Monday, September 22, 2014
by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Sami started to lead E.J. upstairs, but a phone call interrupted the moment. Sami checked her cell phone, reasoning that the call might be about the kids, but it was just a business call. E.J. told Sami to go ahead and answer it, but she decided that business could wait.

Sami and E.J. went to their bedroom and started to undress, but he sensed some hesitation from her, so he paused and asked her to talk to him about what was bothering her. "It's what I've always been scared of with us. [...] I'm scared that if I don't hold some piece of myself back, that if I ever lost you, I wouldn't be able to survive," Sami admitted.

E.J. insisted that, as far as matters of the heart were concerned, Sami was the bravest person he had ever met. E.J. recalled that he had always hated watching Sami wear her heart on her sleeve for all the "heartless bastards" she had previously been involved with. "I gave you my soul. I won't ask for it back. I don't have any need for it without you. But the up to you," E.J. assured Sami.

Sami tried to respond with a kiss, but E.J. stopped her. "Samantha, I know you trust me with your body, but I want your heart...and your soul. I will never give you a reason to cut me out, and I will devote my life to being worthy of you, but I want -- I need -- the words. This. Is. Our. Time," E.J. whispered as he kissed Sami's hand.

Sami groaned and teased E.J. about the cheesy way he had ended his statement, and they playfully wrestled as he tried to pin her down and tickle her as punishment for making fun of him. "I'm yours, E.J. No take-backs. Finally and forever -- my heart, my soul, whatever you want," Sami assured E.J. after pausing to catch her breath. E.J. replied that he wanted it all, and after Sami stated that she loved him, they started to make love.

In a secluded section of Horton Town Square, Abigail questioned Ben about the large amount of cash he had been carrying earlier. Ben got a bit defensive, but Abigail assured him that she didn't believe Chad's accusations, since she knew Ben well enough to know that he would never steal -- especially from Sonny -- or sell drugs. Abigail explained that she was simply trying to understand what was going on.

Ben promised that he wouldn't lie to Abigail, but he added that it wasn't really his place to say anything else about the money. Ben started to complain about how things had been close to perfect between him and Abigail until Chad had returned to Salem, but she insisted that the matter had nothing to do with Chad, since it wasn't like he had placed the money in Ben's pocket. Abigail assured Ben that she trusted him and knew that if he wasn't able to say anything else about the money, there had to be a good reason for the secrecy, but she predicted that he would have been similarly curious if an envelope filled with cash had randomly fallen out of her purse.

Ben conceded the point and said he was sorry he had gotten defensive about the matter earlier. Abigail suggested dropping the subject entirely, and she quickly segued into a report about her earlier encounter with Jordan, who had seemed upset but had been vague about what might have caused the distress. Abigail guessed that it would probably be best for her to refrain from mentioning that she had seen Ben give Jordan the envelope filled with cash, and he confirmed that Jordan probably wouldn't want to talk about the matter.

Ben stressed that he hated keeping secrets from Abigail, and she assured him that she understood and could relate to his desire to protect his sibling. Abigail wondered if Ben truly believed that things between them had been close to perfect before Chad had returned to Salem. "Oh, as close as it gets," Ben confirmed before kissing Abigail.

Chad visited Kristen in her hotel room so they could catch up on everything that had changed since they had last seen each other. Kristen assured Chad that, despite any nasty rumors he might have heard about the things she had done the previous year, her motives had always been aboveboard. Kristen innocently complained about the unfairness of the situation, explaining that the people of Salem simply had it in for her -- and the rest of the DiMeras, for that matter.

Chad somewhat skeptically pointed out that, from what he knew about Daniel -- whose daughter Chad had once been engaged to -- and Eric, they both seemed like pretty good people. Kristen defensively assumed that, while Chad hadn't explicitly stated it, he was thinking that she had to be a wretched human being if supposedly fantastic, honorable, noble, well-respected people couldn't stand her. Chad clarified that he was simply worried about Kristen, and he hoped things would work out just the way she wanted them to. Kristen apologized for her earlier outburst and assured Chad that his concern was unnecessary because she was perfectly fine.

Changing the subject, Kristen guessed that it wasn't a coincidence that Chad had returned to Salem soon after the publication of Will's article about E.J.'s affair with Abigail. Chad claimed that wasn't why he had returned, but Kristen wasn't convinced. Kristen argued that E.J. had humiliated Chad in the most horrible way possible, and she bitterly added that E.J. was actually getting pretty adept at betraying family members.

Chad doubted that E.J. saw things that way. "I don't give a crap how he sees it. He slept with the woman you love, and he turned his back on me. He threw us both under the bus because he's an arrogant, self-centered son of a bitch, and I'm holding him accountable," Kristen vowed. Chad admitted that Kristen had always had a sixth sense about such things, and he wished he had taken the great advice she had given him in the past. Kristen was glad Chad had finally realized that she was infallible, and she decided to offer him some more advice, since it seemed like he was finally ready to take it.

While Chad wasn't willing to confirm the suspicion, Kristen was certain that he had returned to Salem to settle some scores. "[So] you need to listen to me -- listen very hard. Commit [this] to memory. When people hurt you, you have to make them pay. But you can hurt them even worse, and the way to do that is to make sure that they don't see you coming," Kristen advised Chad, who assured her that he understood that he needed to keep his friends close and his enemies closer.

After leaving Kristen's hotel room, Chad went to Club TBD, arriving just as Abigail was about to pay for a cup of coffee Ben had served her. "Your money's no good here," Chad told Abigail. Chad added that he owed Ben an apology, but Ben tersely replied that Chad didn't owe him anything. Ben walked away, but Chad stopped Abigail and asked her to hear him out. Chad admitted that reading the TruVista article had sent him over the edge and that he had been out of his mind with anger when he had arrived in Salem, but he acknowledged that lashing out at Abigail had been wrong, and he assured her that he knew she had never meant to hurt him.

Ben watched from the bar as Chad grasped Abigail's hand. Abigail allowed a moment to pass before pulling her hand away and thanking Chad for giving her the benefit of the doubt. Chad hoped that Ben would eventually cool down and let Chad apologize for the earlier misunderstanding, which Chad claimed had been the result of his own jealousy. Chad assured Abigail that he was trying to be a better person and that he had resolved to start owning his mistakes instead of blaming others for them. Chad regretfully acknowledged that he had to live with and learn from the fact that he was the one who had blown his relationship with Abigail, not her.

After Chad left, Abigail tried to convince Ben that Chad had simply been trying to make amends, but Ben insisted that he had zero interest in anything Chad had to say. Abigail pointed out that it wasn't necessarily wise for Ben to be outright rude to one of the people who owned the club he worked at, and she assured him that Chad was a good guy who had seemed genuinely sorry about what had happened earlier. Meanwhile, Chad stood outside the club with a satisfied smirk on his face. "You were right, sis -- don't let 'em see you comin'," Chad muttered before walking away.

In John's hospital room, Daniel informed Marlena and Brady that there had not yet been a change in John's condition. Brady and Marlena weren't terribly concerned, since Daniel had previously told them that it might take some time for the experimental drug to take effect. "Well, yeah, I know -- I know what I said, but I want to be honest with both of you -- something should've happened by now. [...] Time is, uh -- is running out. [...] The window for [the drug's] efficacy could be closing, [or] may have already closed," Daniel regretfully explained.

Theresa stopped Eric outside the Brady Pub to ask him about John's condition. Eric reported that, while the experimental drug had not yet delivered on its promise to revive John, everyone was praying that it eventually would. Eric was shocked when Theresa started complaining about the deal he had been forced to make in exchange for the drug, suggesting that John never would have done anything that selfless for Eric.

Admitting that she and John had never really liked each other, Theresa optimistically wondered if he might emerge from the coma with a different personality, since people weren't always the same after suffering brain injuries, especially if they subsequently lapsed into a coma for an extended period of time. Theresa reasoned that it would be better for John to forget about all the horrible things he had said to Brady beforehand, anyway, but Eric didn't think it would be wise to count on that possibility.

Eric observed that Theresa seemed distressed about the situation, and despite her claims to the contrary, he guessed that she was distressed not because it was a sad situation but because Brady would get a chance to reconcile with John if the drug worked. Theresa admitted that Eric was right, and she claimed that she was worried that if John emerged from the coma, he would do everything he could possibly do to turn Brady against her. Eric found it interesting that Theresa was making that her main concern when a man's life was at stake.

Theresa insisted that it wasn't her main concern, and she agreed that only a horrible person would want John to remain in a coma forever. Eric remained skeptical, guessing that Theresa didn't really want John to recover at all -- perhaps because she knew, deep down, that she had been the cause of the argument that had transpired between John and Brady. Eric advised that, while such a revelation could indeed turn Brady against Theresa, she would just have to learn to live with that if it happened, since facing the consequences of one's actions was simply a part of life.

Meanwhile, Eric received a text message from Marlena, so he excused himself so he could head over to the hospital. Theresa wanted to know if the text message had been about John's condition, so Eric hesitantly revealed that the drug had not yet started working. After Eric left, Theresa breathed a sigh of relief. "Eric, maybe you're right -- maybe there is a God," Theresa happily mused before rushing off to track down Brady so she could comfort him.

Theresa went to the Kiriakis mansion to look for Brady, but she instead found Daniel, who had gone there to retrieve a toy Parker had left behind during a previous visit. Daniel guessed that Theresa had heard the latest news about John's condition and was looking for Brady so she could comfort him. "Isn't it gonna be a little hard to hide the relief [...] that John is not going to wake up and tell the world what you did to him that night?" Daniel wondered.

Theresa feigned ignorance, so Daniel pointed out that she was the only person who truly knew what had happened to John on the night in question. "Was it you? Were you the one who hit John and put him in that coma?" Daniel asked after listing all the things that had aroused his suspicions.

Although he had promised not to during an earlier conversation with Daniel, Brady left the hospital and went straight to Kristen's hotel room so he could lash out at her for giving his family false hope. Kristen assured Brady that the drug simply hadn't been given enough time to work its magic, and she urged him not to listen to the doctors, who were in over their heads because they had never dealt with that sort of treatment before.

"I gave you hope, and despite all the lies between us, it's not false hope. I'm telling you, it isn't! I did everything I could, Brady, to bring your father back to you, because -- because I love you. I love you, Brady. I -- I love you, and I -- I -- I want to take that guilt that you have -- that soul-wrenching guilt that you're feeling -- I want to take it away from you. I want to -- I want to give you a chance to learn the truth about what really happened that night," Kristen blurted out, prompting Brady to wonder what truth she was trying to help him learn.

Kristen claimed that she wanted Brady to know that, despite anything that might have happened between him and his father on the night in question, he was still a good man -- and he was probably a better son than John had ever deserved to have. Brady warned Kristen not to bash his father, who would have done anything for him. Brady started lashing out at Kristen again for giving his family false hope, guessing that she had known all along that the drug wouldn't work, and she had simply wanted to put his family in a position where they would be desperate enough to ask her and Stefano, of all people, for help.

"How was the show? Did you like it? Was it fun? Because I'm losing my dad, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it," Brady angrily concluded before starting to leave. Kristen stopped Brady and announced that, even if John didn't emerge from the coma, she could still fix the guilt Brady felt about what had happened to John on the night in question.

In John's hospital room, Marlena thanked Eric for the sacrifice he had been willing to make in order to save John's life. "You gave me hope -- even for a little while -- and that was such a gift," Marlena gratefully added. Marlena mused that if anything good were to stem from the apparent failure of the drug, it would be the fact that Eric would once again be free to testify against Kristen and get the justice he deserved.

Marlena -- whose left arm was in a sling because she had sprained her wrist earlier when she had tripped on a step outside the doctors' lounge -- took a seat next to John and grasped his hand with her free one. "We have been through so much...over so many years. I can't -- I can't believe...that now...I have to find a way to say goodbye to you. I have prayed so long...and so hard...that you'll come back to me -- that you'll come back to us -- and now they're saying that I have to...find a way to say goodbye to you. John...I love you so. I love you so," Marlena tearfully stated.

Marlena suddenly felt John's hand twitch, but she dismissed it as a case of her mind playing tricks on her -- until it happened again. "Eric, he's holding my hand. He won't let go," Marlena happily announced. Eric quickly sent text messages about the new development to Brady -- who was still waiting for Kristen to explain how she could repair the guilt he felt about what had happened to John -- and Daniel -- who was still in the middle of his confrontation with Theresa about what had happened to John. "It looks like John...may be waking up," Daniel informed Theresa.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, John opened his eyes.

. . .

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  • Brady rips into Kristen, believing her drug to save John was just another lie
  • Theresa fears the truth about what she did to John is about to be exposed
  • Eve's efforts to step up her plot against J.J. could end up backfiring
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