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For the Week of November 12, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of November 12, 2012. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Sami's saintly twin, Eric Brady, returns to Salem and is now a priest

Marlena receives a text of the news that Eric is back in town

Marlena shares the news with Roman and the rest of the family

Eric's loved ones gather to welcome him back to Salem

Sami is especially thrilled to have Eric back, but warns him about Nicole

A stunned Nicole doesn't believe her eyes when she spots Eric

Nicole comes face-to-face with Eric and is surprised by his new occupation

Nicole has a hard time facing the truth that she could go to jail

Brady shows up for some face-time with a shattered Nicole

Nicole cries on Brady's shoulders while he suggests she atone for her sins

Nicole admits she isn't sorry for her actions and sends Brady away

Nicole is less apologetic when Jennifer arrives to see her

Like Brady, Nicole sends Jennifer packing, but soon begins to worry

Nicole realizes that Jennifer holds her freedom in her hands

Jennifer meets with the DA about Nicole's crimes

Jennifer weighs her options as she faces a big decision

Jennifer decides not to pursue legal actions against Nicole

Daniel is relieved that Jennifer has decided not to press charges

Daniel embraces Jennifer and the two share a brief moment

Daniel and Jennifer agree to work on their friendship again

Daniel still can't perform surgeries due to his hand termers

Jennifer gives Daniel the name of a clinic that might save his surgical career

Optimistic Jennifer tries to get Daniel to see things on the bright side

Hope believes Jennifer and Daniel have a bright future, and tells him so

Daniel is plagued by guilt and believes he's partly to blame for Nicole's actions

Nicole believes Daniel hates her, but he assures her that's not the case

Although he doesn't hate her, Daniel lets Nicole know exactly where they stand

E.J. takes a stand with Nicole and blasts her for her actions

E.J. and Abigail commiserates over their recent losses

E.J. assures Abigail that he doesn't blame Jennifer for his son's death

Abigail ends up giving E.J. some advice about his future

E.J. and Kristen meet up to discuss his next step in winning Sami back

Marlena happens by E.J. and Kristen and begins to blast Kristen

John stops Marlena while E.J. is fascinated by Kristen's effect on Marlena

Kristen offers E.J. control of Countess Wilhelmina, if he rejoins the family

E.J. enjoys the idea of being close to Sami as her new boss

E.J. confronts Stefano about his place in the DiMera Empire

Marlena confronts John and Kristen after finding them at the Horton Cabin

Marlena remains livid while John and Kristen try to explain the situation

Marlena fully believes that Kristen planned the entire situation

Marlena is less than thrilled when John disagrees with her about Kristen

Kristen doesn't make matters better when she returns John's coat

Kristen decides to hang onto John's money clip to further her agenda

Kristen decides to brag to Brady that she spent the night with John

Kristen gives Brady John's money clip to return to his father, angering Brady

Kristen gives Jennifer her condolences about losing Jack

Kristen reaches out to Jennifer and encourages her to be friends again

E.J. gives Sami encouraging news that he is her now boss at Countess Wilhelmina

E.J. assures Sami be took over to ease tensions between Kristen and Marlena

Kristen assures John that she stepped down from Countess W to ease tensions

Kristen's actions impress John which leads to a moment between them

Brady happens by as John and Kristen are in close proximity

Brady believes John is playing with fire and gives him a stern warning

Brady urges John to distance himself from Kristen

Brady decides to take John's place as a church board member

Brady gives Kristen another warning to stay away from his family

An annoyed Kristen runs off after Brady berates her again

Brady attempts to save Kristen from a mugger, but gets knocked out

Brady lands in the hospital while Kristen attempts to reach John

In an attempt to keep Kristen away, Marlena erases John's messages

Chad decides to keep torturing Gabi and sets his sights on Nick

Chad tries to rile Nick up in front of his parole office

Gabi saves the day for Nick, but Chad claims he isn't through with her yet

Gabi and Abigail spend time chitchatting about their love lives

Abigail confesses to Gabi that she is still a virgin and waiting for the right guy

Will and Sonny are both nervous as they wait for their meeting

Will bumps into Lucas and Sami before meeting Sonny

Will tears into Lucas for causing problems with his relationship

Lucas takes a firm stance on his potion, but Sami sides with Will

Will wonders off to find Sonny and apologize to him

Sonny and Will make things right and end up making love for the first time

Gabi ends up passing out only to find out she's pregnant with Will's child

A sneak peek at next week
Caroline's loved ones receive some positive news about her condition

Nicole wonders if her negative past will affect her relationship with Eric

Hope advises Eric to steer clear of Nicole

Nick reaches out to Sonny for help with his foe

Sonny reaches out to Gabi during a time of need

Kristen ends up helping a suspicious Brady

Marlena ends up realizing she's made a mistake
Down the road previews
Sami inches closer to reconciling with one of her exes

Marlena resorts to uncharacteristic measures to protect her family

Chloe returns to Salem with unfinished business

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