Thursday, September 25, 2014
by Mike

As E.J. passed through the town square, he overheard Abigail recording a voicemail message for Jennifer, thanking her for inviting Ben over to the Horton house for dinner. After Abigail ended the call, E.J. asked to talk to her for a minute, but she wasn't interested. Undeterred, E.J. said he still cared about Abigail and was pleased to see that she was happy, just like he was.

Abigail found it a bit amusing that Sami had suddenly decided to take E.J. back after going to such great lengths to make him pay for his betrayal. E.J. conceded that he was a very lucky man, and Abigail somewhat sarcastically agreed. E.J. started to say something about Ben, but Abigail interrupted and insisted that E.J. wasn't allowed to talk to her about Ben -- or her life in general, for that matter. "If you care about me at all, then the next time you see me, E.J., don't -- don't look at me, don't talk to me, don't even think about me. Just. Keep. Walking," Abigail requested before walking away.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami randomly offered Kate a compliment, prompting Kate to wonder what Sami wanted. Sami admitted that she wanted to talk about E.J., but Kate was only interested in having such a conversation if it included the revelation that Sami had finally banished him from the property. "Oh, my God. You invited that bastard into your bed, didn't you?" Kate guessed when Sami started fidgeting uncomfortably.

Kate disappointedly declared that Sami was a fool. Sami protested that she'd had to follow her heart. "Okay. But if you think you're following your heart, then you need a -- a refresher course in human anatomy," Kate dryly replied. Sami argued that Kate was just bitter because all of her relationships had gone up in flames. Kate sarcastically agreed that things were going to be different for Sami, who had a storybook romance with the man who had ended up seducing their kids' babysitter. Kate concluded that, while Sami tried to present herself as a new-age woman who had it all, she was really just a weak-willed slave to a really bad man.

Kate accused Sami of being na´ve, arguing that E.J. was Stefano's son and would therefore say anything and do anything to anyone -- including Sami -- to regain power and money. Kate said she couldn't believe Sami had fallen for E.J.'s act, but Sami insisted that it hadn't been an act. "Fine. You keep on saying that to yourself," Kate replied before exiting the mansion, ignoring Sami's attempt to stop her.

Later, Sami entered the living room and was surprised to find E.J. waiting for her there, along with a candlelit dinner and a gift bag. Sami retrieved two jewelry boxes from the gift bag, and E.J. explained that one belonged to him and the other belonged to her. E.J. removed Sami's wedding ring from her finger and opened her jewelry box to present her with a new ring that was even more stunning.

"Samantha Gene Brady DiMera, will you marry me one last time?" E.J. asked. Confused, Sami reminded E.J. that they were already married, but he explained that he wanted to repeat the process because they hadn't exactly gotten married under the best circumstances the previous time. Sami happily agreed to marry E.J. again, and they consumed champagne as they reminisced about meeting each other for the first time -- back when E.J. DiMera had been E.J. Wells, the dashing racecar driver -- and faking a marriage to fool an immigration officer.

Sami teasingly reminded E.J. that both of those memories had been built on lies, but he clarified that his point was that things could have been much different if they had just settled into that marriage and made it a real one. Sami agreed but reasoned that she and E.J. weren't the kind of couple who could have taken such a boring route to their happily-ever-after ending. E.J. conceded the point, although he mused that he and Sami had certainly tortured themselves on the journey to their destination.

"Samantha Brady, I vow to tango with you -- literally and figuratively -- every day for the rest of our lives. I vow to catch you every time a piece of furniture or a door gets in your way. I vow to hold you when you need to cry, and I vow to spar with you when you need a good fight, and I vow to give you a big spoon when you need to stir up trouble. And I vow always to put you and the children first -- now...and forever. You are more than my heartbeat," E.J. said as he placed Sami's new ring on her finger.

E.J. retrieved from his jacket pocket the letter Sami had written him while she had been awaiting trial the previous summer. E.J. said the letter had really helped him find his pulse, and he promised that he would never again jeopardize or take for granted Sami's love for him. E.J. started to add that he would spend every day trying to earn his place at Sami's side, but she suddenly interrupted and said she couldn't let him continue. E.J. tried to protest that he wasn't finished yet, but Sami insisted that it was time for her to have her say.

"You were about to rehash all the terrible things we've done to each other, weren't you? All the horrible things, and the ways you hurt me, and I am tired of being a hypocrite. You hurt me, and I hurt you, and we're gonna move on from it. We're both very stubborn people, and I think we had to go through all of that to get to here. So...I know now that nothing is stronger than us -- not you at your worst, and not me at mine. I know that what we have between more. It's unbreakable, and it's irreplaceable. And I meant what I said in that letter, E.J. -- I can't breathe without you, and I can't sleep without listening to your heartbeat, and I will love you -- always and forever," Sami promised before kissing E.J.

At the Horton Town Square, Aiden assured a somewhat disappointed Chase that they would check another store the following day for the popular zombie hunter Halloween costume they had not yet been able to get their hands on. Chase suggested that the search could resume as soon as school ended the following day, but Aiden explained that they would have to wait until after his lunch date with his mystery woman, whose identity he still wasn't willing to reveal to his curious son. Aiden downplayed the importance of the date and promised that Chase would always be his top priority.

At the Brady Pub, Hope explained that, while she had not yet told anyone else -- including Shawn and Ciara -- about her decision to divorce Bo, she felt like Caroline had a right to know. Caroline was curious about the timing of the decision, and she wondered if Hope might ultimately end up reconsidering. "Bo left two years ago. He has clearly chosen his mission above his family. So, no -- I'm not going to change my mind," Hope gently replied.

"Whatever happens between you and'll always be my daughter," Caroline assured Hope. Later, while Caroline was in the kitchen, Aiden arrived and greeted Hope. Hope nervously glanced around the pub as she tried to hint that she didn't have time to chat, but Aiden missed her point and replied that he also only had a few minutes to spare before he had to get back to the town square to pick up Chase, who was with a friend.

Caroline emerged from the kitchen just as Aiden was asking Hope if they were still on for their date the following day. At Hope's request, Aiden excused himself, and after he left, she guessed that Caroline had overheard what he had just said. "Yes, uh...and, I mean, you tell me that story about you not being able to go on -- you never mentioned him. [...] You're gonna get a divorce so that you're free to date Aiden Jennings. Isn't that it?" Caroline demanded to know.

"No! Yes. And -- and no," Hope admitted with a sigh. Hope clarified that, while she was not yet sure if she had feelings for Aiden, she would have ultimately decided to divorce Bo even if Aiden hadn't entered the picture. Hope stressed that she could really use Caroline's support, and she wondered if Caroline -- who had seemed understanding before Aiden had arrived and mentioned the date -- still felt the same way about the matter. "I've loved you ever since you were a kid, and I've supported you, but I cannot support you in this. I'm sorry," Caroline replied before storming off to the kitchen.

Hope sighed and headed outside, where Aiden was waiting for her. Aiden apologized for causing trouble between Hope and Caroline, and he assured Hope that he would understand if she wanted to back out of their date. Hope confirmed that it would definitely be best for Aiden to refrain from talking about their relationship at the Brady Pub, of all places, but she promised that she would still meet him for lunch the following day.

Chad entered Club TBD and eavesdropped as Ben greeted a clean-shaven, well-dressed Clyde, who noted with amusement that it seemed like his own son hadn't recognized him at first. "How come you're all dressed up there, Johnny Cash? You headed to a funeral or something?" Ben wondered. Clyde laughed and explained that he had a big night ahead of him with a special lady.

Ben said he pitied the woman, but Clyde assured him that she could take care of herself. "Does she know how you used to 'take care of' Mom?" Ben asked. Ignoring the question, Clyde changed the subject and wondered if Ben's sister had received the money yet. "So...that's where you got all that cash," Chad mused as he approached the bar and introduced himself to Clyde as the owner of the club.

Ben was quick to clarify that Chad co-owned the club with Sonny Kiriakis. Chad assured Clyde that Ben was a great employee, and Clyde proudly replied that his son had always been a hard worker. After Clyde left, Chad tried to offer Ben another apology, but Ben tersely replied that the only thing Chad owed him was a paycheck.

Undeterred, Chad claimed that he hoped, despite the fact that he and Ben had gotten off on the wrong foot, that they would eventually be able to set aside their differences and perhaps even forge a friendship with each other. As Abigail entered the club, Ben replied that it would probably be best for him and Chad to just continue their working relationship as employee and boss, respectively. Chad agreed that he and Ben could play things that way if that was what Ben wanted to do, but he pointed out that their shared friendships with Will and Sonny might make that plan a bit awkward in practice.

Abigail interrupted and wondered if Ben was ready for their date. Ben nodded and went to get his jacket from the back of the club. Meanwhile, Abigail demanded to know if Chad had been hassling Ben. Chad replied that everything he did hassled Ben, but he assured Abigail that he had simply been trying to fix things between him and Ben. Chad told Abigail why the envelope filled with cash had been in Ben's possession in the first place, and she acted like the information was news to her, although she stressed that she had known all along that there was a reasonable explanation for the cash.

Ben returned and exited the club with Abigail, and Chad watched with irritation and discomfort as they left. Later, Chad received a phone call from Stefano, who wanted to know how things were going in Salem. Chad replied that things were basically going the way he and Stefano had assumed they would go. Stefano was hopeful that Chad and E.J. might have managed to bury the hatchet, but Chad insisted that he didn't think that was going to happen.

Stefano sighed and changed the subject, wondering what Chad had told Kate. "I told her everything you wanted me to tell her," Chad replied. Stefano warned that Kate wasn't a stupid woman, and he wondered if Chad was sure she had believed Chad's story about wanting to work with her to undermine Stefano. "Oh, yeah. She bought every word," Chad assured Stefano.

At the park, Abigail tried to talk to Ben about his earlier encounter with Chad, but Ben insisted that he didn't want to talk about Chad. Abigail assured Ben that she didn't want to talk about Chad, either, but she added that she also didn't want Ben to lose his job because of her. Ben explained that, while Chad had tried to make amends, Ben simply couldn't trust -- and didn't want to associate with -- anyone who could hurt Abigail the way Chad had. Ben added that it seemed like Chad was no better than E.J.

Later, as Ben and Abigail kissed, he suddenly stopped things from going further, pointing out that they weren't exactly in a private location. Ben assured Abigail that he badly wanted to be with her, but he explained that he was renting from people who didn't really allow guests. Abigail knew she wouldn't be able to sneak Ben past Jennifer and J.J., so she decided they would have to think of a plan to get the privacy they craved. Ben kissed Abigail again and coyly assured her that they would -- soon.

Kate met with Clyde at a fancy restaurant, where they each agreed that the other cleaned up nicely. Clyde poured champagne for Kate as he shared a story about a fortune cookie a waitress at a Chinese restaurant had urged him to open a few months earlier. Clyde showed Kate the fortune that had been enclosed in that cookie -- "You will meet a beautiful and mysterious stranger who will change your life" -- and she guessed that the waitress had likely set him up. Clyde admitted that he had been skeptical, too -- until he had met Kate the day after receiving that fortune. "So, is that what this dinner is all about -- celebrating your fortune?" Kate wondered.

"No, ma'am. This dinner is about seducing you," Clyde matter-of-factly replied. The line didn't impress Kate, but Clyde clarified that he hadn't been talking about anything physical -- he had simply been talking about the working relationship he wanted to forge with her. Clyde believed that such a relationship would be quite powerful, and he was also confident that he and Kate could learn a lot from each other.

Kate found it hard to imagine the kind of professional relationship she could possibly forge with Clyde. Clyde coyly explained that he had some money, although he wanted to save the details for another time. Kate wondered if Clyde was saying that he wanted to invest in her company, and he replied that he was ready to go all in. Kate still wasn't sure she understood what Clyde was proposing, but he simply asked her to give the matter some thought. Kate promised to do so, but she warned Clyde not to get his hopes up. Clyde agreed to respect whatever decision Kate made.

In John's hospital room, John woke up and uttered Theresa's name before she could inject his I.V. with the syringe. As Theresa stashed the syringe in her purse, Brady arrived and wondered what was going on. Theresa innocently claimed that she had simply been checking on John, who added that he had just been saying hello to her. Brady was pleased that John remembered who Theresa was, but John didn't know why that was noteworthy, since they had just met each other at her apartment the previous night, shortly after he had returned to Salem.

As John started demanding to know why he was in the hospital, Maxine arrived to give him a sedative. John tried to refuse the drug, but he was clearly agitated, so Maxine ignored his protests and administered it, anyway. After the drug took effect, Brady went to a break room to call Marlena, and when he returned to the waiting area, he told Theresa that, while he was pleased that John had finally emerged from the coma, he was worried about John's apparent memory loss. Brady knew John would want help recovering the lost memories, but Theresa argued that it would probably be best for those memories to stay buried.

Brady and Theresa went to Club TBD to continue their conversation. Theresa encouraged Brady to claim that John's head injury had been the result of a fall, but Brady had reservations about lying to John, and he knew John was clever enough to figure out that such a story didn't add up, anyway. Brady didn't understand why Theresa was invested in the matter, but she claimed that she didn't want John to remember because she knew the whole thing had only happened because Brady and John had been arguing about her. Brady said Theresa had already owned her part in the matter, and he advised that it would be best for them to all just learn from it and move on.

After Brady left, Theresa happily mused that the night had gone better than she had expected, and she assured herself that everything would be fine -- unless John happened to remember more about the night of his head injury. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Maxine checked on John after noticing a sudden spike in his heart rate -- the result of a dream he had just had about a fight with Brady at the Kiriakis mansion.

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