Friday, July 24, 2015

Chad got off the elevator at the hospital and inquired at the nurses' station where Abigail Deveraux was. Clyde watched furtively as a nurse informed Chad that Abigail had been working in her office all day. Clyde started to follow when Chad headed in that direction, but Marlena stopped Clyde to ask why he'd missed his last two therapy appointments and hadn't rescheduled. Clyde apologized for his thoughtlessness and promised that he was going to call Marlena's office to reschedule. As Clyde walked away, Marlena muttered skeptically, "Sure you are."

Chad entered Abigail's office and told her that they needed to talk because he needed to clear the air and tell her the truth. Abigail said they had nothing to talk about. Chad explained that he'd thought they'd made progress because of the time they'd spent with Arianna. Abigail countered that she would never have gotten into an argument with Chad or shown her true feelings about him in front of Arianna. "So you still hate me," Chad surmised.

With a derisive laugh, Abigail asked, "Can you blame me, after all of the horrible things that you said to me that night at your place?" Chad admitted that he'd been a jerk -- but Abigail needed to know that none of what he'd said that night had been true. Abigail sarcastically retorted that his admission made everything fine, so they could be best friends. Chad understood that Abigail was still angry. "Did you or did you not come back to Salem to get revenge on me for sleeping with your brother?" Abigail demanded.

Chad admitted that had been the case when he'd first returned, and Abigail recounted how Chad had also gotten Rafe fired to keep him away from Jordan. Abigail declared that, although Chad kept saying he was nothing like his brother, Chad charmed people to get what he wanted before reverting to the real Chad, who was conniving and devious. "I thought you cared about me, Chad! God, I thought that you loved me! You were so, so unbelievably cruel to me that night," Abigail cried.

While Chad was trying to tell Abigail what his true feelings were, Clyde rapped on Abigail's open door and apologized for interrupting. He asked if everything were all right. Abigail quickly composed herself and told Clyde that she and Chad were finished with their conversation. After Chad left, a concerned Clyde asked if Chad had done something to hurt Abigail. Abigail claimed that she and Chad had just been having a disagreement about hospital matters.

An obviously agitated Chad had just pushed the button for the elevator when Marlena spotted him and advised him that her offer to listen was still good. Chad declined, so Marlena invited him to join her for lunch -- and some of Caroline's "healing chowder -- at the Brady Pub. Chad somewhat reluctantly accepted.

Clyde explained to Abigail that he'd dropped by because they had some "unfinished business" -- namely, her kitchen sink, which Clyde would be happy to finish repairing since he'd picked up the new part it needed. As a grateful Abigail fished her house key out of her purse, she said she would be at work for a while, and Ben had already left for his job, so Clyde would have the place to himself. "Great, no one will hear me swearing," Clyde joked. He asked again if Abigail were really all right, and she assured him that she'd never been better. Clyde took the key and headed out. "You lying little slut," Clyde muttered as he left.

As she worked alone in her office later, Abigail pressed her hand on her belly and sighed, struggling to fight back tears.

In a corner booth at the Brady Pub, Chad didn't seem to have much appetite for the chowder. Marlena guessed that something was going on with him and that he had no one to talk to about it. Chad admitted that Marlena was right, but he would only agree to talk to her if they had doctor-patient confidentiality. He slid a hundred-dollar bill across the table to her. After Marlena stated that they had officially begun a session, Chad asked, "How do you walk away from somebody that you love?"

Marlena asked why Chad would want to do that. Chad explained that "she" hated him because he'd been terrible to her, but he'd done it for her own good. " decided to make the decision for both of you. It didn't matter what she wanted or what she thought," Marlena concluded. She asked why Chad had wanted to push the woman away. "To protect her," Chad replied. Realization dawned on Marlena, who asked, "Does your father have something to do with all this?" She urged Chad, "Don't let him destroy your life... Tell this girl that you love her before it's too late."

At the Horton house, an anxious Jennifer expressed her fears to J.J. about him going undercover for the DEA to work with dangerous drug dealers, even though she admitted she was proud of him for doing that. J.J. reassured his mom that Roman and Agent Watts would protect him. J.J. paused to send a text message. Jennifer warned J.J. that even if he got Kyle put away, Paige would not love J.J. for it. J.J. insisted that he wasn't trying to get Paige back; he was trying to keep her -- and a lot of other kids -- from getting killed.

Jennifer argued that J.J. could get killed in the process. J.J. asserted that he was trying to do the right thing, which was something she had taught him. Jennifer surprised J.J. by admitting that Paige had been the one who'd told her that J.J. was hanging out with a drug dealer. J.J. wondered if Paige was hanging out with Kyle just to bug J.J. Jennifer urged J.J. not to hound Paige about Kyle lest J.J. drive her to keep seeing Kyle out of spite. Jennifer made J.J. promise to follow Roman's guidelines and not try to overreach. Nodding, J.J. kissed his mom on the cheek and headed out.

Roman arrived a little later at Jennifer's request. "Roman, I am very proud of [J.J.], but I want assurance from you that my son is going to be protected," Jennifer demanded. She admitted that she was afraid for J.J. Roman reassured Jennifer that he and Agent Watts would train J.J. and watch his back. "J.J. will be fine. He will be safe. I promise you that. You have my word," Roman vowed.

When Kyle met Paige at Club TBD, he apologized for having to take time away from her to send a text message to J.J. Deveraux. A moment later, Kyle read J.J.'s reply, which said, "Saw your bro... Talk later." Kyle tucked his phone in his pocket. Paige admitted that she wasn't sure how she felt about Kyle being friends with her "loser ex." Kyle claimed that he was only being nice to J.J. because J.J. was Bev's friend. Changing the subject, Paige said she'd like to get to know Kyle better, since she knew almost nothing about him.

Paige asked Kyle about his family, where he was from, and what he did for a living. Lowering his voice conspiratorially, Kyle informed Paige that he was a secret-agent spy and superhero. Laughing, Paige played along -- but her smile faded when Kyle asked what J.J. had done to mess things up with Paige. Paige wouldn't reveal any details except that it had been unforgivable. She assured Kyle that J.J. meant nothing to her -- but she was taken aback, though she covered, when Kyle informed her that J.J. had said the same thing about her.

Kyle told Paige that he wanted to take her to the Edge of the Square that night. Paige accepted but reminded Kyle that she wasn't old enough to drink. "Don't worry about it. I'll take care of it," Kyle assured her. He admitted that he'd never dated a "good-girl type" before, but he found her intriguing. J.J. walked in just as Kyle leaned over to give Paige a goodbye kiss on the cheek. Before the others saw him, J.J. stormed out.

Kyle was gone a few minutes later when J.J. went back inside. Paige accused him of stalking her. "Get over yourself, okay? I work here, remember?" J.J. snapped. Acknowledging that Paige would never listen to him, J.J. warned her that she could be ruining her life by going out with Kyle. As J.J. headed for the office, Paige shouted after him, "You're the one who ruined my life!" She followed him into the back -- and walked in on him just as he'd removed his shirt to change into work clothes.

At Eric's apartment, Eric admitted to Brady that he'd fallen in love with Nicole again, but Nicole didn't return his love; she loved Daniel. Before Brady had much time to react, Daniel showed up. Daniel explained that he just wanted to check on Eric, who Nicole had said was a little shaken up after a run-in with Serena. Eric insisted he was fine. He simultaneously congratulated Daniel and filled in Brady about Daniel and Nicole's engagement.

As Eric shook Daniel's hand, his well wishes for Nicole and Daniel's happiness seemed very sincere. Brady gave Daniel a hearty embrace of congratulations. Before Eric could break out the celebratory beer and club soda, Daniel got a message that Chloe had arrived sooner than expected with Parker. Daniel asked the guys not to tell anyone about his engagement until he'd had a chance to tell Maggie and Victor. "Make sure Victor has his heart pills," Brady deadpanned.

After Daniel left, Brady praised Eric for being "classy" with Daniel. Brady suggested they open the club soda and beer and celebrate without Daniel, but Eric said he had something he needed to do that he thought would help keep him from feeling "so damn lost."

A woman approached Xander, who was having a drink by himself in Horton Square, and said she recognized him from the story about what he'd tried to do to the reporter and the ex-priest. Xander claimed he'd been unfairly accused and offered to tell the woman his side of the story. She pulled up a chair to listen.

In Serena's hotel room, Nicole insisted she wasn't afraid of anything, especially not Serena. Noting that Nicole had suddenly dropped the story about what a terrible person Serena was, in exchange for Serena leaving town, Serena theorized that Eric was the real reason behind that decision. Nicole pointed out that Eric was a truly good person, a concept Serena couldn't possibly understand, and although Nicole would enjoy telling the world about Serena, it would only hurt Eric by making him relive everything.

Serena didn't buy that Nicole would ever do anything that selfless. Showing off her new engagement ring, Nicole confessed that she would much rather be planning her wedding than toiling on a story about Serena. Nicole added firmly that she needed Serena's decision right away. Without giving Nicole an answer, Serena asked her to leave. Nicole gladly marched out the door, but in the hallway, she murmured to herself, "I hope I got through to her -- for everyone's sake." Meanwhile, Serena muttered, "One thing's for sure: that bitch is hiding something, and it has to do with Eric. What is it?"

Daniel met Nicole at the door of their apartment before she could enter and told her that Parker had arrived and had a surprise for Nicole. Daniel covered Nicole's eyes as he led her inside, removing them when Parker yelled, "Surprise!" to reveal the little boy standing in front of the fireplace, where he'd hung a handmade sign covered in glitter stars and feathers that read "Welcome Home" in crayon. Hugging Parker, Nicole thanked him and declared that she loved the sign.

Later, as Nicole, Daniel, and Parker were sitting on the floor, eating cupcakes, Nicole proposed that they set up a tent and camp out in the living room that night. An excited Parker announced that he had another surprise for Nicole and ran into the bedroom to retrieve it. Nicole declared that she was as crazy about Parker as he was about her, and she was thrilled to be living with Daniel and Parker. Acknowledging that Nicole loved kids, Daniel asked if she missed Sydney. Nicole admitted that she did, but she loved getting to be a family with Parker and Daniel.

While Parker was still in the bedroom, Nicole and Daniel made out on the living room floor. Nicole pulled away, worried that Parker would walk in on them. "He's just going to have to get used to that sight, because I plan on kissing you as often as I can for the rest of our lives," Daniel declared softly, kissing Nicole again.

Eric headed to Horton Square, where Father Louis had a table set up to collect donations for St. Luke's art fair. As Eric contributed a box of his things from Africa, he explained that it was time to leave some memories in the past. Serena arrived and spied on Eric from across the square. She eavesdropped as Father Louis agreed to meet Eric at St. Luke's later to hear Eric's confession. Eric sort of froze when he spotted Xander leaving the square with the woman he'd just met. "That's the man, isn't it?" Father Louis asked. Eric confirmed it, but he wouldn't say more until he and the priest could speak privately.

On the bench in the park outside Horton Square, Xander was regaling his new female friend with stories of the Greek islands. Xander said he'd love to show them to the woman. Brady arrived just then and remarked that it would be difficult for Xander to do that from behind bars. "Okay, this just stopped being fun. I'll see you," the woman said, grabbing her purse and leaving.

Xander reminded Brady that things weren't always what they appeared to be. Xander maintained that he'd never done anything to hurt anyone. Brady vowed to do everything he could to make sure Xander didn't get away with what he'd done to Eric and Nicole. A defiant Xander complained that everyone else in the family had gotten everything handed to them, but no one more than Brady, the drunken drug-addict, whom Victor had made CEO -- while Xander had been forced to fight for everything he'd ever gotten.

Brady pointed out that getting a raw deal didn't give Xander the right to kill people. "I'm sorry -- try to kill people, because you screwed it up, didn't you? Much like you screw everything else up that you do," Brady remarked. "I should've known you wouldn't even try to understand. You're spoiled and entitled and arrogant. You can rot in hell for all I care," Xander spat as he stormed off.

In the confessional at St. Luke's, Eric told Father Louis about his ordeal in the crawl space with Nicole. The priest asked if Eric had experienced a crisis of faith, but Eric said he'd been at peace with his own death, but he hadn't been able to bear the thought of letting Nicole die. Father Louis asked what Eric thought was a matter for confession.

Eric explained that thinking they were about to die had made everything very clear. Father Louis thought it was good that Eric had found comfort while facing death. "Father, there's more. I love her. She loved me. Time was -- time was running out, and we started to make love," Eric confessed.

Meanwhile, Serena was listening in via a bug planted beneath the seat in the confessional -- recording Eric and Father Louis' conversation.

. . .

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