Monday, July 6, 2015
by Mike

While Hope and Aiden were discussing Clyde outside Club TBD, Rafe approached to greet them. Aiden accused Rafe of pushing Hope but received a phone call from Daniel before he could elaborate on what he was talking about.

After Aiden left, Hope explained to Rafe that she and Aiden had gotten into a disagreement after she had made the mistake of mentioning Clyde's recent meeting with Stefano. Hope told Rafe she still didn't know what had happened during the meeting, but she had passed the news along to Victor through Justin. "If Victor thinks that Clyde and Stefano are ganging up against him, it's only a matter of time before Victor --" Rafe began. "Puts a hit out on Clyde," Hope concluded for Rafe.

"Maybe Victor already tried. Maybe that's what happened -- he tried to pull a hit off," Rafe suddenly realized. Together, Rafe and Hope quickly started to formulate a theory, suggesting that Sonny's stabbing had been the direct result of a failed hit Victor had put out on Clyde after Clyde had tried to take over Victor's trucking business. Hope knew, however, that Victor would never admit that to anyone. Hope wanted to keep digging, but Rafe shot down that idea, reminding her that they had agreed to back off in order to protect the people they cared about. "Well...for now," Hope agreed with a mischievous grin.

Hope received a phone call from Doug, so Rafe headed inside to order a couple cups of coffee while waiting for her to finish the call. When Rafe spotted Clyde standing near the bar, he sent Hope a quick text message to warn her, then kept Clyde distracted for a few seconds to give her time to hide so Clyde wouldn't see her when he exited the building. Once the coast was clear, Rafe rejoined Hope and assured her that Clyde probably hadn't seen them together or overheard their conversation. Rafe excused himself after reiterating that it would be best for him and Hope to keep Clyde off their collective radar -- at least for the time being.

At the Brady Pub, Roman listened patiently as Marlena vented her frustrations after learning that Xander was no longer in police custody. Roman apologetically informed Marlena that, while he was just as upset as she was, his hands were tied because Xander's alibi was airtight.

Later, Marlena entered Club TBD after finishing a phone conversation with Sami, who was worried because she hadn't heard from Eric lately. Spotting Hope, Marlena joined her and started complaining again about the situation with Xander. "It always frustrates the heck out of me when I know someone's guilty, and I can't do a damn thing about it. Like Stefano," Hope admitted. Marlena wanted to drown her sorrows in a latte, so she went to the bar to order one after musing that there had to be someone who could prove Xander was guilty. "Yeah, and that someone is probably Victor," Hope guessed after Marlena left.

Nicole was shocked to see Xander roaming around the hospital as a free man. Xander innocently denied Nicole's accusations against him, and as she grew more and more agitated, Daniel returned and started pummeling Xander. Anne soon stepped in to put an end to the assault, with the help of two security guards. "This is appalling! Jonas, you're a doctor! You are a surgeon, and your hands are not meant to be lethal weapons," Anne protested as the guards kept Daniel a safe distance away from Xander.

Anne threatened to call the police, and Nicole urged her to do so, revealing that the man Anne was trying to defend was an escaped criminal who was wanted for attempted murder. Xander maintained his innocence, and Nicole eventually got fed up and lunged at him, getting in a few slaps before one of the guards pulled her back. Daniel convinced Nicole to leave with him, but before they stepped into the elevator, he warned that he would kill Xander if Xander ever touched Nicole again. Anne tried to convince Xander to sue Daniel, and she even tried to hit on Xander, but he ignored her advances and excused himself to answer a phone call.

At the Brady Pub, Aiden explained to Daniel and Nicole that he had made a few phone calls and had determined that several reputable people were vouching for Xander, including a hotel manager and an alderman. Aiden added that the police had no way of proving Xander had done what Eric and Nicole had accused him of doing. Aiden apologetically concluded that the district attorney would never agree to press charges against Xander unless the police managed to find a way to break Xander's seemingly airtight alibi. Later, Rafe observed a meeting between Aiden and Clyde in the town square.

Nicole was still shaken up when she and Daniel got back to his apartment. Daniel suggested he and Nicole could stop thinking about the situation for the rest of the night, instead focusing on enjoying their first night of living together. Plagued with memories of what had happened between her and Eric in the crawlspace, Nicole protested that she couldn't stay with Daniel that night -- or move in with him at all, for that matter.

Eric was shocked when Serena informed him that Xander had been released from police custody due to a lack of evidence. Eric accused Serena of providing Xander with an alibi, but she insisted she hadn't helped Xander -- at least not intentionally. Serena explained that she had, however, been forced to admit that Xander had talked to her about leaving town the previous night. Serena claimed she had done everything she could possibly do to help the police build a case against Xander, but Eric disagreed, guessing she hadn't told the police about helping Xander smuggle diamonds out of Africa, since that would have gotten her and Xander sent to prison.

Serena explained that Xander had threatened to harm Eric if she tried to do or say anything that would incriminate Xander. Serena added, however, that if Eric really wanted her to admit to the police that she and Xander had smuggled diamonds out of Africa, she would do so, since she loved Eric and would do anything for him. Eric didn't want to hear that, so he told Serena to go live her life somewhere else and leave him out of it.

Later, Eric arranged a meeting with Xander in the town square and vowed to make him pay. Xander advised Eric to stop making false accusations, threatening to make Eric very sorry if Eric decided not to take the advice. Xander also told Eric to ignore the nonsense Serena had been spouting, arguing that she wasn't exactly a reliable source. Xander jokingly added, however, that Serena had once complained to him about how boring Eric was in bed, so she was obviously capable of telling the truth in some cases, at least.

"Thank you, Xander. You just gave me a terrific idea to make you pay for good," Eric muttered after Xander left. Eric headed off to the Salem Inn and told Serena he had thought of a way for her to prove she had meant what she had said earlier about being willing to do anything to help him.

Kyle contacted his boss, Clyde, and told him about a potential new recruit who had been in the game once before. Clyde liked the sound of that and instructed Kyle to find a way to sign the guy up. Clyde stressed that he didn't want to know Kyle's crew, nor did he want Kyle to ever utter his name aloud -- to anyone, including Kyle's own crew members. "Your job is to expand the business, and I expect you to do that. Whatever anyone wants, soft or hard, we got it. Don't let me down, son. I don't cotton to people who let me down," Clyde warned. Kyle confirmed that he understood. After ending the call, Clyde disposed of the burner phone but kept the SIM card.

At the Horton house, J.J. chugged a bottle of beer while Bev was talking about a party they planned to attend later that night. Bev decided she didn't want the rest of her beer, so J.J. happily chugged it, too. Bev suggested she and J.J. could skip the party and retreat to his bedroom instead, but he declined, knowing Jennifer would soon be returning home.

While lounging in her dorm room, Paige arranged a date with someone she had found online, muttering that he was exactly what she had been looking for. Afterward, Paige changed into a bikini and headed to the lake to escape the stuffiness of her dorm room, which didn't have an operational air conditioner at that time.

When J.J. and Bev arrived at the lake, the host of the party, Kyle, greeted them and urged them to help themselves to any of the party favors that were available. J.J. grabbed a drink and ended up alone with Kyle after one of Bev's friends pulled her away for a moment. Kyle casually asked if J.J. had found a summer job yet. J.J. confirmed that he was about to start working at Club TBD. Kyle started to make fun of the place, but when J.J. revealed that his cousin owned it, Kyle clarified that he just meant that cleaning up after people was lame. Kyle guessed the pay wasn't that great, either.

Kyle suggested J.J. could work for him instead, pointing out that dealing just a couple days each week would result in much more money for much less work. Someone lurked nearby and listened as J.J. declined the offer. Meanwhile, Paige arrived and spotted J.J. Paige quickly blended into the crowd so J.J. wouldn't notice her. Bev returned and laughed as she told J.J. and Kyle her friend was high on something and was acting hilarious. Bev and J.J. excused themselves and went to get some more beer. "Damn. I need that guy. I need that guy," Kyle muttered as he watched J.J. walk away.

Paige approached Kyle and started flirting with him. J.J. saw Paige talking to Kyle but tried to ignore them. Kyle soon excused himself so he could take care of something, promising to rejoin Paige as soon as possible. After Kyle left, Paige locked eyes with J.J. and tried to suppress a smile when he turned away in frustration. Meanwhile, a drunk guy bumped into J.J., spilling a drink on him in the process. J.J. pushed the guy away, and when the guy shoved J.J. back, J.J. tackled him to the ground and started pummeling him. Bev eventually managed to separate J.J. from the drunk guy, and J.J. walked away after taking one last look at Paige.

"Always a pleasure, bitch," Bev told Paige before rushing after J.J. When Kyle returned, Paige abruptly excused herself. Kyle said he hoped he would get to see Paige again sometime, and he watched as she walked away. Later, in her dorm room, Paige started to chastise herself for flirting with Kyle to make J.J. jealous, but she soon changed her mind, reasoning that it wasn't her fault that J.J. had attacked the drunk guy, since J.J. was always going off on people for no good reason. Paige turned her attention back to the guy she had met online, who had sent her another message about their date.

As J.J. stumbled through a secluded section of the town square, the guy who had been watching him lately told him to stop what he was doing. J.J. told the guy to take a hike. J.J. started to walk away, but the guy tackled him to the ground and pinned his arms behind his back. "No problem; we can do this the hard way," the guy said as he tightened a pair of handcuffs around J.J.'s wrists.

. . .

On the next Days of our Lives...
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  • Eric decides to team up with Serena to take Xander down.
  • Paige puts her plan in motion.
  • J.J. finds out someone has been spying on him.