Thursday, May 28, 2015
by Mike

At Club TBD, Xander had a tense encounter with Daniel, who doubted that Xander's recent meeting with Nicole at the Salem Inn had been completely innocent. "I really wanted to believe, when you showed up in Salem all polite and reformed, that you had changed, but unfortunately, the more I see of you, the more I suspect that you've just gotten good at hiding it," Daniel said. Xander insisted he had only good intentions, and he abruptly excused himself after receiving a text message.

After Xander left, Daniel warned Eric that Xander wasn't who he appeared to be. Eric reported that Serena had said the same thing. Daniel revealed that he had recently talked to Serena about Xander, although he thought it would be best to let her fill Eric in on the details. Daniel excused himself so he could head home, explaining that he'd had a long day. Eric started to share his big relocation news with Daniel but decided it could wait. Meanwhile, outside the club, Xander contacted Navidad and learned that Serena was with Nicole.

Serena warned Nicole to stay away from Xander, insisting Nicole would lose Daniel -- and much, much more -- if she didn't follow that advice. Nicole suspected Serena was jealous -- or simply worried Xander might slip up and reveal Serena's deepest, darkest secrets -- but Serena denied both suspicions. "I am trying to save your life, you stupid bitch," Serena stressed.

Serena said she knew Nicole was just pretending to be interested in Xander in the hope that he would eventually reveal something incriminating about Serena. Insisting there was nothing to reveal, Serena added that Nicole was playing a very dangerous game. "Xander's not a man you want to cross. He is unbalanced and unscrupulous, and he would not hesitate to hurt you," Serena warned.

Nicole denied Serena's suspicion and insisted Xander was a great guy. Serena revealed that Xander was having Nicole watched, but Nicole found that hard to believe. "You're just gonna have to trust me. Xander is a very dangerous man, and I couldn't leave town without at least trying to warn you, but I've done my job. So, please, be smart and put this guy in your rearview mirror before you become another in a long line of his victims," Serena advised Nicole before leaving the television station.

Before Melanie could fill Brady in on everything that had happened with Theresa earlier, Aiden arrived and apologetically revealed that it might not be possible to stop Theresa from leaving Salem with Tate. Aiden explained that, despite Theresa's history, a judge might be very reluctant to separate her from Tate again -- or deal with the public outrage such a ruling could provoke.

Melanie protested that Theresa deserved public outrage for nearly killing Brady's father. Aiden hadn't been aware of that information but warned that if he tried to mention it during a custody battle, Theresa's lawyer could counter with information about the history between Theresa's parents and Victor, since Tate would be living under Victor's roof if Brady were awarded sole custody of the child. "No charges were filed, but apparently, when Victor was being investigated by Shane Donovan, there were a few allegations of attempted murder and the like," Aiden explained.

"This just keeps getting better. Okay, hold on -- so, Theresa -- she's the daughter of an ISA agent, she's the granddaughter of the beloved Bradys, and my grandfather was Tony Soprano. There's no way in hell I'm getting custody," Brady concluded. Aiden confirmed that, while he wasn't an expert -- and therefore planned to consult with a colleague who was -- he was pretty sure a judge would allow Theresa to move to California with Tate if she wished to do so. Aiden promised to explore all options but advised Brady to do everything possible to avoid a custody battle.

After Aiden left, Melanie finished telling Brady about what Theresa had said to her earlier. Brady immediately stormed off to confront Theresa, ignoring Melanie's objections. Later, Daniel returned home and quickly realized Melanie was upset about something. Melanie, who had been reflecting on how being separated from her parents had affected her as a child, tearfully admitted the situation with Brady and Theresa was tough to deal with. Daniel assured Melanie that nothing would change the fact that Brady loved her and wanted to be with her.

Melanie admitted she wasn't sure how she had ever survived without Daniel in her life. Melanie noted that, despite Daniel and Chloe's differences, they had banded together and made joint custody work for Parker's sake. Daniel confirmed that he and Chloe were on good terms and just wanted Parker to be happy. Daniel wanted to call Chloe so he could find out when Parker would be returning to Salem the following day, so he excused himself after Melanie assured him she was going to be okay. "I will be okay. I'll be fine. I know what I have to do," Melanie muttered after Daniel left the room.

At the hospital, Kim revealed that Shane was well on his way to getting Theresa's probation revoked so she could move back to California with Tate. Kim added that she and Shane had also started looking in to custody lawyers so they would be ready if Brady decided to fight for custody of Tate. Theresa assured Kim that wouldn't be necessary, confidently predicting that Brady would put Tate first and do the right thing in the end.

Theresa admitted she already loved Tate more than she ever thought she could. Theresa was worried about being a bad mother, but Kim was confident that everything would be just fine. "Well, if you think it would be just fine, then why would you want to move me halfway across the country?" Theresa wondered. Kim explained that she simply wanted to be able to offer Theresa her support because being a single parent was the hardest job in the world -- and, selfishly, she also wanted to be able to spend as much time with Tate as possible.

Kim promised that if Theresa wasn't able to leave Salem right away due to pending custody proceedings with Brady, she would stay in Salem with Theresa for as long as it took for things to get sorted out. Theresa thought that was a terrible idea because she wanted to work things out with Brady amicably if at all possible, and Kim's presence would likely just complicate matters because Kim and Brady had already argued once since Kim's return to Salem -- and, to make matters even worse, Kim and Victor hated each other. Kim reluctantly agreed to let Theresa and Brady work things out on their own.

Anne entered Theresa's room just as Kim was leaving to check on Caroline at the Brady Pub. Once they were alone, Anne worriedly asked if Theresa had changed her mind and decided to move back to California, after all. Theresa laughed and explained that she just wanted everyone to think she was considering that idea. Anne wanted to know what kind of scheme was brewing in Theresa's head, but Theresa didn't want to answer that question yet, since she knew Brady would probably be arriving soon to read her the riot act.

When Brady burst into Theresa's room a short time later, he insisted that Tate would be staying with him in Salem -- and that Theresa could "go to hell," as far as he was concerned. Brady added that Melanie would be staying in his life as well, whether Theresa liked the idea or not. Theresa put up her hands in defeat and said she understood. After Brady stormed off, Anne -- who had been eavesdropping outside the room -- applauded Theresa's performance. Theresa said she had expected that sort of reaction from Brady, and she optimistically assured Anne he would change his tune eventually.

At the Horton Town Square, Lucas suggested to Adrienne that they could tell Jennifer about their relationship later that night, since Justin was about to return to Dubai. "Why stop there? Why not just tweet it out? Why not tell the whole world your good news -- you're shacking up with a married woman. Congratulations!" Kate said as she approached Lucas and Adrienne's table.

"Have you never shacked up with a married man? Really? Isn't that the whole reason I'm here?" Lucas countered. Kate pointed out that Jennifer and the rest of the Horton clan had never let her forget about that indiscretion, and she had been a pariah in Salem since then. Kate said she didn't want that for Lucas, and Adrienne agreed. Lucas insisted no one would criticize him and Adrienne for choosing to be together, since her husband had left her, and she had a right to move on with her life and find happiness elsewhere.

Lucas reminded Kate she no longer meant anything to him, and he told her to finally get out of his life for good. Kate blamed Adrienne for turning Lucas against her, but he insisted Kate had turned him against her on her own, thanks to years of practice. Kate wanted to talk to Lucas privately so she could try to work things out with him, but she received a text message before she could finish trying to persuade him to agree to the idea. "Go ahead and answer it -- you might as well. You don't want to lose another designer, another distributor -- or, no, maybe even another kid," Lucas advised.

After Kate left, Lucas and Adrienne returned to the Salem Inn. Lucas said he had forgotten just how liberating disowning his mother could be, but Adrienne wasn't fooled, knowing that being at odds with Kate was upsetting for him. Adrienne admitted she felt responsible, but Lucas insisted she was only responsible for making him happier than he had been in a very, very long time.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor stopped Justin from going to the airport to catch a flight to Dubai, explaining that the trip was no longer necessary because Justin had been replaced and therefore had no reason to return to Dubai -- other than his mistress, of course. Justin angrily insisted the Dubai deal would fall apart without him, but Victor dismissed the concern, stating that Justin's replacement was a much better negotiator than Justin had ever been -- and would probably get along with Elsa just swimmingly himself.

Justin wondered if Victor actually believed that keeping him in Salem would magically solve all the problems in his and Adrienne's marriage. Victor said that was the least of his concerns. "Your son needs his father to guide him in the right direction -- away from Will Horton," Victor added. Justin couldn't believe Victor was keeping him in Salem just to break up Will and Sonny's marriage. Victor admitted there was one other reason.

As if on cue, Kate arrived and wondered why Victor had summoned her. Victor said he wanted Kate to meet her new boss. "Oh, that would be you," Victor told Justin. Kate protested that she and Victor had agreed she would answer only to him. Victor said he had made that agreement before Kate had lost her top designer and distributor in the span of two weeks. Victor explained that Kate wasn't being demoted -- she would just be under Justin's supervision. Justin objected that he was a lawyer and had no interest in supervising Kate or anyone else, but Victor countered that Justin worked for Titan and would do whatever the company needed him to do.

Kate insisted Justin didn't have the necessary experience for such a role, but Victor disagreed, pointing out that Justin had once had a company of his own and knew how to make a business successful. Victor added that Justin also had a vested interest in destroying the competition -- the man who was sleeping with Justin's wife. "Now, if that's not enough incentive to make this thing work, I don't know what is," Victor mused with a laugh. Kate stormed off after protesting that the whole situation was ridiculous, and Victor joked that she had taken the news pretty well.

Serena ran into Eric in the town square and asked if she could spend the night at his place, explaining that she didn't want to be alone that night. Eric agreed but wanted to know what was wrong with Serena, since she seemed to be more upset every time he talked to her lately. Serena claimed she was just feeling overwhelmed because of the impending relocation, but Eric suspected she might instead be upset about Xander. Serena denied the suspicion and evasively promised to explain everything later, adding that she just wanted to shut out the rest of the world that night and focus solely on being with Eric.

Despite trying to assure herself that Serena was just a nutcase and that everything was going to be fine, Nicole still felt nervous enough to close the blinds in her office, just in case someone really was watching her. A short time later, Xander arrived and offered to take Nicole to dinner, but she declined, claiming she just wanted to go home and crash because she'd had a really long day. Xander admitted he was disappointed, and he wondered if Nicole was trying to avoid him. Nicole dismissed the concern and claimed she was really looking forward to cashing in her rain check sometime soon.

After Xander left, Nicole nervously paced around her office, wondering what she had gotten herself into. Meanwhile, Xander met with Navidad in a secluded section of the town square and told her to keep following Nicole. "One wrong move on her part, and I'm prepared to end this game for good," Xander added.

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