Monday, November 23, 2015
by Mike

While passing through the town square, Chad remembered some conversations he'd had with Abigail during his time on the run. Chad also recalled a few more of the many punches he and Ben had thrown during their fight, but he remained unable to remember what they had been fighting about.

Chad tried to call J.J. to see if he had actually talked to Abigail lately, but the call went to voicemail. After leaving a message, Chad ended the call and went to the police station, where a cop informed him that Rafe was in the field. Grabbing the cop's arm, Chad demanded to know if Rafe was looking for Abigail. The cop had no idea what Rafe was doing, but he warned that Chad needed to calm down to avoid being sent back to jail.

At the cabin, Wendy warned Ben that the baby needed a pediatrician, not a midwife. Abigail tried to convince Ben to take her to a hospital, but he knew she would turn him in to the police if he did that. "The baby's gonna be born right here in this room, so get with the program!" Ben shouted at Abigail and Wendy before turning away from them to look out a window while catching his breath.

Wendy silently directed Abigail's attention to a cell phone that was sticking out of the back pocket of a pair of jeans on the bed. Abigail grabbed the device, and Wendy kept Ben distracted with small chores to give Abigail time to use it. Abigail started to compose a text message for Chad but suffered another painful contraction before she could finish it.

Abigail gripped the armrests of her chair as she cried out in pain, and when Ben turned to check on her, he saw the cell phone sticking out under her left hand. Ben pried the device out of Abigail's hand and stomped on it after angrily observing that she had been trying to send a text message to Chad, of all people. "You really shouldn't have done that," Ben said as he glared at Abigail.

Abigail said she had simply been trying to get help, but Ben argued that she could have instead contacted Jennifer or J.J. -- or simply dialed 9-1-1 -- if she had really just wanted help. "You're still playing me! You just want to get away from me so you can run back to him!" Ben concluded. Abigail cried out in pain again as Ben angrily ordered her to answer him.

Wendy explained that Abigail couldn't answer Ben because she was in transitional labor. Ben demanded to know what that meant. "You wanted to have the baby born here? Well, you're gonna get your wish. [And] God help this poor little thing," Wendy replied. Sobbing, Abigail begged Ben to take her home so she could have her mother's support as well as proper medical care for the baby. "You're not going anywhere. You brought this upon yourself," Ben said, glaring at Abigail without a hint of sympathy as she continued to cry out in pain.

John went to the DiMera mansion and showed Andre a flash drive. "You have what I want; I have what you want. You want to make a little deal?" John wondered. Feigning ignorance, Andre asked John to be more specific. "You have Sami; I have all of Stefano's bank accounts. So either we make a deal, or I make a whopping transfer. Your choice, pal," John elaborated.

Scoffing, Andre insisted that he wasn't in the habit of making deals with losers the ISA had pensioned off. Ignoring the remark, John pointed out that he and Andre were living in a time in which, thanks to the convenience of Internet banking, transactions could be made at any hour. Andre wasn't concerned, explaining that any bank transactions that weren't made via the mansion's main computer were subjected to a series of security checks. "You found out the hard way, didn't you?" John guessed.

John suspected that Andre had resurrected himself and returned to Salem to take Stefano down but needed the flash drive in order to do so. Andre claimed that he had only returned to Salem because he had found out that Stefano was his father, adding that his love for and loyalty toward Stefano was without question. "Guess I'm talking to the wrong guy," John mused with a shrug before starting to call out for Harold, prompting Andre to protest that they could surely resolve the matter on their own without needing to wake up Stefano. "Now we're talking," John impatiently replied.

"You know, I'm just dying to give you this...if you use it to steal every penny Stefano has, and then you head for the hills," John added. Andre said he was sure that could be arranged, and, in exchange, he promised to make sure Sami was safe and sound in Marlena's arms soon enough. Satisfied, John handed over the flash drive, but as Andre wrapped his fingers around it, John revealed that it was a blank device -- and that the real one was safely hidden elsewhere. John said he would return with it later, at which point Andre would need to be prepared to take him to Sami. "That's fine," Andre agreed. "Nice doing business with you," John replied.

After John left, Andre grabbed his cell phone and started to make a call. "So...I hear you're going into business with John Black," Stefano observed as he entered the study. Surprised to see that Stefano was still awake, Andre claimed that he had kept certain things from Stefano out of concern.

"I just didn't want to add to the stress that you were already under [due to] Chad being accused of multiple murders and your favorite son, Elvis, [having set] a plan in motion to ruin you. [That's] going beyond what you're used to dealing with -- especially now, when you have not been well," Andre explained. Stefano was quite skeptical, but Andre assured him that all his problems would be solved before the end of the day.

Later, John returned with Marlena, and Andre led them both to the place where Sami was being held. Andre was surprised to find that the cell was empty -- except for an unconscious guard. Concerned, Marlena demanded to know what Andre had done to Sami. Meanwhile, back at the DiMera mansion, Stefano pressed a few keys while staring at the screen of his laptop. "Samantha, you bitch!" Stefano growled as he shook his head in disbelief.

At the hospital, a nurse handed Steve an envelope that had been left for him at the nurses' station. Sighing, Steve opened the envelope and read the enclosed note -- "Just when you think maybe you've figured it out..." -- prompting Kayla to wonder what it meant. "He's just playing with us," Steve guessed. Steve promised to kill the guy if he went near Joey again, but that didn't exactly make Kayla feel better.

Shawn and Roman helped Caroline clean up the pub, and after they finished the task, Caroline and Roman not-so-subtly hinted that it would be great if Shawn moved back to Salem for good. Shawn said he and Belle had discussed the matter more than once, but he wasn't willing to make any promises. As Caroline declared that having Shawn, Belle, and Claire back in Salem permanently would be "absolute heaven," she had another vision in which Hope was sobbing in the park while cradling Bo in her arms. Roman and Shawn suspected that something was bothering Caroline, but she dismissed their concerns, claiming that she was simply tired.

At Bo and Hope's house, Ciara found Chase sitting in the living room, holding a box of matches in one hand and a lit match in the other. Chase tossed the lit match onto the bloodstained rug, where it snuffed out next to a pile of other used matches. Ciara wondered if Chase was trying to burn the place down. "No. I was hoping to burn away the stain of what my dad did. So far, it's not working," Chase muttered as he stared at the stain.

Ciara asked Chase to give her the box of matches. Ignoring the request, Chase guessed Ciara hated him just as much as she hated his father. Ciara assured Chase that she didn't hate him but added that he was scaring her. Chase recalled that his mom had often said the same thing about his father. "When she was drunk, she'd tell me that nobody knew the real him," Chase added. Chase explained that his father had always blamed his mother's rantings on the alcohol. Chase admitted that, since his mother had often been drunk, he had believed everything his father had ever told him about her.

"You know what the crazy part is? I actually miss him," Chase added. Ciara didn't think that was crazy at all, since Aiden had never done anything bad to Chase, and she was sure Aiden had loved Chase. Sighing, Chase complained that he felt extremely confused, and nothing made sense to him anymore. "I just wish someone had told me that life was just a screwed-up mess, and then you die. That would have been easier to take than this," Chase added. Ciara reasoned that burning the house down wasn't going to make life any less of a screwed-up mess. Conceding the point, Chase handed over the box of matches.

Ciara encouraged Chase to continue talking to her about what was bothering him, pointing out that experts always said that it was bad to keep stuff bottled up inside. Chase didn't think he would be able to properly articulate his feelings, even if he tried, because he didn't even really know how he felt. Chase acknowledged that he probably should know, since he had already gone through the experience of losing a parent once before, but he added that losing his mother had been completely different because she hadn't hurt anyone except herself.

"No matter what I say, you're not gonna get it; you still have your mom and dad. All I know is, I thought your mom...and my dad...and you, me, and Shawn...were gonna be like this sitcom-happy family, and... And now that's all gone, and I don't even know why," Chase explained. Sighing, Chase wondered what had happened to his father, and Ciara shrugged as she admitted that she didn't know.

"Well, I need to know," Chase stressed. Chase added that his mother had supposedly shot herself during his childhood, but when he had looked up the incident online years later, he had learned that there had been rumors going around back then about how his father had actually killed her. "He was never charged with anything...but now... I mean...he tried to kill your mom. Does that mean he killed mine?" Chase wondered.

Shrugging again, Ciara said she didn't know the answer to that question -- but she didn't think Chase would find it in the bloodstained rug, either. Sick of being in the house, Ciara suggested that she and Chase could go for a walk, and he agreed.

In the park, Hope gently lowered Bo to the ground and tucked her jacket under his head, tearfully begging him not to leave her. When Bo didn't respond, Hope went to the nearby flowerbed and ripped out the tree they had planted earlier. Hope considered tearing at the tree's roots but instead dropped it and returned to Bo's side, giving him a kiss as she stretched out next to him and wrapped her arms around his chest.

Reluctantly, Hope reached for her cell phone and contacted Kayla. Unable to verbalize what had just happened, Hope just sobbed for a few seconds before dropping the device. Hope crawled back over to the flowerbed and put the tree back in the soil then returned to Bo's side, rested her head on his chest, grabbed one of his hands, and intertwined her fingers with his.

When Steve and Kayla arrived, Hope sadly informed them that it was too late to save Bo. Steve said an ambulance was on the way, and he offered to take Hope elsewhere so she wouldn't have to watch the paramedics take Bo's body away, but she insisted that she wasn't going to leave Bo. Hope guessed Kayla and Steve had known about Bo's brain tumor, and they confirmed that they had found out earlier that day. Hope hugged Bo tightly, tearfully wondering why he hadn't told her sooner. "Is this my punishment for giving up on him? Is this my punishment, Brady? I didn't want to give up on you. I didn't want to give up on you. I'm sorry," Hope sobbed.

When the paramedics arrived, Kayla and Steve gently dragged Hope away from Bo. Hope continued to sob in Kayla's arms as Steve knelt beside Bo and kissed his forehead. After Steve stepped away, the paramedics went to work, and Hope, Kayla, and Steve watched as they draped a sheet over Bo's body and wheeled him away on a stretcher.

Steve and Kayla went to the Brady Pub to tell Caroline about what had happened. Kayla was relieved to see that Caroline was with Roman and Shawn, knowing they would be able to provide additional support. Steve offered to help Kayla break the news to Caroline, Roman, and Shawn, but she insisted on handling the task on her own. Nodding, Steve said he was going to go inform someone else who needed to be told the news right away.

Hope returned home and called out for Ciara. When she didn't get a response, Hope sank to the floor in the darkened living room, sobbing as she clutched Bo's leather jacket in her arms. Meanwhile, Steve went to the Kiriakis mansion and took a deep breath before ringing the doorbell. "It's Bo," Steve gravely stated when Victor answered the door.

. . .

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• Hope demands answers about who was behind Bo's kidnapping
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