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The writers have done a wonderful job of punishing the wicked this past week. Chelsea was dropped down a sewer, and now they seem to be shaping up to give Lexie a medical scare.
Days is doing a wonderful job of punishing the wicked this week, aren't they? They dropped Chelsea down a sewer and now they seem to be shaping up to give Lexie at the very least a medical scare. Now if only that anvil from the Bugs Bunny cartoons would drop out of the sky and land on Alex North's head, they would be 3 for 3.

You know who I was happy to see again this week (aside from Mrs. Horton of course)? Theo! I'm so glad Days is getting away from the invisi-kids and actually hiring children to play the characters. Yay! There are people too young to drive on the show again!

How many times can Alex logically shoot Marlena up with his magical mystery drug before her brain completely turns to gumbo? I mean, if it is strong enough to seemingly erase whatever Alex wants, shouldn't she be like dead after the three or four doses that we've seen? Oh, how I hate this whole story. Come on, think about it. They should have just let John kill Alex at the wedding, and then we could have had a trial, and then John could go to jail, and Marlena could remember and Lexie could come off what she knows, John's free and everybody lives happily ever after. Especially me, because I wouldn't have to watch the whole Alex North storyline anymore. Please make it stop.

Belle is really losing it over Shawn. She's really not even making the effort to try to hide it anymore. Between sulking around like someone beat her up and stole her lunch money and screaming his name like a maniac on international television, she might as well be wearing a "Divorce Me Please, Philip" T-shirt with a matching hat in neon orange. I don't even want to imagine where they are going to take this storyline. Either Shawn will find out Claire is his daughter and leave Mimi, or Mimi will miraculously pop up pregnant and then Shawn will find out. Man, I wish that Philip was Claire's father. At least then the poor guy would have a chance.

Onto Bo, Billie, Chelsea and everybody else. Hopefully Kate doesn't talk Chelsea out of telling Bo and Billie the truth about her little email scam and telephone tampering. Please, I really want to like this character and I probably will as soon as she stops whining and takes responsibility for her own mistakes. Please don't let that psycho-witch Kate stop her. So Shawn rescued her from the sewer and then told her he would have done the same for a stray dog. Ouch. I understand why Hope is being so unreasonable because she is being manipulated and she thinks Bo and Billie are sleeping together, but she should at least ask him what's going on face to face instead of listening to Chelsea, and really it's not beyond a stretch of the imagination that Billie could have set that whole hotel room scene up. I know they have to break them up to have their great big, glorious reunion, but how long can this whole temptation island thing go on? Now Patrick and Hope are bunking together in the same bed, because of course the boat only has on possible place to sleep. Right. And I just have to ask this, why can no one in Salem see the person that they're actually making out with or marrying or whatever? There is always that creepy morphing thing. It's really disturbing.

Speaking of disturbing, I just don't buy the Carrie and Lucas thing. I actually felt myself cringe when they started kissing on their way to doing the do. What are they doing together?!?! Lucas knows good and well he wants to be with Sami and the only reason Carrie isn't with Austin is because of what Lexie says. As a doctor, Lexie sucks. Why would you make a life altering decision without getting a second opinion, which would let Carrie know that there are probably no such records or anything to prove what Lexie said. But that would be too much like logical. And on that note, why wouldn't a reporter or photographer, I don't know, ask before making assumptions about who is with who, especially if there is more than one couple there, except to drive the point home a little hard about these couples being with the wrong people. We get it already. But you know what I loved? Jen and Frankie finally doing it after about a billion years apart. Now Jack will reappear cured for sure, but good for Frankie! And you know what, I didn't really mind Sami and Austin doing it either, even though he's only with her because he can't have Carrie. But, oh well. Go Sami!

One more thing. Why does everyone continually interrupt everyone else? Salem has to be the rudest town in the world. No one lets anyone else talk and then when the poo-poo hits the fan the interrupter reams out the person they have been talking over for the past year. When the interruptee says, "I tried to tell you!" the interrupter always says, "Well, you didn't try hard enough!" What do people have to do to be heard in Salem? Carry around a baseball bat and bust anyone who interrupts them in the head and say "Excuse me, I'm trying to tell you something?" Maybe I'm hypersensitive to it because being interrupted is my pet peeve. I just wish the writers would use another plot device to stop people from telling each other things and to make secrets last ridiculously long.. My least favorite way is, "I know what you're going to say," which is the favorite of Philip Kiriakis. He can read so many minds he should be giving Celeste a run for her money

So fellow Days fans, what will we see next week? Will Esmeralda, I mean Kate, talk Chelsea into further manipulating everybody? Will Lexie go see a doctor or will she try to diagnose herself (bad idea)? Will Abe find out about his wife's illness (if that is what it is of course) or her affair first? Will they bring back Jack, Jr., so all of the children can be on the show at the same time? Only time will tell!

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