Friday, October 2, 2015

In the town square, Rafe met with Gabi to talk. Gabi commented on Rafe's suit. Rafe explained that he was going to Paige's funeral. Confused, Gabi asked Rafe if he had been friends with Paige. Rafe changed the subject to Gabi's job search. Gabi was frustrated, but Rafe promised to provide her a reference.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady found Theresa crying in the front hall. Theresa said she wanted to be strong for her sister, but she was too emotional. Brady urged Theresa to take the morning off, but Theresa declined, noting that she needed a distraction. Brady saw the wedding dress designs in Theresa's hand, and he commented that there was no need for a wedding dress in the new Basic Black line.

Theresa explained that Abigail had asked Theresa to design her wedding dress. Upon seeing Brady's surprised expression, Theresa explained that the dress design was an olive branch of sorts. Brady said the designs looked really good. With a nervous fidget, Theresa asked Brady if he would escort her to the funeral. Theresa immediately apologized, but Brady interrupted her to agree to her offer.

At the Horton home, Jennifer watched from the doorway as J.J. played his guitar in the living room. Jennifer comforted her son. As J.J. stared silently at the floor, Jennifer quietly informed him that Abigail was too ill to attend the funeral. J.J. nodded. Jennifer told J.J. not to blame himself for Paige's murder. Frustrated, J.J. yelled that it was his fault because of his involvement with Clyde. Jennifer reiterated her theory that Eve had planted the bug, but J.J. shook his head. Scared, J.J. begged his mother to leave town, but she refused.

Daniel arrived at the house. J.J. thanked Daniel for escorting them to the funeral and for remaining his mother's friend. Daniel nodded, and he took Jennifer's hand.

At the police station, Eduardo asked Justin for information on his daughter's killer. Justin covered up the evidence board and asked Eduardo to back off of the case and Eve. Eduardo demanded justice. Justin promised that the police would arrest the killer.

At Eve's apartment, an overly emotional Eve fantasized about the big moments in her daughter's life that she would not get to experience. Eve imagined Paige's graduation from college, and Eduardo stopping by the apartment to give Paige her favorite flowers in congratulations. Standing in an empty apartment, Eve stared at the flowers that Daphne had sent over. Eve then imagined Paige on her wedding day and as a pregnant mother. In both scenarios, Eduardo was there with Eve and Paige.

Eduardo knocked on the front door of the apartment. Startled from her daydreams, Eve opened the door. Eduardo offered to escort Eve to the funeral. Eve reluctantly invited Eduardo into the apartment, and Eve lamented that she would never see Paige graduate, wed, or give birth to a child.

"I'm dead inside, Eddie. If it had only been me instead of her," Eve said. "You shouldn't say that," Eduardo countered. "You know what? You're right. It should have been you," Eve said. Angry, Eve blamed Eduardo for abandoning them. Eve argued that if Eduardo had not left, then they never would have returned to Salem.

After Eduardo left Eve's apartment, he walked through the town square and saw Gabi kissing Rafe goodbye. Eduardo approached Rafe and told him that he appreciated that Rafe and Gabi were close. Eduardo asked about Paige's funeral. When Rafe raised an eyebrow, Eduardo asked if Rafe had told Gabi that Paige was his half-sister. Rafe said he had not said anything because Gabi was still adjusting to life outside of prison. Rafe warned Eduardo not to say anything.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad met with Tony and Stefano to ask about his hideout. Andre informed Chad that Chad had dropped a fishing lure at the mansion that Justin had identified. Chad and Andre bickered. After the brothers quieted down, Chad informed Andre and Stefano that he had planned to make his move during Paige's funeral.

Tony asked about Chad's alibi. Chad informed Andre that his alibi was unstable. When Chad offered Stefano his money back, Stefano growled at Chad to keep the money. Andre asked why Chad did not want to ask them for help. Chad asked Stefano and Andre how they could prove that Clyde was to blame for the murders and framing.

When Andre asked Chad if he was sure, Chad said he did not know who else would want to frame him. With a shrug, Chad said Clyde's plan was a bust because Abigail and Ben were leaving town. Mulling over the situation, Andre said he had a suggestion.

At the funeral, Jennifer and Daniel offered their condolences to Theresa for her loss. Nervous, Theresa excused herself to talk to Daphne and Father Valerio. Rafe and Eduardo arrived at the funeral. Before entering, Eduardo asked Rafe about his search plans for Chad DiMera. When Eduardo asked if Chad was dumb enough to show up at the funeral, Rafe walked away. At the casket, Eve stared at the photo of Paige while Justin put his arm around her shoulders. Eduardo watched them from nearby.

Father Valerio started the service. While everyone listened to the priest's speech, Justin whispered to Rafe, "If you hadn't showed so much mercy to Chad DiMera, he'd be behind bars right now." Daniel comforted a quietly crying J.J. Jennifer looked over at Eve, who stared ahead with a blank expression on her face. After the service, Eve placed a bouquet of flowers on the coffin. Overcome, a crying Theresa reached out to her sister.

"Pull it together, Theresa," Eve growled curtly. Brady steered Theresa away from Eve, and he told Eve that it had been a beautiful service. Rafe approached Eve, and she thanked him for attending the funeral. Rafe swore to find whomever had killed her daughter. Nodding, Eve walked away with Justin at her heels. J.J. wanted to say something to Eve, but Daniel and Jennifer advised J.J. to stay away from her.Frustrated, J.J. left.

Daniel urged Jennifer to convince J.J. to talk to a therapist. Sniffling, Jennifer said that J.J. had attended one session and quit. Jennifer wanted to help her son, but she said she did not know what to do. As Jennifer cried, Daniel hugged her.

Across the clearing, Theresa sniffled. Brady offered to take Theresa home, but Theresa was unsure. Brady noted that Theresa was not helping Eve. Angry, Theresa firmly reminded Brady that Paige was her niece. Brady told Theresa that he disagreed with her dismissive treatment of Jennifer and J.J., but Theresa was angry that they had attended the service. Theresa said she was looking out for her sister.

Eve stared down at the casket in silence. Eduardo reached out to Eve, but she rebuffed him. After he left, Eve was alone. Tired, Eve broke down in tears. Eve heard Paige say, "Please, mom. Don't be angry for the rest of your life." Crying, Eve smiled as she stared at a vision of Paige standing in the clearing near the casket. Paige told her mother that she knew that Eve loved her, and Paige said she forgave Eve.

"I know the person that you hate the most is yourself. I need you need to forgive yourself, mom. Please, it's the only way that you'll ever be able to move on," Paige said. Paige opened her arms, but as Eve rushed over to hug her daughter, Paige disappeared. Eve sobbed and lay her head on her daughter's casket.

At the reception at the Edge nightclub, Eduardo stared at a photo of Paige. Rafe confronted Eduardo. Bristling, Eduardo reminded Rafe that he had a right to stay. Rafe suggested that Eduardo would help Eve more if he would leave Salem. Eduardo refused to leave Salem until his daughter's killer was caught. Rafe scoffed at the idea, but Eduardo explained that he had twenty years of experience in private security, including tracking people.

"Except for when you wanted to leave," Rafe quipped. Rafe informed Eduardo that he had been an FBI agent and had more experience than Eduardo knew about. Frustrated, Eduardo said he did not know much about Rafe or Gabi, but he wanted to learn about their lives. Rafe was not interested. Eduardo told Rafe that he did not understand what it was like to lose two daughters. Eduardo asked for a chance to get to know his last remaining daughter, and he asked Rafe to let Gabi make the decision.

Shaking his head, Rafe countered that his job was to look out for his sister. Eduardo spat back that Rafe's job was to look for Paige's killer. Eduardo asked Rafe to accept his offer for help, but Rafe refused. As Rafe walked away, Eduardo placed a phone call, asking for a favor.

Across the room, Daphne told J.J. that she was glad he was at the reception. Daphne said that although Paige had been mad at J.J., she had died loving him. With a nod, Daphne said she felt like Paige would have wanted her to tell J.J. that. His voice cracking, J.J. said he had been a selfish bastard not to have told Paige that he still loved her. Across the room, Theresa stared at J.J.

Theresa turned to Brady and informed him that she could not be nice to J.J. or Jennifer after how they had treated her family prior to Paige's death. Brady countered that they had attended the funeral to pay their respects to Paige. Gasping, Theresa asked about what J.J. had done to Paige. Brady countered that Eve had also hurt Paige. Brady advised Theresa to let go of her anger and grievances and to honor her niece.

Across the club, Jennifer worried aloud that she should leave the reception. Daniel told Jennifer that she was there for the right reasons. Shaking her head, Jennifer commented that Eve had been right when she had said that Jennifer did not understand what it was like to have lost a child. Daniel reminded Jennifer that she was there to support J.J. and Paige. Worried about Eve's reaction, J.J. decided to leave the reception. Jennifer and Daniel followed him to the door, but Eve stopped them.

"It wasn't enough that you showed up at Paige's funeral, but you torment me here?" Eve asked. Jennifer said she did not mean to hurt Eve. As Eve fumed, J.J. stepped in the middle and asked Eve to redirect her anger at him. As Eve started to lash out at J.J., Justin intervened and suggested that J.J. and Jennifer continue to head out the door. Eve stopped Daniel and thanked him for being a friend to Paige. Eve's face then contorted in disgust.

"Here you are, holding Jennifer's hand to escort her home. Of course comforting your needy ex takes precedence over celebrating my daughter's life. Damn you," Eve said. Furious, Eve yelled that she was angry at everyone, including herself. Eve complained that no one had done right by her daughter. Eve screamed at Jennifer, J.J., and Daniel to leave. As the threesome shuffled out of the club, Theresa gently guided her sister to the side. Eve screamed out that she needed to yell, and as she broke down in tears, Eduardo watched her from nearby.

"Eve, do you think this is how Paige would want to be remembered?" Theresa asked as she gently placed her arm around Eve. Eve shook her head no. Eve said she wanted to let go of her anger for her daughter's sake. Theresa reminded Eve that Paige was well loved, and the day was to celebrate how much everyone had loved Paige. Theresa told Eve that she loved her then Theresa hugged her sister tightly.

After Eve walked away, Brady approached Theresa and told her that he liked what she had said to Eve. "You always manage to surprise me, you know that?" Brady asked. Theresa smiled faintly. Across the room, Eve sat with Justin. Eve saw Eduardo standing nearby, and she asked him if he was leaving town. As a reporter and cameraman entered the building, Eduardo said he had to handle something first. Eduardo turned to the reporter and thanked her for stopping by.

Eduardo taped a plea to the public to hunt down his daughter's killer. Eduardo offered a reward for information to capture Paige's killer, Chad DiMera. As Eduardo held up a photo of Chad, Rafe shook his head.

At the Horton house, Jennifer apologized to J.J. for what had happened at the reception. Daniel told Jennifer that Eve's comments were not about her but instead about Eve's pain. J.J. disagreed. J.J. said that Paige was dead because of him. When Daniel asked J.J. what he was talking about, J.J. shook his head. Daniel offered Jennifer his support then he left.

Once alone, Jennifer counseled J.J. not to blame himself for Paige's death. J.J. asked Jennifer to leave town, but she shook her head no. As Jennifer headed into the kitchen to call Abigail, J.J. called someone and asked them to meet.

. . .

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