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For the Week of September 10, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of September 10, 2012. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Abigail leaves a steamy voicemail for Cameron

Jennifer hears Abigail leaving said voicemail

Jennifer and Abigail end up fighting

Abigail ends up revealing she is still a virgin

Despite this, Jennifer and Abigail continue to argue

An upset Jennifer finds comfort in Daniel

Nicole happens upon Daniel and Jennifer

Nicole issues Jennifer a warning about Daniel

Kayla issues Jennifer a warning about Nicole

Nicole ends up talking to Rafe about her issues

Rafe gives Nicole advice, in turn, she gives him some

Rafe encourages Nicole to come clean to Daniel

Daniel comes to Jennifer's rescue at the hospital

Nicole witnesses Daniel's defense of Jennifer

Nicole asks Daniel to be the godfather of her baby boy

Remembering Parker, Daniel accepts Nicole's offer

Brady and Rafe offer each other some advice

Brady and Jennifer end up offering each other support

Abe supports Kayla taking over Lexie's role as Chief of Staff

Abe and Kayla spend some quality time together

Abe gets a welcomed surprise

Hope surprises E.J. by telling him he must resign as mayor

E.J.'s reaction to Hope's news is rather surprising

Sami's reaction to Rafe's close proximity makes her wonder

Rafe isn't ready to confess his true feelings to Sami

Sami and Rafe discuss their turbulent relationship

Sami is floored when Rafe reaches out and kisses her

E.J. and Sami reach an understanding about their relationship

Sami agrees to go out on a date with E.J.

E.J. is thrilled to have plans with his beloved Sami

Will is less than thrilled to hear Sami is going out with E.J.

Will has words of warning about E.J. for Sami

Lucas warns Rafe that E.J. is up to something

E.J. is in fact up to something and wants custody of Nicole's baby

Kate tries to get Sami to face the facts about how she uses men

Rafe attempts to get Sami to cancel her date with E.J.

Sami does cancel her date, which leaves E.J. seething

Sorry sap Will is still moping about Sonny

Will has another run in with former friend T

T reveals to Will that Sonny is completely into him

Will sets out to find Sonny and express his feelings

Sonny shares his feelings for Will to a concerned Adrienne

Adrienne admits while she loves Will, but he's a hot mess

Will finds Sonny and their feelings are made known

Will and Sonny decide to take their relationship slow

Melanie is stunned by Chad's proposal

Melanie suspects Chad proposed because of Nick's parole

Melanie seeks relationship advice from Abigail

Melanie decides that marrying Chad is what she wants

Melanie wants Abigail and Gabi to be her bride's maids

Chad wants E.J. to be his best man, and asks him so

Chad wants Gabi to decline Melanie's offer, or else

Gabi lashes back at Chad for the way he's been treating her

Gabi reminds Chad he has just as much to lose by keeping her secret

Melanie almost loses it when she finds Nick living at the Kiriakis Mansion

Maggie tries to console Melanie, buts he claims she's fine

Nick reflects on his actions after seeing Melanie's reaction to him

Nick happens into the Brady Pub and has words with Caroline

Nick makes amends with Caroline for letting be blamed for Trent's murder

Caroline extends an olive branch (and a job) to Nick

A sneak peek at next week
Daniel objects to Melanie's marriage

Nicole uses Abigail in her plans for Daniel and Jennifer

Nicole also has a few plans for Sami

Sami invites Rafe to break bread

Justin stands behind Sonny as he makes an important decision

Will's insecurities begin to blossom

Down the road previews
Alice's secrets from the grave continue to unfold

Melanie leaves Salem in September

Sami's saintly twin Eric returns to Salem in November

Bo Brady's time in Salem comes to an end

A new and improved Kristen Blake returns to Salem

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