Friday, October 17, 2014

When Aiden arrived at the park outside Horton Square, Ciara freaked out when she realized that Aiden was her mom's date. Hope gently pointed out that Ciara and Aiden had started to become friends, and Hope knew that Ciara liked him. "Just because I like him doesn't mean I want him to be my new dad!" Ciara snapped. Hope firmly told her daughter that she would never suggest that Aiden or anyone else could replace Ciara's dad. Ciara demanded, "Isn't that what a date is for? To see if you like someone enough to marry him? [...] You're the one who's divorcing dad! Isn't that so you can marry someone else, someone like him?"

Julie arrived just then and urged Ciara to take a deep breath. Pointing an accusatory finger in Aiden's direction, Ciara complained that her mom was going out on a date with him. Julie was taken aback. She recognized Aiden as J.J.'s lawyer and from his help with the gala. After Hope introduced Aiden to Julie, he suggested to Ciara that the two of them go into the square to give the ladies some privacy. Before Aiden and Ciara left, Julie explained that she had thought she was "the person closest to Hope of anyone in the entire world."

After Aiden and Ciara had gone, Hope admitted that she should have told Julie what had been going on. Julie asserted that Bo had put Hope in a terrible position, so if Hope were ready to move on, Julie supported her -- but Julie wanted to know something about Aiden. Hope admitted that Aiden was difficult to describe. "Good-looking comes to mind," Julie noted. Laughing, Hope acknowledged that Aiden was, indeed, very good-looking, and although she knew a lot of external things about him, he was really private.

Hope continued that Aiden was a good dad, he was sweet with Ciara, and he made Hope laugh. "Been a long time since I heard you laugh, darling," Julie pointed out. Hope said that she and Aiden were friends, and she would listen if that friendship turned to trust, but she wouldn't push him. She admitted that she wanted to find out where things were going with Aiden. "Then I want you to find out. Hope, darling, all I want is a happy ending for you," Julie emphasized. Hope embraced Julie gratefully.

At a table in Horton Square, Aiden told an obstinate Ciara that he really liked her mom, adding, "We wouldn't be having this conversation if I didn't like you, too." He reminded Ciara that they had become friends when they'd teamed up to "save the day" during the auction. Ciara just stared at Aiden, who suggested, "Think about law school, kid, 'cause you don't give an inch." Ciara giggled in spite of herself. Aiden reassured her that he would never even try to take her dad's place, because Aiden respected how she felt about her dad. Aiden solemnly promised never to do anything to hurt Ciara or Hope.

Julie had gone when Aiden and Ciara returned to the park. Hope asked if Ciara wanted to talk. Ciara replied, "Nah, I'm kinda talked out. And maybe you two could, I don't know, go on a date? Maybe it won't be so bad." With a broad grin, Ciara warned Aiden that she would be watching him.

When Eve ran into Marybeth in Horton Square and saw how glum the girl seemed, Eve demanded to know if something had happened to Paige. Privately recalling her earlier encounter with Paige when Marybeth had spied birth control in Paige's bag, Marybeth maintained that nothing had happened. She added that she hoped Eve could find a way to make Paige see what a "loser" J.J. was.

In her apartment later, Eve looked at some old flyers advertising one of her singing performances. When Eric arrived to take Eve's new publicity shots, Eve flirtatiously gushed that he was attractive enough to be in front of the camera instead of behind it. While the two of them looked through some photographs, Eve said that she had waited a long time for her comeback. Eric was surprised to learn that she hadn't had the surgery yet, but Eve was confident that it would be a success. She insisted that Eric attend her debut performance.

Eric set up some lights in the apartment and took photographs of Eve. Once he was satisfied with what he'd gotten, Eric said that he would print a proof sheet so they could go over it later. Eve remarked that she couldn't believe Eric had once been a priest. She proposed that instead of looking at a proof sheet, they view the images on Eric's camera over drinks to celebrate how well the shoot had gone.

Eric tried to decline, but Eve insisted that it would be her treat -- plus she playfully pointed out that he had to keep the client happy. Eric agreed to go. As he began packing his equipment, Eric questioned whether Eve needed to stay home for her daughter. Eve said that Paige had her plate full with school and was probably still studying.

At Daniel's apartment, Paige's announcement that she wanted J.J. to be her first caught J.J. off guard. Paige showed him the birth control she'd gotten earlier that afternoon. "Everything's changed, J.J., ever since Kayla," Paige said. She explained that ever since she'd found out what had happened to Kayla, Paige had seen how supportive and protective J.J. was of his aunt -- and his whole family -- and it had convinced her that he really was as "amazing" as she'd thought. J.J. insisted that he wasn't.

Paige said that J.J. had shown her that all guys weren't like the string of terrible men her mom had dated. "You're good and decent, and I love you. And I know you, and I know you mean it when you say you love me," Paige asserted. J.J. assured her that he did love her. "Then it will be perfect," Paige murmured, kissing J.J. passionately. Before things went much further, however, J.J. stopped. He explained that he had promised Daniel that nothing like that would happen there.

Paige said that one of her friends had offered to let them use her dorm room, but J.J. worried that they weren't giving the friend enough notice. Paige asked if J.J. really wanted the two of them to be together. J.J. maintained that he did, but he was really tired and just wanted to go home and get some sleep. As he hurried to gather his stuff, J.J. asked Paige to lock up when she left. Paige seemed utterly bewildered when J.J. left.

On her way home, Paige walked through the park, where she ran into Rory. His voice dripping with sarcasm, Rory said it was "shocking" that J.J. had already left Paige for the evening. "Just be sure that he's not ditching you to steal someone else's date," Rory added. He said that J.J.'s story about the night of the party might not be what had actually happened. Paige didn't buy it. "Fine. You believe what J.J. said about that night and that he's just tired and wanted to go home. And Scarlett Johansson isn't totally hot," an exasperated Rory said as he walked away.

J.J. went home to the Horton house and headed upstairs, but he accidentally left the front door unlatched and slightly ajar. In his bedroom, J.J. looked in the mirror and urged his reflection to just tell Paige, who would understand. He turned out the lights and climbed into bed.

When Paige arrived at the Horton house, she was surprised to find the front door open, although the house was dark. She walked inside, locked the door behind her, and remarked to herself with a smile, "So you're tired, huh?" Paige ascended the stairs and tiptoed into J.J.'s room, where she peeled off her outer sweater and slid into bed next to a startled J.J.

At the Brady Pub, Clyde's gift -- a fortune cookie with a fortune inside that read, "Have fun -- it's only naughty if you get caught" -- amused Kate and bewildered her a bit. Clyde explained that he'd just wanted to distract Kate after the way E.J. DiMera had died. "There's just no understanding why things happen the way they do," Clyde mused. He asked if there would be a memorial, and he was surprised when Kate informed him that there wouldn't be. "You'd think a man like Stefano DiMera would want some kind of tribute to his son," Clyde noted.

Kate explained that Stefano and E.J. had experienced a very volatile relationship, and they hadn't been able to make up before E.J. had died. "I'm sorry. That's just wrong," Clyde blurted a bit vehemently. Kate bristled, pointing out that Clyde didn't know any of the people involved. Clyde apologized and explained that he'd only meant that Stefano was wrong. Clyde continued that Kate's remarks had hit close to home because his kids hated him, and he felt that people should try to fix things between them before it was too late.

Kate suggested that Clyde's kids could always reach out to him. Clyde accepted full responsibility for what had happened between him and his children. He added that he knew that it was too late with Jordan, but he hoped he could get Ben to see how much he had changed. "I want a second chance, like the one that E.J. and his daddy didn't have," Clyde maintained. He asserted, "You gotta be open to...things that might help you change, you know? Become the person that your kids want you to be." Kate quipped, "Within reason. I think my son Lucas would like me to become a cloistered nun."

Clyde pointed out that change could happen in many ways -- for example, if the right person happened along. Kate stepped a few feet away to take a phone call. "Are you sure? Did you double-check? No, it's just worse than I thought," Kate said on the phone. She hung up and told Clyde that she had to cut things short, because she had to deal with an emergency. An understanding Clyde said that he hoped to see Kate again soon. "If I don't fix this, it might be ten to twenty," Kate noted wryly before heading out. Outside, Kate muttered, "Sami, you idiot!"

In a back booth at Club TBD, Abigail asked Ben, "Remember the last time we talked? You were talking about E.J., and you started to say that you never wanted anyone to die, but then you stopped yourself... I feel like there was something that you weren't saying. Did you once want someone dead?" Ben reluctantly admitted that he had once wished his father were dead. Ben hastened to add that he didn't think they should be talking about that, or him, when she had lost her own father and someone she knew had just been murdered.

Abigail pointed out that they almost never talked about Ben, but she wanted to know him. She said that Clyde had told her that he'd made some bad mistakes when Ben had been young, but she guessed that wasn't the whole story. Ben admitted that Abigail was right. He explained that his mom had died when he'd been very young, and things had gotten bad after that, especially for Jordan when she would try to protect him. "Dad could get pretty nasty with that belt," Ben added, much to Abigail's horror.

Ben continued that the beatings had been why he and Jordan had fled, and he had never wanted to see Clyde again -- but Clyde was in Salem. "Do you still wish he were dead?" Abigail inquired. Ben wondered if his father had really changed as advertised -- which Jordan didn't buy -- since he had seen flashes of Clyde's anger since he'd arrived in Salem. Abigail pointed out that everyone got angry occasionally. Ben acknowledged that he had gotten his temper from his dad, but he didn't wish his dad were dead. "I just wish he would go away," Ben asserted.

Ben remarked that he needed a second job so he could afford to move into a better place -- one that actually had a front door he could lock. Abigail pointed out that she would never see him if he got a second job. Ben said that his only other option was to use some of the money he'd been saving for college, but Abigail urged him not to do that. "College is way too important to you... Something else will come up; it always does," Abigail reassured him. As Ben kissed her appreciatively, Clyde arrived outside and gaped at the two of them through the window.

Abigail had to leave because she had a job interview the next morning. Ben was optimistic that she would get the job. When Abigail walked out, Ben noticed his dad waiting at the bar. After calling Clyde a "stalker," Ben said that he didn't have the money to pay Clyde back yet. Clyde assured Ben that it wasn't necessary to repay it, but Ben was determined. "Keep the money, please? You deserve it after the hell I put you through. You got a right to it -- that and a whole lot more," Clyde insisted.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami put a tentative hand on the urn containing E.J.'s ashes and tearfully swore to him that she would figure out how to stop crying so she could be strong for and protect their children. She wondered aloud how she would be able to keep that promise. "You do it with the help of the people who love you," said Lucas' voice behind her. Grateful and relieved to see her ex, Sami hurried to him, and the two embraced. Lucas reassured her that she would be able to keep her promise because she was "the most amazing survivor" he'd ever known.

Sami filled Lucas in about the police finding the guy who'd killed E.J., but she was having a hard time accepting that E.J. had been the victim of something so random. Just then, Allie ran into the room and into her dad's arms. Lucas apologized that he hadn't been able to get there sooner and asked how Allie was and how Johnny and Sydney were. "They're never going to see their daddy again," Allie cried. She added that although her brother and sister had cried, she'd tried not to. Lucas reassured Allie that it was all right to cry, because E.J. had loved her as if he'd been her dad.

"It's not fair. [...] I still have my daddy, but Johnny and Sydney... Daddy, will you be to them as E.J. was to me?" Allie implored Lucas. Tears streamed down Sami's face as she listened. Lucas promised to help Johnny and Sydney as much as he could because he loved them just as much as E.J. had loved Allie. Lucas added that he would make sure to tell the kids how much E.J. had loved all of them, as well as Sami. Allie headed back upstairs to be with her brother and sister because she thought the three of them should stick together.

Grabbing Lucas' hand, an awed Sami expressed her sincere gratitude. Lucas offered to help in any way that he could, such as helping to plan E.J.'s memorial. Sami informed him that E.J. hadn't wanted the kids to have to endure the "circus" a service could become, although she wanted to put together something private so the kids could say goodbye. "And then I have to get to work figuring out how to get them the hell away from here, get them out of this place for good -- and away from Stefano for good," Sami declared.

After reassuring Sami that she would be all right, Lucas headed upstairs to "distract" the kids. As soon as she was alone, a weeping Sami picked up the photo of the whole family and set it next to E.J.'s urn. Kate returned to the mansion just then. She stormed into the living room, slammed the double doors, flung her purse in a chair, and declared to a startled Sami, "You have really stepped in it this time!"

As she strode over and shut Sami's laptop, Kate ordered Sami to stay off the computer and the phone. "What are you talking about? What the hell?" demanded a baffled Sami. "It's about you headed for prison. I don't want to get dragged along for that ride," Kate declared.

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