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Friday, July 14, 2017

Steve was surprised to find Kayla was working at the pub. Kayla said she was helping Roman out. Steve said Kayla would be back to work at the hospital soon because she was good at her job. Curious, Kayla asked Steve if he had any theories. Steve reasoned aloud that if a doctor had made a dosage mistake three times after not making an error for years, it would appear that someone had set that doctor up for a fall. Shaking her head, Kayla said she did not have any enemies. Steve offered to investigate on her behalf. Kayla did not want to believe that someone would have hurt her.

In the park, Tripp asked Jade why she was behaving strangely. Tripp accused Jade of playing games. Jade explained that Kayla would get away with her crimes because everyone else did. When Tripp interjected that Kayla had been suspended, Jade counseled Tripp not to push his luck with Kayla. Confused, Tripp asked Jade why she had changed her mind. Jade said she hated Kayla, but she thought it would be better for Tripp if he let go of his anger. Jade encouraged Tripp to do something that made him happy instead.

Jade gently touched Tripp's arm and told him that he had been a good friend to her. Pulling away, Tripp asked Jade if she was still interested in Joey. Jade admitted that Tripp had treated her better than Joey but that she was still hung up on her ex. Moving closer, Tripp reminded Jade that the best way to get over someone was to fall for someone new. Tripp pulled Jade into a passionate kiss. Jade pulled away. When Tripp asked if he had crossed a line, Jade said she was attracted to Tripp, but she needed a break from men.

"I'll miss you, but I hope everything works out the way you want," Tripp said. Jade encouraged Tripp to keep in touch with her and update her on Kayla. Jade added that Tripp should not do anything else to harm Kayla because it could backfire on him. With a nod, Jade left.

In Eric's room at the Martin house, Nicole and Eric debated whether to tell Brady about their new memories. Nicole confessed that she was terrified to tell Brady about the kiss. Eric demanded to know if Nicole was going to tell Brady the truth. With a sigh, Nicole said she knew what to do. When Eric asked what Nicole wanted, Brady walked through the open door into the room. Brady was surprised to see Nicole standing there.

After apologizing for behaving like a jerk to Eric, a suspicious Brady asked Nicole why she was in Eric's room. Nicole explained that she had remembered something from the night of the murder. Bristling, Brady asked Nicole why she had talked to Eric first. Nicole stammered until a frustrated Brady yelled at her to tell him the truth. Nicole stared quietly at Brady. With a sigh, Brady lowered his voice and asked Nicole to tell him the truth.

Nicole explained that she and Eric had kissed. When Nicole attempted to explain the circumstances, Brady grew angry and warned Nicole not to touch him. Brady walked away. Nicole followed Brady home. At the mansion, Nicole explained that she had not lied because she had only remembered the kiss that morning. Brady asked what had triggered the memory. Nicole said that she had remembered Eric saying that he had done a bad thing. Nicole added that they had talked and struggled to remember.

"Eric realized that the reason he felt that bad thing, why he felt guilty, was because of the kiss," Nicole said. Brady asked why Nicole and Eric had kissed, and he accused her of still loving Eric. As Brady yelled, Nicole begged him to stop. Nicole explained that she had kissed Eric because she had believed that he had been Daniel. Nicole told Brady that she and Eric had mutually hallucinated talking to Daniel about forgiveness. As Brady stared in silence, Nicole pointed out that she had chosen not to lie to Brady. Nicole asked for Brady's forgiveness.

"I'm a jackass. I'm sorry. Baby, I doubted you, and that was wrong, and I'm sorry," Brady said. Relieved, Nicole apologized. Nicole said that Eric meant nothing to her and that Brady was her heart. Brady said he believed her. After telling Brady that she loved him and missed him, they kissed and headed upstairs.

In her room at the Martin house, Abigail confronted Dario about the money in his bag. Dario said he was not doing anything illegal and that the money was his bank deposit from the club. With a nod, Abigail apologized and left. Abigail went to the police station and asked Mel if she could borrow a listening device. Reluctantly, Mel agreed. Abigail took the device over to Dario's office at Club TBD, and she planted it on the side of his desk.

After hiding his money behind the headboard in Abigail's hotel room, Dario went over to the club and found Abigail sitting behind his desk. Abigail lied that she had been dropping off lunch and leaving him a note. With a grin, Dario reminded Abigail that they served food at the club. Abigail explained that she thought it would look good to Immigration if she delivered lunch to her husband. Citing errands, Abigail ran off.

While Dario conducted business at his desk, Abigail used headphones to listen to his conversation from her hotel room. Dario called Myron and told him that someone had found the counterfeit money. Dario assured Myron that the person would not say anything and added that he wanted to back off of the counterfeiting operation for the moment.

"It's a good thing GDR has other ways to make money. How's our other project going? Have you been able to gain access to Titan? That phony money operation is chump change compared to what we could get out of Titan Industries," Dario said. Abigail frowned. When Abigail headed downstairs to look over her notes, she ran into Eric in the living room. Eric offered an ear for Abigail to talk.

Abigail confessed that she had learned that her new husband was involved in illegal activities. When Eric asked for details, Abigail mentioned counterfeiting money. Abigail said that Dario was a good person, but he made bad choices. When Eric asked if there was anything else, Abigail admitted that Dario had his sights set on Titan. Eric warned Abigail to stop Dario because Victor would crush him. Abigail said she wanted to help Dario before he ended up in jail like his father.

Abigail went upstairs, and after looking at the hidden money, she placed it back behind the headboard. When Dario returned home, he presented Abigail with a rose as a thank you for dropping off lunch. Abigail asked about the club. Dario said business was slow but was bound to pick up soon. When Dario suggested they go to the lake, Abigail said she was on her way out to meet a friend. Dario told Abigail that she could quit her job if she wanted because he would support her. With a defiant edge to her voice, Abigail stressed that she loved her job and intended to keep it. Abigail walked into the hallway, and she called Andre and asked for help.

At the hospital, Steve talked to Shelly at the nurses' station. Shelly said she was sure Kayla would be cleared. Steve questioned Shelly about Kayla's behavior recently and about the policy for ordering medication. Shelly explained that a doctor could not order any medication without first entering their personal password. When Steve asked if nurses could change the charts, Shelly tensed. Shelly said that nurses did not have the ability to change medication dosages.

Narrowing her eyes, Shelly asked if Kayla had blamed the nurses for the errors. Steve firmly said that was not the case. Steve added that he believed someone had set Kayla up. When Steve asked if anyone had access to Kayla's passwords, Shelly growled that only Kayla had that information. Shelly added that Kayla would have been better off remaining a nurse.

At the pub, Tripp asked Kayla why she was behind the bar. Kayla said Roman had asked for her help, and she did not want to be stuck at home. Kayla reiterated her offer to help Tripp study for the MCAT if he was interested in pursuing medicine. Laughing, Kayla said she knew that she had promised not to push. Tripp asked Kayla if she was worried about her job. Kayla admitted she was worried. When Tripp asked what could happen, Kayla said she could lose her license, and someone could sue her.

With a shrug, Kayla said that if the worst happened, she would be happy to watch Tripp fall in love with medicine as she had all those years before. Tripp said she would not lose her medical license because he knew she had not messed up the dosages. Kayla thanked Tripp for his support. With a sigh, Tripp asked Kayla to hear him out. Tripp said he had gone crazy after learning the truth about his mother.

Kayla interrupted to say, "We all wish that things would have turned out differently for your mom. But Steve is so grateful that you were able to forgive him." Kayla added that forgiveness was hard and that she had failed to forgive Jade for her antics. Kayla said that Jade had encouraged Joey to do things out of character. Defensive, Tripp warned Kayla that Jade was not the devil. Kayla urged Tripp not to be fooled by Jade. Tripp announced that Jade had left town. With a grunt, Tripp noted that Kayla appeared to be pleased by the news.

"I don't know what's worse -- what she did to Joey or that she might do the same thing to you," Kayla said. Tripp noted that he was not Joey. When Kayla continued to remark on Jade's issues, Tripp interrupted to bark that Kayla was talking about Jade the way everyone in town talked about his mother. Tripp reminded Kayla that Ava had intended to leave town but that Steve had killed her anyway.

"I guess I'm not as forgiving as you think I am," Tripp yelled. Pushing away his uneaten meal, Tripp walked out. When Steve arrived, Kayla informed Steve about her conversation with Tripp. Kayla noted that Tripp was protective of Jade and was clearly not over Ava's death. Steve updated Kayla on his research at the hospital. Steve noted that Shelly had an attitude, and he posited that Shelly had filled the syringe with the wrong dosage.

Shaking her head no, Kayla said Shelly would not jeopardize a patient's health. Kayla added that she had previously turned Shelly in for bad-mouthing the hospital to patients. With a shrug, Steve reminded Kayla that she had no other enemies.

In the park, Tripp stared at a photo of his mother on his phone. Tripp promised Ava that he would make Kayla pay for what she had done.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Kate clashes with Andre.

• The police close in on Dario.

• J.J. warns Chad not to hurt Abigail.

• Chad and Abigail's feelings for each other return.

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