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Friday, September 30, 2016

In the town square, Abe, Aiden, Hope, Rafe, Marlena, John, Ciara, Theo, Kayla, and Steve watched with other townspeople as Orpheus addressed Salem on a pirated television feed. Orpheus demanded a hefty ransom in exchange for his hostages, Claire and Joey. After Orpheus cut the feed, Abe addressed the crowd in an attempt to reassure them. Aiden leaned over to Hope and told her that he knew she had murdered Stefano. From a window at the Salem Inn, Clyde leveled a rifle and aimed a laser target at Aiden's chest. As Clyde squeezed the trigger, Abe stepped in front of Aiden.

Abe fell and everyone dove to the ground to avoid any more gunfire. While John, Steve, Hope, and Rafe pointed their guns at the window, Kayla and Marlena rushed to stanch the bleeding from Abe's wound. A terrified Theo cried out to his father, and Ciara held Theo tightly as he rocked back and forth in despair. After Kayla confirmed there was no exit wound, she announced that Abe needed surgery immediately. Hope called emergency services, and Rafe and J.J. rushed into the inn to confront the shooter.

When Rafe and J.J. arrived at the room that the shooter had occupied, they found it empty. Rafe found a shell casing. With a furrowed brow, Rafe theorized aloud that the shooter was likely Clyde, since he was an expert marksman. Rafe admitted that he was confused about the motive to shoot Abe.

In the square, John found the phone he had dropped. John was elated to see that the GPS tracker in Claire's necklace had been activated. John and Steve ran off to follow the signal. The signal led the two men to an alley near the docks. Worried about Joey and Claire, John and Steve devised a plan to draw the men out from the warehouse.

Inside the warehouse, Joey clutched Claire's necklace in his hand, hoping that the GPS had been activated. While Orpheus complained to Xander that Clyde had shot the wrong man, Claire feverishly scraped the rope around her wrists against a metal shelf. The metal slowly cut through the rope. Just as Xander noted that they should kill the hostages once they received the ransom, he noticed something in Joey's hand. Xander grabbed the necklace and showed it to Orpheus. Upon inspection, Orpheus realized that there was a GPS tracker inside, and he destroyed the necklace by stomping on it.

Outside the warehouse, John noticed that the signal had stopped transmitting. Worried, John told Steve that they needed to hurry inside. Shots rang out. Xander and Orpheus fired their weapons at Steve and John, pinning them down. While Orpheus kept Steve and John at bay, Xander returned inside the warehouse to attend to the hostages. Claire had cut through her rope and untied Joey, just as Xander walked down the hall. Claire and Joey pretended they were still tied up.

As Xander started to pack up supplies, Joey and Claire made a run for the exit. Joey shoved Claire into the hallway, but Xander closed the door before Joey could escape. Claire ran outside into Steve's arms. Claire told Steve and John about Joey. Steve wanted to rush into the warehouse, but John warned Steve that they needed to get Claire to safety and get backup. Reluctantly, Steve agreed.

At the police station, Rafe and Hope reviewed footage from the hotel with Aiden. J.J. informed the group that news footage had shown that the intended target was Aiden because the laser site had been focused on Aiden's chest. Hope and Rafe went into the interrogation room to talk. Rafe asked Hope what Aiden had said to her before the shooting, but Hope said she did not remember. Rafe pushed Hope to tell him the truth, and Hope grew angry.

After Rafe left the station, Hope urged Aiden to leave town for his safety. With a lopsided grin, Aiden said no. Aiden told Hope that he knew she had murdered Stefano. As Hope shifted her eyes away nervously, Claire ran into he station. Claire told Hope what had happened at the warehouse.

At the hospital, Kayla tended to Abe and prepared an OR for him. Marlena waited with Theo while Kayla supervised the surgery. When Ciara arrived, she attempted to calm Theo, but she only angered him. After Theo stormed off down the hallway, Marlena and Ciara talked about how worried they were for Theo. When Theo returned, he explained that he had left voicemail messages for his siblings, Brandon and Lani.

Ciara apologized for upsetting Theo, but he shook his head dismissively. Theo said he knew that Ciara meant well. Theo confided that he was scared to be alone. Ciara assured Theo that he would always have her, and she slipped her hand into his. Theo squeezed her hand in thanks.

After the surgery, Kayla informed Theo, Ciara, and Marlena that Abe had survived the surgery and was in recovery. Kayla continued that the bullet had exploded and that a specialist would be needed to make sure that all the fragments near Abe's heart had been removed. Worried, Theo asked Kayla if his father could still die. Kayla squeezed Theo's shoulder and escorted him to see Abe.

Once Theo sat next to Abe, he thought about when Abe had told Theo that he was a man. Theo remembered telling Abe that Ciara had made him happy. Outside Abe's room, Ciara watched Theo through the window.

At the warehouse, Steve, John, and several police officers stormed into the convicts' hideout. The place was empty. Steve found droplets of blood on the floor. Furious, Steve growled, "I'm gonna kill every last one of them."

. . .

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