Wednesday, July 1, 2015

At Club TBD, as Paige perused the online personal ads, she realized that achieving her goal would take longer than she'd thought -- although she also couldn't just let it go. She grabbed her tablet and headed out.

Over lunch in Horton Square, J.J. remarked to Bev that he thought Kyle wanted something from him. As Bev and J.J. were leaving, Kyle returned and eagerly announced that he was having a party. Kyle asked for J.J.'s cell number so he could text the details to J.J., but J.J. declined, maintaining that he and Bev just wanted to be alone. Meanwhile, the same man who'd been watching J.J. earlier observed the interaction from across the square.

As Bev and J.J. headed into the park, J.J. explained that he couldn't hang out that night because he was starting work for Sonny the next day. He added that being with Bev had been helping improve his bad mood. While Bev and J.J. were kissing, Paige suddenly showed up. Bev spotted her and quickly pulled away from J.J. Bev started to leave, but Paige stopped her to offer a piece of advice: "Just so you don't forget and say I didn't warn you -- once a cheat, always a cheat."

After Bev left, J.J. tried to apologize to Paige, but she maintained that she didn't care what he did. Paige began derisively predicting that J.J. would get Bev into bed and then cheat on her, too. "How many other sluts, besides my mom and Roxanne, were you sleeping with the whole time we were together?" Paige demanded bitterly. J.J. finally had heard enough and angrily ordered Paige to stop it.

J.J. pointed out that he had ended things with Eve before he'd asked Paige to take him back. "It was over with her, and even though I did lie to you about what I had done, I was never unfaithful to you while we were together -- with anyone. I never cheated on you," J.J. asserted, adding that he had never even looked at another woman while he and Paige had been together. Paige sarcastically noted the huge sacrifice J.J. had made to be with her.

Paige snapped, "Who do you think you're kidding, J.J., huh? Yourself? It was never just you and me. Never! Whether you were with her or not, the whole time we were together, my mom's shadow was always right next to you." J.J. started to say that he wished Paige could just see the truth, but she cut him off, declaring that what he and her mother had done had been disgusting and very wrong. "God, I hate you both so much!" Paige spat before storming away.

J.J. was sitting on a bench, sulking, when Bev returned. Bev said she'd gotten a message from Kyle about the party, but she had declined, since she knew J.J. didn't want anything to do with Kyle's scene. "No, let's go... Let's go to the damn party," J.J. declared suddenly, much to Bev's surprise.

In Horton Square, Kyle was reassuring someone on the phone, "I'm making some inroads, and I'm working on him as a new recruit. And the best part, as you know, is that he's done this before."

Paige returned to her dorm room and logged on to the online dating site. "This will work. I know it will," she tried to convince herself, lower lip trembling. After a moment, she broke down and flung herself facedown on the bed, sobbing.

Justin was barking orders on the phone in the living room of the Kiriakis mansion when Kate arrived at his behest. Kate remarked that Justin sounded a great deal like his Uncle Victor. Justin irritably warned Kate that she'd better get her act together, or she would be out of a job. Kate believed that Justin's bad mood had to do with Adrienne and Lucas sleeping together, but Justin insisted it did not. After ordering Kate to close the deal making Paul Narita the face of the men's line, Justin stalked out of the house.

At Ben's apartment, Ben informed his dad that he'd overheard a conversation between Chad and Abigail in which they had revealed that they had slept together just a few days prior. Unable to contain his fury, Ben hurled his glass across the room, shattering it. Clyde was surprised when he learned that Abigail didn't know Ben had overheard the conversation. He wondered why Ben was still letting Abigail move in.

Ben declared that Abigail had said she loved him -- and the previous night, she had proved that she wanted him and only him. Clyde warned that it would not be easy for Ben to live with what Abigail had done. Ben asserted that the next time he'd seen Chad after that, "I made sure damn well that he knows Abigail is mine. All mine." Clyde didn't understand how Ben could forgive Abigail.

Ben said he knew Abigail was committed to him and would never make another mistake like that. Clyde was happy that Ben had felt comfortable confiding in him. Ben revealed that he'd also heard Chad yelling at Stefano to stop trying to push Chad and Abigail back together. Clyde was incredulous. Ben maintained that it didn't matter because Abigail was with him. Clyde declared that Abigail was luckier than she knew to have a forgiving man like Ben to love her.

As he was leaving, Clyde paused outside Ben's door and marveled under his breath, "Stefano DiMera's back in town, playing matchmaker."

Later, Ben placed a vase of Abigail's favorite flowers on the kitchen table and fluffed the throw pillows on the sofa. Even though he was obviously looking forward to Abigail moving in, he couldn't stop thinking about her sleeping with Chad.

Kate met Clyde at Club TBD after getting a text message from him. "Any particular reason you didn't tell me that Stefano DiMera's back in town?" Clyde demanded. Kate claimed that she'd planned to tell Clyde eventually. "Are you jealous?" Kate asked with a sly smile. "Of Stefano DiMera? You know damn well, Kate, he doesn't even bat in my league," Clyde replied, grinning. He pointed out that the best thing about being with Kate was that she was with him because she wanted to be. "And you do know what I want," Kate remarked flirtatiously. Clyde kissed her goodbye and headed out.

A little later, Kate was waiting on the bench in the park outside Horton Square. When the person she was waiting for arrived, Kate told him or her, "Thank you for meeting me. I have a proposition for you -- one you won't be able to turn down."

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano laughed at the idea that the timing of his return to Salem had anything to do with Chad and Abigail's relationship. Stefano insisted that he only wanted his son to be happy. Chad asserted that Stefano was the reason he'd ended things with Abigail, because he knew Stefano's reasons for wanting Chad and Abigail back together really had nothing to do with Chad. Stefano claimed that he only wanted Chad to be with the woman he loved. Chad asserted that if he really loved Abigail, he could never make her live "in this house of horrors."

Stefano countered that Elvis and Samantha had lived there very happily. Chad argued that Sami and Abigail were nothing alike -- where Abigail was kind, Sami had been as duplicitous and manipulative as Stefano and had been forced to become tough and mean while living under Stefano's roof. "I would never do that to Abigail, so she's out of my life, and she's back with Ben, and they're moving in together," Chad concluded. "If you love Abigail that much, how do you expect to live without her?" Stefano asked.

Chad callously said he didn't want to be tied down to one woman, and besides, he'd gotten what he'd wanted by sleeping with Abigail: revenge for her sleeping with E.J. "I used her; I dumped her; it's over. Let it go. I have," Chad added as he walked out -- but in the hallway, he wistfully recalled the night he'd spent with Abigail. Meanwhile, Stefano wondered aloud how long Chad's noble gesture of giving Abigail up could last.

Later, Clyde paid Stefano a visit. "What the hell do you want?" Stefano demanded.

As Eve was leaving Marlena's office at the hospital with Laura Horton's pilfered patient file, she ran into an entering Jennifer, sending the papers flying. Although clearly annoyed to see Eve, Jennifer started to help her retrieve the contents of the file, but Eve ordered her to stop. Eve claimed that the file contained confidential referral papers for her from Marlena. Before the exchange between the women could become too heated, Eve stormed out.

At the hospital, Abigail spoke by phone to Bridget, the woman who had cared for Abigail while Jennifer and Abigail had lived in Ireland. As Abigail hung up, she promised to visit Bridget in September. When Adrienne entered a moment later, Abigail was nearly in tears. Abigail told Adrienne about how ill Bridget was and how she planned to visit for the fall festival in the village where Bridget lived, but Abigail was worried and didn't want to wait that long. Abigail said it had just reminded her how much simpler her life had been when they'd lived in Ireland.

Adrienne noted that Abigail had a great boyfriend and a lot to look forward to, so she wondered if it were really just Bridget's illness that had Abigail so upset. Adrienne guessed that although Abigail was happy to move in with Ben, she was also under a lot of stress because she'd had to take on so much extra responsibility since Jordan had left. Abigail tearfully admitted, "I'm really happy about it... I think I'm just afraid that I'm disappointing my mom, you know, letting her down or something."

Jennifer walked in just then and reassured Abigail, "You are not letting me down! I am so happy for you and Ben." She added that she would miss having Abigail at home, but she was very happy that Abigail had found her soul mate.

Chad took Theo to the hospital so Theo could meet with his therapist. While they waited, Chad asked what had been going on between Theo and his best friend, Sawyer, after school, but Theo didn't want to talk about it. Chad urged Theo to work things out with Sawyer because friends were important. Theo agreed to try to make up with Sawyer. Theo asked if Chad would take him to the lake again. "It was fun. Abigail was there, remember?" Theo asked.

Abigail entered just then and overheard Chad concurring that it had been a lot of fun. Abigail paused in the doorway and listened while Chad promised Theo that they would have a campfire and make s'mores, and they could even invite Sawyer. Theo happily threw his arms around Chad's neck. Abigail was about to tiptoe away when Theo spotted her. He ran over and gave her an enthusiastic hug.

Maxine gave Jennifer a press release from Seth Burns about a doctor who was taking a leave of absence. Jennifer read the file and noted that the doctor was going to the Lakewood Sanitarium for treatment. Jennifer revealed that, years earlier, her mother had been admitted to Lakewood and had stayed for a long time. Maxine took Jennifer's hand sympathetically.

Adrienne got a text message from Justin, asking her to meet him at the Brady Pub. When Adrienne arrived, Justin slid an envelope across the table to her and left with barely a word. Adrienne opened the envelope and found a petition for divorce inside.

Behind the nurses' station, Theresa watched a relieved young couple bond after their child's minor accident. She seemed to be formulating a plan to make her and Brady closer when Anne arrived and demanded to know where her master keys were. Bristling at the implied accusation, Theresa lied that she had no idea what had happened to Anne's keys. Anne speculated that Theresa could have taken the keys to search for some "pertinent documents" regarding baby Tate to make her look better in Brady's eyes. Theresa was indignant that her supposed friend Anne would treat her with such suspicion.

Eve arrived back at the nurses' station just as Anne had to step away to take a phone call. Eve returned the keys to Theresa, who declared that Eve owed her big for swiping the keys. Eve was optimistic that what she'd done would pay off in a big way.

Theresa wasn't around when Anne returned to the area around the nurses' station. Anne admonished Eve to stop chit-chatting with Theresa while Theresa was on the clock. Theresa returned just then, jingling Anne's keys, and claimed she'd found them in Anne's top desk drawer. Anne swore she'd already looked there and walked away without bothering to thank Theresa.

Eve explained that what she'd taken from Marlena's office would help her take Jennifer down a peg or two. Eve advised Theresa to play things cool with Brady and not "get in his face" if she wanted to make any headway with him. Theresa revealed that she had devised a new plan to get Brady close to her again -- so at some point, she might need to call in the favor that Eve owed her.

As soon as Eve left, Anne returned and badgered Theresa to get back to work. Declaring that it was time for her to spend time with her son -- and reminding Anne that she'd found Anne's "lost" master keys -- Theresa left.

Eve curled up on the couch at her apartment with Laura's file and read that Jennifer's mother had been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. Eve got out her tablet and read aloud from the Internet, "Symptoms include depression, hallucination... Can be passed on genetically, and can strike at any time." Giggling to herself, Eve noted that drugs could cause all of those symptoms.

Theresa entered the living room at the Kiriakis mansion and took Tate from Hayley, the nanny. After merrily greeting her son, Theresa asked if Hayley could get her a sandwich. "Ms. Donovan, no disrespect, but my job's with the baby, not you," Hayley noted. As she sent Hayley away, Theresa coldly asked the girl, "If it's not too much trouble, could you please tell Henderson that I'm starving?"

Theresa held Tate in her lap and promised never to actually put him in harm's way -- just to lie a little to give his daddy a bit of a scare. Bouncing Tate up and down, Theresa mused that if she could scare Brady while looking like a hero, it would be perfect -- but she would have to plan it all very carefully. "And if it all works, then Melanie will be nothing but a big, bad memory. And you and me and Daddy are going to live happily ever after, and we are going to be the family that you deserve," Theresa declared, grinning and kissing Tate.

. . .

On the next Days of our Lives...
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  • Kate suggests a deal with Lucas
  • Adrienne's reaction about the divorce papers surprises Lucas
  • Clyde has a hidden agenda when he meets with Stefano

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