Friday, September 23, 2016
by Mike

Nicole met with Brady in the town square and assured him that she had been fine on her own the previous night -- and she hadn't really been alone, anyway, because Deimos had hired a security guard for her and had instructed the guy to stick to her like glue. "Gotta hand it to Xander and his friends -- they don't do anything halfway, do they?" Brady muttered.

Nicole agreed that blowing up the central power plant had sent a clear message that the escaped convicts were the ones who were calling the shots. Nicole hoped that at least one of the nearby restaurants had a generator, since she really wasn't looking forward to trying to get through the day without coffee. Brady pointed out that there was plenty of hot coffee at the Kiriakis mansion, and the place was really safe, too; in fact, it was hard to move two whole feet without running into a security guard there. "Is that your cute little way of trying to get me to move in?" Nicole guessed.

Nicole insisted that she couldn't do that, explaining that although she was worried about the escaped convicts, she was also worried about Deimos. "If I move into that house, then I'm sending him a message that I'm not ready to send," she continued. Brady argued that he was more concerned about Nicole's safety. Nicole admitted that she knew she was in Xander's crosshairs because he had recently contacted her. The news made Brady even more determined to convince Nicole to move into the Kiriakis mansion, but she maintained that she couldn't let a new man into her life for the wrong reasons because that wouldn't be fair to Daniel's memory.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa and Eve nervously discussed the escaped convicts' latest move. Theresa tried to take comfort in Brady's earlier assurance that the criminals couldn't hurt Joey because they needed him alive and well so they could use him as a bargaining chip. Eve was reluctant to head back to New York in the midst of all the chaos, but she was scheduled to teach a class there in just a few days' time. "[Why don't you] just pack your bags [and Tate's] and come back to New York with me?" Eve suggested.

Theresa insisted that she couldn't leave Salem at that time because she had a company to worry about -- a company that was practically on life support already because she had put it on the back burner when Tate had been abducted. Eve argued that Theresa and Tate's safety was far more important than any company. Theresa agreed but felt confident that she and Tate were safe at the Kiriakis mansion.

Meanwhile, Justin found Deimos in the living room, having a heated phone conversation with someone. After making a few threats, Deimos ended the call and complained to Justin that no one knew when the mansion's security system would be fully functional again. Justin offered to put a few more guards on duty to compensate, but Deimos said he had already handled that.

"But there is something else I need you to do," Deimos added. Justin wondered if it was something he would want to do. "Probably not, but under the circumstances, you don't have much of a choice," Deimos answered. Justin pointed out that the last time he had done a side job for Deimos, it had ultimately cost him his real job. "Yes, but now your job is working [for] the family business," Deimos replied. Justin argued that Deimos' request had nothing to do with business, and Deimos agreed but countered that it had everything to do with family.

When Theresa and Eve entered the foyer a short time later, Deimos informed them that the security system wasn't back up and running yet. "Are you telling me the only thing protecting my little sister and my nephew is the lock on that front door?" Eve asked incredulously. Deimos stressed that there were plenty of guards patrolling the property, and more would be arriving shortly. Realizing that Philip and Chloe also needed to be warned that the security system was down, Justin wondered if Theresa had seen them lately. "They went out," Theresa reported. "Damn it!" Deimos snapped before rushing off.

While pacing a doctor's office, Philip asked Chloe, "Why do you come so far to see an obstetrician?" Chloe reasoned that since she was lying about her child's paternity, it was in her best interest to choose a doctor who didn't work in Salem. "It is the paternity-test-switching capital of the world," Philip conceded. As Chloe winced in pain and rubbed her temples in an effort to relieve one of many headaches she had suffered lately, Philip assured her that Deimos hadn't seen them sneaking out of the Kiriakis mansion that morning because he had been too busy yelling at people on the phone.

Meanwhile, Chloe's doctor entered the office and apologized for the wait. Chloe introduced Philip to Dr. Wright, who noted that her blood pressure was a bit high. "Yeah, things have been...a bit stressful...back at home in Salem," Chloe explained with a nervous laugh. Wright asked Chloe to change into a hospital gown, lie down on the examination table, and try to relax then he left the room to give her some privacy.

"How am I gonna relax? If Deimos finds out that this baby's his, my life is over," Chloe fretted once the coast was clear. Philip assured Chloe that Deimos would never learn the truth, but she didn't share his confidence. "These things have a way of coming out. We ought to know," Chloe pointed out. While on the subject, Chloe admitted that she found it hard to understand why Philip was still willing to put up with her in spite of everything she had put him through over the years. "I never meant to hurt you, and it just seems like I keep doing that over and over again. And I'm sorry [for that]," she added.

Philip dismissed Chloe's concerns, insisting that he was simply grateful to have Parker back in his life, and he had her to thank for that. Philip assured Chloe that he was committed to being a father to her unborn child for life if that was still what she wanted. Chloe confirmed that it was. Smiling, she mused that Philip was still the same nice guy he had always been, even back when they had first met in high school. Chloe said she would never forget her and Philip's prom night, and he said he wouldn't, either. "Maybe that's always been our problem -- maybe we've just never gotten each other out of our systems," Chloe suggested.

Philip realized that Chloe was talking about their recent kiss. Nodding, Chloe insisted that couldn't happen again because things were already complicated enough. Philip assured Chloe that although he had enjoyed the kiss, he would respect her wishes. "I'm all for keeping it simple," he added as she started to change into her hospital gown.

A short time later, while Chloe and Philip were waiting for the doctor to return, she informed him that they might be able to hear the baby's heartbeat that day. Philip wondered if Chloe would like to know the baby's gender if the doctor was able to determine it. Chloe admitted that she had a gut feeling that the baby was a boy, but Philip thought that a girl would be cool, too. "[But] if it's a boy, I'm thinking Mookie Kiriakis," he joked. Laughing, Chloe countered that she had been considering the name Plácido in honor of Spanish tenor Plácido Domingo. "No son of mine is gonna be a tenor!" Philip insisted.

"Okay, how about Philip Junior? Yeah, Philip Junior -- that would serve Deimos right," Chloe suggested. Meanwhile, someone knocked on the door. "Ah, finally," Chloe grumbled before inviting the doctor in, but when the door swung open, Deimos entered the room instead. Chloe guessed that Deimos had hired someone to tail her and Philip, and Deimos innocently confirmed that he had gotten worried about them when they had disappeared from the Kiriakis mansion. "Imagine my surprise when I came to learn that you snuck out for a doctor's appointment -- in another town, no less," he continued.

Philip denied that he and Chloe had sneaked out of the mansion, and he explained that they were visiting an out-of-town doctor because Chloe's pregnancy was high-risk, and she felt most comfortable in the care of a specialist. "What's high-risk about it?" Deimos wondered, but Philip refused to provide any further details. Philip insisted that Deimos needed to leave because he had no right to be at the appointment, but Deimos disagreed, summoning Justin into the room to present a court order that gave Deimos the legal right to demand a paternity test. "And I'm exercising that right -- today," Deimos stressed.

Philip wasn't surprised that Deimos had been able to obtain a court order, since the Kiriakis family always seemed to have a judge or two in its debt, but he was disappointed to see that Justin was doing Deimos' bidding. Philip refused to allow Deimos to endanger the welfare of an unborn child or put Chloe under any further stress, but Deimos assured him that the test wasn't a big deal. "Unless, of course, as I suspect, you're afraid of needles, Philip," Deimos added, explaining that his and Philip's respective blood samples could be compared to Chloe's to establish the baby's paternity because its DNA was already coursing through her system.

When Wright returned and learned what was going on, he agreed to comply with the court order but refused to allow Deimos to be present for Chloe's examination because Philip was still the father on record. Deimos wondered when the test results would be ready. "They should be in later today," Wright replied. Satisfied, Deimos left with Justin, and Wright followed them out of the room so he could order the necessary blood work. Struggling to maintain her composure, Chloe fretted that Deimos was just hours away from learning the truth. "Don't worry. The test is gonna say I'm the father," Philip promised, vowing to do whatever it took to ensure that.

While Kate was talking to Billie on the phone, trying to assure her that there was no reason to worry about Clyde and the other escaped convicts, the front door of the Martin mansion swung open. "My God, he's back," Kate said with a gasp, but she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that her visitor was Andre, not Clyde. Kate's reaction reignited Billie's fears, but Kate maintained that everything was okay, and she promised to call Billie every single day to reassure her that there was nothing to worry about.

"You just scared the hell out of me!" Kate shouted at Andre after ending the call. "I do have that effect on people," Andre conceded. Andre suggested that Kate might feel safer at the Kiriakis mansion, which was reportedly being guarded as tightly as Fort Knox. "Or how about Lucas? I'm sure he'd take you in," Andre continued. Kate informed Andre that Lucas was staying at the DiMera mansion -- with Adrienne, whom she couldn't stand. Kate added that Chloe was living with Philip at the Kiriakis mansion, and she couldn't stand her, either. "You don't seem to approve of anyone of the female persuasion," Andre observed.

"No, that's not true. I just don't approve of most of the women that my sons choose to be with," Kate clarified. Later, after Kate ended a phone call, Andre observed that she seemed alarmingly pleased with herself. Kate explained that she had just convinced Theresa's last remaining investor to back out of D.J. Wear, leaving DiMera Enterprises with one less competitor to worry about. Andre thanked Kate for being such a good steward to the DiMera family in his absence. Sensing a segue, Kate preemptively stressed that she hadn't made up her mind about talking to Chad on Andre's behalf yet and didn't want Andre to mention it again.

After Andre left, Philip arrived with Chloe, who reluctantly admitted to Kate that the baby's father was Deimos. Knowing that Kate had manipulated paternity tests in the past, Philip asked her to help him and Chloe keep the truth from Deimos. "That would mean shackling you to this creature and her whelp for the rest of your life and passing off the kid as my grandchild," Kate pointed out. Although she admitted that she did like the idea of hitting Deimos where it hurt, Kate insisted that she couldn't go along with the plan.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady regretfully informed Theresa that D.J. Wear had just lost its last remaining investor. Brady suspected that Kate was responsible, and he offered to fight her on the matter, but Theresa insisted that it would be best to just let the company die. "I can be a designer at any time, all right? But Tate's only gonna be a baby once," she reasoned.

Later, Deimos returned home and contacted Dario, who admitted that he had failed to mention that Chloe had changed the date of her doctor's appointment because that information hadn't seemed worth mentioning. "You do that again, and you're fired!" Deimos warned before ending the call. Brady joined Deimos in the living room and wondered who he had just threatened. Deimos claimed that he had been trying to convince the head of his security team to start actively searching for the escaped convicts because the police were taking too long to find them. Brady didn't like that idea, but Deimos insisted that he didn't need Brady's approval.

Eve ran into Justin in the town square and informed him that she would be returning to New York later that day. Justin was sorry to hear that, admitting that he missed spending time with her. She returned the sentiment but added that she had been around long enough to know when a guy was still in love with his ex-wife.

Justin reminded Eve that his ex-wife was about to marry another man. "Is anybody taking bets on whether that's gonna happen or not?" Eve asked skeptically, hoping to get in on the action. Justin assured Eve that the wedding was going to happen. "I'm just sorry that you and I didn't get the chance to find out what might have been for us," he added.

Deimos took Nicole to the Brady Pub for lunch, and when Kate arrived to pick up an order, he asked Nicole to go powder her nose for a few minutes so he could talk to Kate privately. After Nicole left, Deimos approached Kate and started bragging about how much happier he was with Nicole. "You know, she and I were just talking about how much fun it might be to go after you and DiMera Enterprises," he casually added.

Kate reminded Deimos that she had incriminating information that she could use against him if he tried to play dirty with her, but he countered that she couldn't use that information because doing so would leave him with no reason to continue keeping her involvement in Tate's abduction a secret. "Be safe out there," he added with a smile as she walked away.

Nicole soon returned and observed that Deimos seemed pretty happy. Deimos confirmed that it felt like things were finally starting to go his way. When Nicole asked about his day, Deimos admitted that he had gone to Chloe's doctor's appointment and had forced her to agree to a paternity test. "We'll have the results later today," he added.

At the Salem Inn, Philip assured Chloe that there were still other ways to prevent Deimos from learning the truth about the baby's paternity. "I could find out if Caroline Brady's kept her computer skills up," Philip joked, but Chloe wasn't amused. Philip promised to find a way to get into the lab and change the test results himself, but Chloe doubted that he could pull that off on such short notice. "Deimos wins. It's over," she fretted.

As Philip was trying to convince Chloe not to give up, he received a phone call from Kate, who told him, "I had a change of heart. I'm totally looking forward to being a grandmother again."

. . .

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