Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Theo ran into Ciara in the town square. When Ciara mentioned that she had been out of town without her phone, Theo told her that Abigail had likely died in a plane crash. As Ciara cried, Theo put his arm around her. Theo told Ciara what he knew about the plane crash. Theo and Ciara then talked about their parents that they had each lost. Overwhelmed, Ciara rushed off to see Chad.

Claire approached Theo as he watched Ciara run away. With a sigh, Theo noted that Ciara was running off to be with Chad.

At the DiMera mansion, Belle stopped by to check on Chad. A bleary-eyed Chad said he had been wondering how to tell Thomas that his mother was dead. Chad said he and Abigail had been happy, and he did not understand when he had lost his wife. Belle cautioned Chad not to blame himself.

"Sometimes love just isn't enough," Belle said. Belle reminded Chad that Abigail had inherited an illness. Angry, Chad blamed Ben for leading Abigail down a destructive path. Belle urged Chad to let go of his guilt.

"You don't understand. That beautiful, smart, amazing, wonderful woman trusted me to take care of her. And I failed her. I let her stay in that institution where she felt trapped and even more depressed and alone," Chad said. When Belle asked Chad how he had failed Abigail, Chad said he had let Abigail linger in treatment. Belle quietly said that the decision had not been up to Chad but instead up to Abigail's doctors. Chad lamented that he had not found a better doctor.

Belle encouraged Chad to fight for Thomas or else Chad would lose his son too. Sniffling, Chad wondered aloud if Thomas would be better off with Jennifer. Belle said that Chad was grieving. Belle encouraged Chad to take time to think about his son before he acted rashly. As Chad stared blankly at the wall, Belle advised Chad to remember that Thomas needed his living parent. Belle warned Chad that he would regret succumbing to self-pity.

"Thank you for your support as a friend and for your services as an attorney. I will no longer be needing you," Chad said. Chad announced that he did not want to fight anymore.

In a seedy motel, Jennifer stared at a baggie filled with pills and a bottle of liquor. As Jennifer poured pills into her hand, the vision of Jack appeared and begged her to stop. Fighting tears, Jennifer told Jack that she missed him. With a sad smile, Jack said he was a part of Jennifer's heart, and he could feel her heart breaking. Jack reminded Jennifer that she had a lot to live for and that Abigail would want Jennifer to fight.

Jack added that Thomas needed his grandmother. Smiling, Jennifer talked about Thomas and Abigail. Jack said that Abigail would be crushed to know that Jennifer had given up on J.J. and Thomas. With a grimace, Jennifer agreed with Jack. Jack urged Jennifer to protect Thomas from Chad. Jennifer cried out that she did not want to feel anything anymore. Jennifer poured a glass of vodka and grabbed the bag of pills. Jack quietly urged Jennifer to stay strong.

Chad called Jennifer's phone, but Jennifer ignored the call. Jack told Jennifer to return Chad's call and tell Chad that she would raise Thomas. Jennifer stared at her pills. Jack urged Jennifer to look at a photo of Thomas before she did anything. After staring at a photo on her phone, Jennifer pushed the pills away.

"Oh, Abigail. You were my baby once. I'm never gonna get to hold you again," Jennifer said. As Jennifer placed her phone on the table, she looked over at Jack, who was gone. Alone, Jennifer grabbed two pills and swallowed them with a gulp of vodka. Jennifer broke down and cried.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad was frustrated that he could not reach Jennifer on the phone. Belle reiterated her argument to fight for Thomas, but Chad insisted that he wanted to do what was right for his son. Belle urged Chad to take time to think about what Thomas needed. Belle attempted to guide Chad out of the house to clear his head, but he grew angry. Chad ordered Belle to leave. Shaking her head, Belle said she was afraid that Chad would do something that he would regret.

"Don't worry, Belle. I'm here. I'll stay with Chad and Thomas. I can take care of them," Ciara said as she walked into the living room. Belle resisted leaving, but Ciara reminded Belle that she had lost her father, and she was familiar with the grieving process. Frustrated, Chad asked the women to stop arguing. Chad reminded Belle that Ciara had helped him with Thomas and Abigail. Chad urged Belle to worry about her own child. With a nod, Chad told Belle that he would pay for her services but that he wanted her to leave. Belle asked Ciara to convince Chad that he would regret letting go of Thomas.

After Belle left, an angry Ciara asked Chad why he would give up his son. Chad said he was too much of a mess. Ciara refused to let Chad give up. Ciara said that Abigail would be angry at Chad for giving up on their son. Shaking his head, Chad said he was not fit to be a father.

"I am letting him go because I love him," Chad said. Chad urged Ciara to stop wasting her time with him. Shaking her head no, Ciara said that Chad and Thomas were important to her and that she would make them strong again. Chad said he did not want Ciara to be stuck in the house. When Ciara refused to give up, Chad asked her why she cared so much. "Because I love you!" Ciara blurted out.

In the town square, Belle stopped to talk to Claire and Theo about Abigail. Belle said Chad was struggling with his grief. After Theo left to make a phone call, Belle informed Claire that she and Shawn had decided to let Claire defer college for a year. As Claire grinned broadly, Belle added that if Claire was not successful within a year, then Claire would go to college. Giggling, Claire said she was optimistic about her chances.

After Claire ran off to tell Theo the news, Belle's phone rang. Paul called Belle to inform her that he had evidence that Jennifer had fallen off the wagon. Belle walked to the pub to meet with Paul. Paul explained that he had followed Jennifer and witnessed her purchase drugs and alcohol. When Belle asked about Jennifer's location, Paul noted that Jennifer was holed up in a hotel.

In her parents' apartment, Claire and Theo talked about her good news. Claire said she felt guilty about her happiness, and Theo told Claire that she deserved to be happy. With a smile, Theo said that if Abigail were there, she would high-five Claire in celebration over Claire's news. Theo asked Claire to sing her new song for him. When Claire was finished singing, Theo said that he wished Ciara had heard Claire sing.

"We both know that she went running over to Chad. There's nothing we can do about that. We both just have to let it go," Claire said. When Theo said he could not let it go, Claire offered to help him. Claire pulled Theo close and kissed him.

As Jennifer slept on her hotel bed, Belle crept into the room. Belle looked around the room, and then she started to make a phone call. Belle reconsidered. Belle gently brushed the hair off of Jennifer's face.

. . .

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