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In the chapel, with the revolver
by Tony
For the Week of November 19, 2007
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For someone who lies most of the time, you'd think that Kate would have come up with a better story to explain her missing pistol this past week, but she stuttered and stammered like Rain Man.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Ok, a little early on the draw, but I'm sure most of you are excited about the big event - good food, good company, parades and football games and, most importantly, a day off from work! I know I'm stoked.

So before we get bogged down with turkey and stuffing, let's talk about Days last week. I thought for Sweeps it was a little slow paced, but good at the same time. Maybe it was just me, but I felt the acting bar was raised. Of course there's Joseph Mascolo and Stephen Nichols who are always brilliant, but most of the performances were better than normal and kind of made up for the lack of action. Bravo to the cast!

Between Six and Six-Thirty (The Salem P.D. and the Suspects)

I was waiting for Kate to say the dingoes ate her gun. Seriously, for someone who lies most of the time, you'd think she would have come up with a better story about the missing pistol, but she stuttered and stammered like Rain Man. I was totally laughing about it, yet surprised that Bo was smart enough to keep at her. Just when you start to believe those tricky Salem police officers are dim, they surprise us! Bo even smelled her hand for gunpowder residue, very clever. Score one for the good guys. Yet, the big shocker was the gun Kate so desperately tried to hide ended up being found in her apartment! It looks like either Philip is sending his mother to the gallows or someone else is trying to set her up.

Actually, this investigation is getting pretty interesting with its twists and turns. First, we know that Kate is officially one of the three shooters, but Roman isn't (more on that in a second). From Steve's flashback, it didn't look like he took a shot either, but it appears he's working with someone who might have wanted him to. Very intriguing. I'm so excited to find out who he was talking to on the phone when he left the pub after attempting to get the gun he hid. However, perhaps even more exciting, is that Shawn-D actually caught on to the fact he was doing something shady and decided to set a trap for him. I was impressed.

Then there is Lucas. At first I didn't think he is a real suspect, but now I'm not entirely sure. The entire situation with him, Sami and E.J. has been discussed to death, but its one thing to talk about it and another thing to go through with it and he's starting to go off the deep end pretty quickly. From his attempts to get the gun back that he gave to Kate to trying to keep his family together, the man isn't catching any breaks. Even Will, with his shaggy Dorothy Hamill haircut, is adding more fuel to the fire by getting in trouble for underage drinking. I always point out what the writers aren't doing, but it was great to see they remembered Lucas is an alcoholic which added to his concern for Will. Now, with that said, the last thing Lucas needs around are more cops and the fact that he mailed his gun, to himself, isn't painting the picture of an innocent man.

Of course, Roman isn't looking squeaky clean either. Now, I'm not saying this to disrespect John/Drake (I'd love to see him return), but I do like the fact Roman is front and center as he always used to play second fiddle to Mr. Black, even during major Brady Family drama. Roman is re-emerging as the great character he once was and showing more then one emotion at a time. For example, usually when he argues with Stefano I'm like, "right Ro, this man could take you with one arm tied behind his back," but I was impressed how he stood up to the Phoenix. Adding even more depth to his character is that fact we're not entirely sure of his innocence right now. In the flashback, we saw that he didn't fire his gun, but Bo's suspicions are also adding a lot more layers. You can tell he doesn't want to believe his brother, whom he idolizes, had a part in the attempt on E.J.'s life, but he can't shake the fact that he has them. Perhaps, as Hope pointed out, a Brady Family conspiracy isn't necessary that off base. Very intriguing indeed.

Yet, there is still a mysterious figure dressed in black roaming around Salem, hmm …

A Hospital Bed Built For Two (E.J. and Sami)

Like Sami felt this week, I'm kind of torn how I feel about her affection for E.J. I really wasn't sure if she was trying to inspire him to live because she cares about him as the father of one of her babies and/or a man loves or as a means to end the Vendetta. They certainly have great chemistry and he does love her in his own bizarre way, but there is something off about the entire situation. I really think it comes back to the rape for me. That wound is just too fresh. Rape isn't a subject that should be handled lightly or brushed under the rug for convenience sake. I think I could deal with seeing the Sami/E.J. pairing if the writers would have them sit down and really talk about what he did to her. I assume they are trying to redeem him by having him suffer, but I'm not sure if that is enough to make me want to cheer for them yet. Then again, Lucas and Sami have both done horrible things to each other over the years and let the harsh feelings flow like water under the bridge. Maybe she is doing the same with E.J. just in a more expedited, dare say unrealistic, way.

However, the one thing that isn't helping me decide is Colleen's spirit showing up. I know she's supposed to be helping Sami sort through her feelings and, perhaps, act as the liaison between the writers and viewers to justify that they are "fated" to be together, but I'm not buying this divine intervention. I mean, if a relative told me to help the person who attacked me, I would tell them to go jump off a cliff - well, again in Colleen's case. I think instead of helping Sami, she is confusing her more and right now her plate is over flowing with difficult choices that she's barely able to keep up with. She never fully dealt with the fallout of the rape, she just gave birth, buried her stepfather, and was torn from the family she had just created with Lucas. No wonder her head is spinning. Alison Sweeney is excellent and really nailing the pain and confusions.

Around and Around We Go (Philip & Dumb-Belle)

Before I dive into this I have to say - Ava and Olivia White, the twins who play Claire, are two of the cutest kids on television and I watch, ok, way too much TV! Freaking adorable! I was thankful she wasn't badly injured in the fall and subsequent coffee spill. That was the good part.

Now, what I'm not thankful for is that Dumb-Belle (D.B.) still seems torn between Shawn and Phil-Her-Up! I'm hesitant to get into this because I honestly don't want to offend any Phil/D.B. fans, but I simply don't even get this storyline. Her longing glances are about as fun to watch as drying paint. And he uses every flimsy excuse to visit her and plead his case (I guess bad excuses are genetic). Back in the day, when Marlena and John had their affair on the boardroom table while she was still married to Roman, it made sense. She believed the man she was sharing her life with was her husband until the "real" Roman pulled a "honey, I'm home - and not dead." Very extreme circumstances and Marlena was tremendously torn between two men she legitimately loved.

Dumb-Belle, not so much. I think my partner in crime, Laurisa, nailed it on the head - D.B. checked out of her marriage to Philip before it even started. But, he's just as bad in my opinion as he's chasing someone who didn't want him in the first place. Have some self respect man. He was always suspicious that his wife loved another man - and she did! Repeatedly trying to convince someone they love you is not going to win them over. It's pathetic and certainly not sexy. Bo is "bad boy with a heart of gold" sexy. Steve is "bad boy with a heart of gold" sexy. Even Shawn-D has his moments, but Philip is just a bad, bad boy - and no, Dumb-Belle, that doesn't mean you should spank him. Keep her hands to herself, honey, or at least on your fiancé.

Score One For The Bad Guys (The Prada Pack and Team Ford)

When a rapist is amongst a group of people I'm trying to decide who I hate more the choice should be obvious, but I'm torn on this one. First there is the Ford. He is just creepy and not really even fun to watch in a "love to hate him" kind of way. I just kinda hate him now and the fact that he's getting off isn't helping that. Next, there is Crawford Decker. Aside from being an arrogant jerk, I could almost give him a free pass only because I highly doubt that there are any parents out there who would want to believe their child is capable of such a heinous crime. Like I said, he is a cocky scumbag, but also a parent. Denial is not the best excuse, but I could almost believe that one. Then, there is the Dean. Perhaps, he angered me the most. Impartial? I think not. I especially didn't like the condescending way he treated Billie - the University's head of security who I'm sure he had a part in hiring. He was so busy brown nosing the elder Decker, he's totally missing the severity of the charges. It's one of those times where knowing a crime has been committed and not doing anything about it is just as bad as physically doing it yourself. He should be ashamed of himself.

Ok, are you ready for this - I actually feel horrible for Stephanie. There, I said it. I know I get on her case once in a while, ok, a lot, but I really do feel for what she's going through. Shelley Hennig is giving a great performance. Her inner conflict is very genuine. As most of this storyline has been handled fairly well so far, I'd love for the writers to keep focusing on the emotional and mental effects of such a horrible crime and not use it as a catylist to get Max and Stephanie together.

Then there is Chelsea. When things looked bleak, she stepped up and rallied her sisters together in a plot to expose Ford as the campus rapist by creating flyers. You go girl! If you would have told me a year ago that she would end up being one of my favorite characters, I would have laughed, but I truly love watching Rachel Melvin. She was perfectly cast as she has Billie's spunkiness and Bo's tendency to bend the rules. I also love the fact she seems to be remembering all of the good things Nick has done for her (like saving her from the doctor who tried to attack her). Yes, our once dead baby Georgia is growing up to be a fine young woman.

In other sorority related news, Marcus Patrick has been let go and his last air date as Jett was November 14th. It's kind of sad to see him go, but even sadder that his character was never able to develop entirely. The entire "Touch the Sky" storyline was sort of a low point, but he's related to the Carvers and there is so much more he could have done. Since he didn't go out in a blaze of glory, they could have at least said he went to get coffee with Cassie. Now that would have been funny. But, alas, he fell into the infamous "black hole" so many characters have been victim too. Regardless, I wish the best for Marcus!

Extra Scoops

Hot and Not

Hot: Bo and Hope make me happy. It's SO refreshing to see a couple we love standing together and taking on something rather then the writers bringing in a third person to create a triangle.

Not: Perhaps this is redundant, but nearly four weeks after the Sami delivered the twins, baby girl Roberts/Horton still doesn't have a name! It's a slap in the face of Sami/Lucas fans. But, at least I know she'll be spending tons of time with grandma Marlena when she gets old enough for a shrink because I fear this girl is going to have some serious issues.

Line of the Week

"Well, we shouldn't be seen together. Shouldn't spend anytime together, which shouldn't be hard because I can't stand being around you anyway." Lucas telling Kate that they should lay low to ward off police suspicions.

The Milk Carton:

Miss some of your favorite Days characters? Yah, me too! This section highlights a person (or persons) who needs the Salem P.D. to put out an A.P.B. for.

I'd like to conjure up Celeste. I don't know, it just didn't seem right to have a major storyline happening and not have her there spouting warnings of doom and despair. Tanya Boyd always just adds a little spark to the Days canvas and needs to be around a little more often.

Parting Thoughts ….

As we enter yet another week of the writer's strike, make sure to hope for the end of the walk out when you're tugging on the wishbone this year! I'm crossing my fingers that things get resolved soon and the sand will continue to flow through the hour glass. Make sure to keep checking in with SoapCentral for the latest developments on the strike.

So friends and Days fans, that's "Two Scoops" for the week of November 12th , and, as John Black would say, "That's a fact."

Again, Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for reading!

Tony S
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