Friday, October 21, 2016
by Mike

After spending the night at the DiMera mansion, Anne left the following morning. Later that day, Lucas told Chad about her visit. Chad didn't mind that Lucas had taken it upon himself to give her shelter from the chaos of the previous night, but he seized the opportunity to segue into a conversation he had been trying to think of the right way to start with Lucas.

"Look, appreciate everything that you [and Adrienne] have done for Thomas and for myself..." Chad carefully began. "But you're sick of us," Lucas guessed with a knowing grin. Chad insisted that wasn't the case, clarifying that he simply felt like he was finally in a better place and could handle taking care of Thomas on his own again. He was pleasantly surprised when Lucas agreed without hesitation. He knew, however, that Jennifer might not be quite as understanding. Lucas thought he could convince her to give her blessing, but he advised Chad to approach the conversation delicately because of everything she was going through with J.J.

At the hospital, Gabi played J.J. a collection of songs from all his favorite guitarists. "I was trying to decide on doing this or, uh...or making you listen to my favorite kind of music, 'cause I thought that maybe Selena Gomez might make you wake up just to -- just to make me shut it off," she joked as she fought back tears.

Later, Gabi emerged from J.J.'s room and found Chad and Arianna waiting for her near the nurses' station. With Jennifer's help, Chad managed to convince Gabi to take a break and join him and Arianna for lunch in the town square. Gabi was pleased to see that all the stores were reopening as news spread that Salem's long nightmare had finally ended, but she sadly mused that it hadn't ended for everyone -- namely, J.J. -- yet.

While Chad, Gabi, and Arianna were eating, Lucas and Adrienne approached with Thomas. Gabi was ready to return to the hospital, so Adrienne offered to take Arianna back to the DiMera mansion. Chad was surprised to hear that Lucas and Adrienne had already found a new place to stay and were planning to pack their things later that day. Lucas clarified that the new place was actually just the Salem Inn. He and Adrienne knew they were welcome to continue living at the mansion for a while longer, but they were fine with expediting the move because they were anxious for some alone time.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Julie assured Jennifer that J.J. was going to be okay. Jennifer stressed that he had to be because she couldn't bear the thought of outliving both of her children. "Why did he want to be a cop? He was barely out of high school!" she complained. Julie guessed that J.J. had wanted to turn his life around and make a difference in the world. Jennifer maintained that she couldn't survive another funeral. "I know that there are people who just seem to be put together, you know, to handle tragedy, [but] I'm not one of them. I can't -- I can't do it. I can't take anymore," she tearfully insisted.

Later, Lucas arrived and offered to take Jennifer to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting that would be starting shortly. Jennifer declined, insisting that she couldn't leave J.J.'s side. "Jen, what you can't do is even admit the possibility that he's not gonna make it. Now, you need to stay strong and stay sober. You need to be there for him when he gets out and help him recover. He's gonna need you," Lucas pointed out.

Realizing that Lucas was right, Jennifer agreed to accompany him to the meeting. Afterward, they returned to J.J.'s room -- just in time to witness signs that he might be about to emerge from his coma. Lucas rushed off to alert one of the nurses. Jennifer stayed behind and listened as J.J. started mumbling, "Gabi, I'm so sorry. Forgive me."

Elsewhere, Paul signed the last of his discharge papers. Sonny soon arrived and offered to give him a ride home. Paul declined, revealing that he was actually on his way to the Brady Pub to see a friend. Sonny wondered if he could at least keep Paul company until the friend arrived. "Sure. Why not?" Paul replied with a shrug, following Sonny out of the hospital.

While waiting for his friend to show up at the pub, Paul tried to thank Sonny for saving his life, but Sonny dismissively insisted that what he had done hadn't been a big deal. Paul wondered what had made Sonny decide to check on him during the explosions. "Something told me to go look for you," Sonny explained with a shrug. He added that he would like to talk to Paul about what had happened. "We just did," Paul evasively replied.

"Not all of it," Sonny countered, clarifying that he wanted to talk to Paul about what had happened between them. Sighing, Paul insisted, "Sonny, I thought I was a dead man. I would have shared a moment with anybody who showed up." Sonny tried to object to Paul's dismissive summary of what had happened, but Paul interrupted him, adding, "I know where you're going with this. Um...I came to, and I saw how worried you looked, and it got to me. But you made it very clear that all you ever want to be is friends, and now I have decided I agree with you. So if you got any kind of different vibe from me last night...I was out of it. I'm sorry."

Sonny insisted there was no need for Paul to apologize. "Okay, well, won't happen again," Paul stressed. Nodding, Sonny said he was okay with that and had simply wanted to discuss the matter with Paul. "Well, great, because I just -- you know, to tell you the truth, I just want to put yesterday behind me," Paul replied.

Sonny soon changed the subject, asking for Paul's opinion on a Halloween costume he was thinking of getting for Arianna. "You want your four-year-old to go out for Halloween dressed as a nun?" Paul asked incredulously. Sonny confirmed that he did, reasoning that she would stand out that way because all the other four-year-olds would be dressed as princesses and ballerinas. Paul seized the opportunity to tease Sonny for the way he had stood out at a comic book convention they had attended a few years earlier, wearing green tights that had been too small and had ripped at one point, revealing his choice of underwear to everyone.

"At least I was wearing a mask," Sonny pointed out. Paul suddenly grew quiet, prompting Sonny to wonder what was wrong. "I was just thinking that in those days, I was always wearing a mask. You were the only person who really knew who I was," Paul explained. Sonny started to respond, but he stopped himself when Derrick entered the pub. Taken aback, Sonny greeted Derrick and told him that Paul had mentioned plans to meet a friend at the pub but hadn't revealed the identity of the friend. "I guess I should've," Paul said.

Derrick explained that he had recently begun working at the hospital and had crossed paths with Paul there the previous night. "Oh. They have bellhops there now?" Sonny asked snidely. Forcing a chuckle, Derrick clarified that he was working as an administrative assistant. "It was nice to run into a familiar face," he added, patting Paul's hand and receiving a pat on the back from him in return. Sonny watched the interaction closely. Paul said he had suggested that he and Derrick could catch up and maybe even see a movie together. "Sounds like a date," Sonny dryly observed. "No, just hanging out," Paul replied before he and Derrick excused themselves.

Later, Adrienne joined Sonny at the pub and filled him in on her impending move to the Salem Inn. He somewhat disappointedly guessed that she and Lucas would soon begin forging ahead with their wedding plans, given all the free time they were about to have again. She confirmed the suspicion and wondered if he would be willing to give her away. "Don't push it," he replied.

Adrienne knew Sonny wasn't happy that his parents were no longer together. "I've accepted it," he assured her. She wondered if that was what was giving him the blues, since he clearly had a bad case of them. "Really? I thought I was covering so well," he dryly replied. She shook her head and urged him to talk to her about what was bothering him. "I just thought there might be something between Paul and me again. But apparently I just misread the entire situation," he explained. She wondered if he was upset about that. "I'll survive. It's what's best," he answered.

As Derrick was passing through the town square with Paul, he wondered if they should have invited Sonny to accompany them to the movie theater. Paul shook his head, insisting that it was okay that they hadn't. "You sure? He seemed pretty upset that we had plans together," Derrick pointed out. Paul dismissed Derrick's concern, explaining that Sonny had simply been dealing with a lot lately.

"I think you're kidding yourself," Derrick said, insisting that he had seen the way Sonny had looked at Paul earlier. Paul explained that Sonny was still grieving the loss of Will and had made it clear that he wasn't ready to get involved with anyone yet. Derrick pointed out that people often said things they didn't really mean. "Look, even if you were right, it would never work out. Will, what happened -- it would always come between us," Paul countered.

Derrick couldn't see a reason for that to be the case, given the fact that Paul and Will hadn't known about each other's connections to Sonny when they'd had their one-night stand. Paul said that didn't matter anymore because Will was dead, meaning there would never be a chance for the three of them to work through what had happened. When Derrick tried to make another counterargument, Paul interrupted, insisting, "Hey, I've been through all this too many times. Sonny needs to be with somebody who doesn't remind him of Will and who's not gonna make him feel guilty for moving on with his life. I'm not that guy."

At the docks, Nicole admitted to Deimos that Chloe really was carrying his child. He was confused at first, pointing out that a paternity test had proven that he wasn't the father, but she explained that Chloe had somehow managed to falsify it. Elated, he hugged her and thanked her for telling him the truth. His mood quickly changed when he realized that she had kept Chloe's secret for two whole months before finally deciding to share the truth with him. She apologized and tried to explain why she had initially chosen to go along with the deception, but he furiously insisted that there was no excuse for what she had done.

"Oh, right, and you're the poster child for doing the right thing," Nicole sarcastically countered. She wondered just how many times Deimos had lied to her. He dismissively insisted that he would never lie to her about something as important as what she had lied to him about. "Oh, I see. So there's bad lies and there's okay lies?" she asked incredulously.

"Don't turn this around! This is about what you did -- and what you did was unforgivable!" Deimos shouted as he picked up and angrily hurled a nearby crate. Nicole asked him to calm down, adding that it was exactly that sort of behavior that had made her wonder if it would be better for his child to grow up without him as a father. She explained that she had decided to reveal the truth to him because he had a very big heart and wasn't really as ruthless as he sometimes appeared to be -- facts that had led her to believe he would be fair and kind to Chloe despite the deception. She hoped it hadn't been a horrible mistake for her to assume that.

Deimos spat that her mistake had been agreeing to keep the truth from him in the first place. "I don't know why I'm so surprised about this. A woman who would steal another woman's baby [and] let her believe that her own baby was dead -- I mean, why should I be surprised that a woman like that would do [something like this]? You know, for someone who goes on and on about how much you love children, you really have an odd way of showing it. You know, in fact, I have to wonder if any child would even want you for a mother in the first place," he added.

Nicole slapped Deimos. "How dare you say that to me when you know I miscarried two babies?" she tearfully asked. He unapologetically replied that he had honestly believed that she knew him and understood him better than anyone else ever had -- and that they were, in fact, soul mates. "How in God's name could I have been so wrong?" he wondered, shaking his head in disbelief. Nicole broke down as he walked away.

Later, Deimos instructed someone to fly to New York, find Chloe, and get her back to Salem one way or another, taking care not to harm her in the process. Meanwhile, Nicole contacted Chloe and left an apologetic voicemail message, explaining that she had made a huge mistake. "You need to do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself and the baby, because I don't know what Deimos is gonna do next," she warned.

. . .

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