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Monday, February 13, 2017
by Mike

While Valerie was strolling through Horton Town Square with Abe, she realized that something was bothering him. He was evasive at first, but when she urged him to open up to her, he asked, "Are you seeing someone else?"

Valerie assured Abe that he was the only person she was seeing. "And, frankly, with the hours I put in at the hospital, I'm lucky to be able to do that," she added. She guessed that he had let Theo's concerns get to him. He confirmed that he had been thinking about the time Theo had overheard her talking to someone on the phone in a somewhat intimate way. She insisted that her comments had been taken out of context. Abe was relieved to hear that. "But I would still like to know who you were talking to," he hesitantly admitted.

Valerie claimed that she had been talking to her son, Eli. Embarrassed, Abe explained that he hadn't reached that conclusion on his own, despite having known all along that Valerie had a son, because she hadn't said anything to Theo about Eli when Theo had questioned her about the phone conversation. "Well, frankly, at the time, I don't think Theo would have heard me if I had explained -- and, really, it was none of his business," Valerie replied. Abe conceded the point and apologetically admitted that it was none of his business, either. "Let's just forget any of this happened, okay?" Valerie suggested, eager to change the subject.

Later, while Abe was wrapping up a dinner date with Valerie, he apologized again for his earlier interrogation, admitting that he would hate to ruin what he had with her. "I haven't felt this way about anyone since Lexie died," he added. He made it clear that he would love for her to stay in Salem permanently. Before she could respond, she received a phone call from Eli. "I'll call him back later," she decided, declining the call.

After setting aside her cell phone, Valerie grasped Abe's hand and told him, "Oh, Abe, you are such a good man. You really are. And, um, frankly, my feelings for you have grown...a lot more than I expected. Which is why I think I should go back to Washington, [DC]." She explained that she had a life there with Eli, with whom she had a very close relationship. "His father...Terrence...died when he was six," she continued.

"Could Eli move to Salem?" Abe asked. "No! Impossible!" Valerie insisted. She quickly apologized for snapping, explaining, more calmly, that Eli couldn't move to Salem because he was a grown man who had his own life in Washington, DC. "I guess I always knew this day would come. I always knew what we had was going to have to end. I, um...I knew what the risks were, but I did it anyway; I couldn't help myself," she continued with a sigh, admitting that it had been foolish of her to get involved with someone in Salem while still committed to a life in Washington, DC.

Abe argued, "But, still...when two people feel the way we feel, why walk away?" He insisted that he wasn't going to give up on Valerie, who admitted that she was flattered. "Whatever it takes to convince you to stay, I'm going to do it," Abe vowed before excusing himself so he could get the valet to fetch his car. After he walked away, Valerie bit her lower lip and shook her head worriedly.

At Club TBD, Abigail placed a wet towel on Dario's forehead and gently slapped his cheek to revive him. When he opened his eyes, she tried to drag him out of his chair so she could take him back to the hospital. He refused to move, fretting that he was to blame for Gabi's kidnapping because he had put a hit out on Deimos.

"You think I'm scum, right?" Dario guessed when Abigail turned away from him in shock. She admitted that it was disturbing to think that he had been prepared to take a person's life. Nodding, he revealed that his father, whom he had expected to be proud of him, had actually had the same reaction. "And when I think about it, I'm pretty shocked about it, too. I mean, I'm always under the radar, you know? This is not -- this is not in my wheelhouse," he continued.

Abigail advised Dario to learn from his mistake and promise himself that he would never do anything like that again. "You are so much better than that," she added. She was surprised when he agreed to take her advice without any resistance whatsoever. "It's too damn hard to resist you," he admitted with a smile. Before she could respond, Myron returned and requested some privacy so he could start trying to get the Orwell device running properly. Dario reminded Myron of the stakes, stressing, "I really need you to do this. And if -- when -- you make this happen, I'm never gonna forget it. Me and my family, we are going to owe you big-time."

Later, Myron joined Dario and Abigail in the main section of the club and admitted that he probably wouldn't be able to finish the Orwell device anytime soon. Dario started to snap at Myron, but Abigail calmed him down, pointing out that Myron was tired and could only do so much. Grasping Dario's hand, Abigail assured him, "We will find another way to help [Gabi and Chad]." She then excused herself. After she left, Myron observed with a sigh, "Man, that girl is one sweet vibration -- with or without the Southern accent." Nodding, Dario hesitantly agreed, "Yeah. Yeah, she's something."

At the Salem Inn, Jennifer filled Drew in on what she had learned during her earlier conversation with Abigail. Realizing that lives were at stake, Drew insisted that he was going to turn himself in to Deimos right away so Chad and Gabi would be set free. Jennifer stopped Drew, assuring him that Deimos had promised to wait at least forty-eight hours before doing anything to Chad or Gabi, meaning that there was still time to find a way to get one of Titan's computers and use it to infect the company's server with the virus that would destroy the Orwell technology.

"Couldn't your son get into the [Kiriakis] mansion? I mean, isn't he a detective or something?" Drew pointed out. Jennifer excitedly confirmed that J.J. was not only a detective but was also someone who would do anything for Gabi. She abruptly excused herself so she could track J.J. down, warning Drew to keep the hotel room door locked while she was gone.

At the police station, Roman informed J.J. and Lani that Stefano was alive. J.J. suggested making the news public right away so Hope would know it was safe to stop hiding. Lieutenant Raines overheard and insisted, "Deveraux, you're a rookie D in charge of nothing. Until the judge makes a decision, Hope Brady is still a fugitive -- a convicted murderer on the loose."

"You're hoping for one last chance to do her in, aren't you?" J.J. guessed. Roman quickly intervened, pointedly assuring J.J. that Raines had promised not to use excessive force again -- for any reason. Roman added that both J.J. and Raines needed to get back to work right away because he was expecting a progress report on a case from the former and a ton of completed paperwork from the latter before the following morning. "Whatever you say, Commissioner," Raines grumbled before walking away.

Once the coast was clear, J.J. warned Roman that Raines wasn't going to give up on trying to find Hope. Confident that Hope could take care of herself, Roman told J.J. and Lani to stay focused on the brewing war between the DiMera, Kiriakis, and Hernandez families. J.J. revealed that the war was over a piece of technology that could access every camera in the world to locate anyone at any time. "Oh, great, more spyware. That's all we need," Roman mused with a sigh. He stressed the importance of finding the Orwell device and putting an end to the war as soon as possible.

Lani excused herself so she could get back to work. J.J. started to follow her, but Roman stopped him. As Jennifer entered the police station, Roman draped an arm around J.J.'s shoulders and confidentially told him, "Listen, may not need to hear this, but then again, you might, [so] just a little word of caution, all right? Don't let anything come between you and being a good detective, okay? [I know] it's hard sometimes -- conflicts pop up all the time: your sister's married to a DiMera, your mom runs a newspaper, your ex-girlfriend is a Hernandez -- [but] don't let any of that keep you from being impartial. Trust me, it will save you a hell of a lot of grief down the road, okay?" Nodding, J.J. stressed that he loved being a detective and didn't want to do anything to screw that up.

As Roman ended his conversation with J.J., Jennifer tried to sneak back out of the police station without being seen. Unfortunately, J.J. spotted her, so she nervously greeted him with a hug, claiming that she was just paying him a visit for no particular reason. When he pointed out that it was kind of late, she explained that she had been working crazy hours lately. "I'm working on a big story. I'm assuming that you know about the three families --" she began to add. "Yeah, some tech thing -- money, money, money," he interrupted.

J.J. wondered if something was bothering Jennifer. Sighing, she quietly admitted, "Listen, I can't tell you how I have this information, but Chad and Gabi are missing, and Deimos is behind it." He realized that was why he had found Gabi's necklace at the Kiriakis mansion earlier. "I'll handle this. You are not involved," he stressed. "Well, actually, I --" Jennifer began to respond. "It wasn't a question. You're not involved. I mean it!" he reiterated before rushing off.

Jennifer returned to the Salem Inn and told Drew that she had decided not to enlist J.J.'s help because she had realized that he could get in a lot of trouble if he got involved in their plan to sabotage Titan's server. Drew maintained that he needed to turn himself in to Deimos right away, but Jennifer refused to let him do that, insisting that she would find another way to get one of Titan's computers. "I just need a little time. I just need to talk to someone that I trust, and --" she began to add before stopping herself, realizing that she knew just who to turn to for help.

Jennifer contacted Adrienne, who arrived at the Salem Inn a short time later. "Shane! What in the world?" Adrienne asked when Jennifer let her into the hotel room. "Drew, actually. Nice to see you," Drew clarified, shaking Adrienne's hand. Confused, Adrienne wondered what was going on. Jennifer quickly filled her in on everything. Adrienne was happy to help out, but when Jennifer stressed that no one else could know about Drew and the plan to destroy the Orwell device, Adrienne abruptly excused herself, realizing, "Oh, God, I've got to stop her!"

When Adrienne opened the hotel room door, Anne stepped inside and apologized for her tardiness, explaining that she'd had trouble finding a parking space. "But I made it, so I'm here, and whatever you're up to, I'm in," she added before shaking Drew's hand. "Hi. I'm Anne. And you are...?" she asked him as Jennifer and Adrienne exchanged nervous glances.

When Eric returned home with a laptop for Hope, she asked him about the picture of Jennifer she had found earlier. He reluctantly admitted that he'd had something with Jennifer before his prison stint; he insisted, however, that he could never pursue a relationship with her because she deserved someone better. He was pleased to hear that she had gotten sober and was doing well. He revealed that she had written to him often while he had been in prison, but he had never read any of her letters. "You should have. She made it through," Hope stressed.

Later, Hope hacked into the surveillance system at Hattie's old workplace, using information Hattie had given her during their last meeting. She quickly found a clear image of Andre, but Eric pointed out that she would need more than that to prove Hattie's innocence. Realizing that Eric was right, Hope decided to try hacking into the company's accounting program to find more proof that Andre had framed Hattie for embezzlement.

At a hotel in Prague, Steve and Shane cracked open a couple bottles of beer to celebrate the successful conclusion of their long con. "Boy, I tell you, we've pulled off some stunts in our time, but this one..." Shane mused with a sigh. "Oh, yeah. Well, we did what we had to do for Hope," Steve pointed out.

Steve and Shane recalled how they had begun formulating their plan when they had run into each other shortly after Shane's return to Salem the previous November. "You know the moment I knew [it] was gonna work? The night we pulled Stefano's body out of that coffin and dropped in that other corpse," Shane noted.

Steve admitted that he had hated keeping Kayla and Rafe in the dark about the plan, even though he had always understood the importance of doing so. Shane complained about how Anna had almost ruined the plan the first time he had tried to get himself caught, forcing him to walk around Prague in his disguise for a while longer. Steve and Shane were both pleased that their plan was going to absolve Hope of the guilt she had been dealing with since Stefano's death. They agreed that from that point forward, they would carry the burden of that guilt for her so she could move on with her life.

Later, as Shane was looking through some of the surveillance images of him in his disguise, Steve noted, "Aw, that's pretty cute -- Stefano feeding the pigeons!" Shane agreed, "Yeah, real cute...except it's not me." Steve reasoned that the ISA had obviously tasked another random person with the responsibility of impersonating Stefano to further ensure the success of the mission -- or the surveillance camera had just captured someone who happened to look a lot like Stefano. "[This is] just a coincidence," Steve insisted. "Yeah. And I believe that, too," Shane sarcastically agreed.

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