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Is Steve going to have to carry Hope's list of memories around in his pocket like a cheat sheet in order to keep Kayla believing that he has his memory back?
Of all the times to have technical difficulties in the way of a DVD recorder crapping out and not taping your show on the week that you are supposed to write an opinion column about same show…this was that time. It couldn't have happened during the mostly forgettable JER years when missing a show meant nothing since you knew that the characters would rehash everything that had all ready been said and/or you'd see everything you missed in the obligatory 900 flashbacks. No, no…it had to happen now…when missing one episode means missing a whole lot - and it also means that you'll never again see the majority of the excellent scenes that you missed. [Unless you have SOAPnet apparently. What is this and does it cost money?] Sigh…I did manage to catch Wed/Thurs with the help of a friend who also tapes the show; but they were the only episodes that I actually watched. I read the recaps for the shows I missed, so I'm all caught up on the storylines, but reading about Days is just not the same as actually watching the show. And I say that from experience (the aforementioned Reilly years).

Given what I read online, I'm especially sorry that I missed Friday's show. How I would have loved to see Sami snatch Kate's bra from EJ's and the look on her face when she figured out that it was Kate's. Or what about Billie and Bo? You tell me Scoopers; did they really fall on to Bo's bed, kissing? Please say it isn't so! And what about Shawn blindly accepting $500 bucks from Patrick? Does he have his head screwed on backwards? How could he not think that something strange was going on with this courier - slash - liaison job that he's accepted with EJ? And how hilarious was it that Bonnie stole the rest of Patrick's money and high-tailed it over to pay-off Lauren the surrogate? And what's up with Lauren threatening to terminate the pregnancy if she doesn't get more money? Nice. [Remind me to rant one day about how I hate Mimi and Philip for washing their hands of their baby and letting the surrogate do whatever she feels is best with their child. No way; no how, would that happen in my world. Not in this lifetime]. Anyhow…Friday's show ended with Kayla regaining consciousness and opening her eyes. I guess that the combination of Hope and Bo's memories and Steve's lie of having regained his memory (or so the recappers quote him as saying to Kayla on Friday) did the trick of bringing Kayla back from the brink. Is Steve going to have to carry Hope's list of memories around in his pocket like a cheat sheet in order to keep Kayla believing that he has his memory back. Nawwww, that won't work. 'Kay' will know right away that he's faking it.

Speaking of which…there has been a lot of chatter on the boards about Billie and Steve hooking up in the midst of Kayla's illness. To be clear; I am a die-hard Steve/Kayla fan. Always have been - always will be. I don't appreciate Billie being in the middle here at all. I don't exactly blame her or hate her for it though because so far, she hasn't really done anything wrong. As Marlena said, one can't really help whom you fall in love with. Do I like it? No. Do I think it makes the character seem pathetic and desperate? Yes. Do I think this is all just a temporary bump in the road to Steve and Kayla's reunion? Yes. But that doesn't make me like it any further. Because when Steve eventually does return to Kayla (and - insert ominous music - it will happen) Billie will end up getting her heart stomped on. And when her heart gets stomped on, she usually wants to stomp on someone else's heart. And that usually winds up being Hope and by default, Bo. So yeah…I hope this storyline quietly fades away soon. It would be more interesting to me to see Billie working to help bring EJ or Patrick down somehow. I'll repeat my usual mantra: make Billy Warlock an offer to stay and put Frankie and Billie in an interesting storyline. They'd be Dy-No-Mite together! ;)

In one of the episodes that I actually watched - the scenes of father/son bonding between Bo and Shawn at the hospital (at the beginning of the week) were a welcome respite from their normally fiery interchanges. Thank goodness for small pleasures such as their conversation was. How I have missed those little moments. I really liked Shawn's new demeanor toward his father; mainly it's the respect that he's starting to exhibit toward his father again that I appreciate. I have always really hated it when he would go off on Bo in a disrespectful way. I also really enjoyed that Bo told him like it is [stop blaming everyone else for your problems Shawn] and he said it with tenderness and understanding so that Shawn accepted what he was told. It's too bad that they hit that rocky patch again when Shawn attempted to tell Bo about his new job with EJ. Bo is worried, and rightly so. Shawn's attitude is crap though; he knows that he isn't working as a mechanic so he had no right to act self-righteous. He knows that his Dad doesn't trust EJ or Patrick AND he knows that he is being paid a lot of money to run envelopes between the two men and that he's supposed to keep it all hush-hush. It really doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that his Dad cares about him and probably has good reason to worry. But Shawn's stubborn "I'm a man and you can't tell me what to do" attitude always seems to raise its head whenever Bo attempts to ask questions. Anyhow…it's too bad little Miss 'my-daddy-will-never-love-me-as-much-as-Shawn' Chelsea didn't see that moment between Shawn and Bo instead of the scene where they bonded at the hospital. Maybe then she wouldn't be so eager to believe that nobody in the world loved her.

Which reminds me - I must be getting cynical in my old age because the scene of Chelsea crying on Grammy Kate's shoulder about how poor little her feels like she doesn't belong anywhere and that no one loves her, simply made me roll my eyes and think "give me a break". Though I did sit up in shock and amazement when Kate grudgingly admitted that, though she had tried everything under the sun to get them back together; even she had accepted that Bo and Billie are "over". Well good lord, I'm surprised that she didn't bite her tongue off when she uttered those words. I actually had to rewind the scene because I thought that I had missed her crossing her devil-fingers behind her back or something. Though I did not rewind the scene of Kate and EJ tearing each other's clothes off later on in the episode. No sirree bob.

Ummm…Shawn is living with Willow at the YMCA??? What? The guy is not broke - is he? - rent a damn hotel room! What about the family money that Bonnie was apparently after? Where's that? I don't get Shawn; why agree to stay with the former prostitute who 'means nothing' to you and who could quite literally hamper your plans to be a father to your recently discovered daughter? I'm beginning to think that Shawn is not really the brightest light bulb in the pack. But you know…kudos to Belle for a) keeping it together in the face of the fact that her one true love is sleeping with a former prostitute who he barely knows and who, in his words, means nothing to him, b) for returning to Willow's room after Shawn left and telling Willow off and c) for realizing her hypocrisy and deciding that she needed to get on her own two feet as well. You know what? I don't care if it was wrong of Belle to go back to Willow's room and stake a claim (so to speak), I loved that scene and I finally saw a Belle with some spunk that I could really enjoy watching. I know that many viewers have had issues with Belle and anyone who reads this column regularly will know that I have been one of her most negative detractors but…I do admit that I was totally rooting for her when she told Willow to stay away from Shawn. It probably doesn't help that I really don't like Willow very much. I don't know why really but she bothers me quite a bit. Maybe it's because she's always smiling. Perky people annoy me :D I also have a secret suspicion that she works for EJ and is plotting with him to keep Belle and Shawn apart. Why? Don't ask me but I don't think that Willow is a 'good girl' and she doesn't seem to be only a temporary addition to the good ole town of Salem, somewhere, USA.

Hallelujah, praise the Lord! (One might think - based on how often I use that phrase - that I am very religious…Not so said the Agnostic; I just like the expression, no offense meant). Where was I? Oh yes…I was thrilled that Sami FINALLY chose Will (and Lucas; despite what she said) over EJ. A quick "thanks" to Hogan Sheffer again for agreeing to take over the Head Writer job and giving us the gift of a maturing Samantha Brady. Sami finally stood up and declared that Will is definitely her priority. It's about darn time!! As an aside - just where in the H-E-double-hockey-sticks does EJ get off demanding that Sami choose him over her own son for crying-out-loud? And then to have the nerve to get angry when she chose Will and then to announce that he won't be her friend anymore? Sheesh! Nice guy. Hey Samantha? Friends like EJ you don't need. Next question; now that Sami has Kate monogrammed bra (who does that anyway?) and is waving it in Lucas's face - will they both wise up to Kate and EJ scheming and move back in together? I sure hope so, but we know it probably won't be that easy right? As long as Sami stops letting herself be swayed by EJ's opinion and as along as Lucas moves far, far away from mommy dearest - I'll be happy to watch and wait for the inevitable reconciliation between Lumi.

Okay kids; I'm outty. It's been crazy busy at work as usual and seeing as how I missed half the week, I feel kind out of the loop. But never fear; I am leaving you with a whack of juicy spoilers to read through. Have fun and if you don't want to know - skip to the end!!

***SPOILER ALERT***SPOILER ALERT*** The following are November Sweeps spoilers direct from Head Writer Hogan Sheffer:
Jim Lunsford (Benjy): The daytime newcomer debuts in the role of Steve and Kayla's adopted son (and Stefano's biological son) on Nov. 10. He will help Patch remember his life with Kayla while he is in quarantine. He will become very important. He's a DiMera and will have another agenda where Patch is concerned. He is still deaf. Cool moment is when he walks up to Patch and starts signing. Patch signs back, unaware he even knew sign language. Benjy is important "in reawakening Kayla and Steve's romance because he is so important to them" says HS. "Steve will begin having snippets of real memories. But it's a while yet before that happens. Ultimately, it will lead to him and Kayla finding each other again."
John and Marlena work to expose EJ. "Obviously you're going to find out who EJ is," says HS. So are John & Marlena, who make a key discovery about the cocky con man. "Late in November, J&M are going to make a trip to Italy for the purposes of sniffing out the DiMeras and finding out how EJ is connected and what he wants. They'll make the final connection between Stefano and EJ Wells." Sheffer won't comment on the rumors that EJ is in fact Susan and Stefano's son, Elvis. "I'm not allowed to speak about that," demurs the scribe.
Although he keeps getting himself in trouble, Bo and Hope are going to reunite in a big way in November. "I want Bo and Hope together. I don't like this rift between them over Patrick. To me, it's silly. That she would believe Patrick over Bo, or trust Patrick over Bo, makes no sense to me at all." And the paternity secret is still out there. But Hogan teases that he doesn't want them back together for the baby. "I want them to be together regardless, and then the baby is the icing on the cake." Bo and Hope will get a Christmas miracle when they learn what viewers have known for weeks - Bo, not Patrick, is the father of her baby. Leading up to the baby surprise, Bo will try to expose Patrick with the help of the Salem P.D. "They turn their attention from Patrick to the guy they think is the brains behind the outfit, which is EJ Wells," previews HS. "They get onto EJ by making a connection between him and Patrick. They realize these two guys may have been involved with all The Gloved Hand (lol) stuff." While Bo inches closer to nailing Patrick and presenting the facts to Hope, Chelsea hatches yet another scheme. "After walking in on Bo and Billie comforting each other, Chelsea misconstrues it as sex," says HS. "She takes a cell phone picture of them. She's going to send the picture out to a few choice people." But even Chelsea and Patrick can't ruin Bo and Hope's Christmas. They will get the best present ever when they learn about the baby.
Much fun with these two! "Lucas is just plain and simply in love with her." Although they both realize this in November, they proceed cautiously. Sami figures out that E.J. is a bad guy. Lucas is going to fight to get Sami away from E.J., because he's jealous and because he knows that E.J. is a bad guy. Meanwhile, Sami is going to change the way she does things. She's leaving the manipulations in the past and going forth as a decent, hard-working person. This will lead to all kinds of problems for her.
E.J./DiMera family
He will officially become a villain. He will slip through the authorities' fingers, though. They'll know he's guilty but will have no way to prove it. This is what sends John to Italy. This story will involve tarot cards, Celeste, and a missing "death" card. The Phoenix will rise again in Salem, assures HS. But is Joseph Mascolo reprising the role? [Click here to read more.] "Whether or not we can that actor to play the part; we have a plan". Does that mean the show would recast? "No," hedges HS. "There's another way we'd do it." "In its first incarnation, Stefano will not be used very much, but his presence will be felt. It will be known," hints HS. Stefano's reappearance is a pivotal step in setting up the resurgence of the DiMera family. "Ultimately, we'll make EJ the new power to be reckoned with," confides HS.
Billy Warlock's last episode will be the Thanksgiving episode.
Click here to read more.] Philip
Philip gets his backbone back when he returns to Salem in January. "One of the things we're pushing toward is giving this next generation the power and the sway," outlines HS. "Philip needs to be the new Victor. He needs to be a man of power and passion and amorality." Philip's first order of business will be rectifying the situation with Claire, the baby he was led to believe was his daughter. There will be "a nasty custody battle," reveals HS. Victor will play a role in it, and Belle and Shawn will be forced to make a drastic move.
Mimi still feels guilty over the Claire/Shawn situation and Max is starting to have feelings for her.
Tek gets himself fired, but he forces Abe to recommend him to the sheriff's department. He will still try to split up Abe and Lexie. Abe will have another health crisis that will play out over the next six months. But watch for something in December that will change everything.
"The Shop Around the Corner" meets "You've Got Mail" meets "Days". Chelsea gets a secret Internet admirer. He sends a picture, and they start talking about life and love. She doesn't realize it's Nick Fallon, who's a Horton (Jessica's son). However, he knows, and this becomes the beginning of a romance between them. [Nick is the son of Jessica and Joshua Fallon. Jessica is the daughter of Marie Horton, who is the daughter of Tom and Alice Horton].
Sneak Peeks
Look for Marlena "to be very prominent in both Belle's and Sami's lives," promises HS. "She's got some great heroic moments coming in November." And in 2007 - "One of them in February is going to be stunning," touts the scribe.
Week of Nov. 6
  • Patrick wants to leave town with Hope.
  • The Brady family rallies around Kayla.
  • Bonnie steals from Patrick to pay off Lauren.
  • Kate spies on EJ
  • Can't Miss - Weds. Nov. 8 - Lexie "toasts" Sami
Week of Nov 13
  • John and Marlena face danger as they race to Canada to save Kayla.
  • Things get messy with Sami, Lucas and EJ.
  • Smokey Robinson appears on Nov. 15

Reader Feedback: Thanks to everyone who wrote in! I love reading your comments and feedback about the show and this column - so keep them coming!

From Linda Wolfe:Hi, Pamela! It's the poet lady again! Stephen Nichols said on his blog that he loves a good limerick and lots of fans sent him their poems. What fun they were to read! Here's what I sent him:
Patchman and Sweetness (Dedicated to Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans)
There once was a merchant marine
Who started out evil and mean.
Kayla melted his heart,
A great romance did start.
Their chemistry lit up the screen!

He'd say, "Baby, I'm not good enough.
You are sweetness and I am so rough."
Kayla just didn't buy it,
They couldn't deny it -
'Twas true love, in good times and tough.

Years later, 'though thought to be dead, Steve returned, known as Nick, now, instead.
His memory's shot.
He's alarmed that he's got
A wife and a daughter (redhead!).

Now, amnesia has been done before.
Steve's memory - it's time to restore.
Hope soon we will view
The old love they once knew -
That playful romance we adore!

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