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Brady confronts Nicole
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Monday, August 14, 2017
by Mike

At Club TBD, Lucas bitterly greeted Chloe, who demanded to know why he had suddenly fallen off the wagon after such a long stretch of sobriety.

"I didn't 'fall' off the wagon, all right? I happened to be pushed!" Lucas insisted, seizing his shot glass from Chloe and draining it in one quick gulp. Chloe tried to remind Lucas that drinking was a personal choice, but he argued that one of his exes had apparently neglected to read the Alcoholics Anonymous handbook. "Who was it? Nicole? Carrie? Don't tell me Sami's back in town --" Chloe began.

Interrupting, Lucas sarcastically thanked Chloe for taking him on a "death march" down memory lane. Chloe was stunned when Lucas clarified that he had been talking about Adrienne, who had just randomly decided to dump him and get back together with Justin. "I'm sorry, but that just doesn't sound like the Adrienne that I know," Chloe mused. Nodding, Lucas agreed, "It was like she turned into a totally different person."

Meanwhile, the bartender, who had been busy serving other customers, stepped back behind the bar. Lucas quickly asked for a refill, prompting Chloe to warn the bartender that Lucas was an alcoholic. "Not my problem, lady," the bartender replied with a shrug as he poured Lucas another shot of vodka. Chloe tried to stop Lucas from taking the drink, but he gulped it down while she was talking then told her, "Gotta be quicker than that!"

"Lucas, I know that you want to hurt Adrienne, but...tossing away your sobriety is just hurting yourself," Chloe pointed out. Chloe offered to take Lucas to a meeting, but he insisted that he wasn't going anywhere with a woman who had cheated on him in the past. "You are no better than Adrienne is! And who the hell are you to lecture me on my drinking? Brady never did drugs until he started following you around Europe," Lucas continued.

"I didn't make Brady a coke addict; I just didn't want to see that he was one," Chloe clarified. Hoping to inspire Lucas, Chloe added that Brady had since turned his life around, prompting Lucas to reveal with a snicker that he had actually had a few drinks with Brady earlier that night. Lucas added that Nicole was the one who had pushed Brady off the wagon.

Confused, Chloe struggled to understand why Lucas and Brady -- who had stayed sober through such hardships as Will's death and Theresa's departure, respectively -- had suddenly thrown away all their hard work in the wake of developments that, while certainly painful, seemed a lot less devastating in comparison. Lucas didn't want to talk about Will's death, but he explained that he had decided to start drinking again after losing Adrienne because he had realized, at that moment, that he had no one left in his life who cared about him -- and, therefore, no reason to stay committed to sobriety any longer.

Chloe insisted that she cared about Lucas -- and Brady, too, for that matter. Ignoring Chloe, Lucas impatiently asked the bartender for another refill. The bartender started to grant the request but changed his mind when Chloe warned that the police would likely have some questions for him if Lucas got into an accident later that night. Undeterred, Lucas insisted that he would simply find another bar, adding that Club TBD wasn't going to be in business much longer, anyway. Chloe, who had returned to Salem to finish working out the terms of the gig that Dario had recently offered her, was surprised to hear that he was on the run.

Lucas started to leave but fell to the floor after taking only a single step. "Slipped on a peanut," Lucas dismissively insisted. Unconvinced, Chloe seized Lucas' keys then helped him out of the club.

At the police station, Sonny and Chad continued to piece together the events that had occurred at the Martin mansion on the night of Deimos' murder. When Sonny remembered that he had gone in search of Paul after Deimos had stolen the amulet, Chad pointed out that Sonny would have had to walk through the living room, where Deimos had been killed, in order to get to the garden, where Paul had been knocked out. Sonny suddenly recalled doing just that. Smiling, Sonny excitedly informed Chad that Deimos had already been dead at that time -- meaning that someone else had killed him.

"[Now] there's only one thing [left] to do," Chad began. "Find the amulet; find the killer," Sonny concluded in unison with Chad.

Brady entered the Kiriakis mansion and found Victor sitting alone in the living room, worrying about Sonny's predicament. Brady insisted that he wasn't going to help Victor frame some random person for Deimos' murder. "But, you know what this is?" Brady continued as he retrieved the amulet from his jacket pocket. Surprised, Victor wondered where Brady had found the amulet. "In the, uh, home of the real killer -- my beloved brother Eric," Brady casually answered. Brady wanted to take the amulet to the police right away so they could release Sonny and arrest Eric, but Victor warned that it wouldn't be wise to do that.

"You said that whoever has the amulet is probably the murderer, [and] you have it now," Victor pointed out. When Victor demanded to know why Brady had been in Eric's room in the first place, Brady reluctantly explained that he had been looking for proof that Nicole and Eric were sleeping together. "So, if you were to go to the police, it might occur to them that you wanted to get even with Eric by setting him up," Victor noted. Stammering, Brady admitted that he had failed to consider that possibility. "Because you were drunk as a skunk!" Victor concluded with obvious disappointment.

"Did you really think I wouldn't notice?" Victor continued. Brady dismissively insisted that he had a problem with cocaine, not alcohol. "That's what you said after that whole debacle with Kristen, and look how that turned out," Victor countered. Determined not to let Brady self-destruct yet again, Victor warned, "Remember when you were with Chloe, and that bimbo refused to believe that you were high as a kite most nights? I had you kidnapped and thrown into rehab. You'd better believe I can do it again."

When Victor added that Brady should have stopped to think about Tate before deciding to knock back a bunch of drinks, Brady grew defensive, arguing that he was a good father. Victor agreed that Brady was a good father -- when sober, at least. "I will not have any great-grandson of mine be raised by a father who's a lush!" Victor vowed.

Brady maintained that there was no cause for concern because he was simply drunk, not high. "I don't -- I don't -- I don't need rehab," Brady dismissively continued. "You're in no condition to determine what you need. [And] Titan certainly doesn't need another scandal," Victor countered. Annoyed, Brady reminded Victor that they had more important things to discuss -- like the fact that evidence had been found in Eric's room that linked him to Deimos' murder. Victor insisted that Brady needed to sober up first. Scoffing, Brady reluctantly headed upstairs to take a shower, leaving the amulet behind on the coffee table.

At Bayview, Marlena frantically tried to fill John in on what had happened to her, but a bad connection prevented him from being able to make out most of her end of their phone conversation. "Did you say 'help'? Doc, do you need help?" John asked worriedly. Before Marlena could say anything else, the orderly returned and snatched his cell phone out of her hand. "You've been a very bad girl, [and] now, 'Not Hattie,' you're gonna find out what happens to bad girls," the orderly warned before putting Marlena back in the straitjacket and sedating her.

At the Salem Inn, Eric knocked on Adrienne's hotel room door and called out to Marlena. Hattie and Bonnie tried to ignore Eric, hoping that he would eventually go away, but when he made it clear that he had no intention of doing that, Hattie reluctantly opened the door and greeted him. Eric entered the messy room and looked around in shock as he wondered what was going on. Hattie claimed that she had simply been trying to cheer Adrienne up. Suddenly concerned, Eric hoped that Adrienne hadn't received bad news about her health. "No, I'm healthy as a horse," Bonnie blurted out before catching herself and clarifying that she was still in remission.

Faking tears, Bonnie continued that she was upset because her relationship with Lucas had ended earlier that night. Hattie hinted that Eric needed to leave right away so she could get back to comforting Adrienne, but he apologetically insisted that he needed to talk to Marlena about John first. "So, what, he sent you here to badger me?" Hattie asked defensively.

Taken aback, Eric clarified, "[No], I came here on my own. [But John] doesn't think you're telling him everything, and I'm starting to wonder myself." Hattie dismissively insisted that John simply needed to accept reality and move on with his life, just as she already had. Bonnie tried to help Hattie out, adding, "See, Eric, when two people have been together as long as your mother and John have -- or, well, Lucas and me -- sometimes, you know, it just -- it becomes like a habit. I mean, I used to wake up every morning and have a bowl of oatmeal, right? And then one morning, I woke up, and I looked at it, and I said, 'I hate this stuff!'"

"Yes, and -- and sometimes these things happen all of a sudden," Hattie agreed. Eric argued that Adrienne couldn't possibly be comparing her relationship with Lucas, which had only started a couple years earlier, to Marlena's decades-long relationship with John. "You know, Lucas and me -- Lucas and I, that is -- we did a lot of living in those two years!" Bonnie insisted, faking more tears. Hattie scolded Eric for upsetting Adrienne, tightly squeezing Bonnie's arm to send the message that she needed to play along. Pulling away from Hattie, Bonnie complained that Eric was making her feel like her problems didn't matter at all.

Eric reluctantly agreed to leave, but before exiting the hotel room, he made it clear that he would be seeking Marlena out again soon so they could continue their conversation about John. Once the coast was clear, Hattie apologized for hurting Bonnie's arm, explaining, "I had to stop you! I thought you were gonna blow the whole thing!" Bonnie defensively pointed out that Anjelica had not yet gotten around to coaching her on the right and wrong things to say in any given situation. Frazzled, Hattie decided that it was time to call it a night, and Bonnie agreed.

After exiting Adrienne's hotel room, Hattie ran into John in the hallway. When John revealed that Marlena had called him earlier, Hattie muttered, "Oh. Must've had a little too much." Confused, John wondered what Marlena was talking about. "Uh -- uh... Stress! [It] just makes you forget stuff, doesn't it?" Hattie explained with a nervous chuckle. Meanwhile, John took note of the cheddar dust on Marlena's blouse. "What the hell? This is cheese puffs! You hate cheese puffs!" John pointed out. Shrugging, Hattie complained that she'd had to raid the minibar because the Salem Inn's room service wasn't available after sunset.

"You sounded desperate on the phone, in spite of the bad connection. You asked for my help. So, what can I do to help you?" John asked. Hattie claimed that she had been calling to ask John to stay away from the townhouse for a while the following morning so she could get the rest of her things without having to deal with him. "So now you don't even want to be in the same room with me?" John asked incredulously. Hattie tried to explain that it would simply be easier that way, but John insisted, "No, no, no -- you're hiding something, [and] you know what? I'm not gonna stop 'til I find out what it is." Hattie watched nervously as John walked away.

Meanwhile, Eric returned to the Martin mansion and found his room in disarray. "What happened here?" he wondered as he looked around the room.

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