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For the Week of October 15, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of October 15, 2012. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Stefano continues to plead his case as to why Kristen should return to Salem

Kristen finally gives in to Stefano's requests and heads home

On the plane, Kristen reflects on her past and plans for the future

Upon returning, Kristen sets her sights on finding E.J.

E.J. mistakes Kristen for his mother, Susan

E.J. doesn't roll out the red carpet for Kristen

E.J. is suspicious of Kristen and Stefano's agenda

Kristen reflects on her agenda for John and Marlena

John has a suspicious dream about Kristen, which worries him

Marlena questions John about his nightmare

John tries to ease Marlena's worries about his dream

Kristen eases her way back into John and Marlena's lives, and corners them separately

Will and Sonny share an uneasy time with John and Marlena

Will and Sonny end up running into Nick and Gabi on a date

A surprised Nick ends up finding out that Will is gay

Will and Sonny, and Nick and Gabi enjoy their respective dates

Rafe and Sami's enjoyable night get interrupted by tragic news

Sami consoles Rafe about the loss of his son

Rafe consoles Nicole about the loss of her baby

Rafe and Nicole agree to continue to keep the baby's paternity a secret

A drunken E.J. barges in on Rafe and Nicole

E.J. demands a paternity test immediately, not knowing the baby is dead

E.J. is devastated once he learns the baby is gone

A seemingly sympathetic E.J. visits with a sedated Nicole

E.J. hides an audio recorder as he probes Nicole for answers

Under the influence, Nicole admits to E.J. that he was the father

E.J. doesn't waste time in going to Rafe and Sami with Nicole's confession

E.J. interrupts a moment between Rafe and Sami and plays the recording

E.J. leaves a devastated Sami to deal with the truth about the baby

Sami rips into Rafe for lying to her about being the father of Nicole's baby

Sami doesn't believe she can forgive Rafe for his betrayal

Nicole does all she can to make Daniel believe Jennifer pushed her

A dazed Daniel doesn't know what to make of the situation

Daniel goes to visit Jennifer in jail and listens to her plead her case

Daniel decides Jennifer is innocent and is telling the truth

Daniel attempts to get Nicole to consider the fall was an accident

Abigail also attempts to get Nicole to back off her mother

Nicole has no intentions of letting Jennifer off the hook

Hope intends on helping Jennifer and hires her a lawyer

Jennifer makes bail, but faces the fact people thinks she's a murderer

Jennifer also faces the fact Nicole holds her future in her hands

Nicole tells Daniel the facts that E.J. knows about the paternity swap

Daniel downplays his concern in order to support a grieving Nicole

Bo and Kayla smother their mother with support and affection

Caroline is a little off-put by all the fussing over her

Caroline expresses her health concerns to Roman

Roman takes Caroline's possible diagnosis hard

Roman pledges to be there for Caroline, too

After test results are returned, Kayla believes Caroline is facing Alzheimer's

A strong Caroline faces her diagnosis with strength and courage

Roman, Kayla, and Bo try to stay strong for Caroline

Hope lends her support to Caroline by researching treatments

Victor also lends his support to both Caroline and Bo

Victor supports Bo by stating how proud he is to have him as a son

Victor strolls down memory lane with Caroline

Victor and Maggie share a tender moment

Victor and Maggie agree to be there for Caroline and her family

Roman, Kayla, and Bo decide on the best way to care for Caroline

Bo believes he should be the primary caregiver

A sneak peek at next week
Caroline's family rallies around her during her time of need

Sami reaches out to Lucas and opens up to him about Rafe

Former flames, Chad and Abigail, find themselves having a moment

Jennifer is shocked by news that Roman delivers

Brady sets his sights on protecting his family from Kristen

Down the road previews
Sami's saintly twin Eric returns to Salem in November

Bo Brady's time in Salem comes to an end

Chloe returns to Salem with unfinished business

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