Friday, June 26, 2015

In Horton Square, Kate informed Will that she'd learned the new editor at TruVIsta magazine was an old friend who owed Kate a favor. Will asked his grandmother if she could get the editor to publish Will's profile about Dr. Meyers. Kate was dubious about Will's intention to bribe his couples counselor, but Will insisted the story wasn't a bribe. He explained that Sonny wanted to talk about what had happened in the past before they moved on to the future. Kate warned Will to be careful, lest his plan backfire.

Kate urged Will to trust the process of therapy, but Will believed he could steer the process in the right direction to keep his marriage together. Kate cautioned Will that Paul would likely take the endorsement deal with Mad World. Will wanted to know if Kate could arrange it so Paul worked mostly from one of the other divisions, such as Houston or Seattle. Kate agreed to think about it -- and to talk to her editor friend about Will's profile on Dr. Meyers.

At Club TBD, Chad and Sonny went over the books. Chad was pleased with the most recent numbers, but Sonny was worried that he would never be able to repay Chad after the club on the south side had failed even before it had opened. Will didn't want to take advantage of their friendship -- but Chad only hoped their friendship could survive his father's return to town. Chad explained that Stefano had cut a deal to keep from being arrested the minute he returned to town.

Sonny didn't understand what Stefano had to do with Chad and Sonny's friendship. Chad pointed out that Stefano hated the idea of a DiMera and a Kiriakis working together. "Never trust my father," Chad cautioned Sonny. Sonny asked if Chad were happy his father had returned, and Chad admitted that he hadn't decided yet. Chad asked if Sonny would relay a message to Will: "If that article he's pushing Zoe to run is really important to him, I'll make it happen. He just has to say the word."

Chad explained for a puzzled Sonny that Will had asked to do a story about "some therapist." Sonny asked, "Was it about a Doctor Meyers, by any chance?" Chad confirmed that it was. He clarified that although Zoe wasn't exactly sold on the piece, he would try to convince her if Will really wanted to do it. Sonny agreed to pass on Chad's message. After Chad left, Sonny asked another bartender to cover for him for a while.

When Kate ran into Chad in Horton Square, they discussed Stefano's return to town. Chad noted that with Kristen and E.J. gone, Stefano just wanted to spend more time with his remaining son. Kate acknowledged that it had to have been hard for Stefano to bury his children, whom he loved very much, but she wondered about the timing of Stefano's return. "Because what else does he have to do except screw up your life?" Kate asked before turning and walking away. Chad recalled how furious Stefano had been when Chad had defied him by dumping Abigail.

Will was at home, working on his laptop while Arianna napped, when Sonny arrived. "I thought maybe we could talk about our marriage -- unless you're too busy writing the article on Doctor Meyers," Sonny said testily. Will became defensive, and Sonny suggested they try another "honesty hour." "Tell me how this isn't a conflict of interest and why you're so set on doing an article on the therapist who's supposedly helping us save our marriage," Sonny demanded.

While Theresa packed a few things at her place in preparation to move into the Kiriakis mansion with Tate, Anne urged her to keep up the lease on the apartment. Kimberly called Theresa just then to try to talk her out of moving into Victor's house. Theresa emphasized how large the mansion was and promised to avoid Victor as much as possible. She added that she thought what was best for Tate was for the two of them to be with Brady. Theresa listened irritably while her mother lectured her until Theresa couldn't take it any longer and hung up. When Theresa left to pick up Tate, Anne headed out, too.

Eric donned a robe over his hospital gown and left his room to check in on Nicole in her hospital room. Eric was relieved to see that Nicole really was all right. "I just want to say what happened between --" Eric began, but just then, Brady walked in. Reminding Eric that he shouldn't be out of bed, Brady asked what they had been talking about. Nicole explained that Brady's cousin Xander had tried to kill her and Eric the previous night, but Brady reminded her that he'd been there.

Although Nicole was admittedly still a little hazy about what had happened, she thanked Brady for helping to save her. Brady informed Nicole that it had been Daniel who had revived her when she'd stopped breathing. Nicole and Eric tried to urge Brady to go take care of taking his son home, but Brady wouldn't leave until they told him why they both seemed so upset. Nicole and Eric pointed out that they'd nearly been killed, and the man who'd tried to do it was still on the loose. Maxine entered the room and scolded Eric for being out of bed. Eric obediently headed back to his room.

While Maxine was getting Eric settled back in his bed, she informed him that he should be discharged soon, and his mother had dropped off a new phone for him. On her way out, Maxine made Eric promise to do right by his family by taking care of himself.

In Roman's office at the police station, Abe informed Serena that Commissioner Brady would speak with her shortly. Serena reiterated that she wouldn't say a word without her lawyer present. Abe reminded Serena that she was the only one who could help the police track down the extremely dangerous Xander Cook. Serena swore she had no idea where Xander was -- and that terrified her.

Roman entered and reported that there was no news about Xander Cook's whereabouts. Abe suggested they could offer Serena a deal regarding her involvement with Xander's illegal activities in Africa, but she still refused to talk until her lawyer got there. Roman urged Serena to tell them whatever she knew so they could keep her and Eric safe.

Serena still wouldn't say anything except to assure Roman that she loved Eric and had done everything possible to make sure Eric wouldn't get hurt. "But he did, didn't he, Serena? And a lot of that blood goes straight to you," Roman barked. Abe added that the police were building a very strong case against Serena and Xander for attempted murder.

After Abe had gone, Roman was called away, and he forgot his phone under a pile of papers. Serena waited until the coast was clear then she grabbed Roman's phone to call Eric. When Eric's phone rang, he saw Roman's number on the caller ID and answered, "Dad?" Instead, Eric heard Serena's voice urging him not to hang up. She warned Eric that his life was in danger as long as Xander was still out there.

Eric thought Serena was trying to protect Xander, but she insisted that she was trying to protect Eric. Serena declared that she didn't care what the police charged her with as long as she could keep Xander from hurting Eric further. "It's a little late to try to protect me from Xander. I have nothing left to say to you," Eric declared before hanging up abruptly.

Roman returned to his office just as Serena was sticking his phone back under the pile of papers on his desk. Roman reiterated that Serena should help them try to find Xander, but she insisted that she would do so if she could -- and she didn't care how much trouble she was in.

In her hospital room, Nicole confided to Brady that she'd been "an idiot" to pursue Xander, who had clearly enjoyed torturing her and Eric. Brady reassured Nicole that the hospital had increased security, as well as assigning additional guards for her and Eric. Brady had to leave to sign Tate's discharge papers, and Nicole was thrilled that her friend got to take his son home.

As Brady was leaving, Abe arrived to review some of the things in Nicole's statement. Nicole was adamant that she had to talk to Daniel first, but Abe promised to finish as quickly as possible. He asked if there were anything she'd left out of her previous statement about Xander's actions that could help the police prove definitively that Xander had been trying to kill her and Eric.

Maxine delivered a note for Nicole from Daniel, who'd told Maxine that he would visit Nicole in a few minutes. Nicole eagerly opened the envelope, but when she saw how long the note was, she resumed telling Abe that she thought she'd heard Xander talking to someone, possibly a woman, but Nicole couldn't be sure because her memories of the night's events weren't clear. Observing that Nicole seemed tired, Abe left so she could get some rest.

After looking over Daniel's note, Nicole told herself, "If I just explain things to Daniel, he'll understand. He'll have to. I just can't lie to him about this. Not this." A few minutes later, Eric, dressed in street clothes, entered Nicole's room. "I think we need to talk about what happened last night -- all of it," Eric said.

When Theresa and Anne arrived at the hospital, Theresa complained that the nurse she'd just said hello to had ignored her. Anne left to see if something big were happening to distract the staff. Maggie arrived, and Theresa acknowledged that her moving into the mansion probably didn't thrill Maggie. Maggie diplomatically promised to help Theresa and Tate get acclimated, although she admitted that she hadn't gotten a chance to inform Victor that Theresa was moving in. Brady showed up just then with Tate. A beaming Theresa cooed over her son as she took him from Brady.

Anne returned and informed Theresa about the incident with Nicole and Eric. Concerned, Theresa rushed into Eric's room to see for herself that he was all right. "Being a mother -- I couldn't stand it if you weren't around to see the person that you always said I could become. Thank you for always believing in me," Theresa said sincerely after hugging her cousin. Brady entered and informed Theresa that it was time to take Tate home.

In the abandoned warehouse, one of Victor's thugs held Xander down while another held a gun on him. Victor held a knife to Xander's throat and declared that he'd never had much use for either Xander or his father. Victor pressed the knife against Xander's skin until he drew blood. After a moment, Victor dragged the knife-tip down Xander's neck and held the point against Xander's shirt, all while keeping his steely gaze focused on Xander. Victor handed the knife to one of the goons, who used it to sever the rope around Xander's wrists.

Victor admitted that after Xander's father had asked for help numerous times, Victor had eventually had to refuse. He added that he had no remorse about not helping prevent his brother's death -- but he had later realized that mercy and weakness were not the same thing, so maybe he could give Xander one last chance. Victor called out Xander for his stupidity in targeting Roman Brady's son.

Victor vowed that even if Xander managed not to end up in prison, Xander would still be stripped of his compensation package and his position on the board of the charity he ran -- but perhaps Xander could work as a servant in Victor's home. Ordering Xander to stand up, Victor warned his nephew, "Make no mistake, Alexandros: I've just shown you the limits of my affection. The rest is up to you."

Victor stated that he would do nothing to help with Xander's legal problems, adding that while Nicole's testimony might not be taken seriously, people would most likely believe the word of the police commissioner's son, the ex-priest. Victor pointed out that he owned the TV station where Xander had tried to kill Eric and Nicole, and it wouldn't surprise Victor if Xander ended up in prison again, despite his efforts to destroy the evidence of his crimes -- and no one would rescue Xander then.

Xander swore that there was no evidence to connect him to what he'd done to Nicole and Eric. Victor said that however things played out, he and Xander would discuss Xander's new role afterwards. "Never run or hide, not from me. If you do, I promise you a very slow and painful death. Now go. You know what you have to do," Victor ordered. Xander left, obviously relieved to still be alive.

Theresa, Tate, Maggie, and Brady entered the Kiriakis mansion. Maggie and Brady got Theresa settled in the study then they left to let the nanny know they were there and to get a bottle for Tate. Theresa placed Tate in his bassinette and tucked him in with a little stuffed-toy rattle she'd just gotten for him. "Baby, we're home, and Mommy's here, and I'm not going anywhere," Theresa cooed in a sing-song voice. "What the hell are you doing in my house?" Victor's voice growled suddenly from the doorway.

Serena was waiting alone in Roman's office when the door opened a little later. Roman entered, followed by Xander, who was wearing a suit and a smug grin.

. . .

On the next Days of our Lives...
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  • Eric struggles to decide whether to admit the truth or remain silent.
  • Hope and Aiden get into another disagreement about Clyde.
  • Sonny tells Will he has reached a major realization about their marriage.

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