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For the Week of September 2, 2013
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of September 2, 2013. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Days of Our Lives will be preempted on Monday, September 2, 2013, due to NBC's annual coverage of PGA Golf

Stefano squares off with a man he's tried numerous times to destroy

Kate has some very stern words of warning for her maniacal ex

Kate also becomes stern with Salem's newest therapist, who doesn't seem to flinch

An anxious E.J. is counting the minutes until Sami's day in court

Justin confronts E.J. about his latest antics to help Sami

Sami may receive help from an unlikely source when new information is discovered

After Sonny discovers a condom wrapper, he and Gabi have it out

Gabi isn't averse to playing hardball to keep Sonny quiet

Nick has a hard time containing his feelings for Gabi

It appears Nick may not have given up his nefarious ways

Caroline isn't shy when it comes to giving her opinion

Abigail has a strong opinion on Theresa's behavior, and tells her so

Abigail also has strong feelings about her mother's latest breakup

Abigail makes an appeal of the heart for a wayward love

J.J. finds himself descending further into a dangerous situation

J.J.'s behavior lands him in custody, and Jennifer isn't happy

J.J.'s arrest causes Jennifer to see her son for who he really is

J.J. and Jennifer begin a showdown, and painful truths surface

Eric's resurfacing memories cause friction between him and Nicole

Eric can't help but to dwell on what these memories really mean

Eric also doesn't know if he can help Brady when his brother asks a huge favor

Marlena tries to help herself to information on Kristen, but her plan hits a snag

Someone new reaches out to Marlena and proposes they be allies in the war against Kristen

A sneak peek at next week
Sami's day in court cometh, and it doesn't begin well for the defense

Nicole goes after Brady for asking a very big favor from Eric

Father Matt has a serious warning for a woman in Eric's life

Theresa hopes to score big with another scheme, if she's not caught in the process

Jennifer dons battle gear and goes head-to-head with her hotheaded son

Kristen decides to do damage control but may find it too little, too late

Down the road previews
Hell hath no fury like a DiMera scorned

A sinister plan comes to a head, but it may not have the outcome the perpetrator hoped for

A concerned lovebird might be signing a different tune when a new chick enters the nest

Will and Sonny face new problems from a surprising source

A homecoming is in the works for a certain Salemite

Alliances form to bring down Salem's most hated citizen

Many more shocking secrets are revealed before court adjourns for Sami

A particular sinner hasn't seemed to learn any lessons and starts to scheme again

A celebration's tragic ending will have long-lasting ramifications in Salem

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