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Days of our Lives Daily Recap for Tuesday, August 15, 2017
Tripp reaches out to Kayla
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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

At the Martin house, Lani marched up to Eli's table and announced that she could no longer work with him. Angry, Eli asked why. Lani explained that Raines had pressured her to tell him information about Dario's case. Smirking, Lani said she had countered Raines's threat by hinting that her father, the mayor, could fire Raines. Lani said she would never ask her father to fire Raines and that Abe was too honest a person to ever grant such a request. Softening, Eli thanked Lani for her help on the case.

After Lani left, Valerie arrived to meet up with Eli. When Eli complimented Valerie's diamond earrings, she grinned broadly. Valerie explained that the earrings had been a gift from Abe. Valerie laughed and said that Abe had paid cash for the earrings. Eli raised a suspicious eyebrow.

At the police station, Rafe and Hope struggled through their caseload and talked about the Deimos murder case. Hope told Rafe she was relieved that he had not run off to Mexico to look for his brother. Sighing, Rafe theorized aloud that Dario's partner was someone influential in Salem. As Rafe complained that Eli had continued to withhold information about Dario's case, Raines walked into the precinct and asked about Dario. With a shrug, Rafe said there was no news.

Lani walked into the precinct and informed Raines that she had quit the FBI task force. Lani added that she still could not tell Raines anything about the case because of confidentiality. As Raines scowled, Lani apologized for threatening to talk to her father about him. Raines nodded. Across the precinct, Hope talked to Eli on the phone and arranged to meet with him in the park.

At the café in the square, Abe sat with Theo, and he lamented that he had given his blessing for Theo to work for the DiMera family. Abe argued that Theo had broken the law for no reason. As Theo raised a questioning eyebrow, Abe said he knew about the deleted photo. Theo admitted that he had destroyed the evidence. Furious, Abe warned Theo that he was an accessory to a crime. Abe argued that the DiMera family was corrupt, but Theo shot back that he was a DiMera. Abe urged Theo to quit his job before something bad happened. Theo said no and walked away.

While Abe finished his meal at the café, Eli stopped by the table. Eli asked Abe if anything was wrong. Groaning, Abe said he had fought with Theo. Changing the subject, Eli thanked Abe for taking care of his mother. Abe chuckled and said Valerie could take care of herself. Eli mentioned the presents.

With a nod, Abe asked Eli if there were any leads in Dario's case. Eli said no. After Eli walked away, Abe pulled out a thick wad of cash from his pocket and stripped off a bill to pay for his meal. When Eli met up with Rafe and Hope in the park, he told them he was finally prepared to tell them about Dario's partner. "You're not gonna like it," Eli said.

At the DiMera mansion, an angry Kate lashed out at Andre for not telling her that Chad had confessed to murdering Deimos. Kate noted that she had learned the information from the television news. Andre said he had felt compelled to tell Chad the truth in case Abigail died from her wounds so that Chad could make amends with her. Smiling, Andre said that Chad had since recanted his confession, as had Sonny.

When Andre offered to talk to the board about Chad, Kate quickly declined the request, citing that the board believed Andre was crazy. Kate ordered Andre to go through her about anything regarding the company. Andre bristled. Andre reminded Kate that she was the temporary head of the company until he divorced her. Grinning, Andre added that he could tell the board that their wedding had been a sham, turning the board against her. With a calculating look at her husband, Kate apologized for behaving so harshly. Andre noted that Kate had overplayed her hand with him. "One other thing I think we have in common -- we never forget anything," Andre said.

While Andre was in the kitchen, Kate continued to conduct business in the living room. Kate assured Mr. Shin on the phone that Chad would be out of jail by the end of the day. Kate added, "I thought Andre was handling the situation, as well, but once again, he wasn't up to the task." From the kitchen doorway, Andre glowered at Kate's back.

In the loft living room, Joey and Claire discussed Chad's confession. Joey said he understood how Chad felt. Joey announced that he planned to tell everyone the truth about Ava's death. With a sigh, Joey said he could no longer live with the guilt of what he had done. When Claire urged Joey to think about how the news would affect everyone in his life, Joey said that he had already told Tripp the truth. Her eyes widening, Claire said that she had talked to Tripp earlier, and she did not believe Tripp would turn Joey in to the police. Shaking his head no, Joey insisted that he needed to confess his crime.

After Joey left, Theo returned home from his meeting with Abe. Theo told Claire about his fight with his father. Unsure, Claire asked if Theo's DiMera job was related to Chad's arrest. When Theo complained that Claire sounded like his father, Claire clarified that she meant she did not want Theo to get into trouble.

Claire added that if Theo believed he had done the right thing, then that was the only thing that mattered. Claire took Theo's hands and looked into his eyes to calm him. When Theo pulled his hands away, Claire apologized for invading his personal space. Theo took one of Claire's hands and looked into her eyes. "You're my friend," Theo said quietly.

At the hospital, Kayla saw a text from Steve on her phone and ignored it. Kayla thought about when Steve had first told Joey about his half-brother Tripp. As Kayla turned around, she found Tripp standing behind her. Kayla did not want to talk but reluctantly agreed to talk to Tripp as long as it was in public. Tripp apologized for what he had done to Kayla. Tripp stressed that he could not undo what he had done and that he was deeply sorry for his actions.

As Tripp recounted threatening Kayla's life, Tripp said he had found Kayla asleep and had thought about how his mother had been murdered in her sleep. Tripp admitted that he had snapped in that moment. After a deep breath, Tripp said what he had done was unforgivable. Kayla asked Tripp if he had overheard her arguing with Steve. Tripp nodded yes. Tripp said his instinct had been to leave town, but Claire had convinced him to stay and face his judgment. Kayla admitted that she had lashed out at Steve in the heat of the moment. Shaking her head, Kayla said she would not go to the police because she did not want to ruin Tripp's life just like she did not want to ruin Joey's life.

At the Brady Pub, Steve asked Roman if he had seen Kayla. When Roman said no, Steve informed Roman about his fight with Kayla. Steve stressed that he did not believe he could fix his family this time. Roman listened as Steve talked about Joey's crushing guilt and what Tripp had done to Kayla. Roman reminded Steve that he had perjured himself to protect Joey. Shaking his head, Steve said he blamed himself for the troubles of both his sons.

With a shrug, Steve wondered aloud if he had put Tripp before Joey out of guilt. Roman said he believed that both Joey and Tripp could argue mental duress in their cases. Roman suggested that Steve reach out to Justin. As Steve stared numbly into the distance, Roman confided that he had felt tremendous pain when Eric had been sent to prison. Roman added that prison had been a good thing for Eric.

When Joey arrived, he quit his job. Nodding, Steve asked Joey if that meant he had made up his mind about confessing. Joey said he was going to the police station, and he asked his father to accompany him for support. Before Steve could answer, Roman announced that he needed to take a call in the other room. Steve opened his mouth to speak to his son, but Kayla walked into the pub with Tripp.

Tripp announced that Kayla was not pressing charges against him. Tripp added that he had no intention of telling the police what Joey had done. As Joey stared at Tripp in confusion, Tripp said that he understood that a person could be pushed to do bad things. Tripp added that he wanted to put the situation behind them. Kayla jumped in and stressed that there was no need to ruin two young lives. Kayla urged both boys to get counseling. When everyone looked at Joey, he stared silently, contemplating his choices.

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