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For the Week of October 28, 2013
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of October 28, 2013. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.
By week's end, November sweeps into Salem propelling pandemonium

Estranged lovers take another step apart due to outside interference

Jennifer believes the scandalous lies about Daniel and Theresa

Theresa and Anne believe they have finally destroyed Jennifer

Daniel and J.J.'s secret is discovered by someone with their own agenda

J.J.'s latest decision stuns his already frazzled mother

An innocent Salemite goes to great lengths to clear their name

As a desperate Nicole pleads she's innocent Eric remains unsure

An unsure Brady is at a loss when Eric lashes out at him for abetting Nicole

Daniel is unsure of how to react when Nicole tells him of her love for Eric

Nicole also stuns Daniel when she reveals Eric's accusations

A guilty Salemite goes to great lengths to cover their tracks

Kristen learns the ugly truth about Eric's anger towards Nicole

In utter panic mode, Kristen realizes she has to secure the evidence against her

The hunt for damming evidence might be over for one seeker

The infamous flash-drive ends up on Daniel's desk

After a conversation with Daniel, Marlena ends up in his office

Marlena comes close to discovering the drive, but Kristen intervenes

Marlena and Kristen don't hold back when accusations are made

Meanwhile, Marlena's coconspirator, Victor, is in the hot seat at home

Maggie wants the whole truth and nothing but about Victor and Marlena's relationship

Blackmail becomes one Salemite's game once again

E.J. isn't too happy with Lucas's plans for Allie's living situation

To ensure Sami doesn't suffer more, E.J. backs Lucas into a corner

A steamed up Sami discovers E.J.'s tactics and calls him out

One Salemite leaves town while another might wish they had

It's one last fight over Abigail for Chad and Cameron

Boston bond Chad is saddened when Abigail changes their relationship status

Will encourages Cameron's budding relationship with Gabi

Actually, Will asks Cameron for a very special favor

Cameron becomes Nick's least favorite person due to his proximity to Gabi

A seemingly changed man wants to help, but many doubt his word

Stefano having others best interest at heart unsettles certain Salemites

Elsewhere, Sami and Brady bond while other siblings clash

A sneak peek at next week
The ice begins to melt between an estranged mother and son

A powerful Salemite gives his ally a smoking gun to destroy their enemy

A young wannabe star may be on the rise when opportunity knocks

Wedding bells turn into the sound of bedlam for Salem's most precarious pairing

A devoted lover is backed into a corner and forced to lie to his heart's desire

Work becomes play for two Salemites with the same goal

Two Salemites try to clear the air, but it may be too dirty for them to clean

Down the road previews
A change is coming for one sinister Salemite

An evil plot is exposed, but the outcome is even more shocking

A third party upsets the nest for two committed lovebirds

A homecoming is in the works for a certain Salemite

A troubled Salemite falls off the wagon, and it isn't pretty

Danger, deception, and death come to Salem this fall

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