Wednesday, April 27, 2016

In Jade's bedroom, a smiling Joey and Jade basked in the afterglow of losing their virginity to one another. Joey asked Jade what she was thinking. With a grin, Jade said it was their last night in town, and she wanted to go dancing. Jade suggested that they crash the prom.

At the prom, Ciara danced with Theo. Ciara told Theo that she appreciated that he had stood up for her against Mark. With a nod, Theo said he would do anything for Ciara. In the corner, Mark watched the couple dance while he sipped from a flask. After the song ended, Ciara and Theo joined Claire and Henry at the bar. Henry told them that Claire was nervous about singing her original song. Claire playfully hit Henry when he said he planned to put the performance on YouTube.

While the guys went to fetch refreshments, Claire asked Ciara if she thought there was a future with Theo. Ciara grabbed Claire's hand and walked her into the corner to talk. Across the room, Henry asked Theo about his relationship with Ciara. Theo said things were good. Mark approached the guys and asked Theo if his date with Ciara was everything that Theo had hoped. Theo stressed that he did not want any trouble. Henry agreed, and he asked Theo if they could move past their fight. As Theo stared at the floor, Mark wished Theo and Henry a good evening and walked away.

Joey and Jade arrived at the prom, and Jade dismissed the party as lame. With a shrug, Joey said he hoped they would get to hear Claire sing. Jade said that after Claire performed, she wanted to get crazy. While Ciara put her hand in Theo's over at the bar, Joey walked over with Jade and reintroduced her to them. Jade skipped over to the refreshments table, and Ciara told Joey that he looked friendly with Jade. With a grin, Joey nodded at Theo and Ciara's clasped hands and said they were too. Theo explained that they were going to decide after prom whether they should date.

The moment was interrupted when the DJ announced Claire's performance. Claire sang her original song while Henry recorded a video of her performance. As they enjoyed the show, all the couples around the room kissed. The room erupted in applause. Henry told Claire that he had posted her performance on YouTube, and she giggled with joy. Henry asked Claire to dance, and Theo and Ciara joined them on the dance floor. In the corner, Mark plotted his revenge.

While the DJ was distracted, Jade changed the label on a thumb drive so the DJ mistakenly put in the wrong music. As peppy modern rock started, the room erupted with cheers and whoops. Mark mad a phone call to someone and ordered them to wait for his signal. After the DJ sorted out the music, he announced that the prom king and queen were Theo and Ciara. Startled, Theo and Ciara stumbled up to the stage.

Mark talked on the phone to someone and confirmed that he had rigged the ballots. Mark gave the person the signal to go. On the monitor, a derogatory slide show about Theo and Ciara appeared. As the DJ dashed off to find the culprit and stop the show, the next slide was a photo of Ciara with Chase. The caption on the photo read, "Good friends! Let's get it on!" Horrified, Ciara cried out, "No." The next photo was a photo of Ciara drinking and a caption stating that she was a party girl. There were calls from Ciara's friends to turn off the show, but it continued. Mark smirked in the corner. Joey pointed at Mark, and Ciara yelled that she wanted to "teach this punk a lesson."

In the hospital, Summer stopped by to visit Maggie and found her working with a therapist. The therapist explained that she was rubbing Maggie's leg to stimulate blood flow. With a timid smile, Summer asked if the therapist could teach her how to do that to help Maggie. Maggie nodded yes to the therapist. After the tutorial, the therapist left, and Summer rubbed Maggie's legs for her. Summer joked that she might have found her calling.

Maggie said that if she had been older and had been able to use her legs, she would not have given Summer up for adoption. Summer cautioned Maggie not to get worked up. When Maggie said she wanted to make the pain up to Summer, Summer countered that she did not want pity. Maggie stressed that she had thought she was doing what was best for both of them, and she admitted that she had been wrong. When Maggie said she understood if Summer hated her, Summer argued that her feelings were complex, but she did not hate Maggie.

When Maggie noted that she had been able to enjoy a number of years with her legs, Summer said she was amazed at Maggie's positivity. Maggie asked for the red shoes from her charm bracelet. Summer gave the charm to Maggie. As Maggie stared at the charm, she told Summer the story of how her husband Mickey had given her a pair of red shoes, and they had danced together all night when she had regained the use of her legs. Maggie said she believed the charm was a sign that she would dance again. With a smile, Summer said she believed her purpose was to see Maggie dance again.

In Victor's room down the hallway, Nicole told Victor that she wanted to "take Deimos Kiriakis on a one-way trip to hell." Victor chuckled. Victor asked why, and Nicole said that when she had talked to Deimos, it had been clear that Deimos was proud of what he had done to Maggie. Nicole added that Helena was Deimos' Kryptonite. Victor smiled. Nicole asked to talk terms. After some negotiation, Nicole accepted thirty percent of Victor's net worth.

With a deal struck, Victor told Nicole everything he knew about Helena. Victor admitted that had been an ambitious jerk, and he had neglected Helena, leaving the door open for Deimos to sweep Helena off her feet. Victor then told Nicole about some of Helena's quirks. After learning some pointers, Nicole joked that she needed to buy supplies for her new assignment. Outside the room, Justin looked through the window, curious why Nicole and Victor were laughing together.

Justin barged in and demanded to know what Nicole and Victor were plotting. Nicole made some jokes, but Victor told Nicole that she did not need to lie because he was going to tell Justin everything. Justin handed Victor a photo album, and he asked if Victor was plotting against Deimos. Victor filled Justin in on the plan. Justin argued that Deimos would see through the ruse.

Nicole said Deimos had already sniffed out the plan, but she had played it cool to lure Deimos in. Justin asked Victor to let him win in court, but Victor said no. Victor said there was no proof of Deimos' crimes, and he asked that Justin and Brady stay out of it. Reluctantly, Justin agreed.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate signed the papers to sell Basic Black to Titan and to confirm her as co-CEO of Titan with Deimos. When Kate noted that she would not have the job if not for Deimos, he grabbed her and kissed her. After the two had sex upstairs, Kate told Deimos that power suited him. Deimos said he was exhilarated that he had everything he wanted. Kate and Deimos had a Champagne toast to their success. With a smile, Deimos said he looked forward to learning about business from Kate.

After falling asleep, Deimos awoke to the sound of Helena's voice. In the doorway, a glowing vision of Helena appeared in a wisp of smoke. Helena told Deimos that he had betrayed her with a whore. Shaking his head no, Deimos said that Kate was a wonderful woman but that he would never betray Helena. With tears in his eyes, Deimos told Helena that he loved her. As Helena backed away, Deimos woke up. The room was empty except for Deimos and a sleeping Kate. There was no Helena in the room. Rattled, Deimos grabbed the bottle of Champagne and headed downstairs.

As Deimos stared at himself in the mirror, Kate joined him. Kate asked Deimos if he regretted getting involved with her. Deimos said no. Kate told Deimos to show her how much he cared about her. Deimos kissed Kate, but when he opened his eyes, he saw Helena. As Deimos backed away, he awoke from his dream within a dream in his bedroom. Deimos sighed in frustration. A groggy Kate woke up and asked what was wrong. Deimos threw himself onto Kate and kissed her intensely.

In her hotel room, Nicole stared at a photo of Helena. In an attempt to replicate the look, Nicole changed into an outfit and jewelry reminiscent of Helena. When Nicole looked at herself in the mirror, she fell back onto the bed. Nicole stared at her engagement ring from Daniel and sighed.

On the couch at the Brady house, Rafe and Hope kissed passionately. Hope stood up, took Rafe by the hand, and led him upstairs to the bedroom. As Hope and Rafe kissed on the bed, Hope hesitated. Rafe asked Hope if she was okay. Hope said she could not sleep with him. As Hope started to apologize, Rafe told her not to. Hope said she wanted to have sex with Rafe, but she could not do it in that bedroom or that bed. Rafe kissed Hope tenderly on the forehead.

Rafe said he had loved their evening together but admitted that it was weird to be in the bedroom she had shared with Bo. Kissing Hope's hand, Rafe said he wanted to make love to her in their room and in their place. Hope agreed. The two walked over to the Brady Pub, and they searched online for a place to have a romantic weekend getaway. Hope's phone rang. Ciara called to tell Hope that she had been arrested.

At the police station, Officer Dylan informed Hope and Rafe that Ciara, Joey, Jade, Henry, and Claire had been arrested. Theo interrupted to say that he was there to make sure that his friends were treated fairly. An angry Judge McNair stomped into the precinct. Dylan informed Hope that Ciara and her friends had spray-painted the judge's car. Judge McNair explained that he had loaned his car to his son, Mark, for the prom. When Hope asked for details, Theo told Judge McNair and Hope that they should ask Mark why Ciara had spray-painted the car. Mark shifted nervously.

. . .

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