Friday, August 26, 2016

At the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos and Nicole sipped Champagne. Nicole was quiet. When Deimos asked what was wrong, Nicole said she could not fathom why Victor would have kidnapped his grandson. Deimos asked Nicole if she believed that he had played no part in the kidnapping. Nicole firmly stated that she believed that Deimos was not involved. Shaking her head, Nicole said she also had difficulty believing that Victor would be so cruel to his family and Theresa.

Deimos informed Nicole that he had employed investigators to see if someone had framed Victor. Deimos admitted that the investigation was to help prove his innocence as well as Victor's. Nicole kissed Deimos. As the two kissed passionately, Deimos asked Nicole to move into the house because he did not want to be apart from her. Nicole kissed Deimos again, and the two made love on the couch.

At Club TBD, Philip talked to Kate over dinner. Philip noted that Deimos was an endless supply of bad news. Kate did not want to discuss Deimos. Philip said he was sorry to see Kate was miserable, but it was her fault. Angry, Kate lashed out at Philip. Smiling, Philip said he was happy to see his mother's fire. Philip guessed that Kate was out for revenge. Kate denied the accusation.

Kate accused Philip of sleeping with Chloe. Stammering, Philip said he was not sleeping with Chloe. Kate warned Philip that Chloe would revert to form and hurt him. Right on cue, Chloe stopped by the table. Chloe asked if Kate was warning Philip about her. Kate told Chloe that she was a conniving witch who would hurt Philip. Chloe rolled her eyes. When Chloe calmly reminded Kate of her past misdeeds, Kate flounced out of the club.

Chloe sat down at the table with Philip to talk about the baby. Chloe was reluctant to accept Philip's offer to be a surrogate father, but Philip argued that he was the only person that the town would believe could be the father. When Chloe noted that Kate would be furious, Philip joked that it was bad timing, since Kate was just starting to like Chloe. Philip said it was in his interest to help Chloe because she was the future of his label. Chloe took Philip's hand.

In the town square, Deimos and Nicole walked arm in arm. Deimos asked Nicole again about moving into the mansion. Nicole requested time to think. With a nod, Deimos agreed. With a chuckle, Deimos said that Nicole could take her time as long as she eventually said yes. Nicole kissed Deimos as Kate walked around the corner. With a groan, Kate rolled her eyes in disgust at the sight of the lovers.

As Deimos pulled away from Nicole, he spotted Kate across the square. With a grin, Kate walked over and noted that the two made a handsome, fairytale couple. Kate picked up a rose and smiled over it at Nicole. Deimos noted that Kate could be the wicked witch in their fairytale. "Or something that rhymes with witch," Nicole chimed in.

Chuckling, Kate argued that if she were a witch, she would have cast some spells. Deimos warned Kate not to make a fool of herself. Deimos put his arm around Nicole, and they walked away. Furious, Kate ripped the rose she was holding to shreds.

At Club TBD, Chloe wondered aloud if she should move to Los Angeles and record for Philip there. Philip did not want to handle their business relationship long-distance. Philip added that Deimos would learn about the pregnancy eventually. With a nod, Chloe hugged Philip and thanked him. Chloe told Philip that he was saving her life. As Chloe hugged Philip, Nicole and Deimos walked into the club and spotted them.

At the police station, Justin interrupted Roman's interrogation of Victor. Justin explained that he was Victor's lawyer. Upset, Victor argued that Deimos had arranged to kidnap Tate and frame him. Victor recounted the use of the Chopin group as a blatant clue that Deimos had been involved.

In the bullpen of the precinct, Sonny asked Brady why he was so certain that Victor was to blame for the kidnapping. Brady pointed out the $100,000 payment to Summer and the evidence leading to Lauren Cartwright. As Sonny sighed, Brady added that Lauren's cell phone only had one phone number, which was Victor's number. Unswayed, Sonny argued that Brady only had opinions, not facts.

"Maybe you should be out there looking for who set him up rather than measuring the rope to hang him," Sonny suggested. Roman escorted Victor and Justin into the bullpen. Justin promised Victor that he would handle the bail hearing. Sonny told Victor that he would not give up on his grandfather. Glaring at Brady, Victor said he was glad that some members of his family believed in him. As Victor was led away, Brady asked Justin why he was helping Victor.

Justin reminded Brady that Victor had changed. Gritting his teeth, Brady reminded Justin that he had lost his job as D.A. because of one of Victor's schemes. Justin asked Brady to consider that his judgment was clouded and that Deimos was the one to blame. Brady said he had investigated Deimos but had not found any evidence to connect Deimos to the kidnapping. When Justin asked why Brady had quit investigating, Brady said he had wanted to blame Deimos, but the only evidence had pointed to Victor.

At the hospital, Theresa and Tate visited an anxious Maggie. Maggie beamed when she saw the baby. When Maggie asked about Tate's health, Theresa muttered that Victor had made sure that Tate was in good health. Fighting tears, Maggie swore that Victor was innocent. Changing the subject, Theresa asked about when Maggie would be able to walk. Maggie explained that she needed to go through rehab and let time do its work.

Theresa apologized for the timing of Victor's arrest. When Maggie asked about Summer, Theresa noted that Summer was on the run. Theresa told Maggie that she would always be there for her, regardless of her feelings about Victor's guilt.

After her chat with Maggie, Theresa headed home. As Theresa cooed over Tate in his crib, she started to cry. Brady returned home and hugged Theresa. Brady reminded Theresa that Tate was home and safe. Wiping away tears, Theresa asked Brady if Victor was behind bars. Brady nodded. Brady told Theresa that Justin and Sonny had accused him of disloyalty to the family by not believing Victor was innocent.

With a sigh, Theresa asked Brady if any part of him believed that Victor was innocent. Brady said he felt guilty about Victor because he did not want to believe that anyone in his family could have kidnapped his son. Theresa kissed Brady and assured him that she would be there for him. Placing her arms around Brady, Theresa said that she and Brady would always have one another.

In her hospital room, Maggie called the jail and pleaded with them to let her talk to Victor. Maggie explained her situation, but the guard refused to put Victor on the phone. The guard agreed to deliver a message to Victor, and Maggie asked the guard to tell Victor that she loved him and believed in him. After Maggie hung up the phone, she stared at a wedding photo of her and Victor on her phone as tears rolled down her face. Maggie remembered thoughtful gifts that Victor had given her, including a statue and a pair of red shoes.

"You couldn't have done it, Victor. I know your heart as well as I know my own. And I know. I know it's so full of love for Brady and for his son. You just couldn't have done it," Maggie said quietly. As Maggie stared at the photo, her phone rang. When Maggie answered, she was overjoyed to hear Victor's voice. Victor explained that he was in jail but that a friendly guard had given Victor his personal cell phone to call Maggie. Victor assured Maggie that he was fine. When Victor asked about Maggie's health, she said she was fine. Victor promised that he would be home soon.

In the hallway outside Maggie's room, Justin advised Sonny to steer the conversation away from Victor and instead over to Maggie's recovery. Sonny asked about Justin's plan to help Victor. Justin said he hoped to get Victor released on bail. When Sonny noted that Victor had been framed, Justin countered that knowing Victor was innocent was different than proving he was innocent. Sonny wanted to investigate the mobster that Brady had found that had been connected to Deimos.

"Whoever did this broke a lot of laws to put Uncle Vic in jail. I say we return the favor. We're gonna do whatever it takes to make this right. Legal or illegal," Sonny said.

. . .

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