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Happy (super uncomfortable) Thanksgiving!
For the Week of November 27, 2006
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It was really kind of Max to invite Mimi to go to Thanksgiving with him, but maybe a little bit foolish considering the state of things between Mimi and Bo and Hope.

Hey, party people!! I hope everyone had a great holiday. Or at least better than most of the Brady's.

Wow, that really was one the most uncomfortable holiday's I have seen on Days in a while. There was no out and out fighting, just a lot of people wishing they, or someone else (cough: Chelsea) were somewhere else. I thought that it was really kind of Max to invite Mimi to go to Thanksgiving with him, but maybe a little bit foolish considering the state of things between Mimi and Bo and Hope. And I did have to wonder, what if Shawn the hooker lover had decided to descend from his high horse and deign to join his own family for dinner? He would have thrown the biggest fit known to man if he knew his uncle had invited his soon to be ex-wife to his grandparents'' pub. But I guess we'll never know because Shawn's head is still placed firmly up his own butt. But I'm getting off track, I thought it showed class on Mimi's part to apologize to Bo and Hope again about pretending she didn't know that Claire was their granddaughter. Of course, they just looked at her like she was stupid and didn't utter a word, but still she tried. Same thing with Chelsea. She did try to apologize to Hope again, but was interrupted by Steve. Darn it Steve, it looked like Hope was softening just for a second there. All Steve wanted to do was see if Hope had passed his message to Billie. And use her cell phone to call his girlfriend out of earshot of his wife and daughter.

I loved the quote that Nick made about family, which made Chelsea feel a little more like crap (come on, she deserves it). You know what, I just love Nick. That guy pulls no punches and says exactly what's on his mind. When he told Chelsea to stop giving people reasons to hate her, I said (y'all know I talk to my tv) "He speaks the truth!" Rachel Melvin is a talented enough actress that when they start turning Chelsea around and redeeming her a bit that this is a character we could really like. Don't get me wrong, I still can't stand her as she is, but I could see her being likable. Right now though, she wants an insta-family and wants them to include her and trust her after all of the evil crap she has pulled, and doesn't understand the fact that she has to earn the respect she wants from them. Hopefully she will figure it out, but apparently it wasn't today, because she quite evilly sent that picture she took of Bo and Billie to Hope, Steve and her good buddy Patrick. Sigh. Who let that girl have a computer?

I am really going to miss Frankie when he leaves, even though he has basically been furniture since he got back, except for Jack's idiotic plan for him to marry Jennifer just so Jack could live and ruin his life. Yeah, I know that's not really how it went down, but it still ticks me off. Billy Warlock is an extraordinary actor, one of the best on daytime, and it will be some other show's great fortune to scoop this man up. But that leads me to another question: Who is the town lawyer going to be? Mickey has been hiding since his portrayer went back to GH, Shawn never finished college (remember he was Mickey's legal assistant and was planning to be a lawyer) and now Frankie is moving back to Washington D.C. It can't be Nick because he is some type of geneticist and I somehow doubt it's going to be Benjy. Here, I've got one: they should bring back Kimberly. They could make her the lawyer. That and plus I have been watching Days for nearly 14 years now and I have never seen all four of the Brady siblings (not counting Max and Frankie) in the same room together.

All right, let's talk about Victor and the super-secret room that opens only with remote control. First of all, how did he find Philip? Where did he find Philip? What is he planning to do with Philip as far as Claire is concerned? I love it when a plot twist makes you ask a lot more questions than it answers (as long as it doesn't drag on for five hundred years). Why is he lying to Kate about it? We all know I can't stand the witch, but she is Philip's mom, she should at least know that he is alive. But I think Victor is planning some old school Kiriakis shenanigans. Back in the day, before his stroke and before sub-Salem island and the castle debacle, Victor was a ruthless, take no prisoners (unless he had to tie someone up or drug them or whatever) borderline evil dude. I feel that they have watered him down a lot over the years, so I'm glad to see him back up to … whatever the hell it is that he's up to.

Speaking of people that are up to no-good things, E.J. is starting to get a little bit miffed at the fabulous Salem boys in blue with their unofficial sidekick, John Black. They broke into his apartment, bugged it, faked a death certificate and will stating he was dead which they used to gain access to his safe deposit box. All of these things would have been okay and perfectly legal (aside from the document forgery) with a little thing called a warrant. But the problem with a warrant is that to obtain it and have a judge grant it you need a pesky little thing called probable cause. And since as far as most people know E.J. Wells is a squeaky clean race car driver that nearly walks on water, that wasn't possible. So they decided to do it anyway and open themselves up to a $40 million dollar lawsuit. The District Attorney was pissed (rightfully)! The Salem P.D. had to issue a public apology which Roman could just barely choke out of his mouth without laughing. Then E.J. went to Sami's and tried to get to her deliver on her … promises, in a not very nice way. I thought Lucas was going to launch himself off the arm of the couch and tackle E.J. (I'm sorry but James Scott is like 10 inches taller than Bryan Dattilo). As it was, he went into E.J.'s apartment and dumped a gallon of paint over his head, and then promised if E.J. breathed in Sami's direction again a new gallon of paint would be poured over his coffin. It was fantastic because that led us to the scene where it looks like Sami and Lucas are on their way back together (yay!). Those scenes were so good! I love how much more they are relying on the actors to, well, act. Instead of the endless repetition a lot is being said with facial expressions and body language and it adds so much to the dialogue, like when Hope looked at Shawn like she wasn't sure if she should choke him or cry when he went off on him. Not to say that the actors weren't acting before, but I notice a lot more nuance now and some of the vets have this sparkle in their eyes like they are enjoying themselves again. Or maybe it's just me and they have really good lighting. I choose to believe they are happier, because I'M happier.

I still really don't like Lexie. I cannot fathom (and I am quite a forgiving person) why the Brady's are all card carrying members of the Lexie Carver fan club when they treat their own flesh and blood Sami like she basically doesn't exist. And I am appalled that Hope recommended her to be Kayla's nurse and even more appalled that the Brady's think it's a good idea. I know that it's not like Lexie is suddenly gonna go nuts and do something to hurt Kayla, I just don't like that they forgave Lexie so easily when she has done about as many foul things as Sami has and she's not even family. In fact, she is the daughter of their most mortal enemy, so wouldn't you think they would use a little caution as far as she's concerned?

But in complaining about Lexie, I nearly forgot the funniest part of the week: Drunk Tek! Mr. Kramer just can't understand the meaning of the word restraining order, which is unfortunate considering he is a cop. Or he was, until Abe had to punch him and fire him. The thing is, Tek has no one to blame but himself because if he just would have kept his stupid mouth shut to Abe, who was not only the very angry husband of the woman Tek was sleeping with and also happened to be Tek's boss, Abe probably could have eventually forgiven him and taken him off of dog catcher duty. The constant mouthing off and making allusions to his and Lexie's affair just was not conducive to job security. So now that Tek has no job and his woman has settled back happily with her family, what is he going to do? I highly doubt we have seen the last of Thomas Kramer making a scene.

Last but not least, the Tarot cards. E.J. told Celeste that she is part of this family too, so now we all know that he is a DiMera, we are just not quite sure which one. Oh, I know Elvis Banks is the most logical one, but with Stefano you never know, he has like a dozen kids. Celeste is trying to play dumb and act like she doesn't know what the cards mean and that she can't help them because she's too intimidated. WHAT??? Isn't this the same woman that basically went head to head with Stefano when she had to? This character totally used to have a backbone, even when she was Stefano's henchwoman. I can't believe that she would not give information that would help her own family. But I have a feeling she will come around soon. And here's to hoping they use Celeste for something other than psychic feelings, Tarot readings and baby sitting Theo.

So what will happen next, scoopers? Will Belle have a complete fit when she finds out that Shawn moved Willow in behind her back and has been lying about it (hope so)? Will Victor reveal (at least to us) what his real plans with Philip and Claire are? Will Chelsea's meddling be a set-back for Bo and Hope? Only time will tell!

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