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For the Week of February 10, 2014
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of February 10, 2014. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Get a sneak peek at what you can expect on DAYS during February Sweeps.

Cupid slings many little heart-shaped arrows in Salem this Valentine's Day

Passion erupts between Rafe and Jordan, but her secrets still lurk, which could drive them apart

Lucas finds himself in the middle of Kate's drama, which may cause him regrets

It's far from love when Hope and Aiden find themselves together again

Will reaches out to Marlena with hopes she'll help him make a decision about the future

A surprise on Valentine's Day makes the day even sweeter for Will and Sonny

A guilt-ridden E.J. surprises Sami with a sparkly Valentine's Day gift, and she is amazed

Sami actually has a surprise of her own in store for her betrothed

Abigail finds herself in an amazingly awkward encounter due to her affair with E.J.

Both E.J. and Abigail find the other hard to resist, but he insists they must

Abigail isn't so convinced that her affair with E.J. is truly over

J.J. is confident all of his legal troubles are over -- until Theresa shows up

J.J.'s fate rests in the hands of his new lawyer and the judge

Kate, Sami, and Gabi try to judge the situation with Nick, but they get more than they bargained for

Daniel and Nicole's encounter with Stefano's henchman leaves them shaken

Dr. Chyka's fate remains a mystery until Hope delivers some news to Eric and his friends

Eric makes his decisions for the future, while Nicole may have other ideas

A sneak peek at next week
As one new couple grows closer, someone else emerges from her past

A schemer has sex on her mind and attempts to get what she wants

A secret affair comes close to bubbling to the surface

Brothers face the bitterness that still remains between them

One woman wants to secure her future with the man she loves, but he may not be ready

Down the road previews
New challenges face a seemingly stable Salem couple as a wedding day approaches

A stranger will soon stir up trouble in Salem

A homecoming is in the works for a certain Salemite, who returns with shocking secrets

Life in Salem becomes more complicated by a shocking return

Revenge takes one Salemite to a dastardly new low

Several surprising new loves will blossom this spring in Salem

The Phoenix gets a surprise request from his former Queen of the Night

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