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Friday, March 24, 2017

At the Kiriakis mansion, an angry Sonny attempted to enlist Brady's help in taking down Deimos. Brady did not want to hear about what Deimos had done. Frustrated, Sonny accused Brady of being more interested in Nicole than in his family. Sonny argued that Brady was in love with Nicole. Tired of hearing that theory, Brady groaned. Sonny stormed out.

At the Horton Center, Eric took a phone call from a runaway. Eric pleaded with the runaway to meet with him at the center to talk. Jennifer eavesdropped from the doorway. When Eric finished his call, Jennifer told him that his compassion was exactly what Alice had wanted to see at the center. Jennifer talked about how she had lived on the street when she'd been sixteen and how she would have benefitted from having someone like Eric helping her.

Eric asked about Abigail, and Jennifer said that Abigail was recovering well after her poisoning. Jennifer said that there was no proof that Deimos had taken Abigail, Gabi, and Chad, but they were certain Deimos was to blame. Jennifer vowed to expose Deimos. When Jennifer started to lecture Eric about starting his life again, he grew frustrated with her and lashed out. Upset, Jennifer exited, brushing past Brady, who was on his way in.

After an awkward hello, Brady and Eric talked about how glad they were that they had written letters to one another while Eric had been in prison. Eric said he wanted to make amends. With a nod, Brady told Eric that Daniel would have wanted Eric to live his life. Eric shook his head, shaking off Brady's line of thought. Eric said he knew Nicole was in trouble. Brady admitted that he was helping Nicole, but he did not want to say anything more. Brady's phone rang. With a raised eyebrow, Eric asked Brady if that was Nicole calling.

At the cabin in Canada, Hillary stopped by to ask Nicole if she needed any supplies from the store. Nicole politely declined the offer. When Hillary asked about "Freddie," Nicole said her husband was traveling. Nicole slipped up and said that Freddie was a mechanical engineer. Confused, Hillary pointed out that Freddie was a chemical engineer. Lying, Nicole explained that she was bored by Freddie's work and did not really know what he did for a living.

Outside, there was a noise. After assuring Nicole that everything was fine, Hillary pulled out a gun and explained that she was a cop. Nicole was visibly shaken. Hillary went outside to check on the noise. Panicked, Nicole called Brady on her cell phone. When Brady answered, Nicole told him that she was scared. Worried, Brady asked for details. Hillary knocked on the door. Nicole told Brady she would call him back then she hung up.

When Nicole opened her front door, Hillary apologized for scaring Nicole when she had pulled out her gun. Hillary assured Nicole that she had locked her gun up at home because she did not want Nicole to feel unsafe. With a smile, Hillary invited Nicole to join her for dinner. Nicole declined, noting that she needed to unpack from the move. With a nod, Hillary left.

At the Horton Center, Eric asked about Brady's phone call. Brady said that Nicole was upset, and he intended to be Nicole's friend. Eric said that Brady was in love with Nicole. Defensive, Brady stressed that he was just friends with Nicole. Brady said he understood why Nicole was upset about Holly because he would feel the same way if anyone had taken Tate. Eric told Brady that he did not need to justify helping Nicole, and he was glad that Brady was watching out for her. Relieved, Brady thanked Eric for reaching out to him. Brady said he was happy Eric was working at the center, and he hoped it would give Eric peace.

"You are and you always will be one of the best brothers a guy could ever have," Brady said. Brady hugged Eric goodbye. When Brady left, he picked up Tate and walked to the town square. Brady called Nicole's phone and left a voicemail. As Brady pushed a fussy Tate in his stroller, Jennifer walked over to say hello. Jennifer gushed over Tate. When Brady asked Jennifer about her visit to see Eric, Jennifer said she had just been tired after a long night.

Brady said he was aggravated that everyone in town assumed he was in love with Nicole. Surprised, Jennifer asked Brady if he was not. Brady groaned. Brady asked how everyone in Salem could know that he was in love with Nicole except for him. With a shrug, Jennifer wondered aloud if Brady was in denial. Jennifer switched the conversation to talk about her argument with Eric. Brady urged Jennifer not to give up.

After Jennifer left to find Eric, Nicole returned Brady's phone call. She told him about her run-in with Hillary. Brady begged Nicole not to run away. Looking across the room at a packed bag, Nicole promised not to leave.

"I don't know what I did to deserve you," Nicole said. "I do. You were just you," Brady said softly. After he hung up the phone, Brady told Tate that he hoped Nicole would keep her promise to stay at the cabin. Brady admitted that he would be lost if Nicole ran off with Holly and he never saw her again. With a sigh, Brady muttered, "Oh, Brady. You're in love with Nicole."

At the Horton Center, Eric composed another letter to Nicole, apologizing for what he had done. Jennifer burst into Eric's office to apologize for what she had said to Eric earlier. Eric hurriedly shoved the pad of paper into a desk drawer. Eric announced that he needed to leave to meet with the runaway. Elated by the news, Jennifer wished Eric luck. After Eric ran off, Jennifer glanced over at the desk drawer.

At the hospital, Adrienne talked to Dr. Ong about her surgery as Lucas, Justin, and Kate stood beside her. Adrienne thanked the doctor for her help. Looking around the room, Adrienne asked for a moment alone with Kate. Justin and Lucas kissed Adrienne then left. Once alone with Kate, Adrienne broke down in tears. Kate comforted her. Adrienne said that she wanted to appear calm, but she was screaming inside.

Choking back sobs, Adrienne said that she did not feel lucky. Adrienne cried out that she did not think she was a person that could wear "bags of liquid" on her chest. "Who will I be? What will I be? I don't want my body mutilated! I just want to be me. Intact. Still a woman. Is that too much to ask? It's too much, Kate. I can't! I can't! I'm so scared!" Adrienne cried out.

Kate took Adrienne in her arms and soothed her. Once Adrienne stopped crying, she told Kate that Kate was her lifeboat because Kate made her "feel safe in stormy seas." Kate smiled. Adrienne asked for Sonny, and Kate went to find him. Sonny entered Adrienne's room, and he kissed his mother for luck. Sonny promised to be there when Adrienne woke up after the procedure.

In the hallway, Sonny joined Lucas and Justin while they waited to hear about the surgery. While Lucas fetched coffee, Sonny informed Justin about what Deimos had done. Sonny told Justin that Gabi was still in critical condition. Shaking his head, Sonny admitted that he had known that Deimos had targeted Chad, but he had not been able to intervene in time.

Lucas returned, and Kate joined the group. Kate said that before the surgery, Adrienne had been struggling, but she was okay. Dr. Ong informed the group that Adrienne had finished her first surgery and was undergoing reconstructive surgery. Justin asked Kate what Adrienne had said to her before the surgery. With a sigh, Kate said that Adrienne had whispered, "Tell him I love him" before she had passed out. Adrienne had passed out before she had said anyone's name.

At the Brady Pub, Hope and Rafe talked about Gabi's condition. Across the room, Rafe spotted Deimos at a table. Furious, Rafe stomped over and confronted Deimos. Rafe grabbed Deimos by the shirt and pulled him close. Hope intervened to pull the two men apart. "You're gonna pay for what you did," Rafe growled. Deimos denied he had done anything. Hope ordered Deimos to leave and never return to the pub.

Rafe and Hope went to the police station to talk to Commissioner Raines about arresting Deimos. Without more evidence, Raines was not interested in going after Deimos. Frustrated, Rafe and Hope decided to start their own investigation to gather evidence. Rafe asked Sonny to meet him at the station. While Rafe asked Sonny to help him find information at Titan to implicate Deimos in the kidnapping, Hope went to the Kiriakis mansion to talk to Deimos.

Hope asked Deimos if he planned to retaliate against Rafe for assaulting him in the pub. Deimos avoided answering the question. While Deimos took a phone call, Hope planted a bug in a flower vase. After Hope left, she listened as the bug transmitted audio of Deimos yelling at someone on his phone. Deimos ordered the person to keeping following Brady because he would lead them to Nicole and Holly.

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