Friday, February 27, 2015

At the hospital, Theresa confronted Melanie about Dr. Mandrake. Melanie asked who the doctor was, but a confused Theresa said she did not know. Theresa told Melanie that she had found a phone number on a slip of paper and had called the number and found Dr. Mandrake on the other end of the line. When Melanie asked Theresa why she had called Dr. Mandrake, Theresa explained that she had been attempting to track down Clint because he owed her money. Twitchy, Theresa lied and said that she needed to get in touch with Clint.

Melanie told Theresa about the phone call she had overheard Clint make to Dr. Mandrake. With narrowed eyes, Theresa asked what Melanie was keeping from her. Melanie said she was not withholding any details. When Theresa pushed Melanie to talk, Melanie lashed out and asked Theresa why she had lied to Brady about her pregnancy.

Taken aback, Theresa insisted that she had been pregnant. Theresa added that Melanie and Brady would not last as a couple. With a twinkle in her eye, Theresa asked Melanie if Brady had mentioned her that day. When Melanie said no, Theresa left in a huff.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole visited Brady to tell him the good news about a corporate raider that had been sent to prison. As Nicole glanced across the room, she saw a framed photo of Brady with Melanie. Nicole told Brady that he and Melanie looked happy together. With a grin, Nicole told Brady that she was relieved that Theresa was out of Brady's life. Brady defended Theresa.

When Nicole cocked an eyebrow, Brady told Nicole about how his coffee had been spiked with alcohol and that Theresa had saved him from drinking the mixture. Nicole did not think Theresa's actions were without motive, but Brady said he believed that Theresa had intended to commit a good deed. With a scoff, Nicole countered that Theresa was still in love with Brady. Nicole reminded Brady that she had experienced difficulty getting over him herself in the past.

Brady said he had been surprised to learn that Theresa cared for him. Brady added that he felt sorry for Theresa because no one knew she had a heart. Shaking his head, Brady said he intended to avoid Theresa and that Melanie wanted to do the same. Nicole asked Brady if he was sure that Melanie felt the same.

When Melanie arrived at the mansion, Brady slipped into the other room to take a phone call. Nicole mentioned the search for Dr. Mandrake, and Melanie told Nicole that she was no longer interested in looking for the doctor. Melanie explained that the situation was stranger than ever and that she no longer wanted anything to do with Theresa.

After Nicole left, Melanie saw the framed photo of herself and Brady on the desk. As Melanie stared at the photo, Brady returned to the living room. Melanie was unhappy with how her neck looked in the photo, so she asked Brady for a redo. Melanie pulled out her phone and took a selfie with Brady. Pleased with the new photo, she showed it to Brady. Brady laughed, noting that his eyes were closed in the photo. Melanie told Brady to close his eyes. Brady obliged, and Melanie kissed him. Melanie told Brady that he looked sexy with his eyes closed.

Brady informed Melanie that Nicole had complimented his framed photo. With a giggle, Melanie asked Brady what else he had discussed with Nicole. Brady rattled off a few topics of conversation then he mentioned that he and Nicole had talked about Theresa. Melanie stiffened. Melanie curtly said she intended to stay away from Theresa. While Brady took a phone call, Melanie wondered what was going on with Theresa.

In the Dimera mansion, Chad approached Abigail and stood close to her, staring face-to-face. Chad challenged Abigail to tell him how far she would go to keep Ben out of prison. As Abigail stared silently and defiantly at Chad, Chad noted that Abigail had a weakness for "bad boys." With a chuckle, Chad said that good guy Ben did not stand a chance.

With fiery eyes, Abigail asked Chad if he was attempting to get her to offer to sleep with him in exchange for Ben's freedom. Chad joked that there was only one way for Abigail to prove Chad wrong about Jordan being better in bed. Abigail started to storm off, but Chad stopped her and stressed that he was only joking. Chad explained that he had wanted to see how far Abigail would go to help Ben.

Chad asked Abigail is she truly believed that he would be so angry at her and Jordan that he would punish Ben. As Abigail stood there speechless, Chad groaned. Chad accused Abigail of believing the worst about him. Chad stressed that he had promised he would not press charges and that he intended to keep his promise. Confused, Abigail asked Chad why he had not said that at the start of their conversation. Chad noted that he had not said anything because Abigail had been quick to assume that Chad would turn on Ben after Jordan dumped him.

Curious, Abigail asked Chad why he had previously said that his return to Salem never should have involved Jordan. Chad admitted that his return had been about Abigail. Reigning in his emotions, Chad said he had lost Abigail and Jordan, and he wanted to be alone. Abigail nodded and left. Once alone, Chad thought about when Abigail had said she still cared about him.

In Jordan's office at the hospital, Clyde worried aloud about Ben, and it dawned on Jordan that Clyde truly cared about his son. In the hallway outside, Ben listened to Clyde and Jordan talking. Clyde said he regretted hurting Jordan and admitted that what he had done to her was unforgivable. With a sigh, Clyde told Jordan he was grateful Jordan had let him have a second chance with Ben.

Clyde said Jordan had done the right thing by taking her brother away from him because he would have destroyed the family if she and Ben had stayed. Clyde thanked Jordan for letting him get to know Ben. With a groan, Clyde lamented that Ben had inherited his temper. Clyde blamed himself for the possibility that Ben would go to prison. Ben marched into the room and disagreed. Ben stressed that his situation was his own fault.

Clyde noted that Ben had inherited his temper, but that, unlike him, Ben was incapable of hurting his loved ones. By accident, Jordan told Ben that Abigail was talking to Chad. Upset, Ben started to run after Abigail, but Clyde grabbed his arm and stopped him. Clyde warned Ben to remember that a fight had started the situation, and another fight would only escalate matters. Ben relented.

When Abigail returned to Jordan's office, she informed Ben, Jordan, and Clyde that Chad had confirmed that he would not press charges. When Clyde asked Abigail how she had changed Chad's mind, Abigail explained that Chad had never changed his mind because Chad had decided to keep his word. Abigail said she believed Chad. After Ben and Abigail left, Clyde told Jordan he had meant every word he'd said. Clyde thanked Jordan for providing Ben with a good life.

Clyde left Jordan's office. In the hallway outside, Clyde made a phone call to one of his henchman. "I just want to make sure that Kiriakis is still right where we want him. Down and out," Clyde said with a grin.

In Jennifer's office, Daniel informed her that J.J.'s mystery woman was named Roxanne Trenton. Jennifer shook her head in disbelief. When Daniel said that J.J. had introduced Roxanne to Paige, Jennifer gasped. Jennifer stressed that J.J. and Roxanne were only friends. Jennifer added that Roxanne lived in Chicago and that J.J. had not had the time to shuttle between Salem and Chicago to carry on an affair with Roxanne. Narrowing her eyes, Jennifer wondered aloud why J.J. had been so secretive when Jennifer knew Roxanne.

Jennifer added that J.J. had said the person he had been with was someone he hated, but J.J. and Roxanne were good friends. With a nod, Jennifer said that Eve had to have been involved. Daniel was confused. Jennifer explained that Roxanne had been interested in J.J., but he had only liked her as a friend.

Jennifer theorized aloud that Eve had to have pushed Roxanne into J.J.'s path. Seeing a frenzied look in Jennifer's eyes, Daniel advised her not to obsess over J.J.'s relationship. Daniel warned Jennifer to let J.J. learn from his own mistakes. Jennifer agreed. However, after Daniel left, Jennifer grabbed her phone.

At the student center, Paige sniffled and dried her eyes. Cole asked Paige if she was okay. When Paige nodded, Cole smiled and noted that he had been fearful she was not talking to him because she was upset that he had taken J.J.'s phone. Paige said she was not upset, but she did not want to discuss J.J. Paige asked Cole if he wanted to hang out with her sometime. With a surprised smile, Cole agreed.

Daphne joined Cole and Paige, and Cole said goodbye and left. Daphne warned Paige to steer clear of Cole because she did not want to see Paige get hurt. With a shrug, Paige said she could not be more hurt than she already had been. Paige told Daphne that J.J. had introduced her to the girl he had slept with. Paige explained that J.J. had known her from his boarding school days.

Confused, Daphne asked why Paige had thought she had known the woman J.J. had slept with. Paige explained that she had assumed she had known whomever J.J. was sleeping with because of his behavior. Paige stressed that after seeing J.J. with Roxanne, she was sure things were over with J.J. Paige added that she hoped they "rot[ted] in hell."

At Club TBD, Theresa saw Daniel with Parker, and she confronted him. Theresa ordered Daniel to keep Melanie away from her. Daniel pulled Theresa to the side away from Parker and asked her to watch her language in front of his son. Theresa asked Daniel why Melanie had asked about Dr. Mandrake. Confused, Daniel shrugged. Theresa stressed that she wanted Melanie to stop digging up dirt on her. Annoyed, Daniel asked Theresa to stop.

When Theresa said she was not done, Nicole interrupted and stressed that Theresa needed to back off Daniel. Daniel returned to Parker while Nicole and Theresa faced off. Theresa joked that every woman that dated Brady was a bitch. Always quick-witted, Nicole reminded Theresa that her comment meant that Theresa was a bitch, since she had dated Brady too. Theresa stormed out of the club. Nicole tentatively walked over to Daniel. When Nicole said she knew Daniel did not appreciate her involving herself in his business, Daniel countered that he had not said that he was not appreciative of what Nicole had done.

In the town square, J.J. hugged Roxanne and thanked her for her help as Eve watched from nearby. With an inquisitive grin, Roxanne asked J.J. who the actual woman he was sleeping with was. J.J. stared beyond Roxanne and saw Eve across the way. When Roxanne turned around and saw Eve, Eve made a scene in the square, yelling at J.J. With a raised voice, J.J. reminded Eve that she was just as much to blame for Paige's unhappiness as him. Eve refused to back down.

Roxanne's phone rang, and she stepped away to take the call but promised to meet J.J. in the park. J.J. asked Eve why she was making a scene, and Eve responded that J.J. was flaunting Roxanne all over town. Through gritted teeth, J.J. reminded Eve that he was escorting Roxanne around town for Paige's benefit. J.J. warned Eve that she might scare Roxanne away, which would ruin the plan.

J.J. told Eve he had introduced Roxanne to Paige, and Paige had seemed to buy his cover story. With a raised eyebrow, J.J. asked Eve why she was "acting upset." "I'm not acting," Eve hissed. Eve said she was upset because J.J. had not kept her in the loop on the cover story, and she was worried she would slip up in front of Paige if she did not have all the details. Eve said she did not trust J.J., and she needed him to tell her the plan. J.J. asked Eve why she was in a hurry to get rid of Roxanne. Eve said she needed to talk to J.J. alone at her place.

After Roxanne's call ended, she took a call from Jennifer. Jennifer asked Roxanne what was going on with J.J. Worried about what to say, Roxanne pretended her phone had a bad connection, and she hung up on Jennifer. In her office, a frustrated Jennifer stared at the house keys Eve had left behind at the hospital.

. . .

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