Thursday, July 21, 2016
by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Chad heard faint cries for help through the study's hidden entrance to the tunnels. Confused, he opened the door and found Rafe on the other side.

Insisting that there was no time to explain how he had ended up in the tunnels, Rafe led Chad to Hope's location. Chad carried Hope into the study and lowered her onto the couch then rushed off to get her a glass of water. Meanwhile, Jennifer arrived, having let herself in, and wondered what had happened. "You know as much as I do," Chad replied when he returned.

Jennifer contacted Kayla and told her that Hope had been injured. Aiden, who had gone to the hospital for an examination after sustaining injuries during his earlier fight with Andre, overheard Kayla's end of the phone conversation and tried to get her to tell him what had happened to Hope. "Roman told me everything that you did -- all the lies. What happens to Hope is none of your damn business," Kayla spat before walking away.

Marlena convinced John to leave the office for a while and get some fresh air, reasoning that he needed to remember to take care of himself while searching for Tate. As they strolled through the town square together, Marlena kept John distracted with happier topics of conversation, such as their impending wedding. Marlena wanted it to somehow be new and fresh, since she and John had already had more traditional weddings in the past, so John jokingly suggested getting married during a baseball game at Wrigley Field and having their post-ceremony kiss broadcast on the Kiss Cam.

Brady went to the Kiriakis townhouse to confront Victor, who denied involvement in Tate's abduction. Unconvinced, Brady revealed that John had discovered that Victor had recently withdrawn one hundred thousand dollars from a bank in the Cayman Islands. Victor said that money had been for a cruise he had booked for Maggie. "I can't believe you're accusing me of kidnapping that sweet child. Why on earth would I do that?" Victor asked.

"[Because] when you hate, you hate with a vengeance. And you hate Theresa, and you hate Summer, and you had an opportunity to wreck both of their lives, and you took it. Now tell me where my son is!" Brady angrily replied. Victor remained indignant, but Brady pointed out that it wasn't like child abduction was a line Victor was unwilling to cross; in fact, he had once hired someone to abduct Claire so Belle would look like an unfit mother. "That was... Philip wanted to get custody," Victor dismissively explained.

"Will you just admit that you do these things? This is who you are!" Brady snapped. Brady promised forgiveness in exchange for Tate's return, stressing that he understood that Victor just got carried away sometimes, but Victor argued that Brady was the one who needed to be begging for forgiveness, given the despicable accusations he had just hurled at his own grandfather. "I can't listen to you any longer. Stay as long as you like. Tear the place apart. Find evidence. You and I are done," Victor added before exiting the townhouse.

Having overheard the argument from another room, Maggie tried to convince Brady that Victor couldn't possibly have been involved in Tate's abduction. Brady still had doubts, suspecting that Victor's recent loss to Deimos had made him revert to his old ways. Maggie reluctantly allowed for that possibility but also argued that Brady could simply be grasping at straws out of desperation. Maggie also pointed out, regretfully, that Summer wasn't exactly the most reliable source of information. "What if they're both wrong? What if someone else did this?" Maggie suggested. "I don't know. I don't know anything anymore," Brady replied.

At the police station, Summer nervously waited for Roman to arrive to take her statement about Tate's abduction. Theresa assured Summer that she had no intention of telling Roman about Clark because that wouldn't help her get Tate back, and getting Tate back was her only concern. Summer stressed that she would never take a child from his mother, given her own experiences. Theresa still wasn't entirely convinced that Summer was innocent, but Roman arrived before they could discuss the matter further.

Summer told Roman about the money she had received from an anonymous source and hesitantly admitted that she had thrown away the note that had accompanied it. When Roman wondered if the sender had been holding something over Summer's head, Theresa remained silent as Summer nervously confirmed that she did have a criminal record. Summer added, however, that she had already told her loved ones about her past, so she hadn't been worried about being exposed.

Roman cut the interview short after receiving a phone call from Rafe. "You just dodged a bullet," Theresa observed after Roman left. Summer thanked Theresa for keeping her secret. As they were leaving the conference room, they ran into Victor, who demanded to know why Summer hadn't been arrested yet. "Because I'm not the one who kidnapped Tate. And you know that all too well, because you're the one who did it!" Summer shouted. Victor denied the accusation then warned Summer, "You'd better return my great-grandson to his parents -- and you'd better do it quickly -- or, trust me, I will make sure that you wish you were never born."

After Victor left, Theresa wondered if Summer still thought he was guilty. "Theresa, that man -- he's lethal. He will do whatever it takes to hurt you and destroy me," Summer replied. Later, Theresa and Summer ran into Brady in the town square, and they exchanged recaps of their respective encounters with Victor. Summer promised to do whatever she could to help Brady and Theresa find Tate, knowing that was the only way to truly prove her innocence. Meanwhile, Victor returned home, and Maggie assured him that she knew he hadn't been responsible for Tate's abduction.

At the hospital, Kayla tracked Rafe and Jennifer down in a break room after Hope's surgery. Aiden eavesdropped from the hallway as Kayla reported, "Hope had a perforated spleen. We removed it, and she's gonna be okay." When Jennifer contacted J.J. to give him the good news, he was in the town square. After ending the call, he ran into Chad, who was with Thomas. When Chad asked about Hope, J.J. repeated the update he had just received then walked away, refusing to talk to Chad about Jennifer's battle for custody of Thomas.

While waiting for Hope to wake up, Rafe went to get his leg wound stitched up. Afterward, he went to see Hope for a few minutes then left so she could get some rest. Meanwhile, Aiden ran into Shawn, who warned, "I'm gonna find [proof] that you're responsible for that explosion, and you're gonna spend the rest of your miserable life in prison." Aiden insisted that he was innocent. Rafe soon arrived and vowed to rip Aiden's head off if Aiden went anywhere near Hope. "And you can tell your buddy Andre that I'm coming for him, too," Rafe added.

Later, Aiden sneaked into Hope's room and tried to convince her that he hadn't been responsible for the explosion. Hope told Aiden to leave Salem and never return, but he insisted that he couldn't do that. "Then trust me, you will regret it," Hope warned.

. . .

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