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For the Week of January 14, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of January 14, 2012. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.
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Chad's arrival at the wedding isn't as shocking as what he has to say

Chad blurts out the truth that Nick isn't Gabi's baby's father

Everyone is shocked by Chad's announcement and chaos ensues

Rafe believes that Chad is lying just to create trouble for Gabi

Rafe is especially angry by the announcement and attacks Chad

A fed up Will confesses the entire truth to a shocked congregation

An upset Sonny flees the church, but Will has no time to follow him

Lucas corners Will and demands answers from his emotional son

Lucas discusses Will's past misdeeds, but doesn't realize Nick is listening

Nick is elated to have ammunition to fight Will to get what he wants

Nick attempts to assure Gabi that everything will work in their favor

Rafe attempts to get some answers from Gabi, but she is a wreck

A fired up Sami goes after Gabi with both barrels blazing

Rafe defends Gabi, which leads to a blowout between him and Sami

E.J. lends Sami a sympathetic shoulder after she fights with Rafe

A compassionate Marlena lends Will her sympathy and support

Will asks Sonny to lend him an ear as he explains what happened

Sonny states that he still loves Will, but doesn't know if he can forgive him

A saddened Will walks into Sami and share a deep conversation

Abigail and Cameron both have a few words for Chad, mainly, get lost

Abigail doesn't believe she can forgive Chad for his treachery

Marlena seeks Hope's ear to vent about the treacherous Kristen

Marlena wants to save Brady and also repair things with John

Hope comes up with a brilliant idea to trap Kristen and help Marlena

Hope fits Marlena with a wire to record Kristen's wrongdoings

Marlena seeks out Kristen and attempts to get the goods in her foe

Kristen realizes what Marlena is up to and jots the good doc a note

Kristen manages to come out sounding innocent on the recording

Marlena is frustrated and angry that Kristen has won another round

John listens to Kristen's recording, but is more shocked by Marlena's words

On the recording, Marlena admits she knew about Brady and Kristen for a while

John is enraged by Marlena's deception and has harsh words for her

A fed up John decides that he needs time away from everyone

Marlena is heartbroken when John decides he's leaving Salem

Brady is curious when he finds the remnants of Kristen's note to Marlena

Brady attempts to get answers from Kristen, but passes out

Kristen rushes Brady to the hospital where Cameron examines him

Cameron reminds Brady that he recently suffered from a head injury

Kristen feels pangs of guilt knowing she caused Brady's injuries

Chloe feels horrified when she learns Brady is bedding Kristen

Chloe is even more upset when she spots Daniel and Jennifer together

Chloe reminds herself that she will get Daniel back one way or another

A war erupts when Chloe and Nicole discuss their loves for Daniel

Nicole confides in Eric about her feelings about the fight

Chloe and Daniel get into a fight about letting Kate see Parker

Daniel suggests that Kate be given some visitation to Parker

Chloe shots down Daniel's suggestion and vows to destroy Kate

Kate vows to destroy Chloe and have her claimed an unfit mother

A vindictive Kate informs Jennifer about Chloe's call-girl past

Jennifer is shocked by the news, but decides to keep it from Daniel

Chloe realizes that Jennifer knows the truth, but uses it to her advantage

Chloe forms an alliance with Jennifer's work nemesis, Anne

Chloe and Anne decide to destroy Jennifer's career and then some

A sneak peek at next week
Will and Sonny attempt to move past their issues

Chad attempts to make amends with people he hurt

E.J. becomes Will's new ally in his battle against Nick

Nick tries to make arrangements to combat Will

Sami and Adrienne get into another blowout over their sons

Marlena and John say goodbye to one another

Chloe decides to do what it takes to take down her enemies

Down the road previews
Sami inches closer to reconciling with one of her exes

Nancy Wesley visits Salem to be at Chloe's side during a time of need

A new relationship is put to the test due to a secret pact

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