Monday, June 29, 2015
by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie and Brady stepped in to stop Victor from forcibly removing Theresa from the premises. Victor and Brady went to the foyer, where Brady explained that he didn't want Theresa around but was trying to do what was best for Tate.

Brady added that he wasn't in the mood to argue with Victor because he'd had a really rough night -- and he knew Victor's night had been busy, too. Victor wondered what Brady was talking about. "Oh, come -- you're clueless, right? You have no idea what happened? The all-powerful patriarch who knows whether a member of this family sneezes or not? You're gonna stand here and give me the 'what's that supposed to mean'?" Brady asked incredulously. Victor impatiently demanded to know what had happened. "Oh, not much. Xander tried to kill Eric and Nicole -- that's all," Brady replied.

Victor admitted he had known about Xander's history but had foolishly believed he could help Xander change -- until Xander had started messing with Daniel, at which point Victor had told Xander to leave town and never return. Victor conceded that he should have made sure Xander had obeyed that order. Brady wondered what Victor planned to do about Xander. "After what he did? I don't care if he rots in hell. In fact, he'd better wish the police find him before I do. One way or another, Xander will be dealt with," Victor replied.

Changing the subject, Victor demanded to know what Brady had been thinking when he had invited Theresa to move into the mansion. Brady pointed out that Theresa's parents were trying to persuade her to move to Los Angeles with Tate, and he wondered if that was what Victor would prefer. Victor sighed as he admitted it wasn't. "Well, neither would I. So this is the compromise, okay? She doesn't know squat about being a mother. Hell, she doesn't know squat about being a human being. That's why we have to make sure we take care of my son," Brady stressed.

Victor warned that Theresa was obviously playing Brady. "And, you know, it's not just her. Pretty soon, you may be dealing with her whole family. That imbecilic mother, the slatternly sister; God, it's like living in an episode of Honey Boo Boo. No, I'm gonna put my foot down -- she cannot stay here," Victor insisted. Brady conceded with a shrug that the mansion was, after all, Victor's house. "[But] if Theresa goes, then Tate goes. If Tate goes, I go. So, we'll just find somewhere else to live, and you can have all the peace and quiet that you want," Brady added.

In the living room, Maggie made it clear that Theresa wasn't exactly welcome at the Kiriakis mansion. "What, do you think we're idiots? We have amnesia? No. Tate is welcome here, and we're all gonna try to do our best for him. And that includes you. So, as long as you're here, don't ever forget -- I've got your number, Cookie," Maggie warned.

Maggie introduced Theresa to Tate's nanny, Hayley. When Hayley started to take Tate upstairs to put him down for a nap, Theresa pointed out that she had some suitcases Hayley could also take upstairs -- and unpack. Maggie said that wouldn't be necessary. "Hayley is Tate's nanny. She's not your maid," Maggie told Theresa after Hayley left the room.

Theresa sarcastically replied that Maggie was really going out of her way to be welcoming. "Oh, you want me to be sweet about this? This is Wednesday. Melanie and I had a standing lunch date on Wednesdays. She's gone, and you're here, and we both know why. Toe the line, and I'll try to be cordial. But no one in this house -- especially me -- is gonna take any attitude from you," Maggie countered.

Maggie observed that Theresa had played every card she possessed in order to get herself into the mansion -- which, arguably, hadn't exactly been the shrewdest move she could have made. "You've never had to deal with Victor in hand-to-hand combat. You think you fight dirty?" Maggie mused with a laugh. Maggie suggested that giving Brady some time and space to forget about all the things Theresa had done probably would have been the wiser move. "Oh, my goodness, I forgot -- I have to tell Henderson that we won't be needing these fireplace tools anymore," Maggie added, gesturing toward the items.

Theresa suggested that she and Brady could always find somewhere else to live if Maggie really didn't want her around. Maggie replied that, while Theresa certainly wasn't her dream boarder, she would do whatever was best for Tate, including putting up with Theresa. "That goes for me, too. Now, this'll work a lot better, Theresa, if you, should I put it? Stay the hell out of my way," Victor added, stepping back into the living room.

After Victor and Maggie left, Theresa turned to Brady and noted with surprise that she had just been given everyone's permission to stay at the mansion. Brady stressed that the arrangement was only temporary. Brady hinted that, per his custody agreement with Theresa, it was his time to be with Tate. Pointing out that Theresa had nothing to do at the mansion -- and wasn't exactly welcome there, anyway -- Brady suggested she could get some work done at the hospital while he was with Tate. Shocked that Brady actually expected her to work, Theresa insisted there was no way that was going to happen.

In the foyer, Victor received a text message from Daniel. After reading it, Victor informed Maggie that Nicole was out of the woods. "Thank God," Maggie said. "Eh, I guess," Victor replied. Maggie started to question Victor about Xander, and he told her the same thing he had told Brady earlier. Maggie wondered if there was more to the story.

"Look, I don't want to talk any more about my psychopathic nephew. Not on the day that the psychopathic mother of my great-grandson is moving into my house," Victor insisted. Maggie laughed and agreed to drop the subject. Victor was eager to check on Daniel, so Maggie left the room after warning that Daniel was going to have some tough questions to ask Victor, too.

At the police station, Abe placed Xander under arrest. Xander insisted he couldn't have hurt Eric or Nicole because he hadn't even been in Salem the previous night -- he had been at a party in Chicago, and there were at least ten people who could verify that claim. Roman said he would need the names of all those people, as well as access to Xander's car and cell phone. Xander agreed but added that Serena could confirm his alibi, too.

Serena denied the claim, but Xander reminded her that he had gone to her hotel room the previous night to say goodbye to her. Xander explained that he had left Salem because Nicole had rejected his advances. Serena reluctantly confirmed that Xander had indeed told her those things the previous night. Xander added that when the police checked his cell phone, they would find that he had sent and received many phone calls and text messages while en route to Chicago. Roman and Abe amused themselves with a quick exchange about how Xander surely hadn't sent text messages while driving, observing that he seemed like a very careful man.

Serena recalled that she had tried to call Xander a few times the previous night, and she wondered why he hadn't answered her calls. Xander claimed he simply hadn't had time to get back to Serena then. Roman pointed out that Eric and Nicole had both named Xander as the person who had tried to kill them, but Xander insisted that wasn't true, reiterating that he had witnesses who could prove it.

"No, you don't. No. What you have is a manufactured alibi," Roman guessed. Roman warned that he wouldn't rest until the person who had tried to kill Eric and Nicole paid for the crime. At Roman's request, Abe started to escort Xander to an interrogation room. Xander paused to ask if Serena had been with Eric and Nicole the previous night. Serena said she had been part of the rescue group. "But you weren't in harm's way? Oh, thank God. I couldn't bear to think of something like that happening to you," Xander replied, grinning as he followed Abe out of the room.

Roman started to chastise Serena for getting mixed up with Xander in the first place, but a woman soon entered the room and stopped the conversation, identifying herself as Serena's attorney. After Roman left, the woman advised that Serena would soon be released -- unless she made the mistake of saying another word about what had happened, in which case she might be the only person who paid for it in the end. Later, Abe returned and told Serena she was free to leave. As Serena breathed a sigh of relief, Roman escorted Xander into the room. "I'll see you soon," Xander assured Serena as she walked out.

At the hospital, Eric told Nicole they needed to talk about what had happened the previous night. Daniel interrupted and hugged Eric, praising him for saving Nicole's life. Eric uncomfortably stopped Daniel, prompting Daniel to wonder what was wrong with Eric. Nicole suggested Eric was still upset about Serena's betrayal because trust was extremely important to him. Before Eric could respond, Daniel received a text message from Abe, revealing that Xander was in police custody. Eric excused himself so he could contact Roman and find out what was happening with Serena.

After Eric left, Daniel admitted that Nicole's near-death experience had made him realize just how much he loved her and needed her in his life. "Oh, Daniel. When I [think] about what could have happened... Everything that we had together, and everything that means anything to me -- it could have been lost," Nicole fretted. Daniel assured Nicole that there was no longer anything to worry about -- and that they could put the whole ordeal behind them. Nicole agreed and predicted she and Daniel were finally going to get the fresh start they both wanted. Nicole embraced Daniel, and Eric returned to the room just in time to catch them in the middle of a kiss.

At the lake, Derrick wondered if Paul remembered him. Paul confirmed that he did, and he noted that he hadn't seen Derrick around the Salem Inn much lately. Derrick reported that he had lost that job, and he admitted he had never been very good at it, anyway.

Adding that he had read the article about Paul that had appeared in the newspaper a few months earlier, Derrick wondered if it was true that the other two guys he had met at the hotel were married. Paul said he would prefer not to talk about that. Derrick understood but couldn't resist musing that the men seemed too young to already be married and have a little girl. Paul guessed the girl hadn't exactly been planned.

"You know, I want to have a husband and a kid someday, but, I mean, not yet, obviously. What about you? You ready to settle down?" Derrick asked. Paul confirmed that he would like to settle down once he found the right person. "So the guy who asked you to marry him wasn't the one, huh? I mean, I don't know a whole lot about relationships, but I just feel like you wouldn't want to get married right after you came out. I don't feel like it would ever last," Derrick mused. Ignoring the observation, Paul excused himself so he could test the water.

In Will and Sonny's apartment, Will swore he wasn't writing an article about Dr. Meyers, adding that he had just been so impressed with the therapist's techniques that he had suggested to Zoe that they might make for an interesting feature in Sonix -- albeit one he would not be able to write personally. "No. No. You went to Zoe and wanted to write that article before our first session. That's just another lie," Sonny insisted.

Will said he wasn't lying, adding that he had learned a lot about Dr. Meyers' techniques while researching therapists online. Sonny guessed Will and Dr. Meyers had talked about Will's idea at some point, since Dr. Meyers had been fixated on discussing Will and Sonny's future instead of focusing on their past. "Maybe that's the way he works," Will suggested. "Maybe that's the way you wanted him to work," Sonny countered.

Will asked if Sonny actually believed he would ever try to influence their therapist. "I'm beginning to wonder if there's anything you wouldn't do, Will," Sonny replied. Will told Sonny he was simply trying to hang on to their marriage. Sonny wondered why Will was desperate to hang on to him. Will insisted he wasn't desperate, adding that he was just in love with Sonny. "You have a funny way of showing it," Sonny observed.

Will wanted to know what that was supposed to mean, so Sonny pointed out that Will had jumped at the chance to move to Los Angeles, leaving Sonny behind in the process. Will reminded Sonny that Sami had needed help in Los Angeles because her husband had just died, but Sonny countered that he and Will both knew that wasn't the real reason Will had left. Sonny said Will had really moved to Los Angeles to start a career as a big Hollywood screenwriter, and when that hadn't worked out, he had returned home and lied about what had happened.

Will insisted he had returned home because he had missed Sonny. "I wonder how much you would have missed me if your screenplay had been picked up," Sonny bitterly spat. Will pointed out that he had begged Sonny to move to Los Angeles with him, adding that if his screenwriting attempt had gone differently, he would have returned home to once again beg Sonny to join him in Los Angeles. Sonny insisted Will was lying to him -- and to himself. "Before you left, you told me our life together was boring. And ever since you've been back, all we've been doing is arguing. And then you slept with Paul to get a good story," Sonny added.

Will protested that, as he had explained many times before, he hadn't slept with Paul to get a story. "It just happened. I know. And it didn't mean anything, right?" Sonny skeptically guessed. Will insisted that was true. "At least I didn't ask him to marry me," Will added. Sonny wondered why Will had slept with Paul in the first place, struggling to understand how Will couldn't have seen how doing so would jeopardize the marriage he claimed to care so much about. Sonny asked if Will had assumed he would be fine with Will cheating on him.

Will said there had been no thinking involved. Will added that he had believed Paul would leave town and Sonny would never find out about the one-night stand. Sonny wondered if Will had assumed he wouldn't care about it if it had happened with someone who was no longer living in Salem. "No, Sonny, you know what? I thought about it, and I thought you would care, just like you care about all of my failings that you point out, you itemize, and you throw in my face! Nobody in this world, Sonny, knows more about my failings than you do," Will bitterly countered.

Sonny incredulously wondered if Will believed the whole thing was his fault. "How could I? How could anyone think that anything you do is your fault? You're Sonny. When you work around the clock, twenty-four-seven, that's good; that's getting ahead. It's not like me, obsessing with my writing. And you accuse me of sleeping with Paul to get a story, and that's sleazy, but you being best friends with Chad freakin' DiMera -- that's fine, that's just -- that's normal. It has nothing to do with the fact that he's rich and connected," Will replied.

Stunned, Sonny started to react, but Will interrupted. "Before you rip apart my argument, and you prove to me -- as you do every single time, so conclusively -- that everything I do is wrong, and everything you do is right, I just want to say one thing. Even though I'm emotional and off base, Sonny, do you have any idea how it feels to have a husband that thinks that I'm not at his level? It feels like crap. And you know what you do when you feel like crap? You go and --" Will began, and Sonny guessed the end of that statement was going to be that feeling like crap had led Will to sleep with Paul.

Will turned away from Sonny as he confirmed the suspicion. "Oh, my God. He wasn't the only one, was he? You slept with someone before Paul, didn't you?" Sonny guessed. Will swore that wasn't true, but Sonny suspected Will was lying again. Will insisted he loved Sonny and only cared about trying to fix their marriage. "You slept with someone in Los Angeles! I asked you point-blank in the hospital, and you swore nothing happened in L.A. That's what you meant just now; you thought you could sleep with Paul, and if he left town, I wouldn't find out, just like I wouldn't find out about Los Angeles," Sonny realized.

Will stammered as he tried to deny the accusation. Sonny started to leave, but Will grabbed him and begged him to stay. "All you talked about was how much you were working out in Los Angeles. That you didn't have time to call me. And all that time, you were screwing around?" Sonny asked. Sonny made another attempt to leave, but Will spun him back around again. "Sonny, listen to me! It only happened once," Will insisted.

Will started to say something else, but Sonny warned that he would scream if Will once again tried to claim it hadn't meant anything. Sonny shoved Will away as Will tearfully wondered what Sonny wanted him to say. Sonny replied that he didn't think he and Will needed to say anything else to each other at that time, suggesting they could instead save it for their next chat with Will's good friend, Dr. Meyers. Sonny stormed off, and Will flinched as the door slammed shut.

Sonny headed to the lake, thinking about how Will had insisted he had only cheated on Sonny once. Paul greeted Sonny and wondered how Sonny had known where to look for him. Sonny clarified that he hadn't, adding that the lake was simply a place he retreated to sometimes to think about things. Paul asked if Sonny was okay, and Sonny admitted he wasn't. Sonny claimed he was having problems at the club, but Paul expressed skepticism. Sonny rushed off, insisting he couldn't talk about the matter with Paul.

While playing with Arianna -- and with tears streaming down his face -- Will promised her he wasn't going to lose Sonny.

. . .

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