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Break out the party hats and streamers, because Hope finally found her jewelry in Willow's room! Willow finally got caught red-handed!

Fair warning…I've been quite sick for the past week. A simple little head cold turned in to a sinus/upper respiratory infection and has left me with very little energy or desire to watch Days. I was actually home all week and had the opportunity to watch Days live and boy howdy…I had never been so bored in my life. I don't know if it's just a case of DOOL being very slow lately or if I was just too sick to get sucked in but - I'm giving you fair warning that my commentary is short and spare this week. I just don't have much to say. I find this is happening more and more lately. Sad to say but there it is. Anyhow…on with the show…

Break out the party hats and streamers - Hope found her jewelry in Willow's room! Hallelujah! Willow finally got caught red-handed! And by Hope! That was so sweet…sorry; give me one more minute to bask in it…yes that was a great scene! Willow tried a few lame excuses, first she said that the jewelry belonged to her aunt and then she claimed that she had never seen it before. Obviously, Hope didn't buy that for a second. Willow then accused Chelsea of planting the jewelry at her place and Hope responded, "that was a better lie". I had a good laugh at that remark. Unfortunately, she was right - that was actually a crafty lie - especially given that Chelsea did go to Willow's place (to tell her to leave Nick alone). When Hope mentioned calling Bo, Willow promptly took off like a bat out of hell (nothing says "guilty" like running away at the mention of the cops). I'm not sure where Willow thought she was going to go, but she was arrested as soon as she returned to her place. Unfortunately…it doesn't look like Willow being caught with Hope's jewelry will matter much since Chelsea painted herself in to a corner by lying to Bo about the hairbrush. All together now - big sigh… Why lie? If Willow did indeed steal the hairbrush from Chelsea, then we have to presume that the brush has been missing for some time. Why didn't Chelsea say "yeah Dad, it looks like a brush that I had but I haven't seen it in a couple of weeks. Hey! Since Hope found her jewelry at Willow's, I'll bet the little tramp swiped my brush and planted it after she set the fire". How hard would that have been? But then of course, there wouldn't be any reason for Chelsea to talk to Nick again if she hadn't told that lie. And that's exactly what she did - she went to Nick, forgave him, told him that she still loved him and that they could be together again IF he helped her by "loosing" the hairbrush when it came in for DNA testing. Nick refused of course (I just love a man with morals) and Chelsea decided - once again - that she had to leave town. I didn't really buy her excuse that Bo would never believe her…what about Billie or Hope? Hasn't Hope already proven that she's on Chelsea side in all this?

Speaking of which: though there are large parts of Days that drives me nuts lately - Hope Brady is not one of them. I have been thoroughly pleased to see the strong, shrewd, loving, caring version Hope Williams Brady return to the small screen. I thought that Hope's scene with Chelsea on Monday was great (Hope talked with Chelsea, listened to her and then told her that she believed that she had nothing to do with the fire). After everything that the two of them have been through and after every dirty trick that Chelsea has pulled on Hope; their conversation and bonding was a nice touch. And I thought it showed a lot of faith and belief in Chelsea that Hope went to Willow's looking for evidence that she was the one who perpetrated the crime. And Chelsea should be extremely warmed to know that Hope believed in her enough to track down some kind of proof that would exonerate her.

So the latest chapter in the Sami baby-daddy drama involved Kate throwing Sami a 'surprise' baby shower. The highlight of which was EJ showing up and Kate naturally inviting him in. That was just odd. Other than to torture Sami; why would Kate invite a man who is not even Sami's friend to her wedding shower? EJ - as lovely and devious and sexy as he is - is beginning to annoy the crap out of me. He takes every opportunity he has to torture Sami and deny that he raped her (which angers me tremendously). It makes my stomach turn to see EJ touching and rubbing Sami all the time. And Sami just cries and throws empty threats at him (she threatened to tell Roman the truth if EJ didn't leave her alone). I love Sami to death - we all know that, it's been well established - but her storyline is really starting to get to me. Where is the feisty, fiery Sami that we all love so much? Of course it probably doesn't help that Celeste is practically stalking her and trying to convince Sami to kill EJ. Sami has refused (naturally) and has decided that her fake DNA test results will do the trick. Silly, silly Sami. EJ appeared to buy the test results - though he was also crushed to learn that he was not the father (even claiming that Sami and the baby could have 'changed' him) - but we all know that the story is not going to end here. EJ will probably end up kidnapping both Sami and the baby before this storyline gets resolved.

Sigh…Shawn, Shawn, Shawn…have we learned nothing from our past behavior? Why does he always have to jump to violence? He grabbed Charlie (the drunk that was hassling Gabby) and said "keep your hands off of her or I'll break them!". What was that about? He's known Gabby for two days! TOPS! Where does he get off acting all protective about her? Talk about immature. Judging by the reader feedback, you guys are in agreement with me; Shawn and Belle's storyline sucks. Duck isn't very interesting and Gabby is only marginally so. The writing is up and down and the dialogue is getting too repetitive. Before I forget…a BIG thanks to all of the readers out there who answered my question about the actress who is portraying Gabby. Apparently she used to be on the now-cancelled soap Port Charles. Speaking of her, I can't really warm up to Gabby knowing that she's after Shawn. Sure; she saved their butts when the Sheriff came to follow up on Charlie's complaint and after Duck searched their room and found the fake passports but I'll bet that she only did that because she wanted Shawn to stay around. That's fairly obvious. I just keep hoping that Gabby's purpose is to be the kick in the pants that Belle needs to stop waffling and commit to a relationship with Shawn. That has happened to some degree as Belle finally told Shawn that she loved him. She also pushed for them to get to Australia as soon as possible (feeling a little threatened methinks). Shawn agreed and they started packing up to leave (I thought they arrived with only one bag; how much could they have to pack?). Shawn and Belle just can't catch a break however and just as they are about to make their get away - what do you know - Philip shows up on the island at the exact same resort that Belle and Shawn are at. Must be an awfully small island. Anyhow; Friday's show ended with Phil questioning Gabby and her denying having seen them. But, given the spoilers for next week, it looks like Gabby will soon be telling Phil all she knows about the little family. And was that Kate's face that I saw in the background? What is she doing there?

Steve and Kayla, Steve and Kayla. What's been going on with them this week? Well, Steve has been killing time in the mental hospital all week and picking fights. Kayla meanwhile took off to Italy with Max. Yep, that's right. Italy. With Max. Why Max? Oh well Bo and Roman are busy with their work and all. And Max isn't? With Abby in New York on a trip and Max on his way to Italy; who's minding the shop? Anyway…so Kayla embarked on this adventure in order to find proof that Stefano was the recipient of John's kidney. Okay but, exactly how is that supposed to help Steve? All it proves is that Stefano stole John's kidney. It was nice to see Max finally risking his ass to help a family member rather than his latest girlfriend. And they are kind of cute two together - in an older sister/younger brother kind of way. How come there are only ever guards outside of Stefano's hospital room? One would think that a man like him would have some kind of 24-hour nurse at his side or something. So Kayla took some pictures with her cell phone and took some fingerprints and fought the urge to pull the plug that is keeping Stefano alive. She and Max then high-tailed it back to the U.S with a brief pit stop in New York so that Max could visit Abby. Spoilers are saying that next week will bring the return of Jack Deveraux. Apparently he and his daughter are spending some quality time together in the big apple. Can't wait to see him!

I asked the question 2 weeks ago and I am asking it again; where is John? Why hasn't anyone mentioned him? Is he back at the hospital? Does Stefano still have him hidden somewhere? It's frustrating when Days just drops storylines this way. What about Marlena? Last we saw, she pulled a Lara Croft on Steve, pepper-sprayed him and wrassled him to the ground until the cops arrived to haul him back to jail. Where is she now?

Random… The residents of Salem really need to learn that just because their cell phone rings; that doesn't mean that they have to answer it!!! Celeste called Sami while she was meeting with the wedding planner and Sami actually picked it up. How rude! …You guys keep asking and I keep writing the question for TPTB to see "What happened to the surrogate that was carrying Phil and Mimi's child"???. Come on Days - don't drop something as big as this! … I think that Kate, Chelsea and Billie must go to the same hairdresser; they all have the same hairstyle LOL….


  • EJ learns Sami lied and never had the amnio. He threatens to tell Lucas the truth!
  • Matt Ashford returns as Jack this week and has some father-daughter time with his little girl Abby. Abby also spends time with Max, something she doesn't want her dad to know about.
  • Kayla returns home from Italy with the proof she sought, but is it enough to put EJ away?

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