Friday, July 3, 2015

At Sonny and Will's apartment, Sonny admitted fault for a lot of the problems that had gone wrong in his relationship with Will. Sonny pointed out that, despite their love for each other, they were very different people -- for example, it had been a long time since Sonny had come out, and he'd traveled the world and had other relationships. Sonny continued that it had been difficult and overwhelming for Will to come out. "But, Sonny, I had you. You were always there for me," Will said. Sonny explained that he felt he had taken advantage of the situation when Will had leaned on him.

A bemused Will insisted that Sonny had taken advantage of him. Sonny clarified that he should have been more responsible when they'd first gotten together. "We started this up, and I let it fall into a relationship. And I'll admit it was incredible that I was the first man, the only man that you've ever been with," Sonny said. Will emphasized that Sonny was the only man he'd ever loved. Sonny pointed out that Will had slept with two other guys -- which indicated that Will hadn't really been ready to get married.

Will insisted that wasn't true. Sonny maintained that he hadn't considered what Will had needed before they'd gotten married -- and what he still needed. Sonny added that they needed to face their problems, or they could end up hating each other. Will suggested that Sonny choose a marriage counselor besides Dr. Meyers, but Sonny didn't want to put off dealing with their problems until a therapy session.

Sonny declared that when he'd found out that Will had slept with a guy in L.A., his first instinct had been to sleep with Paul. Will started beating himself up for giving Sonny an excuse to sleep with Paul, but Sonny insisted that he had merely wanted to hurt Will the way Will had hurt him. Sonny said he had been thinking about how quickly he and Will had gotten married, but it had really been Sonny's agenda because he'd proposed to Paul. Will insisted that he'd been ready to get married.

Sonny pointed out that Will had just been trying to deal with coming out but had jumped immediately into a committed relationship. "Wasn't it somewhat comforting to latch onto me, to feel somewhat normal?" Sonny questioned. Will declared that Sonny was wrong. Sonny pointed out that Will had jumped at the chance to go to California and explore himself. Will argued that it had just been a good writing job. "Do you remember what you said to me before you left? You said that our life was boring," Sonny reminded Will.

Sonny pointed out that he might think the same thing if he hadn't traveled the world, something that Will had never gotten the chance to do. Will excitedly suggested that the two of them have an adventure together, but Sonny said that wasn't the answer. Sonny concurred that it was a good idea for them to try a new therapist -- but he also thought Will should get a therapist to see on his own, so he could talk about things without having to worry about Sonny's reaction. "That's huge," Will admitted. Sonny said things couldn't go on the way they had been, but he believed they could get through it together.

Hope joined Aiden at a table outside Club TBD. Admitting he sounded like a hypocrite, since they'd agreed to keep their personal and professional lives separate, Aiden asked Hope for some information, "cop to lawyer." Hope immediately assumed that Aiden was referring to Clyde Weston. Aiden wondered why she'd jumped to the conclusion -- and if that meant she had new information about Weston.

Hope reminded Aiden that she'd stopped investigating Clyde, but she had recently learned that Clyde had met with Stefano DiMera. She reassured Aiden that she'd only found out because the police were always watching Stefano, not because she had someone tailing Clyde. Aiden seemed dissatisfied, so Hope encouraged him to either talk about it or drop it. When he said they couldn't discuss it, Hope said she considered it dropped.

Hope reminded Aiden that he had requested some information from her when they'd first sat down. Aiden explained that there was a lot of evidence against one of his clients, but most of it had originated with a jailhouse snitch, someone Hope had put away. Aiden wanted to know if the guy was a credible witness. "Which means I need you," Aiden pointed out, his meaning clear. Hope leaned over to kiss him.

Hope looked the convict up on her tablet and said she remembered the snitch, Martin O'Leary. She said O'Leary had been a talkative con artist who'd been willing to say almost anything to help his case. She assured Aiden that she'd been more than happy to assist him. They smooched some more and talked about how excited both their kids were for the Fourth of July. Hope declared that Aiden had made a big difference in her life and in Ciara's.

Aiden admitted that he was having a hard time getting their spat out about Clyde Weston of his head. Hope playfully covered Aiden's mouth with her hands when he said Clyde's name and made him promise that they would forget all about Clyde. While Hope and Aiden were discussing the situation, something caught Hope's attention over Aiden's shoulder. Her eyes widened, so Aiden turned to follow her gaze.

Daniel and Brady went to the Kiriakis mansion to confront Victor about Xander. Victor declared that he found Xander's actions "absolutely unforgivable." Daniel said he'd called the police station, but he hadn't heard back about whether charges had been filed against Xander. Relieved that Xander was in custody, Victor said, "The man shouldn't be walking around free."

Daniel countered, "That's why we came to talk to you -- because you're the one who freed him." Brady and Daniel explained that they were referring to the murder charges against Xander in Scotland, which Victor had gotten reduced to a misdemeanor. Victor assured them that he'd never intended to hide that information from them, but he'd only been trying to help his young nephew because Xander was family.

"If I'd known how he was going to turn out, I'd have let him rot," Victor maintained. He added that ever since then, Xander had been very good at following orders -- but when Brady and Daniel had told Victor that Xander had been up to no good in Salem, Victor had ordered his nephew to leave town. Victor reassured Daniel and Brady that he would not do anything to help Xander.

On the phone with Roman from her hotel room, Serena promised that she would not leave town. Roman hung up rather abruptly, frustrating Serena. She flung her phone down on the bed then she turned her anger on the elephant statue, savagely smashing it with a heavy knickknack and kicking it when it fell to the floor.

Escorted by Abe, a smug Xander strolled into Roman's office at the police station. Since the police still hadn't charged him with anything, Xander assumed that he would be free to go. Abe reluctantly admitted that they had checked Xander's claim that he'd been in Chicago, and they'd found eyewitnesses at the party who'd sworn Xander had been there all night, plus his cell phone and credit card records also showed usage in Chicago. Although Abe and Roman were dubious about Xander's alibi, they informed him that the D.A. had decided not to move forward with charges -- but as a person of interest in the case, Xander should not leave town.

Serena was picking up shards of elephant when Xander arrived. She was unpleasantly surprised he was out of jail, but he maintained that he'd been able to prove his alibi that he'd been in Chicago when Eric and Nicole had gotten locked in the crawl space. Serena guessed that he was there because she was a loose end he needed to tie up.

Xander said he'd seen her statement to the police, and it was just lucky that she hadn't gotten specific about his actions -- so, in the future, she should stick to the facts when she talked to the police. Xander declared that it had been really stupid for Serena to tell Eric about the diamonds, because word had spread, and it was complicating Xander's business dealings. Serena tried to argue, but Xander shouted at her to shut up.

Xander noted that there was no proof about the diamonds other than Serena's "lies." Serena swore not to say anything else. Xander vowed to go after Eric if any details about Xander's business made it into a police file. Serena begged Xander not to hurt Eric, so Xander encouraged her to keep her word to make sure Eric stayed alive. "I hope I haven't been vague," Xander said on his way out.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Victor was on the phone, asserting that he had to make sure there was no paper trail or any connection between him and Alexandros. Just as Victor ended that call, Xander phoned him. Xander reassured his uncle that he was on a burner phone, which would be destroyed as soon as their conversation was over. Xander said he'd been released from custody because the police had no case. "Well, stay away from me until you're absolutely sure they have nothing to go on," Victor warned.

Adding that Xander should wait to hear from him, Victor declared, "I don't want my wife or Daniel or Brady or anybody knowing that we're connected. Is that clear?" After hanging up, an unhappy Xander removed the SIM card from his phone.

Nicole was getting ready to leave the hospital when Eric entered her room. "We need to talk about what happened," Eric began, reminding Nicole that they had almost made love. Nicole admitted that what they'd been through had been complicated and overwhelming -- but they were no longer in that position and could put it behind them. Surprised, Eric said they couldn't pretend what they'd almost done had never happened.

Nicole asserted that when they'd been locked up together, she had been very grateful that all of Eric's animosity toward her had gone away. Eric reminded her that he had punished her for a long time, and he'd needed her to know that he'd been wrong. Nicole acknowledged that their feelings that night had been very raw, and just knowing that he cared about her had kept her going -- but she loved and wanted to be with Daniel. She added that she was glad for the chance to tell Eric how much he meant to her, even if she loved Daniel more than ever.

Eric asked how Nicole wanted to tell Daniel what had happened. Nicole admitted that she'd almost told Daniel, but then she'd realized that it would only hurt Daniel -- and neither she nor Eric wanted that. An incredulous Eric said he couldn't keep the truth from Daniel, especially about something so important. Eric declared that all of his old feelings for Nicole had rushed back that night, and he knew the same was true for her.

Nicole firmly reminded Eric that they had not slept together, adding, "Do we really want to hurt someone that we both love and tell him something that we didn't do?" She said the clear answer was not to tell Daniel or anyone else. Obviously upset, Eric asked, "Can you live with that? Can you take the time that we had together, what we were feeling, and just put it in a box like it was meaningless to you?"

Just then, Brady and Daniel arrived with Nicole's release papers. Nicole hastily turned away for a moment to dry her tears. Daniel and Brady could both tell that something was bothering Eric, but Nicole explained that they had been talking about how lucky they were to be alive. Eric left, claiming he wanted to get some air, and a concerned Brady followed in case Eric needed to talk about the ordeal.

Once they were alone, Daniel invited Nicole to return not to her place but to his. "Just for tonight?" Nicole asked. "I was thinking for good," Daniel clarified. He acknowledged that he had always been the one who'd wanted to take things slowly, but he had realized something clearly while he'd been searching for Nicole the previous night: "I don't want you anywhere [other] than right by my side." He continued that he'd always been careful not to let Parker get too close to women in case things didn't work out, but Parker adored Nicole.

Touched, Nicole admitted, "I love him... I love you." She embraced Daniel to demonstrate her agreement that she would move in with him. A little later, as they were headed out of the hospital, Nicole realized that she'd left her discharge papers in her room. While she was retrieving them, Roman got off the elevator, looking for Eric. "Xander's out," Roman warned Daniel, who was incredulous. Roman explained that they hadn't been able to break Xander's alibi, and while Eric and Nicole's testimony wasn't worthless, the police needed more than that to go on.

After Roman had gone, Nicole returned and found Daniel scowling near the nurses' station. Before Daniel could tell Nicole what was going on, a doctor called him away to look at the arm of an agitated patient. Daniel promised Nicole that he would be quick. While Nicole was waiting for Daniel to return, Xander exited the elevator. Grinning smugly, he began to approach a freaked-out Nicole.

Brady found Eric in the park outside Horton Square. Reminding Eric that he had survived, Brady asked, "You want to talk about what really went on in that room when you two were locked in there together?" Eric admitted that he usually knew what to do when it was time to make a choice, but he had never been more confused than he was at that moment.

Assuming that Eric was referring to Xander, Brady reassured his brother that despite his former friendship with Xander, Eric wasn't responsible for what had happened. Eric said he needed to be alone so he could think. As Brady was leaving to give Eric his space, he noted, "Just so you know -- I have a son that I want to show you, so you might want to come by the house. He's a fantastic reminder that life is really good."

Eric was pacing around the park, remembering his time trapped in the crawl space with Nicole and how they'd kissed, when Serena showed up. She started with an apology, but Eric spat angrily, "I don't want to hear how sorry you are! Or more excuses, or how much you love me!" Serena clarified, "I'm not talking about that; I'm talking about Xander."

. . .

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