Monday, October 20, 2014
by Mike

Maggie ran into Jennifer at the hospital and wondered how Abigail was doing in light of E.J.'s recent death. Jennifer reported that Abigail was understandably concerned about Johnny and Sydney but was otherwise fine. Maggie also wanted an update on J.J., and Jennifer guessed that Maggie specifically wanted to know if Eve had managed to break up him and his girlfriend yet. Jennifer confirmed that J.J. and Paige were still together, although she added that he had curiously mentioned wanting to slow things down a bit. "I haven't really seen that happen, but [...] something's bothering J.J. -- a lot -- and I don't know what it is," Jennifer concluded.

Jennifer stressed that J.J. had grown up a lot in the past year and that, as a result, she was confident that he could handle himself and would eventually find a way to work through whatever was going on. "It's a strange feeling when your youngest starts to need you less than they used to," Maggie knowingly mused. Jennifer agreed and added that the phenomenon had left her with lots of extra time on her hands. Jennifer cryptically announced that she had decided to use some of that time to resolve unfinished business. As Jennifer walked away, Maggie quietly hoped that Daniel was the unfinished business in question.

Upon request, Daniel reluctantly met with Kristen in her hotel room. Daniel thought it was a bit too soon for Kristen to be socializing, since one of her brothers had just died the previous day, but she explained that keeping busy helped her cope with the loss. "[When] you keep busy, other people get nervous," Daniel dryly replied before impatiently demanding to know why Kristen had asked to see him.

Kristen explained that she wanted some information from Daniel, and she assured him that it was the kind of information he would happily share with any friend who had Brady's best interests at heart. Daniel stressed that he and Kristen had polar-opposite ideas about what was in Brady's best interest. Daniel added that he and Kristen weren't friends, either, but she seemed undeterred, replying that she was hoping to change that.

Kristen offered Daniel a glass of champagne, but he declined, so she shrugged and sipped her own drink as she explained that, at her request, one of her associates had been following Theresa lately. Kristen handed Daniel some photographs as she added that, surprisingly, Theresa actually had some friends in Salem -- Anne Milbauer and Eve Donovan. Kristen suggested that Theresa might have confided in one -- or both -- of the women about what had really happened to John.

Daniel encouraged Kristen to pursue the lead, confirming that Theresa lacked impulse control. "But...if you think that's the path to getting Brady back, you know, you're gonna have to come through me. [...] You know, Brady's a good guy -- great friend, do almost anything for you -- [but] his only problem is that he has lousy taste in women, so I look after him," Daniel added as he changed his mind and drained the extra glass of champagne Kristen had set aside earlier. Daniel also took a sip of champagne out of Kristen's glass before handing it back to her and starting to leave.

Kristen asked Daniel to stay, admitting that he was just starting to get kind of interesting to her. Kristen flirtatiously played with Daniel's shirt as she added that she was starting to like him in a weird way, since they had finally found something they agreed on. Kristen invited Daniel to stay for a while longer so they could drink some more champagne and have a meeting of the minds. Meanwhile, Jennifer peeked into the hotel room, since Daniel had left the door partially ajar when Kristen had stopped him from leaving earlier.

Jennifer assumed she was interrupting something, but Daniel clarified that he had been about to leave, anyway, and he abruptly exited the room. Kristen admitted that she was surprised to see Jennifer, who explained that she had simply wanted to offer her condolences to Kristen. "How sweet. Well, I mean, especially since you're not talking to me," Kristen somewhat bitterly replied.

Kristen quickly apologized for the comment and admitted that E.J.'s sudden death had been rough on her. Jennifer observed that Kristen seemed to be handling it well, and she wondered if Kristen had set her sights on Daniel as the next man to go after. Kristen took the inquiry as a joke, and she innocently explained that she and Daniel had simply been talking about their mutual concern for Brady -- and that the champagne had simply been her way of being hospitable. Jennifer expressed skepticism, so Kristen encouraged her to ask Daniel for his take on their meeting. "Oh, that's right -- he's not talking to you. Something about you being too judgmental," Kristen added.

Hurt, Jennifer wondered if Daniel had really said that about her. Kristen claimed that it had simply been a lucky guess, and she stressed that she didn't want to fight with Jennifer. Kristen added that she wasn't the real enemy, anyway. Jennifer wasn't convinced and stormed off after vowing that she wasn't going to stand around and watch Kristen destroy Daniel's life. "Don't you worry, Jennifer -- Daniel has served his purpose. Now the rest is up to me," Kristen muttered as she closed the door behind Jennifer.

After her headshot photo shoot, Eve took Eric to the town square so they could order drinks and get to know each other better. Eve told Eric that she understood his passion for photography because she had a similar passion for singing. Eve explained why she had been forced to stop singing in the first place, and Eric empathetically mused that it was hard for a person to be kept from doing something they loved to do.

Changing the subject, Eric guessed that Eve's determination to revive her singing career had probably made her daughter really proud of her. Eve admitted that, while she had made her fair share of mistakes, she had always tried to be a good role model for Paige. Eve hoped that at least some of her good qualities had rubbed off on her daughter, such as her refusal to let anything stop her from getting what she wanted.

As Eve continued to converse with Eric, she said something that made him smile, and she placed her hand over his as she observed that he had a lovely smile that needed to be displayed more often. Meanwhile, Maggie approached and curiously took note of the flirtatious interaction. Eve received a phone call and excused herself so she could answer it, and after she left, Eric questioned the tension he had sensed between her and Maggie. Maggie explained that she hadn't been sure about how to interpret what she had walked in on.

Eric assured Maggie that he wasn't dating Eve, and he explained that Eve had simply hired him to take some headshots of her. Maggie was relieved, and Eric quickly deduced that she obviously didn't like Eve very well. Maggie vaguely confirmed that she had some issues with Eve -- and that Jennifer did, too. Maggie reasoned, however, that if Eve needed headshots, there was no reason for her not to hire the best photographer in Salem.

After Maggie left, Eve returned and guessed that Eric had just been given an earful about her from Maggie. Eric clarified that Maggie had simply said that she and Jennifer each had some issues with Eve. Eve started to tell Eric about the lawsuit she had filed against Jennifer, but he stressed that the details were none of his business. Eric excused himself, and Eve smiled appreciatively as she watched him walk away.

At the Horton house, Paige started to kiss J.J., but he pulled away in confusion and wondered what she was doing in his bedroom. "Like you don't know. I took the hint, see? [...] You kept saying how 'tired' you were back at Dr. Jonas', and then when I showed up here, well...the door was open, so I'm guessing you did that for me," Paige flirtatiously replied before kissing J.J. again.

J.J. started to respond to Paige's advances before pulling away and jumping out of bed. "You shouldn't have come here," J.J. insisted as he paced the floor uncomfortably. Hurt and confused, Paige observed that, while she had never before experienced the kind of love she felt for J.J., and that was why she wanted him to be her first, it was starting to seem like he didn't really want her.

J.J. assured Paige that he did want her, but he added that he didn't feel like he deserved to be any girl's first. Before J.J. could elaborate, Paige received a phone call from her mother, and he urged her to answer it. Paige told her mother that she was at the library but would be home soon, since her original plan to stay out late had suddenly changed.

After ending the call, Paige collected her clothes and snapped that J.J. had been all over her a few weeks earlier, when she hadn't been ready to take the next step in their relationship, and he had also been all over Jill in the incriminating photographs she had received after the college party. Paige assumed that there was another girl in the picture or that she simply didn't turn J.J. on anymore, but he insisted that she was wrong and that his hesitation had nothing to do with Jill or any other girl. J.J. stressed he loved only Paige. "Yeah? You've got a real funny way of showing it," Paige countered before storming off.

J.J. grabbed a pair of pants and pulled them on as he chased after Paige, begging her not to go. J.J. vaguely explained that things had simply gotten messed up recently, but when Paige demanded to know why, J.J. was unable to tell her, although he stressed that he wished he could. Paige left after telling J.J. to contact her when he was ready to be honest with her.

When Eve returned home later, she could tell that Paige was upset about something, but Paige claimed that everything was fine. After Paige retreated to her bedroom, Eve happily guessed that J.J. had potentially blown things with Paige.

Nicole ran into Chad in the town square and seized the opportunity to offer her condolences. "Thanks. Leave it to E.J., right, to time it this way? [...] I came back to nail him to the wall, and the bastard went and died on me," Chad wryly mused. Nicole was momentarily confused, since Chad and E.J. had once had a pretty close relationship with each other, but she quickly realized that things had probably changed after Chad had read the TruVista article about E.J.'s affair with Abigail. Chad admitted that his comment had been inappropriate, given the timing, but Nicole assured him that she understood.

Changing the subject, Chad wondered how Nicole was doing, guessing that she had probably been thinking about Sydney a lot since hearing about E.J.'s death. Nicole nodded and asked if Chad had seen Sydney yet. Chad replied that he was actually on his way over to the DiMera mansion to give the kids some gifts. Chad invited Nicole to join him, but she declined, knowing Sami probably wouldn't want to see her.

Chad tried to get Nicole to reconsider, knowing that it had probably been quite a while since she had last seen Sydney. Nicole clarified that she could actually see the girl whenever the mood struck, thanks to the video E.J. had sent her the previous Christmas -- a video Chad had been instrumental in getting E.J. to make. Chad was surprised to learn that Nicole still watched the video regularly. "Only...eight or nine times a week," Nicole admitted.

Nicole reflected on her history with E.J. and admitted that she had loved him in spite of everything, and a part of her always would. Nicole added that her last conversation with E.J. had actually been nice and had made her feel like the war between them had finally ended. Chad revealed that his last conversation with E.J. hadn't been nice, and he summarized that their relationship had been complicated. "That is a cop-out. If I can honestly say that I loved him despite all, you can, too. I think you just need to say it. You need to admit it to yourself," Nicole argued.

Later, Daniel caught Nicole sitting alone on a bench outside the Brady Pub, crying. Nicole claimed that a breeze had simply blown something in her eye, but when Daniel took a seat next to her and replied that he hated when that sort of thing happened to him, she admitted that she had actually been thinking about E.J. "It's funny -- he and I split up so many times, you'd think I'd know how to say goodbye to the guy," Nicole mused with a rueful laugh.

Nicole told Daniel about her earlier conversation with Chad, who had regrets because his last conversation with E.J. had turned ugly. Nicole added that the last conversation she'd had with E.J. hadn't been a goodbye but had probably been the best she could have hoped for. Daniel stressed that if Nicole needed someone to talk to, he would be willing to be that person. Nicole was surprised but agreed to get a cup of coffee with Daniel.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami irritably stated that she didn't have time to deal with Kate's irrelevant drama, since she already had to deal with the fact that two of her children had just lost their father. "It's not irrelevant, all right? And I wouldn't be coming to you at a time like this if it wasn't serious. [...] You need to make time, okay? You need to make time, or you're gonna have all the time you want behind bars," Kate insisted.

Sami doubted that she had done anything to jeopardize her freedom, since all CEOs broke rules occasionally, and she numbly mused that the SEC would probably just give her a slap on the wrist -- which she would barely feel, since it would be nothing compared to the pain she was already in. "Oh, no, you're gonna feel it, because they don't care about the pain that you're in. All they care about is the fact that you have committed major fraud. That's it," Kate countered.

Kate produced a document to support her prediction, but Sami protested that she wasn't in the mood to read quarterly reports. "You are going to. You made statements in this report. You said that Ebell Division was important to the company, was indispensible to our bottom line. [...] You lied, okay? I mean, I thought there was a problem a week ago, and then I looked into it. You committed fraud! It's called pumping the stock, all right? You misled the entire investing public. It's completely illegal!" Kate explained.

Sami dismissively stated that it didn't matter, since Kate was the only person who knew about the deception. Kate insisted that the truth would eventually get out, but before she could continue, Chad interrupted and wondered what she and Sami were talking about. Kate claimed that she had just been trying to stress that the shareholders would certainly understand if Sami decided to take a break from the company for a while in light of E.J.'s death -- something Kate thought Sami needed to do. Chad seemed skeptical, since the conversation had seemed more like an argument, but Kate clarified that she and Sami always talked to each other that way.

Outside, Lucas and Will dismantled the croquet setup they had used as a way of distracting the kids for a while. Will told his father about the fight he'd had with Sami the previous day -- and about how E.J. had visited him afterward to try to get him to patch things up with her. "That was the last time I saw him alive. Right before that, I was writing an article about what a rotten guy he was," Will recalled with a sigh of regret.

Lucas insisted that Will had nothing to feel guilty about, especially since Zoe would probably pull the article in light of E.J.'s death, anyway. Will clarified that, on the contrary, Zoe actually wanted to take a different approach with the article and turn it into a cover piece. Will confirmed his father's suspicion that he had the right to refuse the request, but he added that he wanted to get Chad's take on the matter first.

Lucas was confident that Will would do the right thing, whatever that was. Will thanked Lucas for the support and said hanging out with Johnny and Sydney that night had made him realize that he had been taking for granted just how lucky he was to have a father, especially one he could count on. Lucas hugged Will and replied that he was the lucky one.

Lucas headed back inside and announced that Will was in the garden and needed to talk to Chad. After Chad left, Kate explained that she had lied to Chad about what she and Sami had really been arguing about because they needed to keep a lid on things until the problem was fixed, and they couldn't be sure that Chad wouldn't just report the issue to Stefano, anyway. Kate urged Lucas to convince Sami that she was in serious trouble, but Sami numbly replied that she already knew she was in trouble, since her husband was dead.

After Sami went to check on the kids, Kate filled Lucas in on what had happened. Unlike Sami, Lucas immediately recognized the severity of the situation, and he rushed off to tell Sami that they needed to have a serious discussion after she finished checking on the kids. Sami went to Johnny's room, and after playing with him for a while, she wondered if he felt like he was ready to return to school the following day and see his friends. "Not everybody is my friend. Some of the kids make fun of me. [...] They say Nonno is a crook, and Dad is, too -- well, was," Johnny sadly admitted.

Outraged, Sami promised to go to Johnny's school the following day and talk to his teacher about the matter, and she stressed that he needed to let her know if anyone ever bugged him about his family. Sami conceded that E.J. hadn't been perfect, but she insisted that he had been a great man who had loved Johnny very much.

"I get afraid you're gonna leave us, too," Johnny admitted, but Sami assured him that he and his sisters were stuck with her for life. When Sami rejoined Lucas and Kate in the living room, she admitted that she was ready to take her impending legal woes seriously, since she wasn't going to let anything keep her from being there for her children.

Outside, Will informed Chad that the Sonix article had temporarily been shelved because Zoe wanted it rewritten with a new approach -- Chad DiMera, heir apparent. Chad dismissed the idea and pointed out that Will's contract allowed him to veto changes he didn't want to make. Will confirmed that he had that power, but he warned that if he didn't write the article, someone else would, and they might not be as kind about it. Chad insisted that if the article was definitely going to be published, he wanted Will to be the one who wrote it.

When Will left the garden and headed back to the mansion, the terrace doors were ajar, and he overheard Sami talking to Lucas and Kate about her dilemma -- and about how she might have just handed Stefano the perfect way to take the kids away from her.

. . .

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