Friday, October 24, 2014

At the Horton house, J.J. was about to tell Paige the truth about his dad when suddenly, someone pounded on the front door. Paige followed J.J. as he went to answer it. A breathless Rory burst through the door and informed J.J. that he'd just seen "that hot chick," Jill, and he'd tried to follow her but hadn't been able to keep up. Rory guessed that Jill was back in town, visiting her sister. Paige wanted to try to find Jill, who could help clear J.J.'s name with Eve. Although he wasn't optimistic, J.J. agreed, so the gang hurried out to where Rory had last seen Jill.

When the trio met up in front of the Brady Pub later, they all reported that no one at the pub or the square had seen anyone matching Jill's description. Paige suggested that they call the police, but J.J. said that he'd never filed a police report. Rory thought they would have better luck if they had a photo of Jill, but J.J. and Paige had deleted the ones off their phones -- but Paige was hopeful that hers might be on the backup on her computer. She left for home and promised to catch up with the guys later.

Eve had just gotten off the elevator in her apartment building when an anxious Jill appeared. Eve was surprised and dismayed that Jill hadn't left town yet. "You have to help me -- otherwise, the whole scam's going to be exposed," Jill said. After Eve hustled Jill inside, Jill explained that she had bought a bus ticket, but then "that loser Rory kid" had started following her. Eve started panicking -- then they heard Paige's key in the door. Eve thrust Jill down the hall and out of sight just as Paige walked in.

Paige excitedly announced that Rory had seen the girl who'd set up J.J. While Paige was plugging her phone into her computer, she heard an unfamiliar ringtone. "Whose phone is that? Is someone else here?" Paige asked. Eve claimed that she was trying out some new rings. She asked what Paige was doing. Paige explained that the pictures from her phone were backed up on her hard drive, so when she found the ones of J.J. and Jill, they could show them around.

"Once we find her, I will personally lean on her until she spills the whole dirty story," Paige continued, adding that she would then be able to prove that J.J. hadn't been cheating on her. "If that girl confirms what you're saying, then I guess I'm just going to have to rethink J.J.," Eve admitted nervously. Once Paige was finished, she headed back out.

Eve handed Jill some money and instructed her to leave town via the nature preserve, after which Jill should call a taxi to take her to Lakeview to catch the bus. Eve grabbed a hat and a pair of sunglasses out of a box of charity donations and stuck them both on Jill as a disguise. Eve shoved Jill out the door and told her not to return.

Rory and J.J. met back up in Horton Square, but neither had found anyone who'd seen Jill. J.J. insisted that the search was pointless and a waste of time, especially since he really needed to talk to Paige about something. J.J. explained that he'd been just about to tell Paige that Jack had sexually assaulted someone. Rory didn't understand why J.J. would even mention something that had happened before he'd been born -- or why it was more important than finding Jill.

Paige arrived and spotted the guys across the square, so she ducked behind the flower cart to listen to their conversation. She heard Rory accusing J.J. of making excuses to abandon their search. "Maybe, just maybe, you don't want to find this girl because you're afraid. What would Jill really say, J.J.?" Rory asked. "Nothing, man. I'm done here," an exasperated J.J. declared as he walked away.

Eve was about to leave the apartment a little later, but she remembered the box of things she was going to donate and returned to retrieve it, leaving the door open. J.J. arrived and asked from the hallway if Paige was there. Surprised to see J.J., Eve tripped over a chair, dropping the box and falling on her face. J.J. rushed to her and asked if she were all right.

As Jill walked through the park, she tossed the hat and sunglasses in a trash can, remarking to herself that they were "too suspicious." Just then, Paige appeared. "Oh, my God, it's you!" Paige exclaimed.

In Horton Square, Clyde told Kate that he'd finally convinced Jordan that he would do whatever it took to mend fences with Ben. Kate didn't think that Jordan should try to get between Clyde and his son. Clyde admitted that he hadn't been a great daddy to Jordan after her mother had died -- but he believed Jordan had "seen the light."

As Kate and Clyde arrived at the Brady Pub, Victor called Kate. Once she heard what Victor had to say, Kate thanked him. She hung up and asked Clyde if she could have a rain check on their plans so she could share the good news she'd just gotten. "Only if I can trade it for dinner," Clyde replied, and Kate agreed.

At Club TBD, Abigail said that she'd had a feeling that Ben wouldn't be happy to learn about his sister going out with Chad. That news was a surprise to Ben, who believed that Chad was trying to get back at him for going out with Abigail. Ben charged off to confront Chad, and Abigail chased after him.

In the park outside the square, Jordan, distraught after her argument with Clyde, cried in Chad's arms. Chad encouraged Jordan to talk about whatever had upset her, but she tearfully admitted that she couldn't. Chad suggested that they could just sit for a while. To distract Jordan, he joked about a recurrence of "sofa football knee" caused by watching too much football.

As Chad was reassuring Jordan that things would get better, Ben showed up, with Abigail right behind him. Ben demanded, "What'd you do to upset her? [...] Is this your idea of a date?" Jordan was a bit incredulous that Abigail had told Ben. "I thought he knew," Abigail maintained. Ben informed Chad that Jordan wasn't interested in a date with Chad. Jordan and Chad both countered that she could speak for herself. "Then why don't you just tell this loser there's not a chance in hell that you'd ever go out with him?" Ben said.

Fed up, Jordan warned her brother, "I am not doing this right now." Chad pointed out that it was none of Ben's business, anyway. Things got heated between the guys, so Jordan and Abigail stepped in to keep the men from getting into a fistfight. Chad apologized if he'd caused trouble for Jordan, and Abigail suggested that she and Chad leave so Ben and Jordan could talk. As soon as Jordan and Ben were alone, she said she appreciated that he'd been trying to protect her, but she didn't deserve it.

Confused, Ben asked why he shouldn't protect Jordan, who had done a great deal for him. He asked why she had been so upset when he and Abigail had arrived. "That was Clyde," Jordan began, but then she buried her face in her hands, unable to continue. Clyde showed up just then and hung back behind the wall to eavesdrop. "What did Clyde do to you?" Ben asked, gently stroking his sister's shoulder.

In the square, Chad accused Abigail, "You didn't slip up and tell Ben about me and Jordan. You wound him up and pointed him right at us." He asserted that Abigail couldn't stand that he was interested in someone other than her. Abigail reminded Chad that she'd told him she couldn't care less about him or his love life. "If you want to be with Jordan, then fine. Go for it -- but don't hurt her," Abigail warned. She pointed out that as a DiMera, hurting people was natural for Chad. "You're right; I am a DiMera -- and you should know better than anybody that we always get what we want," Chad noted as he walked away.

When Sonny arrived home, Will asked his husband to give a copy of the Sonix article to Chad to preview when he got there, since Will had to go help his mom with something. Sonny didn't want Will to leave yet. "We have to figure out what's going on with us," Sonny explained insistently. Will admitted a bit testily that he'd been feeling as if Sonny didn't respect or support him anymore because of the way he'd reacted to the article about Chad.

Sonny insisted that wasn't true, but Will contended that Sonny believed Will would do anything to get a big story. Will acknowledged that he felt too young to be married with a kid, and he didn't want to end up with a "boring life." Sonny clarified, "You mean our life. You don't want our life? [...] You think our life is boring? The life that I'm happy with?" Will pointed out that Sonny had already gotten to live his dreams, but Will had not gotten that chance.

Sonny maintained that he could support Will's dreams as long as they didn't cloud Will's judgment. "Right, because I'm normally such a screw-up," Will retorted. Sonny accused Will of twisting things. "I love what I do, and I am willing to push the boundaries to make my dreams happen," Will declared determinedly. He handed the article to Sonny and headed out, even though Sonny didn't want to leave with things between them unsettled.

On the doorstep of the DiMera mansion, Nicole fought back tears as she earnestly told Sami, "I am so -- I'm so sorry." Sami burst into tears and embraced Nicole, who began to cry as well. Sami broke away after a moment, and the women admitted that it had been unexpected. They laughed about how much E.J. would have loved it -- but how he had also enjoyed watching them fight. Sami invited Nicole in and offered her a glass of wine. Nicole froze when she turned and saw the portrait of Kate and Sami that had replaced Stefano's as the centerpiece of the room.

"That is so genius! I don't even have words. It's like Vanity Fair!" Nicole exclaimed appreciatively. She admitted that she hadn't dared change anything when she'd lived there, so she had a lot of respect for Sami for "put[ting] that old goat out on his tail." Nicole raised her glass and toasted, "To renovation...and to whatever parallel universe this is where we're having a drink together." Laughing, Sami acknowledged that it was "bizarro world."

Nicole said that she hoped it was all right that she'd dropped by. Sami declared that she was thrilled to have Nicole there, because although her family, who'd been very helpful, had been there, no one but Nicole could understand just what Sami had lost. The women drank to E.J. Nicole admitted she wished she could take back what she'd said about Will's article the last time she'd seen Sami. Nicole added that despite what she'd said, she completely understood why Sami had needed to get revenge on E.J. -- as well as why Sami had taken him back.

"When he was with you and in love with you, it felt like nobody else in the world mattered," Nicole recalled. Sami reassured Nicole, "He did love you, Nicole... The second time you two were married, he really wanted that to work, and I am so sorry about what happened." Nicole understood that Sami had always been first with E.J., and Nicole should have realized that sooner. Nicole described the last time she'd seen E.J., when he had told her that he and Sami were back together -- and Nicole could tell how it had strengthened him.

Nicole continued that E.J. had wished her well, and she was thankful that was her last memory of him. Sami admitted that she was very glad they'd been back together when E.J. had died because otherwise it would have been unbearable, but she couldn't remember the last thing they had talked about. Setting her glass down to take Sami's hands, Nicole firmly reassured Sami that it didn't matter, because E.J. had known that Sami had loved him. "E.J. was completely happy because of you and the kids," Nicole declared.

Nicole pointed out that nobody would believe that the two of them were drinking together instead of throwing the drinks on one another. Sami and Nicole reminisced about all the times they'd fought -- both verbally and physically -- over the years. Sami said that Bruce Greenblatt would love the story about the time she'd crawled into a sewer to retrieve some incriminating tapes while a very drunk Nicole had watched from above. "Who?" Nicole asked.

Sami confided that some people from Hollywood had been there, and they'd said that, after reading the article that Will had written, they wanted to be in the "Sami Brady DiMera business." Sami poured more wine as Nicole scanned through the contract and proposal from the Hollywood people. Nicole pronounced it a great opportunity. Sami pointed out that she could end up humiliated -- and it would mean taking the kids and moving to California. "I think you should do it. I mean this house... Kudos to you for redoing it and all, but this house -- it's still this house," Nicole asserted, grimacing.

Looking around and nodding, Sami acknowledged, "Yeah, I know. I mean, it's, you know, drenched in memories for me, but it also stinks of Stefano." She continued that Stefano would likely try to go after the kids, and Nicole affirmed that Sami had to get the kids as far away from Stefano as possible. Sami admitted that Johnny had already been dealing with kids being mean to him because his last name was DiMera. Nicole was concerned that Johnny had beaten someone up, and she pointed out that the kid got that tendency from both parents.

Sami said that Johnny hadn't hit anyone, but she was worried that he might feel the need to do so if something like that ever happened again. She added that she wanted her kids to be able to grow up "as themselves" and not feel like they had to punch back because of the shadow hanging over them -- and E.J. had wanted the same thing for the children. Nicole urged Sami to accept the offer. Sami confessed that she had to stay "in the jurisdiction," although she insisted that what she'd done had been accidental, and she was hopeful that it would get worked out.

Just then, Kate called Sami, who answered rather breathlessly. "Victor worked his magic. You are in the clear with the SEC.," Kate declared. An ecstatic Sami jumped up and down and promised to give Victor a "big, wet, sloppy kiss" the next time she saw him. Kate asked if Sami had been drinking. Sami admitted that she had, but she blamed Nicole, who was a "lush." When Kate heard that Nicole was at the house, she offered to call security. Sami declined, maintaining that Nicole had offered some excellent advice.

Sami called Bruce, who wanted to return to the mansion right away. Nicole hurried over to the bar and poured a cup of coffee for Sami. While Sami tried to catch her breath, Nicole declared, "I want Charlize Theron to play me." Sami joked that earlier, she been thinking more along the lines of Lindsay Lohan. Nicole feigned indignation. Sami revealed that the executives wanted her to go to California the next day, to attend some big event. Nicole implored Sami to let her see Sydney one last time before Sami left, and Sami willingly consented.

A grateful Nicole hugged Sami, and the two held the embrace for a long moment -- long enough that when Will arrived in the middle of it, he asked if he should leave the women alone. Sami and Nicole burst out laughing. Nicole said that she wouldn't interrupt when she left if Sami's meeting was still going on. "Thank you for everything," Sami said sincerely then quickly clarified, "tonight." "Knock 'em dead!" Nicole declared encouragingly as she headed upstairs.

Nicole tiptoed into Sydney's darkened room and knelt by the sleeping child's bed. "Goodbye, angel," Nicole whispered, pulling the covers up over Sydney. Nicole rose to leave, but Sydney called after her, "Mama Nicole?" Nicole apologized if she'd woken Sydney, but Sydney said that she hadn't been asleep. "I miss Daddy," Sydney explained. "I know you loved your daddy, and he loved you very much, and I am sure he is still looking out for you. And you know what? Your mommy and Johnny and Allie, they're going to take very good care of you, because they love you very much," Nicole assured Sydney.

"Do you love me, too?" the little girl asked. "Oh, Sydney. You are a part of my heart, and you always will be," Nicole said, stroking Sydney's hair and kissing her on the forehead. Sydney asked Nicole to stay, so Nicole agreed to read Sydney a story and read to her until Sydney fell asleep. Nicole turned on a lamp while Sydney got a book from the nightstand. Nicole took off her shoes and crawled into the little bed with Sydney.

"I had so many questions before I walked in, and now I don't even know where to start," a bemused Will remarked to his mom. Sami handed him the proposal and contract to explain. After Will read it, he expressed surprise that Sami was considering it. He asked about the SEC. It was Sami's turn to be surprised, but she quickly surmised that Will was the one who'd asked for Victor's help. "You rescued me," Sami marveled, adding that she'd just heard from Kate that the whole thing was going away.

When the doorbell rang, Sami asked Will to stay and meet "the Hollywood guy" so he could give her his impression. Sami ran to let Bruce in then she escorted him into the living room and introduced him to Will. "Synchronicity. Kismet. Perfection," Bruce proclaimed, explaining that Will had shown great insight in the TruVista article. "We were just working on an offer. Come to Hollywood with your family," Bruce proposed. A thrilled Sami threw her arms excitedly around her son.

. . .

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