Monday, September 15, 2014
by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Chad pulled a gun on E.J., reasoning that a bullet was the least he owed his brother, since E.J. had slept with Abigail -- the woman Chad had loved -- the minute Chad had left town. E.J. stressed that what had happened with Abigail had been nothing more than a terrible mistake. "Yeah, it was. But that didn't stop you from making it again, and again, and again. See, I was a fool. I should have known you'd move in on her as soon as I left, [based on] the way you looked at her [and] how you would tell me how lucky I was. Ah, you were planning it even then, weren't you, E.J.?" Chad guessed.

E.J. denied the accusation, reiterating that, while there was no excuse for what he had done, it really had just been a terrible mistake. "Yeah, speaking of mistakes, I made an even bigger one -- stepping in front of you, taking that bullet that should've killed you. When I think back to that night, I could've changed everything, and all I had to do was stand there and let that woman knock you off, end your miserable life right then and there," Chad countered.

E.J. refused to believe Chad really meant that, but Chad insisted that he did. "If I hadn't stepped in front of you and taken that bullet, I'd still have Abigail, 'cause she never would have found out what I had done. Hell, we might even be married. And you'd be dead. And all around, that is a much better scenario than the one we have right now," Chad reasoned before cocking the gun and pulling the trigger.

E.J. gasped and breathed a sigh of relief when nothing happened. Chad pulled the trigger a few more times to prolong the torment before finally shrugging and admitting that he had apparently forgotten to put bullets in the gun. "You son of a bitch!" E.J. snapped as he lunged for the weapon, but Chad kept it at a distance. "Good thing for you to remember that about me," Chad replied before calmly exiting the mansion. E.J. rushed outside and watched as Chad left the property, and he worriedly wondered where Chad was headed next.

At the Horton house, Abigail entered the foyer while Jennifer was standing in front of a mirror, fantasizing about how a meeting with Daniel might play out. Abigail observed that Jennifer looked amazing, and as J.J. descended the stairs and joined them, he wondered if Jennifer was headed out. Jennifer claimed that she was simply going for a walk, and she assured J.J. that she wouldn't go anywhere near his college party.

Abigail urged J.J. to have fun -- just not too much fun. J.J. got a bit defensive, so Abigail clarified that she didn't distrust him -- she just knew that college parties often involved alcohol and drugs, and she didn't want him to be wrongly implicated in anything if the cops were called to the scene, since he had only recently gotten off probation. J.J. promised he would be careful and would leave the party if things started getting out of hand.

After J.J. left, Jennifer wondered when Abigail was going to invite Ben over for dinner. Abigail wasn't ready to commit to a specific date yet, since things had been really crazy lately because of Ben's issues with his father. Abigail vaguely explained that Ben had led a rough life, and she admitted that learning about his family had made her appreciate her own family even more. Abigail left after knowingly urging Jennifer to enjoy the walk.

Abigail went to Club TBD to see Ben, who sighed and apologetically informed her that he was going to have to stay at work for a while longer. Ben invited Abigail to stick around, but she was afraid they might just distract each other, so she gave him a kiss and told him to call her when he finished working.

Later, while Abigail was sitting alone in a secluded section of the town square, she received a phone call from Ben, who assured her that he would soon be done working for the night. When Abigail ended the call and stood to leave, she was shocked to find Chad standing behind her.

In Eve's apartment, Eve pulled Marybeth aside while Paige was in another room, and the pair quietly discussed Marybeth's role in Eve's plan. Marybeth didn't understand how the scheme would break up Paige and J.J., but Eve said Marybeth didn't have to worry about that -- she just had to do her job and remember that no one could ever know they had talked about what was going to happen later that night.

J.J. arrived a short time later, and the group of teens left after he assured Eve that they would be careful at the party. "Good luck with that, J.J.," Eve mischievously muttered before placing a phone call to Jill, who promised that everything would go according to plan.

When J.J., Paige, and Marybeth arrived at the park, they quickly spotted Rory, who was with a girl they didn't recognize. Rory introduced the group to the girl -- Jill -- and offered to get drinks for everyone. Marybeth declined, explaining that she didn't drink. "What'd you think this was, a spelling bee? You come to a kegger to, you know, partake from ze keg," Rory pointed out.

Marybeth stood her ground and abruptly excused herself, stating that she was going to hang out with the cool people instead. Jill muttered that Marybeth seemed like a "major bitch," and Rory agreed. "Why do you think we call her 'M.B.'?" Rory jokingly added. Paige halfheartedly protested that Marybeth was just a bit uptight. "Which is exactly why she needs a beer," Rory reasoned, and he and Jill rushed off to get refills.

In response to J.J.'s inquiry, Paige claimed that she was having a good time, and she quickly changed the subject, observing that Jill was really pretty. "Rory totally scored, man," J.J. agreed before backpedaling and dismissively informing Paige that Jill wasn't that pretty.

Rory and Jill soon returned with four cups of beer. J.J. proposed a toast to higher learning, and he, Rory, and Jill each took a sip of beer, but Paige didn't join them. Oblivious, Rory spotted a table of Jell-O shots and rushed off to get some, dragging Jill behind him. J.J. assumed that Paige was upset because he had accepted the beer, since they had previously agreed not to do any major partying.

J.J. pointed out that he had only taken one sip of beer, but Paige clarified that she wasn't upset about him consuming alcohol -- she was just worried because he had only recently gotten off probation, and she had heard that the cops had broken up the college kickoff party the previous two years in a row. J.J. stressed that he didn't want Paige to worry about him, but she argued that, as his girlfriend, it was her job to do so.

J.J. grabbed Paige's drink and poured it and his own drink out in a nearby planter. "I am going to grab us two sodas, and then how 'bout, uh, we go find someplace where we can be alone?" J.J. suggestively offered after kissing Paige, and she happily agreed. J.J. left and quickly returned with the non-alcoholic drinks, but before he and Paige could go for a walk, Marybeth returned, holding her left arm and whimpering dramatically.

Marybeth claimed that she had been trampled when she had made the mistake of getting between some guys and a keg. Marybeth feared that her arm might be sprained or broken, and she insisted that she needed to go to the emergency room right away. J.J. offered to take Marybeth, but she refused to go anywhere with him, and she started whining that she was in pain and that Paige, as her friend, was obligated to take her to the hospital.

J.J. started to protest that he wanted to stay with Paige because they had arrived at the party together, but Marybeth insisted that she needed Paige more than he did. Paige hesitantly agreed to take her friend to the hospital alone, and she pulled J.J. aside and promised to stay in contact with him and return as soon as possible. Paige suspected that J.J. was upset, but he unconvincingly assured her that he understood.

As J.J. watched Paige and Marybeth walk away, Jill lurked nearby, keeping her eyes on him. A short time later, Jill rushed over to J.J. and dramatically started to explain that Rory had just tried to stick his tongue down her throat. Jill leaned against J.J.'s chest in an effort to get him to wrap his arms around her, but he pulled away from her and assured her that he would track Rory down and get him to apologize.

J.J. rushed off, leaving his drink behind on a nearby park bench. Meanwhile, Jill's friend, Dana, approached and showed Jill an image on a cell phone, apologetically explaining that she hadn't been able to get anything better during Jill's interaction with J.J. Jill wasn't satisfied with the image, but she refused to give up. Jill wished J.J. were an easier target, like Rory, but since that wasn't the case, she decided to slip a roofie in J.J.'s drink to make him more amenable, since Dana always carried a supply of the drugs in her purse.

Shortly after Jill finished spiking J.J.'s drink, he returned with Rory, who was quite drunk and was leaning on J.J. for support. Following J.J.'s instructions, Rory slurred out an apology to Jill, although it wasn't clear if he even knew what he was apologizing for, since he could no longer remember her name. J.J. sent Rory over to a nearby tree to wait for Rory's brother, Kurt, whom J.J. had contacted to ensure that Rory would get home safely.

After Rory stumbled off, Jill handed J.J. the spiked drink and watched as he sipped it obliviously. Later, J.J. finished the drink and walked over to a nearby trashcan to discard the empty cup. J.J. swayed slightly as he turned away from the trashcan, and he grabbed it for support. When Jill asked if J.J. was all right, he admitted that he suddenly wasn't feeling well, but he declined her offer of help and walked off alone.

Jill and Dana followed J.J. to a secluded park bench, where he had stopped to rest for a few minutes. Jill took a seat next to J.J. and started unbuttoning his shirt as Dana prepared to take pictures of them together.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa informed Brady that she needed to tell him something about John, but she first wanted to know if it was true that John was going to make a full recovery. Brady confirmed that, while there were no guarantees, the doctors were optimistic that the experimental drug they had administered to John would revive him -- possibly as early as the following day.

"Look, Brady, I -- I -- I -- I didn't want to say anything before, 'cause I didn't want to worry you, but -- well, this new drug that they're trying -- it's -- it's unexpected, and -- and amazing, be honest, it could be really terrible for me. [...] Kristen DiMera -- well, today she's kind of been stalking me. [...] She -- she told me that she had this drug for your dad, and now I know she wasn't lying, and she seemed pretty confident that it would work, and she seems to think -- well, that you're gonna fall down on your knees in gratitude when it works, and -- well, [she didn't use] those exact words, but she -- she did warn me to stay away from you twice. She threatened me," Theresa nervously explained.

Brady wondered why Theresa hadn't mentioned Kristen's threats sooner. Theresa claimed that she hadn't wanted to worry Brady, but she admitted that the threats had frightened her because Kristen had issued them with a lot of intensity. Brady assured Theresa that she wouldn't have to worry about Kristen, and he abruptly left the mansion.

After Brady left, Theresa started to panic, wondering what she was going to do if John emerged from his coma. Theresa rushed over to Eve's apartment and helped herself to a bottle of wine as she told Eve about the experimental drug that could possibly revive John. "You know, Theresa, I really wish I knew how I could help you, but I've been in a lot of tight spots, but nothing quite this tight," Eve admitted.

"Come on, Eve! I mean, you just squeezed a small fortune out of a turnip named Jennifer. I think, between the two of us, we should be able to come up with something brilliant," Theresa protested. Eve insisted that her plate was already full, so Theresa irritably declared that she would figure things out on her own, as always. Eve wished Theresa luck, guessing that it would be needed. After Theresa stormed off, Eve turned her attention to her cell phone, impatiently wondering why Jill hadn't called her yet.

In Daniel's apartment, Kristen was pleasantly surprised when Daniel quickly accepted her theory that Theresa had caused John's head injury. Kristen excitedly suggested that she and Daniel could work together to expose Theresa, but he wasn't interested, especially since they didn't have any proof that Theresa had attacked John, anyway. Kristen argued that Brady deserved to know the truth, but Daniel countered that Brady deserved to be free of Kristen for good, and he insisted that he wasn't going to help her go after the competition just so she could get her hooks back into Brady.

"Oh, shut up, would you? How many times have you told me there's no chance in hell Brady will ever get back with me -- about a million and one? So, what, you don't believe your own words, Daniel?" Kristen countered. Kristen flirtatiously grabbed Daniel's shirt collar as she added that Brady didn't need to worry about her, anyway, since he had his big, strong friend, Daniel, to take care of him and fight for him.

Daniel agreed that Kristen could think of him as Brady's bodyguard, and he wrapped his arm around her waist and dragged her to the door as she maintained her firm grip on his shirt collar. When Daniel opened the door to kick Kristen out, Jennifer was standing in the hallway. Daniel pulled his arm away from Kristen and started to explain that she had been about to leave, but his cell phone started ringing before he could finish his sentence.

Daniel went into another room to answer the call, leaving Kristen alone with Jennifer. Jennifer wondered what Kristen was doing in Daniel's apartment, and Kristen evasively replied that she could have asked Jennifer the same question, since she had heard that Jennifer and Daniel had ended their relationship. Kristen started to say that she had been meaning to call Jennifer, but Jennifer interrupted and said she was glad Kristen hadn't done that.

Kristen admitted that she deserved that, and she added that a lot of things had been left unsaid on her wedding day the previous fall. "Right, including the words 'I do,' thank God," Jennifer replied. Kristen said she knew her actions had disappointed Jennifer, but Jennifer clarified that she had actually been horrified and sickened, since she had truly believed that Kristen had changed and that they were friends.

Kristen's voice wavered as she admitted that Jennifer had actually been her one true friend, and she wondered if she could call Jennifer sometime to try to explain things. Jennifer declined the offer, insisting that she never even wanted to be in the same room with Kristen again, so Kristen nodded and sadly exited the apartment. A short time later, Daniel emerged from his bedroom and announced that he was needed at the hospital, but Jennifer didn't want him to leave before explaining why Kristen had been in his apartment in the first place.

Daniel said it was a long story and wasn't really Jennifer's concern, anyway. Daniel wanted to know if Jennifer had gone to his apartment just to check up on him, so she innocently replied that she had passed his building while taking a walk and had decided to visit him when she had noticed that the lights were on in his apartment. Daniel observed that Jennifer looked gorgeous, and he skeptically guessed that she hadn't gotten dressed up just to take a walk.

Jennifer confirmed the suspicion and admitted that she had really decided to visit Daniel because she hadn't liked the way they had left things earlier. Daniel felt the same way but didn't know if he could be alone with Jennifer when she was wearing such a stunning dress. Daniel reminded Jennifer that they had previously agreed to take things slowly instead of plunging back into a relationship right away. Jennifer couldn't believe that Daniel was apparently less comfortable having private heart-to-heart conversations with her than with a crazy woman who had wanted to kill him just a few weeks earlier.

"Thanks for the reminder that you don't trust my judgment when it comes to women, which is why we're apart in the first place. You were wrong about Nicole, and you don't have the first clue as to what's going on with me and Kristen," Daniel countered. Daniel added that the situation was none of Jennifer's business, and she conceded the point and abruptly exited the apartment, slamming the door behind her. Daniel considered the matter for a few seconds before rushing into the hallway to try to stop Jennifer, but she had already boarded the elevator.

When Kristen returned to her hotel room and turned on a lamp, she was momentarily startled -- but mainly just pleased -- to find Brady sitting in a chair in the corner of the room, staring at her. Kristen stressed that, while Brady might be inclined to believe otherwise, she really hadn't agreed to help John just for selfish reasons. Kristen said she had been forced to beg Stefano for help, and she guessed that she would probably owe him for the rest of her life, but she insisted that she didn't care, since the sacrifice would be worthwhile if John recovered.

Brady admitted that Kristen had given him an amazing and unexpected gift. Kristen eagerly waited for Brady to thank her, but he refused to give her that satisfaction. Brady revealed that he knew that, in exchange for the drug, Kristen had made Eric promise not to testify against her, but she shrugged and innocently replied that Stefano was the person who had made that one of the conditions of the exchange. Kristen insisted that she was trying to do a good thing, but Brady countered that there was nothing she could do to make up for what she had done to Eric.

Kristen wondered why Brady had gone all the way to her hotel room just to tell her something she had already known all along. Brady replied that he had also wanted to talk to Kristen about Theresa, and he warned that he would kill Kristen if she went near Theresa or anyone else he cared about. "Oh, Brady, I don't need to take that bitch down. I'm gonna let John do it for me," Kristen mischievously muttered after Brady left.

Meanwhile, in the town square, Theresa fantasized about sneaking into John's hospital room and smothering him with a pillow, and she vowed that she would do exactly that if she had to.

. . .

On the next Days of our Lives...
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  • Brady rips into Kristen, believing her drug to save John was just another lie
  • Theresa fears the truth about what she did to John is about to be exposed
  • Eve's efforts to step up her plot against J.J. could end up backfiring
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