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Monday, May 22, 2017
by Mike

After Theo confessed everything to Ciara and Claire, Wyatt reluctantly confirmed that it was all true. "[Ciara], I wanted to get to know you [on my own] from the beginning -- I swear I did -- but Theo had me use this cheat sheet --" Wyatt started to add. Theo interrupted, insisting that was a lie, but Wyatt maintained that he was perfectly capable of "scoring girls" on campus without help from Theo or anyone else.

"You're the one that I want," Wyatt assured Ciara. Unconvinced, she wondered if any of the things he had told her had actually been true. He reluctantly admitted that they didn't really have as much in common as he had claimed. He insisted, however, that it didn't matter if they liked the same music or pizza toppings; it only mattered that they liked each other and had undeniable chemistry.

Scoffing, Theo contended that Wyatt only liked Ciara because she had money and did things for him. Wyatt firmly denied the accusation. Fed up, Ciara quickly put a stop to the argument then stormed out of the apartment after telling Wyatt that she never wanted to see him again. Claire started to chase after Ciara, but Theo insisted on bearing that responsibility himself. Before leaving, Theo gave Wyatt a quick shove.

Theo caught up with Ciara in a secluded section of Horton Town Square and tried to apologize for his actions, stressing that he had never meant to hurt her. "But you did," she countered, adding that what he had done had been stupid, thoughtless, and insensitive. Conceding that she was right, he explained that he had simply been trying to help her find happiness with someone.

Ciara insisted that was insulting, but Theo didn't understand why she felt that way. She elaborated that it seemed like he didn't think she would ever manage to attract a guy on her own, so he had decided to put her in a fake relationship because he had assumed that would be better than never having any relationship at all. He tried to assure her that wasn't the case, but she wasn't certain she could believe him anymore.

Theo admitted that he had thought about telling Ciara the truth earlier but had decided not to because she had been really into Wyatt. Theo continued that in the beginning, he had been hopeful that things could work out between Ciara and Wyatt despite the lies; however, he had eventually reached the conclusion that Wyatt was a user, and he had realized at that point that the truth couldn't be kept hidden any longer.

Sighing, Ciara sadly muttered that she should have listened to the age-old saying about things that seemed too good to be true. "I thought I had finally met someone that I could see myself with. Everything about him was perfect. I was falling in love with him...but really, I was just falling in love with you, [Theo]. I guess that's been my problem all along," she continued, fighting back tears.

Confused, Theo wondered what Ciara was talking about. "Come on, Theo! You know how I feel about you," she replied, reminding him that she had admitted everything in the letter she had left in his backpack a few weeks earlier. He insisted that no such letter had ever made its way into his hands. She found that hard to believe, given the way he had been acting lately, but he explained that he had only been acting weird around her because he was embarrassed about what she had recently caught him doing in the living room of their apartment.

Ciara assured Theo that although that had been hard on her at first, she had since accepted that he was with Claire -- and writing the letter had been an important part of that process because it had allowed her to get her feelings out in the open and move on. "Then I met Wyatt. And I thought everything was great... Theo, I trusted him -- just like I trusted Chase," she tearfully admitted, adding that she suddenly felt like she was right back where she had been immediately after the rape, when she had felt like she couldn't trust anyone. "[But] it's worse now because you were the one that did it [this time]," she sadly concluded.

"You were my best friend, Theo," Ciara sobbed. "Were?" Theo worriedly repeated. He reached for her hand as he began to reiterate that he had never meant to hurt her, but she recoiled and insisted that there was nothing he could say to make things better. "You talk about how well you know me, but...turns out you don't know me at all," she concluded before walking away, ignoring his attempt to stop her.

Claire tried to kick Wyatt out of the apartment, but he insisted that he wanted to wait for Ciara to return. Claire reminded Wyatt that Ciara didn't want to see him again. Still refusing to budge, Wyatt argued that what he had done hadn't been a big deal; in fact, if anything, it was proof that he liked Ciara enough to fake being interested in the same things she was interested in. Claire countered that Wyatt's actions had been self-serving.

Wyatt guessed that Theo had told Ciara the truth out of jealousy. Claire dismissively insisted that Theo was in love with her. Scoffing, Wyatt informed Claire that even if Theo was having sex with her, that didn't necessarily mean that he was in love with her. Offended, Claire called Wyatt a disgusting creep. Wyatt backpedaled, conceding that Claire and Theo's sex life was none of his business.

"I was just trying to make a point," Wyatt continued, noting that perception and reality were two entirely different things. Wyatt added that Theo certainly talked about Ciara like she was his girlfriend. Claire angrily countered that Wyatt wasn't worth listening to because he was a lying, misogynistic jerk. "Sounds like someone's in denial," Wyatt mused with a smirk.

Claire shoved Wyatt and ordered him to leave, warning that she would rip his heart out if he ever tried to hurt Ciara again. Before exiting the apartment, Wyatt made it clear that he wasn't ready to say goodbye to Ciara yet. Later, Theo returned and sadly admitted to Claire that his conversation with Ciara hadn't gone very well. "What if she never forgives me?" he fretted before retreating to his bedroom and slamming the door shut.

Meanwhile, Ciara contacted Shawn, who quickly sensed that something was wrong. "I'm fine, but, uh...I have a favor to ask," she explained.

Deimos was furious to learn that the man he had hired to steal the amulet had failed to realize that Chad had handed over an empty box. The man defensively explained that he had shaken the box and had heard something rattling inside it. Deimos checked the box again and found a flash drive hidden under the lining. "Well, at least it wasn't a total loss," Deimos muttered, breathing a sigh of relief.

When the man tried to find out more about the hidden item, Deimos vaguely explained that it contained valuable information. The man offered to make another attempt to retrieve the amulet, but with the element of surprise gone, Deimos told him to forget about it and focus instead of the primary agenda. Knowing what Deimos was talking about, the man reported that all the demands on Xander's list had been secured.

After snapping at J.J. and Lani, Eli stormed off the jet, explaining that he was going to get some air. Lani blamed herself for Eli's foul mood, guessing that he had listened to her advice about revealing his true feelings to Gabi and had gotten burned in the process. J.J. assured Lani that she was probably overanalyzing the situation, adding that, in any case, they had a job to do that didn't leave any time to worry about Eli's love life.

J.J. soon received a phone call from Paul, who was keeping an eye on Deimos' hotel room and had managed to snap some pictures of the man who had paid Deimos a visit earlier. When Eli returned, he ran the pictures through the FBI's database and got a match. J.J. called Sonny, who was with Paul, and reported that the man, Guy Mantzoukas, had a rap sheet that included burglary, larceny, assault, and murder. Meanwhile, Paul noticed that Guy was on the move. Sonny thanked J.J. for the information and started to end the call. J.J. protested that Sonny and Paul needed to wait for backup, but Sonny ignored the order.

When Guy passed through the area a short time later, Sonny stopped him and asked for directions to a nearby bar. While Sonny had Guy distracted, Paul emerged from a hiding place, grabbed Guy from behind, and cuffed him. "We know you're working for Deimos Kiriakis. Tell us what he's up to, or you're a dead man!" Sonny shouted at Guy, who didn't respond. "We can do this the easy way or the fun way -- your choice," Sonny continued, but Guy remained silent. "Talk, you son of a bitch!" Sonny snapped, raising his fist.

J.J. arrived and stopped Sonny before he could begin pummeling Guy. Paul eyed Sonny with concern as J.J. dragged Guy away. Oblivious, Sonny excitedly told Paul that they were finally making progress, adding, "If J.J. gets that guy to talk, then adios, Deimos!" After getting Paul to tell him how to say the farewell message in Greek, Sonny continued, "Everything will finally fall in my lap, and I will take over Titan." Paul quietly muttered that he knew how much Sonny wanted that to happen. Sonny confirmed that he wanted it more than anything else. "Well...except for you," Sonny quickly clarified.

Meanwhile, back at the jet, Eli reluctantly informed a curious Lani that he was in a foul mood because he had ended things with Gabi earlier. Lani tried to probe for more details, but Eli didn't feel like talking about the matter. J.J. soon arrived with Guy, who kept his mouth shut through the initial round of questioning but seemed to get a bit nervous when J.J. warned that cooperating was the only way to avoid a lengthy prison sentence.

Trapped with Eric in a room at the villa, Nicole started lashing out at him again. He waited until she was finished then calmly asked about Brady. She admitted that she wasn't sure how Brady was doing because her call to Salem University Hospital had been cut short; she added, however, that he had sounded pretty bad during their brief conversation.

Having told the pilot to take Holly back to Salem if no one else ever made it back to his jet, Nicole feared that they were probably gone at that point -- and that she had therefore lost Holly for good. Eric insisted that there was still hope, adding that in the days before he had begun his search for Nicole, he had seen signs that Chloe might be having a change of heart. Nicole dismissively guessed that Chloe had simply been playing Eric.

Nicole demanded to know how Eric had managed to get out of prison early. He explained that he had wanted to serve his full sentence but had been unexpectedly pardoned after helping someone. "Saint Eric, always wanting to do the right thing...except for those brief lapses when you commit mortal sins -- you know, like murder," she bitterly mused.

Nicole was shocked to learn that Eric had moved back to Salem and was working at the Horton Center as a counselor. She insisted that he didn't have the right to counsel anyone. "Sorry you feel that way," he replied, adding that even though he wasn't a professional therapist like his mother, he was still capable of helping people. "I hope you're not referring to me, because I don't need your help," she spat.

Having found her fighting spirit again, Nicole vowed that she was going to find a way to reunite with Brady and Holly and continue her happy life with them -- a life she planned to lead far away from Eric so she would never have to see his face again. Eric said he understood why Nicole couldn't forgive him; he added, however, that they're weren't going to get anywhere if they just kept arguing with each other.

Realizing that Eric was right, Nicole grudgingly agreed to work with him so they could plan an escape. They soon began a much louder argument, hoping to get Xander's attention. When Xander rushed into the room and tried to separate Eric and Nicole before they could kill each other, Eric grabbed Xander and began pummeling him. Nicole started to bolt out of the room but stopped when a guard appeared and pointed a gun at her.

As Xander was recovering -- and giving Eric a few punches as payback -- Nicole noticed that Xander's cell phone had fallen to the floor during the struggle. She picked up the device and managed to read a text message before the guard snatched it away from her. Xander followed the guard out of the room. Alone again with Eric, Nicole shared the message: "Finished putting the deal together. I'll pick up Nicole tonight."

Realizing that Xander was working with someone, Nicole quickly concluded that it had to be Deimos -- although that didn't make sense to her because Deimos and Xander supposedly hated each other. Eric informed Nicole that Deimos had gone to Canada in search of her and had claimed that Xander had gotten to her first. "Sonny thought the whole timeline was a little too convenient. Maybe this was Deimos' plan all along," Eric continued. Nicole was worried at first, believing that Deimos planned to hurt her, but Eric guessed that Deimos was actually planning to stage a rescue in the hope of winning back her love. Nicole realized that Eric was right.

"As much as I despise you, Deimos is much worse. Oh, God, Eric, what am I gonna do?" Nicole fretted.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Nicole worries about Deimos' plan.

• J.J. and Lani press Guy for information.

• A plan to raid Xander's villa is set in motion.

• Brady says goodbye to John and Tate.

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