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Friday, May 26, 2017

At the loft, Theo and Claire returned from the movie theatre and found Ciara packing her stuff. Ciara explained that she was leaving Salem to spend the summer in Hong Kong with Shawn and Belle. Theo asked Ciara if she was leaving because of him. Ciara breathlessly said that Theo knew why she could not be around him. Wyatt knocked on the door. Claire told Wyatt to get lost, but Ciara asked to talk to Wyatt alone. Reluctantly, Claire and Theo left the loft.

Wyatt argued that Theo had pushed him to lie. With a groan, Ciara countered that Wyatt had taken advantage of the situation. Wyatt pleaded with Ciara to believe that he liked her, but she said she did not want to give him a second chance. "You're a liar and a user, and I never want to see you again!" Ciara yelled.

Ciara opened the front door and asked Wyatt to never contact her again. Wyatt pleaded with Ciara not to cut him out of her life, but she was adamant. Wyatt shuffled out of the loft, and Ciara slammed the door behind him.

In the town square, Theo sullenly pushed the ice cream in his bowl around. Claire asked Theo why Ciara had said that Theo knew why she could not be around him. Theo was reluctant to say, but Claire said she did not want any more secrets between them. With a sigh, Theo said that Ciara had told him that she was in love with him. Claire feigned surprise. When Claire asked why Ciara had said that, Theo said he did not know why. Theo stressed that he was in love with Claire and did not care if Ciara wanted him.

With a sigh, Claire said she wanted to say goodbye to Ciara before she left town. Theo mumbled that he would stay away, since Ciara had told him that it hurt her to be around him. Theo asked Claire to say goodbye for him. When Claire returned to the loft, Ciara confirmed that Wyatt was gone for good, and she was still leaving for Hong Kong. Smiling, Claire said she would leave Ciara's side of the room exactly the same. Claire hoped aloud that Ciara would return home soon.

Claire said she knew that Ciara had been having a difficult time seeing her with Theo, and she hoped that she and Ciara could be close again soon. Ciara nodded in agreement. With a big hug, the girls said they loved one another. Once Ciara was gone, Claire texted Theo and told him not to let Ciara leave without saying goodbye.

At the police station, Rafe started to ask Abigail about his brother, but they were interrupted when Hope led a handcuffed Deimos into the precinct. While Rafe and Hope talked in the interrogation room, Abigail confronted Deimos. Abigail told Deimos that he would get what he deserved. While Officer Swickey watched Deimos, Hope told Rafe about the evidence she had collected against Deimos. Hope explained that the Greek authorities would have Guy's statement available shortly.

While Hope attempted to call Sonny, Rafe called the Greek authorities. Rafe confirmed that Xander had not turned on Deimos yet. Hope was confident that Xander would drop his loyalty. Hope escorted Deimos into the interrogation room to question his involvement in Nicole's kidnapping. Deimos said that Guy had a grudge against him. When Hope asked how Deimos had found Nicole, Deimos reminded Hope that he had many resources. Deimos recounted how his protection had helped Hope in prison.

"I will never forgive you for what you took from me. This is payback, Deimos," Hope said. Hope left, and Rafe took her place in interrogation. Deimos said he wanted his lawyer. Rafe warned Deimos that they had more than enough evidence against him. Leaning forward, Rafe said he looked forward to seeing Deimos pay for what he had done to the people of Salem.

Rafe joined Hope in the bullpen. When Rafe noted that Deimos appeared confident, Hope growled that justice would be served. Abigail asked Rafe if Deimos was going to jail. Smiling, Rafe said he was going to check on Deimos' cell. As Rafe walked away, Hope told Abigail that she had followed Chad to Greece. Abigail said she knew that Gabi had been in Greece too. With a nod, Hope confirmed Gabi had been there with Sonny but that Chad had been in Greece alone on business.

"Oh," Abigail said with shock. Hope said Chad had been upset when he had learned about the divorce. Abigail said she firmly believed that divorce was the right option. Abigail added that although Gabi had not gone to Greece with Chad, they were likely together at that moment.

After picking up Hope at the police station, Ciara walked with her to the pub. Ciara told Hope that Wyatt had not been who she'd thought he was, and she needed to get away. Hope was disappointed to see her daughter leave for the summer, but she was relieved that Ciara would be spending time with her brother. With a hug, Hope complimented Ciara on her strength and courage. Ciara said she got her strength from Hope.

While Hope went to pull the car around, Ciara waited for their takeout order. Theo approached Ciara and apologized. Theo promised he would never lie to Ciara again. Ciara said she felt the same way, which was why she could not pretend they were just friends. "This isn't goodbye forever," Ciara said as she hugged Theo.

At the police station, an angry Rafe yelled at someone on the phone. Abigail asked what was wrong. Rafe explained that Guy had died before he had signed a statement. Groaning, Rafe lamented that they had no evidence to hold Deimos. When Rafe turned to look through the window into the interrogation room, Deimos smiled broadly at him.

After their plane crashed on an island, J.J., Lani, Gabi, Eli, Chad, Paul, and Sonny congregated in a clearing and counted themselves lucky to have survived. The group checked their phones for cell service, but there was nothing available. Sonny said he was not sure where they'd crashed because he had veered off course, looking for a spot to land. Sonny added that he had not been able to contact anyone on the plane's radio.

Upbeat, Chad said he believed they would be rescued soon. Gabi glared at Chad. Sonny retrieved a survival kit from the plane that included food and water for a few days. Lani and J.J. left to gather wood for a fire while Sonny and Paul discussed rationing the materials. Chuckling, Paul asked Sonny if he was enjoying the adventure, since he often liked to camp in the wild. Raising an eyebrow, Sonny asked if that meant Paul was not going to hike with him through Peru in the fall.

Grunting, Gabi chimed in that they might still be stranded on the island in the fall. Chad quietly asked Gabi not to freak out. Angry, Gabi asked Chad not to tell her what to do. Chad went after Gabi when she stormed off. When Chad caught up to Gabi, he told her that it would be better to remain calm. Gabi was furious. Chad laughed and said that Gabi was adorable when she was angry. Narrowing her eyes, Gabi told Chad he was condescending and that his continued possession of the amulet was endangering the group.

Gabi returned to the group in the clearing. Eli watched Gabi then stood up to approach her. Chad returned and cut in front of Eli. Chad invited Gabi to go with him to explore the island at daybreak. With a shrug, Gabi joked that she did not want to fall off a cliff or get eaten by a snake. Chad joked about snakes, further annoying Gabi. Gabi argued that Chad had a pattern of bad luck since he had acquired the amulet. Chad disagreed, but Gabi swore that their predicament would not improve until Chad got rid of the amulet.

Across the clearing, Sonny lamented that he was not there to see Deimos' face when he was locked in a cell. Sonny hoped aloud that Hope would take pictures for him. Eli asked Sonny if there was a satellite phone on the plane. Paul volunteered to return to the plane and look.

Out in the wilderness, Lani freaked out over the shrieking of an animal. J.J. remarked that Lani was fearless with criminals. Cowering behind J.J., Lani explained that she was a city girl. After collecting firewood, J.J. and Lani returned to the clearing. J.J. playfully lifted Lani in a bear hug, and Gabi watched them. Sonny paced impatiently. Paul called out as he jogged back to the clearing with the satellite phone. Paul confirmed that the satellite phone was damaged.

Eli took the phone and set to work to see if he could repair it. Paul took Sonny aside to chat. Smiling, Sonny said he had worried while Paul had been gone. When Paul asked why Sonny was worried about a short walk after they had survived a plane crash, Sonny said he felt guilty for his terrible landing. Paul assured Sonny that he had done well. Laughing, Paul joked about the irony that Sonny had inherited Titan and was stuck in the one place where his money and power were useless.

"Power? Since when?" Chad asked as he approached the duo. Sonny smiled and told Chad about his conversation with Victor. With a grin, Chad said they would be "full-on rivals." "I can handle it. Can you?" Sonny asked playfully.

The men returned to the fire, and Chad offered Gabi a protein bar. Gabi said the only thing that would improve her mood was if Chad got rid of the amulet. J.J. asked Gabi what she was talking about. Chad attempted to quiet Gabi, but she blurted out to everyone that Chad had a cursed amulet. Gabi also announced that the amulet was worth twenty million dollars.

"End of discussion," Chad said quietly before stalking off into the night. The remaining group members sat around the fire and talked about the things they wished they were doing back home. When Sonny laughed about Deimos' arrest, the group toasted to the demise of Deimos. Across the clearing, Gabi approached Eli as he worked on the phone. When Gabi asked Eli if he could fix the phone, Chad returned.

"Some things can't be fixed," Eli said as he eyeballed his rival. Eli shoved the phone into Chad's hands and returned to the fire. Chad told Gabi that he had decided to toss the amulet into the ocean. Shocked, Gabi asked Chad if he was kidding. Chad shook his head. Chad dared Gabi to pat him down. Citing her trust in him, Gabi declined. With a smile, Gabi said she hoped that meant they would be rescued.

While the group huddled around the fire, Chad sneaked away from the clearing to retrieve the amulet from a hiding spot under a rock. Chad shoved the amulet back into his pocket. Back at the fire, Sonny handed out blankets. When Chad returned, there were only two blankets left for Gabi, Chad, and Eli. Eli said he did not want to share a blanket. After taking one of the last two from Gabi, he walked away. Gabi offered Chad the blanket, and he declined. Gabi insisted they share. As Chad and Gabi cuddled up on the ground, Eli looked over at them. Chad held Gabi's hand.

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