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The current state of Days of our Lives sucks, and the fans have been screaming for relief. Perhaps in response to those complaints, James E. Reilly is on his way out as head writer.

Sweeps month sucked - to be sure - but it looks like there may just be a little light on the horizon. As you may have read on the front page of this site; James E Reilly is on his way out as head writer for Days of our Lives. I don't want to take joy in the fact that an individual is being ousted from his job nor do I want to celebrate in the face of someone else's misfortune. BUT I admit that I did a tiny bit of a happy dance when I first read the news. No offense to James Reilly, but the current state of Days sucks really bad and the fans have been screaming for relief for some time now. Many people have written to me in the past year and questioned whether anyone was listening to the fans' complaints about Days of our Lives. Well; it looks like we have our answer. Someone amongst The Powers That Be has decided to take action; and it comes none too soon I tell ya! Now all we can do is cross our fingers and hope that Reilly's replacement can do what seems to be impossible and restore DOOL to its' former glory. Rumor has it that Hogan Sheffer - multiple Daytime Emmy winner while employed as head writer for As The World Turns - has been approached about taking on the job at Days. As an avid and long-time ATWT fan, I can attest to the incredible job that Mr. Sheffer did for that show. He is the reason that ATWT racked up so many Emmy noms in the past few years (Outstanding Writing Team for example) and why ATWT has leapfrogged to the head of the pack in the ratings race. If DOOL is so fortunate as to woo him back to daytime television (he mainly develops shows for primetime) I have no doubt that the fans will be the ultimate winners in the end. There is not doubt in my mind that Hogan Sheffer has what it takes to turn Days around and I am praying that not only is the rumor about Mr. Sheffer true; but also that he actually takes the job.

Well…well…well…a new character has hit the tiny town of Salem and he's a famous race car driving Englishman. No - no; say it ain't so! Not another famous race car driver! Okay okay…I'll try not to knock this story too much - at least it's something different for a change. EJ Wells is the new characters' name and according to Max, he's a well known race car driver on the European circuit. AND he seems to know an awful lot about our lovely Samantha Jean Brady (if you watched Friday's show; you'll know why I am spelling her middle name that way). Okay but I just have to say one thing about this race car driving thing - it's amazing how a new storyline is introduced and all of a sudden; everyone and their brother develops a sudden interest in racing cars OR they just happen to invent some thingamabob that enhances the performance of said race cars. Yes, I'm talking to you Shawn and Philip. Oh and one more thing…aren't famous race car drivers usually…um…rich?? Max lives in a room above a garage and EJ just rented a small apartment right across the hall from Sami. These two famous and WINNING race car drivers sure like to keep it real huh? *Scratching head*. So…what is his connection to Salem and what is his secret? We all know that he's bound to have both. He mentioned having a lady love once but it didn't work out because she chose her career over following his. Could this mystery woman be in Salem? What else would draw a famous racer there? It can't simply be his curiosity about Shawn's invention. And what's up with his interest in Sami? He seems to know quite a bit about her. Though he tried to explain it away, it was totally lame. Has he come to Salem specifically to mess with Sami? Why would a famous race car driver waste his time doing that? And what was that all about when met Carrie? She seemed to recognize him and mentioned that she never forgets a face. He didn't seem all that eager to pursue it though. Hmmm…well…welcome to Salem EJ - here's hoping that you have brought an interesting storyline along with you.

I finally realized why Sami's storyline bothers me so damn much! If Lucas was really the man that she loved and wanted - she would have left well enough alone and not manipulated Carrie in to choosing him. Then, when Carrie and Austin rode off in to the sunset together, Sami could have been the one to comfort poor old Lucas and taken the opportunity to get back in to his heart. But no…instead it was "if Lucas doesn't want me; I'll take Austin". However, it now seems that - with the introduction of the new EJ character - Sami's storyline is about to shift in a different direction. When I read about EJ's introduction, he was rumored to be Sami's new love interest. Shoot…talk about not wasting time. One look at him and she was all over him like a dirty shirt (though it was quite a look considering that his towel slipped off his naked body). I was thinking "Whoa! Down girl!" If I was Austin - I'd seriously be questioning her commitment to me. But then again; we know that he would prefer to be with Carrie, so maybe he just doesn't care. Lucas cares though. He was the only one to make a comment on Sami's flirting. Ahhh Lucas! Just admit that you still love her and get on with it!

Hope and Bo's storyline is killing me. It's zigging and zagging and pulling me along with it…and I am not having fun. Bo used Billie for sexual gratification and then proceeded to tell her that he loves Hope and always will. What happened to all his baloney about there being something between him and Billie? Poor Billie, when will she ever learn to grow a backbone where Bo is concerned? Over on Morgan Island; Hope found out (or thought she had - as was the case) that Patrick was on Alex's side and BOOM she changed her mind about Bo and the divorce. I don't understand why that fact alone would make her call off the divorce. Patrick has been trying to convince Hope to go home and work things about with Bo for a while. And she has been claiming that her marriage was over…done…finito. It's not like he ever tried to prevent her from being with Bo. Back in Salem; Bo hopped a plane to Morgan Island, motivated by a message from his fancy face that she needed him. Unfortunately, he arrived just in time to see Hope slobbering all over Patrick. I don't understand why she was mad. What did she think would happen when she left Bo a message telling him where she was and that she did not want a divorce? Of course he would grab the first flight out to the Island. Bo tried to work things out with Hope, but as soon as she found out about the court date change and that he didn't tell her right away; she turned her back on him again. Then - blink your eyes - and everyone was back home in Salem. After a disastrous run-in with Chelsea at Jennifer's Memorial Day BBQ, Hope ended up at Zack's gravesite. Bo found her there and they shared a passionate kiss. It was lovely - for a moment. Bo took Hope out to dinner to attempt yet another reconciliation, but unfortunately the demon-seed crashed the party as per usual. The week ended with Bo telling Hope that he will never give up on her; and she telling him that he has to. Hope then entered the house to see Zack standing on a chair yelling "Mommy, Mommy, help me". Oh man - what is this all about? Are we about to see Hope lose her mind or is this some sort of sick plan of Kate's to prevent Bo and Hope from reuniting? I would not put it past her…she's done worse. I just hope that the mess that Chelsea has created between them ends up being resolved somehow. If only Hope would mention catching Billie in bed with Bo before she left for Morgan Island or if one of them mentioned the freakin emails they sent each other. Sigh…

On the bright side; I really enjoyed the Philip/Belle/Shawn/Mimi quad this week. Being a Shawn and Mimi fan…I have to say how much I prefer Phil with Belle and Shawn with Mimi. To me, the four of them are better suited with the partner they are currently with. Shawn and Mimi are so darn cute together! Everything would be perfect if only Mimi would stop making faces whenever Shawn mentions being a father and stop blurting stupid stuff out at the wrong time. She's acting so suspicious - she's going to get herself caught out if she isn't careful. Belle's sudden reversal from wanting Shawn to wanting a baby with Phil kind of scares me a bit. One minute; Belle wants to steal Mimi's husband away and the next minute; she's offering to get her maternity clothes out of storage for her? Okay Sybil - pick a personality and stick to it please! ;) I don't blame Belle for her concern about Phil's sudden passion to prove himself on the race track. I enjoy a car race as much as the next person but…exactly what experience or talent does Philip think he has that would qualify him to be a race car driver? Does ex-Marine = high-speed driver? Isn't it nice that if you have enough money; you can do whatever you want in life? Or, this is what Days would like us to believe. Phil knows nothing about racing, cars or racing cars but he has decided to underwrite Max's racing team in exchange for becoming a backup driver. Lucky him. I wonder if this is all just a set up for Philip to be involved in a racing accident on the track. Or something similar that would somehow end up ensuring that the truth of Claire's paternity was revealed. Speaking of which; where is Victor? Shouldn't he be poised to reveal the truth to Philip at any moment? Well - however the truth comes out - it looks like both Mimi and Belle will be pregnant at the same time. Sounds like a perfect opportunity to drop a bombshell…doesn't it?

Marlena and John. How sweet it is to see them back together again. FINALLY!!! Sorry…I just had to say it. Belle made a comment that Claire was with her parents, so I guess Marlena is trying to make up for lost time with her granddaughter. I don't blame her but, it's weird that she would do that and not even contact her other daughter - Sami - and let her know that she was back and had regained her memory. Small things we're supposed to overlook I guess. Marlena seems to be quite disturbed about the fact that she was pregnant with Roman's child. Do I smell another round of the John/Marlena/Roman triangle? I seriously hope not. For now, I'm just going to bask in the happiness of having Marlena back and with John where she belongs. I refuse to look the gift horse in the mouth because I know that it's bound to bite me when I least expect it.

BUH-BYE Alex North! Sayonara and Good Riddance!!! Though he plunged off a cliff - we all know that he's probably not dead. Whatever…as long as he's gone for an awfully long time; I'll be happy. Farewell to his portrayer - Wayne Northrup - you will be missed. Until your next return…preferably as your original character; Roman Brady.

Reader Feedback: Thanks to everyone who wrote in and provided their feedback! I truly look forward to reading your thoughts and opinions so keep them coming!

From Brenda:" I have watched Days for many years and can't believe what they have done to the characters we have come to love. The storylines are boring and unbelievable. And now by bringing back Patch and Kayla they hope to improve ratings. They will just screw their characters up too. It's no wonder the ratings are so bad."

From Marilyn:" Hi Pam. I really like your input on DOOL'S.I think most of the 1 hour show is devoted to the "necessary" commercials but why then can't the writers give us some advancement into a BETTER show? Something interesting enough to hold their readers. Most of the show is "day dreaming of the past" ---over and over again. I, too, am fed up. Your comments are more interesting than the show. Thanks for the READ. Marilyn."

From Natalie:"First of all I love your commentary, you are so right on! As the many fans have stated out there, I too am very bored with the show. It is lacking on so many levels. I feel the massive frustration from all the fans out there not to mention reading it in your commentary. As sad as I hate to admit this, but part of me wishes the show would get cancelled so we can all say to the writers, "WE TOLD YOU SO!!!""

From Janice:"Your first Two Scoops paragraph says it all. This is especially made apparent because I watch Y&R too (the soap that has been #1 for years). On Y&R this May, plot lines were resolved, there were interesting developments in the storylines, new storylines were introduced, each day it seems there is an exciting, dramatic scene...Identical conversations repeated: 0. I started watching Days again when Carrie came back but I am so disappointed in that storyline. I can't believe it's sweeps month and nothing is happening on this soap. I too, watch it and don't absorb anything from these repetitive, boring scenes. I guess I was right when I stopped watching Days the first time. Note to TPTB: try watching a quality soap like Y&R and you will see where you are going wrong. Please take notes, and fix Days before every fan stops watching!"

From Louise: "Oh I agree with you! DOOL has gotten soooooo boring, repetitious, and downright deja vu. The show has done the same storylines over and over for years. What a major disappointment. I used to be a diehard fan but I can no longer tolerate the samo samo. Just how many times is Marlena gonna get amnesia for heavens sake! or kidnapped. And the forever endless triangles of characters and NO one being happy. I have had it. It is time to get rid of these terrible, unimaginative writers. I sure hope bringing back Patch and Kayla can put some much needed life back into one of my used to be I had to rush home for lunch and watch so. If something isn't done, I will personally start a campaign for cancellation! and I thought Passions was the slowest soap in history. And don't get me started on that one!! Now I see why DOOL is going down the tubes..... same head writer! Time to go back to writing school!"

From Sharon: Things I never want to see on "Days" again…. Angel/devil on people's shoulder, Max talking, all the votives going out when Sami goes to confession-Please someone remind JER that "Days" is not "Passions" and should skip the supernatural element (other than the constantly not dead Stefano).
Things I want to see on "Days":
Alex North's body washes up and he is battered and deader than the proverbial doornail, never to return.
What I would love to see-Billie belts Bo for turning to her for nookie every time Hope dies, disappears or gets pissed off and then says "I love Hope-Sorry."
Mimi tells Shawn and he refuses to believe Claire is his, thinks Mimi is just reacting to hormones.
Philip and Belle stop poking into Shimi's private business and Belle stops one upping Mimi "When Shawn and I were..."
Roman with a storyline"

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