Monday, October 17, 2016
by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Gabi watched Thomas as he slept, marveling at his ability to do so in the midst of all the explosions. Although she was under the impression that Arianna was with Blanca at the hospital -- and, hopefully, sleeping just as peacefully -- Chad soon returned home with the girl in his arms, having decided that it would be wrong to keep her separated from her mother all night.

Gabi appreciated the gesture, admitting that it was nice to have one less person to worry about while the town was under siege. She wished that J.J. weren't right in the middle of the danger, complaining that it was bad enough that she had to worry about Rafe all the time. Chad assured her that J.J. had been trained for such situations and would be just fine.

As Chad and Gabi were talking about Arianna's strong resemblance to Will, the town's civil defense siren suddenly began blaring in the distance. Arianna didn't seem to mind, but Thomas immediately woke up and started crying. Gabi calmed him down with ease, and when Chad praised her ability to do so, she dismissively informed him that her secret weapon was a bottle, which never failed to get the job done.

Gabi added that Thomas was, generally speaking, a pretty easygoing child, and J.J. was quite proud to be his uncle. Chad stammered a bit as he tried to ask if she saw J.J. as someone who could potentially be a father figure to Arianna. Gabi said that seemed like the kind of thing she wouldn't even have to consider for a very long time, since she and J.J. weren't even planning to move in together anytime soon. She added that the family dynamic was pretty complicated; on her side, Eduardo wasn't fond of J.J., and on J.J.'s side, Julie wasn't fond of her.

Chad reasoned that if Gabi and J.J. truly loved each other, no one would be able to keep them apart. She agreed then turned the tables on Chad, wondering if he thought he would ever be able to move on with someone else who could be a mother figure to Thomas. Chad stammered as he admitted that, for Thomas' sake, he would like to think that he would eventually be able to do so. "But just for Thomas' sake?" Gabi asked. Nodding, Chad insisted that Thomas was his main concern. Gabi understood but urged Chad to remember that it was important for him to find love again for his sake, too.

Later, Gabi happily realized that it had been quite a while since the siren had last blared. As she curled up on the couch with Arianna and Chad, she mused that the mansion's study was much more comfortable than its panic room. Chad admitted that he hadn't minded the panic room much because he had enjoyed reminiscing with Gabi about the past while they had been trapped in there. "We've come a long way," he pointed out. Nodding in agreement, Gabi guessed that Abigail would be happy to know that they were getting along again. Chad wished Abigail were still around to witness the turn of events.

Gabi assured Chad that Abigail was still with him every day and was quite proud of how he had managed to pull through everything he had been forced to deal with in the past year. He mused that Stefano had always been fond of saying that DiMeras could rise from the ashes like the Phoenix. He explained that it had been Stefano's way of being an insightful role model to his children. "But in this moment, right now, I don't really need his inspiration," he continued, declaring that Gabi was inspiring enough because of everything she had managed to endure in her life.

Later, Chad woke up and found Gabi sleeping on his shoulder. He cautiously moved his arm and wrapped it around her so she could rest her head on his chest instead.

John went to the Kiriakis mansion to announce that Clyde was in police custody. Deimos assured John that if everything went according to plan, Xander would soon be joining Clyde. John was glad to hear that Deimos and Nicole had managed to fool Xander during their phase of the plan. Theresa wished she could witness Xander being arrested at the docks later that night. "On, like, closed-circuit TV," she quickly added.

Deimos soon excused himself to take a phone call. Meanwhile, at the docks, Roman approached a man from behind, expecting him to be Xander, but the man turned out to be someone who just bore a slight resemblance to the criminal. Roman chased the man off, explaining that police business was underway at the docks. A short time later, a police officer informed Roman that Xander was nowhere to be found. "Damn it! You know what that means? That son of a bitch was tipped off that this was a trap," Roman guessed.

Elsewhere, Deimos approached Xander, who thanked him for the warning that the police were at one of the piers. Deimos admitted that the police were there because he had tipped them off. Before Xander could react, Deimos added that he wasn't planning to double-cross Xander, even though the police believed that he was. "I've been thinking a lot about your predicament -- how this family failed you, abandoned you -- and believe me, I can relate. So I've decided not to turn you in to the authorities. In fact, I'm gonna grant you asylum -- safe passage to Greece," he continued, adding that he wanted Xander to work for him from there.

Xander wondered what the catch was. "Victor, Nicole, Brady -- none of the Kiriakis family -- could ever find this out," Deimos answered. Xander happily agreed, shaking Deimos' hand to seal the deal. Xander still wanted Theresa, but Deimos insisted that wasn't going to happen. "I was never gonna let you harm Theresa. And if you're gonna be of any use to me in the future, you need to get over your twisted need for revenge. And since we're on the subject, if you ever come anywhere near Nicole or try to contact her in any way, I don't give a damn whether you're family or not -- you're a dead man," Deimos stressed.

Roman went to the Kiriakis mansion to announce that Xander had never shown up at the docks. Nicole and Theresa were worried that Xander would be even more determined to go after them in the wake of the failed setup, but Brady assured them that he would see to it that they were kept safe. Brady suggested that it was time to get Victor involved so he could fix the mess that Deimos had made. Nicole protested that Brady had no way of knowing that it was Deimos' fault that Xander had changed his mind about taking the bait. John agreed that Deimos had likely done everything he could to make the plan work.

As John was adding that there was no need to involve Victor yet because Maggie needed his full attention during her recovery, Deimos returned, holding a bloody handkerchief to his busted lip, and agreed that it wouldn't be necessary to enlist Victor's help. Concerned, Nicole wondered what had happened to Deimos. "It was Xander. But don't worry -- he's gone...for good," Deimos replied.

Deimos explained that he had received a tip that Xander was planning to skip the meeting at the docks. Roman and John both thought that Deimos should have alerted at least one of them, but he insisted that maintaining Xander's trust had been more important. He continued that he had arranged to meet with Xander at a different part of the docks and had taken a bodyguard with him for protection. He claimed that Xander had gotten violent after realizing that he had been double-crossed. "Thankfully, my man stepped in, [and] that's when I was able to grab Xander's gun. I shot and killed him," he concluded.

Deimos gave Roman the gun and told him where to look for Xander's body, warning that he'd have to drag the water for it because the fight had taken them right to the edge of the pier. After Roman left, Deimos assured Brady, Theresa, and Nicole that Xander would never harm the Kiriakis family again. John eyed Deimos suspiciously but didn't say anything. Brady apologized for doubting Deimos' ability to handle the situation with Xander. After shaking Brady's hand, Deimos excused himself so he could go to the police station to give his official statement. Outside, he contacted Xander and reminded him to stay dead.

Hope went to the Brady Pub to help Marlena keep an eye on the place. When Marlena mused that Bo would have been really proud of the way Hope had managed to hold herself together during the crisis, Hope expressed doubts, prompting Marlena to guess that something was bothering her. Marlena offered to help, but Hope insisted, after a few attempts at evasion that Marlena didn't buy for a second, that she wasn't ready to talk about what was bothering her yet. Meanwhile, Jennifer arrived with a cumbersome box of items from a food drive St. Luke's was sponsoring. Relieved to have an excuse to end the conversation, Hope rushed off to help Jennifer.

Later, Hope wondered how Jennifer was holding up. Jennifer said she was doing about as well as could be expected after the death of one of her children -- a loss Hope knew the pain of all too well. She added that she was worried about J.J., prompting Hope to assure her that Rafe was keeping an eye on him. Jennifer thanked Hope then changed the subject, wondering what Hope was planning to do about Aiden. Hope admitted, to Jennifer's dismay, that she was thinking of giving in to his demands because she didn't want anyone else to have to pay for what she had done to Stefano -- and, most importantly, she didn't want to leave Ciara.

Later, John arrived and filled Marlena, Hope, and Jennifer in on what had happened to Xander. He soon received a phone call from Orpheus, who had been keeping an eye on the pub throughout the night with the help of an associate. "From what I hear, you and your cohorts have had quite the busy evening," Orpheus told John, who confirmed the news and revealed that he planned to go after Orpheus next. John offered Orpheus the chance to turn himself in, but Orpheus insisted that there was no reason for him to do that -- especially not when he was extremely close to achieving his goal.

John doubted that, pointing out that Orpheus had no money, no hostages, and no partners in crime left to rely on. Orpheus conceded that John was right on all counts. "But then again, you might not be perceiving things as they are. From where I sit, I have you and your beloved Marlena exactly where I want you," Orpheus added. John wondered what Orpheus was talking about. "Look under the table in the center of the room and see for yourself," Orpheus answered.

Realizing what he was about to uncover, John carefully lifted an edge of the specified table's tablecloth, revealing a bomb that was taped to the leg and had just under fifteen minutes left on its timer. "Run and you die," Orpheus warned.

. . .

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