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There has to be some reason that E.J. is making nice with Kate. Is he trying to exact some revenge on Sami's behalf, or is there another reason?

Stephanie Johnson has arrived in Salem and what a treat she is!! Saucy but sweet and a fiery red-head to boot. I liked her from the first time she appeared onscreen and felt that she was going to be an interesting character to watch. Though she's only been in Salem for a day, there is all ready a bunch of interesting story potential centered on her. Let's go down the list; 1st and foremost is her relationship with her parents and more specifically; the father she doesn't know and who doesn't remember her. Steve seemed very stricken by meeting his daughter and it seemed to have cemented his resolve to stay in Salem and fight to regain his old life. The father/daughter interaction between the two kept me glued to the screen (although - whenever Steve or Kayla are on - I am glued to the screen) and I can't wait to see their story unfold as they build a relationship. 2nd is her chemistry with Max. Although Max and Chelsea have repeatedly gone back and forth this week (YAWN) and are now back on again; I am still holding out hope that Max will wise up and move on to Stephanie. They seem much more suited for each other. Not only do they share career ambitions but they also seem to have the same laid-back, devil-may-care attitude about life. 3rd is her mysterious connection to EJ. Though we don't know how they know each other yet - the way they acted when they met made it obvious that they do have some sort of connection. I'm guessing that these two are either ex-lovers or secretly working together for some reason. 4th is the business with the letter that was delivered to Sami at Club Dune. Though it could have been a coincidence, Stephanie was in the bathroom at the time that the note was given to Sami and then when Stephanie returned - she had ink on her hands. So…it could be a coincidence and the note might have been planted by the Glove but we didn't see 'it' hanging around (like we normally do) and besides…the Glove was at the hospital creating havoc for the Fertility Foursome at the time Sami got the note. I think Stephanie may be involved somehow. Maybe she's working with EJ to break up Sami and Austin? But why? Well; whatever is going on - I am happy that a new character has been introduced to Salem. The best part is that she doesn't come from some previously unknown family (though we could use a little diversification in the Salem gene pool) and therefore has immediate ties to a lot of the characters and storylines. Nice to meet ya Stephanie Johnson and welcome home!

I've received quite a bit of feedback from viewers who are unhappy with the pacing of the storylines in recent weeks and have expressed impatience with the Head Writer transition. A lot of people have been wondering when Hogan Sheffer will be taking his post as HW and when they will start so see some "action". I can't say for certain when Sheffer will take over; I thought that Reilly's contract was up at the end of July - which would mean that Sheffer won't be on board until August? [ED>: A Days of our Lives spokesperson tells that Sheffer assumes the reins in mid-August.] That's a guess. Anyhow…yes, I do agree that the storylines have dragged a bit recently but in my opinion that 'lack' was made up for with some great dialogue! Take for example Roman and Kate's conversation at Carrie and Lucas's wedding. I really enjoyed that scene! Their conversation reminded me of why they were once a great couple. Roman gave Kate some great advice about not meddling in her children's lives and he tried to get through to the 'warm and caring' woman that he claimed to have fallen in love with. I don't know if what he said will have any lasting impact on Kate but it sure would be nice if she could find something else to do with her life. Though I hope that "else" doesn't involve EJ. There has to be some reason that EJ is making nice with Kate. Is he trying to exact some revenge on Sami's behalf or is there another reason? He can't seriously be interested in her? Anyhow; there were other great pieces of dialogue this week; Jen and Abby's conversation at Jack's bedside; the conversation between Steve and Kayla in the lounge when he vowed to fight to remember his life with her; Caroline's reprimand to Shawn at the hospital; and so on. Let's not forget the funny comments made by various characters that echoed all the things that the fans have been complaining about for a while. I laughed particularly hard when Chelsea and Abby were discussing Stephanie; Chelsea made a remark about how incestuous Salem was. Sooo…yup; I am just gonna grin and bear it through the transition period. As long as the dialogue keeps improving as it has - I will happily wait through the slow period. I have no doubt that my patience will be well rewarded in the end. Hang in there guys; shouldn't be much longer now.

It seems very likely that Stefano DiMera is on his way back to Salem! This theory is supported by two things; 1) A lot of characters have been referencing the DiMera family lately and 2) Joe Mascolo (Stefano DiMera's portrayer) has been put on recurring status over at B&B (his current soap). I've heard from some people that they are not interested in seeing Stefano return only for it to turn out that he is responsible for all the bad things that have happened in Salem recently. The majority of people seem to feel that he is an over-used plot device and they would rather see Victor Kirirakis return to his 'dark side' or see a brand-new villain come to Salem. I have to respectfully disagree. Personally; I would be THRILLED to see Joe Mascolo return as Stefano to cause more mischief and mayhem in Salem. Besides; if Stefano did return, we might finally have a resolution to the mystery behind the long-running DiMera/Brady feud. It has been a damn donkey's age since we've had a really juicy reveal on DOOL so it would be great if Days could revisit this mystery and give us a really great story behind all the years of animosity. Yeah sure, it would be great to see a new villain on Days but I honestly don't know how the writers could give us a plausible story for a new bad guy. Seriously; ask yourself if you'd buy in to the idea of a new villain in Salem if you weren't given a damn good reason for why they would be messing with all the various characters. No…I don't think it can be plausibly done; so...on that note, I have my fingers crossed that we will soon see the Phoenix rise again.

Carrie and Lucas's wedding was such a joke. Not as in funny HA HA but as in ridiculous and sad. The worst part was Kate and Lexie interrupting the wedding. I would have rung my mother's freakin neck for disrupting the ceremony simply to announce that Lexie has 'something' to say. And then Lexie made some dumb-azz speech about marriage and being honest blah blah. I would have yelled "Are you kidding me? Hypocrite! Hypocrite! You're interrupting my wedding to tell me to be sure that we love each other before we get married? ARG!". It was all just so damn stupid. I'm surprised that Carrie wasn't mortified by Lexie's speech given that she had an affair during her first marriage to Austin which led to a divorce. And what was up with Austin telling Carrie that marriage vows are "forever". Did he conveniently forget that the marriage vows he took with her were not "forever"?? How ridiculous! Anyway - I feel kind of bad saying this but, Carrie and Lucas are the most boring couple in Salem right now. I mostly FF through their solo scenes; especially if it involves them making out. I read a spoiler that Carrie will soon discover that she is not pregnant after all (Reilly's original story idea being quashed perhaps??). Apparently she will discover that the home pregnancy test she took gave her a false positive result. Help me out here guys…didn't she go to Lexie for confirmation of the pregnancy? Anyhow; I personally don't care because I never wanted to see her pregnant with Lucas's baby in the first place. Let's just hope this couple dies a quick and painless death and each can go back to their rightful partners; namely Austin and Sami.

Speaking of which…Austin and Sami as a couple are getting weaker and weaker as time passes. They exhibit so little chemistry and passion for each other that I can't believe they are even getting married. It's so obvious that each is simply the other's consolation prize; they are just the only two who don't realize it. In stark contrast to Austin and Sami's lack of chemistry was the obvious electricity between Sami and Lucas as they danced at his wedding. As soon as she was in his arms, her demeanor changed completely. Personally, I think it is a great testament to Alison Sweeney's acting talents. She knows exactly how to nuance Sami's behavior to match the obvious feelings/thoughts Sami has for each man in her life. Whenever Sami is with Austin, I get a distinct 'friend' vibe but as soon as she interacts with Lucas, her heart is right there in her eyes. I couldn't help but notice the chemistry between the two as they danced together and it reminded me that Sami and Lucas could be "The" next Supercouple. IF The Powers That Be would let them. Even Sami's chemistry with EJ is more interesting than it is with Austin. Every time Sami and EJ are together, you can cut the tension with a knife. EJ let it slip to Sami during the reception that she is the reason why he chose to go with their company over Titan. Unfortunately; Austin interrupted them before she could pursue that comment. I wonder what that was all about? How does he know Sami Brady? Whatever his reasoning is - he certainly is interested in helping her. At the end of Friday show, EJ was offering to help Sami with her problem. He had overheard her muttering to herself about the note she received [I got a good giggle out of his comment that he heard her because she left the door open!] and after a bit of manipulation on EJ's part [he told her that if she couldn't trust him; it was her fault. Hello? She doesn't even know him…why should she trust him?] Sami decided to confide in EJ and take him up on his offer. I'm curious to see what his true motives are for helping her as well as how he plans to help her. With his obvious interest in Samantha and this 'new' connection to Stephanie - the mystery of EJ deepens. Is EJ working with Stephanie and what is his fascination with Sami all about?

Bo is a dumb-ass. Sorry; I had to say it. Why in god's-name did he dance with Billie at Carrie and Lucas's wedding while Hope was standing there watching with Patrick? I was shocked! He knows darn well how Hope feels about Billie! I don't get it…Bo professes to want his wife back but then turns around and starts dancing cheek-to-cheek with the woman who has caused so much strife between he and Hope. HELLO McFLY! I wasn't surprised in the least when Hope immediately asked Patrick to take her home. Later that evening Hope went to the hospital for an ultra-sound (that's right…after the wedding reception...I'm sure most hospitals work that late…sigh) and Bo proceeded to smother her with talk of how the baby was their future and a sign from Zack. Poor Hope; she looked like she was suffocating. I can't imagine how absurd that situation would be - having an ultra-sound with two men standing there - each hoping to be the father of your baby. No thanks! When the ultra-sound didn't give them enough information; they ran a blood test to help determine how far along Hope was. I'm thinking back to my pregnancy and I remember the doctor telling me that women produce a specific hormone while pregnant. The higher the level of the hormone in the blood stream; the further along the woman is. However…this is not a concrete method of proving anything. Every woman is different and will produce varying amounts of hormones. So what I'm saying is…this better not be the last we hear of the 'who's-the-daddy' saga. I fully expect that a DNA test will be run once the baby is born to confirm the paternity. If not; I will be extremely pissed and be forced to FF through their storylines out of protest. 'Nuff said. So; based on the blood test, Hope announced that Patrick was the father. I don't buy it. I don't care what the test results say or what Hope believes; there is no way that this baby could be fathered by anyone other than Bo. Either the Glove has manipulated the test results of Hope is lying in order to gain some space from Bo. I doubt that Hope would lie but…I'll grasp at that straw rather than believe that Patrick really is the father. But; for the time being - I fully expect to see a few months of nauseating BS as Patrick hovers around Hope excitedly awaiting the birth of what he thinks is his baby. My stomach is churning all ready…

Note to Shawn: Shut the hell up! Who died and made you judge, jury and executioner of Bo? Jeez louise! Okay, Bo has made many mistakes and hurt both Shawn and Hope but jeez - he was freaking harsh! I am irritated with Bo and the way he's acting as well but that doesn't excuse Shawn's behavior. I was livid when he insinuated that Bo was responsible for Zack's death. WTF guy! This is your father for crying out loud; have a heart!! He was being so incredibly judgmental and cold to his father. Unfortunately…the problem with being judgmental is that life has a way of coming back around and biting you in the butt. He thinks he's so mature and understands all the intricacies of life, love and all that but he doesn't. And judging by where his storyline with the Fertility Foursome is going - he's about to get a big wakeup call! At least Caroline was right in there defending Bo to Shawn. I cheered her on as she tried to get through to Shawn. It was wonderful that she was written in to the scene and it gave the family turmoil situation more depth. I've noticed lately that the veterans are getting a lot more screen time. Caroline has consistently been involved in all of her family's stories and both Maggie and Alice have been involved with the Lucas/Carrie and Jack/Jen/Frankie storyline. Note to the new writers; Keep 'em coming!

Did anyone else get lost during the egg-switching drama? I got a bit confused with all the flashbacks of the Glove switching the lids and with the final switch of the Petrie dishes. I figured that was the point actually - keep the viewers guessing about what really happened - until the mistake was discovered that is. Not so confusing now is it? I thought it was pretty funny when the nurses were talking about the hospital's security measures. What a laugh! Salem University Hospital has about as much security as my cookie jar. Which means: NONE! It's open to anyone who has a hankering to feed their face. Anyway; Mimi, Shawn, Belle and Philip's story took a completely unexpected turn when the nurses and doctor actually figured out that there had been a mix-up in the fertilization process and actually told the foursome (you'll have to forgive me…I'm used to hugely implausible reasons why none of that would have happened). So yeah - after some tests had been performed - the medical staff figured out that the 'right' eggs had been implanted in the 'right' people however, they had been fertilized by the 'wrong' men. I feel it needs to be said again: The medical staff actually figured something out! Wow. We were then treated to a bit of history when Philip blew his top and remarked that the same thing had happened at this hospital when he was conceived via in-vitro and implanted in the wrong woman (Vivian instead of Kate. However, to be fair, that situation was a bit different given that Viv actually stole the embryo now known as Philip and had it implanted in her). Philip threw the weight of the Kiriakis name around a bit and threatened to have the doctor's job as a result of the blunder. What's neat about the Fertility Foursome's storyline is that every time I think I know what's going to happen next, the storyline takes an unexpected turn. A crazy and outlandish turn; but an unexpected one nonetheless. Part of me is happy that the Glove messed up the egg fertilization; it's interesting drama (can't wait to see what happens next). Another part of me is disappointed at the same time; I wanted Mimi and Shawn to have a baby together. Oh well c'est-la-vie! Mimi is kind of getting annoying lately with all her doom and gloom "my life sucks" stuff anyhow. Since she won't tell Shawn what she knows about Claire and she is unable to put it behind her - maybe it's time for the truth to be revealed along with her part in keeping the secret. Spoilers indicate that Philip is going to be involved in a car crash after discovering that his wife is pregnant with her ex-lovers' child. It's been announced that the actor who plays Philip is leaving the show soon, so perhaps the character will end up in a coma and be shipped off to a special hospital for a few years? Since the storyline keeps taking unexpected turns - it's anyone's guess as far as what will happen next.

It's funny but, I think I might have felt a glimmer of sympathy for Chelsea. Maybe. I enjoyed seeing the softer side of her when she sat in Max's car and told him that if he still wanted her; she was all his. But do we believe her? The tears and emotional words sure seemed real. Max bought in to. I'm reserving judgment. Let's see what she does next. Of course…all the back and forth between these two over the week was quite annoying…She wants him, doesn't want him, she wants him again; He wants her, dumps her butt, takes her back again. All in one week - no actually; according to Salem time this has all occurred in the span of one day. Phew! I think it's a bit unbelievable the way Max trails after Chelsea like a puppy dog. As much as they have some chemistry together as a couple; I don't get what Max sees in her. Seriously; what is the big ding dang dealio about Chelsea? She's an immature, spoiled, evil-minded little brat who can't see past the end of her own nose. Max actually told her that he LOVED her (HUH?) and he told Stephanie that deep down; Chelsea has a good heart (Double-Huh??). What ever gave him that idea? Sure, she's a pretty girl with a decent figure but what exactly has she done to deserve Max's undying love? Anybody…Anybody…Bueller…Bueller? Okay, maybe I'm being a bit too harsh. After all; she is only 18 years old. But I still don't get what he sees in her. I thought for sure that he would decide to pursue Stephanie and ditch Chelsea. That hope was kept alive as Stephanie and Max flirted at Carrie and Lucas's wedding and boy was it fun to see Chelsea eating her heart out with jealousy. But alas…Chelsea realized the error of her ways in treating Max like garbage and groveled for him to give her another chance (so to speak). Will that be the end of Stephanie's attempts to get with Max? The look on her face as she watched Max and Chelsea kissing in the car said it all: NOT!

Where are they going with the Jack/Jen/Frankie storyline? I don't get it! Nobody - not even doctors and specialists - could find even a hint of a cure for Jack. Miracle man Frankie, on the other hand, sat at the computer for 5 minutes (or less) and by punching the keyboard a few times, he just happened to find some new experimental drug that could cure Jack. And the medical trial group just happens to be run by a friend of Frankie's? R-i-i-i-i-i-ght. How lucky for Jack! So, Jack will be cured and then what? Jennifer will remain married to him? It's been confirmed that Matt Ashford has been let go from his contract and we know that Melissa Reeves is leaving very soon so - will Jack be cured and then ride off in to the sunset with Jennifer and fam? What about Frankie? What will happen to him and who will be his love interest? What about Abby? I don't know Scoopers…I just don't know where they are going with this story.

Theories about the owner of the gloved hand are running wild! If nothing else; the mystery is sure generating a lot of chatter on the boards lately. Personally; I like the theory that the Gloved hand is none other than Bart. He's the only person that I can think of that would make sense in terms of intentions. We know that he's a loyal servant to the DiMeras and would definitely be the one carrying out their dirty work. Although he's more like a bumbling idiot than a capable operative so - realistically speaking - I can't see Bart being too successful at the cloak and dagger stuff. Still; from a motivation standpoint it has to be someone who wants to mess with the Bradys and historically speaking, that has always meant the DiMeras. I keep hearing that TPTB haven't decided who the Glove belongs to yet. That makes sense to me considering that the new Head Writer hasn't come on board fully yet and presumably he would want to tie the perpetrator in to his future storylines. I'm sure we'll have to deal with some inconsistencies with past actions once it is revealed who the Glove is. As long as it's not something stupid, like…oh, I don't know…say like Bonnie; I'll buy in to it.

Reader Feedback: Thanks to everyone who wrote in with their theories on the owner of the Glove. It's just unfortunate that I couldn't print them all!

From Lisa:"I love your Two Scoops Commentary. I think your theory about Shawn and Philip's mix-up is interesting. However, I think your imagination for writing is much better than the writers on the show, so Mimi will probably not get a baby to raise (unfortunately). As for the gloved hand, I did a little research with the cast. The cast list shows everyone we see every week normally except with the addition of Bart having a "recurring role." He is most likely the mysterious gloved hand we keep seeing. Lexie would give in to him knowing it is probably instructions from Stephano or Tony. Remember nobody ever really "dies" on this show. If they bring Zach back I am going to freak! Anyway, as far as messing with Belle and Mimi, Belle is John and Marlena's daughter so she is due for punishment from Stephano. Billie, however, is due for LOVE. Why does she have to go after Bo? This is dumb. She had good chemistry with Patrick! What about E.J.? Something interesting could come from that. Although I would like to see Sami have a fling with him and make Lucas jealous. I want Sami and Lucas together. I think they are SEXY together. If they would just get along! I love Steve and Kayla, of course!! Missed them terribly. Hopefully, Steve will get some funny lines again and bring some HUMOR back to the show!!! Thanks for your input into this often weird and disappointing soap opera! Lisa :)"

From Crysti:"I Bet the gloved hand is Jan. She probably is angry she didn't get Shawn and is doing the switching just for spite and she probably thinks it is funny. She could possibly blackmail Sami because she knows about Lexie and didn't want everyone to find out so she could use the info for her own purposes."

From Natalie:" Ok I have a possible theory about this whole gloved hand thing. First of all I think I missed the episode(s) that explain where Marlena is, but the more I see this gloved hand in action I can't help but think it may be Marlena. I know it sounds crazy but let's face it she has been possessed and a serial killer. The reason I think this is because someone is trying to protect Sami and then switching Belle and Mimi's eggs so that Belle can be fertilized with Shawn's sperm! This gloved hand wants to see "good" things happen to both Sami and Belle, who else but Marlena?"

From Shelley:" I have 2 theories about the mystery glove. I was wondering if the gloved hand may be Jan's. She could be having Lexi cover for Sami so she could get back at Sami herself and then Jan could be messing with Mimi and Belle just to get back at Belle. OR; it could be Victor and he could be getting back at Sami by getting Lexi to cover and then Victor could be doing the switch so that his grandson would finally be with his true love because maybe Claire will get sick again and maybe the new baby which Mimi gave birth to will be a perfect bone marrow match. Mimi will flee the country with her son which is called Zack and Shawn and Belle will go after her. Philip will have been killed in the racing accident months ago and then Shawn and Belle their way back to each other while searching for Mimi. What do you think?"

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