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For the Week of August 11, 2014
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of August 11, 2014. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Smitten with Salem, Clyde decides to call it home (not-so) sweet home

Clyde is a man with an agenda and reaches out to Ben once again

Ben is reluctant to accept Clyde's word until a deal is finally reached

Hoping to do more damage control, Rafe reaches out to Jordan again

E.J. hopes that Kate gets it when he warns her she and Sami are on Stefano's hit list

E.J. feels hopeless and downright angry when Sami takes legal action against him

Hope is rather taken aback when she discovers Aiden and Jennifer have a date

Hope uses her detective skills to obtain information about Aiden and Jennifer's date

Daniel continues to want information from Kristen, but she's defiant

Kristen is also shocked by the wicked plans Daniel has in store

Seizing a vulnerable moment, Kristen tries to escape her captor

Kristen realizes she must head home to Salem and face the music, but, as always, she picks the tune

Kristen's shocking return to Salem stops everyone in their tracks

A caged Kristen is confronted by many of her advisories

Kristen realizes there's only one man who can help her and she reaches out to the Phoenix

A difficult decision regarding his family puts E.J. between a rock and a hard place

Sami gives Nicole a difficult time once she learns Eric's fate with the church

Sonny has a difficult time hiding the truth from a very focused Will

Will's intent on vengeance makes Sonny even more nervous

Will's article stirs up some powerful emotions, especially in Sami who goes nuclear

A furious Sami seeks out Will and has an epic showdown with him over his article

Marlena is out to save John, but her fears that he may not recover persist

Marlena reaches out to Brady in his time of need and gives him some stepmotherly advice

Brady's guilty conscience also continues to get the better of him

A threatened Theresa makes it clear that Brady is off limits to Eve

As always, Eve has her own agenda and continues to scheme

A sneak peek at next week
A torrid expose threatens to rip apart an already fragile relationship

Liars lie and only a fool would believe them, and one Salemite seems to be feeling foolish

Secrets and lies continue to rip Salem apart, especially for one man

Danger lurks for one man attempting to regain control of his empire

One couple takes a step forward while another takes two steps back

Down the road previews
A revenge plot to destroy an enemy may end up out of control with dire consequences

A third party shakes up a seemingly stable couple in more ways than one

A growing love may be tested when old secrets begin to unravel

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