Friday, October 31, 2014

Hope was sitting alone at a table in Horton Square when a man wearing a creepy Halloween mask sneaked up behind her and placed a rubber hand on her shoulder. Hope looked up calmly and greeted Aiden by name. Disappointed that he hadn't been able to frighten or fool Hope, Aiden said he was going to start calling her "Sherlock." Aiden did manage to surprise Hope by kissing her lightly on the cheek.

Aiden lamented that he and Hope hadn't been able to do something special that night. Hope reminded him that they both had kids with full Halloween schedules, but she expressed appreciation for Aiden's continued efforts. Noting that they were spending a holiday together, Aiden suggested that after the kids were finished with their school party and trick-or-treating, the four of them get together to watch some scary movies on DVD. Hope agreed on the condition that Ciara, whose taste was apparently far beyond her years, did not get to choose the movies -- and Aiden concurred as long as Hope broke that news to Ciara.

Hope and Aiden agreed to meet back there after he'd picked up the DVDs and Hope had stopped to get some gourmet popcorn. After Aiden walked away, Hope ran into a woman named Bree. As the women greeted each other with an affectionate embrace, they recalled attending "mommy and me" classes at their kids' school. Bree explained that she had moved to Portland. She said that she was back in town to take care of some business, but she was leaving again in a couple of hours. Bree observed that Hope looked very happy.

After Hope left, Bree noticed the rubber mask and fake hand on the table. She was about to call after Hope when Aiden returned to claim the Halloween items. He froze when he saw Bree. "Aiden Jennings," Bree said with surprise and a hint of dismay.

Rory sat at Club TBD, his nose buried in a comic book, unopened textbooks on the table in front of him. Bev arrived and asked if Rory were going to the kegger in the woods later. Rory admitted that he had to do some reading first. Although they clearly missed J.J.'s company, Bev and Rory halfheartedly agreed that they were better off without J.J.

As J.J. paced around the Horton living room, he tried calling Paige, but hung up in frustration when he heard her voicemail greeting. Determined to talk to Paige, J.J. sent her a text message that read, "Please pick up -- we have to talk!" He got a disappointing message from Abigail a little later and wished that he had someone to talk to about Paige. Maggie called, looking for Jennifer, and J.J. informed his aunt that his grandmother was doing well.

When there was a knock at the door, J.J. eagerly rushed to answer it, hopeful that it was Paige, but found Rory on the doorstep instead. Rory admitted that he was still mad at J.J., but he missed hanging out with J.J. and "doing [their] thing." He apologized for bailing on J.J. when J.J. had needed someone to talk to, and J.J. admitted that he still needed to talk. Rory was more than willing to listen, but he didn't understand why J.J.'s dad raping someone years earlier would mess things up for J.J. and Paige.

J.J. explained that both he and Paige knew the woman, and he was worried that Paige would decide he was like his dad. "What if I am like him?" J.J. fretted. Rory urged J.J. to give Paige time, and J.J. admitted that he'd probably screw things up if he tried to talk to her right then. Rory suggested that J.J. join him at the kegger and have some fun to take his mind off things. J.J. agreed.

A clearing in the woods was festooned with fake spider webs and other Halloween decorations surrounding a keg. When J.J. and Rory arrived, J.J. realized that he needed a jacket to hang out in the woods. Rory encouraged his friend to have a drink to warm up -- and he reminded J.J. of how badly things had gone the last time he'd decided not to drink. After checking his phone to see if Paige had called or sent him a message, J.J. accepted a beer from Rory. Bev spied on the guys from behind a bush, watching with satisfaction as Rory talked J.J. into another beer a little later.

Paige and Kayla arrived at the Brady Pub after Paige had accompanied Kayla on rounds at the hospital. Paige read J.J.'s text message and her mood turned noticeably gloomier. Kayla asked what was wrong. Paige insisted that everything was fine, and she was really enjoying the program at the hospital. Kayla surmised that something was going on with J.J. Paige admitted that things between her and J.J. weren't going well, and Kayla offered to listen if Paige wanted to talk.

Paige explained that she and J.J. were taking a break, noting that her mom didn't like J.J. Paige claimed that she just wanted to be there for her mom, whose surgery was the next day. After Paige left to study for a midterm, Kayla shook her head, remarking to herself, "Eve, Eve, Eve. Some things never change."

Paige headed to the library, where she could hardly focus on her books because she kept thinking about happier times with J.J. After a while, she packed up her books and left.

Eric arrived at Eve's apartment to review her photo proofs with her. Eve eagerly pulled the contact sheets out of the envelope and informed Eric that since her final pre-op appointment with Dr. Chung wasn't until later that night, and Paige wouldn't be home until much later, they had all day together. Eve suggested playing a CD of her music for Eric so he could get a better idea of her style in order to help her choose the right photo. Eric said that he usually allowed the client to choose their own pictures, but Eve really wanted Eric's opinion.

Grabbing a bottle of red wine and a bottle of white wine from the kitchen, Eve told Eric to choose one. She explained that she couldn't drink because of her surgery the next day, but Eric declined since it was still early. Eve noted the similarity between Eric having to give up his calling and her losing herself after losing her voice. Eric was clearly uncomfortable discussing that with Eve, so she changed the subject back to looking over the proofs. Eric got a text message just then and had to leave in a hurry. On his way out, he asked Eve to email him after she'd reviewed the pictures.

A little later, Kayla showed up to wish Eve luck before her surgery. Eve didn't buy that excuse. Kayla admitted that she wanted to follow up on the conversation the two of them had begun about Paige and J.J. Kayla explained that she was very fond of Paige, who was bright, articulate, and dedicated -- but after rounds that morning, Paige had been very down about the tension between Eve and J.J. Kayla offered to help Eve, but Eve wasn't interested in listening to Kayla make excuses for J.J.

Kayla acknowledged that J.J. had made a lot of mistakes and had struggled after his father's death, but she didn't think his past behavior should count against him. Kayla wondered if Eve's problems with J.J. were really rooted in her hatred of his mother. Eve asserted, "What scares me about J.J. is his father. Come on, Kayla, I don't have to tell you what Jack Deveraux was like, now, do I?" Eve continued that J.J. was just like his father in more ways than one.

"Jack was a worthless son of a bitch. He wasn't good enough for me, and his son certainly isn't good enough for my daughter," Eve declared. Kayla argued that Jack and J.J. were two completely different people -- and Jack had worked hard to turn his life around. Kayla voiced her suspicions that Eve was using Jack's history to control Paige. Just then, Paige got off the elevator and arrived outside the door of the apartment -- just in time to hear Eve say, "How can you stand there and defend Jack Deveraux? I mean, for God's sake, he raped you."

At Daniel's apartment, Kristen and Daniel had just tumbled impulsively into bed together when Brady showed up. Seeing the door partly open, a concerned Brady entered the apartment and looked around, puzzled. He made his way to the bedroom doorway, where he stood, unobserved, for a long moment while Daniel and Kristen frenziedly pawed and kissed one another. As Brady stared at his ex and his best friend going at it, his expression darkened with rage and incredulity until finally he left without a word. Brady bumped into a barstool on his way out, and Daniel heard the noise but quickly resumed kissing Kristen.

Before they had sex, Daniel pulled away, admitting, "This is wrong. I--I can't." Kristen acknowledged that Daniel was right. As they got dressed, Daniel and Kristen agreed that whatever had just happened was completely over and had meant nothing. Kristen observed that in their misery in the wake of each of them losing the person who had made them happy, they had forgotten to close the door. Kristen announced that she was leaving Salem that day.

Chuckling, Kristen pointed out that although what had happened between her and Daniel had been intense and emotional, the two of them didn't even like each other -- and she was still rooting for Daniel and Jennifer to get back together. Daniel wasn't optimistic that would ever happen; his relationship with Jennifer was over because he hadn't found a way to get past what had happened between them. Kristen gave Daniel a goodbye kiss, first on the cheek then on the mouth, on her way out. Daniel picked up the broken photo of him and Jennifer and stared at it glumly.

Brady went to Club TBD and ordered a double Scotch. After contemplating the beverage for several minutes without taking a drink, Brady finally declared to himself, "They're not worth it. None of them are. They're not worth it." He put down the glass and headed out.

Marlena got off the elevator at the hospital and found John and Theresa glaring at each other across the few yards that separated them, while rapt hospital staff looked on. Marlena demanded to know what was going on. Theresa accused John of ruining things for Brady, and John ordered Theresa to stay away from Brady. As the exchange grew more heated, Marlena declared firmly, "That's enough. We're taking this into my office. Now!" John and Theresa reluctantly trudged after Marlena.

In Marlena's office, John fiddled with his phone while impassively explaining that Brady had found out the truth about what had happened the night John had been injured. Theresa pointed out that John had given an official report to the police, and she threatened to sue if John continued spreading lies about her. John reminded Theresa that Kristen had a recording of Theresa admitting that she was the one who'd bashed John's skull in with the poker.

Marlena stared at Theresa with disbelief. Theresa maintained that Kristen had manufactured the evidence, likely with John's help. Marlena thought they should contact the police, and Theresa was incredulous that Marlena would take Kristen's word after the video of Eric and Kristen had surfaced. John countered that it didn't matter because he remembered everything that had happened that night. After contending that Kristen would do anything to get Brady back and that John was a liar, Theresa stormed out.

Theresa charged into the Brady Pub, where Anne was sitting at a table near the bar, and demanded that Anne hand over her purse. Bemused, Anne did as Theresa commanded -- and Theresa immediately found the bug that Kristen had planted. "I told you not to trust that lying, dirtbag slut, but did you listen? No! Because Kristen DiMera is your new best friend, and you're going to help her set up a charitable fund," Theresa complained. Anne was completely floored.

An angry Theresa explained about the recording Kristen had made of Theresa's confession to Anne, but when Kristen had played it for Brady, he'd assumed that it was a fake -- until he'd overheard his father divulging that he remembered everything about that night, including who had hit him in the head. Theresa was determined to find Brady so she could try to fix things.

In her office, Marlena expressed disbelief that John had remembered everything that had happened. John explained that after his memories had returned, he'd realized that he couldn't tell Brady the truth because Brady was grateful enough to Kristen about the drug that he would have forgiven her. As John left to find Brady, who hadn't been answering calls or text messages, Marlena urged her ex to be careful, since he wasn't fully recovered yet.

Eric met Marlena at the hospital after getting her text message. Marlena filled her son in about what was going on with Brady. When Daniel showed up, Marlena informed him that Brady knew that Theresa was the one who had hit John and that John had been lying about it in order to keep Brady from going back to Kristen. A dismayed Daniel promised to let Brady know that Marlena and Eric were looking for him.

John went to the Kiriakis mansion to look for Brady, but Henderson informed John that Brady hadn't been there since early that morning.

Meanwhile, Kristen returned to her hotel room and found Brady waiting for her in the hallway.

. . .

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