Monday, July 27, 2015
by Mike

Paige refused to leave while J.J. was changing his clothes in Sonny's office at Club TBD, insisting she had more to say. J.J. guessed Paige was going to once again rant about how he had ruined her life and had no right to say anything to her about the people she chose to hang out with. Paige clarified that, while all of that was still true, she really just wanted to stress that he didn't have to be worried about her.

"You go off with a guy like Kyle, and nobody should worry about you?" J.J. asked incredulously. Paige insisted Kyle couldn't possibly hurt her -- and neither could any other guy, for that matter -- because she wasn't the same girl she had once been, and she no longer had that girl's naïve views about love. "Nobody could hurt me the way you did, because I'll never feel that way about anyone else," Paige added.

As J.J. started to respond, Bev barged into the office to tell him something, unaware that he wasn't alone. After Paige rushed off, J.J. tried to focus his attention on Bev, wondering what she had been excited about telling him. Bev started to explain that she had just scored VIP tickets to a music festival, but she eventually stopped herself. "You know what? I can't do this anymore. I'm done," Bev declared.

J.J. assured Bev that he and Paige were over for good. "Yeah, you are. But you don't believe it, and you should," Bev replied. Bev wondered if J.J. wanted to know what Paige had recently said to her about him. "Paige said something about me?" J.J. asked optimistically. "God, if you could look at yourself in a mirror right now. Yes, Paige told me I was welcome to you, but that I should keep you away from my mother. Yeah, so there's still that. She won't get over it. And I won't get over the way you look at her," Bev said.

J.J. started to stress that what Bev had just walked in on had been completely innocent, but she stopped him. Bev revealed that her parents had been begging her to take an all-expenses-paid trip to Europe for the summer, but she had turned down the offer -- which, incidentally, had been their big attempt to get her away from J.J. "I stayed because I thought we were starting something. And I am so tired of being the thing that you sometimes use to try and forget about Paige," Bev added. J.J. insisted that wasn't true, but Bev disagreed and said she had changed her mind about leaving.

Bev encouraged J.J. to go find someone else but guessed that wouldn't work out, either, since he definitely wasn't over Paige yet -- and he might never be. J.J. tried to apologize, but Bev assured him that she knew he had never meant to hurt her. "You're just...a mess, so it kind of had to happen," Bev added. J.J. hugged Bev and told her to take care of herself. Bev wished J.J. luck getting Paige back or getting over her. "Whichever comes first?" J.J. asked. "Whichever you can do," Bev replied.

Kate went to Will and Sonny's apartment to drop off something for Arianna, unaware that Adrienne had been asked to watch the girl for a while. When Adrienne started gushing about the gift Kate had gotten for Arianna, Kate warned Adrienne not to try taking credit for it. Adrienne insisted she would never stoop that low -- or be that dumb. "Well, you were dumb enough to divorce Justin. Who knows how low you'd go?" Kate countered.

Adrienne refused to discuss that particular matter with Kate, who nevertheless maintained that, while there was probably plenty of blame to go around, it had been foolish of Adrienne to walk out on Justin. Adrienne informed Kate that the divorce had been a mutual decision. "Do you really think this is what Justin wants?" Kate asked. Adrienne started to respond, but Kate interrupted and abruptly excused herself so she could get back to work.

Lucas went to the Kiriakis mansion to serve Justin with an unfair trade complaint Countess Wilhelmina had filed against Mad World. Justin dismissively tossed the document aside without even bothering to look at it. Lucas advised Justin to reconsider that decision, warning that Justin and Kate were skating on very thin ice. "I deal with five cases like this before breakfast. I'm a lawyer, as opposed to...whatever it is you are," Justin replied.

Lucas wondered if Justin was sniping at him because of Adrienne. Justin insisted the matter wasn't personal; it was just good business. "We are well inside the law, so suck it up and get used to it. Or let Stefano find another whipping boy," Justin added. Lucas started to leave after once again advising Justin to read the document, but Justin stopped him and apologized for what he had just said.

Justin reiterated, however, that the move Mad World had made against Countess Wilhelmina really hadn't been personal at all. Justin acknowledged that he no longer got to have a say in what happened in Adrienne's life. Lucas asked if Justin was really going to just give Adrienne up without a fight. Justin wondered why Lucas cared. Lucas explained that Adrienne was, first and foremost, his friend, and he just wanted her to be happy.

"You know, I've been where you are, Justin -- probably a hell of a lot more than you know. And looking back, I begin to wonder...if I gave up too soon. Now I'm starting to wonder if you and Adrienne are gonna feel that same way, too," Lucas added. Lucas left after once again advising Justin to read the document. Later, Justin received a visit from Adrienne, who was eager to show off some new pictures of Arianna.

Justin told Adrienne about Lucas' earlier visit, revealing that Lucas had actually delivered a truce of sorts in the war between Countess Wilhelmina and Mad World. Justin failed to elaborate but added that Lucas had also suggested that Justin and Adrienne might be making a mistake. Adrienne was surprised that Lucas had talked to Justin about the matter, and Justin admitted that he had been surprised, too. "[Lucas] cares about you. No matter what I may think of him, I know that much is true. He wants what's best for you, even if that turned out to be me. We both care about you. And I think you and I made the right decision," Justin added.

Will entered Club TBD and found Paul talking to Sonny at the bar. Will smiled and said he was really glad to see Paul. Paul started to explain why he was at the club, but Will insisted that wasn't necessary. After explaining that Arianna was going to be with the babysitter all night, Will suggested he and Sonny could go out later. "Sounds like fun," Sonny replied. "But it might be more fun if you come with us," Will told Paul.

Paul said he didn't want to horn in on Will and Sonny's date night, but Will assured him it wouldn't be like that at all. Will stressed that, while he and Sonny would get their alone time later, it had recently been pointed out to him that they didn't really have any gay friends. Paul started to clarify his comment, but Will interrupted and admitted Paul wasn't the only person who had made the observation -- Marlena had, too. "And you're both right. Sonny and I -- we should be out in every way. I don't know how we got to be so old and boring," Will added.

Sonny pointed out that he and Will had a kid and also had demanding jobs, but Will insisted they could do a better job of balancing things so they could still have a social life. Paul laughed awkwardly, admitting the situation with him, Will, and Sonny still felt kind of weird to him. "Just bring somebody," Will suggested. As if on cue, Derrick entered the club and greeted Sonny, explaining that he had been saddled with coffee duty at his job. As Sonny started to fill Derrick's order, Will began to suggest that Derrick could attend the outing as well. Will quickly stopped himself and stepped aside, joking that he was going to chew on his foot for a while.

Sonny excused himself and went to talk to Will, who apologetically acknowledged that he had just made a dumb move. Sonny disagreed, admitting that he understood what Will was trying to do -- and he actually thought it was a good idea. Meanwhile, Derrick wondered what he had just walked in on. Paul explained that Will had just invited him to go out with Will and Sonny later that night. "Oh, like a threesome?" Derrick asked. Paul clarified that he had been encouraged to invite a friend along, and he wondered if Derrick was interested.

Derrick wondered if Paul was just asking because Derrick had walked into the club at the right moment and Paul didn't have anyone better to ask. Paul stressed that he was asking because Derrick was his friend, and he wanted Derrick to attend the outing. Derrick agreed, and Paul quickly announced the news to Will and Sonny. Will excitedly rushed off to finalize all the details. Later, Kate met with Paul, and when Sonny served them their drinks, he made a joke about the name of their new cologne. "[Vanquish] sounds like a male enhancement drug that's sold on late-night TV," Sonny mused as he took a seat at Kate and Paul's table.

Kate observed that, while everyone always assumed Sonny was really nice, he was actually a very mean young man. Sonny protested that he was nice -- nice enough to tell Kate the truth. Kate defended the name, explaining that it had tested well. "I would demand a recount. With all due respect, Kate, it's horrible -- it really is. We were playing basketball, and we came up with a better name in two minutes," Sonny teasingly countered.

After Sonny left, Kate impatiently demanded to know what the guys had thought of as an alternative option for the name of the cologne. "Narita by Mad World," Paul revealed. "Let me guess -- did your mother come up with that, or your agent?" Kate wondered. Paul clarified that it had actually been Will's idea.

Kate was surprised to hear that, and Paul admitted that he had been surprised, too. Paul shrugged and guessed Will had probably just been trying to be nice. "To you?" Kate asked skeptically. Paul nodded and informed Kate that he, Will, and Sonny were all trying to just get along with each other -- and maybe even be friends. "When pigs fly," Kate muttered. Paul told Kate about the plans he had made with Will and Sonny. Kate guessed Paul was crashing Will and Sonny's date, but Paul clarified that Will had invited him -- and another guy would be joining them, too.

Lucas spotted Will talking to Derrick in the town square. Will took Derrick to a more secluded area so they could talk privately. Derrick admitted he had felt a bit awkward at the club earlier. "Well, that couldn't be avoided. The important thing is that it worked. That's what matters," Will stressed. Will wondered if Derrick had found time to read the files he had sent earlier. Derrick confirmed that he had read most of them and had also looked up a lot of old articles online. Will told Derrick to focus solely on the files he had sent, since they would give Derrick the inside scoop on Paul -- the personal stuff Paul had never said publicly.

"Yeah, those interviews of yours were very in-depth, huh?" Derrick joked. "Okay, you're gonna want to let go of those bitchy comments if we're gonna work together," Will warned. Derrick told Will to relax, promising to have everything read before the outing that night. Derrick hoped Paul and Sonny wouldn't find out what he and Will were up to. "There's nothing to find out. I'm just helping two friends get together," Will insisted.

Derrick wasn't particularly optimistic about his chances with Paul, but Will assured him that it was just a matter of time before something would happen with Paul -- if Derrick played his cards right. Derrick hoped Will was right, admitting he had been into Paul since their first meeting. After Derrick left, Lucas revealed himself and said he had been under the impression that things between Will and Sonny had been going well lately. Will confirmed that he and Sonny were finally getting back on track.

Lucas wondered why Will was risking everything. Will clarified that he wasn't risking anything -- he was just fixing up a friend, something people did all the time. Lucas didn't think Will would be skulking around and hiding things if he really believed that what he was doing was completely innocent, but Will countered that he simply didn't want to put any pressure on Paul. Will added that he wanted things to work out between Paul and Derrick. "Right, so you want Paul to be interested in this guy so he's not, know, going after your husband," Lucas guessed.

"Yeah, obviously," Will impatiently confirmed. Lucas wondered if Derrick was a good guy. Will stressed that Derrick wasn't just a good guy -- he was also really into Paul, not to mention extremely attractive. Will insisted the outing he had planned for that night would be fun. Lucas shook his head skeptically. "I just think you should put more effort into just being with Sonny instead of all these schemes, you know? You'd be a lot better off. You're worse than your mother," Lucas said before walking away.

Serena continued eavesdropping on Eric's confession from the comfort of her hotel room, getting more and more upset as he talked about how he had been unable to resist the urge to be with Nicole during their time in the crawlspace. When Eric angrily slammed his fists against an armrest, he disturbed the listening device, which promptly stopped working.

Serena tossed her recorder aside in frustration. "I knew it. I knew something happened. That witch slept with Eric. I could kill her!" Serena muttered. Serena held back tears as she listened to the recording again. When it finished playing, she grabbed her purse and stormed off to the Brady Pub, where she encountered Xander. Serena started to go off on Xander, but he reminded her that he hadn't singlehandedly ruined her life. Serena conceded that Xander was right, and she mused that, while she would love to see him pay for everything he had done, there was someone else who needed to pay, too -- and she could actually make that happen.

In Daniel's apartment, Nicole was disturbed when she suddenly got a strange feeling of foreboding. Daniel assured Nicole that there was nothing to worry about, but she admitted she was still struggling to believe that because of her history. Daniel hugged Nicole and reminded her that nothing bad was hanging over her head for once.

Later, Maggie arrived and saw the pictures Parker had drawn for Nicole. "She's gonna stay forever!" Parker excitedly informed Maggie. Daniel confirmed that was the plan, and he asked Nicole to give him a few minutes alone with Maggie so he could share their news with her. After Nicole and Parker left the room, Daniel told Maggie that Nicole had agreed to marry him. "Hmm. Fast," Maggie observed, forcing a smile.

Daniel disagreed, and he stressed that, while he would love to have Maggie's blessing, he and Nicole were going to get married either way. Daniel reminded Maggie that it had been hard for people to accept her relationship with Victor at first, too. Daniel insisted that what he had with Nicole was true love -- something he knew Maggie wasn't against. "Who could be?" Maggie conceded.

Maggie hugged Daniel and said she hoped he would be very happy with Nicole. When Nicole and Parker returned, Maggie congratulated Nicole and offered her a hug, as well. Daniel decided to take Parker out for ice cream so Nicole and Maggie could talk privately. After Daniel and Parker left, Nicole jokingly promised to never call Maggie "Mom." Nicole stressed that she loved Daniel and, like Maggie, didn't want to see him or Parker get hurt. Nicole added that Daniel also just happened to be her best friend, and she knew just how lucky she was. Maggie hoped that was true, since love was something she believed Daniel really needed in his life.

After finishing his confession, Eric walked through the park while thinking about how Father Louis had advised him to ask God for guidance. After doing just that, Eric spotted Daniel and Parker, who were eating ice cream together on a nearby bench. Eric listened as Daniel and Parker talked about how much fun they were going to have living with Nicole.

When Daniel and Parker returned home, Maggie offered to throw an engagement party for Daniel and Nicole, and they happily accepted. After Maggie and Parker left, Nicole received a text message from Eric, who wanted to see her right away. Nicole excused herself, not bothering to correct Daniel when he assumed her abrupt departure was work-related.

When Nicole arrived at Eric's place, Eric assured her that, while he still loved her -- and always would -- he wanted her to have the life she wanted to have, so he would never tell Daniel about what had almost happened in the crawlspace. Meanwhile, Daniel received a visit from Serena, who said she had something he needed to hear.

. . .

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