Friday, April 24, 2015

As Lucas and Will walked through Horton Square, Will expressed outrage that Victor had fired Lucas. Lucas promised to explain everything in more detail later. Will was on his way to see Sonny, so Lucas wished his son luck.

At Will and Sonny's apartment, Adrienne put Arianna to bed and rushed to answer her phone before it woke the baby. "I got your message. What's wrong? What's the emergency?" Justin asked when Adrienne answered. After she reassured Justin that it didn't have anything to do with their children, Adrienne apologized, explaining that she'd thought saying it was an emergency was the only way to get him to call her back. Justin was annoyed. Adrienne informed her husband that Victor had given her twenty-four hours to tell Justin that she was having an affair with Lucas before Victor broke the news himself.

"I'm sure you wasted no time telling him about me and Elsa," Justin guessed, peeved that his uncle knew about both Justin and Adrienne's affairs. Adrienne said Victor had already known. Justin wasn't really surprised that Adrienne had decided to pay him back by sleeping with Lucas. "I can't believe your ego! I only slept with Lucas to get back at you," Adrienne retorted ironically. Accepting some of the responsibility for what had happened, Justin said he would try to finish his work there and return home, because he knew it wasn't something they could work out over the phone.

"You're gonna try to squeeze me into your busy schedule?" Adrienne said snidely. Growing more exasperated, Justin said he didn't know what Adrienne expected him to do or say from six thousand miles away. Adrienne declared that she just hadn't wanted him to hear about her affair from Victor. Justin continued talking about how long it would take to wrap up things there, but Adrienne had already hung up.

Later, Adrienne clutched a pillow to her chest and wept as she recalled the last conversation she'd had with Justin in person, when he'd confirmed that he'd been sleeping with Elsa. When there was a knock at the door, Adrienne barely bothered to wipe away tears as she went to answer it and found Lucas waiting outside. "You talked to Justin?" Lucas asked. Adrienne nodded and threw herself into his open arms, sobbing inconsolably.

After a moment, Adrienne let go of Lucas. "Adrienne, I am so sorry. I never meant for you to get hurt like this," Lucas said. Adrienne pointed out that Lucas had also been hurt: he'd lost his job. Lucas insisted that he didn't care about the job; he only cared about Adrienne. "Maybe I shouldn't be telling you this... Despite everything that's happened and everything we've both lost, it's really been worth it for me," Lucas declared. "Me too," Adrienne concurred, beaming through her tears and kissing Lucas.

"Kate's the one who had told Victor about us," Lucas reluctantly informed Adrienne, explaining that his mother had done it because she'd wanted to take over Mad World. An incredulous Adrienne exclaimed, "Oh, my God, that woman could give Medea a run for her money! Why would she do that to her own son?"

Will arrived through the side door at Club TBD and asked Terry, the bartender, where Sonny was. Terry said Sonny was outside, talking to his uncle. Will said he would catch up with Sonny later and left the same way he'd entered.

At a table on the patio outside the club's front door, Victor complimented Sonny on a perfect cup of coffee. Sonny was skeptical that his uncle, who had two cooks on staff, was only at the club for coffee. Victor admitted that he was worried about Sonny, who assured Victor that he and Will were working things out. "Is that what you want, or do you want Paul back?" Victor questioned. Sonny nearly blew up when Victor referred to Paul as a "washed-up baseball player," but Victor asserted that Sonny's reaction indicated that he had unresolved feelings for Paul.

"Could you go do a hostile takeover or something and just leave me alone?" Sonny grumbled. Victor urged Sonny to do some soul-searching, pointing out that it had taken Will less than a year to cheat on Sonny. Will arrived around the corner and hid behind a tall shrub as Victor was reminding Sonny, "Will knew he was married; Paul didn't. He certainly didn't know he was married to you... Will cheated on you; Paul didn't." Sonny contended that none of it was Victor's business. Victor argued that when Paul had turned down Sonny's proposal, Sonny had settled for Will.

Sonny insisted that he had not "settled." Not buying it, Victor noted gently, "Sometimes -- and it's not fun -- we have to cut our losses and move on." Behind the bush, Will scowled. Sonny informed Victor that he and Will planned to go to couples therapy. Victor doubted counseling would help, since cheating was in Will's DNA, citing Sami, Lucas, and both of Will's grandmothers as examples. "Well, I think it goes back further than that. Didn't Caroline Brady have an affair with someone?" Sonny asked, pointing out Victor's hypocrisy.

Encouraging Sonny to talk to Paul, Victor revealed that he had Paul's address on his desk if Sonny wanted it. Victor added that he only wanted Sonny to be happy, and if Sonny could be happy with Will, Victor would wish them well -- but if Sonny were unsure about his feelings for Paul, it would eat away at Sonny and make him and Will miserable. He urged Sonny to at least think about it. Sonny said he would. Victor thanked Sonny for the coffee and left, and an unhappy Will slipped away.

Justin called Sonny and admitted that he had acted "like a jerk" when Adrienne had told him about her affair. Sonny understood his dad's reaction. Sonny grew a bit exasperated when Justin broached the topic of Paul's feelings for Sonny. Sonny explained that he'd just had a similar discussion with Victor, who had been very hard on Will, and Sonny had been left feeling confused.

Sonny wished he could talk to his dad about it in person because, usually, Justin actually listened. Justin said he was trying to get home, but he didn't know how long that might take. "Hey, Sonny -- how 'bout you coming over here to Hong Kong?" Justin proposed.

As Marlena sat alone in a corner booth at the Brady Pub, she called and left a message for John. "I'm curious how things are going with Paul -- and curious how things are going with us... It would be nice to talk to you. Will you call me? It would even be nicer to see you," Marlena said.

When Will joined Marlena a little later, she could immediately tell that something was wrong. Will explained, "Victor's trying to get Sonny to dump me. He's trying to get him back together with Paul... Then he said, oh-so-casually, that he had Paul's address on his desk in his study, just in case Sonny wanted to go visit him." Will believed that Sonny was thinking about visiting Paul. Will recounted the rest of Victor and Sonny's conversation for his grandmother, asserting that Victor would only worship Paul more once he learned that Paul was John's son.

Marlena stressed that Will was getting ahead of himself, but he reminded her that she knew all too well how Victor operated. When Will asked about John, Marlena admitted that John was upset because she hadn't told him that Paul was his son. Will said he and Sonny were about to do couples therapy, and Marlena understood that things could get complicated if Paul returned. Will implored his grandmother to ask John to remind Paul that Will, Sonny, and Arianna were a family. Marlena was reluctant to interfere, plus John hadn't returned any of her calls. "If I knew where he was --" Marlena began, and Will informed her, "Victor knows.

A little later, Henderson let Marlena into the Kiriakis mansion, and she went into the study to wait for Victor. Spotting the notepad on the desk with Paul's information on it, Marlena sidled over and surreptitiously snapped a photo of the address. She'd just finished when Victor walked in. Marlena acknowledged that Victor had to be upset about what had happened between Paul Narita and Will. Victor irritably reminded Marlena that he'd hosted Sonny and Will's wedding, and Will had jumped into bed with another guy just a few months later.

Marlena countered that she and Victor were hardly in a position to judge. She insisted that Will was "deeply remorseful" and only wanted a chance to make it up to Sonny. "I don't give a damn what Will wants. All I care about is what Sonny wants," Victor growled. Marlena assured Victor that she understood how he felt because she was very disappointed in Will for betraying Sonny. Victor grumbled that Will's behavior had been "appalling."

Marlena reiterated that they had no right to judge, and she believed they should let Will and Sonny work things out on their own. Victor argued that Will had needed to be set straight. Marlena asserted that Will was tormented over the terrible mistake he'd made, and he was trying to hold his family together. She reminded Victor, "It isn't just Will and Sonny. There's a child involved -- and I hope to God you respect that." Marlena left.

Will returned to Club TBD and entered through the front door. He greeted Sonny with a kiss, and Sonny said he'd just gotten off the phone with his dad. "I didn't get to see him much when he was in town... I'm actually thinking about going to see him," Sonny admitted. Will asked Sonny what he intended to do about their planned couples therapy, but Sonny maintained that there was more going on in his life than just his marriage. "You mean Paul, right?" Will concluded. Sonny replied firmly, "No. I'm going to go see my father. I won't be long."

Promising to talk more about it with Will after work, Sonny carried a tray of dirty cups behind the bar. Will muttered to himself, "Damn it, he's lying to me. I knew Victor would get to him." Will called Marlena and told her that Sonny was going to Hong Kong to visit Justin, but Will suspected Sonny was actually going to visit Paul. Marlena urged Will not to jump to conclusions, but Will was freaking out.

Marlena interjected, "Will, calm down. Against my better judgment, I've decided to help you. I know where Paul and John are, and I'm going there now." A grateful Will asked Marlena to apologize to John for the things Will had said about Paul. Marlena told her grandson that he needed to be absolutely clear about what mattered to him.

On the phone with Justin, Victor insisted, "Look, you needed to know the truth, so I made sure you did." Justin asserted that Victor had only succeeded in throwing gasoline on a fire. "You know, Justin, it's easy to be mad at me, but what you should be doing is focusing on your son and that low-rent neurotic that he's married to," Victor asserted.

At the DiMeras' Italian villa, when Dr. Mandrake described the nurse he'd sent away, an irked Kristen pronounced him an idiot.

Meanwhile, Melanie sneaked into the secret nursery hidden behind the armoire and gazed in amazement at baby Christopher. "Brady, this is your baby. This is your son. Oh, my God, we have to get you out of here," Melanie murmured. As Melanie took a blanket from the foot of the crib and prepared to pick the baby up, Kristen appeared behind her. "Well, hello there! This is a surprise," Kristen said genially.

Melanie pretended to be the nurse Kristen had hired. Kristen calmly revealed that she recognized Melanie from her pictures, which were all over Daniel's apartment and office. "So, it's you, huh? You been hittin' the sheets with Brady?" Kristen asked. When Melanie asked where Brady was, Kristen replied that he wasn't there -- and Melanie shouldn't be, either, since Italian law could be very harsh toward trespassers and probably to kidnappers, as well. Instead of calling the authorities, Kristen said she would handle the problem "in-house."

As Brady left the grounds of the DiMera property, he fretted because he hadn't heard from Melanie for a while. He sent her a text message, requesting that she respond right away. A few minutes later, Brady's phone rang, but instead of Melanie, it was his pilot, Lee. Lee informed Brady that Melanie had stowed away on the plane and forced him to land.

Just then, Brady's phone beeped, alerting him that he had another call. After Brady ended the call with Lee, he heard Kristen's voice chirping, "You're not going to believe who showed up at mia casa." Brady demanded to speak to Melanie, but Kristen said he should fetch Melanie himself. "Brady, don't come!" Melanie shouted as Kristen hung up.

Kristen guessed, "You're the one who filled Brady's head with all that craziness. It wasn't Theresa after all." Kristen insisted that Brady wasn't the baby's father, and Theresa wasn't the mother. Kristen added that she hadn't told Brady about the baby because she'd wanted to "keep things simple," but she would have to tell Brady the whole story because of Melanie. "Say hello to your new baby brother," Kristen announced, beaming as she gestured toward Christopher.

Brady returned to the villa and pounded on the door. When Mandrake answered, Brady grabbed him by the lapels and threw him up against the wall, demanding answers. Brady released the doctor when he heard Melanie's voice behind him. He grabbed her in a relieved hug, while Kristen remarked on the creepiness of Brady sleeping with the daughter of his best friend. Ignoring Kristen, Brady asked Melanie what had happened.

Kristen interrupted Melanie's stammering to announce, "I just introduced her to Christopher, my Daniel." Melanie reassured a dumbstruck Brady that Kristen was lying, but Kristen insisted it was true. Kristen reminded Brady that he had even walked in on her and Daniel having sex, although she had told Brady at the time that they hadn't actually gone through with it. "I found out after I left Salem that I was, miracle upon miracles, pregnant!" Kristen continued.

Since Melanie didn't know the history, Kristen explained that, after years of feeling like God was punishing her by denying her a child, the one thing she'd wanted more than anything, she had finally gotten pregnant. "And now I have my beautiful boy! Isn't he perfect?" Kristen gushed. Melanie agreed, quietly emphasizing that Brady should look at the baby's eyes. Kristen explained that she hadn't felt compelled to share her news with Daniel because she'd never really liked him.

Laughing at the absurdity of the situation, Melanie noted sarcastically that they should just believe what Kristen was telling them because Kristen wasn't a liar. "It's not some crazy, science fiction conspiracy theory about stealing fetuses from wombs. Christopher is mine. I conceived him. I gave birth to him. End of story," Kristen declared.

A nanny delivered Christopher to the living room, and Kristen placed the infant carrier on the sofa, facing away from the others. After a moment of cooing over the baby, Kristen explained, "You'll have to excuse us. This is Mommy and Christopher time." She informed the others that the police had been notified that there was an intruder and reiterated her warning about how tough the Italian authorities could be. Kristen urged Melanie and Brady to leave before they were arrested.

"I'm not going anywhere until you let me look at him," Brady declared. He assured Kristen that he wouldn't try to take the baby or put him in any kind of danger. "Then we can carry on this conversation at another time, in another place," Brady concluded. Mandrake stepped forward, but Kristen stopped him from doing anything to Brady. "Okay, one look. One. And then you go," Kristen conceded.

Brady walked around to the end of the couch, and his eyes widened as he stared at the sleepy infant. After a long moment, Kristen remarked that Christopher had Daniel's mouth and her eyes. Brady replied, "You know what? I think maybe he does." Kristen concluded that Brady was disappointed that the baby wasn't his. "I guess I'm going to have to deal with Daniel. I didn't want to, but that's life," Kristen added lightly. She turned to Brady and declared, "Arrivederci, Brady. Don't come back."

Brady countered firmly, "Before I go, I want to have this baby tested." Kristen reminded Brady that she'd already told him who the baby's father was. "I'm not letting that baby out of my sight until we have a DNA test that determines the parentage. I want to know who the mother is, and I want to know who the father is," Brady declared with quiet determination. "Okay, well, in that case," Kristen said, calmly reaching into the baby's carrier. When she turned back around, she pointed a pistol at Brady's face. "You're not going anywhere," Kristen said, as Mandrake pulled a gun on Melanie, as well.

. . .

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