Wednesday, October 1, 2014

After Paige had overheard Kayla inform a rape victim that she was also a rape survivor, Paige rushed over to J.J.'s house to talk to him. When Paige told J.J. what she had overheard, J.J. shifted his eyes away nervously. J.J. admitted that he already knew about Kayla's rape. When J.J. asked Paige how she had found out, Paige explained what had happened. J.J. pressed Paige for details. Paige said she was proud of Kayla but that she was ashamed that she had overheard the conversation. Paige explained that she had not heard the details about the rape but that she guessed that it had happened long ago.

When Paige asked J.J. what was wrong, J.J.'s phone rang. J.J. looked at the caller ID and saw that Kayla was calling. Paige urged J.J. to answer the call. When J.J. answered the phone, Kayla gushed about Paige and how Paige was an amazing person. After J.J. hung up, Paige told him that she felt awkward and that she needed to tell Kayla that she had overheard her conversation. Shocked, J.J. warned Paige not to tell Kayla.

J.J. explained that it was a sensitive topic and that it was best not to discuss it further. Paige nodded. With a smile, Paige told J.J. that she loved that he looked out for his aunt. J.J. told Paige that he loved her, and they kissed. As J.J. and Paige eased back on the couch, Paige suggested that they should go up to J.J.'s room. J.J. pulled away and said no.

In the DiMera living room, Sami stared at her tablet and waited for E.J. to return home. When E.J. arrived, Sami tersely informed E.J. that Susan had left. E.J. asked Sami why she had not called him, and Sami shrugged. Susan texted E.J.'s phone to tell him that she was leaving town. Sami smiled sadly when E.J. read the text aloud, ending with "evil still lurks."

Confused, E.J. asked Sami if she knew why Susan had left. Sami shook her head. Suspicious, E.J. asked Sami what was wrong and he noted that it was obvious that something was bothering her. Sami said that she did not know what had upset Susan and that she guessed that Susan had run into Kristen since Kristen had been in the living room when Sami had returned home. Alarmed, E.J. asked why Kristen had been in the house.

With a shrug, Sami said that Kristen had gloated about her freedom. E.J. commented that Kristen's behavior had been disgusting. Sami noted that Kristen would not serve any prison time for hurting Eric. Suspicious, E.J. said that he believed something else was bothering Sami. Sami explained that Kristen had also said that E.J. had known about the rape. When Sami asked if E.J. had told her the whole story, E.J. stressed that he had been completely honest. Sami asked how E.J. had felt about what Kristen had done to Eric, and E.J. said he had been appalled.

"That's not what she said. She said you liked it. Kristen said that you laughed when she told you. She said that it wouldn't hurt Eric to get knocked off his pedestal, that he'd have to walk around with the rest of us mere mortals," Sami said quietly. When Sami dared E.J. to lie to her, E.J. answered that he did not think he had laughed but that he had said those words. Furious, Sami turned her back on E.J.

E.J. reminded Sami that on the morning of Brady's wedding that E.J. and Sami had discussed that Eric was a better person than them and that E.J. had noticed that Sami was jealous of her brother. E.J. asked Sami if the conversation and situation had been about anyone other than Eric, whether she would have believed that anyone was that pure. Sami argued that Eric was truly a good person and that there was no flaw to bare.

"Every day after this happened I saw a truly noble man who had the most horrific thing done to him. That's why it was so very difficult for me to talk about it. I may have made that crack but I tore Kristen apart for what she did to your brother. I told her it was disgusting and appalling and I'm betting she didn't tell you that, did she?" E.J. said. Sami nodded. When E.J. reminded her of their conversation before the wedding, Sami admitted that she remembered that E.J. had been furious with Kristen that day.

E.J. argued that Kristen was jealous of their happiness and furious with E.J. for denying her legal assistance. E.J. asked Sami not to let Kristen upset her. Sami nodded. E.J. slipped behind her and put his arms around her, kissing her cheek. Sami smiled weakly. Sami commented that the morning had been too eventful. Sami and E.J. joked that their families were both crazy. When Sami commented that they should elope and leave Salem, E.J. waggled an eyebrow and reminded Sami that he had aliases for Sami and the children.

With a guilty grin, Sami admitted that she had handed the fake passports over to the police when E.J. had been arrested. E.J. smiled and pulled Sami onto his lap on the chair. E.J. said he had multiple aliases ready in order to protect the family. Sami admitted she was unnerved by the revelation but that she was pleased that E.J. was willing to run away with her.

"All I need is you. You and the children. That's everything i need and I have it right here," E.J. said. Sami and E.J. agreed that they would not let anyone get between them. As Sami and E.J. kissed one another, the children returned home and giggled as the witnessed their parents making out. Overjoyed, Sami and E.J. rushed over to their children and hugged them. The kids told heir parents that they were going on a field trip to the zoo.

Johnny made a crack about Sydney being young, and E.J. directed Sydney toward Johnny and announced that the tickle monster was going to get Johnny. Johnny ran behind the couch while Sami, E.J., Sydney, and Allie laughed. After tickling Johnny, Sami announced that it was time to tickle daddy. The children jumped on top of E.J., and he howled with laughter.

In the town square, Clyde said hello to Rafe. Rafe started to walk away, and Clyde stopped Rafe to thank Rafe for introducing him to Kate. Clyde complimented Kate and talked about his date with her. With a grin, Clyde told Rafe that he would help him with Jordan as a thank you for introducing him to Kate. Rafe declined the offer.

At the Brady Pub, Kate met with Chad to talk about Stefano. Chad told Kate that Stefano had asked Chad to inform Kate that Stefano was traveling to Frankfurt. Kate grumbled. When Chad asked why Kate was upset, she explained that a board member would be in Frankfurt and that she believed Stefano wanted Kate to panic and cancel the deal that the board member was working on. When Chad asked Kate what she planned to do, Kate said that she would play into Stefano's plan so that he would underestimate her. Kate noted that canceling the deal would lose the company money but that it would buy her time.

"You need to watch out because overconfidence has been the undoing of every DiMera man," Kate said. "I'm going to learn a lot from you, Kate," Chad remarked. Kate smiled.

Jordan stopped by Club TBD to talk to Ben and Sonny told her that Ben had left with Abigail. Sonny and Jordan talked about Chad's argument with Ben, and Sonny explained that Chad was jealous of Ben's relationship with Abigail. Sonny added that Chad had apologized and things were fine. When Sonny asked Jordan if she had met Chad, Jordan admitted that they had chatted but that she did not know if Chad knew that she was Ben's sister.

Chad arrived at the club, and Jordan told him that she was Ben's sister. Chad admitted that he had heard. Chad asked about Jordan's last name, and Jordan said things were complicated. Smiling, Chad said that he thought Jordan was a great sister, and he apologized for fighting with Ben. When Chad asked Jordan if she was upset with him, Jordan smiled and said that things were fine.

After Jordan left, Chad apologized to Sonny for not calling him when he had first returned to town. Chad explained that he had been obsessed with the article about E.J. and Abigail and that he had not been able to think about anything else. Sonny asked Chad if he would be able to stomach seeing Ben with Abigail every day. Chad smiled and joked that Sonny was a badass for being so direct. Chad assured Sonny that he had put Abigail behind him. With a grin, Chad said he wanted to talk to Sonny about some changes to the club.

Ben surprised Abigail with a hotel room. Ben immediately regretted his decision when he saw Abigail's stunned face, but Abigail assured Ben that she was pleased by the gesture. Unsure, Ben asked Abigail if she was uncomfortable after meeting with E.J. in the square. Abigail told Ben that the hotel situation was different than her experiences with E.J. and that she was excited that Ben had taken a chance on whisking her away for a romantic day. Overwhelmed, Abigail thanked Ben for creating a special day for her.

"You're everything I could want," Abigail whispered. Ben and Abigail sat down to eat room service. Both their phones rang, and they agreed to turn off their phones and ignore all calls for the day. When Abigail asked Ben if he had any job aspirations, he admitted that he wanted to go to school. Ben explained that he wanted to find a job that made him as happy as Jordan's profession made her. Ben and Abigail kissed.

In the town square, Kate met with Rafe. With a smirk, Rafe asked Kate if she had gone on a date with Clyde. When Kate said it was none of Rafe's business, he sighed at the statement, which confirmed Clyde's revelation. Rafe asked why, and Kate explained that Clyde had asked her out and that he was charming. Shaking her head, Kate asked Rafe if he was questioning her because of Jordan. Rafe argued that his instincts told him that there was something off about Clyde. When Kate asked Rafe if Jordan had overreacted with her father, Rafe shrugged.

Kate told Rafe that Clyde had been complimentary of Rafe, and that Clyde had expressed the hope that Jordan and Rafe would get back together. Rafe said he could not let go of his gut instinct. With a smile, Kate asked Rafe if he was jealous. Chuckling, Rafe said he was not jealous but that he was worried that Kate would get involved with someone that was bad for her.

As Rafe argued that he was looking out for a friend, Jordan walked through the square and saw Rafe grab Kate's hand. Rafe asked Kate to take things slow with Clyde. Kate thanked Rafe for caring about her, and he walked away. Kate noticed Jordan and called out to her. When Kate said that Jordan had missed Rafe, Jordan bristled. Kate explained that Rafe had been concerned that Kate had gone on a date with Clyde. Jordan's mouth dropped open in shock.

Clyde met with Jeremiah in the park to discuss business. Clyde ordered Jeremiah to obtain more product because Clyde intended to double their territory. When Jeremiah asked if Clyde intended to fight the whole DiMera family, Clyde explained that he only needed to fight E.J. because E.J. had split off from the family. Clyde added that there were riffs in the family and that E.J. was occupied with the troubles in his legitimate business.

"When you say we're going to deal with E.J. Dimera, we talking about an Arch Breslin type solution? Because I don't care how much squabbling goes on in the family. Some things will pull them together right quick," Jeremiah counseled. Jeremiah reminded Clyde that his actions could unify the DiMera family and they would tear Clyde apart. Clyde told Jeremiah that E.J. would see it his way, "One way or the other."

. . .

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