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From yet another failed wedding for Sami, to Kate's convenient ability to transform in to Stan, to Jack's ridiculous decision to leave his family and die alone, this past week was one giant disappointment.

Sorry guys but the only things I feel like saying at the moment are a whole bunch of swear words. This week was just one giant disappointment for me. I hated everything about it. From yet another failed wedding for Sami; to Kate's convenient ability to transform in to Stan; to Jack's ridiculous decision to leave his family and die alone; to the continuing stupidity that is Patrick and Chelsea; to Lexie's betrayal of both her oath as a doctor and her responsibility as a friend...the list goes on. I almost didn't post anything this week because I am SO disappointed by the turn of events. But - I have a responsibility to post something so here it goes...but be prepared for a lot of bitching and moaning.

I am SO friggin exasperated! Sami and Lucas's wedding was so chock full of bullcrap that I could hardly sit through it. It was just one stupid thing after another. Roman the ding-bat decided to suspend his daughter's wedding due to an "international terrorist" threat (WHATEVER). Like another 30 seconds would have mattered! It just didn't make sense that he HAD to stop the wedding right that very second - he certainly could have waited one more minute until the vows were exchanged. Sheesh! I don't even want to talk about the keystone cops' complete inability to catch their tails never mind catch a criminal (did Hope actually look around when she was searching the church for the 'terrorist'?). Just as the wedding gets started again, who do you think comes strolling in the door? Drum roll please...why STAN of course! Yes, that's right...and I'll give you one guess who was parading around in the disguise. You got it! None other than Kate! Somehow, she managed to get her grubby little hands on the Stan disguise and showed up at the church just in time to stop the wedding. Not only that; she produced an awwwfully convenient ISA lab report to back up her claim that Sami really was Stan. Now where in the heck would Tony have gotten that? I'm assuming that Kate got the report from Tony. If Tony could produce an ISA lab report - phony or not - couldn't he get his own damn self out of jail? Anyway; why does Sami always have to have such painfully public "outings"? When the truth was revealed about Kate's drugging activities - there was practically nobody around to hear it. It's just not fair sometimes. I'm hugely disappointed and sad to see yet another split for the Lumi relationship. But, I can't say that I'm surprised that TPTB are going in this direction. We all know that Austin is on his way back town. What some of you may not know is that - according to the spoilers - he's going to try to win Sami back. Please no...I hated that relationship the first time around...if Austin can't be with Carrie then hook him up with Nicole!

Uhhhh Philip? News flash! You lost your leg because of your own choices! Hello? How could he possibly think that it's Stan's fault that he lost his leg? He was the one who decided to rejoin active duty immediately after he had been rescued from Tony's clutches. Against the better judgment of his commanding officer, he went right back to the front line. HOW is this Stan/Sami's fault??? Philip is a marine - nobody forced him to enlist and nobody forced him to jump right back in to the war after he had been held prisoner. It burns my bee-hind that the writers take such creative license with the story.

Most of you are convinced that Dr. North is none other than Stefano is disguise. I don't know if I can agree with that but - one thing is for certain: Dr. Alex North is an evil man. And this week, his brainwashing tactics hit a wicked new low. The crap that he was dumping in a vulnerable Marlena's ear was unforgivable. I'm disappointed that he did a complete u-turn so quickly. Where Dr. North was once an interesting new character, full of possibilities; he is now a total dead-end. Now that he's been revealed as an evil dude, there's nowhere for him to go but down. Even if he would never have ended up with Marlena permanently (because she and John are meant to be) he might have made a good love interest for Kate or someone else. I like Wayne Northrup! I know that Alex North's evilness makes for compelling story to some; but I'm having a hard time sitting through it. It makes me physically ill to watch him brainwash Marlena, manipulate her and turn her against her family. It's one of the worst stories yet. I know, I's just a soap, but I'm a softie - I don't like to see the vulnerable being taken advantage of that way.

Lexie obviously does not have the same protective feelings; and she is a doctor!! She knows exactly what the nefarious Dr. North is doing to one of her closest friends but has decided to remain quiet in an effort to cover her adulterous butt. My respect for this character has definitely dropped another few notches. How convenient that Alex saw Lexie and Tek doing the nasty, but I guess that goes without saying. I'm sure that - in order to give Alex North's blackmail more weight -Abe is now going to come out of his funk and decide to make it up to Lexie. It's just so transparent sometimes.

John! Does it take a friggin genius to put two and two together! Dr. North is messing with your wife's brain! Call the medical board, the police, the ISA - Someone! It would be as easy as snapping his fingers to get Alex North arrested! He has obviously crossed the line of medical ethics! All John would have to do is contact whatever medical board and have North suspended; thereby preventing him from continuing to treat Marlena. Done and done! Okay...Marlena might object at first but, judging by how often Dr. North has to reinforce his brainwashing on Marlena - it wouldn't take her long to overcome his negative influence.

Jack is acting like an ass. I don't say that lightly. Trust me; I LOVE the character of Jack Deveraux and part of his lovability is his impulsiveness BUT, this is going too far. I don't care how much Jack professes that he wants to spare Jennifer and Abby the pain of watching him die - the plain and simple fact is: they will suffer 10 times more pain if he disappears and dies alone. The writers suck. I'm sorry but I'm just so irritated by this newest twist. Stupid, stupid, stupid! What else is there to say? Oh yes I know...the writers can rewrite history all they want [I'm referring to Jennifer and Frankie's conversation about this letter than Jen supposedly wrote Frankie but never mailed a million years ago] but long-time viewers know the truth and aren't buying it. The first time Frankie left Salem; both he and Jennifer knew that their relationship had run its course and there was nothing left for them. The second time he left; it was because he knew that Jennifer was in love with Jack. A teenage romance that Jennifer had over 20 years ago wouldn't hold a candle to the love she has for Jack. No matter what the writers try to manufacture.

Surprise, surprise - Belle's in labor. No actually, that's not the surprising part, what shocked me was that Belle proclaimed that it was too soon. No honey, actually, you are waayyyy overdue. But whatever :-D She'll have the baby ya-da, ya-da and all will be fine. Don't hold your breath hoping that this baby will have some immediate medical issue that will force the paternity issue to light. I'm sure that JER will ride this story for all the mileage he can get out of it. Something tells me that Belle will be the first person to figure out the paternity but will keep it to herself because she won't know what to do.

Somebody has to end the insanity that is the storyline of Chelsea chasing Patrick. Chelsea is becoming too pathetic as she painfully clings to the idea that she'll get Patrick in bed. I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up drugging him in order to sleep with him: exactly like when Sami drugged Austin oh so many years ago. Ohhh for an original idea!

Now...just so I don't end on a bad note...I will say that there was one small highlight this week. I think we can definitely say that Shawn is starting to see Mimi in a new light. Yes I know he loves Belle and he obviously still pines for her; he IS starting to look at Mimi with new eyes. Maybe there's hope yet!

Reader Feedback: Thanks to everyone who wrote in! I've included more feedback than usual this time because the column is so short. Enjoy!

From Zoe:"Pam, I just wanted to thank you for your comments on the Chloe scar business; it really angered me since I'm one of those "disfigured" people, having had a severe, visible disability since the age of 7. Your saying that the storyline was a complete insult to me and all the other people like me was very insightful; I hadn't thought to put it like that myself. The shallowness of this country is really getting out of hand. Does anybody notice that Marlena, Kate, and the other characters beyond their 20s just don't look right? No lines or wrinkles at all, and I don't know what they do to their cheeks to make them so smooth and artificial-looking. Why can't people age normally? Anyhow, thanks for that comment on Chloe's scar crap."

From Jiggs:"I loved your comments about John/Marlena/Alex in your recent column! You nailed it. I am also VERY intrigued by Alex North and wondering what the heck he's up to and why he's determined to not help Marlena regain her memory but seems to be actively working to make her forget even more. And I too was losing all hope that the real John would return. His recent defense of Kate's drugging Sami was revolting. John loves Sami like a daughter and even though she has done some awful things, he has always been a loving father figure and would never defend such a horrible act. Not to mention how fast he moved on after Marlena died, and how stupid he was to believe she was dead AGAIN. I didn't think he would ever be watchable again, but this new story has me regaining my faith in his soulmate connection to Marlena. Frankly, Kate isn't needed anywhere near this story and I'd gladly pay a monthy fee if she would disappear from it for good. Thanks for speaking so eloquently about my favor! ite couple and saying exactly how I feel on the topic!"

From Melissa:"Darn it Days. Now because of this wedding of Sami's that didn't go down, she's going to do something else terrible. She just won't be able to help herself. And the vicious Sami doing messed up things and then it coming back to haunt her will continue indefinitely. Days, you are wearing me out. Poor Marlena. She is either being kidnapped, brainwashed, possessed by the devil, suffering from amnesia or something. Give the lady a break!! Just let her be a mother, wife and doctor for like a solid week before the next malady. Chelsea is something else. I remember when Billie came to town (that's when I started watching actually), she was nowhere near as manipulative as Chelsea is. Troubled, yes, but manipulative, no. I guess Chelsea really takes after her grandmother. Speaking of which, who thought that anyone would believe Kate when she was the one who set Sami up in the first place. But obviously, Sami is going to crack like an egg under the pressure. I really like Mimi and Shawn together more and more, especially since Belle made that snide comment last week "Like he would have been interested in you anyway." How ignorant can she be? Just because she said that, I really hope that Shawn falls for Mimi. I think they make a cute little couple. Max needs to find another girl who isn't in love with her mother's boyfriend and isn't crazy?!? Max you are too cute to be chasing a girl who is just using you to make some other guys jealous, or worse, practice for the main event."

From Cindy:"Just one BIG QUESTION....Lucas is the HORTON, where on earth WERE the Horton's, at least on the first day of the wedding scences??? Alice, MAGGIE, JULIE, they all helped Lucas & Sammy hang together????"

From Sezi:"Hi Pamela, I can't believe the Sami wedding is not going to go through as planned. What else could they do this girl? Please explain this one to me! Why is Tony so mad at Sami? How did he know to send all the incriminating evidence to Kate? Also, how fast did she put on the Stan "get-up" and rush over to the church? Why can't Sami say that she was brainwashed and doesn't remember? Why can't someone believe this girl? Just for once? She is one of my favorite characters. I have to tell you that I agree with you about Mimi and Shawn. They make a cute couple and I think they would be good together. I just know that Shawn will get involved with Mimi, but then the truth about Belle's baby will come out and he will leave Mimi. I really don't like Belle these days. I used to like her so much, but now she's turned into such a desperate girl. Always watching Shawn and then being so fake with Philip and he is so blinded by his love for her that he can't see straight. It's just awful to watch. I don't even want to start on Chelsea/Billy/Bo deal. They get on my last nerve. What a weird bunch. Anyway, you take good care and keep up the great column."

From Stacy:"OK Days, what do you think? Us loyal fans not remembering who Dr. North really is??? I for one do not want to hate him. I loved him as Roman. Somewhere along the line I believe he will be again. I am sick to death of Sami's weddings going down the toilet right as she says I DO. AND what about the poor slob Sami didn't murder (Kate got away with) and Lucas helped cover up? Please get Kirsten Storms back for Belle! We all KNOW that this baby will be Shawn D's. The baby will have problems after it's born and will need blood that only Shawn will be able to give. I never liked the way John Black has tried to lift his eyebrows like Hope does. Abe should just die already. Something will happen to Jack so he won't die, and this will be right after Jennifer and Frankie admit to each other they are still in love. I want to see Nicole and Austin get together too. Just to annoy Kate. I would love to see Hope leave Bo. He needs to get his A** back in line for his family. Billie and Patrick? That won't happen either. Good bye and I won't miss Brady and Chloe anymore. Poor Chloe and her scars. PLEASE! Never thought that was going to end. Come on Days, really surprise us for once."

From M&J:"We are long time devoted Days fans and have hung around even through the bad times. Question of the week....Kate is obviously trying to use Chelsea to get another ali on her side, but why is she buying her all those slutty little "Paris clothes"? And we do mean "little." There was barely anything to them. If that's the fashion for young girls in Paris, please keep them over there. Are the stores in the U.S. not good enough for Kate's long lost grandaughter? She admitted to "losing Will", it's sad this is the only way she knows how to win people over. To lavish with them with costly gifts that are not necessary. She is one mixed up woman! No wonder she's alone. Oh, and we were pretty embarrassed when Mimi and Shawn "accidentally" turned on a porno and kept watching it....some of the things that were said were pretty tacky for daytime television. Those loud moans and groans are best left for the cable channels. Thanks for your great column. We look forward to it every week. :)"

From Kat:"I told my husband that if I ever get amnesia, please don't let me go off to some woodsy cabin with a stranger. Hopefully John will get smart sooner than later and realize that 1. Marlena may have a major mental/memory shortage and maybe not be legally competent to make medical decision. 2. This so called "Isolation Therapy and practices" maybe is not a medically approved practice so maybe he should inquire about Dr. North's licenses and whether the medical board would let him keep these. Sami & Lucas do deserve some happiness but I don't agree with Sami being untruthful yet again. Maybe once they blow past this incident, she'll learn her lesson and they can end up together at last. Where is Cassie ?and my vote for getting Bonnie and Bart together. Missing goofy couples. Everybody else is so depressing. Appreciate your column's."

From Angie:"I stopped watching Days back during the whole saga when Marlena was "possessed." That was just too much for me. I picked it back up just a couple months ago when some new coworkers talked me into joining them to watch during our lunch break. It has been a religious thing ever since. I am with you on the whole Dr. North character. Who is he, who is he working for, and what is his agenda? I have the whole Belle saga figured out so it's only fun to watch how bad the acting is now. Belle will have the baby (premature), something will be wrong with it and it'll need a transfusion or something, Philip won't be a match and Shawn will, TaDa! I'm hopeful that Belle's dependance on her mother right now will bring Marlena's memory around, won't bet the farm on that one though. Sami doesn't have a chance in hell of love now, she's going to prison. But, everyone will still hate Kate just for her being who she is. She deserves it anyway. I'm with you, though, that the whole storyline is a bit slow. A wedding should not take an entire week. Strictly for sentimental reasons, I would love to see Jen & Frankie back together. They were my couple to grow up with back in the day, and I always imagined them "happily ever after." Jack is just too much a bumbling idiot for Jen. She needs someone to take care of her, not the other way around. Anyway, those are my thoughts. Next week!"

From CMO:"Great column! I couldn't agree more about the Broe wedding. It would have been nice to see the bride and groom interacting with the parents a little more. This would have been a great opportunity to put in those special moments and add a few layers to the characters. Days is always so focused on the plot, they forget to give us the ahhh moments to savour. That being said, as a John and Marlena fan, I was very happy with the few short scenes we got of them together last week. Deidre and Drake were awesome. I was beginning to think I would never see that John again. What a wonderful surprise to see him break through and feel all the warmth and emotion these two can put into a few quiet scenes. This is what I have been waiting for. I am finally intrigued about Alex. As the audience I like knowing what the hero is up against and watching as he/she figures it out. If they can keep the focus on John/Marlena/Alex and away from any residual triangles, this will be one happy fan. They have a bit of direction now, hope they know how to keep it."

From Le:" I have been watching Days for as long as I can remember, I will be 29 on the 27th. I have always liked the character of Sami and I wait for the day when she will not be the object of everyone's disappointment and hatred. Maybe, TPTB have decided to let Mimi replace Sami as the 'villainess.' Let Sami be happy for once...Let Roman get back with Marlena because.... I CANNOT STAND John and Marlena. Why can't I stand John and Marlena... let's break this down. John is the self-righteous dictator with the past that is still densely clouded, bad man! Especially for his favorite phrase, "That is a fact." What would he know about facts, everything that is a fact is only a fact if it is his own opinion. Marlena, until recently has been the goody two-shoes that was so overwhelmingly sickening that I had been waiting for her to loose her memory. If Marlena is as good as we're always told she is then why hasn't she ever invited and bought tickets for her parents to come visit in Salem? Is she hiding something? Like her actual age lol. I can only admit to liking one storyline of Marlena's and that was her possession. Although I did hate the outcome of that story, the strengthening of that bond between Father John and Doc. Dr. North... could he be someone from Marlena's college years? Maybe, that story could be interesting if this retarded cloak and dagger stuff gets rubbed off the canvas, how many times do we have to watch Marlena the target of obsession for every 50+ year old man that shows up in salem? Get done with it already! So in sum, put two annoying characters together like John and Marlena and you begin to wish for your own self amnesia. Shawn/Philip/Bell/Mimi. Since Belle will be popping out in a day or two... the baby could very well be either one of theirs. Shawn and Belle did do the deed in the winter in that barn (the heat they created burned the d..n barn down!) which has been about 8 ½ months ago. Belle then proceeded to do the deed with Philip a few days to a week later. Like it or not, this revelation will come out somehow. Belle is unto her mother's own image, goody two-shoes and everything. It is time for Belle to stop sniffing the java beans, and way about time that Mimi stopped being her doormat. By the way, Mimi should have a miracle baby by the other man and these two children will grow up and hook up. I read in a magazine recently how Mimi was supposed to be the ugly duckling and when Farrah started 'filling out' they made her chop up her hair to continue her looking like Cinderella and Bell and the PRINCESS. Guess Mimi said it all didn't she, when a character finally does speak their mind it reflects what some of us viewers think. I personally have always thought Farrah was much prettier than Storms or Madison (2 faces of Belle). Kate... Kill her off. She will never change her ways, it is her manipulations that have caused viewers to have to listen to Belle's constant whining... "I'm having Philip's baby, I will never leave him or our marriage." And Billie's gnawing at the ropes that bind Bo and Hope. GET A LIFE!!! Oh, and Chelsea should go find one too. I dread the teaming up of Billie and Chelsea in Kate's quest to break up Bo and Hope. Enough already. Chelsea must have an IQ of 10 and it seems to keep sliding downhill. Abby, get away now... your IQ may drop just by association. Nicole... pathetic. Jack... pathetic. Frankie... pathetic. Jennifer, shove a foot up someone's derriere. Austin's back... do not do unto us Carrie, at least not with these two together. That's all for now."

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