Monday, October 5, 2015
by Mike

At Edge of the Square, Rafe abruptly ended Eduardo's plea for help and sent the television crew away, warning them not to air the footage. Rafe started arguing with Eduardo about the stunt, insisting that if someone else died as a result, their blood would be on Eduardo's hands. "Chad DiMera killed my little girl. I don't care if he gets strung up!" Eduardo countered. Rafe pointed out that Eduardo had no way of knowing for sure that Chad was guilty -- and Eduardo had no right to play judge and jury, in any case.

Justin stepped in and suggested that, while Eduardo should have talked to the police before publicly offering a reward for Chad's capture, it would be unwise to completely dismiss the idea. "Oh, that's great. So now the D.A.'s office is condoning vigilante justice?" Rafe asked incredulously. Justin pointed out that it wasn't unheard of for law enforcement officials to use monetary rewards as a tool to aid them in capturing criminals. Rafe argued that it was just going to create a lot of unnecessary chaos, adding that Eduardo had no intention of cooperating with the police department, anyway.

Eduardo asked if he was legally obligated to rescind his offer based on Rafe's objections, and Justin replied that, as a private citizen with First Amendment rights, Eduardo was not required to do so. Satisfied, Eduardo promised to contact the police station to let everyone there know that his offer was still on the table. "Okay. You know what? If Chad ends up dead before he even has the benefit of a trial, his blood's on your hands," Rafe told Justin before storming off.

Later, Eve approached Eduardo and thanked him for what he had just done, guessing that if anyone else had suggested offering a reward, Rafe would have been a fan of the idea. Eve was surprised that Eduardo actually had that kind of money to throw around, especially since they had lived on ramen noodles during their marriage. Eduardo explained that his security business had been doing pretty well for the past decade or so. "But honestly, I'd give it all away to see justice for Paige," Eduardo added.

Elsewhere, Brady told Theresa that, while he wasn't Chad's biggest fan, he still believed Chad deserved the benefit of a fair trial. Brady told Theresa about the recent conversation he'd had with Chad about blackouts, and he mused that Chad might not have even known himself if he had committed the murders or not. Theresa recalled how she had been blamed for the things Liam had done to Jennifer and Daniel the previous year, and she admitted that, while she understood why people had been quick to assume the worst about her then, she was glad she had been given another chance. Brady suggested that Theresa might want to give J.J. and Jennifer that same benefit of another chance. "Don't push it," Theresa replied with a smile.

When Brady went to get Theresa a refill, Eve approached Theresa and wondered why Brady was at the reception in the first place. Theresa said Brady was just trying to be nice, adding that they had put their differences behind them. Eve remained suspicious, stating that she didn't want to see Theresa get disappointed. "Guys like Brady, they just see you as a former conquest. Tate's mom -- I mean, that's how guys think. That's why girls like us end up getting our hearts broken over and over and over I did with Eddie," Eve added.

Meanwhile, at the bar, Brady assured Justin that he wasn't falling for Theresa again. "I don't mean to interfere. It's just... I went through something similar with Alex's mother," Justin explained. Brady understood but insisted that he didn't have any romantic feelings for Theresa -- and he never would, either, especially after everything that had happened. "I get that. I just wonder if she does," Justin replied.

Elsewhere, Eduardo told Eve that Paige's funeral service had been lovely, and he admitted that he shouldn't have tried to take charge of the planning of it, since Eve had obviously had everything under control. Eduardo added that it had been nice to hear everyone talk fondly about Paige. Eduardo tried to praise Eve's parenting skills, but Eve insisted that she couldn't take any credit for the kind of person Paige had turned out to be. Acknowledging that there was nothing he could do to make up for what he had missed out on, Eduardo stressed that he wanted Eve to at least know that he was sorry -- and that he wished things could have been different.

Later, Justin approached Eduardo and stressed that, while he was on Eduardo's side and would fully support his actions as long as they served the investigation, he would appreciate a heads-up the next time Eduardo decided to go renegade. "Actually, Mr. Kiriakis, I don't really care if you support me or not. I want justice for my daughter. Somehow, I don't think that's what you're in this for," Eduardo replied as he glanced at Eve, who was sitting at the bar. Justin assumed the implication was that he was going after Chad just to make a name for himself, but Eduardo said that wasn't what he was talking about.

Before Eduardo could elaborate, Eve interrupted and said she was going to head home. Eduardo offered to take Eve home himself, and she accepted the offer, walking away after hugging Justin and thanking him for everything he had done for her. After Eduardo followed Eve out of the club, Justin placed a phone call to someone and asked them to find out everything they could about Eduardo Larson.

When Brady rejoined Theresa, she tried to apologize for the way she had kissed him recently, but he insisted that there was nothing to talk about because it was never going to happen again. "Right. Of course," Theresa replied, forcing a laugh as she turned away from Brady. Later, at the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa thanked Brady for his earlier support, and he headed off to the study to get some work done, leaving her alone in the living room with the baby monitor. While Theresa was sketching, Tate started crying, and she rushed off to check on him.

Maggie went to the police station to see Hope, who wanted to know if Kayla had changed her mind about administering the experimental drug to Caroline. Maggie shook her head and reported that Victor and Roman were on their way to the hospital to try to get through to Kayla. "I completely understand why she wants to proceed with caution, but Caroline just doesn't have any other options, does she?" Maggie mused, adding that Caroline's health would continue to decline unless her loved ones found some way to help her -- soon. Hope sadly noted that Bo didn't even have any idea that he might never see his mother again. Maggie pointed out that, while Hope was upset with Bo -- and had every right to be -- it was worth remembering that her experiences with him had made her who she was; in fact, she wouldn't have even applied to join the police force if it hadn't been for him.

Later, after Maggie left, Rafe arrived and started complaining to Hope about the stunt Eduardo had pulled earlier -- and about Justin's refusal to back Rafe up on the subject. Hope agreed that Justin had made a bad call, but she argued that Eduardo simply wanted to find Paige's killer. "You know nothing about him," Rafe countered. Hope replied that she knew that Eduardo had walked out on Eve and Paige years earlier, and she guessed that probably hit a bit too close to home for Rafe.

"You have no idea. You see, before Eduardo walked out on that family, he walked out on mine. Eduardo's my dad," Rafe informed Hope. After Rafe finished filling Hope in on the details, she hugged him and assured him that she would always be available if he needed someone to talk to. Hope also promised that she wouldn't say anything to Gabi about Eduardo.

At the hospital, Kayla was on the phone with Jennifer, apologetically explaining that she had been unable to attend Paige's funeral because she had been called in to work to perform an emergency surgery. As Kayla ended the call, Roman and Victor entered her office to talk to her about the experimental drug that could potentially cure Caroline's medical condition. Kayla put an abrupt end to the conversation before it even really began, insisting that, as the person who had Caroline's medical power of attorney, she wasn't going to allow the drug to be administered to Caroline, period.

Victor didn't understand why Kayla wasn't willing to consider the option, and Roman shared Victor's confusion, pointing out that Salinas' research seemed very promising. Kayla countered that, unlike Roman and Victor, she had actually received the education and training needed to comprehend what was in Salinas' research -- and, more importantly, what wasn't in it. Kayla pointed out that Salinas' research hadn't involved a control group or a placebo, and she added that, while there was no proof that the drug would even help Caroline, there were reasons to believe that the side effects could actually be quite devastating, given Caroline's age.

"She couldn't be much worse," Victor muttered. "She could be dead!" Kayla countered. Victor started to insist that there was nothing in Salinas' research that suggested that the drug wasn't completely safe, but Kayla interrupted, wondering if Victor would ever agree to take such a chance on one of his own family members. "Yes, I would," Victor replied without hesitation. Refusing to budge, Kayla reminded Victor that Caroline wasn't a part of his family; she was a part of hers. "This conversation is over," Kayla added before heading off to check on Caroline.

Victor told Roman that Kayla was simply too close to the situation to be objective, adding that there were no documented side effects to the drug. "And even if there were, isn't it a risk worth taking?" Victor wondered. Victor guessed Caroline would want to be able to remember her family and live life to the fullest. "And you know better than anyone, Roman -- [there's] one thing in this life that's not guaranteed, and that's time," Victor pointed out.

Nodding, Roman went to Caroline's room and took a seat next to Kayla as he began reminiscing about the speech Caroline had given at Will and Sonny's wedding, noting that, while people had feared that she had been rambling about something unrelated to the event, she had known exactly what she had been doing the whole time. "And what she said was beautiful. So eloquent. Funny. Do you think we'll ever see that Caroline Brady again?" Roman wondered. Kayla said she believed Caroline would still have lucid moments from time to time. "Yeah, but they'll be fewer and fewer as time goes on," Roman guessed.

Roman guessed Kayla was reluctant to give Caroline the drug because she wasn't sure she would be able to live with the guilt if that ended up being the wrong call to make. "What if you're making the wrong call now? What if that drug could help? And what if you are the only thing standing between Ma and her only real chance?" Roman asked. Kayla said Roman wasn't being fair, and he conceded the point but wondered if she would be as adamant about refusing the treatment if she were dealing with any other patient. Kayla insisted that she would never give any patient an untested drug that had dubious benefits -- especially not her own mother.

Kayla added that she had no way of knowing which of Caroline's symptoms were aftereffects of the stroke and which were from her underlying condition, and the drug was only designed to treat the latter. Roman pointed out that the odds had been against Caroline after the stroke, and she had fought hard to recover from that. Arguing that Caroline had probably never made a decision based on fear in her entire life, Roman cited the risk she and Shawn had taken with the Brady Pub as a prime example, noting that it had been crazy to turn the fish market into a pub -- especially with no prior restaurant experience -- but they had made it work, and Shawn had always credited the pub's success to Caroline's willingness to take chances. Roman suspected that he and Kayla both knew what Caroline's answer would be if she were able to make her own decision about her medical treatment.

Kayla asked for a minute alone with Caroline, and after Roman left, she grasped Caroline's hand and tearfully admitted that, while the doctor in her believed that it would be ethically wrong -- and potentially dangerous -- to administer an untested drug to Caroline, the little girl in her just wanted her mother back. Caroline stirred while Kayla was struggling to make a decision, so she seized the opportunity to ask if she could have a serious talk with Caroline about Caroline's medical treatment. "Sure. Well, I -- I think you -- my daughter, Dr. Brady, should be part of that conversation. Would you mind calling her for me?" Caroline replied.

Roman returned to the waiting area and found Victor standing with Maggie. Roman reported that Kayla was still on the fence and might not change her mind about administering the drug to Caroline. Victor insisted he could take care of the legal ramifications for the hospital if that was what Kayla was concerned about, but Roman said that wasn't the issue. Meanwhile, Hope arrived and, after receiving an update, wondered how Victor had found out about the treatment in the first place. "Oh, I didn't find out about it -- Bo did," Victor clarified. Maggie and Roman went to the cafeteria so Victor and Hope could talk privately.

Victor filled Hope in on how Bo had discovered Salinas and had asked Victor to fund the doctor's research. Victor explained that Bo hadn't mentioned the potential cure to anyone else because he hadn't wanted to get their hopes up. "[And] the other reason that we wanted to keep it under wraps is because it was potentially a huge breakthrough and a lucrative discovery. We didn't want people trying to get in just to make a quick buck; it would have compromised everything. I mean, if the doctor lost control of the research, we could be in clinical trials for years. If it fell into the wrong hands --" Victor added before letting his voice trail off.

"One thing Caroline doesn't have is time. We need to act now. I just hope that Kayla comes to her senses before it's too late," Victor concluded -- just as Kayla entered the waiting area. A short time later, Kayla, Roman, Hope, Maggie, and Victor gathered in Caroline's room, along with Salinas, who agreed to let Kayla administer the drug herself. Kayla injected the drug into Caroline's I.V. as everyone else watched with cautious optimism.

At the abandoned monastery, Steve contacted John and told him to be on the lookout for some pills that needed to be tested for Bo's DNA. After ending the call, Steve found some breadcrumbs on the floor. "Looks like I got here before the rats," Steve mused. Steve soon spotted a bloodstain on the floor, but as he leaned in to take a closer look at it, someone burst into the room and pointed a gun at him, warning him not to move.

Steve claimed that he had simply been doing some sightseeing, but when the armed man didn't buy that excuse, Steve made a sudden move for the man's gun, knocking it out of the man's hand and pulling his own gun before the man could recover. Steve demanded to know where Bo was, but the man insisted that he had never known the prisoner's name or why the prisoner was being held captive in the first place.

Steve wanted to know who had been giving the man his orders, but the man claimed that he had never been in direct contact with the person, adding that he had just been paid each week with cash that a messenger had delivered to him. Steve wondered if Bo had been hurt while being held captive. The man confirmed that extreme measures had been taken in an effort to get Bo to answer some questions, and Steve took that to mean that Bo had been tortured. Nodding, the man added that Bo had been very determined not to answer the questions, which had been about some type of formula or serum.

Pressing the barrel of his gun against the man's neck, Steve demanded to know where Bo was. The man insisted that was all he knew, and when Steve moved the gun away from the man's neck to grab the collar of his shirt, the man head-butted Steve, sending Steve falling back against the wall. Before Steve could recover, the man sprang to his feet and pulled something out of his pocket, which he tried to shove into Steve's mouth. Steve managed to knock the item out of the man's hand, so the man punched Steve and rushed off. "You tell your boss I'm coming for him!" Steve shouted at the man, too disoriented to chase after him at that time.

In an undisclosed location, a man approached Bo, who was strapped to a gurney. "You're a tough nut to crack, Mr. Brady. I thought the sodium pentothal would do the trick, but not even the torture would make you talk. So we have a new drug, the only side effect of which you need to know about is death. So, with that in mind, I would suggest that you start talking sooner rather than later," the man said as he injected something into Bo's right arm. After giving the drug some time to take effect, the man began questioning Bo about the secret serum that Victor was funding, wondering what it was being used for and who had the formula.

"It's for...foot fungus," Bo muttered with the slightest hint of a smile.

. . .

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