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For the Week of November 18, 2013
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of November 18, 2013. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.
A message from Chad causes Abigail to kill the messenger

Rafe makes strides in his recovery, and with Jordan

Jordan is a little taken aback when Kate's claws come out

Shane and Kimberly come home to confront a cornered Theresa

When things come to a head, Theresa's future is left in her rival's hands

Jennifer leaves Eric in shock after making a compassionate confession

Eric is left without a job, which sends the saintly Salemite reeling

Eric and Nicole's relationship remains strained while hers with Daniel develops

Other shell-shocked Salemites try to cope with the chaos caused by Kristen as well

Marriage woes plague Victor and Maggie due to his actions

Victor also finds himself the target of Marlena's wraith

Gabi, Will, and Sonny find themselves in a showdown when her potential move is revealed

An irate Gabi hopes that Justin will work his legal magic for her

Sonny isn't so sunny when Will warns him about his priorities

Sami isn't happy either when she learns of Gabi's potential plans

Kate's suspicions of Nick cause her to form an unlikely alliance

When Nick suspects Gabi might not move, he goes into crisis mode

Justin and E.J. may lawyer up together again because Mr. DiMera has a plan

The ice thaws some as E.J.'s actions cause Sami to soften a bit

A sneak peek at next week
Evil intentions are revealed resulting in shocking blow for one Salemite

A new job leads to a difficult task for one saucy Salemite

One man is left alone after an argument pushes his love away

A Greek tycoon is burnt after a lashing from of his former flame

One Salemite remains in the hot seat in the wake of Kristen's disappearance

A search for an enemy may lead one man on an even darker path

Down the road previews
New challenges face a seemingly stable Salem couple as a wedding day approaches

A cover up will form an unlikely alliance for several Salemites

A stranger will soon stir up trouble in Salem

A homecoming is in the works for a certain Salemite, who returns with shocking secrets

A troubled Salemite falls off the wagon, and it isn't pretty

An estranged couple finds themselves at a crossroads

Former flames feel the heat, but the fire may burn out of control

Danger, deception, and death come to Salem this fall

John Black returns to Salem

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