SIMMONS Family Tree

Elmer and Dorothy Simmons

c. Maggie Horton

    m. Mickey Horton (invalid; see Horton)

    m. Mickey Horton (divorced; see Horton)
        c. Melissa Horton (adopted)
        Jim and Linda Phillips' daughter, previously adopted by Bob Anderson.
            m. Peter Jannings
            m. Unnamed Man
                c. Nathan Horton (Nathan's father hasn't been named by name yet.)

    a. Neil Curtis (see Curtis)
        c. Sarah Horton (Child of artificial insemination, later adopted by Mickey.)

    m. Mickey Horton (1986 to 2010; disolved by his death; see Horton)

    o. George Jonas (George and his wife, Lillian, used Maggie's eggs to concieve a child. Maggie did not find out that her eggs had been stolen until Daniel was an addult and George and Lillian were dead.)
        c. Daniel Jonas
            a. Carly Manning
                c. Melanie Jonas
            m. Chloe Lane (Married: October 14, 2010; Divorced: March 2011)
                c. Parker Jonas (Born November 11, 2010)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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