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For the Week of September 17, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of September 17, 2012. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Adrienne continues to have issues with Sonny pursuing Will

Things get heated between Justin and Adrienne regarding Will

Will wanders by as Adrienne voices her concerns

Will is heartbroken and believes he's not good enough for Sonny

Will puts an end to his date with Sonny

Will believes he's inherited bad dating genes from Kate and Sami

Kate and Sami take Adrienne to task

Sami attempts to make things better for Will

Marlena also lends support to Will

Sonny is irate when he hears what Adrienne has done

Justin stands beside Sonny when he chooses to be with Will

Sonny sets out to make things right with Will

Chad is convinced that Nick it out to hurt Melanie again

Chad also becomes convinced that Nick and Gabi are in cahoots

Nick and Gabi's friendship continues to grow

Melanie and Gabi discuss Nick

Melanie reaches out to Nick and realizes he's changed

Daniel hasn't changed his mind about Melanie's marriage

Maggie, Victor, and Brady are at odds over the marriage, too

Maggie reaches out to Melanie

Adrienne lashes out at Maggie

Chad has it out with Gabi again

Nick rides to Gabi's rescue

Caroline tells Chad he's not welcome at the pub

Chad has a new plan for his future with Melanie

Chad suggest that he and Melanie leave Salem

Melanie doesn't agree with Chad's latest idea

Chad gets the wrong idea when he sees Nick with Melanie's scarf

Chad goes ballistic and attacks Nick

Nicole has a new attack plan for Sami

E.J. and Rafe attack one another

John stops E.J. and Rafe's battle royal

Lucas gets a kick out of the fight between E.J. and Rafe

E.J. gets a new idea for vengeance against Rafe

E.J. goes to Justin with a battle plan for his enemies

Sami goes to Rafe with a dinner invitation

Gabi gives Rafe her two cents about Sami

Sami gives E.J. some news he doesn't like

Jennifer gets an earful about Daniel she doesn't like

Daniel tells Nicole he doesn't like her that way

Nicole and Jennifer have it out over Daniel

Abigail arrives and finds Jennifer and Nicole going at it

Nicole makes Abigail doubt Jennifer's state of mind

Jennifer makes it to Daniel with a warning

Daniel notices Jennifer's disapproval of his actions

Nicole continues to fear E.J.'s actions against her

Roman has to take an unfortunate action

Roman tells Bo and Hope the police need to take pay cuts

Hope decides to take the pay cut

Bo isn't so sure about what he wants to do

Hope tries to support Bo as he weighs his options

A sneak peek at next week
Sami shares another smooch with one of her exes

E.J. and Rafe's tempers once again ignite

Marlena reaches out to Sami with some motherly advice

Nick and Gabi get a little closer and start to open up

Chad and Nick collide again, which opens the flood gates

After truths surface, Melanie bids adiue to Salem

Down the road previews
Alice's secrets from the grave continue to unfold

Sami's saintly twin Eric returns to Salem in November

Bo Brady's time in Salem comes to an end

A new and improved Kristen Blake returns to Salem

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