Monday, September 28, 2015
by Mike

At the pier, Rafe chastised himself for failing to assign someone to keep an eye on the place, since the boats were an obvious method of escape for the DiMeras. While kicking a crate in anger, Rafe spotted a locket -- one that had Jennifer and J.J.'s photographs inside. Knowing it had to belong to Abigail, Rafe wondered when she had visited the pier -- and who she had been with at the time.

Roman went to the Horton house in search of J.J., upset because he hadn't checked in with Roman or Watts in over forty-eight hours. Jennifer defended J.J. -- who wasn't at home -- explaining that he was in a bad place at that time because two women, one of whom he had cared deeply for, had been murdered, and he feared he might also be in danger.

Roman stressed that the murders weren't connected to the drug investigation in any way, adding that the latest attack had left the police positive that Chad was the killer. Roman wouldn't tell Jennifer the identity of the third victim, but he assured her that the woman had survived the attack, which had taken place at the hospital. Roman also revealed that Chad was on the run.

Roman's report failed to calm Jennifer's nerves, and when she blurted out that J.J. needed to get out of Salem right away -- and stay gone -- Roman started to suspect there was something she wasn't telling him. Dodging the question, Jennifer reminded Roman that he was the one who had gotten J.J. involved in the drug investigation in the first place, despite her misgivings. Roman said that was why he was making it his business to confirm that J.J. was all right -- which he couldn't do until J.J. checked in with him. "He is never going to be all right. Nothing is ever going to be all right, ever again," Jennifer insisted.

His suspicions again aroused, Roman urged Jennifer to tell him the real reason she was scared. Before Jennifer could respond, J.J. entered the house and lashed out at Roman for visiting -- and consequently putting J.J.'s cover at risk. Noting that J.J. seemed just as freaked out as Jennifer did, Roman demanded to know what was going on. J.J. reported that Kyle was missing, and he pointed out that, since Kyle had been his only contact in the drug ring, he was no longer in a position to help Roman and Watts. "I want out of the entire operation," J.J. added. Roman remained suspicious but agreed to pass the news on to Watts.

After Roman left, Jennifer assured J.J. that she hadn't said anything to Roman about Clyde. Jennifer admitted, however, that she had wanted to. Jennifer tried to talk J.J. into confiding in Roman, but he insisted that doing so would be too dangerous. J.J. stressed that Clyde was crazy, and Jennifer conceded that she had gotten the same impression, revealing that Clyde had recently paid her a visit -- supposedly to discuss Abigail and Ben's wedding -- and had said some really strange things during their conversation. Jennifer added that, since then, Clyde had been running into her randomly and acting like they were best friends.

"He's so paranoid... Mom, he must have planted a bug in here or something," J.J. guessed as he began frantically searching the living room, eventually finding what he was looking for. J.J. started to panic, assuming that Clyde had heard everything that had just been said, but Jennifer suggested that Eve might have been the one who had planted the listening device, since that would explain how Eve had found out about J.J.'s undercover operation. "What you're saying makes a lot of sense, okay, but we need to assume that it was Weston, we need to assume that he knows I was working for the DEA, and we need to assume that he is coming after me. I will not see it coming, but he will find me, Mom! And you know he will not touch Abigail, but we need to make sure that nothing happens to you," J.J. quietly stressed.

Abigail took a bag of groceries to Chad's hideout, which, she informed Chad, belonged to Victor but hadn't been used in decades. Chad assured Abigail that he could survive on what she had provided him with, adding that his main concern was going to be finding a way to sneak back into Salem. Insisting that would be too risky, Abigail tried to convince Chad to lie low and let her work on establishing his alibi herself, but he reminded her that she was going to be leaving Salem with Ben the following morning. Abigail protested that she would have plenty of time to devote to the task before her departure, but Chad maintained that she needed to focus on her own happiness and stop worrying about him. Promising that he wouldn't do anything stupid, Chad thanked Abigail for her help and urged her to have a good life. After saying goodbye to Chad, Abigail reluctantly left the shed.

Later, while trying to remember details about the homeless guy he had encountered at the pier, Chad realized that the guy had been trying to steal his watch -- and, more importantly, that the guy had first asked for the time. Chad recalled that he had told the guy it was two thirty-five. Knowing the police had determined that Serena had died at two forty-five, Chad concluded that, at that time, he had been nowhere near the woods where she had been killed, since he would have needed to possess the speed of a cheetah in order to get there from the pier in just ten minutes. Relieved, Chad started looking for things to disguise himself with, hoping to track down the homeless guy and get him to confirm the story, thereby providing Chad with an alibi for the time of Serena's murder.

In Ben and Abigail's apartment, Ben gasped as he woke up after dreaming about how Serena had struggled while being strangled to death. Pacing the floor, Ben began to recall how Paige had struggled when she had been strangled to death. "I didn't mean to. I couldn't have. No. It was Chad," Ben muttered.

When Abigail returned home, she found Ben standing at the window, staring blankly at something. Abigail called out to Ben, but he didn't respond until she approached him and placed a hand on his shoulder. Ben admitted he had feared that Abigail wouldn't return home, and he apologized for what he had said to her at the hospital earlier. "It's like I just -- I lose all control sometimes," Ben added. Abigail reminded Ben that they had already talked about that and were not only fine but were also planning to leave Salem together the following day. Ben acknowledged that it was going to be hard for Abigail to leave her family, prompting her to point out that they were about to start a family of their own. Abigail stressed that nothing was more important to her than Ben and their baby.

Ben wondered where Abigail had been earlier. Abigail reminded Ben that she had gone to say goodbye to Jennifer. Admitting that it wouldn't be fair for him to drag Abigail away from her entire family, Ben announced that he had decided he didn't want to leave Salem, after all. Abigail hugged Ben and thanked him, stressing that his change of heart meant a lot to her. "Well, you ought to know by now that I would do anything for you," Ben replied. Meanwhile, someone knocked on the apartment door, and when Abigail opened it, she found Rafe standing in the hallway. Rafe asked to talk to Abigail privately, so Ben left, claiming he had some errands to run, anyway.

Ben lingered in the hallway, holding a finger over the peephole while pressing his ear against the door. When Rafe showed Abigail the locket, she told him she had gone to the pier to clear her head after getting into an argument with Ben earlier that night. Rafe asked if Abigail had seen Chad while there, and she replied that she had not. Rafe informed Abigail that the police were looking for Chad. Abigail confirmed that she had heard that already, and she added that there was no way Chad could have murdered Serena and Paige.

Rafe hoped Abigail wasn't trying to protect Chad, since that would make her an accomplice. Laughing, Abigail told Rafe that, while she wasn't trying to help Chad leave the country, that did sound like the sort of thing Stefano would do, so Rafe might want to talk to him instead. Abigail added that she was in love with Ben -- and was going to be having a baby with him. Nodding, Rafe left after urging Abigail to let him know if Chad tried to contact her -- and to also, in that case, try to convince Chad to turn himself in. In the hallway, Ben hid around a corner until the coast was clear.

When Ben reentered the apartment, he wondered what Rafe had wanted. Abigail said Rafe had just wanted to ask her some questions about Chad. Ben noted that it seemed like something was bothering Abigail, prompting her to reply that she was simply tired -- and might be getting sick. Abigail headed toward the bathroom in a bit of a daze, telling Ben she was going to get ready for bed. Once he was alone, Ben retrieved his tablet computer and stared at an article about Chad's disappearance. "You son of a bitch. You're gonna pay for what you made me do," Ben muttered.

At the Martin mansion, Aiden reluctantly admitted that he was drowning in debt as a result of some risky investments he had made after Meredith's death. Aiden added that he had exacerbated the problem when he had chosen to seek the help of some shady lenders. Stunned, Hope tearfully wondered why Aiden hadn't trusted her enough to tell her the truth sooner. Aiden explained that he had kept the information from Hope because he hadn't wanted her to think of him as a failure. Aiden expected Hope to say she no longer wanted him in her life, but she assured him that wasn't the case.

When Hope asked for a total, Aiden said he owed one hundred thousand dollars. Hope seemed suspicious about the tidy sum, but Aiden assured her he could cover the rest of the debt himself. Hope wanted to know who Aiden's loan shark was, but he was only willing to say that it was someone she wouldn't be able to intimidate -- someone who had, in fact, recently made some threatening remarks about Chase. Concerned, Hope quickly made arrangements for the needed funds to be available the following morning, writing Aiden a check as soon as she received confirmation that her request had been processed.

When Aiden delivered the check to the guy who had been hounding him, he was shocked to learn that his debt had already been paid in full. The guy walked away after telling Aiden he didn't know who had provided the money. Aiden met up with Hope in the town square and assured her that the matter had been handled. Aiden started to thank Hope for her help, but she interrupted and asked him to promise that he wasn't keeping anything else from her. Aiden complied, but Hope seemed skeptical.

After Hope went to get some sugar for her coffee, Aiden removed her check from his jacket pocket, wondering what he was going to do with the money. Meanwhile, Aiden received a text message from Stefano -- "We have new business to discuss. Contact me."

Steve visited the monastery to which Claudia's phone number had led him, but it turned out to be empty. Discovering shackles in one of the rooms, Steve realized that the place had been turned into a prison at some point. When he noticed a hole in the wall, Steve leaned in for a closer look, using his switchblade to pry some pills out of it. Cupping them in his hand, Steve contacted someone and asked how long it would take them to run a DNA test.

In an undisclosed location, two men parked a gurney in the center of a room, right below a crackling light fixture. One of the men welcomed Bo, who was strapped to the gurney, to his new home, and the other man mused that Bo would soon find himself wishing for death. "This guy's gonna learn what pain really means," the man added, and he and his partner laughed as they exited the room, leaving Bo struggling in his bindings.

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