daniel was upset with her because she had jumped to the wrong conclusion about him and Eve. Daniel assured Paige that wasn't the case, adding that he was sorry she had dealt with such confusion a few months earlier.

Paige admitted it had been a confusing time all around, since J.J. had started acting weird right after she had walked in on her mother with the mystery guy. After letting something slip, Paige went ahead and happily informed Daniel that she and J.J. had recently gotten back together. Paige thanked Daniel for the advice he had given her about not settling, since that had helped her realize she had kind of been using Cole to get over J.J.

Paige and Parker headed off to the park, leaving Daniel alone to try to process everything he had just learned. Daniel soon received an unexpected visit from J.J., who was looking for Paige. After telling J.J. where Paige was, Daniel revealed he had heard about the couple's recent reconciliation. Daniel wondered what had happened to the other girl J.J. had been seeing. J.J. explained that he and Roxanne had broken things off because they had never really been right for each other in the first place. Daniel mused that it was strange that Jennifer and Abigail had been completely convinced J.J. and Roxanne would never get together.

J.J. shrugged and reasoned that, while Jennifer and Abigail had obviously been wrong, it didn't really matter anymore, anyway. Daniel remained silent, so J.J. eventually asked if there was a problem. Daniel stressed that if there were a problem, J.J. could feel free to talk to him about it. Before J.J. could respond, Daniel received a phone call from Nicole, who had been sending him text messages but hadn't gotten any replies. Daniel insisted it wasn't a good time, and he hung up after promising to call Nicole back later.

J.J. tried to excuse himself, but Daniel stopped him. Daniel reiterated that J.J. could feel safe talking to him about anything, promising the conversation would remain confidential, and he wouldn't judge J.J. J.J. maintained that everything was cool, and there was nothing to talk about. Daniel shrugged and somewhat disappointedly told J.J. to take care of himself. "You make it sound like I'm lying or something," J.J. observed.

"J.J., why were you so upset when I offered to give you that leather jacket?" Daniel countered. J.J. stammered that he hadn't been upset -- he just hadn't wanted it. Daniel nodded and once again told J.J. to take care of himself. J.J. hastily retreated from the apartment and contacted Jennifer while waiting for the elevator. "[Daniel] knows. He knows everything," J.J. warned Jennifer.

Cole ran into Paige in the park and assured her he was okay with her decision to get back together with J.J. Cole said he was just glad Paige had been honest with him instead of ignoring his text messages and waiting for him to eventually get the hint. Cole wondered, however, how Paige could be extremely smart and extremely dumb at the same time. Cole insisted Paige deserved better than J.J., who was a known player.

"Paige, he's gonna break your heart. He's gonna cheat on you, he's gonna lie to you, and then he's gonna make you think it was all your fault," Cole warned. Paige insisted that Cole didn't know what he was talking about -- and didn't know J.J., either. "No, Paige, I do. You're the one that doesn't know him," Cole countered before walking away.

Later, while Cole was studying at Salem University, Eve casually greeted him. Cole informed Eve she didn't have to be nice to him anymore, since Paige had dumped him. "Oh, well...hmm. Let's see what we can do about that," Eve replied as she took a seat next to Cole. Meanwhile, J.J. tracked Paige down in the park just as she was handing Parker off to Maggie. J.J. immediately started questioning Paige about what she had told Daniel.

Jennifer went to Daniel's apartment to warn Daniel to stop bothering J.J. "You don't get to tell me what to do -- not about this," Daniel insisted. Jennifer wondered what Daniel was talking about. "Oh, I think you know. In fact, I am sure you know," Daniel replied.

Xander entered Club TBD just as Nicole was about to leave. Xander said he'd been hoping Nicole would still be around, since the club was the only place he knew to look for her. Xander explained that, while he understood Nicole was unavailable at that time, he still wanted to invite her to have dinner with him and some local friends of his -- friends he'd love to introduce her to. Nicole reminded Xander she hadn't even formally been introduced to him yet, so he extended a hand and revealed his first name.

Nicole shook Xander's hand but said she would have to decline his flattering invitation because she was already spoken for. Xander understood and promised not to try to change Nicole's mind every time he saw her. "Although...I have to admit, I really hate it when things don't turn out the way I want them to," Xander added before excusing himself. Nicole stopped Xander and wondered how often things didn't turn out the way he wanted them to. "Ultimately? Never," Xander replied before walking away.

Sonny entered his and Will's apartment, grabbed something, and started to make a hasty retreat. "So this is it? You're just gonna avoid me from now on?" Will asked Sonny as he emerged from their bedroom. Sonny said he hadn't been trying to avoid Will -- he had simply returned home to get something he needed for work. Will pointed out that Sonny had worked at the club the previous night until it had closed, had gotten up and gone to the gym at the crack of dawn that morning, and had then gone straight back to work again. "Just seems like someone's avoiding something," Will concluded.

Will added that he had sent Sonny four text messages but hadn't gotten any responses. Sonny said he wasn't really in the mood to send text messages, since a smiley face wasn't going to fix what was wrong. Will argued that he and Sonny wouldn't be able to fix anything until they started communicating with each other. Sonny promised he'd start talking once he was ready. Confused, Will said he had been under the impression Sonny had returned to Salem because he was ready to talk. Sonny clarified that he had actually returned because of the club.

"Wow. It's good to know where I stand," Will replied, turning away from Sonny. Sonny explained that the club had been suffering lately because of the competition from Edge of the Square. Sonny said he had talked to T while in Phoenix and had realized T was really nervous about the club and his own job security, so returning to Salem had seemed like the best move. Will summarized that Sonny had returned to the club, not him. Sonny asked Will not to twist the situation into something it wasn't, but Will added that Sonny had talked to T while in Phoenix but had sent all his calls to voicemail.

Sonny said he simply hadn't been ready to talk to Will yet. "Yet, or never?" Will wondered. Sonny assured Will that although he had decided to return to Salem because of the club, he had also thought they might be able to start trying, in person, to fix things once he got back. Will was eager to do that -- and confident things could indeed be fixed -- but Sonny feared it might be too soon, since they had started arguing the moment he had returned. Will reminded Sonny they had only argued because of a misunderstanding. Will reached out for Sonny, but Sonny pushed him away. "No, it's still raw, Will. It still hurts too much," Sonny insisted.

"Okay, um...when?" Will wondered. Sonny avoided the question, stating only that he needed to get back to the club. After Sonny left, Will received a visit from T, who was on a break from the club. T wondered if Will realized it was the first time they had been in the same room together since Will had returned from Los Angeles. Will was clearly surprised but tried to claim he had simply been busy with Arianna and his writing.

Unconvinced, T bluntly asked to know what was going on between Will and Sonny. Will avoided the question, wondering if Sonny knew T had gone to visit Will. T shook his head and said he had gone to see Will on his own because he had wanted to know what was going on with Will, since they hadn't connected in months and the recent text messages he had sent Will had been ignored. "I feel like I'm losing my best friend," T admitted.

Will assured T that wasn't the case. T forged ahead, saying he had tried to ask Sonny how Will was doing but had gotten a weird vibe there. T didn't know what was wrong, but he was sure something was. "You're right. And it is all my fault," Will admitted.

Paul entered Club TBD and stood near the bar, staring expectantly at Sonny. Sonny shook his head after glancing around and seeing familiar faces among the patrons, so Paul gestured for Sonny to meet him outside instead. After asking an employee to cover for him for a few minutes, Sonny went outside and insisted Paul shouldn't have visited the club. Paul understood but explained that he had needed to talk to Sonny and had been unable to reach him on the phone. "Look, Will came to see me. Sonny, I think we should talk," Paul added.

Sonny insisted on continuing the conversation elsewhere, so he and Paul went to a secluded section of the town square. Sonny stressed that he couldn't stay long. Paul understood and said he wouldn't even be talking to Sonny if he didn't think it was important to do so. Paul explained that he had been doing some thinking and had started to realize he was probably more responsible for what had happened with Will than he had initially believed -- and he was ready to own that. "We've been through all this, Paul. Unless you somehow made Will have sex with you --" Sonny began, but Paul interrupted him.

"See, but that's the thing, Sonny -- in a way, I did," Paul said.

. . .

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