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For the Week of November 19, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of November 19, 2012. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Days of Our Lives will be preempted on Thursday, November 22, 2012 due to NBC's annual coverage of the National Dog Show.

Days of Our Lives will air a "classic" episode on Friday, November 23, 2012. The episode originally aired June 24, 1997, and features Susan Banks impersonating Kristen during what should have been the real Kristen and John's wedding reception. For a complete recap of the episode, click here

Gabi and Will continue to reel from the news of her pregnancy

Will wonders if he and Gabi should get married

Gabi reminds Will that she loves Nick, and he loves Sonny

Will pledges to completely be there for Gabi and their child

Gabi confesses to Will she is considering abortion

Will is unsure how to process Gabi's latest reveal

Sonny reveals his love for Will when Lucas visits him

Lucas extends an olive branch to Sonny, for Will's sake

Sonny agrees to maintain the peace with Lucas

Lucas shares his and Sonny's newfound peace with a pleased Will

Lucas also shares that Sonny is in love with Will, which also pleases Will

Sami notices the love between Sonny and Will

Sami also notices something is wrong with Will, and wonders what it is

Knowing something is wrong with Gabi, Sonny reaches out to her

Nick reaches out to Sonny and asks him to convince Chad to back off Gabi

Nick is thrilled when Sonny agrees to talk to Chad

Kristen is less than thrilled when she still can't reach John after Brady's attack

Marlena continues to intercept Kristen's messages and delete them

Kristen arrives at the hospital to visit Brady, who has a concussion

Kristen thanks Brady, but he continues to tell her to take a hike

Kristen ends up helping a suspicious Brady when he nearly faints

A concerned John and Marlena end up at the hospital to see Brady

Kristen informs John that she sent him several messages about Brady

A guilt-ridden Marlena ends up realizing she's made a mistake

An unhappy John questions Marlena about the deleted messages

Marlena makes a confession, but puts most of the blame on Kristen

John fumes at Marlena and tells her that she can't blame Kristen this time

John insists that Marlena's paranoia of Kristen has gone too far

John and Marlena refuse to see eye-to-eye about Kristen

John and Marlena's relationship begins to suffer even more

A confident Kristen corners Marlena and adds fuel to the fire

Brady decides that he may have been judging Kristen too harshly

Nicole continues to worry Eric that will judge her because of her mistakes

Eric offers Nicole the story of why he became a priest

Nicole confesses each dirty, sordid detail of what she's done to Eric

Eric offers Nicole his condolence about the loss of her son

Eric also offers Nicole advice - she must find peace through forgiveness

Eric encourages Nicole to apologize to Jennifer, Daniel, and the others

Nicole leaves Eric and ends up confronting her personal demons

Nicole also decides to confront Jennifer and seeks her out

Hope decides to advise Eric to steer clear of Nicole

Hope receives some good news from Kayla about Caroline's condition

Kayla states that Bo and Caroline might be home sooner than expected

Hope is over the moon after hearing Bo and Caroline will be returning

Hope is eager to share the amazing news with Ciara

A concerned Abe learns that Ciara has been Theo's confidant

Abe confides in Kayla and wonders if he's succeeding in being a single parent

Kayla is confident in Abe's abilities and tells him Lexie would be proud

Kayla, Hope, Jennifer, Adrienne, and Billie meet up to discuss books

Kayla, Hope, Jennifer, Adrienne, and Billie's meeting ends up being more of a gab fest

A sneak peek at next week
Nicole extends a heartfelt apology to Jennifer

Maggie isn't happy with Jennifer's meddling

Rafe visits Sami with some romantic intentions

Nick discovers who the father of Gabi's baby is

Kate goes on the hunt for the man she loves

E.J. mentors Chad on the art of revenge

Marlena attempts to uncover Kristen's secrets

Caroline returns to Salem with a secret of her own

Down the road previews
Sami inches closer to reconciling with one of her exes

Marlena resorts to uncharacteristic measures to protect her family

Chloe returns to Salem with unfinished business

Nancy Wesley visits Salem to be at Chloe's side during a time of need

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