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For the Week of October 8, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of October 8, 2012. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Nicole deals with the devastating news that her baby has died

Nicole fears facing the situation alone, and starts to unravel

Nicole nearly admits to Rafe that her baby is dead, but Sami interrupts

Nicole searches for Daniel, but finds him with Jennifer

Nicole becomes obsessed with landing Daniel and getting Jennifer out of the way

Nicole decides no one can know her baby is dead, and destroys the medical records

Nicole suggest that she and Daniel move to Utah

Daniel ponders on his future at Salem University Hospital

Daniel gets some godfatherly advice (and some harsh words) from Victor

Daniel agrees to Nicole's offer and decides to move

Daniel and Jennifer discuss his resignation from the hospital

Jennifer vows to protect Daniel and stop Nicole's scheme

Jennifer finds Nicole packing and things get heated between them

An emotional Nicole walks out on Jennifer as Brady arrives

Jennifer exclaims to Brady that she will stop Nicole form hurting Daniel

Daniel tries to slow down their movie, but this only agitates Nicole more

Nicole decides that she is going to go after Jennifer - with a knife

A crazed Nicole confronts Jennifer with blade in hand

During their fight, Nicole falls down a flight of stairs

Brady and Billie arrive just as Nicole hits the ground

Nicole is rushed to the hospital and gives with to a stillborn baby

Daniel reaches out to Nicole who accuses Jennifer of pushing her

Jennifer is questions about her fight with Nicole

Jennifer feels guilty that Nicole took the tumble

Brady and Billie hesitantly tell the cops that Jennifer and Nicole had argued

The police take Jennifer into custody for murdering Nicole's baby

With Bo off the police force, he reveals his new plans

Bo tells everyone he plans to sail around the world

Hope attempts to be supportive, but isn't too keen on the idea

Hope discovers Bo's travel plans include investigating the DiMeras

Hope and Marlena discuss her feelings about Bo's decision

Bo goes to share his decision with Caroline

During their talk, Bo becomes more worried about Caroline

Caroline bulks at Bo's suggestion that she has problems

A fired-up Caroline calls Bo "Shawn", which further concerns Bo

Caroline finally realizes that she does have a serious problem

Caroline agrees to seek medical attention and goes to see Kayla

Victor agrees that Sonny and Will make a nice couple

Lucas finally throws his support behind Will and Sonny

Sami decides she'll support Rafe regarding Nicole's baby

Sami and Rafe decide to officially forgive one another

Sami and Rafe also agree to a fresh new start, which mean totally honesty

Rafe ponders telling Sami the truth about the real father of Nicole's baby

Rafe decides to keep Nicole's secret, despite his pledge to Sami

Abigail pledges to find out what happened to drive Melanie away

Abigail questions Chad, Gabi, and Nick, but they decide not to talk

Abigail decides that she will get answers one way or another

Abigail has more than a few choice words for Chad

Chad and Kate discuss Stefano, and he tells her to move on

Kate doesn't have plans to give up on Stefano so easily

Kate finds out that Sami has plans to make Nick a job offer

Kate makes Nick an offer of her own, but he's hesitant

Rafe offers up a romantic evening for Sami

Rafe and Sami head out for a special date full of reminiscing

Rafe and Sami happen upon E.J. and the three lock horns

Rafe and Sami also happen upon John and Marlena

John and Marlena are thrilled that Sami and Rafe are together again

John and Marlena ponder how life is good for them now

Stefano ponders how horrible things are for his family now

Stefano reaches out to E.J., but his son doesn't reach back

A concerned Stefano realizes he needs to put the family back together

Stefano makes a few mysterious calls to hopefully fix the problem

In Europe, Stefano visits Kristen to ask her help to fix the family

Kirsten eventually agrees and hopes on a jet to Salem

While traveling, Kristen remembers he last stint in Salem

A sneak peek at next week
Caroline expresses her health concerns to Roman

Victor strolls down memory lane with his former flame

Things begin to sizzle between Rafe and Sami

Daniel realizes the potential impact of his actions on his career

Nicole tries to sell Daniel a damning story about Jennifer

Salemites react to the return of Kristen

Down the road previews
Alice's secrets from the grave continue to unfold

Sami's saintly twin Eric returns to Salem in November

Bo Brady's time in Salem comes to an end

A new and improved Kristen Blake returns to Salem

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