Monday, April 25, 2016
by Mike

At Edge of the Square, Henry pulled Theo away from Mark, who stormed off after warning Theo, "You're gonna pay for this!" Ciara expressed concerns about Theo's bloody knuckles, but when Claire offered to tend to his injuries with a first-aid kit the club kept on hand, he insisted that he was fine.

Ciara declined Theo's offer to walk her home, instead choosing Claire as her escort. When Ciara started to stammer out an explanation, Claire helpfully intervened, telling Theo that she and Ciara needed to discuss prom dresses and makeup in preparation for the big day. "Are we still on for prom?" Theo asked Ciara, who forced a smile and assured him that she couldn't wait. Nodding, Theo hesitantly walked away.

Belle entered John and Marlena's townhouse and quickly surmised that Marlena was upset about something. When Marlena explained that her request to visit Eric had been denied, Belle admitted that she wasn't surprised, since it was fairly standard for prisons to require inmates to be fully processed first. "But I'm his lawyer, and I can see him whenever I want, so I'll just find a way to take you with me," Belle added.

Marlena sensed that she wasn't the only one who was upset about something. Nodding, Belle hesitantly revealed that she had given Shawn signed divorce papers earlier. "And before you ask me, no, this had nothing to do with Philip. I don't know where that's going, or if I even want it to go anywhere," Belle added. Belle knew she had made the right decision, but she was worried about breaking the news to Claire, especially right before the prom. Marlena agreed that it would be best for Belle to choose a different day to tell Claire about the impending divorce.

When Claire arrived a short time later, having just finished walking Ciara back to the Horton house, Marlena and Belle realized that she, too, was upset about something. Claire dismissively insisted that she wasn't interested in having a therapy session at that time, but she soon backpedaled, knowing that she would go crazy if she didn't talk about what was bothering her.

"It's Ciara. I'm really worried about her," Claire explained. Claire admitted, however, that she sometimes wished she weren't quite as empathetic, since seeing Ciara sad all the time was making it hard for her to have fun. Marlena assured Claire that it was perfectly normal to feel that way. Marlena advised Claire to try to enjoy the prom, guessing that Ciara would want that for her.

At the Horton house, Ciara admitted to Hope that she was thinking about skipping the prom. Hope stressed that Ciara didn't have to go if she didn't want to, but Ciara fretted that Claire had been insisting that they had to attend the prom and had to have a good time. Hope assured Ciara that, while she couldn't force the matter, she would one day find herself ready to have fun again. "If [that happens] tomorrow night at the prom, great, but if not -- if you're not feeling it -- then just walk away," Hope advised.

Theo soon arrived to see Ciara, so Hope headed upstairs to give them some privacy. Theo explained that he had been too worried about Ciara to wait until the following day to talk to her about what had happened earlier. Ciara admitted that she was still a mess. "I mean, what's tonight gonna be like? Am I gonna have nightmares, or just not be able to sleep?" Ciara fretted.

Theo advised that Ciara needed to relax, but she didn't think there was any chance of that happening. Undeterred, Theo retrieved his tablet computer from his backpack and offered to distract Ciara with a movie or two, assuring her that he had even downloaded some that didn't have anything to do with baseball. Ciara took a seat next to Theo on the couch and started to browse through the movies with him.

The following morning, Theo awoke and found himself still in the living room of the Horton house, with Ciara's head resting on his stomach. Theo roused Ciara then rushed off to see Abe, expecting him to be "pissed." Hope soon entered the living room and greeted Ciara, who was quick to stress that she and Theo had spent the whole night sleeping next to each other on the couch. Nodding, Hope revealed that she had checked on Ciara and Theo a few times and had also contacted Abe to let him know where Theo was. Ciara admitted that during her slumber, for the first time in a while, she hadn't had any nightmares.

Theo went to the police station to see Abe, who was upset because Theo hadn't bothered to check in with him the previous night. Theo pointed out that he wasn't a little kid anymore, but Abe countered that he also wasn't eighteen yet. "Look, I know you're growing up, and you have, uh -- you've been handling things really well these days, but you're my son, and I will always worry about you," Abe stressed. Nodding, Theo promised not to make the same mistake again. Abe noticed Theo's hand injury, but Theo downplayed it, claiming that he had simply banged his knuckles when he had slipped on a ladder while hanging a banner.

After Theo left, Hope arrived and greeted Abe, who admitted that he couldn't help worrying about Theo's developing romance with Ciara. Abe stressed that he didn't think Ciara would ever intentionally hurt Theo. "But let's face it: Theo is different," Abe pointed out. Abe tactfully continued that what Chase had done to Ciara had left her in a very precarious place emotionally. "I'm aware of that. And I know that Theo is a very innocent kid. But even with everything that's happened, so is my daughter. It'll be fine," Hope assured Abe.

Later, Rafe privately told Hope that one of his FBI contacts had informed him that Deimos owned part of a corporation that had made a payment to Dr. Seth Malcolm through a subsidiary known as Athena Research. Rafe wanted to follow the lead, but Hope was worried about Ciara and knew that was where her focus needed to be at that time. "[And] the bottom line is, nailing Deimos isn't gonna bring back Bo or make up for what I did to Stefano," Hope reasoned. Nodding, Rafe agreed that family needed to always be the top priority. Rafe happily added that shelving the investigation would leave him and Hope free to fully enjoy their date night.

At John and Marlena's townhouse, Claire received a text message from Shawn, explaining that he wouldn't be able to see her before the prom because he was busy with work and would be out of town for most of the night. Belle assured Claire that Shawn wouldn't have canceled their plans if he'd had any choice in the matter. Claire understood but was bummed because she had been hoping to pose in her prom dress for pictures with both of her parents that night. "[You're] supposed to be together," Claire sadly muttered before rushing off to school.

In the halls of Salem High, Theo told Ciara that his father had rented them a limousine for the night. Ciara excitedly informed Theo that he could pick her up at her house -- her actual house, since she and Hope were moving back there later that day. As Ciara gave Theo's injured hand a gentle kiss, Mark watched nearby, scowling. Mark waited until Theo left then approached Ciara and offered her an apology, conceding that he had deserved the pummeling he had received from Theo the previous night.

Later, as teens began arriving at Edge of the Square for the prom, Ciara and Theo approached Claire and her date, Henry. Claire gushed that Ciara's hair looked amazing, and Ciara replied that Claire's shoes were great, prompting Henry to grab Theo's injured hand and teasingly state, "Oh, my God, Theo, your outfit's so awesome! I love what you've done with your knuckles!"

After Claire and Henry went to get some punch, Theo promised Ciara that he was going to make their prom night the best night ever. Mark lurked nearby, watching intently.

. . .

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