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Friday, February 12, 2016

On Valentine's Day at Club TBD, Doug and Julie looked over the collection of photographs that Julie had gathered for the Salem bicentennial celebration before she had to return the borrowed ones to their owners. Julie asserted that Valentine's Day made people understand the power of love, even when things weren't going well in their lives. The Williamses joked about Mickey's sideburns in Maggie and Mickey's wedding photo but agreed that they had been very happy together until Mickey's death. Julie remarked that Valentine's Day made people, especially older people, remember the good times -- and look forward to a bright future.

Julie was surprised when Doug disappeared later. Wondering why her husband had gone, Julie assumed that Doug found Valentine's Day depressing. As Julie began packing the photos, a jazzy number began to play, and Doug did a little soft-shoe as he crept up behind Julie with a bouquet of roses and baby's breath, which he surprised her with. Beaming, Julie declared that the flowers were beautiful. "Just like you, fair lady. Prettier than the day we met," Doug proclaimed. Julie set the flowers on the table with the pictures so she and Doug could dance.

Out of the blue, Julie suggested that she and Doug should go away again, right away, to somewhere warm. Doug wondered why she'd mentioned that on Valentine's Day. "I don't know. I just got such a terrible chill," Julie said a bit anxiously. Doug retrieved her wrap from the back of a chair.

At Daniel and Nicole's apartment, an insistent pounding at the door sent an annoyed Nicole to answer it. A deliveryman presented Nicole with an enormous bouquet of pink and red roses, freesia, gladiolus, and other flowers. Fighting her emotions, Nicole asked where the card was, since she didn't know who'd sent them. "No card. Dude wrote a letter," the deliveryman said, handing Nicole an envelope and explaining that the sender had ordered the flowers months earlier. Nicole reluctantly took the flowers and shut the door.

After setting the bouquet on a table, Nicole opened the letter. When she saw that it was from Daniel, Nicole sat down to read it. Daniel's letter began, "Come on, just because we're getting married today, did you really think I'd blow off Valentine's Day?" Nicole scrunched up her mouth in an unsuccessful attempt to keep from crying, as Daniel promised not to take their relationship or their love for granted, and to show her every day that she was loved. "Every beat of my heart will always be for you. I love you so much," the letter concluded.

Unable to keep the weeping at bay, Nicole lay on the couch in a fetal position, clutching a pillow under her head, and sobbed. Moments later, she was in the cemetery at Daniel's grave, his headstone dusted in snow. As she sat on a bench and dried her tears, she heard Daniel's voice, echoing as he called her name over and over. Nicole looked around doubtfully, but there was no sign of Daniel. She wiped away her tears and hurried away -- but when she arrived back at the apartment, she could still hear the reverberating voice.

Tortured, Nicole cried, "Stop! Daniel, don't do this to me." She heard Daniel's voice again but without the echo from out in the hallway, so she opened the door. Daniel appeared, and Nicole fainted. Daniel caught her and placed her on the couch. "But I thought you -- we just buried you," a puzzled Nicole pointed out. His form aglow, Daniel confirmed that he was dead, but he'd returned because there were still things he needed to tell her.

Ghost Daniel declared, "I'm worried about you. You are a life force, and that is what I love about you." He added that although he couldn't rejoin the living, Nicole had to. "I want to be with you!" Nicole cried. Daniel encouraged Nicole to let him go and live her life to the fullest, because to do otherwise would be to deprive the world of the magnificent woman he'd fallen in love with. "I meant what I said: every beat of my heart will always be for you," Daniel assured her. Nicole managed a weak smile as she reached out her hand and placed her palm on Daniel's chest. They shared a deep, lingering kiss -- and when Nicole opened her eyes, Daniel's apparition had vanished.

Nicole inhaled sharply as she awakened, exactly where she'd fallen asleep on the sofa. She looked around the room wistfully, clearly wishing Daniel were still there.

At Theresa and Brady's condo, a sleepy Theresa rolled over to snuggle with Brady but found his side of the bed empty. Her brows knitted a little in puzzlement as she dozed off again. Theresa dreamed of stumbling out of Horton Square into the park, her arms laden with shopping bags, which she dropped, along with her smoothie. When Brady rounded the corner and headed for the puddle, Theresa called out to "Mister Black" to watch out so he didn't slip. She followed after him and caught him before he fell.

"What if you'd hurt yourself? What if your wedding had been ruined by a little nobody like me?" Theresa fretted, staring up at Brady with her huge eyes. "Oh, you are not a little nobody," Brady assured her firmly. He got a phone call just then about a problem with the wedding and had to rush off to handle it -- but as he left, he looked back at Theresa.

A little later, Brady had donned his tuxedo, as had Victor, who declared that Brady and Nicole belonged together -- words Victor had never thought he'd utter. Victor added that he would grant Nicole's request to fire the new maid, Theresa.

Soon, an obviously upset Theresa was in street clothes and carrying a suitcase as she rushed through Horton Square. She paused when she noticed the arch-shaped trellis that had been set up and festooned with flower garlands for Brady and Nicole's wedding. Suddenly, Brady called Theresa's name and ran breathlessly up to her. When Brady asked Theresa to stay there with him, she assumed that he meant as a maid, but he quickly disabused her of that notion. "I love you. I want to marry you!" Brady declared. A thrilled Theresa cried, "Yes!" and she and Brady kissed under the arbor.

Theresa awakened to Brady gently caressing her arm. He said he'd just called every florist in town, but all he'd been able to find was a single long-stemmed red rose, which he gave to Theresa with an apology for forgetting Valentine's Day. Theresa burst into tears and explained that she'd just had a dream that she wasn't good enough for Brady and that she was going to lose him. "Baby, I'm right here," Brady reassured her, kissing her.

At the bed and breakfast, Abigail awoke and looked around for Chad and saw that he'd fallen asleep in the rocking chair with baby Thomas in his arms. When Abigail went back to sleep, she dreamed that she and Chad had moved into the DiMera mansion. They were in the study when Chad presented Abigail with a locket on Valentine's Day. He apologized for the way he'd previously treated Abigail, but she assured him that was in the past. "That was the other Chad," she asserted.

At Chad's request, Abigail turned the locket over and saw that it was engraved with the words, "A love like ours comes once in a lifetime." Touched, Abigail kissed Chad. A delighted Abigail left to check on Thomas before she started making "an amazing dinner" for Chad. Chad grinned at her retreating form. As Chad went to the bar to pour himself a drink, his black-clad doppelgänger appeared in the doorway. "That single-malt must taste damn good right about now," Chad's double drawled.

Chad didn't seem surprised to see his look-alike, who reminded Chad, "I go everywhere you go. You should know that by now." Dark Chad grabbed Chad by the back of the neck and sneered, "Who is the true DiMera here? I get everything you get. By the way, how was that drink?" Suddenly woozy, Chad fell to the floor, facedown. He awakened in a small concrete room and began pounding on the door, shouting for evil Chad to let him out.

Wearing Chad's clothes, Chad's alter ego let himself back into the study via a secret doorway, just as Abigail returned and happily announced that dinner was almost ready. Producing a document from a side table, ersatz Chad declared that first, Abigail had to sign a pre-nup. Abigail was baffled, but fake Chad asserted that he had to protect the legacy of his "grand family." As she looked over the agreement, Abigail reminded her supposed fiancé that she'd fallen in love with him even though he was a DiMera and could become one again.

Abigail calmly returned the document to bogus Chad and instructed him to prove he hadn't turned back into a DiMera by ripping it up -- and elope with her as he'd promised. Shaking his head, sham Chad refused. "My place is here, and if you loved me, you'd realize your place is right here beside me," he said firmly. Abigail coolly acquiesced. She retrieved two filled wine glasses from the bar and gave one to Chad's double. "To my love, my prized possession," facsimile Chad toasted. As he drank, Abigail lifted her glass to her lips but did not imbibe.

Almost immediately, counterfeit Chad keeled over. Grabbing his face and forcing him to look at her, Abigail avowed, "I am nobody's possession." She demanded to know where Chad was, but dark Chad scathingly maintained that Abigail would never find Chad -- who didn't deserve her. Abigail soon found her genuine fiancé and freed him from imprisonment. After the relieved pair embraced, Chad breathlessly vowed, "There's a guy -- he looks just like me, okay? But that'll never be me. I promise you, that'll never be me." "I'm going to hold you to that," Abigail said, and the two kissed.

Chad quietly crawled back into bed with Abigail, who awakened and hugged him gratefully. Chad noted that Abigail had been talking in her sleep. Abigail explained that she'd been dreaming, and in the dream, Chad had said, "A love like ours..." "Comes once in a lifetime," Chad finished. Abigail asked how he'd known that. "'Cause it's true," Chad replied. They kissed, and things quickly turned passionate.

As Ava was sleeping, her dreams became black and white. Steve burst through the door of her room and shouted, "Kayla's leaving me, you crazy bitch!" He grabbed Ava violently and continued, "She's going to tell Joe everything, and I'm going to lose her and my son because of you!" Ava gleefully pointed out that there was no longer anything standing in the way of her and Steve being together. She suggested, "If there's still time, you can make sure that she doesn't tell anybody anything -- ever." Ava pointed out that Steve had always said he would do anything to keep Joey in his life. "Now you can decide whether 'anything' means murder," Ava concluded.

Steve and Ava were waiting in his living room when Kayla arrived. "You know what to do?" Ava asked, and Steve headed for the bedroom. Kayla entered the house and ordered Ava to leave. When Ava declined, Kayla declared, "If Steve can't keep his pants up around a lying psycho bitch like you, he can have you." Kayla predicted that Ava wouldn't be happy without Joey or Kayla to torment. As Kayla continued baiting Ava, Steve returned, carrying a revolver aimed squarely at Kayla's head.

"Shut her up!" Ava ordered, and Kayla turned toward Steve then turned back to Ava with an unconcerned look. Frustrated, Ava charged over to Steve and demanded with quiet fury, "Do I have to do everything?" Meanwhile, Kayla had gotten a pistol out of a drawer and aimed it at Ava. "Surprise!" Kayla yelled. Ava tried to shoot Kayla first, but the revolver wasn't loaded. "I don't know about you, but I feel threatened," Kayla said lightly to Steve, who replied, "Go for it." Kayla fired a bullet into Ava's heart. Kayla celebrated Ava's death by dropping the gun and kissing Steve.

Steve and Kayla woke up snuggled together on the couch as the sky grew light outside. Kayla asked if Steve had watched the end of the movie. "I did, and I had sweet dreams all night long," Steve said, though the worry was evident in his eyes.

While Ciara dozed on Jennifer's sofa, she dreamed that she was narrating her own biographical movie. She showed the viewers around town and introduced herself. "Ciara's an Irish name. When I looked it up, it said that it meant 'saint' or 'dark.' Go figure!" As she walked around the square, she said she'd reached puberty "literally overnight." She continued that she was actually two people: the saintly one and the dark one.

As her movie changed location to Jennifer's house, Ciara stated that she and Theo had bonded as children because they'd both been weird little kids who'd had cops for parents, and his mom and her dad had both died of cancer. Theo showed up with a heart-shaped pizza. Ciara narrated Chase's part of the story: "It seems like yesterday we were just in the fourth grade!" Ciara admitted that Theo and Chase were nothing alike -- and Chase scared her a little, and she kind of liked it.

"With Theo, I'm a saint. With Chase, well, I'm dark -- and they're both me," Ciara explained. In her movie, she was dressed in a black leather sleeveless dress. She admitted that she was having trouble keeping the two sides of herself straight. "It's like, I know who I'm supposed to be, but what I want is to be the opposite of that. I guess I'll figure it out, but I hope it's soon, 'cause I'm kinda freaking out here!" Ciara howled as the two guys in her life pulled her in different directions. Ciara awoke with a start and looked around the room in confusion.

Rafe was at his desk in the police station, pondering a file labeled, "Stefano DiMera Murder." Suddenly, Rafe was sitting across the chessboard in the DiMera study from Andre, who promised to tell Rafe where Hope was if he beat Andre in a game of chess. Bewildered, Rafe saw that the board had identical copies of Stefano's pinkie ring in place of every playing piece. Meanwhile, Hope was handcuffed in a dungeon and calling out for Rafe. After Andre and Rafe moved their chess "men" just a few times, Andre declared, "Checkmate."

Rafe suggested they play again, but when he looked back at the board, the pieces had been replaced with a gun. He spun the gun like a roulette wheel, but Andre fled. Rafe arrived at the Horton house, where Andre was holding Hope with a gun to her throat and taunting her. Hope got free and ran toward Rafe. A furious Andre shot her and ran out of the house. Rafe held a wounded, semi-conscious Hope in his arms and pleaded with her, "Please, don't let go. Please. I love you." Hope opened her eyes and murmured, "You didn't let me down. Happy Valentine's Day." At his desk, Rafe jerked awake and realized when he looked at his calendar that he'd forgotten it was Valentine's Day.

In the square later, Julie admitted to Doug that, earlier, she'd started to think about what her life would be like if she lost him. "Sweetheart, I'm not going anyplace," Doug assured her. They kissed and wandered happily away.

Abigail and Chad walked into the square, pushing Thomas in his stroller. Hope and Rafe strode in, each carrying a cup of coffee. Ciara and Theo exited the frozen yogurt shop, laughing and enjoying their yogurts. Steve and Kayla sat at a table to drink coffee, while Brady and Theresa strolled through the square, arm-in-arm. Nicole emerged, alone, from Hourglass Bookstore. As she looked around the square at all the happy couples, she began to weep, but she heard Daniel's voice in her head, reminding her, "Every beat of my heart will always be for you. I love you."

. . .

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