Monday, April 13, 2015
by Mike

Although Ben stressed that he didn't -- and wouldn't -- trust Chad, he couldn't really understand why Chad had lied to the Florida Bureau of Investigation to protect him. Clyde said it always boiled down to one of two things for guys like Chad -- money or a woman. Guessing Chad was trying to impress Abigail, Clyde warned that when a person did something nice for someone out of the blue, it was time to start looking out for the knives.

"So what about all the nice things you've done for me?" Ben asked. Clyde conceded that it would be foolish for Ben to trust him, especially since he did have selfish reasons for helping Ben. Clyde said seeing Ben do well felt good -- and made him look good, too, as the person who might have played some small part in Ben's success. Clyde promised to help Ben once again, and he reiterated that Ben needed to be wary of Chad.

Someone from the police station contacted Hope and told her an anonymous source had asked to meet her in a secluded section of the town square. While Hope was waiting there, someone approached her from behind and extended a hand to cover her eyes, but she reacted quickly, grabbing the person's arm and twisting it. "Surprise," Aiden said with a groan when Hope spun around.

Hope apologized profusely as Aiden rubbed his arm and jokingly complained that it would probably never be the same again. After Hope gave him a kiss, Aiden explained that he had gotten back into town a day early and had wanted to surprise her, so he had enlisted the help of someone at the police station who had owed him a favor. Aiden had wanted to meet Hope at the Salem Inn instead, but all the rooms had already been booked.

Aiden took Hope to Edge of the Square for dinner, and while they were there, Clyde interrupted to ask for Aiden's help with a legal matter. Aiden arranged to meet with Clyde the following morning, and Clyde walked away after apologizing for the intrusion. Aiden noted that Hope didn't seem to like Clyde much at all. Hope clarified that she couldn't really say whether she liked Clyde yet, but she definitely didn't trust him.

Aiden started to ask Hope to explain why she was suspicious of Clyde, but he stopped himself before finishing the question. Hope admitted she shouldn't have said anything, while Aiden acknowledged that he shouldn't have raised the topic in the first place. Hope and Aiden agreed there were certain things they would be better off not discussing with each other, given their respective careers -- and that talking was overrated, anyway.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail warned Chad his ploy to get to her wasn't going to work. Abigail reminded Chad that she was with Ben, and she insisted there was nothing Chad could do to change that. Abigail accused Chad of thinking he could just get whatever he wanted, and she said it was clear that what he wanted was her.

As Abigail stuffed more sushi in her mouth, Harold entered the study to announce Zoe's arrival. Zoe apologized for her tardiness, and as Chad stood to greet her, Abigail slowly realized she was eating a dinner that had been meant for someone else. Embarrassed, Abigail apologized and quickly excused herself, explaining that she had simply been really hungry.

Chad had his chef make another plate of sushi for Zoe, and after some small talk, he revealed that DiMera Enterprises had obtained Sonix. Zoe laughed and admitted she had just assumed Chad had been wining and dining her because of her good looks and scintillating personality. Chad assured Zoe those assets hadn't gone unnoticed, and she somewhat flirtatiously wondered what she could do to make her new boss happy.

Chad said he thought Zoe was terrific and he would never want to get in her way. Chad promised Zoe more responsibility, more freedom, and more compensation, and he assured her she would generally just be free to use her own judgment. Zoe anticipated a catch, so Chad admitted he might sometimes offer suggestions for future stories. Zoe said she was open to all suggestions, and Chad predicted they would get along well together.

Ben was just entering his apartment when Abigail arrived with ice cream and toppings so they could make sundaes. Abigail hesitantly revealed that she had gone to see Chad earlier, and she explained that she had done that because she had wanted to know what his ulterior motive for helping Ben had been. "Like maybe to get you to come see him?" Ben suggested. After conceding the point, Abigail told Ben about how she had eaten food Chad had intended for someone else. Abigail was still embarrassed that she had jumped to the wrong conclusion about the dinner, but Ben was proud of her for reading Chad the riot act.

Later, while Ben and Abigail were lying in bed after making love, they talked about the alias he had used in Florida. Abigail couldn't really see Ben as a Kevin Reynolds, so he explained that, while he wasn't sure where he had gotten the first name, a box of aluminum foil had inspired the surname. Ben admitted he had actually been considering changing his name again -- to Ben Weston.

Clyde passed through the town square while on the phone with Jeremiah, talking about someone in Poplar Bluff. Clyde instructed Jeremiah to send the person a message about how unhappy Clyde was. Clyde said he would do it himself if it weren't for the fact that he had bigger fish to fry at the moment in Salem.

At Club TBD, Paul caught Tori when she fainted after lashing out at Marlena and Will. Paul helped Tori to a chair and shouted for someone to call 9-1-1, but she assured him she was fine and just needed some water. When Paul asked, Tori admitted she hadn't eaten anything since the previous day. Tori wanted to talk to Paul privately, so Sonny agreed to let them use his office.

Will confronted Sonny, guessing Sonny had set the whole thing up and had known exactly what Will would be walking into when he had asked Will to meet him at the club. Sonny thought Paul deserved to know the truth, but Will acted like he didn't know what Sonny was talking about. "Will you stop it? I know that article you wrote wasn't about some school budget. It was about Paul and how you thought he was a DiMera. Are you ever gonna stop lying to me?" Sonny asked before walking away.

When Sonny entered his office with a glass of water and a plate of food, Tori was admonishing Paul for dishonoring her in front of strangers and refusing to listen every time she had tried to tell him they needed to leave Salem. Tori quickly turned her anger on Sonny, wishing he had never entered Paul's life. Paul insisted Tori couldn't be upset with Sonny just because the truth was finally being revealed.

Tori admitted she wasn't really angry with Sonny, she just knew things would have been different if he had never entered Paul's life. "[Yeah], I might never have really known what it felt like to love someone," Paul countered. Tori asked if what had just happened had been Sonny's idea. Paul stressed that he had planned the whole thing because he had wanted the lies to finally stop, and he had ignored Sonny's attempt to talk him out of it.

John asked Marlena to tell him what she knew about what had just happened. Marlena admitted she thought there was a very good chance that Paul was John's son, although she hadn't wanted to say anything until she was certain, and Tori had firmly denied the suspicion. John wondered why Tori had never said anything to him about Paul. John started to rant about what he was going to do if it turned out that Stefano was somehow responsible, but Marlena advised that there was no sense in getting worked up before talking to Tori and Paul and finding out the truth.

John suspected Paul already hated him, but Marlena insisted Paul didn't even know him yet. John countered that it didn't take much to make a bad first impression, and he explained that he had caught Paul making a move on Sonny the previous day and had really laid into Paul about it afterward. John started complaining about how Paul had moved to Salem with one goal -- to get Sonny back -- and had seduced Will in an effort to achieve that goal, but Marlena interrupted and stressed that Paul hadn't known about Will's connection to Sonny until after Sonny's stabbing. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that's what Paul tried to tell Will," John dismissively replied.

Sonny unapologetically confirmed Will's suspicion that he had found the article about Paul while going through the deleted files on Will's tablet computer. "After what you did with Paul, do I really need to explain myself? Because sure enough, you were lying to me again," Sonny added. Will insisted he hadn't been trying to hide things from Sonny, prompting Sonny to sarcastically wonder if Will had just accidentally lied to him.

Will explained that the article had been based on a lot of speculation, and he had trashed it as soon as he had realized it wasn't true. Sonny suspected Will had known Paul was John's son, but Will stressed that he hadn't known anything at all because Tori had denied everything. "That's funny, 'cause you said you never met Tori. It couldn't be another lie, could it?" Sonny countered.

"You know what, Sonny? You're right -- I lied. And you know why I did it? Because I was willing to do whatever it took to get Paul Narita out of our lives!" Will replied. Sonny countered that Will had not only been unfaithful but had obviously also lost faith in their marriage if he believed getting rid of Paul was the only way to make it work. Will argued that Paul still wanted Sonny and could be quite persuasive. Will pointed out that the thing that had ended Sonny's relationship with Paul years earlier was no longer an obstacle, and he guessed Sonny probably admired Paul even more than before because of Paul's new image as a gay icon and a courageous trailblazer.

Before Sonny could respond, Tori and Paul returned and excused themselves. John started to object that he had a right to know the truth first, but Paul insisted John had no rights at all. Paul pointed out that he and John had already made their feelings about each other quite clear earlier, and he concluded that there was nothing left for them to talk about. John continued to object, so Paul finally confirmed that he was indeed John's son.

When Paul tried to exit the club with Tori, Sonny urged him not to leave things unresolved, prompting Will to object that it might be best to just let Tori and Paul go. Marlena gently suggested that Tori owed John an explanation, but Paul insisted Tori didn't owe John anything. Paul argued that John was the one who needed to explain himself, since he had gotten Tori pregnant and had then thrown her away like trash.

John said he was just trying to understand why Tori had led their son to believe he was dead. "Because you were dead to me," Tori replied. Tori explained that when she had learned she was pregnant, she had been worried about her family's reaction at first, but she had ultimately decided that everything would be okay if she just told the truth. Tori hadn't wanted to tell John about her pregnancy in a letter or a phone call, though, so she had returned to Salem to break the news to him in person, hoping they might be able to build a life together because he had struck her as a man of integrity. "But when I saw you...everything changed," Tori added.

Tori said she had found John praying in a church and had decided not to talk to him after realizing he had devoted his life to the priesthood. "I was not going to be the reason you abandoned your vocation," Tori explained. John thought Tori still should have told him the truth, but Paul warned him not to criticize her for the sacrifice she had made, arguing that she couldn't have possibly known that the priesthood was going to be just another casual commitment -- a phase -- for John.

Paul led Tori out of the club, ignoring John's attempt to stop him. Sonny followed Paul outside and said he was really sorry about how everything had played out. Sonny knew Paul and John hadn't exactly hit it off with each other, but he stressed that their conflict had stemmed from the fact that John was protective of Will and Sonny. Sonny added that if Paul gave John a chance, he would realize John was one of the good guys and was someone Paul was very lucky to have as a father. Paul ignored the advice and left with Tori. John soon emerged from the club, and Sonny apologetically admitted he had been unable to stop Paul from leaving.

Marlena admonished Will for negatively influencing John's opinion of Paul. Will objected that he hadn't said anything that wasn't true, but Marlena argued that Will had shaded the truth, and she wondered why he had done that. Will reminded Marlena he had previously told her he would do anything to protect his marriage. "Mm. I guess that includes destroying a father's relationship with a son he never even knew he had," Marlena replied.

Before Will could respond, Sonny and John returned, and Will received a text message from the babysitter, who couldn't watch Arianna much longer. John asked Will and Sonny to keep the news about Paul to themselves for a while because he wanted to be the one to tell Brady and Belle. John and Marlena left the club and went to a secluded section of the town square.

John recalled how, as a baseball fanatic, he had always known Paul was something special, and he had even gone to a game once just to watch Paul pitch. John wondered if he had always known, deep down, that Paul was his son. John asked Marlena if she would have kept the truth from him forever if he hadn't been at Club TBD earlier. Marlena said she had wanted to share her suspicion but had felt like it wasn't her place to do so. Marlena added that Tori had denied everything, but John suspected Marlena had always known in her heart that her suspicion was correct. Marlena knew John had a lot to think about, so she left after telling him she loved him.

Paul returned to his hotel room with Tori, who apologized for hiding the truth about his father for such a long time. Paul understood that Tori had done what she had believed would be best for him, just as she always had. Paul received a phone call from his grandfather, who was eager to see him because they had been apart for such a long time. Paul promised he would be home soon, but after he ended the call, Tori suggested he might want to stay in Salem in light of everything that had just happened.

Sonny told Will to head back to the apartment without him, explaining that he was going to clean up a bit before leaving the club. Will offered to wait, but Sonny firmly stated that he didn't want that. Will insisted Sonny couldn't blame him for the fact that Tori had kept Paul's paternity a secret or the fact that everything had played out the way it had, since Sonny was the one who had set the whole thing up in the first place. Will also argued that Sonny couldn't be angry with him for finding the photograph of Tori, since John never would have learned the truth if Will hadn't made that discovery.

"So we're supposed to give you credit for your good deed?" Sonny asked incredulously. "Who's 'we'? You and Paul?" Will replied, his voice wavering slightly. Will started to acknowledge that he had made a mistake, but Sonny countered that Will had made a lot of mistakes, and he was trying to understand why Will kept making excuses for them. Will insisted that wasn't what he was trying to do, but Sonny didn't listen.

Sonny said Will had left him and moved to Hollywood because Will had been that desperate to advance his writing career, and when that hadn't worked out, he had lied about why he had returned to Salem early. Will tried to object to Sonny's version of events, but Sonny forged ahead, stating that Will had then set his sights on a big article and had slept with Paul to get it. Will once again objected that things hadn't happened like that.

"That's right -- it's because you just wanted him in the moment, even though you made a lifetime commitment to me! Do you remember that? But you got your article, and you got all the attention that you wanted. And then you decided that you wanted me after all of that. Do you know how much that hurts? Do you honestly think you can just do whatever you want, and hurt whoever you want in the process? Do you think that's okay with me? Am I supposed to be okay with that?" Sonny demanded to know.

Will objected that Sonny wasn't being fair, and he reached out for Sonny as he tried to say something else, but Sonny pushed him away. "Just leave, please! Just go home! Go home. Just get away from me and go home. I cannot hear another word out of your mouth tonight," Sonny insisted as he turned away from Will. Will reluctantly walked away, and when Sonny turned back around, Will was already gone.

"I will not lose you, Sonny," Will vowed outside the club.

. . .

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