Friday, November 20, 2015

After Bo's party, Ciara led Caroline inside the Brady house. Ciara said she'd hoped the party would cheer her parents up, but they had both still seemed very sad. Caroline offered to stay with Ciara until her parents got home. Ciara confessed that she was a bit "creeped out" to be in the house alone, and she wondered if things would ever be normal again for her family. She added that she believed her parents would work things out because they were supposed to be together forever.

Ciara beat herself up because she had given up on her dad. Caroline pointed out that she had been the reason Bo had left town in the first place. Caroline recalled how Bo had promised that he would get her back from California in time for Memorial Day, when Ciara had planned to recite something at the pub. Ciara fretted that her dad might not be able to forgive her mom for falling in love with someone else while Bo had been gone. Caroline was confident that Bo would forgive Hope.

Caroline related to Ciara the story of Bo whisking Hope away on his motorcycle from her wedding to Larry Welch. Caroline added, "Your father gave me back the gift of my memory. I will be forever grateful to him for that." A little later, Ciara noted that it was getting late, so Caroline should probably head home. Before Caroline left, Ciara admitted that she'd thought her grandmother had been out of her mind when she'd had visions of Bo. Caroline confessed that a part of her had, too.

Ciara wanted to know who would ask her to prom, if Caroline really could tell the future. Chuckling, Caroline waved her hands as if to say that wasn't how it worked. Ciara asked if Caroline's visions had stopped since Bo had returned. "Not exactly," Caroline admitted, but she reassured Ciara that it was nothing to worry about.

Outside the Brady Pub, Steve firmly urged Bo to fight and beat his illness. When Hope and Kayla exited the pub, Bo said he needed to talk to Hope alone. He added that he needed to pick up something first and asked her to meet him at their spot in the park. The Bradys left in opposite directions.

Steve followed Kayla as she headed for the park outside Horton Square. On the phone, she pleaded with another doctor to pull some strings and get Bo into a study. The doctor obviously turned Kayla down. She fought back tears until she hung up then she began to cry. Kayla told Steve that she didn't want to give up on trying to save Bo if there were even a small chance that they could save him. Steve pointed out that the side effects of treatment would likely make Bo miserable. Admitting that she felt helpless, Kayla leaned against Steve and began to sob.

Drying her tears with a tissue, Kayla remarked that after seeing Bo's MRI, she didn't know how he was even functioning. Unwilling to lose her baby brother, Kayla expressed her gratitude to Steve for not giving up on Bo. An emotional Steve admitted that, after searching so long for Bo, losing Bo that way would be terribly painful. Kayla pointed out that Bo would be alone if Steve hadn't found him -- and Aiden would have killed Hope. "You've given me a chance to say goodbye to my brother. No matter how painful it is, it's a gift," Kayla asserted, taking Steve's hand gratefully.

Kayla apologized and maintained that she didn't want Steve to get the wrong idea, because she had only been feeling vulnerable. Steve said he knew the two of them still had feelings for each other -- and Kayla knew it, too. Kayla sadly reminded Steve that she couldn't think about anything but Bo. Steve declared determinedly that Bo would fight with everything he had. Kayla was ready to leave, but Steve asked if she would stay to watch the sunset with him. Kayla joined him on the bench as the waning light reflected off their faces. After the sunlight had faded, a forlorn Kayla rested her head on Steve's shoulder.

Caroline returned to the pub and chuckled when she saw the party decorations in the dark room. She remembered Bo and Hope telling her that they'd bought a boat on which the two of them and Shawn-Douglas would live as they sailed away together. Although Caroline had assured Bo and Hope that she'd been happy for them, she'd also admitted that she would miss them very much.

Alone in the house, Ciara sat by the fire, gazing at a photograph of her parents, taken just a few years earlier.

As Hope arrived at the park, she recalled the Fourth of July fair, where she'd worked the kissing booth and where she and Bo had shared their first kiss -- after he'd bought two dozen tickets. Hope's remembrance slowly faded when Bo showed up, carrying a large burlap sack. He cryptically explained to Hope that the bag contained their future. Hope reminded Bo that they'd had their first kiss in that very park -- and it had made her realize how lucky she'd been to have him in her life. Laughing at some of their other memories, Bo said the teenage Ciara reminded him of Hope when they'd first met.

Bo remembered meeting Hope for the first time and giving her a ride home on his motorcycle. "Ten minutes that turned into the rest of our lives -- amazing lives," Bo marveled. Hope suddenly recognized Bo's clothing -- a black leather jacket, red T-shirt, and black jeans -- was the same thing he'd been wearing when he'd driven her home on his bike. Bo admitted that he was amazed at everything they'd been through since that day.

Hope tearfully admitted that she'd always thought, because of their connection, she would be able to sense it -- and she regretted that she'd been unable to do so while he'd been gone. Bo reassured her that they still shared that connection. When he produced a fistful of carnival tickets, Hope laughed and kissed him. Still beaming, Hope wondered why Bo had run out of the pub when Ciara had suggested they get married again. Bo turned serious and suggested they sit on the bench because there was something he had to tell her.

Bo said he'd always thought he and Hope could overcome anything, adding, "Ma always said, 'The meaning of a life is quality, not the quantity,' and I understand that now." He explained that he hadn't been getting any stronger or felt any better since he'd returned, and he'd passed out earlier, so he'd gotten checked out at the hospital. Hope wanted to know why he hadn't told her. Bo reminded her that she'd been through a lot, so he'd wanted to find out if anything was wrong first.

Fighting to keep from breaking down, Bo disclosed, "Kayla did some tests, and it turns out that I have a tumor. It's in my brain." Clutching Hope's hand, he continued, "Apparently it's been there for quite some time, and it's growing. And it's inoperable. There's nothing they can do." Distraught, Hope began to cry and hugged Bo tightly as she asked how much time they had. Bo said no matter how long it was, it would never be enough.

After a long while, Bo pulled away and said he wanted to talk about their future. He rose and escorted Hope over to the burlap bag. "I wanted to bring a little bit of Oak Alley back here to where we had our first kiss," Bo explained, opening the bag and pulling out a little oak sapling. He promised that, once it grew into a mighty oak, their grandchildren and great-grandchildren would play under the tree -- and perhaps a couple of "crazy kids" would carve their names into its trunk.

Bo and Hope recalled taking a sexy shower together outdoors at the Horton cabin. Hope smiled through her tears as Bo declared that they'd still been kids then, but Hope had taken his heart much earlier, in the park where they were. Feeling weak, Bo sank to his knees on the ground, and Hope sat with him. "I thought I'd finally figured out how to live without you, but now I know I can't," Hope said tearfully. Bo reminded Hope that "can't" wasn't in her vocabulary. "I love you so very much. I'm so sorry you doubted that," Bo said emotionally. Hope cried that she was sorry for doubting him.

Bo said there was no time for regrets, because all he wanted was to be with Hope. Kissing Bo and embracing him, Hope implored him in a whisper, "Please, Bo, don't leave me!" They held onto one another for a long while. Finally, his eyelids growing heavy as if he were sleepy, Bo broke away to get a spade from the burlap sack so they could plant the tree. Hope took the spade from him and said she would do it.

Hope softly declared that she wanted them to get married again -- right away. "Okay, how about right now?" Bo suggested with a wry smile. Grasping both of Hope's hands as they gazed deeply into each other's eyes, Bo noted that it had taken them a long time, and they'd overcome a lot of obstacles and doubts, to get where they were. "I never thought I could have somebody in my life who would make me so happy, make me feel so alive," Bo stated earnestly. Hope and Bo reminisced about the vows he had taken at their first wedding in England.

"I love you, Fancy Face," Bo declared with a wistful smile, and he kissed the love of his life. Afterwards, Hope held him and smiled, despite the tears streaming down her face. Together, they remembered the joyful and romantic times in their relationship -- the fun they'd had together, the kisses they'd shared, Shawn's birth. Hope suggested they move to sit against the bench. Kneeling next to Bo and stroking his face and hair, Hope beamed as she told him, "I guess I fell in love with you the first time I saw you."

Hope began to weep as she kissed Bo and continued, "It's taken me all this time to realize that what I was feeling then is nothing compared to what I'm feeling right now." Hope kissed Bo and clasped him closely to her while the two of them recalled Hope's wedding vows. Between kisses, Hope cried but beamed at Bo, declaring quietly, "I love you, Brady. I love you. I love you." Bo reached up to caress Hope's face and kissed her one final time before closing his eyes and going limp in her arms.

Hope gazed closely at Bo's face then she clutched him to her chest, wailing inconsolably, "No. No. No. No. No!" She sobbed as she begged, "Please! Brady, don't leave me! No, please!" She tenderly held his head up as she rested her face against his, weeping despondently. Light snowflakes began to drift down on them. "Don't leave me, Brady. Don't leave me," an anguished Hope implored.

. . .

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