Friday, April 18, 2014

J.J. was in Horton Square when he saw Paige across the way. As soon as she spotted him, she tried to run away to avoid seeing him, but J.J. chased after her. Paige ordered him to leave her alone, but when J.J. persisted, she lashed out at him for standing her up. J.J. insisted that he had only been late, not absent, and asked if Paige had gotten his text message. Paige showed J.J. her phone, which had no recent message from J.J.

Puzzled, J.J. produced his phone and proved that the message he'd sent to Paige had been delivered. Paige admitted that she had been with Marybeth at Club TBD and had left her phone on the table while she'd gone to the bar to get coffee. Paige was dismayed when she realized that Marybeth -- who was completely against Paige hanging out with J.J. -- had probably deleted the message. J.J. apologized for being late and asked for another chance. Paige accepted his invitation to hang out at his house.

When J.J. and Paige arrived at the Horton house and found no one else home, J.J. apologized. He reassured Paige that he had expected his mom and sister to be home and hadn't been trying to get Paige alone. J.J. suggested that they go out instead, but Paige assured him that she wasn't afraid to be alone with him -- and even liked it. J.J. got a text message just then that upset him so much that he threw his phone. J.J. filled Paige in about what was happening with Daniel, and she couldn't believe anyone would do something like that to Dr. Jonas.

J.J. explained that he'd just gotten a text message from his mom, letting him know that the hearing about Daniel's suspension was the next day. J.J. blamed himself for what had happened to Daniel. He clarified that he had once hung out with his mom's former assistant, and they had bonded over their drug use and because they had both wanted his mom and Daniel to split up. J.J. sheepishly explained that after his dad had died, he hadn't wanted to see his mom with anyone new, and he had done awful things to Daniel.

"And this girl, she hated my mom for reasons that I don't even get, but she wanted them to break up, too, just to make my mom miserable," J.J. said. He continued that when the girl had overdosed one night, he had called Daniel, who had saved her life -- and covered for J.J. to keep him out of jail. Paige was impressed. J.J. said that he suspected the girl was retaliating against Daniel for turning down her advances -- and it was all J.J.'s fault.

Paige declared that J.J. blamed himself too much because Dr. Jonas probably didn't. She guessed that Daniel was proud of J.J. for getting his act together. "Face it, Deveraux. You're a good guy," Paige said softly, putting a hand on J.J.'s shoulder. Paige got a text message and had to head home. On her way out, she said that she hoped everything turned out okay for Dr. Jonas. Paige was almost out the door when she suddenly turned and kissed J.J. on the lips. J.J. looked positively giddy as he watched her leave.

At the Brady Pub, Hope wanted to chase after Father Louis to tell him that they didn't have the ballroom at the Salem Inn for St. Luke's gala. Aiden persuaded her that they might be able to fix it without having to tell the priest. Aiden wanted to try to con Curt Howell into giving up the ballroom, but Hope didn't think that was a good idea.

After a brief phone call, Hope informed Aiden that they had bigger problems than the location: their most generous donor, Giselle Van Hopper, had decided not to contribute anything from her impressive art collection to be auctioned off, which she had in every year prior. Hope continued that the funds raised from Mrs. Van Hopper's donations had made up more than half of the total revenue from the gala each year. Aiden wanted to call Mrs. Van Hopper, but Hope thought they should track the woman down and talk to her in person.

In Horton Square a bit later, Aiden listened while Hope made a phone call. "Please offer Mrs. Danvers' apologies to Mrs. Van Hopper," Hope purred before hanging up. She explained to Aiden that she'd read the name Mrs. Danvers in a book, and that Mrs. Van Hopper went to a nearby salon every week at that time. Just then, Giselle Van Hopper appeared, and Hope strode over to shake her hand and introduce Aiden.

In her upper-crust accent, Giselle confessed that she hadn't donated to the auction that year because she didn't plan to attend the gala. She explained that she'd recently gotten divorced, and she couldn't bear attending a large public function alone, especially when her very dull ex-husband would be there with his twenty-five-year-old bride. When Giselle stepped away to take a call from her housekeeper about Mrs. Danvers' mysterious phone call, Aiden suggested to Hope that it might make Mrs. Van Hopper crazy if Mrs. Van Hopper showed up at the gala with Aiden.

As soon as Giselle hung up, Aiden approached her and offered to escort her to the gala so they could keep each other company while simultaneously sticking it to Mr. Van Hopper. Although at first she appeared charmed, Giselle remarked, "I believe I can think of an even better way of sticking it to Harry." She looked pointedly at Hope standing a few yards away.

"Giselle's into women?" a surprised Hope asked when Aiden filled her in. "All I know is she turned me down flat. When she looked at you, her face looked like my son's face when he's staring down an ice-cream sundae with a cherry on top," Aiden said. Hope pointed out that everyone in Salem knew she wasn't gay, but Aiden reminded her that they desperately needed the donation.

As Hope returned to Giselle, Roman entered the square to talk to Aiden about some evidence on a case. Hope offered to attend the gala with Giselle, but Giselle cut her off. "Oh, darling, I'm not going to the gala with you... I was hoping you might arrange for me to go with someone you know," Giselle explained, indicating Roman. Hope's eyes widened.

Taking a deep breath, Hope crossed the square again to greet her brother-in-law. Roman thought she'd used him as an excuse to get away from Giselle Van Hopper, "your basic nightmare," in Roman's words. "Harry Van Hopper couldn't take it anymore; now she's trolling for her next victim... I get a very uncomfortable feeling she's zeroing in on me," Roman asserted. He explained that Giselle had joined his parks cleanup committee, but he avoided her like the plague.

After Roman left, Hope told Aiden what Giselle had said. Hope was unwilling to try to set up the very stubborn Roman and Giselle because he clearly wanted nothing to do with her. "Great. It just keeps on getting worse," Aiden grumbled.

A gloved hand slipped a photograph of Abigail kissing E.J., taken from outside the window at the Horton cabin, into an envelope.

In Jennifer's office at the hospital, Sami was eager for Abigail to give her another art history lesson because she had learned a lot about Giotto since they'd last met. Abigail admitted that there was something big going on at the hospital, although she couldn't tell Sami anything about it. Abigail wondered if Sami had time to study with the wedding quickly approaching, but Sami said that the wedding plans were going "perfectly." Abigail said that Sami and E.J. deserved to be very happy together.

Before they started on the art books, Sami confided that Will was angry with her because she had argued with Gabi, and Sami thought they could work things out if it weren't for Nick. Apologizing for putting Abigail on the spot, Sami asked what Abigail honestly thought about her cousin Nick. Abigail stated that Nick seemed to only want a happier life, and she speculated that he had actually changed. Sami was admittedly skeptical.

Abigail asked Sami, "If you did something really big -- I mean, you really messed up -- but you were trying to be a better person, then don't you think that you would deserve to have a second chance?" Sami apologized if she'd upset Abigail, but Abigail maintained that her mood had to do with what was going on at the hospital. Sami conceded that it might not be the best time to get together.

As Sami gathered her things to leave, she remarked, "Haven't you ever had a gut feeling about someone, and you can't put your finger on it, but no matter what this person says or what they do, you just know that they're not a good person?" Abigail acknowledged that she had, but sometimes she thought that if she couldn't put her finger on it then she might be wrong. Sami admitted that Abigail had a point -- but in the hallway outside, Sami told herself, "Except I know I'm not wrong. Oh, Gabi, if you only knew."

As Rafe exited through the gates of Horton Square, he spotted Nick and Gabi making out on a park bench. Gabi jumped up and defensively warned her brother that he couldn't tell her how to live her life -- but Rafe just glared at Nick. Finally, Rafe recalled Will's plea not to make things worse with Nick. Rafe apologized for upsetting Gabi and for fighting with Nick.

Extending his hand for Rafe to shake, Nick said that he hoped the two of them could someday be friends, since Rafe meant so much to Gabi. Rafe said that it was possible, but Nick would have to prove himself first. Nick said that he'd been telling himself the same thing since he'd gotten back to town. "From New York, you mean?" Rafe asked. "Yeah," Nick replied quizzically. After Rafe left, Gabi expressed optimism that things would work out because her brother was giving Nick a chance.

Nick encouraged Gabi not to worry too much about Will proposing a custody agreement because it could be a good thing for her, as well. Gabi wondered if she should talk to Justin about it, since he'd done her modeling contract. Nick suggested that, as Sonny's dad, Justin might not want to get involved. Nick promised to look into another lawyer for Gabi.

Will took Arianna in her stroller to the DiMera mansion because he needed to talk to E.J. Will explained that while he and Gabi had been arguing about Nick, Will had raised the subject of a custody agreement, and it had upset Gabi. Will added that he'd been careful not to bash Nick, but Gabi had insisted that Nick would never try to get between Will and Arianna -- and Will wished that were possible. E.J. thought pursuing a custody agreement was the right thing to do, and he thought he could convince Gabi that it was just as much for her protection as it was Will's. E.J. assured Will that everything would be just fine.

After Will had gone, E.J. was on the phone in the foyer, discussing plans for the honeymoon, when an envelope slid under the front door. By that time, however, E.J.'s back was turned, and he didn't see it. He passed through the foyer again later, but still he did not spot the envelope.

Abigail met Nick at Club TBD at his request, and she immediately noticed his bruised lip and asked about it. Nick laughed it off, lying that he had run into a door. He told Abigail that he needed a lawyer, though not for himself. Nick asked about the lawyer who'd helped with J.J.'s case. Although Abigail couldn't remember Aiden's last name, she said that he had been great. Abigail wanted to know if Nick needed the lawyer for Gabi, but he wouldn't say.

Abigail asked her cousin if he knew what he was doing. "Yeah, I know exactly what I'm doing," Nick assured her. Abigail admitted that Nick's tone sounded a little scary. Nick maintained that he hadn't meant it that way. He added that he'd never stopped loving Gabi -- but whether they got back together or not was up to her. Nick asked about Abigail's love life. She said that she was in no hurry to meet someone new.

Will had just put Arianna down for a nap when Gabi returned to the apartment. Will apologized for the way he'd broached the topic of a custody agreement. Gabi admitted that if they worked the details out then, it would force Will's mom to back off -- and Nick was the one who'd helped her realize that she'd been freaking out needlessly about it.

Gabi asserted, "He totally understood what you were worried about, even after I told him why you brought it up. He didn't get angry and try and turn me against you; he actually helped me feel better about it. He's not the guy that you, Sonny, your mom, and Kate say he is." Will pointed out that Nick knew he could put them all in prison any time he wanted to, but Gabi insisted that wasn't what Nick wanted. After Gabi left the room to check on Arianna, Will wondered aloud, "So, what does he want?"

When Sami ran into Rafe outside the Brady Pub, he wryly informed her that he'd just seen Gabi making out with Nick. Sami guessed that Rafe had wanted to hit Nick. "Well, I already did that, so I actually tried to stay calm this time," Rafe said. Sami admitted that she would have paid good money to see Rafe punch Nick. Rafe pointed out that Sami would have already known about it if she'd shown up when he'd asked to see her instead of sending her fiancÚ to handle Rafe.

Sami maintained that E.J. had offered to meet Rafe for her because they'd both been worried that she would shoot her mouth off again, as she just had with Gabi. Rafe didn't buy it because he knew something else was going on. Sami played dumb, but Rafe wanted to know why the women were all dancing to Nick's tune. "You're not just protecting yourself; you're protecting my sister, too, aren't you?" Rafe asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

Sami assured Rafe that she wouldn't just stand by if she saw Gabi getting into a bad situation. Rafe pointed out that they were already past that point -- because he had just had to apologize to "that jackass." A relieved Sami emphasized that the best thing Rafe could do was to leave it alone. She left before Rafe could press her further.

Rafe sat at his computer at the police station and typed "Nick Fallon + New York City" into a search engine.

Sami returned to the DiMera mansion and confessed that she'd run into Rafe on her way home. Sami added that she thought she'd done a good job of convincing Rafe not to make things worse by getting involved. As Sami leaned in to kiss the top of E.J.'s head, she spied the envelope on the front hallway floor. "Hey, what's that? It might be about the wedding. Let's find out," Sami said excitedly as she went to retrieve the envelope.

. . .

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