JOHNSON Family Tree

Duke Earl Johnson (deceased)
Duke also has an identical twin brother, Earl Duke.

m. Jo (divorced)

    c. Steven Johnson (born 1955)
    Jo gave Steve up for adoption as in infant, later revoked.
        m. Marina Toscano (dissolved by her death in 1989; see Toscano)
        m. Kayla Brady (1988; invalid; see Brady)
            c. Stephanie Johnson (born 1990)
        m. Kayla Brady (1990 to present; see Brady)
            c. Joey Johnson (born May 16, 2008)

    c. Jack Deveraux Sr. (born 1962; died August 14, 2012)
    Jack was given up for adoption to keep Duke from beating him.
        m. Kayla Brady (1987 to 1988; divorced; see Brady)
        m. Eve Donovan (1991; divorced; see Donovan)
        m. Jennifer Horton (1991 to 1993; divorced; see Horton)
            c. Abby Deveraux (born 1992)
        m. Jennifer Horton (2003 to present; see Horton)
            c. Jack Deveraux Jr. (born 2004)

    c. Adrienne Johnson
    Jo kept Adrienne because she thought she'd be safe from Duke.
        m. Justin Kiriakis (1987 to 1990; divorced; see Kiriakis)
            c. Alexander Kiriakis (born in 1989)
            Justin's son with Anjelica.
        m. Justin Kiriakis (1990 to 2010; divorced see Kiriakis)
            c. Victor Kiriakis II (twin; born in 1990; adopted)
            c. Joseph Kiriakis (twin; born in 1990; adopted)
            c. Jackson Kiriakis (born in 1991)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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