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For the Week of November 26, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of November 26, 2012. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Nicole extends a heartfelt apology to Jennifer

Nicole can't muster the strength to apologize to Daniel

A hopeful Nicole learns Daniel and Jennifer aren't together

Daniel ponders the clinical trial that would potentially cure his hand tremors

Daniel shares news of the trial with Maggie

Maggie believes the risks of the trial are too great and warns Daniel

Maggie isn't happy with Jennifer's meddling and tells her so

Daniel informs Jennifer he's ready to go through with the trial

Maggie demands that Jennifer talk Daniel out of the trial

Daniel nearly talks himself out if the trail, but Jennifer encourages him

Daniel goes through with the trial, but the initial reports are not good

Hope and Kayla try to convince Eric that Nicole is not a good person

Eric tells his aunts there's a good chance Nicole can change

Eric reunites with Caroline when she returns to Salem

Eric worries that his grandmother's health hasn't improved

Caroline makes a tearful confession to Eric

Caroline explains switching Parker's paternity test results

Eric suggests Caroline apologizes to Daniel

Caroline reaches out to Daniel and all is forgiven

Kate reaches out to Stefano regarding their divorce

Marlena reaches out to Eric regarding Kristen

Kristen makes a confession to Father Tobias

Brady listens in as Kristen makes her confession

Brady's view on Kristen begins to soften some

Kristen is happy to know John's view on her has changed

John tells Kristen he believes she has been redeemed

Marlena isn't happy to learn John and Brady believe in Kristen

Marlena decides to uncover Kristen's secrets

Marlena breaks into Kristen's room and attempts to dig up dirt

Kristen catches Marlena in her room and on her computer

Kristen lets Marlena have it, but Brady intervenes

Brady convinces Kristen not to turn Marlena into the police

Brady also convinces Kristen not to tell John about Marlena's actions

Brady is grateful to Kristen and the two share a moment

Kristen grows uneasy about her feelings for Brady

Brady and Kristen share another, more intense, moment

Rafe is tense upon learning Sami is working for E.J.

Rafe visits Sami with some romantic intentions

Rafe and Sami learn Gabi's intentions to have an abortion

Rafe and Sami head to the clinic to stop Gabi

Gabi grows unsure about her choice as she waits for the procedure

Will also second guesses their decision to have an abortion

Sami and Rafe shock Will when they arrive at the clinic

Gabi shocks everyone when she states she didn't have the abortion

Everyone, especially Rafe, is pleased that Gabi changed her mind

Will has it in mind to tell everyone he is the baby's father

Nick interrupts Will's confession and takes Gabi away

Nick tells Gabi he believes that Chad is the father of her baby

As Gabi and Nick get into it, Chad disrupts their conversation

As Nick and Chad get into it, Gabi worries he will tell Chad about the baby

Will saves the day for Gabi, prompting Chad to retreat

Chad licks his wounds while E.J. suggests he seeks revenge

Nick seeks answers prompting Will to explain he is the baby's father

Nick believes Will and Gabi can't tell anyone the truth, including Sonny

Nick also believes he and Gabi should marry and pass the baby off as his

A concerned Sonny reaches out to Will, but Will refuses to talk

A sneak peek at next week
Kristen and E.J. put together a sinister scheme

Kristen and Brady end up in bed together

E.J. and Sami continue to grow closer, much to Rafe's chagrin

Nick makes plans for him, Gabi, and the baby

Jennifer ends up in harm's way

Down the road previews
Sami inches closer to reconciling with one of her exes

Marlena resorts to uncharacteristic measures to protect her family

Chloe returns to Salem with unfinished business

Nancy Wesley visits Salem to be at Chloe's side during a time of need

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