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Friday, February 24, 2017

At Club TBD, a reluctant Chloe met with Brady to talk about Holly. Brady stressed that he was meeting with Chloe without Nicole's knowledge. When Brady asked Chloe to reconsider custody of Holly, Chloe argued that Nicole was unstable without Daniel in her life. Brady informed Chloe that Nicole had dumped Deimos. Chloe paused as she took in the news. Shaking off the thought, Chloe argued that Nicole would go back to Deimos. When Chloe reiterated that Nicole was a mess, Brady reminded Chloe that Nicole had been a rock when Chloe had gone into labor.

"A good friend is not the same as a good mom," Chloe said. When Brady reminded Chloe that her romantic decisions were every bit as bad as Nicole's decisions, Chloe grew defensive. Brady argued that Chloe was keeping everyone who loved her at arm's length. Chloe countered that Brady was always giving Nicole the benefit of the doubt. Raising an eyebrow, Chloe asked Brady if he was falling for Nicole again. Brady stressed that he was only friends with Nicole, and he was interested in intervening because he felt a personal connection to the situation. Brady explained that Theresa had not carried their son because Tate had been taken from them.

Softening, Chloe muttered that the judge had declared her Holly's mother, not Nicole. Brady begged Chloe not to move back to Chicago. Shifting her eyes guiltily, Chloe said she was not moving to Chicago. As Brady sighed in relief, Chloe announced that she was moving to New York to live with her parents. When Chloe explained that she needed to support herself, Brady offered to support Chloe financially if she agreed to stay in Salem. Chloe said it would be easier for Nicole to move on with her life if Holly was not in Salem. As Brady stared dumbfounded at Chloe, Chloe said she wanted Nicole to be happy.

At Brady's urging, Chloe left to meet with Maggie. Brady called Nicole and ordered her to meet with him right away. After picking up Holly from home, Chloe went to the Brady Pub to meet Maggie. Chloe stressed that she wanted what was best for Holly, and she believed that meant moving to New York. Maggie grew teary-eyed. As Chloe assured Maggie that she could visit her grandchildren whenever she wanted, Maggie wiped tears off her face.

Maggie calmly noted that Chloe was cutting Nicole out of Holly's life. Chloe reminded Maggie that the judge had granted custody to her, not Nicole. With a nod, Maggie said that Chloe could contact her if she needed anything. As Chloe rose to leave, Maggie asked to hold Holly. Chloe handed the baby to Maggie, who desperately fought back tears. Maggie said goodbye to her granddaughter.

At St. Luke's, Julie's friends and family attended David's funeral. At the back of the church, a surprised Valerie confronted her son, Eli, in the vestibule. Valerie asked Eli why he was in Salem. Eli said he wanted to pay his respects to his father. As Valerie's eyes went wide, Julie joined the two and introduced herself. Valerie introduced her son as Eli Grant, and she did not mention that Eli was Julie's grandson. Narrowing her eyes, Julie noted that Eli looked familiar. Julie welcomed Eli to sit down.

When Julie returned to the pulpit, she delivered a eulogy about her son David. Julie spoke glowingly of David, but she added that David had inherited her worst traits as well. Julie admitted that she and David had loved one another but that their relationship had been strained. With a sigh, Julie said she regretted the distance between her and David. Fighting tears, Julie said that David's best traits shined brightly in his son Scotty.

After the service, Julie thanked Claire and Ciara for attending the funeral. Claire expressed her regret that she had never met David, and Julie assured her that Claire would have liked David. As Julie left to mingle with the other people at the service, Claire told Ciara that she was upset that she could not do more to help Julie. Theo joined the women as Ciara told Claire that Julie was happy that Claire had attended the service.

Across the church, Abe talked to Eli. Curious, Abe asked Eli if he was in Salem to help his mother move. Eli responded that he was there to surprise his mother. Nearby, Valerie told Julie that David had loved Julie, and he had known that his mother had loved him. Looking over at Eli, Julie told Valerie that she should treasure her son while she had him in her life.

At the hospital, Chad woke up in his bed with a sleeping Abigail curled up next to him. Abigail opened her eyes and smiled at Chad. When Chad asked if they still needed to talk, Abigail said that all was well, and she appreciated that Chad had been honest with her about Gabi. Chad said he was eager to put the incident behind them and move on with their lives. Chad cautioned Abigail to steer clear of the Kiriakis and Hernandez families, but Abigail said she would be fine.

Changing the subject, Abigail suggested that they should take a trip to Cancun. Chad started to talk about Gabi, and he stopped himself. Abigail encouraged Chad to finish his thought. With a shrug, Chad explained that Gabi had once said that Cancun was too touristy and had recommended Cozumel for a vacation. With a smile, Abigail said they would find a place to go in Cozumel instead.

Claire and Theo stopped by to visit Chad. While Abigail and Claire went to the nurses' station to fill out paperwork for Chad's release, Theo sat on Chad's bed and talked about Stefano. Though Chad was not interested in speaking to Stefano again, Theo said he still missed his grandfather.

Chad changed the subject to the feud with the Kiriakis and Hernandez families. Chad cautioned Theo to watch his back. With a shrug, Theo said he did not want to stop talking to Ciara or Claire because he loved them both, and they were both a part of the Kiriakis family. Tentatively, Theo asked Chad if it was possible to love two women "in the same way." Chad shrugged as he looked into the distance.

At the nurses' station, Claire showed Abigail her rose gold watch from Theo. Claire confided that she felt like another woman was attempting to steal her boyfriend. Abigail advised Claire not to worry about the other woman and instead concentrate on showing Theo that Claire loved him. With a nod, Claire smiled at Abigail.

After Chad checked out of the hospital, he went home with Abigail. Chad spent some time with Thomas then curled up in bed with Abigail. After telling one another that they loved each other, Abigail and Chad made love.

In the town square, J.J. and Lani talked over coffee. J.J. attempted to ask Lani out, but she shot down all his suggestions. Frustrated, J.J. pointedly said that he wanted to go on a date with Lani. Surprised, Lani said she had not realized that J.J. had been interested in her. J.J. explained that after working with her again, he had realized how much he liked Lani. With a smile, Lani agreed to go for sushi with J.J. When Lani reached into her purse to fish out her smart phone and look up the restaurant, she realized it was missing. Lani excused herself to run back to the church to retrieve her phone.

In the park, an emotional Valerie asked Eli why he believed that David was his father. Eli explained that he had been curious about his dad's family and had realized that Terrence Grant was not his biological father. Eli continued that a DNA test had proven his suspicion correct, and resources at the FBI had led him to David. When Valerie asked why Eli had not said anything until that moment, a grim-faced Eli explained that he had been waiting for Valerie to tell the truth. Eli said he had hoped that when Valerie had left for Salem, her intention had been to tell the Horton family about him.

Angry, Eli said that he had never been able to meet his father because of Valerie's lies. Valerie explained that she and David had been in love, but he had been afraid to commit to her. Valerie added that after their second breakup, she had realized that she'd been pregnant and that David would never stay with her. When Eli argued that Valerie had not given David the chance to make that decision, Valerie countered that David had already failed as a father to Scotty. With a sigh, Valerie said that when she'd met Terrence, she'd known that he would be a good father to Eli.

"I didn't want your heart broken," Valerie said. "Well it is now," Eli retorted. Eli argued that he had had a right to know the truth about David -- and so did David's family. When Valerie pleaded with Eli to understand, Eli told Valerie that his relationship with David's family was not Valerie's business. Furious, Eli marched away. Abe found Valerie crying on the bench and rushed over to comfort her. Sobbing, Valerie cried out that Eli would never forgive her.

At St. Luke's, Julie said goodbye to David, and Doug escorted her out of the church. From the shadows, Eli approached the casket. "I'm sorry I never got to know you, but now I'll never have the chance," Eli said sadly. In the vestibule, Lani walked in, looking for her phone. Lani watched Eli at the casket.

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