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For the Week of May 24, 2004
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Belle veered from tears over her mother to panic over her missing boyfriend. Both seemed to have the same level of anxiety attached to them.

Well, our dear DAYS may be trying to sell the "Biggest Twist in Daytime" - but the Daytime Emmy panel clearly has not appreciated their work over the last year. With the exception of one nomination for James Reynolds (Abe) in the Supporting Actor category, an actor who was actually killed off last year, there were slim pickings for the actors, writers, directors and crews. In fact, they won only one award in total - for Outstanding Achievement in Multiple Camera Editing For A Drama Series. But how can that be? Aren't we told week after week in the Soap Opera press that James Reilly is a brilliant writer, second only to the authors of the Holy Bible? Which means that the fans turning away from the show, and DAYS peers in the world of soaps, must be seriously deluded if they just can't find anyone's acting, writing or directing good enough to be nominated, right?

DAYS fans had to content themselves with their stars appearing in cameo style. Alison Sweeney (Sami) introduced all the best drama show clips from the audience, grabbing a hunky star from each show as her foil. Drake Hogestyn (John) was actually singing in the Sesame Street tribute! But the other leads had to be content with presenting. Eternal supercouple Bo and Hope owned the stage. Kristen Alfonso (Hope) looked stunning as usual, while Peter Reckell (Bo) sported his trademark scruffy look. Deirdre Hall (Marlena) introduced the Lifetime Award recipients, which included two DAYS veterans who have recently departed, John Clarke (Mickey Horton) and (Frances Reid) Alice. Was I the only one who kept waiting for Marlena to throw in a punch line about her role in Alice's death?

At least the Daytime Emmys were glamorous and the audience appreciative. Much more exciting than last week's DAYS action, which still played like a guitar with only three strings..

In the youth division, Belle veered from tears over her mother to panic over her missing boyfriend. Both seemed to have the same level of anxiety attached to them. . Jan has completely lost her mind, believing that her pregnancy a few years ago occurred when she and Shawn were a happy couple. Jan has Shawn locked to her bed, and he's trying to get free - for at least long enough to go to the washroom. By the end of last week, even a visiting Nicole wanted a go at the hog tied Shawn! Must be all the press coverage on the Iraq prisoners that's got the ladies so hot. Meanwhile, Rex's tracking device from his DiMera days is apparently planted on Shawn, but the batteries are past warranty. And what's up with John asking Philip to stay with Belle overnight after Marlena's funeral? Belle does have girlfriends, particularly Mimi, who would be a better choice. Funerals have a way of getting sexy things started. Seems like the reaction to a loss by death often triggers the need for sex. In the midst of death, we seek life. And since Belle can't be near the boy she loves, she may find herself loving the boy she's near!

Jan doesn't have the position of Head Nutcase all to herself. Nicole has once again gotten herself into a position to be blackmailed, this time by Crystal. Add in Celeste, in constant contact with Spirit Marlena who seems to be schizophrenic, and it really does look like the lunatics are taking over the asylum.

Getting Marlena ready for burial took a while, and included fetching the clothes for her final viewing. Now that's reality, but the moment was swiftly forgotten as Marlena continued to draw violent attention. Shot by the police, then stabbed by the funeral director to prove her death, presumably after being embalmed? You can't keep a good woman down, apparently!

Sami's out to blame the world for killing her mother, while in complete denial of her mother's own confessions. And will John ever get over the 'shoot to kill' mishap and forgive the Salem Police Force? Hope seems to be coming down on John's side, so that might effect her relationship with her husband. Especially when she keeps remembering Celeste's warning that she will soon lose Bo.

Finally, came time for the moment of truth. Marlena had a tiny funeral, just friends and close family. Didn't you just know that Sami would be hysterical, blame everyone, and throw herself on her mother's casket? That's our girl! Yet John, Celeste and Sami kept hearing Marlena's voice, begging that she not be buried. The coffin was opened - yep, she's still dead. And they buried her anyway. After all she's done for them! And to them! Talk about ingratitude!

By the end of the week, I was exhausted and waiting for the famous 'twist' we'd been promised for May 21, but DOH! - forgot about the day that was pre-empted earlier in the month. Our big twist comes on MONDAY. I have all appendages crossed, praying that whatever the next twist will be, it will justify these weeks and months of viewing apathy.

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