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For the Week of July 23, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of July 23, 2012. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Prepare for an explosive week in Salem!

Austin and Carrie prepare to leave Salem forever

Austin and Kate have a touching farewell

Carrie leaves Austin to find Rafe to say goodbye

Rafe realizes that Carrie is trying to save her marriage

Carrie realizes that Rafe may still have feelings for Sami

Carrie and Rafe simply realize they can't be together

Rafe states that he can't be with Sami, either, because of her lies

Rafe and Carrie have an emotional final farewell

Carrie and Austin leave for Switzerland

Carrie's departure devastates Rafe

Melanie's disappearance continues to consume Abigail

A supportive Cameron tries to keep Abigail distracted

Cameron enlists Abigail's help in throwing a fundraiser in Lexie's honor

Cameron and Abigail work on the Austin Fundraiser

Cameron also works on getting Jack's approval of their relationship

Salemites get dolled up to attend the fundraiser

Doug and Julie return to Salem for the festivities

Brady and Madison are reunited and in a festive mood

Brady and Madison celebrate by making love

Brady and Madison announce they are getting married immediately

Ian is upset by Madison's nuptial announcement

Madison is stunned by Ian's reaction to her news

Kate is also shocked by Ian's reaction

Madison is surprised to find Brady missing on their wedding day

Ian lashes out at Madison and attacks Brady's character

John happens by during Ian and Madison's confrontation

John and Ian end up arguing as he defends his son

Ian ends up getting an earful from Lucas about E.J.

Ian realizes his plans for E.J. are in danger

Ian instructs his henchmen to take care of the situation

Daniel remains frustrated about the situation with Melanie

A concerned Nicole tries to distract Daniel with dinner

Daniel leaves Nicole to search for Melanie

Daniel ends up at the Kiriakis Mansion

Victor confronts Daniel for being involved with Nicole

Victor calls Nicole to the mansion as well

Victor tells Daniel and Nicole he doesn't want them together

Daniel defends his relationship with Nicole to Victor

Maggie lays into Victor for interfering in Daniel's relationship

Lucas rips into Sami about her relationship with E.J.

Lucas scolds Sami for spending so much time with E.J.

Sami tries to convince Lucas she is simply trying to help

Sami also tries to make Lucas realize she is not picking E.J. over him

Lucas doesn't seem to accept Sami's reasoning

Lucas demands Sami make a choice between him and E.J.

Sami is called away by Will to help E.J.

Sami is seriously upset that E.J. didn't tell her he is not a DiMera

Sami lays into E.J. for keeping his heritage a secret

Sami also lays into Will for lying about E.J.'s paternity

Will and Sami argue about lying, and Will defends E.J.

E.J. asks Will to find the surveillance footage that could clear him

Will accomplishes his mission and sets down to watch it with Sonny

The footage is mysteriously deleted as Will and Sonny begin to watch

Sami saves the day when she states she has a backup of the footage

Sami listens to an emotional E.J. express his feelings about not being a DiMera

Sami softens towards E.J. and lets him have the backup footage

E.J. convinces Sami to bring the footage to his lawyer, not the police

Sami sets out to see E.J.'s lawyer, but is attacked along with way

An injured Sami goes home and tries to evade Lucas's questions

Rafe questions E.J. about Stefano's murder

E.J. tries to convince Rafe he is being framed by someone

E.J. realizes that Rafe might be starting to believe in his innocence

E.J. is touched when Chad tells him he still believes he's innocent

Chad pledges to stand by E.J. even though they're not related

Will continues to stand by E.J. and asks Sami to bail him out of jail

Sami agrees to help E.J., despite the consequences

Lucas learns of Will's request and becomes infuriated

The police are shocked when Sami goes to the jail with the bail

Roman is especially upset that Sami is helping E.J.

A freed E.J. weighs his options while Sami remains supportive

The police get wind that E.J. has planned his escape from Salem

Roman and company realize they need to re-arrest E.J. as soon as possible

Will learns that E.J.'s freedom is in danger and tips him off

E.J. assures Will that he wasn't planning to leave Salem

Sami encourages E.J. to save himself and go on the run

Sami helps E.J. get ready to leave while Will brings the kids to say goodbye

Gabi worries she's going to have to say goodbye to her freedom

The police question Gabi about evidence found at the crime scene

Specifically, they want to know why Gabi's fingerprints were on Andrew's note

Gabi tries to cough up answers, but Hope suspects she's hiding something

Hope suggests that Marlena hypnotizes Gabi to get the real answers

Gabi states she picked up the note before being abducted by Andrew

Melanie is terrified as Andrew continues to keep her hostage in the tunnel

Melanie realizes she needs to get her phone from Andrew

Melanie ends up snagging the cell phone and calls Chad

Much to her chagrin, Melanie and Chad's connection is spotty

A frustrated Melanie attempts to explain her whereabouts

Andrew snatches the phone from Melanie and destroys it

As Chad deduces Melanie is in the tunnels, Brady happens by

Chad and Brady head underground to find Melanie

Worried about what Andrew might reveal, Gabi also heads to the tunnels

Melanie and Andrew find themselves going deeper into the dark, gas-filled tunnel

Andrew lights a flame to see, but the gases ignite causing an explosion

Andrew and Melanie survive, but her concerns of more danger grow

Chad and Brady become more concerned by the conditions in the tunnel

Gabi grows more concerned as Chad and Brady close in on Andrew

To save herself, Gabi leads Chad and Brady the wrong way

Gabi finds herself face to face with Andrew and Melanie

A groggy Melanie is confused by Gabi and Andrew's relationship

Gabi tries to convince Andrew to escape, but he won't leave

Gabi squirms as Andrew plans to reveal her secret to Melanie

Melanie squirms when she sees more sparks

Before Andrew can spill the beans, another explosion rocks the tunnel

Andrew, Gabi, and Melanie are all struck by debris

Chad and Brady are also thrown by the explosion

Andrew remains unconscious, but Gabi and Melanie come to

Gabi lies to Melanie and states that her ankle is too injured to walk on

Wanting alone time with Andrew, Gabi convinces Melanie to go for help

Gabi tries to convince an injured Andrew leave town

Melanie is reunited with Chad and Brady

Melanie, Chad, and Brady return for Gabi

Despite the danger, Chad goes after Andrew

Another explosion rocks the tunnel putting everyone in peril

The tunnel explosions rock Salem above ground, too

Horton Town Square is especially affected by the blasts

The ground gives way under Nicole, who was already in pain because of her pregnancy

Falling debris threatens Daniel's life

The explosion tears apart the ballroom where the fundraiser is being held

Salemites at the party struggle to survives the blasts

E.J. is struggling to get out of town before the police arrive

The police, with Lucas in tow, arrive to stop E.J.

Roman draws his gun and takes aim at E.J.

Sami steps into Roman's line of fire to save E.J.

As Sami saves E.J., the tunnel explosion rocks their location

The police and Lucas are left unconscious because of the blast

Sami is left hanging on a ledge for dear life, but E.J. saves her

As E.J. clings to Sami in an attempt to save her, another blasts rocks Salem

A sneak peek at next week

Due to NBC's coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Days of our Lives will be preempted from Monday, July 30, 2012 through Friday, August 10, 2012. Life in Salem resumes on Monday, August 13, 2012 with new episodes!

Down the road previews
Salemites dig out from the explosions, but now everyone makes it out alive!

Alice's secrets from the grave continue to unfold

Madison's time in Salem ends

Jack bids Salem farewell

A man named Santo shakes a certain Salemite to his core

Melanie leaves Salem in September

A wayward son returns to Salem

The Phoenix rises again

Nick Fallon is released from prison and returns to town

Bo Brady's time in Salem comes to an end

Kristen Blake returns to Salem

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