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Monday, April 24, 2017
by Mike

At the hospital, Eli apologized to Gabi for the way he had been treating her since her argument with Julie, admitting that an earlier talk with Sonny had made him realize that Julie's account of what had happened to Nick had left out a lot of important details. "I'm starting to realize that my new family is...pretty complicated -- and that I was in no position to take Julie's side against you," Eli acknowledged.

Gabi offered her own apology, explaining to Eli that when she had tried to make peace with Julie earlier, Julie had accused her of using him to get over Chad. Gabi allowed for the possibility that Julie was right, admitting that she liked spending time with Eli because he kept her from thinking about Chad. Eli dismissed Gabi's concern, pointing out that she had been completely honest with him about her unresolved feelings for Chad. "[And] I like that you don't think about [him] when you're with me. It's good for my ego," Eli jokingly added. Changing the subject, Eli asked Gabi out on a post-argument lunch date. She happily accepted the invitation.

At the Horton Town Square, Abigail accused Chad of trying to buy her back with grand gestures, the way that Stefano or E.J. would have tried to save a relationship. "I mean, this isn't my thing. Do you not know me? At all?" she wondered. He argued that she had seemed like a fan of grand gestures when she had put on a sexy dress and arranged for their song to play in public so they could share a dance together, but she clarified that she had only done that to try to get his attention -- a plan that hadn't worked, anyway. "It was too soon then! I wasn't ready. But I -- I'm telling you, I am ready now!" he insisted.

"[But] is that just because I finally said that I'm done?" Abigail asked. Chad admitted that that had gotten his attention. She said she hadn't broken things off with him to get his attention; she had done it because she was sick of living the way they had been living since her return. He bitterly wondered why she had waited until their vow renewal ceremony, of all times, to declare that she was done with him. She reiterated that events had transpired that day that had made her realize that she needed to stop living in denial about his feelings for Gabi. "Chad, I deserve to be loved by my husband with his whole heart," she stressed.

Gabi entered the town square with Eli and saw that Abigail's hand was on Chad's chest. Misinterpreting the scene, Gabi quickly retreated from the town square with Eli, managing to remain unseen in the process. Chad tried to assure Abigail that he would eventually be able to give her his whole heart again, but she insisted that she wanted to be with someone who didn't need time to do such a thing. "I want what they had," she stressed, gesturing toward Alice and Tom's memorial plaque. "You can give me [grand gestures], but you can't give me what I want: [an] undivided heart," she continued.

Chad understood what Abigail was saying but chose to cling to the possibility that she would eventually change her mind. "I've changed my mind enough," she insisted. She admitted that being hopelessly in love with him had been great while it had lasted, and she would always have fond memories of that time in her life. She hoped that he would find that sort of love again one day -- perhaps with Gabi -- because she simply wanted him to be happy, even if that meant losing him to another woman. He tried to protest but wasn't able to stop her from walking away, leaving behind the paper copy of the vows he had recited at the vow renewal ceremony.

At Club TBD, Eli gave Gabi a chance to bail on their lunch date, knowing that seeing Chad with Abigail might have ruined her day. "I admit, it threw me. [But] it's okay; I'll get over it," she assured him, pointing out that she was, after all, the person who had encouraged Chad to fight for Abigail in the first place. "I think that's what's best for everyone," she concluded.

Later, after Eli stepped aside to answer a phone call, Gabi looked up from her menu and saw that Deimos had just entered the club. She stood and began lashing out at him for the many things he had done to her and the rest of her family. "I honestly don't know what you're talking about. Perhaps you're dealing with brain freeze from that meat locker incident," he joked.

Unamused, Gabi started shouting for security while shoving Deimos, angrily ordering him to leave the club immediately. Eli soon intervened, advising Gabi not to waste her energy on Deimos. Deimos calmly finished his drink then left without paying for it, choosing to consider it on the house as compensation for the way he had been treated. "Don't come back!" Gabi spat.

After calming down, Gabi complained to Eli that someone needed to finally hold Deimos accountable for his actions. Eli admitted that he wasn't sure if the FBI was investigating Deimos; he promised, however, that if an investigation wasn't already underway, he would get one started immediately. He then apologetically excused himself, explaining that his earlier call had been about work. "It's okay. I just lost my appetite," she assured him.

Abigail took Thomas to the Kiriakis mansion to see Maggie, who wondered how things were going with Chad. Abigail explained that she had seen Chad earlier and had shot down his attempt to fix their relationship because she was still convinced that it was best for them to end it. Maggie, who had made a big batch of muffins in celebration of the vow renewal ceremony, wondered if Abigail would like to help her distribute them to people at various places throughout Salem. Abigail happily agreed, admitting that it would be nice to be around people again after having been cooped up at the DiMera mansion for so long.

Abigail accompanied Maggie to the police station but decided not to follow her to the next stop on her list, explaining, "I just want to stick around and see if J.J. shows up." After Maggie left, Abigail noticed a flier on one of the desks, advertising an open position within the Salem Police Department for a receptionist. After receiving a squeal from Thomas that she took as his approval, Abigail decided to apply for the job.

Ciara overheard Theo snapping at Wyatt while they were setting up an Earth Day exhibit in the town square. Ciara started to admonish Theo, but Wyatt stopped her, admitting that Theo had been right to call him out for not truly caring about protecting the environment, since he hadn't cared -- until he had gotten involved with her. Ciara reminded Theo that the whole point of Earth Day was to teach people that they needed to start caring more about protecting the environment. "Don't be down on Wyatt because [he was] late to the party. He's here now, and that's what counts," she reasoned.

Later, Claire arrived and realized that something was bothering Theo. "I just don't really feel like hanging out with Wyatt anymore," he explained. She accused him of being jealous, but he insisted that wasn't true. Unconvinced, she revealed that she wasn't the only person who had picked up on his jealousy. "Okay, [Jade] doesn't know anything about me -- and maybe you don't, either," he countered before storming off.

Theo went to the Brady Pub and began studying for a biology test. Chad soon arrived and joined Theo, who admitted that he was worried about failing his biology class. Chad offered to talk to the dean on Theo's behalf, since it was technically too late for Theo to drop the class. "No, it's fine. You know, I probably should [just] stop complaining and get back to studying," Theo conceded.

"That's very wise. Maybe I should be asking you for advice," Chad mused. Theo observed that Chad seemed a bit sad. Chad explained that he had tried earlier to convince Abigail not to leave him, but his plan had failed miserably. "She might not know what she wants, but she's sure it's not me," Chad added with a sigh.

Later, Chad ran into Gabi outside the pub. She tried to rush off, but he stopped her and wondered what was bothering her. She explained that she had seen him reconciling with Abigail earlier. "I'm happy for you," she quickly added. He clarified that she had misinterpreted what she had witnessed. "But it looked like --" she began. "It doesn't matter what it looked like. The message was clear: it's over for us," he stressed.

Gabi insisted that Chad couldn't give up on Abigail. "I'm not giving up, [but] I can't force her into staying with me. I mean, I -- I -- I have feelings for you both, [and even though] I am committed to her, [that's] not enough. She wants all my heart, and -- and -- and she's not gonna wait around for it, so... I get it, but it's just still --" he explained. "Heartbreaking. I know," she concluded.

Chad assured Gabi that he was going to be okay. He hoped that she would be, too -- and that knowing him hadn't completely ruined her life. She conceded that the love triangle they had found themselves in had been a mess from the start; she stressed, however, that she still had things to be grateful for, and she was looking forward to seeing where life was going to take her next. "And I'm meeting new people, so who knows -- maybe I'll fall in love again," she added with a shrug. "I hope you do. You deserve it. [And] whoever it is, [he] better deserve you," Chad replied. They parted ways after wishing the best for each other.

Over lunch in the town square, Claire and Ciara talked about Wyatt. Claire was happy that Ciara had found someone who seemed worthy of her. "I know that I've gotten really mad at you [in the past] --" Claire began to add. "A lot," Ciara stressed. Claire conceded that Ciara was right. "But that's all over now. I'm just really happy to see you happy," Claire added.

Elsewhere, Wyatt wondered why Theo seemed to suddenly have a problem with him. "Look, I just want to remind you that me being with [Ciara] wasn't my idea," Wyatt added. Theo nodded as he recalled how he had suggested, after Wyatt's previous relationship had ended, that Ciara might be a good match for Wyatt. Things had been awkward back then because the tension between Ciara and Claire had not yet been dealt with, so Theo had been reluctant to get directly involved in Ciara's love life; however, he had agreed to secretly help Wyatt meet Ciara online and impress her with knowledge of her favorite things. Theo had made Wyatt promise that he would treat Ciara the way she deserved to be treated. "She's my oldest friend, and I just -- I really want her to be happy, like I am," Theo had explained.

"I don't get you, man. You made sure I knew everything about Ciara, and now we're actually happy. So why does it make you so mad?" Wyatt asked. Theo clarified that he wasn't upset because Wyatt and Ciara were happy together; he was upset because Wyatt's whole relationship with Ciara was built on lies. "I don't like lies, and I don't like secrets," Theo explained. "You better get over that," Wyatt advised. Sighing, Theo admitted that he was constantly worried that he might lose Ciara as a friend if she ever found out the truth. "You can never tell her what I did," Theo insisted.

Maggie returned to the Kiriakis mansion in time to hear Deimos ordering someone to find Nicole. Maggie wondered what the point of searching for Nicole was, since she was never going to take Deimos back, anyway. Deimos pointed out that Nicole was out there somewhere with Maggie's granddaughter. "Are you honestly ready to never see [Holly] again?" he asked incredulously.

"I love [Holly] enough to know that she needs to be with her mother in peace," Maggie replied. She urged Deimos to put Nicole and Holly's needs ahead of his own for once. "If you don't know by now that Nicole loves that baby more than she ever loved you, then you're fooling yourself," she added before walking away.

Brady and Nicole grew concerned when someone started knocking on their front door. Brady knew the visitor couldn't be Scooter or Hillary because he had watched them head off on their trip earlier that day. Nicole wasn't eager to make new friends, and Brady wasn't, either, so they decided to ignore the visitor and hope that he or she would eventually go away.

After the visitor left, Brady received a text message from someone, informing him that a new batch of fake passports had just been left on his doorstep. Nicole was relieved that danger hadn't been lurking on the other side of their front door, but as she inspected the new passports, she admitted that she didn't really want to move again, after all. "I was feeding Holly really early this morning, and we watched the sun come up over the mountains, and it was so beautiful. And I just -- I kept thinking, 'Wow. This is what real happiness feels like,'" she explained.

Brady assured Nicole that they could stay where they were for the time being, admitting that he was happy there, too. They started kissing but were forced to stop when Holly began fussing. After Brady got Holly back to sleep, Nicole told him that she had meant what she had said the previous night about being in love with him. With Tate also asleep, Brady and Nicole quickly retreated to the bedroom to pick up where they had left off earlier.

Meanwhile, back in Salem, someone contacted Deimos and gave him a solid lead on Nicole's whereabouts.

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