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The Scoop: DAYS previews, teasers, and spoilers for the Week of February 13, 2017
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of February 13, 2017. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.

While Salem gathers to celebrate Steve and Kayla's love, Julie's world is turned upside down by tragedy

Shane and Steve discover a stunner on the big day, but that doesn't stop the wedding from going forward

Steve and Kayla's nuptials draw Stephanie home to Salem, where she catches up with her loved ones

Spirits are more festive at the wedding celebrations when a freed Hope arrives to support her loved ones

After finally finding their way, Steve and Kayla are married with family and friends gathered around

It's a festive time for Steve, Kayla, and their loves ones, but the danger surrounding Orwell continues

Deimos is on the receiving end of Victor's wrath after his big brother discovers Deimos' dirty dealing regarding Orwell

Victor demands Deimos remedy the ugly situation as Chad and Gabi linger in his makeshift prison

As Chad and Gabi find themselves too close for comfort, rescue plans pull Abigail and Dario closer together

To ensure their loved ones are returned, Abigail and Dario team up with Eduardo and Kate to formulate a plan

Knowing something is amiss, J.J. returns to the Kiriakis mansion with Lani to investigate Deimos

Deimos doesn't take too kindly to police presence but may meet his match when a fired-up Adrienne comes calling for him

Adrienne is beside herself when she discovers an unresponsive Paul and later learns Sonny has been taken

Adrienne is eager to help when Jennifer reaches out for her help to destroy Orwell once and for all

Much to Jennifer's surprise, Anne ends up playing a positive role in her and Adrienne's plans for Orwell

As others continue to fight for Orwell, Hope is relieved when she learns she no longer has to fight for her freedom

After being cleared of the charges against her, Hope sets her sights on Andre and informs him Hattie is her friend

Hope has a friendly chat with Eric and quizzes her nephew on his (potential) lingering feelings for Jennifer

It's far from a friendly scene when former besties Chloe and Nicole meet face to face at Holly's custody hearing

While both teams prepare to battle it out for Holly, Belle blindsides Nicole with some shocking news

A heartbroken Julie is shocked to her core when she learns her estranged son David has suddenly died

Doug and Hope attempt to console a grief-stricken Julie, but she's not the only one who reacts to the news…

Abe is let down when Valerie confronts him and explains that she has to leave Salem rather suddenly

After arriving in Salem, Austin and Carrie catch up with Kate while Anna has more than a few choice words for Andre

Casting scoops

DAYS casting two new work-related roles

Shelley Hennig returns to DAYS

DAYS seeking actor for "cocky" new character

Y&R's Eileen Davidson on Ashley's romantic future, a DAYS return, and more

Vivian Jovanni exits DAYS

Y&R alum Lamon Archey cast on DAYS?

GH alum Robb Derringer is engaged; actor also joining DAYS

DAYS casts Steve and Ava's son

Drake Hogestyn returns to DAYS post injury

A sneak peek at next week

A former fling might reignite while another relationship may start to fizzle

A freed woman sets course on a new path on life as another woman searches for answers

While tragedy befalls one family, another might be granted all they were hoping for

Down the road previews

A Salemite's broken heart may mend as an old friend's support could blossom into something more

While old enemies reluctantly find themselves working together, they may be in for a bigger shock when other ties are exposed

2017 ushers in the return of several former Salemites who journey home to deal with new drama...

...two returnees must deal with a crisis while another may have a lot of explaining to do if a dirty secret is exposed

A lovechild once thought lost turns out to be alive and well, which comes at the most inopportune time for two Salemites

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