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Friday, March 27, 2015

At Will and Sonny's apartment, T asked Will what was going on with him and Sonny. Will would only admit that although he and Sonny were about to mark their first anniversary, neither was feeling much like celebrating. T offered to do whatever he could to help. Will admitted that what had happened was his fault, and T deduced that Will had cheated on Sonny. Will maintained that the situation was really complicated but he didn't want to talk about it, though he freely acknowledged that what he'd done had been wrong.

T said despite Sonny's best efforts, he'd been able to tell that Sonny had been very sad. T was optimistic that Will and Sonny would work things out, using Sami and E.J. as an example of a couple who had found their way back to each other after one of them had cheated. Just then, T got a panicked call from Brenda at the club, who reported that she had a huge line of people waiting for coffee because the espresso machine had broken. She explained that she was by herself because T was on break and Sonny had left.

T was surprised that Sonny had left Brenda alone right before one of the club's busiest times of day. "If Paul Narita came to see me, I'd leave, too. Of course, I'm not exactly my type," Brenda said. "He left with Paul Narita?" T asked, to Will's dismay. T hung up after promising Brenda that he'd be right there. When T saw how freaked out Will was that Sonny had left with Paul, he guessed that Paul was the guy with whom Will had cheated. Will confirmed that but informed T that Paul was also in love with Sonny. "I told you it's complicated!" Will pointed out, hastily pulling on his jacket and hurrying out ahead of T.

In the park outside Horton Square, Paul maintained that he'd been more responsible than he'd realized for what had happened between him and Will. A skeptical Sonny asked what Will had said to make Paul feel that way. Paul reluctantly revealed what Will had asked: "Why would Sonny want me if he could have you?" Sonny insisted that was ridiculous because he didn't care that Paul had been a famous athlete. Paul assured Sonny that he knew that.

Paul explained that he'd played baseball for the love of the game, not for fame and fortune, although the celebrity had been nice because it meant people had treated him differently. But he had learned to turn on the charm to get what he wanted -- and he had used it to get Will into bed. Sonny argued that Will was married but had still made a choice to have sex with Paul. Paul contended that Will had looked at him the same way a million women had over the years, and Paul had intentionally taken advantage of that.

Paul urged Sonny to give Will a break, but Sonny sarcastically expressed his disbelief that Will hadn't been able to resist Paul's famous charms. Paul pointed out that his celebrity was part of what had attracted Sonny in the first place and the main reason they'd ended up making out at a party half an hour after they'd met. Sonny insisted he hadn't had any idea who Paul was when they'd first met. Paul was dubious, but Sonny pointed out that baseball wasn't very popular in Dubai.

"So you thought the only reason I'd hook up with you is 'cause you're famous? Do you know how insulting that is?" Sonny asked incredulously. "You never told me that you didn't know who I was," Paul said. Sonny admitted that he'd felt like an idiot when he'd found out, but he had never cared about Paul's status as a baseball player. Paul confessed that he'd always thought his celebrity and wealth were part of the reason Sonny had proposed. "You didn't think very much of me, did you?" Sonny remarked, his disappointment apparent.

Paul clarified that after years of listening to his fans, his staff, and his PR people telling him how great he was, he'd started to believe that was all anyone else saw, especially since it was all he could see. "Well, I didn't give a damn if you could pitch or not. I didn't care how much money you made. I asked you to marry me because I loved you with all of my heart, and I couldn't imagine my life without you," Sonny said. Just then, Will showed up. "You son of a bitch," he snarled at Paul.

In the park, Paige told J.J. that she'd told Daniel that she and J.J. were trying to work things out. J.J. asked if that had been all they'd talked about, and Paige admitted they had also discussed a misunderstanding about her mom. J.J. observed that Paige seemed cold, so they headed for his house.

At the Horton house, Paige confided that she was glad she'd gotten a fresh start with both J.J. and her mom. A curious J.J. asked if that had been what Paige had been talking to Daniel about. Paige explained that she'd told Daniel about her mom hooking up with a guy the previous November, after Eve had gotten the bad news about her surgery, and Paige had suspected that it had been Daniel because she'd seen his jacket had been in the kitchen. Paige continued that she'd mentioned it to Daniel because she'd felt bad for thinking he could have taken advantage of her mom at such a vulnerable time.

"Apparently, it was some other guy who just happened to have the same coat," Paige concluded with a chuckle. J.J. looked like he might throw up. Paige noticed and asked if he were okay, and J.J. quickly covered. He asked how Daniel had reacted, and Paige said although Daniel had been understanding, he'd also seemed a little upset. Paige had to leave because Daniel had arranged for her to observe surgery that afternoon, but J.J. confirmed that they still had a date to see a movie later.

Nicole ran into Brady in Horton Square and asked with concern if he were all right after his attack. Theresa overheard and echoed Nicole's question. Nicole and Brady's expressions registered alarm when they saw how sickly and disheveled Theresa appeared. Nicole tried to convince Theresa to get lost, and the exchange between the women quickly grew heated. Brady broke it up and asked Nicole if he could speak privately with Theresa. Nicole grudgingly left the two alone.

Noting Theresa's appearance, Brady asked if she were all right. Holding up a green shake of some sort that she maintained was a sure-fire hangover cure, Theresa claimed she had just partied too hard with her boyfriend. She complained about how Melanie had shown up at Theresa's apartment the night before and blamed Theresa for Brady's night in the hospital. Brady assured Theresa that he knew she hadn't had anything to do with his attack and that he was all right.

Brady seemed surprised when Theresa mentioned Melanie visiting another time. Theresa said Melanie had also been to see her that morning, and Theresa guessed it had something to do with the text message she'd sent Brady. Brady had no idea what Theresa was talking about. Pleased presumably because she believed she'd made Melanie jealous, Theresa theorized that Melanie had deleted it before Brady had seen it. Brady mumbled an excuse and hurried off, leaving Theresa grinning.

As Eve practically shoved Cole through the door into her apartment, he grumbled that he didn't understand what she wanted from him. Eve offered to help Cole if he were still interested in dating her daughter. "Because anyone, even you, is better for Paige than J.J. Deveraux," Eve explained, and Cole scowled. Eve warned Cole that no one could find out they were working together, especially not Paige. Cole assured Eve that she could trust him, explaining, "Who would I tell that Paige's mom had to help me get a date with her?"

Eve wondered why Cole was interested in Paige. Cole explained that although Paige was smart and she didn't judge people, although that was how she'd ended up with J.J. Cole vowed to treat Paige far better than J.J. ever had, and Eve said she would think about that. Annoyed, Cole demanded to know why Eve had dragged him back to her apartment if she still had to think about it. Eve maintained that she had to think of a plan, and when she did, she would contact Cole. Cole left in a huff.

Theresa stopped by to visit her sister and announced that she was having an "unexpectedly terrific" day so far. Although Eve was completely uninterested, Theresa babbled on about Brady ending up in the hospital, Melanie blaming Theresa, Melanie's visits to Theresa's apartment, and the apparently deleted text message. Theresa wound down her story with, "Melanie is clearly jealous of me, which means I am finally winning!" Eve remarked somewhat unkindly that she had more important things to do than listen to her little sister blather on about her rivalry with Daniel's daughter.

"You play dirtier than her, sweetheart, so of course you're winning. Game over. Big deal," Eve pointed out. The wind knocked out of her sails, Theresa got up and headed for the door, mumbling that Clint was probably waiting for her at home, anyway. Eve was surprised that Theresa was back together with "that loser," but Theresa snapped that Eve was just jealous. "You know what, Eve? It would be so nice if you would just be a little bit happy for me, for once, but I guess that is just too much to ask," Theresa complained, slamming the door as she left.

Eve had just grabbed her purse to leave when Paige walked in. Eve said she was just on her way to try to smooth things over with Theresa, but she added eagerly that she would much rather visit with Paige. Paige explained that she couldn't stay because she was on her way to her internship. "I just wanted to let you know that J.J. and I are definitely back together. We even have a date tonight," Paige said. Trying to hide her disappointment, Eve said she wouldn't stand in her daughter's way if that were what Paige wanted. Relieved, Paige hugged her mom.

Back at her apartment, Theresa tried to call Clint but got his voicemail. She left him a message asking where he was and telling him that she missed him. Just then, Theresa spotted the note Clint had left and read it aloud, "Sorry, baby, you were really wiped out, and I had to split. It was fun while it lasted, but all good things must come to an end." Beginning to weep angry tears, Theresa cried, "What the hell? How could he do this to me again?"

At Daniel's apartment, Jennifer pretended not to know what Daniel was talking about. "You don't have to play games anymore. I know the truth about J.J. and Eve," Daniel revealed. Jennifer maintained that, whatever Daniel thought he knew, it was none of his business. Jennifer squirmed uncomfortably as Daniel related the story of the mix-up with the leather jacket. Jennifer urged Daniel to let it go. Daniel warned Jennifer that she wasn't doing J.J. any favors by keeping the truth from Paige if Paige and J.J. were, indeed, getting back together.

Jennifer angrily demanded that Daniel back off, but he reminded her that she'd involved him by asking him to find out what had been going on with J.J. "I care so much about you and your family," Daniel declared, urging Jennifer not to shut her out when he was only trying to help. A distressed Jennifer asserted that Daniel was wrong about everything and headed for the door. As Jennifer opened the door, she found Nicole in the hallway, her arm raised to knock and a huge smile on her face, which fell the instant she saw Jennifer.

Nicole and Jennifer both glared at Daniel, who maintained that it wasn't a good time. Grabbing Nicole's arm and pulling her into the apartment, Jennifer declared, "Nicole, come on in because I was just leaving." Daniel maintained that he and Jennifer weren't finished with their conversation yet. Nicole protested, "Jennifer seems to think so. Is she the reason you didn't call me back?" Daniel escorted Nicole out and practically slammed the door in her face.

"Seriously?" Nicole hissed indignantly, but instead of leaving, she stuck around to listen through the door. Nicole heard Jennifer stressing to Daniel that they couldn't change the choices they'd made and reminding him that they were both moving forward with their separate lives, which she thought he'd accepted. She urged Daniel to let her and her family get on with their lives without his interference," Jennifer asserted.

In the hallway, Nicole wondered, "Oh, my God. Is Daniel trying to get back together with her?" Daniel argued that he cared too much about Jennifer and her family to stay out of it. Fed up, Jennifer announced that she was leaving, so Nicole quickly ducked out of sight. As soon as Jennifer was down the hall, Nicole stomped into Daniel's apartment and demanded, "Are you trying to get back together with Jennifer?" A furious Daniel couldn't believe that Nicole had been eavesdropping.

"You don't answer my phone calls or my texts, you slam the door in my face, and I'm not supposed to wonder what the hell is going on here?" Nicole demanded angrily. Daniel got an urgent text message from the hospital just then and had to leave, which only made Nicole angrier. She charged out the door after him.

J.J. was pacing in the living room like a caged animal when Jennifer got home. "Mom, Daniel knows the truth. I'm sure of it now," J.J. said. Jennifer agreed, since she had just gone to talk to Daniel. "Oh, my God. What are we going to do?" J.J. asked.

Melanie was leaning against the counter at the nurses' station, trying to figure out why Clint would have taken blood from both Brady and Theresa, when Maxine pointed out that Melanie's shift was over. Declared that she was glad Maxine was back from vacation, Melanie asked the elder nurse for some advice. As the two women entered the break room, Melanie tried to swear Maxine to secrecy. That only worried Maxine, who demanded to know what was going on.

"I think something strange is going on with someone that I know, but I don't have any proof about it, and I'm worried that if I keep digging that I'm going to cause problems with this person, and they already are not my biggest fan," Melanie explained vaguely. Maxine guessed right away that Melanie was talking about Theresa Donovan and cautioned Melanie to steer clear of Theresa. Maxine pointed out that Theresa's initials stood for "trouble and drama."

Melanie fretted that Theresa's "bad news" boyfriend could hurt Theresa, but Maxine asserted that it was not Melanie's problem. Melanie said she would ordinarily agree but it seemed Theresa and the boyfriend had dragged Brady into it. Maxine asked if Melanie suspected the boyfriend had committed a crime, and Melanie admitted she had no proof.

Maxine wanted to know if Melanie had discussed any of it with Brady. Melanie said she'd promised Brady that she'd leave Theresa alone -- and Theresa had until the latest events. Maxine suggested that Brady deserved to know what was going on, especially if it were something that affected him. Melanie agreed, adding that she didn't want to lie to Brady, even if it turned out to be nothing.

Later, Nicole met Daniel as he got off the elevator at the hospital. "We are not finished talking!" Nicole insisted. Daniel cautioned her that she didn't want to talk to him until he'd cooled down. Just then, Maxine appeared to escort Daniel to where he was needed. All Nicole could do was let out an exasperated sigh.

Melanie went to the Kiriakis mansion to talk to Brady. Brady acknowledged that he already knew Melanie had been to see Theresa right after Melanie had agreed to stay away. Melanie insisted that she'd only gone over there after Theresa had sent the text because she hadn't wanted Theresa bothering Brady when he'd just gotten out of the hospital. Brady said he thought Melanie understood that engaging with Theresa only made things worse. Upset, Melanie contended that Theresa acted out because she was still in love with Brady.

Brady reminded Melanie that he and Theresa had been through a lot, especially when Kristen had returned, and he had realized that he'd used Theresa to avoid Kristen. "I slept with her when I knew it was a mistake more than once, and it wasn't fair to her at all," Brady added. He recounted how Theresa had thought she'd been pregnant because of the positive pregnancy test. The pieces suddenly began falling into place for Melanie, who recalled that Dr. Mandrake was a fertility doctor. "Oh, my God!" she exclaimed, dropping the glass in her hand.

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