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Friday, December 9, 2016

Chad and Gabi sat on the bench in the park, and he told her that Stefano had been suffering from terminal bone cancer. Chad said that Stefano's death might have been "suicide by cop." Chad lamented that his father was not who he had thought. With a frustrated sigh, Chad theorized aloud that Stefano had not told him the truth because he had known that Chad would have attempted to stop Stefano's plan.

Gabi asked Chad if he was upset that Stefano had hurt Hope or if Chad was upset that Stefano had not given Chad a chance to say goodbye. Chad admitted he was sad. Chad added that Stefano had thrown away his last chance at redemption in order to take revenge against the Brady family. Taking Chad's hand, Gabi reminded Chad that he was not like his father. Chad pulled his hand away, but he thanked Gabi for talking to him. As Chad walked away, Gabi looked in her purse to retrieve her phone, and she groaned out loud about Dario.

In a downtown alley, Abigail warned Dario that she would confess to the police that she had witnessed Dario trafficking in illegal goods if he did not promise to keep quiet about her fake death. Dario claimed that the goods he had shipped were legal, but Abigail did not buy his excuse. When Dario asked Abigail why she had pretended to be dead, Abigail stressed that she had not been scared of her husband but instead scared of herself. Abigail said she had left to protect her family from her mental illness. Dario called Abigail a coward for continuing to lie about her death.

Suspicious, Abigail asked Dario why he wanted her to tell everyone that she was alive, since it would give him no leverage to protect his secret. Dario thought about his conversation with Gabi about Chad. Shaking off the memory, Dario accused Abigail of hurting her family and risking losing her husband. Abigail asked Dario if he was suggesting that she would lose Chad to Gabi. Dario admitted that he did not want his sister to be mixed up with the DiMera family.

Curious, Abigail asked Dario if J.J. was the only reason that Gabi was not with Chad. From down the alley, Gabi called out to her brother. Abigail hid behind some crates. When Gabi spotted her brother, she told him that the bag he had given her was a counterfeit. Dario reached for the bag and promised to replace it. Gabi pulled away, and she noted that she wanted to keep Dario's gift.

As Gabi turned to leave, Abigail knocked over a box. Gabi asked Dario what woman he was hiding. Obviously guilty, Dario laughed off the accusation and pleaded innocence. Smiling, Gabi yelled out that she liked the smell of the woman's shampoo then she left the alley. After Gabi left, Abigail popped up from behind the crates and asked Dario if they had a deal. Dario agreed.

At the hospital, Brady asked Jennifer what was on her mind. Jennifer was reluctant to talk, but she complimented Brady for speaking about Theresa at their last A.A. meeting. After Jennifer checked on Adrienne, Brady asked her again what was on her mind. Jennifer promised Brady that she was not feeling tempted to fall off the wagon. Brady's phone rang with a call from Henderson about a female visitor.

"You're a great person. You're a very good mother. Go with your instincts on this one," Brady advised. Jennifer nodded. Brady left the hospital, returned home, and found Eve in his living room. Brady asked Eve why she was in Salem. Eve explained that she had heard the news about Theresa from Shane and that she wanted to help Brady. With a groan, Brady said he did not want to talk about Theresa.

When Brady reiterated that he did not want help, Eve argued that Tate needed a mother figure in the house. Brady noted that Tate had Nicole and Kim in his life. Shaking her head, Eve offered to live in the house for the holidays. Brady was resistant, so Eve argued that Brady was acting like he was fine, but he clearly was not.

Eve added that Tate had not chosen to be abandoned and that after she had lost a child, she could not fathom anyone willingly giving up their child. Brady nodded. Brady said he thought it might be good for Tate to visit with Eve. Grinning, Eve suggested that they get Tate's photo taken with Santa.

In the park, Kate and Eduardo enjoyed an after-dinner walk together. When Eduardo asked Kate why she had been quiet throughout the meal, Kate told him about Adrienne. Kate then told Eduardo about her own past struggle with stage four lung cancer. Eduardo asked Kate what they could do for Adrienne. With a sigh, Kate said that Adrienne had a lot of support.

Kate added that she had not had any support when she had been ill because she had not wanted to ask for help. When Eduardo shrugged and remarked on Kate's stubbornness, she countered that she found it hard to trust anyone. Eduardo agreed that he had the same issue. The lovers agreed to trust one another. Kate noted that their first attempt at dating had failed because she had had an unrealistic view about Eduardo. With a smile, Kate said she was okay with Eduardo having his own secrets.

When Eduardo worried aloud about business conflicts of interest, Kate smiled and said that she would show Eduardo no mercy if they were at odds with work. Eduardo agreed. "I always get what I want. I don't stop until I'm satisfied," Kate said. "We still talking about business?" Eduardo retorted. The two kissed.

Eduardo's phone rang with a call. While Kate checked her emails on her phone, Eduardo walked a few steps away to talk to the caller about the missing bag. Eduardo was furious, and he promised to take care of the problem. When Eduardo returned to Kate, she arched an eyebrow and commented that if Eduardo had used DiMera for shipping, he would not have lost any cargo. Eduardo apologized for cutting the date short, and he promised Kate a rain check. Before he left, Eduardo said, "I'm glad you're still kicking around, Kate. The world is a much better place with you in it."

Abigail returned to the Horton house and found a frantic Jennifer. Abigail explained that when Julie had entered the attic, she had been forced to go out the window. With a shrug, Abigail said that she had then been locked out of the house. Though Jennifer was relieved to hear that Abigail was okay, she gasped when Abigail told her that Dario had seen her. Overwhelmed, Jennifer ordered Abigail to tell Chad the truth before someone else did it first. Abigail agreed.

Abigail said she wanted her life back. When Abigail said that she needed to talk to Laura first, Jennifer shook her head no. Jennifer told Abigail that she was ready. Abigail pointed out that she needed to refill her medication so she could take her pills first, and a cheerful Jennifer offered to pick up Abigail's prescription for her. Elated, Jennifer left for the pharmacy.

In the Brady Pub, Dario met up with Eduardo to discuss the missing bag. Dario explained that Gabi had assumed that one of the bags was a gift from Dario and had taken it. Dario promised to retrieve the chip. Frustrated, Eduardo warned Dario to return the chip quickly before Andre discovered that they had been the ones to steal the microchips from the DiMera family.

In the town square, Brady cheerfully discussed with Eve how well Tate had behaved with Santa. As Brady and Eve chuckled over the photos of Tate with Santa, Jennifer rounded the corner and ran into Eve. Jennifer dropped her pharmacy bag. As Jennifer scooped up her pill bottle, Brady asked Jennifer if she was going to take any pills.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad told Andre about Stefano's terminal cancer. Andre swore he had not known about Stefano's illness. With a furrowed brow, Andre added that in the last few days before Stefano's death, Stefano had behaved like he had given up on life and had been uninterested in DiMera Enterprises. When Chad noted that Stefano had likely set up Hope, Andre said it did not matter because Hope had pulled the trigger. Andre urged Chad to be a united front against the Brady family.

As Andre left, Harold entered the living room with a wooden box. Harold placed the box on the desk in front of Chad. With a sigh, Harold said he had overheard Chad's conversation with Andre and had additional information. Harold explained that before Stefano's death, he had purchased an unregistered handgun. With a sigh, Harold said that when the seller had asked Stefano if he planned to shoot anyone, Stefano had laughed and said, "If I do my job correctly, someone will shoot me."

Confused, Chad asked Harold why he had not said anything sooner. Harold shrugged and said that he had believed that Stefano had been joking. When Chad asked why Harold had not said anything after they had learned that Stefano had been shot, Harold said he had thought the shooting had been a horrible coincidence. Harold noted that when he had heard Chad tell Andre that Stefano had been terminally ill, he'd known he had to tell Chad everything. Chad opened the wooden box and saw a handgun.

After Harold left, Chad poured a drink and sat in front of Stefano's chessboard. "I wanted to believe that you had changed. That you had become a better person. I'm sick and tired of the games this family plays. Even after your death, you're playing them," Chad said sadly.

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