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For the Week of July 26, 2004
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Considering the amount of pratfalls that Jack and Jennifer have been enduring while on the PseudoSalem island, it's a miracle they're still alive.
Have you ever had your words come back on you? I'm really being punished for wishing that DAYS would keep the plots on a low simmer during the summer - the show is not just idling, it's in reverse!

Thankfully I love the Jack and Jennifer love story, because I'm certainly getting my fill of the two! Considering the amount of pratfalls the pair are enduring while on the PseudoSalem island, it's a miracle they're still surviving. Funnily, they still look pretty good, all those falls notwithstanding. I get totally scratched and bruised just working in the garden! But I forgive all when I get to see those lovely flashbacks of Jack and Jen in their younger days. Don't we all wish we aged like soap stars do?

Yeah! Lucas and Sami are cozying up again! I love that couple, so I'm ecstatic that they're moving past their mistakes. But the bit with the salt in the french toast - was that really necessary? The entire scene in which Lucas ate the toast made with salt instead of sugar was very sweet - BUT - very dated. Today's couples do not pull any punches as a rule. Maybe we can just chalk this fiasco up to Lucas' very good training at the military academy in his teens, okay?

Old Belle, NewBelle - another NewBelle - whatever. Frankly, I've never cared much for the character since Belle is written into a corner before she starts. Heir to the John/Marlena romantic and financial throne, she's filthy rich, pretty, and gets all the best clothes. She's just too "Marsha, Marsha Marsha!" for words. And we always know that whatever happens, she may have temporary problems to deal with, but everything will always work out for Belle in the end. Which is why I, for one, just can't root for anyone who has to play this marshmallow role. Give me a villainess like Sami over a wimp like Belle anytime!

Of course, you always have to have the obligatory evil/insane female as well; we have both Nicole and Jan currently on scene covering that vacancy, which is one too many, for my money. I didn't like the Jan/Shawn prisoner in a bird cage plot from the getgo. It seemed just too much like the Marlena in a gilded birdcage rerun then, and is nothing but boring this time around. Either I'm getting older, or the plots are.

Did you think the show was beginning to move towards the lover's triangle game this week? When Caroline and Victor reminisced about their long ago affair, and kissed, I wondered if we were about to see how playing "Survivor" on the Island will mutate. And when Marlena and Roman saw the pair and their kiss, it was clear that Marlena hadn't a problem with the old song 'love the one you're with'. That moment, coupled with the odd possessive way she fondled Roman's knife have me wondering about Marlena's mental state. Manchurian candidate, anyone?

Hope's on to Patrick's lies, she just can't figure out how he fits into the bigger picture. Of course she had to follow him through the force field in search of Jen, and now that she's seen that the magic coin (or charm) works, odds are good she's going to be watching for what other tricks the shiny item can do. And eventually, I'm betting she'll get the coin away from Patrick, and save Jen and the baby. Otherwise, why would she be tagging along with Patrick?

Back home, everyone's still singing the same old tune - Bo's frantic over the missing Hope; John and Sami are still playing tug of war over Marlena's corpse; and Kate still can't keep her nose out of her grown children's love affairs. I swear that woman needs a hobby!

So if you haven't been glued to the tube for the last couple of weeks, you really haven't missed a great deal. Go about your business, and enjoy the summer while you can. We'll be here to keep you informed on the little that does happen. Here's betting we won't see a lot of action until closer to the end of August.

And that's just fine with me! Cheers!

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