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For the Week of August 26, 2013
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of August 26, 2013. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Tempers flare when J.J. finds Jennifer in a compromising position

Things also grow heated when Daniel and Jennifer discuss their situations

J.J. believes his mother has to make a definitive choice

Daniel ends up making a choice for both himeself and Jennifer

J.J. finds himself commiserating with a fellow troublemaker

Eric is troubled when his mysterious dreams continue

Troubling times bring Eric and Nicole even closer

Kristen worries someone is close to discovering her secret

Kristen's condition is, in fact, discovered by an inquisitive Salemite

Brady also has a few questions for Kristen, including one major one

Brady and Kristen's news doesn't bode well for his loved ones

Marlena finds herself in uncharted territory but is ready to rumble nonetheless

There's a huge rumble in the Horton/Kiriakis/Hernandez homestead

Gabi makes some bold accusations against Will and Sonny

A new twist threatens a newfound peace for Sonny and his frenemy

Abigail struggles to piece together her confusing love life

Cameron may make Abigail's decision a little bit easier

Chad finds himself a step closer to winning Abigail's heart

E.J. remains frustrated Sami's case takes one step forward, and two back

E.J. also remains concerned that he has harmed Sami's chances for freedom

Justin is alarmed that Sami is considering the D.A.'s deal

Sami must make a decision about her future and eventually shocks everyone with her answer

A sneak peek at next week
Stefano squares off with a man he's tried numerous times to destroy

J.J. finds himself descending further into a dangerous situation

It appears Nick may not have given up his nefarious ways

Abigail makes an appeal of the heart for a wayward love

Caroline isn't shy when it comes to giving her opinion

Marlena may receive a new ally in her war against Kristen

Theresa finds herself in the middle of conflict yet again

Down the road previews
Hell hath no fury like a DiMera scorned

A sinister plan comes to a head, but it may not have the outcome the perpetrator hoped for

A concerned lovebird might be singing a different tune when a new chick enters the nest

Will and Sonny face new problems from a surprising source

A homecoming is in the works for a certain Salemite

Alliances form to bring down Salem's most hated citizen

Many more shocking secrets are revealed before court adjourns for Sami

A particular sinner hasn't seemed to learn any lessons and starts to scheme again

A celebration's tragic ending will have long-lasting ramifications in Salem

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