Monday, March 23, 2015
by Mike

Ben invited Abigail over to his place to help him study for a college exam, but she quickly realized he already knew the material pretty well. Ben admitted he had really just asked to see Abigail because he liked spending time with her, and she returned the sentiment. "Well, since you like being with me, and I like being with you, what would you think about moving in here?" Ben asked.

Taken aback, Abigail said she wasn't sure she and Ben were at a stage in their relationship where they were ready to take that step. Abigail clarified that she wasn't saying she didn't want to live with Ben -- just that it would be best to take things slowly because the alternative could just end up ruining their relationship. Ben admitted he had been hoping for a different reaction. Abigail apologized and assured Ben it meant a lot that he had extended the offer in the first place, and she added that, while he might not think it would be a big deal for them to move in together, her family would definitely think otherwise.

After taking Theo to see a movie, Chad treated the boy to a cup of hot chocolate at Club TBD. Chad said he had missed hanging out with Theo and would love to do it again sometime soon. Theo asked Chad if Abigail could join them the next time. Chad confidently predicted that Abigail would happily agree to go Rollerblading with him and Theo if they extended the invitation.

Theo had just finished his treat when Abe arrived, so he convinced Abe to let him have another cup. After Theo went to the bar to place his order, Chad wondered what, if anything, Abe had told the boy about Stefano's return to Salem -- and Abe's attempt to arrest Stefano. Abe said he had explained to Theo that he had a job to do and couldn't change the rules of that job for family members.

"And just so you know, that goes for uncles as well as grandfathers," Abe warned. Chad wondered if he had done something illegal that he wasn't aware of. Abe said no but added that he wanted to keep it that way. Abe wondered what Chad wanted out of life -- operating, of course, under the assumption that Chad hadn't been too busy living the good life to give the question some serious thought. Chad assured Abe he knew exactly what he wanted -- and wasn't afraid to go after it.

Later, Chad bumped into Abigail in the town square. Chad started to walk away without saying anything to Abigail, but she stopped him and questioned his behavior. Chad explained that he was simply trying to stay out of Abigail's way because she had accused him of hitting on her the last time they had seen each other. Abigail told Chad he didn't have to do that, assuring him she was a big girl who could take care of herself.

Chad was glad to hear that because it made it easier for him to pass along Theo's invitation. Chad offered to bow out so Abigail could take Theo Rollerblading herself, but she dismissed the suggestion and assured Chad she would call him later to finalize the details. Chad nodded and started to walk away, but Abigail stopped him and asked what had happened at the DiMera Enterprises board meeting. Chad confirmed he had lost his fancy title to Stefano. Abigail said she was sorry to hear that, assuming it was something Chad had actually wanted to keep. "Eh, you know what they say -- you can't always get what you want," Chad replied with a shrug.

"You think I don't see through you, Chad?" Abigail countered. Chad claimed he had no idea what Abigail was talking about. Abigail shook her head and started to walk away, but Chad stopped her and said he didn't want their encounter to end the way their encounters always seemed to end. Changing the subject, Chad asked if Abigail's relationship with Ben was going well. Abigail wanted to know why Chad had asked such a question, so he explained that he was simply trying to make conversation. Abigail insisted everything was fine with Ben.

Chad wondered what Ben had thought of Jack's book. Taken aback, Abigail admitted she didn't think Ben had read it yet, and she wondered why Chad had steered the conversation in that direction in the first place. Chad explained that he had read a really complimentary article about Jack's book online a few days earlier. Abigail knew exactly which article Chad was talking about, and she agreed it had been a nice tribute to Jack's work.

Chad couldn't believe Ben hadn't read the book yet. Abigail reminded Chad that Ben was busy with schoolwork and a job. Chad conceded the point and apologized for broaching the topic in the first place. Chad hoped Ben would get a chance to read the book eventually, since Jack's writing had been amazing. Chad recalled one particularly moving passage from the book, and Abigail agreed it might have been the best thing Jack had ever written. Chad nodded and excused himself, and Abigail watched as he walked away.

In Daniel's apartment, Parker surprised Serena while she was admiring the bag of diamonds she had just retrieved from the elephant statue. "Sparkles!" Parker shouted. Serena showed Parker the diamonds but stressed that he couldn't tell anyone else about them. When Melanie returned a few minutes later, she found Serena and Parker working on an art project together.

Melanie apologized for her absence, explaining that the package she had gone to sign for had actually been for someone else. "Sparkles!" Parker shouted again. Melanie assumed Serena had taught Parker the word, but Serena clarified that he had thought of it on his own. "Secret!" Parker added. Melanie interpreted Parker's comments to mean he wanted his sparkly late-night art project to be kept a secret from Daniel.

Melanie took Parker back to his bedroom, and while they were gone, Serena stashed the diamonds in Daniel's fireplace, fearing the people who had trashed her hotel room might grab her and steal the jewels if she tried to leave the apartment with them. When Melanie returned, she observed that Serena suddenly looked much happier. Serena explained that she felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders because she had just taken care of some business that had been hanging over her head for a while.

Serena didn't want to elaborate, so she changed the subject, asking Melanie to tell her about what had happened to Brady. Melanie complied, even sharing her suspicions about Theresa and Clint's possible involvement. Serena advised Melanie to be careful about getting in over her head where Theresa and Clint were concerned. "You know what the trouble is with making bad choices? Having to live with them afterward," Serena warned.

Melanie wondered if Serena was talking about something that involved Eric. Serena said no and added that Eric was the best man she knew. Melanie agreed and reasoned that Serena would therefore have to be certifiably insane to let him go. Serena happily reported she might no longer have to worry about making such a choice, since the business she had taken care of earlier might allow her to stay in Salem, after all.

At Edge of the Square, Eric informed a curious Nicole that Serena's elephant statue had been lost during her move to Salem. "You sure about that?" Nicole asked. Nicole started to explain her skepticism but quickly changed her mind about getting involved. Eric urged Nicole to continue, insisting she couldn't just leave him hanging, but before she could respond, Roman interrupted to tell Eric about what had happened to Brady.

Eric and Nicole were concerned about Brady but agreed not to talk to him about the matter right away, since he wanted to keep things quiet. After Roman left, Nicole and Eric talked about how they hadn't been informed about Brady's hospitalization during their earlier conversations with Daniel and Melanie, respectively. Eric wanted to check in with Melanie, so he excused himself and assured Nicole they would talk again soon.

As Nicole was exiting the club a short time later, she ran into Serena. Nicole revealed she had talked to Eric earlier and knew all about the elephant statues, but Serena dodged Nicole's questions and maintained that Nicole had never seen more than one statue in Daniel's apartment. "I have never met someone so desperate to be right when she is always so completely wrong. But I guess it's a lot easier to go after me than face your own problems. 'Cause you couldn't keep Eric, and you clearly can't keep Daniel. Maybe you can't hold on to anyone. Don't know, don't care. Just stay the hell away from me," Serena warned before walking away.

Eric went to Daniel's apartment to see Melanie, who informed him he had just missed Serena. Melanie told Eric about her earlier conversation with Serena and assured him Serena might be sticking around, after all.

Paul paced his hotel room, anxious to step outside for a while, but Tori insisted he needed to stay inside because he had already run into Sonny once that day. Paul thought Tori was overreacting about his encounter with Sonny, arguing that he and Sonny were grown-ups and were allowed to talk to each other. Tori hoped Paul had at least made it clear to Sonny that there was no chance they'd ever get back together with each other.

Paul admitted he hadn't used those exact words, but Tori insisted he needed to say them. Paul shouted that he would when the timing felt right to him, and he wondered why the matter was of such concern to Tori. Tori recalled Will's threat but simply replied that marriage was a sacred thing. Paul reminded Tori that the only person who had broken wedding vows was Will Horton.

Paul explained that he had encouraged Sonny to try to work things out with Will -- and to cut Will some slack. "Sounds to me like you're hedging your bets," Tori observed. Paul countered that it was too bad Tori hadn't been there to tell him exactly what to say. Paul asked if Tori would have preferred for him to have lied and said he didn't care what Sonny did because he didn't love Sonny anymore. Tori confirmed that was exactly what Paul should have said to Sonny. Frustrated, Paul grabbed his coat and walked out, ignoring Tori's attempt to stop him.

Will was upset to learn Sonny had seen Paul before seeing him that day. "Nothing's changed since you asked [Paul] to marry you. I came in second today, just like I would have back then!" Will concluded. Sonny tried to assure Will that wasn't true, but Will reminded Sonny that Paul was the man who was still in love with Sonny and was still trying to get Sonny back. Sonny added that Paul was also the man Will had cheated on him with. Sonny explained that he had simply run into Paul on his way to see Will and hadn't really been able to avoid talking to Paul for a few minutes because John had been there, too.

Will guessed Paul had seized the opportunity to make a play for Sonny, but Sonny clarified that Paul had actually told him it would be best for them to stop seeing each other. Sonny explained that Paul wanted to give him and Will space so they could work things out. Will argued that Paul would have left Salem if he had really wanted to give Will and Sonny space. Will suggested Paul was up to something, but Sonny clarified that Paul had actually defended Will and advised Sonny not to be too hard on Will. Will wasn't surprised, guessing Paul had done that to make himself look like a saint.

Will urged Sonny to read between the lines. Will argued that Paul had only said it would be best to stop seeing Sonny because he had known that doing so would just make it harder for Sonny to resist seeing him. Sonny insisted Will was either being paranoid or making things up, but Will countered that Paul was the only person who was making things up -- like lame excuses to stay in Salem. "God, how is this so clear to me, and you don't see this?" Will wondered.

"Will you just stop? Stop it! Do you know what I was doing the whole time I was gone? I was thinking about you -- about us. Now I think it's your turn to start thinking. What do you want to get out of this? Do you want to fix this, or do you want to keep coming up with new ways to put the blame on me because I was with Paul before I was with you? Until you figure that out, I am done talking," Sonny said before retreating to Arianna's bedroom. Will considered Sonny's words for a moment before grabbing his coat and exiting the apartment.

Later, Adrienne visited Sonny and informed him that Justin had gone back to Dubai. Adrienne claimed things between her and Justin were fine, and she quickly changed the subject, wondering where Will was. Sonny smiled as he explained that Will had just gone out for a few minutes, but Adrienne stopped him and said he didn't have to pretend with her because she already knew about what had happened between Will and Paul.

Sonny said he had used his time in Phoenix to try to figure out how things had gone wrong with Will -- and what he could have done differently to prevent them from ending up where they had. Adrienne hoped Sonny wasn't seriously blaming himself for Will's infidelity. Sonny clarified that he was simply trying to be honest with himself. "It takes two to make a marriage work, so that means it takes two to make a marriage fall apart," Sonny reasoned.

Sonny reminded Adrienne he had kept his money problems from Will. Sonny added that he had also kept his history with Paul from Will. Adrienne reasoned that Sonny had done the latter simply because he had promised to keep Paul's secret, but Sonny admitted he wasn't one hundred percent sure that was the real reason he had never told Will the truth. Adrienne wondered if Sonny was trying to say he still had feelings for Paul.

Sonny admitted he would always have feelings for Paul, since it was impossible to go from loving someone to feeling nothing for that person. "I love Will. I just -- I think that, uh -- that I rushed him into marrying me," Sonny added. Adrienne argued that Will was a big boy who had known exactly what he had wanted. Sonny countered that Will hadn't been out of the closet for very long before they had gotten married, nor had he had much of a chance to get accustomed to his new life as an openly gay man -- or experience what it was like to be with guys other than Sonny.

Adrienne hoped Sonny and Will would be able to work things out but insisted Sonny had to stop trying to find excuses for what Will had done. "He betrayed you, and if he loves you and he wants you to forgive him, he has to earn that forgiveness. He needs to step up and take responsibility for what he did," Adrienne advised Sonny.

Will ran into Paul in the town square and wondered if Paul was just walking around town with the hope of running into Sonny again. Realizing Will had just talked to Sonny, Paul clarified that he hadn't known Sonny had been returning to Salem that day. Will was willing to believe that but suspected Paul would keep manufacturing new reasons to stay in Salem and continue running into Sonny until he got his message across to Sonny. Paul said the only message he was trying to get across was that Sonny needed to cut Will some slack, but Will thought that was just a slick way for Paul to keep Sonny thinking about the fact that Will had been unfaithful.

"Well, I guess if I did want to go after [Sonny], I'd do it right now, when he's alone. The husband you claim to love so much is finally home, and you leave him alone so you can track me down and yell at me. Now, why is that, Will? How come he's there and you're here?" Paul wondered. Will clarified that he was simply taking a walk because he and Sonny had fought earlier. Paul sarcastically wondered what he had done to cause the fight. "You were here. You are here!" Will snapped.

Paul said he was sorry Will and Sonny had argued. "But here you are, anyway," Will pointed out. Paul wondered if Will was trying to suggest everything would be okay between him and Sonny if Paul weren't around. Will remained silent as Paul asked if Will realized just how paranoid he sounded. Paul reminded Will that Sonny had married him. "Because you said no!" Will countered. Paul protested that Will couldn't possibly believe that was true. "Why? Why would Sonny want me if he could have you?" Will wondered, his voice wavering as he spoke.

Will regained his composure and started to say he hadn't meant that, but Paul interrupted and insisted he would never believe Sonny had only married Will because Paul had said no, since Sonny wasn't that kind of guy -- and Will, of all people, should know that. "This is all such a mess. Sonny's right -- it's my fault that it's like that," Will admitted. Paul advised Will to give Sonny some time, reasoning that Sonny was still hurting but would eventually find a way to forgive Will because they had created a beautiful family together, and Sonny wouldn't be willing to just throw all that away without a fight because it was what he had always wanted.

Will wondered if Paul was actually rooting for him and Sonny to work things out. Paul remained silent as Will added that if Paul was indeed rooting for that to happen, the best thing he could do to help out would be to leave Salem. "If you don' will be sorry," Will warned before walking away.

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