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It's really sad to see how quickly both Sami and Lucas have forgotten the love they shared, not to mention how they have both regressed to behaviors of ten years ago.

Merry Christmas and Haaaappy New Yearrrr! I hope all of you out there had a wonderful Christmas and are celebrating a joyful New Year. I have to tell you guys that I haven't watched much of Days over the Holidays. I picked it up again on Thursday and Friday and realized that I hadn't missed much. I see that Carrie and Austin have reconnected at warp speed - which is always a bad sign in Salem. Seeing as how neither of them realize that Carrie is the CEO of the company that Austin completed a hostile take over of (which is SO ridiculous); it doesn't seem likely that their reconciliation will last long. Sami and Lucas are aware of course, but they have both kept silent and are rubbing their hands in anticipation of picking up Carrie and Austin when the truth is "revealed." It's really sad to see how quickly both Sami and Lucas have forgotten the love they shared, not to mention how they have both regressed to behaviors of ten years ago. And no matter how many times TPTB have Sami utter the words "I've changed, really I have"; watching her lie to and manipulate Carrie is enough to convince me that she hasn't changed at all. In other goings on this week - it looks like once again; Alex is a good guy and this mysterious Lois woman is the crazy crack-pot. Whatever. Seriously, I really don't know what is going on or whether Dr. North is a good guy but I'm still trying to figure out how this is a John and Marlena love story. So what's going on with Zach? Gulp! Is Reilly actually going to write him off? I don't have a crystal ball or anything but...judging by the fact that a completely unknown character is babysitting Zach and by the fact that he opened the door and wandered away from the incompetent babysitter and by the previews for next week of Hope crying out Zach's name ....I have a sinking suspicion that something is going to happen to poor sweet little Zach. Something that will most likely enable him to be an organ donor to baby Claire (who is still clinging to life, awaiting a transplant). The thought of Zach dying makes me very sad. I really hope that TPTB aren't going this way. I really hope that this isn't how Shawn et fam. figure out the truth about Claire. It would be terrible to lose a son and gain a granddaughter. Wouldn't it? What a sad, sad thought. Anyhow...moving on because, having a two-year old, I can't even begin to think about losing a child.... I saw that Victor is still talking about not telling Shawn and Philip the truth. Poor Victor. He's using a conversation he had with Caroline in which she had no idea what they were talking about, to justify his decision. Hmmm. Phil is going to hit the proverbial ceiling when he finds out that both of his parents knew the truth and both of them kept it from him. Okay SO: Moving on to the Year in Review. I'm going to start with the Bad because that's how I like to hear my news. Break the bad to me right away and finish of with the good. It's always nice to end something on an "up" note.

~THE WORST OF 2005 ~ :
  • Well now; I guess I just have to kick it off with the writing right? The worst thing about Days in 2005 was definitely the writing. Most of the time that is. There was some truly funny and touching dialogue, but over all I'd have to say that it was the recycled storylines and see-through plots that made this past year one of the worst in recent memory - in my opinion :-)
  • Next would definitely, absolutely have to be when Billie forced herself on Bo. To me, that was the lowest point of the whole year. Not only did Billie actually take advantage of a delirious Bo and have sex with him, she then escaped any type of criminal charges. Nice. It took me a while to get over that completely unnecessary piece of writing.
  • I was really disappointed in the return of Chloe Lane's character. What a mess. Chloe returned to Salem but then refused to reveal herself to Brady. Too many months followed of watching her creep along in the shadows and the bushes, trailing Brady around, but never showing herself. It was tedious and made even more so by Nicole's involvement when she found out that Chloe was alive. Of course the pay-off was great when Brady finally put it all together and blasted Nicole, but it didn't exactly excuse the unbelievable storyline and dialogue that we were subjected to.
  • Marlena's amnesia. Ugh. Double-ugh. Poor Marlena though eh? She has experienced nothing but trouble in the last few years. She was thought to be a serial killer, then was kidnapped and held prisoner on an island and presumed dead for a year; when she finally returned home, she then fell down the stairs and ended up with amnesia. Now, she can barely remember anything about herself or her family though she has remembered snippets of John and even more of Alex. Though this story has brought Wayne Northrup back to Days, it has also served to transform the character of Marlena in to someone that doesn't much resemble Marlena Evans Brady Black - which is not a good thing. I liked Marlena has how she was and I liked her with John. If this is what TPTB consider to be a John and Marlena love story (as it was originally billed when it started long ago) they are failing miserably.
  • Belle's miraculous pregnancy. She had been pregnant for 5 or 6 months without knowing about it; miraculous indeed! Not being a Shawn and Belle fan, of course I rank the fact that Shawn is Claire's father as one of the "worst" of 2005.
  • Jack's incurable disease and his "death." Strike three for yet another "death" storyline for Jack. Not to mention the many months he kept Jennifer and Abby in the dark. As well as every time he cooked up a scheme to get Jennifer and Frankie together in effort to stir up feelings between them. It was all so inane. I'm sorry; but the whole idea that anyone would waste time like that while they are supposedly dying is kind of ludicrous even for an off-the-wall character like Jack Deveraux. Is he dead or isn't he? I missed a few days here and there but I thought I saw Jack peering in the window at Jennifer and Abby. I still think a storyline where Jennifer has a nervous breakdown from losing Jack yet again would be more interesting that watching Jack stalk his family from the sidelines.
  • Though the storyline didn't start in 2005 - it had been dragging since the previous summer - Jan's drugging and brainwashing of Shawn also ranks on the worst list. Naturally. Any time a character is drugged (as Jan continued to do even after Shawn was out of the cage) it ranks as a worst thing. It was also the main reason that Shawn crashed his motorcycle through the window of the church during Belle's wedding. Of course it didn't help that Kate purposely prevented Shawn from contacting Belle at that time. The overarching motive behind all of the sub stories of Jan and Kate's manipulations, Belle marriage to Phil and Shawn's relationship with Mimi is to keep Belle and Shawn apart; something that TPTB have managed to achieve for the past two years or more. For the fans of that couple, this would probably rank as the worst thing for yet another year.
  • Stan, Stan, Stan. Sighhhh. I liked Dan Wells and thought he did a fabulous job as Stami. He nailed many of Sami's trademark facial expressions and kept us entertained while Alison Sweeney was off on maternity leave. That aside, I hated the whole idea of Sami being dressed up as Stan and messing with all those people in Salem. From supplying John with drugs to forcing Nicole to give Chloe some flesh-eating bacteria - nothing about the storyline was enjoyable. On top of the horrid story itself, once Sami did the right thing and helped Lucas and the boy scouts escape; Kate revealed Sami's Stan secret during Sami and Lucas's second wedding attempt. Once again, Kate won and managed to put the kybosh on the coupling of Lumi. To make matters worse, once they broke up, Sami and Lucas quickly turned their backs on each other and have now chosen to pursue each other's sibling. Nice.
  • Piggy-backing on the Stan storyline - Philip going to war and Brady, Rex, Lucas and Shawn's attempt to rescue him also ranks among the worst of the year. I thought that the story was nothing but a slap in the face to the real service men and women who serve their countries.

~THE BEST OF 2005 ~:
  • Top, top, top of the List would have to be the actors/characters of Days. They are the reason that I continue to tune in to DOOL and sit through the storylines that frustrate and/or bore me. I can't say that I have one fave over another, well okay, I's Sami Brady - as played by Allison Sweeney. But I do love them all. Even the annoying ones. I hate Kate Roberts but I give it up to Lauren Koslow for acting the pants out of the character. In addition to the current characters, the return of some old time favorites has been welcome as well. I've enjoyed Frankie, Max, Austin and Carrie's return; though not ex-Roman/Alex North's so much. Now that there are some interesting characters on the scene, let's hope that TPTB will figure out what to do with them. Perhaps then we may be able to see stories that are interesting and original.
  • Coming in second, would have to be the return of the presumed dead characters and the end of the DiMera Island storyline. Though this story could be referred to as "THE" worst storyline ever written on Days; I'm choosing to place it on my Best list because it is finally over. After a year and half of the torture, everyone is alive and well and returned to Salem. Though we never see Cassie, we know she is alive and kicking somewhere around Salem - though neither of her parents mentioned her over the Holidays. Fortunately (in my opinion) the end of the DiMera Island story also meant the end of Tony DiMera. He's escaped somewhere and like his father, I'm sure he'll be back some day, but he needed a break and I for one have enjoyed it.
  • Chloe and Brady's wedding. That was enjoyable for me because it was the culmination of many weeks of watching Chloe conceal herself from Brady (see "worst" list). It was wonderful to see Patrika Darbo and Kevin Spirtas return as Craig and Nancy Westley; as well as to get a glimpse of their youngest daughter, Joy. Chloe was beautiful during the wedding and she and Brady were as happy as the fans had wished for. Too bad that they left on their honeymoon and no one has ever heard from them or spoke of them again.
  • When Hope socked Billie in the chin! She discovered that Billie had forced herself on Bo and left her have it with her fist. was one of the most rewarding scenes of the year. They have now gotten past their differences and seem to be almost friendly as they attempt to co-parent Chelsea. I think I enjoy seeing their friendship a whole lot more than seeing them fight over Bo.
  • Shawn and Mimi getting together! I know this is a controversial one because there are many Shawn/Belle fans but I for one think that this couple has potential and spark and I really hope to see more of them. I think they are sweet and real together and certainly more down-to-earth than Shawn and Belle ever were. I don't think I'll get my wish though...I've seen previews of Shawn proposing to Mimi. That is a bad sign in Salem and one that is sure to spell 'c-o-m-p-l-i-c-a-t-i-o-n'. Who wants to bet that Shawn and Mimi will become engaged just shortly before the truth of Claire's parentage comes out? Poor Mimi. I see more heartbreak in her future.
  • Chelsea and Max. I know, I know - Chelsea isn't a well liked character. I like her though. I think she breathes a bit of fresh air to Salem. I think she's spoiled and mouthy but fairly harmless. Plus, she gives Max a reason to hang around and that is never a bad thing. Though his character started out roughly, he has come around to acting fairly decent. I think he might even be somewhat of a good influence on Chelsea, which is a good thing because the girl is just a smidge out of control.
  • Something that should be higher on the list - but isn't because I am typing as the ideas come to me - is the long-awaited reveal of Kate's part in setting up Sami and Brandon on the night before her first wedding to Lucas. Oh how sweet it was. Sami got her hands on the incriminating tapes of Kate admitting her part in the scheme and played them for Lucas at his birthday party. The only thing that would have been better is if none of her sons had ever spoken to her again, but that was too much to hope for. Philip didn't even stick around to hear the tapes played so he never got the chance to rip in to Kate.
  • Nicole's drunken comedy ranks on the list for me. I don't want to make it seem like I support drinking or anything but from the viewpoint of pure fiction and a cartoon-ish character; drunken Nicole is hilarious. She brought many a dull story to life and was often the reason why I took my finger off the FF button. Some of my favorite scenes of the year were when Sami and Nicole banded together to steal the tapes from Eugenia; they were great together.
  • Speaking of favorite scenes of the year; Sami and Lucas's reunion would most definitely rank in the tops. Though their reunion was short-lived, it was wonderful to see. Both actors have such a natural chemistry together that it shone through in their scenes together. I don't think I'm in the minority when I say that Sami and Lucas belong together and could be the next Super Couple...if TPTB would just allow them to be.

Reader Feedback: I have probably forgotten a whole host of "Best" and "Worst" events in 2005 so send me your feedback and I will post some in my next column. My next one won't be posted until the week of January 16th. We're starting some auditions for a new Two Scoops columnist, beginning next week. First up is Melissa! :

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