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For the Week of March 20, 2006
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Lexie managed to let herself be talked into some afternoon delight with Tek in the park, and there was our trusty Sami, hiding in the bushes. Well, let the blackmail begin!

I have to start out by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed Monday's show. If anyone in the wonderful world of TV is going to catch you doing something dirty, the worst person I can think of is Sami Brady. So Lexie managed to let herself be talked into some afternoon delight with Tek in the park (the PARK!?! Come on! Little kids play there!) and there was our trusty Sami hiding in the bushes. Well, let the blackmail begin! Sami wasn't happy with the "Don't worry about Sami" speech that Lexie had just given Carrie and then Lexie ended up giving her some fabulous ammunition. Is it just me or does Lexie seem to want to get caught? What is she thinking going out to some club with Tek? So what if no one they know goes there (usually)? Salem doesn't seem to be that big of a town and Abe is the Police Commander (I think, or is Roman still Commander? I can't keep track) and she is apparently the only practicing doctor at University Hospital. Did she think that a private room in the back was going to make them invisible during the walk to and from the door and other assorted public places? And didn't you just love the sick look on Lexie's face when that woman Jada asked her about her husband and did he know about her being there with the town's sexiest cop? Loved it.

Chelsea has to be one of the dumbest eighteen year olds on the planet. After your face gets splashed all over the front of a tabloid and your father nearly implodes into a million pieces after he sees it, why would you go to another club the very next night? And I would hope that most young girls would know better than to accept a drink that hasn't been in your line of sight since it was poured, especially from some strange guy who keeps sniffing for some reason. She keeps whining and scheming about jail, but she won't keep her simple self at home and just let her parents and the lawyers handle things because she thinks she knows better. And, come on, raise your hands if you loved it when Max told her she was on her own if she wanted to destroy her life. It's about time. Chelsea is just self-destructive and manipulative and it seems like she enjoys being that way. I think jail would be just great for her.

Well, Dr. Death's little explosion trap seems to have backfired. Who would have thought that all it would take is a little brain-rattling explosion to start jogging Marlena's memory? I'm almost afraid to be hopeful that this whole twisted doctor thing will be over soon. Please let him get caught for something, or let Marlena remember something terrible about him, or SOMETHING!! Now that we know for sure that he is bad and crazy, I can't wait for him to get his comeuppance. John and Marlena need to get back together already.

What in the heck is wrong with Belle? Is there some recessive scheming, selfish Evans gene that skipped Marlena, but managed to be passed on to both Sami and Belle? Because, I think it's really funny that she not only married Shawn's best friend/uncle but now seems really offended that Shawn would dare to consider marrying her best friend. I would have loved it if Mimi would have popped out from behind the door and let Belle know she heard everything she said. Could you imagine Belle trying to get out of that one? With friends like Belle, Mimi should really start expanding her social circle. Why would you want someone as your matron of honor who is trying her best to steal your man from you? And I can't believe Mimi managed to weasel her way out with Father Jansen and Shawn about Claire. I feel bad for Mimi because she feels so guilty, but isn't she caught between a rock and a granite mountain? If she doesn't say anything it will wear on her which is never good for a relationship, but if she tells the truth, it's pretty obvious that Belle will stop at nothing to get Shawn back, even if he decides to stay with Mimi. Wow, this storyline is starting to reach that fever pitch and become really interesting. What is Belle going to pull at the wedding? Are Shawn and Mimi going to make it through their "I do's" or are they doomed before they walk into the church? I can't wait.

Okay, I am really not enjoying Hope and Patrick and the whole Temptation Island thing. Now she has a bad back sprain and Patrick feels the need to literally carry her about. This just can't be good, especially with Patrick having all those steamy Hope fantasies. Please send Hope home soon. And just as a side note, why is Hope always getting ready to fall off a cliff? Isn't this like the seventy-fifth time she's almost gone splat? She must have some remarkably strong arms.

Carrie, Carrie, Carrie, what are we going to do with you? Is it just me or does she make some weird choices? If I had a pain bad enough to drop me to my knees in public and scream for help, I'm going to the hospital, or at the very least a doctor. But Carrie decided to be stubborn and tell Sami it was probably nothing. That wasn't very smart, especially since she passed out at The Dune (who named that?? Is there a beach near Salem?). Now with the health scare out of the way, Carrie can go back to waffling between Austin and Lucas. I'm with Sami, I think they way they are both chasing after her and competing with each other is sickening. I know Lucas doesn't want to be with Sami (so he says) but aren't there any other women in town? I said it before, the sibling swapping is very creepy, but everyone is basically related to everyone else, so I can understand that it may be a little hard to get a date when everyone in town is your cousin. I was just sitting here trying to think of the ladies that Lucas isn't related to and I have come up with: Grandma Caroline; Bonnie; Mimi, who is marrying his cousin; Belle, who is married to his brother; Eugenia(!); Lexie, who is definitely busy enough in the man department; and Marlena, which Sami would probably actually murder him for, not to mention she's got one too many men on her plate already. Really that's all I can think of, unless they bring Jan out of her "permanent" coma. Now that's an interesting thought: Lucas and Jan. But you know what, if we can't have Lucas and Sami back, maybe Lucas and his secretary Eugenia would be interesting. We already know that Eugenia thinks he is attractive and wouldn't Sami just burst into flame? From a perspective of pure tension and some good old Sami scheming, when the whole Lucas and Carrie thing doesn't work out (we all know that she's going to pick Austin, it's just a matter of time) Eugenia, who Sami hates like crazy, with Lucas would keep Sami in schemes and manipulations for months.

So my fellow Days fans, will Mimi and Shawn make it through the whole ceremony or will Belle put the kibosh on them? Will Kate and Bonnie be struck by lightning when they enter the church? Will Philip choke Belle to death if she stops the wedding? Will Patrick buy Hope a grass skirt for the hula lessons he's going to give her to "help her back" and will she agree to put on the coconut bra? Only next week will tell and I for one will definitely be there.

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