Thursday, March 5, 2015
by Mike

At Club TBD, Serena sketched a drawing of the elephant statue on a napkin, and Parker confirmed that his looked exactly like that. As Serena informed Parker that his elephant statue was considered a good-luck charm, Eric arrived and greeted the group, wondering if he was interrupting anything. Serena cheerfully assured Eric that she was actually thrilled to see him.

Serena pulled Eric aside and told him she had just accidentally learned where his elephant statue had ended up -- and she couldn't think of a better place for it. Daniel interrupted to let Eric and Serena know he was taking Parker home, and after they said their goodbyes to each other, Serena offered to do something for Eric later that night to make up for the way she had behaved earlier. After Eric agreed, Serena headed off to work.

Nicole wandered through the town square as she thought about the argument she had just witnessed between Melanie and Theresa at the hospital. Nicole considered telling Daniel about the fight, thinking it might score her some points with him, but she quickly realized that getting him involved might alienate her ally, Melanie. Knowing that would be a bad idea, Nicole decided to instead go to Eric for help getting Theresa off Melanie's back.

Eric promised to talk to Theresa but wanted to know why Nicole cared. Nicole joked that she knew a thing or two about being a screw-up -- and she also knew Eric had a way with people, even those who didn't deserve help. Eric suggested that Nicole might just care because she had a good heart, but she scoffed and denied the accusation. "Something we disagree about," Eric concluded before showing Nicole out of his apartment.

Nicole headed off to see Daniel, quietly reminding herself to stay focused on him. When Daniel let Nicole into his apartment, she explained that she was there to ask him for a favor. Reminding Daniel that he had once told her he had taken far too long to decide what he had wanted with Jennifer, Nicole asked him to try to avoid making the same mistake again. Nicole pointed out that there was no such thing as a sure thing, and she encouraged Daniel to try to act more like her when deciding whether he wanted to get involved with her again. After making her case, Nicole kissed Daniel's cheek and quickly showed herself out so he could ponder her advice.

Brady arrived at the hospital in time to witness Theresa and Melanie in the middle of another argument. As Theresa started to tell Brady that Melanie had been spying on her, Abigail approached and quietly informed the women -- particularly Theresa -- that everyone on the entire floor could hear them. Theresa shamelessly continued to make a scene, so Brady eventually carried her off to a break room to separate her from Melanie.

Once they were alone, Brady released Theresa and reminded her that she had previously promised to stay away from Melanie. Theresa complained that Melanie wasn't holding up her end of the bargain. "You tell her to stay the hell away from me, because the next time I catch her all up in my business, she's gonna need a different kind of doctor -- to fix her face," Theresa warned Brady after telling him about Melanie investigating Mandrake.

Abigail and Melanie were still at the nurses' station, talking about Theresa's earlier outburst, when Brady returned and asked Melanie to go ahead and take her break so they could talk. Meanwhile, Theresa tried to contact Mandrake, but he had changed his phone number. Theresa pondered the matter for a moment but was only able to think of one reason for Clint to be involved with Mandrake -- easy access to high-grade pharmaceuticals. Theresa couldn't think of any reason for Melanie to care, but she tried to be satisfied with the knowledge that she had likely gotten Melanie in trouble with Brady.

Brady took Melanie to the Kiriakis mansion, where she waited in the study for him to take care of something. Serena contacted Melanie to try to arrange a time for them to hang out together at Daniel's apartment, but Melanie abruptly ended the call when Brady entered the room. Keeping Nicole's name out of the conversation, Melanie admitted that she had started asking questions about Theresa's connection to a fertility specialist named Mandrake after overhearing Clint talking to Mandrake about Theresa.

Upset about Melanie's interference, Brady pointed out that he had previously told her to stay away from Theresa. Melanie stressed that she had tried to do that, but she also noted that she didn't particularly like Brady's tone, observing that he was acting like she was a little woman who had gotten out of line and had some explaining to do. Unable to believe that her first fight with Brady was going to be about Theresa, of all things, Melanie stormed off in frustration so she could get back to work.

Eric asked to see Theresa, who was quite suspicious when she arrived at his apartment. Theresa guessed that Melanie had complained to Eric about what had happened at the hospital earlier, but he clarified that he had actually heard about the incident from Nicole. Theresa blamed Melanie for starting the fight, but Eric argued that Theresa shouldn't have taken the bait because she had more to lose than Melanie.

Theresa sarcastically thanked Eric for taking her side. "Theresa, I'm on your side, and you know it. But you're doing some very self-destructive things. You need somebody who loves you -- someone who is family -- to tell you to stop doing that and grow the hell up!" Eric snapped.

Serena was shocked when she returned to her hotel room and found a woman waiting for her inside. "He's not happy with you," the woman informed Serena. Serena nervously tried to assure the woman that it was just a matter of time before everything would be over, but the woman wasn't interested. "You'll deliver soon, or you'll tell him yourself," the woman warned before leaving.

At the Horton house, J.J. expressed disbelief when Jennifer assured him that, while his actions had indeed angered and hurt her, he was still her son, and there was nothing he could ever do to make her love him any less. Jennifer added that, while she wasn't excusing what J.J. had done, he had been victimized, even if he didn't feel like he had been.

"[Eve] is a predator, and you were her prey," Jennifer insisted. Jennifer thought Eve had gone after J.J. to hurt her, and she blamed herself for being neglectful and giving Eve an opportunity to use J.J. when he had been in a vulnerable position. Jennifer admitted that she should have done more to help J.J. deal with his feelings about what Jack had done to Kayla, even though it was a painful topic to discuss.

Jennifer thought she also should have done more to protect J.J. from Eve, who had returned to Salem determined to hurt their family. J.J. insisted Jennifer wasn't at fault, but she maintained that she had failed him not only as the adult in the situation but also as his mother. J.J. hugged Jennifer and thanked her for not hating him, although it was clear he still found it hard to believe she didn't.

J.J. assured Jennifer that he would never talk to Eve again, even if she tried to contact him to find out whether Jennifer was planning to tell Paige about their affair. J.J. reminded Jennifer that she had promised not to say anything, and she reassured him that she would keep that promise, although she added that Eve deserved to feel scared about the repercussions of her actions.

J.J. said there was a part of him that believed Paige deserved to know the truth. J.J. knew the information would devastate Paige, but he admitted that the real reason he didn't want her to know was that he didn't want her to hate him even more than she already did. "Not like it matters, because I'm already dead to Paige, and I've -- I've kind of been dead to myself, too, ever since we broke up," J.J. added.

Jennifer hated hearing J.J. talk like that, but he insisted he would never love anyone else. "What I did with Eve -- I was trying to stop feeling the hurt, to stop feeling anything. But I have to face the truth -- it doesn't matter if Paige finds out, because she's already gone from my life, and she's never coming back," J.J. concluded, his voice wavering a bit as he spoke.

Jennifer acknowledged that it was hard to lose a loved one, recalling that her kids were all that had kept her going after Jack's death. J.J. pointed out that, unlike in his situation, Jennifer had lost Jack through no fault of her own, and their relationship hadn't been strained at the time of his death. Conceding the point, Jennifer instead used her failed relationship with Daniel as an example of how it was sometimes necessary to let certain things go and move on with life. J.J. said he had just made everything worse when he had tried to do that.

"I don't think I'll ever be happy again. And after all that -- that I -- that I've done, I'm pretty sure I don't deserve to be happy," J.J. quietly stated. J.J. didn't want to hurt Jennifer anymore, but she insisted he would be doing exactly that if he threw in the towel and gave up on happiness. Jennifer started to stress that nothing mattered more to a mother than her children's happiness, but her voice trailed off as she suddenly got an idea.

Jennifer started to share her thoughts with J.J. before changing her mind and deciding it would be best to think things through a bit more first. Jennifer excused herself so she could go for a walk to clear her head and give J.J. some time alone. Before leaving, Jennifer encouraged J.J. to confide in Abigail about what had happened if he wished to do so. Jennifer knew Abigail wouldn't judge J.J., although she suggested it might be best for him to wait until things were a bit less raw before striking up such a conversation. J.J. agreed and hugged Jennifer as she assured him they would get through the situation together.

J.J. was strumming his guitar when Abigail returned home later that day. Abigail listened to the tune for a minute before asking J.J. if it was something he had written for his music composition class. When J.J. turned toward Abigail to confirm the suspicion, she observed that he looked miserable. When Abigail wondered what was wrong, J.J. dismissively replied that it wasn't a big deal. Abigail ignored J.J.'s attempt to change the subject, seizing his guitar and setting it aside as she asked if his mood had anything to do with his earlier attempt to convince people he was in a relationship with Roxanne -- something that had seemed a bit off to Abigail all along.

"It was. But it's over. It's all over," J.J. sadly replied. When Abigail tried to probe for more details, J.J. asked if they could talk about the matter later instead. Abigail agreed and excused herself so she could get back to work. "Hang in there, brother. Whatever it is that's wrong, you will find a way to make it right. I know you," Abigail assured J.J., who accepted a hug from her but seemed doubtful about her prediction.

At the Horton Town Square, Eve admitted that Jennifer was not only upset with J.J. but also with her, and she warned Paige to steer clear of both of them. Paige argued that Jennifer had never been anything other than nice to her, but Eve maintained that Jennifer was dangerous. Eve innocently revealed that Jennifer had picked several fights with her lately and had even stolen her keys, although she had ultimately returned them.

Concluding that she needed to get Paige out of harm's way, Eve insisted they had to leave Salem immediately. Paige understood and supported Eve's decision to move but refused to accompany her. When Eve tried to press the issue, Paige got annoyed and walked off to get some air, ignoring Eve's protests. Meanwhile, Eve received a call from Jennifer, who demanded to know where Eve was.

When Jennifer arrived a short time later, Eve warned that Paige could return at any moment. "Well, then, you better shut up and listen, because if you ever want your daughter to speak to you again, I am your only hope," Jennifer replied. Jennifer started to instruct Eve to never go near J.J. or touch him again, and when Eve nervously pointed out that they were in a public place, Jennifer vowed to raise her voice if Eve interrupted her again.

Jennifer mused that in her and Eve's long -- and, in Eve's case, disgusting -- history, Eve had always had a clear advantage -- she had been able to go after Jennifer's loved ones with no real fear of repercussions because, unlike Jennifer, she had only ever cared about herself. "But that isn't true now, is it? Because you love your daughter. At least, I think you love your daughter -- I mean, that really remains to be seen, but if that's true, the tables have turned in spades, and I am the one with the ammunition to blow you and your little girl right out of the water," Jennifer added.

Eve protested that Jennifer couldn't do that because it would be cruel and wrong, but Jennifer countered that Eve hadn't seemed to care about that when she had been threatening to do the same thing to J.J. "That's how you got him into bed with you the second time, and that led to all the other times, but you know what, let's just skip through how completely sick and depraved that is and get right to the point -- in this situation, you have nothing. You are on your knees, and you are defenseless, and if you love Paige, you are at my mercy. And if you don't, she deserves to know exactly the kind of woman that you are," Jennifer concluded.

Jennifer savored the moment as Eve resisted the urge to hurl insults at her. "It's sinking in, isn't it? You can't afford to call me names anymore. You can't poke me in the eye anymore. You are on the ground, and my heel is on your throat, after all these years," Jennifer mused. Eve quietly begged for Jennifer's assurance that Paige would never learn the truth. Jennifer admitted that, while she had made that promise to J.J. earlier, she hadn't exactly been truthful about it, since her decision to either tell Paige or keep quiet actually depended entirely on Eve.

Jennifer reasoned that J.J. had only slept with Eve because losing Paige had sent him that far off track -- and that was a testament to just how much he truly loved Paige, since he wouldn't have been nearly as devastated about the loss otherwise. Jennifer confidently added that Paige still loved J.J., too, despite everything Eve had done to tear them apart. Refusing to believe that, Eve started to walk away, but she stopped as soon as Jennifer threatened to make a scene.

Gritting her teeth, Eve confirmed Jennifer's suspicion that Theresa -- who wasn't exactly the most predictable and trustworthy person in the world -- didn't know about what had happened between J.J. and Eve. Satisfied, Jennifer summarized that only she, J.J., and Eve knew the truth, and she told Eve they might be able to keep it that way. Eve impatiently wondered what Jennifer wanted in exchange for her silence. "I want what is right for J.J. and Paige. I want to give them back the chance that you took away from them -- the chance for them to be together again," Jennifer replied.

Eve refused to cooperate, but Jennifer urged her to give the matter some more thought. "J.J.'s young, and he's resilient, and he is great-looking. He will get another girl. Will you get another daughter? 'Cause you'll end up losing the only one you've got," Jennifer warned. Eve maintained that she would never give her blessing for J.J. to win back Paige.

Jennifer shrugged and conceded that it was ultimately Eve's call to make. "Well, look who's here! Shall we tell her together?" Jennifer cheerfully added as she turned her attention to Paige, who had just returned.

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