Monday, September 26, 2016
by Mike

At the escaped convicts' hideout, Orpheus told Joey, who was tied to a chair, that Steve had deserved to die. When Joey didn't respond, Orpheus turned his attention to Xander, instructing him to keep an eye on Joey. As Orpheus left the hideout, Xander took a seat across from Joey, pointed a gun at him, and warned, "One false move, and you'll be as dead as dear. Old. Dad."

At the Evans-Black townhouse, John, Marlena, and Paul discussed what the escaped convicts had done to the Johnson family. John said he had devised a plan to keep his family safe until the criminals were apprehended. "Now, ideally, everybody would stay right here until [then] --" he started to add. Looking up from the tablet computer she'd had her eyes glued to, Claire interrupted, protesting that she couldn't stay cooped up indefinitely in a place without electricity because she needed to keep her electronic devices charged; otherwise, she would have to kiss her music career goodbye.

"Sweetheart, I love you so much, but if you don't do exactly as I say, you are gonna have to kiss your life goodbye," John countered. He proceeded to fill everyone in on his plan, but when he asked for confirmation that they each understood what to do, he was annoyed to learn that Claire had turned her attention back to her tablet and had tuned him out. Claire dismissively insisted that she wasn't in any danger because the escaped convicts didn't even know who she was. Marlena incredulously reminded Claire of everything the criminals had already done, including kidnapping Joey. "Yeah, he must be totally freaked," Claire conceded.

"You should be totally freaked!" Marlena insisted. John asked Marlena to repeat the plan for Claire's benefit then excused himself so he could go to the Johnson house to check on Steve and Kayla. Meanwhile, Marlena received a text message from someone at the hospital, summoning her there to help calm the nerves of some of the patients. John told Marlena he would get a bodyguard to accompany her. "And whatever you do, don't leave that one here alone," he added, referring to Claire, who was already glued to her tablet again.

As Kayla knelt to pick up the remains of the coffee cup that had been broken during Steve's struggle with Orpheus, someone entered the Johnson house. Kayla jumped then breathed a sigh of relief when she realized that it was Steve. "I thought you were Orpheus," she explained. Steve stressed that Orpheus was gone. Kayla insisted that she should have gone with Steve to look for Joey, but Steve disagreed, pointing out that she was still recovering from surgery. Steve assured Kayla that Orpheus wouldn't hurt Joey because hostages were only useful as bargaining chips if kept alive and well.

"I want to believe you, but I am so scared," Kayla admitted. Steve said he was scared, too. He promised, however, that he would make sure that Joey was back in Kayla's arms soon. Steve winced in pain as he removed his jacket and gun vest, prompting Kayla to point out that he might have suffered some internal damage from the impact of bullets hitting his bulletproof vest at close range. Kayla offered to take Steve to the hospital for an x-ray, but he maintained that she was in no condition to leave the house, especially with Orpheus on the loose. "I can't risk losing you again. I won't," Steve insisted.

When John arrived a short time later, he agreed with Steve's theory that Orpheus would keep Joey alive to use him as a bargaining chip. Kayla was still worried, guessing that Joey was terrified, but John pointed out that Joey had developed strong survival skills as a result of having her and Steve as his parents. John backed up Steve's assertion that Kayla needed to stay at the house until the escaped convicts were apprehended. He promised, however, to get Marlena to check with the hospital's acting chief of staff to see how things were going in Kayla's absence, just so Kayla would have one less thing to worry about.

While passing through the town square with Marlena, Claire fretted that her tablet's battery was about to die. Marlena asked Claire to put the device away, but Claire ignored the request, complaining that Marlena should have just let her stay at the townhouse. Claire wondered why Marlena had dismissed their bodyguard. "You saw that old woman. She was lost, she was terrified... She needed the escort. We're close to the hospital; we'll be just fine, okay?" Marlena replied. Claire perked up, recalling that Marlena had mentioned earlier that the hospital kept a generator running in cases of emergency. "That part you heard," Marlena grumbled.

Chloe was thrilled when Philip ended his phone conversation with Kate and reported that she was on her way over to Dr. Wright's office to convince him to falsify the paternity test. Philip explained that Wright owed Kate because her fundraising efforts had saved his clinic from being shut down years earlier. Chloe wondered what had prompted Kate's change of heart. "Who knows -- maybe she did it for me, or even the baby. My mother would not want any kid raised by the likes of Deimos," Philip guessed. Chloe voiced concerns about Kate's ability to convince Wright to do something unethical, but Philip promised that everything was going to work out.

At the Brady Pub, Nicole admonished Deimos for making Chloe's life even more stressful. "We're talking about a paternity test, not water torture," Deimos pointed out with a chuckle. Unamused, Nicole informed Deimos that Chloe had once battled leukemia, leaving her immune system severely compromised. "I swear to God, Deimos, if anything happens to that baby, I will never forgive you," Nicole warned.

Deimos assured Nicole that he would never do anything to harm Chloe's unborn child, adding that his hope was that once everything was out in the open, life would get a lot less stressful for everyone. Deimos promised to back off if the paternity test proved that Philip was indeed the child's father, but Nicole wasn't sure Deimos even knew how to back off. "Look, I know that you wish that I was the kind of guy that could take Chloe at her word and just move on --" Deimos started to respond.

"Why can't you? If not for Chloe, then do it for me. If I mean as much to you as you say I do, then prove it," Nicole challenged Deimos, who chuckled and observed that she seemed to really have a thing for grand, selfless gestures. "I'm sorry, sweetie, but don't expect one from me. I'm not Daniel," he continued. Deimos stressed that Nicole meant a great deal to him, but he warned her, "Unfortunately, I'm no hero, and I never will be."

Later, after Deimos left, Nicole arranged a meeting with Chloe, who wasn't as upset as Nicole had expected her to be. "You figured out a way to get those results changed so it looks like Philip is the father, didn't you?" Nicole quickly concluded. Chloe tried to deny the accusation at first but eventually admitted that Nicole was correct. Chloe insisted that Nicole, who had taken similarly drastic measures in the past, had no right to judge her.

Nicole clarified that she wasn't judging; she was simply worried about what could happen if Chloe got caught. "[And] the closer I get to Deimos, the harder it is to lie to him," Nicole added, regretfully acknowledging that Deimos had been going to great lengths to be honest with her about everything -- even things he knew she wouldn't like hearing about. Chloe assured Nicole that the whole ordeal would soon be over.

"One can only hope," Nicole muttered. Eager to end the conversation, Chloe excused herself so she could head back over to Wright's office, inviting Nicole to accompany her for moral support. Nicole accepted the invitation, and when Chloe started to say something else, Nicole interrupted, realizing that Chloe had just referred to the baby as "him." Chloe admitted that she had a gut feeling that the baby was a boy. Chloe apologetically added that she was sorry that Nicole had never gotten to raise her own son. Nicole said she was sorry, too. She added, however, that she would love to be Chloe's unborn son's godmother, and Chloe happily agreed.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos ran into Philip, who tried to rush off, joking that he didn't want to keep the guy Deimos had hired to follow him waiting. Deimos explained that he had only resorted to that underhanded tactic because there were things about Chloe's claim that Philip was the father of her unborn child that didn't really add up. Philip insisted that Deimos was grasping at straws. "As much as you might want a child to call your own, you won't have claims on this one. No way in hell," Philip added before leaving.

While passing through an alley, Kate contacted Wright and insisted on seeing him right away. After ending the call, she looked around and realized that she was alone in the alley, which she had been sharing with two cops just moments earlier. Before she could get to a safer area, she heard footsteps approaching her from behind. "Always in a hurry, aren't you?" Clyde observed.

Kate insisted that she didn't have time for Clyde's games because she had things to do, but he blocked her path and countered that she wasn't going anywhere until they finished their earlier conversation -- the one Chad had rudely interrupted. Kate tried to sidestep Clyde, but he grabbed her arm and reminded her that she hadn't always been afraid of him. As he was reminiscing, he noticed that she was trying to place a phone call to someone with her free hand. He angrily seized the cell phone and told her, "I was gonna let you go, but now I'm gonna have to kill you."

Kate tried to talk Clyde out of doing that, and he suggestively conceded that there was something else he could do to her first, since they were alone in the alley. She reminded him that the town was crawling with cops, and she quickly added, "There's one now!" As Clyde turned to look, Kate took advantage of the distraction to break free from him and retrieve her gun from her purse.

"Who's gonna kill who, huh?" Kate spat as she aimed the gun at Clyde. Before she could pull the trigger, Orpheus approached her from behind and seized the weapon. Holding her in place, he handed the gun to Clyde and said, "What are you waiting for? Do it." Kate tried to talk Clyde out of killing her, assuring him that she remembered the good times they had shared. She added that she had friends in high places and could help ensure that when he was apprehended, he would be shown leniency. "Caught? We're not getting caught! Would you take her out?" Orpheus impatiently urged Clyde.

"Oh, my God!" Marlena said with a gasp as she and Claire unwittingly stumbled upon the criminals and Kate while en route to the hospital. Marlena told Claire to run, but Orpheus quickly blocked her path and mused, "This is my lucky night." Kate tried to escape while Orpheus was distracted, but Clyde grabbed her arm to stop her from running. "Still think I should kill her?" Clyde asked Orpheus.

"I don't care what you do with her. I've got all the women I need right here," Orpheus replied as he backed Marlena and Claire into a corner. When he asked about Claire, Marlena claimed that she had met the girl just moments earlier and had offered to escort her to her destination because it wasn't safe for her to be on her own while escaped convicts were on the loose. Marlena added that she had her own escort -- a bodyguard who was never far behind her -- but Orpheus skeptically pointed out that no one had shown up to save her yet. He added that he had done his homework and knew exactly who Claire was.

"Come to think of it, forcing you to watch your precious granddaughter shot and killed might be the best revenge of all," Orpheus mused. Meanwhile, Kate tried to talk Clyde into letting her go, but he insisted that killing her was the only way to truly end what they'd once had together. "Let's finish this," Orpheus impatiently urged Clyde. As Clyde took aim at Kate with the gun he had seized from her earlier, John arrived and lunged toward him. Unable to wrench the gun out of Clyde's hands, John instead kept a firm grip on Clyde's arms and turned him toward Orpheus, who had just drawn his own gun. Claire screamed as a shot was fired.

At the escaped convicts' hideout, Joey stomped his foot a few times to confirm that Xander was in a deep sleep. Satisfied, he began trying to free himself from his bindings. Meanwhile, at the Johnson house, Steve assured Kayla that Joey would be fine because, as John had pointed out earlier, he had strong survival skills. Kayla credited Steve as the source of those skills, admitting that she saw a lot of him in Joey. "I have faith in our son, just like I have faith in you," she added.

Before Joey could free himself, Xander awoke with a start and wondered why Joey was staring at him. Meanwhile, Clyde returned with an injured Orpheus and asked Xander for something to stop the bleeding. As Clyde and Orpheus blamed each other for what had happened in the alley, Xander pressed a cloth firmly against Orpheus' abdomen. Orpheus gasped, and Clyde shouted at Xander, "He's in pain, you dolt!" Orpheus promised Clyde and Xander that their respective enemies would experience far more pain before all was said and done. Glaring at Joey, Orpheus added, "I started with your old man. What do you say we finish off the Johnson bloodline?"

After making sure that Marlena, Claire, and Kate were okay, John revealed that the woman who had taken Marlena's bodyguard away from her and Claire had been part of a setup. Kate questioned the good timing of John's arrival, and Marlena explained that she had discreetly pressed a panic button in her purse to alert John that she was in danger and give him her exact location.

"Can I get a spare one of those?" Kate requested. John promised to get Kate one of the devices as soon as possible. Kate tried to excuse herself, explaining that she had things to do, but John refused to let her leave on her own. John contacted Roman to let him know what had happened, and Marlena pulled Claire aside to ask if she was finally starting to grasp the severity of the situation. When John ended the call and turned his attention back to the women, he realized that Kate was gone. "She was right here!" Marlena insisted. John shook his head, wondering what Kate had been eager to get back to doing.

When John contacted Steve and Kayla to let them know what had happened, Steve concluded that Xander was likely guarding Joey. Steve went to search for Joey after making Kayla promise to stay inside the house. Meanwhile, at the hideout, Orpheus continued threatening Joey, who calmly pointed out that Orpheus couldn't kill his only form of leverage. "I thought you were the smart one," Joey added.

"Get this kid out of my sight before I shoot his eye out and leave him a half-blind fool like his old man," Orpheus told Clyde and Xander. Joey warned Orpheus not to say another word about Steve. Realizing that he had struck a nerve, Orpheus suggested that he could get Xander to retrieve the patch from Steve's cold, dead corpse so Joey could use it. Joey angrily spat in Orpheus' face, and Orpheus chuckled as he wiped away the mess and mused, "Guess you don't like people talking bad about the dead. Well, it's not really gonna matter, 'cause you're gonna join him soon enough."

Chloe, Philip, Deimos, and Nicole gathered in Wright's office, and he soon arrived and announced that he had the results of the paternity test.

. . .

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