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Monday, June 19, 2017
by Mike

After returning to Salem, Steve tracked down Justin and Adrienne at the Brady Pub and asked them for an update on the search for the missing Kiriakis jet. They sadly informed him that there was nothing new to report yet.

Eager to talk about something else, Justin and Adrienne asked Steve to tell them about his trip to New York. When Steve revealed what he had learned about Sebastian Howard, Justin and Adrienne concluded that Anjelica Deveraux was out for revenge because she blamed them for the fact that Alexander wasn't on speaking terms with her, even though they'd had nothing to do with his decision to cut her out of his life.

"Is it too much to expect people to get a little wiser with age? Or kinder? Or mellow just one little iota? My God!" Adrienne said, shaking her head in disbelief. Justin thought those were unreasonable expectations -- at least when the person in question was a sadistic narcissist. "Ain't that the truth," Adrienne agreed with a sigh.

Justin started to apologize to Adrienne, but she insisted that it wasn't his fault that Anjelica was suddenly out for revenge. Justin abruptly excused himself, telling Adrienne that although he had no doubt that she could handle Anjelica on her own, he wanted the satisfaction of being the one to contact her and "set the record straight."

After Justin stepped outside, Steve assured Adrienne that he was going to find something in Anjelica's "colorful" past that could be used as leverage against her. Adrienne started to complain about Anjelica but quickly stopped herself, remembering that she had more important things to worry about. "Until [Sonny] is found, I am not -- I am not -- gonna think about anything else," Adrienne vowed.

Adrienne soon received a phone call from her oncologist, who cleared her for travel. Relieved, Adrienne stepped aside to make the final preparations for her trip to Greece to join the search for Sonny and the others. Meanwhile, Justin returned and told Steve, "Anjelica wouldn't take my call." Steve was surprised to hear that, having assumed that Anjelica would jump at the chance to talk to Justin and mess with him a bit. "So did I...which makes me even more concerned. I mean, I know Anjelica better than anybody [else does]. I think we're in for a real fight," Justin predicted with a worried sigh.

While Tripp was shadowing Kayla at the hospital, she learned that a patient had died the previous night. Sighing, Kayla admitted to Tripp, "You know, no matter how many times it happens, I...I never get used to losing a patient." After telling Tripp a bit about the patient, Kayla warned, "The reality is that our treatments don't always work, and if you're gonna become a doctor, you have to develop thick skin; you have to learn to live with loss."

Tripp watched with interest as Kayla approached a nearby nurse and ordered an immediate review of the patient's chart to confirm that the hospital had followed the proper protocols when treating him, since he had died while under the hospital's care. After the nurse walked away, Tripp observed, "I guess it's all on you, the doctor, to make sure you did everything right by your patient." Nodding, Kayla confirmed that doctors often had to make tough decisions -- decisions that could mean the difference between life and death. "Mistakes are costly," Kayla stressed.

Later, as Kayla was wrapping up her shift, she told Tripp that she had really enjoyed having him with her throughout the day. He returned the sentiment, adding that he was grateful for her willingness to mentor him and help him find his place in the world. When he expressed concerns about being in the way, she assured him that he was actually a pleasure to work with.

"You have the distinction of being our only child that has any interest in medicine, and just the fact that you would want to learn from me and maybe have a career as a doctor -- well, that makes it all the more special for me," Kayla continued, adding that although she didn't mind the fact that neither Stephanie nor Joey was interested in medicine, it would be really nice to have another doctor in the family. "Yeah, well, might happen," Tripp replied. Kayla gave Tripp a hug and told him that she was looking forward to their next shift together. Smiling, Tripp admitted that he was, too.

Later, Tripp met with Jade in the Horton Town Square and told her about his day with Kayla. Tripp admitted that he had actually found himself buying into Kayla's act for a while but had eventually remembered that it was just that -- an act. "God, it makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. 'Cause if she's so devoted to healing, how could she murder my mom in cold blood?" Tripp wondered.

Jade encouraged Tripp's hatred of Kayla, declaring her "a coldhearted bitch." Admitting that he wasn't satisfied with just hating Kayla, Tripp vowed, "I'm going to take action; I'm going to do something about it." Intrigued, Jade wondered what Tripp was planning to do. Revealing that he had learned earlier that the death of a patient always triggered an investigation into the treatment that patient had received from the hospital staff, Tripp explained that he was going to start altering the medical charts of deceased patients to make it look like Kayla was making mistakes -- mistakes that were killing people.

"I'll have to start small at first, you know? Like, you know, change the name of the meds or the dosage here and there for the first few cases. But then I'll up my game, and I'll make it where it looks like Kayla is the Doctor of Death," Tripp continued. Jade warned that it might be hard to convince people that Kayla was killing patients, given how beloved she was, but Tripp was confident that he would eventually be able to plant enough seeds of doubt to sell the story. "[And] in that final chart, I'm gonna make it very clear that what Kayla does goes far beyond negligence," Tripp added.

"You're not actually gonna kill any of her patients, right?" Jade asked. Tripp insisted that he could never do that because he was nothing like Kayla. "The thing is, I may never be able to prove that Kayla killed my mom, but I'm [at least] gonna make damn sure that her career is over. She'll be ruined," Tripp vowed. Jade promised to do whatever she could to help Tripp; she warned, however, that their plan would have to be set in motion slowly and carefully so no one would realize that Kayla was being framed -- and that they were the ones who were framing her.

Nodding in agreement, Tripp assured Jade, "We're gonna bring down Kayla slowly but surely. She's in for a big surprise." After finishing the statement, Tripp noticed that Steve was standing nearby.

Chad and Gabi awoke in each other's arms at the start of another day on the island and agreed that they were right where they were meant to be. J.J. and Lani soon stumbled upon the couple. Still naked under a blanket, Chad and Gabi rushed to get dressed as J.J. and Lani announced, while turned away from them, that a meeting was about to take place at the campsite.

Meanwhile, at the campsite, Sonny again considered freeing Paul. Maintaining that he needed to remain restrained, Paul added that he wanted Sonny to kill him if necessary so he wouldn't be able to hurt anyone else. Sonny refused, certain that Paul wouldn't succumb to the effects of jungle madness again. Eli, who was helping Sonny watch Paul, said nothing.

When J.J. and Lani arrived a short time later, Eli wondered if they had managed to find Chad and Gabi. "Yeah. They were resting," Lani replied. Noticing J.J.'s reaction, Lani pulled him aside and observed that he seemed upset about what he had just seen. J.J. assured Lani that he was fine, adding that Chad and Gabi were adults and could make their own choices.

Later, while Sonny was chatting with J.J. and Lani, Paul quietly warned Eli, "It's starting again. I can feel it." Shaking uncontrollably, Paul continued, "I need you to do what Sonny and the others won't -- kill me." Eli promised that he would do just that if necessary -- and he would make it a quick death. Eli stepped away when Sonny returned to check on Paul.

J.J. and Lani soon decided to refill the group's water bottles. Eli seized the opportunity to try to talk to Sonny about the importance of respecting Paul's wishes, but Sonny insisted that Paul wasn't in the right state of mind to be making such serious requests. While Sonny and Eli were arguing, Paul managed to free himself from his bindings.

En route to the campsite, Chad and Gabi paused to collect fresh fruit and nuts. While eating, they laughed about the awkwardness of what had happened earlier. As they were debating whether to take some food back to the campsite for a later meal, they heard voices -- voices they had never heard before, at least during their time on the island.

Sonny and Eli were still arguing when J.J. and Lani returned to the campsite with freshly filled bottles of water. "You guys, we're saved!" Gabi happily announced as she and Chad rejoined the group. John and Marlena soon appeared and started accepting hugs from the relieved castaways. Paul took advantage of the distraction, lunging toward Eli in an effort to seize his gun.

A brief struggle ensued. J.J. and Chad soon stepped in to help Eli, and the trio managed to pin Paul to the ground before he could fire the gun. Paul lost consciousness as Sonny was explaining to John and Marlena that mosquitoes on the island carried jungle madness. Familiar with the disease, Marlena insisted that Paul needed to be taken to a hospital immediately.

Chad wondered how John and Marlena had managed to find the island. "We got [the] jet's last location and started going island to island, [doing air searches]. But the cover of this island was too dense, [so we] dropped in by foot, and it's just dumb luck that we found you guys," John explained. Meanwhile, Marlena administered a sedative to Paul to keep him asleep during the flight back to the mainland.

Chad and Gabi went to get some things they had left at the spot where they had spent the previous night. Gabi admitted that she was a bit nervous about the idea of being with Chad back in Salem. Chad confidently assured Gabi that everything was going to be just fine, insisting that they could handle anything as long as they stuck together.

In Salem, Justin and Adrienne were overjoyed to learn, during a phone conversation with the pilot of John and Marlena's plane, that Sonny and the others had been found alive and well.

Meanwhile, back on the island, Gabi helped Chad bury the amulet. Chad found it a bit painful to say goodbye to something that was worth twenty million dollars, but he admitted that his time on the island had finally convinced him that the concepts of fate, luck, and even cursed objects weren't necessarily as ridiculous as he had once believed.

After a moment of hesitation, Chad headed back to the campsite with Gabi. Once the coast was clear, Sonny emerged from a hiding place, his eyes focused on the conspicuous mound of dirt Chad and Gabi had left behind.

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