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Why does everyone in Salem conveniently forget that Shawn and Belle have been in love forever?

I had a really good laugh at the end of Friday's show when I saw the banner "Welcome Home Salem's Heroes" hanging up at Alice's. Who considers them heroes? Not me! They didn't rescue Philip or even bring him home! And they managed to get themselves caught by Tony DiMera and had to be rescued by Sami! Not very heroic to me but, whatever - at least this ridiculous storyline is done and the boys are back. The only question now is Philip. Unfortunately, I really don't care what happened to him. I don't like the character and I am very much looking forward to his being dumped by Belle. But I realize that's just wishful thinking. My guess is that Philip is blind or has lost a limb or something equally as drastic that will end up keeping Belle and Shawn apart for a while to come. Personally, I plan to FF through as much of this story as I can. I do not relish watching this get dragged out for the next year or so. I'm all ready sick of watching all the back and forth, the needless hand wringing, repeated conversations and the misplaced sense of duty and loyalty. Why does everyone conveniently forget that Shawn and Belle have been in love forever? I don't get the logic of telling someone that they can't be with the person they truly love. Are they trying to say that you should stay married to a person that you don't love so as not to hurt their feelings? Isn't it better for all parties involved to be honest? When Rex told Shawn on Friday that he shouldn't be imagining a life with Belle after all Philip's gone through to be with her - I scratched my head in confusion. What a ridiculous comment and a ridiculous thing to think. Shawn is a victim in this situation too! He was kidnapped, drugged and kept locked in a cage all summer, courtesy of Jan Spears. He didn't abandon Belle willingly. Why is he the bad guy here? He's fought hard to be with Belle too. Besides, what has Philip "gone through" to be with Belle? He went to war because his unit was called in to active duty, not to be with Belle. It's all just too ridiculous for me and I don't plan to torture myself by sitting through it.

Having listened to Kate's garbage all week long, I just can't stand her anymore. I simply could NOT believe how she kept going on about Sami and Belle. She was making openly hateful comments about them, totally forgetting that the people she was speaking to are their parents! I don't know about you guys, but judging from the email I get, you must agree with me - Kate has got to go. She needs some serious redemption or she has to be written off. I can't stand to look at her anymore, let alone listen to her. And she USED to be one of my favourite characters. Yeah seriously - Believe It OR Not! Imagine for a second that you were married to a person like her. Wouldn't there be a point where you'd scream "ENOUGH"? The constant muck spilling out of her mouth is literally driving me nuts. If the writers can't come up with original dialogue for her, I wish they'd have some other character tell her to "Build a Bridge and Get OVER it!" (Love that Amanda Gore!!). I have nothing good to say about this character and am simply rubbing my hands in anticipation of her downfall. Especially after Roman's speech about how he knows that Kate did all she could to help Sami while he was held prisoner... ya-da-ya-da-ya-da. I think I stuck my hand down my throat during that part. HEY - something just occurred to you think TPTB are trying to make us hate Kate so that when she's brought down we will be glued to the screen? Maybe this is all just a ploy to boost the ratings? If that IS the plan, it's a little short-sighted. Wouldn't it be better to create stories that keep the viewers glued to the screen everyday instead of just at certain points?

After Tony threatened Sami with the "proof" that she was Stan, it occurred to me that IF it comes out that Sami was Stan and everyone ends up hating her (including Marlena, Will, etc) and it does NOT come out that Kate engineered Sami and Lucas's break-up....I will quit watching the show. That is my breaking point. I love Sami Brady, as messed up as she is and with all the crazy stuff she's done. I don't like it so much when she's playing the victim and hurting other people but she's still an awesome character. However, Kate on the other hand has been ruined in my eyes. If she gets away with her evil deeds yet again; I'll simply have to turn the TV off, I don't see that I could swallow anything after that. But we'll see what happens, hopefully the truth about Kate will come out and Sami will be vindicated.

It is totally irrational that Chloe would consider Nicole a friend and share all sorts of personal thoughts and feelings with her. Why would she trust her? Especially since - prior to this - Chloe didn't like Nicole at all. The absurdity is nuts. Oh well, at least it gave us an excuse to have Nicole and Chloe in the same room when Tony called. I have to admit that I am surprised that Brady actually believes that Chloe is alive! I totally expected some dumb thing where he fell for Nicole's explanation that it was her and not Chloe on the phone. So this was a pleasant surprise for sure because Chloe has now realized that Brady will never stop searching for her and she is FINALLY going to go see him! I can hardly wait for this reunion; it should be good. I'm pretty sure that Brady is going to dump Nicole hard because while he was sitting on the plane he thought to himself "Forget Nicole, if Chloe's alive, I'm going to be with her." I could not stop laughing at the "Forget Nicole" part. I know it's mean but Nicole deserves it. Besides...broken-hearted Nicole will soon have Austin to help her pick up the pieces.

The storyline with Chelsea all ready has so many holes that I just can't buy in to it. For example -How could she even think of going on a camping trip? She was just released from the hospital!! What about recuperating? Something tells me that Billie is going to end up showing up on the island and crashing the happy family camping trip.


  • What was with the tangent that Bo and Hope's story took when he cut Jennifer's "Prize-winning-roses"? I was like "HUH?" I hate it when they insert nonsensical stuff for no reason. When in the world would Jennifer have had time to grow prize-winning roses?
  • Why would Sami hang on to the device that makes her sound like Stan? It seems pretty stupid to keep something like that, especially given that she is trying to hide the fact that she was Stan. Either that was another example of convenient writing or it's the "thing" that will get Sami caught. I just hope that Lucas doesn't find it!

Reader Feedback: Thanks to everyone who wrote in! I received a slew of emails this week so I thought I would post a few more than I normally do. I love reading your comments and feedback about the show and this column; so keep them coming!

From Babs: Hi Pam, I am so SICK of this show. I totally agree with you and all your emailers. This show is going downhill FAST! I am so sick of the "MILITARY" storyline. They are so unrealistic. As if a Marine would have been captured by a civilian(DiMera) and he volunteers to go back on a "SERIOUS Mission"? In real life they would have sent him home for r&R and DEBRIEFED HIM!! Not LET him just go back on another mission. Days writers need to get some knowledgable military person to help them write this stuff to try to make it more "BELIEVABLE." But I doubt if they care. They have practically ruined it past the saving point. Sami and Stan was the pitS!! And this putting this "device" in her mouth to make her sound like him? Give me and everybody else a break. FICTION!! Jack getting sick, then Marlena, and don't forget ABE. I guess they are trying to start another stupid storyline. I have written NBC so many times complaining and they still don't seem to care. They are at the bottom of the ratings and I am just hanging on by the fast forward vcr button. thank for listening and keep up the good work. You put it all together nicely. Thanks, babs" Great points about Philip going right back in to combat! I'm with you - I fast-forward through most of the "war" stuff so I basically just laugh about how funny they look at that speed. The story itself lost my interest. I know that it's frustrating that TPTB don't see to care, let's keep our fingers crossed that things start to pick up from here! Thanks for writing! ~P

From Stefanie: "Someone needs to give Kate a muzzle. I used to like her character but she has now become do obnoxious that everything that comes out of her mouth makes me cringe. If someone ever spoke to my family or child like that I would have thrown them out of a window. How has Marlena and JOhn not thrown her out of the penthouse. I also can't take the Belle/Shawn / Philip story anymore. Why doesn't anyone feel bad for Shawn. The writers have made Shawn into some kind of bad guy and seemed to have completely skipped over the fact that he was held hostage and tortured by Jan for months while watching Shawn and Philip get together. He didn't leave Belle by choice. Now Jan is pretty much gone and will never pay for her crimes. Just some thoughts from a frustrated fan. Thanks!" I totally agree Stefanie and personally...I would LOVE to see Kate in a muzzle. If we're lucky, TPTB will read this column and come up with some kind of dream sequence for Sami where she envisions Kate with a muzzle. Now that would be priceless! Thanks for writing! ~P

From Jessica:" I agree with alot of what you wrote, I have a few points of my own to make. 1. My mom used to really like days, and now she only watches it when there is nothing else on. With those storylines who can blame her. 2. If the marines are the way days portrays them, then the country is in very very big trouble, and we should just all jump off cliffs because it wouldn't make any difference. 3.Did dool get a lot of new people to work on the show, or did some people jump ship from passions. Cause that would explain everything. I hope all the new people would just leave because they seem to be invading all the soaps, it is the invasion of the bozos. Is anyone other than me asking what has happend to the quality entertainment I have been cond into expecting out of my soaps?" Nope, you are not alone - all of us are wondering what the heck is going on. I watch GH regularly and it is no where near as bad or absurd as Days. Thanks for writing! ~P

From Tracey:" Pamela, you are so right! I have watched DOOL since I was a little girl and I am so disappointed in the storylines. They tend to continue over and over with the same storyline... and what about some good news for a change? Like Kate, why do Roman and Marlena stay quiet when Kate goes off on Sami? If I were them I would believe with her behavior that she had something to do with the breakup and what about Sami's phone calls to Kate? No one knows she has called. I love Bart too, but if I were him I would leave Tony and side up with those who would care whether he dies or not. Please, hasn't Reilly realized that when no one gets nominated for the Emmy's perhaps it is time to change things up?" Let's hope the recent snub at the Emmys is the wake-up call that Corday et al need. Hopefully they'll see that if they want to save the show, they need to make some changes ASAP! Thanks for writing! ~P

From Nicole:" Hello, Just a note to update your question on the new actress who plays Chelsea. I read that the 'old' Chelsea wanted to opt out of her contract, so they hired the new one........who if you did not recognize her...was the girl Bo and Billie found in Europe who Billie insisted was her daughter and wanted to take her home for a DNA test and the girl was very upset and wanted to stay with her parents. PS I did not read in your column but am sure you have posted the info that obviously Chelsea is Georgia, correct? How long will this be dragged out, I wonder!"Yes, I've discussed Chelsea being Georgia a few times. Either it is the most obvious plot point ever or the biggest red-herring ever. Personally, I'm not sure I care either way :) Thanks for writing! ~P

From Jeanette:" I really think Days is on its way out. It seems that everything is pointing to a cancellation and no one will be happier than me. I will finally have to stop watching. I keep hoping for it to get better, but it just gets worse. Not even a nomination this year. GEEEE I wonder why?" I'm with you Jeanette - I never thought I'd say this but, I would almost be happy to see the show taken off the air. It would be better than having to sit through the nonsense every day. Thanks for writing. Keeping my fingers crossed that things will change! ~P

From LizB: "Back again. I do love your commentaries. For a while I felt that DOOL was being black-listed from the Daytime Emmys - until recently. Nobody on the show deserves a nomination, much less an award - and all because of poor writing and seriously awful story-lines. Yes, on the DOOL website they mention that both 'Mimi' and 'Rex' will not be having their contracts renewed. Mimi will either run from prosecution or end up in prison and REx is probably the one who won't make it back to Salem (their website also alluded to one of the rescuers not getting hom). DOOL fans have simple needs - we want REAL villains again, and REAL women (not just bitchy and/or brainless females), REAL heros and maybe ... just maybe ... one or two people with brains who can make decisions. Is that asking too much?" Not to me it isn't! LOL. Well good luck to Farah Fath and Eric Winters - I'll miss them both terribly, but I can't say that I blame them. Thanks for writing. ~P

From Rachel:" Do you know what happened to the charges against Shawn for drunk driving his motor cycle through the church window at Belle and Philips wedding? I, for one, would LOVE to see Shawn actually face some consequences for his stupid and selfish actions!" I'm pretty sure that it was all resolved in the courts. Yes, he's done some very selfish things but don't forget that he was held captive by Jan for months AND drugged and brainwashed. He's pretty messed up emotionally and mentally and not making good choices. I was hoping that we'd see a return to the nice sweet Shawn we know and love but with the looming triangle between him, Belle and Philip I'm sure he'll be acting out more and more. Thanks for writing! ~P

From Ms BJL: "Is it me, or does Billie have a sequined phoenix on her t-shirt? I think Patrick also had a phoenix on his t-shirt a few months ago when Billie and Patrick were dancing in the park. Did anyone else notice this? Watch and let me know." It's funny you should mention that because I was trying to figure out what was on Billie's shirt, but I didn't see a Phoenix. Did anyone else notice?? Thanks for writing! ~P

I'm assuming that the following two emails were meant for TPTB at Days of our Lives. Like you guys, I'm just an ordinary individual who watches the show every day and makes comments on it. I can't say that I disagree with any of the sentiments expressed in the following emails and would urge these individuals to direct their feedback to:Days of Our Lives, C/O NBC Studios, 3000 Alameda Blvd. Burbank, CA 91523 Thanks for writing! ~P

From Marian:" Wake up and smell the roses. Get untangled in the terrible web your writers have created. You present situations that would never happen - you don't follow up on items exposed on the soap. Mimi exposed Jan and nothing ever came out of that - I'm sick of Nicole - she does the same things over and over again and the other characters are so stupid they don't see it. Kate is the same thing. Such repetition. Get this thing unraveled and start all over again (maybe with new writers)? They have really screwed up the show that used to be one of the best. No wonder they weren't mentioned in the Emmy Award Show. Straighten Sami out or give the consequences. Billy is acting stupid/always around Bo and Hope. After caught sleeping together that wouldn't happen. So silly and it makes me soooooooooo mad because I always loved Days and you are reining it and the characters in this show. You repeat the same plots - kidnap one of them or Tony has nine lives and how the heck can he know everything they do - it is just so far fetched that it isn't fascinating anymore. Quit dragging it out and move it on for pete's sake."

From B. Davidson:Would please kill Philip off. Your show is an insult to the US Marines that are really fighting a war. Whomever is writing that part of the show as him being a hero, well, it sucks. Real men are getting killed there and he acts as a Private First Class as a all american hero. Bring him back or kill him. I can't believe you would do this type of thing when it is so fictional."

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