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Billie Jean is not my lover!
For the Week of May 16, 2005
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Billie didn't just try to seduce Bo (which would have been bad enough) but she actually had sex with him while he was hallucinating that he was with Hope!

I don't know what Billie's middle name is but I thought the song title went well with the topic of this week's conversation. So... let's sit down and have a chat about what TPTB have done to Bo/Hope and Billie. Although I loved how Hope "gave" it to Billie (both the punch and the bawling out) - I was surprised that, as a cop, Hope didn't inform Billie that what she did could be construed as rape. I think that if I were Hope, I would have arrested Billie on the spot! Billie commented that she had never seen Hope so angry. What was she expecting? That Hope would just say "oh darn, that's a pisser"?? Personally, I thought that Hope could have been much angrier. I'm surprised that she didn't drag Billie around the room by her hair! Okay sorry, I know I'm getting carried away but this is a serious situation; Billie didn't just try to seduce Bo (which would have been bad enough) but she actually had sex with him while he was hallucinating that he was with Hope!! If the situation involved a man having sex with a woman who was hallucinating that she saw her husband - he would be charged with rape and thrown in prison so fast, his head would spin. I just don't get it. However, since the storyline wasn't revisited since Tuesday - it's quite possible that the upcoming week will see Billie facing some sort of repercussions for her selfish actions. [Crossing my fingers here!]

The other thing that bothered me was the way that Bo reacted to being told that Billie had taken advantage of him. Where was his outrage? If he had stumbled on Hope making love to Patrick, I think we all know that he would have taken Patrick apart with his bare hands. I've had it up to my eyebrows with this character! Although he did feel bad that Hope had to see him and Billie, I really expected him to be FURIOUS with Billie. I'm all for creating a little drama by coming up with creative scenes but...Billie having sex with Bo while he was hallucinating that he was with Hope is beyond the boundaries of good taste. Seriously, I don't know what else to say about this. Well, actually I do have one more thing to say - as I mentioned above - it's totally frustrating that this storyline was dropped on Tuesday and not revisited again. Let's hope the coming week sees a much angrier Bo Brady.

YUP, I hate Billie Reed. #1 Reason: Her speech to Patrick on Monday where she said (among other things) she was NOT sorry for taking advantage of Bo, she was tired of being "good Billie" (is that what she's been? I would hate to meet "bad" Billie) she excused her actions by saying that Bo had once been her husband AND worst of all, she claimed that she will not feel guilty about it. Okay're right...I have many more reasons for hating her but; those are the most recent reasons. It's funny because it's sort of a catch-22 for me. I really like Julie Pinson and I think she's doing a great job but I literally cannot stand Billie Reed. Every time I see her face I want to throw something at my TV.

In other was absolutely wonderful to watch the reunion between Marlena and Belle. Once again, Deirdre Hall knocked it out of the park for me as she tearfully embraced Belle. I thought that Martha Madison (Belle) did a good job - especially for someone who had no previous attachment to the character of Marlena - but I couldn't help but picture the reunion with Kirsten Storms instead. On the other hand I do believe that Martha is doing a better job at portraying a more grown up and stronger version of Belle Black. I couldn't believe that Kate was attacking her about the Shawn/Philip situation again (I've said it once and I'll say it again - hypocrisy has a new meaning for this woman) and right in front of Marlena and John. By the way...why is Marlena the only one standing up for Belle? Hello John! Remember your daughter? I know she looks different but, it IS her!! Once again, he has been a victim of the 'conveniently-written-plot-direction'. There is no way that the John Black we know would have tolerated anyone speaking that way to his Tinker-Belle.

You know...DOOL simply HAS to get out of the habit of relentlessly repeating conversations. Roman and Marlena had agreed on the plane - before they landed in Salem - to keep their tryst a secret. And yet they have discussed whether or not to tell John and Kate at least 10 times since they made that decision. Why don't they just drop it all ready? What more can be said about it? And anyway, in my opinion Roman and Marlena shouldn't hesitate for a second about telling John and Kate the whole truth. WE know that the truth will come out. WE know that Tony will drop the bomb at the most opportune time. WE know this and Marlena and Roman should know this. The secret WILL come out; it's a given. Even if they believe that Tony really is dead, they have to figure that he had some kind of back-up plan. History has shown them that - for whatever reason (and I hope TPTB reveal the reason soon) - the DiMeras will never rest until they have destroyed The Bradys and anyone dear to them. My message to Marlena? Run, don't walk, to your husband and tell him everything. I'm sure that, given his own activities recently, he will understand the circumstances. Besides, not only will John and Kate be hurt when the truth comes out, but they will also feel betrayed that Roman and Marlena withheld the truth from them. This will no doubt push John and Kate back into each other's arms.
On the other hand - Jack and Jennifer's discussion about fake-Jen and Jack's infidelity was refreshing. He had no worry about telling Jen and she understood. I just can't help but think that John and Kate would also understand if Roman and Marlena told them the whole story.

You know, I actually surprised myself by not FF through every scene this week. Generally speaking, I enjoyed the past week and found some of the stories entertaining. I guess I shouldn't be surprised since this IS a Sweeps Month after all and some advancement of the storylines is to be expected. The week started off strongly but by Thursday and Friday; things got a little boring. I'm hoping that DOOL continues with the momentum it has built by showing more reunions between the captives and their respective loved ones. I also hope they wrap up a few storylines too. Let's get on with Philip's rescue and get those boys back home!


  • Did anyone else catch the look that Brady gave Stan on Monday? It was at the end of the show and Rex had just announced that Stan was not who he said he was... and Brady gave him the John evil eyebrow look. It was hilarious! Like father - like son!
  • The story involving Nicole impersonating a nurse in order to mess up Chloe's surgery is almost as beyond belief as the four musketeers attempting to rescue Philip. Real nurses wear identification and are actually known by the other hospital employees - including the doctors whose surgeries they attend. I have a few friends who are nurses and all of them would scoff at this storyline. Never mind that it's very boring and completely implausible, it's completely predictable. Fake drama.... as if Nicole will actually butcher Chloe! YAWNNNNN
  • Since when do the police take one person's word as the gospel truth? I'm referring to Jan telling TEK that Mimi pushed her. And hasn't Mimi told Tek that Jan tried to choke her? Though she did not push Jan, certainly any actions on her part could be considered self-defence? Why is Jan's version of events worth more than Mimi's?
  • It's unfortunate that we haven't seen Abe in so long...his sudden change in personality is an abrupt one. Even if it's understandable (given his blindness and the natural adjustment period) it's irritating.
  • It is utterly absurd that Billie didn't put two and two together and realize that Chelsea is Georgia. I mean, she runs off half-cocked at the mere insinuation of a clue or proof that Georgia is alive but when she is presented with something concrete - like a shared rare blood marker - she doesn't even stop to ponder this strange coincidence. I think most people would have wondered about the connection and done some investigating - maybe even thought to run a DNA test!

Reader Feedback: Thanks to everyone who wrote in! I love reading your comments and feedback about the show and this column; so keep them coming!

From Bobbi:" Pamela, thanks so much for the update, I was feeling lost as I did not get a chance to see DOOL last week, PMP! I have to agree with you on Billie - if she has come such a 'long way' and overcome so many obstacles wouldn't that just make her a better person in general? Anyone who is after someone who is married certainly can't be seen as a victim.....also, I would be ULTRA disappointed if what you have read on the net is true about Billie and Bo sleeping together. Bo and Hope have done their time of being with others and quite frankly we don't need to go through that again anymore than they do. PMP! Keep up the great work Pamela I look forward to next week's column!" I totally agree with you Bobbi, Billie hasn't changed one bit. She is still a selfish little twit. This situation with Billie taking advantage of Bo is totally disgusting. I agree that neither we - nor they - need to go down this road again. If this turn of events ends up with Billie being pregnant with Bo's child again, I will scream! Thanks for writing! PMP! ~P

From Dianna:" Hi Pamela I agree with you about Bo and Billie, I feel that it is an overdone storyline which has grown tiresome. I'd like to see more emphasis on the reunions between Marlena and John, Jack and Jennifer, Roman and Kate and the conflict between Maggie, Mickey and Bonnie wrapped up. Also I believe that Chelsea is Georgia, so I just wish that they'd get on with it. Also that hardware firewall you're referring to is a router. Keep up the good work I enjoy reading your opinion, also how did someone get the daily recaps for The Guiding Light, mixed up with Days Of Our Lives." I'm not sure what happened to the recaps, I didn't catch that they were showing GL instead of DOOL. But, thanks for the info about a router being a hardware firewall - I checked with my husband and we have one. Phew! Thanks for writing. ~P

From Michele:"Hey, I just found your column this week and really enjoyed it. One thing that I've been suspecting for a while but don't know if it could be true is that Chelsea is actually Georgia. Is that too obvious now that Billie (Who I'm incredibly annoyed by) has taken responsibility for her? Umm, yeah, by the way, how legal is that? This girl is an orphan and they give medical decision making to someone she's just barely met? I guess it's only legal in a town where Hope's cop badge still works and the each member of the Salem PD puts in three hours of work per week. Anyway, take care!" Good point Michele - presumably Chelsea has SOME other family members. Why would the hospital let Billie (of all the people in the world) make decisions for a girl she barely knows, let alone isn't related to??? But, in answer to your question, I believe that Chelsea is Georgia and yes, I think it's too obvious! :) Thanks for writing! ~P

From Melanie:"I agree with you in a lot of what you say!! Especially on Billie. YUCK!! The whole storyline of Sami / Stan stinks. Even though she is a fun person to watch, but come on. They need to come to reality on the show. The whole Sami/Stan and the boys over seas fighting is to me the most stupid thing the writers of DOOL could do. To me they are not showing there support of the US army. Now come on, not an average citizen would be able to just fly in and rescue a friend. If I wanted make believe I would start watching Passions! But in other news I would love Patch and Kayla to come back!!" Let's just hope that DOOL wraps up this flight-of-fancy rescue mission soon. Although I am enjoying watching the boys work together, the story itself is so far beyond reality as to be quite annoying at times. Thanks for writing! ~P

From Eileen:"I heard a rumor (hopefully!) that Days was going to be off the air by the end of summer. My mother-in-law said that she read it in Soap Opera Digest. Have you heard of anything like this? I saw on this website that a new/old character just signed a 3 year contract. Thanks!" I haven't heard that Days would be cancelled - at all. Not even a whisper of a rumor. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if NBC canceled DOOL - however that's not to say that some other network wouldn't pick them up. I'm not really sure how I feel about that idea. Not sad but not glad exactly. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Thanks for sharing the info with us. ~P

From Tricia:"Is it just me, or does it drive anyone else nuts when DOOL characters talk out loud to themselves? It doesn't happen just once in awhile, it happens a LOT, and to me, it just seems like laziness on the part of the writing staff. Surely they can convey a character's inner thoughts in a more realistic way than having these looooong monologues. No other soap resorts to this totally unrealistic trick, at least not to the extent that DOOL does." Nope... it is definitely NOT just you. I receive a ton of emails expressing frustration about the characters always talking out loud to themselves. Its very frustrating! ~P

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