Wednesday, August 24, 2016
by Mike

While passing through the town square, Justin, who had just finished clearing out his office, ran into Aiden. After realizing that Justin wasn't going to congratulate him on being appointed the new district attorney, Aiden wondered if Justin could at least get him up to speed on all active cases. "Oh, you don't need my help. That's clear," Justin bitterly replied.

Justin accused Aiden of stealing the job from him. Aiden unapologetically pointed out that what he had done hadn't been illegal. Justin wondered why Aiden had wanted the job in the first place, given the fact that the pay wasn't nearly as good as what he could have made in private practice. Aiden claimed that he wanted to give back to the community. Chuckling, Justin warned that the people of Salem would never forget about what Aiden had tried to do to Hope. Aiden countered that the people of Salem could actually be quite forgetful at times. "If they have the right connections, people get away with murder [here]," Aiden continued.

"So that's why you wanted my job -- you want to get away with murder," Justin concluded. Aiden found it funny that Justin was acting like he was the criminal. "You are. You just haven't been caught...yet," Justin replied. Aiden fidgeted with his tie as he watched Justin walk away, hinting at some nervousness he had been careful to hide during their exchange.

Rafe stormed into the police station and approached Abe, demanding to know why Aiden had been appointed the new district attorney. Abe pointed out that he didn't owe Rafe an explanation. Abe added, however, that Justin, who had chosen to resign for personal reasons, hadn't been an elected official. "Oh, okay. So you just replaced him -- with a criminal!" Rafe snapped. Roman clarified that, legally, Aiden wasn't a criminal. "So how close to committing a murder do you have to get, huh? This is the D.A.'s job that we are talking about here. The bar has to be higher than 'we can't prove it'!" Rafe countered.

Abe assured Rafe that the decision to appoint Aiden, of all candidates, as the new district attorney hadn't been made lightly. "If you have proof of any of [your allegations about Aiden], you bring it to me, [and] I will reevaluate. Otherwise, I suggest you get back to work," Abe sternly added before walking away. Confused, Rafe told Roman that the situation reeked. "Yes, it does. But unfortunately, at least for now, [this is] the way it has to be," Roman replied with a shrug. Roman offered to do what he could to ensure that Rafe and Hope wouldn't have to work with Aiden very often, but Rafe knew that was largely out of Roman's control.

Later, Aiden arrived to collect Justin's old case files. Rafe followed Aiden into one of the conference rooms and warned that Aiden wouldn't be able to use his new position to get back together with Hope. Rafe also vowed to figure out how Aiden had managed to worm his way into it in the first place. Roman and Abe soon joined Rafe and Aiden in the conference room, and Aiden informed them that he planned to review not only Justin's open cases but also the closed ones. "You know, I think you'll have enough to keep yourself busy with the open cases," Abe pointed out, and Roman agreed, but Aiden insisted on going over everything again.

The search for Tate led Brady, Theresa, and John to a hotel room that Brady managed to convince the manager to let them enter. The room appeared to be unoccupied, but as Brady was comforting a distraught Theresa, a baby's cries filled the room. John moved a foldable room divider and found Tate in a crib hidden behind it. Relieved, John contacted the local police so they could check the room for fingerprints then joined Brady and Theresa in the hallway for a happy reunion with Tate. Later, after the police left, John took one last look around the room and found a cell phone they had missed. Only one phone number had been saved on the device.

At the hospital, Dr. Hochman performed a routine sensory examination on Maggie's legs, and she happily confirmed that she could feel what was happening. "Mrs. Kiriakis, with the right physical therapy, I have every reason to believe that you will walk again," Hochman concluded. Sonny and Caroline, who had been waiting outside Maggie's room, entered when they heard sounds of elation. "Someone is about to get on her feet," Victor announced. "And dance!" Maggie tearfully added.

Hochman thought it would be best for Maggie to stay at the hospital for a while so she could be closely monitored. "[But] we'll have you up and on your feet tomorrow," he promised as Nicole and Deimos entered the room. Nicole congratulated Maggie with a hug, and Maggie returned Daniel's hospital badge to Nicole. Meanwhile, Victor invited Deimos, who was waiting for Nicole at the entrance, to step closer to Maggie. Deimos said he didn't want to intrude, but Victor insisted. "You're the reason we're here! We're all grateful," Victor added.

Confused, Caroline wondered what Deimos had done to earn Victor and Maggie's gratitude. Victor explained that Hochman had initially refused to operate on Maggie but had reconsidered after a conversation with Deimos. Sonny suspiciously wondered how Deimos had managed to change Hochman's mind. "I was on a mission," Deimos vaguely replied. Victor assured Deimos that they could start over with a clean slate in light of Maggie's recovery. Meanwhile, Victor received a phone call, but when he answered it, the caller hung up.

Later, when Victor was alone with Maggie, he gave her a gift: a pair of red heels she could wear the next time they went dancing together. Delighted, Maggie vowed to take Victor up on the offer as soon as possible. Victor started to leave so Maggie could get some rest, but she stopped him and asked about the phone call he had received earlier. "You looked so rattled about [it]," Maggie noted. Victor said it had just been someone who had dialed the wrong number. Maggie seemed concerned but accepted the answer.

Everyone else returned to say goodbye to Maggie before letting her get some rest. As she was talking to her visitors, she received two more -- John and Brady, who arrived with a police officer in tow. Brady apologized for the poor timing then announced that Tate had been found and was safe and sound -- but proof of Victor's involvement in Tate's abduction had also been found. Victor demanded to know more about the so-called proof, so Brady explained that Tate's abductor had left behind a cell phone, and when the only phone number stored on the device had been dialed, Victor had answered the call. "That was you?" Maggie asked incredulously.

Victor insisted that he was being framed, but Brady refused to believe that. "Do I like this? No. Does it break my heart? Yes. But I think you did it. I know you did it!" Brady snapped. The police officer stepped forward and placed Victor under arrest for conspiracy and kidnapping. As Victor was ushered out of the room, he vowed to prove his innocence. Maggie agreed that someone could have framed Victor for the crime, but Brady maintained that Victor was guilty. Brady apologized again for the poor timing, and Maggie tearfully replied that, at the very least, she was thrilled that he had found Tate.

After Brady left, Sonny accused Deimos of setting Victor up to take the fall for Tate's abduction. Deimos insisted that he wanted peace with Victor and had been doing everything in his power to make that happen. "What a perfect cover that would be for screwing over my Uncle Vic," Sonny mused as he glared at Deimos. After Sonny left the room, Deimos decided to excuse himself so his presence wouldn't cause Maggie any further stress, but before leaving, he told her he was thrilled that her surgery had been successful.

Later, while alone with Maggie, Caroline reluctantly admitted that she, too, believed that Victor was guilty. Caroline told Maggie about the incriminating vision she'd had as well as Victor's suspicious reaction to the questions she had asked him about it. "I just felt that he wasn't being straight with me then. And now..." Caroline continued before letting her voice trail off. Meanwhile, at the police station, Victor assured John, who was waiting to give a statement to Roman, that someone else had abducted Tate and was doing a very good job of making him look like the guilty party.

Brady returned home and told Theresa about what had happened at the hospital. Theresa struggled to understand why Victor had been willing to go to such despicable measures just to make her suffer. Brady reasoned that Bo's death had hardened Victor. Brady also pointed out that Tate's abduction hadn't just been about making Theresa suffer; it had also been a way for Victor to get rid of Summer. Theresa gave Summer credit for having had a change of heart in the end but admitted that she was nevertheless quite happy that she would never have to see Summer again.

Sonny ran into Justin in the town square and told him about Victor's arrest. Sonny and Justin went to the Brady Pub so they could discuss the matter more privately, and after Sonny explained what had happened, he tried to convince Justin to get the case thrown out -- or, at the very least, stall so they could look for proof that Victor had been framed. Justin said he could no longer make such decisions, and he proceeded to tell Sonny exactly why he had been forced to resign the previous night. "Turns out I'm not a very good criminal," Justin admitted with a weak chuckle.

Sonny believed that Justin's ousting had been part of Deimos' grand scheme to frame Victor for Tate's abduction -- a way of keeping Justin from pulling strings to help Victor beat the charges. Justin assured Sonny that he could still practice law and would happily represent Victor. Sonny vowed to prove that Deimos had framed Victor, but Justin said he'd take care of that, too.

As Deimos entered the Kiriakis mansion, he issued instructions to someone over the phone, ordering a discreet investigation into the charges that Victor was facing. After Deimos ended the call, Nicole reminded him that he had recently promised never to lie to her again. Deimos confirmed that he would give an honest response to any question Nicole asked him. "Did you kidnap Tate and frame Victor for it?" she asked.

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