Friday, October 14, 2016
by Mike

Steve rushed into the Brady Pub and embraced Kayla, who was relieved to see that he was all right. She guessed that Orpheus had never intended to make an appearance at the docks because he had already placed bombs all over Salem before receiving John's call. "That son of a bitch," Steve spat.

Kayla reported that Joey was safe at the hospital with his friends, Caroline was hunkered down in her bedroom, and Marlena was out looking for John. Steve contacted Adrienne as he followed Kayla out of the pub. Adrienne was fine, but she was worried about Sonny because she had been on the phone with him at the time of the first explosion but hadn't been able to reach him since then. Steve promised to track Sonny down. Meanwhile, Kayla contacted the hospital and assured one of the staff members that she would be arriving shortly to help with the sudden influx of new patients. Steve insisted on escorting Kayla there before going to look for Sonny.

Sonny arrived at the Evans-Black townhouse and found the door ajar. Paul was lying on the floor, blood seeping out of an injury on the side of his head. He lost consciousness while trying to talk to Sonny, who had trouble maintaining a cell phone signal long enough to request an ambulance but finally managed to get through -- only to learn that it would be a while before a unit could make it out to his location.

Meanwhile, Paul stopped breathing. Sonny performed CPR on him until he regained consciousness. Relieved, Sonny grasped Paul's hand and assured him that he was going to be okay. Paul smiled and weakly wondered what Sonny was doing at the townhouse. Sonny explained that he had wanted to check on people after the explosions had started. "But mostly you," he added.

Explaining that all the EMTs and paramedics in the area were backed up with requests for help, Sonny promised to find another way to get Paul to the hospital for treatment. "In the meantime, is there anything I can do for you?" Sonny asked. Paul beamed as he eyed his hand, which was still wrapped in Sonny's, but then he spotted a framed certificate for outstanding writing that Will had received and Marlena had proudly displayed. Paul quickly pulled his hand away from Sonny's and insisted that he would be fine. As he rolled onto his side to further distance himself from Sonny, Steve arrived and offered to help Sonny get him to the hospital.

While working his way through the town square, which was filled with EMTs and paramedics who were treating people for injuries and smoke inhalation, Eduardo contacted Rafe and left a voicemail message, asking him to provide a status report as soon as possible. Eduardo worriedly added that although Gabi and Arianna were okay, one of the bombs had gone off near Club TBD, and he was sure that Dario had been there at the time of the explosion. As if on cue, Dario stumbled into the town square in a daze. Eduardo spotted him and managed to reach him just in time to catch him as he collapsed.

At the hospital, Abe heard another explosion somewhere in the distance. "That's eight explosions. God knows how much damage they've caused...while the mayor of Salem just lies here, useless," he weakly grumbled. Theo said that Abe needed to rest. Frustrated, Abe countered, "No, what I need is to be helping people. That's my job." His speech slurred as he added that he didn't even know what was going on outside his room. Hoping to ease Abe's mind a bit, Theo rushed off to get information, promising to stay within the confines of the hospital.

When Theo found his friends in one of the break rooms, Ciara was in the middle of reporting the locations of some of the explosions. She added that although no deaths had been confirmed yet, plenty of people were injured. Claire suggested volunteering to help the hospital staff with whatever they needed, and the others agreed. However, as they joined Blanca at the nurses' station and offered their help, Joey tried to sneak off. Theo alerted Ciara and Claire, who rushed after Joey and blocked his path, refusing to let him leave. "I just want to do something!" he complained.

Kayla arrived in time to overhear the conversation. She reminded Joey that he had promised her earlier that he would stay at the hospital. "I should be helping! Those guys are still out there!" he insisted. She argued that he needed to let them stay out there, unable to get to him again, because remaining safe was more important than being a hero. He sighed and reluctantly made another promise to stay at the hospital.

Eduardo soon arrived with Dario, who had a chest wound. As Eduardo applied pressure to the wound in an effort to control the bleeding, Dario weakly asked, "Why are you doing this...after what I did to you?" Eduardo dismissively insisted that Dario hadn't done anything to him. Meanwhile, Blanca spotted Eduardo and Dario and directed them to a nearby waiting area, promising to meet them there after helping another patient.

While waiting for Blanca, Dario clarified his earlier statement, admitting to Eduardo that he had hired someone to go after Rafe in an effort to force Eduardo out of town, but the guy had targeted Gabi instead. "And here you are...trying to help me," he regretfully observed. Eduardo declared that what Dario had done had been a serious mistake. "But what I've done in my life? So much worse, to the point [where] there is no possibility I can ever forgive myself. But that is what you have to do now. You have to forgive yourself, son. You are a worthy human being, and it's time you started to believe it," he added.

Dario tried to object, but Eduardo insisted that if Dario was a selfish person, he was responsible because he had set a poor example and had taught Dario to be that way. "It's okay," Dario muttered, but Eduardo disagreed. He urged Dario to fight to stay alive, fretting, "If what I did caused you to get hurt so bad that you don't make it..." Dario dismissed the concern, pointing out that one of the escaped convicts, not Eduardo, had caused the explosions. Before Eduardo could respond, Blanca arrived and chased him away so she could tend to Dario's wound.

As the teens carried boxes of medical supplies to the nurses' station, Claire said, "See, Joey? We're doing something to help, and we're not risking our lives [in the process]." Joey still felt like he needed to be doing more, but he promised to stay true to his word and remain at the hospital, mainly so his parents wouldn't go crazy again. "As if getting yourself killed isn't motivation enough [to stay put]," Ciara muttered.

Meanwhile, Kayla treated Kate, who had suffered whiplash after some guy had hit her car with his when she had slammed on her brakes in reaction to one of the explosions, which apparently hadn't startled him enough to follow her lead. Kayla seized the opportunity to thank Kate for helping with Clyde's capture. Kate said she was just glad that her plan to recruit Andre had worked. She added that when she had heard that Clyde was back in police custody, she had assumed that the worst was over. "Yeah, well...welcome to the rest of the nightmare," Kayla grimly replied.

Theo returned to Abe's room and gave him an update on what was going on. "[The escaped convicts] need to be stopped, Dad, all right? I should help. You can't be there, so it should be me!" Theo insisted. Abe understood that Theo, who had been helpless to prevent Lexie's death, wanted to take charge and do everything he could to stop more people from dying, including Abe. "But taking my gun and going after Clyde Weston on your own -- son, that was totally wrong," he added.

Theo argued that he should have shot Clyde as punishment for what had happened to Abe. Insisting that Theo needed to stop thinking like that, Abe asked him to promise that he would never try to take matters into his own hands again. "'Cause I can't handle things on my own, right?" Theo guessed. Abe protested that Theo was more than capable of handling things on his own, as he had proven countless times. "[But] being reckless -- that's not handling things. I don't have all the answers, but I do know this: taking the law into your own hands, opting for chaos instead of order -- son, we do that, and this whole world is doomed," he added.

Not wanting Abe to ever have to worry about him, Theo promised that he would never pull a stunt like that again. Later, he emerged from Abe's room and spotted Kate. He offered to do something to help her, but she assured him that she was fine. When she asked about Abe, Theo provided a status report then offered again to do something to help her. She maintained that she was fine, smiling as she added, "You're so much like your mom. You're all heart."

After Theo left, Kate spotted Eduardo, who expressed regret for her injuries as well as the injuries all the other patients had sustained. Recalling that he had seemed similarly regretful when he had learned that Clyde had held her at gunpoint, Kate guessed that Eduardo was somehow responsible for the convicts' escape. He confirmed the suspicion and explained what had happened. She understood his feelings of guilt but reasoned that he had done what he had done to protect his family. "Now, you go to them, and you tell them that. [If] you explain that, they're going to understand, and they're going to forgive you," she advised, adding that she forgave him, too.

As Blanca patched Dario up, he asked her not to enjoy hurting him too much. She jokingly assured him that she was being gentler with him than she'd have to be with Rafe, since she would have to hurt him more just to prove to Adriana that she wasn't interested in him. Dario said it was wise of Blanca to stay away from the Hernandez men because they had issues. Blanca argued that everyone had issues.

After Blanca finished treating Dario, he offered to buy her a drink sometime as his way of thanking her for her help. She insisted that it would be totally unprofessional to accept such an offer from a patient. "But if you invite me to go dancing...well, I may say yes to that. And I'd buy my own drink," she added before walking away.

A short time later, Eduardo arrived and said he was glad to see that Dario was looking better. Dario started to excuse himself so he could go check out the damage at Club TBD, but Eduardo stopped him, having already taken the liberty of making a few calls. He reported that although the damage hadn't been terribly significant, it would be a while before the club could reopen. "Guess I'm gonna be out of a job for a while," Dario grumbled. Pleased to hear that Dario was no longer working for Deimos, Eduardo once again offered Dario the chance to work for him. Dario accepted, shaking Eduardo's hand to seal the deal.

When Steve and Sonny arrived at the hospital with Paul, Kayla wondered what had happened to him. Paul explained that part of a tree had fallen on him when one of the bombs had gone off, and he had also gotten hit with some shards of glass from a window when it had shattered. Knowing the drill from his time as a baseball player, he preemptively answered the questions he knew Kayla would want to ask to rule out a concussion. Kayla still wanted to run some tests, so she asked him to give her some time to order them. Sonny offered to wait with Paul, but Paul insisted that he wanted to be left alone for a while.

Kayla went to check on Abe, who could tell that she was worried about something. She reluctantly admitted that his latest x-rays had confirmed that the remaining bullet fragments were on their way toward his heart, meaning that he would need to undergo another surgery as soon as possible to prevent them from reaching their destination. "In the meantime, I need you to have no unnecessary movement and try to stay as calm as possible, all right?" she advised. He grumbled that he'd be a lot calmer if he could give up his room to someone who was in worse shape than he was, but she assured him that the hospital wasn't accepting any more patients, anyway.

When Kayla emerged from Abe's room, Steve urged her to take a break, but she insisted that she couldn't yet. She added, however, that she'd feel a lot better if he could assure her that the worst was over. "I don't know, Sweetness. I just don't know," he admitted with a sigh.

. . .

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