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Abigail faces off with Dario
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Wednesday, July 26, 2017
by Mike

Steve entered the Brady Pub and found Kayla sitting at a corner table, poring over invoices that had been piling up in Caroline's absence.

Recognizing that Kayla was overwhelmed, Steve pointed out that it wasn't her responsibility to act as the pub's accountant. Sighing, she admitted that she would rather be dealing with invoices than clearing out her office. He eventually managed to convince her to at least take a break. While she was closing the pub for the evening, he sneaked off to the Horton Town Square. Later, she emerged from the kitchen and found that he had filled the main section of the pub with lit candles and yellow roses. "And here I thought you forgot about our first anniversary," she admitted. "Well, we have a few, but you know what they say: you never forget the first," he replied.

Steve presented Kayla with a silver charm bracelet, to which a matching anchor charm was already attached. "Happy anniversary, Sweetness," he told her, using sign language to further express the sentiment.

At Club TBD, Abe suspiciously wondered why Theo had closed his laptop so quickly. Theo explained that he had been working on something as part of his new IT job at DiMera Enterprises, adding that Kate and Andre had made it clear that everything he did for the company was to be kept confidential. "And that wasn't a big red flag?" Abe asked incredulously, struggling to absorb the news.

Valerie tried to step in as a mediator, but Abe quickly shushed her. "I don't want you involved with those people," Abe told Theo. "'Those people' are my family -- mine and Mom's," Theo countered. Insisting that having the DiMeras as employers was an entirely different matter, Abe ordered Theo to quit the job immediately -- and he seized his son's laptop to further stress the command. Ignoring Theo's protests, Abe started to storm off, and Valerie followed him after giving Theo a sympathetic look.

While passing through the town square with Valerie a short time later, Abe wondered why Theo hadn't bothered to mention his new job sooner. "Maybe 'cause he guessed [that] you might respond this way," Valerie gently suggested. Confused about Abe's extreme reaction to the news, Valerie pointed out that Chad had been focused on legitimizing DiMera Enterprises lately and had been using the DiMera fortune to do a lot of good for the hospital. "Making up for past sins," Abe dismissively insisted. Sighing, Abe continued, "I'm afraid of history repeating itself."

Still confused, Valerie assured Abe that Theo knew the difference between right and wrong. "So did his mother. But when Lexie learned that she was Stefano's daughter, it was a constant battle for her to resist his influence," Abe explained. Valerie reminded Abe that Stefano was no longer in the picture, but Abe countered that Andre still was, adding, "[The thought of] Theo spending time with that bastard just scares the hell out of me."

Valerie thought that Abe was getting ahead of himself, since there was no indication that Theo was doing anything shady for the DiMeras. Abe wanted to check Theo's laptop to make sure that was true, but Valerie pointed out that doing so would be a betrayal of Theo's trust -- and that Theo was an adult who was capable of making his own decisions. Realizing that Valerie was right, Abe decided not to snoop. Valerie tried to get Abe to also agree to return Theo's laptop, but he was only willing to consider doing that. Hoping to get his date with Valerie back on track, Abe set aside the laptop then presented her with a necklace he had purchased earlier.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad emerged from his bathroom, half-dressed and still wet from his shower, and found Gabi standing in his bedroom, staring at a ring. "It fell out of your jacket pocket," Gabi explained, hoping that Chad wouldn't be too upset with her for inadvertently ruining the surprise. "Surprise?" Chad repeated, clearly confused. "I thought, um... Never mind," Gabi replied, trying to hide her embarrassment.

Suddenly realizing how Gabi had misconstrued the situation, Chad awkwardly clarified that she was holding a ring that had once belonged to Abigail. Gabi took that to mean that Chad was still pining for his ex-wife, and although he insisted that wasn't true, he couldn't stop stammering while trying to explain how the ring had ended up in his pocket, leaving her skeptical about his version of events. Frustrated, Chad wondered why Gabi couldn't just let the matter go instead of allowing it to make her insecure and needy. Gabi took offense to that, prompting Chad to explain that his point had been that she was usually neither of those things.

Fed up, Chad finally assured Gabi that he would take the ring to a jeweler the following day and sell it. She found it interesting that he wanted to wait another day before parting with the ring, but he pointed out that he had no other choice because every jeweler in town had already closed for the night at that point. "Well, I don't want that thing [near] me. I'm not gonna sleep here with that. It's that or me," she insisted.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Theo explained to Andre and Kate that his father had taken his laptop before he'd had a chance to delete the incriminating photograph of Chad. "What a judgmental, pompous --" Andre began to complain. "Father! [He's] Theo's father," Kate interrupted to remind Andre. Changing the subject, Kate wondered if Theo needed that specific laptop to hack into Dario's devices and delete the photograph. Theo explained that while he could technically use any computer, the process would be much faster if he could do it from his own laptop. Andre fretted that time was of the essence, adding, "We've got to protect Chad at all costs!"

"Protect me from what?" Chad asked, having just stepped into the living room, fully dressed, to stash Abigail's ring in a desk drawer so it would be far away from Gabi for the rest of the night. Andre claimed that the conversation had been about protecting Chad from Dario, whom Theo had just named as the person behind the Countess Wilhelmina hack. "Dude! I thought we were gonna keep that between us!" Chad reminded Theo. "I know. Sorry," Theo replied.

Insisting that Andre and Kate couldn't go after Dario yet, Chad explained that he had promised Abigail that he would give her time to handle the matter on her own. "Can we please respect something I say for once?" Chad requested. Kate assured Chad that nothing would be done without his approval. Before Chad could respond, Theo excused himself. "I'll walk you out!" Andre volunteered. "No, I'll walk you out!" Kate offered.

"Oh, that's cute," Chad said as he watched Andre and Kate rush off with Theo. Alone in the living room, Chad put Abigail's ring back in its jewelry box then tossed the box in a desk drawer with a sigh.

A short time later, Chad rejoined Gabi in his bedroom and apologized to her, conceding that she'd had every right to be upset about the ring, which he should have gotten rid of back when his relationship with Abigail had first ended. Gabi assured Chad that she wasn't going to argue with him about that. After adding that she didn't feel like talking anymore that night, Gabi got settled on the bed and turned her back to Chad, ignoring his flirtatious hints that he was still interested in the massage she had promised him earlier.

At the police station, Eli pulled Lani aside and revealed, after swearing her to secrecy, that Dario was offering to give up his partner in exchange for immunity and enrollment in the Witness Protection Program. Lani wanted to know who Dario's partner was, but Eli explained with a sigh that he couldn't divulge that information yet. Lani assured Eli that she understood. Relieved, Eli apologized to Lani for suggesting earlier that she wasn't taking their partnership seriously. With the case stalled until Dario's claims could be checked for credibility, Eli encouraged Lani to take a quick break from the police station to spend some more time with J.J.

Meanwhile, in one of the conference rooms, Abigail refused to enter the Witness Protection Program with Dario, even after he made it clear that he would show the police the incriminating photograph of Chad if she didn't cooperate. Abigail angrily slapped Dario and demanded to know why he was trying to blackmail her -- and, before that, had tricked her into marrying him -- after everything they had been through since her return to Salem.

Stunned that Kate had revealed the truth to Abigail, Dario reluctantly admitted that he had indeed lied about the deportation matter. "[But I only did that] because I love you. I tried to be the good guy, okay? I fought my feelings for a long time. But when I saw the way that Chad treated you -- how he broke your heart into a million pieces -- I knew I would do whatever it took to win you over," Dario explained.

Abigail insisted that she didn't -- and never would -- love Dario, but he argued that she had never given him a real chance because she was still hung up on Chad, despite the fact that Chad had moved on with Gabi. Dario pointed out that Abigail had left her loved ones once before, but she angrily countered, "If you really loved me the way that you say that you do, you would never even consider asking me to leave [them] again -- not after everything you watched me go through!" Abigail maintained that she wasn't going anywhere with Dario, prompting him to warn her again that there would be dire consequences for Chad if she didn't cooperate.

Abigail reminded Dario that, as someone who worked at the police station, she could easily access his cell phone while it was in the evidence locker and delete the incriminating photograph, leaving him with no leverage. Dario encouraged Abigail to do that, assuring her that he had plenty of copies of the photograph stored elsewhere. "I wouldn't be so sure," Abigail calmly countered, prompting Dario to wonder what she had done. "Nothing...yet. But don't kid yourself into thinking that you've got this whole thing figured out, 'cause I'm gonna figure out a way to protect Chad, but I'm not gonna do it by going with you," Abigail vowed.

Before Dario could respond, Eli entered the conference room and told Abigail that he needed to talk to her husband privately. Nodding, Abigail started to walk away. Dario stopped Abigail and stressed again that he loved her, adding, "Think about what I proposed. I think you'll realize that it's the best solution for everyone involved." After Abigail left, Eli informed Dario that the FBI was willing to cut a deal with him -- if he held up his end of the bargain. Dario told Eli that Abigail would need to be included in the deal. "[She's] going with you?" Eli asked incredulously. "She wouldn't have it any other way," Dario insisted.

Meanwhile, Abigail tracked Theo down at Club TBD and asked him to give her some good news. "We may have hit a little snag," Theo reluctantly revealed.

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• Gabi learns that Dario has been arrested.

• Abigail and Andre try to recover Theo's laptop.

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