Monday, April 14, 2014
by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Eric advised Theresa that confession was good for the soul and that she needed to tell him the truth about what had happened to Daniel right away. Theresa jokingly replied that, according to most of the people in Salem, she didn't have a soul, but Eric insisted that wasn't true. Theresa claimed that she didn't have anything to confess because she didn't know anything about Daniel's sudden illness. "While Daniel was getting happy, I was off somewhere else, getting happier," Theresa suggestively reported, and she assured Eric that Brady could confirm her story -- if Eric could convince Brady to talk to him, of course.

Changing the subject, Theresa told Eric that she was really sorry that "that nutcase," Kristen DiMera, had drugged and taken advantage of him. Eric insisted that the two incidents had nothing to do with each other, but Theresa disagreed. "Because of what that woman did to you, you think that Daniel was poisoned and drugged, but my theory? He brought this on himself," Theresa argued, adding that stories about doctors using prescription drugs for recreational purposes were getting increasingly common. Eric maintained that Daniel wasn't that kind of person, but Theresa countered that Daniel's friends might not know him as well as they believed.

Theresa compared Daniel's situation to her own overdose, summarizing that it only took one little mistake for a secret to be exposed. Eric insisted that Theresa's speculations were completely unfounded, and she countered that she could say the same thing about the accusations that he had hurled at her earlier. "You know what? You and your friends all think that Daniel and Jennifer are just the cutest little thing since the appletini and just as sickeningly sweet, but I know they're just card-carrying hypocrites who don't give a rat's ass about anyone else but themselves!" Theresa added, prompting Eric to wonder if she was talking about Daniel and Jennifer or herself.

Offended, Theresa started to leave after disappointedly stating that Eric was just as judgmental as everyone else, but he grabbed her arm and insisted that she wasn't going anywhere. Theresa irritably freed herself from Eric's grasp and wondered if everyone in Salem had a God complex. Eric clarified that he simply wanted Theresa to hear him out.

"Oh, is this the part where you go on about how Daniel and Jennifer are the wind beneath everyone's wings? Because, if so, you might want to have a barf bag ready," Theresa dryly stated, prompting Eric to reply that it sickened him to hear her say hateful things about people she didn't even really know -- people who had given her many chances, even when she had made it tough for them to do so. Theresa reminded Eric that Jennifer had fired her, but he argued that Theresa had deserved that. Eric added that he had recently started working for Jennifer, who was a good and decent person, and that Daniel had worked very hard to try to clear Eric's name, which might not mean much to Theresa but had meant a lot to Eric.

Theresa interrupted and insisted that Eric meant a lot to her, although she conceded that he might not feel the same way about her, since he didn't seem to be trying very hard to believe that she wasn't responsible for what had happened to Daniel. "I hope that's true, because if I find out you are lying...and you, in any way, were responsible for this, you're gonna wish you were still in Los Angeles," Eric warned before exiting the pub.

At the hospital, Maggie entered Daniel's room before Nicole could voice her suspicions about Liam. Daniel assured Maggie that the toxins were being flushed out of his system and that he was going to be fine. Maggie was thankful that Daniel hadn't operated on anyone while in his drugged state. "You can say that again. See, even your mother understands the legal ramifications of this situation. Now, as a hospital board member charged with protecting the Horton legacy, I'm sure you'll persuade Dr. Jonas to sign these papers immediately," Anne said to Maggie before entering the room, extending Daniel's suspension papers and a pen to him, and wondering if he could manage to find the appropriate place to sign his name on his own.

Maggie protested that Anne couldn't suspend Daniel, but Anne clarified that she was simply following the hospital's mandatory policy on the matter. Maggie insisted that Daniel wasn't a drug user. "Of course, you know that because Daniel Jonas is a god without any human imperfections. How blessed we are that he sprang from your loins," Anne sarcastically replied. Daniel dismissively pointed out that Anne didn't need to be present when he signed the documents, and she took the hint and left the room. Nicole also excused herself so that Maggie and Daniel could have some privacy.

Once they were alone, Maggie asked Daniel how "that horrible woman," Anne Milbauer, could ever think that he had willingly abused drugs. Daniel suspected that Anne knew that he had actually been set up, and Maggie threatened to wring Anne's neck if it turned out that Anne was the person who had drugged him. Maggie reminded Daniel that they had never figured out who had been behind the smear campaign against Jennifer, and she suggested that the incidents might be connected. Daniel stressed that he didn't want to cast stones and accuse Anne -- or his other prime suspect, Theresa -- of drugging him without any proof to substantiate his claim.

Nicole, who had been eavesdropping outside Daniel's room, left after hearing Maggie ask Daniel if he could think of anyone else who would want to do such a cruel thing to him. A short time later, Parker rushed into Daniel's room ahead of a nurse who apologized for the interruption, explaining that the boy had gotten tired of playing with crayons. Daniel didn't seem to mind, and Maggie smiled as she watched him interact with Parker.

Elsewhere, in one of the break rooms, Jennifer somewhat irritably assured Liam that she knew Daniel and trusted him completely. Jennifer started to walk away, but Liam stopped her and admitted that he shouldn't have placed doubts in her head about Daniel. Jennifer clarified that Liam hadn't made her doubt Daniel. Liam explained that he had probably been projecting because his ex-wife had been addicted to pills for years and had hid the addiction very well. Liam added that his job in the pharmaceutical business had given his ex-wife easy access to samples of various medications and that she had also eventually started ingratiating herself with certain doctors and nurses to get even more pills. Liam said that the matter had made him realize just how many medical professionals were closet addicts.

Jennifer interrupted and insisted that Liam needed to stop trying to compare his situation with his ex-wife to Jennifer's situation with Daniel. Liam apologized for upsetting Jennifer, who replied that she understood that his experience with his ex-wife had probably been really painful for him. "Actually, you have no idea the hole I'm still digging myself out of. I mean, she -- she was constantly applying for new credit cards, taking cash out of our account, telling me that I hadn't balanced our checkbook. And -- and when she lied, she was so damn convincing. Well, anyway, I'm just relieved that you're sure that that's not what's going on with Daniel," Liam casually added. Jennifer abruptly excused herself, and Liam smiled as he watched her walk away, certain that his comment about balancing checkbooks had gotten under her skin.

Jennifer entered the waiting area as Eric -- who had just arrived at the hospital -- was telling Nicole that he wanted the person who was responsible for drugging Daniel to be held accountable for their actions, even if that person turned out to be Theresa. Jennifer agreed but explained that Anne was another suspect, although she conceded that drugging Daniel seemed a bit extreme for Anne and Theresa. Eric pointed out that Theresa and Anne each had the motive and the means to drug Daniel, and Jennifer vaguely added that someone had reminded her earlier that many of the hospital employees had access to lots of different drugs.

Jennifer's comment made Nicole recall that Liam had mentioned during one of their earlier encounters that he was a pharmaceutical representative. Eric interrupted Nicole's thoughts to announce that he was going to help Jennifer take Daniel back to Daniel's apartment, and before they parted ways with each other, Nicole quickly obtained permission to use Jennifer's office computer to look something up.

A short time later, Jennifer, Daniel, Eric, Maggie, and Parker emerged from Daniel's room, and Anne, who had been eavesdropping outside the room and had rushed over to the nurses' station just in time to avoid being discovered, observed that Daniel looked much better than he had earlier. Daniel reported that he was also feeling much better, and as Anne watched him sign his suspension papers, she insincerely stated that, while she was sorry that he was being suspended, the rules had to apply to everyone, not just the "unwashed few."

Later, at Daniel's apartment, Maggie and Eric excused themselves after ensuring that Daniel had everything that he needed, leaving him alone with Jennifer. Daniel mused that he and Jennifer had underestimated Theresa, prompting Jennifer to remind him that they were not yet certain that Theresa was responsible for what had happened to him. "No, that's true, but what we do know is that she is a sick, sick woman. Something has to be done," Daniel replied. Daniel abruptly excused himself after asking Jennifer to watch Parker, explaining that he was going to "have it out" with Theresa.

Meanwhile, at the town square, Eric admitted to Maggie that he wasn't sure if Theresa was responsible for what had happened to Daniel. Maggie vowed that if Theresa was responsible, it was Theresa's future that would end up being destroyed.

Liam entered the Brady Pub and briefly locked eyes with Theresa before walking toward the bar without saying a word to her. Meanwhile, Theresa received a text message from Anne, summoning Theresa back to the hospital. Outside, Theresa rehearsed her denial speech. "Okay, um -- 'I know n -- I know nothing. I -- I know nothing about anything.' Okay. Now, why is that so hard to believe?" Theresa quietly muttered before walking away.

Later, Nicole tracked Liam down at the pub after a nurse suggested that he could probably be found there. Nicole pretended that her latest encounter with Liam was purely coincidental, and as she ordered a cup of coffee, he abruptly excused himself. Nicole paid for the coffee and left it behind as she rushed off to catch up with Liam, eventually managing to stop him in a secluded section of the town square. Nicole revealed that she had learned that, while Dr. Weeks did live in Daniel's apartment, she didn't live on Daniel's floor. "Why don't you tell me why you were at Dr. Jonas' apartment today?" Nicole demanded to know.

When Theresa got back to the hospital, Anne happily informed her that Daniel had left the building in utter disgrace. Theresa said that was awesome news, and Anne agreed, although she quietly added that Theresa's latest maneuver had been a bit over-the-top and extreme. Theresa insisted that she was innocent, although she added that Daniel's misfortune couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

At the Horton Town Square, Sonny was on the phone with one of his employees, discussing a supply issue at the club that needed to be dealt with. Sonny assured the employee that he would be there shortly, and after ending the call, he turned to Will and somewhat regretfully summarized that it was time for them to get back to reality.

Meanwhile, Rafe greeted Will and Sonny and said that he and Jordan had really enjoyed the newlyweds' wedding ceremony. Rafe declared that the wedding had been one of the best that he had ever attended. "Well, it was pretty unexciting by Salem's standards," Will conceded, but Rafe countered that it had been exciting for the people who loved Will and Sonny -- including Arianna, who had gained a second father as a result of the wedding and was certainly one of the luckiest girls ever. Sonny added that Arianna was also one of the cutest girls ever, and Rafe agreed before changing the subject, wondering where Will and Sonny were headed. Will reported that he was headed back to his and Sonny's apartment and that Sonny was headed to the club, so Rafe offered to give Will a ride to the apartment because they were both headed to the same place.

At Club TBD, E.J. disinterestedly informed Nick that Sami was and had always been her own person and that she wouldn't allow her fiancÚ or anyone else to control her. Nick smirked and mused that he should have known who really wore the pants in E.J. and Sami's relationship. E.J. pointedly replied that he didn't view a relationship as a situation where one partner controlled the other, and he predicted that Nick would never be able to achieve true happiness without first learning to view the matter the same way. "You know nothing about my life or my future...but I know something about yours," Nick cryptically countered.

"I'm trying really hard here. You can see that, can't you? But there may come a time in the not-too-distant future where Sami crosses a line that makes me mad as hell, and then...I'm not gonna take it anymore. When -- or, rather, if -- that happens, a lot of people could suffer," Nick continued as Sonny arrived and wondered what was going on. Nick mocked E.J.'s British accent as he vaguely replied that he and E.J. had simply been having a little chat with each other.

Nick quickly changed the subject and handed over the wedding gift that he had purchased for Sonny and Will. Sonny skeptically accepted the gift, and Nick urged him to go ahead and open it, jokingly assuring him that it wasn't going to explode. Sonny opened the box and found a heart-shaped crystal inside that was engraved with "Sonny and Will" on the top line and "April 3, 2014" -- their wedding date -- on the second line.

Sonny admitted that the gift was beautiful but added that Nick shouldn't have purchased it. Nick acknowledged that Will was his cousin and had also saved his life, and he added that, while he knew how Will and Sonny felt about him, he was still hoping that they would accept the gift as a peace offering. Sonny didn't respond, so Nick proceeded to wish E.J. luck with his own impending wedding and urged them both to take care of themselves before exiting the club. "What was that about? What is he up to?" Sonny asked E.J. after Nick left.

"I'm afraid if we don't handle the situation very delicately, it could all blow up in our faces," E.J. replied. E.J. explained that Nick, in his own unique way, had issued a threat earlier. E.J. guessed that Nick was getting more and more confident about his perceived power. Sonny agreed that Nick certainly believed that he was in complete control of the situation, and E.J. predicted that Nick's confidence would just make him even more determined to get what he wanted -- Gabi and Arianna. Sonny asked E.J. what they were going to do about the matter, and he was surprised when E.J. replied that they simply needed to wait. "Nick gets overly confident, and he screws up -- that's his pattern. That's how he'll show his hand to Gabi," E.J. reasoned, and Sonny hoped that when that eventually happened, Gabi wouldn't be too deluded to realize it.

In Will and Sonny's apartment, Sami resisted the urge to return Gabi's slap, instead taking a few deep breaths to calm herself down. "You know, I wouldn't be throwing the word 'bitch' around if I were you," Gabi angrily warned Sami, who asked if the word "liar" would be more appropriate. Gabi wanted to know what she had lied about, so Sami revealed that she knew that Nick had been in the apartment just before Sami's earlier visit.

Gabi claimed that nothing had happened during Nick's earlier visit, but Sami found it hard to believe that he had removed his shoes just to be polite. "Okay. All right, yeah -- we would have done it...if you hadn't shown up and blown it," Gabi bitterly admitted. Gabi complained that, as a grown woman, she was tired of everyone thinking that they could tell her what to do. Sami clarified that she was trying to help Gabi, not tell her what to do, but Gabi countered that she had never needed or wanted Sami's help in the first place.

Sami suspected that Nick was blackmailing Gabi into getting back together with him, but the idea seemed to amuse Gabi, who insisted that he didn't hold her responsible for what had happened to him. Sami sarcastically agreed that it was her fault that Gabi had bashed Nick on the head with a rock to stop him from raping Gabi. Gabi replied that she knew what Nick had done but also knew that he had later acknowledged his wrongdoing and admitted that he had made a mistake. "Don't be dense about this, Gabi! He doesn't think he made a mistake, and he doesn't think he's wrong. He is playing us! He thinks he has us all exactly where he wants us. And Gabi, he's playing you," Sami impatiently insisted.

Gabi pointed out that she and Nick had once been in love with each other and that he had even been willing to help her raise a child that wasn't even his. Sami countered that Nick had been trying to edge Will out of Will's own daughter's life, prompting Gabi to predict that Sami was never going to forgive Nick for that. Gabi accused Sami of only pretending to be on Gabi's side, arguing that Sami never would have given Gabi a modeling contract if Nick hadn't blackmailed her into doing so -- probably because Sami didn't want Gabi to be financially independent.

Sami denied the accusation and guessed that Nick had planted that idea in Gabi's head, but Gabi clarified that she had figured it out on her own. Sami urged Gabi to spend some time figuring out Nick's motives. Gabi insisted that Nick was simply trying to help her, but Sami disagreed, arguing that Nick wanted Gabi to be financially independent so that she would move out of Will's apartment and into Nick's apartment. Gabi defiantly reiterated that no one, including Nick, would ever be allowed to tell her what to do. "Oh, my God, how can someone so gullible be raising my granddaughter?!" Sami wondered as she groaned with frustration.

Offended, Gabi wondered if that was Sami's way of saying that Gabi was dumb. "You can call it whatever you want. I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I am no one's victim. And Nick -- he's responsible for Rafe being paralyzed. He's the reason that you had to deliver that baby in a shed in the woods. You almost went to prison because of him. He should be nowhere near [Arianna]," Sami insisted, prompting Gabi to defiantly reply that it wasn't up to Sami to decide that. "Really? I think it is -- especially the way you're behaving. You are completely out of your mind. You are not fit to be raising Arianna!" Sami snapped as Rafe and Will entered the apartment.

Rafe warned Sami never to speak to Gabi like that again. Sami said that Rafe had no idea what Gabi had done, but Will countered that regardless of what Sami believed that Gabi had done, Gabi was still Arianna's mother. "Then she should put her daughter first instead of ruining your little girl's life by planning to hop into bed with that psycho, Nick Fallon," Sami replied. Gabi insisted that she didn't see how her relationship with Nick was anyone else's business.

"You don't?! Really, you don't?! The guy tried to ruin your life! I mean, whatever hold he has over you -- no, you are not going near him ever again! You hear me?" Rafe angrily replied, waking Arianna up in the process. After complaining about the repercussions of Rafe's loud objections to her relationship with Nick, Gabi stormed into her bedroom to attend to Arianna.

After Gabi left, Will asked Sami to tell him what had happened, so she proceeded to recap how she had interrupted Gabi and Nick just before they had been about to sleep together the previous day. Sami revealed that Gabi had made it pretty clear that things would progress further the next time that Gabi and Nick were alone together, prompting Rafe to angrily insist that there wouldn't be a next time. Rafe stormed out of the apartment, ignoring Will's attempt to stop him. Sami urged Will to let Rafe go, and Will sighed with frustration as he wondered if she realized what she had just done.

Sami tried to reiterate that Gabi was the person who had done something worth worrying about, but Will predicted that letting Rafe go after Nick was only going to make the situation worse. Sami argued that Rafe was at least doing something about the issue, but Will countered that if Gabi wanted to get back together with Nick, there was nothing that any of them would ever be able to do to stop that from happening. "Don't forget who you're talking to," Sami replied, but Will insisted that Sami didn't know Gabi the way that he did. Will warned that if Sami kept pushing, she was simply going to push Gabi right back into Nick's arms.

Sami couldn't believe that Will was seriously telling her to sit back and do nothing about the situation. "It's better than freaking her out. You called her an unfit mother. Has anyone ever said that to you before? Mom, how did that make you feel? Gabi pretty much hates you right now, and if that's what you set out to accomplish, you've succeeded," Will replied. Sami conceded the point and offered to talk to Gabi, but Will stopped his mother and insisted that she had already done enough. Will asked Sami to leave so that he could try to remedy the situation himself. Hurt, Sami reluctantly exited the apartment.

At the Horton Town Square, Rafe spotted Nick and followed him to the Brady Pub, where he slammed him against a wall and said that he had warned Nick. Meanwhile, Sami entered the DiMera mansion and sadly told E.J. about what had happened earlier. Back at Will and Sonny's apartment, Gabi was still in her bedroom, holding Arianna.

"I'm so sorry, my sweet girl, but they've given us no choice," Gabi told Arianna before emerging from the bedroom with a suitcase. She informed Will that she and Arianna were leaving.

. . .

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