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For the Week of September 24, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of September 24, 2012. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.
As Chad attacks Nick, Gabi steps in to stop the madness

Gabi takes Nick to Salem University Hospital where Kayla treats him

Nick refuses to tell Kayla the identity of his attacker

Gabi decides to tell Melanie about Chad attacking Nick

Melanie is aghast at Gabi's news and becomes angry with Chad

Chad tries to defend his actions, but Gabi threatens to tell Melanie more

Chad tries to stop Gabi, but she tells Melanie the truth about Andrew

Gabi also tells Melanie that Chad knew of her crimes

A shocked Melanie kicks Gabi out of her apartment and life

Melanie is furious and lashes out at Chad for his actions

Chad goes to E.J. for support and commiseration

Melanie seeks out Maggie for comfort and commiseration

Melanie seeks out Gabi to tell her she will never forgive her

Melanie also tells Gabi she will not press charges, and the secret dies with Andrew

Melanie goes to Chad to tell him it's officially over between them

Separately, Melanie and Chad both reach out to Nick

Gabi reaches out to Nick and confesses her actions

Gabi also reaches out to Rafe about what she has done

A concerned Rafe contacts Justin in hopes to help Gabi

A devastated Melanie decides to head to Europe with Carly

Melanie says goodbye to Chad, Maggie, Brady, and Daniel

Melanie asks Maggie to return her engagement ring to Chad

Roman asks Bo for his final decision about his future with the Salem P.D.

Bo comes to a decision, which comes to a surprise for Caroline

Caroline and Hope both stand behind Bo's choice to quit the force

Hope believes that Bo's decision will mean more together time for them

Brady spends time with Marlena, and pledges to be there for her and John

Jennifer tries to be there for Daniel, but he insists she back off

Jennifer decides to dig into Daniel and Nicole's dirty little secret

Jennifer also decides Nicole must leave her home as soon as the baby is born

Sami still has concerns about Nicole and Rafe's baby

Sami reacts strongly to seeing the photo of Nicole and Rafe in bed

Marlena reaches out to Sami with some motherly advice

Will also gives Sami some advice about her love life

Sami prepares for her date with Rafe, while E.J. and Rafe square off again

Kate stops E.J. and Rafe from once again ripping each other apart

Kate gives E.J. some advice about Sami and her wicked ways

Rafe can't shake the way he feels about Sami

Sami and Rafe meet for their date, and things get intense

Sami tries to be supportive of Rafe becoming a father to Nicole's baby

Rafe nearly tells Sami the truth about Nicole's baby, but stops himself

Sami suggests that Rafe is her one true love

Sami and Rafe share another steamy smooch

The next day, Sami sets out to find Rafe and discuss their feelings

Sami runs into E.J. who wants answers about her date with Rafe

Sami admits to E.J. that she has feelings for Rafe again

E.J. doesn't take too kindly to Sami's news and vows to get her back

E.J. reaches out to an old associate in hopes to take Rafe down

A devastated Chad finds E.J. and laments on losing Melanie

E.J. decides to use Gabi's crime to stop Rafe from moving forward with Sami

Rafe reluctantly abides to E.J.'s request and vows to protect Gabi

Sami becomes upset when Rafe snaps at her

A scorned Sami finds Lucas and they discuss Will's love life

Will and Sonny enjoy their first date and promise to be honest with each other

Lucas walks in on Will and Sonny locking lips

Melanie walks out on Chad and leaves Salem for good

A sneak peek at next week
Rafe and Sami take time to discuss their feelings

Nicole and Jennifer have another heated discussion

Billie discuses Bo's future with him

Daniel comes to terms with his feelings about Jennifer

Chad and Nick come to terms about their rivalry

Melanie reaches out to a devastated Chad

Down the road previews
Alice's secrets from the grave continue to unfold

Sami's saintly twin Eric returns to Salem in November

Bo Brady's time in Salem comes to an end

A new and improved Kristen Blake returns to Salem

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