Thursday, October 16, 2014
by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Hope was on the phone with Aiden, assuring him that she didn't want to postpone their date in light of Sami's recent loss, since she had already spent time with Sami earlier that day, and she planned to check on Sami again later, as well. Hope said she was looking forward to the picnic Aiden had prepared, and he echoed the sentiment, jokingly adding that red sauce wouldn't be on the menu. "Good plan. Then,'s a date," Hope replied with a smile of anticipation.

"What's a date?" Ciara asked as she approached from behind, causing Hope's smile to quickly fade. Hope abruptly ended the call and pointed out that Ciara was supposed to be on a pumpkin-picking field trip. Ciara gestured toward her nearby school bus and explained that it had broken down earlier. Ciara added that she had spotted her mother and had sneaked over to say hello after she and the other kids had exited the vehicle.

"So, what's up with this date, Mom? I know what a date is, so you can skip that part. Unless it's a different kind of date, like a lunch date with Jennifer or something," Ciara asked. Hope remained silent, prompting Ciara to guess that Hope had been talking about the real kind of date. "I don't get it. How could you go on a date? What about Dad? What about Dad?" Ciara demanded to know.

Maggie stumbled upon Aiden's picnic in the park and observed that it looked like he had gone to a lot of trouble just to make someone's day. Maggie guessed that the lucky woman was Hope, and she revealed to Aiden that Hope had talked to her and Victor about everything earlier. Before Aiden could respond, he received a text message from Hope, who apologetically explained that she needed to cancel their date because something was going on with Ciara. "Well, know, I set this up for one beautiful woman, but she can't make it. Maybe another would like to join me?" Aiden suggested.

Hope took Ciara to a secluded section of the town square and hesitantly explained that there was something she had been meaning to tell Ciara but hadn't gotten around to saying yet because it had never seemed like the right moment to do so. Hope pointed out that Bo had been gone for a while, and she acknowledged that his absence had made Ciara sad -- and that it had made her sad, as well. "So...what's your point?" Ciara wondered.

Hope said her point was that she didn't know when Bo -- who had been gone for over two years -- would finally return home, and she couldn't keep hoping and waiting for him to do so. "You're married to him. You have to wait," Ciara argued. Musing that what she was about to say to her daughter was the most difficult thing she had ever had to say to anyone, Hope clarified that, while she was married to Bo, that wouldn't be the case for much longer, since she had recently filed for divorce. Hope stressed that, while she still loved Bo, she couldn't put her life on hold forever for him, and neither could Ciara.

Ciara wondered if Hope was absolutely sure that Bo would never return home. Hope admitted that she didn't know, and she added that what she did know was that Bo loved Ciara wholeheartedly and would never stop feeling that way about her. "That means you are sure. I mean, that you're not gonna wait for him anymore," Ciara sadly concluded.

Ciara started to remove her jacket -- which had once belonged to Bo -- but Hope pointed out that it was too chilly to go without it. With one arm already out of the jacket, Ciara stopped and instead sadly hugged Hope. Ciara wondered who her mother was going on a date with, but before Hope could respond, Aiden interrupted and greeted them. "No! No, no, no, no, no, no! Not you!" Ciara protested as she backed away from Aiden.

In Eve's apartment, Paige quietly ended a phone call as Eve entered the living room. Eve disapprovingly guessed that Paige had been talking to J.J., but Paige dispelled the assumption. "Well, you were being awfully hush-hush with somebody. Who was it?" Eve demanded to know. Paige irritably replied that she was an adult and that her private conversations were none of Eve's business.

Hurt, Eve reminded Paige that they had once been willing to share everything with each other, but Paige clarified that their relationship had actually always been pretty one-sided. "I used to listen to everything you said, and [I] took care of you because you had such a hard time with Dad and every other guy you ever met. [...] I'm not gonna make the same mistakes you did -- especially not with J.J. I'm not gonna let you ruin this for me," Paige added before exiting the apartment.

Later, while Eve was wistfully staring at a few old photographs from Paige's childhood, Marybeth arrived to pick up Paige so they could head to a class together. Eve reported that Paige had stormed off earlier -- and had likely headed straight into J.J.'s waiting arms. Eve mused that it seemed like her and Marybeth's attempt to tear Paige and J.J. apart had actually managed to instead drive the couple closer together.

Marybeth suggested that it might be best for her and Eve to back off a bit, but Eve didn't like that idea at all. "Listen, please don't abandon me now, 'cause I need you to be my eyes and my ears, 'cause there's no way I'm gonna let that creep spawn of Jack Deveraux's get his hooks into my little girl, okay?" Eve vowed.

After Marybeth left the apartment, she bumped into Paige outside Club TBD, and the collision caused a pharmacy bag to fall out of Paige's purse. Marybeth picked up the bag, read the label, and realized that it contained birth control medication. "Oh, my God. Are you having sex with J.J.?" Marybeth demanded to know.

Paige replied that, while it was none of her friend's business, she hadn't slept with J.J. yet but wanted to be prepared for when they decided to take their relationship to the next level. Marybeth argued that it was her business, since she was Paige's best friend. "Then keep this between us, please. [...] If you dare say anything -- to my mother or anyone else -- this 'bestie' thing is through, got it? [...] I mean it -- if you say a word, we're done," Paige warned before walking away.

At the hospital, Daniel received an unexpected visit from J.J., who wanted to talk to him about something but didn't want the details of the conversation to be shared with anyone else. J.J. explained that he didn't feel comfortable talking to any of his family members about the matter because it involved his father. J.J. revealed that Paige had recently overheard Kayla talking about being a rape survivor. J.J. added that Paige had no idea that his father was the person who had committed the crime.

"How do I explain...when -- when I don't even understand it myself? Because...the man that did that to Aunt nothing like the dad I knew. [...] You know, when -- when I first learned about it, it made me angry -- you know, that no one told me before, and that my dad could actually do something like that. But just -- now...I'm really worried [...] because I -- I keep thinking that on some level, um...I'm just like my dad," J.J. admitted.

Daniel stressed that, while he knew J.J. hadn't always treated girls with the respect they had deserved, that was still a long way away from the kind of behavior Jack had once exhibited. J.J. started to explain that he was worried that he might have inherited that behavior from Jack, but Daniel insisted that it didn't work like that. Daniel added that he had grown to like Jack a few years earlier -- despite his best efforts not to -- and that Jack had changed for the better and had been a truly good man in the end.

Daniel's argument seemed to make J.J. feel better, but the young man was still worried about finding a way to articulate all of that to Paige and get her to understand. J.J. added that Jennifer had figured out that something was bothering him, and he admitted that he felt like he had nowhere to hide. Daniel reiterated that his apartment was available as a refuge, and he added that it would be empty for a few more hours that day because he was going to be stuck at the hospital for a while longer, anyway. J.J. gratefully hugged and thanked Daniel before exiting the office.

When Daniel went to the waiting area later, Eve was in the middle of badgering a nurse for Eric's contact information, since Eric's work was on display in the hospital and had attracted Eve's attention because she wanted new headshots for when she revived her singing career. Eve flagged Daniel down and thanked him for the great throat surgeon recommendation he had given her a few months earlier.

Daniel suggested that if Eve truly valued his opinion, one way she could prove it would be to start judging J.J. based on the young man's own merits instead of Jack's flaws. Eve countered that Daniel was an extraordinary doctor but knew next to nothing about human nature, and she walked away after insisting that she was the only person who was qualified to decide what was best for her daughter.

Later, Eve ran into Marybeth in the town square and wondered if Marybeth had managed to track Paige down earlier. Meanwhile, Paige went to Daniel's apartment to see J.J., and she revealed that, while she had given him mixed signals in the past, she wasn't going to do that anymore. "I'm ready. [...] J.J., we're so close. We don't have any secrets. We -- we talk about everything. Hey, you're the kind of guy I dreamed about finding. I want you to be my first," Paige informed J.J.

Kate approached the Brady Pub as Rafe was ending a phone call, and she overheard him saying something about a big break, so she wondered if he had been talking about the investigation into E.J.'s murder. Rafe reminded Kate that he couldn't discuss an ongoing police investigation with her, and he assured her that she would find out the latest news as soon as it was made available to the public.

Kate took the hint and changed the subject, reporting that, while she had stressed that her recent dinner with Clyde hadn't meant anything, Jordan had still seemed pretty upset about it. Kate casually asked if Rafe knew why Jordan wasn't getting along with Clyde, but Rafe pointed out that it was none of Kate's business. Kate wondered if it was still painful for Rafe to talk about Jordan. Rafe shrugged and replied that Jordan had moved on and that he was trying to do the same.

Elsewhere, Clyde was on the phone with someone, checking to make sure the local police had found exactly what he had wanted them to find so he could get back to business right away. Later, Clyde entered the pub and greeted Kate, who had agreed to meet with him after he had sent her a text message that had stated that he was worried about her. Kate didn't understand why Clyde was concerned, since she had previously made it clear to him that she could take care of herself, but he explained that he was worried because he had heard about what had happened to E.J.

Kate admitted that she hadn't been on good terms with E.J. at the time of his death, but she stressed that the situation wasn't about her -- it was about his kids, whom she loved. Clyde recalled that E.J.'s widow was Kate's business partner, and she claimed that she was also very concerned about Sami. Clyde stepped away to take a phone call, and he returned with a smile on his face, prompting Kate to wonder if he had just received good news. "Oh, yeah. Don't you just love it when everything falls into place?" Clyde replied, and Kate agreed.

Changing the subject, Clyde observed that it seemed like E.J.'s death had hit Kate harder than she had admitted earlier, and he retrieved a gift from his jacket pocket and handed it to her, hoping it would cheer her up. Kate halfheartedly protested that it was inappropriate for Clyde to be buying gifts for her, but he ignored her objection and urged her to open it.

Inside the box, Kate found a fortune cookie. Recalling the story Clyde had told her during their dinner date, Kate guessed the fortune would predict that she would meet a handsome stranger who would change her life, but he smoothly reminded her that that had already happened. Kate cracked open the fortune cookie and smiled as she read the fortune -- "Have fun; it's only naughty if you get caught."

At the DiMera mansion, Sami went to Johnny's bedroom to try to convince him to eat something for lunch, since he had skipped breakfast, but he wasn't interested. "It's my fault! What happened to Daddy is all my fault!" Johnny insisted with a sigh of despair.

Johnny retrieved a rock -- the good-luck charm he had found at sleep-away camp but had forgotten to give to E.J. upon returning home -- from a box of keepsakes, and he reasoned that it could have protected his father. Sami assured Johnny that the good-luck charm wouldn't have prevented E.J.'s death. Sami claimed that E.J. had asked her to stress that he would always be in Johnny's heart, and that seemed to provide the boy with some comfort.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Chad hugged Jordan and admitted that he hadn't wanted his brother to die. "You know, it feels like it did when I lost my mom. Things weren't right between the two of us, and then, suddenly, she was just gone," Chad regretfully recalled. Jordan reasoned that E.J. had known that his brother had loved him and would have eventually forgiven him. "Like hell he did," Sami argued as she entered the living room.

Chad escorted Jordan to the front door, and she advised him not to get into an argument with Sami, who was just understandably upset. Chad thanked Jordan for visiting him and being understanding, and he hoped he would see her again soon. When Chad returned to the living room, he tried to ask about the kids, but Sami angrily demanded to know when he had started caring about them. Chad stressed that he had always cared about them, but Sami didn't think he had given them much thought while he had been trying to destroy E.J.

"Stefano's last words to E.J. were 'you are dead to me' -- does that sound familiar? Why do I think that maybe you said something very similar? Hell, you said it to me. Well, you and Stefano, you got your wish, didn't you? 'Cause he's you, and he's dead to Stefano, and he's dead to me, and he's dead to my children! Your brother is dead! Does that make you feel better? Does it make you feel satisfied? Does that make it up to you, him dying? Wouldn't you rather him still be alive, and then you could just torture him forever? You could have just tortured him. Why did -- why did you have to do that?" Sami shouted as she repeatedly slapped Chad's chest before eventually curling up on the floor and sobbing uncontrollably.

Chad knelt beside Sami and gently assured her that if she wanted to continue to scream at and hit him, he would be fine with that. Chad added that he would also be willing to leave the mansion if Sami asked him to do so, although he stressed that he would really prefer to stay and try to help her and the kids deal with their loss. Once Sami regained her composure, she accepted a glass of water from Chad and admitted that there was nothing he could do. Chad nodded and told Sami to let him know if she ever thought of anything he could do, since he wasn't going anywhere.

Meanwhile, Rafe entered the mansion and announced that the evidence that had been recovered seemed to point to one particular person as E.J.'s murderer. Chad wondered if the person was in custody. "In a manner of speaking. [...] He's in the morgue. [...] He was already dead when we found him -- he ODed, apparently right after he shot E.J. [...] We found him with E.J.'s watch [and] wedding band, and a gun, and [the guy's] prints were on the gun, and there was gunpowder residue on his right hand," Rafe reported, to Sami's dismay.

Rafe added that the guy had not had any cash on him, suggesting that he might have gone straight from the shooting to a dealer to purchase drugs, although they wouldn't be able to verify that until they found the dealer. Chad wondered if Rafe was sure the man in the morgue was E.J.'s killer. Rafe reiterated that all the evidence pointed to that person, but Chad said that wasn't the question he had asked. "Like I said, are you sure that this dead son of a bitch is the one who killed my brother?" Chad demanded to know. Rafe noncommittally replied that, while a ballistics test was pending, the caliber of the gun matched the bullet that had killed E.J.

Sami tearfully wondered why the mugger hadn't just taken the money and allowed E.J. to live. Rafe shrugged unknowingly and apologized, admitting that he had hoped -- perhaps foolishly -- that the news would give Sami some closure, since it meant the murder hadn't had anything to do with E.J. or the DiMera family. "No, it wasn't -- it wasn't about anything. And -- and...he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and now he's just -- and now he's just gone." Sami sobbed as she stared at a framed picture of E.J.

Outside the Brady Pub, Jordan watched as Kate and Clyde laughed and conversed with each other. Jordan sighed disgustedly and walked away, recalling a painful memory from her past, when Clyde had grabbed her arm as she had tried to get away from him and had assured her that they would always have each other.

. . .

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