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For the Week of August 20, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of August 20, 2012. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.
A trail of devastation is left in Ian's wake

E.J. awakens to find himself Ian's captive

Ian and E.J. square off as E.J. remains restrained

Ian confesses that he killed Stefano

Ian also admits that he wanted to the DiMera fortune for himself

Ian shocks E.J. by pulling back a curtain revealing a much alive Stefano

Stefano is alive, but bound and gagged

Stefano is also revealed to be E.J.'s real father after all

Ian's reign of terror comes to an end

Bo and Hope investigate Ian's secrets

After escaping Ian, E.J. is desperate to get to Sami

Sami is desperate to get away from Rafe

Rafe appears upset by Sami's relationship with E.J.

Rafe refuses to let Sami leave, but she tries anyway

Sami tries to save Rafe from a bad guy

Good guy Jack is remembered by his loved ones

Brady has a hard time forgetting what happened to Madison

Brady tries to cope with Madison's death

Victor and Maggie express their concerns for Brady

Victor and Maggie comfort a devastated Brady

Nicole is annoyed when Maggie interrupts a moment between her and Daniel

Nicole decides she will do what it takes to hold onto Daniel

Gabi remains concerned she'll be unable to hold onto her secrets

Gabi and Melanie are shocked when Andrew is brought into the hospital

A traumatized Melanie panics and leaves the hospital

Gabi panics when Andrew rips into her for betraying him

Andrew reviews all of his nefarious dealings with Gabi

Chad listens in as Andrew unloads on Gabi

Andrew meets his maker, and Chad confronts Gabi

An emotional Gabi admits everything to a shocked Chad

Chad is livid by what Gabi tells him

Chad chooses to stay quiet about Gabi's deception for Melanie's sake

Chad warns Gabi to stay away from him and Melanie

Chad later gives Gabi the boot and forces her to move out of his apartment

Gabi is devastated by Chad's response, and regrets her actions

Chad comforts a devastated Melanie, and she him

Melanie is once again traumatized by news from Julie

Julie tells Melanie that Nick Fallon is up for parole

Julie fears Melanie might hurt Nick's chances to be released from prison

Melanie is flabbergasted by Julie's news about Nick

Will is flabbergasted after a run in with T

T berates Will for coming out and deceiving him

Will also gets an earful from Lucas

Will finds Sonny and vents his frustrations

As always, Sonny is supportive of Will

As Sonny and Will embrace, Sonny leans in and kisses Will

Will is shocked by Sonny's smooch

Will insists he doesn't return Sonny's romantic feelings

Sonny responds with words Will doesn't like hearing

Sonny is left upset by Will's rejection

An upset Will goes to Marlena for advice

As Will weeds out his thoughts, he comes to a realization

Will recognizes that he does have feeling for Sonny beyond friendship

Will sets out to find Sonny and share his feelings

Will finds Sonny with a friend, but misreads the entire situation

Will thinks Sonny has moved on and wallows in self-pity

Will's day gets worse when he has another run in with T and then Lucas

Will runs into Gabi and decides to help her move back into the Caroline's

Will and Gabi commiserate over their shattered lives

Emotionally distraught Will and Gabi go from grief talk to a make out session

Will and Gabi end up going all the way and make love

Will and Gabi both immediately regret their spontaneous tryst

While thinking of Will, Sonny runs into T

T verbally attacks Sonny, blaming him for turning Will gay

T's verbal attack becomes physical and he beats Sonny

Justin stumbles upon Sonny's bloody body

Justin tries to help Sonny as well as get him to finger the culprit

Sonny worries Justin by refusing to go to the Salem PD.

A sneak peek at next week
There's an explosive confrontation between Sami and Lucas

Will reflects on the choices he's made and has regrets

Nicole comes clean to Daniel about her feelings

Melanie and Chad discuss her history with Nick

Nick returns to Salem, and so does his mother, Jessica

Down the road previews
Old flames reunite in the midst of tragedy

Alice's secrets from the grave continue to unfold

Melanie leaves Salem in September

Sami's twin Eric returns to Salem in November

The Phoenix rises again

Bo Brady's time in Salem comes to an end

A new and improved Kristen Blake returns to Salem

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