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Sonny has a difficult conversation with Paul
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Monday, September 25, 2017
by Mike

At St. Luke's, Sonny defensively wondered why Paul was suddenly so determined to have a conversation about Will.

"Oh, come on, Sonny -- I mean, you've been acting weird since this morning," Paul pointed out, recalling how Sonny had refused to talk about a dream that had clearly had an effect on him. "Then, when we were talking to Brady, you started talking about Will, and then, all of a sudden, you just clammed up, like it was a forbidden topic or something," Paul continued. Sonny claimed that he had stopped himself in the middle of making a comment about his joint bachelor party with Will simply because he had realized that wasn't relevant to a conversation about Paul's bachelor party. "Really?" Paul asked skeptically.

Paul reminded Sonny that they were at St. Luke's to fill out a questionnaire that was meant to determine if there were any red flags that would suggest that they weren't truly compatible as partners. Nodding, Sonny glanced at one of the questions -- "Are there any habits about your future spouse that annoy you?" -- and started to make a joke about Paul's habit of leaving pistachio-dust fingerprints on everything while indulging in the snack, but Paul wasn't joking when he interrupted to stress that he hated Sonny's habit of deflecting with jokes when desperate to avoid talking about a tough subject.

"Look, Sonny, this is a conversation that we need to have, and I'm not gonna marry you until we have it," Paul added. Sonny protested that conversations about Will weren't comfortable for him, but Paul countered that they weren't exactly comfortable for him, either. Sighing, Sonny continued, "Look, this is supposed to be a really happy time for me, [but instead] I have Lucas giving me hell, [and then there's] Brady [and] all this stuff with Titan... Do you know what he told me --" Interrupting, Paul insisted that he wasn't going to let Sonny change the subject, adding, "We're not talking about Lucas or Brady; we are talking about Will."

Frustrated, Sonny started to protest, "There is nothing..." Sonny quickly calmed himself down before continuing, in a more apologetic tone, that although he had been in a bad mood lately, it had nothing to do with Paul, whom he was still excited about marrying the following day; it was simply the result of the upsetting things that had been said during Lucas' drunken tirade. Paul shook his head and warned Sonny, "[That's] not gonna work. I have known you for way too long. I know that you're keeping something from me."

Sighing again, Sonny hesitantly clarified, "Paul, it's not...that I don't want to open up to you; I just don't want to hurt you -- and I think that's what I'm about to do." After Paul insisted that Sonny could tell him anything, Sonny continued, "There was something that [Lucas] said that hit me very hard... He said I was forgetting about Will...and that is not true...because I think about him...I think about him all the time, Paul."

Paul thought that was understandable, since Sonny had loved Will and had been married to him at the time of his sudden death. Sonny reluctantly admitted, "But there's more...because last night...I had this dream... And it was -- it was...real." Confused, Paul pointed out that Sonny had previously claimed that he couldn't remember the details of his dream. "Well, that was because I didn't want to tell you. I didn't know how to tell you. [See], I dreamt that I was -- I was in our bed with Will, and he told me if I still loved him...that I wouldn't be marrying you," Sonny hesitantly explained.

Acknowledging that the dream had simply been a product of a guilty conscience, Sonny tried to apologize for involving Paul in his private struggles, but Paul insisted that it wasn't something Sonny needed to feel obligated to deal with on his own. Sonny admitted that he wasn't sure he would be able to be as understanding as Paul was being if the situation were reversed. "[Sonny, I'm sure you'd get] that you're the one that I love now [and that even though I had] loved someone else deeply -- [and had even married that person] -- at another time in my life, it didn't diminish the love that I have for you in any way," Paul predicted.

Sonny slowly realized that Paul had actually been voicing how he felt about the real situation. "Sonny, I know how much you loved Will, and I don't feel threatened by that. I'm very secure in your love for me," Paul confirmed. Sonny said he was glad to hear that, but Paul could tell that something was still troubling him. "[It's just] know how much I loved Will, but what's been bothering me so much [is]...did Will know?" Sonny asked worriedly. Paul guessed that Will had to have known just how much Sonny had loved him, since they had married each other, after all, but Sonny wasn't convinced.

Sonny sadly mused, "We had so many problems. I was -- I was judgmental, and I was so hard on him, just...all the time. Like, I don't even know if he realized just how strong my feelings were for him. [Or] that despite everything that happened between us, and how disappointed and how hurt I was, I never wanted our life to be -- to be over. I never wanted our relationship to be over. I -- we -- we had -- we had a daughter together, you know? We weren't just a couple; we were -- we were a family. [And] I just keep wondering...if I would have just worked on our problems -- if I wouldn't have ran away -- would things be different?" Sonny wondered.

"Do you wish they were?" Paul asked hesitantly. Sonny didn't respond at first, but when Paul repeated the question and begged for an answer, Sonny quietly admitted, "I do." Sonny quickly apologized for his response, prompting Paul to point out that Sonny had no reason to apologize for simply being honest. "Yes, [but] when I wish that things are different, I want you to know that has nothing to do with how I feel about you. You know I love you. I just wish things were different because Will would still be here," Sonny elaborated. "And the two of you would still be together," Paul concluded. Shrugging, Sonny reluctantly confirmed, "I mean...maybe...?"

"God, I hate this conversation!" Sonny added, fighting back tears. "Well, I don't," Paul countered, insisting that it was important for Sonny to voice such things.

"You lost someone that you loved -- someone you married, shared a daughter with -- [and] you lost him suddenly, tragically. [And] I know you still have a lot of complicated feelings about that -- about him -- and you've been living a long time with those feelings," Paul continued. Nodding, Sonny admitted that, for some unknown reason, those feelings were suddenly more unbearable than they had ever been before. "Because you're about to make a commitment to me, [and] there's a finality to that," Paul reasoned. "I guess that's why," Sonny agreed. Sonny was surprised that he felt so conflicted, but Paul argued that it wasn't particularly odd because Sonny was about to repeat a big step he had taken once before with another man -- a step that he had probably believed, at that time, he would never take with anyone else.

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"I just feel like I'm betraying him," Sonny hesitantly admitted, adding that no one had been able to convince him otherwise with words of comfort about how Will would want him to move on with his life and find happiness again with another man. Nodding, Paul reluctantly asked if Sonny truly wanted to go through with their wedding. Sonny insisted that he did, and he added that he hadn't wanted to open up to Paul about his feelings because he hadn't wanted to put any such doubts in Paul's head. "This is about me," Sonny stressed. "[But] also about me," Paul argued, pointing out that he had his own feelings of guilt about what had happened between Sonny and Will. Sonny insisted that Paul couldn't blame himself for things that had been out of his control, but Paul countered that Sonny was doing the exact same thing.

"Sonny, I know that marrying me isn't going to change how much you loved Will," Paul began to add. Sonny confirmed that he knew that, too -- in his head, at least. "Yeah, but in your heart, I think you share the same question that I have: are you ever going to love me as much as you loved him?" Paul continued, his voice wavering as he spoke.

"I loved Will with all of my heart. I thought he was my soul mate, [and] I thought I was gonna spend the rest of my life with him," Sonny admitted. "But we had our problems, and we were both at fault. And honestly, Paul, from the bottom of my heart, I don't know if our love [would have been] enough to get through those problems," Sonny continued. "Will had so many great qualities, and we shared a lot of firsts together," Sonny concluded.

"But [Will] wasn't my first love. That was you," Sonny reminded Paul, giving him a quick kiss. A tear rolled down Paul's cheek as Sonny pulled away and continued, "A part of me will always love Will, but I want to marry you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Paul, and only you." Paul breathed a sigh of relief as Sonny leaned back in to give him another kiss.

Sonny soon turned his attention back to the questionnaire. "'I sometimes feel that my future spouse is not the right person for me to marry.' Never," Sonny assured Paul.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Bonnie entered the living room and gave Sheila a look before greeting Justin, who grumbled that there was a problem with the annulment. "What annulment?" Bonnie asked. "Abigail's," Justin answered, adding that it needed to be resolved right away. "So that our niece, Abigail, can marry Chad DiMera, right? Again," Bonnie guessed. "Right," Justin confirmed.

Justin rushed off after handing Sheila a dry cleaning receipt and explaining that he needed her to pick up his suit because he wasn't going to have time to handle the errand himself. "What, does he think I'm the maid?" Sheila asked Bonnie incredulously as soon as the coast was clear. "Yes, he thinks that, because we told him that!" Bonnie pointed out, adding that Sheila had been appointed to that particular position not as an insult but instead because it had been the only available position on the Kiriakis staff at the time. Sheila tiredly handed the receipt to Bonnie and told her to pick up the suit, stressing, "Let's remember who has the upper hand here."

Sheila added that if Bonnie didn't pay her off soon, she'd have a very revealing conversation with the cops. Bonnie insisted that she was doing everything she could to secure money for Sheila, adding, "Why do you think I'm trying to seduce the old guy?" Sheila wondered why Bonnie was focusing on Victor when Justin was younger, hotter, just as rich, and already totally into Adrienne. Bonnie clarified that she wasn't trying to seduce Victor for fun, adding, "It's for revenge on that redheaded, black-hearted Kewpie doll he married. [See], she stole my husband." Sheila was intrigued, so Bonnie promised to tell her the whole story some other time.

Chad and Abigail were fretting about Justin's earlier call when he entered the DiMera mansion and elaborated, "I'm afraid [your annulment request] got a little more complicated than I hoped it would be. We drew a judge who is...picky, and his interest was piqued by Dario's witness protection deal, so, uh, he dug a little deeper than is customary for such a routine case...[and now] he has indicated that he may be prosecuting this as a case of immigration fraud." Stunned, Abigail nervously asked if Justin was saying that being able to get married the following day might actually be the least of her problems. Justin apologetically confirmed Abigail's fear.

Chad insisted that Justin should have warned Abigail that requesting an annulment could potentially put her in danger of being investigated, but Justin defensively stressed that any other judge would have processed the annulment paperwork without batting an eyelid. "[Look], I have an idea, but it's a long shot -- and it's risky," Justin added, producing a new set of paperwork for Abigail to sign. "In essence, you'll be swearing that Dario's immigration status had nothing to do with why you married him," Justin explained. "But that's a lie," Abigail pointed out. "I didn't just hear you say that," Justin replied.

"Look, even if the judge is skeptical, he will most likely have to accept this statement because it is sworn testimony -- and he has no evidence to the contrary," Justin continued. Scoffing, Chad asked if that was really the best plan of defense Justin had been able to devise for Abigail. "You know, Chad, she actually did break the law, so I'm sort of limited [on] the number of defense strategies available to me," Justin pointed out. Acknowledging that Justin was right, Abigail reminded Chad that she was the one who had created the mess. "[But] if I lie under oath, that's breaking the law, too, isn't it?" Abigail asked. "I'm afraid you'd be in just as much trouble if you don't," Justin replied with a shrug before stepping outside so Chad and Abigail could discuss the matter privately.

Abigail was concerned about signing the document because doing so would be like saying that she had once been in love with Dario, but Chad reasoned that as long as they knew the truth -- that she had never been in love with anyone other than him -- it didn't matter if some random judge believed otherwise. Realizing that Chad was right, Abigail signed the paperwork then called Justin back inside to hand it over to him.

Later, Abigail received a phone call from Justin, who revealed that the judge had accepted her statement -- but was still reluctant to grant her annulment request without first getting a supporting statement from Dario.

At the police station, Hope and Rafe were stunned when Abe revealed that they had both expressed interest in being the next police commissioner. "I guess we should've talked to each other," Hope conceded. "And not listened to J.J. and Lani about it," Rafe agreed. Abe apologized for inadvertently creating an awkward situation for Hope and Rafe, explaining that he had simply wanted them to reach a mutual decision about the matter because they were both equally deserving of a promotion. After stressing that it would be best to get a new police commissioner in place as soon as possible, Abe left so Hope and Rafe could discuss things privately.

"Wanna wrestle for it?" Rafe asked Hope jokingly. Unamused, Hope told Rafe that the situation said certain things about their relationship. "That we want what's best for each other?" Rafe guessed. "That we were both so afraid of conflict that we were willing to deny ourselves what we both really wanted," Hope clarified. Sighing, Rafe conceded that Hope was right but added, "I like my version better."

Rafe made it clear to Hope that he didn't care about the promotion nearly as much as he cared about her, and she assured him that she felt the same way. "[And it's tough because] we've always worked together as equals, [and] if we disagree, we work it out. There's not one person lording over the other, saying, 'You know what? We do it this way; we do it my way,'" Rafe continued. Nodding, Hope complained to Rafe that things would have been much easier if Abe hadn't offered either of them the promotion. Rafe suggested to Hope that they could both turn down the promotion as a way of easily solving the problem, but she didn't like that idea.

"Now that Abe's made the offer, we can't just pretend it didn't happen," Hope reasoned. Hope added that she viewed the situation as an opportunity, not a problem, because the Salem Police Department was in desperate need of good leadership. "[And] I believe wholeheartedly that our relationship is strong enough to survive anything," Hope assured Rafe. "I agree -- and I know exactly what you're about to say," Rafe replied.

While sharing a meal in the Horton Town Square, Valerie and Eli discussed his plans for the immediate future. Eli joked that he had limited options in Salem, elaborating that if he couldn't secure a job within the Salem Police Department, he would have to settle for being a mall cop. Valerie unabashedly assured Eli that, if necessary, she would be willing to use her influence with Salem's mayor to help him get the more appealing job.

Eli insisted that he didn't want any special favors just because his mother was dating the town's mayor. Valerie argued that it would be crazy for the Salem Police Department to pass up an opportunity to have a detective of Eli's caliber on the force, but he pointed out that she was more than a little biased. "[Besides], you just want me to stay here in Salem," Eli added. "I'm not the only one," Valerie stressed, knowingly adding that Julie would probably have a few choice words for Abe if he didn't do everything in his power to prevent Eli from leaving Salem.

Abe arrived in time to hear what was being discussed, so he vaguely reported that at least one detective within the Salem Police Department might be in need of a new partner soon, and he confirmed that he was indeed doing everything in his power to ensure that Eli would be chosen to fill the void. Eli thanked Abe for the support. Abe soon stepped aside to take a phone call from Hope. Once the coast was clear, Eli asked Valerie not to give Abe a hard time if things didn't work out. "I don't think I'll have to, because I have absolute faith that [he'll] come through for us," Valerie replied.

Valerie added that Eli was extremely important to her, and she was really happy that they had managed to get through their rocky patch. Eli assured Valerie that he was happy about that, too. Valerie gave Eli a hug then excused herself so she could get back to work. Sheila soon approached Eli and sarcastically told him, "That was so sweet." Eli tensed as Sheila added, "Eli Grant -- long time no see."

Hope and Rafe summoned Abe back to the police station to let him know that they had reached a decision. "We both want to keep our hats in the ring, and we're fine with whatever you decide," Rafe began. "You're the boss, [so] you get to choose," Hope added.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Bonnie joined Victor in the living room, wearing a nightgown that wasn't tied tightly enough to hide the revealing lingerie underneath, and claimed with an exaggerated yawn that she had just woken up because her bed was so comfortable that she found it increasingly difficult to resist spending all her time there. Picking up a bowl of honeydew melon and cantaloupe that Sheila had been instructed to leave out on the coffee table earlier, Bonnie continued, "Victor, would you like to sample my melons?" Victor declined with a sigh of annoyance, dryly stating that melon -- and certain other things -- had a tendency to give him dyspepsia.

The mansion's landline phone soon began ringing, and when Victor realized who was calling, he made it clear that he wanted some privacy. Once the coast was clear, Victor reminded Xander, "I told you not to call me again." Chuckling, Xander admitted that it had taken him a lot of time and effort to get close to a phone again because Victor had so much influence within the Greek prison system. "But I really wanted you to know that I haven't forgotten all the promises you never kept," Xander continued. "That's because you didn't keep yours," Victor countered. When Xander made it clear that his next call would be to the Salem Police Department unless Victor got a lot more accommodating in a hurry, Victor reluctantly promised, "I'll see what I can do."

"You'd better not be stringing me along again...because God knows you wouldn't want me broadcasting to the world that you plotted the murder of Deimos Kiriakis," Xander warned Victor -- as Bonnie listened to the conversation from the foyer with the help of a paired handset.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Bonnie gets the upper hand.

• Chad and Abigail try to locate Dario.

• Brady learns that Eric has left Salem.

• Marlena questions Eric about his feelings for Nicole.

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