Friday, April 29, 2016
by Mike

At the hospital, Deimos changed his mind about smothering Victor. Deimos suggested, however, that it would be a good idea for Victor -- who would be utterly irrelevant, impotent, and pathetic for the rest of his life, thanks to Deimos -- to just roll over and die. "Never," Victor vowed.

After Deimos left, Victor summoned Justin and Brady to his room and told them that he had just received a visit from Deimos. Brady promised to get security guards posted outside Victor and Maggie's respective rooms so Deimos would never be able to visit either of them again. "I don't want him just kept out; I want him destroyed," Victor stressed.

Brady made it clear that he wasn't thrilled with Victor's plan to use Nicole to accomplish that goal, and Justin agreed, adding that he had a better plan in mind. After Justin shared his idea, Victor pointed out that it sounded dangerous and could cost Justin his job. "Only if we get caught," Justin countered. Brady wanted to let Nicole know about the change of plans, but Victor insisted on keeping her out of the loop, reasoning that she would be a good distraction for Deimos. "And who knows -- I mean, she's good at getting her way with men, [so] she might just succeed," Victor added.

Dario ran into Nicole at the Brady Pub and wondered if she had decided to run the con that she had previously mentioned to him. Nicole confirmed that she had but added that she was starting to have second thoughts because the mark was already suspicious. Dario was confident that Nicole could still make the con work. "And on the bright side, it's no fun if it's not a challenge," Dario reasoned.

Dario gave Nicole some advice and pointed out that he could be even more helpful if she shared the details of the con with him. Nicole reluctantly complied. Dario offered to insert himself into the con and take advantage of the fact that Deimos didn't know about his friendship with Nicole. Dario claimed that he was willing to help simply because he enjoyed Nicole's company as well as the rush of conning people, but when Nicole expressed skepticism, he admitted that he was also hoping she would give him ten percent of what she stood to gain in her deal with Victor.

Nicole refused to agree to anything more than a flat payment -- a quarter of a million dollars -- and Dario eventually accepted that offer. After shaking hands with Nicole to seal the deal, Dario gave her a piece of advice he hadn't been willing to share for free: never fall for the mark. Nicole insisted that wouldn't be a problem because Deimos was creepy -- and was sleeping with Kate, of all people -- but Dario warned that it wasn't uncommon for a con artist to fall for their mark, vaguely implying that he might have even stumbled into that trap himself on at least one occasion. Nicole maintained that she would always hate Deimos for what he had done to Maggie.

Belle got upset when Philip reluctantly turned down her marriage proposal, guessing that she wouldn't have suggested eloping to Las Vegas if she hadn't fought with Shawn earlier that night. Belle insisted that the fight had made her realize that she had wasted many years of her life on Shawn -- years that could have been spent with Philip instead. Philip didn't doubt that Belle believed what she was saying, but he knew her well enough to suspect that, deep down, she really just wanted to marry him so she wouldn't have to keep thinking about how much she missed Shawn.

Belle assured Philip that he was wrong, stressing that she was thrilled to finally be free of Shawn for good. "You keep telling yourself that. We've been through this before," Philip pointed out. Belle argued that she and Philip weren't college kids anymore. "We know who we are; we know what we want. And I want you. I love you," Belle added. Philip skeptically mused that Belle had never even bothered to say those words to him before.

Taken aback, Belle complained that Philip was pulling away because he had only wanted her when he had been under the impression that he would never truly be able to have her, prompting him to wonder if she was just looking for a fight. "I have told you that I wanted you, Belle. I have been a hundred percent clear. But I don't think you know what you really want. Actually, you do -- you're just not ready to accept it," Philip concluded.

"You think I want Shawn?" Belle asked incredulously. Philip confirmed that the story always ended the same way -- with Belle choosing Shawn instead of him -- and he had no desire to relive it yet again. "I love you. I want you to be happy. I think Shawn's the guy that makes you happy," Philip added.

Belle protested that Shawn was the guy who made her miserable, but Philip wasn't convinced. Philip urged Belle to try harder to fix her relationship with Shawn, reasoning that she owed it to herself to get back the family and the life that she deeply missed. "You're wrong. You're completely wrong," Belle maintained before storming out of Philip's hotel room.

The following morning, at the police station, Claire lashed out at Shawn and Belle for failing to visit her in jail the previous night, pointing out that Hope and Kayla had each taken the time to visit their respective kids. Meanwhile, Kayla admitted to Joey that she hadn't told Steve about his arrest. "Because telling him would require talking to him, and God forbid you have to do that," Joey guessed.

Kayla clarified that she hadn't wanted Steve to slap Joey on the back and congratulate him for being a chip off the old block. "Now the two of you have matching police records. It's lovely," Kayla dryly added. Kayla was ready to take Joey home, but he didn't want to leave the police station without Jade, who was still stuck in jail because she hadn't called her parents to ask them to bail her out, believing that they would refuse to do so.

Joey asked Kayla to post Jade's bail, arguing that Kayla was always going on and on about the importance of helping people in need. Kayla pointed out that she wasn't responsible for Jade, but Joey insisted that Jade's parents didn't care about her at all. Kayla skeptically wondered if Joey had even met Jade's parents. Joey admitted that he hadn't but didn't think that was the least bit relevant to the matter at hand.

"This is ridiculous," Kayla muttered before turning to a nearby police officer and asking for Jade's parents' contact information. Joey protested that the police officer couldn't supply Kayla with that information without Jade's permission, but Kayla countered that she could just ask her brother, Commissioner Brady, for the information if the police officer wasn't willing to cooperate. The police officer sided with Kayla and scribbled Jade's parents' home phone number on a piece of paper for her.

Theo talked briefly with Ciara, but Abe soon interrupted and asked for a moment alone with his son. After Hope and Ciara left, Abe stressed that he wanted Theo to stay away from Ciara in the future because she was acting out in unhealthy ways and could end up dragging Theo down with her eventually. Theo refused to treat Ciara like there was something wrong with her, adding that she needed him -- and he needed her, too. Abe maintained that Theo and Ciara could both benefit from some time apart from each other. "Dad, you're wrong! You're so wrong! I'm gonna be with Ciara, and you can't stop me!" Theo insisted before storming off.

When Hope and Ciara returned home, Ciara tried to avoid talking about what had happened, but Hope insisted that they couldn't just forget about it. Ciara revealed what Mark had done and admitted that it had felt like being raped all over again. Ciara vowed that she wasn't going to play the victim ever again, even if that meant breaking the law sometimes.

Hope stressed that Ciara couldn't let people like Mark provoke her into doing things that could end up ruining her life. Hope added that Ciara's self-destructive behavior was hurting not only Ciara but also her friends. Hope urged Ciara to talk to Marlena, who could help her deal with what had happened. "I don't want to deal with it, Mom! Don't you get it? I'm never gonna get over it, and you're just making it worse!" Ciara snapped before storming out of the house, ignoring Hope's attempts to stop her.

Ciara met with Theo in the town square and told him that she had just gotten into a fight with Hope. Theo revealed that Ciara wasn't the only one who had just fought with a parental unit. Theo was stunned when Ciara suggested that it might be best for him to take Abe's advice and stay away from her. "My mom said that I'm hurting all the people around me, and she's right," Ciara conceded. Theo tried to protest, but Ciara insisted that he was a great guy who deserved someone better than her. Ciara rushed off before Theo could say anything else.

Ciara went to the DiMera mansion and asked Chad if she could work for him full-time, explaining that she was planning to quit school and could use the extra money to pay for an apartment. Chad admitted that he would love the extra help with Thomas, but he refused to play a part in Ciara's plan to quit school.

Ciara insisted that she was going to follow through with her plan, with or without Chad's help. Ciara warned that if Chad refused to help her, she would just have to quit babysitting Thomas and find a new job. Ciara started to leave, but Chad stopped her and offered to give her a raise so she could save up for an apartment -- but only if she agreed to finish her senior year of high school.

At the Brady Pub, Shawn and Belle tried to talk to Claire about her arrest, but she turned the conversation into another argument then rushed off after learning that her prom song had gone viral, ignoring her parents' attempts to stop her. Sighing, Shawn complained that Claire couldn't be allowed to continue playing him and Belle against each other. Belle agreed, and she and Shawn made a pact to prove to Claire that they were a team.

Shawn admitted that he was actually kind of proud of what Claire had done the previous night, although he would never let her know that. Shawn recalled how Belle had always been there for Chloe in high school, just as Claire had been there for Ciara the previous night. Shawn told Belle that he was glad that Claire took after her. Belle returned the compliment but jokingly stressed that she hoped Claire wouldn't drive a motorcycle through a church window to stop a wedding anytime soon.

As Shawn and Belle laughed about the memory, Philip approached the Brady Pub, spotted them through the window, and walked away. Belle managed to spot Philip but chose to stay focused on Shawn instead.

Joey sneaked out of the hospital while Kayla was talking to Fynn, who offered to take her to dinner later. Kayla stammered that she wasn't ready to go on a date with anyone yet, but Fynn clarified that he wasn't suggesting a real date; he simply wanted to have dinner with a friend because he was getting sick of eating alone every night. Kayla breathed a sigh of relief and accepted the invitation.

Joey met with Jade in the town square and told her he was sorry that Kayla had contacted her parents. Jade tearfully revealed that her parents were upset about having to pay Kayla back for bailing her out of jail, and they had decided to ship her off to Florida so she could work off the debt at her uncle's farm. "Hey, that's not gonna happen, okay? Let's go to L.A. Let's do it today," Joey suggested.

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