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For the Week of November 13, 2006
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How refreshing it was to see Nick, a guy who has a college degree, was kind-hearted enough to help Chelsea even though she was a total snot to him, and embraces his inner and outer geek.

Yes, ladies there is a new stud in town and he isn't a race car driver nor does he have an British accent: He's the Fallonator!

I know I'm saying that like I'm being sarcastic, but I'm actually serious. How refreshing to see a guy that a) has a college degree since everyone in town seems to drop out b) was kind-hearted enough to help Chelsea even though she was a total snot to him and last but not least c) embraces his inner and outer geek. Now, I must admit I am a complete sucker for a guy with glasses and a high IQ (especially if he is carrying around a book) but I loved the fact that while Nick was dancing, he didn't care what anyone thought, hell he didn't even care if he was on the beat (which he was nowhere near), he was having a good time. And he didn't even care when he ripped his pants doing that James Brown "I Feel Good" split, he just played it off and came to Chelsea's aid when she was getting ready to get the police called on her. Again.

Now my guess is with Nick they will have him go through some type of transformation (this is a soap) but I hope they keep him a little nerdy. He is probably pretty hot without his glasses on (remember Reese on Passions, anyone), but I hope they don't try to make him Mr. Suave. Diversity, people! We don't need another Max or E.J.

I like Brandon Beemer as Shawn. I really do. That said, do they have to make Shawn as big an idiot as possible to redeem him later? First, this moron is working for E.J. Wells as a very high paid note passer. Look, if someone offered me $500 bucks a pop to pass notes to someone my dad was investigating, not to mention the supposed father of my mom's baby, I would feel obligated to let someone know. For example, Hope would be someone that would appreciate that information. My question is, why has Shawn suddenly lost his mind? He was never really the brightest crayon in the box, but he did have some common sense. For example again, Belle told him that she does not want Willow around Claire (which is perfectly reasonable considering Willow was having sex for money a few short weeks ago) and what does this idiot do? He lets Willow the Willing talk him into letting her live with him in the new apartment he is getting with all of his newfound cash. As Roman would say, "What da hell?" He barely knows her, and Belle is going to have a total conniption as soon as she finds out.

Speaking of Belle, you guys know that I am not the biggest fan of Mrs. Black-Kiriakis, but you know, she is growing on me. Especially since she has grown herself a backbone in the last few weeks. She wins my favorite line of the week award with "You found out Claire was your daughter and what did you do? You drove a car that wasn't yours through the wall of a private home and then you nearly got lost at sea trying to impress a prostitute you picked up." She hit the nail on the head with that one. But while I enjoy Belle's newfound chutzpah, here is the one thing I don't understand and maybe it's because I wasn't born rich. Victor sent Belle a check for a hundred grand and Shawn a check for ten grand. Now both of them threw the "I don't need anything from you" fit, but couldn't they have taken the money and put it in a trust for Claire when she is an adult, or for her college or something? Maybe have her decide if she wanted it later, even though I'm sure there will be a Kiriakis trust fund for her down the line. Or heck, Shawn could have given his ten grand to Willow the Happy Hooker so she could get a place of her own (but then of course she wouldn't be able to cause friction between Belle and Shawn) so she couldn't manipulate him into moving in with her. But I digress. Victor sure did pour it on thick about not being there for his children and wanting another chance with Claire. Shawn was all ready to have a self-righteous fit, but Belle put an end to that with the quickness, telling him it wasn't for him to decide. Plus, Max is right, Shawn needs to stop flashing all of that money around, it DOES make him look like a drug dealer. No one in town really believes that all of that is coming from mechanic work.

Steve and Kayla are still in the hospital, with Steve looking better by the day, while Kayla gets worse. Since I don't believe there is any way that they would actually kill Kayla off, I am guessing this is the catalyst for Steve to get his memory back (for real instead of having the Cliff's notes version) and reunite with his family. I do have a bone to pick though (of course): what is with all of these young adults who have really never known their parents to be together suddenly deciding they know what's best for everyone and that their moms and dads MUST be together? This part of the storyline is really making me not like Stephanie. Just because her dad likes Billie (which I'm not that hot on either by the way) she feels it perfectly acceptable to be as nasty to Billie as possible, and then telling her dad it's for the best when Billie decided to leave. I guess she was crowned at the same coronation giving Shawn and Chelsea the right to be boss of everybody. I understand that Stephanie is loyal to her mom and she just got her dad back from the dead, but she needs to grow up a little bit. Isn't she supposed to be this tough female race-car driver? Then what's with all the whining and hyperventilating?

I hate Lexie. I really do. Not so much that she poured an ultra-expensive bottle of champagne over Sami's head when she HAS NO JOB, because that gave Sami a chance to act like a grown up for a second, but because of the little girl fit she was having watching Sami have a good time with her family. Lexie blames Sami for everything that she lost but hey, if she hadn't been having sex with Tek in a PUBLIC PARK in BROAD DAYLIGHT Sami would never have known about the affair, and therefore would have been unable to blackmail her. Or here is a novel idea, Lexie could have told Abe about the affair herself and therefore trumped Sami's blackmail, which probably would have been her best choice considering she got caught anyway. Lexie is just as culpable as Sami, and maybe even more so because she was in a professional position of trust. And I would just love for John and Marlena to find out that she knew Crazy Alex was drugging Marlena against her will but she did nothing so she could keep sexing it up with Tek. And I don't care if she helped find a cure for Kayla, the way Caroline just forgave her made me sick. Just my opinion, but Lexie is nothing but a lying, cheating, baby-stealing, skanky DiMera and all of the helpful medical tips in the world won't change that.

I think that Hope is starting to get the point that there is something "off" about Patrick. He apparently does nothing for a living but seems to have an unlimited supply of money. Or he did before his thieving mother took it to pay off the blackmailing surrogate and have herself a little Bonnie-esque shopping spree (what do you want to bet there is something with sequins and fringe in that bag?). I like the Lockharts. Okay, I like Mimi but this family has got to go. Patrick is apparently at the very least a criminal and at worst maybe more than a little crazy. Bonnie steals from her own kids with no guilt and them tries to blame it on another one of her kids. And this whole storyline with the surrogate just reeks of leftover JER junk. She was supposedly so nice and trustworthy and she ended, of course, being a blackmailing witch. And the sad part is, Bonnie isn't paying Lauren off so she can raise her grandchild. She is paying her off with the hope of getting an even bigger payoff from the Kiriakises. Oh, please let it stop soon.

I'm glad Bo and Billie stopped themselves before they did anything stupid, but hey people? CLOSE THE DOOR!!! First of all, his mother was roaming about downstairs, are the trying to give her a heart attack? And as we saw if you leave a door cracked in Salem, someone will see you at the worst possible moment and probably take a picture. Case in point, Chelsea. If Billie is smart, when Chelsea tells her she has the picture, Billie will throw Chelsea's phone on the floor and stomp on it. Then she can buy her a new one.

So what will happen next, scoopers? Will Chelsea and Stephanie get their ways and get their respective parents back together (hope not for Chelsea, hope so for Stephanie). Will Stephanie ever get out of the hospital and quit whining and freaking out? Will Belle give Willow the smackdown when she finds out she and Shawn are living together? For that matter, will she give Shawn the smackdown too? Only time will tell!

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