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Kate threatens Ted
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Friday, August 17, 2018

Sonny poured a drink in the Kiriakis living room as he thought about the night he had killed Leo. Sonny shook off the memory as Adrienne entered the room. Concerned, Adrienne asked Sonny if he was thinking about Leo. Sonny asked Adrienne why she would say that. Adrienne noted that Leo had ruined Sonny's life and could return at any time. Adrienne compared Sonny's situation to her situation with Bonnie. Sonny assured his mother that Steve would find Bonnie.

Adrienne started to talk about Steve's celebration dinner, but Sonny was clearly distracted. Adrienne asked Sonny why he was preoccupied with his phone. Sonny explained that he was waiting for news from Will, whom he had been spending time with recently for Arianna's sake. Adrienne grinned at Sonny. Suspicious, Sonny asked Adrienne what she was thinking. Adrienne said she was hopeful that Will and Sonny would get back together.

"Every time we are together, I am fighting these old feelings. And then I'm trying not to let him see that I actually still love him," Sonny said. Sonny said the serum had been working, but it had not changed Will's heart back to him. Sonny lamented that the hospital would not let Will have any more serum. With a shrug, Sonny said he had no chance with Will if Will did not regain his memory.

Sonny admitted that he had shared moments with Will recently, but Will had made it clear that he loved Paul. Adrienne said she did not want to undermine Will's relationship with Paul, but she did not want Sonny to give up hope. Sonny disagreed. Sonny said he did not want to make Will's life more complicated than he already had made it.

"What do you mean by that?" Adrienne asked. Sonny stammered that he did not want to burden Will with his feelings. Sonny added that Will and Paul deserved a chance to make their relationship work. Adrienne asked Sonny what he deserved from life. Sonny said he wanted to explore hobbies and live life. Adrienne warned Sonny that he needed to tell Will how he felt in case Will felt the same way.

In Kayla's office, she was surprised to find Steve looking at her phone. Kayla commented on her right to privacy. With a nod, Steve asked Kayla why she had a photo of Ted on her phone. Steve also asked Kayla why she had been spying on Kate. Kayla noted that she had deleted those photos. With a scowl, Steve explained that he had found the deleted photos on the phone because he had been suspicious that Kayla had been hiding something from him. Kayla asked Steve to drop his suspicions.

Steve begged Kayla to tell him her secret. Kayla stressed that she had nothing to hide, but Steve said he could tell when Kayla lied. Steve's phone rang with a call about a case. Steve told Kayla that he wanted to finish the conversation later.

"I love you, Sweetness. I just want you to be okay," Steve said. After a brief kiss, Steve left. Kayla sat down at her desk to go through her phone and delete incriminating photos. Marlena walked in, and Kayla explained what she was doing. With a nod, Marlena noted that it appeared Kayla had not told Steve about Stefan yet. Kayla explained that Stefan had told her that he had remote access to Steve's eye and could shut it down whenever he wanted.

"Steve could be blind. Forever. I can't let that happen," Kayla said. Kayla said she would need to follow Stefan's orders until she could devise a way out of the situation. Marlena suggested that Steve would discover the truth. Kayla admitted that Steve was suspicious already

"He knows I'm lying. How am I going to keep him from learning the truth?" Kayla asked. With a shake of her head, Kayla said she wanted to change the subject to Marlena's wedding. Marlena said she was thankful for the distraction from her wedding because she was anxious for it to be perfect. Kayla joked that Marlena did not need any more perfection because she was already marrying John. Marlena smiled. Marlena softened and asked how she could help Kayla.

"You can't help me. Nobody can help me. If I tell Steve that Stefan blackmailed me, he will go after Stefan. And Stefan will destroy the eye. And Steve will be blind forever," Kayla said. Marlena reminded Kayla that Steve loved and trusted Kayla. Marlena assured Kayla that Steve would understand. With a shake of her head, Kayla said that Marlena underestimated Steve's hatred for Stefan. Kayla worried aloud that the secret would ruin her marriage.

Outside the Brady Pub, Adrienne was walking down the sidewalk when her phone rang. Steve called Adrienne from the Salem Police Station to tell her that he had returned from Chicago. "I can't wait for you to see the souvenir I picked up for you," Steve said as he looked at a very annoyed Bonnie.

At the police station, Ted called Kate on her cell phone. Ted told Kate that he would meet up with her in her room to pick up the money. Ted threatened to tell the police about Will and Sonny's part in Leo's death. As Ted ended the call, Hope walked into the interrogation room. Ted asked Hope to drop her case against Ben. Hope explained that she had dropped the case already. Ted was angry that Hope had spoken to Ben without counsel, but Hope assured Ted that the conversation had been friendly.

"I offered to close the arson investigation if [Ben] agreed to leave town," Hope said. Ted countered that he had spoken to Ben that morning. Ted said Ben had informed him that he was looking for a shelter in Salem. Hope's smile fell away. Hope stressed that she and Ben had made an agreement.

"That was not an agreement. That was intimidation. And now I have all the rights to sue you and your department for harassment if you try to reopen that arson case," Ted said. Ted wished Hope a good day then left. Worried, Hope called around to shelters in town, but no one fitting Ben's description had checked in. "This is exactly what I feared," Hope said as she ran out of her office.

Will visited Kate in her hotel room and asked her about Ted. Kate explained that she had given Ted an ultimatum, but Ted had chosen money over their relationship. With a sigh, Kate said she did not think that she had any choice but to pay off Ted. Will asked Kate if she had the money. Kate said she expected money from Andre's inheritance. Will thanked Kate profusely and promised to pay her back.

"I want you to know that I was telling the truth about Leo. I promise you it was an accident," Will said. Kate said she believed Will had told the truth, but she would not blame Will if he had killed Leo on purpose. Kate told Will that he had done the right thing in talking to her about the situation with Ted.

"In this situation, I am the master," Kate said. "It's only money. I'll make more," Kate added. Will thanked Kate for standing by him. Kate thanked Will for showing her what kind of man Ted was before she got too involved. Kate lamented her terrible taste in men. Will told Kate that she was amazing and could find a better man than Ted.

"Honestly I just hope that one day he gets what is coming to him," Will said. Kate commented that Will had better taste in men than she did. With a nod, Will said that Paul knew the truth about Leo's death. Will confided that Paul had been suspicious that Will had resumed a romantic relationship with Sonny. Kate reasoned aloud that it was only natural for Will and Sonny to bond after spending so much time together.

"We've formed a tighter connection over this nightmare, protecting each other," Will said. Will stressed that he loved Paul, and that was the end of the issue. Kate chuckled. Kate promised to follow up with the bank and end the matter with Ted. Kate said she was blessed to have Will back in her life, and she would do anything to protect him.

"What happens if Ted doesn't back down even after you pay him?" Will asked. Kate told Will to let her worry about the matter. "Ted is never going to bother you again," Kate said. Will hugged Kate then left. Later, Ted showed up at the hotel room, looking for his payoff. Kate motioned over to a briefcase on the desk. Ted started to enter the room, but Kate stopped him.

"Not so fast. There are a few things we need to get straight first," Kate said. "Once I give you this money, you will have no contact with my grandson or Sonny. That means no texts, no threatening letters, no eye contact if you even happen to pass them on the street," Kate growled. Ted agreed. Kate added that she would not allow Ted to mess with her family. Ted told Kate that he admired her willingness to sacrifice her happiness for her family.

"Happiness is greatly overrated," Kate said. Ted asked about his box of stuff. Kate sneered that she had tossed the box in the Dumpster out back. With a smirk, Ted reached for the briefcase. Kate slapped her hand on the case. Kate asked Ted if he wanted to count the money. Ted shook his head and said that he trusted Kate. Kate reached into the briefcase and pulled out a gun.

"That was your first mistake," Kate said as she cocked the gun.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Will told Sonny the good news about Kate's agreement to pay off Ted. Sonny was stunned. Relieved, Sonny promised to pay Kate back. Will offered to help, but Sonny insisted that Will's involvement was his fault. Will refused to back down. Chuckling, Sonny said Will had always been stubborn. Sonny told a story about a fight they'd had in a Chinese restaurant over a bill. Will said it sounded like Sonny could be stubborn, as well.

"You're right. I don't like to give up easily. Especially on things that really matter to me," Sonny said as he looked into Will's eyes. Will shifted his eyes away and noted that Kate should be meeting with Ted and that hopefully she would have good news soon. Sonny said he would never forget what had happened to Leo. Will reminded Sonny that Leo's death had been an accident. Will added that he would always be grateful that Sonny had protected him from Leo's attack. Sonny countered that he would always be grateful that Will had stuck by his side in the aftermath.

"I guess our partnership is over," Will said with a grin. As Will turned to leave, Sonny called out his name. "What if I don't want it to be over?" Sonny asked.

At the loft, Tripp asked the roommates to vote on whether to let Ben stay in the loft. To Tripp's surprise, Claire voted yes. Ciara thanked Claire for being reasonable. Shaking his head, Tripp asked Claire why she had agreed to let a serial killer live in their apartment. Claire thought about her conversation with Marlena about Ben's mental health. Claire had mentioned to Marlena that Ben would be a good match for Ciara if Ben had been cured. Claire smiled at Tripp and explained that Marlena had said that Ben was safe.

"If it helps, I promise you I will only stay here until I find another place," Ben said. Ciara agreed that the situation was temporary. Tripp refused to let Ben move in. Ciara reminded Tripp that he had said that a majority vote would settle the matter. Tripp argued that Claire and Ciara's parents would be furious. When Tripp asked Claire and Ciara if they felt safe with a maniac under the roof, Ben interrupted to remind Tripp that he had remembered the night of the fire. Ben said he knew he had not set the cabin aflame.

"The fact that you doubted it for a moment says everything I need to know," Tripp argued. Tripp asked Ciara to talk alone for a minute in the hallway. As Tripp started to leave with Ciara, he told Claire that he would be in the hallway if she needed him. Once Tripp and Ciara had exited, Claire told Ben the ground rules of the apartment. Ben thanked Claire for letting him stay. With a smile, Ben said he was surprised that Claire had voted yes when the lump on his head from her frying pan was still fresh.

"I was wondering if, you know, maybe there was something in it for you," Ben said with a grin. Claire said she wanted to repair her friendship with Ciara, and voting yes helped with that. With a smile, Ben said he knew that Claire had a crush on Tripp. Ben argued that it would be helpful to Claire if Ciara and Tripp broke up. Claire stressed that she had no interest in fighting with Ciara again.

"[Ciara] is with Tripp, and I have to respect that. The real question is, will you?" Claire asked. Ben said he did not know what Claire was talking about. Claire accused Ben of having feelings for Ciara, but Ben adamantly denied the charge.

"I'm just saying that if you did have feelings for her, then I think it might go both ways," Claire said. Claire added that Ciara had not admitted anything to her, but she knew Ciara well. Claire noted that Ciara did not go out of her way to help anyway or stick up for anyone the way she had defended Ben. Claire said it seemed like Ciara felt more than a friendship with Ben. Ben shook his head no.

"Maybe she doesn't realize it herself. But I see it. And so does Tripp" Claire said. Ben raised a quizzical eyebrow. Claire explained that Tripp's reaction was about Ciara's feelings for Ben. Ben reminded Claire that Tripp had said he was concerned about safety. Claire asked Ben what he would do if there was a chance that Ciara had feelings for him.

In the hallway outside the loft, Tripp said he understood that Ben had saved Ciara's life, but he was concerned about Ben living under the same roof. Ciara stressed that she believed that Ben was a changed man. Ciara said it was the right thing to do.

"For Ben. But what about for you and me? What does this mean for us?" Tripp asked. Ciara said she did not think Ben would affect their relationship. Tripp disagreed. Tripp said he was worried that Ciara wanted an excuse to put distance between her and Tripp. Ciara shook her head no. Tripp said he was willing to take things slowly in their relationship, but he was worried that Ciara had feelings for Ben. Ciara kissed Tripp.

When Ciara and Tripp walked back into the apartment, Ciara noticed Claire and Ben staring awkwardly at one another. Ciara asked what was going on. Claire explained that she and Ben had been getting to know one another. Claire asked about Tripp and Ciara's conversation. Tripp said he was not happy with the decision and that he would watch Ben closely, but he agreed to abide by the vote.

"If Ciara wants you to stay, then I guess you can live here. For now," Tripp said. "He can what? Live here?" Hope asked as she walked into the loft.

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