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Monday, June 20, 2016
by Mike

Belle arrived at the police station just in time to overhear Nicole telling Dario that they needed to figure out what their next move against Kate would be. Belle insisted that Nicole and Dario couldn't afford to make another move; instead, they needed to stand down and let her prove that Kate was lying. "Sooner or later --" Belle started to add. Nicole interrupted and stressed, "Sooner, because I want that witch to pay!"

While Deimos was resting on Chloe's couch, dreaming about Kate and Nicole, he muttered their names. Puzzled, Chloe contacted Nicole and left her a voicemail message, asking her to return the call as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Parker returned home from camp with one of the counselors, who explained that he was dropping Parker off early so they wouldn't get stuck traveling in the heavy storm that was expected later that day.

After the counselor left, Parker pointed at Deimos and asked, "Who's that guy?" Deimos awoke and introduced himself to Parker, who wondered what had happened to him. Deimos explained that he had fallen in some water, and he assured Parker that his injuries weren't as bad as they looked, adding that Chloe had been kind enough to let him rest on her couch for a while. "So, you're having a sick day?" Parker concluded.

Chuckling, Deimos confirmed that it would be accurate to say that. "Except now he's better, so --" Chloe started to say, but Parker interrupted and asked if Deimos would like to play a game with him. Chloe tried to gently protest, pointing out that Parker's video game console wasn't set up at that time, but Parker didn't let that deter him, suggesting the card game War instead. "I've been playing [that] my whole life," Deimos said.

Later, after losing a match to Parker, Deimos wondered if Parker's dad always lost to him, too. "He's dead," Parker sadly replied. Stunned, Deimos tried to think of a response, but Parker saved him the trouble, rushing off to get another game to show him. Deimos apologized to Chloe, who explained that Parker's dad had passed away recently.

Chloe reminded Deimos that she had wanted him to be gone before Parker's return from camp. Nodding, Deimos assured Chloe that he would leave right away if that was what she wanted, but he added that Parker seemed to like him well enough. "I'm pretty sure he'd like anyone who was Dad-age," Chloe replied, but she admitted that she was grateful to Deimos for managing to make Parker smile again.

"That's one void that I can never fill. I can never give him that guy time," Chloe added with a sigh. Deimos suggested that he could stick around for a few more days to offer Chloe some help in that area, since it would take a bit longer for him to fully regain his strength, anyway. Chloe received a phone call from Nicole while considering Deimos' offer, but she let it go to voicemail.

Without committing to anything, Chloe offered to make Deimos something to eat, and he gratefully accepted, admitting that he was quite hungry. After putting a frozen pizza in the oven, Chloe rejoined Deimos in the living room and apologized for not having more appetizing options available. Dismissing the concern, Deimos guessed that it had to be hard for Chloe to raise Parker on her own. "I think I'm luckier than most single moms," Chloe replied, explaining that Parker's dad had made arrangements to ensure that they would be taken care of in the event of his death.

"Look, I know that what Parker lost is a lot bigger than money, but if money could help --" Deimos started to offer, but Chloe cut him off, assuming that he was trying to buy his way back into her life. Deimos tried to clarify his intentions, but Chloe insisted that she would never accept money from him, especially since it was money he had stolen from Victor, and she didn't want to get involved in their war. "The war is over. I won. And, frankly, I don't think either one of us has the appetite to fight any longer," Deimos assured Chloe, explaining that his near-death experience had helped him realize what was truly important.

While Nicole and Dario were waiting for Belle to return with news about their release, they discussed their earlier kiss. Nicole admitted that it had been kind of hot, but she insisted that it couldn't happen again because her life was a mess at that time. Dario refused to let that scare him, assuring Nicole that he liked having a challenge to face.

Before Nicole could respond, Belle returned and announced that Roman, knowing Kate's history, had agreed to release Nicole and Dario, chalking up the incident at the Kiriakis mansion as nothing more than a catfight. "Well, that's insulting," Nicole grumbled. "Not if it gets you sprung," Dario reasoned, and Belle agreed. After asking Dario for a minute alone with Nicole, Belle warned that Nicole would have to find a different lawyer if she ever took matters into her own hands again. "I promise I will be a good girl from here on out," Nicole assured Belle.

At Shady Hills, Chad filled Jennifer in on what had happened to Abigail. As Jennifer struggled to understand why Abigail had intentionally started the fire, Abigail dreamed about the incident, recalling that she had snatched a lighter from the hallway after an orderly had dropped it while heading outside for a smoke break, and she had then combined it with an aerosol spray that had been stored in the top drawer of her dresser, creating a makeshift flamethrower she had used in an effort to make Ben go away. Instead, she had ended up burning herself, and Jack had soon arrived to stop her from causing more harm.

When Abigail awoke, she demanded to know where Jack was, insisting that he had helped her get out of the fire. Jennifer gently reminded Abigail that Jack was dead, but she added that she could confirm, based on personal experience, that he seemed to have an ability to show up when his family needed him. Abigail wanted Jennifer and Chad to check her out of Shady Hills, reasoning that the fire had proven that it wasn't a safe place, but Chad explained that they would have to wait for the police to conclude their investigation of the incident. "Why? Do they think I did this? Did I do this?" Abigail tearfully asked.

Chad evasively replied that nothing was official yet. Meanwhile, Dr. Robinson arrived to check on Abigail. Chad asked to talk to Robinson privately, and when they stepped into the hallway, he explained that he was interested in checking Abigail out of Shady Hills as soon as possible. Robinson told Chad that wouldn't be possible, given the circumstances; in fact, depending on the results of the investigation, Abigail might have to be transferred to a more secure facility for her own safety. Chad angrily complained that Shady Hills was making Abigail worse, but Robinson protested that Chad wasn't being fair.

"No, what's unfair is what is happening to my wife in there! Have you seen her?" Chad countered. Jennifer rushed out of Abigail's room to warn Chad that he could be heard in there, but he insisted that he didn't care. Shawn soon intervened and told Chad to calm down, and Robinson seized the opportunity to excuse herself so she could answer a phone call.

After learning that Abigail was awake, Shawn excused himself so he could question her about the fire. Chad and Jennifer wanted to be present during the interview, but Shawn insisted on talking to Abigail privately because that was the standard procedure. Frustrated, Chad went to call Marlena, hoping she could do something to help the situation, but he soon returned and reported to Jennifer that Marlena had confirmed Robinson's claim that Abigail couldn't be released from Shady Hills while the investigation was ongoing. Jennifer conceded that Shady Hills might be the best place for Abigail, but Chad disagreed.

"My wife [is] getting out of here, whether I have to break her out or not," Chad vowed.

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