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Things are not as they seem
For the Week of March 14, 2005
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March 21, 2005
James E. Reilly must have a low opinion of soap fans' intelligence quotient if he's under the impression that he's pulling the wool over anyone's eyes.

My title alludes to James Reilly's constant assertion that "things are not as they seem". Well duhhhh.... when are things EVER what they seem lately? JER must have a low opinion of soap fans' intelligence quotient if he's under the impression that he's pulling the wool over anyone's eyes. We all watched the Jack and Jennifer reunion with a pit in our stomachs (when it should have been the highlight of the week)...we all knew it was too good to be true. The real Jennifer would never have discouraged Jack from calling anyone!!! Everyone thinks that he's dead!!! Even though Abe is going blind and Bo is busy with the Hope/Billie/Georgia thing; they would have wanted to know that Jack was ALIVE! The conversation was so weird that it immediately became apparent that this was not the "real" Jennifer. And as if Jennifer would ever talk Jack out of going to pick up the kids! He hasn't seen Abby is almost two years and has only spent the equivalent of a few minutes with his son! And then there's the matter of Jack's phone message being erased so quickly. If JER was going for subtlety, he missed the mark by far. He might as well of had text scrawling across the bottom of the screen saying "fake, fake, fake, fake!!" And all of that happened before the suspicious behavior at the Horton cabin and Jennifer's whispered phone call. But the nail in the coffin was seeing Tony's lack of concern with Jack's escape. After that, it was pretty easy to figure out that this was some scheme cooked up by Tony with a fake Jennifer. SIGHHHHHH. And I would bet that the rest of you figured that out pretty quickly as well. Although; if this Jennifer is an imposter, one would have to wonder how Tony managed to replace the real Jennifer so quickly. I mean, the Jennifer that greeted Jack on his return was a perfect copy - the voice, the mannerisms, the memories....and like, what - does Tony have a bunch of different impersonators hanging around in case someone escapes? Do they have a fake John and Belle waiting in the wings should Marlena escape? It's so ridiculous. And on top of that....Jack and Jennifer made love! I'm sure we'd all agree that Jack would have realized the difference once they were in bed. My question is: What the heck was the point of torturing us with a fake Jack and Jennifer reunion? Does Reilly think that this little stunt will make us continue watching in hopes that Jack really will return to Jennifer one day? Personally, I think that JER is badly abusing the couples that are keeping the last few viewers tuning in every day. Keep playing with the backbones of the show and they'll snap soon enough.

So, I have to tell you Scoopers; I was home sick for a few days this week and managed to stay awake long enough to watch Monday's episode of Days. I wish I hadn't. I had forgotten how difficult it is to sit through an episode without the VCR remote in my hand. Every time it got boring (which was 8 times out of 10) my hand jumped to the clicker, only to realize that the FF button wasn't working - because I was watching the show in real time. Kate and her hypocrisy were even more tedious to watch then when I'm able to zip through the repetitive dialogue.

Well, well, well - so Tony has captured Philip. Color me surprised. And, judging by the emails that I've received from people voting on Philips' fate - you've all anticipated exactly what came to pass. Thanks to everyone who voted - it came down to a tie between MIA and POW. The first email I received on the subject nailed the storyline exactly:
From DizzyDeni "I think that Philip will be captured by Tony DiMera and used as part of Tony's revenge against the Bradys. Your guess is as good as mine as to how." Good guess Dizzy, you got it exactly right.
So, I'd rather not comment on the whole "war" storyline with Philip - mostly because I don't want to disrespect the real men and women who risk their lives to protect their countries. And also because the scenes and dialogue are so asinine (I love that word and try to use it as much as possible :-) that they are completely detracting from the storyline in general. And finally, I'm just not a big fan of Kyle Brandt's portrayal of Philip - and I have felt this way since he first came on the scene. But I do want to say one thing - I watch soap operas for one main reason - to give my brain a break from the realities of every day life. I refer to soaps as my Brain Candy. I don't want to see a war on my soap opera; it's depressing and makes me want to turn the channel. Let's hope this is the end of it.

Can there be any doubt that the DiMeras are involved in this whole Georgia-is-alive mess? I mean, who else would have sent the strand of hair to Bo and Billie? I was very surprised that it didn't immediately become apparent to Bo and/or Billie that Tony was messing with them. I have to give it to Hope though - she is the only one with any common sense in this whole situation. But what impressed me most is that she refused to feel badly about playing Devil's Advocate. When she told Bo that she will not allow herself to be branded as the evil wife; I wanted to high-five her. You go girl. I'm starting to suspect that JER might be making Bo in to a donkey's behind so that we fans will be happy when Hope boots his chauvinistic butt right out the door.

Are TPTB trying to make us hate Kate? How dare Billie tell Kate that Hope has made it clear that she does not want to find Georgia? That is utterly untrue. Clearly the woman is insane....which is not so strange considering that it obviously runs in the family. Kate's response was that it might be time to get Hope out of the picture. My gawd - she truly is evil! I think the best line that I've heard in a long time came from the previews for next week. Hope says to Kate: "I'm going to talk to Shawn and find out what's going on. At least my son was brought up to believe that adultery is wrong. I don't suppose you'd like to try to teach your kids the same." Go Hope!

Sami as Stan! Although we didn't get to see him/her this week, I wanted to comment on the storyline. At this point, I'm getting a kick out of the replacement actor. I think the casting department did a fabulous job in choosing someone with a similar facial structure to Alison Sweeney. And, Dan Wells (the actor playing Stan) has done a great job at capturing Sami's facial expression and speech patterns. Actually, I have to admit that I find this twist to be a creative way of replacing Ali while she's on maternity leave (which therefore makes me think that Reilly was not the one who came up with the idea). I'm not sure if I like the storyline per se -I don't like the notion of Sami carrying out Tony's dirty work - but I'm willing to see where it goes. A viewer had some interesting feedback: From Macarena: "Tony's a freak. Sami was angry enough to get revenge on her own, and it would have made a better story. I hope she gets to rescue her mom and that the actress was able to tape scenes with Will. Otherwise, does the mind control make her ignore her son?" I agree with you Macarena - there was no need for Tony to get involved in Sami's revenge. She would have done just fine by herself. And that was my question too...what about Lucas and Will? I know they're upset with her but, they live down the hall. Surely they'll wonder where she is. And what are the odds they won't notice that some strange guy is going in and out of Sami's apartment?

I received another email from Sari and wanted to share some of her comments with you guys again:
You know what I've discovered? I have never disliked the character of Billie more. Not even when she was actively trying to come between Bo and Hope. It's that stupid little smirk you were talking about: it makes me feel like she's not being truthful about her actual intentions, and it makes me want to slap it off her face. When she told Hope (in her own house, no less!) to back off, it took all my self-control not to yell at my TV screen! I feel as though Billie is taking advantage of the mere existence of her daughter, and I can't imagine how she'll use Georgia when/if she is actually ever found. I used to like Billie, even when she did bad things. Now I hope she falls off a cliff. This storyline is so bad that I feel it is actually diminishing Julie Pinson's acting abilities! (And having nothing to do with nothing, I wonder what the on-set atmosphere is like between her and Billy Warlock; they had a real-life engagement that was called off several years ago.)
And Bo? If I were Hope, he would be sleeping on the couch. He promises her something in one breath, then turns right around and breaks his promise in the next. It's about time he's held accountable for his actions! Yes, this situation with Billie involves his child. But Hope has been more than understanding, including towards Billie, while he's been manipulated by his ex under the pretext of her whine "but it's about Georgia..." If I never hear that name again in my life, it'll be too soon. Be a man. Or at least open your eyes.
Reilly hinted that he is killing off or writing out a main character in the upcoming year: I hope to God it's Kate. When Roman returns to Salem and Kate's scheme is revealed (assuming he's not in on the plot, as some rumors have hinted), I can't believe he would ever forgive Kate for this. Not after she promised to extend a truce to Sami and then actively and viciously broke her word to him with no provocation. Lucas won't have anything to do with Kate after that; Philip won't be happy with her either. John will be mad because he took Kate into his trust and asked for her honesty at his most vulnerable time, and she lied. (Nevermind when Doc gets her hands on Kate!) Vic is involved in his own story with Caroline, so he won't care about Kate too much. And how many times can we do the Kate-struggling-back-up-the-rungs story? Get rid of her, at least for now.
I like how you phrased that bit about how Kate "actively and viciously broke her word [to Roman] with no provocation." That is exactly what she did and it makes me sick to watch her manipulations with Lucas, Philip and Billie's love lives. I'm with you Sari; I hope they get rid of Kate!


  • Somebody tell me how in the world Rex managed to hack in to a military website, find out information about Philip and download his movie. First of all, I'm sure that the military's internal communication network is not connected to the World Wide Web, for that exact reason - to prevent hackers from gaining access and potentially compromising military personnel and maneuvers. Farfetched is too understated a word to use for this storyline. And personally, I'm getting very tired of it all.
  • I can't believe that Billie went to CH to ask the bartender to convince the police officer to drop the charges against her. How did that not occur to Bo? Not that I want Bo to keep helping Billie but why didn't it occur to Bo that if he talked the cop into dropping the charges, (cops being cops and all - and it was and accident) that he and Hope might finally be rid of Billie? Well, from their house at least, 'cuz we know that Billie will continue to be a thorn in their lives for a while to come.
  • Poor Patrick! Knocked out by a bottle of herbal relaxation powder! Hmm...there sure are a lot of instances of drugged drinks in Salem! I'm sure glad that I don't live there. Why does Reilly continue to use this ploy? I'm finding the Abby/Chelsea storyline incredibly pointless; I can only surmise that the reason Chelsea is still floating around for no reason is that she is in fact; Georgia Brady.

Reader Feedback:

From Jamison Rountree:"I don't think there's a single person who disagrees with your column. I sure don't. It's all true. The show's a mess and Reilly's to blame for it. Basically, the one MAJOR thing I like is that Reilly is showing us the possible pairing of Patrick and Billie. I see great chemistry between Brody Hutzler (Patrick) and Julie Pinson (Billie). If Reilly is planning to make them a couple, then I say do it. At least it'll be SOMETHING he does right -- and it'll get Billie's mind off Bo for good. But that's not gonna keep happening with the way Reilly keeps writing Bo just like an IDIOT! I like seeing Shawn and Belle back together and Jan kicked to the curb, where she belongs, but I want the whole cage thing to be exposed at last. I want this mess with Philip to be over, too. I liked seeing the Wesleys back on the canvas again, too, and I sort of like the Brady/Chloe/Nicole triangle, but only because I'm actually hoping the woman kicked to the curb is Chloe for lying to Brady for months and just being a whiny, whimpering COWARD." I wouldn't be opposed to a Patrick/Billie pairing and you're right, it would get them both out of Bo and Hope's hair. I do disagree about Chloe though - although she is coming off as being vain, we have to remember her history as an incredibly insecure young woman. I'm sure that having her face scarred like that does not help her self-esteem where Brady is concerned. But, Reilly does seem to be dragging this out indefinitely and has basically lost my interest in the whole affair

From Julie:"I, too, have watched Days from the beginning with my Mother, and my daughters watch it with me on tape. Although, we have been skipping it more often because it has become such an insult to our intelligence. I am so disappointed that there is not one rock-solid marriage left to head the family like Tom and Alice did for so many years. There is no anchor for all these lost souls to go home to for sanity and advice! All the romance is gone! Sex does not make romance, but romance can, or cannot, lead to sex. Sometimes what is left to the imagination is a stronger turn. No one is with the one they truely love. Even the villain is over-done to the point where it is sickening to see the the stupidity of the characters that you have loved get trapped over and over again by the same people and a lame storyline. Stefano, the villain you loved to hate, could do it, because the writers kept him mysterious and the man had class, but, please, Kate is an idiot! The storylines are like a poor sci-fi movie. If I wanted to see a mind control fantasy, I would rent it so it would be over in two hours, not dragged on for two years like this murder rubbish! Even Jan's cage for Shawn was a good concept, but poorly played out. Let the writers give these characters a brain again! Billie is suppose to be a trained police officer and ISA agent, not an unprepared, emotional, spoiled brat. No one is happy. Why? Wouldn't you think people watch tv and movies for enjoyment? Soap operas go on and on, just like life, movies end. I have enough misery in my everyday life. I want escape from it, not see my same, favorite soap opera characters suffer through it over and over and over! I have watched Hope, Kim, Kayla, Melissa, and Jennifer grow up, as I have watch my own daughters grow. Not that I associate my daughters with the soap opera characters, but what a heart ache it would be to see all the continious pain these daughters are going though. No wonder all the mothers on Days are gone! Except for the demented Kate. At least, give them some happiness in between the misery, and stagger the pain so at least one or two couples are happy at any given time." Well said Julie, and I'm sure I speak for the majority when I say that we commiserate with you. Days of our Lives is no longer a delightful escape from the everyday routine of life and has become a total exercise in frustration. I actually get stressed watching sometimes because the storylines drive me nuts

From Joannblueeyes:"I have been watching days since its inseption in 1965. I find that Reilly's over zealous immagination is getting me sick. I cannot understand how the producers can sit back and watch this man totally destroy this once superb soap opera. I have reverted to not watching it for days or not at all. I am very disappointed and wish someone would do something. The Maggie/Mickie/Bonnie storyline is absolutely rediculous. The Bonnie character does not belong there. She just does not fit in. Not to mention that the person who's playing her is only 38 years old, which is the same age as her son Patrick. The Kate situation is stupid, since she's interferring with all her children's lives, and seems to get away with everything under the sun. Even though some of her antics are so impossible to pull off. The Sami and Lucas fiasco was rediculous and Shawn and Belle's situation is also stupid." I also found it strange that TPTB would cast Brody Hutzler as Judi Evans's son. Bonnie would had to have been 8 when she had Patrick.

From Michelle:"OK, I have to say it. How could a triangle between Jack/Jennifer and Frankie be interesting when in bombed in 1990 when at least the viewers remember who he was. It's been 14 years and Jennifer hasn't thought about him for a moment. Yes, I agree its better then Patrick. I don't understand why we have to have ever couple in a triangle. Jennifer loves Jack she did in 1990 she does now and now they have to children something Frankie couldn't even come close to competing with. Not to mention I'm sick to death of some guy Jennifer befriends or knows interfering. Why not some ex of Jack's? Frankie and Jennifer were cute in 1988 but its 2005 and that cute teenage romance died nearly two decades ago. Jennifer is adult and a mother of two and a woman very much in love with her husband and color me shocked she was allowed to mourn her husband not once but twice. I don't care if Billy Warlock as a story with Matt and Missy, But Jennifer belongs with Jack and her kids and Frankie can help out Bo and take Billie or help out Brady and take Nicole. Frankie and Jennifer ended before it truly began and it should stay were it belongs in the past. If they want to bring back old characters bring back Steve and Kayla and Mike and Carrie." You make some very good points that I had not considered Michelle. And I agree with what you've said, especially that; if TPTB want to bring old characters back, they should concentrate on fan faves like Patch and Kayla. They definitely get my vote. I think the odds of their return are slim but I'll always have my fingers crossed

From Pat Welsch:"I love Sami, hate Kate Roberts and have spent these last few years wondering why Kate hasn't gone to jail or left town. She's got to be the absolute mother from hell. The advice she gives her children is always the wrong thing to do. Looks like she wants them to be as miserable as she is. Granted none of her offspring seem to be any smarter than she is, or they would tell her off." Judging by the emails that I have received lately, the character of Kate Roberts has gone from being simply annoying to being despised by the majority of fans. I have to hand it to Lauren Koslow though; she has done a fabulous job! She deserves an Emmy for playing evil so convincingly.

From Shirley"My first comment in 30 years! Yes, I have watched since the beginning. I am writing this WHILE the show is on, so you know how I feel! I wandered away from boredom, and I have finally started just not watching. It is a shame, but it is unwatchable. I agree with all the complaints, and Reilly is going to kill the show. The slow plots and totally uncharacteristic behavior is enough. I quit! After Another World died, I was through with all soaps, but I couldn't quit DOOL. Well, I can now. So sad. Thanks for listening, since the show wont." Thanks for writing Shirley!

Take care Scoopers! See you soon!


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