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For the Week of October 1, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of October 1, 2012. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Gabi fills Abigail in on Melanie's hasty departure from Salem

An emotional Chad continues to react to Melanie's exit

Chad receives the engagement ring he gave Melanie

Chad also receives a farewell letter from Melanie

Chad confronts E.J. about not stopping Melanie from leaving

An angry Chad also has another confrontation with Gabi

Chad threatens to turn Gabi in to the police, but Nick intervenes

Nick threatens to expose Chad for beating him if Nick doesn't back off

Chad is forced to sign a document stating he will not expose Gabi

A grateful Gabi and Nick end up locking lips

Rafe and Sami nearly lock horns, as she wants answers

Rafe ends things with Sami, due to E.J.'s blackmail

E.J. reacts to Rafe's agreement and shows up to comfort Sami

Rafe is upset when he finds Sami and E.J. together

Sami is confused by Rafe's reaction upon seeing her and E.J. together

E.J. and Sami begin to get a little closer, but an irate Chad interrupts

E.J. and Chad leave to have it out, but Sami listens in on their argument

Chad informs E.J. that Nick made it so Chad can't expose Gabi

E.J. is enraged over losing his blackmail material over Rafe

An angry Sami confronts Chad and demands answers

Chad gives Sami enough info for her to figure out E.J.'s scheme

Sami goes to Rafe, and the two romantically reunite

E.J. is upset when Sami goes after him with both barrels blazing

When the DiMera men's lives are in disarray, Stefano phones home

With Melanie gone, Daniel finds himself down in the dumps

Nicole goes overboard trying to brighten Daniel's day

Nicole also tries to get Rafe to confide in her about his problems

Abigail confides in Jennifer about what Nicole said to her

Jennifer is livid when she learns Nicole tried to use Abigail against her

Jennifer tracks down Nicole for a good, old-fashion showdown

Nicole attempts to maintain an innocent air while Jennifer rips into her

Brady breaks up the escalating fight between Jennifer and Nicole

Brady believes that Jennifer is still in love with Daniel, and tells him so

Daniel admits to Brady that he's also in love with Jennifer

Nicole is crushed after hearing Daniel's confession and comes up with a plan

Nicole suggest to Daniel that they move far away from Salem

Daniel doesn't exactly get on board with Nicole's latest idea

Nicole's latest doctor's appointment yields devastating results

Nicole learns that her baby has died

Nicole goes to Daniel for support, but finds him with Jennifer

Jennifer and Daniel have it out when he catches her digging into DNA records

Daniel orders Jennifer to stay out of his business

Jennifer has a heart-to-heart about her feelings for Daniel

Jennifer and Daniel open up and discuss their relationship

Caroline and Roman discuss Bo's future with the police force

Caroline urges Roman to help Bo make up his mind

Caroline also tries to persuade Bo there is more out there than the force

Billie also has similar advice for Bo's predicament

Bo officially resigns from the Salem Police Department

Hope supports Bo's decision and expects to be part of his future plans

Hope learns there will be more cuts at the police station

Roman asks Hope for her advice on filling Bo's shoes

Caroline continues to have trouble with her memory

A sneak peek at next week
Nicole has devastating complications with her pregnancy

Daniel ponders on his future at Salem University Hospital

Victor gives his godson a piece of his mind

Abigail has more than a few choice words for Chad

Caroline's memory problems continue to escalate

The Phoenix returns to Salem, and so does a "new and improved" Kristen

Down the road previews
Alice's secrets from the grave continue to unfold

Sami's saintly twin Eric returns to Salem in November

Bo Brady's time in Salem comes to an end

A new and improved Kristen Blake returns to Salem

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