Friday, July 29, 2016

At Club TBD, Kayla went to see Steve, and she was shocked to find that he had been telling the truth about working as a bartender. Kayla reminded Steve that he hated to take orders. With a shrug, Steve said anger was in his past. Steve took Kayla's hands gently and said, "This is the first day of my new life, and I am going to prove to you that nothing is more important to me in this world than getting you back."

Unsure, Kayla said she felt like Steve would self-destruct in his new profession. Steve said he knew that Kayla loved him and that she would forget about Fynn. Shaking her head no, Kayla said Steve could not change who he was as a person. Kayla said she did not believe that Steve could turn his back on someone in need and that, eventually, Steve would return to his old ways. Steve said he refused to lose his family and that he would not let that happen.

Steve asked about Joey. Kayla told Steve that she had been fighting with Joey over Jade. With a nod, Steve cautioned Kayla to be careful with Jade. Steve warned that if Kayla was too negative about their son's girlfriend, it would make Joey more defensive. Steve offered to talk to Joey. Kayla confided to Steve that Joey had cried in his sleep and was still having nightmares about Ava. Kayla informed Steve that she had scheduled a therapy session for Joey with Marlena.

In the park, Joey asked Jade to spend the weekend with him. As the lovebirds kissed, a large bald man, Hal, warned Joey, "Get your filthy hands off of my daughter." Jade and Joey jumped apart from one another. Joey introduced himself to Hal, but Hal was not interested in playing nice with Joey. Hal accused Joey of ruining his daughter's life. Jade interjected that running away had been her idea.

When Hal grabbed his daughter's arm, Joey intervened. Angry, Jade said that Hal had not taken an interest in parenting before and that it was too late for him to start. Joey told Hal that he could not be a father when it suited him. When Joey yelled that Hal could not keep him and Jade apart, Hal grabbed Joey by the shirt to shake him.

As Fynn passed by, he saw the argument and grabbed Hal, pulling him off of Joey. The combative Hal shoved Fynn away. Fynn warned both Joey and Hal to calm down. Jade told Hal that she would talk to him alone. Joey objected, but Jade insisted that she would be fine with her father. Joey was angry, but Fynn warned Joey that he was in trouble with the law and should not push his luck. Joey reluctantly agreed.

Fynn and Joey walked to Club TBD, and Joey was surprised to find his father tending bar at the club. Steve said that he no longer worked for Black Patch. Kayla asked what was going on, and Fynn said he and Joey had stopped by for coffee. As Fynn stepped away to take a phone call, Kayla and Steve told Joey that he needed to resume therapy. Grumbling, Joey agreed to meet with Marlena. Joey left with Kayla for the appointment.

As Fynn turned to leave, Steve stopped him. Steve said he would not intervene in whatever was happening between Fynn and Kayla, but he would not let Fynn use his son. When Fynn shook his head in confusion, Steve warned Fynn not to suck up to Joey to score points with Kayla. Steve added that he had no intention of giving up on Kayla.

In the Brady Pub, Nicole and Parker ate dinner together and talked about his summer camp. Dario said hello as he passed by the table, and Nicole introduced him to Parker. When Nicole asked Parker about dinner with Chloe, Parker asked Nicole if Dario could join them for dinner. Nicole smiled at Dario.

At the Salem Inn, a freaked-out Summer stared at an unconscious Theresa lying on the floor after Theresa had fallen. Summer took Theresa's pulse. Finding a heartbeat, Summer attempted to rouse Theresa awake, to no avail. Summer wrote a note, grabbed her suitcase, and started to leave. "I'm sorry," she whispered as she passed Theresa on the way out.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady and John questioned Deimos about the Chopin group and its connection to Tate's kidnapping. John showed Deimos a picture of Deimos with the suspect in the kidnapping. Deimos confirmed that he was in the photo, but he did not remember the other man in the picture. Deimos said that before prison, he had run a legitimate business and had not worked with the Greek mafia.

John urged Deimos to tell the truth. Frustrated, Demos said he was not to blame for everything. Deimos stressed that he would never arrange for an innocent child to be kidnapped. Deimos said he hoped that Brady would find his son soon. Narrowing his eyes, Brady said that if Deimos had lied to him, Brady would return to the house and murder him.

In Summer's hotel room, Theresa woke up and realized that Summer was gone. Theresa called Brady and told him that Summer had attacked her and left. Brady and John rushed over to the hotel. When Brady and John arrived, Theresa was shaken and begged them to help her find Summer. Theresa told Brady and John that she had told Summer that she had remembered Summer kidnapping Tate and that Summer had grown agitated and threatened her.

Theresa added that when she had turned to leave, she had tripped and hit her head. Brady wanted to take Theresa to the hospital, but Theresa was worried that Summer was leaving town. As John looked around the room, he found the note that Summer had left. The note read, "Salem Inn Room 1019."

Brady and Theresa went to room 1019 to investigate while John worked on tracking down Summer. Upset, Theresa said she had an overwhelming feeling that Tate had been in the room. Brady wondered why Summer would send them to the room if she had been claiming that she was innocent of Tate's kidnapping. Brady hugged Theresa and apologized for not listening to her about Summer. Brady returned to searching the room.

As Brady looked behind the chest of drawers, he found one of Tate's toys. Vindicated, Theresa said she had known in her gut that Summer had taken Tate. Brady reasoned aloud that Summer had delivered Tate to the person that had been staying in the room on the date of the kidnapping.

In the town square, Maggie saw Summer and called out to her. When Maggie asked if she was leaving town again, Summer said that Maggie would be happy to know Summer was leaving. Maggie asked Summer what was going on. Summer told Maggie that it had meant a lot to her to have gotten to know Maggie. Summer said that she appreciated Maggie's affection. Maggie said that she had enjoyed their time together. Crying, Summer said she was sorry for a lot of things, but she was not sorry that she had met Maggie. As Maggie stretched out her arms for an embrace, Summer turned and walked away.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor told Deimos that he accepted Deimos' offer. When Deimos asked why, Victor said he was tired of fighting. Victor said he wanted to enjoy the rest of his life with his wife. With a nod, Deimos said he agreed. Victor told Deimos that Deimos should not be the only one to make amends.

"I accept my guilt. I was responsible for the argument that caused Helena to lose her life. I was so hurt and angry by the fact that you stole her from me that I let you spend 30 years in prison for a crime that you didn't commit. Over the years, I convinced myself that I did nothing wrong. Now I know that I did. So the question is, can we truly move on?" Victor said.

"I am genuinely sorry for the hell I put you and Maggie through. Do you accept my apology?" Deimos countered. Victor said no. "I can and I will discipline myself not to think about you one way or another," Victor added. Deimos said he wanted to start fresh with Victor. With a grunt, Victor said he agreed to stay out of one another's way, but no more.

After Parker left the pub with Chloe, Nicole and Dario sat and chatted in a booth. Nicole talked about how much Parker was like Daniel. Nicole gushed over Parker. Smiling, Dario told Nicole that it was obvious how much Parker loved her. Nicole said that Parker made her feel like Daniel was still around, and it was comforting to her to see Parker.

With tears in her eyes, Nicole talked about how her life with Daniel had truly started a year ago that day. Nicole explained that she had hurt Daniel but had told him the truth about what she had done, and her confession had solidified their relationship. Choking back tears, Nicole said that her life felt wrong because Daniel was not there.

"Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, and I have forgotten that he has gone because I'm still, you know, kind of asleep. So I roll over to his side of the bed, and I try to cuddle with him, and then I remember what happened, and I -- it's like a shock all over again, every time," Nicole said. Chuckling through her tears, Nicole confided that she read a lot of self-help books before bed to deal with her grief. Nicole said the only thing that would help her was time.

"And maybe falling in love again," Dario said. Nicole grew quiet. Dario asked Nicole if she was thinking about Deimos. Nicole shrugged. When Dario noted that Nicole had feelings for Deimos, an indignant Nicole reminded Dario that she had just poured her heart out to Dario about Daniel. Nicole said she would not betray Daniel.

"You think you can betray someone who is not alive anymore?" Dario asked. Nicole said she had thought about that question. Dario said she could not betray Daniel by moving on to someone else. Dario counseled Nicole that she could only betray Daniel by not finding love again and by shutting down. Shaking her head, Nicole said she sometimes felt like Daniel wanted her to wait for him. Dario warned Nicole that she would waste her life if she did that. Nicole agreed.

Dario thanked Nicole for opening up to him and being honest. Dario said he wanted to be honest too. With a smile, Nicole encouraged Dario to tell her about his feelings. Shaking his head, Dario said, "Right now, I'm thinking and feeling that I want to kiss you."

"Dario, you are so sweet and understanding and attractive, but we're just friends, and that's all. I just don't want to encourage you to think that there could be anything more," Nicole said. As Dario sighed, Nicole's phone rang. Dario saw that Deimos was calling. Dario told Nicole to answer her phone. When Nicole did, Deimos asked Nicole to meet with him so that he could share some good news.

In the town square, Kayla and Joey talked about Joey's therapy. When Joey grumbled that Kayla hated Jade, Kayla corrected Joey. Kayla said that she hoped Jade could make something of herself, but Kayla did not want someone without direction to be around her son while he was still dealing with his emotional problems. Angry, Joey asked Kayla why she wanted him to give up the woman he loved. Kayla took Joey by the shoulders and said she was worried about Joey's future.

Joey told his mother that he felt anxious and stir-crazy. Kayla assured Joey that they would get him the counseling that he needed. Frustrated, Joey asked Kayla if she and Steve would get the counseling that they needed. Joey argued that Steve was pretending to be a bartender and that Kayla was pretending she did not love Steve and was interested in Fynn instead. Though Kayla disagreed, Joey said Kayla's feelings about Steve were clear. Kayla argued that she was wondering whether she and Steve were compatible as a couple.

"You know what's not fair to you or me or dad? To pretend like I'm the only one that has problems. This entire family is screwed up and miserable, and they all need help," Joey said.

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