Friday, September 12, 2014

A mysterious figure entered the front door of the DiMera mansion and headed upstairs. Later, the person headed into the living room and looked around, pausing in front of the portrait of Kate and Sami.

In the park outside Horton Square, E.J.'s henchman patted Clyde down and pronounced him "clean." E.J. instructed the thug to make sure Clyde and E.J. weren't disturbed. After the goon had gone, E.J. demanded to know why he should do business with or even trust Clyde -- much less let Clyde live. "Mister DiMera, I don't cotton to threats. I never have," Clyde protested. E.J. clarified that if Clyde were playing some sort of game, the consequences would be lethal.

Clyde explained that he wouldn't have asked to meet with E.J. if he hadn't thought working together would be good for both of them -- plus, as Clyde had stated, he had good reasons to stay in Salem. E.J. noted that Ben and Jordan both hated him. "So why would you want to work for me?" E.J. asked. Clyde respectfully pointed out that his children had good reasons to dislike E.J. Clyde added that he'd learned it was never a good idea to mix business and family.

Acknowledging that E.J. had checked him out, Clyde emphasized that he had never had a run-in with law enforcement, and he could provide E.J. with a quality product at a lower price than E.J. had been paying. "I'm in business to make money, just like you. But when I heard I might be stepping on your toes -- well, my mama didn't raise no fool," Clyde added with a chuckle.

E.J. stated that Clyde would have one week to prove that his business model was as profitable as he claimed, and Clyde would receive no financial help from E.J. If E.J. were satisfied, he might consider working with Clyde. "There is, however, one caveat. You may not contact me directly. If you do, you'll regret it," E.J. warned Clyde. E.J. strolled away.

When E.J. returned home later, he paused on the doorstep to make a phone call instructing Miguel not to let Clyde out of his sight. E.J. hung up and went inside. He found a note on the entry table, and as he was reading it, someone suddenly sucker-punched him. Rubbing his jaw, E.J. calmly addressed his attacker: "Chad." With an angry grin, Chad announced, "I'm home."

Maggie was hurrying through Horton Square when Anne stopped her to say hello. Maggie greeted Anne as cordially as she could manage and tried to continue on her way, but Anne wanted to know what the big secret thing was that was happening at the hospital with Daniel and John Black. Maggie noted, "I assume that if I'm supposed to know about it, someone would have told me, so I guess it's none of my business -- or yours, Anne."

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kristen's revelation that she'd found a new drug treatment that would awaken John from his coma alarmed Theresa so much that she dropped her glass of vodka. A baffled Kristen wanted to know why Theresa was freaking out about the good news that John would soon wake up. "No! No, no, no -- John can't wake up! [...] That's never gonna happen!" a panicked Theresa stammered. Kristen demanded to know why Theresa was so upset.

Theresa accused Kristen of making up the whole thing about the miracle drug and showing up at the mansion just to prey on Brady because she was desperate. Kristen insisted that wasn't the case. Theresa guessed, "You found out, and you can't stand it, so you came over here to do what you do best -- screw up Brady's life..." Kristen was still puzzled.

Theresa boasted that after Brady had gone to Kristen's hotel room, he had turned to Theresa for comfort -- and the two of them had made love. Kristen refused to believe it. Theresa asserted that Kristen had made up the story about the drug because she'd been terrified that Brady and Theresa would get back together. Kristen became more and more enraged, but Theresa continued rubbing it in about how hot the sex had been. Kristen finally snapped, shoving Theresa up against the door and choking her.

Kristen threw Theresa onto the couch and climbed on top of her while continuing to choke her. Even with Kristen's hands around her throat, Theresa managed to declare, "He's mine!" Just then, Maggie arrived and pulled Kristen off of Theresa. "Stop it! What in the world is going on?" Maggie shouted. Shaking and panting, Theresa got up and poured herself a glass of water. Kristen politely apologized to Maggie for barging into the mansion and left.

Maggie asked what Kristen and Theresa had been doing there. Theresa explained that she'd gone to the mansion to see Brady, but before she'd been able to leave him a note, Kristen had arrived and tried to kill her. Trying without much success to maintain her composure, Theresa continued that Kristen was so desperate to get Brady back that she'd claimed to have invented a drug that would cure John. Maggie became very pensive as Theresa pointed out that Brady had said John would never wake up.

Observing the change in Maggie's demeanor, an anxious Theresa tried to convince herself that there was no way Kristen could have been telling the truth. Maggie pointed out that since Brady wasn't there, they had no way of knowing if what Kristen had said was true. Maggie escorted Theresa out.

At the hospital, Brady and Marlena watched while Daniel injected the experimental drug into John's I.V. When the beeping from John's monitor changed pitch, Marlena and Brady assumed that meant John was waking up. Daniel reminded them that he'd explained on the way to the hospital that the drug would not work quickly. Daniel asked Brady if they could step outside so that Daniel could go over a few things with Brady, so Marlena volunteered to stay behind with John. After the men had gone, Marlena promised John that she would not let him go again then she sent a text message.

Roman arrived after getting Marlena's message. She asked if he would find Eric, who had done something incredibly selfless. Without divulging any further details, Marlena said that she thought Eric deserved to be with his dad. Roman agreed to go to the pub and talk to Eric.

In the waiting area, Daniel urged Brady to have patience. Brady admitted that the entire situation was hard for him to process -- especially because Kristen had been the source of the possible cure for his dad.

Daniel stepped away for a moment to ask Maxine to keep an eye on John's vital signs. Maxine promised to send Daniel an update by text message every hour, and to advise the staff at shift change to keep everything "on the down-low."

Daniel asked Brady to leave the hospital with him so Daniel could fill Brady in on the rest of the story about Kristen and her motives. Soon, the two men arrived at Daniel's apartment. Daniel stated that Brady had been left out of the loop about what had been going on until the last minute. He continued that Kristen had expressed her gratitude for forcing her to return to Salem because it had given her a chance to reconnect with Brady -- and John was her opening. Brady understood that Kristen meant that she was giving him the one thing that no one else had been able to: saving John's life.

Daniel revealed that Kristen had stipulated that she wouldn't produce the drug for John unless Eric agreed not to testify against her. Brady castigated himself for being so blind to Kristen's evil while they'd been dating, but Daniel urged Brady to leave the past in the past. Brady asserted that Kristen was telling herself that she was helping John for Brady, but she was really doing it for the person she'd always done everything for: herself. "Because of her, my brother can no longer be a priest. That's not right, and that's on me," Brady added as he headed out to find Eric.

Eric was at the Brady Pub, looking at some photographs he had spread out on the table in front of him, when Nicole passed by outside and spotted him. She went inside and inquired about what was going on with John at the hospital. Nicole elaborated that John's transfer to the long-term care facility had been put on hold, plus Kayla and Daniel had locked down John's floor.

Eric reminded Nicole that he'd made it clear that he would never share anything with her again. While Eric was reading a text message, Nicole cautioned him that she would simply get the story from another source. She was on her way out the door when Eric stopped her. He asked if she would honor their agreement not to broadcast anything about him or his family, and Nicole said that she would.

Eric confirmed that something was going on at the hospital that involved John -- but it was good news. Eric refused to reveal anything further, which irked Nicole because she was concerned about John, who had been kind to her and was the father of one of her few friends. Eric pointed out that it was still none of her business.

As a fed-up Nicole was leaving, Roman walked in. Roman asked what Eric had done that was so selfless. Eric explained about the deal he'd made with Kristen in exchange for the drug to potentially awaken John from the coma. Roman protested that the D.A. wouldn't be able to make a case against Kristen without Eric's testimony, but Eric maintained that helping John was more important than revenge. Roman asked about the photos that Eric was looking at. Eric explained that he was going to start a website to sell his pictures. Roman hinted that his preference would be for Eric to return to the priesthood, but Eric urged his dad to let it go.

When Brady arrived at the pub a little later, he informed Eric that there had been no change with John. Brady expressed his heartfelt gratitude that Eric had sacrificed for John. Brady embraced Eric. Brady lamented how Kristen was hurting Eric all over again. Eric urged Brady to stay away from Kristen, and Brady swore that he wanted nothing more to do with "that psychopath." Brady said that he was heading home to get a photo album to help jog John's memory when he woke up.

Maxine went into John's room to check his vital signs. Marlena remarked that there hadn't been any change, but Maxine reminded her that it could take a while. Maxine added, "As far as I'm concerned, this new drug is not the only positive thing at work here. Medicine's one thing; love and faith is something else." As Marlena stepped outside to wait while Maxine worked, Maxine urged Dr. Evans to try to rest. "I'll be fine -- when he's fine," Marlena said.

Nicole got off the elevator just as Marlena was closing the door of John's room behind her. Nicole asked what was happening with John. Marlena was incredulous that Nicole had the nerve to approach her. Nicole pointed out that she was a reporter -- and while she would prefer to print the facts, she could just as easily run the rumors. Before Nicole could leave in a huff, Marlena stopped her and led her into a private waiting room.

Anne, who had been eavesdropping on the exchange between Marlena and Nicole, muttered, "Okay, time to find out what's going on in there."

After Nicole agreed not to print anything Marlena said until Marlena gave the go-ahead, Marlena revealed that John had been given an experimental drug that could reverse his coma. Nicole was excited for the Black family -- but she wondered why both Marlena and Eric seemed so reserved about it. Marlena admitted that Kristen had provided the drug. Appalled and disgusted, Nicole expressed sympathy for what both Brady and Eric were going through.

"Oh, that bitch! [...] Kristen is not human, and I bet the devil is ashamed for making her. She should be put down!" Nicole declared. Marlena agreed that no one would miss Kristen. Nicole suggested that the two of them team up again to stop Kristen, but Marlena firmly avowed, "You and I will never work together... because of what you did to Eric. I want nothing to do with you, and neither does he."

As Theresa was leaving the Kiriakis mansion, she got a text message from Anne that read, "MAJOR NEWS! Meet me in Square." Theresa's first reaction was irritation -- but when she realized what Anne's message might have meant, Theresa felt sick.

A bit later, Theresa found Anne having frozen yogurt in Horton Square. Anne told Theresa, "Doctor Dan the miracle man, he gave John Black some experimental drug. The scuttlebutt is that this drug is going to wake the old boy up any day now." Theresa tried hard not to panic while she attempted to think of a plan without giving anything away to Anne. "That'll work. That'll work," a wild-eyed Theresa muttered to herself as she rushed off.

Theresa showed up at the Kiriakis mansion just as Brady got home. Brady said that it wasn't a good time, but Theresa anxiously insisted, "There's something that I need to tell you, something you need to know."

Marlena was about to go back into John's room when Eric returned to the hospital. Mother and son embraced wordlessly outside John's door. As Nicole exited the waiting room, she spotted Eric and Marlena together. Nicole stepped quietly onto the elevator without them seeing her.

Maggie called Daniel and asked if there were a new drug being tried on John Black that could reverse his coma. Daniel reminded his mom that he couldn't discuss a patient with her. Maggie said that she'd heard Kristen was behind it, so Maggie intended to do whatever she could to help Brady. Before Maggie hung up, she told her son, "I love you, and I'm very proud of you." Daniel cautioned her not to count any chickens yet.

As Daniel hung up, there was a loud pounding on his door. He opened it, and Kristen charged into the apartment. "Disgusting, lying little slut!" she spat. Daniel told Kristen to leave, but she demanded to know if he'd given John the drug and if Brady knew about it. Daniel confirmed that he had administered the drug -- and he'd filled Brady in on every aspect of Kristen's deal. Unconcerned about Brady's reaction, Kristen said that she'd just had a run-in with Theresa, who'd claimed that she and Brady were sleeping together.

Daniel's wordless smirk verified Theresa's story. Kristen muttered that she'd thought Theresa had only been trying to bait her. Daniel asserted that perhaps Kristen would realize that Brady was no longer hung up on her. Kristen complained that Theresa had encouraged Brady to abuse drugs and alcohol, but Daniel argued, "And who sent him rolling down that road?" Kristen grumbled that Theresa was so self-centered that instead of being happy and hopeful, she had freaked out when Kristen had told her that there was a drug that could awaken John from his coma.

Kristen pondered why Theresa had seemed so panicked. "It was like she didn't even want John to recover. It didn't make any sense to me," Kristen said, then her eyes widened as the truth dawned on her: "Oh, my God. It wasn't Brady... She was terrified. She was afraid for her life. Brady didn't do it! He didn't hit John over the head. It was Theresa. Theresa's the one who put John in the coma!"

. . .

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