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Finally, a sweeps month that we can confidently say actually felt like a sweeps month! It's about time.
Finally! A Sweeps Month that we can confidently say actually felt like a Sweeps Month! It's about time! The past few columns that I have written during sweeps weeks/months were mostly filled with moaning and groaning about Days needing a better Head Writer. And now we have one, and now we have an exciting sweeps period! Funny how that happens eh? Though past sweeps periods under the helm of JER were mostly uneventful, by comparison, Sheffer's first sweeps period has been jam-packed with the usual things that one can expect to find during a Sweeps Month! Exciting events, twists and turns in storylines, forgiveness of past sins, relationship restorations, dramatic life-and-death scenes, a rescue or two, revelation of plots/plans, romantic rendezvous, family bonding, etc etc. Fantastic all in all! I am also really enjoying the fast pace at which the show is moving. The only downside (for me) is that so much has happened, in such a short period of time, at such a fast clip; that I can hardly remember what happened at the beginning of the week. LOL. The best part was that we got 3 elusive 'cherries-on-the-top-of-the-sweeps-period-sundae' - that being the most exciting "thing" that the writers can dream up in an attempt to increase ratings and consequently, draw viewers to the show. These are defined as either: New Characters being introduced, Old character coming back from disappearance/death; or Existing characters dying. Lucky duckies that we are, not just 1 but 2 new characters arrived in Salem this week and 1 recently departed character made his expected reappearance; albeit wrapped up like a Mummy. Of course I'm referring to Nick Horton, Benjy DiMera and Philip Kiriakis respectfully. Time will tell how these new twists will play out in the direction that the stories will take but I am definitely not complaining. I am really enjoying the fact that I have no clue (beyond the spoilers I read for the upcoming weeks) where Sheffer is going with any of the things I've watched this week. And judging from my dwindling bag of reader feedback email - you guys mustn't have much to complain about either. Two thumbs up for your first Sweeps Month Mr. Sheffer (et al); congratulations and job well done.

Benjy DiMera - the deaf son of Stefano DiMera- returned to Salem this week. I'll be honest here guys…I don't remember much about the character, other than what I have read. Although I watched avidly during the Steve/Kayla years, I was young and as I had school to attend and no means to record the show…yada yada…you get the picture. What I do know is that Benjy is Stefano's son by a woman named Ellen Hawk and that he lost his hearing after an explosion. Steve and Kayla found him while they were on their honeymoon; they took him in and adopted him. He was a little boy at the time but he had all ready lost his hearing. I vaguely remember that they didn't realize that he was Stefano's son until later. If anyone else knows or remembers more about Benjy's history - please feel free to email me and I will post it in my next column. Anyhow; so Steve saw Benjy at the hospital and actually remembered him! He had some sort of memory flash of a Christmas with both Kayla and Benjy! He also remembered his sign language as he spontaneously signed back in response to Benjy. Though he claimed to Hope on Friday that he had none of the feelings that go along with the flashes that he's had and that he can't get Billie (ugh) out of his head - I can't help myself from sitting on the edge of my seat with anticipation that Benjy's arrival will help Steve's memory and his feelings to quickly return. That has to be part of the reason for the character's return right?

I'll tell you what though; a tiny part of me thinks that Steve and Kayla should not get back together simply to piss off Stephanie. Though I initially liked the character, she seems to have come down with the "I-want-my-parents-back-together" disease that seems to afflict so many of the young ladies in Salem and now I just fast forward her scenes. I don't want to knock the actress but the character has been nothing but shrill, rude, demanding and irrational. Did I mention annoying? Yeah that too. I wish that she would just get off this kick of hers to have her parents reunite and stop pressuring Steve. I suppose I can kind of understand her point of view in that she didn't grow up with a father and has probably always wished for one and then suddenly, one lands in her lap but has no desire to immediately resume a happy family unit. I can see how that would be tough on any young woman but…knowing this doesn't really make me more sympathetic to her. I don't know; I guess it basically boils down to the fact that she's just annoying. No wonder Max dumped her. Enough said. (Oh I am burning in hell… :)

Okay…riddle me this: Why is Victor so hung up on wanting Claire to be a "Kiriakis" when he knows that she is Shawn's child but yet he doesn't give a moment's thought to the 'real' Kiriakis currently under development in the surrogate's womb? It doesn't make sense to me. Okay fine…one could argue that Shawn carries the Kiriakis blood (via Bo who was fathered by Victor) and therefore technically - Claire is a Kiriakis. True, but that still doesn't explain why he has chosen to ignore the baby that Philip did father. Next question: Why would Belle actually leave Claire with Victor? I totally expected her to stay and hang out during their "visit". Victor - by his own admission - was never around his own children when they were babies so what in the world makes Belle think that he is qualified to care for a baby? Is he going to change her/put her down to nap/feed her etc? (He told Shawn that she was sleeping the time that he came to pick her up). Even if he hired a nanny to do all that, it just doesn't make sense that any mother would leave their young child alone with a virtual stranger - even if he is the grandfather. Cripes…I wouldn't leave my 3 year-old alone with my mother! (But that's a story for another day ;) And hello Victor! How responsible is it to thrust a baby like Claire in to the lap of a man who is wrapped head to foot in bandages? Is it any surprise that she's not responding warmly to Philip? She's probably scared out of her wits! Sheesh! Well I guess the upside in all this is that Victor seems to be up to his old tricks again. I don't mind though, Victor is always at his best when that evil little smile comes over his face. Though I appreciate soft and patrician Victor; mean and snarky Victor is even better.

You know it's funny. "That" was the one spoiler that I kept reading, which I did not post because it sounded wayyyy to far-fetched to be true. But look at me, I was wrong. :) "That" of course refers to Philip, his strange manner of reappearance and Victor's concealment of his whereabouts. The spoilers that I read said that Philip - upon leaving Belle and Claire - returned to "war" and got himself blown up once again, this time burning 80% of his body/face. According to spoilers, he has had plastic surgery to repair the damage (explaining the bandages) and this will be the reason why he looks different from the last actor who played the role. Sigh…I missed that. Didn't you miss that? When soaps actually made an attempt to explain recasts? It's been so long since they cared. :) Anyhow…apparently, the accident has left Philip much darker and meaner and he's about to follow in his father's cut-throat footsteps. Victor is helping him by concealing his whereabouts and meanwhile plotting revenge on Shawn for taking Claire away from Phil. Although in my eyes; it was more like Phil abandoned Claire to Shawn, Shawn didn't 'take away' anyone. I know what you're thinking though….that Shawn is Victor's grandson so how could he plot against him? I know…I know…I thought the same thing. Maybe the fact that Shawn drove his car through Victor's wall, refused to take his money (idiot - he needs money for Claire - take it! It's more legal than your dumb job!) and then he spitefully told Victor that they have no relationship. So…I'm thinking that all of that may have led Victor to wash his hands of his troublesome grandson. The last thing I read mentioned that Philip would fight Belle for custody of Claire, leading Belle and Shawn to take 'drastic' measures. I'm wondering if that means we'll see a quickie marriage of convenience between the two. Or at the very least, Belle might move in to Shawn's apartment with him and give Willow the heave-ho (one can only hope). I'm guessing that Victor will throw his considerable weight behind Phil's action to assume full custody of Claire (though I don't know how he will manage that…bribing judges maybe?). I can't imagine what Bo will have to say to him if it comes down to that however. Oh well, this is evil-Victor we're talking about; he'll figure something out ;)

So Nick Horton made his entrance to the Salem scene and as predicted by the spoilers; he is a total geek and he is totally entranced with Miss Chelsea 'bad-seed' Brady. Chelsea, on the other hand, is totally repulsed and only very mildly interested. We know however, that these two are simply killing time until they fall madly in love. If you believe what the spoilers predict, they have been predestined to be the next great super couple. So far, I like Nick. He's a lovable goofball that makes me smile when I see him and plus; its fairly obvious that he's going to be a hunka-hunka as soon as someone (probably Abby) gets their hands on him and gives him a makeover. I very much look forward to seeing Nick rein the demon seed in (as apparently he will) because her high and mighty attitude is starting to wear thin with me. Talk about the epitome of opposites attract though huh? They are definitely it - but at least that should make for some interesting story. In other news…I can't stand watching her talk about Bo and Billie getting back together anymore. Though I was relieved that Billie explained the scene Chelsea saw of Bo and Billie in bed together - that didn't stop Chelsea from believing whatever she wanted to believe. She now has a picture on her cell phone that could cause a lot of damage to the fragile reconciliation between Bo and Hope. Oh I hope that Days doesn't go there again…let Chelsea drop her damn cell phone in to a puddle or something so that she fries the phone and loses the picture. Please? Pretty Please? Or else I'll just have to keep hitting the FF button whenever she is in the same scene with Billie because I'll have to assume that she's singing her tired old "get back together with Dad" song again.

How 'bout that Patrick eh? Sinking ever farther in to the muck and mire every day. He has resorted to blackmailing Dr. Bader once again about the paternity of Hope's Baby - this time because the Dr suggested an amniocentesis (at least she hasn't lost sight of her Hippocratic Oath; blackmail or no blackmail). I honestly hate this part of the story; I think it's awful and I hope that it's over very soon. I am always bothered by storylines that involve stealing babies - whether it's physically stealing them, or pretending to be the father…whatever. The silver lining is that Hope finally, finally, finally gave Patrick the big boot and told him that she does not trust him and that they are "over". Over Patrick! You hear that? Take your phony baloney concern over a baby that is not yours and leave town. Now. The other side of that silver lining is that Hope asked Bo to move back home with her! And to give their marriage another shot. She said the words. I heard her with my very own ears. "Our marriage is worth it". Ahhh…finally…sweet music to my ears! Hope was so cute as she checked a mirror before answering the door to Bo. I loved seeing them act all silly and nervous around each other. They were so warm and friendly and sweet and funny that I just sat there with a big foolish grin on my face the whole time I watched them. Yes, I'm giddy…but cut me some slack…the types of sweet moments between the two that we had on Friday have been faaaar too long in coming. Yeah, I'm a mushy romantic at heart. I'm not even going to complain about Hope's flip-flopping emotions/decisions; I'm just going to bask in the light of their wonderful reunion. Ahhh…it's wonderful!

Another heart-melting reunion was Lucas and Sami. Although they haven't quite reunited romantically yet, Lucas came to his senses and decided to make nice with Sami for Will's sake. What a welcome relief from his usual stance whenever Sami is caught out on one of her various schemes. Normally, he is rude and mean and treats her like dirt for weeks/months - but this time, he has quickly gotten past that and is back to being her friend; if nothing else. All the signs are there however and there isn't much doubt that they are definitely making their way back to each other. I for one could not be happier!! I have always been this couple biggest fan - since the very first day that they struck up a friendship back when Ali Sweeney first started playing the role of Sami - and nothing would make me happier than to see these two freaking finally get married! LOL. I would also be absolutely freaking thrilled to bits if Sami could be the person to unmask EJ. Sami Brady saves the day? How cool would that be? She could do it too…just look at how she saved Kate's butt when she was trapped in EJ's bedroom. Although Sami didn't know that she was rescuing Kate, she did as John asked her (touched my heart that she cares at least that much for John) and made up a story about wanting to get back together with EJ in order to distract him so that Kate could make an escape. I thought she did a great job. Another great moment for Sami this week was when she attempted to apologize to Lexie in the restaurant and Lexie was totally rude to her so Sami responded that her family had forgiven Lexie time and time again (yo baby-stealer), and yet she is unable (or unwilling) to forgive her. Lexie can you spell "Hypocrite"? Cuz we know you can't spell "Hippocratic Oath". I was glad that Sami also pointed out Lexie's cheating ways - which she was forgiven for as well - and that if Lexie had not been cheating; there would have been nothing to blackmail her with. Duhhh Lexie…take some responsibility! I only wish that Sami had just gone a little further and told Lexie not to get all high and mighty because she's definitely no better than herself. Of course Lexie responded by dumping a whole bottle of champagne over Sami's head. Oh yes…classy dame our Alexandra Carver. Oh well…at least Sami handled it maturely and simply went back to her table. Lucas was proud of her - and that's all that matters in my books. :D

Okay…this whole business with Shawn and Willow is getting so old that I can't take it much longer. The more I see Willow, the more I cannot stand looking at her face. Everything about her just annoys me. I don't get why she told Shawn that if she's not good enough to be his girlfriend then she's not going to be his whore? Ummm…exsqueeze me what? Shawn has always been very clear that he doesn't want a relationship with her and she has always professed that they are just having "fun" - so why would she get upset about the fact that she is getting exactly what she asked for? Strange. And where does she get off being offended that Shawn wouldn't want her around when Belle comes by? All Belle knows about Willow is that she used to be a hooker and she has a hell of an attitude. Personally…I wouldn't want my baby daughter around someone like her either. I don't think any mother would. In any case, Belle has clearly made her disapproval of Willow be known so if Shawn wants to see his daughter, he has to play by Belle's rules - regardless of whether they personally offend Willow or not. A better question is WHY on god's green earth would Shawn agree to allow Willow to move in with him when he knows how Belle feels about her? Is he stupid or just a patsy? And another thing, if Shawn was so god dammed worried that Belle would find out that Willow is living with him - why would he leave to run an errand for Patrick (had to deliver something to EJ) and ask Belle to stay and wait for him, knowing that Willow would probably come back to the apt in the interim? Ahh well…hopefully this won't last much longer. Shawn is all ready on to the weird happenings over at the Kiriakis mansion and soon enough (or so the spoilers tell me) Shawn and Belle will end up uniting in an attempt to keep Philip from getting custody of Claire. Hopefully that will spell the end of Willow the not-so-happy hooker.

Much as I love Marlena and am happy to see her standing by John's side once again; I thought it was a bit much that she not only asked Bo to dissuade John from being part of the investigation but also that she played the 'return favor' card by mentioning how she helped save Kayla's life by risking her own to get the medication. Uhhhh okay; let me break this down. She badgered and basically forced John to let her go with him and then ended up having to parachute out of the airplane because apparently, her weight was enough to prevent it from being able to safely land in a storm. She then needed to be rescued; first from the elements by none other than Smokey Robinson himself and then from the mountain cabin by John (he had to parachute in as well). Call me dumb but - I'm not sure how Marlena "helped" get the medication for Kayla. I think she actually hindered John and ended up forcing him to make a return trip just to pick her up. At least it gave us a reason to see John save his lady love once again - always a good thing - and for Smokey Robinson to sing his beautiful song "I love your face" to them. The good part about this storyline, other than giving John an actual reason to be involved in the investigation (a 'black glove' was found in the troubled aircraft) was that it was over and done within two days. They went, jumped out of a plane, picked up the meds, got rescued and returned home all in good time. I don't mind that at all. It is Sweeps Month after all and TPTB have to come up with a few spicy events - as far-fetched as they may be to some. And hey; the bonus is that Kayla is awake again and more than just an unconscious form lying in a hospital bed. I will make one small, itty bitty comment here…and it has nothing to do with the geography (which was all wrong)…Sami told Belle that Marlena had landed in "30 feet of snow". I was like - huh? 30 feet of snow! Do the writers understand how much 30 feet of snow is??? A freaking lot! Way, wayyyy more than one can manoeuvre in without equipment such as snowshoes. Marlena would have landed in that and gone straight through the bottom - never to be seen again! Sheesh…30 feet! Unless it was frozen solid, there's no way that Marlena would have gone anywhere in 30 feet of snow. Has anyone ever see what 30 feet of snow looks like? I have - albeit only in pictures - but let me tell you; it's a helluva lot!

  • Bo grows closer to finally getting the dirt on Patrick.
  • EJ gets rough with Sami and Lucas busts in and saves Sami. Sami and Lucas then end up sharing a kiss.
  • Frankie says goodbye to friends and family as he leaves Salem this week (so sad…we will miss you Frankie).
  • Belle is not pleased to find Shawn still living with Willow, who she doesn't want around Claire.
  • This week leads to revelations about what happened to Philip when he disappeared.
  • A new mystery is set to begin involving Celeste and her tarot cards.
  • Rumor has it that a few more Hortons may return this year for a Christmas cameo.
  • Rumors are still going around that Joe Mascolo may be returning as Stefano, but still no official word yet.
  • Rumor has it that the show finally plans to reveal who John's real father is!
  • Days will not air on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday the 23rd
Eileen Davidson Axed! In a surprise decision, "THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS" has fired fan fave Eileen Davidson (Ashley), who originated her role in 1982. Davidson admits to being dissatisfied with recent story, saying, "Ashley just didn't have a center anymore." The actress last airs on January 11. There's already buzz that the hot property might get scooped up by "DAYS OF OUR LIVES" to reprise the role of Susan, one of the multiple Salem roles she played during a break from "Y&R." (I for one absolutely loooooved Eileen Davidson as Susan and all her alter-egos, so I hope this comes to pass)

Reader Feedback: Thanks to everyone who wrote in! I love reading your comments and feedback about the show and this column - so keep them coming!

From Chantal:"Pamela, you cracked me up about the DVD recorder choosing now to die - and yes, soap net is a pay channel. Good to see Sami get some comeuppance on Kate and showing the proof to Lucas. It's not that I don't appreciate Billie being in Steve and Kayla's storyline - it just does not make a lick of sense. Bo is just being a dork, again. No wonder Shawn is acting the way he is - he's got the same genes as his dad. A good storyline for Shawn would be for him to come up with an STD and having to deal with that. As for belle, we have to agree to disagree - Belle let Philip leave without stopping him or thinking of how it would effect Claire, she whines about being a single mom as if she's on welfare and issues ultimatums (again) to Shawn that he better shape up or he won't see his daughter. Agreed, Shawn needs to get his act together but legally (as if that matters on a soap), Belle can't stop Shawn from seeing his daughter but has anyone even bothered to start the paperwork?? Belle didn't show me spunk - she showed me bitchiness at being superior to a girl who has really done nothing wrong to her except keep her from once again making Shawn a lapdog. It appears EJ's true personality is starting to show."

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