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Friday, October 9, 2015

As she waited in the park for Aiden, Hope got an obviously upsetting phone call from Roman. Aiden showed up just as Hope was finishing the call, but when he tried to hug her, she stiff-armed him. "Why have you been lying to me?" Hope demanded. Aiden owned up to helping get Clyde extradited to Florida and explained that he'd kept the truth from Hope because Clyde had threatened her and the kids. An incredulous Hope quickly deduced that Clyde had been the one who'd mugged Aiden in the hotel room.

Aiden insisted that as soon as Clyde had been arrested, Aiden had seen an opportunity to put Clyde away for good. Hope was furious that Aiden had deliberately kept her from investigating Clyde. Aiden acknowledged that it was a lot for Hope to accept after "the money thing" -- but he hoped they were still okay. Hope admitted that she wasn't sure because she was still trying to process everything. Aiden reassured Hope that he loved her very much, and he deeply regretted hurting her. He leaned in to kiss her, and she reluctantly kissed him back.

Later, Aiden was alone in the park when a man approached him. After making sure the man had already cased the DiMera mansion, Aiden gave him a key to the side door of the house on a fob that would disarm the security system. The guy complained that breaking into the DiMera mansion wouldn't be easy. "Well, something tells me that the huge payday I promised you will give you the courage to pull it off," Aiden retorted.

Aiden ordered the man to get inside the house and figure out where Chad DiMera was. He warned the man that the mansion had numerous secret passageways, and the guy wondered if the job would be worth it. "When I turn him in, it's a hundred grand. You get ten percent of that right off the top," Aiden said. The man proposed that, since he was doing all the work, he should turn Chad in himself and take all the money. "If that happens, you will not live long enough to spend one dime of that money," Aiden warned.

On the phone in the park outside Horton Square, Rafe ordered someone to stop the surveillance at the fishing shack. As Rafe hung up, Justin arrived. Instead of reading Rafe the riot act for letting Chad get away, Justin accepted responsibility, explaining that he'd obviously tipped his hand to Stefano regarding the fishing lure. "I wasn't going to say anything, but, yeah, it was an amateur mistake -- which isn't surprising, because that's exactly what you are. Yet you still want to tell me how to do my job," Rafe noted.

Rafe understood that Justin wanted a win because it was his first big case as D.A., but Rafe pointed out that they wouldn't be making the streets any safer if they arrested the wrong guy. Justin didn't understand why Chad had run if he weren't guilty. Rafe guessed that Chad didn't think he could prove his innocence and was afraid of being railroaded. Rafe added, "Chad might very well be guilty, but I just want to put a case on your desk that's a slam-dunk."

Justin admitted that he'd gone to Abe and offered his resignation because of the screw-up, but Abe had refused to accept it. Justin added that despite starting the job with somewhat selfish goals, he and Rafe both wanted an airtight case. "We got off on the wrong foot. That's my fault. How 'bout we start over?" Justin proposed, extending his hand, which Rafe shook. Justin left.

Lucas found Adrienne in Horton Square, holding an envelope from Salem University Hospital. When he saw the letter, he guessed that it was the results of her breast cancer gene test. Adrienne admitted that she hadn't been able to summon the courage to look at it. Lucas confessed that he'd done a little research, and he'd learned that having the gene didn't mean that Adrienne would get cancer, and if she did, she would have a lot of options.

"It's okay to be scared. I don't think you should open that envelope until you're good and ready," Lucas said. Adrienne admitted that just talking to Lucas had helped her feel ready. Hands trembling, Adrienne slid a finger under the flap of the envelope while Lucas edged closer to her in support. Adrienne had just gotten the letter out when Justin showed up, so she surreptitiously stuck the envelope in her purse.

Justin said he hoped he wasn't interrupting anything. Lucas claimed he'd just been asking Adrienne about Sonny. Lucas left, promising to give Arianna a hug from Adrienne. Justin asked Adrienne for a chance to make things up to her, since their first date hadn't gone well. She accepted, and they headed to Club TBD together.

Over drinks, Justin apologized to Adrienne for being so busy with work that he hadn't been able to keep up with what was going on in her life. She assured him that she understood, although it reminded her of when he'd first gone to work for Victor. "You became a stranger to me overnight," Adrienne said. She added that they'd both made a lot of choices since then that had taken them in many different directions. Justin acknowledged that they'd made lots of mistakes.

Adrienne clarified, "I didn't say mistakes. They were more like statements -- who we are, and who we want to be." Adrienne surprised Justin by saying, "I really thought we could make this work." She explained that she knew, once they were finished with the small talk, they would have to move on to subjects that were more painful -- and she didn't think she could bear to have her heart broken again. Confused, Justin reminded Adrienne that they'd just started trying to work on things again, and it had been her idea.

Taking Justin's hand, Adrienne requested, "I want you to look me in the eye. I want you to tell me that there's not some part of you that just wants to be do what you want with whoever you want." A reluctant Justin admitted tearfully, "Sometimes... I mean, I don't really like that about myself. Maybe you feel the same way." Adrienne concluded, "I guess that's it, then."

At the police station, J.J. warned Abigail that her future father-in-law was a drug lord who was being extradited to Florida to face murder charges. Abigail didn't understand why J.J. was involved. J.J. explained that the DEA had recruited him to work undercover, and he'd agreed, at first to help Paige, who'd gotten involved with one of Clyde's dealers, but then Clyde had threatened Paige, Jennifer, and Abigail. "That's why I had to see this through. Ben's dad is a psychopath, Abs," J.J. warned.

Gabi stopped by the station to see Rafe, but Lani informed her that Rafe was out in the field. The women introduced themselves, then Lani got back to work. Gabi spotted Abigail, and the women greeted one another with a quick embrace. As Abigail headed out to check on Ben, she made J.J. promise to tell her the whole story later and urged him to be careful. After Abigail had gone, Gabi asked J.J. what his sister had been referring to.

In the hallway, Abigail sent Ben a worried text message, asking where he was.

J.J. filled Gabi in about how his undercover work had led to Clyde's arrest. Gabi realized that she could have ruined J.J.'s operation when she'd run into him on the docks. J.J. admitted that he believed Clyde had killed Paige because she'd known too much, although J.J. couldn't be sure the real killer wasn't still out there. "I owe it to Paige to bring down the guy who killed her," J.J. declared.

Later, as J.J. and Gabi strolled through Horton Square, she suggested they stop for some frozen yogurt. J.J. admitted that Paige had worked at the yogurt shop. Gabi felt terrible, but J.J. pointed out that she couldn't have known. The two sat on the bench next to the Horton plaque, and Gabi confided in J.J. about how hard it had been to watch Arianna growing up while Gabi had been in prison.

Gabi admitted that when she'd first gotten pregnant, she'd thought it was "the worst thing ever," but having Arianna had been the best thing that had ever happened to Gabi. "J.J., what I'm trying to say is that things get better, even the worst stuff," Gabi said. She left to stop by the apartment before picking up Arianna from the sitter.

Lucas headed to the park outside the square and called Will to ask him about a concert they could take Arianna to. Abigail arrived just as Lucas was hanging up and told him that Will had stopped by her apartment earlier. When Lucas heard why Will had been there, he guessed that Will had been procrastinating because he had a deadline. Abigail didn't think Will would still be at her place if Ben had gone home, since Ben probably wouldn't have been in the mood for company.

Justin was alone at the bar later when Lucas went to Club TBD. "Yeah, I'm here alone. No need to gloat," Justin said, gulping his drink and tossing money on the bar. Lucas insisted he hadn't planed to do that. With his finger in Lucas' face, Justin warned him firmly, "All I've got to tell you is: don't hurt her."

Adrienne crept into the dark Kiriakis living room. Without turning on the lights, she sat at the desk and opened her test results.

Rafe and Hope were both back at the police station when Lani handed Rafe a report. "No wonder our trail has gone cold. Looks like our man Chad is on the run," Rafe remarked, showing Hope the file. After checking it out, Rafe determined that a shell company owned by DiMera Enterprises had chartered a jet to Rio. Hope noted that, if Chad had been on the plane, he could disappear forever.

Lani asked Rafe, "It's kind of hard not to see this as an admission of guilt, isn't it? Are you finally convinced that he's our killer?" Rafe admitted that his gut was still telling him that Chad wasn't guilty -- plus Chad might not have been on the plane at all. "It would be a classic diversion tactic," Rafe pointed out, adding that the killer could still be in Salem -- and they needed to find him before he killed again.

Ben entered his apartment and found Will holding a red necktie, which Ben had thrown in the trash earlier. J.J. explained that he had stayed behind to wait for the cable guy after taking some wedding information to Abigail. Ben asked, "You going through my trash? ... I see you found my tie." Claiming he'd accidentally knocked over the wastebasket, Will asked why Ben had thrown out the tie. Chuckling, Ben joked, "I kept this around in case I ever decided to start acting like an adult." He added that he'd thrown it away because he'd decided the tie was ugly.

Ben offered the tie to Will, who declined. Will expressed his sympathy about Clyde's arrest, but Ben maintained that the whole thing had just been a big misunderstanding. Absentmindedly picking up the tie, Ben began wrapping it around his hands as he talked about how sick he was of people "talking trash" about his family, while real criminals like Chad went free.

When Will just shrugged at the notion of Chad's guilt, Ben pulled the necktie taut between his fists and demanded, "How more proof do you people need? I mean, does another body have to turn up to finally have everybody convinced?" Glancing down at Ben's clenched fists, Will asked if Ben were all right. Ben relaxed his grip and casually flung the tie over his shoulder as he headed into the kitchen. Ben blamed J.J. for Clyde's arrest, adding, "I just know that my dad's innocent, Chad's guilty, and Abigail's believing all the wrong people."

Ben's phone vibrated just then, but he ignored it to complain about how screwed-up everything in his life was. Will said he wished he could help. When Ben's phone buzzed again, he reached into his pocket but didn't answer it. Ben apologized for taking his frustration out on Will. Citing his deadline, Will started to head out but offered to listen if Ben wanted to go somewhere and talk. While Will was talking, Ben's phone vibrated yet again. Although Will was clearly nervous, he tried hard to maintain his composure.

When Ben's phone buzzed a fourth time, he yanked it out of his pocket and hurled it against the wall, growling, "Damn it, don't these people know that I'm busy?" In the brief instant that Ben's back was turned, Will tried to make a break for it, but Ben stopped him by slamming the door shut in front of Will. His hand on the door next to Will, Ben demanded quietly, "You think you're a lot smarter than I am?" Will insisted that he didn't, reminding Ben that he had asked Will to be his best man. Will repeated the offer to go somewhere to listen to whatever was bothering Ben.

"Don't patronize me! You're clueless, Will. You and everybody else," Ben declared. Will panicked and tried to flee, but Ben stopped him and flung him against the refrigerator so hard the door swung open. A furious Ben sat astride Will, pinning him against the floor. Although Will pleaded and fought back as hard as he could, Ben strangled him with the necktie until the light went out of Will's eyes. Ben rolled off of Will and lay on the kitchen floor next to him for a long time, sobbing and pounding the kitchen table.

A little later, Ben sat up and closed Will's eyes. He retrieved a large laundry-type bag and put Will's body in it, followed by the enveloped full of wedding research. Ben paused for a moment when he found the wedding-day photo of Will and Sonny in their tuxedos, then he tied the bag shut. Soon Ben was dragging Will's body into Will and Gabi's apartment. After planting Will on the far side of the couch from the front door, Ben wrapped the tie loosely around Will's neck, leaving one end draped across Will's chest.

Ben knocked chairs over and swept things onto the floor to make it appear as if there had been a struggle. He then went outside, closed the door, and rammed it open with his shoulder to break the door jamb. He had just re-entered the apartment when Abigail called him from their apartment to ask where he was. Out of breath and perspiring, Ben explained that he hadn't returned any of Abigail's messages because his phone had been on silent. When Abigail asked where he'd gone after leaving the police station, Ben said he'd gone back to the apartment for a while.

Abigail asked if Ben had seen Will. "No, I guess we just missed each other," Ben lied, adding that he'd gone out for a run and would be home soon. After hanging up, Ben pulled the hood of his sweatshirt over his head and left.

Ben paused outside the door of his apartment to compose himself before going in. When he entered, he found the lights dimmed and Abigail lighting candles all around the place. Abigail exclaimed, "You're not supposed to be here yet! I wanted everything to be perfect when you came home." Ben assured her, "Things are already perfect, as long as you're here." Kissing Abigail and holding her close, Ben said, "Sometimes, I can't imagine what it was ever like to live without you. I know I never want to find out again."

When Gabi arrived at home, alarm registered on her face when she found the door jamb broken and the door ajar. She opened the door slowly and turned on the lights -- and saw Will's legs sticking out from behind the couch. Gabi screamed.

. . .

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