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Friday, June 23, 2017

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin confronted Sonny about firing fifty employees at Titan. Although Sonny justified his actions as removing all traces of Deimos from the company, Justin said it was a mistake. Justin worried aloud that there would be lawsuits for unlawful termination. Sonny argued that as CEO, he could fire whomever. With a groan, Justin told Sonny that he should have researched first to determine who was tied to Deimos.

Sonny said it would have been a waste of time to vet the fifty employees that had been hired by Deimos. With a nod, Sonny shoved his tablet into Justin's hand. The tablet showed a news headline announcing that Deimos was a drug kingpin. Sonny asked Justin to give him a chance before judging his actions. Justin said he wanted Sonny to succeed.

In an alley, Deimos met up with an employee. Deimos assured the man that he would do what he could to help the people that had been arrested at his Halo lab. The man handed Deimos a burner phone. With a scowl, Deimos said his first priority was to track down the amulet. Deimos growled that Sonny was his top enemy and that he would take his revenge.

Deimos said that the money from the sale of the amulet would be invested into his Halo business. On cue, the henchman handed Deimos a vial of Halo 2.0. With an evil gleam in his eyes, Deimos held up the vial of Halo and said that the new version was a less lethal type of the drug. Deimos said he planned to use the new test batch of Halo, since he had the formula to make more.

In the Brady Pub, Eric ate breakfast with Marlena. Eric explained that he and Jennifer had decided to just be friends. Eric added that he wanted to concentrate on his work at the Horton Center. Seeing the tension on Eric's face, Marlena asked what was wrong. Eric informed Marlena that the court had assigned Nicole to work for him at the center for her community service. Eric explained that he had not been able to get Nicole reassigned. Marlena urged Eric not to let anyone undermine his confidence in his work.

Eric said there was a lack of funding at the center and that it was in danger of closing down. Marlena suggested a fundraising event, but Eric said there was no seed money to start a fundraising effort. With a smile, Marlena suggested that Eric talk to Julie about using her celebration for the plane crash survivors as a kickoff for a larger fundraiser.

At the Salem Inn, Chloe stared at her custody agreement papers and thought about when she had given Holly to Nicole. Nancy called Chloe's cell phone. Chloe said she would not change her mind because Holly belonged with Nicole. Chloe's phone beeped, and she switched over to the other line. Chloe gasped.

In their bedroom at the Kiriakis mansion, Brady and Nicole marveled over Holly and how happy they were together. Overwhelmed, Nicole said she had never been so happy in her life. Brady checked his phone and told Nicole about the arrest warrant out for Deimos. Frustrated, Nicole said she was stunned that she had been involved with someone that had almost cost her Holly. Brady and Nicole agreed that they were lucky.

Talk turned to decorating Holly's room, but the conversation was cut short by a call from Chloe. Chloe told Nicole that Judge Thorpe had summoned her, Nicole, and Holly to meet at the courthouse. Panicked, Nicole asked what was wrong. Chloe said there was a complication.

At the hospital, John checked in on Paul as he was packing to leave. Paul announced that he had been cleared to leave the hospital. Paul thanked John for rescuing him from the island. With a grin, John said there was nothing he would not do for Paul. Paul offered to get baseball tickets as a thank you, but John shook his head no. John explained that he needed to return to the ISA and finish his case. Paul promised to look after Marlena for John while he was away.

Paul talked to John about Sonny, and he shared his fear that Sonny's position at Titan had changed him. Paul explained that Sonny had decided to fire everyone that Deimos had hired, without regard to whether they would be loyal to Sonny or not. With a shrug, John said Sonny would settle down. Paul worried aloud that Sonny was obsessed with showing that he was more ruthless than Deimos. John assured him that Sonny would find a balance in his life eventually.

When Paul returned to the Kiriakis mansion, he talked to Paul about the firings. Paul was disappointed to hear that Sonny had gone through with his plan. With a grimace, Sonny said he had not realized what a creep he would feel like for firing people. Sonny added that he had provided large severance packages for the fired employees. Paul said he had faith that Sonny would stay true to being a good person. Relieved, Sonny smiled. Paul credited Sonny with saving him when he had been sick. Sonny told Paul that he would never give up on him.

At the Brady Pub, John met up with Marlena to say goodbye. John gave Marlena an airplane charm for her bracelet as a reminder that he would always fly home to her. "I love it. I love you. I don't need a reminder. You're always on my mind. You are always in my thoughts," Marlena said. John said he felt the same way. Wiping away Marlena's tears, John asked her to join him for one last errand.

In Judge Thorpe's chambers at the courthouse, Justin, Chloe, Brady, Nicole, and Holly gathered to meet. Judge Thorpe explained that he would not allow Nicole to take custody of Holly. Panicked, Nicole asked Justin what was happening. Justin argued that Nicole was Holly's biological mother, but Judge Thorpe countered that Nicole was an unfit mother. Judge Thorpe noted that Nicole had previously been convicted of kidnapping. Justin argued strenuously that Nicole had every right to raise her child.

Nicole asked what would happen to Holly. Judge Thorpe said that he would place Holly in foster care. Nicole pleaded for help, and she asked if Chloe could take custody back. Judge Thorpe said Chloe was also unfit because she had stolen the embryo. A frustrated Justin vowed to file an appeal.

"Does this mean I'm never gonna see my child again?" Nicole asked. The judge clarified that the foster care situation would last sixty days then the judge would revisit the custody issue. Judge Thorpe warned Nicole to stay clean or lose custody forever. When Justin asked about contact, Judge Thorpe said Nicole could not have any contact. Justin asked if Maggie could visit Holly, and the judge agreed. Nicole and Brady said goodbye to their daughter.

As Nicole broke down in Brady's arms, Chloe apologized for causing Nicole to lose her daughter. Nicole said it was not Chloe's fault. Chloe said she would stay in town if Nicole needed her. Wiping away tears, Nicole said she would be fine. Justin told Nicole that he would file an appeal. Nicole hugged Chloe goodbye. When Nicole and Brady were alone, Nicole vowed to get Holly back. Nicole said she would prove to the judge that she was a strong, capable mother. Nicole said her first step to proving herself was to focus on her community service.

When Brady arrived home at the Kiriakis mansion, he met up with John and Marlena. John said Paul was healthy, and John was glad that both his sons were healthy and home. Brady's face fell. When Marlena asked what was wrong, Brady explained that the court had placed Holly into foster care. Brady said he was hopeful that they would regain custody in two months. Smiling, Brady said they should celebrate Paul's return home. John said the party would have to wait until he returned from his ISA mission.

At the Horton Center, Nicole walked into Eric's office and waited for him. Nicole stared at a photo of Holly on her phone. When Eric walked in, he and Nicole stared at one another in silence.

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