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Monday, March 20, 2017
by Mike

As Ciara was trying to leave her apartment, she dropped the letter she had written to Theo. It fell to the floor with a light thud that startled Theo and Claire and interrupted their make-out session. They quickly separated from each other when they realized that they weren't alone.

As Theo scrambled to get his shirt back on, Claire began lashing out at Ciara, demanding to know why she was back at the apartment when she was supposed to be spending the night with her mother. Ciara started to stammer out an excuse then stopped herself, realizing that she didn't need one because the apartment wasn't just Theo and Claire's home; it was hers, too. Ciara wondered why Theo and Claire had chosen to have their make-out session in the living room, of all places. Claire defensively replied, "We thought we had the whole place to ourselves! Would you rather us do it in the back seat of a car?"

"I don't know -- how 'bout you guys don't do it at all?" Ciara suggested, stunned that she was actually being asked to weigh in on appropriate places for Claire and Theo to have sex. Claire countered, "It's not like we need your permission!" Feeling overwhelmed, Theo retreated to his bedroom and shut the door as Ciara and Claire continued arguing.

Claire told Ciara, "You know, I'm not surprised that you're totally freaked about me and Theo taking our relationship to the next level. Hell, you know, you're probably already plotting to break us up!" Ciara denied the accusation, but Claire wasn't convinced, knowing that Ciara still had feelings for Theo. Ciara was hurt that her secret, which she had shared with Claire as a friend, was being thrown back in her face and used against her. Claire unapologetically forged ahead, stressing that Ciara had lost Theo for good and needed to accept that fact. "[He's] mine now, and I'm gonna give him what he needs, whether you like it or not!" Claire insisted.

"[Now], if you don't mind, get the hell out of here!" Claire continued, shoving Ciara toward the front door. Ciara left the apartment and went to the town square, where she ran into Maggie, who could tell that something was wrong. Ciara declined to talk about what was bothering her, conceding that she didn't really have a right to be upset, but Maggie eventually convinced her to open up about what had happened.

After telling Maggie everything, Ciara concluded, "The thing is, I know Theo, and he would never even consider going all the way [with Claire] if he wasn't fully committed [to her]." Maggie didn't think there was anything Ciara could do if that was truly the case, but Ciara couldn't stand the thought of Theo sleeping with someone who didn't really love him. "She likes him, but who wouldn't? I mean, to her, it's just that he's hot, and he's not high maintenance, and that he lets her have her way all the time," Ciara explained to Maggie.

Ciara continued that Theo deserved to be with a girl who knew just how special he was and wouldn't treat him like a doormat while spending all her time thinking about herself. " you?" Maggie guessed. Ciara confirmed the suspicion but conceded with a sigh that Theo had moved on, and she was simply going to have to learn how to live with that fact -- literally, since Theo and Claire were her roommates.

Maggie argued that Ciara couldn't be certain of Claire's true feelings for Theo and therefore needed to give her the benefit of the doubt. Maggie added that Ciara needed to give Theo the letter so he could decide, with all the facts at his disposal, whether he wanted to be with her or Claire. Nodding, Ciara gave Maggie a hug and thanked her for the advice.

When Theo emerged from his bedroom, Claire informed him that they once again had the apartment to themselves. She was eager to pick up where she had left off with him, but he admitted that he was starting to have second thoughts. "[Maybe] we're not as ready to be together...that we thought we were," he suggested. She started to snap at him, wondering why he had suddenly changed his mind about having sex with her, but he quickly clarified that he hadn't changed his mind; he simply thought it would be best to wait until the time was right.

Claire calmed down and agreed that rushing to sleep with Theo had been a bad idea. "Our first time should be magical, like it is in the movies, and, you know, it definitely shouldn't happen here. Maybe we should go away somewhere, [like] the Green Mountain Lodge," she spontaneously suggested. He tried to object, but she cut him off, reasoning that booking a room at the Green Mountain Lodge was the opposite of rushing into sex because it required planning. "I am going to call right now and see how soon we can lock down a date. Oh, I can hardly wait!" she excitedly added as she reached for her cell phone.

Later, Ciara opened the front door of the apartment and poked her head inside. Seeing that the coast was clear, she entered the apartment and slipped her letter into Theo's backpack, which had been left near the entrance. After Ciara left, Claire -- who had emerged from her bedroom, unnoticed, in time to witness the drop-off -- retrieved the letter from Theo's backpack and began reading it. "Oh, my God! That backstabbing... God, I cannot believe [she'd] do this!" Claire loudly complained. She hid the letter behind her back when Theo joined her in the living room.

Eric pulled away from Jennifer and apologized for kissing her. "I'm not complaining," she pointed out. She triumphantly added that his kiss had just proven that he wanted to be with her -- and that meant that, deep down, he wanted to start living again, despite all his statements to the contrary. Predicting that he wouldn't be able to resist the urge forever, she promised that she would be waiting for him when he finally decided to give up the fight.

Later, Eric went to the Kiriakis mansion to talk to Maggie about his plan to return to Salem. She said that she had heard about what he had done for the governor's daughter. He stressed that he hadn't talked the young woman out of committing suicide with the intention of using that good deed as a way to get out of prison. "But how fortunate for you that it worked out that way," she mused with a hint of coldness.

Changing the subject, Maggie added that she had also heard about Eric's job at the Horton Center. He explained that he didn't want to start that job without first explaining his intentions to her. "Okay, I'm listening," she replied. He began, "What I didn't -- what I'm not gonna do is go back to where I was. I so want to make amends with you, and right now, I don't even know how I can do that; all I'm trying to do is cobble together some sort of life, with the purpose of trying to help others. [But] if my being back here is too much pain, or [if] just knowing that I'm nearby is --"

"Just stop, please. I've heard enough," Maggie interrupted. Eric assumed that he had upset Maggie, but she clarified, "If I'm upset, it's [only] because [you're talking] to me as if I don't know what an amends is." She reminded him that she was an alcoholic. She added that drunk driving was a crime that she had once committed herself, with the only difference being that the person she had struck with her car had survived the accident.

Maggie continued, "There isn't a day [that] goes by that I don't miss Daniel. I hate it that he's gone. But it doesn't cause me pain to see you. I have no desire for you to throw your life away because my son lost his. What would be the point of that? If nothing else, you owe it to Daniel -- and to yourself -- not to waste this second chance you've been given. And if everything you do from this day forward makes the world a better place, then that's all the apology that I'll ever need from you." With tears streaming down his face, Eric nodded and accepted a hug from Maggie.

At the Hernandez house, Gabi begged Dario to fix the lights in her bathroom so she could finish getting ready for the fundraiser. He refused, explaining that he didn't want to get his suit dirty. She teasingly guessed that he didn't want Abigail to see dust on his suit and realize that he wasn't perfect. He denied the suspicion and dismissively encouraged her to fix the lights herself as proof of her independence.

Gabi watched as Dario took a sip of coffee, struggling to keep the cup steady the whole time. She guessed that he was nervous about seeing Abigail at the fundraiser, but he insisted that he was only nervous because it was a big night for Club TBD, and he wanted everything to go smoothly. He quickly turned the tables on her, concluding that she was only concerned about doing her makeup in perfect lighting because she wanted to look her best for Chad. She denied the accusation, claiming that she was only concerned about impressing one person -- her date, Eli.

Dario guessed that Abigail had arranged the date to keep Gabi away from Chad. Gabi insisted that she was already over Chad, but Dario didn't believe that for a second. Gabi quickly changed the subject, wondering what Dario was planning to tell Abigail to explain why he was at the fundraiser without a date. "I'll figure something out," he replied with a shrug.

Sighing, Dario added that he needed to move on, anyway. "How can you move on from something that never was?" Gabi asked. He tried to counter that he could say the same thing about her relationship with Chad, but she insisted that it had been real, and it would have worked out if Abigail hadn't returned from the dead. She conceded, however, that she needed to move on, too.

Later, Gabi rejoined Dario in the kitchen, ready for the fundraiser, and thanked him for fixing the lights in her bathroom. He acknowledged that he never should have refused to help her in the first place. He added that he had wanted to do something to put a smile on her face because he hated seeing her sad. She observed that she clearly wasn't the only person who was sad.

"I bet if we put our heads together, we could both be happy," Dario mused. Gabi was shocked when Dario began to outline a plan for them to break up Chad and Abigail. Gabi insisted that Dario was too good for that sort of manipulation, and she added that she didn't want to be with Chad if Abigail was the woman he really wanted to be with. Gabi doubted that Chad would ever willingly choose her over Abigail, but Dario found comfort in the fact that Gabi wasn't certain that Chad would never willingly choose her over Abigail.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail wondered if Chad was nervous about the fundraiser. He confirmed that he was nervous -- but not about the fundraiser. "I gotta talk to you about something, and I know you don't wanna talk about it, but I gotta -- we gotta talk about it," he insisted. He continued that although he had originally claimed that he couldn't remember everything that had happened with Gabi in the meat locker, the truth was that he remembered exactly how he had felt during that life-or-death moment. "I knew [then] that Gabi and I were still in love with each other," he admitted.

Abigail tearfully concluded that Chad was about to leave her for Gabi, but he clarified that he simply wanted to get everything out in the open so he could move forward -- with Abigail, not Gabi. Abigail was shocked to hear that Chad planned to cut Gabi out of his life for good later that night. "[But] if you really love -- love her --" she began to protest while choking back tears. "I love you, okay? And I know that with enough time and distance, my love for her will fade, but Abby, my love for you is forever," he stressed.

Chad stressed that he had only fallen in love with Gabi because he had believed, back then, that Abigail had been gone for good. He assured Abigail that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her because he loved her and thought of her not just as a wife, partner, and lover, but also as a best friend. Forcing a smile, she conceded that he should feel free to share his deepest, darkest secrets with his best friend, of all people. She added that although it hurt to hear that he was in love with Gabi, it wasn't exactly surprising news; in fact, she had probably always known that in the back of her mind, but she hadn't wanted to believe it.

Abigail agreed that it was best for Chad to cut Gabi out of his life right away -- if, of course, that was really what he wanted to do. She admitted that she was going to miss having Gabi in her life. He insisted that she didn't have to avoid Gabi, but she argued that it would be hard for him to stay away from Gabi unless she stayed away from Gabi, too.

After Chad went to get the car out of the garage, Jennifer arrived and quickly realized that something was bothering Abigail. After hearing what had happened, Jennifer reasoned that it was good that Chad was being honest with Abigail about his feelings. Abigail acknowledged that she couldn't really be upset with Chad for having fallen in love with another woman because she had set that in motion when she had faked her death. She tearfully admitted, however, that it had still hurt to hear Chad's confession, and she was worried that he might not be able to get over his feelings for Gabi.

When Chad returned a short time later, Abigail excused herself so she could fix her makeup. Chad guessed, after Abigail left the room, that she had told Jennifer about their earlier conversation. Jennifer confirmed the suspicion and stressed that Abigail really loved him. He assured her that he loved Abigail, too, and he was determined to do everything in his power to make her happy.

Later, at Club TBD, Dario told Abigail that he and his girlfriend had broken up earlier. She was sorry to hear that; she suggested, however, that since he didn't have a date, he could dance with her so they could get the guests loosened up a bit. He insisted that he couldn't do that. Meanwhile, Chad approached Gabi and asked to talk to her privately. She followed him outside, where he admitted that he was in love with her.

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