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The Bonnie that first hit Salem was brass and crass, and she still is. But little by little, the character is changing, becoming more likeable, kinder, more thoughtful.
Okay, nobody panic - I'm gonna compliment James Reilly and his writing staff this week. Yes, it's true. Although I still hate the entire Salem Serial Killer storyline, and expect to continue hating it indefinitely since it will apparently carry on until we are all on Social Security, I have to say that I have been subtly maneuvered into liking Bonnie.

The Bonnie that first hit Salem was brass and crass, and she still is. But little by little, the character is changing, becoming more likeable, kinder, more thoughtful. And I'm as surprised as you! From being the character I loved to hate, she is slowly becoming one of the characters I look forward to seeing.

Bonnie's interaction with Sami, in particular, showed a softer side to Bonnie, the side that has been buried underneath years of bad luck and bad behavior. As she becomes more important to Mickey, Bonnie's self confidence in herself as a loving person is causing her to reach out to others, in an effort to see others as happy as she. At the same time, Julie has become more strident, and her efforts to protect her Uncle Mickey are starting to look spiteful and foolish.

Why is that, you may ask? Elementary my dear Watson - when our supposedly deceased Salemites are finally returned to Real Salem from Pseudo Salem, the people left behind in Real Salem will have moved on with their lives. They will have mourned their loved ones, recovered, and paired up with someone new. Since our first instinct will be protective towards the original couples, the 'third wheel' that the writers have introduced into the scenario will be detested. Unless - the writing has subtly shifted the focus onto a new, improved relationship...

If, for instance, Bonnie has become kinder and gentler, more sympathetic, and the driving force behind an invigorated, happier Mickey, Maggie's fans may have a little more trouble rooting for a Mickey/Maggie reunion. Yes, they love the long term investment into the Mickey/Maggie romance, but hmmm - doesn't Mickey seem happier in his new relationship? And that's where the writers can sit back and say "Gotcha!." Because they have carefully woven in new aspects to the romantic interlopers, the viewer must now decide for themselves if they want to see a return to the norm, or if they have begun to invest in something newer and more exciting.

Clever, n'est ce pas? Notice that the classic 'Super Couples" are not being romantically rearranged. John is clearly not investing in a new love, nor is Kate. Jennnifer remains superglued emotionally to Jack. When they are reunited with their true loves, all will be as before. It will be secondary couples that will have the emotional tug of war over new partners.

So, I have to compliment Mr. Reilly and his team at the way they are masterfully manipulating the romantic angles. Didn't see it coming, so I do have to applaud the skill.

On a more current note, aren't the returning actors having fun with their bad Island selves? Jack, wandering dazedly in the jungle, is in full Indiana Jones mode. Gotta love that outfit - suits him to a tee! And having Tony come whirling back into view in his usual black on black mode is a trip. Reminds me of the 80's, when hard rockers would stroll the beach in leather and platform boots. But other than enjoying the return of these classic bad boys, the island is a snooze. Mega pregnant Jennifer is having more adventure than our captives. (I'm still really concerned about the baby's health, especially after that nasty fall on the plane. Hope someone knows how to save their lives when they finally arrive!)

And I'm not at all interested in Sami's on again/off again desperation for Lucas. Give in or get out! Lucas clearly wants Sami to grow up emotionally, but Sami is determined to remain a jealous, self centered brat forever. Waste of a good love story, if you ask me. Everyone keeps telling Sami to smarten up, but Sami continues on her childish way, despite forever claiming that she has son Will's best interests at heart. Sigh.

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