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Friday, July 31, 2015

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin happily informed Kate that the new name for their men's cologne, Narita by Mad World, had tested very well. After Justin mixed a couple of martinis so they could celebrate, he told Kate that he'd gotten rid of Lucas' lawsuit. Kate was ready to leave, but Justin announced that he wanted to talk to her about Clyde Weston.

Kate wondered if Victor had put Justin up to it, but Justin insisted that wasn't the case. Justin explained that even though he didn't know much about Clyde, the man "smelled like trouble." Kate declared that trouble didn't scare her. Justin admitted that he was only worried because he cared about Kate. "You've done a great job at Mad World, and having you at the top keeps Lucas off-balance, which is an added bonus. And, more importantly, you've been very decent with me," Justin said.

Kate asked if Justin were trying to return the favor by warning her about Clyde. "Exactly. You are an important asset to me, and now a friend, so just be careful," Justin explained. Touched, Kate assured him that she would be. She thanked Justin and headed out.

Hope and Aiden were stargazing in the park. Hope enthused that the stars were beautiful, but Aiden declared that it was Hope who was beautiful. He added that he had never thought he would find happiness again like he'd found with Hope. She declared that she felt the same way. Aiden used an app on his phone to point out constellations to Hope, then he used the phone to play some music. He stood and indicated that he wanted to dance with Hope.

Hope and Aiden swayed to the music for the length of the song, then Hope reluctantly admitted that she had to leave. They agreed to do it all again soon. Aiden fantasized aloud about building a house for them with an observatory.

Will and Derrick were outside the Edge of the Square when John and Marlena arrived. Will introduced them to Derrick, then Derrick and Will headed inside to rejoin Paul and Sonny.

A couple of guys approached Paul's table and called Paul and his friends "a bunch of fairies." Paul started to get up, but Sonny put a hand on his shoulder while urging the other guys to walk away. The taller, more talkative of the two men referred to Sonny as Paul's "girlfriend" just as Will and Derrick entered. "That's not his girlfriend, jerk. That's my husband!" Will shouted. The tall guy complained that the club had never been a "fag bar" before, then he rattled off a bunch of other offensive homophobic slurs.

Fed up, Paul rose to confront the guy, who refused to back down from the gay-bashing. Paul ordered the man to apologize to his friends, but the guy shoved Paul hard, nearly knocking him down. Derrick stepped in, but the tall guy walloped Derrick across the face for his efforts. Paul threw the next punch, then it turned into a free-for-all, with the tall man's friend, as well as Sonny and Will, joining the melee.

John ran inside while Rafe rushed over from behind the bar to break up the fight. The tall guy ordered John to mind his own business, but John flashed his police badge. When the guy learned that Paul was John's son, he asked, "Whoa, you're his dad? What'd you do to him to turn him?" Rafe grabbed the two guys and dragged them out of the club. John offered to run the guys in if they'd been harassing Paul, Derrick, Will, and Sonny. "They're idiots... It was nothing we haven't heard a hundred times," Sonny said.

Will went behind the bar to get some ice for Derrick's eye, while Paul stepped outside to get some air. Marlena volunteered to follow Paul and try to talk to him. Outside, Paul confided to Marlena that he sometimes wished he still lived in the bubble he'd lived in while he'd played baseball. Marlena reminded Paul that he had helped a lot of people when he'd come out.

Rafe apologized for the two "kooks'" behavior and offered to buy a round of drinks for Will, Sonny, and Derrick, but they declined. Holding ice wrapped in a towel to his eye, Derrick blamed himself for what had happened, but Sonny assured him that the guys had decided to start trouble the minute they'd seen Paul.

As John and Rafe drank a couple of shots, John noted that he dealt with stupid criminals all day long, so it shouldn't surprise him when people behaved that way elsewhere. Rafe countered that it could be startling when the stupid people were dressed nicely and in a nice place.

Paul went back inside and thanked his dad for stepping in with the two homophobes. Paul headed over to his friends' table and offered some advice to Derrick on how to treat the black eye. Will and Sonny had to leave to pick up Arianna at the sitter's. On his way out, Will wished Derrick luck.

At Will and Sonny's, Chad moved closer to Abigail and began to kiss her -- just as Ben arrived outside after locating Abigail with his phone tracking app. Ben's phone rang just then, and Abigail realized that the sound had originated right outside the door. She opened the front door to investigate, but no one was there. As Abigail headed back inside, she reproached herself for nearly making a big, stupid mistake. Chad insisted that wasn't how it had felt -- to either of them.

Abigail tried to leave, but Chad stopped her. "I love you. Tell me you can feel that," he implored. Crying, Abigail said it was the wrong time and pleaded with Chad not to pressure her. Chad pointed out that things between her and Ben were likely to get more serious, and Chad was worried that he was already too late. Abigail reminded Chad that she and Ben were living together. Chad countered that Abigail had just moved in -- plus it had happened very shortly after she'd been with Chad.

Chad started pleading his case again, but an upset Abigail ordered him to stop. Chad acknowledged that he'd put a lot on Abigail and it probably seemed out of the blue to her, but he reassured her that he had not used her and, no matter what she decided to do, he loved her more than anyone or anything else. "I don't expect you to make any promises," Chad assured Abigail. "I couldn't, Chad, even if I wanted to. I really can't right now," Abigail replied. Chad said he would be there, and he reached for Abigail, but she pulled away and headed out without another word.

Outside, Abigail sobbed for a moment, then steadied herself before taking her phone out of her purse.

Chad was about to leave when Will returned home. After explaining that Sonny was picking up Arianna, Will asked how it had gone for Chad with Abigail. Chad said Abigail had at least heard him out, and she seemed to believe that he loved her. Chad intended to give Abigail the time she'd said she needed to figure things out, and to respect whatever decision she made.

Chad declared that he'd felt the strong connection between him and Abigail again, and when he'd looked in her eyes, he'd been able to tell that she still loved him. Will urged Chad to be careful, but Chad was too happy to listen. Chad asserted that he and Abigail were meant to be together -- and they would be together. As Chad left, Will stared worriedly after him.

As Paul and Derrick walked home through the park, Paul asserted that what had happened had been his fault because he was famous. Derrick countered that the two homophobes would have "spewed their ignorance" even if Paul hadn't been there. Paul admitted that he'd never been hassled like that before. Acknowledged that he had, Derrick noted, "It's a fact of life." He said he usually handled it by making a joke or simply walking away, but that night, that man had taken things too far by pushing Paul.

Paul took a closer look at Derrick's black eye, touching it gently with his thumb. Derrick flinched, and Paul assumed that it had to hurt. "Not really," Derrick assured him. He took Paul's hand and placed it back on his face. Paul caressed Derrick's cheek gently before leaning in to kiss him. As Paul and Derrick were making out, Sonny arrived in the park on his way home with Arianna. He stopped when he spotted Derrick and Paul, then he turned and walked the other direction.

Ben returned a phone call from his dad, who asked to see Ben right away. When Ben met Clyde in the park outside Horton Square, Clyde declared that they needed to discuss Abigail. Clyde had to remind Ben that it was Ben's mother's birthday. Ben was ashamed that he'd forgotten, especially since he and Jordan had always done something to mark the day. Clyde handed Ben a ring box and said he wanted Ben to have the diamond solitaire inside to give to Abigail.

Clyde explained that he hadn't been able to afford a nice ring like that for Ben's mom when they had first gotten engaged, but later on, he'd bought that one to give to her on her birthday -- but she had died before he'd been able to give it to her. Clyde continued that he wanted Ben to put the ring on Abigail's finger that very night, because although love could last forever, life could be short. Ben was hesitant about proposing to Abigail because they had just moved in together.

Clyde listed what he saw as Abigail's good qualities and emphasized that Ben should not let her get away -- and Clyde thought finding the ring on Ben's mother's birthday had been a sign. "If you love her, why wait?" As he gazed at the ring, Ben said although he loved Abigail, he didn't want to pressure her. He got a text message from Abigail, letting him know that she was heading home. Before Ben left, Clyde reiterated that Ben should not let Abigail get away.

Marlena was still outside the club, on the phone, when Clyde arrived. As soon as Marlena hung up, Clyde said hello and informed her that he'd made an appointment with her. He escorted Marlena inside. Rafe and John watched Clyde enter and agreed that there was a "certain stench" about the man. John wondered why Hope would never talk to him when he asked her about Clyde. Rafe maintained that he had no idea. Marlena strolled over and asked John to dance, and he happily accepted.

Rafe observed John and Marlena share a slow dance and daydreamed about watching Hope and Aiden on the dance floor earlier. Clyde noticed and remarked that it appeared Rafe would prefer to be on the dance floor instead of tending bar. "So, did you get stood up, or did Kate finally kick you to the curb?" Rafe asked as he poured a drink for Clyde. Clyde maintained that Kate preferred powerful men. "And criminals," Rafe pointed out.

On the dance floor, Marlena tried to reassure John that Paul would be all right. John expressed regrets about not being there when Paul had been a kid. "If I had, maybe this wouldn't..." John stopped himself mid-sentence. "Do you believe what that cretin said? you think, really, that if you'd been there when he was growing up, he wouldn't be gay?" Marlena asked. John assured Marlena that he knew being gay wasn't a choice, and Paul would have been gay regardless of who had raised him.

John clarified that perhaps if he'd been there during Paul's formative years, he could have helped Paul be more accepting of who he was. "Honey, it's a miracle that you know him at all. Come on, you connected. He knows you love him. That's all that matters," Marlena assured John.

As Hope and Aiden were walking through Horton Square, he tried to persuade her to let him walk her to her car. Hope reminded Aiden that she was a cop and could take care of herself, so he kissed her goodnight and left. As soon as Aiden had gone, Hope checked her phone for messages. The blank screen disappointed her, so she called Rafe to ask if there were any news from his contact about Clyde. Rafe couldn't talk right then, and he was going to visit Gabi the following day, but he promised to talk to Hope soon. After Rafe hung up, Hope's dissatisfied expression changed to cheerful optimism when she found a flyer for the Salem Bicentennial on a bench.

Ben was looking at the ring when Abigail returned to their apartment. He quickly stuffed the ring box in his pocket, but she noticed and asked what it was. Ben said it was nothing. Abigail noted that the "nothing" was sticking out of Ben's pocket, so he should stash it better if he didn't want to lose it. Ben took the ring back out of his pocket and reminded Abigail that they'd promised to be honest with each another. He opened the box and showed Abigail the ring.

Abigail was clearly thunderstruck, as she could only stammer, "Did you buy that?" Ben briefly explained the ring's origin. Taking the ring out of the box and holding it toward her, Ben proposed, "Abigail, I love you. You are all I think about, and there is nothing in the world that would mean more to me than if you agreed to put this ring on your finger and marry me." He quickly apologized for it being a "lousy" proposal, but he assured Abigail that he never wanted to be with anyone else.

Ben clarified that he wasn't talking about getting right away. He promised that when the time was right, they would have the perfect wedding, exactly how she wanted it. "Just think about it, okay?" Ben requested. He kissed Abigail tenderly and headed for the bathroom to take a shower, leaving the ring box on a table. Abigail managed to keep smiling until he'd left the room, then she broke down.

Will called her a few minutes later to report in. "He's cautiously ecstatic. He thinks that you two are on the same page," Will said. Abigail cried that everything was just a mess. Will thought things would be clearer once Abigail had the paternity test, and she would be better able to make a decision about Ben and Chad. Abigail exclaimed, "Yeah, but, I mean, to have to make a decision, this way, for this reason... Why do I do this to myself, Will?"

. . .

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