Friday, June 24, 2016

At the Brady Pub, Nicole and Dario chatted in a booth about her predicament. When Nicole mentioned she was anxious to get to work, Kate popped up by the table to inform Nicole that she was fired. Nicole argued that Deimos was the CEO and that Kate had no authority to fire her. With a shrug, Kate reminded Nicole that she was co-CEO and could fire Nicole if she wanted. Nicole asked Dario for some privacy, and Kate sat down with Nicole to talk.

After noting that she did not have any recording device, Nicole asked Kate to tell her the truth. Nicole asked if Kate hated her so much that she was willing to see Nicole imprisoned for something Nicole had not done. Kate admitted that she had been angry when she had seen Nicole at the river but that she did not think it was fair to be mad at Nicole for looking like Deimos' lost love. Kate told Nicole what had really happened at the river.

Nicole pleaded with Kate to tell the police the truth. With a sigh, Kate countered that it was too late. Kate explained that the police would never believe that Deimos' death had been an accident because she had lied about Nicole already. Furious, Nicole said it was not fair to ask her to serve time in prison. Kate assured Nicole that there was no body and that she would likely not be convicted. Kate exclaimed that she was a survivor, and she reminded Nicole that she was a survivor as well.

After Kate left, Nicole told Dario about her conversation with Kate. To take her mind off her situation, Dario escorted Nicole to Club TBD. Dario told Nicole that Eduardo had purchased the club for him to manage. Dario asked Nicole to help him with the club. Nicole smiled, unsure.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad walked into the living room and found Andre taking money out of the wall safe. Andre explained that he had been set free after someone else had claimed the credit for murdering Stefano. Chad ordered Andre to drop the money and leave. Andre asked Chad about the fire at Shady Hills. Unnerved, Chad again ordered Andre to leave. When Andre asked Chad if Abigail was getting worse, Chad narrowed his eyes. Andre asked Chad to reconcile with him, since they were brothers.

Chad said he did not trust Andre. With a nod, Andre wished Chad the best and started to leave. Chad stopped Andre then retrieved a stack of cash from the safe. After Chad handed the money to Andre, Andre told Chad that if he wanted to get Abigail out of Shady Hills, then her mask would be the key.

At Chloe's house, she asked Deimos who had attempted to murder him. Deimos explained that Kate had attacked him. With a smirk, Chloe said that Kate had attempted to kill her and had framed Parker's father for the attempt. Deimos admitted that he had been romantically involved with Kate but that he had not loved her. Deimos said he was in no rush to return to Salem because he hoped that Kate was suffering through a police investigation into his disappearance. With a shrug, Deimos said he was going to go off the grid.

Deimos asked Chloe to join him with Parker and make a fresh start. With a sad smile, Chloe said she could not trust him. Deimos told Chloe that he wanted to be the man that he was when he was with her. Deimos kissed Chloe passionately. After the two pulled away from one another, Chloe searched Deimos' face. Chloe asked Deimos if he had been lost as a child and an outcast from his family. Deimos nodded. Chloe told Deimos the short version of her history as an orphan before she had found her real parents. Chloe said she had felt lost as a teenager.

Deimos said that if Chloe was afraid he would hurt her, then he would leave. With a nod, Deimos thanked Chloe for her help. As Chloe followed Deimos to the front door, he turned and kissed her. The kiss grew more passionate, and Deimos and Chloe stumbled to the couch to have sex. After their wild romp, Deimos renewed his invitation for her to run away with him.

Shaking her head no, Chloe said she was afraid that Deimos' past would stay with him. Chloe asked about the scar on Deimos' chest. Deimos said that Victor had made the scar, but Deimos did not want to talk about it. When Chloe asked if Deimos had lost a woman, Deimos said yes, but he did not want to talk about that either. Worried, Chloe asked Deimos if he was using her to get over the woman he had loved. Deimos promised he was not doing that. Deimos stressed that he wanted to start his life over.

Changing the subject, Deimos asked about Parker's father. Chloe explained that Parker's father had been a doctor in Salem. When Deimos asked about the man's death, Chloe explained that Parker's father had died in a car accident on New Year's Eve after proposing to her good friend Nicole. Stunned, Deimos asked, "Nicole Walker?"

Chloe started to asked Deimos how he had known Nicole when horror dawned across her face. Chloe asked Demos if Nicole was the woman that he had loved. Deimos said it did not matter who the woman had been. Chloe disagreed, explaining that she had fought with Nicole before over a man and that she and Nicole had struggled to save their friendship. Sighing sadly, Chloe asked Deimos to leave. With a nod, he did. Chloe called Nicole on the phone.

In the park, Andre walked around the corner and found Kate sitting on a bench. "Even in love, I am fortune's fool," Kate said. "Are you?" Andre asked as he waggled his eye at her.

At Shady Hills, an agitated Abigail talked to Dr. Robinson about wanting to leave the psychiatric facility. Dr. Robinson was needed at Salem Hospital, so she asked Abigail to rest then she left. Ben appeared at the foot of Abigail's bed and taunted her. Ben told Abigail that she would never get better and that she would be sent to a padded cell once they determined that Abigail had set the fire. Upset, Abigail yelled at Ben. The guard posted outside rushed into the room. Abigail lied and said that she had been having a nightmare. With a nod, the guard returned to his post outside the room.

Abigail managed to sleep, but she dreamed of returning home to her husband and son. When Abigail awoke, she groaned in longing for home. Abigail looked through the blinds of her window and saw a man set his Bible down on the table then walk away. In a polite voice, Abigail asked the guard if she could grab a magazine from the table. The guard nodded yes. Abigail grabbed the Bible and hid it between two magazines. After Abigail returned to her room, the man returned and panicked when he realized that his Bible was gone.

As the man screamed out, both the guard and staff members rushed to calm down the agitated patient. With the distraction set in motion, Abigail crept out of her room. Abigail went to Dr. Robinson's office. Before Abigail could open the window, Dr. Robinson returned to retrieve a file. Abigail hid under the desk until Dr. Robinson left again. With the coast clear, Abigail ran to the window and made her escape.

. . .

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