Monday, July 21, 2014
by Mike

At the Horton house, Jennifer received a visit from Eve. Eve started to say that she and Jennifer needed to discuss the matter of Jack's book, but Jennifer slammed the door in Eve's face before Eve could finish the sentence. Undeterred, Eve showed herself in and told Jennifer that rudeness wasn't going to accomplish anything.

Jennifer threatened to call the police and have Eve arrested for trespassing, but Eve warned that she could just as easily have Abigail charged with assault and battery. Jennifer argued that Eve had provoked Abigail, who had been under a lot of stress lately, but Eve said that didn't give Abigail the right to hit people. Eve added that Jennifer needed to start being more reasonable about things.

"No, you need to be reasonable, because I made you a deal -- fifty percent of everything -- and you didn't want it. You're not satisfied, because you want a fight. Well, congratulations -- you just got one," Jennifer snapped. Eve claimed that she didn't want a fight, and she theorized that anger was preventing Jennifer from realizing that selling the movie rights to the highest bidder would be best for everyone involved.

Eve admitted that she had selfish reasons for trying to convince Jennifer to accept the best offer, but she claimed that she also wanted to settle things quickly for Paige and J.J.'s sakes, since they didn't need their mothers' little squabble to affect their relationship. Outraged that Eve was trying to use the kids as pawns to get what she wanted, Jennifer forcibly removed Eve from the house and locked the door behind her.

A blaring alarm woke Nicole in the middle of a pleasant dream about reconciling with Eric, and she groaned with disappointment when she realized that she was alone in her hotel room. Later, Nicole called Daniel, hoping that he would be willing to join her for coffee later, but he declined the invitation, explaining that he was at the hospital and that things were crazy there -- for reasons that she was probably already aware of.

Nicole flippantly guessed that people were dropping like flies because it was unbearably hot in Salem. Unamused, Daniel wondered if Nicole had checked the news lately. Assuming that she knew what Daniel was talking about, Nicole dryly replied that she had just eaten and would prefer not to be reminded of the sickening fact that Sami had taken over DiMera Enterprises.

Nicole tried to convince Daniel to change his mind about joining her for coffee later, but he still wasn't interested. "You're the same person you've always been. The only one who matters is you. Have your coffee alone," Daniel suggested before abruptly ending the call. Meanwhile, someone knocked on Nicole's hotel room door, and when she opened it, she found Eric standing in the hallway.

Eric said that, while he understood that Nicole had a job to do, he would consider it a personal favor if she would agree to show some restraint when reporting news about Sami's takeover of DiMera Enterprises. Eric acknowledged that Nicole and Sami didn't like each other, but he pointed out that innocent children were involved. Nicole nodded and promised to respect Eric's wishes, stating that she would do anything for him.

Eric thanked Nicole and started to leave, but she asked him to stay, hoping that his visit was a sign that they would eventually be able to repair their friendship. Nicole told Eric that a reconciliation would never happen unless one of them pushed for it -- which was why she had reached out to Daniel earlier that day to invite him to join her for coffee. Eric guessed that Daniel had declined the invitation, and Nicole reluctantly confirmed the suspicion.

Eric said Nicole needed to face the truth -- she had lied to and used Daniel, and offering to buy him a cup of coffee wasn't going to magically fix everything. "Fine! I get it! I was an idiot, and how dare I ask for forgiveness? My life is a disaster on two feet, and it should stay that way forever because I'm worthless, right? Right?!" Nicole snapped. Eric admitted that he didn't know how to respond, considering what Nicole had done.

"What I did, I did because I loved you and you loved me, remember? Or did you forget about that? Okay, you know what? I -- I was weak -- too weak, because I was afraid to lose you -- so I lied. I lied, and I -- and I fought, and I did anything I could. What, now I'm -- I'm this -- this horrible person, right, who's not worth a minute of your time? Until you need a favor," Nicole countered.

Nicole wished that Eric could treat her like a person for one minute, especially since he had once said he loved her. "How did you treat me -- like a person or a prize? [...] You loved the idea of love, but you didn't love me. I don't know what it was, but it wasn't love," Eric angrily countered. Nicole raised her hand to slap Eric, but he grabbed her wrist to deflect the attempt, pulling her closer to him in the process, and their eyes locked.

At the hospital, Brady was sitting at John's bedside, struggling to make sense of what had happened. "I don't understand. I never wanted this. How could I do this? Maybe that's -- maybe that's why I don't remember -- because I've turned into...someone who could do this to their own father," Brady mused.

Elsewhere, in the waiting area, Abe and Hope told Theresa that, in addition to Brady's fingerprints, they had also found Victor's fingerprint on the fireplace poker. Theresa argued that Victor's fingerprints were probably on everything in the Kiriakis mansion, but Abe clarified that only a single, partial fingerprint had been traced back to Victor. "Which leads us to believe that someone deliberately wiped the poker clean," Hope explained.

Theresa defensively reminded Hope and Abe that Victor paid people to keep the mansion clean, but Hope and Abe had other concerns, as well -- such as the fact that John and Brady had clearly been moved quite a distance after the altercation. Aiden arrived and interrupted before Theresa could respond, and when Hope wondered what he was doing at the hospital, Theresa admitted that she had hired him.

Hope started to wonder why Theresa had felt the need to hire a lawyer, but Theresa clarified that she had hired Aiden to represent Brady, not her. Theresa said Brady's cousin, Justin, was in Dubai, so she had sought the services of another lawyer because the police were clearly trying to build a case against her husband, despite the fact that she had told them that Brady had acted in self-defense.

As Hope absorbed the news that Brady had married Theresa, he emerged from John's room and, upon learning that Theresa had hired Aiden to represent him, insisted that he didn't need a lawyer. Brady said he was guilty and would give the police his full cooperation. Theresa tried to protest, and Aiden pointed out that it was never a good idea to talk to the police without a lawyer present, but Brady refused to change his mind.

Aiden walked away, and Abe and Hope led Brady to a nearby seating area to ask him some questions. Theresa followed Aiden to the elevator and worriedly asked him to keep his cell phone on, just in case. After Aiden boarded the elevator, Theresa went to observe Brady's interview, but Hope asked her to leave. Theresa tried to protest, but Brady assured her that he would be fine on his own.

After Theresa left, Brady informed Hope and Abe that, while he wanted to help, he couldn't remember anything that had happened the previous night. Abe explained that Theresa had maintained all along that Brady had acted in self-defense, but Brady admitted that he had his doubts about her version of events.

"I was drunk...last night. I was deep-down drunk. There's no way to know what I wanted to do or what I meant to do. No judgment whatsoever," Brady said with a sigh as he looked at his naked left ring finger. Hope noticed that Brady wasn't wearing his wedding band, and Abe wondered if Brady could have been fighting with John about Theresa.

As Brady shrugged unknowingly, Daniel interrupted to announce that, while John's condition had been upgraded from critical to stable, John had slipped deeper into his coma -- which was not a medically induced coma, meaning that Daniel couldn't just take John out of it when the time was right. "We don't know if he'll ever wake up," Daniel admitted, although he added that he was still hopeful that John's brain would heal over time.

Elsewhere, Eve approached one of the break rooms and overheard Theresa muttering something about someone who hadn't done anything wrong. Eve wondered who Theresa was talking about. Startled, Theresa irritably demanded to know what Eve was doing at the hospital.

Eve explained that she had been scheduled to meet with her doctor that day to discuss her throat surgery, but no one had bothered to alert her that the doctor had been summoned to Chicago unexpectedly. As Eve started to complain about the bad day she was having, Theresa spilled a cup of coffee on the coffee station.

Concerned, Eve wondered what was wrong with Theresa, who looked rough and was acting jumpy. Theresa explained that she had spent the night at the hospital. "Oh, my God. What have you done now?" Eve asked. Theresa defensively demanded to know why everyone always assumed that she was up to no good. Theresa added that she'd had a rough night and was really worried about her husband.

Theresa begged a shocked Eve not to say anything about the marriage to Shane. Theresa admitted that the marriage had been an impulsive decision. "Oh, my God, don't tell me -- you put your husband in the hospital on his wedding night? What, did you snag some old geezer and have so much sex that you gave him a heart attack? Is that what you did?" Eve asked with a laugh.

Unamused, Theresa clarified that her husband's father was in the hospital due to a horrible fight. Theresa stressed that the whole thing had been an accident. "Oh, my God, how many accidents do you have a month? Okay, I'm gonna repeat this -- what. Did. You. Do?" Eve demanded to know. Tearfully complaining that she could always count on Eve to cut her down, Theresa shoved Eve out of the room and slammed the door behind her.

Theresa took a deep breath and assured herself that she hadn't done anything wrong and that things were going to stay that way. Meanwhile, Eve entered the waiting area in time to hear Daniel inform Maxine that he was going to the pub to get something to eat. Eve discreetly followed Daniel to the pub and acted surprised when she spotted him sitting at the bar.

Jennifer ran into Aiden in a secluded section of Horton Town Square. Jennifer insisted that she didn't want Eve to get even a penny of the proceeds from Jack's book. Aiden was confident that he could fight Eve's lawsuit, but he wondered why Jennifer had changed her mind about settling the matter peacefully. "Let's just put it this way -- there are some people that you can always count on to do the wrong thing," Jennifer replied.

Later, Aiden returned to the hospital and spotted Hope, who found herself thinking about the dance they had shared at the gala. Aiden said he had received a lot of compliments about the gala, and Hope confirmed that she had, too. "It was a very good night for us...and for the gala," Aiden mused. Before Hope could respond, Theresa entered the waiting area, with Abe in tow, and loudly complained that he needed to stop badgering her.

Aiden intervened, and Abe agreed to back off for a while, although he assured Theresa that no one was trying to turn the investigation into a witch-hunt. Theresa thanked Aiden for his help and excused herself so she could join Brady in John's room. Hope and Abe watched suspiciously as Theresa walked away. Hope observed that Theresa seemed pretty jumpy, and Abe agreed.

Abe summarized that there were three possibilities -- either Theresa was telling the truth, she was lying to protect Brady, or she was lying to protect herself. Hope agreed but admitted that the third possibility seemed like a bit of a stretch. "Forensics is telling us that there's nothing to contradict what she's saying. The trouble is...Theresa's the one saying it," Abe concluded.

Hope admitted that she understood why Theresa was jumpy, since Theresa would get sent back to Los Angeles -- and, consequently, prison -- if she did anything to violate the terms of her probation. Abe was confident that Theresa would never change her story, which meant that he and Hope would have to wait for Brady or John to fill in the blanks. Hope wasn't optimistic, since John was in a coma and Brady had no memory of the fight.

When Theresa entered John's room, Brady wondered if she had been lying about what had happened the previous night. Theresa started to get defensive, but she calmed down when she realized that Brady suspected that she might be lying to protect him. Theresa maintained that Brady had acted in self-defense and had nothing to feel guilty about.

Brady decided to attend a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Theresa offered to join Brady, but he declined. Brady assured Theresa that they would discuss their marriage later. Brady conceded that he needed to make some changes in his life, and he hoped that the meeting would help. Theresa asked about John's condition, and Brady admitted that John's coma might be permanent. After Brady left, Theresa breathed a sigh of relief.

Elsewhere, Hope ran into Aiden in one of the break rooms. Hope started to apologize for abruptly leaving the gala, but Aiden assured her that he understood. Aiden reminded Hope that they still needed to get together to write a report about the gala and offer their suggestions on how to improve it the following year, and they simultaneously offered to handle the task on their own.

Hope reasoned that, until Brady's case was resolved, it would be best for her and Aiden to refrain from meeting with each other in any setting that could be misconstrued. Aiden nodded and assured Hope that he would take care of the gala report himself. Hope thanked Aiden, and he excused himself. After Aiden left, Hope once again thought about the dance they had shared together.

Elsewhere, Maxine told Jennifer about what had happened to John. Maxine complained that Daniel had worked all night and planned to return to work after having a quick lunch at the pub. Jennifer agreed that Daniel worked himself too hard. "It's probably because he's lonely," Maxine pointedly stated before walking away.

At the Brady Pub, Daniel admitted to Eve that he'd had a rough night at the hospital. Eve curiously wondered if Daniel's rough night had somehow involved Theresa, but he reminded Eve that he couldn't really answer such questions. Eve understood but explained that she had seen Theresa at the hospital earlier and knew that trouble seemed to follow Theresa around. Daniel agreed but guessed that Eve was probably doing her best to look out for Theresa.

Changing the subject, Eve asked about Parker, and she and Daniel started swapping parenting stories. Meanwhile, Jennifer approached the pub and peered through the window. Jennifer's jaw dropped as she watched Daniel and Eve interact with each other in a lighthearted, somewhat flirtatious manner.

. . .

On the next Days of our Lives...
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  • Marlena gets a bad feeling about John
  • Nicole informs Eric of her decision
  • Kristen returns!
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