Friday, May 22, 2015

Outside Club TBD, Paul pressured Sonny to be honest about his feelings for Paul. Just then, Will exited the club and demanded to know what was going on. Sonny irritably informed his husband that nothing was going on; Paul was merely trying to explain what had happened. An angry Will presumed that Paul was lying to Sonny about the events that had led to Paul punching Will because Paul wanted Sonny back.

The bartender stuck his head out the door and told Sonny that someone had hacked into the computer system. After Sonny headed inside, Will demanded to know what Paul and Sonny had been talking about. "I just asked Sonny if he was still in love with me," Paul said, explaining that his inspiration had been Will's story about the love between Paul's father and Will's grandmother. Will asserted that Sonny loved him, not Paul. Paul didn't think Will was so sure about that.

Paul informed Will that Sonny knew why Paul had punched Will -- and if Will continued lying, Paul would tell Sonny how Will had blackmailed Tori. Will maintained that he'd only done those terrible things because he'd been terrified of losing Sonny, whose first love had returned and become a "gay icon." Scoffing, Paul declared, "If you think that Sonny would choose me over you over some superficial things, you don't know your husband at all." Paul left.

When Sonny returned, Will apologized, especially since they had reconnected after the previous night. Will had to get back to work on his article about Clyde Weston, but the husbands agreed to talk later about what had happened with Paul.

In the park, Paige demanded to know why J.J. had slept with her mother. J.J. said he would tell Paige everything because he didn't want to lie to her anymore, but he didn't think she could possibly understand it, because he didn't. "I thought I'd lost you forever, Paige," J.J. began. He continued that Paige had seen the pictures of him with the girls at the party the same night Eve had learned she couldn't have surgery on her vocal cords. J.J. had been drinking, but he'd gone to the apartment to try to explain things to Paige, but he'd found a crying Eve instead.

J.J. maintained that having sex with Eve had been the biggest mistake of his life, and he'd been trying to fix it ever since. An incredulous Paige acknowledged that she knew J.J. had slept with Eve numerous times. "How many times was it, J.J.? Just how many mistakes did you and Mommy Dearest make?" Paige demanded. J.J. said Eve had threatened to tell Paige everything, because Eve had thought it preferable to lose Paige than let her get back together with him. He reminded Paige of how Eve had tried to keep her in California permanently.

Paige pointed out that J.J. still hadn't answered her question -- and she didn't understand why, if J.J. had been as angry with Eve as he'd claimed, he'd slept with her repeatedly. Furious, Paige continued to ask how many times J.J. had slept with her mother. J.J. admitted that he didn't know why he'd done it, and he didn't expect Paige to forgive him. "No matter how much I screwed up or how I screwed up, I do love you. Paige, you have to believe that," J.J. implored.

Paige said she did believe that J.J. loved her, and that was the only reason she had forgiven him for sleeping with someone else -- but then J.J. had lied to her over and over and had even blackmailed her mother just to keep Paige from finding out the truth. "That might be what love means to you, J.J., but that's not love to me," Paige declared quietly. She accused J.J. of playing up how misunderstood he was because nice girls fell for that -- but Paige was no longer that stupid, nice girl.

J.J. said it would be awful if the bad things he'd done had changed who Paige was. Paige declared that she couldn't forgive J.J. or save him again because she needed to save herself. J.J. insisted that he wasn't trying to get Paige to forgive him, but he would do anything to make things right. Paige vehemently stated that if J.J. truly meant that, then what he could do for her was to never contact her in any way again. J.J. professed that he couldn't live without Paige.

Paige countered hotly that he wouldn't be alone for long, because there would always be some gullible girl there to comfort him and accept his lies -- but she predicted that if he continued treating the people he loved the way he did, he would ultimately end up alone. As Paige started to leave, she stopped and demanded, "Do you even understand why I'm hurting so much? It's because you made me love you, even when you knew it was wrong, even when you knew you should've walked away, vanished from my life forever. And now, I hope you do."

On board the DiMera jet outside Salem, Chad wondered why Stefano cared about whether Abigail and Chad reunited. Stefano countered, "Are you saying that you are not in love with her?" Chad noted that Stefano had dodged the issue by answering a question with a question. Stefano insisted that he only wanted to see his last remaining child be happy -- and he wouldn't let anything stand in the way of that. Chad didn't think there was anything Stefano could do to help him, since Abigail was still with Ben. Stefano was optimistic that Chad would succeed. After thanking his father for taking Marlena home, Chad got off the plane.

Alone in her apartment, Eve realized that drinking wouldn't help her situation, and she set her wine glass down on the kitchen counter. She rushed to the phone when it rang, hoping it was Paige, but instead it was Theresa, calling from her hospital bed. Theresa invited Eve to visit so she could meet her new nephew, Tate. Eve declined because she had "more important things going on." Theresa wondered what could possibly be more important.

Theresa joked that Eve should put a batch of martinis in a Thermos and take them to the hospital. Eve snapped that Theresa had a baby and couldn't continue partying all the time. Eve cautioned her perplexed sister to be careful or risk losing everything. "When did you turn into Saint Monica?" Theresa muttered when she realized Eve had hung up.

Eve was worried and anxious about where Paige could have gone. Pacing, Eve wondered, "Did she go to the Hortons'? I swear to God, if J.J. lied his way out of this, my God, I will kill him!" She grabbed her keys and ran out the door.

At the Horton house, Jennifer admitted to Abigail that she'd known about J.J. sleeping with Eve for months because she'd found them in bed together. As she cleaned up the smashed birthday cake from the floor, Jennifer asserted that she should have protected J.J. from Eve. Abigail accused Jennifer of not only keeping quiet about J.J. and Eve's affair but of not thinking about the effect it would have on Paige. "Everything you did or didn't do, it was all for J.J.!" Abigail contended.

Abigail believed that after finding out, Jennifer had been determined to make sure J.J. and Paige got back together, regardless of what it might have done to Paige if she had found out. "You didn't just keep quiet about this, Mom. You lied," Abigail asserted. Jennifer said she hadn't seen it that way, but Abigail declared that she would never understand why Jennifer had gone along with J.J.'s deception.

Dialing back her outrage a bit, Abigail stressed that she loved her mom, but she pointed out that the behavior didn't really seem like Jennifer. "Well, I haven't felt like myself since that day," Jennifer admitted. Abigail said she needed some air, got her purse, and walked out the front door. Jennifer looked up a moment later and saw Eve standing in the doorway.

Eve wondered what had happened to cause Paige's party to end so early. "What happened? You came back to Salem and proceeded to destroy everything in your path, including my son -- and your own daughter," Jennifer retorted. Eve asserted that J.J. shared that blame because he'd been too stupid to make sure his girlfriend wasn't listening in the next room before going on and on about how he'd slept with her mother.

Jennifer pointed out that Paige had also learned that Eve had planted drugs in J.J.'s backpack, but Eve insisted she hadn't done that. Disgusted, Jennifer sneered, "No, you got someone to do it for you. Did you pay him to do it or let him take it out in trade?" Her worry finally trumping her anger, Eve said she had only gone there because wanted to know where Paige was. Jennifer said she didn't know -- but she thought that Eve had lost Paige forever.

Refusing to accept that, Eve demanded to know where J.J. was. Before Jennifer could answer, Eve accused J.J. of manipulating Paige into forgiving him so they could run off to California together. An incredulous Jennifer tried to throw Eve out, but Eve ignored her. "No matter what that boy does, you're there to love, comfort, and abet that little criminal son of yours!" Eve remarked with disbelief -- but Jennifer surprised her by concurring.

"It's just wrong. You get to keep your child while I lose mine," Eve noted, clearly grieving. She pointed out that no one had forced J.J. to have sex with her -- and Jennifer wasn't blameless, either, because she had helped J.J. win Paige back. "My daughter, who actually does have a soul, is lost, is devastated, and nobody deserves that kind of hurt. Nobody, especially not my beautiful daughter!" Eve declared. "No, she didn't deserve any of this," Jennifer agreed.

Eve understood the emphasis and the implication that Eve did deserve it. "Another smug, condescending pronouncement by the great Jennifer Horton. God, I hate you, and I cannot believe that, once again, you have gotten away with everything, just like you always do. And I lose the one -- the one good thing that has ever happened to me!" Eve hissed before storming out. Outside, Eve vowed that Jennifer would not get away with it.

A pensive Abigail was wandering through Horton Square when Chad spotted her. He followed her to the park and remarked that she looked upset, but Abigail insisted she was fine. Expressing his gratitude to Abigail for being there after his sister had died, Chad offered to listen if she wanted to talk. Abigail acknowledged that she was in no position to judge people after everything she'd done. Chad assured her that he didn't think any less of her for sleeping with E.J., and neither did Ben.

Abigail admitted that perhaps she'd been unfair to her mom by holding her to a higher standard than everyone else. Abigail added that she loved and respected her mom. "Has that changed?" Chad asked. Abigail confessed that something had happened with her mom, but instead of being supportive, Abigail had been judgmental. She continued that she tended to make snap judgments and turn her back on the people she loved, and it wasn't right. "I wasn't fair to you, Chad," Abigail admitted.

Alone on the jet, Stefano held a large manila envelope labeled "Abigail Deveraux." "There's still time for you to win her, my son, for the family," Stefano said.

Melanie was looking through a stack of photos at Daniel's apartment when Brady called and said he needed to see her right away about something very important. When Brady learned that Melanie was taking some time off, he offered to go to Daniel's. Melanie tried to tell Brady that it wasn't a good time, but he'd already hung up.

A grinning Anne entered Theresa's room and asked, "So, bubbeleh, how's Mother of the Year?" Theresa pointed out that she had been telling the truth about being pregnant, after all. Anne and Theresa were laughing giddily about how wealthy Tate's father and great-grandfather were when Brady walked in. He remarked on the women's good mood, and Theresa admitted it, beaming, "I think this is the happiest I have ever been!"

Brady informed Theresa that he had to leave the hospital for a little while, but he didn't divulge any details. Theresa did her best to hide her disappointment. After Brady left, Theresa admitted that she knew where Brady was going, but she could hardly tell him to stay away from the woman who'd gotten their son back.

Just then, Kimberly arrived, much to Theresa's surprise and dismay. Kimberly happily announced that she was there to see her grandson, but Theresa sullenly explained that the baby was in isolation. Unfazed, Kimberly shoved Anne out of the way to hug Theresa -- whom she referred to as "Jeannie" until Theresa corrected her. "What an ordeal you've been through, Theresa, my sweet girl," Kimberly murmured. Behind Kimberly's back, Anne mouthed, "Wow!" to Theresa.

After Anne left, Kimberly started trying to talk to Theresa about needing help with the baby, especially because of how everything had happened -- but Theresa interpreted her mother's words as criticism. Theresa complained, "This is exactly why I didn't want you here, because you've been here less than five minutes, and I already feel like I've done everything wrong, like I've messed up everything. But you know what? Tate is the very best thing that I have ever done in my entire life!"

"Your father and I are on your side -- yours and Tate's," Kimberly reassured Theresa. Theresa pointed out that her father wasn't there, but Kimberly explained that Shane was doing everything in his power to solve Theresa's legal problems back home. "You and Tate are going to go back to California with me as soon as possible," Kimberly announced, explaining that she and Shane would help Theresa raise Tate. "It's all being taken care of, even as we speak," Kimberly added.

Maxine went to Daniel's and playfully gave Melanie a hard time for taking time off work without filling out the proper form. "I guess tracking down a sociopathic kidnapper and returning a baby to its parents works -- just this once," Maxine teased, laughing as she hugged Melanie. Maxine observed that Melanie had been crying and wanted to know why.

Melanie retrieved the photos and tearfully explained that she'd been thinking about her awful childhood and wondering how differently things might have turned out if her parents had raised her. "I would've been a better person. Maybe I wouldn't have done all of the screwed-up things that I've done," Melanie cried. Maxine gently asked what had made Melanie start thinking about that. Melanie said every child deserved to be happy and have a good start in life.

Maxine reassured Melanie that whatever she'd done in the past, she had more than redeemed herself. Brady arrived just then, so Maxine quickly excused herself and left. Announcing that he had really missed Melanie, Brady embraced her and kissed her passionately. "As great as it's been to be with's been killing me, how little time we've gotten to spend together, and that's why I'm not going to be able to do this the way I wanted to do it... I wanted it to be big, huge, spectacular, skywriting, fireworks, something like that," Brady began.

Giggling, Melanie asked what Brady was talking about. Declaring that he didn't want to waste one more second, Brady dropped to one knee. A stunned Melanie gasped. "Melanie Jonas, will you marry me?" Brady asked, holding out an engagement ring.

. . .

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