Friday, April 17, 2015

At Edge of the Square, Kate held her phone in front of her in camera mode so she could watch Rafe and Victor talk behind her across the room. When Kate saw Victor approach her at the bar, Kate pretended that she was berating a journalist on the phone for attempting to print a slanderous story about Adrienne and Lucas. Concerned, Victor asked what was going on. Kate pretended to be surprised that Victor was behind her.

Victor asked about the reporter that had called Kate. Kate assured Victor that she had told the reporter that the story was not true. When Victor asked for details, Kate said the reporter had called to say the paper intended to print a rumor about Lucas and Adrienne. When Victor asked about the rumor, Kate said that if there was any truth to the rumor, she would know about it. Rafe appeared behind Victor, and Kate told Victor not to worry.

Rafe and Victor walked over to the far side of the room to discuss Clyde. Rafe informed Victor that Hope had been asking questions about Clyde's trucking business. When Rafe expressed concern for Hope, Victor agreed. Victor looked across the room at Kate.

Rafe approached the bar and offered to buy a drink for Kate. When Kate wondered aloud if Rafe intended to poison her for causing Jordan to leave town, Rafe grinned. Rafe asked Kate why she was dating Clyde. With a shrug, Kate asked Rafe why he did not like Clyde. Kate reminded Rafe that she would not date someone who did not have substance. Rafe added dangerous to Clyde's list of attributes. With a raised eyebrow, Kate suggested that she might be interested in Clyde because he was dangerous.

In the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas stopped by to see Adrienne. Adrienne was worried about being seen together, but Lucas said Henderson had confirmed that they were alone in the house. With a confident stride, Lucas walked over to Adrienne, gathered her into his arms, and kissed her passionately. With a chuckle, Lucas pulled away and said he could not stay away. Adrienne agreed that Lucas had been on her mind too.

When Lucas reiterated that they were alone, Adrienne said she had seen Kate at Club TBD, and Adrienne had felt like Kate knew about Adrienne's affair with Lucas. Lucas stared silently. With a gasp, Adrienne asked Lucas if Kate knew about the affair. Lucas said that Kate knew and was happy. When Adrienne had asked Lucas why he had admitted to the affair, Lucas said he was a terrible liar. Lucas assured Adrienne that Kate would not say anything.

"She's happy for me. Hell, I'm happy for me. Now all I got to do now is try to convince this beautiful woman that I've fallen for that it's all okay," Lucas said. With a smile, Adrienne kissed Lucas. The two lovers headed upstairs and had sex. Afterward, the breathless couple grinned. Lucas asked Adrienne if she minded that he had stopped by the mansion. Adrienne kissed Lucas. Lucas said he understood that they needed to keep the affair quiet until she had talked to Justin.

Victor knocked on Adrienne's bedroom door. Panicked, Lucas looked around the room wildly, unsure where to go. Adrienne coolly called out to Victor and told him that she would meet Victor in the study. Victor agreed, and he said he had one more thing to add. "Lucas, you're fired," Victor yelled through the door.

At the hospital, Jennifer overheard a nurse mention that Daniel was off-duty. Jennifer thought about her last conversation with Daniel about J.J. and Eve. Worried, Jennifer mumbled that she needed to make sure that J.J. backed off of Paige until they could be sure that Paige would not learn the truth about J.J. and Eve.

In his bedroom at the Horton house, J.J. and Paige made love for the first time. On the bedside table, J.J.'s phone rang with a call from his mother. Oblivious, J.J. did not answer the phone. After making love, Paige and J.J. talked about how much they loved one another. As J.J. stroked Paige's hair, they heard the front door open. From downstairs, Jennifer called out to J.J. Paige told J.J. that she was not sorry about what they had done. After a quick kiss, J.J. rushed downstairs to talk to Jennifer.

In the living room, Jennifer asked what was going on. When J.J. explained that he and Paige had been studying, Jennifer countered that J.J. needed books in order to study. Paige entered the living room, and Jennifer raised an eyebrow. J.J. stuttered a lie about the calculus final they had studied for, and Paige said she needed to head home. When J.J. offered to walk Paige home, Jennifer asked J.J. to stay and talk to her instead. Nodding, J.J. walked Paige to the front porch.

On the porch, J.J. apologized for Jennifer's surprise return home. Paige laughed and said it was fine. Paige said that no matter how J.J. felt about Eve, she would always love J.J. With a shy smile, Paige said their evening together had been perfect. After telling J.J. that she loved him, Paige left.

J.J. returned to the living room and found a stern-faced Jennifer. J.J. apologized and said that he and Paige had been carried away. When Jennifer asked J.J. if they had been "safe," J.J. said they had been. J.J. told Jennifer he was in love with Paige. Jennifer urged J.J. to take things slowly, since Daniel knew the truth. With a nod, J.J. said he trusted Daniel, but he was worried about Eve.

J.J. explained to Jennifer about his argument with Eve about the coat and how Paige had walked in on it. J.J. worried aloud that Eve wanted to use the coat to break up his relationship with Paige.

In her hotel, Serena waited anxiously. Serena's phone beeped with a text from Melanie, explaining that she had left for Europe. Serena was upset then furious when she realized the text had been sent hours before but had only just been sent to her phone. Upset, Serena wondered aloud how she would get into Daniel's apartment so she could retrieve the diamonds. When there was a knock at the door, Serena answered it to find a livid Xander.

Xander grabbed Serena by the neck and asked if she had his diamonds. When a terrified Serena shook her head no, Xander yelled, "Do you think this is a game?" Xander shook Serena then threw her on the bed. Serena slid off the bed to the ground and spotted a business card for Daniel. "You bastard. You're playing me," Serena growled.

Xander was confused. Serena asked why Xander had Daniel's business card, and Xander admitted that he knew Daniel. With a raised eyebrow, Serena asked Xander if Daniel was the family in Salem that Xander had mentioned. Xander avoided the question and asked Serena how she was connected to Daniel. When Serena stared blankly, Xander admitted that he had known Daniel since they'd been kids. With a nod, Serena admitted that the diamonds were at Daniel's apartment.

Serena explained that she was friends with Daniel's daughter, and she had hidden the diamonds at Daniel's apartment as added insurance against Xander. When Xander asked why Serena had not retrieved the diamonds, Serena explained that Melanie was out of town. Xander suggested that Serena work with him, like old times.

In Daniel's apartment, Daniel admitted to Nicole that he believed he could have a great relationship with her if they could move past their problems. Daniel added that he was having difficulty trusting Nicole. Nodding, Nicole said she was willing to take things slowly if Daniel confirmed that he was committed to making things work with her. Daniel kissed Nicole. When Nicole asked if they should stop, Daniel responded, "I didn't say that."

Daniel said he loved Nicole and hoped she felt the same way. Nicole eagerly said she loved Daniel. With a nod, Daniel informed Nicole that they were alone in the apartment for the night because Parker and Melanie were both out of town. When Nicole asked Daniel what he had in mind, Daniel suggested that they go out. Daniel added that he and Nicole would only talk about themselves on their date.

When Daniel asked Nicole if she was interested, Nicole grinned broadly. Daniel suggested they go bowling. Laughing, Nicole asked Daniel if he was ready to lose. Daniel ran into the bedroom to change out of his towel, and Nicole pumped her fist in excitement. While Nicole waited impatiently in the living room, Daniel called out that he had called the bowling alley to reserve a lane.

When the doorbell rang, Nicole opened the door and found Xander and Serena in the hallway as a freshly dressed Daniel returned to the living room. Xander explained that he and Serena had discovered that they both knew Daniel, and they had decided to stop by for a visit. When Xander asked if Melanie was around, Daniel explained that Melanie was out. Xander handed a gift bag to Daniel. Xander added that he wanted to apologize for earlier. Confused, Serena asked if she was missing something.

Daniel noted that they were headed out. When Xander offered to leave, Daniel shook his head and invited Xander and Serena into the apartment. Serena stared nervously at the fireplace, while Daniel opened the gift bag and saw a Hawaiian shirt. With a chuckle, Xander said he had bought a shirt for everyone in the family. Daniel thanked Xander for the gift. Xander explained that because he had been absent from the family, he wanted to show that he still respected them.

Xander asked for a tour of the apartment. With a grin, Xander promised to drop off gifts for Parker and Melanie on their beds. Daniel offered to show everyone the grand tour, but Serena begged off, citing the need to check her emails. Nicole said she would stay behind with Serena. Serena pulled out her phone and asked Nicole if she was okay to spend time alone with her. Nicole said she was fine.

Serena asked Nicole if she felt awkward around Xander. Nicole said that if Daniel was unhappy about what had happened with Xander, then he would not have asked Nicole to go on a date with him. As Nicole's phone beeped with a text message from her producer, Xander and Daniel returned to the living room. Nicole apologized and said she needed to follow up on a story. Hopping to her feet from the couch, Serena suggested that Daniel and Xander spend some time catching up.

Nicole asked to talk to Daniel first. With a grin, Xander said they would leave. In the hallway outside, Xander whispered into Serena's ear that they would return another time. Serena sighed, and she followed Xander to the elevator.

In Daniel's apartment, Nicole asked Daniel if he was disappointed with her for canceling their date. Daniel assured Nicole that he was fine. Daniel reminded Nicole that he had canceled on her on numerous occasions to go into work. With a groan, Nicole said that she had been looking forward to beating Daniel at bowling. Nicole hugged Daniel goodbye then left.

In Serena's hotel, Xander swore that he would figure out how to retrieve the diamonds from Daniel's apartment. When Serena suggested that they would have had the diamonds if not for Nicole, Xander asked Serena to let him handle Nicole. With a grin, Serena said she got the feeling that Daniel and Nicole were back together. "I guess we'll see," Xander said as he left.

In her apartment, Eve wondered aloud what cover story J.J. had invented to explain the fight that Paige had overheard between J.J. and Eve. Eve growled that she would not allow J.J. to take her daughter. Cole stopped by the apartment to update Eve. When Cole explained that Paige had not shown up to class, Eve groaned. Eve argued that Cole should have stayed in class and taken notes for Paige so he would have an excuse to talk to her. Cole apologized for leaving class, and Eve countered that she could not do all the work for Cole to help him win over Paige.

With a deep sigh, Eve apologized for losing her temper. Cole promised to work harder. With a smile, Eve reminded Cole that he needed to be Paige's friend. Eve added that Cole needed to push J.J.'s buttons when Paige was not around. Cole said he had been needling J.J., but J.J. had not lost his temper in front of Paige. Eve assured Cole that J.J. would eventually snap, and Paige would see that Cole was the calm and reasonable option. "The one thing I know for sure is J.J. Deveraux has no impulse control. None," Eve said.

When Paige stopped by to pick up some items, Eve mentioned that she had just missed Cole. Eve explained that Cole had been worried when Paige had not shown up for class. When Eve asked Paige if she was sick, Paige said no and explained that she had been upset about the fight she had walked in on. Eve assured Paige that the fight had been over nothing. Concerned, Eve asked Paige how she had spent her time with J.J. Paige smiled nervously. Eve's face fell.

Sensing trouble, Paige turned and said she needed to get home. When Eve reminded Paige that she had stopped by the apartment to pick something up, Paige said she would pick the item up later. After Paige left, Eve broke down and trashed the living room. Falling to the floor, Eve called out, "That son of a bitch! No, no, no!"

. . .

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