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Thursday, October 27, 2016
by Mike

At the Martin mansion, Kate received an unexpected visit from Eduardo, who offered her a breakfast burrito. "Have you ever seen me consume anything other than black coffee before noon?" she asked, declining the meal.

Eduardo admitted that he was just trying to score points with Kate. "With a breakfast burrito?" she asked incredulously. He assured her that it was packed full of ingredients that were guaranteed to keep her demons away for the entire day. She wondered if he thought she needed help with her demons. He insisted that everyone needed help keeping the demons away. He added that he liked her and wanted to spend more time with her.

"What would your wife think of that?" Kate asked. Eduardo clarified that Adriana was his ex-wife and had moved back to Mexico -- seemingly for good. "Hmm. So now you're looking for someone to spend the lonely hours with until your ex-wife changes her mind," Kate guessed. She insisted that she had no desire to be anyone's consolation prize. He objected to her view of the situation, explaining that he had tried to make things work with Adriana simply because she was the mother of his children. "So, I guess becoming a new man didn't work out for you," she mused. "Not so much," he confirmed.

Kate wondered what Eduardo was going to try his hand at being next. He revealed that he planned to go into business with Dario, but he acted coy when she asked for details. She warned that working with biological children wasn't always a rainbows-and-flowers experience, prompting him to wonder if that was why she was working for the DiMeras. She explained with a chuckle that her children didn't particularly like taking orders from her. "However, Chad DiMera, who is like a son to me, has no attitude whatsoever," she added.

Eduardo wondered what was stopping Chad from cutting Kate loose after learning all he could from her. "I would have a company of my own right now if you had just invested in me when I asked you to," she replied. Conceding the point, Eduardo offered to make things right, inviting her to go into business with him. She was hesitant to agree to such a thing without knowing the details of the business venture, pointing out that it could end up being something that would compromise her ethics. "Well, the flexibility of your ethics is, uh, you know, why I want to be in bed with you -- metaphorically speaking," he explained.

Kate wondered if that was Eduardo's strange way of flirting with her. He scoffed at her assumption then asked, after a brief pause, "Is it working?" Smiling, she admitted that he could be right about her position at DiMera Enterprises being tenuous. She insisted, however, that she planned to stick with them regardless. He warned that doing so could make her his competitor sooner or later. "I'm capable of handing you your head on a platter," she confidently countered. She added that it would probably be best to stop whatever was going on between them right away, before things got too messy.

"Is that what you really want?" Eduardo asked. Kate confirmed that it was. Nodding, he handed her the breakfast burrito and urged her not to give up on it, stressing again that it was made of many wonderful ingredients, including one that couldn't be found in any kitchen. "That's the one that chases away the bad spirits," he revealed. When she wondered what he was talking about, he explained, "The private acknowledgement, Katherine, that you and I are alike -- demons on the one hand, care and compassion on the other, all wrapped up together deliciously." He showed himself out after promising that she would enjoy it.

Later, Eduardo met with Dario in the town square to discuss their new business venture. After swearing Dario to secrecy, Eduardo explained that he planned to renovate Club TBD and have Dario continue running it, hiding from everyone the fact that it was really just a front for something bigger. "Sounds like this new business you have in mind isn't on the up and up," Dario observed.

"If I were to say you're right, would you have a problem with that?" Eduardo asked. Dario admitted that he should have known all along that Eduardo was planning to get involved in some shady activity. "That's why you're opening up to me instead of Rafe," he guessed. Eduardo didn't confirm or deny anything; instead, he wondered if Dario wanted to hear more about the business venture. "Go for it," Dario replied.

"Before I get into specifics, I should tell you -- I'm not starting from scratch. I have a web of connections that'll be highly useful once we get up and running," Eduardo began. Dario wanted details about the connections, but Eduardo asked him to just listen. "The first order of business is to determine how we're gonna get our merchandise in and out of Salem," he continued.

Dario again interrupted to ask for details about the merchandise, but Eduardo remained coy. Dario advised that it would be wise for Eduardo to get the Kiriakis clan on board because they controlled the dock business. Eduardo pointed out that the DiMeras were starting to move in on that territory. Dario dismissively predicted that the Kiriakis clan would strike back soon enough. "We'll get a better deal from them," he added, knowing how they did business because he had once worked for them.

Dario was surprised to see that Eduardo was considering his advice instead of dismissing it outright. Eduardo stressed that he didn't want Dario to be a yes-man -- but he also didn't want Dario to make the mistake of getting too cocky. Changing the subject, he revealed that he planned to maintain a certain public image because of a personal project he was working on. "What's her name?" Dario asked knowingly. Eduardo tried to dodge the question, but Dario insisted, "When we start working together, you're gonna have to start being honest with me." Pleased with the wording, Eduardo shook Dario's hand and welcomed him to the team.

Later, Dario asked Blanca to meet him at the Salem Inn so he could finally give her the dance he owed her, since she had a busy work schedule, and Guillermo had interrupted their previous date. While they were dancing to rumba music in his hotel room, he leaned in and kissed her. She responded favorably at first but eventually pulled away and breathlessly asked herself what she was doing. "Don't you know?" he replied before kissing her again. They fell onto the bed together as they began to undress.

At the DiMera mansion, Gabi informed Chad that she planned to return to her own home soon, since Salem was no longer under siege. Chad admitted that he was going to miss her company. She playfully assured him that they would still see each other often, since she was, after all, still his image consultant, and his image needed a lot of fine-tuning. He encouraged her to let Arianna tag along every time she visited, not wanting her job to keep her from spending time with her daughter. She thanked him for the gesture, noting that he was much more considerate than her previous boss, Kate, had been.

"I only hire people who have had terrible experiences with other bosses," Chad joked. Gabi assumed that meant his entire staff was ready to kiss his feet. "They are, yes. As a matter of fact, look at my breakfast tray that Harold made for me this morning," he replied, gesturing toward a plate of food he had not yet touched. He pointed out that Harold had taken the time to decorate the tray with an origami napkin and a purple flower. He suspected that the personal touches were signs that Harold was incredibly grateful to no longer be working for Stefano -- or maybe just Harold's way of trying to seduce him.

Laughing, Gabi clarified that she was responsible for the personal touches, having helped prepare the breakfast tray. She explained that her favorite scent was lavender, and the napkin was supposed to look like a bunny -- a trick that never failed to make Arianna smile. She added that the decorations were her way of celebrating Chad's earlier announcement that he was ready to rejoin the land of the living. He took a moment to smell the flower before thanking her for the thoughtful gesture. She advised him to keep some of it around at all times, explaining that it was supposed to promote relaxation.

Later, Gabi and Chad went to the hospital to check on J.J. Jennifer reported that he would probably be waking up soon. She had prepared a bowl of ice chips to help soothe his dry mouth, but she didn't object when Gabi asked to be the one to give them to him. After Gabi left, Jennifer asked Chad about Thomas. Chad stammered nervously as he tried to explain that he had decided to start caring for Thomas on his own again. Admitting that Lucas and Adrienne had already moved out, he stressed that he hadn't been trying to hide anything from Jennifer; he simply hadn't wanted to give her more to worry about when J.J. had been comatose.

Jennifer hesitantly agreed that Chad seemed to be ready to handle the responsibility on his own again. She hoped he would soon be able to trust her enough to let her start being a bigger part of Thomas' life. She reminded him that she still had a nursery for Thomas at the Horton house. She added that Doug and Julie were still living there to hold her accountable for her actions. "[No], I think they probably just want you back. They want the real Jennifer. I mean, look, you're really somebody to be admired -- at least from my point of view," Chad protested, getting a warm hug from Jennifer in response.

Later, Chad returned home and found Andre waiting for him in the study. Andre explained that DiMera Enterprises' overseas partners weren't happy with Chad's recent decision to stop doing business with a major client. "'Doing business' with that client is code for 'bribery and fraud with mobsters,'" Chad clarified, reminding Andre of the plan to legitimize DiMera Enterprises.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were mildly interested in turning a profit," Andre countered. Chad insisted that the matter wasn't up for debate. He added that he was the boss and that Andre needed to remember not only that but also the promise he had made when he had been allowed back into the family business. Andre feigned confusion. Although Chad didn't buy the act, he helpfully clarified that Andre had promised never to keep secrets from him again. He guessed that Andre wasn't sticking to that promise, citing Andre's mysterious, unexplained ability to figure out Clyde's hiding place as just one recent example of questionable behavior.

Chad suggested that Andre might have known the location of Clyde's hideout because he had been working with the escaped convicts initially, but Andre denied the accusation, insisting that he would never turn on Chad, Theo, and Thomas -- his only remaining family members -- because doing so would leave him totally alone in the world. He maintained, however, that if they were going to rebuild DiMera Enterprises so Theo and Thomas would have something to inherit, Chad would have to be willing to let him get creative at times -- within the confines of the law, of course.

Chad didn't agree to Andre's request, but he didn't refuse it, either. Instead, he warned that he had no intention of rushing to the rescue if Andre got in trouble with the law again while trying to settle scores with the people of Salem -- namely, Hope. Choosing to believe that they had reached an understanding, Andre excused himself so he could attend to some community service.

"Community service? You? Really? Why?" Chad asked, stifling a laugh. Andre reminded him that DiMera Enterprises was underwriting Salem's annual Halloween festivities. Chad admitted that he had completely forgotten about the looming holiday. "What are you going as? Prince of Darkness?" Chad guessed. Andre chuckled and cryptically clarified, "No, I'm looking forward to...shedding...some light."

Later, Chad apologized to Thomas for forgetting to buy him a costume for his first Halloween. Luckily, Gabi had remembered, but Chad promised that he would pick out Thomas' next costume himself. "Your mom may have been taken from both of us, but, uh, you know, I'm gonna do my damnedest to make sure you get everything you deserve in life. Just gotta ask you to be patient with me. I'm kind of learning on the job here. It's the best job in the world, though. Wouldn't trade it for anything," he stressed. He picked up the lavender and sniffed it as he added, "Just wish I wasn't doing it alone."

At the hospital, J.J. woke up and found Gabi sitting at his bedside. "I'm sorry," he muttered. She insisted that he had nothing to be sorry for, adding that he was a hero. He shook his head in protest, but she maintained that he deserved the title. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him that she loved him, and he quietly stressed that he would always love her, too.

Meanwhile, Kayla found Steve waiting in her office with lunch. After telling him about what had happened to Abe, she wondered how long it had been since his last physical. "Never, right? Never. You've never had one," she guessed. Although he insisted that he felt fine -- invincible, even -- he assured her that he would see a doctor soon, just to put her mind at ease.

Later, as Kayla was eating her lunch, Steve gave her a gift -- a framed photograph from the early years of their relationship. "In a weird way, you know, all this stuff with Orpheus brought us closer together -- back then and now," he pointed out as his way of explaining what had prompted the gift. He gave her a kiss, but she soon pulled away and reminded him that she was still on duty. "So what?" he asked as he shoved everything off her desk. She laughed and started kissing him again, but as they climbed onto the desk, a nurse knocked on the door. Kayla tried to send the nurse away, but the nurse insisted, "It's an emergency."

Steve backed away from Kayla, who adjusted her clothes then opened the door and greeted the nurse. "I just got a call from the morgue downstairs. They say there's a body missing," the nurse revealed. Meanwhile, in an alley near the docks, Orpheus' associate approached him and observed that the reports of his death had clearly been exaggerated. "Greatly," Orpheus confirmed, adding that the man had done a good job of smuggling him out of the morgue. "I was highly motivated. The timing for your resurrection couldn't be better," the man replied.

"Agreed. It's gonna be a night full of tricks for some...and treats for me," Orpheus promised.

. . .

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