Monday, September 29, 2014
by Mike

Hope and Aiden met for lunch at a fancy restaurant in Chicago, where they would not have to worry about prying eyes. Hope appreciated the discretion with which Aiden had planned the date, since she had always been one half of a couple in Salem, and her decision to move on from that probably wasn't going to be easy for anyone to accept.

Aiden knew things wouldn't be easy for Hope, either, and he wondered if she was sure she was ready to start dating again. Hope assured Aiden that she wouldn't have agreed to their date if she hadn't been absolutely certain that she wanted to give their friendship a chance to blossom into something more than that. Hope added that she felt like her only choice was to try to make a life for herself without Bo.

Hope was pleasantly surprised when Aiden revealed that he planned to take her to see a matinee performance of Company after lunch, since he had figured out that she was a Stephen Sondheim fan. Aiden promised to have Hope back in Salem in time for dinner, and when she approvingly observed that it seemed like he had thought of everything, he shrugged and admitted that he wanted their first date to be perfect.

As if on cue, a waiter arrived with two plates of spaghetti -- and tripped, spilling both plates into Aiden's lap. Later, after the mess had been cleaned up, the waiter returned and apologized profusely for the accident -- and the fact that he only had coffee and mints to serve Hope and Aiden, since there had just been a small fire in the kitchen. Hope assured Aiden -- who had removed his ruined suit jacket and dress shirt but had luckily also been wearing an undershirt -- that it wasn't a big deal that their lunch hadn't gone as planned, since she was much more excited about the show than she had been about the spaghetti.

Aiden received a text message, and Hope encouraged him to check it, jokingly wondering if it was an alert that the show had just been canceled. Aiden confirmed the suspicion with a sigh of disappointment. "I wanted our first date to be memorable. Guess I got what I wished for, hmm? Just not quite the way I intended," Aiden mused.

Hope reasoned that it would be a great story to share with the kids someday, and she assured Aiden that she had enjoyed simply spending time with him. Aiden wondered if that meant Hope would be willing to go on another date with him at some point. Hope confirmed the suspicion and gave Aiden a kiss on the cheek to end their first date on a proper note.

Daniel introduced the hospital's newest intern, Paige, to Kayla, who had agreed to let Paige shadow her for the day. Kayla revealed that she was J.J.'s aunt, and she said she had heard a lot about Paige. After Daniel left, Paige started asking questions about Kayla's career. Paige enjoyed hearing about Kayla's work at a free clinic in Nigeria, since Eve had also spent time in Africa, and Paige had always wanted to work there.

After Paige left, Maxine arrived and wondered if Kayla could talk to a patient who had recently been admitted to the hospital. Daniel had requested a counselor for the woman, but no one had been able to meet with her yet because things had been busy, and Maxine didn't want to keep her waiting. "I have a feeling that you'll know just what to say," Maxine explained as she handed Kayla the patient's chart. Kayla quickly agreed to the meeting after examining the file.

Kayla invited the patient, Lucy, into her office, guessing that Lucy would be more comfortable there. Lucy didn't want to be closed in with anyone, so Kayla left the office door slightly ajar. Kayla offered to call one of Lucy's loved ones, but Lucy insisted that she didn't want anyone to know about what had happened to her, since she felt like it had all been her fault.

"Lucy, listen to me -- you were raped. You are not to be blamed in any way. An act of violence was committed against your will. Listen to me -- seriously, this is not your fault. It is not your fault. It isn't your fault," Kayla gently assured Lucy. Lucy argued that, while it was easy for Kayla to say such things, she couldn't possibly know how Lucy felt. "Yes, I can, Lucy -- and I do. I've been where you are. I was raped. I'm a survivor, too," Kayla revealed -- unaware that Paige was standing outside her office.

Eve went to the Horton house to lash out at J.J. for cheating on Paige. J.J. tried to explain that he had been drugged and set up, but Eve expressed skepticism, and after she got him to admit that he still had the incriminating picture that had been sent to Paige, she demanded to see it. When J.J. reluctantly handed over his cell phone, Eve gasped dramatically and declared that the picture was even more graphic and lurid than she had dared to imagine. J.J. tried to defend himself, but Eve said she wasn't interested in hearing his excuses, and she warned him to stay far away from Paige.

J.J. refused to do so, insisting that Eve needed to hear him out first. Eve snapped that J.J. needed to get out of her way, and she tried to sidestep him, but he grabbed her arms and told her to wait. J.J. quickly released Eve and apologized, explaining that he simply didn't want her to leave without giving him a chance to prove he was telling the truth. Eve wanted to know how J.J. planned to do that, so he contacted Daniel and asked for a favor.

J.J. took Eve over to Daniel's apartment, where Daniel reported that he had tested J.J.'s blood immediately after the party and could confirm that the only thing that had been in J.J.'s system had been a roofie. "So he was taking drugs," Eve concluded. J.J. argued that no one took roofies on purpose, but Eve disputed his assumption.

Daniel defended J.J., but Eve pointed out that she didn't exactly have a reason to trust Daniel, who had made it very clear that he didn't trust her. Eve asked J.J. to give her some time alone with Daniel, so J.J. stepped into the hallway, where he eavesdropped as Eve argued that Daniel would have been just as skeptical if something similar had happened to a guy Melanie had been dating.

Daniel conceded the point but stressed that he knew J.J. well enough to know that J.J. was telling the truth. Eve argued that Daniel wasn't omniscient and therefore couldn't be absolutely certain that J.J. -- who, according to Theresa, had lied to Daniel more than once in the past -- hadn't reverted back to his old ways. Eve guessed that Daniel had only taken J.J.'s side as a way of trying to score points with Jennifer.

"My opinion of J.J. has nothing to do with Jennifer, but I'm not so sure you could say the same. [...] You hate Jennifer, and it kills you that your daughter is dating her son. That's the real reason you disapprove," Daniel theorized. Eve denied the suspicion and insisted that she knew, in her heart, what kind of guy J.J. really was, since she had known his father.

In John's hospital room, Marlena updated Sami on John's condition, confirming that the doctors were optimistic that he would make a full recovery. Sami said that, despite her complicated history with John, she was really happy that Marlena had been given such a miracle. Sami hoped there would still be a way to make Kristen pay for raping Eric, though, since she wanted Kristen to suffer for that crime.

In Kristen's hotel room, Kristen contacted Stefano and happily informed him that all the charges against her had been dropped -- and that her unstylish ankle monitor had already been removed. Stefano wondered how Kristen planned to celebrate her victory. Kristen admitted that she wasn't sure, since she had woken up that morning with a feeling of dread that she couldn't really explain.

Stefano laughed and pointed out that Kristen was starting to sound like Celeste. Kristen blamed Stefano for her sudden state of unrest, reasoning that she had been fine until he had warned her the previous day that the best-laid plans could go awry -- and had sent her a picture of Susan to emphasize the point. Stefano said he had simply been trying to caution Kristen against letting down her guard.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. reluctantly accepted a hug from Susan, who marveled that he had gotten really big since the last time she had seen him. E.J. stammered that, while he was obviously delighted to see Susan, he was puzzled about the timing of her decision to travel from England to visit him. Susan shivered as she cautiously entered the mansion and roamed around the living room.

"I promised I was never gonna set foot in this creepy place ever again, but I had to, to rescue my boy. This place gives me the heebie-jeebies, Elvis. I couldn't step one foot in here if I thought Mr. Stefano DiMera was here, lurkin' around. [...] Look, Elvis, I was at home, mindin' my own business, and I just had a premonition -- you know, just like Celeste used to have. Do you remember her? [...] It struck me like a lightnin' bolt, right out of the blue, and I couldn't sit still with it, so I turned to your step-daddy, and I said, 'Edmund, Elvis is in danger -- terrible, terrible, terrible danger!'" Susan explained.

E.J. stifled a laugh as he pointed out that, while Susan had a rather active imagination, her poor luck at the lottery -- which she played every single week -- seemed to prove that she wasn't psychic. Susan countered that she couldn't control her gift, and she insisted that the bad feeling she had in the pit of her stomach couldn't be heartburn, since she knew that feeling well because she had often suffered it when she had been pregnant with E.J. "Evil is about to besot my firstborn baby -- that's you, Elvis," Susan maintained.

Susan said the feeling of imminent danger had frightened her badly enough to make her forget her motion sickness bands in her rush to board the first flight to Salem -- which had been unfortunate for the not-so-nice man she had been seated next to on the plane. E.J. assured Susan that he was fine and had, in fact, never been better, since he had just gotten married.

"Yes, I heard about that. I've been thinkin' that maybe, you know, this evil that I feel's gonna besot you might have somethin' to do with that spawn of Satan. Now, I'm sorry -- I don't want to hurt your feelings, but you know she kinda is. And Dr. Marlena Evans is my friend, but that Sami Brady's caused her a world of trouble. 'Course, I could probably say the same thing about you, now couldn't I, my sweet boy?" Susan mused as she affectionately petted E.J.'s leg.

E.J. said Sami was the love of his life and the mother of his children, but Susan couldn't understand why the couple kept splitting up if that was the case. E.J. vaguely explained that, while he and Sami had hit a rough patch earlier, things had since improved and couldn't be more perfect. Susan argued that things could always be more perfect. Conceding that the impending honeymoon might make things even better, E.J. dismissively offered to arrange for Susan to fly back to England right away, but she refused to go anywhere without him.

E.J. excused himself so he could answer a phone call, and after he left, Susan retrieved a stick of sage and a lighter from her purse, muttering that, despite Stefano's absence, she could still sense his evil presence. As Susan walked around the room with the burning sage, urging evil to go away, she bumped into Sami, who had just entered the mansion through the back entrance. The women screamed when they saw each other.

"Boy, how time flies, huh? Seems like just yesterday, you were strapped to an electric chair, just waitin' to fry for killin' someone, huh?" Susan mused after exchanging awkward pleasantries with Sami. Sami clarified that she had actually faced lethal injection, not electrocution, and she stressed that she had been completely innocent of the crime she had been accused of committing. "Mm-hmm. Imagine that," Susan dryly muttered.

Susan told Sami that they needed to put their heads together and think of a way to talk some sense into E.J., who was in danger -- the dangerous kind of danger -- and would only be safe if he agreed to accompany Susan back to England right away. Susan had only planned on housing E.J., Johnny, and Sydney on her convertible sofa, but she reluctantly conceded that, if necessary, she could probably find room for Sami, too.

E.J. returned and feigned ignorance when Susan acknowledged that her behavior often embarrassed him, but she wasn't fooled, and she said that was one of the reasons she had stayed away from him for such a long time, even though it had crushed her heart to know that doing so had left him susceptible to the corruption of his evil father. Susan wanted to say that other people had also corrupted E.J., but she bit her tongue -- literally -- and instead just glared at Sami for a moment before continuing that she had also stayed away because she had known that he had been living the life he had always wanted to live -- the life that she and Edmund had been unable to provide for him.

"But anyway, I had that premonition, and I knew that I just had to spring into action, like a mama bear protecting her baby bear cub," Susan concluded. E.J. said he loved Susan and wished he could spend more time with her, but he added that he simply couldn't leave Salem at that time because he and Sami were in the process of rebuilding their relationship and were also busy running DiMera Enterprises together. Susan dramatically declared that DiMera Enterprises was the work of the devil, and she begged E.J. to move to England and get a nice job working at the Sun -- which was just like the National Enquirer, only a whole lot classier.

E.J. firmly reiterated that Salem was his home and that he would be staying there. "Well, then, so am I," Susan declared. E.J. insisted that he wasn't in danger, but Susan argued that he couldn't be sure of that because he wasn't the one who had experienced the sick feeling of dread -- a feeling that had gotten much worse since arriving in Salem. "I can see it in your eyes, Elvis. You're up to something. Something's gonna cause you a world of trouble. I think you need to tell your momma about this. You just get it on out, [and you'll] feel a whole lot better," Susan advised E.J.

As E.J. tried to protest that Susan was being ridiculous, Marlena arrived and warmly greeted her. E.J. and Sami gratefully took the opportunity to excuse themselves so they could attend a business meeting, leaving Marlena to entertain Susan in their absence. Susan warned E.J. that the matter they had been talking about had not yet been settled, but he dismissed the warning and rushed off with Sami.

Susan and Marlena admired a card the kids had made for John, which prompted Susan to wonder how Marlena and John were doing. Marlena told Susan that John was recovering from an accident, and Susan was relieved to hear that the prognosis was good. Susan stressed that she was embarrassed about the things she had done to Marlena and John in the past, but Marlena insisted that there was no need for Susan to fret about any of that.

Susan concluded that everything had worked out the way it had been meant to, since she had ended up with Edmund, and Marlena had ended up with John. "Although the two of you must be gettin' bad whiplash by now -- I mean, you're on again, you're off again, you're on again, you're off again, you're on again, you're off again," Susan added, stopping only when Marlena stressed with a laugh that she had gotten the point. Marlena agreed that she and John had been through some rough patches in the past, but she mused that those experiences had given her perspective and had made her realize that she truly belonged with him.

Marlena received a text message and reluctantly reported that she had to get back to the hospital right away. Susan guessed that Marlena was still sacrificing herself for the kooks and crazies of Salem, and she pointed out that she and Marlena would be seeing a whole lot more of each other in the future because E.J.'s marriage to Sami had made them one big family.

Marlena hugged Susan and left after observing that, in the many years that had passed since they had last seen each other, Susan's appearance hadn't changed at all. "Well, that might be so, but I think you, Elvis -- you're givin' me gray hair. How the heck am I gonna get you out of here?" Susan wondered after Marlena left.

At the Brady Pub, E.J. assured Sami that, despite his mother's earlier rantings, everything was going to be fine. Meanwhile, back at the DiMera mansion, Susan decided to go to the hospital to visit John, but when she opened the front door, she found Kristen standing outside. Kristen gasped, her eyes widening in horror as she stared at Susan in disbelief.

. . .

On the next Days of our Lives...
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