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Friday, April 28, 2017

In the park, Abigail walked into the clearing by the bench and found Eli kissing Gabi. Startled, Abigail hurriedly attempted to leave, and she ran into a pole. At the loud sound of Abigail's collision, Gabi and Eli pulled apart. Abigail apologized for interrupting them. Eli's phone rang, and he stepped away to take a call. Alone, Abigail told Gabi that she was surprised that Gabi was dating Eli. Confused, Gabi reminded Abigail that she had set Gabi up with him.

Abigail wondered aloud why Gabi was not moving on with Chad. With a groan, Gabi argued that Chad was committed to Abigail, and Gabi wanted Abigail to stop fantasizing. Gabi urged Abigail to work out her issues with her husband. Abigail appeared confused. Gabi explained that Chad's feelings for her would fade, but Chad would always love his wife. In disagreement, Abigail noted that she had seen enough movies to know that love lasted forever, and she did not want to watch her husband struggle with his feelings for another woman.

As Gabi grew more agitated with Abigail, Abigail said Chad had reverted to his criminal ways. With a deep sigh, Gabi noted that Chad could not win with Abigail. Gabi yelled that Chad had worked to legalize his business and help Abigail through her mental breakdown, and he had bent over backwards to accommodate Abigail when she had returned from the dead, but none of it had been enough for Abigail. With a huff, Abigail said that "trying was not good enough anymore."

In a quieter tone, Gabi assured Abigail that Chad needed and loved her. Gabi told Abigail that Chad did not want freedom; he wanted his wife. Abigail explained that she did not think her husband should need to work on his relationship and his feelings for his wife. Abigail argued that Chad should not need to second-guess his devotion to his marriage. Gabi countered that she loved Chad, but she wanted Chad to be with Abigail and Thomas. Gabi urged Abigail to stop playing God, telling everyone how to act and feel.

While a frustrated Gabi stepped away to take a phone call from her babysitter, Eli returned. Eli asked Abigail if everything was okay between her and Gabi. When Abigail started to talk about Gabi, Eli cut her off and said that Gabi had already told him that she was still in love with Chad. Surprised, Abigail asked Eli if he was okay with a rebound relationship. Eli said that he was an adult, and his eyes were wide open. Smiling, Eli asked Abigail if she liked Jane Austen. When Abigail asked why, Eli said that she reminded him of Emma; Abigail liked controlling everyone else's lives and was clueless about her own.

Abigail complained that Gabi had said Abigail had been playing God with people's lives. Eli smiled. With a nod, Abigail asked Eli to say goodbye to Gabi for her. Once Abigail was gone, Gabi sneaked out from the bushes and announced how relieved she was that Abigail had left. Gabi wished aloud that she and Abigail were men so that their discussion about feelings would not have been so exhausting. Gabi jokingly had a mock conversation as two dudes, making Eli laugh.

Eli walked Gabi to the town square. Gabi complained that Abigail had accused her of dating Eli as a rebound relationship. Eli interrupted Gabi to assure her that she had been up-front with him and that he was an adult. Gabi offered Eli an out, but he countered that he was the perfect cure for her heartache. Eli gently kissed Gabi. Smiling, Gabi said she liked Eli's antidote.

Across the square, Jade told Joey that she was almost done moving out of the loft. Jade made repeated disparaging remarks about how relieved Joey must be to be rid of her, but Joey did not take the bait. Joey said that Jade's departure was for the best, then he walked away. "Maybe for you but not for me. Someday you will love me as much as I love you," Jade said to herself.

At the Brady Pub, Steve nervously waited for Tripp to show up for their scheduled family dinner. Kayla calmed Steve down and urged him to keep putting himself out there for his son. As Kayla and Steve kissed at their table, Tripp walked into the pub. Tripp watched his father and stepmother, and he smiled slightly. As Kayla and Steve pulled apart, Tripp said that it was strange for him to see a couple get along so well.

When Joey arrived, he thanked Tripp for helping Kayla save Roman. Kayla interjected to note that Tripp had been a natural and that she hoped he would go to medical school. Joey noted that Tripp would need an undergraduate degree, and Tripp appeared taken aback. Tripp asked Joey why he assumed Tripp had not gone to college. Joey shrugged apologetically. Tripp announced that he had put himself through college and had a degree. Kayla said that she would support Tripp in any way she could if he decided to go to medical school.

Over dinner, Steve told Tripp about his long history with Kayla. Tripp smiled sadly. Tripp said that he was glad to have heard about Steve and Kayla's love story, but it was clear that they saw Ava as a bad guy. With a faraway look in his eyes, Tripp mumbled that he wished he had heard Ava's side of the story about her love affair with Steve. Upset, Tripp said that the fact that Steve had murdered his mother was a deal breaker. Tripp said he wanted to remain friends with the family, but he did not want to be around them.

As Tripp ran out of the pub, Kayla ran after him. Kayla caught up with her stepson outside, and she asked him what Steve could do to make things right. Tripp said he understood that Ava had done unforgivable things to Kayla and her family, but he did not think he could forgive Steve. Kayla said that she had forgiven Ava. Taken aback, Tripp numbly shook his head no. Tripp said that Steve seemed to be a nice guy, but on the DVDs, Ava had also appeared to be a nice person, and he could not shake that.

Inside the pub, a guilty Joey told Steve that he felt terrible. Worried, Steve ordered Joey not to tell Tripp the truth because it would hurt Kayla. Joey was dismayed, but he nodded yes.

When Kayla returned to the pub, she urged Steve to be patient. Kayla said that Tripp was struggling with his feelings, but she believed Tripp would want to be a part of the family eventually. Kayla theorized that in time, Tripp would let go of his anger over Ava's death. Steve said that if he got his son back, it would be because of Kayla.

While walking through the park, Tripp ran into Jade. Tripp confided that he could not forgive his mother's murderer. Jade mistakenly wondered aloud who the murderer was. Seeing the puzzled look on Tripp's face, Jade recovered and noted that she had been confused for a second and knew that Tripp meant Steve. Jade stressed that Steve was a good guy. Smiling faintly, Tripp added that Steve was also a good dad except for murdering Ava.

Shaking his head, Tripp said he did not think he could ever be happy with his family. Jade pointed out that Steve was not a monster and that he had acted to protect someone he loved. Suspicious, Tripp raised an eyebrow questioningly. Jade excused herself to finish packing, and she left. Tripp mumbled to himself about Jade's strange comments, and he furrowed his brow.

In the Kiriakis living room, Paul informed Sonny that Deimos had rented a jet, and Paul believed a bribe to the pilot would get them the information they needed on Deimos. Sonny was eager to carry the cash to the pilot, but Paul urged Sonny to let him do the legwork and not give Deimos any added ammunition against Sonny. Sonny agreed.

When Paul returned from the airport, he grinned as he told Sonny that he had scored the information they needed without paying a cent. Paul said the pilot had been a fan of his, and after Paul had signed an autograph, the pilot had willingly told Paul that Deimos had flown to Manitoba. The pilot had described a man with a scar, tipping Sonny off that the pilot had seen Lyle, an employee at Titan.

Sonny called Lyle's cell phone and yelled that Victor was very angry. When Lyle asked why, Sonny pointed out that when Deimos had chartered a private jet, it had looked suspiciously like Deimos had been plotting against Victor. Lyle swore that he was not disloyal to Victor. Sonny pushed for information until Lyle admitted that he was with Deimos in Manitoba to retrieve Nicole and Brady. After securing the exact location from Lyle, Sonny hung up the phone. Worried that Brady and Nicole were in danger, Paul and Sonny rushed to the airport to take the Titan jet to Manitoba.

Nicole and Brady continued to snuggle up in bed in their Canadian cabin. Nicole confessed that she was excited to start a family with Brady. Out in the living room, a gunman clad all in black and wearing a mask crept around in the dark. The gunman tripped on a toy car, setting it off. In the bedroom, a worried Brady got up to check on whether Tate was playing with his toy in the living room. Brady looked around the darkened living room and examined the toy car. The gunman hid in the shadows.

When Brady returned to the bedroom, Nicole was checking on Holly in the crib. As Nicole pulled on a shirt, she assured Brady that Holly was falling back asleep. Brady said that Tate was still asleep and that the car seemed to have gone off on its own. Wrapping his arms around Nicole, Brady urged her to join him back in bed, but Nicole suggested they make a snack. Brady offered to make frittatas.

After eating their eggs in the living room, a smiling Nicole asked Brady if they could get a dog for the kids. Brady reluctantly agreed. Grinning widely, Brady asked, "What if we were happy?" Nicole nodded in agreement. In the bedroom, Holly started to cry. Nicole went to the bedroom to check while Brady cleaned up the dishes. As Nicole leaned over the crib, she was startled to see that Holly was missing. Nicole turned and saw the masked gunman cradling Holly. Nicole gasped. The gunman herded Nicole out into the living room.

Nicole asked the gunman if he worked for Deimos, but the assailant remained silent. When Brady returned from the kitchen, he stopped in the doorway as the assailant leveled the gun at him. Brady offered money to make the man go away, but the man clutched Holly tighter. Frantic, Nicole begged for her baby, and Brady held her back from the gunman. As the gunman struggled to better grip the baby, Brady rushed him. The assailant fired the gun, shooting Brady in the chest. Nicole screamed as Brady collapsed onto the ground.

Nicole shouted that Deimos would not want to hurt Brady. Desperate, Nicole reached out and snatched the mask off the gunman's face. Underneath was the sneering smile of Xander. Nicole gasped in astonishment at the sight of her old enemy.

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