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For the Week of March 12, 2007
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Our columnist was not able to provide a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Salem during the week of March 7, 2005.
Cruising the net for info on what's to come on "Days of our Lives", I was pleased to see that Jack and Jennifer were finally going to be reunited. The two actors have such great rapport together that they alone can sometimes make the show worth tuning in to.

But what do my wandering eyes see? Apparently "Nothing Is As It Seems" with the reunion. Oh great. Another surprise coming down the line from James E. Reilly.

I've just lived through TWO YEARS of nothing being as it seemed. Is this a soap opera, or have I wandered into the Twilight Zone? Sorry, pardner, this does not keep me on my toes, second guessing the writer. This just keeps me frustrated and suspicious! What reason do I have to trust anything I see? And how much fun is it to always be wary of the very show you watch for relaxation, when you never know if what you're seeing is real or not? It's just too annoying.

In fact, never knowing if you're watching reality, a flashback, a dream, a daydream fantasy or an inept plot turn simply doesn't lead to a viewer relaxing and investing in either the soap or the characters involved. So what started out as a clever way for Reilly to raise the ratings has turned into the only way he knows how to write - he's become a 'one trick pony'.

Another weird turn of events is the 'war' that Philip is taking part in. Although it seems to allude to the current state of events in Iraq, it's apparently actually some skirmish that's been engineered by Tony DiMera. Hmm. I can't decide if that's a back handed compliment or slap to the United States Military. With so many young men involved in real combat, it seems rather rude to have this group of Americans involved in something not totally real or official. I can't quite say what bugs me about it, it just doesn't sit well with me when the scene is constantly cutting to young men shooting and defending themselves, but the battle is actually separate from the very real danger that real soldiers face daily in the battle field.

Worst of all, the long awaited 10,000th show was not anywhere near as special as it could have been. We did have a little bit of nostalgia when the lovely Alice opened and closed the show, but imagine how much more precious the show would have been if they had devoted the entire hour to recapping the pasts of the long running characters. Perhaps showing a bit of the romance that DAYS used to be so famous for; the weddings, the christenings, the Christmas celebrations and anniversaries. Now that would have been worth taping and enjoying again and again. But apparently the current 'plot lines' - and I use the term loosely - were far too important to be eclipsed for even one day by some of the past that long time viewers have enjoyed.

I've wracked my brains to figure out how JER maneuvered himself back into the position of Head Writer at DAYS. I can only assume he either has the best agent in Hollywood, or incriminating photos of the Cordells. There just can't be any other explanation for the way he's ruining the venerable old show on a daily basis.

See you in two weeks,


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