Wyatt Fuller
Actor History
Darin Brooks
June 21, 2013 to Present
In management at his mother's company, Quinn Artisan Jewelers
Resides At
An apartment above Quinn Artisan Jewelers in Los Angeles, CA
Formerly a Malibu, CA cliff house owned by Bill Spencer, Jr.
Marital Status
Past Marriages
None Known
Quinn Fuller (mother)
William "Bill"¯ Spencer, Jr. (father)
Karen Spencer (aunt)
Caroline Spencer Forrester (aunt, deceased)
Bill Spencer, Sr. (grandfather; deceased)
Liam Cooper Spencer (half-brother)
Caroline Spencer (cousin)
William Logan Spencer (half-brother)
None Known
Flings & Affairs
Hope Logan
Crimes Committed
  • Kissed Hope Logan knowing she was engaged to Liam Spencer [2013]
  • Stole the Hope for the Future Diamond, then planted it on actual jewel thieves to impress Hope [2013]
Health and Vitals
Punched by Liam Spencer [2013]
Slapped by Aly Forrester [2014]
Brief Character History

Wyatt Fuller was taking a solar shower at his campground in Big Bear, California, when he heard a click behind him. It was a young woman, snapping a photo of Wyatt in the altogether. The girl ran, and Wyatt gave chase, but the girl fell and hit her head. Wyatt checked to make sure she was all right, and as she came to, Wyatt impulsively gave her a kiss. Wyatt accompanied the girl back to her cabin and found out she was Hope Logan of Forrester Creations.

When Wyatt found Hope's lost cell phone and went to her house to return it, Hope invited Wyatt to a Fourth of July party being thrown by her brother, Rick Forrester. Wyatt enjoyed meeting those in Hope's circle and listened as Hope lamented the absence of Liam Spencer, Hope's on-again-off-again boyfriend/fiancƩ/husband, who was still working through being deserted by his wife, Steffy Forrester. Wyatt scoffed at Liam's inattention to Hope and expressed his own interest in her. Liam was unhappy to find Hope on Wyatt's arm when he arrived for the party, causing Wyatt and Liam's first meeting to be a strained one. After Liam left, Wyatt kissed Hope again.

Wyatt wanted to show Hope where he lived and worked: Quinn Artisan Jewelers, run by his mother, Quinn Fuller. Hope noticed that Wyatt wore a sword necklace identical to the ones worn by Liam and his father, Bill Spencer, Jr. Wyatt introduced Hope to Quinn, who grew increasingly uncomfortable with Hope's questions about Wyatt's necklace, which Quinn had designed. Wyatt later told his mother how much he liked Hope, but Quinn made her disapproval very clear, especially when Wyatt shared Hope's theory that Wyatt and Liam might both have been fathered by Bill.

Wyatt, who had been told his father was dead, helped Hope arrange for Bill and Quinn to run into each other to gauge their reactions. Bill indeed recognized Quinn, who was forced to admit her teenaged involvement with Bill, after which Bill had given her money for an abortion. Wyatt was furious to discover his father had been alive his whole life, and he sped off. Bill and Liam followed Wyatt, convincing him to move in with them, which upset Quinn.

Wyatt was wowed by all the trappings that came with being a Spencer. After overhearing Liam and Hope argue about how they would be unable to marry for six months because Steffy wanted a divorce and not an annulment, Wyatt told Hope she'd never be second best with him. Liam caught Wyatt kissing Hope and punched him. Hope was more amused than perturbed that the brothers were fighting over her, and she and Wyatt told Liam the story of how they met. Liam threw Wyatt out, but Bill pulled rank and insisted the boys get along. Wyatt apologized for kissing Hope, and Liam told Wyatt they would be fine as long as it didn't happen again. Wyatt was pleased to hear that Hope was moving in with Liam, and, by extension, him.

Seeing Liam as weak, Wyatt increasingly felt that a place at Spencer Publications was his birthright. Also wanting Hope, Wyatt told himself that Liam was the only thing keeping him from both. Returning to Quinn Jewelry for more of his belongings, Wyatt refused to forgive Quinn for keeping his father from him and stated his intentions regarding Liam and Hope, even telling Quinn that she needed to get on board or she'd be left behind. But later, Wyatt met Katie Logan, who had separated from Bill as a result of his affair with her sister, Brooke Logan. Angry that his baby half-brother, Will, would grow up without a father like he did, Wyatt confronted Bill and alienated him so much that Bill threw Wyatt out of the house and out of the family. Liam called Wyatt two-faced and said he'd be just as happy if he never saw his newfound brother again. After Brooke went to Wyatt and defended her relationship with Bill, Wyatt softened and accepted Bill's olive branch, and he mended fences with Quinn as well.

Wyatt was thrilled when Hope wanted Quinn Artisan Jewelers to partner with Forrester Creations to design accessories for its Hope For the Future (HFTF) line. Wyatt smugly told Liam that Hope was fair game until she had a ring on her finger; later, when Wyatt found out that Hope had gone to Forrester's CEO, Eric Forrester, to cancel the deal at Liam's behest, Wyatt offered to walk away himself. Hope's reassurances calmed Wyatt, but when he found out that Steffy had granted Liam an annulment, pushing up Hope's wedding to Liam, Wyatt worried that Hope would ultimately kill the Forrester partnership anyway. Quinn sold Wyatt on the idea of procuring a special diamond for HFTF, since it meant Wyatt would have to travel to Mexico with Hope to get it. In Mexico, Wyatt told Hope he knew she had feelings for him, and suggested she marry him instead of Liam.

When Hope anonymously received a tribute video Liam had made for Steffy, Hope called off her engagement to Liam, and Wyatt pulled off her ring. Quinn told Wyatt she had gotten into Liam's e-mail and sent Hope the video, forcing Wyatt to admit to Hope that he'd known about it after the fact. Buoyed by Hope's forgiveness, Wyatt stepped up his pursuit by pocketing the HFTF diamond with an eye toward impressing Hope with its rescue, but didn't count on being held at gunpoint by actual jewel thieves. Wyatt planted the diamond on the crooks, and his altered plan to further sway Hope from Liam was a success. Wyatt nearly seduced Hope in the Forrester steam room, and when Bill asked Wyatt to back off of Hope out of respect for Liam, Wyatt refused. Wyatt considered Hope's invitation to her family's Thanksgiving dinner their "first holiday together."

Wyatt was disappointed when Hope decided to marry Liam anyway. Knowing that Liam wanted Hope to cut ties to Wyatt in business as well, Wyatt begged Liam to stop trying to talk Hope into having Forrester's deal with Quinn Artisan dissolved. On Hope's wedding day, Wyatt was surprised to hear that Hope ditched the ceremony because she'd seen Liam talking to Steffy, who had come to town to tell Liam she had undergone a procedure that once again allowed her to have children. Hope took off for Hawaii with Wyatt in tow; Wyatt was dismayed when Liam followed them, explaining that Quinn had put Steffy up to appearing because it would ruin the wedding. Hope understood but sent Liam on his way, deciding to date Wyatt; however, when Wyatt received Bill's old beach house and wanted Hope to move in, Hope steadfastly told Wyatt that she wasn't ready.

Wyatt bought a vintage trailer and swept Hope up for some camping on the beach, where the couple made love for the first time. This trip was also interrupted by Liam, who had seen security footage of Wyatt snatching up the diamond. Wyatt was forced to admit that he wasn't the hero Hope and the media thought he was, and Hope left the bickering Spencer brothers at the beach. But later, Wyatt was relieved when Hope forgave him, and when Hope's brother, Forrester president Rick Forrester, grudgingly agreed to keep Wyatt's "theft"¯ under wraps from even Eric to avoid a media scandal.

Wyatt happily stowed away on the jet taking Hope and Brooke to Forrester International's office in Paris, desiring to be near Hope and pitch an idea that would tie the jewelry collection of departed Forrester matriarch Stephanie Forrester to an upcoming HFTF showing. Everyone, including Stephanie's son, Thorne Forrester, who was running International, loved the idea -- everyone, that is, except Thorne's daughter, Aly Forrester, who stamped her feet that Wyatt was distracting Hope from the original purity message that Hope had worked into HFTF. When Aly confronted Wyatt privately, he bragged that he and Hope were now members of the mile-high club, so Aly slapped him and told him he was fired, despite not having the authority to make those decisions. Wyatt didn't know that Aly had mental issues over traumatically losing her mother, Darla Einstein, at a very young age, and that the delusional Aly was receiving directives from Darla to protect the Forresters from Wyatt.

Wyatt continued to run afoul of Aly when she caught him in bed with Hope and accused him of corrupting her. Soon, Aly came across the secret that Wyatt had "stolen"¯ the HFTF diamond and went straight to Eric, who was furious that his underlings had kept something so potentially damaging from him. Wyatt told Eric he was willing to go to jail for what he had done, but ultimately, Forrester Creations kept Wyatt and Quinn on staff, still choosing not to go public with Wyatt's misdeeds. Wyatt later convinced Hope to take over the Brooke's Bedroom lingerie line as a model, but, when Wyatt pitched it, Aly reminded Hope that it clashed with what she stood for, and Hope told Wyatt he'd just have to be satisfied with seeing her in lingerie behind closed doors.

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