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Apparently, E.J. is holding Lexie's whereabouts over Celeste's head, and he's using that to force Celeste to help him in his weird love game.

Well, this will probably be brief (for me at least). This week really . . . got on my nerves, so, okay, I will just get to it.

The whole Steve thing is really dragging out. I loved seeing Judy Evans back (with red hair and not acting like a hoochie!) and I liked how Adrienne tried to help get to Steve through the mind mashing. That was about all I liked about it. Kayla is getting so one track and selfish about Steve that it is almost making me not like her. Case in point: They are outside doing their surveillance of the hospital and Bo gets a call that Philip knows where Shawn and Belle are and Bo, of course, wants to go help them. Kayla tells him that he can't go anywhere as long as her husband is in that hospital! Um, excuse me what? Isn't there another cop brother named Roman? Couldn't he have taken over the surveillance, maybe or, I don't know one of the other hundred police officers you know? Then maybe Bo could go help his son and grandbaby (and Belle too I guess). Wait, no, of course not! Because Shawn's name isn't Steve, so apparently his troubles don't matter. And then Bo was like, "Steve would do the same for me." I beg to differ. If Stephanie was in Shawn's situation and it was a choice between Bo and her, Bo would be toast. Not to disparage what EJ is putting Steve through, but I'm pretty sure that Kayla knows that not only is Phil after Shawn and Belle, but EJ is too. But, I have a sneaking suspicion that Kayla will figure that out soon enough.

Then of course we have EJ, who in the strangest game of "She-loves-me/she'll-kill-me-in-a-fiery-inferno-loves-me-not" ever, is apparently the mastermind behind himself nearly being torched to death. Don't you think that is a little far to go to see if someone cares about you? You let them cover your person in gasoline, and give them a box of matches to see if they actually have it in their heart to kill you? That's a hell of a roll of the dice, isn't it? It was a nice twist that EJ and Celeste had been in cahoots for at least a while, even though I can't say that I was completely surprised. Apparently, EJ is holding his sister Lexie's whereabouts over Celeste's head and is using it to have her help him in his weird love game. So, now we all know the reason that EJ kept popping up like a Jack-in-the-Box even after Sami kissed him with the drugged lipstick; he had the ever so special lip balm on too. Celeste was right though, he and Kate have serious problems. EJ claims to love the baby if it's his but he seems to be making every effort to make her lose it with all of the stress, and threats and don't forget the choking. Kate doesn't give a damn if Sami loses the baby or not, actually she is probably leaning more toward her losing it because that would be one less tie that Sami and Lucas have to one another. I still would like the costume department to find a muzzle for Kate. Or hey, I know, the writers could make her a little bit less of a bitch.

Speaking of, I hate Willow and I am so glad she is leaving. First, she really seems to have convinced herself that she is really innocent and Chelsea is the one who broke into Bo and Hope's house. She almost seems indignant that she is being accused of a crime that she actually DID commit. Secondly, Nick is an absolute moron. Book smart, emotional moron. He believes her little weepy-lipped sob story about how mean Hope is blackmailing her to make sure that her baby doesn't end up in foster care. Poor wittle Willow. Newsflash genius: they don't let you keep your baby in jail with you. It would be smarter to let people that you know have custody, then when you get out of the pokey it is slightly easier to have contact. I bet that baby isn't even Shawn's.

Oh, and a P.S., where the hell does Nick get all this money?? He is a lowly, not well-paid lab assistant. How many watches have Mama Jessica and Daddy Joshua given him? And you know what, I hope Willow jumps bail and leaves Nick stuck with the liability. That's what his stupid, sappy butt gets for bailing her out. I think that the twist will be, that Little Miss Willow seems to have forgotten that Philip knows all about her and EJ's little deal. If EJ ticks Philip off, I can totally see him rolling over on the two of them. And of course, only Willow will get in trouble.

There is one more thing that I have to get straight, just because Philip is a Marine, Duck automatically loves him and is completely willing to shoot Shawn for him? Okay. I really hope they wrap up this island BS soon, because this show is sincerely making me feel like banging my head into the wall, and that is not a feeling I have had since the days of Reilly and the Alex North fiasco.


I found Lucas spraying Kate and EJ funny, if only for the look on EJ's face. I'm not sure if that was the wisest move for Lucas and Sami to make, but it sure was funny while it lasted.

Kate sure has some big brass ones to go into Abe's house snooping. Just because he is going blind doesn't mean he's stupid. I wish Celeste would have frisked her though.

How was it that no one noticed the 6'5" man, covered in ash, sneaking into the ladies room at ultra-swanky Chez Rouge? Just a thought.

So what will happen next week? Will Sami and Lucas actually make it to "I do?" Will Kate try yet another of her famous stunts or will EJ have some tricks up his sleeve? What could happen to make this the most spectacular of Sami's 500 weddings? Tune in and find out!!

Until Next Time!


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