Wednesday, October 22, 2014

At Eve's apartment, while Kristen listened in her hotel room via the bug she'd planted, Eve told Theresa about Kristen's accusations that Theresa had enabled Brady's addictions and tricked him into eloping, which had caused the fight between him and John. "Oh, you better face it, little sister. She is onto you," Eve warned. Theresa demanded to know whether Eve thought Kristen really knew what Theresa had done that night.

In her hotel room, Kristen urged Theresa to reveal what she'd done. When there was a knock at the door, Kristen assumed it was room service and didn't even turn around when she told the waiter to put the tray on a table. Kristen was taken aback when she finally looked up and saw a curious Brady in her room. Brady offered to return later if it were a bad time. He asked what Kristen was listening to. After assuring Brady that it wasn't a bad time, Kristen claimed that she was just helping her father with some unfinished business.

Brady explained that he was there because he needed to see Kristen. She reminded him, "Last time we tried to say goodbye, I told you that I needed to see you once more. And here you are." Brady clarified that he wanted to pay Kristen back for the development of the drug that had saved his father. "How dare you insult me like that," Kristen retorted lightly, pointing out that she didn't need Brady's money. She guessed that he was trying to use it as a way to distance himself from her -- but he had made a point to show up and make the offer in person.

Kristen continued that Brady knew she wasn't the enemy. She added that she was doing everything she could to atone for her mistakes, such as proving how much she loved Brady by saving his father's life. Kristen hoped that if they had a level playing field, maybe they could have a new beginning. Brady reminded Kristen that he had given her two chances to make things right, but after all of her lies and deceit, he had nothing left for her. Kristen refused to believe it, but Brady maintained that he was building a new life for himself -- and Kristen should also move on, for everyone's sake, especially her own.

Fed up, Brady left. "You think you're building a new life with Theresa?" Kristen muttered at the door as it closed behind him, then she shouted, "That's not gonna happen!"

Eve chewed Theresa out about Kristen showing up at the apartment. Theresa got a text message from Anne that read, "We need to meet." Theresa turned back to her sister and demanded, "Did you tell her anything?" Eve said that she hadn't, but she had thought Theresa needed to know about it so she could figure out how to handle it, and she warned Theresa to keep Kristen away from Eve and Paige. Theresa muttered that Kristen didn't scare her. Eve reminded Theresa how their father had ranted about the DiMera family, but Theresa insisted that she wasn't taking the situation lightly.

Theresa wanted to know what else Kristen had said. Eve explained that Kristen believed there was more to the story about the night John and Brady had fought. "She's got nothing. It was a fishing expedition," the relieved Theresa deduced, pointing out that John had backed her story so Kristen had nothing on her. An edgy Eve asserted that Theresa should still be worried. Theresa accused Eve of giving Kristen the idea that something else had happened that night.

Eve pointed out that she would have nothing to gain from that -- and besides, she didn't know anything, so even if she wanted to, she couldn't sell Theresa down the river. Theresa seemed satisfied, but she was puzzled about why Kristen had been there in the first place. Suspicious, Theresa asked Eve if anything else had happened. Eve insisted that Kristen had just shown up, ranted and raved, then she'd left after Eve had threatened to call the cops. As Theresa headed out, she asked Eve to call her if Kristen showed up again.

Nurse Amy helped John back to his hospital room, where Marlena was waiting for him. John joked about his stellar achievements during his physical therapy session. After Amy had gone, Marlena asked how a jovial John was really doing. "Well, Doc, that is gonna depend on you," John said. Marlena pointed out that it would depend on both of them, because John would be released soon, and a lot had happened. John admitted that they needed to talk about their future.

Noting that things between them hadn't been very good before the accident, John asked Marlena what was really going on. Marlena admitted somewhat tearfully, "When I thought I might lose you, when I thought I might never hear you call me 'Doc' again, my heart started pounding, and I understood that, whatever happened, I needed to have you in my life." His eyes glistening with tears, John reached over and stroked Marlena's hand.

Marlena noted gently that what John had said about attacking Brady and Brady hitting John with a poker seemed out of character for both men. Before John could respond, Brady walked in. Pleased to see Marlena with his dad, Brady remarked that if anyone could get John back on his feet, it would be Marlena. Brady asked if it would be all right if he "brought Theresa around," since the two of them were seeing one another again -- casually -- and John had said that he wanted to get to know her better. John suggested that they discuss it later.

Marlena asked about Kristen, and Brady admitted he had just seen Kristen -- but only to offer to repay her for what she'd done, because he knew that the drug hadn't been cheap to develop. Amy stuck her head in and told Marlena that a patient was trying to reach her. As Marlena left, John said playfully, "See you around -- Doc."

John started to express concern about Brady trying to "square things" with Kristen. Cutting his dad off, Brady reassured John, "I have no intention of seeing Kristen again, honestly, and now that E.J. is dead, she'll probably take a cue and head out of town." Brady had to step outside to deal with a text message. Alone in the room, John told himself that he would deal with Kristen first because she was a bigger threat, then he would worry about Theresa.

When Theresa found Anne at the nurses' station, Anne excitedly announced that Kristen had called her about setting up a scholarship in E.J. DiMera's name. A nervous Theresa declared that they needed to talk in private. She grabbed Anne by the arm and dragged her out of the hospital.

In her hotel room, Kristen complained bitterly about "stupid, moronic" Eve cutting Theresa off before Theresa had been able to incriminate herself. Hopeful that Eve would talk to herself, Kristen put her earpiece back on and sat in front of her computer. Back at the apartment, Eve answered a phone call from Dr. Chung, who wanted Eve to sign some paperwork and drop it off that afternoon. As Eve reached to pick up a pen, she knocked over the lamp where Kristen had hidden the bug and then stepped on the device -- nearly deafening Kristen in the process.

Unable to hear Eve any longer, Kristen switched over to listen to the bug she'd planted in Anne's purse.

Meanwhile, Anne and Theresa had just arrived in the park. Anne described how Kristen had summoned her to the Salem Inn that morning. Theresa contended, "She found out we talk, and that's why she wanted to see you." Anne insisted that Kristen had wanted Anne's department to be the beneficiary and administrator of a scholarship program for nonmedical interns in E.J.'s name. Anne believed Kristen was aware that it was administrators like Anne who kept hospitals going, and Anne was determined to find a young woman just like herself to mentor.

"Look, Anne, this isn't about you. It's about me. Tell me: what did you tell her?" Theresa demanded. She explained, "[Kristen] is determined to prove that I had something to do with John's accident." Anne pointed out that John had backed Theresa's story, and Theresa seemed surprised that Anne had figured out what had really happened. Anne maintained that it didn't matter as long as John Black didn't remember anything. Theresa confessed, "That's the thing. John does remember. He knows that it was me, not Brady, who whacked him with that poker -- but for some reason, he's just not telling anyone."

In her hotel room, Kristen let out an excited gasp. "Guess what, Theresa! John won't have to tell anything, 'cause you just did!" Kristen said, cackling madly.

Clyde tracked Ben down in Horton Square. Clyde affably declared that he would not give Ben any money. He explained that he would cover the expenses for Ben's college education then Ben could use the money he'd been saving for school to get a new place. Clyde assured Ben that accepting help wouldn't mean that Ben forgave Clyde. While Ben silently pondered the idea, Clyde noted that Ben would be the first Weston to attend college. "Let me make up for the past by giving you a future," Clyde added.

Jordan stopped by Will and Sonny's apartment, where Abigail was babysitting Arianna. When Jordan said that she wanted to talk about Chad, Abigail assumed that Chad had "pulled another one of his stunts." Jordan clarified that Chad had asked her out, although it had been before E.J. had died, and she hadn't wanted to give him an answer before she'd talked to Abigail. Abigail was surprised that Jordan had apparently given up on Rafe.

Jordan admitted she hadn't been sure that she would be able to get over Rafe, but it had felt natural after she'd talked to Chad. Pointing out that Chad was Ben's boss, Abigail suggested that Jordan should tell her brother before he found out another way. Jordan reluctantly agreed. She asked how Abigail felt about it. Abigail cautioned Jordan that Chad was a very complicated guy who was a lot more like E.J. than people realized -- in other words, a DiMera.

Later, when Jordan arrived at Club TBD, Ben said that he needed to talk to her about something. Jordan said she needed to talk to Ben, as well, but she encouraged him to go first. Ben informed his sister that Clyde wanted to pay for Ben to go to college. "What that bastard wants is to buy you!" Jordan warned Ben. Ben maintained that Clyde had sounded sincere about there being no strings attached. Jordan reminded Ben where Clyde would get the money, but Ben insisted that Clyde also had legitimate businesses, as well. Jordan urged Ben, "Just think about who we're talking about here, and tell me: do you really believe him?"

Ben said he didn't think that Clyde had been lying, and Ben couldn't keep living with so much hate. Jordan couldn't believe that Ben was going to forgive his father after everything Clyde had put them through. Ben maintained that he wasn't talking about forgiving Clyde; he was merely trying to catch a break. Ben added that he could use the money he'd been saving for school to get his own place. Jordan resignedly admitted that it was Ben's decision, and he would have to live with it. As Jordan left, Ben asked what she'd wanted to talk to him about. She replied that it didn't matter anymore.

After Jordan had gone, Abigail arrived to see Ben, who Abigail could tell was distracted. She asked if Ben had seen Jordan, and Ben admitted that he and his sister had gotten into another argument. "I had a feeling you wouldn't be happy about that," Abigail confessed.

A little later, Clyde met Jordan in the park outside Horton Square at her behest. "I want to know what your game is -- panting after Kate Roberts, trying to buy Ben back?" Jordan demanded. Clyde pointed out that Ben was his son. "How do you think your son would feel if he knew exactly the kind of man his father is?" Jordan countered angrily. Clyde growled, "And how do you think he'd feel if he knew you killed his mother?"

Sami was startled when she entered the DiMera living room and found three people in suits, waiting for her. One man, Bruce Greenblatt, introduced himself. "We are so sorry about your loss," Bruce said, and one of his cohorts, Jennifer Evans, added, "But this matter simply couldn't wait." As Bruce held up a copy of TruVista magazine, the trio explained that Will's article had set everything in motion.

"Your son really digs deep. We certainly could use someone like him working for us," Bob chimed in. They group continued that it had only taken reading about half of the article before they'd been onto Sami. An anxious Sami interrupted and said that she had to make a call before they went any further. She stepped into the foyer, pulled the doors closed together, and breathlessly fumbled to dial the phone.

Chad spotted Kate on the phone inside the Brady Pub, so he went inside to talk to her -- and overheard her talking about the "serious trouble" that Sami was in. Chad waited until Kate hung up to reveal his presence and ask what kind of trouble Sami was in. Kate snidely but lightly suggested that they set up a conference call with Stefano to save Chad the trouble of reporting back to his father later. Before Chad could pry any details out of Kate, Sami called her.

Agitated but trying not to raise her voice in panic, Sami told Kate, "They're here! [...] The Feds -- oh, God, Kate -- they've come to take me away! Help me!" Kate stepped away from the table and quietly said that she would call her attorney. She urged Sami to stay strong for the kids and keep her mouth shut until Kate got there.

When Kate went back to the table, she brushed off Chad's concerns. "I thought we had an agreement. I thought we trusted each other," Chad said. After reassuring Chad that was still the case, Kate strolled out.

A little later, Abigail met Chad in Horton Square and demanded, "What are you up to with Jordan? [...] If you're trying to use her against Ben or me, I just have to tell you: it's not going to work." Chad maintained that he hadn't known until he'd spent some time with Jordan that she was Ben's sister and Abigail's friend. "Did you think that I was trying to make you jealous?" Chad asked, chuckling. Abigail pointed out that someone who had faked a brain tumor shouldn't get offended if someone questioned his motives.

Clearly amused, Chad countered that it was "sick" of Abigail to think he would try to get back at her for sleeping with his brother by dating her boyfriend's sister. Chad asked if Ben were upset about it, as well. Abigail said that Jordan was going to tell Ben. "She hasn't even agreed to go out with me. Who knows? Maybe she'll make your day and turn me down," Chad said, laughing as he walked away.

Sami hung up, took a deep breath, and returned to the living room. Bruce said that they would like to start filling Sami in on her options, but she replied that she wanted to wait until her attorney arrived. The trio did not object -- but while they were waiting, Bruce emphasized that they didn't have a lot of time. Sami testily insisted that she had a right to have her attorney present. Jennifer pointed out that often lawyers only complicated things further. Sami accused the group of trying to take advantage of a recent widow.

When Kate got home, Harold met her in the foyer and informed her that a small kitchen fire had prevented him from announcing the visitors' arrival to Mrs. DiMera. He handed Kate the group's business card, and she looked at it with surprise. Rolling her eyes, Kate hurried into the living room and interrupted Sami's tirade about how Americans were innocent until proven guilty. A relieved Sami rushed over to her partner. "Ms. Roberts, we wanted to talk to you, too," Bruce said, causing Sami to freak out even more.

Urging Sami to stop, Kate showed Sami the group's business card. Sami looked at it with disbelief and whirled around to face the trio. "Are you kidding me with this?" Sami demanded. Bruce and Jennifer explained to a surprised Sami that they worked for Universal Pictures in Hollywood. Trying to regain her composure, Sami asked why the folks in suits were there. Jennifer explained that they had discussed visiting Sami even before E.J.'s death, and they had considered delaying the trip, but they were a bit pressed for time.

Bruce declared, "We want to be in the Sami Brady DiMera business!" Bruce clarified that they were thinking about a movie, to start with. Jennifer proposed actresses to play Sami, such as Kate Winslet, Kate Hudson, or Naomi Watts. "How about Carol Burnett?" Kate suggested. The executives proposed other projects for Sami: a miniseries, a reality show, or she could even host her own fitness program. Bruce added that Sami would have to think it over carefully before making a decision, because it would require her to move to Los Angeles.

Pointing out that Sami's husband had just died, Kate accused the executives of behaving like vultures. Bruce and Jennifer asserted that Sami's story had captured the attention of the public, and they needed to strike while the iron was hot. Sami admitted that she was flattered but overwhelmed. Bruce understood that Sami needed to think it over, so he gave her a copy of their proposal and initial offer to review. He pointed out that it was only a six-month commitment. Jennifer added that they were staying overnight at the Salem Inn, and Bob produced a folder with their contact information. After Bruce apologized for their timing, the executives saw themselves out.

While a starry-eyed Sami scanned the contract, Kate urged her to snap out of it. Reluctantly agreeing to snap out of it, Sami pointed out, "Come on, it's an offer -- from Hollywood!" Kate asserted that it was only a dream, adding, "You are going to have plenty of time for dreaming -- maybe ten to twenty -- if we don't fix what you've done." Chad walked in just in time to overhear what Kate was saying. He announced that it was time for the three of them to have a talk.

. . .

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