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For the Week of June 23, 2014
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of June 23, 2014. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Sami's sunny disposition proves to be the best revenge against an unsettled Abigail and E.J.

Sami isn't the only one who notices that Abigail is a bit anxious these days

Abigail nearly breaks down but finds unexpected comfort in someone's arms

E.J. catches wedding fever and finds himself a best man as well as an addition to the guest list

Sami's plans go full steam ahead, and she's not the only one on a mission

Kate packs her bags and goes to great lengths to get the dirt on Jordan

Rafe also wants to know what Jordan's been hiding, and he's done being patient

A troubled Brady reaches out for help with hopes that it's not too late

Theresa plots to hold on to her meal ticket one way or the other

Ciara and Chase's news leaves their parents rather shocked

Daniel leaves Nicole steaming when he rips into her about Eric

J.J. is left confused when a certain Salemite confuses him with someone else

A shocked Jennifer wants Eve to leave as soon as she sees her at her door

Jennifer and Eve's old rivalry finds a new trigger when Eve reveals her latest news

Jennifer is left with her jaw on the floor, wondering if Eve has finally won

A sneak peek at next week
As an anticipated event approaches, a game of cat and mouse continues

Scheming Salemites might find themselves in over their heads

Unexpected feelings begin to surface as the summer heats up

Relationship woes plague a formerly stable couple due to one's indiscretions

Young love is quickly tested by a third party, while another couple possibly take the plunge

Down the road previews
Upcoming nuptials will spiral into chaos due to dark secrets coming to light

Another set of wedding bells may shock Salem this summer

Life in Salem becomes more complicated by a shocking return

A revenge plot to destroy an enemy may end up out of control with dire consequences

A third party shakes up a seemingly stable couple in more ways than one

Summer will sizzle in Salem as secrets come to light and sassy Salemites return

A Salemite goes missing and finds themselves in the presence of evil

A storm is coming that will leave Salem devastated in its wake

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