Friday, May 27, 2016
by Mike

After sending Arianna off with a babysitter, Gabi received a visit from Eduardo, who was disappointed to learn that he had arrived at the Hernandez house just a few minutes too late to see his granddaughter. Eduardo also wasn't pleased to learn that Gabi only needed a babysitter to watch Arianna because she had made plans to spend the evening with J.J.

Eduardo warned that it was risky to date someone who was in such a dangerous line of work. Gabi scoffed at the idea of an ex-assassin declaring that a cop's job was too dangerous, and she also accused Eduardo of having a sexist attitude about the matter, guessing that he would never dare to tell his son to let being a cop stop him from having a love life.

Eduardo unapologetically argued that fathers had a natural tendency to be more protective of daughters than sons because women were vulnerable in a way that men simply weren't. Realizing that she wasn't going to change Eduardo's views about gender, Gabi thanked him for looking out for her but made it clear that she planned to continue dating J.J. because he was a great guy.

Later, while Eduardo was passing through the town square, he received a text message from a private number, asking how he planned to make amends to Patrick Johansson's family as well as the families of all the other people he had murdered during his time as an assassin. Eduardo replied to the message, challenging the sender to stop hiding or leave him alone.

A cop escorted Rory into the police station and informed Hope and Rafe that he had been apprehended during an earlier drug bust. Rafe and Hope led Rory into one of the conference rooms and began to interrogate him, with Hope playing good cop to Rafe's bad cop. Rory explained that the five kilos of White Rhino marijuana he had been caught with actually belonged to some friends. "I was so stoned I had no idea what was going on. They tricked me into holding their stash, and then they left me there," Rory continued. Rory refused, however, to reveal any names.

Rafe and Hope wanted to enlist J.J.'s help with the interrogation, assuming that Rory might feel more comfortable talking to him, and although Roman had reservations because J.J. was a rookie who had not yet received any training in interrogation techniques, he reluctantly agreed to go along with the plan.

When J.J. joined Rory in the conference room, Rory wondered why J.J. wasn't sporting his shiny new badge and uniform. J.J. explained that he had just ended his shift and was talking to Rory as a friend instead of a cop, but Rory found that hard to believe because J.J. had cut ties with him after joining the police force. J.J. conceded that being a cop meant no longer being able to hang out with people who were into the things Rory was into. J.J. stressed, however, that he still cared about Rory and wanted to help him.

Knowing that Rory's friends would never show him the kind of loyalty he was showing them, J.J. wondered if Rory really wanted to spend the next fifteen years in prison just for the sake of being able to say he had refused to rat them out. Rory conceded that his friends had taken advantage of him, but he decided to stick to his code of silence, reasoning that if he was headed to prison either way, it would be best to enter as a guy who knew how to keep his mouth shut. "What if you didn't have to do time? What if I can get you immunity?" J.J. asked.

Roman was outraged when he learned that J.J. had promised Rory immunity in exchange for the names of his friends. Roman refused to honor the deal, prompting J.J. to protest that Roman couldn't go through with arresting Rory's friends in that case. Roman made it clear that he was the one who gave orders for the police force, not J.J. After Roman stormed off, Hope explained to J.J. that immunity deals couldn't be made without prior approval from the district attorney. J.J. feared that Rory was going to feel betrayed, so Rafe promised to let Rory know that J.J. had made an honest mistake.

Later, in their room at the Martin mansion, J.J. told Gabi about what had happened, and she reasoned that Roman needed to be thanking him because they wouldn't have been able to get the real drug dealers off the streets without his help. "That part felt kind of good, you know? Like I was a badass cop," J.J. admitted. Declaring J.J.'s accomplishment sexy, Gabi gave him a passionate kiss, and he led her over to the bed as they continued making out.

After having sex, J.J. and Gabi joked about other duties of his profession that might get him even more turned on, like writing speeding tickets. As J.J. started getting dressed, someone knocked on the door, and when he opened it, Rory punched him, sending him falling to the floor.

At the prison, Chase received another visit from Aiden, who revealed that he planned to use a temporary insanity defense to get Chase transferred to a psychiatric facility. Chase guessed that Aiden wanted to stuff him in a mental institution so he could claim that he had at least tried to help, while also conveniently removing a major obstacle in his quest to win Hope back. Aiden insisted that he was only looking out for Chase's best interests. Chase remained skeptical but conceded that Aiden deserved another chance with Hope because their relationship had ended through no fault of his own.

Aiden argued that Chase also deserved a second chance, but Chase insisted that he was better off in prison. "If [a shrink] starts digging, I don't really want to know what's down there. I'm different. Maybe it's because I was there when the gun went off," Chase mused, referring to his mother's death. Aiden tried to protest, but Chase angrily warned him to drop the matter and stop visiting.

Later, while Aiden was in his room at the Martin mansion, talking to someone on the phone about the possibility of arguing diminished capacity instead of temporary insanity, he received a visit from Roman, who informed him that Chase had been stabbed with a shiv during a fight and was in critical condition. Aiden rushed to the hospital and said a few words to Chase before the doctors took him into surgery. Hope later arrived and hesitantly placed a comforting hand on Aiden's shoulder as he wept.

Fynn started having trouble with his car while he and Kayla were on their way to Los Angeles, so they left it with a mechanic then checked into a nearby motel to get some rest. Kayla complained that she should have just flown to Los Angeles instead, and when Fynn tried to remind her that she had a hematoma to worry about, she dismissively insisted that aside from fluctuating sodium levels, she was perfectly fine.

Fynn decided to go order some food from a nearby burger joint, reasoning that it would contain plenty of sodium. While he was gone, Kayla suffered a headache and blurred vision but didn't mention either during a phone conversation with Steve, who reported that he had gotten a lead on Joey and Jade's whereabouts, but he kept the details vague.

When Fynn returned, he realized that Kayla was in pain. She insisted that she'd be fine but accepted Fynn's offer of some strong painkillers he had packed for the trip, knowing she probably wouldn't be able to get any sleep without them. Later, Kayla awoke with a start after dreaming that Joey had died. Fynn comforted her with a hug, pointing out that the painkillers could cause terrible nightmares.

At the commune, Jade raved that it was really cool that she and Joey had been branded with the group's scorpion insignia, since it was proof that they belonged there. "What if now we have to, like, go around killing people, like the Manson family or something?" Joey fretted. Chuckling, Jade assured Joey that Simone was a vegan who didn't condone the killing of anything.

"Still, this place..." Joey muttered before letting his voice trail off. Jade understood that Joey had reservations about the commune's shady activities, but she reminded him that he had liked its vibe when they had first arrived there. "The vibe is fine. It's Dirk -- and his singing, which sucks," Joey complained as Dirk crooned in the distance. Jade protested that Dirk's singing was sad and beautiful.

Later, Joey admitted that he felt guilty about leaving his parents behind in Salem, guessing that they were worried sick about him. Jade dismissively told Joey to chill and take a pill or smoke a joint, but he insisted that he wasn't into those things. Dirk overheard and started taunting Joey, warning that Jade might dump him for a real man if he didn't stop acting like a whiny little boy and "grow a pair." Joey punched Dirk, and Jade watched the fight for a while before finally stopping it. Jade started to chastise Joey for starting the fight, but he interrupted and insisted that he was sick of the commune and wasn't going to stick around any longer.

As Jade chased after Joey, trying to change his mind, they ran into Steve in another part of the commune. Steve tried to talk to Joey, but he rushed off with Jade, and they hopped on his motorcycle and sped off before Steve could catch them.

. . .

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