Friday, February 5, 2016

Kate was on the phone with her stockbroker when Deimos crept up behind her. When Kate realized Deimos was eavesdropping, she quickly hung up. Deimos offered to give Kate the money she needed. Kate declined because, as Victor's brother, that made Deimos automatically untrustworthy.

Deimos offered to buy Kate lunch to demonstrate that she could believe what he said. Deimos explained that he'd been in prison for a long time, and that was why Victor had never mentioned him to Kate. Deimos continued that he had slept with Victor's fiancée, and Deimos had been wrongfully convicted of later murdering her -- although Victor had actually committed the crime.

Deimos asserted that Victor had believed he was better than everyone else. "Hubris," Kate pronounced, and Deimos concurred. He explained that he was in Salem to try to make things right with his brother. Kate wanted to know how Deimos had money to lend her when he'd been in prison for thirty years. Deimos stated that he'd had the money before that and had invested it wisely. He added that he wanted to invest it in Kate's venture because she fascinated him.

Kate was laughing at Deimos' brazen directness when Eduardo walked in. Kate introduced Eduardo and Deimos, who made an excuse to leave. He asked Kate to let him know what she decided. After Deimos left, Eduardo asked what Kate was deciding about. Kate told Eduardo about the proposed loan. Eduardo admitted that he hadn't been able to do that favor for Kate because long-term investments weren't really his style.

Kate noted that Eduardo had told her almost nothing about himself, and it made her wonder if he had something to hide. Eduardo cagily pointed out that everyone had something to hide. Kate asserted that she had no desire to be with a man who kept secrets after being with so many men like that. "I don't want to have my hand slapped every time I've crossed some invisible line that you've drawn in the sand. I'm in a new place in my life, and I want to know exactly who I'm dealing with -- or there's no deal," Kate declared.

Eduardo said he was sorry that Kate felt that way, implying that he had no intention of changing. "Well, that tells me that we don't have anything else to talk about," Kate said decisively. Without another word, a clearly dissatisfied Eduardo left.

Back in his hotel room, Deimos sifted through the photos of Victor and the people closest to him -- Maggie, Justin, Caroline, and Philip. Kate rapped on the door a moment later and amiably informed Deimos that she had to decline his offer. She explained that she wanted to do things on her own, with no silent partners. Deimos said he was impressed.

After his police academy graduation ceremony, J.J. arrived at the police station in a police uniform. An obviously pleased Roman declared that Jack would have been proud of his son.

Shawn was working in the squad room when Rafe showed up with coffee for some of the officers. An upset Theo arrived to see his dad, but Roman informed the teen that Abe was in a meeting. As Theo was headed back out, Lani offered to take him to lunch so they could talk, and Theo somewhat reluctantly agreed.

Roman informed Shawn and J.J. that he wanted them to start tailing Deimos Kiriakis, who'd just gotten out of prison and was on Interpol's watch list. Roman added that Stefano had apparently left the country and should no longer be a problem for the people of Salem.

Andre was waiting in the shadows of Chad's room at the bed and breakfast when Chad returned. Unruffled, Chad asked why Andre was wearing a hat. Andre removed said item and slowly turned to face Chad, who found the gash on his brother's face disconcerting. Andre blamed the wound -- and Stefano's death -- on Hope Brady, against whom Andre swore revenge. He described the events that had led up to him finding Stefano's body in some rubble in an abandoned warehouse, and how he had been in the building when it had been demolished -- which had caused his injuries.

Chad admitted that he'd witnessed the warehouse's destruction, though he didn't believe that Hope had killed Stefano. Andre produced Bo's gun, which he'd swiped from the Brady house, and maintained that Rafe Hernandez had helped Hope move Stefano's body. Unwilling to participate in Andre's plans for revenge, Chad declared, "What you're saying is insane, and I don't want any part of it." Andre took Stefano's pinkie ring from his pocket and put it on, asserting that he'd taken it from Stefano's "stone-cold hand."

When Chad reacted with stone-cold indifference, a livid Andre blew up at him -- but Chad icily ordered his brother, "Stay out of my life." Andre informed Chad that there was a lien on the family home due to unpaid property taxes, thanks to Sami's theft. Chad stated calmly that he was paying the taxes and taking possession of the house -- and he intended to live there with Abigail and their baby, at which time Andre would have to move out. "If you turn your back on me now, you turn your back on your legacy," Andre warned as he donned his hat and left.

Hope paced in her living room, fretting aloud to herself about Andre. "I'm stronger than that son of a bitch. He is not going to take me down," she vowed.

Chad showed up a little later, demanding to talk to Hope about Stefano. Chad related Andre's claim that he'd seen Stefano's body in the building that had been demolished -- and that Hope had killed Stefano, and Rafe had helped her cover it up. Chad asked if it were true. Hope guardedly confirmed that she'd been with Stefano the night he'd disappeared, but she added, " out of his mind." After Chad had gone, a panicked Hope called Rafe and asked him to get there as soon as he could.

When Jennifer and Abigail returned home after J.J.'s graduation, Jennifer was in a lot of pain from having to sit through the long ceremony. After Jennifer headed upstairs to lie down and check on Thomas, Theresa arrived with Abigail's wedding dress. Theresa unzipped the dress bag and showed the gown to Abigail, whose eyes filled with happy tears. Theresa urged her to try the dress on, so Abigail hurried upstairs with it.

A few minutes later, Abigail descended the stairs, carefully holding the dress so she wouldn't step on it. Abigail stood in front of the mirror to admire Theresa's creation -- a full-length white dress, essentially strapless but with a swath of tulle wrapping around from the back to the front to create a sheer one-shouldered effect, and with a loose layer of gauzy chiffon over a slimmer underskirt. As Theresa was suggesting slight alterations, Jennifer entered the room and gasped when she saw her daughter. Jennifer gushed over the dress, proclaiming it perfect for Abigail.

Abigail observed that her mom seemed different from when they'd returned from J.J.'s graduation. Jennifer brightly asserted that she felt much better after lying down for a bit. "I love that dress! I really do. I had no idea that you could be so creative," Jennifer declared. After Jennifer left the room, Theresa asked Abigail if Jennifer were all right. Abigail explained that her mom had been in a lot of pain since the accident. Pointing out that she had some experience in that area, Theresa guessed that the doctors had put Jennifer on an opiate painkiller.

Theresa gently cautioned Abigail to keep an eye on Jennifer to make sure wasn't taking, more than the prescribed dosage, explaining, "Opiates, they kind of set up shop in your brain and make you think you need them when you don't." Although Abigail appeared incredulous, it seemed as if Theresa's words had hit home. When Theresa gathered her things to leave, Abigail requested to wear the dress a little longer.

While Abigail stood in front of the mirror, gazing pensively at herself in the gown, Chad walked in. "Oh, my God," he exclaimed softly when he saw Abigail. She freaked out and tried to cover the dress with a pillow and an afghan, shrieking that Chad wasn't supposed to see her and ordering him to turn around. Chad maintained that not seeing the bride in her gown was just a superstition. He reassured Abigail that nothing would break up their family.

Chad informed Abigail that he'd asked Rafe to be his best man, because Rafe had never stopped trying to prove Chad's innocence when he'd been accused of being the serial killer. Abigail grudgingly gave Chad permission to turn around when he requested it. "Can I just say how beautiful you look?" Chad said in quiet amazement. Abigail's eyes filled with tears as she moved in to hug Chad.

Chad told Abigail about his encounter with Andre and about Andre's claims. "He wants me to help him avenge our father's murder," Chad said. Chad proposed that he and Abigail should take Thomas and elope to Paris.

At Brady and Theresa's apartment, Nicole showed Brady the business plan she'd worked up for her and Theresa's new design business. Brady commended Nicole on the realistic proposal, which capitalized on Nicole's business sense and Theresa's designs. As Nicole thanked Brady for his praise and honesty, she accidentally called him "Daniel." Embarrassed, she apologized, but Brady assured her that he understood. Brady questioned whether starting a new company was really what Nicole wanted so soon after Daniel's death.

Nicole reassured Brady that she wanted him to participate in the business, to help guide them, and -- Theresa probably felt the same way. Brady said, "It's not the same for her. Nicole agreed, "No, to her, you had a transplant, and she's grateful it worked. To me, you're alive, and you're keeping Daniel alive." Brady admitted that he felt as if the heart still belonged to Daniel, and he guessed that was why he'd been having the dreams. Nicole acknowledged that it had to be strange for Brady to dream things that had turned out to be true.

Nicole asked if Brady had talked to Fynn about the dreams. Brady said he had, but he didn't want to discuss the details with Nicole because he knew it was difficult for both of them, especially Nicole, to hear. Nicole apologized for pestering Brady for information just so she could feel closer to Daniel, when Brady was still recovering from a heart transplant. Stressing that he understood Nicole was grieving for the man she'd loved, Brady ordered her to stop beating herself up. Nicole became emotional as she said, "That's what Daniel used to say to me."

"Exactly," Brady noted, taking Nicole's hand in comfort -- just as Theresa entered. As Brady walked over to greet Theresa with a kiss, Nicole explained that she'd been showing Brady her business plan and wanted to show Theresa, as well. Theresa was worried that their plan could fall apart if Kate couldn't raise the money to buy them out.

When Kate arrived a little later, she presented Theresa and Nicole with a check for the amount they had all agreed on. Nicole promised to sign the papers as soon as the check cleared. Kate curiously asked what the other two planned to do with the money. "We're going to start our own company," Theresa began, and Nicole finished, "A clothing line, using Theresa's designs." After a dubious Kate left, Nicole, Theresa, and Brady celebrated with ginseng soda in Champagne glasses. "To D.J. Designs," Theresa toasted.

Brady went to lie down, and while he was asleep, he dreamed of the woman on the beach -- but that time, he could see her face. His heart thumping as he awakened, Brady wondered aloud, "Who the hell is she?"

When Rafe arrived at the Horton house, Hope agitatedly informed him that Andre had been in the building and had seen Stefano's body -- although Chad thought Andre was insane. Rafe assured Hope that Andre had no evidence and, without Stefano there to back him, would fold. "We've just got to ride this one out," Rafe concluded. "What if I can't do that?" Hope asked.

Andre dialed Hope's number from the DiMera study and held up the phone so she could hear the opera music blasting in the background. He remained silent as a wide-eyed Hope put her phone on speaker so Rafe could listen, as well. She hung up, edgily noting, "So much for Andre folding!"

A little later, Rafe charged into the DiMera mansion and angrily confronted Andre: "You stay the hell away from Hope!"

. . .

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