Friday, November 21, 2014

As Paige and Daphne sat on a park bench, Paige confided that her mom really regretted a recent one-night stand. Daphne couldn't believe that Paige's mom talked to her about that kind of thing. Paige said that she'd seen the guy's coat in the apartment that night and had reached that conclusion on her own, so her mom had felt it necessary to explain. Daphne didn't understand why Paige's mom hadn't just made up a story.

Paige said that despite her mom's flaws, Paige loved her and wouldn't let anyone put her mom down -- including Daphne. Daphne insisted she hadn't been putting Paige's mom down. Paige explained that her mom was probably a little overprotective because until Eve had been a teenager, she hadn't even known who her parents were -- but Eve had always been there for Paige. After apologizing, Daphne headed off for class.

Paige gathered her things to leave but ran into Maggie. Maggie said she'd been trying to reach J.J., but his voicemail box was full. She asked how Paige and J.J. were, and Paige hedged that everything was fine. Before Paige could hurry off, Maggie asked if J.J. had ever gotten his money clip back from Daniel. Paige was puzzled about why Dr. Jonas would have J.J.'s money clip, but Maggie got a phone call before she could explain.

After catching an earlier flight back to Salem, Jennifer returned home to the Horton house just in time to hear Eve telling J.J., "Face it, J.J.: even if we wanted to, we couldn't go back and change what happened that night." Furious to find Eve in her house, Jennifer demanded to know what her son and Eve were talking about. J.J. welcomed his mom home, and Eve tried to beat a hasty retreat, but Jennifer pressed them for an explanation.

Eve reminded Jennifer, "You know I don't approve of J.J. and Paige... And this also has something to do with me, too. I guess we better tell her everything, J.J., even if we don't want to." Eve and J.J. explained that Paige had found out about Jack and Kayla, and it had caused problems for Paige and J.J. Jennifer was sympathetic toward her son but demanded to know what part Eve had played in it. Eve pointed out that if she'd wanted her daughter to know about it, she would have told Paige much sooner.

Eve admitted that she and Kayla had been talking about the subject, and Paige had overheard them. Eve continued that she'd stopped by because she'd seen J.J. going into the house and had wanted to see how he was doing. Jennifer didn't buy any of it. Concerned, she turned to her son and asked if he and Paige had broken up because of his dad. J.J. admitted that they were taking a break. Eve told J.J. it was impossible to undo what had happened in the past or change how people felt about it. Jennifer demanded to speak to her son alone, so Eve left.

Jennifer embraced her son and asked him to talk to her. J.J. explained that it had really upset Paige to learn what his dad had done to his Aunt Kayla, whom Paige really looked up to. Jennifer offered to talk to Paige and reassure her that the man who'd done that to Kayla had not been the same man who had raised J.J. J.J. pleaded with his mom not to do that. "Paige sees me in a different way, and there's no going back. So maybe just the best thing to do is just to break up with her... I don't see how I can be with her," J.J. said.

Jennifer insisted that none of it was J.J.'s fault, and his dad would hate it if he thought that something from his past was hurting J.J. "It's not about what Dad did," J.J. clarified. Although she acknowledged that she didn't know what J.J. thought he'd done, Jennifer promised to be there for him, no matter what. She added that she loved her son, and there was nothing he could say to her that would ever change that. "I'm not sure I can tell you this, even if I want to... Man, this is really hard. Like I said, it really doesn't have to do with Dad," J.J. began.

When Paige got home, she sent a text message to J.J. to let him know that she knew he needed time, but she was thinking about him. Eve returned and informed Paige that she had gone to J.J.'s house to see how things were going with him and because she'd wanted to find out why he'd broken things off with Paige. "Mom, that was none of your business!" Paige protested. Eve explained that she'd wanted to see what was on J.J.'s mind. "I think J.J. needs some time away from you, honey," Eve concluded gently.

Eve added that she thought Paige needed to let J.J. go. "Did he say that he doesn't want to be with me anymore?" Paige demanded. Eve couldn't answer that definitively; all she could say was that she didn't want to see Paige get hurt again. "I can't handle this anymore, Mom! J.J. and I are going to be together, and there's nothing you can do about that," Paige declared as she grabbed her purse and stormed out. "Oh, yes, there is. I'm not gonna let you be with that boy. I'm gonna make sure of it," Eve muttered determinedly.

Over lunch at the Brady Pub, Eric informed Marlena that he was moving to an apartment a few blocks away. He expressed concern about not being near his grandmother anymore, but Marlena pointed out that Caroline had plenty of other family she could turn to for help. Marlena added that Eric needed to get on with his life. Eric suspected that was code for something else, but Marlena took offense at Eric's assumption that he knew what she was thinking.

Eric asserted that his reason for getting the apartment wasn't because he was ready to start dating. Marlena said that she hoped Eric hadn't given up on the idea because of what had happened with Nicole. Eric acknowledged that Nicole had been his first love, and he wasn't sure he would ever be completely over her -- but there had been other important times in his life, and Marlena was worrying for no reason. "I may not be completely over Nicole, but I know that there's no going back. On that, I am really clear," Eric declared firmly.

As Daniel was leaving a store in Horton Square, he ran into Nicole. He showed her a child's toy ball he'd just bought -- not for Parker but for her, to help improve Nicole's hand-eye coordination. Nicole protested, but Daniel playfully reminded her that she'd almost killed him with a football. He proposed a rematch with a one-on-one game of dodgeball that afternoon.

Daniel explained that he'd realized Nicole had only been doing "guy things" with him to be a good friend, adding deadpan that he couldn't afford to dump one of the few friends he had just because she'd tried to kill him. Chuckling in spite of her efforts not to, Nicole admitted that she'd missed him making jokes at her expense -- and being her friend. Nicole and Daniel agreed to meet in the park a little later, after they both had finished their errands.

Daniel called Maggie and asked her to meet him at the Kiriakis mansion -- because he wanted to talk about Jennifer. Once Daniel arrived, he explained that he'd decided he needed to see Jennifer again to clear the air about anything he might have said that had hurt her. Daniel wanted to make sure that things weren't awkward between Jennifer and Maggie just because things hadn't worked out between him and Jennifer. Maggie reassured her son that she and Jennifer were family and would always be fine.

"Good, because one thing we still have in common is how much we both still need you," Daniel said. Touched, Maggie embraced him. She made Daniel promise that he would join her and Victor for dinner at least once a week. Daniel promised that he would never take anyone he loved for granted again.

Nicole was walking past the pub just as Eric was wheeling his suitcases out. Curious, she asked if he were going on a trip or perhaps leaving town. He seemed reluctant to share anything with Nicole, but he finally informed her that he was moving. A relieved Nicole asked where the new place was, but Eric countered, "Does it really matter?" Nicole said that she just wanted to think about Eric in a nice place. With a sigh, Eric admitted that he wanted the best for Nicole, as well, but they both knew they had to go their separate ways. Nicole wished Eric luck and left.

As Eric was unpacking in his new apartment later, he found a photograph of an old church. He wiped it off lovingly and leaned it against the wall on top of a dresser. Looking around the space, Eric prayed, "Heavenly Father, I just pray that you bless this new home and bless this new start. Maybe this is the place where I'll finally figure out what you have in mind for me."

When Nicole and Daniel met up in the park, he went over the rules of dodgeball with her. Nicole told Daniel that he could go first. When she was walking away, Daniel whipped the ball at her while her back was still turned. Nicole complained that she hadn't been ready, but Daniel continued assailing her with the ball, repeatedly and with a vengeance. Nicole had no luck when it was her turn to play offense. Fed up, Nicole sat, pouting, on a bench, accusing Daniel of being a "ball hog."

Daniel threatened to take his ball and go home. Nicole jumped on his back and tried to wrest the ball away from him, playfully digging her knuckles into the top of his head, until they fell to the ground with Nicole still on Daniel's back -- seemingly knocking him out cold. Worriedly urging Daniel to wake up, Nicole turned him on his back and straddled him. She patted his cheeks firmly until she heard him breathing.

Nicole was relieved, but Daniel whacked her in the head with the ball and laughed. With mock fury, she tried to get the ball away from him. Laughing, they wrestled for it, rolling around on the ground until Daniel was on top of Nicole. As he pinned her arms down, their faces moved closer and closer together, and their laughter soon died as the sexual tension between them became apparent.

At Club TBD, Sonny tried in vain to reach Will by phone. Worried because Will hadn't been returning his text or phone messages, Sonny left a message asking Will to please call him back. When Sonny turned around, he was a little dismayed to see that Victor had been listening in from the other side of the bar. Victor believed that Sonny's marriage was in trouble. Sonny insisted that wasn't the case; Will was merely busy in L.A., writing the movie script and helping his mom and siblings deal with E.J.'s death -- and Sonny was proud of his husband for that.

Sonny pointed out that he'd also been busy, trying to get the new club open. Victor said that he'd heard Sonny had encountered numerous problems with the new club. "So it's not just my personal life I'm screwing up. It's my business, too," Sonny noted wryly. Victor only wanted to know how far in debt Sonny was to Chad. Sonny reminded his uncle that Chad was one of his best friends. Victor warned him, "There are big changes happening in your friend's life... I'll let him tell you about that -- but, no matter how he tries to spin it, don't ever forget: his name is DiMera and yours is Kiriakis, and that never goes away."

Chad called T from the DiMera study to make sure that T would keep his mouth shut about Chad's promotion. Jordan entered just as Chad was hanging up, and she admitted that, despite the butler's directions, she'd gotten lost on the way from the front door. Chad revealed that he had news to share that he wanted Jordan to hear from him, and he hoped it wouldn't cause problems for the two of them. He clarified that most people in town had a negative opinion of the DiMeras, but Jordan assured him that she would have already told him if she had a problem with him being a DiMera.

Chad divulged that he was about to become co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises. A bit taken aback, Jordan said that she appreciated Chad sharing the news with her in person. Chad asked if it changed how she felt about him. "If you thought I would be impressed because you're some big-shot now, then you've got me all wrong," Jordan said. She kissed Chad to congratulate him. Chad asked her not to tell anyone because he would be in "big, big trouble" if anyone else found out before the big announcement in a few hours.

After Jordan confirmed that the two of them were still on for dinner later, she suddenly realized with much dismay that Kate would be Chad's co-CEO. Jordan fretted that Kate would soon start badmouthing her, but Chad assured her that he could handle Kate. "That's what Rafe said, too," Jordan noted. As she headed out for work, Jordan tried a bit unconvincingly to reassure Chad that she really was happy for him.

Once Jordan got to the hospital, she called Chad to emphasize that she was truly glad for him. Marlena overheard and remarked to Jordan that Chad deserved some good news. She explained that Chad had suffered his share of misery just because he was a part of the DiMera family, but Marlena warned that the DiMeras had hurt a lot of people -- including her and her family.

Chad was just hanging up with a board member when Sonny arrived. When Sonny referred to the new club, Chad said that he trusted Sonny's judgment. Sonny demanded, "If you trust me so much, how come I don't know anything about this big change coming in your life?" Chad assumed that T had blabbed to Sonny, who was incredulous that Chad had told T before Sonny. Sonny angrily reminded Chad, "I'm your partner. I'm your best friend, and you couldn't tell me?" Chad clarified that T had overheard a phone call, and Chad wasn't supposed to tell anyone -- including Sonny -- until the announcement that Chad was co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises.

When the doorbell at the Kiriakis mansion began to ring insistently, Maggie hurried to answer it -- and found Melanie on the doorstep. "Surprise!" Melanie said, throwing her arms around her grandmother.

. . .

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