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Friday, July 22, 2016
by Mike

Theresa underwent hypnosis with Marlena, hoping to remember details from the moments leading up to Tate's abduction. Despite managing to recall that she had seen someone advancing toward her and Tate from behind some nearby hedges, Theresa was unable to clearly identify the person's gender or any other physical characteristics.

After the session ended, Marlena assured Theresa that they could try again later that day. Changing the subject, Marlena wondered how Brady was doing. Theresa reported that, like her, he was a wreck. "Try to be gentle with each other," Marlena advised. Theresa fretted that although she loved Brady deeply, she was worried that if they never found Tate, their relationship wouldn't be able to survive the loss.

While passing through the town square, Shawn and Belle discussed Tate's abduction. Knowing exactly what Brady and Theresa were going through, Belle mused that the couple would be lucky if their relationship managed to survive the traumatic experience of having their child abducted, and she resolved to advise them later to be kind to each other during the crisis.

Changing the subject, Belle wondered if Shawn knew when Hope was going to be released from the hospital. Shawn said he didn't, and Andre eavesdropped nearby as Shawn added that Belle didn't need to worry about taking Hope some food later that day because Rafe had everything under control. Andre made his presence known and suggested that he might deliver some flowers to Hope at some point. Shawn warned Andre not to go anywhere near Hope. "Oh, please. Hope Brady has nine lives, unlike your father," Andre dismissively replied. "Or your father," Shawn countered.

As Kate was moving her stuff out of the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos warned that it would be wise for her to stay away from him in the future. Unfazed, Kate reminded Deimos that he no longer had anything to hold over her head. "You try [to] cross me again, Kate, and you'll see what else I can still do [to you]," Deimos replied. Scoffing, Kate observed that Deimos clearly still believed that he was untouchable.

Later, as she was unpacking her things in her new room at the Salem Inn, Kate angrily tossed an empty suitcase across the room. Fighting back tears, Kate contacted Marlena and asked to meet with her. They went to the Brady Pub, where Marlena admitted that she had been somewhat surprised to hear from Kate, since they hadn't talked much since Will's funeral.

"I know. I've been... I've been occupied, you know? Kind of out of my mind. I'll just get right to it: I've done, again, that thing that I always do. What makes me always go to the wrong man, time after time?" Kate wondered. Marlena wanted to know if Kate was asking a friend or a therapist for an answer, explaining that she could offer either sympathy or advice, depending on what Kate was looking for. "Whoever will give me an answer. I'll even pick up the bill," Kate replied. Still unsure, Marlena asked if Kate wanted the cold, hard truth, and Kate confirmed, "I'm a big girl. Let me have it."

"You don't have good relationships because you don't think you deserve them," Marlena explained. Kate couldn't think of a reason for her to have such a mindset, insisting that she had gotten over the shame of her past as a prostitute years earlier and was comfortable with the knowledge that although she had hurt people more than once, she had never done so without a reason.

"Yes, there were reasons...but not the ones you think," Marlena argued, pointing out that Kate had often cited a desire to protect her children yet had a habit of putting herself in situations where they felt the need to turn away from her. Marlena added that Kate also had a habit of choosing men who were likely to hurt her sooner or later, meaning that the relationships were always doomed from the start.

"I like complicated men. They're attractive," Kate explained with a shrug and a sigh. Kate wasn't convinced that her attraction to complicated men meant that she had a deep-seated need to see relationships fail, but Marlena pointed out that Kate's relationships did invariably seem to fail, nevertheless. Realizing that the conversation was making Kate somewhat uncomfortable, Marlena offered to drop the subject, but Kate declined, acknowledging that she had asked for Marlena's take on the matter.

"Okay. You don't seem to like men that are simply complicated; they're simply criminals," Marlena pointed out, unable to make it through the statement without laughing. Kate also laughed but protested, "No, they're powerful." Marlena accepted Kate's preferred description and conceded that power was certainly an attractive quality. "Maybe you think they can protect you, or maybe you think if you take them on, that's a bigger win for you," Marlena suggested.

Kate observed that it seemed like Marlena had thought about the matter almost as much as she had. Marlena admitted that she'd had to because Kate had been Sami's adversary for a while. "So were you," Kate countered, and Marlena conceded that, from time to time, that had indeed been true. Getting the conversation back on track, Marlena stressed that if Kate truly wished to do so, she could break the cycle and stop living the way she had been. "You know, at this stage, I think I would be happy just to make real amends with my children," Kate admitted.

Marlena offered to help Kate work on achieving that goal. "Professionally?" Kate wondered. "If you'd like," Marlena confirmed, but she added that she would also be willing to continue meeting with Kate at the Brady Pub for conversations of a more casual nature, during which Kate could vent and listen to advice then feel free to ignore it. "Isn't that a lot like therapy?" Kate joked. As Marlena chuckled in response, she received an alert on her cell phone, reminding her of an appointment. Marlena apologetically excused herself and urged Kate to call her again soon.

After Marlena left, Andre took a seat at Kate's table and asked, "Why pay her when I can give you better advice for free?" Kate said she didn't want Andre's advice, but he forged ahead, urging her not to change for anyone. "You're perfect the way you are, [and] besides, the world needs the Kates and the Andres," he reasoned. Kate wasn't convinced that she and Andre were particularly alike, but he argued that although she might sometimes enjoy slightly more acceptance than he ever could, simply as a result of not being plagued with the DiMera surname, she still had to put up with more than her fair share of judgment, just as he did.

"I don't give a damn what people think of me," Kate insisted. When she wondered what had prompted Andre's odd mood, he complained with a sigh, "I'm just tired of those little insects that dwell in this town [and] ruin my picnic." Kate joked that there were sprays for that sort of problem, and she told Andre to go away. Undeterred, Andre suggested that, together, he and Kate could teach the people of Salem a lesson they would never forget.

"Sorry to disappoint you, but I have decided I no longer have any use for vengeance," Kate declared, prompting Andre to skeptically observe that one short session with Marlena had apparently turned Kate into Mother Theresa. "I am so...tired," Kate maintained. Dismissively insisting that Kate would get her second wind eventually, Andre offered to be her ally.

"For a price," Kate guessed. Kate insisted that she was no longer willing to spend money on Andre, especially since she had considerably less of it than she'd had a few days earlier. Andre feigned sadness but didn't seem particularly fazed. "Why are you still here?" Kate wondered. Andre explained that he was seeking a companion as well as a partner in crime.

As Dario was talking to Nicole about redecorating Club TBD, Deimos entered the club and asked to talk to her privately. Nicole agreed to take a walk with Deimos, despite Dario's protests. Nicole and Deimos crossed paths with Chloe and Philip outside the club. "Hazard of a small town: we all run into people we'd rather not," Philip joked as he and Chloe passed through the town square. As if on cue, they spotted Shawn and Belle nearby.

Belle was surprised to learn that Chloe had joined Philip's record label and would be staying in Salem indefinitely. After Philip and Chloe left, Shawn happily informed Belle that he had seen sparks flying between the former couple. "You wanted Philip to leave you alone, and so did I. Now he's got someone to focus his attention on," Shawn added. Belle nodded and forced a smile but remained silent.

Deimos led Nicole to a secluded section of the town square and informed her that Kate was out of his life for good. Deimos asked for a fresh start with Nicole, but she insisted that she could never trust him again. Conceding that he needed to prove himself to Nicole, Deimos vowed to do just that. "Don't break your back making some grand gesture for me," Nicole advised Deimos, warning that it wouldn't change anything, anyway.

Deimos insisted that he cared about Nicole, but she argued that his interest in her had never really been about her; it had always been about her resemblance to Helena. Deimos maintained that somewhere along the way, his interest in Nicole had stopped being about Helena. Nicole still wasn't convinced, but Deimos again promised that he would one day prove to her that he had changed.

Dario arrived as Deimos was leaving. Nicole tried to dodge Dario's questions about the conversation she'd just had with Deimos, insisting that it wasn't worth talking about, especially since she already knew how Dario felt about Deimos. "And I know how you feel about him," Dario countered. Dario wondered why Deimos was still able to get under Nicole's skin, even after everything she had learned about him.

Nicole admitted that even she didn't know the answer to that question. "Whatever it is, you don't look happy," Dario observed. Nicole confirmed that she wasn't. Dario urged Nicole to let him help her forget about Deimos. Nicole started to protest that doing so wouldn't be fair to Dario, but he told her not to refuse his offer before hearing exactly what he had in mind.

At Black Patch Investigations, John, Brady, and Paul continued searching for Tate, while a guard kept watch over Summer in another room. A short time after Steve joined the search, Victor arrived to see if the team had made any progress. Steve started to answer Victor's question openly, but Brady interrupted and gave a very vague response. Victor maintained his innocence and kept his attention focused on Steve, believing that if anyone could get Summer to crack, it would be him. Victor promised to find a way to pay for anything the team might need, including a reward. "It'll have much more of an impact coming from me [than Theresa]," Victor reasoned.

After Victor left, Brady stressed that he didn't want anyone to tell Victor anything about the investigation, since there was still a good chance that he was the guilty party. Steve wasn't convinced, reasoning that Victor and Summer were both a bit too obvious as suspects. "Then there's this Chopin outfit in the middle. Now, I thought they were just a shell corporation to try and lead us down a blind alley, but they're real, so what are they doing in the middle? This isn't a simple abduction," Steve added.

Later, Steve managed to convince a nervous Chopin messenger to get in touch with Brady. As they were waiting for the call, Theresa burst into the office, eager to tell Brady about her earlier recollection. The men shushed Theresa when the phone rang, but it was just a telemarketer. As Brady hurriedly ended the call to keep the line open, Theresa forged ahead, excitedly sharing her news. "That's great, Theresa," Brady distractedly muttered.

"That's it? Come on, Brady. Don't shut me out," Theresa protested. Brady tried to explain that he was waiting for a call. "Yeah, okay, great, but I'm trying --" Theresa started to respond as the phone rang again. The men quickly shushed Theresa again, but she continued, "I'm helping, you know? I mean, do you not get this? I might be able to be of..." The men shushed Theresa once more as Brady answered the call.

"What, does nobody understand? I might be able to I.D. the guy we're trying to catch!" Theresa shouted in frustration, prompting the already nervous Chopin messenger to abruptly end the call. Brady groaned and quickly instructed Paul to try to trace the phone number and call the guy back. "Who?" Theresa wondered, but Brady shushed her as Paul finished the trace and dialed the phone number.

The phone started ringing as Theresa wondered what was going on. "Theresa! God, stop talking!" Brady snapped impatiently. The phone continued ringing, and Brady eventually gave up and ended the call. Theresa was devastated when Paul filled in the blanks for her. Steve pointed out that the Chopin messenger might not have known anything about Tate's disappearance, anyway, but that failed to comfort Theresa, who feared that she had just blown the only chance she and Brady would ever have to find their son. Theresa broke down in Brady's arms as he assured her that it wasn't her fault.

Victor tried to send Deimos away when Deimos showed up at the townhouse, but Deimos barged inside and announced that he wanted to make peace with Victor and wasn't going to give up before accomplishing that goal.

. . .

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