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For the Week of December 31, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of December 31, 2012. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.
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It's Christmas time in Salem, but not all is merry and bright

Christmas traditions brighten patients at University Hospital

Victor dons a Santa costume to spread cheer to the children

A beaming Maggie is touched by Victor's holiday spirit

Victor is touched to receive a special gift from his loved ones

Jennifer's touched to be asked to read the Christmas story at the hospital

Eric's at the pulpit during St. Luke's midnight mass ceremony

Roman and Marlena have a special gift for Eric

Eric continues to have nightmares about the Congo

Eric finally opens up to Nicole about his hellish time abroad

Eric explains that a priest saved his life and was then killed

Nicole turns the tables and gives Eric some comforting advice

Nicole is turned inside out after receiving an unexpected message

Nicole and Rafe agree to spend New Year's Eve together

Rafe brightens Sydney's holiday by giving her a special gift

Rafe believes there's still something special between him and Sami

Rafe and Sami discuss the current status of their relationship

Rafe is hopeful about a future with Sami, but she remains uncertain

A disappointed Rafe spots Sami with E.J. and the children

Sami is disappointed when Rafe seems a little cold to her

Sami remains conflicted about her feelings for E.J. and Rafe

Caroline believes Sami needs to decide who she wants to be with ASAP

Sami shares her relationship woes with her wonder twin, Eric

Sami and E.J. agree to ring in the New Year's Eve together

Chads hopes to have New Year's Eve plans with Abigail

Abigail invites Chad to join her for some Christmas fun

E.J.'s all for Chad moving on from Melanie and focusing on Abigail

E.J. and Chad spend quality time together and visit Lexie's gravesite

E.J. and Chad run into Abe and Theo at the cemetery

Abe suggests that E.J. and Chad both steer clear of Kristen

E.J. suggests that Kristen has changed and defends his big sis

Chad suggest that he and Cameron get to know one another

Kristen suggests that the DiMera men join her for Christmas festivities

Kristen sets up a holiday video chat with the wayward Stefano

Kayla is bummed that Stephanie is not coming home for the holidays

Abe's holiday spirit isn't so merry and bright, either, as he misses Lexie

Kayla asks Abe and Theo to spend Christmas with her and Joey

Sonny asks Will to be his date for the Kiriakis Christmas celebration

Will agrees to spend time with Sonny and his family on Christmas Eve

Will is touched when Adrienne extends an olive branch

Gabi is touched when the Hortons extend her an ornament

Julie isn't so sure about Gabi and Nick's shotgun wedding

Will isn't so sure he's made the right choice about giving up the baby

Will has a terrifying dream about Nick raising his child

Will expresses his concerns to Gabi, but she's not as worried

Gabi's worries are eased when Eric agrees to marry them

Daniel worries when Jennifer cancels their date

Daniel is delighted when Jennifer reaccepts his invitation

Daniel and Jennifer share a romantic moment

Brady can't help himself from romancing Kristen

Kristen remains torn over her romance with Brady

Kristen does a little cyber sleuthing and looks into Brady's past

Marlena does a little dirty work to expose Kristen and Brady

A shocked John discovers Brady and Kristen together

A nearly speechless John demands an explanation from Brady

A sneak peek at next week
John and Marlena remain determined to save Brady

John and Brady both end up at Salem University Hospital

Kate has words of warning for E.J. about falling for Sami

Gabi begs Sonny to give peace a chance

New Year's Eve brings drama for E.J., Sami, Rafe, and Nicole

Down the road previews
Sami inches closer to reconciling with one of her exes

Marlena resorts to uncharacteristic measures to protect her family

Chloe returns to Salem with unfinished business

Nancy Wesley visits Salem to be at Chloe's side during a time of need

A new relationship is put to the test due to a secret pact

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