Thursday, April 17, 2014
by Mike

Upon request, Kate met with Rafe at Club TBD to discuss a "pretty serious" matter. Kate assumed that something might have happened between Rafe and Jordan, but he clarified that he actually wanted to talk about Nick Fallon. "Care to tell me why you hired the S.O.B.? And I want the truth," Rafe said.

Kate agreed that Nick was an "S.O.B.," but she added that he was a brilliant one who made her lots of money. Kate's attitude puzzled Rafe because he knew how she really felt about the way that Nick had treated Will and Sonny, but she succinctly summarized that business was business. "Yeah, and it's my business now that that creep is trying to worm his way back into my sister's life. But the funny thing is, is that I've got people telling me it's not my business and that I need to back off and butt out," Rafe countered with obvious frustration. Kate informed Rafe that those people were "dead right" and that he needed to take their advice.

Rafe sighed as he realized that Kate was "one of the pack," and he informed her that he wasn't going to listen to anyone who told him to back off and let Gabi get involved with Nick again. Kate assured Rafe that Gabi would eventually regain her senses if he simply let the situation run its course. "Gabi had a kid with a gay man, and she married Nick Fallon. She does not have any senses to come to," Rafe countered. Kate warned that if Rafe allowed Gabi to hear him say things like that, he would just lose his sister and make Nick seem more sympathetic to her. Kate advised Rafe to play it safe and wait, prompting him to suspiciously note that she never employed such tactics.

Kate reasoned that, after the situation with Chloe and Parker, she simply didn't want to risk alienating Gabi. Rafe noted with frustration that everyone was acting like Nick was an all-powerful guy they needed to be afraid of, and Kate confirmed that Nick was powerful because of the hold that he had on the "beyond stubborn" Gabi at that time. Kate apologetically excused herself so that she could get to a business meeting, but before leaving, she urged Rafe to take his frustration out on a punching bag instead of going after Nick. Rafe vowed that he would find someone who would level with him about what was going on with Nick, and Kate nonchalantly wished him luck with that search.

In Will and Sonny's apartment, Gabi was on the phone with Nick, complaining about how Rafe had punched Nick earlier. Nick hoped that, with the punch out of Rafe's system, they could find some common ground in the future. Gabi gushed that Nick never seemed to get pessimistic about anything, and he replied that Rafe was important to him because Rafe was her brother.

Gabi heard someone unlocking the apartment door, so she abruptly ended the call after arranging to meet with Nick later that day. Will entered the apartment with a gift box in one hand, and Gabi commented that it was awesome that he and Sonny were still receiving belated wedding gifts. Will opened the box and showed Gabi the engraved heart-shaped crystal. Gabi declared that the item was beautiful, and Will agreed, stating that he and Sonny really liked it. "Even if it is from Nick," Will added after clearing his throat.

Gabi was surprised that Will and Sonny had kept the gift instead of trashing it. Will admitted that the gift was thoughtful, but Gabi wondered if he actually believed that or if he suspected that the gift was really just another one of Nick's ways of trying to manipulate Will and Sonny. "Well, that's definitely a possibility," Will matter-of-factly stated. Will's answer annoyed Gabi, but he pointed out that she had asked him a direct question and that he had simply answered it. Will asserted that it was possible that Nick was being manipulative and that it was also possible that Nick was being genuine.

Gabi complained that no one was willing to listen to her when she tried to tell them that Nick had changed. "We listen -- we just aren't sure that you're right. And after everything that Nick has done, I don't think you can blame us for wanting to be sure before we give him a second shot at us," Will calmly clarified. Gabi argued that Nick had already proven himself when he had chosen not to press charges against her, Sami, and Kate for what they had done to him.

"I -- I'm supposed to be mad at him because you want me to be? Can I be mad at your mom for telling me that I'm an unfit mother because I wanted to spend time with him? All right, can I be mad at Rafe for punching him in the mouth? You know what? Everyone's being horrible but Nick, and it's still his fault! And everyone keeps yelling at me!" Gabi complained, pouting as she slumped down on the couch. Before Will could respond or question Gabi about the revelation that Rafe had punched Nick, he received a text message from Rafe, who asked to see Will as soon as possible.

As Gabi continued to pout, Will cleared his throat and assured her that no one was going to keep yelling at her. Will told Gabi about his earlier conversation with Sami, and he held out Sami's key to the apartment as he promised that Sami would no longer be able to barge into the apartment whenever she felt like doing so. Gabi thanked Will as she took the key from him. Will added that, while he and Sonny were willing to lay off of Nick, he wanted to be honest with Gabi about the fact that he was worried about her rushing into something with Nick. Gabi insisted that Nick wasn't going to hurt her. "It's not you that I'm worried about -- it's Ari," Will clarified.

Gabi insisted that Nick loved Arianna and would never hurt her, but Will pointedly countered that Nick also loved Gabi but still had a temper that she had seen firsthand. Gabi replied that she and Nick were far from being in a serious relationship with each other and that Will was just borrowing trouble. Frustrated, Will started to respond more loudly than he had perhaps intended, but he quickly stopped himself, lowered his voice, and apologized. "It's just -- we are talking about Ari's life. We're not some kids in a -- in a dorm room, discussing our love life -- we're parents. And it scares the hell out of me that you've -- you almost moved out. And Nick is moving back into your life, and we have no formal agreement," Will explained. Gabi wondered if Will was saying that he wanted a custody agreement, and he confirmed that he'd like to have a joint custody agreement in place.

"Gabi, when you said you were going to move out, it hit me that if, for whatever reason, you didn't want me to see Arianna, I'd have to go to court," Will explained. Gabi assured Will that she would never keep him from seeing Arianna, but he wondered if that would still be true if she got back together with Nick at some point in the future. Gabi irritably summarized that Will apparently believed that she was some sort of spineless person who would do whatever Nick told her to do. "That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that I would feel safer if there was an agreement in place that -- that guarantees some kind of parental rights if you should happen to leave," Will explained.

Gabi shook her head in disbelief and abruptly excused herself so that she could get some air. Will observed that Gabi seemed angry, but she clarified that she was just surprised because she hadn't anticipated what had just happened. Will assured Gabi that he would watch Arianna while she was gone. "I know. I trust you. I just wish it worked both ways," Gabi replied before exiting the apartment. After Gabi left, Will sent Rafe a text message to let him know that it was safe for him to visit the apartment.

When Rafe arrived a short time later, he asked Will if Nick was threatening or blackmailing Gabi. Will assured Rafe that the situation hadn't gotten to that point yet, but that just confirmed Rafe's suspicion that Nick did know something that could potentially be used against Gabi. Will urged Rafe to leave things alone for Gabi's sake, but Rafe refused to do so because she was his sister. Rafe pointed out that, as a cop, he had the power to put Nick away if Nick had done something illegal. "Damn it, Rafe, will you listen to me? For once, it was not Nick that did something illegal," Will clarified.

Rafe summarized that Will was essentially saying that someone else had done something illegal that Nick could use against that person. Will replied that he was simply saying that the person who had told Rafe to stay out of the situation had given him sound advice. Rafe didn't want to leave Gabi at Nick's mercy, but Will reiterated that Nick wasn't blackmailing her at that time. Will added that, while he couldn't think of anything that Rafe could possibly do to make the situation better, he was positive that Rafe could do something to make the situation much worse.

Rafe found it interesting that Nick had implied the same thing during their earlier conversation. Will wondered if that had been before or after Rafe had punched Nick. "Gabi was furious, and you know what? This might come as a big surprise to you, but she's even more sympathetic to his cause [now], all right? She thinks that he's the injured party, and maybe he is. But Rafe, I cannot let this escalate any further because of Ari," Will insisted. Rafe understood that Will felt boxed in, but he advised that it was impossible to appease someone like Nick Fallon and that trying to do so would only make things worse.

At the Horton Town Square, Kate met with Nick to discuss some business matters. Kate didn't mention Nick's facial wound, so he eventually wondered if she had been planning to spend the entire meeting pretending that it didn't exist. "Well, I just assumed someone belted you. I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often," Kate replied. Nick revealed that Rafe was the person who had punched him. Nick guessed that Kate had known that all along, but she denied the suspicion.

Nick demanded to know what Kate had said about him to Rafe. "Nick, I don't talk about you to anyone. I actually try not to think about you at all. But Rafe does know you're a horrible person, and he does love his sister, so I'm sure he tries to keep you away from her," Kate calmly replied. Nick protested that he wasn't forcing Gabi to do anything and that interacting with him was her decision, but Kate skeptically pointed out that his ability to send Gabi to prison for attempted murder whenever he felt like doing so might have something to do with Gabi's willingness to show an interest in him.

Nick reminded Kate that Gabi wasn't the only person who was at risk, and he warned that Rafe might figure out something that Kate didn't want him to know if he kept pushing. Kate informed Nick that she agreed with him and had actually advised Rafe to drop the matter earlier that day. "Good. Let's hope he listened...because wouldn't it be ironic if he ended up responsible for putting his sister, his ex-wife, and his...ex-lover...all behind bars," Nick mused.

Later, Nick met with Gabi in a secluded section of the town square. Gabi told Nick about what had happened earlier, and Nick innocently mused that it was a bit weird that Will had started talking about a custody agreement right after marrying Sonny. Gabi said that she had thought about that, but she added that Will was also nervous about her involvement with Nick. Nick conceded that Will's apprehension was understandable because Nick and Gabi were getting closer again, and Nick had tried to cut Will out of Arianna's life before.

Gabi asked Nick to promise that he would never do that again, and when he granted her request, she admitted that she wanted to believe him. Nick grasped Gabi's hand as he assured her that she could believe him, claiming that he would never ask her to keep Arianna away from Will or do anything else to make Gabi unhappy because he never wanted her to be unhappy again. Gabi gushed about Nick's assurances and started to kiss him -- just as Rafe arrived.

At the Brady Pub, Aiden explained to Hope that Marlena had consulted on one of his recent cases. "She's one of my very closest friends; she's always had my back," Hope shared with Aiden, who admitted that he knew from experience that it was good to have that kind of support. Hope agreed before changing the subject, stating that Aiden's gesture, while unnecessary, had still meant a lot to her.

Aiden guessed that Chase had found Hope and given her the thank-you card earlier. Hope humbly reminded Aiden that protecting people from criminals was her job, and he assured her that he was aware of that fact, but he added that he was still grateful that she had been there for Chase when the boy had needed her. Before Hope could respond, Father Louis entered the pub and wondered if she and Aiden were brainstorming about the church's summer gala. "We were thinking about having it in the summer," Hope revealed.

"Yes. And it'd be kind of like a...gala," Aiden added. Father Louis said that it seemed like the event was in good hands and that he liked Hope and Aiden's "big-picture thinking," but as he drew their attention to a large, overstuffed binder that he was carrying, he added that there were a few minor details and hitches that needed to be dealt with. Father Louis dropped the binder into Hope's outstretched hand, and she nearly dropped it because she wasn't expecting it to be as heavy as it was.

Father Louis carefully revealed that the president of the Parent-Teacher Association, Helen, had asked him to point out that the previous year's gala had not been a "triumph of organization" and that the person who had been in charge at that time had left things "hanging" when they had relinquished the position. Before Hope or Aiden could respond to the news, Father Louis abruptly excused himself so that he could locate and say hello to Caroline. After Father Louis left, Hope wondered if Aiden had ever noticed that the priest had a habit of rushing off immediately after dropping a bombshell so that he wouldn't have to deal with the fallout.

Aiden nodded as he took the binder from Hope and started to flip through its pages. Aiden quickly discovered something that made him realize that things hadn't just been left hanging the previous year -- they had been completely screwed up. After taking a look at the document that Aiden had found, Hope concluded that he was actually putting a positive spin on the situation himself. Hope placed a phone call to the Salem Inn and confirmed her fear that its ballroom had never been booked for the gala and was no longer available. "Oh, no room at the Inn. We Catholics know all about that," Aiden joked.

Hope insisted that the matter wasn't funny, and Aiden agreed but added that it wasn't particularly tragic, either. Aiden was certain that other venues would still be available, but Hope explained that the gala was traditionally held on the same weekend and at the same venue each year. Hope recalled that the church had once deviated from that tradition and that it had barely managed to avoid losing money on the event that particular year. Hope sighed and declared that the impending gala -- which was particularly important because St. Luke's Academy was still relatively new -- was going to be a disaster, but Aiden wasn't ready to admit defeat that easily.

Aiden placed a phone call to the Salem Inn and convinced someone there to reveal who had booked the ballroom on the weekend that the gala was traditionally held, and he proceeded to call that person and arrange to meet with him at the pub. A short time later, a man named Mr. Howell entered the pub and approached Hope and Aiden's table. Hope stood to greet Howell and thank him for meeting with her and Aiden, but the man ignored her and claimed the unoccupied seat at their table without waiting for an invitation.

Hope informed Howell that she and Aiden were volunteers at St. Luke's, where both of their kids attended school. "Public school not good enough for them?" Howell asked. Ignoring the question, Aiden cleared his throat and explained that he and Hope wanted to talk to Howell about hopefully switching the date of his event so that the church could hold its annual gala there that night. Hope added that the gala was a twenty-year tradition that had always been held at the Salem Inn in the past. Howell assured Hope that he was well aware of that fact, since he had been trying for years to hold his own event there on that same weekend but had never been able to before.

Hope wondered what kind of event Howell was planning. "A domino convention. Yes, I'm the president of the Upper Midwest domino society. My membership wants a calm and relaxing place to focus on the art of dominoes," Howell explained between glances at one of the pub's menus. Hope suggested that the town square would be a great place to hold such a convention, and she added that the St. Luke's Academy gymnasium would be another great alternative. "Then you use it," Howell dismissively replied before trying to flag down a waiter. Howell impatiently complained that the service at the pub was horrible.

Hope explained that the gala raised money each year to fund scholarships for kids. "I don't like kids. So why should I be the one to move? What's in it for me?" Howell bluntly asked. Aiden retrieved his checkbook and pen from the pocket of his suit jacket in response to Howell's question, but that only irritated the man, who complained that Aiden was a typical lawyer who believed that everyone could be bought. Aiden reasoned that the check wouldn't be a bribe -- it would be an incentive for Howell to do the right thing for the kids who would benefit from the money that the church would raise at the gala.

Howell refused to change the plans for his convention, and he threatened to report Aiden to the bar association and Hope to her superiors for trying to bribe him. Aiden coolly clarified that he and Hope hadn't done anything illegal, but Howell countered that what they were doing was unethical. Howell stormed out of the pub after wishing them luck finding a different venue to hold their gala. After Howell left, Aiden sighed as Hope sarcastically stated that the meeting had gone really well.

A short time later, as Hope and Aiden were trying to figure out their next move, Father Louis returned and observed that it looked like things were going splendidly. Hope agreed that Father Louis' assessment of the situation was accurate if it was another way of saying that she and Aiden had lost, but Aiden jumped in and concluded that they had lost some of the previous year's silent auction records. Father Louis promised to look into that, and he urged Hope and Aiden to stay focused on the big picture. Father Louis left after enthusiastically stating that he had known all along that Aiden and Hope would make a great team.

After Father Louis left, Hope wondered if Aiden actually believed that the priest wouldn't notice when the gala ended up being held in her garage instead of the Salem Inn's ballroom. "Oh, ye of little faith," Aiden coyly replied. Hope pointed out that Aiden had just lied to a priest, and she wondered what Aiden had been thinking. Aiden smiled as he responded that he was thinking that working with Hope on the gala might be kind of fun.

In Jennifer's office at the hospital, Jennifer told Brady that, aside from Theresa, she couldn't think of any other "sick, demented" person who would want to destroy Daniel's life. Brady defended Theresa, arguing that her history of screwing up didn't necessarily mean that she was a vindictive person, but Jennifer dismissed his objections and refused to discuss the matter further, reasoning that his incredibly good heart was preventing him from being able to see who Theresa really was.

Assuming that Jennifer simply didn't want to discuss the matter with him because he was on the hospital board, Brady assured Jennifer that he had gotten clearance to talk to her off-the-record earlier that day. Jennifer clarified that her concerns had nothing to do with Brady's position on the board and everything to do with the fact that she wasn't willing to talk about the situation with anyone who was going to take Theresa's side over Daniel's. Jennifer was confident that if she said too much to Brady, Theresa would just find a way to use Jennifer's words to wiggle out of the situation and hurt Daniel even more than he had already been hurt.

Brady insisted that Jennifer and Daniel were his friends and that he would never do anything to hurt them. Jennifer agreed that Brady would never intentionally hurt her or Daniel, but she maintained that Brady's decision to hang out with Theresa showed an incredible lack of judgment on his part. Jennifer tactfully suggested that Brady's use of alcohol could cause him to slip up and reveal something to Theresa while intoxicated that might allow Theresa to get away with what she had likely done to Daniel.

Jennifer said that, while she understood that Brady was hurting, it would be better for him to turn to his friends for support instead of alcohol or Theresa. Brady assured Jennifer that, regardless of his involvement with Theresa, he genuinely wanted to help Daniel. Jennifer stressed that she wasn't questioning Brady's intentions -- just his judgment and self-control. Jennifer reiterated that she couldn't risk trusting Brady when he was drinking and dealing with Theresa. Brady understood but wanted Jennifer to grant him one small request.

At Liam's place, Liam selected a specific sample box of drugs from his briefcase, muttering that it would probably do the trick. After setting the box aside, Liam placed a phone call to someone and agreed when they stated that it had been a long time since they had last spoken to each other. Later, Liam met with the person in a secluded section of the town square.

The woman handed Liam a brown paper bag and said that she hoped that the exchange had made them even. The woman added that she also hoped that whatever Liam was planning was worth it, and he smiled as he assured her that it would be. Liam returned to his place, where he dumped a handful of unidentified pills into a labeled prescription pill bottle that he had retrieved from the brown paper bag.

In the park, Theresa spotted Daniel and quickly turned to walk away from him, but he stopped her and warned her not to even think about doing that. Daniel guessed that, since addicts were notoriously arrogant, Theresa probably believed that she was clever and that she would get away with what she had done to him. Daniel admitted that Theresa was smart and that he hadn't expected her to pull off such an elaborate stunt after previously promising to keep her distance from him. Daniel added that Theresa had gone too far with her latest scheme, since endangering the life of a patient was a far more serious crime than embezzling hospital funds.

Theresa dismissively stated that Daniel was crazy. "Possibly...if provoked. But you are crazy if you think that what you have on J.J. can protect you. 'Cause you, sweetheart -- you are playing in the big leagues now, and when what you've done is uncovered, it's not gonna be up to Jennifer or me to save your ass this time around. No, no, no. Because even if we wanted to -- well, we really wouldn't be able to. You are going down, and no one can save you -- no one," Daniel warned Theresa.

Theresa said that she wasn't worried because she knew that she was innocent, but Daniel pointed out that she didn't always act alone. Theresa calmly challenged Daniel to tell her what he thought he knew about her supposed involvement in what had happened to him earlier, and when he replied that he knew what kind of person she really was, she concluded that he had no real proof that she had done anything wrong. Theresa abruptly excused herself after receiving a text message from someone, and as she turned to leave, Daniel warned that the police wouldn't have any trouble tracking her down if they ever needed to talk to her. "Just kick over my rock, right?" Theresa replied before walking away.

Shortly after Theresa left, Daniel received a phone call from Jennifer, who asked him to meet her at the Horton house. When Daniel arrived there a short time later, he told Jennifer about his earlier encounter with Theresa. Daniel said that, while Theresa hadn't given him any indication or proof that she was responsible for what had happened to him, she had certainly seemed guilty -- and really, really worried.

Daniel mused that there had to be a way to figure out how Theresa had pulled off her latest apparent stunt, prompting Jennifer to explain that she had actually asked him to meet with her because she knew someone who really wanted to help him -- Brady. Daniel was reluctant to accept Brady's help, even after Jennifer told him about the promises that Brady had made, since promises didn't mean much to an "untreated alcoholic." Jennifer urged Daniel to at least hear Brady out, since Brady was Daniel's friend and loved Daniel.

At the Horton Town Square, Theresa met with Brady, who had purchased an espresso for her while waiting for her to arrive. Theresa commented that a Bloody Mary would have been more fun, prompting Brady to reply that he had actually arranged the meeting so that they could talk about that subject. Brady told Theresa that some things needed to change right away, for him and for them. Brady explained that, pending Daniel's consent, he had agreed to help Daniel figure out who had drugged Daniel.

Theresa guessed that Brady believed that she had been involved, and he replied that, while he was hopeful that she was innocent, he had to find out the truth regardless, and he was going to have to stay away from alcohol and her until he achieved that goal. Theresa protested that Daniel and Jennifer were just out to get her, and Brady admitted that he couldn't really blame them, given the circumstances. Brady reasoned that Theresa had nothing to worry about if she was truly innocent, adding that the best-case scenario involved him clearing Daniel's name and hers at the same time. Theresa wondered what would happen if she refused to respect Brady's wishes. "Then we're through," Brady matter-of-factly replied.

Later, Brady met with Jennifer and Daniel at the Horton house. Daniel shared his reservations with Brady, who admitted that he couldn't blame Daniel for having them. Brady surprised Jennifer and Daniel with the revelation that he had just ended things with Theresa and was also going to abstain from alcohol until they figured out what had happened to Daniel. Daniel wondered if Brady truly believed that he could stick to that plan, and Brady shrugged as he replied that Daniel would happily do the same for him. Jennifer smiled as she looked at Daniel expectantly, and after considering the offer for a moment, Daniel hugged Brady and accepted his help.

Theresa went to the park after her conversation with Brady. "All right...if I rat Liam's a lose-lose for me. Oh, God. I really hope that psycho Liam realizes that this is -- this is just getting really serious and he needs to back off -- for all of our sakes," Theresa worriedly muttered. Meanwhile, Liam entered Daniel's apartment and retrieved the prescription pill bottle from his briefcase.

. . .

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