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For the Week of October 29, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of October 29, 2012. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Bo and Caroline prepare for the long journey ahead of them

Bo shares the news with Victor, who couldn't be prouder of his son

Rafe reaches out to Caroline, and she shares her hopes for his future

John shares his thoughts on Bo's real agenda for leaving town

Bo confesses he's still in it to bring the DiMeras down, but Caroline comes first

Loved ones gather around to say their goodbyes to Bo and Caroline

Hope presents Bo with a special gift that will aid him on his journeys

Emotions run high when it's time to say a final farewell to Bo and Caroline

Abe is there to comfort emotional Kayla during her time of need

After a steamy kiss, Will and Sonny decide to make love for the first time

Lucas' bad timing interrupts Will and Sonny before they can make love

Lucas informs Will about Caroline's condition, and Will leaves to be with her

Lucas is left alone with Sonny and isn't too happy about what he interrupted

Lucas and Sonny's conversation quickly becomes a heated argument

Sonny decides that Will doesn't need to know about his fight with Lucas

A concerned Lucas fills Billie in on Will and Sonny's relationship

Lucas confesses to Billie that he thinks Will is making a mistake

Will learns from Lucas' true feelings about relationship with Sonny from Billie

Will confront Sonny about his fight with Lucas and then sets out to find his father

Will takes Lucas to task about interfering with his love life

Lucas suggests that Sonny only wants one thing from Will - sex

Will defends Sonny's honor, but a seed of doubt was already planted

Will returns to Sonny's side and tries to turn up the heat

Sonny senses Will is emotional and puts on the breaks

Will wonders just how many men Sonny has been with

Sonny is hurt by Will's questions and asks him to leave

Gabi questions Nick's peculiarity over Sonny and Will's relationship

Nick explains himself to Gabi, which eases her concerns

Nick and Gabi bask in their budding feelings for each other and make love

Rafe and Sami admit their still have feelings for one another

E.J. puts a damper on Rafe and Sami's tender moment

E.J. admits to Sami that he's not seeking revenge on his enemies

Sami is shocked by E.J.'s decision and begins to thaw towards him

Marlena is shocked that Kristen is Sami's boss and demands she quits

Sami and John both shock Marlena with their view on Kristen

Kristen sweetens the pot to convince Sami to work for her

Sami agrees to work with Kristen, and to take down Kate

Brady warns Kristen he'll take her down if she hurts his family

A hurt E.J. comes face to face with Nicole and fighting ensues

E.J. turns to Kristen, whose plan to help him begins to unfold

Nicole begins to wonder if her plans will blow up in her face

Nicole comes up with a new plan and tries to enlist Sami's help

Sami is suspicious of Nicole and wonders what she's hiding

Nicole knows she must get Daniel away from Salem as soon as possible

Abigail discovers that Daniel has resigned from the hospital

Jennifer seeks out Maggie's advice to help her stop Daniel from leaving

Jennifer seeks out Daniel and encourages him to stay in Salem

After a heated conversation, Daniel admits that he still loves Jennifer

Jennifer is heartbroken when Daniel states he's still leaving Salem

Nicole is anxious to begin her new life with Daniel, but fate steps in

Daniel discovers evidence that could very well expose Nicole's lies

A sneak peek at next week
E.J. reaches out to Kristen for some sisterly advice

Kristen rattles Kate's cage

Marlena shares her fears with Hope

A surprise awaits John at the Horton cabin

After their blow up, Will and Sonny get a little help

Daniel is blown away by Nicole's actions

Nicole's life blows up when secrets are exposed

Down the road previews
Sami's saintly twin Eric returns to Salem in November

Sami inches closer to reconciling with one of her exes

Marlena resorts to uncharacteristic measures to protect her family

Chloe returns to Salem with unfinished business

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